[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The sound of a dripping facet echoes throughout the empty halls of the asylum. This building only has one inhabitant now; ‘The Mad Mastermind’ Hysteria. The walls are dirty, stained with black and brown gunge, dirt, mould and dust as we travel down them. We’re heading towards the muffled sound of screaming, emanating from a small pitch black room at the very end.] [The door slowly pushes open, revealing Hysteria, standing behind a blonde woman – who’s face we can hardly make out. She tied to a chair and gagged, whilst he stands with his Sledgehammer in hand.]

“Sometimes, I think it’s Destiny,” [he says with a head tilt.] “You and me, Michael, this whole situation. I have taken from you, haven’t I? And now you wish to take from me. But you see, I cannot let that happen; I simply will not, let that…. happen.”

[Hysteria strokes her hair, ignoring her muffled screams and pulling away.]

“I showed you what I did to Alex Reese out of mercy. You wanted to know where the bodies were buried and I let you dig them up,” [Hysteria stops stroking her hair and pulls it backwards, wrenching her head back.] “But that doesn’t mean I’ve finished adding bodies.”

[With her hair clasped tightly in his hand, the camera closes in. Finally, we can see the woman is Destiny Flint; Mike Lane’s former fiancé.]

“I killed your past, I took your present and now if you try to take mine, I will take your future.”

[He laughs maniacally.]

“The choice is yours,” [The Mad Mastermind announces.] “What’s your Destiny? Is it the World Championship, or her? She still remembers you Michael; every… single… day.”

[The camera backs away carefully, watching as Hysteria forcefully releases her hair, walking away into the darkness.] [Cut.]


[We have a hard hitting contest here tonight involving two of the newest wrestlers on Monday Night Showcase. Will the Hollywood’s Stars lights shine bright here tonight or will Muerte have his first victim?] [The bell sounds as Royce rushes forward, peppering Muerte with left and right jabs trying to take the bigger man by surprise. A high dropkick staggers the Reaper as Royce tries for a Belly to Belly Suplex. He hits it, showing an impressive show of strength but Muerte lands on his feet, grabbing Royce from behind, a hard forearm to the back of the head, FULL NELSON SLAM!] [Royce gets up, holding the back of this neck right into a high knee snapping his head back as Muerte lifts him up high into the air, SHORTCUT TO HE…ARM TRAP CROSSFACE! Royce escapes the Chokeslam, trying to take Muerte down into the crossface. He can’t muscle Muerte down however, who powers his way out, and as Royce rushes forward, nearly takes his head off with a massive Big Boot. Muerte wastes no time, lifting Royce up to his feet, SHORTCUT TO HELL!] [The Reaper covers, ONE…TWO…Royce just gets the shoulder up. Muerte gets to his feet, signalling for the end, but Royce kips up to his feet, dropkicking Muerte low before rushing to the ropes, bouncing off with a massive Highlight Reel! Muerte goes down as Royce goes up to, waiting for Muerte to get to his feet, THE BLOCK…SCYTHE! Muerte just took Royce’s head off with that massive elbow as he covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Muerte picks up a massive victory here, taking another soul with him. Can anyone stop the Reaper or will he consume everyone in OSW?]


[In the dead of night, quiet resonates through a dusty warehouse. Only a few dimly-lit lamps cut through the darkness. Hyde waits in the shadows. His face, concealed by the absence of light, he sits in a hulking lurch. His breaths are heavy, as blood slowly drips from his hands.] [A faceless security guard lies dead at his feet.]

“There is so much uncertainty in you.”

[A voice echoes through the cavernous building. Hyde’s eyes narrow.]

“Can you still feel it? That little impotent voice inside you? It’s so…… unsure.”

[The Horror rises, stepping into the light and exposing his stoned-grimace. His bloodied fists clench tightly.]

“All I hear is someone dead still talking. If you’ve seen what I’ve just done, you should know I won’t hesitate to kill you too.”

“No, there’s no question about that. The question I speak of lies behind your beady eyes, it presses against your beating heart. It’s in your face. It’s what waits behind your mask.”

[Hyde quietly searches through the warehouse. His naked feet barely making sound as he paces over the cold, title floor.”

[This nonsense you speak? Do you really want such insipid ramblings to be your last words?” [He peers around another corner] “I’d answer that very carefully.]

“Ah, but despite the monster you try to be, in spite of the horror chasing me down, you still talk like someone else. It’s that little voice inside.” [Hyde almost pauses] “You see, at Face/Off, we both looked into the mirror and decided we didn’t like what we saw. For me, it was simple….. I didn’t want to be alone. But you?” [Hyde’s search has intensified] “You wanted to keep the world afraid.”

“Do you know why?”

“All I know is I’m going to rip off your limps very soon, and when I do, I’ll make sure you’re beaten to death by your own hands!”

[The voice chuckles, just as Hyde spies something in another corner. It’s reflective.]

“No. You see, it’s because you’re afraid. Apprehension consumes you from the inside-out.” [The Horror approaches] “It’s because you know, that behind your muscly mask, deep down you’re just a scared little man in a sweatshirt. Right, doctor?”

[Hyde’s seething, finally coming upon the source of the voice. Obstructed by darkness, Doubt is finally seen, its mask glinting against the faint lights. Hyde reaches for its throat!] [Csssshhhh!] [What? Hyde peers down in confusion, staring at the fresh shards of glass cutting into his flesh. It was a mirror.]

“I know what lies behind my mask, Hyde. Soon…… you will finally face what lies behind yours.”

[The Horror listens angrily as the voice dissipates. Lord only knows what he’s going to do next!]


[Old enemies reunite to take a bite out of the past! Will David Manson live up to his “Cannibal” moniker? Or will The Shark once again smell blood in the water?] [The match begins with The Shark immediately kicking at The Street Rat’s legs. David grabs a Headlock, muscling The Man-Eater into the corner before delivering a Back Elbow Smash. He nails a Headbutt, looking for an Irish Whip only for The Shark to put on the brakes in another corner. Manson runs into a Spinning Solebutt, followed by a Tiger Spin into a Leg Grapevine. Manson tries fighting out off the mat, landing some hard blows before Stomping away at his opponent. He chokes him with his knee in the corner– Running Body Avalanche! Manson with a Side Slam!] [The Shark’s trying to work back to his feet…. David grabs a Standing Reverse Chinlock, before he’s quickly countered into a Jawbreaker. The Man-Eater with a Schoolboy– NO! He rolls through right into The Shark Bite! David scrambles away, before both glare at each other…. LARAIT to The Shark! The Street Rat covers. One… Two…. NO! The Shark kicked out and David Snapmares him over into a Sleeper Hold…… Eventually both rise, with The Shark looking for a Chinbreaker only to get clubbed away. Manson swings wildly; The Shark with a Drop-Toehold as he hits the ropes…… SUSHI KICK! He covers! One… Two….. NO!] [With Manson down, The Man-Eater calls for the end, climbing to the top rope. David though stops him short, ascending to the top himself….. The two then battle for control, with Manson biting at The Shark’s arm! The Street Rat gains the advantage, setting The Shark into position and……. Oh, God. He’s looking for an AVALANCHE Reign of Terror? Both barely keep their footing as Manson tries underhooking him and– NO! The Shark with Headbutts! David falls…. SHARK DIVE! He got him; The Shark’s sprinting across the ring, back up the turnbuckles…….FIN-NISH HIM! He covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, The Shark rises to get his fin raises in victory! David Manson’s doubled-over on the mat….. What a win for The Man-Eater!]


[The Showcase Champion has a lot to think about tonight. She has to defend her Championship against Frank Harrison with Tommy Hawk as the special guest referee and that could spell trouble. To put her mind at ease, she heads into the locker room of Tommy Hawk, looking for him.] [What she finds is a dejected husk of a man, who whilst trapped, see’s absolutely no way out. Stephanie takes a seat next to him, trying to find a way to lift his spirits.]

“I know that tonight concerns you,” [She says with care.] “And I know that you’re afraid to do the right thing. I know that you feel lost, abandoned and unsure, but I’m here to tell you that it will get better.”

[Tommy lifts his head, looking at her.]

“You just have to believe in it, Tommy. You just have to know that by doing the right thing, everything will work itself out in the end,” [she tries to convince him, placing a hand on his shoulder.] “And do you know somethin’?” [Rose asks with a smile.] “I believe in you. I believe in the man you are, not the man he wants you to become. I believe that when push comes to shove out there, whether it’s my hand raised or his, it’ll be because you did the right thing.”

[She stands up, walking towards the door.]

“That’s what I believe.”

[With her exit, she shoots Tommy a final glance, nodding at him. When then door closes behind her, Frank Harrison comes out of the bathroom, having heard the entire conversation.]

“Do you know what I believe? I believe you’ll do the right thing too, Tommy,” [Harrison asks with a titled head.] “Won’t you?”

[Hawk looks at him, stern, stoic, uncompromising.]

“Yes, sir.”

[The pain of that statement can be felt like a shockwave pouring from his very skin; it sends a shudder down his spine. Frank smirks, tapping him on the shoulder and heading back into the bathroom.] [What will Tommy Hawk do?]


[Tonight Cody “Mother Fucking” Greer has to face The Horror! Will Hyde rip through yet another opponent? Or will Greer somehow Paralyze the fear?] [The match starts with Hyde immediately plowing Cody into the corner! He pummels him with clubbing blows, nailing a Headbutt and then beiling Greer head-over-heels with a HUGE Biel! Cody’s knocked loopy on the canvas, staggering up right into a vicious Running Shoulder Block! Hyde then just squeezes Cody’s head like a grape as Greer struggles to stand. Finally Cody gets some shots in, planting a knee to the gut and a getting an Inverted Atomic Drop! He hits a Lariat but Hyde stays standing….. He hits another and still Hyde manages to stand…… He hits a third and Hyde’s down a knee– Ditch Digger?] [NO! He presses Cody high into the air, catching him onto his shoulders for the FEAR MACHINE…….. DDT! Cody countered in mid-move! Hyde bounces off the impact and right into a Backbreaker! Leaping Neckbreaker by Greer! He covers! One… Two… NO! The Horror powers out! He rises, getting a Headbutt and Goozle, before launching Cody into the corner! Greer tries covering up from Hyde’s shots, absorbing the blows before turning the tables. He then Stomps a mudhole into Hyde and– NO! Hyde catches his leg…… LAST FREIGHT! Greer gets demolished; Hyde covers! One…. Two…… THREE!] [NO, WAIT! Greer just barely got his shoulder up! Hyde eyes the referee with disdain, pulling Cody over to the ropes….. Hyde muscles Greer up, methodically hooking in a Waist-Lock, only for Cody to stand his ground. Hyde wants a German Suplex but Cody keeps fighting. He starts elbowing out, looking for a Suplex when Hyde counters mid-move and –NO! Ditch Digger drills him out of nowhere! Hyde staggers back, dropping to his knees as Cody readies himself….. He’s got The Horror in his sights……… NO! He shot for The Paralyzer but Hyde caught him! FEAR MACHINE! He covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, Hyde rises with a confident, stoic pause. The referee’s too afraid to raise his arm…… Can anything stop The Horror?]


[The shot cuts to the back halls of the Tap Room where we find a dejected Mike Royce making his way out of the venue.] [As he pushes his way through a set of exit doors his movement is suddenly halted by the unexpected presence of none other than David Manson.] [Royce hesitates; obviously taken aback by the coy stature of his colleague who leans up against the exterior wall of the Tap Room infrastructure.] [After second thought, Royce continues on towards the center of the parking lot; his movement however is quickly once again halted.]

“Not so fast, Royce” [Manson calmly declares.] “We have some business to take care of.”

“No” [Royce shakes his head, looking back at Manson.] “I don’t have any business left tonight. At least not with you!”

[“Hollywood” turns away and is abruptly halted again; this time looking back with a distorted expression of confusion.]

“No, I need you Mike!” [Manson responds; a sense of urgency in his voice.]

“You NEED me?” [Royce questions.] “Why me?”

“Because you’re a winner. Because after your victory at Face/Off people are paying attention to you” [Manson says as he pulls himself off the wall and then it a bit more sinister tone.] “They like you!”

[Royce stands in silence, peering hard at Manson before eventually shaking his head with a near disgusted look.]

“Nah. You don’t need me” [Turning and walking away once more.] “The Street Rat and the Best Looking Man Alive just don’t belong together!”

[KA-BOOM!!!] [Royce is brought to a prone position as a nearby car EXPLODES into flames with a monster roar. Confusion returns to him as he pulls himself back to his feet only to be startled again by another explosion!] [KA-BOOM!!! KA-BOOM!!! KA-BOOM!!!] [More explosions. One right after the other. Four, five, six, seven cars surrounding Royce exploding into the air. Flames and smoke dominating the scene and all the while David Manson remains calm, almost as if he expected the explosions.] [Meanwhile, Mike Royce has found himself lying on the concrete in cover. He glances around in near panic and finally back to Manson.]

“Don’t worry Mike. It’s just business” [Manson prods with a confident tone.] “And Anarchy Rules!”

[Manson turns to re-enter the Tap Room as OSW staff and emergency personnel rush passed him to the parking lot. Sirens are heard in the foreground as Royce remains on the ground gazing at the retreating Manson in doubt.]


[It’s The King of The Jungle vs. The Spirit Walker of The Forest, as Thunk locks horns with Tommy Hawk! Will the man raised by wolves take a bite out of this sacred bird? Or will The Savage once again come out, proving exactly who is the alpha male?] [The match starts with both vigilant hunters sizing the other up. They lunge into a Collar-Elbow Tieup with Thunk getting the early advantage. He grabs a Headlock but Tommy slips into a Hammer Lock. Thunk Back Elbows out, pulling Hawk right into a Lariat! Tommy tries shaking off the effects, absorbing a few clubbing blows before responding. He battles back, dusting off a scintillating Knife-Edge Chop before looking for a Suplex…. Thunk though is just too strong, overpowering The Spirit Walker into a Gordbuster! FROG FACE! Thunk covers! One… Two…. NO! Hawk kicks out and Thunk grabs a Nerve Pinch!] [The fans are split 50/50 as Tommy again rises. He resorts to a Headbutt before nailing a Dropkick. That staggers Thunk into the corner, with Hawk barreling into him with a Running Clothesline! Tommy gets a Scoop Slam– Leaping Leg Drop! Momentum is shifting as Thunk rises, taking some shots before planting a knee to the gut. The King of The Jungle looks for a Gorilla Press but Hawk slips free, rushing Thunk over the top rope! Hawk hits the ropes……. ooooooOOOOOOHHHHH!!! GOING NATIVE! Thunk’s floored; Hawk shoves him back into the ring! He catches Thunk coming– Piledriver! He covers! One… Two…. NO!] [Thunk powers out; Hawk’s digging deep! The Spirit Walker quickly looks for The Red Arrow, but he still can’t get Thunk up– Flapjack by Thunk! “DEAD PPREEEEYY!!” Thunk calls for it, hoisting Tommy up…… HE GOT HIM! Thunk hooks the leg! One…. Two…. NO! Hawk just got his shoulder up! The Tap Room is rocking as Thunk rises, a wild look overtaking him…… “THUNK SSMAAAAAAASSHH!!” Here we go! He winds up….. Hawk’s trying to get back up……… He swings………. WAIT! THE RED ARROW? Oh, but Tommy still couldn’t get him up…… THUNK SMASH! He covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, Thunk pulls himself back up to standing with a stoic grimace. He nods, approving of Tommy’s efforts as The Spirit Walker starts to come to…..]



[A dark room, dimly lit by candlelight shows two figures shows two figures sitting with an animated conversation. Despite their conversation, the word seemed to be deeper, bolder and not emanating from either person.]

“For ten months, I was poisoned, and I was contorted to a monster. A bloodthirsty creature fueled only by the blood of my victims and those whom I…”

[These words don’t seem spoken aloud. They hover through the air with an aloofness as if it’s being projected from the very mind of the speaker.]

“The Doctor may have been dealt with when The Asylum turned on him, but the inducing didn’t stop there. There was always someone to keep me fixated on it.”

[The camera slowly approaches the vent overlooking the room.]

“One person who kept that Tonic flowing through my blood and kept me hungry…”

[The picture slowly enters the grate to show the darkened figure of a person, looking into the room very intently. The picture turns back to reveal the two people within the dimly lit room.]


[Smiley doesn’t even budge as he continues having his conversation with Doubt. The two seem too engrossed in their talks to even notice the third presence watching from the shadows.]

“Their blood is on your hands, Smiley. And I will ensure that you will face your day of reckoning.”

[The figure lights a match to show the horrific, grinning new mask of the man formerly known as Axel The Shark and more recently as The Shark.]

“So sayeth, The Sharkman.”


[An old tag team rivalry is ignite once more as former tag team champions battle it out here tonight. Can the returned Ocean’s One gain victory or will the reignited Knock Knock prove their united front?] [The bell rings as King Royal and Doubt start out, Doubt laying into Royal with hard lefts and rights but Royal grabs a right, trying to twist it into an armbar. Doubt spins out but gets grabbed and snapped to the mat with a Suplex. Doubt staggers to his feet right into a hard European Uppercut, staggering Doubt back into Ocean’s One corner as Marvolo gets tagged in.] [Royal and Marvolo lift Doubt up, slamming him down to the canvas with a Double Suplex as Marvolo covers, ONE…TWO…Doubt gets the shoulder up. The #1 lifts Doubt up, tossing him into the corner as he begins to lay into him with the machine gun chops, in desperation Doubt slams forward with a massive headbutt that stuns Marvolo enough for Doubt to grab him, INTO THE UNKNOWN! Both men are down as Doubt tries to crawl to his corner, Royal tags in, SMILEY TAGS IN TOO!] [Smiley rushes in like a house on fire, taking down King Royal with a hard lariat, nailing Marvolo on the apron with a hard forearm that sends him to the outside. Smiley ducks under a clothesline attempt, bouncing off the ropes, CHELSEA GRIN! Smiley signals for the end, lifting Royal up as he tries for the Glasgow Smile but Marvolo rushes in, breaking it up as Doubt springboards off the ropes, PESSIMISTS EN..MARVOLO CATCHES HIM. The #1 spins him around, TIGER DRIVER! Royal takes down Smiley with a big Brainbuster as both he and the #1 head up to the top rope, steadying themselves, DOUBLE SPITFIRES! Royal covers as the #1 holds off Doubt on the outside, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [In their first match back as a team, Ocean’s One return to form, beating the team they won the tag titles from in a hellacious match that should put the tag team division on notice.]


[Footsteps.] [The leaves on tree branches rustle as boots chomp through the wilderness. Armed with camouflage, Cody Greer trounces through the woods. In one hand, he’s sporting a 7mm rifle complete with a scope. In other hand…… beer.]

“Shit. Sure is quiet out here.” [Cody whispers, quietly sipping his drink] “Where are all the damn deer? This time of year, there should be plenty of ‘ol Bambi ’round. A man’s gotta eat!”

[Greer continues to carefully hunt past the trees before coming to a clearing. There, big as life and twice as tasty, he finally finds a real buck. Its antlers are a wonder, a perfect conversation-starter for The Last Chance Ranch. The animal stands unimpeded as Cody instinctually raises his gun.]

“Looks like good things come to those who wait.”

[Supper’s just a trigger-pull away. He puts the deer in his sights, savoring the moment as his finger beings to depress the…… Wait.]


[The primal below practically shakes the forest! It kills Cody’s concentration! In an instant, Thunk charges the deer, wrestling it to the ground and quickly applying a deep Sleeper Hold. The animal struggles, knowing its fate.] [Crack.] [The deer’s neck snaps.]

“Holy shit!” [Greer rises, amazed at what he just witnessed] “What kind of animal is that?”

[Cody studies Thunk as The King of The Jungle hoists the deer’s limp body over his shoulders. Thunk begins to plod back through the trees, before suddenly stopping. He glances over to Greer, clearly seeing through any camouflage. Thunk then steps over.]

“This Thunk dinner. You put ‘shiny spear’ down. Now.”

[Thunk motions to Greer’s gun. Cody had almost forgot he was still holding it; he points it away. Thunk snorts.]

“You leave forest.” [Thunk leans in] “Go. You come back when you hunt…… better.”

[Cody almost scoffs at that, guzzling down the rest of his beer. He defiantly crushes the can in his fist.]

“Look Nature Boy, that’s my kill you’re carrin’ there! How’s ’bout we share, huh?”

“Thunk no share Thunk’s dinner. You go.”

[There’s a moment of tension before Thunk finally leaves Cody to fend for himself. Greer can’t help but watch in amazement.]

“Ya know, maybe I do need to hunt better…… better game, that is.”

[With that, Cody steps back through the woods, unaware that Thunk is still watching his every move from distance.]


[Viktor North comes out on top in a test of strength, but only slightly. With Lane’s knuckles cracking, he uses that fantastic wrestling brain managing to swivel end up behind North. Showing his own feat of strength he manages to take North down to the mat. In a UFC like transitional pose they begin trying to assert domination on one another. Until out of nowhere…. STF!!! LANE HAS LOCKED IN THE STF!! Wrenching back, the pain evident in the viking’s face. Clawing and scrimping North manages to just reach out his left arm and grab a hold of the bottom rope.] [Visually shaken from almost tasting defeat early doors. With both men back on their feet. Viktor charges at Lane, lane drops to the mat. North leaps over and carries on through. Mike jumps over the returning North this time. Still carrying through, Lane turns around AND ALMOST HAS HIS DAMN HEAD REMOVED WITH A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE! Quickly covering the most dominant superstar OSW has had. Lane manages to power out at two. Both men coming with whiskers of a W. Staying on top of Rough Justice, North picks Lane up and slams him back down with a huge scoop slam.] [Building up his momentum Skull Splitter heads up top. He signals to the crowd that he’s going high risk. Looking for a big splash to put Lane away. Viktor North is mid flight when MIKE LANE KIPS UP ALA HEARTBREAK KID STYLE AND SHADOWKICKS THE IN FLIGHT VIKTOR NORTH!! THE IMPACT SENDING NORTH ALMOST BACK TO A VERTICAL POSITION! THE MOMENTUM FROM THE SHADOW KICK SENDS NORTH BOUNCING OFF THE ROPES IN A MESSY WAY… SECOND SHADOWKICK!! Viktor North just crumbles into a heap. Lane flips him and hooks the leg. One…Two…THREE!! MIKE LANE IS VICTORIOUS!] [Rough Justice starting the month as he plans to end it. Picking up a huge W against the Skull Splitter in a contest that could of went either way. Welcome to Monday Night Showcase North!!]


[We find ourselves backstage as the camera follows The Real Frickin’ Deal himself, Bruce Van Chan. He seems all business here tonight as he makes his way towards the locker rooms, stopped short by his name being called. He turns around and finds himself face to mask with the Number One, Marvolo.]

“What do you want, Marvolo?”

[Marvolo twirls his mustache as he flashes a smile at BVC.] “Why do you think I want something? I already have everything I need. And after all, when you’re as amazing as Marvolo people just beg to give you things.” [Bruce rolls his eyes and goes to turn away but Marvolo grabs his shoulder and pulls him back.]

“I wasn’t finished yet. I meant to say it is my dear friend the king who wants something from you.”

“And that would be?” [Bruce leans back slightly, seemingly annoyed and insulted that Royal would ever send Marvolo to ask for something from him.]

“Simple, I want you to kneel, Bruce.” [Van Chan turns around to see King Royal has made his way into the hallway. He holds a helmet under his arm as he walks towards Bruce, Van Chan now baring his fists as he realizes he’s all but surrounded.] “And I’ll even be kind about it. I want you to kneel in front of me and accept your place as a knight in my court. You betrayed me once before when you refused to give me your gold, but as a benevolent king I will give you this one chance to grovel for forgiveness. I strongly recommend you take it.”

[Bruce sneers as he looks at King Royal before shaking his head.] “I will never bow to a man like you, Nigel. Especially one cowardly enough to send his lackey before himself. Now move, I have some warming up to do.”

[Bruce shoves past King Royal on the way to the locker room.] [HELMET TO THE BACK OF BRUCE’S HEAD! VAN CHAN HITS THE GROUND HARD!] [Royal shakes his head, dropping the helmet as Marvolo examines the down and out Bruce.] “It’s King Royal to you. And if you won’t accept my kindness and kneel, then I will make you kneel.” [Royal steps over Van Chan and walks away, Marvolo following soon after.]

“That was a great shot Nigel. But some advice from a real number one. Next time, it needs to be to the face.”



[The words are hushed once more as The Sharkman is shown, standing at the end of hall, nearly invisible in the shadows. Walking towards him on the opposite end of the hallway is Smiley who is busy engaged in a conversation with Doubt beside him.]


[Knock Knock stops as the now audible word brings their attention forward. A smile spreads across the lips of Smiley.]

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who goes there?”

[The duo laughs at their own joke as they begin to move forward.]

“Your day of reckoning.”

[Clink, clink, clink!] [The lightbulbs in the hall seem to explode all at once submerging the room into darkness.] [Smiley welcomes this with a laugh.]

“I don’t know who you are, but, if you think a little darkness is going to frighten me, you’re DEAD wrong!”

“No… it’s not the darkness that I’m expecting you to fear.”

[The sound of scuffling is heard as the outlines of Smiley and Doubt turn and try to maneuver through the darkened room.]

“It’s what lies within. Stalking…”

[A punch is thrown by Smiley, instrinctively towards the sound of the voice.]


[Doubt throws a punch that misses.]

“Looking for an opportunity.”

[A kick connects with Smiley’s face as he’s knocked through a door into the very room they were in earlier.] [Candles are still going as Smiley staggers to his feet. Doubt enters the room and tilts its head slightly as it looks at the wall behind Smiley. The Deranged One turns about with a snarl. He looks at the wall before screaming out in rage before running back into the darkened hallway to find his adversary vanished.] [Doubt just shakes its head as it look on at the wall and sees the emblem emblazoned upon it.] [A shark’s fin with the words…]

“The Sharkman.”


[As Tommy Hawk stands sheepishly in a referee shirt, Stephanie Rose and Frank Harrison circle each other – the latter looking rather smug with himself, knowing that he’s going to win the Showcase Championship here tonight. All he has to do is get Stephanie in a position where by she’s pinned and this match is over.] [The bell sounds and they circle one another, locking up in the middle of the ring. Harrison takes Rose into a Side Headlock and punches her hard in the skull, sending her to the canvas. He dives into the cover, but she quickly rolls away, forcing him to almost belly flop the canvas. They both roll back to their feet, Rose going for a kick that catches him off guard almost immediately. She pulls him close into a DDT and goes for the cover. One…. Two…. Three… Four… Five… But where’s Tommy Hawk? He’s not even counting. Stephanie Rose looks up at him in disbelief. Did she really think he’s not do as he’s told?] [The laughter from Frank Harrison bellows out from beneath her, forcing her to re-evaluate her situation. She rolls away, a sideward eye at Hawk the entire time. With Rose distracted, Harrison strikes, leaping into action… STAMP OF APPROVAL! NO! Stephanie ducks underneath it, grabbing him from behind… THE ROSE GARDEN! NO! Harrison spins out and flips over overhead with a quick Suplex. They get back to their feet, The Politician kicks her low and pulls her between his legs for a Powerbomb. He flips her up, but NO! Rose starts punching away at him whist sat upon his shoulders. Frank stumbles and HURRICANRANNA!] [They both are once again quickly back up and THORN TO BE WILD! ARMDRAG INTO THE CRUCIFIX PIN! ONE…. TWO…. THREE… FOUR! For fuck sake, Tommy Hawk isn’t counting again! The shameful look on his face says it all as Rose furiously releases the pin attempt and gets back to her feet. She walks over to him, her hands on hips, asking what’s going on. ROLL UP BY HARRISON… HAWK DROPS… ONE.TWO.KICK OUT! HOW THE FUCK SHE DID KICK OUT!? Harrison looks towards Hawk enraged, getting back to his feet and pushing him back into the corner. Tommy just bows his head, Frank angrily slapping him across the face for good measure. That suddenly snaps Tommy Hawk back into reality. Something immediately comes over him. His eyes widen, his heart races and oh man… THE SCALP! THE FUCKING SCALP TO FRANK FUCKING HARRISON! HOLY SHIT!! HARRISON GOES DOWN! The Agents hop onto the ring apron but Tommy decks them both, slamming them down with right hands. Rose looks at him, and he nods, knowing this one is over. She covers… Hawk counts… ONE.TWO.THREE! A quick as that! Tommy Hawk has finally put Frank Harrison in his place, but at what cost?] [Hawk quickly hands Rose back her Championship, watching as The Politician angrily pulls himself into the corner, slumped against the bottom buckle, shooting daggers at his ‘employee’. This one is about to go very bad, very quickly.]


[With the events of that match behind her, Stephanie Rose flips her hair out of her face as she heads out of the ring, and up towards the entrance hallway. The crowd quickly begins to buzz though as a blonde form appears, practically a blur of rage and fury.] [GUNGNIR!] [Viktor North just took Stephanie Rose down to the ground with a vicious shot! He stands above her for a moment, so enraged that spittle flies down to settle in his thick beard.]

“You’re a strong warrior, little Rose.” [North begins, circling her prone body.] “When we first met, you were weak. I destroyed you with little thought.”

[Rose begins to stir, coming up to her knees. North only smiles at this development.]

“When we met again, I was on top of the world. Yet you had grown, and your thorns left me wounded. It was a defeat that I did not suffer lightly. It’s haunted my waking dreams since then. It’s reminded me of the fall I suffered.”

[The Skull Splitter circles his prey as she rises up to her feet. North swoops in to grab her neck and between her legs.]

“I ended your dream of victory at Face Off, and now I’m going to finish the job.”

[FALL OF UTGARD! ROSE HAS GOTTA BE DEAD!] [North kneels over Rose, picking her head up by the hair with a sneer on his face.]

“You’ve become a great warrior, but I need to show you that I am greater.”

[He drops her head down on the ground before standing to his feet over her unconscious body.]

“Don’t deny me this battle, Rose, or you will find out the true nature of Viktor North.”

[North turns to walk back towards the entrance tunnel while the camera zooms in on the fallen form of Stephanie Rose.] [Will she accept the challenge?]


[Footsteps click and clack up the wooden step inside the ‘Tap Room’, heading towards the office upstairs. When the door pushes open, in steps a face we’ve not seen in at least a month; The Chief.] [As he enters his office, sat in a chair behind his desk is an unwanted visitor.] [Jake Jeckel.]

“Are you confused, nigga?” [He barks, putting his coat on the rack beside the door.] “Because correct me if I’m mistaken but you’re on the wrong show, inside the wrong office, behind the wrong desk.”

[Jake smiles, standing up and vacating the seat for its rightful owner. The Chief casually walks around, opening up his drawer and pulling out a bottle of expensive whiskey.]

“I wondered when you’d pay me a visit. What’s the matter, you think I owe you somethin’, is that it? I gave you protection. I gave you a place to hide when you faked your death.”

[Jeckel shrugs.] “And I gave you a company.”

[The Chief laughs, finding him humerous.]

“Nigga, I plucked you from the streets and kept your ass safe. The fuck you think I owe you? Errol Flint has just been released from prison, did you know that? I’ve spent the last month ensuring every I was dotted and every T was crossed, just in case he wanted this business back.”

“I told you I wouldn’t stay dead, Chief. I told you this day would come. I put Flint behind bars so that he was forced to sell you this business. When I came to you for protection, to get off the streets, I offered you Old School Wrestling as collateral for our exchange. I told you that I would frame him for my murder so that you could buy this company to fund his defence. If you think exchanging an entire company for my protection is a fair deal, you’re not the business man I thought you were.”

[He laughs again.] “Boy, ain’t you a fuckin’ clown after all, huh? That’s exactly why I’m a great business man. You came to me because I’m the most dangerous mother fucker in Miami. If I want you gone, poof, you disappear. You have a habit of makin’ rich enemies, man. You don’t wanna make one of me.”

[Jake weighs that up, his head bobbing from side to side as he does.]

“You’re right, I don’t. But if Errol Flint is proof of anything, it’s that maybe you don’t wanna make an enemy of Jake Jeckel either. Now what I need, it concerns both of us.”

[The Chief’s head raises, showing him to be listening.] “Go on….”

“I need Errol Flint to disappear. Because if I know he and I do, he’s coming. And that spells trouble for the both of us.”

[Both men look at each other, The Chief eventually offering a hand to show Jeckel a seat. The Juggalo turns it around and takes it, sitting on it backwards as we fade out.]


[The main event has arrived. Bruce Van Chan stands in the ring, until Hysteria’s theme hits. He enters the arena to a chorus of boos. His new mask gleams in the spotlights as he enters the ring. Hysteria stands waiting for the bell, and then it rings.] [The OSW Champion sprints at Bruce, but BVC hits a drop-toe hold. Hysteria’s face bounces off the canvas and Bruce goes for a VAN CHANINATOR…. But Hysteria grabs the bottom rope before Bruce can lock it in. Bruce quickly goes on the offensive, but Hysteria pokes Bruce in the eyes! The ref warns him, but the damage is already done. Bruce is reeling and the champ pounces. He drives Bruce back with a series of knife-edge chops. BVC hits the ropes and is whipped across the ring. As Bruce returns the Mad Mastermind grabs him, launching him overhead with a release BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Bruce crashes hard to the mat! Hysteria rips him up by the hair and THE MOCKERY! One… Two… Thr…KICKOUT!!] [Hysteria is not finished as he pulls Bruce up again. He leaps… LOST HO…NO! Bruce held on to the top rope and Hysteria goes down hard to his back! Bruce looks at the downed Champion and runs to the ropes… springboard moonsault into a pin… One… Tw… Kickout! Bruce stands and STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! One… Two…. Thr…. Another Kickout! Bruce pulls Hysteria to his feet and hits him with a flurry of martial arts kicks into a Spinning Heel Kick! Hysteria goes down again! Bruce grabs his legs… CLOVERLEAF!! Hysteria screams in pain and reaches out for the ropes… But Bruce steps forward pulling him to the center! He’s in trouble! He reaches out to tap… but powers himself up, and twists breaking the hold and sending BVC flying!] [Bruce gets quickly to his feet and stalks Hysteria, but LOW BLOW! Hysteria drops BVC and gets to his feet with rubber legs as the referee scolds him once more. He pushes past the ref and he makes his way to BVC and begins stomping on Bruce in the corner. He grabs the top ropes and puts his boot across Bruce’s throat and chokes him. The referee is all over Hysteria again and gets to 4.5 before The Mad Mastermind breaks the hold. The damage is already done, though. Hysteria once again pulls Bruce to his feet and sends him to the far ropes. As Bruce returns… APATHY! One… Two… Thre… Kickout! Hysteria is angry and begins kicking Bruce on the ground. He finally lift BVC and tosses him into the corner. RUNNING YAKUZA KICK!! Bruce is leveled, but Hysteria wants more sending him into the far corner again. ANOTHER RUNNING YAKU… NO! Bruce drops and Hysteria racks himself on the turnbuckle! BVC rolls him up from behind! One… Two… Th… Kickout!] [Bruce gets to his feet groggily and decides to go up top! He perches there waiting for Hysteria to stand… MISSILE DROPKICK!!! Bruce rolls to the apron and SLINGSHOT PLANCHA!!! He grabs a leg lying back first across the Champion… One… Two… Th…Kickout! Bruce gets to his feet quickly and STANDING SENTON! One… Two… Thre… Another Kickout! Bruce is frustrated and gets to his feet quickly and grabs Hysteria… SNAP SUPLEX! He doesn’t let go and rolls him up into a FISHERMAN SUPLEX!! He bridges.. One… Two… THREE!!] [NO!! Hysteria kicks out. Bruce can’t believe it. He rips Hysteria up one more time and launches him into the corner. STINGER SPLAS… Hysteria moves and Bruce goes hard into the turnbuckle sternum first! He stumbles out SNAP DDT! One… Two… Thre…. KICKOUT!! Hysteria goes to the top THE CATACLYSM!! Diving moonstomp!! This has to be it! He hooks the leg! One… Two… THRE…. BVC gets his foot on the bottom rope!!! Hysteria immediately yanks his foot off and covers again. One… Tw… Kickout! He yanks Bruce to his feet and kicks him to the gut! He lifts him and SECOND FALL STRETCH!!! Bruce can’t do anything, but flat out refuses to quit! Finally Hysteria releases him, letting him tumble freely to the canvas. Hysteria has had enough and yanks Bruce angrily to his fe…. GOOD NIGHT!! Out of nowhere! Both men are down! Bruce doesn’t have the energy to cover!] [Both men are exhausted as the ref begins his count. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… Bruce grabs the ropes and begins pulling himself up… 6… 7… Hysteria is getting to his feet… 8… 9… both men are up! They begin trading punches! Back and forth they go as the crowd oooohs and ahhhhhhs with every shot! Finally, Bruce gets the upper hand and drives Hysteria back. He kicks Hysteria in the gut and SPIKES HIM WITH A DDT! BRUCE GOES TO THE TOP! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! One… Two… THREE!] [BVC somehow pulls off a huge victory over the World Champion! He is feeling the effects of the epic battle as he gets his hand raised while Hysteria is left wondering what happened!]


[As Hysteria gets back to his feet in the ring, the tron flickers into life.] [WHACK!] [Splinters fly everywhere as a wooden door is kicked off its hinges by a force so incredible, it snaps part of the door frame itself. Mike Lane walks through the carnage into the very room Hysteria was holding Destiny in earlier tonight; he’s back in The Asylum.] [She sits there, startled by the intrusion. Mike carefully takes her gag off, giving her a chance to speak.]

“Are you alright?” [He asks with consideration, considering last June, she turned her back on him and aligned with James Hunter and her father.] “Did he hurt you?”

“You shouldn’t have come,” [She cries.] “Please go… please.”

[Mike doesn’t understand. He bends down behind her chair, untying her restraints.]

“You have to leave right now,” [Destiny this time demands.] “You have to get as far away from here as possible and await his terms.”

[With her restraints untied, he pulls her out of her seat.]

“I’m not afraid of Hysteria, Destiny. I’m going to serve him justice from the Shadows and there’s nothing or no-one who can stop me. He was right, did you know that? He took my past when he killed Alex Reese. He took my present when he stole my World Championship. But he won’t take my future, because I’m afraid he was mistaken; you’re not it.”

[Destiny takes a seat in the chair, refusing to move.]

“He wasn’t mistaken, Mike,” [She says with tears beginning to well up in her eyes.] “He wasn’t mistaken at all. You need to leave this place. You shouldn’t have come to rescue me. You shouldn’t have tested him. You have no idea what you’ve done.”

[Lane looks at her in confusion, watching as she turns her ahead, unable to look at him.]

“Just go.”

[He hesitates for a moment, entirely unsure what to do. Knowing that she won’t leave this place, he has to wonder if Hysteria is controlling her; or her father. Whatever the case, Mike walks towards the door, looks back and knows… there’s nothing he can do here.] [Fade to black.]