[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The Kersh Ranch.] [Inside the Kersh Family home, Brent sits opposite his wife at a long wooden dinner table, eating a family meal. It’s one of those rare occasions in which they’re able to sit down together and enjoy one another’s company. With the battles Brent Kersh has fought over the years, these occurrences have become rarer.]

“It never feels like you’re here,” [Nicole says solemnly.] “You’re always a million miles away.”

[Kersh nods, sympathetic and understanding to her plight as the wife of a wrestler like him.]

“I’m tired, baby,” [he responds.] “Battle after battle, war after war, I’m exhausted.”

[She stands up and walks around the table, taking a seat on his lap as he lowers his head.]

“We both know what you need to do, don’t we? You have to back to the Tap Room and put this to bed,” [she says with a smile.] “You need to do what you do and finish this, Brent. Come back home to me safe and sound, so we can do what we need to do for our family.”

[Kersh looks up at her.] “I’m ready,” [he admits.] “I won’t let you down, I promise.”

[She nods.]

“You never do.”

[Nicole stands up, watching as Brent accompanies her to her feet. He leans in and gives her a kiss, caressing her face one last time before heading off to yet another war, a war in which his life may very well be on the line once again.]

“I love you.”



[Two weeks earlier] [A Bugatti Chiron pulls into an old warehouse.] [It’s dark.] [The headlights reveal a woman in black with a red scarf around her neck, waiting. The vehicle pulls to a stop and the car turns off. The driver’s door swings open.] [The headlights remain on.] [Charlie Pryce steps out of the vehicle.] “Hello love,” [he smiles.] “You must be The Fence.”

[She nods.] “You must be Charlie. Where’s Bandito?”

[Charlie’s grin is ever present.] “Yeah, about that.” [He shrugs.] “He’s out now. It’s just me.”

“Is that so?”


[An awkward moment of silence is broken by Pryce’s persistence.] “So, about the payment.”

“Right,” [she says.] “The payment.”

[She reaches in her pocket and flips Charlie a coin. He snatches it out of the air and examines it.] [It’s gold. And with a head imprinted on each side.] [The Great Bandito.] [Charlie’s eyebrows raise.] [The lights in the warehouse turn on. Charlie shields his eyes from the penetrating fluorescence, but as his eyes adjust he sees he is surrounded.] [Innumerable people. All with masks over their faces like The Great Bandito’s, only red.] [Charlie turns to leave, and runs into The Great Bandito himself.]

“What is this?” [Charlie demands.]

“What this is,” [The Great Bandito explains.] “Is the Guild. My guild.”

[Bandito kicks Charlie in the stomach and shoves him to the ground.]

“And all of this? Nothing more than a test. You see they say there is no honor among thieves. But that’s not exactly true. It’s just rare. Rare enough that tests are required for entry into this… Thing of ours.”

[Charlie looks up at Bandito, realizing he has been had.]

“You failed. So you, foe, you get nothing.”

[Charlie screams.] “NOTHING!?”

[It is Bandito who smiles now.] “I only take from people like you, Charlie. I never give up the goods to an outsider. And if you want your share of the loot? Well, you’re going to have to take it from me. At Red Snow. You win? You get some of what you would have earned. If that fat fuck wins, he gets his car back.”

[Pryce scowls.]

“But if I win?” [Bandito gestures to the room full of people, as anonymous as himself, with only the color of his mask distinguishing him.]

“We take everything.”



[Charlie Pryce, Percy Prettybody, and the Great Bandito circle each other in the ring. If Pryce wins, he gets a cut of the money he would have earned. If Prettybody wins, he gets his vehicle back. If Bandito wins, he takes it all.] [DING! DING! Pryce and Prettybody immediately swarm in on Bandito, and deliver a storming series of chops, kicks, and punches to his sternum and stomach! Bandito finds himself against the turnbuckles. Pryce and Prettybody stomp a mudhole into him. Pryce lifts Bandito up and whips him into the ropes. Pryce chases after him and CLOTHESLINES Bandito over the top! Bandito hits the apron on his way to the outside! Pryce grabs hold of the top rope, timing for the precise moment that Bandito reaches his feet. PRYCE SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE…] [SPRINGBOARD ELBOW TO THE OUTSIDE BY PRYCE!] [Bandito and Pryce hit the ground hard. Prettybody looks around at the crowd, a smile on his face. He moves to the turnbuckles and starts to climb, the turnbuckles barely supporting his weight. He stands on the top rope as Pryce and Bandito start reaching their feet!] [“Behold!” Prettybody screams. “A PRETTYBODY IS BETTER THAN EVERYBODY!” Prettybody leaps!] [Pryce and Bandito move out of the way! PRETTYBODY BELLYFLOPS ONTO THE GROUND!!!] [Bandito lowblows Pryce! Pryce haunches over and Bandito rolls him back into the ring. Bandito slides in behind him. With fast pursuit, Bandito moves in on Pryce and locks in a Dragon Sleeper!] [Pryce struggles, scrambling with his legs towards the ropes! Pryce nearly gets his ankle on the bottom rope, but the crafty Bandito drags Pryce back to the center of the ring! Pryce can barely take it! He starts to TAP OUT!] […] [But he rakes Bandito’s eyes instead! Bandito is forced to break the hold, with the quick and limber Pryce back to his feet moments before Bandito!] [MOONSHINE!!! THE HEADSHRINKER DDT TO BANDITO!!!] [PRYCE MAKES THE COVER! HOOKS THE LEG!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!!!] [NO!!!!] [Bandito kicks out just in time!] [Charlie stands and argues with the referee about counting faster. Bandito, still on the mat, reaches in his pocket. He withdraws a smokebomb and sets it off! The ring immediately begins filling with smoke!] [No one can see anything! The dense cloud of smoke covering every inch of the squared circle! Finally, the smoke begins to dissipating. And just as everyone can see one another…] [SHORTCHANGED!] [THE SLINGBLADE NECKBREAKER!] [Bandito waits for him to get back to his feet, stalking him.] [BURNING HAMMER!] [BANDITO MAKES THE COVER!] [ONE!] [TWO!] […] [KICKOUT BY PRYCE!] [Bandito can smell the blood in the water. He lifts Pryce to his feet, but the resilient Stickyfingers begins laying into Bandito with a punch combination! Bandito once again finds himself backed into the corner. Bandito tries to fight his way out of it, but Pryce bobs and weaves out of the way of every shot!] [Bandito kicks Pryce directly in the crotch! A desperation move! Bandito moves in!] [SLEIGHT OF HAND!] [BANDITO LOCKS THE SUBMISSION IN!] [PRYCE IMMEDIATELY TAPS OUT!!! IT’S OVER!!!] [The Great Bandito earns his title tonight, opening Red Snow with a complete victory over both opponents. All the spoils taken by the King of Bandits!]


[For the past few weeks, Mysterion has been tormented by the danger that his biggest secret could be revealed to the world. He’s done everything in his dastardly power to stop that from happening, but now things have reached boiling point. The only thing standing between the Cloaked Conundrum and his past is Rain. When ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ begins to play, announcing Rain’s arrival to the Tap Room, the fans rise with anticipation. A hush falls over the Tap Room as Rain looks to speak.]

“Mysterion, this has gone far enough.”

[He speaks to the entrance way, knowing that the Supper-Villain would be able to hear him.]

“Can you not see what you have become in your desperate quest to keep the truth hidden? I was willing to hear your side of the story. But you’ve become everything your brother said you would be. A disappointment, an embarrassment. A desperate man, clinging to a vain hope that he can wish away the truth.”

[Rain stops, turning and looking over his shoulder as if interacting with a presence that only he can see. After a while, he nods in silent agreement before turning back to address Mysterion once more.]

“You tried to blind me. The last action of a man who has already lost his fight. You made your bed and now you will lie in it. I told you all along, my will is stronger than you could ever imagine. You will not break me. All you have succeeded in doing is fueling the desire to finally tell these people what you are so afraid of them knowing. To tell the world your secret… About how your brother died.”

[Without warning, the lights around the Tap Room are cut to a blackout. Confusion sounds around the place. When the lights return, Mysterion is standing, no more than ten feet away from the ring holding a rather nasty looking ribbed dagger. He points the tip of the blade in Rain’s direction.]

“Don’t say another fucking word.”

[Rain does not look intimidated. He turns, almost with a look of pity on his face.]

“You poor, troubled soul. All you have left is rage, your villainous party tricks and a secret that has been eating you away for too long. Surely, enough is enough now?”

[Mysterion slips into the ring agilely. In the blink of an eye, he is standing almost face to face with Rain, the blade still pointed at him.]

“I warned you. I told you to drop it and you didn’t. You think you’re so unbreakable, but I will stop at nothing to keep whatever lies you are about to spew silent. So, hold your tongue, or I’ll cut it off. I’m here for my pound of flesh.”

[Rain shakes his head slowly. He defiantly steps forward, a faraway look in his eyes as he stares past Mysterion into the void.]

“I believe your brother… You’re a disappointment and you don’t have the guts.”

[Mysterion doesn’t speak. He simply reacts with blind instinctive anger, unhinged rage of a man on the edge of sanity. He drives the dagger forth into the abdomen of Rain. A stab wound to keep the Impairer of Worlds silent. Rain looks down at the blood beginning to weep out of his wounds. But he does not falter, he does not fall. He tears free the dagger and tosses it away.]

“Is that the best you can do?”


[Mysterion faces off against Rain tonight, but the tables have been firmly turned in Mysterion’s favour. Rain, already suffering from the stabbing wounds of Mysterion’s dastardly plan, refuses to back down. Can Mysterion keep his secret silent?] [DING! DING! Rain is leaning with his back on the turnbuckle as the bell sounds. By now, his wound is beginning to drip, leaving a few spots of crimson on the canvas underneath where he rests. Mysterion confidently strides up to him and grabs him by the hair, pulling him free of the turnbuckle. Pulling him by the hair, the Cloaked Conundrum plants Rain RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING WITH A DDT! Rain is weakened and right where Mysterion wants him. He climbs, looking to end this before it’s even begun!] [MYSTERION WITH THE MASTER PLAN! HE COVERS FOR THE EARLY PIN!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [NO!] [THERE’S LIFE IN RAIN! HE KICKS OUT DEFIANTLY!] [The frustration sets in that Mysterion’s plan didn’t have an instantaneous payout. Nevertheless, he grabs Rain once more and flings him towards the ropes with an Irish Whip. RAIN SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES WITH THE EXTRA MOMENTUM… HE NAILS MYSTERION WITH A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! The effort seems to have taken a toll on Rain, however, who remains on one knee on the mat while catching his breath. When he stands, there is blood on the canvas where he knelt. Mysterion stirs…] [ENZUGURI DRILLS MYSTERION BACK TO THE CANVAS!] [RAIN LOCKS IN A CROSSFACE CHICKENWING… MYSTERION SCREAMS IN AGONY!] [MYSTERION BREAKS THE HOLD BY FINDING THE ROPES!] [The referee breaking the hold serves as to reset the momentum of the match, which works in Mysterion’s favour. With Rain fading more and more as the match wears on, he quickly gets the upper hand when the pair lock horns again. SMALL PACKAGE DRIVER! Rain is down and Mysterion follows up with a STANDING SHOOTING STAR SPLASH! HE CAUGHT ALL OF IT! But the Cloaked Conundrum is not done yet. He drags Rain to his feet.] [KNEE STRIKE TO. THE ABDOMEN OOF RAIN! RIGHT IN THE SPOT WHERE THE BLADE WENT IN!] [ANOTHER, RIGHT ON THE BUTTON!] [MYSTERION DELIVERS A FRANTIC FLURRY OF BLOWS TO THE VERY SAME SPOT! RAIN CRUMBLES IN A HEAP!] [The Outcast is bleeding heavily now, barely moving as Mysterion climbs the turnbuckle and lines up Rain once more.] [DOUBLE FOOTED STOMP TARGETS THE EXACT SAME SPOT!] [Mysterion hooks the leg for the pin.] [ONE!] [TWO!] […] [THREE!] [MYSTERION HAS IT!] […] [Or does he? The referee’s hand never hits the canvas a third time. He notices Rain’s foot on the ropes. This thing is still going!] [Rain has been stabbed and fought tooth and nail to prove he won’t be broken. Can he outlast long enough to reveal the big secret?] [Mysterion drags a groggy Rain to his feet. Blood is now pooling on the mat where Rain had lain, he seems in a bad way. Mysterion drags him to the top rope, looking to end it once and for all. One final move to silence the Impairer of Worlds.] [GLOBAL TAKEO- NO! RAIN CUTS HIM OFF WITH ACID RAIN! HE SPAT THAT PUTRID STUFF RIGHT IN MYSTERION’S EYES!] [PAYBACK IS A BITCH!] [TOP ROPE BROTHER MINE!!] [RAIN FALLS ON TOP OF MYSTERION, NOTHING LEFT IN HIS TANK!] [ONE!] […] [TWO!] […] [THREE] [Rain has outlasted Mysterion’s plans tonight. He has been stabbed, suffered bloodloss and pushed to the limit. Even as he lies, victorious, unconscious from his injuries and Mysterion slinks away. As the medical team rush to Rain’s aid, he is victorious but Mysterion’s plan still worked – he is in no state to be revealing any secrets right now!]


[Flashback: Ring King 2018.] [We see Wild Karrde arriving at an unknown location, a small desolate building in a Warehouse district, not far from the Tap Room. He enters inside, his eyes full of focus, missing his trademark glasses. He walks to the middle and turns on a small light, awaiting what appears to be a guest.] [Only, when the door opens and his guest arrives, he appears surprised.]

“What are you doing here?”

[Mr. Knot carefully walks into frame, something in his hands.]

“You aren’t who I expected.”

[Knot stops in front of him, placing the item on the ground; with the lighting above, its revealed to be the Invasion Briefcase. Karrde looks stunned, his eyes widening and his head dipping backwards.]

“You?” [He says inquisitively.] “You stole my case?”

“Something like that,” [Knot responds with a sinister nod.] “But I’m afraid this wild goose chase I’ve had you on must come to an abrupt end. I’ve needed you to be in this position, Karrde; I’ve had you hunting. But now your hunt must end.”

[The Gambler grimaces.]

“Now, let’s change things up; let’s give you some power.”

[Before Wild Karrde can retort, Mr. Knot pulls a pistol from behind his back and fires a shot directly at his head.] [BANG!] [The bullet nails The Gambler right between the eyes and before you know it, he’s falling backwards like a sack of bricks, slamming into the concrete floor. Blood pours out as Mr. Knot approaches, putting a hand on his chest.]

“There we go.”

[Slowly, Mr. Knot transforms into Wild Karrde, his entire visage changing before our very eyes. With his black and white striped shirt, cowboy hat and black jeans, he’s a new man.] [He stands up, adjusts himself and chuckles.]

“It’s showtime.”

[Cut.] [Moments Later…] [Pitch Black.] [A pink hue flickers in the darkness ahead, stopping, then starting again abruptly. We carefully close in, watching as it gets brighter and brighter with every footstep.] [Then it stops.] [In that moment it feels like time has frozen. There’s a silence in the room, an eerie calm that radiates until finally, the pink hue returns brighter than before.] [This time revealing the grizzled face of Wild Karrde.]

“Times change,” [he says in a voice, different than before; without accent.] “And you either evolve or you die.”

[He clicks his fingers, turning the lights on.]

“I’ve lived a long and fruitful life. I’ve taken what I needed and tossed away the wreckage of who I am in that moment, discarding it as history long forgotten.”

[Using his hands, he clicks his fingers, returning the pink hue; within it, an ace, floating there.]

“And in this visage, I have succeeded only as much as I have failed. The Gambler from Nevada is no more.”

[Click.] [Suddenly, his form becomes wavy, evaporating transparently into a pink hue. The ace he once levitated falls to the floor, landing face up.] [Then a boot stands on it.] [The camera rises to see a different man before us, with the same voice.]

“Like I said, you evolve or you die.”

[He smiles.]

“My name is Wild Karrde; a card that can take any value.”

[His eyes glow pink.]

“And throughout history, I have taken many forms, stolen many hearts and survived many battles. I am not a victim; I have never been.”

[Karrde walks towards us.]

“Perhaps it’s time you met the real me.”

[He clicks his fingers, vanishing.] [Cut.]


[It is Gambler meets Rock God tonight. Can Zander’s showy offense be enough to put away Karrde or will he be caught in a bluff? The winner of this match will be making a statement!] [DING! DING! The bell sounds and it is Zander Zane who shows his hand first, charging at a Wild Karrde who reads his every step like the page of a book. Where Zane comes at him full of piss and vinegar, Karrde simply leans out of the way of the incoming Clothesline and sweeps his feet out from underneath him. Keeping the high octane offense of Zane grounded seems to be the early gameplan for the Gambler and he follows up a downed Zane with a series of strikes to Zane’s knee. This softens it up a little before KARRDE LOCKS IN A SINGLE LEG CRAB!] [IT’S STILL EARLY BUT ZANDER IS ALREADY SINGING THE HIGH NOTES AS HE HOWLS IN PAIN!] [KARRDE GRITS HIS TEETH AND APPLIES MORE PRESSURE… BUT ZANE KICKS HIM AWAY WITH HIS FREE LEG!] [Karrde staggers back, giving Zane the small window he needs to find his feet once more. He lashes out with a SPINNING BACKFIST that sends Karrde reeling before DRILLING KARRDE TO THE CANVAS WITH A BRUTAL DDT! The Rock God charges at the ropes… SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP NAILS KARRDE! Zane wastes no time, climbing the turnbuckle and turning the pace of the match to eleven. Atop the top of the castle, Zane looks out and leaps…] [HE AIMS AN ELBOW DROP AT KARRDE…] [BUT KARRDE IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! HE HAS DISAPPEARED WITH A CLICK OF THE FINGERS!] [ZANE CRASHES TO EARTH! HE TOOK THE GAMBLE AND IT BIT HIM ON THE ASS!] [Wild Karrde soon re-emerges, calling Zander’s name from a seat at the Tap Room bar, casually chewing on a candy cane, having seemingly teleported there. The hot-headed Zane scrambles to his feet and wastes no time charging at the Gambler. He launches into the air… STAGE DIVE! WHAT AIR! KARRDE SIMPLY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND ZANDER CRASHES BACK FIRST INTO THE BAR! Wild Karrde seems to be baiting Zander into taking risks, and it’s paying off. He rolls Zander back into the ring and looks for the pinfall.] [ONE!] [TWO!] [NO… ZANDER GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [With Zane still trying to recover, Karrde leaps for the ropes. DOUBLE DOWN! THE LIONTAMER HITS FLUSH! Zane is on dream street as The Magician hoists him to his feet. An ATOMIC DROP hits Zander where it hurts and sends him staggering backwards. Karrde comes charging forward with a flurry of elbows and Zander falls backwards into the corner turnbuckle. Wild Karrde backs up across the ring.] [RIDE THE LIGHTNING! WILD KARRDE USES ZANDER’S OWN MOVE AGAINST HIM!] [THE INSULT TO INJURY… KARRDE SLAPS ZANDER ACROSS THE FACE LIKE A TWO DOLLAR WHORE!] [Zander staggers forward, swinging wildly at Karrde out of the red mist of anger. The haymaker goes wanting but KARRDE DROPS HIM TO THE CANVAS WITH A DROP TOE HOLD! HE COVERS FOR THE PIN!] [ONE!] [TWO!] […] […] [THREE — NO!] [ZANDER SOMEHOW MANAGES TO SQUIRM OUT OF THE PINFALL!] [Both men reach a vertical base. MIC DROP! THAT HIT QUICK OUTTA NOWHERE!] [Zane covers for the pin!] [ONE!] [TWO!] […] […] [THREE !] [Zander Zane has done it! He has put away Wild Karrde tonight. The Gambler tried to call his bluff countless times but Zander ended up getting one over him in the end!]


[Static.] [Darkness.]

“How do you feel?”

[An unknown voice echoes throughout the pitch black, grumbling low and deep. We still don’t see anything, just darkness.]

“Different,” [another voice responds.] “At peace, yet somehow stronger than I’ve ever been.”

“Hm,” [is the response.] “The power now flows through you. You have a responsibility to them, and to us. You know what’s coming, yes? You’ve been briefed?”

[There’s a shuffle, but we remain in darkness.]

“I’ve been told.”

“Good. Next year you will return to them, protect them and guide them. You may uncover resistance at first but be persistent and remember your mission.”

“What of my life here?” [They ask.] “Will I ever be able to return?”

“This is your home, son,” [is the careful response. There’s a slight pause before he continues.] “Whatever happens to you in the Tap Room, you can always come back home.”

“I understand.”


“Just remember, the road ahead will be difficult. You’re in for a turbulent journey, but one that will change the course of history. You must remain beyond reproach. As one of our soldiers, you must be valiant, but honorable. You’re a representative of us. There have been many in the past, and you’ll now join their precious lineage.”

“I understand the terms,” [he responds.] “And I won’t let any of you down. The Tap Room needs me; they need me and I refuse to stand by and watch them suffer.”

“Very well.”



[For months, the Poet has slowly been turning the innocent Happy into a puppet of his own mould but as the final lesson begins, can Happy finally get out from underneath the poisonous grip of Nevermore or will the Gentlemen’s Club be the undoing of the promising rookie?] [The bell sounds as Happy reaches forward, outstretching a hand to Nevermore who shakes his pupils hand before transitioning into a headlock. Happy tries to fight out but Nevermore has the hold locked on tight as Happy sinks to one knee. Nevermore tries to crank him down to the mat but Happy begins fighting to his feet, delivering a stiff pair of elbows to the gut as he manages to slip out, rushing to the ropes as he bounces off for a clothesline] [Nevermore ducks, RELEASE BACKDROP! Nevermore dropped Happy damn near on his head there as the Prince slowly rises to his feet right into a huge European Uppercut before he’s spun around] [AND DUMPED OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!] [Happy crashes to the floor below as a sly smile crosses Nevermore’s face. He rolls out of the ring, pulling his apprentice up to his feet before tossing him back into the ring and dropping down for a cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [TH…HAPPY JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Nevermore pulls the groggy Prince to his feet, nailing another stiff European Uppercut before lifting him up into the air and sending him spine first over his knee with a Double Underhook Backbreaker. Happy screams out in pain as Nevermore delivers a stiff kick to the spine before dropping down] [AND LOCKING IN THE ENGLISH CLOVERLEAF!] [Happy screams out in pain as Nevermore pulls back hard, yelling out to the Prince ‘time to end this lesson my lad’ as he waits for the sound of tapping out but Happy refuses. He slowly crawls to the ropes, gritting through the pain as he lunges forward, grabbing the ropes as he breaks the hold!] [Nevermore lets go of the cloverleaf, pulling Happy to his feet but he’s met by a huge right hand from the Prince which staggers him back. Another sends him stumbling into the corner as he’s tossed across the ring, Happy trying for a clothesline that Nevermore ducks before grabbing Happy from behind] [POETIC JUSTICE! The Inverted DDT hits flush as Nevermore rolls through for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…HAPPY KICKS OUT! And Nevermore is pissed!] [The King pulls Happy up to his feet, fuming as he yells at Happy to know his place before hooking him up for the Oxford Comma but Happy slips out, BOOMSTICK!] [The massive right hand hits flush as Nevermore staggers into the ropes, bouncing off right into a massive clothesline from the Prince. Nevermore stumbles to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights before a hard Suplex puts him down on the mat. Happy doesn’t cover, instead pulling Nevermore up to his feet and grabbing him by the throat] [BYE BYE…EYE POKE! Nevermore just evades the Chokeslam as he drills Happy in the side of the head with a savage elbow, disregarding the handshake as he lifts him up into the air, POETRY IN…HAPPY SLIPS OUT, rolling back as Nevermore turns around] [RIGHT INTO A HUGE SHADOW KICK! Nevermore stumbles but doesn’t go down as Happy leaps off the ropes, SPRINGBOARD SHADOW KICK! Nevermore goes down like a shot as Happy covers] [ONE..] [TWO…] [THRE…NEVERMORE JUST KICKS OUT!] [The Prince is feeling it as the crowd are on their feet, Happy pulls Nevermore up to his feet who tries for a European Uppercut but Happy ducks it, landing one of his own before lifting Nevermore up onto his shoulders] [He begins spinning Edgar around before in a tremendous show of strength, lifts him up into a Gorilla Press Slam, spinning the King around high in the air before spinning him down, as Happy catches Nevermore in midair with a BEAR HUG SLAM! Nevermore looks out cold as Happy rolls down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Happy finally does it, gaining the final victory over his former mentor as he gets one step forward to living his own life once more]


[After that surprising match, Edgar Nevermore loses it.] [As Happy helps him to his feet, he violently grabs him, slamming him head first into the turnbuckle. As the youngster reels in shock and despair, Edgar backs away, grimacing with rage.] [Happy turns around, being clobbered by a right hand – a brutal slap that rocks him backwards.] [But he doesn’t fall.] [He stands there, his head tilted in shame.]

“This is your final lesson, you stupid, stupid boy!” [Nevermore screams.] “Don’t trust anyone.”

[Nevermore goes to grab him but Happy stops him, blocking his right hand.] [The fans roar.] [And he snaps!] [Happy grabs Edgar and runs him into the top turnbuckle, head first. He bounces his face off repeatedly, busting him wide open as the audience rumble with cheers and applause. Edgar reels, unsure of what’s happening as his Prince decks him with a right hand.]

“I’m not dead!” [He yells, his voice changing, sliding to the outside.] “I’m not dead!”

[He grabs a barbed wire bat from under the ring, ripping off his shirt and tie before entering under the bottom rope. What the fuck has happened to Happy?]

“You leave my Grandson alone!” [He screeches in a feminine voice.] “He’s just a simple boy!”

[Happy walks over to Nevermore, slamming the bat down across his back violently.] [Again.] [Again.] [Ripping clumps of suit and shirt off his former ‘friends’ back.]

“Why’d you make me do this?” [He cries.] “Why?”

[One final blow decimates Nevermore on the canvas, leaving him in a puddle of blood. Happy steps away, shaking his head.] [He’s snapped.] [But there’s clearly more to it than that.] [As he walks away talking to himself, it’s clear that Nana and Jacob were him all along.] [And if Happy has long departed, who the fuck are we left with?] [Cut.]


[Heavy is the burden we are given and the Templar Knight knows this. The failure of his alliance with Arthur stained alongside his temple walls, can the Protector gain his revenge for his fallen brethren or is the Lich King still too powerful?] [The camera slowly fades in on the mysterious plain of Avalon, the once resting place of King Arthur as Knightwatch slowly walks into the entrance, brushing away a cobweb from his face that nearly masks an onrushing leathery hand. The Protector just dodges away as the right slams into the concrete, the sheer force vibrating the foundations. Knightwatch rolls to his feet, his eyes never taking themselves away from Arthur who stands calmly, waiting patiently for Knightwatch to advance. The Protector obliges, rushing forward with a right held high as he swings wild, a strike easily dodged by Arthur who nails Knightwatch with a huge straight to the gut, followed by the racking of the Templars ribs] [Knightwatch staggers back but shakes off the pain as he advances once more, ducking a right himself this time before unleashing a flurry of lefts and rights onto the Lich King. Each blow seems to get more furious and fast, but they all have no effect on Arthur who absorbs the blows before rearing back with a huge headbutt that dazes Knightwatch. The Templar tries to gain his bearings but he’s grabbed by the back of the head] [BEFORE HE’S TOSSED HEAD FIRST INTO THE NEARBY WALL!] [A pool of blood impacts the wall as The Templar’s white mask is cracked, a thin stream of blood dripping down as Arthur pulls him to his feet, nailing him with a series of massive right hooks to the gut that crack Knightwatch ribs even more before he’s tossed over Arthur’s shoulders, landing gut first on the hard concrete. Nightwatch tries to pull himself up, spitting out a glob of almost luminescent blood on the floor but the Lich King is on him, gripping him around the neck] [AS HE LOCKS IN MORDRED’S DEMISE!] [The Protector tries to fight but Arthur’s strength is incredible as he begins to slowly fade away, drifting into a dream that he may never wake from. Knightwatch is nearly unconcious as the Lich King leans in, whispering in Knightwatch’s ear] [‘Just like I thought, a fool who’s an insult to his brother’s name’. With those words, a gutteral scream can be heard from the Templar as a surge of strength flows through him and he begins to slowly rise to his feet, Arthur dangling around him with the chokehold still applied. Knightwatch rushing forward] [AS HE POWERBOMBS ARTHUR INTO HIS OWN SARCOPHAGUS!] [Arthur slowly gets up, clearly injured by the Powerbomb as he’s pounded down by a furious Knightwatch, lefts and rights absolutely brutalise Arthur as a huge knee nearly breaks the Lich King’s jaw and he’s spun around] [AND PLANTED INTO HIS CONCRETE COFFIN ONCE MORE WITH THE KNIGHT’S END STO! Knightwatch believes this is the end as he pulls the limp Arthur up to his feet, rolling him into the sarcophagus but as he tries to close the concrete lid, ARTHUR’S HAND SHOOTS UP, STOPPING THE LID CLOSING!] [Arthur easily pushes the lid away, knocking Knightwatch away with another huge headbutt before a massive right hand sends Knightwatch flying back into the wall. The Templar tries to rise to his feet] [BUT STANDS INTO A HUGE RUNNING KICK TO THE CHEST! The wall cracks upon impact as Arthur grips Knightwatch by the head and drills him with knee after knee after knee, each blow cracking his mask even more, a final one slumping Knightwatch down as The Lich King backs up for a moment] [BEFORE BREAKING THE MASK ENTIERLY WITH A SKULL CRACKING KING’S CROSSING! THE TEMPLAR MASK FALLS APART LEAVING NOTHING BUT A BLOOD MASK AS THE TEMPLAR CRASHES TO THE FLOOR! Arthur easily lifts up the limp Knightwatch, tossing him into the sarcophagus before closing the lid on this match completely!] [The Lich King destroys the Templar here tonight, Knightwatch tried his best but in his domain, Arthur was…and is unstoppable as he proved here tonight by burying Knightwatch inside his own resting place]


[King Arthur’s Tomb.] [Arthur stands, lifting the coffin containing Knightwatch. Despite the clear struggling in the coffin, and the weight, Arthur has it slung over his shoulder easily. As he enters the tomb, he speaks out to the caged Knightwatch.]

“I have done everything that I could to take care of you Knightwatch. I thought you a knight most noble. A hero worth allying to reclaim what was rightfully mine.”

[He descends down the reassembled stairs, the coffin thrashing beneath his grip. He does not look at it, only keeping forward as he marches.]

“Instead you proved disappointing. You aligned yourself with those that sought not your glory, but to use you.”

[Reaching the bottom of the stairwell, Arthur sets the coffin to the side, placing a large chunk of rock on top of it to keep back the thrashing of Knightwatch. ]

“I tried to free you of your mortal attachments. I aimed to separate you. First by trial and friendliness. Then as a villain to lure you free. I even slaughtered them to cease you from distraction.”

[He goes over to his own coffin, looking over it with a sense of disgust. The feeling is replaced with rage, and he simply pushes the casket made of stone and ornate jewels away, letting it crash and crack onto the floor below. The rendering of the altered casket reveals a hole carved down deep beneath, a more permanent resting place never used before.]

“But it wasn’t enough now, was it? You had burrowed yourself in too deep. So now Knightwatch, man gone rabid, fallen knight, I think it is time for you to be done.”

[Satisfied with the basic hole, he returns to where Knighwatch thrashes about frantically in his prison of wood and cheap fabric. Brushing the rock away, Arthur lifts the casket and lowers it down into the dark chasm unearthed, and turns back. From the side of the stairs, he pulls a sword from the shadows.]

“I had planned this sword to be your crowning gift, your symbol of true knighthood. Now? It simply serves as a reminder of what could have been.”

[Arthur raises the sword upwards, and plunges it down into the coffin where Knightwatch’s chest was. The thrashing suddenly stops from the coffin, and within a few seconds, blood seems to creep up the hole and begin pooling where the sword struck through. ]

“Goodbye Knightwatch. No one will remember you now.”

[The Lich King returns to his own coffin, and quickly grasps it. With a mighty heave, he lifts it far above his head, and throws it down. It clatters into the hole, landing with a solid thunk, and the sound of metal punching through the other side of the casket. Preparing just in case, he slides the pedestal back, to where it had sat for centuries before.] [Reaching for his staff, Arthur turns and marches up the stairs to the entrance to the tomb. He reaches the door, slowly shutting it behind him. As it shuts for the final time, the torches inside wisp out, closing this grim chapter of the story with darkness.]


[We have a street fight between Troy Solveig and Shadow tonight! Will Shadow get rid of his compulsions or will Troy suffer for them? In a match that could be literally life or death, who will prevail? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Shadow instantly pulls out a knife and charges at Troy! Troy barely dodges it and the knife is stuck in the turnbuckle! Shadow lets go of the knife and turns into a big boot by Troy! Troy screams out, “We don’t have to do this!” Shadow kips up and hits a jumping enzuigiri! He nods his head and says, “You’re right, we don’t have to but I must.” He starts stomping away on Troy! Shadow is stomping harder and harder until he’s satisfied! He hops up to the top rope! Troy rolls out of the ring! He knows he must avoid that!] [SHADOW SHRUGS AND JUMPS ANYWAY!] [AVENGED!] [NO! VALKYRIE!] [TROY REVERSES THE DOUBLE FOOT STOMP INTO A SUPERMAN PUNCH!] [SHADOW IS ROCKED!] [Troy searches under the ring and finds a chair! He throws it into the ring! He finds another one and throws it into the ring as well! Another and another! He keeps throwing chairs until there is a pile in the ring! He doesn’t notice Shadow pop up! ANGEL BEAT! The superkick stuns Troy and Shadow shoves him back in the ring! Shadow grabs one of the chairs and starts wailing on Troy! He’s screaming, “You can’t stop me!’ He’s hitting harder and harder with each blow! Troy looks completely out of it and Shadow drags him onto the pile of chairs!] [SHADOW HOPS OVER THE ROPES ONTO THE APRON!] [WHAT DOES HE HAVE PLANNED!] [FROM THE HEAVENS!] [SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH!] [SHADOW CRUSHES TROY ON THE CHAIRS AND COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [KICK OUT BY TROY!] [Shadow is shocked and rolls out of the ring! He grabs a ladder! He’s sliding it into the ring! He slides back in himself! He is trying to pull Troy up! Troy is fighting him off! Vicious gut punches to Shadow! Shadow is forced to let go of Troy! Troy levels Shadow with a clothesline! Troy clutches Shadow by the throat and lifts him off the ground! CHOKESLAM ON THE LADDER! Shadow is wedged in between the steps and Troy stomps on him to wedge him in even more! Troy lifts the ladder with Shadow wedged inside!] [WHAT IS TROY DOING!?!] [HE LIFTS THE LADDER OVER HIS HEAD!] [SHADOW IS STILL STUCK!] [GORILLA PRESS SLAM ONTO THE PILE OF CHAIRS!] [SHADOW MUST BE BROKEN!] [TROY PULLS HIM OUT OF THE LADDER AND COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [SHADOW GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [He barely kicks out and the match is still going on! Troy rips Shadow off the ground! He lifts him up and holds him up there for a stalling suplex! He’s going for the jackhammer but Shadow slips out of it!] [DIVINE PUNISHMENT!] [SHADOW HITS THE LUNGBLOWER OUT OF NOWHERE AND COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [TROY KICKS OUT!] [Shadow rolls off him and both men are down! They are trying everything to keep the other one down! Shadow gets up first and he grabs the knife out of the turnbuckle pad! Troy gets up and Shadow swings the knife! Troy jumps back but he trips and falls backwards on the chairs! Shadow laughs and tells Troy, “You’re about to become a victim of your own trap.” He mounts on top of Troy and holds the knife up high! He swings it down and Troy catches the wrist! Troy is struggling to hold it as Shadow is plunging it closer and closer to his neck!] [TROY YANKS THE KNIFE OUT OF SHADOW’S HAND!] [HE STABS SHADOW IN THE ARM TO GET SHADOW OFF HIM!] [SHADOW IS DESPERATELY TRYING TO GET THE KNIFE OUT OF HIS ARM!] [TROY CAPITALIZES AND HITS THE HAMMER OF THE GODS ON THE PILE OF STEEL CHAIRS!] [HE HIT THE JACKHAMMER SUPLEX AND HE COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [THREE!] [What a win by Troy as he survives that vicious attempt at taking his life! Will he be safe for long?]


[After that phenomenal match between Shadow and Troy Solveig, we seem to be no closer to understanding why Shadow wanted to destroy The Viking, or why he was suffering such terrible headaches.] [Troy holds out a hand, offering to help The Fallen Angel back to his feet.] [They battled valiantly here tonight, but there could only be one winner.]

“This isn’t over.” [The Angel growls.] “I will destroy you.”

[Shadow reaches out and accepts the offer, being dragged back to a standing position next to the man he tried to kill earlier this month. They look at each other for a brief moment, a twinkle in the eye of Shadow – and then The Fallen Angel swings for him violently.] [Suddenly, a piercing bright white light appears, blinding us all.] [It flashes across the ring like a shockwave.] [And when the dust has settled, we’re left with Shadow, his eyes burned from his skull – his mouth wide open, and his body led on the canvas with angel wings made of dust protruding from his fallen body.] [Dead.] [And stood over him, a calculated and focused frown upon his face, holding the angel blade from one week ago, is none other than Troy Solveig.] [The Viking slides the blade back into his armor and looks down at the Angel he promised not to kill, the focused expression having not left his face even once as he backs away, exiting the ring.] [Troy Solveig has killed Shadow.] [Did he have no choice?] [Would Shadow have stopped? He said this wasn’t over, he said he was going to kill him.] [The outline of The Fallen Angel’s body remains stained as Solveig simply stands there, motionless, either unable to move or choosing not to.] [Cut.]


[Isaac Danvers meets The Enforces in a rivalry that goes back into the history books. Can Brent Kersh withstand the administration of another dose of the Doctor’s punishment?] [The bell sounds and the men lock up in the centre of the ring. Kersh quickly gets the strength advantage and takes the upper hand in their test of strength but is unable to take advantage of this as DANVERS HEADBUTS HIM! Brent staggers backwards into the ropes and is TAKEN TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE! THIS ONE DIDN’T STAY IN THE RING FOR LONG AT ALL! Danvers climbs over the ropes and waits for Kersh to stagger to his feet once more.] [HE LEAPS OFF THE APRON… THE CURE!] [DANVER GOES FOR THE EARLY FINISHER BUT KERSH DUCKS IT!] [KERSH MANAGES TO CATCH DANVERS IN MID AIR AND DR$IVES HIM SPINE FIRST INTO THE SIDE OF THE RING!] [This time it is Isaac Danvers reeling and Kersh advancing. RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP drops Danvers to the ground at ringside. Kersh climbs up on the apron and leaps off. LEG DROP HITS DANVERS SQUARELY! KErsh doesn’t want to spent too much time in Danver’s playpen outside the ring so rolls him back inside. By the time he makes his way in, Isaac is beginning to claw his way to his feet.] [RUNNING KNEE TAKES DANVERS BACK TO THE GROUND!] [YOU COULD HEAR THE CRACK ON THAT ONE!] [Brent Kersh covers for the pin.] [ONE!] [TWO!] [NOOOOOO!] [DANVERS GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Kersh locks in a CAMEL CLUTCH, looking to take advantage of the softened lower back of Danvers. But he cannot get the hands clasped properly and Danvers escapes. He slips out of the ring, taking a moment to catch his breath and break the momentum. When he slides back into the ring, Kersh is waiting for him. He aims a CLOTHESLINE BUT DANVERS DUCKS IT!] [CRACK!] [DANVERS UNLEASHES THE STIFFEST OF STIFF LARIATS TO THE BACK OF KERSH’S SKULL!] [BRENT KERSH DROPS LIKE A SACK OF SPUDS!] [Danvers follows up with a LEG DROP to the back of Kersh’s head. Then a second, then a third. KERSH COULD WELL BE OUT COLD RIGHT NOW! He hasn’t moved a muscle. Danvers kneels behind Kersh.] [LOBOTOMY!] [ISAAC DANVERS LOCKS IT IN!] [KERSH IS AWAKE… AND SCREAMING IN AGONY!] [WILL WE SEE HIM TAP OUT?] […] […] [NO! KERSH FIGHTS THROUGH THE PAIN. THE ENFORCER FINDS THE ROPES AND THE REF BREAKS THE HOLD!] [In frustration, the unhinged Doctor pushes the referee out of the way and comes at Kersh once more, aiming for the neck. Fighting on instincts alone, Kersh DROPS DANVERS WITH A SPEAR! BOTH MEN COLLAPSE TO THE CANVAS! Whoever makes their feet first may very well take the advantage needed to put this away. Danvers stirs, using the ring ropes to pull himself up. But Kersh also stirs, using Danvers to drag himself to his feet. Danvers looks to drag Kersh into a grapple but KERSH LOCKS HIM INTO A FULL NELSON INSTEAD!] [THE HOLD IS LOCKED IN AND DANVERS HAS NOWHERE TO GO!] [AFTER STRUGGLING FOR A WHILE, DANVERS BEGINS TO GO LIMP!] [HAS THE LIGHT GONE OUT FOR DANVERS?] [The referee checks on Danvers, but just as he does so his eyes open. He summons up the strength to break out of the hold! Kersh drops him to the mat and Danvers scrambles away like a shooed cat! Kersh comes at him once again…] [THE CURE! DANVERS UNLEASHES IT AGAIN!] [AND AGAIN, KERSH DUCKS IT AND GRABS HIM IN MID AIR!] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! KERSH HIT IT ALL!] [Brent covers for the pin once more.] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [Brent Kersh has managed to withstand Isaac Danvers tonight and walks away with his arm raised. Danvers came at him with everything he had, but as Kersh has shown so many times before… The Enforcer endures!]


[Flashback.] [We flashback to Ring King, watching as D’von Chambers walks up the steps to his church, prepared to give a sermon to his waiting congregation. He enters through the double doors, his arms raised, only to be shocked by the vision before his eyes.] [His congregation lay, slaughtered.] [Their blood adorns the walls, floors and pews, a carnage of blood and viscera strewn about this holy ground.] [And stood in front of the altar, wiping a bloodied blade with a cloth, is their murderer.] [Mr. Knot.] [D’von falls to his knees in shock, the horror of those he loved around him having been so brutally slayed.]

“B-But why?” [He begs upon the ground.] [Knot turns with a grin.]

“It’s not yours to reason why, is it, Chambers? All you need to know is that your time has come and that these people had to die. Their deaths are your burden to bear in your next miserable life.”

[He approaches D’von, shaking his head.]

“I’m not ashamed to say that it simply had to be this way. In this world, we have heroes, we have villains and we have voices. Your kind must be vanquished at all costs. When we repel this hostile takeover, any threat to our victory must be destroyed. Men like you inspire and discourage, you have sway and create opinion. I can’t have that.”

[Knot slams the knife into Chambers heart, watching as he squirms and squeals in agony. As blood runs down his white gown, Knot twists the knife until he slumps backwards, falling to the floor.]

“And I’m not sorry.”

[He smiles.] [Cut.]


[Two men that were brothers are set to battle until the end here tonight! The Awakening is no more, and the only question now is how far will they go?!] [The ring is covered with little boxes placed in the corners as well as weapons littering the mat before this even begins.] [The bell sounds as these two just collide like diesel trucks in the center of the ring! Rights and lefts are flying at full force to both sides! Hate is rocked by one shot from David Manson before whipping around with a nasty elbow that catches Manson on the cheek.] [MEANINGLESS!] [Hate reaches down and grabs a weapon as Manson moves the hair from his face to see it too late!] [BASEBALL BAT!] [The slugger knocks Manson down to the ground as Hate grins as he lifts the bat over his head to seemingly finish off Manson!] [KICK TO THE BALLS!] [The Nightmare isn’t playing around as he rolls to his feet. Hate is still standing despite the kick and swings the bat. Manson is able to grab the bat to stop the impact. He turns the bat before butting the back of it into the TEETH of Hate! The Nihilist backs up clutching his now bleeding mouth before Manson DRIVES the bat into his ribs!] [Hate falls to his knees, but Manson throws the bat aside. He instead grabs a new weapon as the crowd gasps.] [A LIGHT TUBE TO THE HEAD OF HATE!] [The glass shards imbed themselves into the head of Hate and into the mat as they fall. Hate’s face is beginning to bleed. But he doesn’t fall!] [HATE RISES!] [Manson grins before hitting the ropes. Hate catches his rebound with a lifting gorilla press before driving Manson down upon his knee!] [CULL THE WEAK!] [Manson is sweating heavily, but Hate doesn’t go for a pinfall. Instead he looks around the ring at the litter of weapons laying around before grabbing a table and setting it up in the center of the ring. He steps out of the ring and comes back with… MATCHES AND LIGHTER FLUID?! Hate slides into the ring and begins squeezing the contents of the jug onto the table. He reaches into the box and strikes a match. He holds it above his head before dropping it on the table!] [Which lights up into a glorious flame!] [Hate grins disgustingly at the fire before grabbing Manson. He begins bringing him towards the ropes, but he stops.] [Two women are standing on the apron. Their faces are bloody as they’re both wearing identical white gowns with blood dripping down onto it. They just STARE at Hate. Hate looks confused. He turns to see two men on a different apron wearing a dirty white shirt and pants with blood dripping from their cut-open faces. They all begin chanting in unison.]

“In the beginning, he awakened. In the end, there will be BLOOD!”

[As they say the last word, Manson frees himself from the grip of Hate, grabs a weapon and swings for the fences!] [BARBED WIRE BAT TO THE FACE!] [The bat falls with Hate as the barbs have imbedded themselves in the bloody pool of his face! The Nightmare grins before picking up one of the shards of glass and slicing his own forehead. Manson lifts up Hate, with his face bleeding profusely, and runs towards the table!] [WELCOME TO MANSON STREET! THROUGH THE TABLE!] [The flame instantly goes out as Hate is not responding.] [Hate’s back is burned.] [His face is bleeding.] [And now Manson is lifting him up again.]

“Now… we’re through Brandon.”

[THE HORRORSHOW ONTO ONE OF THE BOXES IN THE CORNER!] [BADUMMMMM!] [The explosion is massive as Hate’s body is bleeding profusely and seemingly part of his face has gone with the detonation! David Manson simply stands before putting a boot on the chest of Hate with a grin.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [Mercifully, this match is over. The Nightmare invites the now four people standing on the apron into the ring. They fall to their knees and look up at David Manson with blood pouring down their faces. His smile spreads across his face as his newly found followers look up to him.] [Hate has fallen, but The Nightmare has risen!]


[The Kersh Ranch.] [Back at the home of Brent Kersh, we watch as an exhausted Enforcer pulls up around the back of his house in his truck. He sits there for a moment, taking a couple of deep breaths before heading inside, looking for Nicole.] [Only, the house is empty.] [There’s nothing there.] [No furniture, no photographs; nothing.] [But instead of sadness, he’s overjoyed. His face is full of happiness as he trundles through the now empty home towards the front door, finding one last box of items on the stairs.] [He picks it up and exits to the outside, loading it onto a moving truck.] [Nicole stands there, waiting, her smile equally as large as his.]

“I knew you’d make it home,” [she says proudly, throwing her arms around him.]

“I promised, didn’t I?”

[After their hug, Kersh takes one last look back at the home.]

“I can’t believe I’m doing it,” [he remarks in surprise.] “I can’t believe I’m finally retiring. After all these years, I can’t believe it’s finally over.”

[She smiles.]

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

[His face lights up.]

“Am I sure? I’ve wanted nothing more. I used to think I needed this business, that I needed to wrestle to feel alive. Old School Wrestling has taken so much from me, from us, that if I stay here and keep giving it my all, it’ll take until there’s nothing left.”

[He pulls her in close.]

“And I won’t lose you too.”

[They hug once more.]

“It’s time for me to move on. It’s time for us to move on together and create a better life than what we had. I don’t care if I have to stack shelves or pack groceries, as long as our family is safe. I’m just sorry that it’s taken me this long to do the right thing.”

[They both finish their embrace with a loving kiss and get into the truck. Kersh starts the engine, looking back in the rear view one last time.] [He smiles.] [Then pulls away.] [Brent Kersh has finally driven off into the sunset.] [Retired.] [Cut.]


[The time for talking has ceased. Nightstick and Luther Creed stand in the ring across from each other, ready for war!] [The Double Feature Championship is on the line, but this title match is about much more than just a belt. They meet in the center of the ring with words already being exchanged. Nightstick stops talking and just looks away for a moment.] [BEFORE DECKING LUTHER CREED!] [Creed bounces back grabbing at his jaw, but Nightstick is on him! He begins driving rights and lefts into him as Creed is trying to cover himself up! Nightstick drives an elbow into the back of his head as Creed slumps to the floor. Nightstick reaches into his waistband and pulls out a pair of handcuffs!] [He slaps one side on the left hand of Creed before reaching for the right hand. Creed manages to squirm underneath him enough to roll over onto his back! Creed spits right into the eyes of Nightstick! The Cop wipes his face to remove the spit, but Creed drives a knee up into his balls!] [Nightstick moves back holding his injured genitalia as Creed rolls to his feet and tackles Nightstick with a lowered shoulder charge to the knees! Creed looks at the handcuff on his wrist before tugging at the chain for a moment. Nightstick begins to get up before Creed just begins circling his hand around in a circle.] [CRACK!] [The handcuff just cracks Nightstick in the mouth as The Voice of the Voiceless just shakes his head down at him. Their first match was a handcuff match as this weapon has returned. Creed tries to remove the handcuff before realizing he needs the key. He begins riffling through the pockets of Nightstick before Nightstick grabs the cuff and connects it to his own wrist!] [Creed begins kicking Nightstick furiously as they are now tethered at the wrist! Creed yanks Nightstick to his feet before wrapping his arms around his head!] [I CAN’T BREATHE!] [The rear naked choke is applied as the handcuffs are pressed against the cheek of Nightstick! Nightstick begins to rise to his feet and eyes the corner. He’s done this before at Ring King! He rushes towards the corner as Creed tries to release! However, Nightstick holds him in place via the handcuffs before diving for a senton into the corner!] [They both slam down onto their heads as they are laid out!] [A few seconds pass as the referee is checking on them. They finally get to their feet as they’re still connected. Nightstick grins before drilling Creed with a bull hammer elbow followed by a second!] [SMITH AND WESSON!] [Nightstick doesn’t go for a cover though. He slowly begins pulling Luther Creed to his feet before lifting him up onto his shoulders. He drops him into his arms before spinning around and slamming him down into the mat!] [ODE TO BOSSMAN!] [Nightstick covers!] [One…] [Two…] [TH-KICKOUT!] [Nightstick headbutts Creed before raising back up to his feet. He pulls Creed between his legs for a powerbomb! But Creed slips over the top of him, yanking Nightstick’s arm with him as he does! Nightstick’s arm is jerked backwards as he turns right into a knee to the gut followed by a death valley driver!] [CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!] [Luther Creed begins searching Nightstick once more before finding the key! He uncuffs himself before rubbing his wrist in pain. Creed begins beckoning for The Five-O to get to his feet before hitting the ropes. He rushes towards Nightstick and begins spinning around with a big knee strike! Nightstick catches it right on the chin before turning around enough for Creed to hook around his waist to hit a German suplex!] [BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!] [Nightstick is lights out as Creed leaps into the cover hooking both legs!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [THREE!] [NO! Nightstick barely was able to get a shoulder up at the very last second.] [Creed pulls on his hair as he looks shocked. What could he do now?! Creed begins just kicking the side of Nightstick. He takes a step back before rushing towards Nightstick with another kick aimed right for the jaw!] [Nightstick dodges out of the way as the referee catches the kick right in the gut, knocking him to the floor!] [Creed staggers after nailing the referee before turning around to see Nightstick holding a baton in his hand.] [CRACK!] [The baton cracks Creed right across the jaw as he slumps down to the mat! Creed is down, but he’s now being mugged by a barrage of blows to the back of the head and back with the nightstick!] [EXCESSIVE FORCE!] [Nightstick nails one final blow to the back of Creed’s knee before flinging the nightstick away. It’s Frostbite all over again with the brutality of the baton! The referee is beginning to stir as Nightstick grabs Creed to his feet before hitting the ropes.] [HARD JUSTICE!] [The clothesline from hell just nailed Creed as he’s turned inside out! Nightstick covers him.] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [THREE!] [FOOT ON THE ROPE! Creed just saved himself!] [Nightstick can’t believe it! He grabs Creed and just STOMPS on his face! The referee begins warning him about his violence as Nightstick just sneers down at Creed. He grabs him by his hair and raises him to his feet.]

“You attacked my son?! You attacked my wife?! I should kill you for touching a damn hair on their head.”

[Creed grins before spitting some blood onto police uniform.]

“I’ll touch whatever I want, pig.”

[Creed reaches out and touches the hair of Nightstick. The Law drives a punch into the midsection of Creed before hitting the ropes for another clothesline!] [HARD- MEANS NECESSARY!] [The spinning knee strike floors Nightstick as Creed spins in mid-air. Both men are flattened as Creed is spent. Creed throws an arm over Nightstick!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [THRE-NO!] [Nightstick managed to STILL get a shoulder up! Creed rolls to a seating position before realizing what he has to do. He climbs to the top rope just as Nightstick gets to his feet. Creed gets to his feet before Nightstick leaps up there with him!] [Nightstick headbutts him before pulling him between his legs and lifting him up for a powerbomb… FROM THE TOP ROPE!?] [WHAM!] [The Powerbomb connects, but Nightstick isn’t finished! He holds on and lifts him up again before slamming him down into the mat! But Nightstick STILL isn’t finished! He lifts Creed up once more before slamming him a third time down into the corner turnbuckle for a buckle bomb! Creed staggers forward from the impact before slamming down to the mat!] [BOMB DEFUSAL!] [The triple powerbomb combination seems to have done the trick as Nightstick rolls over Creed and pins him!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [THREE!] [Nightstick has done it here! He has vanquished the foe who has been a thorn in his side for many months by powerbombing him into defeat!]


[As Nightstick and Luther Creed’s bitter battle comes to an end, The Officer gets back to his feet, falling into the ropes in exhaustion. He can barely stand.] [Just then though, someone trips him from behind, pulling his feet out from underneath him.] [It’s Wolfgang!] [The German drags Nightstick to the outside, slamming him back first into the ring post before pulling something out of his pocket. The Cop barely has a chance to react before Wolfgang fires at him.] [It’s a Taser!] [Nightstick falls to the floor in a heap, convulsing at the electric shocks rattle through him, one after the other.] [The Heir grins, his white toothy smile as disturbing as always.]

“I’ve spent far too much time trying to destroy these Negers that I’ve forgotten about the enemy of our own race.”

[He spits at Nightstick, covering him in saliva.]

“Men like you who wish to live side by side with these animals, instead of above them as is our right.”

[The fans boo.]

“I tried to show you the way, Nightstick,” [Wolfgang hisses.] “I tried to point you in the right direction.”

[He chuckles.]

“And boy did my men want to know how your wife tasted. I should’ve let them have their fill.”

[Holy shit, Wolfgang broke into Nightstick’s house and framed The Revolution?] [He’s laughing and it’s no wonder why.]

“You’re a neger sympathizer,” [he yells.] “And you’re what’s wrong with America; nay, the world. What happened to your wife was just the beginning and we’re only getting started.”

[Wolfgang backs away, laughing to himself as Nightstick lay in agony on the floor, buckling from the taser barbs embedded within him.] [Cut.]


[The Boiler Room.] [The Outcasts sit in the darkness and sanctuary of their boiler room, positioned on the floor, up against a large concrete wall. Rain’s hand rests against the stab wound on his belly, blood seeping through his shirt to cover his hand.] [There’s an eerie silence at first.] [But Rain looks paler than usual and despite the wound, Heath doesn’t think that’s due to it.]

“What’s the matter?” [He asks.] [Rain gulps.] “The dead. I can hear them,” [he admits, shaking his head.] “And they’re afraid.”

[Solmon frowns in confusion.]

“They’re telling us to leave, to run whilst we still can.”


[The Outcast shrugs.] “I don’t know. They won’t say. They’re just telling me that a threat is coming for The Outcasts and that we should go. But I don’t intend to go anywhere. In fact, I’m waiting on someone.”

[Heath looks interested.]

“Someone who needs our help, an outcast himself. Perhaps he can help defend us against whatever comes next; whatever it is these spirits are trying to warn us against.”

[Just then, a figure enters the room, his shadow looming over the seated Solman and Rain. It takes a moment but he eventually turns, dropping down into a seated position next to them.] [It’s Happy.]

“Happy,” [Rain says, looking at him.] “Welcome home. I’m glad you decided to join us.”

“Happy?” [He grumbles, as if he’s never heard the name before.] “That’s not my name,” [He shakes his head.] “My name is Jigsaw.”

[Solman shares a glance in confusion with Rain, but doesn’t say anything.] [Neither does Rain.] [All three just sit in the darkness, in complete silence, as we fade to black.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[Four men walk into the ring, four heroes, four brothers. One man will walk out the victor, but will all four walk out with their camaraderie intact?] [The bell rings and instantly Berengar is on the offensive! The match is on and the rage is unleashed as he lets out with a huge big boot that flattens Gameboy! Redwing and Spero both try to jump the behemoth but a clothesline clobbers Redwing and a headbutt stuns Spero! Berengar grabs the Hopeful hero and lifts him overhead in a gorilla press!] [REDWING CHOP BLOCKS BERENGAR! HE DROPS TO A KNEE!] [Spero rolls in front of him and finds himself next to Gameboy!] [DOUBLE SUPERKICKS TO BERENGAR FROM SPERO AND GAMEBOY! WE’LL CALL THAT LEVEL ONE – HARD MODE!] [Berengar goes down hard from the blow and the three standing Vindicators look at each other for a moment, almost contemplating what to do next when Redwing catapaults himself forward with a leaping kick to the chest that bounces Spero into the ropes and gets followed up with a leaping knee to the jaw that downs him! He turns to Gameboy and unloads with a forearm to the jaw that dazes him before grabbing him!] [THE KILLING JOKE! HE RUNS A BULLDOG INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!] [NO! TIME REWINDS ITSELF!? CHEAT CODES FROM GAMEBOY! HE DROPS THE CONFUSED REDWING WITH A SPRINGBOARD CUTTER!] [The crowd is as confused as we are and Gameboy leaps to cover Redwing!] [ONE!]


[THREE- NO! Berengar is back to his feet and there’s a fire in his eyes as he forces Gameboy to his feet! The smaller hero is helpless to fight back as Berengar grabs his head and hammers away with a series of headbutts that rocks the poor gamer! He whips him into the ropes and hits a massive lariat that threatens to take his head off! But Berengar doesn’t stop there…] [AND CHOKESLAMS GAMEBOY INTO THE MAT!] [Player One is looking worse for wear as Berengar lifts him overhead and calls for an early end as he prepares to Vanquish Gameboy!] [SPRINGBOARD 630 SENTON FROM SPERO! BRIGHTEST DAY! THE MOVE CATCHES BOTH BERENGAR AND GAMEBOY AND SENDS BOTH MEN TO THE MAT! PLAYER ONE MIGHT NEED AN EXTRA LIFE AFTER THAT!] [The high flier gets to his feet and drags Berengar to the center of the ring before going for a pin- instant kick out by Berengar! The Void Knight is on an inhuman rampage as he rises to his feet and shoves Spero back! He hits the ropes and comes back for a spear- no! Redblades careen off of his head! Redwing is back to his feet! Redwing throws the Batarang style tools with deadly precision, Spero and Berengar both forced to guard their faces with their arms!] [SINGLE LEG DROPKICK TO BERENGAR! GAMEBOY IS BACK IN THE FIGHT!] [All four men are up and Gameboy continues his assault on Berengar with a flurry of forearms! Meanwhile, Spero rushes Redwing and lands a leaping roundhouse that stuns him just long enough to go for a German Suplex- Redwing rolls through and lands on his feet! He grabs Spero from behind!] [HE SHOOTS A GRAPPLING HOOK INTO THE RAFTERS! THEY ASCEND UPWARDS!] [Berengar and Gameboy stop their brawl as the other two ascend, looking up at where they went-] [WHEN REDWING DROPS FROM ABOVE WITH HIS KNEES TO SPERO’S CHEST! THE TWO MEN COLLIDE WITH BERENGAR AND GAMEBOY! ALL FOUR MEN ARE DOWN!] [The ring shakes with the impact of that tremendous landing and no one seems to be able to stir amongst the wreckage! The referee begins to count, this may be a no contest! The referee checks the Vindicators before beginning to count!] [ONE!]





[SIX- THERE’S LIFE FROM BERENGAR! THE VOID KNIGHT IS FIGHTING TO HIS FEET!] [As Berengar rises so does Spero! The Void Knight lays into the Hopeful one with a flurry of rights and lefts! He rears back for a headbutt-] [CHAIR TO THE SKULL! SPERO CREATED A CHAIR WITH HIS RING AND SMASHED IT AGAINST BERENGAR’S HEAD!] [He cracks it against Berengar’s back as the Void Knight stumbles! Another swing! Spero holds up the chair for another… And can’t seem to bring himself to swing again!] [BUT BERENGAR CAN! HE GOES FOR A HAYMAKER- AND GAMEBOY GRABS HIS ARM FROM BEHIND!] [Berengar is enraged! He swings his arm and throws Gameboy in front of him before kicking Spero back with a massive boot to the chest! Redwing rises and all four men circle one another!] [Then Berengar lets out a battle cry of pure fury! All three fellow heroes rush him but each gets dropped with a mighty blow! Each wild haymaker tosses another Vindicator and soon each man is down! They rise one by one for a final assault, rushing Berengar!] [VANQUISHER!] [VANQUISHER!] [VANQUISHER!] [A VANQUISHER! A PIECE FOR EACH VINDICATOR! BERENGAR COLLAPSES ON TOP OF SPERO FOR A PIN!] [ONE!]


[THREE!] [The Void Knight has come out on top! He rolls off of Spero but even he is unable to stand after this hellacious match!]


[What an explosive encounter!] [The Vindicators have torn each other apart here tonight, yet seem no closer to knowing which of them was behind these devastating attacks.] [Slowly but surely, they begin stirring on the canvas, each using a side of the ropes to help them get back to their feet. This isn’t over, folks. Exhausted, beaten, battered and bruised, they meet once again in the middle, about to come to blows.]

“Stop this!”

[A voice suddenly echoes from behind. It belongs to Troy Solveig, yelling from the entrance. With his hammer in hand, he storms down the aisle and enters the ring.]

“You can’t keep ripping each other apart,” [The Viking argues.] “Look at you, you’re destroying one another. What happened to your honor?”

[Troy gets between them, standing in the middle.] [This could backfire at any moment.] [However, Berengar looks perplexed.]

“Us?” [He begs the question.] “You murdered an Angel in cold blood tonight. Don’t preach honor to us.”

[Solveig smiles, shrugging his shoulders.]

“You’re right.”

[Suddenly, The Viking swings with his hammer, catching Berengar right in the chest, knocking him backwards into the ropes. He falls forward, slumping on the canvas in a heap.] [Gameboy, Spero and Redwing can’t believe it.] [Then he turns his attention to them, slamming Vǫlsungr down into the canvas with a mighty thud. The shockwave sends the rest of the Vindicators sprawling to their knees. Troy rises, a sadistic and sinister smile on his face. Berengar pulls himself to his knees, slumping with them as Solveig stands over them, Vǫlsungr resting on his shoulder.] [He begins to pace back and forth.] [The Vindicators having formed a line before him, kneeling, reeling from his hammer.]

“Eenie, meenie, miny, mo!” [Solveig says, grinning.] “Look no further. You wanted the culprit, you got him. Now I’m sure you have many questions, none of which I’m going to do you the courtesy of answering.”

[They look at each other, their eyes full of fear and regret.]

“But perhaps you should ask one of yourselves; since you were so eager to believe a fellow Vindicator was responsible, did you ever trust your friends at all? Could you? This façade of heroism you’ve created has fallen apart, broken and shattered, and all it took was a lack of hope.”

[He laughs, shaking his head and stopping before Spero.]

“Hope you used to save Berengar’s life.”

[Spero looks up at him bravely.]

“Get on with it, Solveig,” [he barks.] “I know what comes next. I know you plan to bury that hammer in one of our heads; do it. Do it and finish what you started.”

[Troy laughs.]

“As you wish. Just remember, you did this.”

[He raises Vǫlsungr.] [Spero looks up.] [Gameboy looks up.] [Berengar looks up.]

“You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell, you’re all going to be doing that.”

[THUD!] [The camera cuts away as a sickening blow is delivered to one of the Vindicators, caving his head in with the brutal hammer Vǫlsungr.] [When the camera cuts back, there’s blood, brain matter and all kinds visceral gore laid bare across the canvas.] [There’s Gameboy, his head caved in, dead.] [Berengar, Spero and Redwing bellow in horror, but it’s too late.] [They turn and Solveig is gone.] [Their friend taken by one they believed to be their own.] [There’s no coming back from this. There’s no return. There’s no Vindicators, no friendship, no way they can repair this bond.] [Poor Gameboy is dead.] [Solveig is a monster.] [Cut.]


[In the middle of a familiar diner, Nightstick and Luther Creed sit opposite each other, nursing their wounds from earlier this evening. The Cop understandably has a lot on his mind, but this conversation has needed to happen for the longest time and he’s not going to miss it for the world.] [But it’s Creed that opens.]

“Look, you have no idea what it’s like to be a black man in a world where white is the only colour that matters,” [Creed says, shaking his head.] “And I know I put that on you. I know I saw the colour of your skin, of that uniform, and I did to you what the world does to me. I just couldn’t see it. It wasn’t until Redmond accused me of attacking your wife that I realized the man I had become.”

[Nightstick shakes his head.]

“Why would you?” [Stick asks.] “You’ve spent your entire life afraid of the colour of my skin and my uniform. There’re cops out there that’d sooner kill you than ask you a question. I know the world we live in. I know the men you refer to, and why you wish to make an example of them. You might not think I understand and maybe when this whole thing started, I didn’t; but I do now.”

[Creed nods.]

“What you need to understand is that there’s men like me out there who don’t see the colour of your skin; all we see is a man. There’re cops out there that don’t pull you over because you’re black, but because your tail light was out or you were speeding. Not every white man is a racist. Not every white man wants to see you dead. But you can’t help but see it that way and many of your fellow men and women, perpetuate that stereotype to their own benefit. White might be the only colour that matters to some, but it isn’t like that to all. When you assume that we hate you because of how you look, you racially profile us.”

“It’s tough to see the world like that when you’ve gotta fight for every fucking thing you have. Tooth and nail, day in day out, back to the wall like a fucking dog, man. There’s no privilege for my people. There’s no future unless we take it, unless we make it. You might not hate us but the world doesn’t see us as equal, it doesn’t see us as men, but as colours. I need the world to see that people like Quinn and I are just as important as men like you. I need the world to see that our movement isn’t about hate, but about equality.”

“I believe in your fight, Luther.”

[That surprises Creed.]

“I believe that we should all be treated equal. I believe that the world can be a better place if we stop hating each other, stop judging each other and start believing in one another. I know that you’re mistreated. Racism exists, man. People stereotype us both and expect neither of us to believe the other when we say it. Fuck, you came after me because I wore a badge and looked like every white cop that murdered your friend. That’s racist. But I know why you feel that way. I know why you’ve come to hate men like me but you need to know that some of us believe in you.”

[Luther reluctantly agrees.] “I’m not arguing with you, because you’re right. But I chose you because I saw an opportunity to show the world our plight. I victimized you unfairly because that’s how we’re treated, day after day, week after week, and people die because of it. I’m sorry that I tarred you with the same brush. I’m sorry that I saw you as a colour, not a man. I’m sorry that I undermined everything I wanted to achieve by targeting someone who didn’t feel like I assumed they ought to. I’m sorry that this world makes me behave like that.”

[Nightstick nods in thank you.]

“And I’m sorry too. I’m sorry that I didn’t understand you better. I’m sorry that people don’t treat you the way that I do and I wish I could change the world to stop it. I’m sorry that racism exists, both white on black and black on white. I’m sorry that we can’t just get along, as people, and leave this fucking shit behind for the dark ages. I’m sorry that you can’t look at a cop and question whether or not he’s going to take your life because there are cops out there who would, in a heartbeat, without so much as a second thought. I’m sorry that you have to live like that, kid.”

[Both men stand up, their hands outstretched.] [Finally, they understand each other.] [And they shake hands.]

“Let’s both make this world a better place.”

[Creed nods.] [With their words spoken and their hearts poured out into the world, Nightstick heads for the door, only to be stopped by Creed’s voice.]

“Be careful of Wolfgang, Stick,” [he says sincerely.] “I’m sorry about your wife but that man is a fucking animal and you need to watch your back.”

[Nightstick nods.]

“If there’s one thing I can do for you and me alike, it’s stop that piece of shit from hurting another soul again.”

[Creed grins.] “You know where I am if you need me.”



[For months, Wolfgang had Quinn trapped in a cage, now he’s locked in with him! Will Quinn destroy his former master or will Wolfgang prove why he is superior? We find out next in this cage match!] [DING! DING! Quinn charges after Wolfgang! Hard right after hard right into the Nazi’s face! Quinn backs him into the corner! Quinn backs up and goes for a shoulder tackle! Wolfgang gets the knee up! Right into the head of a charging Quinn! Quinn is down and Wolfgang pounces on him! Elbow strike after elbow strike to the downed Quinn! Wolfgang yanks Quinn up and goes for a quick German suplex! Quinn backflips out of it! German suplex of his own! Wolfgang is down and Quinn is walking to the corner! What is he doing?] [QUINN IS UNTYING THE TURNBUCKLE!] [THE TURNBUCKLE IS EXPOSED!] [QUINN TURNS AROUND TO FACE WOLFGANG!] [1488!] [SPARTAN KICK FROM WOLFGANG OUT OF NOWHERE!] [QUINN IS LAUCHED INTO THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE!] [HIS BACK IS PIERCED AND BLEEDING!] [Wolfgang roars in laughter as he is delivering punch after punch into Quinn’s punctured back! He digs his hand into the hole and locks in a claw hold deep into Quinn! Quinn is screaming in agony! Quinn hits a back elbow to fight his way out of it! Wolfgang’s hand is finally out of Quinn’s back but it’s gushing blood now! Wolfgang sees Quinn’s blood on his hand and he flings it off his hand! Wolfgang mutters to himself, “Better not contaminate me.” Quinn hears it and charges with a clothesline! He turns Wolfgang inside out!] [QUINN STARTS TEARING AWAY AT THE MAT!] [THE MAT IS GETTING RIPPED APART!] [WE SEE THE WOOD UNDERNEATH!] [QUINN PULLS WOLFGANG UP!] [DETENTION!!!] [SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB ONTO THE EXPOSED WOOD!] [QUINN COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [KICKOUT BY WOLFGANG!] [Quinn is stunned but he doesn’t stop! He grabs Wolfgang’s hair and starts bashing his head into the wood! Quinn climbs to the top rope! He jumps! Knee drop to the back of Wolfgang’s head! No! Wolfgang dodges it and Quinn’s knee hits the wood so hard, splinters go flying! Quinn is clutching his knee in pain! Wolfgang pounces on top of Quinn and starts hammer fisting at the knee! Quinn is trying to fight him off, but Wolfgang dodges each swing! Wolfgang laughs and says. “want to rise up? Fine, then rise up!” Wolfgang hops off and yells, “I said, rise up!”] [QUINN IS CRAWLING TO THE ROPES!] [HE’S AT THE CORNER WITH EXPOSED WOOD!] [WOLFGANG SEES HIS CHANCE!] [BLOOD AND SOIL!] [CURBSTOMP ON THE EXPOSED WOOD!] [NO! QUINN ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND WOLFGANG’S LEG GOES THROUGH THE WOOD!] [Quinn’s night would have been over there but Wolfgang is stuck and he has a chance now! Quinn with some vicious elbow shots! Elbow shot after elbow shot and all Wolfgang can do is block them! Round kick to the stomach! Wolfgang couldn’t block that and he crumples in a heap! Quinn he starts to choke Wolfgang! Wolfgang is struggling to breathe but he holds onto Quinn and uses him to pull himself out of the hole! Quinn is still choking him but both men are standing now! Wolfgang is still trying to fight out of it but Quinn is trying to make sure it stays locked in!] [WOLFGANG SLIPS OUT OF THE CHOKE AND DROPS TO A KNEE!] [LOW BLOW BY WOLFGANG!] [QUINN FALLS HARD AND IS CLUTCHING HIMSELF IN A HEAP!] [WOLFGANG RIPS OFF PART OF THE BROKEN WOOD!] [HE STABS IT INTO ANOTHER PART OF QUINN’S BACK!] [The teacher is screaming in pain as Wolfgang is jamming it deeper and deeper into his back! It can’t go any deeper and Wolfgang kicks it making it break while it is wedged in the back! He rips it out and throws it on Quinn! He yells, “Are you ready to quit yet boy? At least, in my cage the world couldn’t see you being destroyed!” He grabs the teacher by the throat and starts slapping him! “Ready to quit?” He says as he keeps slapping! “Fuck you!” mutters Quinn. “What was that?” Wolfgang yells as he slaps harder!] [FUCK YOU!!!] [QUINN POPS UP AND HITS A JUMPING KNEE TO WOLFGANG!] [WOLFGANG IS STUNNED!] [CLASS DISMISSED!] [QUINN HITS THE PUMPHANDLE FLATLINER!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [KICKOUT BY WOLFGANG!] [Quinn is shocked, and he pulls Wolfgang up by the hair! He starts bashing Wolfgang’s face into the cage wall! He is not stopping! WOLFGANG IS BUSTED OPEN! It is running down Wolfgang’s face and he can taste it! He laughs and elbows Quinn in the stomach to make him let go! He yells, “Good to see you embrace the animalistic behavior your people have.” Quinn won’t let that comment go unpunished! He spears Wolfgang down to the mat and mounts him to throw some vicious punches! Wolfgang under hooks him and uses the leverage to throw Quinn off him!] [QUINN IS THROWN BETWEEN THE ROPES INTO THE CAGE!] [1488!] [ANOTHER SPARTAN KICK THAT SMASHES QUINN INTO THE CAGE!] [HE FALLS IN A HEAP AND WOLFGANG DRAGS HIM INTO THE RING!] [BLOOD AND SOIL!] [WOLFGANG HITS THE CURBSTOMP!] [QUINN IS BUSTED OPEN NOW!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [KICK OUT BY QUINN!] [Wolfgang can’t believe it! Quinn still has some fight left but both men are battered and bloodied and Wolfgang has now gotten desperate! He hits one German suplex! He hits another! He hits a third! He has enough strength for one more! He launches Quinn into the cage! SCHUTZSTAFFEL! Quinn looks out of it but Wolfgang is not done! He hoists Quinn on his shoulders and he starts climbing the cage with Quinn on his back! He has evil intentions in his eyes and it doesn’t look like Quinn can stop him! Wolfgang is laughing the whole time up! They’re at the top!] [WOLFGANG YELLS THIS IS OVER!] [QUINN WAKES UP AND SLIPS ONTO WOLFGANG’S BACK!] [HE REVERSES IT INTO A COBRA CLUTCH!] [HE IS CHOKING WOLFGANG OUT!] [WOLFGANG IS FADING FAST!] [QUINN LETS GO AND LETS WOLFGANG FALL TO THE MAT!] [HE’S OUT COLD FROM THE FALL BUT QUINN ISN’T GOING TO LET IT END LIKE THAT!] [HE JUMPS!] [THE TIME IS ALWAYS RIGHT!] [KNEE DROP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!] [QUINN COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [THREE!] [Quinn takes it in this brutal match! He destroyed Wolfgang for freedom because Wolfgang tortured him for boredom! What a win for Quinn!]


[It’s over.] [It’s finally over.] [Redmond Quinn pulls himself from the canvas in utter exhaustion, looking back at Wolfgang with a grimace on his face. He’s overcome with joy and elation, having finally put to bed this war and defeated his tormentor.] [Wolfgang meanwhile looks up at him, snarling.]

“Finish it,” [he yells.] “Beende es!”

[Redmond looks down, focused.]

“Go on you fucking coward, finish it.”

[The Teacher takes off his glasses and shakes his head, stepping away. The fans cheer, but Redmond isn’t giving up on himself that easily.]

“Do you think you’ve broken me, is that it?” [Quinn calmly says back.] “You might have, only the Lord knows how close you came, but you didn’t. All you’ve done is reaffirm the kind of man I need to be. I’m not going to kill you,” [he says with a smile.] “No, I won’t sacrifice my morals for vengeance. I’m a good man.”

[He backs away, only to shrug and then run back at him.] [BLOOD AND SOIL TO WOLFGANG!] [CURBSTOMP!] [The fans roar as Quinn puts an exclamation mark on this bitter rivalry, driving his enemy face first into the mat – in a similar fashion that Wolfgang did to him when they first encountered each other at the start of Season 8.] [Quinn kneels down next to his unconscious tormentor.]

“And maybe after that, I’m not as much of a good man as I am a man, but I pity a rabid animal like you all the same. This is over, Wolfgang.”

[He stands up, acknowledging the applause from the crowd as he slowly backs away and leaves Wolfgang laying, unconscious, beaten and finished – once and for all.] [Cut.]


[“Lay Down” by Priestess echoes through the Tap Room as all eyes turn to the aisle where a mass is entering.] [Brother Judah and Mother Magdalene stand at the helm of the former congregation of Eli Forever, both the lay people and the martyrs that often followed him into the Tap Room. But in front of them walks Edward Newton, the World Championship around his waist and Harper on his arm. The quartet leads the group not only down to ringside, but they pour into the ring as well. Newton and the family of Eli Forever stand in the center of the throng, with an opening facing the aisle. Newton quiets them down.]

“I’m devastated that it has come to this, but these fine people around me have assembled to witness the fall of grace of a once noble man.”

[He nods to Judah who steps forward.]

“Elijah, it’s time.” [He sadly states.] [With no fanfare, no music or adornment, Eli Forever appears through the entrance way. His clothes are even more dishevelled than we last saw, and he walks with a deranged tilt as he makes his way down to the ring, his attention never wavering from Edward Newton.]

“My son.” [Magdalene says as she steps forward.] “I’m so sorry that all of this had to happen.”

[He instinctively bows his head as she puts her hands on his shoulders. She kisses his forehead and steps to the side as he brushes her off with a shrug. Judah steps forward to face his brother, with Newton staying close for protection, and Harper lingering. She remembers what Eli did to her.]

“Behold!” [Judah calls out to the congregation.] “What we have before us is a man who we believed in. A man who sought to use good people for his own gain, who cared nothing of who was hurt in his quest to hold gold.”

[Forever clenches his fists in anger at the accusations as Judah takes a deep breath.]

“But that man may no longer run from the judgement of those he has betrayed. Despite all of his intelligence and charisma, he forgot the meaning of a very simple word.”

[Eli Forever straightens up.]


[THWACK! HARPER JUST LOW BLOWED EDWARD NEWTON!] [SON OF A BITCH! IT WAS ALL A RUSE!] [Newton falls to his knees, shock in his eyes as Eli grins at his brother. The congregation creates a barrier around the World Champion, as Eli steps forward, hugging his sister.]

“Thank you, Rose.” [Forever says as he locks eyes with the Riddler.] “Your thorns run so deep the Riddler never felt them sink in.”

[The incensed Newton lifts his head to meet Eli as the Forever Family filter out of the ring.]

“Did you truly believe that the Forever Family would splinter with your mere manipulations?” [Forever taunts.] “All that has transpired did so according to my design. Not yours, Edward. My sister manipulated you into giving me all that I desired. And now I stand here before a broken man, who has been made bereft of all that made him special. All of your intelligence. All of your plotting. It’s been rendered useless.”

[He nods, and Newton is released. The congregation slowly filter out to surround the ring. All that’s left is Newton and Eli as a referee tries to part the sea of followers to get into the ring.]

“I’ve taken it all from you, Edward.”

[Eli Forever grins.]

“Now I’ll take your title.”

[The ref gets into the ring and calls for the bell.] [THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IS ON THE LINE!] [And Edward Newton is all alone!]


[Edward can’t believe it.] [He looks shell-shocked.] [Forever drops down and mounts him, rolling him over and clobbering him with furious right hands. Each blow bounces off Newton’s skull, fiercely whipping his head backwards with the force. The Heir Eternal stands up, demanding that The Riddler meet him at his feet.] [The World Champion hardly knows what’s hit him. He pulls himself to his feet and stumbles into the ropes, immediately being held there by followers of Forever. Edward struggles but remains helpless as Eli storms across the ring, nailing him with a knee to the chest.] [Forever drags him away.] [ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE!] [JUMPING SIT-DOWN POWERSLAM!] [You have to be kidding me? Eli Forever is going to win the World Championship! He drops into the cover, a smile adorning his evil face.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!] [KICK OUT! KICK OUT! NEWTON BARELY GETS A SHOULDER UP!] [That doesn’t surprise Forever. He knew that would happen. The Heir pulls him back to his feet, backing him into the corner. It’s time to go to work. With a couple of big knees he once again doubles over the Champion, dragging him away and into a wild Bulldog that slams Newton face first into the mat.] [Eli quickly grabs him by the legs, stepping in to leverage him before falling backwards and tossing Newton straight through the ropes to the outside!] [The congregation of Forever are quickly on him, stomping, slapping and punching as Edward tries to block and defend himself. They drag him back to his feet whilst Eli stands in the middle of the ring, his arms spread proudly, watching.] [The grouping slams Edward into the barricade, each taking turns at getting their licks in, doubling him over time an time again before forcibly rolling him back into the ring.] [This is an absolute mugging.] [Newton gets up on instinct, stumbling forward towards Eli before dropping to a knee. He’s breathless, exhausted, beaten and barely able to stand.] [Eli puts a hand under his chin, tilting his head upwards.] [He smiles.] [Then backs into the ropes, bouncing off.] [KNEE TO THE FACE!] [Edward Newton crumbles!] [Jesus Christ, Eli Forever is dominating the World Champion. His plan is paying dividends here tonight and Newton has been taken out of his element. Forever drops into the cover, this time hooking the leg.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!] [KICK OUT! BARELY] [This one is almost over. The fans are almost silenced and no-one can quite believe it. Forever gets to his feet and asks for something from Rose, who hops onto the apron with a devilish smile and The Book of Eli in her hands. She enters through the ropes, assisted by her brother who offers her a free opportunity at the World Champion; an opportunity at well deserved revenge.] [Rose backs away, snarling.] [BOOK OF ELI TO THE FUCKING SKULL OF EDWARD NEWTON! HE DROVE IT INTO HIS HEAD WITH SUCH FORCE THAT HE’S BUSTED WIDE OPEN!] [HOLY SHIT!] [Eli chuckles, giving his sister a peck on the cheek before carefully taking the book from her. He stands over Newton, the book in his hands, raising it into the air.] [CRUNCH!] [CRUNCH!] [CRUNCH!] [HE DRIVES THE BOOK REPEATEDLY INTO THE BLOODIED HEAD OF THE WORLD CHAMPION!] [Call it now, just fucking call it. Edward Newton is done!] [Eli passes the book off through the ropes, dropping down into the cover.

[ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!] [THAT’S IT! WE’VE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION! ELI FOREVER HAS STUMPED EDWARD NEWTON HERE TONIGHT AND DONE THE UNTHINKABLE, IN RECORD BREAKING TIME!] [NOPE.] [FOOT ON THE ROPES.] [The referee points out the foot, much to the dismay of the celebrating Eli Forever. He pushes the referee back into the ropes, spewing venomous rage at him. He thought he’d won the World Championship. He thought he’d ended the streak.] [He finally turns around, angered, annoyed, enraged.] [But there stands Edward Newton.] [The Riddler’s face is covered in a crimson mask but his eyes are wide open, the whites of them fierce and unnerving. Eli can’t believe it. He stops dead in his tracks, looking at the Champion.] [Then he RUNS!] [Newton ducks under the Clothesline, LUNGING FORWARD WITH A HEADBUTT!] [THAT’S NEW!] [Forever stumbles, Edward running forward!] [BULLHAMMER!] [RIDDLE ME THAT!] [Eli hits the deck with a thud, stunned into rolling away to the outside. He’s immediately greeted by his followers, who form a protective barrier around him.] [Then they start pouring into the ring!] [But Newton is a fucking man possessed. ] [He starts handing out naps like Christmas Candy! Right hands, left hands, headbutts! Follower after follower fall with devastating blows as the Champion lets out a guttural yell! Edward backs up into the ropes, his eyes meeting the terrified stare of Eli Forever!] [SUICIDE DIVE!] [EDWARD NEWTON CARELESSLY STORMS ACROSS THE RING AND DIVES THROUGH THE MIDDLE FUCKING ROPE!!] [HE TAKES THEM ALL OUT! THE FOREVER CONGREGATION FALL!] [THE FANS ARE ON THEIR FEET! THEY CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT THEY’RE SEEING OUT OF THE WORLD CHAMPION!] [Newton gets back to his feet and searches the carnage for Forever, pulling him from it. He tosses him away, watching as he stumbles over the carcasses of his followers. Newton is in hot pursuit, slamming a forearm down across his back.] [Until Eli hides behind his family.] [Judah.] [Magdalene.] [Rose.] [What’s he going to do?] [NEWTON DROPS JUDAH FIRST WITH A BRUTAL RIGHT HAND! He grabs the brother, throwing him face first into the steel post as Forever runs away!] [Rose and Magdalene step in his way.] [He looks down.] [He’s debating his next move.] [Oh no he’s not.] [DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TO THE FOREVER WOMEN! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! EDWARD NEWTON IS A MAN POSSESSED!!] [He slides back into the ring, immediately met by Forever with a Double Axe Handle across his back. Eli has to try and take back control of this one. He scrambles atop the Champion, slamming fists into him as quickly as he can. He pulls him to his feet, whipping him across the ring with an Irish Whip.] [FROM EAST TO WEST!] [SHOULDER TACKLE SLING BLADE!] [THAT NAILED HIM!] [Eli grabs him back to his feet quickly, pulling him close and…] [ANOTHER ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE!!] [HE GOT HIM!!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREE!!] [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!] [KICK OUT BY THE CHAMP!] [How the fuck does he do it? Newton just refuses to be beaten. Eli gets back to his feet, desperate times calling for desperate measures. As his congregation begin to regain their footing, he directs traffic.] [Within moments, a table, multiple chairs and the World Championship are tossed into the ring.] [This is going to get worse before it ends.] [Edward is trying to pull himself to his feet as Forever sets up the table, placing a chair upon it. He grabs the other one, stalking the Champion as he turns around.] [CHAIR SHOT TO THE SKULL!] [DOWN GOES THE CHAMPION!] [ANOTHER CHAIRSHOT!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [HE’S FUCKING BEATING HIM TO DEATH!] [Forever tosses the chair away, covered in blood, pulling Edward back to his feet and tossing him over the table towards the corner. What’s next? What is this man willing to do to become the OSW World Champion?] [The Heir Eternal begins climbing the turnbuckle, dragging a God damn near prone Champion with him in his trademark torture rack.] [OH NO.] [HALLELIJAHBOMB!!] [MODIFIED DIAMOND CUTTER THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE! SLAMMING THROUGH THE CHAIR! EDWARD NEWTON IS FUCKING DONE! THIS MAN HAS BEEN PUT THROUGH FUCKING HELL!] [FOREVER ROLLS HIM OVER, ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED!] [WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION?!] [COUNT IT, REF!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREE!!] [DING DING DING! FINALLY, THIS BRUTALITY IS OVER!] [WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION! EDWARD NEWTON HAS FINALLY BEEN DEFEATED!] [Only, the referee gets back to his feet, somewhat perplexed!] [Judah meanwhile is back inside the ring, handing Eli Forever the World Championship, watching as the Heir falls to his knees, hugging the belt tight. Edward Newton has been undefeated for over year but here tonight, the bell finally tolled.] [The referee though isn’t convinced. He didn’t call for the bell..] [Because stood by the ring bell is Magdalene, attempting to look innocent.] [Did she just ring the bell?] [The referee shakes his head, walking towards Forever and snatching the Championship away. He shakes his head ‘no’, waving his arms to signal this match ISN’T OVER!] [THE FOREVER FAMILY TRIED TO STEAL ONE!] [Forever and Judah angrily push the referee into the corner, crowding him. They’re furious. They tried to steal one from Edward Newton but it didn’t work.] [Suddenly, Judah slams into the referee!] [NEWTON WITH A CHAIR!] [CHAIR TO THE BACK OF JUDAH!] [Forever turns around, walking into a BRUTAL CHAIR SHOT TO THE SKULL AS WELL!] [HOLY SHIT WHAT A CHAIR SHOT!] [NEWTON EXHAUSTIVELY COVERS!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREE!!] [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! FOREVER KICKS OUT! FOREVER KICKS OUT!] [You can see the desperation on the face of the World Champion.] [He gets back to his feet, blood dried over his face.] [Slowly he pulls Forever up.] [NEVERMIND!] [JUMPING IMPLANT DDT!] [THERE IT IS!] [THAT HAS TO BE IT! EDWARD NEWTON IS GOING TO DO THE UNTHINKABLE!] [HE COVERS, TOO EXHAUSTED TO HOOK THE LEG!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREE!!] [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! ELI FOREVER ISN’T FINISHED YET!] [Newton looks overwhelmed. He falls off of Forever with a grimace, blood staining his face, his eyes heavy and his limbs aching. What’s it going to take to put this match to bed? What’s it going to take to defend the OSW World Championship and keep his streak alive?] [Both men slowly start stirring to their feet, this match having had everything so far.] [They meet each other in the middle of the ring, barely able to stand.] [Right hand by Edward.] [Left hand by Eli.] [Right. Left. Right. Left.] [Each punch rattles the other so fiercely that they stumble with the impact.] [Forever grabs Newton, pulling him close. He’s going for the ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE!] [NO!] [NEWTON SQUIRMS, DROPPING THROUGH HIS LEGS!] [HE SPINS HIM!] [NEVERMIND!] [NO!] [ELI PUSHES HIM AWAY INTO THE ROPES!] [BOOK OF ELI TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! JUDAH! THAT SON OF A BITCH NAILED NEWTON AS HE HIT THE ROPES! THE WORLD CHAMPION STUMBLES FORWARD, DROPPING TO A KNEE!] [ETERNAL… RIVER…. PLUNGE!] [YES!] [HE GOT IT ALL!] [BUT HE’S NOT COVERING! HE GETS BACK UP, CALLING TO JUDAH AND ROSE.] [His brother and sister enter the ring, surrounding Newton, pulling his prone damn near corpse from the canvas. They hold him there as Eli Forever lords over him, barely able to stand himself. He begins marking the World Champion.] [FOREHEAD.] [CHEST.] [THE BLESSING OF THE NAME!] [LOW BLOW! WHAT THE FUCK? NEWTON WITH A LOW BLOW TO FOREVER OUT OF NO-WHERE!] [The Heir drops to his knees clutching at his jewels in agony as Judah and Rose angrily restrain Newton, pulling him backwards. The World Champion swings with an elbow at Rose, catching her in the jaw and dropping her to the canvas. Judah angrily grabs him by the skull, running him backwards into the corner. The brother starts delivering fierce right hands to him, left and right, accompanied by knees to the gut, losing his shit on the Champion.] [Edward though rakes the eyes!] [Now it’s his turn!] [HEAD OFF THE TURNBUCKLE!] [RIDDLE.] [HEAD OFF THE TURNBUCKLE!] [ME.] [HEAD OFF THE TURNBUCKLE!] [THAT!] [JUDAH IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN TOO! He stumbles backwards, falling to the canvas in a heap.] [BUT THERE’S FOREVER FROM BEHIND!] [HE GETS NEWTON UP!] [HALLELUJAH BOMB!!] [TORTURE RACK INTO A MODIFIED DIAMOND CUTTER! NEWTON DIDN’T SEE IT COMING!] [THIS HAS TO BE IT!] [COVER…] [ONE…] [….] [….] [….] [….] [TWO…] [….] [….] [….] [….] [THREE!!] [KICK.] [THE.] [FUCK.] [OUT!] [What a match! What a God damn match! Forever slaps himself in the forehead, absolutely beside himself. He’s thrown everything at The Riddler but this astonishing, incredible, relentless son of a bitch just won’t quit.] [Eli stands up, grabbing him by the legs.] [CONFESSION AT THE ALTAR!] [MODIFIED BOSTON CRAB!] [EDWARD SCREAMS IN AGONY! HE SCREAMS!] [He tries to reach out for the ropes but he can’t make it. Forever can barely hold him, he’s that exhausted. Slowly but surely, The World Champion edges to the ropes, lifting his head to scream in pain and exhaustion. He’s desperate, he’s so very desperate to make it there.] [He reaches out.] [BUT MAGDALENE SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE!] [SHE PULLS THE BOTTOM ROPE AWAY!] [EDWARD CAN’T REACH IT! OH MY FUCKING GOD, HE’S BAWLING IN AGONY AND HE CAN’T REACH THE BOTTOM ROPE!] [WITH HIS HANDS CLUTCHING AT HIS HEAD, HE RAISES A HAND…] [HE’S GOING TO DO IT!] [HE HAS NO CHOICE.] [ELI FOREVER WILL BREAK HIS FUCKING BACK!] [TAP!] [TAP!] [TAP!] [LIGHTS OUT.] [DID HE TAP? WE HEARD TAPPING!? DID EDWARD NEWTON TAP OUT!? WAS THAT MAGDALENE!? WHAT THE FUCK HAS JUST HAPPENED!?] [IT WAS! SHE WAS TAPPING, THAT SON OF A BITCH!!] [The lights suddenly return to see DAVID MANSON STOOD BEHIND FOREVER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!] [WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING HERE?] [BEFORE THE HEIR CAN EVEN TURN AROUND AND RELEASE NEWTON, WHO’S PASSED OUT BENEATH HIM, HE WATCHES AS HIS ENTIRE CONGREGATION GETS ASSAULTED BY ABSOLUTE LUNATICS!] [There’s SCREAMS and GROANS from every corner of the ringside are as THE MANSON FAMILY rip into THE CONGREGATION OF FOREVER.] [Eli releases The World Champion and turns around.] [KICK TO THE GUT!] [DOUBLE UNDERHOOK RUNNING PILEDRIVER! RIGHT ONTO A FUCKING STEEL CHAIR!] [THE HORRORSHOW TO FOREVER!] [WHAT THE HELL IS MANSON DOING!?] [He slides out of the ring, grabbing Magdalene by the throat, spinning her around to trap her in a headlock from behind. With Judah and Rose being viciously beaten outside the ring, Forever is barely able to look up in horror as Manson backs away with his mother as his hostage!] [HE REACHES OUT.] [BUT NEWTON STOMPS DOWN ON HIS HAND!] [EDWARD SNEERS AT HIM, FORCIBLY DRAGGING HIM TO HIS FEET!] [NEVERMIND!] [IMPLANT DDT!] [HE COVERS….] [ONE…] [….] [….] [….] [….] [TWO…] [….] [….] [….] [….] [THREE!!] [IT’S OVER! DING DING DING! The bell sounds and this one is over!] [Edward Newton rolls off of Eli Forever, absolutely exhausted, having retained his Championship and his streak here at Red Snow. The referee hands him his title belt, giving him a moment to snatch it away greedily before passing out on the canvas.] [There’s carnage at ringside.] [The Forever Family have been dismantled by The Manson Family.] [Eli’s mother has been kidnapped.] [But Edward Newton, against the odds, with the assist, retains his OSW World Championship.] [What a match!]


[Elysium Fields.] [A bright neon sign flickers in the middle of the night outside an old hotel. In a secluded location and somewhat out of the way, this hotel isn’t for your typical kinds of patrons.] [We head inside to one of the suites, kitted out with all the finest luxuries one can imagine. There’s perfect fruit, expensive champagne and only the best food money can buy; from caviar to quail, these guests are being treated to the finest quality available from life.] [And sat around a large oak table, seating ten in hand carved wooden chairs, are numerous unknown men and women, headed by the familiar bearded face of Mr. Knot’s oft seen boss.]

“Mr. Atlas, I must once again thank you for organizing this meeting of Elysium Fields,” [the man says proudly, looking to his left at a thin man, with jet black curly hair.] “As usual, you hold us in high esteem.”

[Everyone nods in agreement.]

“Over the past six months we have found ourselves weakened by a traitor to our organization; a founding member no less. Individually, we’ve been feeling the effects of his errors in judgement. When we created The Tap Room all those years ago, it was to house battles between good and evil for our own self-preservation, as well as the preservation of humanity. This was to be a balance that served all.”

[He reaches for a small gavel, slamming it down on the table.]

“Therefore, I call our meeting of the Gods to begin.”

[They shuffle in their seats.]

“Our power relies on faith. Those who believe in us power our very being and it is because of this, we must take action. Despite numerous disastrous events throughout history increasing our power through faith, it was all undone when The Christian God revealed himself at Judgement Day.”

[There are murmurs amongst the God’s.]

“Because they know his existence is a certainty, a creed we vowed never to break; their faith in him is stronger and their faith in us has been weakened; and thus, we have been weakened in the process.”

[He shakes his head, folding his arms.]

“We must strike back. This hostile takeover must be repelled and to do this, we must break our creed, reveal our existence and beckon those within our walls to fight on our behalf.”

[The other God’s don’t look too assured.]

“With their belief, we will grow stronger once again.”

[Before he can say another word, one of the God’s speaks up. He’s a short stumpy little man, with a very flat surfaced head; almost awkward looking in shape with big round ears.]

“But Odin,” [he says, revealing the leader, and Mr. Knots boss; The Norse God himself.] “There’s heroes who’ll vow to stop us. We aren’t strong enough to defeat them in our current state.”

[The door behind them suddenly opens, in walking a proud Mr. Knot. He takes his place beside Odin, not saying a word at first.]

“Dearest Xochipilli, my commander has sought to it that these heroes shan’t be a problem.”

[Odin nods at Knot, who closes his eyes.] [Then transforms.] [Into Troy Solveig.] [The Viking stands before these God’s, their mouths agape in shock.] [Odin smiles.]

“My son has long infiltrated the Tap Room, hidden under the guise of Lincoln Hex, Mr. Knot, Wild Karrde and Troy Solveig, compiling a grouping of heroes and breaking them apart. He has tested them against the Historium; a creation of ours designed for destruction and against Vanguard, a machine capable of unthinkable chaos. This past week alone, they battled the resurrected King of our making and were defeated. He knows their weaknesses, he knows their strengths and he has turned them against one another, by violently assaulting them all month long, in preparation for this meeting.”

[A muscular, long white-haired God with a large white beard is next to interrupt, his eyes steadily focused on those of Solveig.]

“Loki, is that you within that form?” [He asks with a wry smile.] “Of course!” [He bellows in rapturous laughter.] “Mr. Knot, knots, tangles, loops, it all makes sense. You’ve truly pulled the wool over their eyes, haven’t you?”

[Troy nods, smiling back.]

“I’ve also taken out two of their biblical warriors and potential generals in D’von Chambers and Shadow. With The Vindicators fighting each other and now disbanded, and The Chief’s angel deceased, he will struggle to stop us.”

[He then reaches under the table, pulling out a briefcase and slapping it down in front of them.]

“And with this, the Invasion Briefcase, our rise in supremacy is but guaranteed.”

[Of course! If Troy Solveig was Mr. Knot all along, and if it was Mr. Knot who stole Wild Karrde’s form and case, then Troy Solveig has had it all this time.] [Odin stands, putting his arm around Solveig.]

“If we wish to survive, we must go to war.”

[The other God’s look at each other.]

“And we must win.”



[Click.] [Pure white.] [We open inside a void as bright white as possible, with nothing in sight for as far as the eye can see when suddenly, Shadow appears stood as if out of no-where. He searches his surroundings, unable to see anything out of place. The last we saw of him, he was dead, but right now he shows no signs of it.] [Until The Chief appears.] [God himself.] [They stand opposite each other, neither speaking at first.]

“Welcome back to Heaven, Shadow,” [The Chief says, clicking his fingers. Suddenly, a paradise appears, full of blue skies and white snow.] “Welcome back home.”

“What happened?” [He asks in confusion.]

“You were murdered by Troy Solveig, but I must take responsibility for it. These headaches you’ve been receiving are my fault and they’ve made your mission a difficult one to understand.”

[Shadow winces.]

“I’ve been trying to communicate with you but my voice is too powerful for your human half. It’s what caused the headaches.”

[The Fallen Angel doesn’t understand.]

“Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to leave heaven; the increase in souls since my appearance at Judgement Day has left heaven in disarray. I thought I could communicate with your angelic half, but it appears I was mistaken. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you, son.”

[Shadow doesn’t say anything, he simply lowers his head.]

“I tried to will you to stop Troy Solveig before he could finish what he’d started; you see, Troy is working with the Elysium Fields organization of God’s to try and take over The Tap Room. They’re angry that I revealed myself at Judgement Day and that because of it, their power is weakening. They’ve murdered soldiers of God like D’von Chambers and yourself, whilst creating context for a war between heroes like The Vindicators – learning a lesson based on the success of The Watchmen.”

“Where do I come into this, father?”

[The Chief reaches out, placing a hand on his shoulder.]

“I need your help to stop them,” [he admits.] “I’m sorry that you were forced to fall from heaven. I didn’t make that decision and I shouldn’t have been absent when it was made. I didn’t know it had happened until it was too late. But right now, I need your help, son.”

[He pauses.]

“Because a war is on the horizon and the future of heaven, earth and humanity, depends on it.”

[Shadow gulps.] “But I’m dead.”

“No, you’re not. Fight for me, fight for heaven, fight for the people you chose to watch over. I won’t leave you to battle this war alone.”

[The Chief pushes two fingers against Shadow’s head and he vanishes.]

“Protect them.”

[As does the paradise.]

“Guard them.”

[The next we see is Shadow, standing outside The Tap Room, his eyes once more glowing white. Stood next to him, a grin on his face, a man that he once went to war with himself.] [D’von Chambers.] [The Chief’s voice echoes throughout their heads.]

“Save them.”