Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Las Vegas.

The Sanctuary.

This once incredible arena has been long abandoned to dirt, dust and time. Lance Norman stands in the middle of a decrepit ring, looking out among the sea of faces that have decided to follow him on this journey.

Rain, Rick Plant, Jimmy Sartyr – they’re all there, stood waiting.

“When I asked you to come with me to stop Old School Wrestling, I promised you that I had a plan.”

Everyone listens in.

“I told you that I had a way, that I knew of a way, to fix the broken world that OSW had created,” he says with a surprising sincerity. “And I told you that I’d need you to follow me into the breach so that we could accomplish it.”

He starts pacing in the centre of the ring.

“It starts with making those on their roster wish they never were,” he growls angrily. “It means we step up our efforts. It can’t be just about beating them; it has to be about either making them walk away or ending them.”

“You’re asking us to kill?” Sartyr steps up, vocally quite clearly against the idea. “I didn’t sign up to become a murderer.”

Rick Plant nods in agreement.

“They cost me my sister; they broke my family. When the God’s died and the world was turned on its head, chaos destroyed everything I love. But I can’t be a killer; that isn’t me.”

As Rick and Jimmy find themselves on the same page, Tyler Brooks steps up.

“I have blood on my hands,” Tyler says almost solemnly. “I killed Moirai. But I did it because with every fallen body, Old School Wrestling grows weaker. If they won’t leave, we’ll have to make them.”

There’s a murmur amongst the group. It’s decidedly split between those who want to stop OSW and those who want to stop it, but aren’t willing to kill to do it.

“Enough!” Rain shouts, bellowing loud enough that everyone stops squabbling immediately. You could hear a pin drop. “The soul of OSW is strong and defiant. There are many ways to defeat it. You can beat it, you can break it or you can take it.”

He steps into the ring alongside Lance.

“At Warzone, we have one opportunity to break it,” he says loudly. “If by the end of the night, we are victorious, their souls will be broken. Their spirit will be weakened and they will ask questions of themselves.”

Lance Norman nods in agreement.

“If we fail, then we’ll take more desperate measures,” Rain notes with a sinister expression. “And those of you not on board may become casualties, just like those you’ve lost.”

Suddenly, Legion and Synn appear on the entrance ramp.

Everyone turns their attention to them as they head down to meet the rest of the IWF roster.

“I will destroy and decimate their Champion,” Legion proclaims. “I will kill his family and then I will rip him to pieces in front of their adoring fans.”


“With their Champion’s viscera leaking through my fingers, who will dare challenge our destruction of Old School Wrestling?”

Rain and Legion now come face to face in the middle of the ring, their rivalry a legendary one for the ages.

Lance quickly interrupts their showdown.

“Remember what you’ve lost,” he reminds them. “Your families, those you love, your friends. The world is full of chaos and anarchy because there are no Gods to believe in. There’s no faith, no repercussions and no consequences.”

Legion and Rain slowly separate, turning to face him.

“Old School Wrestling must die.”



The Flickering Darkness looks to gain his first victory in OSW, but can he do it at the expense of the Fire Witch?

Pyre charges at Chort at the sound of the bell, but he ducks underneath her clothesline attempt and grabs her waist from behind. He nails a beaufiful German Suplex into a bridge but Pyre kicks out. He maintains the waist lock as the both of them stand up to a vertical base.

She escapes but Chort is quick to whip her into the ropes. She comes bouncing back, Chort nails a back slam – TO CHORT LOGIC!!! He’s going for the arm bar, Pyre gripping her hands tight to avoid her arm snapping in two. She flips into a pin.. ONE!!! TWO!!! THR– KICKOUT!!!

Pyre with a quick flurry of attacks – ELBOW! CLOTHESLINE! HURRICANRANA! Chort cuts her off with a leg trip transitioned into a heel hook. She breaks free with several heel kicks to the face. She charges Chort in the corner and eats the turnbuckle. Chort with a European uppercut and an ENZIGUIRI!

Chort lifts her onto the top turnbuckle.. Dropkick to the jaw! He climbs the turnbuckles and signals its over. Rolling armbar – TO CHORT LOGIC!!! NO! Pyre holds on and Chort topples to the mat. She leaps into the air – DANCING FLAMES!!! She hooks the leg deep – ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!

Pyre puts out the Flickering Darkness as her flame continues to burn!!!


Wearing street clothes, we find Brent Kersh walking with Jessie Williams down a backstage hallway. Jessie is ready for action tonight against Sweet Alice, and that match is coming up soon…




Jessie goes to return the favor, but Jeckel tackles him to the ground. They roll around for a moment, before Jay gets the advantage.

“Tell the old man to go fuck off home.” Jay says. “If he don’t, I’m gonna have to make him.”

The Prince pushes Jeckel off, both men getting to their feet.

“You can try.” Jessie responds. “But the two of us are tired of assholes like you getting in the way of why we’re here.”

Jeckel laughs.

“Aww,” he begins. “Is the wittle pwince sad the big bad monster killed his uncle?”

Williams rushes in, but gets grabbed and pulled back by the risen Brent Kersh.

“He’s trying to goad you, kid.” Brent says. “You got a match later. Let me handle this punk.”

Kersh turns to face Jeckel, but the Juggalo is gone. The duo shakes their heads, and turn back in the direction they were originally heading, before Jessie puts his hand in his pocket and stops.

“That fucker took my phone.”

Meanwhile, around the corner…

Jay Jeckel sprints around a corner, closing himself in a small dark room. He’s got a grin on his face as he pulls out a wad of bubble gum, dollar bills, and his big prize.

Jessie’s phone.

As if on cue, it begins to ring. Jay shrugs and answers it.

“The fuck you want?”

He goes silent as he listens to the other end of the line. His eyes widen at what is being said, but they go wider as something steps out of the darkness.

Mr. Sandman.

“I’ll take that.”

The Dream Demon takes the phone from an offended Jeckel, before putting it up to where his ear should be.

“It’s time for you to go back to sleep, little girl.” He growls into the phone.

A woman’s scream echoes from the other end of the line in the small room. Is that Mia Allen/Mrs. Ducksworth?


As the remains drop to the ground, Jay Jeckel pokes his finger at Sandman.

“Was that shit she was saying true?” He asks. “You’re fucked up, man.”

Mr. Sandman gets right up in the Juggalo’s face. He’s practically swallowing his head whole with his presence.

“If you want Kersh, you’ll do what I say.” Sandman intones.

Jeckel just nods, no smart ass comment at the ready.



The Ring King tournament sparks off with a huge first round tournament, as Bishop and the Blood Red Shark go head to head. Will the Shark bring glory to Emporium or will the Outlaw end his blood lust?

The bell sounds as both men rush forward, drilling one another with heavy lefts and rights in an exchange that the bigger Bishop quickly gets the advantage of with a huge headbutt that staggers the Shark before he’s grabbed around the throat and thrown damn near head first into the corner. Blood Red Shark pulls himself up by the ropes right into a hard Lariat before he’s lifted up onto Bishop’s shoulders, SNAKE EYES, BIG BOOT…CROSSHAIRS!

BRS looks out of it as he’s pulled to his feet, Bishop trying for a Powerbomb but BRS manages to roll down Bishop’s back, dropping him down to one knee with a hard Low Blow before a stiff BLOODY MARY knocks Bishop for a loop as Shark rolls down for the cover, ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!

The Shark pulls Bishop up to his feet, looking for the end but he’s pushed away out of the hammerlock, DEADEYE! BRS gets cut damn near in half as Bishop pulls him to his feet, but gets another low blow for his efforts as BRS quickly hammerlocks the hurting Bishop before spiking him with BLOOD MONEY! BRS quickly hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Blood Red Shark does it here as he advances in the Ring King tournament


After the eerie encounter last week, Candy Kane flips through her case files, trying to see if there are any leads she may have missed. The words of the letter continue to play within her mind like a twisted little nursery rhyme.



The knock at the door shook her from her thoughts.



“Well, you’ve obviously got something important to say, so come on in,” she bellowed, annoyed at the intrusion.

Standing within the door is the mammoth of a man, Banzan. He methodically walks into the room and takes a seat in front of the sleuth.

“I wasn’t really expecting you, friend, how can I help you,” Kane asked.

“I beg your pardon for the interruption, Ms. Kane. I’ve heard on good accord that you’re investigating the string of murders that have been plunging this place into darkness. I’d like to offer my help, Ms. Kane.”

Kane leans in, signaling for the massive man to continue.

“I believe you may have been on the right path. I have reason to believe that Straight may be involved in these crimes. As he was exiting the locker room he dropped this,” Banzan stated, handing Kane a slip of paper.

The young detective took the paper and began to read the words filling the page. Her eyes widen as she reaches the end.

“How could you possibly have known about this,” she questioned.

“I listen to the call of the spirits, Ms. Kane. I believe with my help, you could put an end to this darkness.”

Kane ponders his offer and then extends her hand.

“Let’s get to work, big guy.”



Tonight, a prince attempts to become king, while a rightful queen attempts to seize yet another throne! It’s Jessie Williams vs Sweet Alice in Ring King Tournament action!

The bell rings, and Sweet Alice charges across the ring — BOOMSTICK!!! OH MY GOD!!! BOOMSTICK OUT THE GATE FROM JESSIE WILLIAMS AND THIS MATCH IS ALREADY FUCKING OVER!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREEEEEE — NO!!! The Prince was so close to perhaps the fastest victory in OSW History, but Sweet Alice made sure this one will end late for Williams!

Jessie drags Alice to her feet, still woozy, and whips her into the turnbuckles! Williams charges for a splash, and Alice rolls out of the way!!! Jessie eats turnbuckle!!! MOONSAULT DROPKICK FROM SWEET ALICE!!! Williams stumbles out of the corner.

He hits the ground face first!!! Sweet Alice sits on his back!!! THE TEA PARTY!!! SHE HAS IT LOCKED IN!!! Jessie screams out in severe agony, but there’s nothing he can do, nowhere to run!!! Through sheer force of will, Jessie rises to his knees. Then to his feet! BACKDROP!!!! JESSIE CRUSHES ALICE!!!

Both Williams and Alice lay on the ground, completely exhausted from their battle. They both begin their ascent to their feet at roughly the same time. Alice reaches for her book! SHE SWINGS IT AT JESSIE!!! WELCOME TO WONDERLAND!!! NO!!! JESSIE DUCKS IT!!! BOO YAH!!! THE SHORT RANGED BOOMSTICK!!! NAILED IT!!! HE MAKES THE COVER!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREEEEEEEEEE!!!

The Prince ends his night one step closer to becoming King.


At some dive bar in Hell’s Kitchen, the kind of place bikers and divorcees frequent, he sits.

Malice. The only man at the bar.

A bottle and a glass in front of him.

The bottle, completely empty.

The glass, nearly so.

He had gained a reputation at that bar very rapidly. An angry drunk, not to be trusted nor trifled with. The kind of man where, if he was talking to you, he was either crying on your shoulder or punching you in the eye.

He swishes the last bit of alcohol in his glass around, and downs it.

“Time to wrap it up and head home, don’t you think?”

Malice replies, “Fuck you.”

He turns around.


“She needs time,” Malice says. “Apart from me. Who the fuck is she to break my heart, huh? When I risked everything for her? I put it all on the line. And now she finds out about this and she just completely loses her fucking mind on me? Well, fuck that. And fuck her. And fuck you.”

Malice shoves Bishop away, wipes his sniveling nose.

Bishop shakes his head, sighs. He has a seat at the bar next to Malice.

“Why did you fall in love with her, Miles? It happened so fast, man. None of us expected that.”

Malice snaps his fingers at the bartender. The bartender wisely brings Malice a new bottle. Malice pours the beast into his glass.

Finally, he says, “Least of all me.”



Two of the great fighters in all of Old School Wrestling go one on one to advance to the next round of Ring King! It’s Banzan vs The Reaper!

The bell rings, and Banzan and the Reaper immediately lock up in the center of the ring. Banzan and his massive frame immediately take the upper hand, transitioning the Reaper into a side headlock. The Reaper, with AMAZING STRENGTH, lifts Banzan into the air! TEARDROP SUPLEX FROM THE REAPER!!!

The Reaper makes a quick cover!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! NOOO!!! The Harvester didn’t quite get the pinfall, and Banzan kicks out with authority, throwing the Reaper halfway across the ring with a bench press!! Holy shit!!! The Reaper quickly climbs to his feet and jumps on Banzan! IMMEDIATELY BANZAN TRANSITIONS TO SUMADAYA!!!

SHINING TRIANGLE CHOKE!!! The Reaper’s face is already turning red!!! It might be too late already!!! The Reaper’s nearly passed out!!! BUT THE REF BREAKS IT UP, THE HARVESTER GOT HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!!! Banzan is forced to break the hold, but he quickly stands to his feet.

The Reaper rubs his neck, barely able to breathe even after the choke. He coughs, slowly begins the climb to his feet. Banzan waits in the corner for what feels like ages. The Reaper reaches a knee! BANZAN WITH THE DUKKHA!!! KINSHASA!!! IT’S FUCKING OVER!!! HE MAKES THE COVER!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREEEEEEEE!!!

Banzan picks up a big time win over a big time opponent in the Reaper, advancing to the next round of Ring King!


The match is over, and the Reaper is left in the ring to get to his feet as Banzan has taken his leave. He is ready to leave, but his path is blocked by a growing portal.

The Judge is here.

“Really?” Reaper asks, getting his breath back. “I thought we were done.”

The Judge hoists his ax.

“The Red Mist no longer has its hold on you, Reaper.” Judge says. “I have many questions for you. Why did you live when your family did not? Why did your case cause my observatory to have fault?”

The Reaper just shakes his head.

“I don’t know, man. I don’t have the answers you need.”

The Judge takes a step forward.

“You will.”

As he reaches out for his quarry, an object comes flying out of nowhere to hit the Judge’s hand away. The masked man bends over and picks it up,

It’s a Redblade.

Redwing enters the scene, getting between the Reaper and Judge.

“I told you before, you’re not taking him.” Redwing says, conviction in his voice.

The Judge looks past the Red Knight at Reaper.

“There is no escape for you, no matter how much your allies protect you.” He lifts his ax up. “They will pay the price for their interference.”


Shuffling sounds can be heard just before the lights come back up full power.

The Reaper is gone.

Redwing and the Judge are left in the ring, staring at one another. They both look down simultaneously.

There’s a hole in the ring, going to who knows where.

Did Legion strike again?



Justice is no laughing matter!

Redwing takes the fight to SeeSaw, eager to redeem his Chain Reaction loss. He takes control with bone-breaking blows and stamina-sapping submissions. SeeSaw motions for a timeout – this playdate is a little rough! Redwing pursues him, however, and traps him in a headlock… KILLING JOKE INTO THE STEEL STAIRS! The running bulldog leaves SeeSaw motionless.

Crimson Justice rolls him back in and covers – ONE… TWO… THR—ROPE BREAK! Mr. Make Believe put his pinky on the steel cable. Redwing pulls him up—BULL-RUSH GORE… SPINEBUSTER! That’s the SUPERFINE TURBINE BLAST! ONE… TWO… SHOULDER UP! What will SeeSaw break first – Redwing’s spirit, or his body!?

Tranquility Lane’s favourite resident pulls Redwing’s arms back and stomps on his back – STRETCH ARMSTROOONG! Redwing is stranded. The referee asks if he quits; will he throw in the towel!? He flings SeeSaw forwards into the ropes! SeeSaw coughs and clutches his throat. Redwing charges at him—SEESAW SCOOPS HIM UP IN THE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!

WILL REDWING RIDE THE TEETER-TOTTER!? NO – SEESAW RETURNS TO ARKHAM! Red Knight drops SeeSaw with the double underhook DDT! The vigilante can’t capitalise, though! He nurses his back in the corner. He pulls himself up, as SeeSaw gets onto his hands and knees… DARKNESS FAAALLS CURB STOMP! ONE… TWO… THREE!

Evil is stamped out!



The flames flicker and dance, being almost hypnotic to us as they seem to go from side to side.


The blink of a pair of eyes washes the flames away, and we see that once more we have seen into the eyes of Sweet Alice. The frightened Dreamer holds her head, shaking it off as she walks through the halls.



She rounds a corner, calling once more for her friend and ally before once more trancing out, seeing the flames in her eyes, and blinking them away just as quickly before she slumps against a wall, in a complete haze as to what to do.

“He’s not around… I need help but I don’t know who else-”

She shoots up from from her slumped position, almost as if a light bulb had appeared over her head!

“Right! I have an idea! I just need to find her.”

Alice dashes down the hallway, looking around again but this time, she’s in luck. The camera follows her as she races right into a room containing the only other person she can think of who might have information of use. Pyre.

“Hi! Hello! Pyre, right?”

The Fire Witch, who was perusing an old tome, looks up in confusion as Alice enters the room.


Alice looks almost sheepish as she walks towards Pyre, the girl’s eyes shooting to the side as she looks for the words to explain just why she’s here.

“Well, I know you don’t know me, and I don’t quite know much about you. But I need help and I think you’re the only person who may have any insight on my… problem.”

Pyre, if anything, looks interested in the frantic Alice. She closes her book and rests her head on top of her hands to show she’s listening.

“I’m… seeing something. I’m seeing fire.”

This piques Pyre’s attention, the Queen of Flames walking towards Alice and placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Calm down, then. Please, go on. I’m more than willing to listen.”

The scene fades as Alice begins to almost rant at Pyre, speaking of the inferno she has seen over and over again, all while Pyre nods along.



Backstage, Tyler Brooks is cockily walking down the halls. He sees a janitor and points to him.


“Hello, Mr. Brooks.”

“No, no, say it right.”

The janitor sighs.

“Hello, Savior.”

“Good man, you missed a spot by the way.”

Tyler spits gum out on the floor and cockily walks away.

He sees some fans staring at him.

“Yeah, I get it, not everyone gets this close to their savior. Take a picture, it lasts longer.”

He keeps walking chuckling when suddenly he hears a voice whispering from the shadows!

“Who saves the savior?”

Tyler shakes his head and keeps walking. The voice is a little louder this time.

“Who saves the savior?”

“I don’t need saving.”

Tyler waves his hands off and keeps walking. The voice gets even louder!

“Who saves the savior?”

“No one, I can take care of my self.”

The voice is a shout now, almost a roar!

“I said, who saves the savior?!”

Chort has Brooks by the throat and pins him against the wall!

“The janitor won’t save you.”

Chort grips tighter!

“That family won’t save you.”

He keeps squeezing.

“I certainly won’t save you so I ask again who saves the savior?!”

“I… can… save… myself.”

“Alright, fine! Save yourself.”

Chort starts bashing the back of Tyler’s head against the wall! He finally lets go and a blood streak lines the wall as Brooks slumps and falls on the floor!

The janitor walks up to him and simply cleans the blood stain on the wall.

“Looks like you need your own savior, dick!”

He spits on the barely conscious Brooks and walks away.

“I might, I’m sure I can find a guy.”

He uses what little energy he has and scrolls through contacts on his phone. He hits the call button.

“Hey, it’s Tyler, can I get some help? Someone is after me. Please come to New York, I’ll get the plane tickets and everything.”

No one else can hear the phone call but Brooks is nodding away.

“You will? Awesome! I’ll meet you at JFK!”

Brooks hangs up the phone and laughs.

“Chort will need a savior of his own next week.”



It’s Whitlock vs Voynich in a bout to decide who advances to the Round of 8 in Ring King. Who will make the biggest impression tonight?

Voynich is first to play his hand. A snap one-legged takedown sees Voynich in an elevated position above Whitlock. Voynich wraps up an Ankle Lock on Alton, but Whitlock kicks himself free. Alton ducks under a swift clothesline and hits a Dropkick of his own that sends Voynich flying into the ropes.

The Best Kept Secret is tied up in the ring ropes like vines in the jungle as Whitlock closes in for the kill. A clubbing Double Axe Handle softens Voynich up, then followed by a series of knife edged chops that receive a pop from the crowd despite their recent disgust of Whitlock’s actions.

Whitlock pulls Voynich free of his vines, setting him up for PARTY POLITICS!! BUT VOYNICH ELBOWS HIMSELF FREE.. ISTHAR GATE! The lariat tuned Whitlock inside out! Voynich covers for the pin… One!… Two!… SHOULDER UP, JUST! Not giving in to frustration, Voynich wrenches Whitlock’s shoulder into a Shoulder Lock!

Whitlock manages to get to the ropes to break the hold and pulls himself to standing. Voynich attacks but Whitlock ducks the strike and plants him with A SPINNING SPINEBUSTER! He covers… One!… Two!… No! Voynich gets to the ropes, ducking outside as soon as the hold is broken. Whitlock follows him outside, just as Voynich slides back in, giving Voynich the upper hand. He’s waiting when a frustrated Whitlock returns… MONOLITH! THE BRAIN BUSTER PLANTS HIM! ONE!… TWO!… THREE!

Voynich puts down the might of the Party Candidate! He will NOT be voting Whitlock tonight!


Luke Storm still cannot believe it.

He still can’t work out exactly what happened. Or why…

The beast. Redwing saving the day.

He’s had dreams that made more sense.

In his quest to clear his head, his journey has taken him down the dank corridor beside the Butcher’s office. That is, until the Butcher’s own voice catches his attention. A raised voice, clearly frustrated.

“Don’t you think that Storm has enough crap to deal with right now without you worming your way back in?”

A muffled voice replies, unable to be made out. But the Butcher’s reply comes clear and true.

“Oh, I owe you that, do I? And why exact.-”

The muffled voice cuts back in, stopping Colin mid-way through his sentence. Luke draws nearer to make out the conversation through the wall without being seen. He hears the Butcher once more.

“You’re a piece of shit, really… But I can respect that. You can put your boardroom threats away and stop waving your highly paid lawyers in my face. I won’t be intimidated, but you have tied my hands. You will get your shot… I owe you that.”

A pause, before the Butcher sounds once more.

“Now get the fuck out of my office.”

Storm is next greeted by the slamming sound of an old rattling door being shut and footsteps in his direction. The source… Mark Gouldern. He flashes a smug smile at the Champion, patting the gold on Luke’s shoulder knowingly as he passes by.



The Ring King tournament sparks off with a huge first round tournament, can Sigil find his way back to the world title or will the Judge stop him at the first hurdle?

The bell sounds as Sigil rushes forward, trying for the Planeswalker out of nowhere, THE VERDICT! The Judge was ready for that as he Spartan Kicks Sigil in mid-air, sending Sigil flying into the corner with a sickening thud. Sigil is dazed as he tries to stand up right into a hard running Avalanche that squashes him into the corner before a huge Belly to Belly sends him flying across the ring.

Sigil is pulled to his feet as the Judge tries for another Belly to Belly but Sigil lands on his feet this time, delivering a MERCIFUL chop to the back of the Judge’s neck that drops him down to one knee before a hard neckbreaker takes The Judge down to the mat. The Judge quickly gets up to his feet, trying for another Verdict but he kicks right after a Cosmic Leap which ends with FINITE to the back of the head

The Judge collapses to the mat as Sigil goes for the pin, ONE…TWO…The Judge kicks out! Sigil waits for The Judge to get to his feet before nearly breaking his armor with another sickening Finite before backing up. PLANES…RESTORATION! The Judge was playing possum as he drills Sigil into the mat with a huge Powerbomb, rolling through into the cover ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Judge picks up a huge victory here as he moves ahead in the Ring King tournament


A full moon hangs over Alton Whitlock as he walks down a lonely country road. It’s a clear night; stars shine pin-prick bright against the dark sky. In the distance, Whitlock’s SUV sits, pulled off on the side of the road.

Since Chain Reaction, he has been living in hell: shamed and assaulted from every angle one could imagine. Controlling the damage has worn him down. But the attacks on his character still aren’t stopping.

He had hoped to come out here and clear his head; to leave the Slaughterhouse and the man in the mask behind, if only for an hour.

But right now, it feels like even the stars and the moon themselves are judging him.

What’s more–there’s been something else tormenting Alton’s mind since Chain Reaction, too.

A question he just can’t shake.

If you do bad things for good reasons, does that make you evil?

His polished leather shoe clicks against the faded asphalt.

He’s walking, and he’s thinking, and he’s trying to piece it all together. He’s replaying the events of the last few months. He feels the scar on his cheek burning, and sees that fateful night long ago playing back in scattershot bursts of memory: a blade, red blood, his attacker’s face–Anonymous’s face— obscured by the dark and the haze of time, just out of sight.

He’s walking, and he’s thinking, and he’s trying to piece it all together…

But deep down, he has already decided what he’s going to do.

And while he doesn’t want to do it, Alton Whitlock knows that when the odds are stacked against you, you have to change the game.

And to become the President of the United States of America?

To save that great nation from itself? To make the world a better place?

Alton Whitlock will do anything.

As he walks, something in his demeanor changes.

He turns and strides quickly back to his parked SUV.

But even as he drives away, there it is again.

He still can’t answer it: that age-old question, that ancient moral dilemma.

If you do bad things for good reasons, does that make you evil?

Cutting a breakneck path through an autumn night that’s darker than sin, Alton Whitlock supposes he will learn the answer soon enough.



A week post his dominant victory in Chain Reaction, Nygma enters his first Ring King tournament as the heavy favorite but can Monty Straight pull off the upset of the century?

The bell sounds as Straight rushes forward, drilling Nygma with a hard running knee to the face before bridging him to the mat with a lightning fast Northern Lights Suplex. Straight rolls through, switching around as he drops Nygma on his head with a hard Release German. The Riddler looks dazed as he slowly rises to his feet right into a hard kick to the sternum, COMMERCIAL BREAK!

Nygma gets dropped on his dome with the Flowsion as Straight drops down, locking in a crossface. Straight pulls back with all his strength as Nygma begins to laugh maniacally BEFORE BITING DOWN HARD ON STRAIGHT’S HAND! Straight yelps in pain, dropping the hold as Nygma just laughs at his misery. Straight tries to compose him, turning around as Nygma drops down, JOKE’S ON YOU MONTY!

Monty’s out on his feet as he’s thrusted into Nygma’s arm, NEVERMIND! The huge leaping DDT may well have knocked Monty out but Nygma ain’t done, backing up, shaking the ropes as he does mimicking a goddamn train as he screams out ‘ALL ABOARD THE CRAZY TRAIN!’ with that maniacal smile on his face before rushing forward as Straight stumbles to his feet right into AIN’T NO LAUGHING MATTER! Straight is out from the Shining Wizard as Nygma covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Laughing Man moves on in the Ring King tournament here and with such a dominant victory, can anyone stop him from picking up yet another accolade?



Walls upon walls of glorious, leather bound tomes lining shelves upon shelves, expanding to Infinium, farther than the eye can see! We are treated to this image for a bit longer before a small portal opens in front of a bookshelf, a hand coming out and grasping a book before disappearing into the small fissure. The camera, of course, follows.

And we arrive in the center of this grand library, a table in front of us with two very familiar figures around it, books piled up around them. Sigil and Voynich. The Collector opens the book, pouring over it as Voynich finishes up one he is looking at and grabs another from a nearby shelf.

“What is this place, if I may ask?”

Voynich breaks the silence, Sigil glancing up at him from his tome.

“The Grand Archive. It houses a near infinite amount of knowledge all locked away in the books on its shelves. Think of it as… the Library of Alexandria if it were built upon reality itself.”

Voynich nods, looking perplexed by the information but excited all the same as he lets opens another book. They look on at their respective texts in silence before Sigil finally lets out a chuckle.

“I knew this book would be the one! I should have looked at it sooner but I didn’t make the connection until just now.”

“What would that be?”

Sigil turns the book to Voynich, letting the young archeologist read from its pages.

“Look here. This mentions an object similar to the Tablet. And it just so happens to work in our favor. It’s on Earth. And not just any Earth, but the one beneath our feet every time we enter Old School Wrestling.”

Voynich gets a giddy smile on his face, examining the passage with fervor.

“This is amazing! But, it doesn’t quite give the location…”

“Of course not. I could only wish that some of these records were so forthcoming with their information. But we’ve narrowed it down considerably. Now, we have more work to do, are you ready to go explore a few areas I have in mind.”

Voynich nods, but he puts a hand up to stop Sigil from teleporting.

“Yeah, but I figured before we go anywhere, I should mention. You know how you asked me to keep an eye on Alice?”

“Of course.”

“Well, I’m starting to worry about her.”

“And why is that?”

The scene fades as Voynich thinks on his words, leaving us to only speculate what he may say.



It’s guerrilla versus mercenary in the warzone!

Junkrat explodes out of his corner with fiery offense. He wants to redeem his team’s loss at Chain Reaction! The Mayor of Gary lights Malice up with firecracker right-hands, then sends him into the ropes. Junkrat hits a perpendicular set, however, and ducks under Malice’s retaliatory clothesline. He leapfrogs over him, then slides through his legs… He’s trying to tire him out!

It’s working, too – Malice is sucking air through his mask. The Junkertown scavenger goes for the shaft… of THE CONCUSSION MINE, that is! Malice sandbags the tilt-a-whirl DDT, however, and plants Junkrat with a spinebuster! ONE… TWO… JUNKRAT KICKS OUT! Malice sits up, his chiseled shoulders heaving as a muffled laugh escapes his mask; he likes it when they struggle!

The Michigan Mauler peels Junkrat off the mat. The marine disarms The Ticking Timebomb with suplexes, slams, and a GRAVEDIGGEEERRR lariat that nearly decapitates him! ONE… TWO… THR—SHOULDER UP! Junkrat has guts – and Malice wants to spill them onto the canvas! The powerhouse deadlifts the Aussie up into the TORTURE RACK!

Malice cranks the hold, then preps him for the piledriver. He’s got MALICIOUS INTENT—POOF! A blinding flash and a loud BANG stuns Malice, the official, and The Slaughterhouse attendees. Despite their temporary disorientation, they cheer for Junkrat’s use of explosives! The smoke clears… RIP-TIIIIRRRE 450-SPLASH! Junkrat feigns ignorance to the referee – ONE… TWO… THREE!

The war machine is levelled via bombing run!


The Reaper lays alone in a darkened room. Shadows dance along the walls as he begins to come to.

“Where am I?” He mutters. “This isn’t his Observatory.”

He sits up as a voice rings out, echoing in the room.

“No, it’s not.”

The Blood Shark steps out of the darkness to stand in front of Reaper.

It wasn’t Legion after all!

“You were able to break the Red Mist.” Shark says. “But the Doctor has a more potent supply for you. It’s not diluted like the formula I keep in my teeth.”

Reaper crawls to his knees, the Shark moving to tower over him.

“You won’t break me.” Reaper says, full of fire.

“No.” Shark agrees. “But if you work it enough, even the finest metals will be driven to break on their own.”

Shark steps away to a small control panel built into the wall.

“First, we’ll just need to tire you out.”

His finger hovers over a red button as Reaper stands up.

“How are your sealegs?” Shark asks a confused Reaper.

He pressed the button.


The bottom drops out of the room where Reaper was standing, and he finds himself falling.

And falling.


He lands inside a large body of water, rising to the surface. He treads water for a moment, looking around at the remote location he’s been led to.

Reaper kicks his legs, and heads for what looks like shore, but he has to stop for a moment and rest.

“Please don’t drown.” The Blood Shark’s voice echoes out of an unseen speaker. “I’d hate to have you die and be brought back.”

He pauses.

“It’s quite the experience.”

The Reaper treads water, trying to find a way out of his predicament.



After successfully defending the OSW Championship against Redwing at Chain Reaction, Luke Storm faces a nightmare of a challenge in The Sandman in our non-title main event tonight!

The lights begin to flash like a paparazzi’s camera as Deep Purple’s “Stormbringer” hits the Slaughterhouse. Smoke fills the entrance tube as the lyrics kick in.

Comin’ out of nowhere
Drivin’ like rain

There he is. Luke Storm walks through the clouds like a lightning bolt to stand at the head of the ramp. He removes his sunglasses as he takes in the crowd, his eyes full of confidence.

With a nod and smile, the Real Deal marches down to the ring, ready for war. He slides in, going to the opposite turnbuckle to soak in the people that came to see him.

Ride the rainbow
Crack the sky
Stormbringer coming
Time to die

It’s time for war as he drops down to face his opponent…


Pitch-black darkness heralds Metallica’s Enter Sandman.


Deep, purple light floods The Slaughterhouse – revealing the nightmarish Sandman!


The Dream Demon glides to the ring as fog coils at his feet. He steps over the top rope…and lunges at the champion with a haymaker as the ref calls for the opening bell!

Storm got rocked hard by that haymaker as Sandman takes advantage, pummeling the champion with a heavy rain of punches to wear down the Stormbringer before sending him to the corner. The champion may give up quite a bit of size to the Night Terror, but his resiliency prevails when Sandman charges at Storm for a corner splash…but the champion dodges out of the way at the last second, sending the Dream Demon crashing into the corner!

Sandman reels back, turning his attention to the champion who rears back for a superkick! LIGHTNING STRI…NOOOOOPE!

Sandman catches him by the leg, bringing Storm down to the canvas with a shoulder tackle instead! Sandman stomps away at the champion, focusing on the head and shoulders before picking Storm back up. Sandman wrenches the arm before stepping over to the ropes, climbing to the top to walk the rope before dropping down onto Storm’s arm with Old School!

He scoops Storm up onto his shoulder before launching him into the top turnbuckle headfirst with Snake Eyes, seemingly laughing at the champion who slowly gets to his feet as Sandman runs to the ropes…SENDING STORM FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A BIG BOOT!

Sandman steps over the top rope in pursuit of the Stormbringer, who looks wobbly as he gets back to his feet…only for Sandman to grab him, sending Storm into the steel steps with a sickening thud! Sandman continues to stalk his target, eager to wear the champion down with the thought of possibly earning a title shot in the back of his mind…but Storm drops Sandman into the steps with a drop toe hold!

This proves to be more of a distraction than anything as Storm steps back, only to watch Sandman get to his feet quickly. Sandman glares at the champion, charging at him…RIGHT INTO A LIGHTNING STRIKE BY STORM!

Storm heads back to the ring for a breather as Sandman gets to his feet once more, the wear and tear finally starting to be evident as he climbs onto the apron. Storm runs at him, hoping to catch the Night Terror by surprise…but Sandman catches Storm with a hand around the neck! Sandman looking to chokeslam Storm out of the ring, but Storm hits a solid punch to the head, forcing Sandman to let go.

The Sandman doesn’t relent beyond this however, entering the ring completely as Storm sorts out a new strategy by using his quickness to keep a safe distance from the big man. This strategy works well until Sandman blocks a kick by Storm…DEEP SLEEP! SANDMAN DRIVES STORM’S HEAD INTO THE CANVAS, AND GOES FOR A COVER!




Storm is down but not quite out as Sandman quickly gets back to work, looking to go after the face of Storm! He’s looking to gouge the champ’s eye out, but Storm quickly recovers enough to get away from the danger. Sandman’s back to his feet as well, stalking the champion…WHO CATCHES THE NIGHT TERROR WITH A DOWNPOUR OUT OF NOWHERE! STORM’S GOING FOR THE COVER!




What does Storm need to do to put away the Dream Demon!? We’re about to find out as Sandman lunges at the champion once more…LIGHTNING STRIKE, FOLLOWED IMMEDIATELY WITH ANOTHER DOWNPOUR! STORM’S HOPING THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER AS HE MAKES THE COVER!




Luke Storm has woken up from a terrible dream tonight, with a win over The Sandman!


The Emporium.

There’s screaming.


Horrifying blood curdling sounds from almost every corner.

The Emporium is under siege. There’s fires, smoke and carnage as we enter the building to see Nygma dragging a spiked baseball bat across the ground, covered in blood, hair and scalp.

He’s smiling, as you’d expect.

“Riddle me this, riddle me that,” he says, chuckling. “Who’s afraid of Nygma with a bat?”

An orderly runs in his direction, not towards him, but simply in his direction – being chased by three or four inmates. Nygma swings his bat violently, catching him across the skull.

The poor orderly hits the deck, the inmates stopping in their tracks to look at Nygma.

The Riddler pulls his barbed wire bat away, laughs and slams it down across his head, making a vile squelch as it impacts.

And again.


Until there’s nothing but mush beneath it.

“What’s the matter boys?” He asks, blood splatter all over his face. “Did someone order the patty?”

They don’t quite know how to react.

When Nygma bursts into hysterics, they suddenly comply, laughing with him.

“Good one, boss!”

He pulls his bat away from the mess and continues walking down the hall. When he finally reaches his destination, it’s clear who he’s looking for.

Because locked behind a large metal door, barricaded and secure – Doctor D’Ville and SeeSaw stand terrified, looking out into the carnage.

Nygma sarcastically knocks with his bat.

“Little pig, little pig, let me come in,” he rhymes.

SeeSaw looks at his father.

“Oh, not by the hair on your chinny chin chin?” The Riddler says with a loud and boisterous chuckle.

He turns around and grabs something, returning to the glass window on the door.

“Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in!”

He huffs.

He puffs.

He laughs.

Then he tosses what’s in his hand right through the glass of the metal door.

It’s a Molotov cocktail.

The room is very quickly engulfed in fire as Nygma skips away, laughing hysterically.

SeeSaw and D’Ville look at each other, rushing to the back of the room in panic.

The fire quickly engulfs everything.