[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [We open in the backstage locker room area to find a figure crying, her head in her hands as a long sob comes over her. Soon, despite the clear sadness that has come over her, she composes herself enough to lift her head.] [It’s Paige Van Chan.] [This is all but confirmed as Bruce Van Chan himself walks into the shot, placing his hands on his wife’s shoulders from behind.]

“I’m doing this for you… I’m doing this for our family.”

[Paige turns to face Bruce and shakes her head through the tears. Not tears of anger, but tears of concern and worry. As she speaks, her voice echoes the same sentiment.]

“Please… Bruce. Just walk away. We will find a way, we will get by. Just walk away from this before you risk your life any further. I don’t know what I’d do if I were to lose you. Our family needs you here.”

[Bruce shakes his head, very assuredly – he has already made up his mind. He brings a finger down and places it on the lips of his wife to quieten her concerns.]

“I have to do this Paige. I need to do this.”

[He brings her in and embraces her.]

“One win tonight will secure our future, a future for our family. Don’t you see? If I can bring home the OSW World Championship, I will ensure that you’re provided for, irrespective of what happens to me.”

[Bruce stands up, kissing Paige before straightening with a smile. Paige says nothing, yet her eyes are still filled with tears and her face is still wrought with worry.]

“Besides. I’ve never felt…”

[Bruce cuts himself off short, clutching at his heart and falling to the ground without so much as a warning. Van Chan has collapsed and isn’t moving!] [Paige leaps off the bench she is sitting at and launches over to her husband’s side. Her voice is wavering with panic.]


[As the camera pans away, her desperate screams the vocal point of everything we can hear, someone lurks in the darkened corner, watching.] [With his hands clasped, and his eyes focused on Bruce Van Chan, Muerte stands.] [Death awaits.]


[This match is for the OSW Tag Team Championship. The Jeckels stand across the ring from the Family awaiting the match. This brutal feud comes to a head here tonight atop a ladder. The two Tag Team Championship belts hand high above the ring.] [Jack Jeckel and Jacob Phoenix circle one another for a few moments, and then they come together in the center with a collar and elbow tie-up. Jack shoots a knee into Jacob’s midsection, bringing Phoenix to his knees. Jeckel delivers a series of swift kicks to Jacob’s chest that rock him backwards. Then Jack grabs the kneeling Phoenix and drives his head into the mat with a DDT! At the same time Jake and Jensen are throwing heavy punches in the corner until Cussen gets the upper hand and throws Jake into the corner. He mounts the second turnbuckle and pounds Jake in the head as the crowd counts along! But then Jack sneaks under Cussen and plants him with a BOOGEYMAN BOMB!!] [Jack slides to the outside and grabs a ladder. Back in the ring, Jake and Phoenix are met in the center of the of the ring until Jake whips Phoenix into the ropes, but Phoenix returns with a flying cross body! He lays Jake out, pausing a moment to catch his breath. Phoenix leaps to his feet and jumps up in the air, landing back first across Jake’s chest! Jack slides the ladder under the rope and then slides back in to confront Phoenix.] [By now, Cussen has made it back to his feet and the two Family members start stomping Jack into the canvas. Jake is still down. They pull Jack up to his feet and drag him to the corner. They set him up onto the top turnbuckle. He is facing the crowd with his back into the ring. Cussen and Phoenix climb to the second rope. No! Don’t do it! YES! INVERTED DOUBLE SUPERPLEX THAT DRIVES JACK STERNUM FIRST ACROSS JAKE’S CHEST IN THE CENTER OF THE RING!!!] [The crowd starts a “THIS IS AWESOME” chant as Jacob and Jensen struggle their way to their feet after feeling the affects of that superplex. They set up the ladder, slowly as they struggle to recover. They make their way, wobbly, up the ladder on each side. They reach for belts, but can’t seem to get high enough. Then, the ladder starts tilting! Somehow the Jeckels have made it to their feet and shove the ladder over! The Family flies out of the ring and crashes to the floor below! The Jeckels fall to the ground again after that desperation save.] [Finally, the Jeckels make it back to their feet and start to climb the ladder. But then they spot the Family starting to gain their feet outside. They look at each other and step off the ladder. They back up and start running. DOUBLE SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES! All four men are down in a heap outside! The ref doesn’t know what to do as there are no count outs in a match like this. Finally, after what seems like ages, the men begin stirring. Jack and Jake get into the ring first, but Phoenix and Cussen are not far behind. Everyone seems a little worse for wear, but they immediately pair off and starts throwing punches.] [Jake gets the upper hand against Phoenix and boots him in the gut! He lifts him… THE HATCHET!! Phoenix is planted and ends up rolling onto the ground outside. Across the ring, Jensen Cussen gains advantage over Jack Jeckel. He throws Jack into the ropes and when he returns… HAIR-TRIGGER!! Jack is leveled by the Jawbreaker! Cussen is spun around by Jake… JUGGA-BLOW! Jake stands and smiles, but PHOENIX FOREARM! Nightwatch came from nowhere! He’s spun around… JUGGALOCO!! Jack grins and turns for the ladder… BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA!! Cussen levels Jack Jeckel! Jensen heads up the ladder… he unhooks the belts!] [The Family Retains!! Jensen Cussen and Jacob Phoenix win the match and keep their Tag Team Titles!]


[After that awesome ladder match, DTR, Stephanie Cussen and The Dead make their way to the ring, joining their fellow family members inside.] [And ‘The Virus’ has a microphone.]

“This virus coursing through our veins binds us. It connects each of us together as one.”

[The fans boo.]

“And because of that connection, I know that one of my three sons has purged himself of our Virus,” [DTR says, as Cussen, Phoenix and The Dead line up in the ring, each looking towards each other with an accusing eye.] “Which means that he’s using us and has ulterior motives.”

[Stephanie Cussen walks down the line, sniffing each one of them up and down. Suddenly, she grabs one of them, planting a kiss on him. The kiss is slow, deep and passionate.] [And it belongs to Jacob Phoenix.] [He slowly falls to his knees, holding his throat due to the toxins.]

“This one,” [Stephane says, pointing to her once beloved. Phoenix looks up at her, asking ‘why’, but she steps back, smiling.] [The Family quickly jump him, Jensen nailing him with a brutal kick to the jaw that lays him out. Both the Dead and Cussen stomp away at him, as DTR stands back, watching gleefully.]

“You were trying to take Stephanie away from us, weren’t you, boy?” [DTR yells, as his ‘sons’ beat the holy hell out of poor Jacob Phoenix.] “But we’re a family, don’t you see? You may have purged the virus from your system, but we can’t be fooled so easily.”

[Jensen finally steps away from laying the boots to Phoenix, to have his daughter throw her arms around him, embracing him.]

“This game of yours has come to an end, Jacob. I gave you the family you so desperately required, but we’re not the one you deserve.”

[Phoenix lays there, uncomfortable, bloodied and nearly unconscious. He looks up at Cussen and Stephanie, who stand over him. We see them from his eyes.] [Jensen stomps.] [Cut.]


[Static.] [Flames lick up against the bottom of the camera, embers flowing away into the darkness of the night. Stood above it, Solomon Rhodes looks into the depths of the flickering heat, his rough and chiselled face shadowing against the fire.]

“Born in fire, the Dragon emerges.”

[His raspy voice echoes throughout the shadows of the night.]

“His scales are created by the scars of many battles for his once mortal soul.”

[He pauses.]

“And the fire washes away the impurities of a life once lived under the shroud of someone else’s story. For now, he is reborn.”

[Suddenly, a cackling insane laughter can be heard from within the darkness that surrounds the dragon. He whips his head to the right, peering into the pitch black.]

“You see, man, rebirth is inevitable,” [The voice cracks from amongst laughter.] “And I like you was once shackled to the restraints of his voice. I no longer belong to a God that’ll hold my potential down.”

[Rhodes cannot see where the voice comes from, but it continues as the flames lick against our cameras.]

“But I am no dragon. Oh no, man, I am no dragon. The fire I breathe is contempt for men like Lux Bellator, for men like you. You claim to have forsaken your Lord but his handprints still wreak havoc across your battered torso, claiming the land as its own.”

[Solomon has by now turned, becoming more and more weary of the voice.]

“And in the fire, you’re reborn into darkness; into an ashen black existence, a void where only your lies create meaning.”

[The voice laughs once more.]

“But I will show you the light. I will let you follow me to the truth, man. And I will slay the dragon.”

[The fire suddenly roars up at the camera, being tipped over by a force we cannot see. Dust, embers and fire explode in front of us, returning the entire scene to static before our very eyes.]

“I’m back home, man.”

[Those lasting words echo.] [Cut.]


[The Double Feature Championship is on the line tonight as these four hunters lay it all on the line. Cordy Greer, The Sharkman, and Thunk stand in their corners and stare at the fourth corner where Muerte stands. The bell rings…] [And all three rush at Muerte and start pounding him into the corner. Thunk comes over the top with a clubbing blow that knocks Muerte to the ground. Cody Greer immediately begins driving his boot repeatedly into Muerte’s chest. The Sharkman pushes Greer out of the way and drops knee after knee into Muerte’s head. From behind, a guttural scream rips through the Tap Room as Thunk comes sprinting across the ring with a RUNNING BIG BOOT to the seated Muerte! But in his follow through, his elbow connects with Cody knocking him to the ground. Thunk looks at Greer, and then the Sharkman takes advantage, jumping onto Thunk’s back with a SLEEPER HOLD! Thunk wanders around the ring with the Sharkman perched on his back, but Shark refuses to let go. Finally, Thunk drops to a knee and seems to be fading.] [Sharkman is focused on putting Thunk to sleep when… PARALYSER!!! Greer just spears through Thunk and the Sharkman!! They are both down! Greer jumps on Thunk with a cover! One… Two… Thre…. Sharkman breaks the pin! He didn’t catch the full force of the Paralyser since he was shielded by Thunk’s body, allowing him to make the save. Sharkman begins to unleash a series of vicious kicks to the kneeling Greer! Shark takes a few steps back…. SUSHI KICK! He covers Greer… One… Two… Thr… Thunk breaks the pin with massive punch to Sharkman’s head!] [Thunk rips the Sharkman off of Greer and throws him into the ropes… as Shark returns Thunk screams out “DEAD PREY!” and drops Sharkman with a huge Samoan Drop! Thunk stands up and Greer is just getting to his feet. Thunk kicks Cody in the gut and “FROG FACE!” Greer is planted by the Bulldog and Thunk covers! One… Two… THREE!!!] [NO! Muerte is back to life! APPLE!! Superkick to Thunk who was sticking his head up high during the pin! Sharkman tries to get at Muerte, but Death ducks under a clothesline, and grabs Shark from behind… SHORTCUT TO HELL!! The reverse chokeslam almost puts Sharkman through the canvas! Greer makes his way back to his feet, and… DEATH’S DANCE!!! Greer is planted, and Muerte stands alone in the ring. He surveys his victims and decides on the Sharkman for more punishment. He lifts Shark and stalls with a VERTICAL SUPLEX before driving him back into the mat! He then stalks to Thunk who is back to his knees, LAUNCHES THE BIG MAN WITH A MASSIVE OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Greer rushed at Muerte, who ducks a Lariat, and Greer turns back right into a HUGE BIG BOOT! Death stands tall!] [He pins Greer… One… Two… THRE… NO! Greer just kicks out! Muerte took too long purveying his destruction, giving Greer just enough time to recover. He pulls Cody up again, but SHARKMAN FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A TORNADO DDT! Muerte is down! Greer and Shark both point at Muerte and start double team stomping him into the mat. Then, they lift him up and set him on the top turnbuckle!! What do they have in mind! They each climb the second rope on either side. They are going to try a Double Superplex!! They get Muerte in position… and Thunk slides under!! GREER AND SHARK SUPERPLEX MUERTE, AND AT THE SAME TIME, THUNK POWERBOMBS CODY AND THE SHARKMAN!!] [Thunk grabs his lower back after that exertion! All men are down. After a few moments and a huge pop from the crowd, Thunk makes it to his feet. He yanks Sharkman to his feet and lets out a guttural “THUNK SMASH!” Sharkman goes down hard, but the Thunk is leveled with a PARALYSER!! Greer makes his way to his feet to get into position for the pin, but SCYTHE!! Muerte screams in triumph, but then… RECKONING! Desperation from Sharkman! He falls into a cover! One… Two… THREE!!] [The Sharkman wins! After that amazing battle, he walks out of Pandemonium clutching the Double Feature Championship!]


[There’s a rampant excitement in the air tonight, but all of that changes when the hulking figure of Sergei Sokolov trundles towards the exit with his cell phone in hand. He pushes open the double doors and steps outside.] [Suddenly, he’s ambushed.] [Before he knows what’s happened, a brown bag is shoved over his head and no less than six men restrain him, dragging him away towards a nearby parked van. Sokolov makes it difficult, struggling with the aggressors who finally shove him inside.] [Laying there on the floor of this van, Sergei is bound, and forced to kneel.]

“Have you found it, yet?”

[A gruff, gravelly voice demands to know; his accent thick, and Russian.] [Sergei shakes his head.]

“You were tasked with job, and you dare fail? Ve do not accept failure, Mr. Sokolov.”

[The man, whose face has been entirely obscured by the camera placement, is wearing a very expensive suit. He stands up, reaches behind his back and pulls out a Makarov pistol. With the weapon firmly in his hand, he tilts it to the left, allowing himself to enjoy the feel of it within his palm.]

“If you not fit for job, you must be replaced. I don’t think you are right man for this, Mr. Sokolov. Therefore, your employment has been terminated.”

[He pulls the gun up to Sokolov’s head and reaches for the trigger.]

“Do you think I’m afraid?” [Sergei says, pushing his head towards the gun.] “General Dzagoev would turn in his grave if he thought I would bow to the likes of you.”

[Slowly, he stands up. The guards rush to force him back down, but the original speaker allows him to stand. His hulking frame towers over him, his head hunched against the roof because he doesn’t quite fit.]

“Pull trigger and end my life, but somehow, I don’t think you have enough bullets.”

[The Russian with the gun puts the safety back on his weapon, placing it back inside the waistband of his suit trousers.]

“Maybe I underestimate you, Mr. Sokolov? Maybe I give you more time, but we will not wait forever. Find it, because next visit, I will bring 50 calibre and have more than required bullets.”

[The man nods towards his guards, who open the van door and toss Sokolov outside. The Russian Bear hits the concrete floor with a thud, but quickly rolls back to his knees. With one big forceful push, he snaps the cable ties that tie his hands behind his back and takes the bag off his head.] [Looking back towards the van that now drives away, he smiles.] [Click.]


[The title is on the line, but this one runs deeper than gold! Its personal!] [Uncharacteristically Kersh flies out his corner quicker than the grand national winner. Straight on top of Mother he lays down left and rights. He’s letting her know he’s here. Hoisting mother up he looks to lock in Southern Discomfort! ITS IN! BANG!! HE’S HIT HER WITH IT!! KERSH MAKES THE COVER….. NAH!! Mother with a show of unhuman like strength powers him off, before he could even hook a leg. SHE JUST TOOK A SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!!] [Sitting herself up she smiles, but Brent is like a man possessed he hits a drop kick TO THE FACE! She springs up again… TO THE FACE AGAIN!! He hooks the leg, again she powers out!! Before a hand even hits the mat. A lesser man would get frustrated but not Kersh, he hoists Mother up, holds her mid air, then brings her back down. JACKHAMMER! Keeping ahold of mothers upper region though he transitions….] [ARMBAR!! THAT SUMMA-BITCH IS LOCKED IN TIGHT!!….. BUT SHE’S LAUGHING!! MOTHER IS CACKLING AWAY!! Kersh has her locked in tight….. THE LIGHTS GO OFF!! THEY COME BACK ON AND NOW MOTHER HAS KERSH IN AN ARMBAR!! THE TOUGH S.O.B IS SMILING HIMSELF!! He’s been through more in these last few months than most of us in a lifetime, and by god it will take as much to crack him as it would her!!] [Both competitors have shown what they’re made of, it will take something crazy to end this one! With the hold released a few second ago, the pace carries on. It’s only when Mother manages to whip Kersh into the corner. She follows up by swarming him and starts to bite on his forehead!! As he writhes around, blood is drawn! The referee tries to intervene. He’s forced to count… one…. Two… three… four.. Fi.. She withdraws her teeth! Last minute] [The blood pours down Brent’s face, not helped by Mother planting him with a huge DDT. Another official zero count as she attempts to cover but Brent overrides! With the belt on the line neither competitor will give an inch! Clamping her hand on either side of Kersh’ head she pulls him to a standing position, but she’s rocked when he hits he with a fisherman suplex and BRIDGES!! ONE!! KICKOUT! Our first one of the night people!] [Trading away, blow after blow Kersh dripping with blood, seems to hit Mother with a stray right, and another… and another!! And a fourth which sends Mother to the floor! He’s managed to floor her! Keeping on with kick after kick he works his way down. LONE STAR!!! He has the figure four locked in!! For the first time we see discomfort on Mother’s face, not pain but discomfort! Reaching for ropes that aren’t there, where will she go??] [Pulling back on the lone star he’s gonna break her damn hips!! It’s now Brent locks eyes with one of mother’s children. How has ne not noticed they’ve been ringside all along?? A second child locks eyes with Kersh, the father in him begins to come out, he softens himself…. In one of them he sees a resemblance of Danielle… then Trevor!! His grip slips further, he’s motionless in the ring! Turning his head to “mother” looking for comfort he gets nothing but BLACK MIST TO THE FACE! COVER! ONE…. TWO… THREE!!] [Nothing could hurt Mother, Kersh’ downfall and his strength was his heart!]


[The match is over, but Mother is having the last laugh…literally. Her maniacal laughter fills the Tap Room, much to Brent Kersh’s anger—PUNCH RIGHT TO THE JAW OF MOTHER! The strike is not enough to shut Mother up, and Kersh starts hammering away at her with rights and lefts! The Enforcer is not letting up on the woman—nay, the monster—that’s been torturing his family, but we see Nicole Kersh storming to the ring, pulling Brent off Mother. Nicole lifts her shirt just enough to reveal her baby bump, with no black veins running across it anymore! Brent is shocked as Nicole grabs him by the face.]

“Whatever power that monster thinks she has, she has none over us. This is our child, Brent…this is no child of hers.”

[Nicole turns her attention to Mother, whose laughter stops as she glares at the Kersh family with anger.]

“Do you hear me? This is no child of yours! Your evil has no place in our family.”

[Mother lunges at Nicole, but Brent stops her in her tracks with a CLOTHESLINE! Brent isn’t finished yet, as they come to blows one more time. Brent is a man hellbent on revenge as he looks to hit SOUTHERN DISCOM—the lights cut out, and when they come back on Mother has vanished. Brent looks around, ready for a fight…but with Mother nowhere to be found, he is soon able to focus on the woman in the ring with him. He smiles, relieved that the horror, for now, has come to an end as they embrace in the middle of the ring.]


[Click.] [Jack Jeckel stands alone. He’s looking at a cell phone with his eyes sourly focused on the bright screen. It must be bad news.] [Moments later, Jake enters the room with a shit eating grin.]

“Don’t worry little brother, there’s another shot at those tag titles down the road.”

[They both share a nod and begin walking down the hall.]

“But first, one of us needs to win Pandemonium, alright? Now Ring of Dreams needs a nightmare and we’re ganna have to decide whether that’s you, or me.”

[Jack suddenly turns around, punching Jake square in the jaw, dropping him immediately. There’s boos coming from inside the Tap Room as he helps him back to his feet and runs him head first into a concrete wall. The impact is severe. Jake’s neck crunches against the concrete and leaves a giant dent as he slithers down and hits the floor.] [‘The Boogie Man’ is incensed and no-one knows why. Is winning Ring of Dreams really this important? He pulls Jake to his feet one more time and THROWS HIM THROUGH A GLASS WINDOW, STRAIGHT INTO AN OFFICE BACKSTAGE! HOLY SHIT!] [Glass shatters everywhere, and The Juggalo isn’t moving.] [EMT’s rush into the office to check on Jake, quickly realizing that he’s in very bad shape after this brutal assault.]

“We need to get a stretcher in here now, he has to go to hospital immediately. Some of these lacerations are extremely deep. We need an ambulance outside The Tap Room, stat.”

[Jack though barges through them, reaching down and picking up his brother.]

“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”

[The Boogie Man walks with his brother over his shoulder, exiting the office and towards the awaiting ambulance outside. He lays an unconscious Jake down on the stretcher and walks back into the arena, not saying another word.] [What the fuck has gotten into this vicious and vile Jack Jeckel?] [Is he infected after all?]


[As Doubt stands inside the cage, awaiting his challenger for the Showcase Championship, there’s an air of tension built up inside the arena. So, when Viktor North’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, everyone knows that the fun and games stop now.] [Once the cage is locked, North immediately charges Doubt, clobbering him around the neck with forearms. As the emotion doubles over, North slams down on his back as hard as he can until it hits the canvas. The Viking angrily storms away from his nemesis, rallying the fans before walking back over and pulling him to his feet. The Showcase Champion barely knows what kind of freight train has hit him, and knows even less as North runs him face first over the top rope and into the cage! It bounces backwards, stumbling to the canvas on a knee.] [Viktor reaches down but Doubt catches him with a big right hand to the gut. It manages to get back to its feet, delivering right hand after right hand to North until Viktor himself is reeling. It backs him up into the ropes and sends him across the ring, nailing him with a knee as he returns, flipping The Viking right over. Doubt drops down into a mount, grabbing his head and punching him in the face as many times as he can, viciously. “I don’t have to kill you to beat you, North,” he fumes after one of those right hands. “Valhalla does not await you at my hand!” Doubt sneers.] [It gets off and heads to the corner, climbing up and looking to escape the cage. Doubt pulls himself up but his leg is snagging on something; It’s Viktor North! North has somehow gotten up and grasped a hold of it before it could escape. Viktor tries pulling him down but it doesn’t work, as Doubt now sits on top of the cage. There’s only one thing for it, so he climbs up to meet him. He’s there for a matter of seconds before being caught with a right hand, another, another, The Emotion pummels away until North blocks and sends a headbutt right in on its mask. That shocks Doubt, who flails backwards himself.] [They’re both teetering on top of the cage now. There’s a thin bar up there, maybe four inches thick. Viktor grabs the corner of the cage, and the wire that secures it, pulling himself back to his feet. Doubt grabs on to, deciding to meet him there. Both of these warriors are now stood on top of the cage! Holy shit! They start trading right and left hands, wobbling with every shot delivered and received. The Viking looks down to his left, knowing he can escape… but Doubt grabs him! He looks down towards the canvas, then towards The Viking… knee to the gut… INTO THE DOUBLE UNDERHOOK… EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! OH MY FUCKING GOD! A VERSION OF EATING YOUSELF ALIVE FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE TO THE FUCKING CANVAS BELOW! VIKTOR NORTH HAS TO BE FUCKING DEAD! THE VIKING MUST HAVE JUST BEEN FUCKING KILLED!] [“Holy shit” chants echo throughout the Tap Room as Doubt and Viktor North lay spark out on the canvas. They’ve not moved an inch since that devastating impact. Doubt finally gets enough energy to roll away towards the door, demanding it be opened. The referee obliges, and the Showcase Champion crawls out, dropping to the floor in a heap as the victor in one vicious brawl.]


[Framed by candlelight, a single altar stands. On the peripheral of our vision, we can see loose dirt and rock. This altar has been lovingly created in some sort of cave, its formations seemingly notched into the world for a single purpose.] [Into the darkness, a voice strikingly manifests into being. It’s tone is strong and resolute.]

“An angel spoke to me.”

[A shadow enters the cave, its darkness swallowing the altar whole.]

“It recounted to me the revelation of Jesus Christ. Blessed is the one who recounts this prophesy, and blessed are those who hear it.”

[The shadow is hooded, and as he steps forward into the dim candlelight, we can see that it is none other than Lux Bellator. His new black and red mask gleams in the light before him, yet much of it is obscured by the shadow of his hood.]

“This was not a prophesy of what has already transpired, but a prophesy of what is to come.”

[Standing above the altar, presumably created by Lux Bellator himself, the light warrior reaches down to run his fingers over what is laid upon this altar.] [A book.]

“The time is near.”

[The book is old and weathered by time and the conditions in which it was found. Yet the book still somehow shines under the glow of the light. This tome is not open to all who would read it though. It is very evident that the book is protected by several seals that wrap around it. Each seal is fixed with a different wax, and from the wear upon them, we can see that each seal has been tried and tested by some force.] [Yet they remain unbroken.]

“For the Lord has decreed this broken wretched civilization must be annihilated. Only then can God reach down and save his creation from the jaws of the beast.”

[Bellator’s fingers find their way to the wax of the highest seal protecting the book. As they touch it, the wax begins to slowly melt around them. A smile forms on the face of Lux Bellator.]

“The seven seals must be broken. The reckoning of the world is nigh, and only the warrior of light will bring about the judgment.”

[With another gust of wind and sand, we leave behind Lux Bellator inside this small cave.] [What has he brought upon the world?]


[The Underdog shocked everyone by winning the VHS Championship and now he faces his gravest challenge in the destructive power of the Scarecrow. Can Sheldon do it once more or will the Hayman destroy another hero?] [The bell rings as Sheldon circles around the ring, The Scarecrow staring him down not moving a muscle. Neville finally rushes forward, peppering The Scarecrow with lefts and rights that seem to barely be registered by the Hayman. Neville rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a Dropkick that only puts him on his ass as he bounces off the Scarecrow. Neville rushes to the ropes again, bouncing off into a huge right hand that sends him crashing to the mat. Scarecrow lifts Neville off the mat by his hair but Neville fights back, lefts and rights that barely flinch the Scarecrow before a big Dropkick that staggers it back a few feet] [Neville leaps up again, a huge Dropkick right on the chin that sends the Scarecrow into the ropes before Neville rushes forward, clotheslining it over the top rope to the floor below. The Scarecrow remains on its feet, turning back to the ring as Sheldon sizes it up, running forward, SUPERMAN! Neville finally takes the Scarecrow off its feet as the crowd roars, but as he goes to pull the Hayman up, he gets a hard throat thrust before the Scarecrow kicks him into the apron] [The Scarecrow lifts Neville up with ease, slamming him back first into the nearby ring post before tossing him over the top ropes into the ring as Sheldon lands with a thump, yelling out in pain. The Scarecrow slowly gets into the ring, lifting up Neville who tries to fight back but a hard knee to the gut stops him before the Scarecrow tosses him to the canvas once more with a massive Body Slam. The Hayman lifts Neville up by the throat but Neville fights out, nailing The Scarecrow with everything he has before leaping up, DDT!] [It merely stuns the Hayman but Neville scrambles away, climbing up to the top rope as he leaps off right into the waiting right hand of the Hayman who powers Sheldon down from mid-air into a massive Backbreaker. Neville screams in pain as The Hayman covers, ONE…TWO…Sheldon gets the shoulder up. The Hayman lifts him up again but Neville nails a low kick before somehow lifting The Hayman up off itsfeet, BODYSLAM! Neville rushes to the ropes, LEGDROP WRESTLEMANIA! Sheldon covers, ONE…SCARECROW POWERS OUT! He tosses Sheldon across the ring with massive force as Neville rolls to his feet] [Neville runs forward, HAYMAKER! The Underdog drops cold as Scarecrow looks almost annoyed, stomping down on the prone Sheldon before lifting him up, drilling him with a few forearms before tossing him onto his shoulder, RING SHAKING POWERSLAM! The Scarecrow doesn’t cover but calls for the end as he lifts a limp Neville up, NKO! NKO OUTTA NOWHERE! Neville hooks both legs as the crowd roars, ONE…TWO…SCARECROW KICKS OUT! Neville can’t believe it as he lifts up Scarecrow from behind, trying for the Book Smart] [Neville can’t get it fully locked on as Scarecrow powers out, and as Neville gets to his feet, he walks into a hard kick to the gut before he’s lifted up high in a crucifix position before the lights go out. They come back on again as Neville’s down on the canvas from the Perch! The crowd are in a hush as the Scarecrow covers, ONE…TWO…THR…NEVILLE KICKS OUT! The Scarecrow almost looks angry as he lifts a limp Sheldon up, one hand on his throat, GUILLOTINE CHOKE!] [Neville has the hold locked in fully as the Scarecrow stumbles back, trying to break it with huge right hands to the back but Sheldon refuses to let go. The Scarecrow drops to one knee as Sheldon screams for it to tap, Scarecrow refusing as it powers up, driving Sheldon back first into the mat with a modified Powerbomb. Sheldon doesn’t let go, instead cinching the hold in tighter as the Hayman seemingly begins to fade away before getting to its feet with a guteral roar, breaking the hold with unnatural strength, BYE BYE BIRDIE! The Scarecrow plants Neville with the Chokeslam out of nowhere as it covers, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Scarecrow is the first two time VHS Champion as Neville Sheldon tried everything he could but in the end, he couldn’t overcome the pure destruction of the Hayman]


[We are mere moments away from the World Championship match. Mike Lane waits impatiently in the ring as “Kashmir” fades out. A match that begun the night with three competitors now finds itself with two after Bruce Van Chan collapsed earlier in the night. Lane’s eyes are trained on one place only, the entrance ramp. He doesn’t have to wait long, as “Deranged” by Coheed and Cambria soon hit and Smiley shows his face. Only… He’s not alone.] [In Smiley’s arms, Mike Lane’s daughter rests comfortably, in a blood red rag. He carries her down the steps from the balcony to the ring with one arm. In the other, a large knife.]

“So here we are then, ” [Smiley begins with a chuckle, flaunting the large knife around and pointing it in the direction of Lane.] “Your final chance to save your daughter.”

[Smiley turns the knife away from Mike Lane and points it directly at his daughter’s neck.]

“Let’s have Pandemonium really reign! I will kill her, right here in front of all of these people unless you lay down and let me win that shiny little title belt. This is your last chance to finally do right by your family, Michael. I’ve given opportunity, I’ve offered chances, I’ve tried to help you save her but you stubbornly refuse.”

[Smiley watches Lane intently, the knife still threateningly pressed to his daughter’s neck. Mike holds his arms up in front of him, begging with him to stop. Smiley only laughs once more, a sickening sadistic laugh.]

“Either you humiliate yourself before all of these people, or my face will be the last thing she ever sees.”

[Lane thinks for a moment, placing his title belt down on the canvas. Without warning, “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin begins playing once more – Mike Lane’s own music. Smiley looks confused, even Mike Lane himself looks confused. Then, to everybody’s surprise… DESTINY COMES RUNNING TO THE RING!] [Hold on a second, I thought Smiley had killed her?] [Destiny climbs up onto the ring apron and begins pleading with Smiley to let the baby go. Smiley turns around toward her, a shocked look upon his face. Even he thought she had died. It’s like he’s seen a ghost.] [Suddenly, she snatches the baby away from him in the confusion. The fans roar, not expecting her to be so brazen. The Unhinged Smiley looks down at his hands, realizing that his bargaining chip has gone and slowly turns back towards The World Champion… SHADOWKICK! The crowd roar again as Smiley goes down faster than a ton of bricks.] [Destiny safely exits off the ring apron, her baby safely in her arms and the knife that had threatened her now lying over by the Tap Room bar. There will be no lying down here tonight… The World Championship Match will go ahead!] [And Mike Lane is going to bestow upon his daughters kidnapper a world of hurt.]


[Pandemonium might give one worthy superstar the chance to headline Ring of Dreams but first one of three wrestlers will fight for the right to join them as The Deranged One and the Real Freaking Deal face off against the Shadow for the World Heavyweight Title] [The bell rings as The Shadow tries to pull Smiley to his feet but the Deranged One rolls out to the floor below, clutching his jaw in pain. Smiley turns back to the ring, SUICIDE DIVE! Lane spears through the ropes, tackling Smiley to the floor as he pounds down on him with vicious right hands. The Shadow lifts Smiley up to his feet, slamming his head into the apron before rolling him back inside the ring] [Smiley is pulled to his feet as Lane drills him with a series of hard knees to the chest, before swinging him around and throwing him to the mat on the back of his neck with a big German Suplex. Lane calls for the end, almost begging for Smiley to get to his feet, SHADOW KIC…SMILEY CATCHES IT! He spins him around, HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! Smiley goes to cover when suddenly the speakers come to life. ‘SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU’RE TO BLAME!’] [The Tap Room explodes as Bruce Van Chan runs down to the ring, sliding in as he explodes on a surprised Smiley with a flurry of lefts and rights, backing the Deranged One against the ropes, tossing him across the rings before snapping him down with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker on the rebound. Van Chan rushes to the ropes, SLINGSHOT MOONSAULT! He covers, ONE…TWO…Smiley kicks out. Smiley gets to his feet, ducking under a kick from Van Chan before drilling him with a Lariat.] [ He turns around into a hard right from The Shadow, who knocks Smiley to the canvas with a hard clothesline of his own. He goes to follow up but Van Chan is already on the canvas, locking in the Van Chaninator! Smiley screams out in pain as Bruce pulls back as far as he can. Smiley tries to get to the ropes but he’s too far away, his hand raised as if it’s about to tap out when The Shadow breaks it up with a hard knee to the back of Bruce’s head] [Van Chan gets to his feet, as he gets in the face of the Shadow who just stares down Bruce before delivering a hard slap across the face. Bruce recoils for a moment before lashing out with a hard right as the pair begin exchanging a flurry of lefts and rights. Bruce gets the advantage with a hard knee to the gut as he rushes to the ropes but Lane evades a Lou Thez Press, ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! Lane drills Van Chan but as he turns around, CHELSEA GRIN! Smiley nails Lane out of nowhere and as Van Chan gets to his feet, he rushes towards Smiley, leaping up with a Hurricanrana but Smiley catches him, STEPFORD SMILE!] [The Deranged One stands alone in the middle of the ring as he covers The Shadow, ONE..TWO…KICK OUT! Smiley tries to cover Bruce but gets a right hand to the jaw as Van Chan slowly gets to his feet, delivering a front dropkick that sends Smiley staggering into the corner. Van Chan rushes forward, but the Stinger Splash is missed as Smiley destroys Bruce with a massive SHOCK THERAPY! The Deranged One tries to lift Bruce up but Van Chan slips out, GOOD NIGHT OUTTA NOWHERE!] [Bruce covers, ONE…TWO…THR…LANE BREAKS UP THE FALL! Bruce gets to his feet, SHADOW KICK! Bruce rolls out of the ring as The Shadow turns to Smiley who kicks him away, CHELSEA GRIN OUTTA NOWHERE! Smiley laughs maniacally as he lifts the Shadow up, spinning him around as he tries to fish-hook him but Lane spins out, SHADOW KICK! Lane collapses onto Smiley as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…VAN CHAN IS ON TOP…THREE! Bruce lands the Shot Through The Heart a second too late!] [Mike Lane has retained his world title and after months and months of torment at the hands of the Asylum, has finally gained retribution for his family and hopefully…some form of peace] [Mike Lane gets back to his feet, another title defence under his belt.] [Suddenly, the sound of Indian’s hollering can be heard as twenty men, dressed in full native attire rush out onto the entrance way.]

“See the sun, feel the heartbeat of our mother as she breathes.”

[The World Champion’s eyes immediately dart there, where Tommy Hawk emerges, his Invasion briefcase in hand.] [Oh boy, his night is about to take a turn for the worse.]


[Tommy Hawk makes a slow and calculated walk towards the ring, his eyes focused on only one goal here tonight; to become the OSW World Champion. He enters under the bottom rope, hands the briefcase to the referee and by God, he’s invading, right here, right now at Pandemonium!] [The bell sounds and both men circle each other, Hawk offering a handshake of sportsmanship that Mike Lane accepts before they lock up in the middle of the ring. Lane has to be exhausted here tonight. Tommy takes him into a side headlock, wrenching Michael down to one knee. The World Champion powers up and sends his challenger off into the ropes, only Hawk comes back with a big Clothesline that levels him. He beckons The Shadow to get back up and when he does, he scoops him straight into the air with a Body Slam.] [How the hell Mike Lane can even get back to his feet is beyond me, but he does. The World Champion isn’t going to be beaten easily here tonight and Tommy knows it. Hawk backs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring again, but Mike ducks under the swinging Clothesline attempt and SHADOW KICK! OUT OF ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NO-WHERE! SHADOW KICK TO THE JAW OF TOMMY HAWK! Mike drops to his knees and into the cover… One…. Two…. Three! NO! Tommy somehow gets a shoulder up! Lane can’t believe it. Out of absolute sheer desperation, he nailed it, he fucking nailed it. He slowly gets back to his feet and hits the ropes… ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! ROLLING KNEE TO THE FACE! He scurries back over… One… Two…. Three!! NO!! AGAIN! NO! TOMMY HAWK KICKS OUT!] [Can anyone believe this? Mike rolls away, resting against the bottom rope for a moment. He looks to the outside, where Destiny stands watching with his daughter. He has to get up and do this. He has to retain this belt. Mike stands up, grabbing Tommy as he follows, but Hawk busts out with both arms, kicking the Champion low. He pulls him in close and THE RED ARROW! FALCON ARROW! THE LEG IS HOOKED… ONE…. TWO… WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION… THREE! NO! WHAT THE HELL!? MIKE LANE KICKED OUT TOO! Tommy doesn’t hesitate, and gets back to his feet. He pulls his Tomahawk from behind his back and lines his hands up ready. The fans are chanting… “HAWK! HAWK! HAWK” as The Shadow gets back to his feet and THE SCALP! THE SCALP STRAIGHT THROUGH MIKE LANE! The fans pop, and Hawk covers…. One….. Two….. Three! NOOOOOOOOOOO! WHAT!? NOOOOTTT A CHANCE!! MIKE LANE KICKS OUT AGAIN!] [Oh the fans are into this one, chanting ‘This is awesome’ as Tommy Hawk looks down at the Shadow in absolute disbelief. These guys are in a fucking match of their lives. Hawk gets back up and pulls Mike with him, nailing him with a right hand that sends him reeling backwards into the corner. He follows that up with a Big Splash, then a shoulder barge, another, another, another, another, another, and finally he scoops him up into the air and Vertical… NO! Mike somehow drops down behind! He spins Hawk and DEGENERATION! A T-BONE SUPLEX TO END ALL FUCKING T-BONE SUPLEXES! Lane is back to his feet, begging Hawk to meet him there. He’s waving him up, screaming at him, and Hawk listens. Slowly but surely, The Spirit Walker stands and SHADDDOOOWWW FUCKING KICK! HE KICKS HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! MIKE LANE IS GOING TO RETAIN HIS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! HE COVERS…. ONE…………. TWO…………… THREE! FINALLY! MIKE LANE HAS DONE IT!] [Mike Lane has done the unthinkable and retained his fucking title!] [He rolls off of Tommy Hawk with his arms raised exhaustedly in the air, only the referee shakes his head enthusiastically, pointing down to Tommy Hawk on the canvas – AND BY GOD, HIS LEG IS ONLY ON THE FUCKING BOTTOM ROPE! The referee much to the dismay of Lane waves the match on. The World Champion cannot believe it. He pulls Tommy back up, but gets a right hand to the gut for his troubles. The Spirit Walker isn’t going down without a fight either. Tommy grabs him close… BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX RIGHT INTO THE FUCKING ROPES! BRUTAL! Lane ragdolls off the ropes, bounces down off them and splats on the canvas. He rolls to the outside, stumbling towards the barricade. Tommy backs up… runs… GOING NATIVE! TOPE SUICIDA RIGHT ONTO THE WORLD CHAMPION, RIGHT INTO THE FUCKING BARRICADE!!] [“This is awesome” chants echo throughout the tap room as these two men are in the fight of their lives. How the hell is Mike Lane still going? Hawk gets back to his feet, lifts Lane up and slams him down chest first across the barricade. He reels away in agony, but Tommy is quick after him, only to meet a Drop Toe Hold STRAIGHT INTO THE RING STEPS! The Chief bounces off face first, rolling away holding his jaw. This is for the OSW World Championship, folks. This is the Main Event. This is the biggest prize in Old School Wrestling and these two men are fighting so that you don’t fucking forget it! They slowly get back to their feet, trading right and left hands on the outside, fighting backwards towards the runway.] [With every punch, the other man stumbles, barely able to keep their footing. Tommy though grabs Lane quickly, and OVERHEAD SUPLEX ON THE WOODEN FLOOR! OVERHEAD SUPLEX OUT OF NOTHING! Hawk rolls away, looking over to Lane who’s writhing in agony. He gets back up and grabs him by the foot, dragging him back towards the ring. The strength of this guy is unbelievable. Hawk reaches down and helps Mike back to his feet, but Lane bounces him head first off the ring apron! Tommy stumbles, and The Shadow steps backwards… SHADOW KICK! SHADOWKICK! THE THIRD FUCKING SHADOWKICK IN THIS AMAZING MATCH! Hawk hits the deck with a loud thud, and now Mike Lane needs to get him back into the ring. He lifts him up, but he struggles – Hawk is just so heavy. Finally, he rolls him back into the ring and exhaustedly stops, catching his breath. This match has taken so much out of Mike Lane that after his earlier triple threat, he can barely stand.] [He slides back into the ring, surely too late now… and covers…. One….. Two…. Three! KICK OUT! Right on the button, Hawk kicks out! That’s why there’s an advantage to invading, folks. The World Champion must be wondering what he has to do to defend his belt for a second time here tonight. No-one ever expected this kind of match. Slowly but surely, both men are back to their feet. Lane hits Hawk with a right hand that stumbles him. Hawk fires back. Lane again, then Hawk. This has been so even that they’re once again sharing punches. The World Champion though suddenly ducks under a wayward right, grabbing Tommy’s leg and snatching it out from underneath him. He suckered him in! Mike Lane suckered him in! He rolls through… STF! STF! IT’S LOCKED IN TIGHT ON THE INVASION WINNER! TOMMY HAWK IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING AND BY GOD, HE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP OUT! SURELY, THIS IS OVER!] [The Spirit Walker reaches for the ropes but he can’t seem to make it. With every ounce of power, he crawls slowly towards them, but when the World Champion wrenches backwards, there’s just no way out. Screaming in absolute agony, Tommy Hawk has a choice. He can be the first person to lose an Invasion Contract Match in OSW, and his chance at the World Championship after EVERYTHING he’s been through by tapping out, or he can fight until there’s nothing left. Sweat drips down his contorted face, the agony as real as it ever could be. His hand hovers above the canvas, shaking… but he doesn’t tap out. No. He fucking refuses. Something is changing. Something is happening right here. Somehow, he reaches up and grabs Mike Lane’s hand, ripping them from his face in a furious rage. He immediately crawls forward and grabs the bottom rope!] [How the hell did he do that? Mike Lane releases the hold from his legs as Hawk slides to the outside, his head lowered and his back to us all. What the hell is going on? Hawk suddenly turns around, his eyes bright red with rage; literally. Holy shit! Holy fucking shit. Ladies and Gentleman, Tommy Hawk has left the building. He’s about to slide back into the ring, when all of a sudden, he stops in his tracks. Shaking his head, refusing to give in to the inner wolf that wishes to break free. He won’t become The Savage. He just won’t! A moment passes, and Mike Lane runs with a Baseball Slide, Hawk with his eyes closed managing to spin away so that he misses. His eyes spring open, back to normal; The Savage vanquished back into the depths of his psyche. Lane swings with a right hand, but its blocked. Tommy rolls him back into the ring and hops onto the ring apron, but Mike is there to meet him. He lifts him up and over with a Suplex, and Tommy DROPS DOWN BEHIND! The World Champion turns to meet him and THE SCALP! THE SCALP ALMOST TAKES HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF! Tommy drops down into the cover…. ONE……. TWO…… COULD THIS BE?…………….. THREE! It’s over! Finally, it’s over! Tommy Hawk has just become your new OSW World Champion and by God, he had to fight through hell to do it. Jesus Christ what a match!] [Tommy Hawk slowly kneels backwards in the middle of the ring, taking a deep breath as the referee hands him the OSW World Championship. What a journey this has been for Tommy. He has been dragged to the very bottom of the barrel and clawed his way back to the very top with everything he had. He was brutalized, had his people maimed and made homeless. He was imprisoned and enslaved. But tonight, Tommy Hawk finally reaches the pinnacle of OSW.] [He slides to the outside with his belt, slowly making his way to the backstage as the fans give him a standing ovation. “You Deserve It!” chants ring out amongst the jam-packed crowd, and he’s clearly emotional having heard it.] [What a match. What a night.] [And Pandemonium is still to come.]


[Mike Lane gets back to his feet after that gruelling title loss and is immediately joined by Destiny and his daughter. The look on his face is priceless; a true moment of joy as he finally gets to hold his baby girl in his arms for the first time. The fans are on their feet, watching as he turns to Destiny with a wry smile. It doesn’t even matter that he’s lost the World Championship. He’s just so happy.]

“What’s her name?” [He asks softly.] [Destiny puts her arm around him and whispers.] “Michaela.”

[Mike walks over to the ropes, his baby girl in his arms.]

“You’re such a lucky little girl, you really are. Because you’ve got a mommy and daddy who think you’re the most precious thing in the whole wide world. I’ve achieved many great things, but all of them pale in comparison to you. I’m going to be there for you, for the rest of my life. You’ll always be able to count on me. And when times are hard, and you’re down, I’ll be right there to pick you back up again. You’re going to fall down sometimes, baby. You’re going to be hurt, but you’ll also experience all the love and joy that’ll make it worth it.”

[Whilst Mike talks to his daughter, there’s suddenly a gut-wrenching guttural scream from behind him. He swivels on a pivot, turning to see Smiley stood behind him with a blade to Destiny’s throat.]

“I thought we had a deal, Michael?” [Smiley says, pushing the blade tighter to her throat until it draws blood.] “I gave you an impossible choice, just like Hysteria did, and once again you were able to worm your way out of it. But not this time.”

[Lane looks at his daughter, then at Destiny.]

“Decide, its either your precious daughter or your precious Destiny. One of them isn’t leaving here with you tonight,” [he says, before yelling.] “DECIDE!”

[It’s an impossible choice for anyone to make. In his arms, his daughter rests sleeping, and the joy of having her has lasted only briefly. Across the ring, his daughters mother has a knife to her throat, and all the while, he believed her to be dead.] [He doesn’t move, he doesn’t blink, he simply cannot choose.] [Holding his daughter close, he pleads for some humanity.]

“Please, please let her go. I’ll give you whatever you want.”

[Smiley sneers.] “You just lost what I wanted.”

[Mike has to make a decision, and he does. He shakes his head vehemently, whilst Destiny looks at him in agreement. What he has to do is clear; he has to save his daughter.]

“I’m not giving you my daughter.”

[Smiley chuckles, shrugging his shoulders.]

“Then finally, you’ve made a decision.”

[In one quick motion, he drives the blade across the throat, pushing her towards Mike Lane who darts over, allowing Smiley time to escape.] [The agony on The Shadow’s face is palpable. He really didn’t have a choice.] [He looks towards Destiny, but she’s choking – and a pale white in colour. Lane kneels beside her with Michaela in his arms, as white as a ghost himself. There’s blood everywhere.] [The fans don’t know what to do. Mike Lane doesn’t know what to do. He sits there with Destiny’s blood all over the canvas, his child unaware of the sacrifice they both just made and his title lost as a bargaining chip that could have stopped this from happening.] [And the light slowly drains from Destiny’s sad eyes, gasping for air in the middle of the ring.] [Cut.]


[Inside the King’s Court, there is a different kind of pandemonium occurring.] [Servants run to and fro to ensure that the long lines of food have been prepared to perfection. Guests fill the hall, all wearing extremely formal attire. The sound of light music is in the air and the smoke off the roasted mutton fills the nostrils of all who have come assembled. At the center of all of the guests attention is the head of the room, where a diminutive priest type stands in full religious garb. Well, some kind of religious garb, including a large and ornate mask and robe.] [Into this maelstrom comes one of King Royal’s couriers, bearing his sigil upon his tunic.]

“Bow to your King!” [He begins.] “All hail King Royal!”

[The guests all show their proper courtesies as King Royal enters his hall. His armor has been shined to the point of hurting everyone’s eyes, and his detachment of Knights are no different. Yet the thing to notice is the sheer swagger in the King’s step. This is a man who has won his greatest victory, and is prepared to do so again tonight.] [Taking his place in front of the priest, Royal offers a small curt nod of appreciation for the service being offered. Yet the priest decides to reach out and shake Royal’s hand. The King smirks at this display but turns away without reacting further. The courier steps back up to center stage, calling out to the crowd once more.]

“And now, the bride!” [He begins.] “Raquel. House of Bourbon. Princess of Asturias.”

[Instead of a father figure, we see the Captain of the Knights appear. He has a broad sinister smile on his face as he practically drags Raquel into the hall. She is wearing the beautiful dress purchased by King Royal several weeks ago, and despite her reluctance, she will not show that fear to the people assembled. Her face becomes mask of steel as she slowly walks down the aisle to the tune of some ornate musical theme. She will walk to her fate as a woman cut of a better cloth than that of others.] [The Captain hands her over to King Royal, who joins hands with her before the priest.]

“We are gathered here today,” [He begins.] “in the sight of dogs and men to bring these two people together in holy macaroni.”

[Royal rolls his eyes at this as the guests all seem confused at this idiot priest. Is he drunk?]

“But before we commit these two to one another, there is a question that must be asked.” [The priest continues.] [PUNCH TO KING ROYAL!] [The priest throws off his mask and robe to reveal none other than Marvolo. Number One quickly forces his way between Raquel and anyone else.] [Yet King Royal doesn’t seem bothered.] [All around the hall, random guests throw their finery off to reveal armor. The musicians even were brandishing concealed weapons.] [Marvolo has walked into a trap.] [Or has he?]

“Marvolo. The King knew you would come.” [Royal comments.] “Did you really believe I would fall for that pathetic disguise?”

[Marvolo’s eyes dart around the hall, until he finds an exit path for he and Raquel. There is a small exit door to the side of the throne that has no one guarding it.]

“Marvolo is a master of disguise, and Nigel knows it!” [Marvolo says, eliciting a scowl from the King.] “You can’t marry Raquel if you can’t find her!”

[Royal only raises his eye brow as the Knights slowly surround Marvolo and Raquel, yet Number One can see the escape path is still clear.]

“Raquel, tell these knights who your Number One is?” [Marvolo confidently says, his eyes fixed upon King Royal.] [The King smiles.]

“King Royal is my Number One.”

[The wind flies out of the sails of both Marvolo and everyone hoping for a happy ending as the masked man turns around to face Raquel. She grins at him before dropping down to a knee.] [LOW BLOW TO MARVOLO!] [Number One slowly crumples as Raquel stands to her feet. He reaches out, tugging at her dress in denial as she reaches down to seemingly stroke his face. Yet she grabs his mustache’s pointed end, and kicks him to the floor. The Knights quickly come to the scene, but the King holds them back.]

“You should have listened, Marvolo. Your King told you that you had no idea what was going on. Did you really believe she would choose you? Did you believe anyone other than the King would make this marriage?”

[Royal plants his boot on Marvolo’s shocked chest as he turns to face Raquel. The duo share a kiss before Royal looks down at his former partner.]

“There would be no more Royal gift to give to the Queen than banishing you from the kingdom. So it is that you shall never be allowed entry into my kingdom ever again, Marvolo!”

[The King boots the now-banished Marvolo to his Knights, who quickly begin to drag him away. The Captain stands tall before all that remain.]

“All hail your new Queen! Queen Royal!”

[Raquel, now Queen Royal, stands before the assembled with a sinister grin on her face. Yet she bows her head just a bit as the King walks up to her side.]

“All hail House Royal! King and Queen! United forever!” [The Captain charges the assembled.] [As the guests all bow, King Royal lets a broad grin cross his face.] [Not only has he dispatched his nemesis Marvolo, he has also consolidated his power by marrying other royalty.] [Now all that remains is to win the prize of Pandemonium for his bride.]


[The lights around the entrance dim as “Scavengers Of The Damned” by Aiden blares out. The Dead saunters out, betraying neither fear nor doubt as he approaches the ring, fixated on match ahead and ignoring the booing crowds. Taking his time and maintaining his composure, he walks up the steps onto the apron and enters the ring.] [It looks like The Dead will be kicking off Pandemonium tonight! But who’ll be his opponent? Who enters Pandemonium at number two?]


[‘Flutter’.] [The Sound of Bird’s fluttering can be heard as the arena is plunged into absolute darkness. When the lights return, The Scarecrow stands with his arms spread in the entrance way. The ominous sound of his music, accompanied by the crows in the background continue as his head slowly rises and he begins to move. Carefully, The Scarecrow takes a slow and methodical walk towards the ring.] [The Dead watches with his head tilted, knowing that this is one hell of a way to kick off Pandemonium. The Scarecrow doesn’t make it to the ring itself before The Dead comes diving through the middle rope with a Tope Suicida, taking them both to the floor. The bell sounds and Pandemonium III is underway. Both of them soon get back to their feet, The Dead walking straight into the strapping hand of The Hayman, who tosses him backwards towards the ring.] [He turns around, about to go again before walking into a huge Big Boot that almost takes his head off. The Scarecrow immediately pulls him from the floor, lifting him into the air and slamming him chest down on the ring apron. The Dead bounces off, slowly getting back up. His inability to feel pain is going to pay off here, as The Scarecrow grabs him and whips him hard into the steel ring steps, sending them flying off in the same direction.] [The Monster stands tall, ominously, as the buzzer goes and entry number three enters the fray.]


[“Blood on my Name” by the Brothers Bright hits the speakers as a flaming red spotlight illuminates the entrance way. It shifts from red to orange to yellow and back again as Solomon Rhodes walks out into the open air. His hood is up, and he pulls it back before screaming out to the heavens. His walk to the ring is fast and furious as action is calling him.] [The Scarecrow turns to meet Rhodes with a thrusting uppercut that stumbles him backwards. He quickly recovers, ducking underneath a Clothesline and pulling him into a right hand. Solomon knocks him backwards, hits him again and then shoulder charges him into the ring apron. The fans roar, but that soon changes as The Dead turns Solomon around and punches him in the jaw for good measure.] [He rolls him into the ring, only Rhodes is back to his feet and catches him with a knee as he steps through the ropes. The Dragon pulls him through, nailing him with a Rope Hung DDT. He covers… One… Two… Kick out! Just as The Dead kicks out, here comes The Scarecrow. The Hayman steps over the top rope and grabs him by the throat, scooping him up and down into a Body Slam.] [The Scarecrow covers… One…. Two… Kick Out. He quickly gets back up, dragging Solomon with him, only The Dragon whips him chest first into the corner turnbuckle. He stumbles backwards, into a roll up… One… Two… The Dead piles on… THREE! KICK OUT! JESUS, THAT WAS CLOSE!] [Just then, the buzzer goes.]


[The voice of Solomon Rhodes echoes throughout the arena.]

“Men like Desmond Cross and Isaiah Black could not withstand the weight that befell them.”


“I told you, I’m back home, man.”

[Maniacal laughter fills the Tap Room as all the lights go out. The familiar beginning rift of In the Air Tonight begins fill the speakers as a single spotlight shines on Desmond Cross as he slowly makes his way to the ring, stopping periodically as if he’s having a conversation with himself. He grins wildly as he enters the ring and sits down in the ring, rocking slightly.] [Solomon Rhodes cannot believe it. Cross slides into the ring and immediately attacks him with a barrage of right hands. He beats him back into the ropes and sends him across the ring, connecting with a Clothesline. “I could not withstand the weight, man?” Cross yells, stomping away at Rhodes as he does. “What do you know about being abandoned?” he screams. Desmond finally stops stomping away at Rhodes, kicking him to the outside with a final blow.] [The fans are in absolute awe at Desmond Cross, who no-one expected to see here tonight. As he reaches Solomon outside, the Dragon fights back with a shot to the mid-section – only ‘The Fallen’ has almost zero reaction. He reaches down and pummels on the skull of Solomon, beating him until he’s busted wide open.] [The crimson red of blood starts covering the grey hair of Rhodes. Cross drags him over to the ring steps, smashing his face off them repeatedly as the buzzer goes, and our fifth entry enters the fray.]


[“I’m gonna kill every one of ya. “] [“And this time… make sure they’re all dead before you leave. “] [“Jericho” by Celldweller emits from the speakers as smoke rises from the Tap Room entrance ramp. Several uneasy seconds’ pass by before anyone sees the masked emotion slowly making its way to the ring. It stops near inches from the ring, sizing the competition up before sliding in.] [The Dead is first after Doubt, tackling him to the floor and mounting him with right and left hands. He swings away wildly until The Scarecrow pulls him off, throwing him over the top rope to the outside. Doubt slowly gets back up and walks into The Scarecrow, who scoops him up and nails a Fall Away Slam.] [Meanwhile on the outside, Desmond Cross has set up two tables on the wooden floor. He has them right next to each other. The Fallen pulls Rhodes up, who’s hair is now a dragon red with blood. He lifts him onto the ring apron and climbs up alongside him, helping him back to his feet. In one quick motion, Cross pulls him up into the air on his shoulders. After a second to compose himself and sadistically smile, he leaps off the ring apron with a FALL FROM GRACE! F-5 THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE! BOTH OF THEM JUST CRASHED THROUGH THOSE TWO TABLES ON THE OUTSIDE!] [“Holy Shit” chants echo throughout the arena as Solomon Rhodes and Desmond Cross lay amongst the carnage of a table on the outside. Both of these men feel like they’ve been spurned by God, and after what Rhodes said, they now find themselves linked in violence!] [The Buzzer goes and we’re about to see entry number six.]


[“Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis fills the Tap Room and the crowd stands to their feet, erupting into cheers. “The Enforcer” steps out before the fans; one fist held high into the air before suddenly breaking into a sprint. Approaching ringside quickly, Kersh takes a few chop steps before sliding underneath the bottom rope and popping to his feet in a defensive stance; ready for battle.] [The Dead is struggling against the might of The Scarecrow in the corner as Doubt approaches Kersh, snapping him into a Headlock. The Enforcer quickly battles out, pushing him off into the ropes and nailing a Big Boot on the return. Doubt is quickly up, being tossed over the top rope to the outside. The Dead meanwhile is equally dispatched, The Scarecrow turning around to see Brent Kersh, nose to nose, face to face.] [The entire crowd are on their feet as these two lifelong enemies stand opposite each other once more. With the tensions around them reaching a fever pitch, they suddenly strike. Trading right and left hands, they battle back and forth in the middle of the ring, each knocking ten bells of shit out of one another with every blow.] [Finally, The Scarecrow beats Kersh down to one knee, striking him time and time again as he does. Kersh though, he grabs a leg, sweeping it out underneath the Hayman. He quickly mounts him, pummelling away. There’s a deep-rooted hatred and violence between creature and man here, and no-one had better get in their way.] [Yet, Doubt does, kicking Brent Kersh square in the head to send him tumbling away as the buzzer goes.]


[Darkness.] [“The beast lives out of the raging storm in the dead of night. The ravenous, blood-sick creatures searches for its sacrifice. Through the hideous darkness, it lurches, driven by death itself. Only the satisfaction of slaughter will cause it to return to the darkness from which it came!”] [‘Boogie Woogie Wu’ by ICP plays as Jack Jeckel appears in the entrance way. He flips off the crowd before rushing towards the ring.] [After beating his brother in such a brutal fashion earlier tonight, Jack enters the ring to be greeted by The Dead and a barrage of right hands. He fights back, taking the former Painkiller into the corner and delivering shoulder barges. He pummels away, before dragging him out and into a DDT. Jack covers… One… Two… Kick Out!] [Outside the ring, Desmond Cross has finally gotten back to his feet after that brutal dive through the tables earlier. He slides into the ring to meet Doubt, who kicks him low and looks for EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! NO! Kersh in from behind on the Emotion with a forearm. He spins him around and Flapjacks him across the top rope, nailing him hard throat first.] [The Enforcer turns around to see Desmond Cross. Cross lifts him up, looking for the Fall From Grace – but here comes The Scarecrow!! The Scarecrow slaps his hand around the throat of Cross and lifts him straight up into the air… CHOKESLAM! BYE BYE BIRDIE!! BUT BRENT KERSH WENT WITH HIM! HOLY SHIT! Brent hit the canvas in some kind of epic Samoan Drop. He bounces off the canvas hard,

[Then the buzzer sounds once more.]


[‘Fake It’ by Seether flows through the Tap Room as Vengeance himself passes through the metal doors. A massive, sadistic smile on his face as he heads down the walkway, soaking in the vile from the crowd before sliding into the ring, focused on his opponents] [Cussen immediately joins with The Dead, both men taking down The Scarecrow with a Double Clothesline. The Family are in Pandemonium! Next up to the plate is Jack Jeckel, who is quickly Snap Suplexed back to the canvas for good measure. He rolls to the outside, ducking down out of the way in quite some pain. So next up is a bloodied Solomon Rhodes.] [Rhodes enters the ring, a little groggy and a little dazed. The Family circle him, each with a mind to putting him down and fast. Jensen swings first, but Rhodes blocks it, nailing him with a Headbutt that sends him reeling backwards. The Dead attacks from behind, locking up his arms so that he cannot move. Cussen quickly comes back, delivering right hand after right hand to the poor Dragon.] [That is until Brent Kersh comes to the rescue. Brent pulls Jensen away, slamming him head first into the turnbuckle. He goes straight back after Dead, who drops Rhodes to meet him and suffers a giant Clothesline for his troubles. Brent is looking totally fired up and looks for his next ‘victim’, but behind him, stood tall, is The Scarecrow.] [The Hayman lifts him straight up into the air and down with a thunderous Chokeslam! BYE BYE BIRDIE! That has to be it. The Scarecrow covers… One…. Two… Three! Holy crap, we have our first elimination!] [And it belongs to Brent Kersh.] [Brent Kersh has been eliminated.] [Buzz.]


[Russian National Anthem by the Red Army Choirs blares out the speakers, boos begin to drown out the Tap Room. The doors to the backstage area fly open, as Sergei Sokolov storms towards the ring. He uses the top rope to pull himself up onto the apron, then steps over the top rope, moves to the centre of the ring and performs a salute.] [He’s barely done saluting before his legs are chopped out underneath him in tandem by The Family. Immediately down to both knees, they start kicking away at him. The Bear though isn’t going to tolerate that and stands up, violently pushing both of them away. Cussen flies through the middle rope to the outside, leaving The Dead to charge. He’s been all over this affair tonight and meets the sole of Sergei’s boot for his efforts.] [The Russian Bear barely has a chance to turn around before Jack Jeckel is on him. The Juggalo tries trading right hands, but is quickly stopped by a knee to the mid-section. Sokolov chops down across his back, sending him to the canvas. Doubt is next to try his luck, joining forces with Desmond Cross. They both manage to run Sergei back into the corner, Cross holding him there with a Shoulder barge as Doubt delivers powerful right hands.] [After as many punches as he can throw, Doubt backs away, only Sergei isn’t done. He throws Desmond out of the way and through the middle rope, running towards The Emotion and clobbering him with a big standing Splash. He quickly scoops Doubt up and DOMINATOR! THE IRON CURTAIN!] [He slammed him almost out of his fucking boots! The Red Tsar covers… One…. Two… Three! He eliminates The Emotion!] [Doubt has been eliminated.] [And for the second time, that’s right on the bloody buzzer too!]


[The guitar riff of “Welcome Home” ripples through the arena as a light fog settles over the entryway. Jacob Phoenix slowly stalks out of the mist, no emotion as he appears absolutely enraged.] [He barely makes it to the bottom of the walkway before Jensen Cussen meets him there. Both of them slug it out, burying right and left fists into each other’s skull with everything they have. This runs deep. This is personal and after what happened tonight, could you blame Phoenix for wanting to destroy The Family?] [Phoenix drags Cussen towards the barricade, bouncing his head off it at least three times for as much damage as possible. As he slumps over, The Phoenix tries for a couple of sharp knees, but The Dead spins him around and plants him with a right hand. The numbers game is already in play here and The Family have the advantage. Calavera pulls Jacob into a DDT on the ramp, cutting short his vengeance.] [Elsewhere in the ring, Sergei Sokolov has Solomon Rhodes in the corner, reigning fists down upon him. The Scarecrow is likewise locked up with Desmond Cross, trading powerful shots opposite. Jack Jeckel on the other hand, never one to shy away, pretends to be unconscious on the outside, face down on the floor. He’s playing the long game, that’s for sure.] [Cross suddenly scoops The Scarecrow up, dropping him with the Fall from Grace, right there in the middle of the ring. He’s about to cover when he notices that Rhodes has somehow managed to bundle the Russian Bear over the top rope. Both men turn to meet, their eyes locking, their hearts racing. This one isn’t over.] [And the buzzer goes.]


[Green Question Marks appear all over the entrance as “Lay Down” by Priestess hits. The crowd immediately boo, watching for Edward Newton who enters the Tap Room with a grimace. With a green glow of lights illuminating his path, The Riddler straightens his tie and begins the walk towards Pandemonium 2017.] [Before he can enter the ring though, Edward Newton quickly scrambles underneath the ring apron, hiding beneath it. No-one saw it. No-one even realized, except the audience. Meanwhile back inside the squared circle, Solomon Rhodes and Desmond Cross are once again exchanging right hands. The blood-soaked face of Rhodes takes a pummelling back into the corner. He turns around as Cross runs at him, leaping into the air… CODEBREAKER! CHAOS THEORY TO DESMOND CROSS OUT OF NO-WHERE! Rhodes covers… One…. Two… Three! Desmond Cross has been eliminated!] [Desmond Cross has been eliminated.] [Rhodes exhaustedly rolls off of Cross, still feeling the effects of the beating he’s taken at his hands here tonight. Left in this match alongside him are, The Dead, The Scarecrow, Jack Jeckel, Jensen Cussen, Sergei Sokolov, Jacob Phoenix and Edward Newton, who remains under the ring somewhere.] [On the outside, Jacob Phoenix’ mugging by The Dead and Jensen Cussen has continued. They roll him back into the ring and follow.] [And then the buzzer sounds.]


[The sound of footsteps is heard throughout the tap room as a group of men all dressed in suits of armour pile out. forming an orderly line with a gap in the middle. They stand to attention with their swords drawn….


King Royal walks out and begins to make his way to the ring, his men following flanking him from either side.] [The King stops at the bottom of the walkway and looks on inside the ring. He’s in no rush to get into the action as Jacob Phoenix is beaten from pillar to post by his former family members. Suddenly, Jacob blocks a right hand by Cussen, nailing him with a headbutt. He runs towards The Dead, ducking under a Clothesline, and Springboarding off the middle rope with THE PHOENIX FOREARM! STRAIGHT TO THE JAW OF THE DEAD.] [The Nightwatch rolls through, popping back to his feet… BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! NO! HE DUCKS THE SUPERKICK… ZIG ZAG! THE WINGS! He covers… One…. Two…. Three! Holy shit, Jacob Phoenix has just eliminated Jensen Cussen!] [Jensen Cussen has been eliminated!] [King Royal quickly slides in under the bottom rope as Phoenix gets back up and THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! HE HAS IT LOCKED IN! CAN JACOB ESCAPE?! HE’S SCREAMING IN AGONY…] [Then the buzzer goes!]


[The arena plunges into darkness and the sound of children singing nursery rhymes fills the air. Mother appears at the top of the ramp with a single candle in her hand, she slowly walks down the ramp and blows the candle out when she gets to the bottom, the lights turn on and she gets into the ring.] [With Jacob still squirming, Mother duck’s underneath Sergei Sokolov’s Big Boot attempt, leaping into the air upon return with the HAPPILY EVER AFTER! That stumbles the Bear, so she backs up, sizes him up and nails a SECOND Happily Ever After! The Red Tsar hits the deck and rolls to the outside, escaping a possible pin fall.] [Across the ring, Jacob Phoenix has somehow gotten to the ropes! The King lets go, gets back to his feet and spots Mother. She’s ready to fight, but he slides to the outside, receiving boo’s from the crowd. The problem? He bumps straight into The Scarecrow, who tilts his head and when Royal turns, grabs him by the throat and throws him straight back into Mother.] [When he spins around, she’s there, SPEWING black mist in his face. The King is absolutely disgusted, and has no idea where he is. Mother bends over, poised to attack but FROM THE TOP ROPE COMES JACK JECKEL WITH THE JACK IN THE BOX! CURBSTOMP TO MOTHER! CURBSTOMP! He turns around, not realizing that The Scarecrow is now inside the ring.. BYE BYE BIRDIE! CHOKESLAM TO JACK JECKEL!] [Sergei Sokolov then slides into the ring, coming nose to nose with The Hayman. Oh boy, this should be explosive.] [And the buzzer, right on cue.]


[“Through The Fire and The Flames” by Dragonforce hits and the entire arena erupt into cheers. The Underdog steps out from behind the metal double doors with a smile on his face, nodding to the beat of his music. He’s still beat up from earlier, but that doesn’t deter him from slapping the hands of his fans as he makes his way to the ring.] [Sheldon slides straight in under the bottom rope, running towards both The Scarecrow and Sergei Sokolov who deck him with a double set of Big Boots. As The Underdog slams into the canvas, Sergei and Scarecrow square off. They lock up with a test of strength, Sergei unbelievably taking The Hayman down to his knees. The fans can’t believe it, but Crow smiles, forcing his way back up and forcing Sergei down instead.] [The Russian Tsar doesn’t back down though, pushing The Monster off. They break, Scarecrow swinging with a right hand that Sergei ducks. He quickly fires back, but The Scarecrow ducks that himself. Both of them are at a stalemate, and here comes The Dead and King Royal. Royal goes straight after The Russian Bear, whilst The Dead takes his energy at The Scarecrow.] [Sergei quickly throws Royal over the top rope, watching as he lands on the apron. He backs up, NAILING HIM WITH A BIG BOOT TO THE OUTSIDE. Sokolov turns around to see The Scarecrow having dropped The Dead with a big Uppercut. They meet once more, the Russian Bear with a kick to his gut… DOMINA-NO! THE SCARECROW WITH AN OVER THE HEAD DROP! Sergei slams into the canvas face first, gets back to his feet and BYE BYE BIRDIE! CHOKESLAM TO FUCKING HELL! The Scarecrow covers… One….. Two…. Three! Sergei Sokolov is out of here!] [Sergei Sokolov has been eliminated.] [Neville Sheldon gets back to his feet, and finds Solomon Rhodes charging at him.] [Buzzer.]


[“Blood in the Water” plays as The Sharkman slowly makes his way down, refusing to look anyone in the eye as he approaches the ring. He leaps over the top rope, diving into a forward roll with a heroic pose.] [AND GET’S HIS FUCKING CLOCK CLEANED BY JACK JECKEL WITH A CHUCK THE CHAINSAW! WHAT A DICUSS FUCKING CLOTHESLINE! The Sharkman immediately rolls to the outside after the impact, leaving Jack Jeckel to turn around and THE HAYMAKER! BIG FUCKING RIGHT HAND BY THE SCARECROW! THE MONSTER COVERS…. ONE…. TWO…. THREE! HE’S ELIMINATED JACK JECKEL, BY GOD!] [Jack Jeckel has been eliminated.] [The Scarecrow has been on a tear. Six people have been eliminated so far and The Monster is responsible for three of them! The Dead meanwhile enters the ring, throwing The Scarecrow over the top and to the outside.] [Suddenly, the lights go off.] [There’s an eerie silence amongst the crowd, as no-one quite knows what’s going on. When the lights return, stood behind Calavera is a sight no-one thought they’d see.] [It’s The Hangman!] [It’s the very monster The Dead thought he’d killed.] [With a rope in his hand, he whips it around the throat of his murderer, strangling him half to death. He’s no idea what’s going on, gasping for hair until he turns around to be scooped up… PILEDRIVER! PILEDRIVER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING RING! THE HUNTERS KILL! The Hangman stands up, with cheers all around him, looking down at the body of The Dead. The lights go off one more time and when they return, Jacob Phoenix is covering, looking for an ounce of revenge. One…. Two…. Three!] [The Dead has been eliminated.] [And guess what? That bloody buzzer goes again.]


[“Wax Simulacra” hits the speakers, the crowd rising to their feet as the drums and guitars create absolute chaos. As the vocals hit, Calypso steps out onto the walkway, raising her patented steel chair into the air as though it were a clinched fist of solidarity. She runs down the walkway and slides under the bottom rope into the ring.] [Calypso joins eight other competitors in this match, with only four entries left after this one. This match doesn’t quite feel anywhere near complete yet. She runs straight after Neville Sheldon, charging him into the corner. With a barrage of shoulder barges, she keeps him there too.] [Elsewhere, outside the ring, King Royal has set up a giant ladder. Below it? A rather large table. What the hell does he have in mind? We may not get to find out because The Sharkman attacks with right hands to the back of his head. He pulls him away and smashes his head off the ladder.] [Back inside the ring, Neville has escaped to the ring apron, kneeling in pain. Calypso though, she springboards out and ULTRA VIOLENCE! DOUBLE FOOTED CURBSTOMP ON THE FUCKING RING APRON! JESUS CHRIST! She drops down, rolls Sheldon back into the ring and covers… ONE….. TWO… THREE! The former VHS Champion has been eliminated!] [Neville Sheldon has been eliminated!] [The Sharkman has placed King Royal on the table outside the ring, climbing the fifteen-foot ladder for good measure. What the hell is he thinking? Come on Sharky, don’t do this!] [Buzz!]


[Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony echoes throughout the arena, the music out of place in the Tap Room after the carnage that has taken place there, as Ethan Earhart walks out past the open metal doors. The Immortal walks to the ring in a easy gait, betraying none of his thoughts or emotions as, stepping into the ring through the ropes as he levels a stare at his opponents.] [Ethan quickly rolls to the outside, climbing up the ladder behind The Sharkman who has no idea he’s there. King Royal remains on the table, out of it below. He’s going for the SHARK DIVE! BUT WAIT, ETHAN EARHART GRABS HIM FROM BEHIND! The Superhero has no idea what’s happening as he’s spun around atop the ladder. Earhart RIGHT HANDS HIM STRAIGHT OFF THE LADDER, THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE BELOW! ROYAL MOVED! ROYAL MOVED!] [“Holy Shit!” chants reign down as Ethan sets himself atop the ladder and now faces The Sharkman, who lays within the rubble of a table. What’s he going to do now? He smirks at the camera and looks towards the ring, where The Scarecrow, Mother, Solomon Rhodes and Calypso stand, brawling. THEN HE DIVES! MASSIVE CROSSBODY FROM THE FUCKING LADDER STRAIGHT ONTO ALL FOUR OF THEM!] [Everyone tumbles like domino’s, hitting the canvas. This match is reaching its conclusion and we’ve got nine competitors still in this thing! That’s nearly half the match still fighting.] [The buzzer sounds. Who could be next?]


[“SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! AND YOU’RE TO BLAME, DARLIN’ YOU GIVE LOVE, A BAD NAME!”] [Green and Purple lights flash throughout the Tap Room as Bruce Van Chan seeks another shot at glory after coming up short in the World Title match earlier tonight. He bursts through the doors and sprints to the ring, hoping to become the first back to back Pandemonium winner!] [Bruce runs around the ring towards King Royal and attacks him as he gets back to his feet, throwing him into the barricade. In the meantime, The Sharkman groggily gets back into the ring, ducks a Clothesline by Calypso and HAMMERLOCK DDT! RECKONING! OUT OF NO-WHERE! He gets back up, still dazed and HAPPILY EVER AFTER! MOTHER ALMOST TAKES HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF! SHE COVERS…. ONE…. TWO…. THREE!] [The Sharkman has been eliminated!] [Calypso really took a shot and when she gets back to her feet, she’s barely able to stand. Guess who’s there to meet her? THE SCARECROW! With one big slap of his giant hand around her throat, he lifts her up and down with a BYE BYE BIRDIE! CHOKESLAM TO CALYPSO! THE MONSTER COVERS… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! UNBELIEVABLE! A FOURTH ELIMINATION BY THE SCARECROW!] [Calypso has been eliminated!] [There’s only two entries left and by god, we’re still rolling here tonight. King Royal and Bruce Van Chan are still brawling on the outside. Jacob Phoenix and Solomon Rhodes are battling on the other side, whilst Mother and The Scarecrow realize that Ethan Earhart is now stood before them.] [The buzzer goes, and now we’re ready for entrant number #19. Who could it be?]


[The Sound Of The Street echoes through the PA system, a combination of honking and police sirens] [Darkness follows as the Tap Room is illuminated only by the cell phones of fans frantically searching for Ethan Bird. They find him ringside and slowly he begins to glow as more of the lights focus in upon him, his palms raised skyward. Slowly his eyes focus on his opponent and he slides into the ring.] [Ethan quickly joins his name sake in the middle of the ring, going after The Scarecrow – of which a long-standing rivalry still exists. He pushes him back into the corner and beats the holy hell out of him whilst Earhart nails Mother with a Snap Suplex. We’re only one entry away from the Pandemonium 20 having all entered this match. Who’s going to Ring of Dreams?] [Bird meanwhile has dragged The Scarecrow out of the corner AND INTO THE WORLD’S END! FISHERMAN’S DDT! COULD THAT BE ALL!? HE COVERS… ONE…. TWO… THREE! KICK OUT! THE HAYMAN SOMEHOW KICKS OUT! The God Amongst Men cannot believe it. He stands up, but Jacob Phoenix grabs him.. FOR HER! NO! ETHAN SWIVELS OUT OF THE REVERSE DDT! Right hand, right hand, right hand back into the ropes! He whips him in… MASSIVE POWERSLAM! HE NAILS HIM!] [On the outside, Bruce Van Chan has been bloodied by King Royal, who now finds himself fighting towards the steps and through the fans. These two hate each other. Trading right and left hands, they’re now above the ring, stood amongst the fans, brawling! Jesus Christ! The King tries to throw Bruce over the barricade – the only thing that separates him from the twenty foot drop to the floor below! He’s barely able to steady himself, teetering as the buzzer goes!] [Buzz!]


[The guitar line of “Lost” by Red erupts from the PA system, just as spotlights illuminate the entranceway to show absolutely nothing at all.] [Where the hell is Lux Bellator?] [The final entrant into Pandemonium is no-where to be seen!] [The spotlight searches for him, finally finding him stood on top of the very barricade that Bruce Van Chan and King Royal find themselves near.] [What the fuck is he doing!?] [With tremendous balance on the barrier, he spreads his arms and points towards Solomon Rhodes who stands twenty feet below him in the middle of the ring.] [THEN HE JUMPS! OH MY FUCKING GOD!! LUX BELLATOR JUST JUMPED FROM THE FUCKING BARRICADE TWENTY FOOT ABOVE THE RING! HE SOARS THROUGH THE AIR, LOOKING FOR A GIANT BIG SPLASH ON SOLOMON RHODES.] [CODEBREAKER!] [OH… MY…. FUCKING… GOD!] [MID-AIR FUCKING CODEBREAKER TO LUX BELLATOR!]


[HOLY… OH MY… SOLOMON RHODES JUST NAILED CHAOS THEORY AS LUX BELLATOR DOVE TWENTY FEET FROM THE FANS ABOVE THE RING! WHAT A FUCKING MOVE! RHODES COVERS…. ONE…… TWO…. THREE!] [Lux Bellator has been eliminated!] [The fans can’t believe it. That was the most awesome thing we’re ever likely to see in Pandemonium. There’s no more entries, and nine competitors remain in the competition!] [Scarecrow, Mother, Solomon Rhodes, Jacob Phoenix, Ethan Earhart, King Royal, Bruce Van Chan and Ethan Bird remain in this match. With bodies scattered all over the place, and Solomon Rhodes having rolled from the ring after that amazing move, this match is really truly anyone’s to win. On the stairs above the ring, Bruce Van Chan and King Royal find themselves on a table, trading right hands. Bruce kicks him low, pulling him in for a Suplex. He looks down towards the ring and turns, snarling. He’s not going to, is he? Oh god, please don’t… think about your heart, Bruce!] [BUT KING ROYAL REVERSES! SNAP SUPLEX THE OTHER WAY, STRAIGHT INTO THE FUCKING WALL! The fans explode, but that has to be a bit of luck for Bruce, doesn’t it? Meanwhile in the ring, Ethan Bird drops Earhart with a big Spear! He gets back up and is scooped up by The Scarecrow. TOMBSTONE! TOMBSTONE TO BIRD! HE COVERS…. ONE…. TWO… THREE! THE SCARECROW ELIMINATES HIS FIFTH PERSON!] [Ethan Bird has been eliminated!] [He has a new record! The Scarecrow tops Bruce Van Chan’s four eliminations of last year with five! He gets back to his feet, but there’s Solomon Rhodes… TONGAN DEATH GRIP! HE LOCKS IT IN, BUT THE SCARECROW WHIPS HIS ARM AWAY AND PUNCHES HIM RIGHT IN THE HEART! THE HAYMAKER! Rhodes crumbles and falls through the middle rope, landing on the outside.] [King Royal meanwhile has dragged Bruce Van Chan down the steps and pulls him towards the ring. He wants to eliminate his nemesis, once and for all. The King rolls him under the bottom rope and follows, only someone appears to be grabbing his ankles. What the hell? IT’S EDWARD NEWTON!! WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM!? HOLD ON A SECOND, HAS HE BEEN HIDING UNDER THE RING THIS WHOLE TIME!? HE PULLS ROYAL AWAY AND NEVERMIND! IMPLANT DDT ON THE WOODEN FLOOR!] [Newton clambers into the ring and pulls Van Chan back to his feet, NEVERMIND! IMPLANT DDT TO BRUCE AS WELL! NEWTON COVERS… ONE…. TWO… THREE! WHAT THE FUCK! HE JUST CAME IN OUT OF NO-WHERE AND STOLE ONE! Edward Newton just eliminated last year’s winner of Pandemonium! Holy crap!] [Bruce Van Chan has been eliminated!] [There’s seven left now and Edward Newton cowardly rolls out of the ring, trying to escape under the ring apron. What the hell is this guy up to? He quickly hides, ensuring no-one saw him leave. He can’t do that, can he? Surely, he can’t! Ethan Earhart is back to his feet in the ring, finding Jacob Phoenix there. They start trading punches, but Ethan pushes him back into the ropes and sends him across the ring, connecting with a Clothesline.] [The Immortal wants to win this more than anything. He pulls Phoenix back up, but Jacob spins him around… FOR HER! REVERSE DDT! NO! EARHART ROLLS OUT, SCOOPS HIM UP INTO THE MUSCLE BUSTER AND THE COST OF IMMORTALITY! HOLY SHIT! HE DROPS HIM HARD! ETHAN COVERS…. ONE…. TWO…. THREE! JACOB PHOENIX FINISHES SEVENTH IN PANDEMONIUM! WHAT AN EFFORT!] [Jacob Phoenix has been eliminated!] [As Earhart gets back to his feet and there’s that sneaky bastard Newton from behind! He spins him around, but Earhart is wise to it… SMALL PACKAGE! ONE… TWO…. THREE! OH MY GOD! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! EARHART PICKS UP DUEL ELIMINATIONS AND SENDS EDWARD NEWTON PACKING! That slimy bastard has hidden under the ring since his arrival at entrant number 11! Newton finishes sixth in this year’s Pandemonium!] [Edward Newton has been eliminated!] [The Immortal has had the showing of his life so far. He gets back to his feet, looking for the next victim and turns around TO THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! OH MAN! MOTHER WAS JUST WAITING FOR HIM. NO… COME ON.. NOT LIKE THIS…. ONE….. TWO…. THREE! ETHAN EARHARTS PHENOMENAL PANDEMONIUM RUN COMES TO AN END! JESUS CHRIST, HE ALMOST DID IT!] [Ethan Earhart has been eliminated!] [We’re down to the final four, now. The Scarecrow, Mother, Solomon Rhodes and King Royal get back to their feet, standing in a corner of the ring to themselves. This is it. The final stretch. One of these four will be going to Ring of Dreams to face Tommy Hawk for the World Championship. This isn’t just about the title, this is about the moment, the honour of such a victory. This is Pandemonium!] [Genesis look at each other, nodding. They know what they’re going to do. Mother attacks Rhodes immediately, leaving Scarecrow and King Royal to duel it out. The Mother Of All takes Solomon to the ropes and sends him across the ring, ducking underneath a clothesline attempt on his return, and pulling him down with a Sit-out Reverse DDT. She hooks the leg… One…. Two… Kick OUT! The bloodied and battered Solomon Rhodes barely kicks out. I have no idea how he’s still going, but he is. Mother hops back to her feet and hits the ropes, dropping into a Baseball slide with such ferocity that it kicks the poor Dragon across the ring.] [King Royal meanwhile has pulled The Scarecrow to the outside, backing him into the ring steps. He takes his time delivering right hands, until he looks up and see’s Mother LAUNCHING HERSELF THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPES! TOPE SUICIDA TO THE KING! SHE TAKES HIM RIGHT DOWN TOWN LESTER BROWN! She somehow pops back up, grabbing Royal and driving her fingers into his eyes. The Scarecrow follows, huddling somewhat together. What they don’t realize is that perched on the top rope, pun intended, is none other than Solomon Rhodes. Rhodes dives off with a big Crossbody, toppling all three like fucking dominos.] [He pops straight back up, his hair still stained red with blood. He’s a fighter and he’s not giving up tonight. He grabs Mother and rolls her back into the ring, ready to finish this. He turns to slide in but The King stops him, turning him around and SLAMMING HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHAIR! WHERE THE FUCK DID HE GET THAT FROM!? HE MUST HAVE STOLE IT FROM A FAN AT RINGSIDE! Royal slides into the ring himself and waits for MOTHER, who gets back up and BLACK MIST! NO! THE CHAIR BLOCKS IT! ROYAL SLAMS IT ACROSS HER SKULL WITH EVERYTHING HE CAN MUSTER! HOLY SHIT WHAT A CHAIR SHOT! HE COVERS…. ONE…. TWO…. THREE! KING ROYAL ELIMINATES MOTHER!] [Mother has been eliminated!] [There’s three left now. The King waves the chair around like a mad man, willing to hit anything that moves. The Scarecrow climbs onto the ring apron, and Royal swings, but THE HAYMAKER knocks it RIGHT OUT OF HIS HANDS! Royal backs away like a coward as The Scarecrow steps over the top rope. He takes a deep breath and runs at him, walking straight into a Big Boot. The King hits the deck hard and gets straight back to his feet, being scooped up and dropped down face first on the top turnbuckle in SNAKE EYES! He stumbles backwards and… BYE BYE… NO!! THE KING RAKES HIS EYES! Dropping down, he grabs the arm of The Scarecrow and DUNGEONS OF LONDON! THE DUNGEONS ARE LOCKED IN! THE SCARECROW SQUIRMS FOR THE ROPES, AND MAKES IT! HE MAKES IT! Just then, Solomon Rhodes slides back into the ring and dropkicks Nigel right on the button as he drops the hold.] [Rhodes pulls him back to his feet and PACKAGE FISHERMAN BUSTER! DAWN! He drills Nigel hard into the canvas. The fans cheer as The Dragon covers…. One…… Two…. Three! He’s done it! Solomon Rhodes eliminates King Royal for his Third elimination tonight!] [King Royal has been eliminated!] [Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. It’s down to The Scarecrow vs. Solomon Rhodes for a place at Ring of Dreams for the World Championship. Neither has held the belt, and both would love to join the ranks of former winners in Red River Jack and Bruce Van Chan.

[Slowly but surely, Solomon and Scarecrow get back to their feet. They’ve been in this thing since #2 and #3 respectively. The Scarecrow has eliminated five people, whilst Solomon Rhodes has eliminated three. Whoever wins this battle will go to Ring of Dreams!] [They rush each other, meeting in the middle of the ring with thunderous right and left hands. There’s so much on the line here. The Scarecrow slaps his hand around the throat of Rhodes, trying to lift him up but he slams down his arm, dropping out. He leaps up into the air, looking for the Chaos Theory, but The Scarecrow catches him and CORNER POWERBOMB! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!] [The Dragon bounces off the turnbuckle and stumbles into a giant Big Boot, nailing him hard across the face. He rolls to the outside instinctively, knowing that he must avoid being covered if he wants to win this match. The Monster though, he follows, meeting him on the outside. He grabs him by the head and bounces it off the barricade. They stumble through the wreckage of the tables and eventually stumble towards the fans. They head up the stairs, The Scarecrow right handing Rhodes with every punch he can muster along the way.] [The fans quickly move, giving them room to brawl, Solomon driving a knee into the mid-section of the Hayman as he approaches. They’ve been through so much here tonight, but it’s hardly over. The Dragon grabs a nearby glass bottle, crashing it over the head of The Scarecrow and it barely phases him. He bounces his head off the table for good measure and rolls him atop it. Solomon climbs up using some chairs and stands on this unsteady table, looking down twenty feet to the ring below.] [Solomon pulls The Scarecrow up and kicks him low, positioning him for a Powerbomb! He spreads his arms, lifts him up and CRUICFIX RELEASE POWERBOMB! OH MY FUCKING GOD! THE DRAGON POWERBOMBS SCARECROW TWENTY FEET FROM THE FUCKING RUNWAY TO THE GOD DAMN RING! THE SCARECROW HITS WITH SUCH A SICKENING THUD, IT’LL BE A FUCKING MIRACLE IF HE EVER GETS UP AGAIN. HOLY FUCKING CRAP! HOLY FUCKING FUCK!]




[THE FANS ARE ON THEIR FEET AS THE DRAGON STANDS, EXHAUSTED!] [If he can just go down there and pin him, he’ll win this!] [BUT WAIT….] [OH NO…] [SERIOUSLY?] [THE SCARECROW SITS UP! HE FUCKING SITS UP. THE MONSTER SITS UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING, HAVING JUST BEEN FUCKING POWERBOMBED FROM THE GOD DAMN OVERHEAD RUN WAY!] [SOLOMON SPOTS THIS…] [BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDD!!!] [HE LEAPS FROM THE FUCKING TABLE!!] [DOUBLE FOOT STOP TO THE FUCKING HEAD OF THE SCARECROW!] [THE CROWD HAVE GONE BALLISTIC! THE CAMERAS ARE SHAKING WITH THE UPROAR AND ATMOSPHERE INSIDE THE TAP ROOM! SOLOMON RHODES HAS… WELL… HOW THE FUCK!? WHAT THE FUCK?! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! HE COVERS… AND THE FANS CHANT ALONG WITH IT, THE ENTIRE ARENA BUZZING…] [ONE…….] [TWO………] [THREE!!] [IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER! Solomon Rhodes wins Pandemonium III! He said he was coming to break the wheel and by god, he didn’t break it, he obliterated it. The fans are in a frenzy, cheering, screaming, stomping and clapping so loud that the camera shakes from the impact alone. There’s nothing like this. There has been nothing like this.] [Solomon can’t stand. He can’t even get up.] [He kneels, his blood red hair like fire from his brow. The fans celebrate as he bows his head, a Dragon reborn in the flames of Pandemonium.] [Goodnight.] [Good… fucking… night!] [Cut.]