Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

A large black limousine pulls up outside a familiar building that was long thought to be secret – Enigma Towers.

Doctor D’Ville, SeeSaw and Blood Shark pile out of the vehicle, Shark taking deep breaths in as he walks.

“This is it,” he says confidently. “I can smell him like blood in the water. He’s either here, or he’s been here.”

They carefully walk towards the door.

D’Ville grabs the handle.


His entire body shakes from the high voltage of an electric shock that immediately knocks him out cold. Shark and SeeSaw rush to his aide, checking on their father and leader.

“Daddy!” SeeSaw bellows, panicking.

With his fingers on his pulse, Blood Shark tries to comfort him.

“He’s alive, just unconscious. I’d be willing to bet that this whole house is rigged.”

Angry, Mr. Make Believe stands up and grabs a rock, throwing it through a nearby window. The window shatters, giving them both an entry point.

Shark nods in approval as they head towards the window, hopping inside.

Enigma Towers has changed somewhat.

The words ‘HahahAHAHAHAHahahahahaAHahahah’ are scrawled in green paint across most surfaces, whilst fire damage appears to have destroyed all of the furniture.

“What’s happened to him?” Shark asks, walking towards a desk. He notices a ‘push me’ button on the wall. He debates whether or not to actually push it, though SeeSaw makes that decision for him.

Suddenly, green gas pours into the room.

It doesn’t effect Shark because of his mask, but SeeSaw is immediately coughing and spluttering, stumbling around the room. Shark tries to aide him, but finds a big baseball bat swinging at his temple.

As Shark hits the deck along with SeeSaw, they both look up, their eyes groggily focused on what looks like a mirage amongst the smoke.

Only they don’t recognize what they see.



The war rages on…

Jessie smirks as he polishes his Boomstick—EYE OF THE SAVIOUR! Brooks leans full-tilt into the spinning back elbow right out of the gate! He stands over Williams’ body and holds his arms up, to jeers from The Slaughterhouse audience. The IWF loyalist tells them where to go – and what to do to themselves!

The Saviour grapevines Jessie’s arm and cynches the ETERNAL SALVATION crossface… But a timely BOOYAH sends the Boomstick flying – freeing Williams’ arm! He escapes the hold, drops Tyler with an uppercut, then floors him with a torpedo dropkick – GROOVY ECLIPSE! ONE… TWO… Kickout! The Prince retrieves his gauntlet and slides it back on.

He pulls Brooks up off the mat, tucking his head between his thighs. He lifts him up into the Gotch piledriver… HAIL TO THE KI—Tyler counters into a DDT! Jessie’s head spikes into the mat. ONE… TWO… Shoulder up! Brooks slaps the mat; his temper is infamous. He heads up top and crosses his heart – HEART OF DAARKNESSS!

But Williams avoids the corkscrew senton! Brooks crashes into the canvas. ONE… TWO… THR—Shoulder up! They are laying it all on the line in this one. Both men slowly rise, propping each other up… Slugfest! Right hand for IWF; right hand for OSW; spit and teeth are flying! Something’s got to give—YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY OUTTA NOWHERE! The leaping 360˚ roundhouse connects. ONE… TWO… THREE!

The Savior smites the non-believer.


High on the Amulet Mountain, Pyre is walking with Korra back to the village.

“I’m surprised you haven’t tried to tie me up.”

“What’s the point if you’re just going to burn the ropes?”

“You’re learning so do you want to hear how to bring back your pitiful village?”

“Not until we get there.”

They continue down the mountain until they arrive at the old village. The sky is orange and smoke fills the air. The center is completely filled with ash and it’s obvious Pyre has been expanding beyond the old borders.

The tribe is crying and Korra is outraged.

“What’s the meaning of this, you’ve not only wiped out our village but you’re destroying the rest of what the great spirit has given us?”

“Listen kid, if there’s one thing your kind needs to learn, there is no great spirit, no mother in the sky, no ancestors that moved to the great beyond. It’s just the living and the land and like my ancestors said to yours so long ago, this is my property now and I can do whatever the hell I want with it. Now tell your tribe to wipe that damn trail of tears off their cheek and listen up.”

“Choose your next words carefully Pyre.”

“You want everything to go back to the way it was? You want me to reverse the damage I caused and give you back this pitiful land? There’s only one way, my power can only grow by sacrifice, it’s why my parents had to go. If you want me to have enough power to reverse this, choose somebody to join these ashes.”

Korra’s mother speaks up.

“It has to be me.”

“No mother, there must be some other way.”

“You heard her, the rest of our family has moved on, I’m the only true sacrifice you can make, if nothing else, I can rejoin your father and brothers.”

“She’s right Korra, if she’s all you have left, it’s the only way my power will work but you have to do it, it’s the only way the sacrifice will work.”

“I can’t do this, anything but this.”

Korra’s mother and Pyre speak in unison

“You must.”

Pyre speaks on her own.

“Tell you what, I want you to at least have a chance to say a proper goodbye. When you make your decision, present her to me at Chain Reaction.”

“Now leave me to my village.”

Pyre starts cackling as she shoots fire blasts at the trees near the tribe!

Korra storms off and Pyre smirks the moment Korra can’t see her anymore.



The combustion triangle states that, together, three elements will create fire!

No sooner does the bell ring, than Shark, Straight, and Pyre all dogpile Kersh. The three-on-one assault leaves the veteran lying in the corner. Pyre burns bridges, however, as she gives the Emporium inmate a rude AWAKENING – the dragon sleeper! Monty quickly intervenes, tripping Pyre with a Russian leg sweep, which he transitions into a crossface – TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply!

Wait—Shark grabs Monty’s hand! He breaks the emcee’s grip on Pyre, snatching his leg… BLOOD IN THE WATER! The maneater locks in the CHIKARA Special! Straight’s hand hovers inches above the mat – will he tap!? RUNNING HIGH KNEE by Kersh! The Enforcer harpoons Shark just moments before a tapout victory.

“Anyone would think you’ve been to the Lazarus Pit…” Brent wheels round, coming face-to-face with his addressor – The Fire Witch! “But only I can rise from the ashes!” She blazes towards him – but Kersh scoops her up into a shoulder breaker! Here comes the tombstone… SOUTHERN DIS—NO! Pyre clambers onto the nearest turnbuckle…

DANCING FLAMES! Brent’s chances are Eclipsed. ONE… TWO… BLOODY MARY! Shark saves it with a shining wizard to Pyre! ONE… TWO… Monty drags him off! STRAIGHT SHOOTING – the sharpshooter! He drives his knee into Shark’s gills. The predator thrashes – but Kersh clocks Straight! LONE STAR figure four!? AWAKENING! Pyre catches Brent with the dragon sleeper! Surely he won’t tap!? No – but he does black out!

This fire burns – always!


In these uncertain times, with invaders coming from every corner, we look to our OSW World Champion.

Luke Storm.

We find him flanked by security, a foursome of guards that he seems to find unnecessary.

“I don’t need damned babysitters. If they want to come, let them come!”

The guards remain stoic, not wavering in their orders despite the protests of the man they have sworn to protect. Storm huffs, flinging the Championship belt onto his shoulder and brushing past his unwanted cronies.


Outta nowhere, the Champion is blindsided by a figure swinging into the scene on the end of a freaking grappling hook.

Not an invader, as the guards were expecting, but a Crimson Crusader.


At once, the guards leap into action, but are quickly disposed with an impressive display of martial arts from Redwing. Luke staggers to his feet in the meantime, finding a Redwing very different in disposition than last week.

“What the hell, Luke?!” Redwing spits the phrase through gritted teeth. “I offered you the chance to discuss our issues like men, but you chose to throw that back in my face. I gave you the chance… But there’s no more mister nice guy for you.”

Luke glares, he does not speak. He lets Redwing continue his tirade.

“No more, Luke. No more arbiters, no more talk. We tried that, and look where it got us. I don’t know about you, but the urge to crush your skull has not gone away just because I’m seeing more clearly now.”

Luke closes the gap between the men, until they are eyeballing each other.

“Ditto. I want nothing more than to slap the mask right off you, Bill.”



Before Storm can come to, Redwing proceeds to drag the unconscious bodies of the guards until one by one they flop on top of the Champion, creating a makeshift dogpile.

“Get used to the pain Storm. OSW needs a real hero right now and I’m not going to stop until that belt is mine.”

With that, Redwing grapples his way out of the scene, much the same as he had arrived.



The debutant, Chort, has his work cut out tonight as he faces off in singles action against the new VHS Champion!

The bell sounds and the newcomer shows no signs of first-night nerves, darting at The Reaper and taking him down with a swift double leg takedown! He mounts The Harvester, swinging away with big lefts and rights, before his opponent flips The Flickering Darkness over his head, sending him crashing BACK FIRST into the turnbuckle!

Chort lets out a groan as the VHS Champion shakes off those early blows and returns to his feet, STOMPING away at the wounded lower back of his challenger. The Reaper grabs a handful of hair and pulls Chort to his feet, slapping away at his chest with a succession of KNIFE-EDGE CHOPS which echo through the Slaughterhouse!

Chort reels back onto the ropes. The Reaper uses them as leverage to Irish whip his opponent across the ring, setting up for the SAMOAN DROOOO- NO! The debutant reverses Justice Brought and snaps The Reaper’s neck back with a sickening INVERTED DDT! Chort with the cover; ONE! TWO! THRRRRR- THE CHAMPION KICKS OUT!

The newcomer slams the mat repeatedly in frustration at that near fall! His frustration allows The Reaper time to gather himself as both men stand to meet each other in the middle of the ring. The Harvester wearily attempts a short-arm clothesline but Chort ducks, setting his opponent up for the finish! CHORT LOGIC! THE BACKSLAM INTO THE- NO! The Reaper rolls into a roll-up, grabbing the tights! One… Two… Three! It’s over!

The Reaper used all his experience to steal one from under the nose of the rookie!


It was a hellish week last week.

Malice found Bishop beaten mercilessly in their locker room. He thought he’d found his partner dead, only to realize that all the blood on the walls couldn’t belong to Bishop.

He called his fiance.

She answered. She was okay. She was safe.

This week, as Malice steps into the locker room, one can hardly blame him for holding his breath as he walks in and finds. . .

A tape recorder?

Bishop holds it in his hands. He looks at Malice, tosses him a sneer along with the tape recorder.

“Listen to this bullshit,” Bishop says, more than a touch of venom in his voice.

Malice throws a look at Bishop.

Bishop nods and confirms his suspicions.

Malice presses play.

“I always knew you couldn’t see the blood on the walls. . .”

Major Thom.

“And thus, I knew you wouldn’t see it coming when I beat the two of you senseless in the middle of the ring. Truth be told, it’s not that you deserved it. Truth be told. . . Well, you simply aren’t ready to hear it be told.”

They can hear Thom toke on a cigar.

“Or maybe, I just prefer theatrics when it comes to bold moves. They didn’t send me to Getmo for nothing, right boys?”

A chuckle from their former leader.

“You want answers? Meet me at Chain Reaction. It’s the perfect place. While OSW stands its ground against those terrorists from IWF, show the world you can actually stand yours.”

“Oh. And Malice, why don’t you bring that little cunt you put a ring on with you? She might like to see what a real man looks like before she takes the plunge.”

The tape cuts.

Malice roars and throws the tape recorder into the wall.

Bishop shakes his head.



Next up its Crimson Justice as he attempts to lay down the law against a man who just likes to make his opponents bleed!

Redwing stands nose-to-nose with his opponent, whose shit-eating grin barely flickers as The Red Knight stares him down. He steps back, enticing SeeSaw into a test of strength. The two grapple with Redwing proving too strong for his adversary… But SeeSaw kicks out his left boot SHARPLY, straight into the Caped Crusader’s shin!

Mr Make Believe jumps around the ring, pointing at Redwing’s injured leg with his hand over his mouth to muffle his deranged laughter. Redwing doesn’t take too kindly to this and flies across the ring, catching SeeSaw unawares with a BIG HIGH KNEE! SeeSaw flops backwards onto the canvas, which knocks the wind out of him completely!

Redwing grabs a handful of SeeSaw’s red hair and pulls him upright, locking his head under his right arm. He signals up to the rafters which is met with a huge cheer from the Slaughterhouse faithful! Redwing lifts SeeSaw up into a vertical position. RED JUSTIIICCC- NO! SeeSaw reaches down and POKES HIS FINGER into the eye of The Watchful Protector!

Redwing loses his momentum and SeeSaw is able to slide out of the move! WOODY’S ROUNDUP! From behind his opponent SeeSaw plants the back of Redwing’s skull into the mat with a SICKENING THUD! This one is surely over, but SeeSaw isn’t done?! He ascends the top turnbuckle… FLIGHT OF THE ORNITHOP- NO! Redwing rolls out of the way and SeeSaw faceplants the mat! He slowly tries to press himself up but is met by DARKNESS FALLS! THE CURB STOMP! One… Two… THREE!

Justice prevails!


Backstage, Mark Gouldern…

Is meditating?

He sits in the middle of his locker room. It’s empty and dark aside from the single small lamp sitting on the floor next to him He’s crossed legged, eyes closed, shoes off. He hums softly to himself.

Inside, his mind is completely clear. No Whitlock. No Anonymous. No title loss. Just pure and clear waters running uninterrupted.

This is his sanctum. This is where he becomes strong. Where he evolves…

But it’s all destroyed in an instant.

A shape collides with him, nailing him with a backbreaking spear. For the second time in a month, Mark Gouldern is obliterated by an unforeseen assailant; caught off guard while lost in thought.

His moment of zen comes crashing down: his body follows, striking the concrete floor with a dull thump.

Gouldern’s head is throbbing. He tries to regain his composure, but he’s rattled.

The figure gets back up and looms over him. Slowly, it moves into the light. From the floor, Mark looks up at him.

For the second time in a month, Alton Whitlock has come to take his frustrations out on Mark Gouldern.

But this time? He brought a baseball bat.

“Jesus, Alton,” Gouldern says. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Mark starts to scramble to his feet, slowly. But Whitlock isn’t having it.

He’s completely silent as he lays furious overhead swings into Gouldern’s body. The bat thumps against his body disgustingly.

When he’s done, Mark Gouldern is once more broken on the floor.

He groans loudly as he struggles to move.

Wordlessly, Whitlock spits on him again. Then he turns and walks away, his finely polished shoes clicking on the floor.

Calmly, he opens the door. Then slams it closed loudly behind him.

Out in the hall, he looks around quickly. The coast is clear. No one’s around.

He starts walking down the hall, bat in hand.

Flicker. A brief flash of blue light.

The hologram exterior fades away and suddenly, Alton Whitlock is no longer Alton Whitlock.

He’s Anonymous, walking down the hallway, bat in hand. He drops the weapon on the floor with a loud clang.

What kind of sickening smile now shines behind that sinister mask?



“Here it is, it’s all I could find in my library.”

The sounds of Voynich’s voice welcome us to the scene as we find ourselves in a dark corner of the Slaughterhouse, one that seems to have been turned into a study of some sort by the archaeologist. The camera focuses in on a tome in his hands as he hands it over into the waiting palm of Sigil. The Void Walker examines the old book, flipping through some pages, seemingly speed reading at an intense rate.

“Thank you for this, Voynich. I’m glad you were so willing to help me with this.”

“Of course. But, may I ask, what exactly are you looking for?”

Sigil stops reading, closing the book and placing it in the crook of his arm.

“Well, it’s origins are rather ancient even by my standards. But my research has lead me to something called The Tablet. I can’t go into further details now, but I will say, would like if you joined me in my search. I feel your expertise would be most valuable.”

Voynich nods, smiling. He goes to speak but the sound of loud foot steps grabs his and Sigil’s attention, both looking to the door as Banzan walks in, followed right after by Sweet Alice.

“What is this about a Tablet, Sigil?”

Banzan walks up to his fellow teammates, arms crossed. Sigil hands the book back to Voynich before speaking again.

“It is none of your concern, Banzan. It’s simply something I’m working on. Now, is there anything you came to talk about or are you wasting precious time?”

The Mountain is not angry, but frustration shows on his face as he places a hand on Sigil’s shoulder.

“I am here because we must focus, Sigil. The IWF is working as one, they are perfectly in sync with one another. If we do not gather our wisdom, we will fall apart to their assault like a raft among crashing waves. If we fail, then they can snatch the title, and we simply cannot have that.”

Sigil’s demeanor shifts a little, showing less aggression as he nods in agreement. Voynich does the same. However, as they look to Sweet Alice to see if she understands, the Dreamer is staring off into the corner of the room. Banzan taps her shoulder, but she is mesmerized by what looks to be nothing in the room.

“Alice? Are you okay?”

Sigil reaches out, swiveling the girl towards the group, all of them stepping back in shock.

For Alice’s eyes are not empty.

For fire flickers in their reflection, the whole room silent as we focus on the blaze.



A week after being brutalised by his former friend, can Bishop control his rage enough to emerge victorious here or will the secret devil in Rogers overwhelm the Outlaw here tonight?

The bell sounds as Rogers waves sweetly at a young child in the audience before turning around, DEADEYE! That huge spear damn near cuts Sandy in half as this could allready be over but Bishop isn’t done as he pulls Rogers up to his feet, pummelling the smaller man with furious forearms before throwing him with a Biel Toss into the corner that puts Rogers upside down from the sheer force.

Rogers manages to get to his feet just in time for a bone crunching running right hook before he’s lifted up high and dropped back down on his jaw with a Snake Eyes. Sandy staggers out but Bishop can’t hit the Big Boot, Rogers just ducking under possibly on instinct alone as he grabs Bishop from behind, ATOMIC DROP! Bishop staggers forward more from shock if anything before a hard windup punch to the back of the head properly staggers him as Rogers lifts him up high with a Body Slam before hitting the ropes for a classic Leg Drop

Rogers goes for the pinfall, ONE…HARD KICKOUT! Bishop pops up to his feet, ducking under another punch before nearly taking Rogers head off with a huge Big Boot. Rogers looks done as Bishop backs up into the corner, hunched down as he’s looking for the killing blow, running forward with a sprint as Sandy stumbles up, DEADE…FEELING BLUE! Sandy pulled out Jonathon and delivered that palm strike out of nowhere as Bishop crashes to the mat, Rogers dropping down for the pinfall. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The main man of Lucid Falls picks up the victory out of nowhere here tonight, taking advantage of Bishop’s anger to teach him a valuable lesson.

The Reaper sits quietly in the locker room staring at his newly won title. Suddenly, a microphone begins to descend from the ceiling, causing an intense feeling of exasperation to fill the Reaper’s mind. Monty Straight eases into the locker room and smiles in the Harvester’s direction.

“Mr. Reaper, welcome to the Show That Never Ends, I’m your host Mont…”

“Please just shut the hell up Straight, I know who you are, hell, the whole damn place knows who you are. You’ve got exactly one minute to state your purpose before I make you eat that damn microphone,” Reaper states, coming within an inch of the game show host’s face.

Straight swallows hard, but then flashes his million dollar smile.

“Fair enough friend. I thought I could offer you a deal tonight, one that would mutually benefit the both of us. I feel we’ve both been falsely labeled suspects in these terrible murders. We’d never kill anyone.”

The Reaper smiles and sits down calmly.

“Actually, Straight, I’ve killed lots of people, but not these assholes,” Reaper quipped.

“Point taken, Reaper. Back on point, I’ve got connections and you bring a particular skill set. I was thinking we could find the real murderer and clear our names. What do you say?”

Before Reaper can answer, Candy Kane barges into the room.

“I see you two idiots are trying to get your stories straight. I’m thinking you two may have been in cahoots.”

Loosing his temper, Reaper stands up, staring down Kane.

“You know what, I’m tired of this, how about at Chain Reaction, we all settle our differences!”

Reaper pushes past Kane, leaving her and the smiling Straight as the only people in the room.



Put into a war thanks to his former friend, Malice finds himself outnumbered and outgunned but with their own war going on, can the trio against him truly exist or can Malice find some way to survive?

The bell sounds as Anonymous begins with Malice who rushes forward, taking the masked man by surprise with a running elbow to the jaw before pummeling him with heavy lefts and rights. A hard knee to the gut takes all the wind out of Anonymous before he’s flung across the ring with a huge T-Bone Suplex. Anonymous slowly rises as Malice rushes to the ropes, but gets tripped up by someone on the outside. Malice turns to a smirking Major Thom who simply tells the big man to turn around, MODIFIED FAWKES SPECIAL! Anonymous laid his whole body wait into a running senton right into the ropes, Malice drops down to one knee as Anonymous tags in Alton Whitlock.

Whitlock rushes in, delivering a hard dropkick to the face as Malice tries to rise up. Malice isn’t down for long but Alton is relentless as he pummels the bigger man before trying for Party Politics. Malice slips out, delivering a hard headbutt before nearly taking Whitlocks’ head off with GRAVEDIGGER! Malice quickly goes for the cover, ONE…TWO…GOULDERN BREAKS UP THE PINFALL!

Gouldern begins pummeling down on Malice with fists that barely do anything as he’s nearly decapitated by a GRAVE DIGGER of his own. Anonymous rolls in but a huge Spinebuster nearly puts him through the mat as Malice roars in anger that’s quickly cut as Major Thom rolls into the ring, delivering a sneaky low blow. Malice drops to his knees as Anonymous gets back up, GUNPOWDER PLOT! The Fameasser hits flush as Malice stumbles up dazed. Thom pulls Gouldern up to his feet as the Herald rushes forward, THE DISRUPTION! Malice is completely out of it as he’s lifted up high onto Whitlock’s shoulders for BETTER WORLD! Whitlock covers for the ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Major Thom succeeds in screwing over his former friend here but it took four men to put down the monster that is Malice, what’s going to happen when Malice finally gets his hands on Thom?


A graveyard.

Three men stand in front of a small gravestone.

Brent Kersh. Jessie Williams. The Judge.

Kersh and Williams are dressed slightly formally (with Jessie wearing his jacket despite that), while The Judge is The Judge.

“I wonder if she foresaw this happening?” Jessie asks, trying to break the ice.

The Enforcer looks at him with a frown.

“Death is never funny, kid.” He looks back at the grave marked Moirai. “We were teammates, going to war together. We owe it to her to pay our respects.”

The Judge lowers his ax and bows his head.

“Perhaps in death, she found what she was loo…” He stops speaking, and raises his head.

Tyler Brooks.

Cody Williams.

“In death, she didn’t find shit.” The Savior mocks. “She ran out of time, just like she ran out of air.”

Kersh begins to roll up his sleeves, as Jessie points behind them.

Rick Plant. Cooter Hayes.

Team Kersh is outnumbered as the IWF folks go in for the kill.

Then everything goes to hell.


An explosion rocks the entire graveyard, coming from Moirai’s grave. Smoke is everywhere, graves have been unearthed, concrete has flown everywhere.

Stood in the middle of it all, covered in mud is exactly who you’d expect.


“I heard my best buddy Jessie and his dad needed a partner!” Junky quips, looking as happy as a hog in mud. “Good thing I don’t have a date to Chain Reaction!”

Considering he’s covered in mud, it makes sense.

With the IWF members nowhere to be found, Junkrat begins to pick through the carnage, moving debris around to find his teammates.


Drawn together by the Red Queen, Alice and Voynich’s allegience seems strong but tonight when put up against Legacy, can they work as one or will they be fall apart completely?

The bell sounds as Jay Jeckel and Voynich start off for their teams, Jay rushes forward but Voynich ducks under a wild right before taking him down with a quick Backdrop Suplex before rolling through into a headlock. Voynich cranks down hard, Jay struggling to get out of the hold before Voynich reaches down, cradling Jay into a rollup. ONE…TW…Jay kicks out. Voynich keeps on the headlock, Jay breaking it with a hard elbow to the throat before a stiff headbutt sends Voynich staggering into the corner as Alice tags herself in.

Alice rolls in right into a hard clothesline from Jay who stomps down on the smaller woman with venom in his eyes before lifting her up to her feet, trying to lift her into the fireman’s carry but Alice slips out, dropping Jay into the mat with a hard bulldog before a stiff superkick rocks Jay hard as he gets to his feet, sending him staggering into the corner as Tank tags in. Alice tries for a dropkick that just bounces off the mountain of a Tank as she rushes to the ropes, leaping off for a Tornado DDT but Tank catches her in mid-air as he lifts Alice high up in the air

THE HAY BARREL! Alice is dropped right on her face as she’s lifted up off her feet before a huge Olympic Slam nearly drives her through the mat. Kersh covers, ONE…TWO…VOYNICH BREAKS UP THE COVER! Tank gets up to a flurry of blows from Voynich before the best kept secret with a huge burst of strength lifts Kersh up, trying for a brainbuster but Jay rolls back in, J.U.G.G.A.L.O! Jay drops Voynich with that low blow before backing up as Alice slowly sits up and delivering a sickening JAY WALKING! Jay pulls Voynich out of the ring as Tank drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Legacy pick up a huge victory tonight as the win by any means necessary tactics of Mr. J is used to their advantage.



Lance Norman’s smile quickly fades.

“It’s part of the reason. But you know as well as I do that what’s coming, what’s trying to be achieved here, is most important of all.”

The Butcher shuffles in his seat, laughing.

“And let me guess, you want that to be you?” He offers with an almighty roaring belly laugh.

Lance grimaces, looking out of the rain drop window to his left.

“You can mock me, you can laugh at me, you can do whatever you please,” he retorts without breaking his window stare. “But by Red Snow, Old School Wrestling will be dead and buried. I can promise you that.”

“What then?” The Butcher enquires.

“A brand new world,” he retorts.

“I’ll tell you what Lance; you can beat down my roster, brutalize them, murder them, take from them if you wish,” he says calmly and carelessly. “But not a single one of them alive will allow you to close these doors.”

Lance turns his attention from the window back to The Butcher.

“I know,” he admits. “But at Red Snow, this won’t come down to your entire roster. It’ll come down to you and me. It’ll come down to a select few. By then, it’ll be the end.”

The Butcher leans in with a wry smile.

“You’ve got some balls on you to think that anything you could do between now and Red Snow will force my hand into a position of such dire consequences,” he growls. “But I’m going to have fun watching you try.”

He reaches for the door handle and exits back into the rain. As the door closes behind him, Lance rolls down the window.

“You’re playing checkers when I’m playing chess, Colin. I’ll show you that in due course.”

The Butcher doesn’t even respond, walking away into the alley of which he came. By the time he rounds the corner at the top, a second vehicle appears to be waiting for him.


To be continued…


It’s an absolute banger of a main event tonight, as the OSW Champion Luke Storm looks to fend off one of the IWF invaders in Hayden HardKore in non-title action!

“Taringa Whakarongo”

Ambience of Maori instruments fill the Slaughterhouse, as a voice calls out in Maori as a call to arms. Dry ice fills the stage, searchlights flash around the building. All lights commence on the entrance way as the voice calls out.

“Kia rite, Kia rite… Kia Mau!”

An explosion of sound and light as the meaty riff of CKY’s “96 Quite Bitter Beings” blares, with pyrotechnics that announce the arrival of the Kiwi Battler. He comes soaring through the sky as if launched from a cannon, forward rolling through the entranceway before charging towards the ring. Hayden HardKore climbs the turnbuckle and throws a chain-wrapped fist into the air before backflipping back into the ring. It’s time to get… HardKore!

The lights begin to flash like a paparazzi’s camera as Deep Purple’s “Stormbringer” hits the Slaughterhouse. Smoke fills the entrance tube as the lyrics kick in.

Comin’ out of nowhere
Drivin’ like rain

There he is. Luke Storm walks through the clouds like a lightning bolt to stand at the head of the ramp, the OSW Championship on his shoulder. He removes his sunglasses as he takes in the crowd, his eyes full of confidence.

With a nod and smile, the Real Deal marches down to the ring, ready for war. He slides in, going to the opposite turnbuckle to soak in the people that came to see him.

Ride the rainbow
Crack the sky
Stormbringer coming
Time to die

It’s time for war as he drops down to face HHK…who charges at the champion! The two go at it as the bell rings to signal the start of this huge main event!

Storm and HHK exchange lefts and rights at the outset, one looking to get the edge over the other as quickly as possible. HHK manages to get the upper hand on the champion, sending Storm to the corner with a flurry of offense with some hard kicks to the midsection in the process.

Hayden backs off, which gives Storm a moment to breathe…but not much more as Hayden goes back on the attack with a clothesline! The move takes Storm out of the corner as HHK climbs to the top turnbuckle, launching himself at the champ as he connects with a bulldog that drives Storm’s face into the canvas!

HardKore goes to work on the Storm King, stomping away before hitting a leg drop! Sensing a chance to end this match early he goes for the cover, but Storm kicks out BEFORE the count of one! Storm’s got a lot of fight left in him as he gets back to his feet…LIGHTNING STRIKE!

Hayden got rocked with that superkick, as he goes reeling toward the ropes…AND STORM SENDS HIM OVER THE TOP WITH A CLOTHESLINE, BOTH MEN TUMBLING TO THE OUTSIDE!

Storm and HHK are both struggling to get to their feet, but manage to do so as they begin brawling on the outside. Storm tries to whip HardKore into the steel steps, but the Maori Warrior reverses and sends the champ careening into them instead with a nasty thud!

Hayden senses a big opportunity here as he climbs onto the apron, getting a running start as Storm gets to his feet…AND HITS A METEORA ON THE CHAMP, DRIVING STORM’S HEAD TO THE FLOOR!

That’s a lotta damage on the champ as HHK picks him up, sending him back into the ring! This could be lights out for Storm as Hayden climbs the turnbuckle, launching himself in a seated position toward Storm! LEAP OF FAITH! IS THIS IT!? COVER BY HARDKORE!




HardKore is nearly beside himself, trying to figure out what he has to do to put the champ away! Storm is looking a bit woozy as he gets to his feet, but HHK refuses to let up as he connects with a neckbreaker on the champ to keep him back down on the canvas.

Hayden stares at the fallen Storm, to the turnbuckle, and nods with a smirk. He knows what he has to do now, to end this night on a high for the IWF squad as he climbs the turnbuckle once more. He can’t help but pump himself up a little as he turns around, flying off with a huge moonsault!




HardKore clutches his back in pain as Storm is once again, slowly, back up to his feet. He sizes up his opponent as Hayden finally gets back to his feet…LIGHTNING STRIKE! THAT SUPERKICK COULD DO IT AS STORM GOES FOR THE COVER!




Storm’s back to his feet, the frustration starting to set in as Hayden gets back up as well. HardKore goes for a roundhouse kick but Storm ducks it…DOWNPOUR! THE CHAMP CAUGHT HARDKORE BY SURPRISE WITH THAT CODEBREAKER! STORM WITH THE COVER!




The champ comes out on top, beating out a very game Hayden HardKore in our main event tonight!


As that Main Event closes, chaos quickly begins to ensue as we cut to the backstage.

Backstage, Rain has Sweet Alice, throwing her through a glass window that shatters upon impact. She barrels rolls through it, cut and bloodied.

Voynich see’s this and picks up a steel chair, slamming it across Rain’s back, only that just seems to piss The Monster off.

Back in the ring and Hayden Hardkore is attacking Luke Storm, joined by a groggy Tyler Brooks who seems to have come from that explosion mostly unscathed.

In the Slaughterhouse store above the arena, Jimmy Sartyr and Anna Goodchild are brawling with Banzan and Sigil.

Suddenly, Cowboy Jim, Cody Williams, Rick Plant and Cooter Hayes make their way to the ring, joining in on the utter mauling of our OSW Champion. They’re attacking him like hyenas.

Tyler pulls Storm to his feet and holds him as Plant runs full speed into the ropes.





We quickly flick to backstage once again, where Brent Kersh, The Judge, Jessie Williams and Junkrat are shown unconscious, bloodied and battered.

Rain meanwhile has Voynich by the throat, slamming him through a FUCKING CONCRETE WALL!

The Internet Wrestling Federation are DESTROYING Old School Wrestling.

Suddenly, Rain is tackled to the ground by a darting figure who swings wildly upon him.

We quickly switch back to the ring, where Luke Storm has been busted wide open.

SeeSaw and The Blood Shark head out onto the entrance ramp, watching from afar as the Champion is destroyed before them.

They’ve no intention of joining in, but they clearly want a front row seat to the action.






A figure suddenly appears on the entrance ramp along side them.







“Hahahahahaha,” he bellows. “Nygma’s home, my darlings!”

He looks towards the ring, his demented smile followed only by a terrifying laughter.

“Oh brother, what have you gotten yourself into now?”

Nygma runs to the ring, met by Cowboy Jim Jenkins on the outside. He’s laughing as he leapfrogs over the smaller competitor, cracking him across the skull with his baseball bat as he lands and turns.

He rolls into the ring, where a whole host of people are waiting for him.

Cody Williams is first, running straight into a baseball bat to the mid-section.

Rick Plant is next, but he’s caught clean across the skull, knocking him to the ground immediately.

Cooter Hayes grabs Nygma from behind, but He Who Laughs slams backwards with a Headbutt across the bridge of his nose, turning around to pull him in close.



Nygma pops straight back up, laughing hysterically as Hayden Hardkore realizes that everyone he brought with him is unconscious.

They run at each other, Nygma ducking a Clothesline and stomping on the back of Hardkore’s leg, taking him to one knee. He quickly runs off into the ropes.






Rain soon appears at the entrance ramp, looking to go for round two with the man who tackled him earlier – only he’s not alone.









Nygma laughs hysterically from back in the ring as The Sandman stands over The Monster.

What an ending.

Chain Reaction is going to be utterly amazing.