[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [It’s the middle of the night, deep in Georgia. Jon Davenport’s ranch cuts a lonely figure in the middle of no-where, only no-one appears to be home. There’s a light frost on the ground, carrying a heavy crunch as footsteps swing open the gate and enter the property.] [The dogs almost immediately sense an unknown presence, barking from within their cages on the outskirts of the land. That doesn’t deter our antagonist though, who carefully walks the rocky path towards the front porch.] [When the camera backs away, we finally come to see Tommy Hawk. He reaches his destination and takes a walk up the steps onto the porch, looking around. No-one’s home. He pulls his axe from its sheath and sits down on the steps.] [He takes a moment.] [Then he turns, swinging his axe with all his might against the bottom step of the porch, cracking the wood and splintering it. He pulls the axe out and sends another strike, breaking straight through it. Hawk stands up, grabbing the broken wood and tossing it aside, slamming his axe down time after time.] [We fast forward.] [We follow the time through in fast forward, from night to early morning sunlight, watching as Hawk is joined by Native American men, who help him take down the cabin piece by piece. He’s sweating profusely, even in the cold air, his breath making a fine mist as he inhales and exhales deeply.] [There’s no longer a porch, no longer steps, no longer a front door or rails – no longer a cabin. Every piece of wood that once formed the outside of this cabin now lays in a pile on the ground before it. Jon’s possessions have been tossed aside – from his hunting trophies to his bucks and guns. They all lay bare and broken on the floor.] [A truck slowly backs in, pulling to a halt just near the large pile of wood. Tommy walks back over, helping his brothers load the wood into the truck.]

“Even a small mouse has anger. If you take our homes, should we not rebuild?”

[We watch as Hawk and his men continue to load their truck, before taking one last look back at where the cabin once stood – nothing now but rubble and possessions.]


[Tonight Our Wrestling Representative tackles the issue of affordable health care. Can Frank Harrison veto Dr. Spencer Panax’s momentum? Or will Dr. Feel Good have the concussive cure to impeach his patient’s pompous political platform?] [The match starts with Frank offering his hand to the good doctor. Panax considers it, pulling out a steno pad and quickly jotting something down. He tears off a sheet, shoving it into Harrison.]

“What’s this?” [Frank eyes the paper] “A prescription…. KNEES? What, the–”

[AND PANAX AIMS FOR EUTHANASIA! Harrison ducks, bailing to the floor as the front row laughs at him! Frank sharply sneers, stepping back into the ring and quickly hammering away on Spencer! He beats his opponent into the corner– EYE RAKE AGAINST THE ROPES! The crowd BOOS; Frank yanks the doc up by the ears!] [NO! Panax explodes with a Leaping Knee Strike! He peppers the politician into the ropes with sudden Slaps! An Irish Whip gets countered; Dr. Feel Good telegraphs him with another kick! Snapmare to Frank– SPINAL TAP! He covers! One… Two… NO! Harrison snarls, getting sent into the corner before thumbing Spencer’s eye! He gets a Double Axehandle, followed by the Filibuster? NO! Panax slips free, looking for a German and– OWW! A Mule Kick to the nether regions humbles Panax! The referee saw nothing; Frank with a Running Clothesline into the corner! DDT! He covers! One… Two… NO!] [Pissed off, Harrison covers again! One… Two… NO! He covers again; he’s got the ropes for leverage! One… Two…. NO! The doc won’t stay down! Our Wrestling Representative has had enough! He calls for the end, stepping back and readying for THE STAMP OF APPRO— NO! Spencer ducks; Frank gets caught in ropes! INVERTED EXPLODER SUPLEX! Spencer rises, looking to give Harrison a taste of his own medicine with Grounded Knee Strikes to the skull! Frank tries covering up, shoving the referee away… LOW BLOW! He drills Panax with THE FILIBUSTER! He covers; he’s got the tights! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, a seemingly irate Harrison rises. He glares at the referee before suddenly smiling ear-to-ear… He dusts himself off, getting his arm raised before shooting a wink and double thumbs-up to the camera…]


“I promise, you’re going to like this surprise.”

[The haunting words bring back memories as Smiley is dragging Smiley Jr. along the wall of the new Tap Room before coming to a door. He stops and turns displaying a twisted grin to Doubt who has its arms folded over its chest.]

“I can’t believe you would have done this. After the promise that you made me…”

[Before Doubt can continue, Smiley reaches out an arm and touches its shoulder.]

“Don’t you trust me? I promise you’ll like it.”

[A slow grin seems to grow by the moment before he turns the knob and pushes the door open.]


[Balloons scatter the floor of the room as a crudely painted (as if maybe by blood) banner stretches across the small room. Inside, The Shark is grinning at him as other members of the Old School Wrestling staff who seem a little frightened in the first place. Written on the banner reads ‘Happy One Year Anniversary!’ Doubt seems too shocked as this was not what he had expected at all.]

“No need to thank me, just get on in there and get to celebrating. I’ll be right back. I wouldn’t want to forget your gift.”

[The door shuts as Smiley begins walking down the hallway with Smiley Jr. He turns a corner and begins to knock on the door. Two slow taps as if to signify ‘Knock, Knock.’ Slowly, the door opens to show Stephanie Rose with a terrified expression on her face.]

“Oh no, no, no.” [She says as she tries to shut the door; however, Smiley sticks Smiley Jr. in the crack to prevent her from doing so.]

“Now is that anyway to accept a party invitation?” [He says with a dark tone.]

“A party?”

“Yes, my little Rose. Tonight we’re celebrating, a bit prematurely, Doubt’s one year anniversary and I can’t think of anyone Doubt would rather have there. Would you please come?”

[A moment of thought passes as she looks at his crowbar.]

“No, I’m sorry. I need to prepare for this main ev-“

“No?! NO?!” [Smiley yanks the door open as Stephanie Rose stumbles backwards onto the floor. Smiley stomps into the ring and swings for the nearby steel chairs and collides, sending them flying across the floor with a clang.]

“Don’t you KNOW what you’re doing to it?! Can’t you see the effects that you’re having by not being around? Doubt’s going insane simply by avoiding it?! Why are you so selfish, my little Rose?!”

[Stephanie Rose slowly pulls away before grabbing a bottle of mace from her purse and aiming it at Smiley. Smiley just grits his teeth.]

“You’re being such a little bitch. All I wanted was to invite you to Doubt’s surprise party and now, I have no gift.” [Smiley leans close to Rose, practically pressing the mace to his forehead.]

“You’re going to pay for this.”

[Just like that, Smiley turns away and leaves the room, slamming the door behind him as Stephanie Rose takes this moment to catch her breath with a little panic behind her eyes.]


[Cody Greer and David Manson both step into the ring angry after losses last week. The losing streak ends tonight for one of these men, who will it be?] [Greer wants to make sure that it isn’t him and steps forward and immediately begins hammering on Manson driving him into the corner. He mounts the second turnbuckle and begins pounding on Manson’s head as the crowd counts along… 1… 2… 3… 4… LOWBLOW! Manson nails Greer with a low blow! Greer falls to the ground and the ref reprimands Manson. He doesn’t care and marches to Greer and begins stomping his face into the canvas. He grabs Greer by the head and yanks him to his feet. He pulls him up and whips him to the ropes, as Greer returns RUNNING BOOT TO THE FACE!! Greer goes down and Manson covers. One… Two… Th…Kickout! Manson gets quickly to his feet and lifts Greer. HALF-NELSON SUPLEX! One… Two… THREE!] [NO! Greer kicks out! Manson complains to the ref and gives Greer a chance! He shoulder chops Manson in the back of the knee! Manson goes down hard and Greer pummels Manson with mounted strikes to the back of the head! The ref pulls him off and as Manson gets up, Greer nails a GERMAN SUPLEX! Greer covers… One.. Two… Thr… Kickout! Greer covers again.. One… Tw… Kickout! Greer yanks Manson up, throws him to the ropes… Kick to the gut.. DITCH DIGGER! Manson’s head just went through the canvas..almost… One… Two… THREE!] [Another kickout! Greer is furious and lifts Manson. He throws him to the ropes again and PARALYS….NO! Manson dodged! Greer spins around and UNSPOKEN WORDS! Manson hits a desperation DDT! But he can’t cover! He finally does… One… Two… Thre….Kickout! Both men are exhausted! Manson gets to his feet first and pulls Cody up. He tosses Manson to the ropes and prepares for the REIGN OF TER…NO! PARALYZER!!! Greer gores the Street Rat! One… Two… THREE!!!] [No kickouts this time! Manson is defeated as Greer climbs to his feet victorious!!]


[Doctor Panax hasn’t been right since last week. Something about his escaped patient has been playing on his mind. The Horror has come for him now, and even with a different name, or an assumed appearance, he’s as terrifying as he always was. This was the one he thought he solved.] [In his office, he’s rifling through paperwork frantically, researching the ins and outs of the case at hand. He wants to refresh his memory on everything imaginable. He’s pulling out documents, reading them, tossing them away and forming piles with others. Anything valuable, he wants to know it.] [Then the lights go off.]

“Please, don’t get up,” [Says a sadistic voice from the darkness.] “This is only but a passing visit, Doctor.”

[Heavy breathing, presumably from a terrified Panax.]

“What do you want?” [he yells in fear.] “Where’s my patient? Please release her, she’s done nothing wrong and you don’t need her.”

[Laughter. Sinister, vile laughter.]

“It isn’t her I want, Doctor, it is you. Do you remember our last session? You left me in a cage like a beast.”

[The Doctor sniffles.] “It was for your own good!”

[CRASH!] [BANG!] [Something crashes and smashes in the room, ‘The Horror’ having lost his temper.]

“LIES!” [He bellows] “You abandoned me when I needed your help the most,” [he hisses.] “You left me there to rot and now, I’m going to destroy everything you ever built and everyone you ever saved.”

[Another crash.] [The lights return, but The Horror is gone. Instead, the door has been literally ripped from its hinges and thrown across the room. This monster has left Panax sprawled out across the floor, his clothes shredded from the violent attack bestowed upon him.] [He whimpers, reaching for his glasses.]


[We have a battle of philosophies tonight as the Ol’ Hunting Dog goes one on one with the warrior of Allah himself. Can Davenport prove there’s still some fight left in the aging superstar or will Maaz tear yet another infidel apart?] [The bell sounds as Davenport and Maaz circle around eachother for a moment, Davenport surprisingly motioning for Maaz to come in with a test of strength and as Salah moves in to comply, Davenport fakes him out with a kick to the gut that barely fazes the bigger man before Davenport tries to whip him across the ring. Maaz reverses as Davenport bounces off right into a massive Big Boot that nearly knocks him out.] [Davenport staggers to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights from Maaz who powers him up high before slamming him down to the canvas with a Gutwrench Suplex. Davenport staggers to his feet as Maz grabs him by the back of the head, tossing him into the turnbuckles before running after him, FIDDAH! Davenport got all the wind driven out of him with that massive splash as he drops to his knees] [Davenport tries to crawl away as Maaz grabs him by the back of the head, lifting him up. Davenport counters, grabbing Maaz by the tights before tossing him throat first into the ropes. Maaz staggers away, holding his throat as Davenport levels him with a big knee lift before driving Maaz to the canvas with a Russian Legsweep. Davenport doesn’t cover, instead climbing up onto the bottom rope MUD FLOP…MISSES! Davenport gets to his feet, holding his gut in pain as Maaz rushes forward, HATF! Davenport gets absolutely destroyed by the massive lariat as Maaz covers his lifeless body, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Elder rolls into the ring as Maaz throws the unconcious hunting dog out of the ring, the Elder and Maaz praising Allah for his latest victory in the ring]


[We cut to a whistling Chase Hero as he pushes his way into the men’s bathroom in the back. Following him inside we see a wall of urinals to the left and stalls to the right.] [Hero takes a carefree glance around the room as he approaches a urinal, but after a sudden pause in a moment of thoughts Chase shrugs and turns to the stalls inside.] [The whistling picks back up as Hero disappears into the stall, allowing the door to hinge shut behind him; leaving us to our lonesome.] [Seconds later, the door to one of the stalls at the end of the room opens up and out steps someone Hero won’t be too happy to see.] [Thunk!] [A frustrated grimace covers the face of the man beast as he listens in; his eyes looking to the ceiling in thought in obvious evaluation of the whistling he hears.] [Finally, Thunk lets off a grunt and moves to Hero’s stall. In an instant, Thunk grips the top and bottom of the stall door and rips it off its hinges.]

“WHAT THE F…” [Hero responds, startled.] “Get out of here you damn animal I…”

[Before he can finish, Thunk lunges forward, letting out a loud growl.]


[Thunk disappears into the stall along with Hero and we keep our distance, but from our position we can still heat the ensuing struggle and conversation.]

“You hunt Thunk like some beast” [The monster scolds.] “Now Thunk hunt you like beast hunts prey!”

[And with that there is a loud thud followed by a brief pause. Moments later, Thunk emerges from the stall with the same look of intensity covering his face. He passes by the camera and exits the bathroom as we move forward to check on Hero.] [And we find him unconscious. A large hole in the drywall behind the toilet. Luckily for us, Chase’s tee shirt works with the slumping posture of his body to conceal any embarrassing details, but the most embarrassing details may be yet to come for Chase Hero.]


[We have a hard hitting contest here tonight as in his second OSW match, the Horror faces off against the Showcase Champion Hysteria. Can the Beast pick up the big upset or will the Mad Mastermind make the Horror just another one of his victims?] [The bell sounds as the Horror rushes forward, taking Hysteria by surprise with a massive Lariat that turns him inside out, flipping him in mid-air. Hysteria stumbles to his feet right into a hard kick to the gut as he’s lifted up high into the air before being thrown hard into the turnbuckle with an exploder suplex. Hysteria tries to pull himself up with the ropes as the Horror pounds on him with massive rights and lefts before backing up, CORNER SPEAR…HYSTERIA MOVES! The Horror just speared himself right into the turnbuckles as Hysteria backs away, trying to catch his breath.] [The Horror staggers out of the corner, holding his chest in pain as he walks right into a running kick from Hysteria who grabs him by the head, driving him to the canvas with a lightning fast Snap Suplex. Hysteria tries to pull the Horror up but gets pushed away as the Beast rushes forward. A Big Boot attempt is ducked under as Hysteria spins The Horror around, lifting him up, STUN GUN! The Horror doesn’t go down, stumbling around the ring holding his throat in pain, FALL OF MAN! Hysteria flips the Horror down to the mat as the Showcase Champion covers] [ONE…TWO…KICK OUT! Hysteria calls for the end as the Horror slowly gets up, LOST HO…Horror tosses Hysteria off him. Hysteria rolling to his feet as he rushes forward right into a kick to the gut, THE LAST FRIGHT! The Horror nearly plants Hysteria through the mat with that Jacknife Powerbomb as he signals for the end, lifting up the near lifeless Hysteria, hoisting him up over his head but Hysteria manages to swing his hand down, raking the eyes of The Horror before slipping down, LOST HOPE! Hysteria nails The Horror out of nowhere as he rolls him up into a cradle, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Hysteria celebrates for a moment as the Horror struggles to his feet, lunging at Hysteria who rolls out of the ring, holding up his Showcase title as he taunts the Horror over his victory tonight]


[The smell of fresh gore is putrid, sickeningly sweet as it fills the air of the Tap Room’s backstage. The camera pans from side to side, moving through the halls until it comes to rest upon the room the source is coming from. The inside? A blood slick floor and a slab of bloody meat sitting upon a table.] [Sniffing is heard, and the camera pans to show The Shark, the cannibalistic beast crawling into the room and rising to the table. He examines the meat, eyeing it then the room.]

“Who’s been eating my kills…?” [His head whips back as he hears footstep, seeing nothing he turns back, almost jumping back as he sees David Manson standing opposite of him.]

“What’s the matter, Shark? I went to the trouble of cutting up the meal, it’d be rude to leave it rot.”

[Shark narrows his eyes, grabbing the meat and tearing it apart, the sound of flesh tearing sending a chill through the quiet room.]

“I told you not to touch my prey. But you apparently aren’t learning, are you? Do you want to join the gore on my plate?”

[As Shark reaches for Manson THE STREET RAT SLICES WITH A CLEAVER! Shark recoils as Manson slams the meat cleaver into the table. Manson smirks, taking the meat from the plate and eating it right in front of Shark.]

“This is my meal now, Sharkie. I offered to you to be kind, but I need you to realize, I’m the top of the food chain here. Maybe you’ll get scraps after I’m done now.”

[Shark watches as Manson eats the raw meat on his plate. His eyes shift to the cleaver then back to Manson before he backs out of the room, his eyes never leaving the meal on the plate.] [Manson chuckles, calling out after Shark as he leaves.] “Don’t starve, boy. You’ll be able to clean up once I’m done.” [He laughs again as the scene fades out, enjoying his meal as he eats it.]


[Tommy Hawk eyes Nigel Royal from across the ring, both men here to win tonight.] [The bell rings and both men circle each other looking for an opening. Royal lunges first, locking up with Hawk and trying to overpower him. Hawk hits a few stiff forearms, forcing off Royal WHO LEAPS INTO A GUILLOTINE! Hawk gets caught off guard by Royal and fights to stay on his feet. He throws a hard hits to the ribs of Nigel, getting a chance to grab and lift him, running straight into a turnbuckle! Royal is forced to let go, stumbling into a belly-to-belly from Hawk! Nigel collides hard with the ground and Hawk looks to push his advantage!] [Hawk climbs the turnbuckle, not getting to the top before Royal has hold of his leg! Nigel yanks Tommy from the turnbuckle, pulling the Savage back into a belly to back suplex! Hawk looks like he landed on his neck from that! Royal is firmly in control, pulling Hawk over and working numerous holds while Tommy tries to free himself. The Savage slowly fights up from a grounded headlock to his feet, whipping him off of the rope! Royal bounces back and HAWK CATCHES NIGEL WITH THE RED ARROW! ROYAL NAILS THE GROUND HARD! Hawk goes for the cover! ONE! TWO!] [KICKOUT! Royal is out of breath but he was able to free himself! Hawk pounds the ground before standing up, peeling Royal off of the mat and whipping him off of the ropes once more! Royal ducks a clothesline and comes back CLOBBERING HAWK WITH HIS OWN! Hawk nails the ground and Royal follows up on the momentum, hitting the ropes and coming back with a leaping elbow drop! Royal is on fire as he gets back to his feet, taunting to the crowd as he does so. Unfortunately he doesn’t notice Hawk rising behind him. ROYAL TURNS AROUND INTO THE TOMAHAWK! HE GOES DOWN! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Hawk rises to his feet in victory, leaving the ring.]


[We come back to The Cabinet hosting a protest around the Tap Room’s bar. They’ve decorated it with huge patriotic banners; Frank Harrison‘s garnered the attention of patrons in droves.]

“… Folks, as you stand here with me, enjoying these beverages, I must reiterate that no one is safe! No one can be while they tarnish these Purple Mountains Majesty that our forefathers help carve.”

[The crowd’s hushed; The Agents guard Frank.]

“Of course, I’m talking about…… Terrorists.”

[A murmur washes over the inebriated bar-goers. Frank winks to Cody Greer in the back. He’s got a beeramid stacked beside him.]

“… Men like Maaz Azooz-whatever are bloodthirsty terrorists, here solely to strike fear in our hearts. You, the real, working class people; they are jealous of everything you’ve earned. They can’t accept it. These Godless people…. Folks, you saw it firsthand; he tried to attack me last week! ME?!?”

[Everyone is silent, drinking.]

“They’re coming after you… and you….. and your kids……. and they’re gonna cut off our heads, unless……”


[Everyone turns to find standing amongst them The Elder and his silent assassin. Maaz Azim Salah quickly brandishes his AK-47! Everyone darts away, screaming for their lives! The Elder’s spewing irate Arabic, as Maaz’s sight lands right between Frank’s beady eyes! The Agents reach for their guns…]

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that. No, you put your weapons away. Civilized men like yourselves wouldn’t dare kill, after all. We’re the terrorists, remember? [Maaz holds his finger to the trigger] Well, allow us to meet your expectations.”

[Franks glares at them, rubbing his thumb against two of his fingers; Greer watches.]

“So, do you have anything to say for yourselves before The Hand of Allah smites all you infidels off the face of this earth?”

[Harrison smirks; The Elder and Maaz then– WAIT! THE PARALYZER!! Greer just GORED Maaz out of his sandals! The Agents descend on The Elder, quickly hauling the pair away! Frank applauds…]

“Well done!” [Greets Cody with a handshake] “See? And you didn’t even want to come out with me last week!” [He shoves money into Greer’s vest] “I knew you could be persuaded. It just took a little…. motivation.”

[Cody’s focus is on the shaken bar-goers. Franks chortles, taking a deep drink and– OH MY GOD! THE PARALYZER!?! Cody just CRUSHED Harrison into a back of the bar! What?!? Everyone is stunned! Greer throws the money into Frank’s face, addressing the crowd.]

“He’s right, ya know…. No one is safe. Lets get out of here.”

[With a frustrated scoff, Greer takes another swig and leaves the bar, leading everyone away. Frank’s out cold!]


[It’s the 2016 Tag Team of the Year teaming up against the likes of Chase Hero and THUNK!] [The bell sounds as Chase Hero is starting this thing off against Doubt. He chases after the masked emotion; however, Doubt ducks his clothesline and leaps up for a discus elbow. The shot rocks Hero as he turns around straight into a knee right into the midsection. Doubt bounces off the ropes and… THE END OF WISDOM! The axe kick hits with vigor as Chase slumps backwards to the mat. Doubt leaps onto him for a cover. One…Two…THUNK breaks it up! Smiley tries to enter the ring, but the referee restrains him as Thunk nails Doubt with a forearm smash and drags Hero to his corner.] [The referee turns around just in time to see/hear the slapping of hands to signify Thunk entering the match-up. He ties up with Doubt, but Thunk nails a headbutt but seems to regret the decision. The hard mask of Doubt seemingly prevails. Thunk throws Doubt into the ropes and tries to catch the rebound with a sidewalk slam. Doubt, however, hooks his shoulders and manages to get out of the hold. Doubt lunges out and manages to tag in Smiley. The Deranged One enters the match and everyone’s eyes seems to be on him. Thunk tries for a big forearm, but Smiley ducks underneath. Thunk turns back around and… SHOCK THERAPY!] [Thunk is rocked, but he’s still standing. Thunk drives two vicious strikes down on the back of Smiley before yanking him to his feet by his hair and nailing him with a huge chop! The crowd ‘oohs’ in pain alongside the pain-stricken face of Smiley. Thunk throws Smiley into his own corner and Hero slaps himself in. He whips Smiley into the opposite corner which is his own team’s. Doubt leans over and slaps his chest before entering the ring. Hero comes charging, but Doubt hits a low dropkick which smashes his face into the second turnbuckle. Hero staggers backwards… EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! He covers! One…Two…THREE!] [Knock Knock shows just what it means to be a cohesive unit once again.]


[The Chief’s office door is shown closing, clicking shut.]

“I’m glad you could make it. I’ve heard many good things about you,” [The Chief says, offering a seat to the man we’ve yet to see.] “As I understand it, you’re the kind of man who leads men into battle.”

“What’s the job?” [The man responds in a deep, rusty voice.] [The Chief nods.] “Straight down to business, eh? I like that. In a little over a month’s time, Monday Night Showcase goes to war with VHS at Face/Off. As the owner of Old School Wrestling, I can’t wait to find out which brand is superior. Before I do that, I need to appoint a captain for each brand. I need to ensure that each side has a fair and passionate leader.”

[The camera spins around to see a hat, brimmed and low across the face of the man in question. His head slowly rises, revealing him to be Hannibal Corvin.]

“What makes you think I care about a war between Monday Night Showcase and VHS?”

“Because it was Showcase that allowed you to overcome the Monster that haunted your nightmares,” [The Chief replies.] “Because as a Bounty Hunter, you lead men into a battle every time you hunt down a fugitive.”

[Corvin thinks about it for a moment.]

“And because the winners, will not only prove their brand to be the best, but will receive opportunities that cement their status.”

[Hannibal smiles.] “Is that why you brought me here? I was told you have a job for me, Chief.”

“I do. I need you to find a man for me; he’s a fugitive. All you need to do is find him, take him to jail and I’ll do the rest.”

“What’s his name?” [Corvin asks.]

“Connor Murphy.”

[Hannibal stands up, tips his hat and walks towards the door. Before he can exit, he turns to face The Chief.]

“I’ll take the bounty, and the position as leader of team Monday Night Showcase. But be assured Chief, I pick my team.”

[The Chief nods with a smile, watching as Corvin exits into the hall. He listens, hearing his footsteps as he trundles down the wooden steps, before picking up the phone and dialling a number.]

“Murphy should be inside within a week. Do you know what you have to do?” [He says sternly.] “Good. Make it look like an accident.”


[We’re moments away from Mike Lane’s battle against The Shark, although no-one has seen the former World Champion all night. “Black Shark” by The Greenery hits and out comes The Shark, storming his way towards the ring and rolling under the bottom rope.] [He demands a microphone, cornering the referee.]

“I’m afraid that Mike Lane can’t make it,” [The Shark hisses to boos from the crowd.] “He’s a little tied up right now.”

[The referee doesn’t know what to do.]

“I guess you’re going to have to default this victory to me.”

[The fans don’t like that as the referee positions himself to make the decision. Suddenly, the sound of someone clearing their throat loudly penetrates the boo’s. Stood atop the balcony, right outside his office, is none other than The Chief.]

“Wait a minute, nigga,” [He says waving the referee to a halt.] “This ain’t goin’ down like that. Mike Lane can’t make it to this match because YOU have him, don’t you? I can’t allow a victory to change hands because of that. Referee, Disqualify The Shark. Mike Lane wins.”

[The Shark furiously kicks the ropes and stomps his feet in the middle of the ring, absolutely disgusted by the decision. The fans booing seems to make him angrier and when the referee turns around he walks straight into a FIN-ISH HIM!] [The Chief makes an ‘ooh’ like face as The Shark kicks the referee out of the ring and follows, grabbing him by the leg and dragging him up the ramp.]

“Enjoy your meal, Shark.”

[The Great White drags him out of the bar, taking him away.]


[Red River Jack is stood within the entrance tunnel, preparing to smoke a pre-match cigarette before he heads out to face young Stephanie Rose in the Main Event. He searches his pocket for the goods, pulling out a cigarette and then searching for his lighter – only he can’t find it.] [Just then, a lighter is flipped open, switched on and thrust into frame.]

“Thanks, man,” [Jack says, leaning in to light his cigarette.] [Red turns around, seeing Hannibal Corvin stood before him, a cigarette in his mouth too.]

“As I understand it, you’re the man around these parts,” [Corvin says with a gruff.] “The OSW World Champion.”

[Jack nods.]

“You hold no allegiance to any show, or any war between them, but I want to change all that,” [Hannibal says, flicking away some ash.] “Because I want to recruit you to Monday Night Showcase for a war with VHS.”

[Red laughs.] “And why exactly would I do that, man? I’m a free bird, I’m not hired by any brand in this company. I go where I please and I do what I want.”

[Corvin reaches into his jacket and pulls out a file.]

“Do you know what it says in here?” [he asks cautiously.] “Because I do. This is everything the government have on the anarchist Red River Jack.”

[That gets his attention.]

“Your name, date of birth, suspected criminal activity; everything.”

“Are you trying to bribe me, man?” [Jack says with a laugh, his eyes never once moving from that file.] “Is that it?”

[Hannibal shakes his head.] “Of course not. Let’s just call it adequate encouragement, shall we? Mike Lane spent years building a case against you. He infiltrated your group, spied on your activity and reported it back. People send men like me to capture men like you.”

[Red steps up to him, getting in his face.] “Are you threatening me?”

[Hannibal doesn’t back down.] “If I wanted your bounty, I’d have your head on a pike and money in my hand. No, what I want is you on my team for Face/Off.”

[Suddenly “To get to you” hits and that’s Jack’s cue to head out for his match. He looks at Corvin, flashes him a smirk before chuckling slightly and making his way out into the bar.] [Hannibal, left behind, simply flicks away his cigarette and heads back into the darkness.]


[It’s main event time as OSW World Champion goes one-on-one with OSW Double Feature Champion!] [The bell sounds as both competitors meet in the center of the ring. Red River Jack seems to be giving her a lookover, but not in attraction. His eyes seem to be sizing up the new champion. Seemingly uncomfortable with his probing eyes, Stephanie strikes first with a forearm that shocks Jack! He staggers backwards almost as if he wasn’t expecting an actual fight. Three more stiff forearms before Jack parries a fourth and kicks her right in the gut. She bends over, but he just grabs her and sends her into the ropes. She comes back and THE AWAKENING!] [PSYCH! Stephanie Rose managed to hang onto the ropes to prevent running straight into a Spartan Kick. However, Red River Jack charges her for a clothesline to send her out of the ring. She ducks underneath and flings him over the top rope and to the floor. Stephanie Rose smirks before hitting the ropes once each to get some momentum going. She leaps for… a flying crossbody block that takes both her and Jack to the ground successfully. She bounces right back up as the people in the front row have beer in their hands as they’re yelling at her.] [She goes to pick up Jack, but he grabs her around the waist and rams her into the guard rail viciously as she cries out in pain. He grabs her up and throws her, back-first, into the side of the ring. She falls to the ground clutching her back as Red River Jack isn’t remotely finished. He walks over and begins stomping on the lower back of Stephanie Rose as the crowd is actually booing him! The Tap Room seems to have taken a liking to Stephanie Rose. Red River Jack just ignores the crowd as he lifts up Rose and rolls her into the ring.] [Rose staggers to her feet, but Red River Jack is on her! He grabs her and pulls her in quickly for… NUMBER TEN! Rose is slammed back into the mat as Red River Jack hooks a leg cockily. One…Two…Power out by Rose! Red River Jack looks mildly surprised as he pulls her up by her hair and SLAPS her! More booing from the crowd as Red River Jack extends his arms, soaking up the hatred flowing through the room. Jawbreaker! Red River Jack is staggered before Rose leaps into the air and connects with a dropkick! The World Champion hits the mat as Stephanie Rose sees her opportunity. She climbs to the top and leaps off for a double foot stomp! However, Red River Jack manages to roll out of the way of that forcing her to somewhat damage her legs as the pain shoots up the legs and to the back!] [She’s clutching her lower back as she turns right into a kick by Red River Jack. He pulls her close before nailing…. DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER! Her head is basically just driven forcefully into the mat. She is out cold seemingly as Red River Jack places a foot upon her chest. One…Two…THREE! The referee is pointing out the boot on the rope as he isn’t signifying the end of the match.] [Red River Jack is pissed off; however, he turns around and there is Stephanie Rose. She nails an armdrag and pulls him into a crucifix pin! THORN TO BE WILD! She hooks his arms down as he tries to get out! ONE…TWO…TH-NO! He manages to get both shoulders up at the absolute last moment. They both get to their feet as Red River Jack throws a right hand which is blocked. She grabs his head, turns him around and… ROSE GARDEN! The reverse DDT is hit. She hooks both legs! One…Two…THREE!] [Stephanie Rose leaps to her feet with a jubilant cheer! The crowd is going crazy in celebration!]


[The room is spinning.] [Looking through the eyes of Mike Lane, we’re first greeted with a loud groan, accompanied by a careful rubbing of the eyes. It’s dark and we’re deep underground in the Asylum. Lane puts his hand on the back of his head, feeling the wound from last week and taking a look, realizing that it’s quite a deep gash he has there.] [Whilst looking at the blood on his hand, he realizes where he is. He stands up and woozily walks over to the shovel, picking it up.]

“You wanted to dig up the past, didn’t you boy?” [Hysteria says, talking to him softly like he’s some kind of dog.] “Well then, dig.”

[Realizing the position he’s in, he does as he’s told and starts digging. With every shovel throw, he tosses dirt and rubble away from the ground beneath him, searching for the body of Alex Reese. Finally, he spots something in the broken mud and rock.] [Mike bends down, finding a similar kind of vest to the one he normally wears. Inside it, rotting away, is the body of Alex Reese.] [He wanted this, but now he’s distraught. Lane falls down to his knees, sobbing in the darkness. This was his friend. This was Alex Reese.]

“He doesn’t look his best, does he?” [Hysteria scoffs, unseen.] “He’s not exactly been taking care of himself, I must admit. I told him, you know? I said to him; Alex, if you don’t look after your body then it can’t look after you. Be positive, I said.”

[He chuckles.]

“You’re sick,” [Lane says through tears.] “You’re fucking twisted!”

[Hysteria giggles.] “Aw, you shouldn’t be so mean, Mr. Lane. I know you’re hurting, but you’re not done yet. Dig.”

[Mike reluctantly gets back to his feet, digging the ground next to Reese – presumably where his body will soon reside. With his shovel in hand, he keeps digging, trying his best to ignore The Mad Mastermind.] [The maniacal laugh of Hysteria echoes throughout our scene.] [Then we Cut.] [Static.]