Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

The static eventually clears up to reveal Doc D’Ville inside his office, looking over some paperwork with a concerned look on his face as he mutters to himself.

“I just don’t understand, how does he know about…”

D’Ville doesn’t get another word in before hearing a faint but noticeable THUD from outside. The sound gets louder as its source gets closer…and culminates with his office door kicked in, slamming against the wall as we see the smiling face of Nygma. Behind him are a couple of D’Ville’s men, knocked out and looking worse for wear as the Laughing King steps closer.

“How’s it going, Doc? Figured the time was right to pay a house call. I think it’s time for you to make a choice…who should your son hear the truth from, you or me?”

The anger in Doc’s face soon softens into disappointment with the sound of SeeSaw’s voice from the doorway.

“Daddy, what’s going on? What’s he doing back here?”

Nygma can barely contain his chuckling as he turns to face Mr. Make Believe himself, a confused look on his face…much to Nygma’s delight.

“Oh, goody. I’m glad you’re here, I was just offering your pops a choice…so I’ll extend it to you. Tell me, SeeSaw, since I know you love playing games so much, here’s your choice…truth or dare?”

Never one to turn down a game, SeeSaw’s look of confusion is soon replaced with a menacing smile of his own.


This only raises the level of concern shown by D’Ville, as Nygma and SeeSaw both start laughing for vastly different reasons. Nygma turns to D’Ville, grinning from ear to ear.

“You hear that, Doc? Your son’s made the choice for you…so I dare you to try and shut me up. One of us is going to tell the truth when this is all over…it’s up to you to decide who fesses up.”

With that, he flashes another grin at SeeSaw before storming out of the office with one more THUD as he slams another of D’Ville’s men against a wall, leaving a regretful father with his blissfully unaware son.





The blue flash of a portal opening. The Judge appears, stepping forward into the night. A moment later, The Blood Shark falls through the very same portal, right onto the ground at The Judge’s feet. Shark rises with a snarl, lashing out in anger but the Judge simply steps back and keeps the rabid Shark at Bay with the end of his axe. Eventually, The Shark simmers long enough to snarl out a sentence.

“Why have you brought me here?”

The Judge doesn’t directly answer the question, but he does address the Blood Shark.

“Yours is a story with many a twist and turn. Tragic yes, but in that tragedy there was ultimately balance.”

The Judge steps away from the Shark, touching the glass of a large aquarium. As he gazes on, a school of fish swim by him, followed by the predatory form of a trio of sharks. Two large sharks and one younger that follows along.

“Balance is the circle of existence. Such is life. Some fish will ultimately be eaten while others will escape. It is not our place to decide which ones. And the baby shark will grow to become a hunter just like it is destined to become.”

The Blood Shark grabs Judge by the neck.

“Enough. Get to your point or these Sharks won’t be the only ones feeding tonight.”

The Judge pushed Shark away with a palm to the chest.

“The Observatory shows that Axel had no hand in upsetting the balance on that fateful night of the crash. But… In the case of The Reaper’s family, much is clouded. And with the Observatory showing such errors in one case. It is only logical to question other findings.”

The Shark cocks it’s head to the side.

“So you’re here to judge whether your judgements are even true? How petty, how… Pathetic. You really are clutching at straws.”

The Judge does not disagree.

“Essentially. Everything must be questioned. Balance must be restored, the cosmic consequences would be dire. You have caused much pain and suffering, but is that in cosmic balance? You are a complex being, Shark. For in you there has been much good and much evil. Yet there is still no balance in your soul.”

Shark lashes out once more but before he can, the portal reappears and both beings disappear into it.

Cut .



The Red Knight faces off against one half of the new tag team champions here tonight. Will Voynich continue his great run or can Redwing gain another shot at his former championship?

The bell rings as both men walk forward, exchanging a good sportsman handshake before locking up in a collar and elbow. Both men jockey for position before Voynich leverages his technical prowess to bridge Redwing down onto the mat. ONE…Redwing pops the shoulder up, letting go of the lockup as he backs up for a moment before rushing forward with a huge dropkick that takes Voynich by surprise. The Best Kept Secret stumbles to his feet into a trio of european uppercuts, the final that rocks him before he’s pulled into Redwing’s arms for a RETURN TO ARKHAM!

Voynich gets spiked into the mat but escapes the pinfall attempt, stumbling up into the corner as Redwing tries to rush forward for a clothesline attempt but gets a boot to the jaw for his troubles. Redwing stumbles back, ISHTAR GATE! The Lariat doesn’t hit fully in the short range that Voynich explodes out of the corner as Redwing isn’t down but he’s groggy, Voynich pulling the Knight up high in the air before spiking him down with the MONALITH BRAINBUSTER!

Voynich covers quickly. ONE…TWO…REDWING JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Redwing slowly gets to his feet into a knee to the jaw as Voynich grabs him by the head, looking for the Sliced Bread but Redwing slips out, spinning Voynich around into the GODWATCH! The leaping knee stuns Voynich before Redwing grips him in a bulldog, KILLING…DROP TOE HOLD! Voynich counters the bulldog into the buckles, grabbing the groggy Red Knight quickly before completing the EIGHT WONDER! The Sliced Bread hits flush as Voynich drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Voynich continues his great run as of late, picking up the big victory against Redwing here tonight


In Washington D.C., Tyler Brooks and Hayden Hardkore have shown up at the steps of the Library of Congress!

They walk up to the librarian.

“How might I help you gentlemen?”

Tyler speaks softly and in a different manner than normal.

“Well mam, we’re here as historic scholars and we are interested in looking at the most ancient piece of literature you have here.”

“Well, our oldest printed work is a Buddhist discourse printed in the 8th century, however our oldest piece of writing in general is a cuneiform tablet dating back to 2040 BC.”

Hayden and Tyler look at each other excitedly.

“May you point us in the direction of this artifact mam?”

“Yes, there are multiple tablets up on the second floor in cases, the oldest has depictions of religious figures.”

“Thank you so much for the help.”

“My pleasure.”

Hayden and Tyler goes to the tablets and finds one covered in runes, ones with nature aspects, and finally one covered in religious figures.

“You know what we have to do right?”

Hayden Hardkore nods and punches the glass.

The glass shatters and alarms are ringing throughout the library!

They grab every tablet they can and see security coming up the stairs!

They push a bookshelf down to block the security guards and they run towards the windows!

They break through the windows and land on the field with shards of glass all around them.

They jump up and run towards a blacked-out SUV!

They jump in and yell at the driver!

It’s Cody Williams!

“Go! Go! Go!”

Cody rushes down the streets in the SUV meant to blend with the secret service vehicles.

“Did you get the tablet?”

“We got multiple tablets. One of these will hopefully work.”

“They better because you two are a national security threat now and everyone wants to get you.”

“Let them try.”





“Banzan, what are we doing?”

Banzan sits, legs folded, across from Sweet Alice in a bamboo shack.

He holds her hands.

“Remember last week, how we traveled through your mind trying to locate it?”

“I barely remember anything at all, Banzan. It’s a dreadful feeling. It seems when one’s mind is lost, so is one’s memory.”

“Well,” Banzan says. “I’ve decided to try a more direct approach. Your mind must be somewhere in your brain. My intention is to locate it.”


“I will enter your brain. Astrally. But this will require great focus. And I will need your undivided attention.”

“Okay, Banzan.”

After a moment, a purple aura begins to cover Banzan and Alice. It almost swallows them whole, covers up their body like a blanket.

As it covers them up, it begins to spread up their arms towards their entwined fingers.

The tendrils of the aura engulf their hands…

It touches…


The aura turns red, EXPLODES from their body, and blasts them both back.

The aura dissipates. Banzan and Alice look at each other.

Smoke pours out of Alice’s ears.

“Did you find it?”

Banzan shakes his head. “I couldn’t see it through all of the flames.”





One week off losing his tag team championship, the Shark is out for blood but the son of a demi god may be even more then the predator can handle

The bell rings as Jac rushes forward, rocking Shark with a huge uppercut before slamming him to the mat with a sloppy Suplex. Blood Shark gets up to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights before he’s grabbed by the back of the head and thrown hard into the corner. The Shark pulls himself to his feet right as Jac rushes forward, The Shark ducking under a corner clothesline before drilling Bastard with a hard Reverse DDT into the mat.

Jac stumbles to his feet into a flurry of punches from the Shark that connect on the first few blows but Bastard manages to duck and weave from the rest, swaying with ease through the Shark’s blows before dodging a furious right hook, MUMBLES SMILE! The Blood Shark turns into that massive roaring elbow, dropping him down to one knee as Jac backs up, before nearly taking The Blood Shark’s head off with SPARKED OUT! The Bomaye Knee may have knocked the Shark out cold as Bastard goes for the cover, ONE…TWO…Blood Shark kicks out!

Jac tries to pull the Shark up, THE SHARK BITES HIS HAND! A stiff kick to the right knee drops Jac before he gets drilled with BLOODY MARY! The Shining Wizard hits flush as Bastard gets pulled to his feet, hammerlock applied, BLOOD MONEY! The Hammerlock DDT spikes Bastard into the mat as the Shark rolls him over for the ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Blood Shark feeds on the prey of divinity here tonight with a big win over Jac Bastard.




Alton Whitlock awakes in a cold sweat.

He’d fallen asleep the same way the last 4 nights: in bed, on his laptop, sorting through the data–looking for the evidence that would show the world what Anonymous did.

All while images of BEG danced in the periphery of his mind: head bowed beneath the guillotine, hands restrained, waiting for the end.

Each night, he had the same dream. Inauguration day. He’s starting to give his speech. A storm of black crows fly over the stage; one of them drops something in a dirty sack. He picks it up. Berkshire Ellison Green’s rotted, decapitated head falls out; a worm emerges from his decaying eye socket. He looks out at the crowd…

Then he wakes up.

This time, however–something’s different.

As he slowly opens his eyes, he realizes his laptop isn’t asleep like usual.

And as his vision gains focus–what he sees on the screen sends a shiver down his spine:

The masked visage of Anonymous.

“Tired, Alton?” he asks. “You must be. It’s been a long campaign, hasn’t it? Even if you spent most of it chasing my shadow and hunting down Berkshire in the woods.”

Whitlock’s nostrils flare as he breathes.

“I’ve been monitoring your progress, and the work of Gouldern’s old lapdog,” Anonymous continues. “Impressive.”

“I’m going to show the world who and what you are,” Whitlock responds. “You think democracy is a game? That America is a tool you can use in this petty squabble?”

“Save your hero’s speech, Alton,” Anonymous replies. “We both know who is the predator and who is the prey here. That scar on your face should remind you.”

“It’s only a matter of time until we find the proof that you forgot to clean up,” Whitlock says defiantly.

“Forgot?” Anonymous asks. “I thought you would have figured it out by now, Alton. Nothing was forgotten. You were left with precisely as much evidence as intended. Enough so that you know. But not enough to prove who did it. Nothing remotely conclusive. Not enough for the world to ever believe you.”

He pauses a moment.

“Your destiny has been decided for you, Alton. You will be so crushingly alone in the knowledge of what happened to your deepest dream that you can never get out from under the weight of it again. That you can’t move an inch.”

“At Heartbreaker, your fate shall be sealed…”

“When you are baptized in Berkshire Ellison Green’s blood.”

“Until then, Alton.”

The laptop thunks dead abruptly.

Whitlock sees his shocked reflection in the darkened screen.







The sky fills with ashen gray and the camera follows the black plumes of smoke downwards until our eyes are treated to the scorched remains of a flower shop. The inside is charred, flowers turned to nothingness, and a single face with a wicked smile on its lips.


She holds a single rose in her hand, flames dancing from her fingertips until it devoured the plant, allowing its ashes to join that of the rest of the shop’s interior.


She speaks to herself, indulging heavily in the moment until the sounds of feet on ash gets her attention, her smile turning to a scowl as she turns to face the intruder.


The marine doesn’t look surprised, he doesn’t even look angered. He simply sighs, looking Pyre up and down.


Pyre narrows her eyes in confusion, unsure of what he means, staying weary but Bishop stays where he is.

“Just tell me why you’re doing this, Pyre. Any reason you can give won’t stop me from hunting you down, and not knowing won’t either. But if I’m going to be taking you down, I’d prefer to hear the reason.”

The fire witch takes this in and just chuckles.

“Not even going to get on me for burning down the florist they were using? Fine.”

Pyre walks through the rows of burned flowers, setting any stray greenery ablaze, the fire dancing in her eyes as she chuckles in glee.

“I had what I think was a dream. I dreamt I burnt down a massive library, and when I did it, when I saw the look of terror on the faces of those who used it… I felt fulfilled. I felt smarter, and I felt happier.”

Bishop obviously doesn’t understand, his face twisting in disgust as he begins to approach Pyre, the witch not noticing as she burns more of the shop.

“And I realized… fire is something that hungers, it consumes. And if I can feel something from consuming that library, even in my dreams? Then what could happen if I let my flames devour the happiness of someone else? And needless to say, I was right. I’ve never felt so alive.”


“You’re destroying all they have because you’re jealous of their happiness? You’re sick.”

He walks through the hole in the wall to continue his assault but Pyre is gone, the witch going up in smoke, the only thing left behind being fresh embers where she once was.





It’s a clash of personalities here as chainsaw-wielding Terror Squad henchman Tyler Brooks picks a fight with Stranger Danger welcome basket from the ‘burbs, Sandy Rogers.

Sandy starts the match by offering his hand for a sporting shake. Brooks has a wry smirk on his face, shrugs his shoulders and takes Sandy’s hand but then kicks him to the gut repeatedly while maintaining the grip of his arm. The Saviour wrenches Rogers’ arm then elbows him in the head. Sandy drops to the canvas and Brooks repeatedly stomps all over him.

The Saviour picks up Sandy and drills him into the mat with a German suplex. Rogers gets to his feet arching his back, Brooks nails him again with a suplex. Brooks is on his feet, stalking Sandy. Your Friendly Neighbourhood sluggishly gets up, Brooks telegraphs YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY but before he goes into the air…SANDY FAINTS! And drops to the canvas.

Brooks bursts into laughter, keeling over as he laughs heartily. But Sandy reveals he’s been playing possum by catching The Saviour with a sneaky…LUCID FALLS! THE DROP TOE HOLD GIVES ROGERS CONTROL! Sandy gets out the Lee puppet…HAPPY FACE!!! NO!!!! IT’S THE ETERNAL SALVATION! ROGERS IS USING BROOKS’ OWN SUBMISSION AGAINST HIM!!!

Or at least he is trying, but Brooks scrambles quickly to the ropes and the submission is broken. Both men get to their feet, Brooks is on the front foot with punches to the face, setting up for YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY!!!! DUCKED!!! THE SAVIOUR IS LEFT STRADDLED ON THE TOP ROPE! Rogers hip tosses The Savior to the canvas, hits the ropes and lands a Body Splash, hooking back the legs…ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood hands out a lesson in good manners to the rabble rousing Terror Squad.




Previously Recorded.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

We’re still in Las Vegas with Bill Kirby, as the private investigator looks down at the piece of paper holding an address given to him by The Judge last week. He looks up at inauspicious building with a simple plaque above the door he is fast approaching.


As Kirby goes to knock on the door, it opens before he can. An older man stares back at him with a curious expression.

“Another visitor?” The old man says. “How can I help you, son?”

Kirby’s eyebrow raises at his comments, but goes into business-mode.

“Hello, sir. My name is Bill Kirby. I’m a private investigator, and I’ve been given this address for some information on…”

“Axel?” The old man cuts him off.

Kirby nods, slowly reaching his hand into his pocket as he walks in the door. He’s taking no chances.

“Has anyone been here to ask about Axel recently?” Kirby asks as they walk through a drab hallway. The building is in disrepair. Children move through the hallway, from room to room, each giving Kirby a weird look.

“Funny you say that,” The old man begins. “Someone just showed up about an hour ago. He’s still here somewhere, talking with my wife.”

The pair walk into a large common room. No other adults are in sight. The old man grimly smiles at Kirby.

“Axel came here when he was a teenager. He and his little brother. Their mom got caught in a riptide and drowned. I’m not sure the dad was ever in the kids’ life. Weird kid, but he was harmless. Listened to some weird music, loved to watch wrestling on TV.”

“Brother?” Kirby asks, drawing out his notepad.

“Yeah, the brother wasn’t here too long. He was about eight, and got adopted real quick by a real nice couple. Axel was too old for anyone to consider him, and he got real resentful for that. He tried to get any job he could to see the kid. After he aged out, I didn’t hear from him for the better part of a decade. He started inviting the kids here to come tour the arena he wrestled at.”

Kirby writes this info down, circling the world “brother” on the page.

“Oh, here they come!” The old man says, gesturing toward an opening back door. An old lady walks in, but right behind here is none other than The Reaper.

“Fancy meeting you here.” Reaper says to Kirby, obviously recognizing him.

“I don’t think we’ve met.” Bill responds coolly. “What brings you here?”

Reaper merely chuckles at that, letting it go. He nods to the lady.

“Mrs. Finger was giving me a tour of their facilities. If I’m in a new area, I like to give these places a tour. It never escapes me that if things had went differently, my kids could have ended up here. Left behind by a father that’d give everything for them. Sound familiar?”

Kirby swallows, his eyebrows narrowing in anger.

“Possibly.” He responds. “Find anything interesting?”

“Nope,” Reaper shakes his head. “This place is doing the best they can with what they got. Whatever happened to our mutual friend didn’t happen here.”

Bill quickly pockets his notepad, nodding to the older couple.

“Thank you for everything that you do.” He hands Mr. Finger his business card. “If you take donations, I’ve got some things, and funds, I’d like to set you up with. Thank you for your time.”

He shakes Mr. Finger’s hand before turning to walk away, Reaper hot on his heels, talking quietly as the pair leave the house.

“Our other mutual friend sent you here, and you mean to tell me you didn’t find shit?”

Kirby shakes his head, turning to confront Reaper once they’re outside the house.

“I think it’s about time we all stopped pretending this wasn’t about playing judge, jury, and executioner for all of us. I’ve put aside my guillotine, and I’m going to work on saving someone this time instead of keeping everyone in my crosshairs.”

Bill Kirby walks off, leaving Reaper alone.





A hush falls over the OSW Slaughterhouse. It’s not a quiet of sadness, or worry, or mortal concern.

It’s a respectful silence.

Because in the ring, stands arguably the greatest OSW roster members of all time.

Brent Kersh.

And he has a microphone in his hand.

“It’s been a long, long time since I’ve stood in this ring and spoke to you people — my people.”

The crowd cheers.

“When you fight, when you compete, when you lay it on the line week in and week out for as long as I have, things start weighing on your mind that didn’t when you were younger. Thoughts about your legacy, your time in this league, what it all meant, what it was for…”

The crowd chants his name. BRENT! BRENT! BRENT! BRENT! BRENT!

“So last week, when the legacy, the daughter of one of the greatest men I’ve ever had the pleasure of fighting both against and alongside challenged me to put my career on the line at Heartbreaker?”

Jeers from the crowd.

“Don’t boo her. Don’t you dare. I love that girl. I love her father. But at the same time, you all know I have no choice but to accept.”

Cheers from the audience.

“But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know!”

A big POP from the crowd.

“But Michaela I need to tell you two things, so hear me well. You can’t keep a good man down, and you can never count me out.”

Another massive cheer.

“So at Heartbreaker, it will absolutely break my heart to have to step in the ring against you. But you won’t break my spirit. And by the time the smoke settles, you can bet your ass that Brent Kersh will still be standing tall. And you can bet it twice that I’m gonna finish what I’ve started.”





Somewhere between the Oval Office and a waking nightmare, these two do battle!

Both men lock-up. Whitlock is here physically, but his mind is on the White House. A focused Jessie, meanwhile, knows what he must do to free Lucid Falls. The Prince overpowers The Candidate, pushing him into the corner and working him like a punch bag. He shotputs him into the ropes… Planting him with a spinebuster! ONE… TWO… Kick out! This race isn’t over!

The son of Ash pulls Alton up. The Vermonter slugs him in the gut, however, then hits a jawbreaker! Williams recoils, clutching his jaw. Whitlock springs up behind him, applying a waistlock… The politician drives Jessie into the mat with a German suplex! ONE… TWO… Shoulder up! The Wayward Son somehow manages to carry on!

Alton pushes the Michigander into the corner. He climbs the ropes and expertly rallies the crowd with a ten-punch – until Jessie flattens him with a powerbomb! As though guided by his father, Williams heads up top himself… CALL OF THE CHOSEN! The swanton bomb pancakes Whitlock! ONE… TWO… THR—STOP THE COUNT! SHOULDER UP!

Jessie can’t believe it! He has an ace up his sleeve, though. Raising his gauntlet into the air, he relishes the pop from the Slaughterhouse crowd. His dual-citizen opponent groggily gets to his feet. The star-athlete pounces… BOOOOYAAA—NOOO! ALTON DUCKS THE SUPERMAN PUNCH! Scooping Jessie up into the vertebreaker, he shows him a BETTER WOOORLD! ONE… TWO… THREE!

We’re going to need the Necronomicon to bring Jessie back from that!




Monty Straight, Sigil, and Voynich are walking down the streets of Alexandria.

Voynich begins to speak.

“I’ve been to the remodeled library before Monty, it’s splendid but it has nowhere near the contents of the Library of Congress. It was the largest in its apex but that was centuries ago.”

“You haven’t been recently I see.”

“No, it’s been closed for renovation, last I heard.”

“Yes and I have been instrumental in its progress so look before you at the New library of Alexandria!”

Monty waves his hand and shows a fifteen story library that is a majestic dark purple.

Voynich is stunned and Sigil nods approvingly, Sigil begins to speak.

“Are you sure this is going to have the information I seek Monty?”

“I assure you, it has every written word that’s ever been scrawled inside it’s walls. It was my contestant’s dying wish.”

Voynich’s eyes open wide and he responds carefully.

“Ah… so that’s what you meant by saying you were instrumental.”

“Yes, the contestant gave away any fame he could have received to make sure this building is here, it is his legacy.”

“Okay, well if he died to make sure it has every written work in the world, it has to have the information we seek. Let’s go in and see what we can find.”

Sigil nods and Monty leads the way. They walk in to the building and Monty walks to a librarian punching in some data.


“Hello Mr. Straight, is everything looking okay for the grand opening?”

“Yes of course but that’s not why I’m here, these gentlemen with me need some information about a mysterious artifact, a tablet to be specific.”

“Ah, if it’s what I’m thinking it is, it’s in the KL collection.”

“I figured that was the case, I’ll take them there.”

They start to go to the elevator, Monty presses the 15 button.

“The top floor, the KL collection?”

“It’s the initials of the contestant, he traveled the world seeking artifacts much like yourself Voynich, if anyone would know about this sort of stuff, it would be him.”

Ding! The door opens and everything is assorted in cases alphabetically.

“Good, he would’ve liked the order of all this, look where makes sense.”

Voynich breathes in everything while Sigil searches frantically for the information. He looks through all these cases but nothing can be found!

Voynich notices something in the corner.

“Hey, this stuff hasn’t been put up yet, it could be in here.”

Sure enough, there’s a letter on top with a question mark written on it.

Dear Mr. Lehner,

I found some information regarding what you sent me from Giza. When I touched that tablet, I felt power surging through every part of me. I figured you needed some translation but after feeling that, I needed to know more. I sent it to a lab to date it for us as it was in a language I could not recognize. It is from at least 3600 BC and predates the Kish tablet, this could be the oldest writing we have ever found but I can’t give more solid information without deeper research. I sent it to some scientists who will send it back to Giza when they are done. This might be one the most important discoveries in history. Congratulations!


Sigil looks angry.

“Well that doesn’t tell me anything. It doesn’t even have who wrote it.”

Monty replies.

“No, but it tells me everything, the name is gone because the contestant’s name has been wiped from history. He didn’t send it anywhere, I saw it in his office before I started renovations.”

“So it’s here?”

“It’s somewhere in this place but if there’s one bad thing about this library, it’s that you have to dig through a lot to find what you need.”

Voynich nods.

“Exactly what I’m good at, let’s search, Sigil.”

Sigil nods and looks frantically like before.





Punchout walks into the locker room and finds a seated Jac Bastard un-taping up his hands from his match earlier tonight. As Punchout walks by Bastard he “accidentally” collides with the Welsh madman. Bastard stands and confronts him, clearly remembering their last run-in.

“You’re just cruising to have your teeth rearranged, chap,” the Welsh bruiser states, flashing his cocky smile.

“Funny guy, I’d love to redecorate your face and make you a fucking sideshow at our next stop. How does that sound…chap?”

Just as the two massive men get ready to exchange blows, the lights of the locker room go out.



As the lights flicker back on, Vex is standing between the two men with a blood-soaked bat. She licks a drop of blood from the bat and smiles. She then crouches down, staring at each of the unconscious men.

“Boys, boys, the truth is I need for you to save your strength. I can’t risk everything on you two blowing some smoke and doing something you might regret. You two beautiful specimens need to make it to Heartbreaker. That is where our destinies lie.”

At this moment, the succubus’ eyes begin to roll back into her head and the lights begin to flicker. She takes one deep breath and a faint light emerges from the two men’s bodies, flowing into her mouth. Vex slowly licks her lips and the environment returns to normal.

“I couldn’t resist, gentlemen. I wanted just a taste of my master’s prize.”





Fresh off his win over OSW Champion Luke Storm, the Indestructible Mountain enters The Slaughterhouse against one of the most dangerous individuals on the roster. Can Mr. Make Believe add another “toy” to his collection?


SeeSaw has a bunch of his favourite “toys” in his arms and he tip toes up to Banzan, offering The Mountain the chance to “play”. Banzan stares at Mr. Make Believe with incredulity and is caught off guard as SeeSaw launches his bounty into The Mountain’s face. SeeSaw is pounding at Banzan’s body with the hardest lefts and rights he can muster but the immovable object recovers, grabs SeeSaw by the head with both hands and launches him into a turnbuckle. SeeSaw bounces off with the force straight into…TIGER CLAW!!! FIVE POINT PALM STRIKE!!!

SeeSaw scrambles out of the ring to recover but The Mountain is in quick pursuit. Mr. Make Believe is feigning surrender with both hands up, palms outward. Banzan continues to move but he’s blinded as SeeSaw throws some kind of glittery dust in The Mountain’s eyes, then drops him face first with a drop toe hold onto the steel steps. SeeSaw is now slamming Banzan’s head repeatedly against the steps, then deals a killer RUNNING TWO FOOTED DROP KICK to the Mountain’s head.

There is blood all over The Mountain’s face, SeeSaw ignores a tame reprimand from the official and rolls his prey into the ring. SeeSaw climbs to the top rope, he’s looking for the FLIGHT OF THE ORNITHOPTER!!! MR. MAKE BELIEVE LAUNCHES HIMSELF LIKE A HUMAN AEROPLANE!!!! WOW!!! RIGHT INTO A MASSIVE DUKKHA SUPLEX FROM BANZAN!!!

SeeSaw gets to his feet clutching his back so he never sees it coming…MAGGA!!! THE MOUNTAIN BORES A HOLE INTO MR. MAKE BELIEVE’S CRANIUM!!! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Mountain ends his playdate with SeeSaw in one piece and with another big win to his name.




Jessie Williams is walking down a backstage hallway, his eyes focused on his brand new cell phone, and whomever he is texting right now.


He turns a corner, and practically runs down someone headed the opposite way. He looks up with annoyance, but it turns to something else as he sees none other than Sandy Rogers in front of him.

“Jessie!” Rogers greets, ignoring their collision. “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“You’re not going to change my mind, Sandy.” Jessie warns.

Rogers frowns.

“I know.” He admits. “I saw that we’re going to be facing one another at Heartbreaker, and I wanted to speak with you first.”

Jessie pockets his phone, and holds his hands out in an expression of ‘out with it.’

“I wasn’t wrong to warn you away from chasing the Sandman.” Sandy says. “But I was wrong to dismiss your comments. I do not believe I am a prisoner, Jessierino, but if I am, then I know you’ll save me. Just don’t give him the Necronomicon.”

Williams nods, still hot.

“I see what you’re trying to do. You’re humoring me. That’s why we’re going to fight, so I can slap some sense into you.”

Rogers turns grim as Jessie continues.

“Then we’re getting our asses straight to Lucid Falls.” He begins. “And you’re going to help me go to sleep, and wake up in the dream world. Then I’ll be able to prove that I’m right.”

Sandy Rogers lowers his eyes.

“I pray you are wrong, Jessie. Because if you are right, and Sandman has turned my beautiful town into a prison, then I fear your trip may be one way. He will ensure you won’t wake up.”

The Prince nods in agreement.

“That’s why I’ve got you there. Everyone needs backup.”

Before Sandy can respond, Jessie walks off leaving the older man looking concerned.




Two weeks ago.

The American Legion Bar.

Malice sits at the bar, a drink in his hand. Unlike last time we saw him in this situation, he looks healthy, smiling, the bottle no longer grabbing him by the throat.

“Hey man.”

Malice turns around to see Bishop taking a seat beside him.

“Hey, brother.” Malice smiles, “How about a beer?”

“Nah,” Bishop says. “Only on special occasions these days, man. I’ve got a lot of shit going on.”

“Don’t I know it,” Malice replies. “But this is a special occasion, Bishop.”


Malice looks Bishop in the eye. A bond between the two that could never be broken exchanged in but a momentary glance.

“I have a small request,” Malice says. “I want you to be my best man.”

Bishop smiles, shakes his head, nods.

He motions to the bartender. “Hey, how about a beer?”





Tonight’s main event is a four-way tag match but the catch is the members of each team have little reason to show fraternity towards their partner. This is a powder keg waiting to explode, who will provide the spark and which team will escape the turmoil with pride intact?

The match begins with Luke Storm and Cody in the ring. The Terror Squad member charges the OSW champ but a wild swing is ducked by Storm who shuffles in on The Reflection of Perfection with some body shots, then an elbow smash to the face, Irish whipping Cody into the ropes and nailing him in the midriff with a spinning back kick. Cody stumbles across the ring and rolls out under the bottom rope.

Storm moves across to the ropes, he’s looking for a slingshot to the outside but as he does so Pyre pulls down the ropes and Storm has to adjust and land on the apron to keep his footing. This gives Cody a chance, he yanks Stormborn’s feet away from the apron and the OSW World Champion’s face connects with the apron. Cody follows this up with a knee to the back of Storm and….PYRE FROM THE APRON!!! THE FIRE WITCH TAKES OUT CODY WITH A CROSS BODY!!!

This is the first invitation for a melee to break out on the ring exterior. The Reaper moves and grabs Pyre, neutralizing her with a headbutt then lifting her with a gorilla press and launching her at the steel ring post. GOOD GRIEF!!! THAT MAY HAVE SNAPPED THE WITCH IN HALF!!! Bishop drops The Harvester with a running clothesline, picks him up and POWERSLAMS HIM ON TO THE CONCRETE!!! But here comes The Judge….THE VERDICT!!! SPARTA KICK TO BISHOP SENDS THE VHS CHAMPION CRASHING THROUGH THE CROWD BARRIER!!!!

Meanwhile, Monty Straight, standing on the apron near the action, has a microphone in his hand, commentating for The Show That Never Ends. Nygma is watching the madness, cackling maniacally.

The referee is fighting to regain control, issuing a rebuke to The Judge who displays no emotion and merely turns towards his corner. Cody and Storm are back in the ring as the legal men. The Storm King is holding his back, Cody wastes no time working on it with a stiff knee then a backbreaker, followed by three hard stomps to Storm’s back. The Reflection of Perfection turns Stormborn over and covers…ONE..TW- KICKOUT BY STORM!!!

Cody is stalking Stormborn now, hollering at him to get up. The Champ sluggishly gets to his feet, kick to the gut and set-up for PERFECT ENDING!!! NO!!! REVERSAL!!! STORM WITH A BACK BODY DROP!!!!

The Storm King is wincing in pain, slowly creeping towards his corner for a tag. Nygma is standing there, hand outstretched, encouraging his brother. Storm leaps for the tag…NYGMA PULLED HIS HAND AWAY!!!! THAT’S NO LAUGHING MATTER!!! There is a killing look on Luke Storm’s face, Nygma is LAUGHING and drops down from the apron, WALKING AWAY from the ring, mockingly WAVING GOODBYE to his brother.

Cody drops on Storm and begins to pound away with clubbing arms. Stormborn rolls onto his stomach though and fights back, connecting with a big right. The OSW Champion gets to his feet, he’s landing rights and lefts on Cody. Monty Straight runs in and tries to blindside Stormborn….LIGHTNING STRIKE!!! Reaper is the next to fly in…DOWNPOUR!!! LUKE STORM IS CLEANING HOU-PYRE!!!! DANCING FLAMES CONNECTS ON THE CHAMPION!!!

The Judge and Bishop are the next two in the ring…ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE!!! The two juggernauts trade blows and eventually topple over the top rope and out of the ring. Cody, Monty Straight and Pyre are all over Luke Storm, kicking the the living crap out of him. The ref is screaming for order with the futility of a cover supervisor handed a Year 11 bottom set. There’s a pop from the crowd, the three aggressors turn around…

IT’S NYGMA!!! Cody charges…he’s floored….THE JOKE’S ON YOU, BUDDY!!! Pyre is sent OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! Monty Straight tries to assault Nygma with a microphone but the RING KING ducks and brings the show to an end with the ENIGMA THEOREM!!!

Nygma, head right back, gives it large on the hideous cackle, moving backwards he bumps into ANOTHER BODY….Nygma turns, he’s face to face with…


The brothers take a step back away from each other, but eyes boreing holes into one another. THE TENSION IS THICKER THAN A FIVE DOLLAR SHAKE!!! Both men ball their hands into fists and set themselves. IT’S GOING TO KICK OFF HERE!!! BROTHER VERSUS BROTHER!!!!

But that one will have to wait a little while more because Bishop takes out Nygma with a BIG BOOT!!!, The Judge folds Storm in half with a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! It’s the two big men face to face again…






The referee, by this time he’s had enough and thinks to hell with the identity of who is legal in the ring right now, counts…ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Newton brothers survive the turmoil and each other to take home an unconventional tag team win.




As the dust settles on our main event, tensions remain at an all-time high. Individual feuds threaten to boil over at any second. Alongside that, three teams seem about as ready to accept defeat as a presidential candidate accepting losing his race. As it were, a Mexican Standoff of epic proportions forms in the middle of the ring.

Eight pairs of eyes dart about, waiting for one another to make the move. One referee stands in the center, begging for all parties to back down. But back down they do not.

A single laugh from our Laughing King is all it takes and all hell breaks loose. Fists fly, bodies are hurled about in every which direction. And one referee is powerless to stop it.

But one voice is.

It booms out, a deep, demonic sounding voice seemingly from the depths of hell itself.

“I’ve found her…”

Laughter fills the Slaughterhouse. Not the crazed laughter of Nygma but an all out evil, sinister laughter of a monster come to claim it’s victim. Rain appears in the entranceway. Suddenly, figures who had been so filled with rage seem less inclined to lay waste to each other and more inclined to ‘get the hell out of Dodge’. Soon, it is only Nygma and Storm who remain in the ring as the monster approaches.

Nygma steps forward, heading Rain off first.


He comes close enough to be eye to eye with Storm, who does not back down one inch.

“I’ve found her.”

It is the only thing Rain utters. Before, outta nowhere…


Rain grabs Storm by the ankle and begins to drag him, kicking and screaming in vain. He drags him back the way he came. Back out the entranceway, out of the Slaughterhouse. Where the hell is Rain taking our OSW Champion?

Who has he found?


What is he going to do to Luke Storm?

The transmission ends abruptly, with none of the questions uttering so much as an answer.