[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The sound of what appears to be the needle of a record player against vinyl subtly breaks the air. Before long, music follows – slow, sombre.] [Seated on a bench in the locker room sits our new World Champion. His head bowed low, title belt draped across his lap. In his hands, an old photograph of himself and Destiny. He stares at it without blinking, without so much as noticing the music playing around him…]

‘Smile, though your heart is aching.
Smile, even though it’s aching.
When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by.

If you smile through your fear and sorrow,
smile and maybe tomorrow…’

[The song is interrupted by the scratching sound of the needle slipping off the record, as if somebody had just stopped it themselves. It is not this sound, but the sinister singing voice that follows that snaps Mike Lane from his grief-filled daze.]

‘You’ll see your baby again maybe too…
If you’d just…’

[Smiley. He appears behind Lane, grabbing the seated champion in a headlock and slipping his hands inside the cheeks of Lane’s mouth, like a pair of fish hooks.]


[He releases his hold on Lane with a series of maniacal laughs, walking around to face Lane face to face.]

“You seem a little glum. You should be smiling… Champ.”

[Lane stands up, his anger getting the better of him as he grabs Smiley by the throat and pushes him up against a row of metal lockers. In his rage, both the Championship belt and his photo of Destiny scatter to the ground. He presses his face right up against that of Smiley.]

“Where. Is. My. Daughter?”

[There is no fear in Smiley’s eyes from Lane’s anger, only a wild amusement. His body rocks as he chuckles aloud.]

“You’ll never find her with an attitude like that. Temper, temper… What kind of father would you be if you lose your cool so easily.”

[Lane only tightens his grip around Smiley’s throat. Smiley’s voice becomes a little forced but it does not lose any of the joy – he is clearly enjoying his little game.]

“Relax, she is safe. Or at least, she was last time I checked. Smiley Jr. is looking after her. He’s great with kids.”

“I will bring justice for my family, just as I did for LH Harrison’s. And I will get my daughter back, one way or another.”

“Oh, I’m counting on you playing your part, Champ.”

[Lane pushes Smiley up against the locker, releasing his grip and falling to his knees to recover the photograph and his belt. Smiley simply laughs before walking away, whistling the Nat King Cole tune to himself merrily and leaving Lane alone. Mike sits with his back up against the locker, he head in his hands.]

“That’s exactly what he wants, to get inside my head. I’m just playing his game.”


[The sound of a ticking clock overwhelms us, ticking back and forth rhythmically.] [The camera pans down from the sight of that very clock to see Bruce Van Chan sat in a patient waiting room.]

“Mr. Van Chan?” [A receptionist calls out. Bruce turns to face her, his face as white as a sheet.] “The Doctor will see you now.”

[Bruce carefully stands up and enters the office, shaking hands with the Doctor who shortly thereafter points to a seat, offering it to Bruce. He walks around the desk where his documents sit and takes a seat himself.]

“Thanks for seeing me, Mr. Van Chan. Last week, you had an extremely serious cardiac event. I’ve reviewed your tests and I have to be honest, the prognosis could be better.”

[He pauses, almost for dramatic effect, though there’s a sincerity in his voice.]

“I’m afraid that you suffered a heart attack. It was mild by comparison to what it could be, but that’s why I needed to see you. I cannot stress this enough, Mr. Van Chan – you need to retire from in ring competition.”

[Those words cut like a dagger through his chest.]

“I don’t understand, Doc. I feel fine. I don’t know what happened,” [Bruce protests.] “But there has to be a way to fix it, right?”

“The only way we ensure your long term safety is for you to stop competing. If you didn’t, every time you stepped between those ropes, you’d be putting your life on the line.”

[Bruce’s eyes widen.] “But.. But I can’t. I can’t quit, Doc. My family needs this. I haven’t ever done anything else. I have one of the biggest opportunities of my career in a few weeks and if I were to win, I could provide for my family and their futures for years to come.”

[The Doctor stands up, walks around his desk and takes a seat in front of Bruce.]

“You don’t understand, do you?” [He asks.] “If you fight, if you get hurt, or you exert yourself – it could be the last thing you do. The symptoms will come and go over the next few months, but if you stay out of the ring, there’s every chance you could lead a normal and active lifestyle. I’m sorry Mr. Van Chan but if you fight again, you could die.”

[Bruce doesn’t know where to look. His eyes are glazed over, and his expression is almost empty. He’s in shock.]

“But I’m a wrestler.”

[We close in on his face, before fading to black.]


[Two hunters enter the ring tonight! Can Makena put down the Spirit Walker?] [Jakande starts this one off by leaping at Hawk! She delivers a harsh flying elbow, getting behind Tommy and flinging him backward with a huge back suplex! Hawk smacks against the canvas before rolling to his feet. He narrowly avoids a flying forearm and hits a short clothesline that sends Makena into the turnbuckle! He unloads on her with a combination of chops and punches, ending his assault with a running bulldog! He grabs her arm and tries to lock her into an armbar, but Makena is able to slip out of his grasp! Jakande lashes out with a stiff kick to his ribs!] [Hawk holds his chest in pain as Makena hits another hard kick! She rushes to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top, begging Tommy to get up. As he slowly rises, she leaps with A DIVING CROSSBODY- AX HANDLE BY HAWK! The Spirit Walker nails Makena center mass and takes her right out of the air with that massive strike! The African Assault holds her stomach, barely able to breathe after a strike like that! She grabs onto the ropes and tries to hoist herself up. Hawk tries to capitalize but Makena ducks a clothesline attempt and sends Hawk to the outside!] [Tommy tries to reorient himself on the outside of the ring as Makena leans against the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Just as Hawk rolls into the ring. Just as they look to brawl, Lay Down by Priestess blares through the arena! The Riddler himself, Edward Newton, stands atop the ramp, microphone in hand. Jakande stands confused by his appearance, not able to react as Tommy Hawk ROLLS UP MAKENA FROM BEHIND- MAKENA ROLLS THROUGH! HAWK IS PINNED! ONE! TWO! THREE! The African Assault picks up the win despite the distraction!] [Makena hops off of Hawk and stares down Newton, seemingly enraged at the interference.]


[Newton stands atop the ramp and paces back and forth, seemingly thinking before turning to Makena and speaking.]

“Makena Jakande, The African Assault. I see I took you by surprise, didn’t I? Well I can’t say I didn’t expect to, you’re not exactly known for your intelligence, are you?”

[He watches as Makena lunges to get over the ropes, flinging herself to the outside. He holds up a finger, Jakande stopping where she is once Edward speaks again.]

“I wasn’t done speaking.”

[He glares down at Makena.]

“But that’s a perfect example of what I was going to say. You don’t use any reasoning or logic in your actions. Everything you do is driven by mere instinct, all you accomplish is through your strength. I’m here to show how obsolete that primitive way of thinking truly is. I am here to teach you.”

[Edward stands back as he watches a livid Makena advance on him, he waits, letting her get up the ramp half way before pressing a button on the side of his microphone. A BLAST OF SMOKE CATCHES JAKANDE OFF GUARD! The African Assault stumbles backward, coughing wildly as Newton turns to walk away. He raises the microphone to his lips one more time as he leaves.]

“Lesson One, always think before you act. Let instinct kick in and you’ll be beaten each and every time by the person who cared enough to step back and analyze the situation.”

[He moves to the backstage, leaving Makena to grit her teeth as she tries to catch her breath, getting distance between herself and the heavy smoke before chasing after him.]


[Tommy Hawk walks backstage with his Invasion Briefcase in one hand and a duffel bag in the other. He seems to be leaving the bar, his match finished for the evening. But then, someone steps into the screen…..] [Stephanie Rose.]

“Tommy! Tommy Hawk!”

[Hawk stops and looks at Rose.]

“Tommy, gee, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but could I have a quick word?”

“You may, Ms. Rose. How may I be of assistance?”

“Well, last week you finished off a long and brutal feud with Frank Harrison. Do you have any thoughts you would like to share?”

[Hawk seems to ponder the question for a moment.]

“I would rather not discuss that part of my past. I have vanquished the Wendigo and the beast of a man that was even worse. I am ready to move on from that chapter, and into the next. One where manipulative men do not try to control me.”

[Stephanie looks slightly ashamed to have asked.]

“Golly, Mr. Hawk, I’m sorry to ask you a questi….”

[She stops midsentence as another steps into the shot. It’s Ethan Bird.]

“Hello, Tommy.” [Bird puts his hands up defensively as Hawk balls his fists, ready for a fight.] “Whoa, whoa. Calm down, Hawk. I’m not here to fight, I’m here to offer you a proposition. I saw what Harrison did to you and your people, and I’m just all torn up about it. I thought I might offer you a deal to help your people.”

[Hawk stares straight into Bird’s black eyes.]

“Did you not hear what I just said. Tommy Hawk is through dealing with manipulators, and you are more serpent than bird.”

[Bird smiles.]

“I understand my reputation proceeds me but…”

[Hawk silences Ethan with a hand.]

“The answer is no.”

[And with that, Tommy Hawk continues on his way. Bird stares after him.]

“I guess I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands.”

[Then Ethan Bird leaves the scene, leaving Stephanie Rose all alone.]



[Newcomer Edward Newton goes one on one with The King himself here tonight. Both men stand opposite each other, sizing up their tasks here tonight.] [The bell sounds and Royal runs towards Newton who quickly drops to his knees and rolls to the outside, immediately avoiding conflict. He walks around the ring somewhat, only to be chased by The King. Newton leads him on a goose chase, sliding back into the ring and when he follows, stomping down on his back. Those stomps turn to Newton dropping down, locking in a rear chin lock. Nigel quickly rolls back to his knees, getting back to his feet. He elbows backwards, eventually breaking the hold and making it to the ropes, returning with a big Clothesline.] [The King drops into the cover… One… Two… Kick Out! Royal rolls him back to his feet, snatching the arm, looking for the Dungeons – only Edward kicks down the back of his knee, forcing him to break. He storms into the ropes, coming back with a picture perfect Dropkick that catches Royal on the button. He covers… One… Two… Kick Out! Edward immediately rolls to the outside, taking a moment to gain some clarity. When Royal realizes, he attempts to roll out too, only he catches a right hand for his trouble as he does.] [Edward runs him into the barricade, grabbing him by the head and running him head first into the ring post. The Riddler gets him back into the ring and follows, only Royal rolls him up out of no-where.. One… Two.. KICK OUT! That was close! Both men spring away from the roll up, Newton swinging with a Clothesline but Royal ducks, grabbing his arm.. DUNGEONS OF LONDON! NO! NEWTON SPINS ON A DIME.. IMPLANT DDT! WHAT A FUCKING DDT! NEVERMIND! Newton covers, hooking both legs.. ONE….. TWO…. THREE! THE RIDDLER PICKS UP THE WIN! What a HUGE victory here tonight!] [He quickly rolls off of Nigel and to the outside, raising an arm in victory with the other behind his head. Edward Newton goes 2-0 in Old School Wrestling and with a big grin, his future is extremely bright.]


[The scene fades in on the Skull Splitter himself, Viktor North. He’s standing tall after having ended the career of Stephanie Rose just one week ago, and he looks confident as ever. He makes his way to one of the locker rooms, only to be greeted by…] [A hallway filled with mirrors.] [North looks around in confusion, turning around to see the door has slammed shut on him! He tries to force it open but to no avail. He only turns around once he hears a voice echo through the room.] [The voice of the Emotion, Doubt.]

“What’s wrong, Viktor? Do you not want to look at yourself after you unceremoniously ended the career of my dear Syndi? Do only now realize your folly?”

[Viktor looks out into the hall and yells back.]

“She was weak! If Rose wished to stay, she should have never challenged me or my honor.”

[The Emotion is heard sighing. It appears in front of North at the end of the hall.]

“Honor? You struck her down and left her broken. But if you want a war, then I will give you what you want.”

[North snarls as he leaps forward, delivering a disastrous superkick to Doubt- GLASS SHATTERS OVER NORTH! Viktor backs away, looking at where the mirror was hanging. He looks around to see Doubt’s appearance all throughout the hall.]

“If you want a battle, then take it. I’m putting it right in front of you, Viktor.”

[The Skull Splitter lets out a battle cry as he shatters nearly every mirror in the hall, eventually being surrounded by nothing but shards of glass. He balls up his fists as he looks around, Doubt nowhere in sight.]

“You seem to be mistaken. I’m not the one you need to fight. If you want to see your true enemy, simply look in the mirror.”

[North looks down at the glass around him, seemingly expecting another trick.] [But all he sees is his own reflection.]


[The Hunters once again find themselves teaming up to take on the odd pairing of the Sharkman and Muerte. Can they claim their stake and defeat them? Or will this rather unusual duo take down the two predators?] [The bell rings as Greer and Muerte start the match off! Death tries to start things off with a clothesline, but Greer ducks it and levels him with a left hook as Muerte turns around. Greer continues to pound on his opponent’s back with axe handles before running off to the ropes. Cody goes for a boot to the head, but Muerte moves! Neckbreaker onto Greer! Muerte tags in Shark before Cody can do any more damage. Sharkman picks Cody up and tries for a snap suplex, but Greer counters with a HIGH knee!] [Greer quickly tags in Thunk, who continues the strike assault with STIFF forearms to the face. Sharkman is staggered against the ropes as Thunk aims for a discus lariat to the outside, but Shark ducks under it! Thunk bounces off the ropes-SURPRISE GERMAN TO THUNK! The neanderthal somehow gets to his feet, BIG dropkick knocks him down! Shark tags in Muerte, who waits for Thunk to get up on a knee. He does and APPLE-THUNK CAUGHT THE LEG! DESPERATION POWERBOMB!] [Thunk is slowly crawling towards Greer for the tag. Muerte, meanwhile, is using the ropes for assistance. Greer claps on the turnbuckles so Thunk can tag him in, but here comes Muerte-HE GOT THE TAG! Here comes Greer! LEFT HOOK TO MUERTE! RUNNING FOREARM TO SHARK! Muerte gets back up, KNEE TREMBLER TO DEATH! GREER’S ON FIRE! Greer gets Muerte up to his feet and sets him up for the Ditch Digger, but here comes Shark! DIVING SUSHI KICK! GREER JUST DROPS LIKE A SACK OF BRICKS! Muerte shakes the cobwebs loose and winds up his arm as Greer gets up-SCYTHE! GREER JUST ATE THE SCYTHE! Death covers as Sharkman holds Thunk back! ONE! TWO! THREE! IT’S ALL OVER!] [Shark and Muerte have defied the odds and picked up the victory between the Hunters. Cautiously, Shark raises his hand in the air as Muerte just stares at him…expectantly.]


[We find ourselves backstage, the camera following a terrifyingly angry Makena. She pushes in doorways, dipping in and out of each room as she presumably looks for Newton. She finally kicks in a doorway leading to one of the locker rooms, The Riddler himself sat on a bench at the far end of the room. He cleans his glasses for a moment before staring down the enraged African Assault.]

“You!” [Makena Growls.] “I’m going to show you that the strength of a warrior is nothing to shrug off!”

[Newton tries to stop her by raising a hand, but Makena won’t be stopped as she rushes towards Newton. Edward waits and rolls at the last minute, barely avoiding the running crossbody! Makena gets up only for Edward to point to her feet, Makena looking down to see she’s standing on a large green X! She tries to move but is too late as a cage drops on her, trapping her in the spot! Edward shakes his head.]

“Did you not learn anything? I was already two steps ahead of you, but I suppose I must impart more wisdom upon you.”

“I am not here to listen to your ramblings, I am here to show you why you shouldn’t start war with a warrior!”

[Newton chuckles.]

“Lesson Two, Makena. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them. When Pandemonium comes around it is not the strongest who will walk out as the victor, it is the one that utilizes their knowledge to the fullest.”

[Makena rocks the cage violently, threatening to throw it off.]

“Anyone can lash out, but to know the most opportune time is the true key to victory.”

[Newton turns to take his leave, Jakande violently thrashing the cell until she is able to force it over. However, by then, Newton is long gone.]


[The self proclaimed God among men is back in OSW but in Ethan Bird’s first match back, he faces incredible competition in the Showcase Champion Doubt. Will Bird emerge victorious or will the Emotion of his return be too much for him?] [The bell rings as Bird rushes forward with a Big Boot, Doubt ducking under, grabbing Bird from behind as he snaps him back with a hard neckbreaker. Bird staggers up right into a series of kicks to the back of the knee as Doubt rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a corkscrew forearm sending Bird crashing to the canvas again. Doubt sets him up as Bird slowly gets to his feet, PESSIMIST’S E…TOSS UP POWERBOMB!] [Bird almost drilled Doubt through the canvas as he lifts up the Emotion, drilling him with a few hard knees to the midsection before slamming him to the canvas with a Gutwrench Suplex. Bird holds on, pulling Doubt to his feet as he delivers a second Gutwrench. Bird pulls Doubt up again, tossing him over his shoulder as he runs forward, RUNNING POWERSLAM! Bird drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Doubt just gets the shoulder up. Bird lifts Doubt up to his feet but gets a hard elbow to the jaw as Doubt grabs Bird by the hair, slamming him back first over his knee. Doubt backs up as Bird slowly stirs to his feet, END OF WISDOM! Bird looks knocked out cold but Doubt doesn’t cover, lifting him up to his feet as he delivers a knee to the gut, locking in a double underhook but Bird counters, slipping out as he delivers a hard knee to the jaw before lifting Doubt up, WORLDS END! The Emotion gets planted into the mat as Bird covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Ethan Bird picks up a huge return victory over the Showcase Champion tonight. No matter how long he’s been gone, the God hasn’t lost a single step]


[We catch up to Cody Greer who is limping his way down the hall towards a Tap Room exit.] [His street clothes are fresh and a backpack is slung over his shoulder.] [HOOF!!] [The echo of an odd sound from behind the Old School Wrestling talent stops him in his tracks. With squinted eyes he slowly peers behind him.]

“What the hell?”

[It’s a whitetail deer. A monster buck. Its antlers casting magnificent shadows across the walls as its head sways with the stamping of its front hoof.] [Greer freezes; confused with the situation but his confusion is quickly erased when the buck charges. It’s head down and antlers driving towards him with force.] [Cody reaches in a near panic about his waist and withdraws a blade just as the deer approaches. Falling to the ground, Greer thrusts the blade into the underbelly of the deer causing it to topple over him and begin to kick as it slides across the floor.] [Blood begins to gush from the wound as the deer reaches its feet and bolts through the exit while Greer tries to recover; wondering what just happened.]

“You’ve experienced this euphoria many times in your life…”

[Greer snaps back to the hallway where Muerte menacingly stands at a distance. Greer sneers at his presence realizing this was probably his doing. Muerte is not phased by his frustration.]

“But while YOUR hunt was nearly over, Cody, the REAL hunt had only just begun!”

[Another sneer from Greer as he stands to his feet, unimpressed by Muerte’s cryptic dialog. The Hunter moves forward prepared for battle but in an instant Muerte has disappeared.] [We fade as Greer looks around; an expression of anger and confusion covering his face.]


[Tonight we have an incredible hard hitting contest between two great competitors. Smiley inserted himself into the main event at RetroActive, and North retired Stephanie Rose but which man can continue their great momentum tonight?] [The bell sounds as both men rush out from their corners, laying into one another with hard lefts and rights. Smiley gets the advantage with a low kick to the knee as he whips North across the ring, trying for a hard spinning elbow. North ducks under, bouncing off the other side as he nearly takes Smiley’s head off with a massive Lariat. Smiley staggers back up into the corner as North rushes forward, drilling Smiley with a hard knee to the jaw and as the Deranged One stumbles out, lifts him up high, BRAINBUSTER!] [North doesn’t cover, pulling Smiley up but gets a hard right to the stomach before Smiley tosses him throat first onto the middle rope. North staggers up, holding his throat as he walks right into the CHELSEA GRIN! Smiley doesn’t cover, stomping down hard on North, drilling him with a hard kick to the ribs before lifting him up to his feet, hoisting him up into a suplex but North drops down behind Smiley, grabbing him from behind before dropping him onto his neck with a Snap German Suplex] [North backs up, waiting for Smiley to slowly get to his feet, GUNGI…SMILEY DODGES as North rams himself into the turnbuckles. North staggers out as Smiley grabs him, fish-hooking his mouth as he tries to fall back into a submission but North slams his head backwards, stunning Smiley just enough as North grabs him by the back of the neck, powering him up over, FALL OF UTGARD! Smiley is done as North covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Skull Splitter picks up another massive victory here tonight, continuing his incredibly impressive run as of late by proving himself to be too much for Smiley here tonight.]


[We open in darkness. The bustling sound of the Monday Night Showcase crowd seeping through the shadows and then…] [The Sharkman.] [He steps out from the murky cloak; a suspicious behavior about him. Almost as if he is looking for something he isn’t for sure is there.] [The Sharkman moves quietly, slowly through the backstage area of the Tap Room. His knees are bent and his back crouched in a near kneel.] [Sniffing!] [The Sharkman tries to smell what he cannot see as he continues about.] [Minutes pass as we follow The Hunter through the back halls of the complex. Along the way we pass by multiple members of security and staff that The Sharkman pays little attention to. Eventually, our search comes to an abrupt halt.] [The Sharkman stands straight up; his eyes nearly glowing as he continues to sniff over and over again.] [It’s close!] [Suddenly, there is a slight pause to The Sharkman’s natural instinct. He releases a sigh and looks to the ground almost in disgust, but he does not have long to consider because suddenly the ceiling bursts open.] [A red liquid pours out from the faulty ceiling tiles. Water, but seemingly filled with blood. And with it, the ravaged body of a sea lion.] [Soaked and dazed, The Sharkman glances around him before looking down at the mammal which appears to writhe in place; nearing death. The Sharkman’s head drops but slowly he moves to his knees; his hand reaching out for the dying sea lion and…]

“A sharks hunt concludes with live prey squirming beneath its teeth or rolling in the waters current…”

[The Sharkman snaps his sight upward where he finds Muerte standing in the middle of the hall.]

“You did this” [The Sharkman proclaims in anger.] “Why?”

“Because the hunt… is on!”

[The Sharkman jumps to his feet, stepping over the dying sea lion in pursuit of Muerte, but The Great Reaper steps around a corner and by the time The Sharkman reaches the intersection he no longer sees his target.]


[The Everglades.] [Nighttime.] [And from a darkened patch of plant-life comes the whites of the eyes of Thunk whose stature and facial features while consumed by shadows faintly glow in the illumination of the moon high above.] [Suddenly there is movement, but beyond Thunk. Somewhere in the forest.] [Thunk remains still; his eyes panning the wilderness. Looking out several feet to where the woods opens and the moonlight shines down on what appears to a massive snake slithering across the ground.] [A Burmese Python.] [But it is not alone. Several feet beyond it sits the behemoth frame of an American Crocodile. The snake unaware of its presence and both creatures unaware of the presence of Thunk. He’s hunting. One of them. Maybe both. But his hunt is soon over.]

“The hunter in full focus yet completely unaware that it is the prey of another”

[Thunk is not startled by the voice, but it does make him move and with his movements comes that of the snake and crocodile. A hiss from each occurs as the python escapes into the high weeds and the crocodile noisily turns when his hunt was diverted. Thunk; on the other hand, comes to his feet angrily glancing around until he finds his target.] [Muerte.] [Standing there in the shadowy bushes the eerie figure of Muerte does not waiver at the threatening movement from Thunk.]

“You ruin Thunks hunt” [Thunk points in Muerte’s direction.] “Now Thunk ruin you!”

“The hunt” [Muerte growls.] “Only now begins!”

[Muerte disappears into the bushes as Thunk approaches. The beast of man quickly making up ground but when he gets to his destination Muerte is nowhere to be found.] [And we fade on the frustrated face of Thunk.]


[Two adored and loved superstars stand opposite one another, only one can leave victorious. A blockbuster in tonight’s main event as the four time WORLD CHAMPION faces the man who is undefeated since his return. Mike Lane versus Marvolo!] [Staring across the ring at one another, two of the most over characters wonder who will end up on top. A slight suprise when Marvolo comes out on top, but takes his opponent down with a quick enzurgiri followed by a one two… NO! You don’t put Mike Lane away like that! Marvolo slots around the ring like a teenager who has no rules. A quick snap suplex is followed by Marvolo shouting Raquel’s direction, she knows he’s here man and she’s impressed with what she’s seen so far. Marv tries to make hook a leg but Lane has and small manages to cradle pine him one…two…. no!…. misses by inches. Surprise pin almost secures it here for the veteran.] [trying to grapple away, The most over man in OSW announces he “out-drew the grand canyon” before attempting a hurricanrana but Lane just shows his strength by carrying the lift through to a dead-lift powerbomb. Marvolo’s back crashes too the mat as Lane again attempts the cover. Two count and nothing more. Mike Lane not messing about tonight as he looks to put this one away early. Trying to stay on top the four time world champion hits a succession of arm drags, Marvolo bouncing up and back onto his feet every time.] [Ten minutes in and no man seems to be any further, Mike Lane has had the upper hand but Marvolo has handled everything threw his way. Out of nowhere #1 turns the tide with a rolling koppu kick, not enough to topple Lane but certainly has him drilled. FEELS LIKE ITS WORLD WAR TWO UP IN HERE AS MARVOLO UNLEASHES MACHINE GUN CHOPS TO THE CHEST OF THE WORLD CHAMPION! The skin on his chest getting redder and redder. When Marvolo stops Lane just slumps on his arse in a sitting position. The chops doing what he wanted, the wind knocked clean out of Mike’s sails. In typical Marvolo style he begins to taunt to the crowd. Flashing one finger, letting the fans know his position…] [The crowd lapping it up Marvolo turns back around his attention back toward Lane. ERROR…. MIKE IS BACK ON HIS FEET AND WAITING… SHADOW KICK!!!! NO! Centimeters from sending Marvolo’s jaw west, Marv managed to see into the future and stop dropped and rolled… all the way out the ring. With Raquel whispering words of encouragement into her mans ears you see the intent in Volo perk up and he piles straight back into the ring. Charging at Lane and looking to knock his head off with a forearm. A duck and weave of his own though and Lane takes Marvolo down….. STF!! AND ITS IN TIGHT!!!] [THE STF IS LOCKED IN TIGHT! SURELY HE’S GOING TO TAP. Marv being an expert in every type of combat you can imagine, managed to flick his body over and before you know it he’s flicked his body up and over and his foot is on the ropes. agility that the Olympics would be proud of! With both men back to their feet, Lane looks to keep up his momentum and ties up looking for a suplex, blocked with the leg by marv though. With his loose hand Marvolo…. FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING TECHNIQUE!!! LANE LOOKS DEAD!! AS MARVOLO MAKES THE PIN!! ONE….TWO….THREE!!!!] [Mike Lane makes a retreat backstage clutching his chest all the way up the ramp. In the ring Marvolo, rightly, stands taking it all in as he enjoys the huge victory he just obtained over the OSW WORLD CHAMPION!]


[With the match concluded, Marvolo appears ready to head back to the back, Raquel at his side. Yet as they head for the entrance way, they find the road blocked by a row of armored knights.] [Knights of King Royal.]

“Raquel.” [The middle knight says, stepping forward as the others hoist their swords and spears to surround the pairing.] “By decree of King Royal, you are to be placed into imprisonment until you can face the King’s Judgment.”

[Marvolo may be seen as an oddity, but he’s smarter than some give him credit for.]

“That the new big band?” [Marvolo replies, on his guard but confused.] “Marvolo told him she won’t listen to that symphonic yazz muzak he likes.”

[For a moment, the knights all freeze and look at each other as if wondering what the hell the masked wrestler just said, but a moment is all Marvolo wanted.] [Marvolo throws himself at one of the knights, using their giant frame to knock two of them to the ground. He nods to Raquel.]


[Raquel tries to run, but is quickly grabbed by the center guard, who finds himself facing an angry Marvolo. Yet the other knights quickly step in, using their metal covered forms to hold Marvolo back.]

“After the embarrassment our Guard suffered at the hands of Van Chan, we’ve upgraded our training.” [The guard says before turning with a flourish…] […just as King Royal walks out onto the stage with a grin on his face. He claps for his troops.]

“Bravo, old chap.” [He nods to the lead knight.] “I told you he’d say something out of order.”

[Royal stops to look at Raquel up and down. Her frightened eyes avoid his.]

“Keep them separated, Ser.” [Royal says to the guard.] “If he finds her, heads will roll.”

[The King grins as he turns to face Marvolo, whose eyes have not left Raquel as she is dragged away.]

“As for you,” [Royal begins.] “I am sorry to say that I will not be a gracious host to the harlot. She has much to answer for.”

[He laughs as the guards knock Marvolo out with a shot to the back of the head. He continues laughing as he is led back out of the Tap Room.] [Marvolo is left out cold on the mat as Royal takes his leave.] [What the hell does Royal want Raquel for?]