[For the first time in a long time, Old School Wrestling opens to the smiling face of Brent Kersh. He’s outside The School Yard with a huge grin on his face. He’s delighted and so he should be. Tonight, his OSW career could come full circle.] [He walks around his car and opens the door for his wife, who steps out and clutches at him enthusiastically; whilst his two children Trevor and Danielle, young adults in their own right, follow.]

“Tonight is going to be the night you do it, dad!” [Trevor says with sheer confidence in his father.] “And I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.”

[The whole family burst into laughter at that one. They head in towards the entrance, Danielle stopping just outside.]

“Do I have to go in?” [she asks politely.] “I just,” [she pauses.] “I just don’t want to see you fight or get hurt.”

[Brent tells the rest of his family to go inside and approaches his daughter. She must be around twenty and clearly a daddies girl.]

“Look, I know how you’re feeling; it’s scary. But this is what I do for a living and I’m one of the best in the business at it. The Enforcer fights until he can’t fight no more.”

[She sighs.] “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

[Brent ushers his daughter inside with an arm around her shoulder, only to come back out moments later and grab his dropped bag. He looks up at the Old School Wrestling logo that sits illuminated above the door, a poster showing Mike Lane vs. Brent Kersh just below it. The Enforcer smiles and takes a moment to pause before heading inside.] [The camera pans out to see a figure standing in an alleyway to the left of them, black hood covering his face. He turns away and walks into the darkness of the alley, having vanished by the time the camera gets there; the words ‘I SPY’ painted on the wall to the right.] [The ring is barren as we await the competitors in the triple threat match. The sounds of commotion can be heard as the three competitors suddenly come out together. Kind of.]

“No escape this time!” [Tony Colombo states as he has one arm of August Frost.]

“The pussy wagon is on ice.” [Charles Wingate says as he has the other arm of Frost, who is still cradling his briefcase of money from the previous match.] [The three men end up in the ring and Wingate and Colombo wrench the briefcase away. It falls to the middle of the ring on the mat and flies open.] [Wingate and Colombo stare with their jaws dropped as the case is empty. Frost turns red as they turn to look at him.]

“I may have spent it all.” [Frost shyly replies.]

“On what?” [Wingate asks.]

“Umm… other than the Pussy Wagon and some parties, I also may have had a fun weekend at the Bunny Ranch.”

[Colombo and Wingate look at each other for a moment before looking back at Frost.]

“When this match is over, you’d better run like hell. This will not be forgiven by the Family.” [Colombo states, full of rage.]

“Yeah, you’ll be the bitch then!” [Wingate chimes in.] [Colombo and Wingate turn to start jawing with one another.]

“Thought you said you’d beat us with one hand?” [Wingate challenges.] [In response, Colombo pulls out the rope, and Wingate begins tying him in. As soon as Colombo is secured, Wingate goes for a punch, but gets pulled down into a roll up by Frost.] [One… Two… Broken up by Colombo! The one-armed Colombo begins to stomp on Wingate which allows Frost to get back to his feet. He grabs a roll up on the Knife. One… Two… Broken up by Wingate this time. All three of them get back to their feet and stare at each other for a moment. Frost tries to work with Wingate, but gets angry eyes back. Wingate quickly whips him into the ropes, and the young High Society member works with the Knife to deliver a double clothesline, taking Frost outside of the ring.] [Inside the ring, Wingate and Colombo lock in a collar and elbow tie up. Kind of, it’s very unorthodox due to Tony having his hand secured behind his back. Charles quickly gains the upper hand by securing a side headlock. After holding Colombo in the side head lock momentarily he uses it to secure a judo throw taking the Knife to the mat. However, Frost is back up to him feet and he breaks up the headlock by hitting Charles with a dropkick. He quickly uses the distraction and mounts Tony Colombo, delivering a combination of rights and lefts. ] [Charles rushes over, grabbing Frost by the hair, lifting him up into the air and throwing him to the side. He looks to continue the assault that August just started, delivering a series of punches to the already injured head of Tony Colombo. Satisfied that he has done enough, he rolls Tony Colombo out of the ring and points directly at Frost. ]


[Frost looks back at him, with a ‘why not’ kind of look and he charges forward quickly. Charles catches him and lifts him into the air! OUT OF NOWHERE HURRICANRANA! Frost looks for the cover. ONE… TWO… KICKOUT FROM WINGATE. Both wrestlers reset, getting back to their feet. They look to engage, but Charles executes a suplex, and follows it up with a modified Boston crab!] [On the outside, Colombo is shaking his head and strangely rubbing up against the steel stairs. Inside the ring, Frost screams in pain and raises his hand in the air, it looks like he’s going to have to tap. Inches before his hand collides with the canvas, something stops him. He digs down deep and reaches forward crawling towards the ropes. He lunges forward and barely manages to grab the bottom rope forcing Wingate to relinquish the hold. BUT HE DOESN’T BREAK IT. Charles pulls him back into the middle of the ring and looks to re-apply the crab!] [But Frost grabs his leg and drags him to the canvas, he leaps over top of him, grabbing his arm and locking him into an armbar! Wingate flails his arms and legs looking to break loose from the hold, slowly the movement stops and his body goes limp. The referee checks him, BUT COLOMBO BREAKS IT UP! Frost gets to his feet, laughing at the still tied down Tony Colombo. He mocks him with the make it rain gesture, and then slaps him in the face. As Frost circles the ring to laugh at Colombo, Tony reveals that he is no longer tied down. Frost turns right into his grasp. SNAKE EYES!! Frost rebounds! ON THE SPOT! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [Colombo sneers down at Frost before shaking his head and leaving the ring. The smile on his face indicates that his Family may have something to say about Frost’s robbery.] [Nigel Royal strolls through the halls of the School Yard with a very well dressed man by his side… but it isn’t one of his High Society teammates. Who it is, we don’t know. As they turn a corner, Nigel finds who he’s been looking for… the Dead.]

“Hey, Dead man!”

[Nigel and his mysterious friend approach.]

“I wanted to speak with you for a moment.”

“What about, Nigel?”

[The Dead doesn’t seem very receptive but Nigel continues none-the-less.]

“I wish to afford you the opportunity to back out of this cockamamie match tonight.”

“And why would I want that, you’re royal highness?” [The Dead jests.]

“Why, because of my friend here…” [Royal presents the man at his side.] “…Dr. Riviera.”

[The Dead looks confused.]

“You see, Dr. Riviera is currently working on a handful of experimental treatments at the moment, and the one that shows the most promise is for the treatment of those affected by CIP.”

[The Dead suddenly finds himself interested in what Royal has to say.]

“Now, the treatment is far from affordable but for someone like myself, it’s a drop in the bucket… and I’m willing to allow that drop to dribble over the side if you’re willing to forfeit our match this evening.”

[The Dead addresses Dr. Riviera.]

“Is this true? You’ve seen positive results from you treatment of CIP patients?”

[Dr. Riviera smiles and nods, but before the Dead can say anything else, Nigel interjects.]

“All you have to do, Dead, is just not show up to that ring tonight. Take a loss, as you would have endured regardless, and admit that you too are guilty of breaking as many deadly sins as myself. In return, Dr. Riviera here will place your name at the top of his candidate list.”

[Again The Dead attempts to respond but is interrupted by Nigel.]

“Imagine it Dead man… the ability to feel…”

[Nigel smiles as he walks away, dragging Dr. Riviera along with him.]

“…take a minute to think about it. If you don’t show up for our match, I’ll know you made the right decision.”

[The Dead looks conflicted as Nigel Royal disappears down the hall.] [The bell rings, Bordeaux and Jackson circling. They lock up and the Professor throws on a wrist lock. Jackson rolls out and hits the ropes. Bordeaux ducks the clothesline and catches Jackson in the jaw with a stiff elbow. Bordeaux sends Jackson into the ropes and sends him over with a hip-toss. Jackson hits the mat, slides to his feet, and LEVELS Bordeaux with a flying forearm. Grabbing a handful of hair Jackson sends the Professor sailing over the top rope to the floor. Stepping onto the apron, Jackson takes a run towards Bordeaux. Crossbody… No! Bordeaux catches him and FALLAWAY SLAM INTO THE GUARD RAIL! Jackson is twisted on the floor!] [Bordeaux slowly gets to his feet, stalking Evan Jackson. He pulls Jackson up and IRISH WIPE INTO THE RAILS! Jackson is down and the Professor is educating some fans at ringside. Bordeaux pulls Jackson up and rolls him into the ring. Another brutal whip sends Jackson into the corner and Bordeaux charges in after but Jackson counters with an elbow! Evan Jackson hops to the second turnbuckle and BULLDOGS the Professor! Quick cover 1.. 2… Bordeaux kicks out and Jackson is on him again, sending the Professor into the ropes. Jackson ducks for the backdrop but Bordeaux sees the telegraph and catches Jackson with a savage kick. Staggered, Jackson tries to retreat but the Professor follows him in with a STIFF European uppercut. Scooping Evan Jackson up the Professor tosses him into the corner, hooking Jackson’s ankles in the tree-of-woe. Bordeaux drops into the ropes and ELBOW DROP TO JACKSON’S EXPOSED THROAT!] [Jackson manages to free himself and attempts to crawl away, favoring his neck, but the Professor smells blood. He puts the boots to Jackson, sending him back out to the floor. Bordeaux follows him out, and begins shoving monitors and cups of cold coffee off the Spanish announcers table. He pulls Jackson to his feet and sets up for a powerbomb! Jackson is up but no! He’s throwing punches! The Professor stumbles back, still holding Jackson aloft, and SLAMS him spine first into the ring post! Bordeaux turns and MADRE DE DIOS! Powerbomb through the Spanish announcers table! Evan Jackson and the OSW Spanish language broadcast are both in shambles!] [Bordeaux drags Jackson from the wreckage and rolls him back into the ring. This one is done people. 1… 2… KICKOUT! Evan Jackson gets a shoulder up! The Professor is livid, and begins giving the ref point by point instructions on how to count to three. Slowly, Evan Jackson begins to stir and as Bordeaux lectures the referee, Jackson throws on a sleeper! Bordeaux is caught unaware and Evan Jackson is really cinching it in! The Professor is fading but with with a final burst of energy runs Jackson back into the ropes countering the sleeper with jaw-breaker… Jackson staggers back, his already damaged jaw in hand! The Professor lurches to his feet, spins Jackson around and EARLY DISMISSAL! Prof covers, 1… 2… 3! It’s over and Professor Bordeaux has just taught Evan Jackson quite a lesson!] [We return from commercial break to find Phoebe Outlaw outside leaned up against a production truck, smoking a Marlboro.]


[A woman’s voice calls out in a thick German accent and Phoebe freaks, throwing her cigarette to the ground and stomping it out like a child having a tantrum.]

“Mom!?!” [Phoebe breathes a sigh of relief, having gotten rid of the “evidence” just in time.] “When did you get here? Where’s dad?”

“Your fathers parking the car.” [Misses Outlaw wraps her arms around her baby girl for a hug.] “You smell like an ashtray!?!”

“What… I…”

[Irene doesn’t wait for her daughter to concoct an alibi.]

“So, where’s your boyfriend?”

“Ha, ha mother, very funny.”

“Well, have you let the poor boy down yet?”

“I haven’t seen him yet… which is good, because I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to say. I mean, he can’t really believe that he and I…”

[Phoebe is interrupted… by the arrival of FTF.]

“Oh, uh, mom… this is Freight Train.” [Outlaw steps between her mother and FTF, her back to Ferguson.] “Why don’t you go find dad. I’ll meet up with you guys in a minute.”

[Irene does just that, eyeing FTF up and down as she goes.]

“Already introducing me ta’ yo mama!?!”

[FTF smiles and Phoebe can’t help but laugh.]

“Listen, about that… kiss… you don’t really think that I wanted you to…”

[FTF appears to see where this is headed and stops Phoebe short.]

“Hold up, let me go first. See… I know ya’ don’t want anything more than ta’ get yo hands on my big black snake, but the Freight Train isn’t about to let a’ bitch get important, ya’ know?”

[Phoebe looks shocked, and offended, but mostly shocked.]

“Ya’ let a’ bitch get important, shes just ganna’ go off an fuck somebody else on ya’.”

[Phoebe shakes her head.]

“Man, I wish I could be mad at you…” [Phoebe mutters under her breath.] “…I just feel too bad for you. With that kind of mentality, you’re going to be alone for the rest of your life. But good luck…” [Phoebe begins to walk off.] “…in life, and in the ring later. You’re going to need it.”

[Phoebe disappears inside and FTF remains silent, for the first time in his life.] [Nigel Royal walks up face to face with The DEAD before the bell and screams:]

“Do you have any idea who I am? I’m Nigel Royal! The Bloodline to Greatness! The King of Submiss….”

[HEADBUTT! The DEAD just blasted Nigel in the face with his forehead! The ref rings the bell, and the match is underway! Nigel’s nose is bleeding profusely. He is immediately stumbled and DEAD takes advantage. He grabs Royal by the back of the head and drags him to the corner and bounces him nose first off the turnbuckle! He grabs him again and marches him to a second turnbuckle. Smash! A third! He drags Nigel to a fourth, but Nigel grabs the ropes and stops him. Elbow to the DEAD’s solar plexus! Again! Again. Nigel is free, but blood still pours from his nose.] [Nigel sends a HUGE chop to the DEAD’s chest, again! Again! Nigel gains some separation and kicks the DEAD in the gut. FACEBUSTER!! One… two… t…Kickout! Nigel wastes no time and pulls DEAD to his feet. DDT! One… two… thr… Kickout! Nigel stands and runs a frustrated hand through his hair and pulls DEAD up again. PILEDRIVER!!! That’s gotta be it! One… Two… Three!] [NO!! The DEAD kicks out! Nigel is furious and screams at the referee! Nigel walks over to the DEAD once again. He reaches down…..FINAL BREATH!! The DEAD just leveled Nigel!! But he can’t cover! He can’t feel the pain, but his body won’t allow him! He finally gets there! One… Two… Thre….NO!! Kickout! The DEAD gets to his feet first and pulls Nigel up and and whips him to the ropes. As he returns, HIGH KNEE to the face!! Right into the nose!! It starts spraying blood again! Nigel is not immune and writhes in pain. The DEAD takes advantage of the distraction and locks in a LEG BAR!! Nigel is in pain all over and screams! He reaches for the ropes…….and gets the bottom one! The ref counts to 5 and DEAD lets go.] [DEAD walks away and waits for Nigel to climb to his feet. The DEAD rushes for AGO-KNEE, but Nigel ducks the shining wizard and pulls down the DEAD from behind. DUNGEONS OF LONDON!!! The DEAD doesn’t react as Nigel’s blood flows onto his back. Nigel remembers the DEAD’s condition and lets go. He climbs to his feet and starts stomping DEAD into the canvas. Nigel pulls The DEAD to his feet and chops DEAD three times. He whips him into the ropes and as DEAD returns… DROPKICK! DEAD falls and Nigel quick to his feet… but stumbles… he whips his head back and forth as the canvas is covered in blood. His nose is clearly broken. DEAD climbs to his feet and Nigel levels him with a BRAINBUSTER!! Nigel is still shaken, but he climbs to the top rope anyway! He leaps off… SPITFIR……FINAL BREATH!!! Out of nowhere!!!One… Two… THREE!!!! The DEAD came out of nowhere and won a very tough battle. A medic rushes out to check on Nigel’s nose.] [Phoebe Outlaw is on her way to gorilla when she hears a voice calling from down the hall.]

“Phoebe! Wait up!”

[She turns to find Jackson Slade rushing to catch up with her.]

“Mr. Slade, what’s up?”

“I just wanted to say…” [Slade gasps for air.] “…I just wanted wish you luck.” [Jackson extends his right hand.] “Don’t tell Ferguson but, I’m pulling for you out there tonight.”

[Phoebe extends her own right hand and the two shake.]

“I’d really love for you to be a part of the New School Wrestling revolution.”

“Thanks Mr…”

“Call me Jackson.”

“Alright… thanks, Jackson.”

[Slade smiles and Phoebe turns back in the direction she was headed, focused as ever on getting another win here tonight.] [The bell sounds and Freight Train rushes towards Outlaw, but trips to run right into a roaring elbow by Phoebe Outlaw! The behemoth is knocked against the ropes and Outlaw begins laying in blows to his abdomen and chest. Freight Train Ferguson tries to cover up, but Outlaw grabs his arm and nails a brutal armdrag right over her shoulder sticking him hard into the mat! She mounts the man and begins laying brutal right hand after brutal right hand until the point that Freight Train Ferguson is now busted open. His blood stains the mat as the referee is forced to grab Phoebe by the waist and pulls her away from him.] [She gets mad and yells at the referee to not touch her. The referee admonishes her by letting her know that he would have had to have disqualified her if it went any further. Freight Train gets to his feet and rushes across the ring for a clothesline! BUT PHOEBE DUCKS IT! She wraps her hand around the neck of FTF and snaps it back for a hangman neckbreaker! NORTHERN EXPOSURE! She hooks a leg as the referee gets into position. ONE…TWO…TH-NO! FTF got a hand on the rope.] [Phoebe stands up and moves to the center of the ring. The end is in her sight as she begins to clap her hands in anticipation. The crowd begins joining in forming a loud booming clap. FTF gets to his feet and staggers back. Outlaw rushes him, but FTF spits right in her eye! She pauses due to the loogie, but is nearly decapitated by a big boot! FTF quickly places a boot on her chest for a pinfall with a smirk on his mug. ONE…NO! Outlaw kicks out at one! FTF is livid! He grabs the referee and raises him to the top rope by his shirt. The referee tries to motion for the bell, but he nails a CHOKESLAM FROM THE TOP! The referee is out cold.] [Phoebe rushes him and locks in THE NORTHERN CROSS! FTF is trapped right in the center of the ring! He’s tapping! HE’S TAPPING!!! But the referee is down and can’t see it. Phoebe releases the hold to go and try to wake up the referee. She finally gets him to awaken. She turns to see FTF getting to his feet. CRACK! An enzuigiri lights up his head as he stumbles to the ground.] [She climbs the turnbuckle! THE NORTH STAR PRESS! She hits it but seems to hurt herself just as much. A slow rise but both competitors get to their feet. FTF wraps his huge hand around the small neck of Outlaw and raises her to the top turnbuckle. HE GOES FOR THE CHOKESLAM! But Outlaw reverses it with a spinning tornado DDT from the top! Both are back up and THE NTO! FTF hits the mat hard as Outlaw begins clapping again. Only this time, she doesn’t wait. THE NORTHERN CROSS IS LOCKED IN! The big man is squirming, trying to find the bottom rope but… eventually taps out!] [Axel The Shark is shown wandering the backstage area with some bandages on his neck. He turns left and right looking for someone. In his hand is the contract in which is stained by Axel’s blood but also shows Doctor D’Ville’s signature. He begins opening side doors and peering in.]

“Looking for someone, Mister Axel?”

[Axel shuts the currently opened door and narrows his gaze on his assailant from the previous week.]

“You going to stab me with a pen this week? Or buy me another express ticket to Dream City?”

[The Doctor smiles brandishing his pearly teeth behind his cold and calculating face.]

“No, no. I think you have me all wrong. I only sent you the messages through dreams in order to get your attention. It seems many here are as bull-headed as they are stubborn. Appealing to your biggest weakness just seemed to be the best course of action.”

“Biggest weakness?”

[Axel throws the contract at Doc which bounces off of his chest and clanks to the floor. Axel’s hands are clenched as his shoulders are twitching in rage.]

“My biggest weakness is what? My insecurity? I’m exhausted from people like you thinking I’m some sort of Baby Shark just because I haven’t been in the main event but once. I’m main event caliber whether a nutcase like you believes it or not. Tonight, I’ll prove that by taking a chunk out of you and create a feeding frenzy!”

[Axel The Shark storms off to leave Doc standing in the center of the hallway with a smirk on his face knowing he’s unleashed the monster he wanted.] [The bell sounds and Shark charges forward to take down Doc. Doc parries his rush with a spinning punch to the back of Shark’s head. Shark reaches for the point, but Doc just grabs him, whipping him into the corner turnbuckle. He wraps his talon-like fingers around the throat of The Shark and begins choking the life out of the Kid’s Champion. Doc grabs him by the bottom of his mask and uses it to throw him to the outside of the ring. Once outside, Doc grabs Axel and locks in the Kata-ha-jime! THE 302! Axel is trying to get out of it!] [Doc holds it on for a few seconds allowing Axel to drain his own energy to get out of the hold. D’Ville picks up the limp body of Axel and bites the nose of him! He pulls away having ripped off a bit of the mask surrounding the nose area! Axel’s hands fling to his face as Doc lunges towards him taking both men over the announce table! Doc gets to his feet with Axel grabbed by the mask once more in tow. He whips him hard into the steel steps where Axel crumples before it.] [Doc smiles at the audience admiring his work thus far. His Cheshire grin is met with a barrage of disapproval from the crowd. He goes to pick up Axel, but Axel pushes him away! Three quick chops light up the chest of Doc before Axel leaps into the air for a dropkick taking him to the ground. Axel climbs up on the apron and sizes up Doc. D’Ville gets to his feet to see the charging masked man coming for him. He rushes him though, and trips his legs out from under him forcing him to go face-first into the apron!] [He pushes Axel back into the ring before sliding in himself. Stomps begin raining down on Axel as he tries to cover up. Doc pulls him to his feet and hits a German Suplex on him. Axel is down but Doc isn’t finished with his patient. He pulls him back up again and goes for a belly-to-belly which connects. Doc laughs sinisterly under his breath, but Axel begins pulling himself to his feet! His icy eye seems surprised as he softly claps for his masked adversary. He walks over as Axel punches him right across the face!] [A second blow as Doc is still smiling! A third! Axel hits the ropes and nails a leg lariat flooring the maniacal Doctor. Axel is pumped and the crowd is on their feet! Axel bounces off the ropes before connecting with a SUSHI KICK right as Doc begins to move! He climbs the turnbuckle and makes the fin symbol on his head and then… SHARK DIVE! Only Doc gets his knees up! Doc rolls away from the action and withdraws what appears to be a glove! But on the glove are shards of glass!] [Doc rolls into the ring, but is floored instantly by a running knee strike! Axel pulls on his glove and puts it on his hand. He looks around the crowd and they are screaming wildly in support! Axel looks down, sees a little girl who has her face covered by her mother at ringside. Axel throws the glove away before turning straight into a pair of fingers gouging his eyes! Doc kicks him in the gut and… LOBOTOMY! Axel is laid out! Doc places the glove back on his hand and… PUNCH AFTER PUNCH shredding the mask of Axel around his forehead! Doc steps back allowing the referee to see the blood flowing.] [Doc smiles as he wipes the blood from Axel’s face and smears it upon his own face with a sinister laugh.] [When we arrive in the backstage area, Ash Williams is pacing the halls near the entrance. He looks worse for wear, the past few weeks having clearly gotten to him. He’s muttering to himself, talking about the deadites, stopping only to see if anyone had walked through the door.]

“Gotta save Matty from those deadites. Matty?”

[The door opens but in walks someone else. Their Tag Team Championships match is only moments away but there appears to be no Matthew Cories. A brave member of staff does the unthinkable and whilst everyone else tries their best to avoid him, she approaches.]

“Ash?” [she asks in her softest possible voice.] “Is everything okay?”

[He snaps his head around.] “I’m looking for Matty, have you seen him? The deadites want to play with his soul and I’m the only thinking standing in the way of it.”

“I don’t think he’s coming, hon.” [the woman says placing a hand on his shoulder.] “Don’t you remember what happened last week?”

“That was just a misunderstanding, babe; Ash Williams knows how to forgive and forget. Those deadites have been playing tricks on me and I’d bet your sweet ass they’ve been playing tricks on him too.” [he eagerly suggests.] [The woman shrugs her shoulders and walks away, knowing that there’s no getting through to Ash who stands there, waiting for his Tag partner.] [Unfortunately, he never shows.] [Finally, Ash realizes that Matthew isn’t coming and goes to walk away, turning to the woman who’s watching from a distance.]

“I guess you’re right.”

[And that means that coming up next, High Society take on The Power of Positivity for the Tag Team Championships. Matthew Cories is a no show here tonight.] [What started out a triple threat Tag Team match has now become a two on two for the OSW Tag Team Championships. As the Power of Positivity fairly decides who’s going to start this thing off, Max Million charges and collides with both men! Sending Alex Reese to the canvas with a thud and LH Harrison through the ropes to ringside! And the opening bell officially kicks this thing off! Bobby Baxter finds H$’s corner while Max lifts Reese to his feet. Million shoves Alex into a neutral corner and begins choking him with both hands! The referee counts for a break, but Max holds out till a count of four before releasing his grip! Alex stumbles out of the corner grasping for air… SNAP SUPLEX! And Million with a cover… but Reese kicks out at two! The Money lifts the Motivation to his feet, but Reese slips away! And falls back into his corner where LH makes the tag!] [Harrison storms the ring and Million is ready for him, CLOTHESLINE! But LH ducks underneath, hits the ropes… and… SPINEBUSTER! With Max planted into the canvas, LH goes for the SHARPSHOOTER! And he locks it in! Million reaches for the ropes, his face full of agony, but he falls about a’ foot short! But here comes Baxter, and with a vicious stomp he breaks the hold! The official gets in Bobby’s face, yelling for him to exit the ring, and that that’s all the distraction Million needs… LOW BLOW to LH! Right into a SIDE HEADLOCK TAKEDOWN! Million applies added pressure as the official restores order, and now it’s Harrison in a bind. LH manages to grab the bottom rope though and the official calls for the break. An unhappy looking Max breaks the hold at a four count and begrudgingly makes the tag to an eager looking Culture Boy.] [Baxter finds the ring as LH finds his feet and, MULTIPLE CHEST CHOPS send LH reeling! BACK RAKE! KIDNEY PUNCH! LEG CLIP!! And Bobby’s barrage takes LH to the canvas! Harrison struggles to find his feet, grabbing at the Culture Boy’s ring gear to drag himself up… SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! And Bobby leans in for the pin! But LH somehow kicks out at two! Baxter argues with the official as LH stumbles to his feet… he hooks Bobby’s neck… REVERSE DDT! LH takes this opportunity to crawl towards his corner and the fans are behind him the whole way… but the Culture Boy is stirring… LH makes the tag! And Alex Reese storms the ring! CLOTHESLINE! But Bobby pops back up! CLOTHESLINE! But again, Bobby pops back up… this time a little slower… CLOTHESLINE! No, Bobby ducks… REVERSE HURRICANRANA! And Baxter isn’t popping back up from that one!] [Alex Reese drags Baxter to his feet… FIREMANS CARRY… MIND OVER MATTER! And Alex with the cover! But Million breaks up the count! And here comes LH, battling Max back into his corner! The official tries to restore order but here comes Alex charging Max and LH! Harrison moves away just in the nick of time, THE EYE OPENER! Million comes reeling out of the corner from that huge Big Boot from Reese and LH is waiting for him… A PLACE OF HOPE! My god, the impact sends Million rolling under the bottom rope and out of the ring! LH follows after as Alex yells for Harrison to “Get him back in here!”… but it’s Baxter the legal man, who has found his feet and sneaks up behind Reese! Culture Boy spins Alex around… but Reese is ready for him! HEAD SPINNER!! Right into the cover… One! Two! Three!] [The Power of Positivity has done it! The official hands Alex Reese both titles and LH Harrison is quick to slide in the ring to retrieve his from his partner. High Society are both still layed out as Alex Reese and LH Harrison hold up their newly won titles into the air, proud as one could be that they are the new OSW Tag Team Champions.] [That’s unsettling.] [The scene opens up inside an office decorated in American flags. There’s pictures of American Presidents, eagles and other American icons from the past and present. Sat behind a desk, kitted out in his American apparel is none other than Marvolo and he’s on the phone.]

“Look, if Las Vegas needs Marvolo, then Las Vegas shant be left wanting. Marvolo is prepared to make this country number one again, sir.”

[He listens intently and then continues.]

“Marvolo will start tonight by winning the United States Championship and the hearts of America in one fell swoop. Most people need donors but Marvolo has never struggled with riches,” [he pauses.] “Yes sir, indeed. You can count on Marvolo.”

[Number One finally hangs up the phone, a smile beaming from underneath his new red, white and blue mask. He turns to Raquel and nods.]

“That’s settled it, Raquel. Marvolo has officially put his name into the hat as a candidate for Las Vegas Mayor. The campaign trail begins tonight with a victory over that no good foreigner Lux Bellator. It’s time to make America great again, woman.”

“Marvolo is numbah whan!” [she beams.] [Marvolo stands up, hands on hips and proud as punch.] “And under Marvolo, American will once again be number one too.”

[The scene closes in on the smile on Marvolo, adding a fake gleam to his teeth that sparkles in the light. A banner quickly flashes across the bottom in Americana saying ‘MARVOLO FOR VEGAS MAYOR’ before providing us a number in which to vote and donate.] [The bell rings as the two men meet in the center of the ring. Corey Black looks exasperated after all of the things plaguing him over the months. Doubt seems smug as his eyes bore into orey Black’s. Corey Black raises a fist, but Doubt leaps up quickly to catch Corey on the chin with a knee! Doubt wraps his arm around his neck and quickly brings him up for a snap suplex. Doubt pops right back up and leaps for an elbow drop driving it into his sternum. He teases going for the cover but quickly stand back up, coaxing Corey up.] [Corey slowly gets to his feet and Doubt rushes him for a discus elbow. Corey ducks it and throws a discus elbow of his own to the chest! Doubt staggers back for a moment before two lightning fast elbows catch him right on the jaw. Corey Black hits a spinning neckbreaker before climbing the top turnbuckle. Moonsault onto Doubt which he uses to hook a leg! ONE…TWO…NO! Doubt powers out of it. Corey pulls him back to his feet, but Doubt lashes out with dropkick sending Corey back into the corner.] [Doubt charges him, but Black is able to dodge just at the last second forcing Doubt to run shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Doubt pulls out from between the ropes to turn into a forceful Yakuza kick right to the chin. Doubt crumbles to the mat and Black tries for another cover. ONE…TWO…NO! Doubt is able to get another shoulder up. Black grabs him by the mask and pulls him to his feet. He wraps his arms and turns it into what resembles a vertebreaker, but Doubt worms his way out. He leaps to the second rope and leaps off with a backflip before catching the neck of Black and spiking it into the mat for a tornado DDT! THE PESSMIST’S END!] [Doubt hooks a leg only for Black to kick out at two. Doubt pulls him to his feet as he seems to enjoy the continuing battle. Doubt whips Corey into the ropes before catching his rebound with a clothesline! Doubt surveys the scene before quickly ascending the turnbuckle. SHOOTING STAR PRESS CONNECTS! Corey seems in a bad way as Doubt hooks a leg. ONE…TWO…THREE! NO! Corey got his other foot on the rope. Doubt yanks him head-first into the mat by his hair before getting back to his feet.] [Black slowly begins to stir as the crowd begins to support him. Doubt looks around enjoying every minute of their adulation for his prey. He pulls him to his feet by his beard, but Corey strikes back with an elbow strike. He hits an uppercut that sends Doubt back into the corner. He raises him up onto the top turnbuckle. He lifts him up for a superplex but… NO! SUPER BRAINBUSTER DRIVING DOUBT’S HEAD INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! Doubt crashes to the mat! Corey goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Doubt barely kicks out!] [Doubt slowly gets to his feet and… SUPERKICK…SUPERKICK… DISCUS LARIAT! Doubt is down. Corey Black climbs to the top turnbuckle. MOONSAULT MOON STOMP ONTO DOUBT’S CHEST! Corey Black is incensed! He pulls Doubt to his feet and he hits a running release powerbomb into the corner! Doubt staggers out to receive a brutal discus elbow strike! Doubt crumbles and Black goes for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE! He’s done it! He’s defeated Doubt here tonight!] [The match is over and both Doubt and Corey Black are standing in opposite corners staring at each other. The two wrestlers move to the center of the ring where they seem ready to go Round Two. Corey Black pushes Doubt who just stares at him before crossing to stand a mere inches from his face. “House of 1,000 Corpses” by Rob Zombie blares over the speakers. The lights flicker as red lighting fills the space as well as fog.] [Suddenly, Doctor Louis D’Ville seemingly grows out of the fog. His smile shines through the red lighting as his arms outstretch. To 99.9% of the people witnessing the action, it appeared to just be that. However, to the eyes of Corey Black, beneath his arms were the figures of his sister, mother, father, and little brother. All of his lost family members standing under the guidance of Doctor D’Ville.] [Corey’s hands clench as he charges towards Doc with a bellowing yell. He raises an elbow as if to strike Doc down, but, at about an inch away from his face, Corey Black is paralyzed in his movement. He can’t budge an inch. Doc smiles as he turns Corey around and faces him towards Doubt.]

“My dear friend. How rude it would be to strike a guest such as myself to your little match. I just came out to view it and give you an insight as to why you’ve been having these encounters.”

[Doc raises his hand and Black is released which sends his momentum straight into Doubt with a hellacious elbow strike! Doubt hits the mat and Corey turns about to go after Doc again. Doc raises his hand only to stop his attack once more. He shakes his head as a hearty laugh emits.]

“Oh, silly Mister Black. There’s only one way you’re going to get to me, and that’s by unleashing your Creeping Death. I know you can feel it creeping up on you. I can sense its presence within you. Unleash it and everything will go right according to plan.”

“I’m a part of no one’s plan, you bastard! Now let me go so I can kick your ass.”

“Oh but you’re such a monumental element to my army, Mister Black. Now, finish this masked menace and let us be on our way.”

[Doc points Corey Black towards Doubt who is forced to mount Doubt and strike him time and time again with brutal elbow strikes. Corey’s body may be doing the damage, but his face does not reflect it. Anger and frustration displayed as Doc seemingly pulls the strings on his own little puppet. The lights begin to flicker as the lighting shifts back to normal. Corey Black steps back, realizing he’s back under control. Standing at the top of the ramp is Doctor D’Ville who grins down at him.]

“Our work has just begun, Mister Black. I hope you’re ready for an adventure of a lifetime.”

[When we arrive at ringside, The Scarecrow’s eerie music has just come to a close when the tron suddenly flickers. The sound of wind chimes can be heard in the background as a puppet Scarecrow appears on screen, being dangled by some wire.]

“My dingle dangle Scarecrow, oh how everyone is afraid. I suppose I should be, shouldn’t I?”

[Suddenly a bird puppet appears.]

“You’ve vanquished the threat of Birds. Tonight, you’ll lay to the rest the sparrow. Of that I have no doubt.”

[The string of the bird is cut abruptly, falling out of frame.]

“But what you have, I crave. I live for violence, for brutality, for the sheer entertainment of it. The sense of anguish and pain, it sends tingles up and down my spine. Only since your inception, no-one has been able to make you feel it, have they?”

[A deep, dark chuckle.]

“I want to be the one that makes you suffer. I want to find that pressure point you so dearly find in humanity and push on it until you squeal. I want to destroy you, but first, I want to make you suffer like the men and women before you already have.”

[A second hand comes into frame with a knife and this time cuts the head off the Scarecrow puppet. The camera slowly rises to see the sickening face of Lee Crowley, who tilts his head and grins.]

“Smile. I’m coming home.”

[The scene fades out as we head back to ringside, where The Scarecrow looks on in question.] [The bell rings, the title is on the line, and the two competitors look intense and prepared. They circle around the ring looking for an opening in the other. The two titans connect in the center of the ring as the arena is electric feeding off of the intensity displayed within the ring. Scarecrow gets the upper hand early by connecting with two powerful right hands to the face of The Sparrow. The Hayman pulls him backwards before dragging him into the mat with a reverse DDT. Scarecrow backs away in preparation as waiting for the right moment to strike.] [Ozric Mortimer gets to his feet as Scarecrow charges across the ring for a running knee strike to the gut. It connects but Ozric shakes it off to nail a headbutt. Scarecrow shakes it off to connect with a clothesline that knocks Ozric back into the ropes. Scarecrow charges for another, but Ozric lowers his shoulder to send him over the rope and to the floor. Scarecrow lands on his feet and Ozric steps over the ropes to climb down to the floor. As he gets there, Scarecrow is waiting with a huge HAYMAKER! The blow staggers Ozric Mortimer, but Scarecrow rams his back into the apron before hitting a Big Boot to the face.] [Scarecrow rolls into the ring and re-enters his predatory stance awaiting Ozric’s next action. He rolls into the ring and the two monsters meet in the center of the ring with dual blows. Ozric grabs Scarecrow’s face and turns him around before hitting a German suplex. Crow gets back up only for Ozric to blindside him with a spear forcing Crow’s head to bounce off of the bottom rope. Ozric yanks him up quickly before wrapping his hand around the throat of Scarecrow and lifting him up for a chokeslam! Crow slams into the mat as Ozric goes for the pinfall. ONE…TWO…NO! Scarecrow kicks out.] [Ozric pulls him to his feet in the corner and begins bringing heavy shots down upon the head of The Hayman. Scarecrow is taking them as he seems stunned momentarily. Ozric grabs him by the head and flings him across the ring but quickly following up with a running leg drop across the chest of the Crow. Scarecrow rolls over to his side and begins pulling himself up on the ropes, but Ozric is pounding his back with heavy strikes.] [THE LIGHTS GO OUT! They return to show Scarecrow standing right behind Ozric. Ozric turns around and is knocked backwards with a flurry of Haymakers! He hoists up the weight of Ozric onto his shoulders before driving him into the mat with a powerslam! Scarecrow steps back letting Ozric get to his feet again. As soon as he gets up, Crow kicks him in the gut, pulls him up onto his shoulders for a powerbomb in the crucifix position. THE LIGHTS GO OUT AGAIN!] [They come back on and Ozric has Scarecrow in the powerbomb position! Crow is driven into the mat with ferocity! Ozric goes for another pinfall. ONE…TWO…Th-NO! Crow powers out! Ozric is pissed. He pulls Scarecrow up to his feet, but Crow throws hay into the face of Ozric Mortimer! He staggers backwards clutching the hay stuck to his facepaint, trying to remove it. Crow spears him into the corner, pulls him to the top rope and hits a super body slam from the top rope! Both men are slow to get to their feet but make it there. Scarecrow wraps up his arms and drops him roughly for BYE BYE BIRDIE! Crow wraps his leg! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Scarecrow gets to his feet and grabs the title from the referee. He climbs the turnbuckle and stares at The Sparrow before the lights flicker, and he’s gone.] [The war is over and Scarecrow stands victorious over Ozric Mortimer.] [The Hayman is handed the RAGE Championship, and he kneels down in front of the downed Mortimer. The Champ picks up the former Challenger by the hair and stares into his eyes for a brief moment. The sounds of birds fluttering fills the School Yard and to no one’s surprise Scarecrow disappears.] [But not Mortimer. Ozric remains in the middle of the ring, down and out.] [Suddenly we find ourselves in the Corn Field. The winds are blowing, still chilly even as the spring dawns. Scarecrow stands alone in the midst of the field, his belt a trophy on his shoulder. He walks down the row of his perches, full of decayed souls who had challenged him and lost.]

“You will remain barren for a little while yet, old friend.” [Crow says as he reaches his destination.] [Judging by the tatters of clothing stuck to this perch, it belonged to Ozric Mortimer before. Scarecrow runs his gloved tendrils over the wood lovingly, thoughts coursing through his mind.]

“He escaped once before, and he likely would again. The pain of the physical world will be his perch. The memories of maggots eating his once-living flesh. That memory will haunt him for the rest of his waking days. Perhaps he will even seek you out again one day, my friend.”

[Walking down the row, Scarecrow comes to an empty perch. The wood looks freshly arranged.]

“Now you, on the other hand, will soon find yourself with a new soul to feast on.”

[Crow’s laughter fill the space as we go back to the School Yard, the patrons freshly freaked out.] [The bell rings as Hunter explodes out of the corner with a massive Big Boot that turns Anonymous almost 360 degrees in the area, crashing to the ground with a hard thump as Hunter leaps on him, raining down hard lefts and rights into the Guy Fawkes mask. A massive right manages to crack the mask above Anonymous’s eye as the referee manages to pull Hunter away, reprimanded him. The Question ignores the ref, pushing him away as he turns right into an eye poke from Anonymous, as he scrambles out of the ring, trying to catch a breather] [Hunter rolls outside of the ring, as Anonymous is catching his breath, Hunter runs forward, trying to squash Anonymous against the steps but Anonymous sees Hunter at the last moment, getting out of the way just in time as Hunter slams himself shoulder first into the steel. Anonymous gets to his feet, stomping down on the prone Hunter before pulling him up and throwing him back into the ring. Anonymous rolls back in, leaping up and landing a hard knee to the shoulder before covering] [ONE..TWO…Hunter kicks out as Anonymous grabs his arm, locking in an armbar variation, cranking the pressure as the Question yells out in pain. Hunter tries to get to his feet but Anonymous breaks the hold, dropping down a knee to the exposed shoulder as Hunter drops back down to the mat. Anonymous drops down again, wrapping his legs around the neck and shoulder of Hunter as he does, locking in a modified Triangle Choke. Hunter tries to fight out but Anonymous has the hold locked in tight as the Question slowly begins to fade away. The referee lifts Hunter’s arm up, it drops once. The ref pulls his arm up again, it drops a second time. Hunter’s arm is lifted up a third time] [It d…NO! Hunter throws his hand up high as he begins to power himself up to his feet before slamming Anonymous down with a modified powerbomb, breaking the hold. Both men slowly get to their feet, Anonymous ducking under an attempted clothesline before spinning Hunter around and dropping him with a single arm DDT on the injured shoulder. Anonymous doesn’t cover, instead slowly climbing up to the top rope as he sizes up the fallen Question before leaping off with a double kneedrop to the right shoulder. Hunter yells out in pain as Anonymous drops down for the cover] [ONE..TWO..THR..KICK OUT! Anonymous gets to his feet as he waits for Hunter to get to his feet, mimicking the calm down motions Hunter is known for and as the Question gets to his feet, Anonymous nails him with the Relaxed Self-Truth. Anonymous taunts the crowd slightly as Hunter quickly gets to his feet behind him, a pissed off look on the face of the Question, moving his trembling hands up and down, Anonymous turns around into a massive Relax clothesline that turns him almost inside out. Hunter pulls Anonymous to his feet, throwing him into the corner as he punishes him with hard rights and lefts, pounding Anonymous down to the mat, backing up before rushing forward with a massive knee to the side of Anonymous’s skull] [Hunter calls for the end as he waits for Anonymous to slowly rise to his feet before kicking him in the gut and double underhooking him but as Hunter goes to lift Anonymous, his shoulder gives out on him. Anonymous takes advantage, slipping behind Hunter and dropping him to the mat with the Faceless Man. Anonymous signals for the end as he pulls the hurting Hunter to his feet, throwing him in the air with the Flapjack but as Anonymous leaps up, Hunter blocks the dropkick, grabbing Anonymous by the head, CONTRADICTION OUTTA NOWHERE! Anonymous is down as Hunter flops over him in an exhausted cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!].

[The Culture Boy, Max Million and Nigel Royal are walking through the backstage area chatting amongst themselves when it suddenly occurs to Nigel that all isn’t exactly right in the world.] [He looks at his watch and then at the entrance door, confused.]

“Shouldn’t Charles be here by now?” [Royal says with a hint of concern.] [Suddenly a backstage worker storms into frame in a panic, out of breath. He points down the hall and stumbles to get his words out.]

“Charlies, he’s been.. uh…” [He catches his breath and pauses for a moment.] “Charles has been attacked. Follow me!”

[High Society follow him down the hallway at pace, arriving at a scene that shocks them all. Charles Wingate is laying on the floor, his suit ripped, a bone sticking out of his leg and trousers. There’s blood all over his face, his watch, rings and wallets are all missing too. Max steps forward and investigates as EMT’s enter the shot.]

“What the hell is this? Where’s his rings, his watch, it’s gone?” [Max says as EMT’s push High Society away.] [The Culture boy clutches his chin and gulps.] “Who would do this to us? Who would stoop to these kind of levels? We need to ensure our safety with protection immediately. Nigel, make a call, we need around the clock security.”

[Nigel nods, pulling out his cell phone.] “Right away, chap. Right away.”

[High Society watch as a serious injured Charles Wingate is loaded onto a stretcher and taken from the arena. Whoever did this have either a bone to pick with High Society or Charles Wingate. Either way, High Society aren’t taking any chances.] [Marvolo and Lux Bellator circle each other, the fans inside the School Yard are already buzzing. They lock up, with Marvolo gaining control. He locks in a Side Headlock on Bellator, Marvolo then wrenches in more to tighten the hold. Bellator lands some elbows to the gut, gaining separation. Marvolo is forced to release the hold, allowing Bellator to hit the ropes. Marvolo hits the mat causing Bellator to leap over him. Marvolo quickly gets back to his feet and puts his head down only to be leap frogged by Bellator!] [Bellator bounces off the ropes one more time and comes at Marvolo with a Diving Crossbody which sends both men to the mat. Cover and a quick kick out by Marvolo! Bellator quickly puts Marvolo in a Headlock of his own. Marvolo powers himself up and gets to the ropes to break the count. Bellator releases Marvolo and gets poked in the eye! The Ref gives Marvolo a warning as the fans rain boo’s down on him. Marvolo lands some kicks to the mid section of Bellator, sending Lux into the corner. Marvolo pushes Bellator into the corner and Knife Edge Chops him in the chest. The sound echoes inside the School Yard!] [Bellator moves out of the corner, putting space between him and his opponent. Marvolo catches an anti-Marvolo sign and yells at the fan holding it. Marvolo finally gets his head back into the match and is taken to the ground by Bellator. Lux lands vicious elbow strikes down on Marvolo! Marvolo out of desperation grabs a hold on Lux’s arm and is able to lock in an ARMBAR SUBMISSION! Bellator is close to the ropes! Bellator tries to pull himself to the bottom rope! Marvolo is trying to put more pressure on Lux’s arm but Bellator is able to reach the bottom rope!] [Marvolo keeps the Armbar on as the Referee counts. Marvolo releases the hold and gives the crowd a smile. He gets up from a knee and goes back on the attack. He gets Bellator to his feet and sets him up for a Suplex. Marvolo showboats for a moment before lifting Bellator up… BRAINBUSTER! HE GOES FOR THE COVER. ONE… TWO… KICKOUT! Marvolo can’t believe it and neither can Raquel! Marvolo grabs Bellator by the mask and puts him neck first on the middle rope, choking the life out of Bellator!] [The Referee counts Marvolo who soon releases Bellator and hits the ropes. Bellator moves at the last second which causes Marvolo to fly through the top and middle rope, feet first crashing to the outside of the ring! The fans around Marvolo scream at him. Raquel goes to the aid of her Number One. Bellator gets to his feet and hits the ropes. Marvolo grabs Raquel and uses her as a human shield. Raquel breaks free as Bellator flies over the top rope and SOMERSAULTS INTO MARVOLO!] [The fans are going crazy! Bellator is on his feet, looking into the raucous OSW crowd! Bellator lands some forearm smashes into the back of Marvolo and sends him into the ring. Bellator gets to the ring apron and goes to climb the ropes. Marvolo puts a stop to it and leaves Bellator sitting on the top turnbuckle. Marvolo lands some hard right fists to Bellator’s chin. Bellator fights back with rights of his own. Marvolo – They trade rights before Bellator looks to have him where he wants him – only wait, what’s that? WALKING DOWN TO THE RING IS… WHAT THE FUCK!? THAT’S LUX’ DOUBLE! THAT’S LUX FUCKING BELLATOR!? The distraction is all that number one needs, Marvolo furiously headbutting Bellator several more times before putting in double underhooks… what’s he going for? OH MY GOD! MARVOLO HIT A SUPER WHITE TIGER ON BELLATOR! BELLATOR IS OUT! MARVOLO GOES FOR THE PIN! ONE… TWO… THREE! MARVOLO HAS DONE IT! MARVOLO IS YOUR NEW OSW UNITED STATES CHAMPION! ] [Lux Bellator can’t believe it.] [Stood across the ring from him is.. Lux Bellator, albeit dressed in darker attire.] [Even Marvolo has to take a second look. He rolls to the outside and collects his newly acquired United States Championship, not even celebrating in pure confusion of what’s going on. Lux steps forward and his mirror does exactly that.]

“Did you think I needed you?” [A voice suddenly bellows as if out of no-where. The original Lux turns around frantically, recognizing the voice; It’s Father Pedro and he’s on the entrance ramp.] “Is that it, my child? I took the raw clay that you were and shaped you into a Light Warrior. Little did I know that you were a fraud, a falsehood, a fallacy.”

[Suddenly the other Bellator strikes, lunging at him with a Superkick that almost takes his head off. The fans boo but no-one cares, Lux Bellator falling at his feet in a heap.]

“But I understand that the lord giveth and the lord taketh away Lux and in the coming months, you will understand exactly what it’s like to have things taken away. God thinks you’re a fraud and he does not support you. You will see what it’s like to live under the eternal cloud of darkness. Lux Bellator, meet Nox Bellator – your brother, your conqueror, your end. For he is the night that comes before your dawn.”

[The fans boo as Nox pulls Lux to his feet and signals for the end. He spreads his arms out into a Crucifixion and lifts Lux straight up into a Crucifix Powerbomb before RUNNING ACROSS THE RING AND RELEASING HIM INTO TOP TURNBUCKLE!! JESUS CHRIST!! The Light Warrior falls immediately to the canvas in agony, Pedro meanwhile laughing from atop the entrance ramp.] [The scene fades to the backstage area with the fans booing as Nox kneels over Lux – his “brother”, in the middle of the ring, giving him the sign of the cross as if in prayer.] [With Mike Lane preparing for the big title match ahead, it’s Vane who wishes to have a word or two with the World Heavyweight Champion. He enters his locker room, his arms folded, the atmosphere tense.]

“We need to talk,” [Vane says bluntly, not wishing to waste any time with niceties.] “I know what you did, Mike. I know everything.”

[Lane stands up and walks across the locker room, hands on hips.]

“Excuse me?” [he questions.] “You know what exactly?”

“I know that you ran down your father in law and a few weeks ago, you tried to run down me as well.”

[Mike looks shocked, as if this is the first time he’s heard about it.] “Hold a second, what?”

“Jackson Slade paid you to run over Errol Flint so that he could submit Old School Wrestling to an invasion. I don’t know why you did it, I just know that you did it.”

“You’re mistaken!” [Lane protests with a furrowed brow.] “I’m not the one you’re looking for Vane. Do you really think that I would fight so hard to save this company had I been the one to hand Jackson Slade the keys to the castle? Errol Flint is my father in law. We’re family and we’ve been through enough.”

[Vane shrugs.] “What better cover? You were under the tutelage of Red River Jack. You weren’t yourself. But without him, you were sloppy. When you tried to run me down a few weeks ago, you didn’t finish the job,” [He says with a smile.] “And now, I’m only a week away from taking concrete evidence to your father in law and taking away everything you’ve accomplished. You will pay for what you did.”

[With that said, Vane heads towards the door and pulls on the handle, only Mike Lane’s voice is the last thing we hear.]

“The shadow endures, Vane. The shadow always endures.”

[The scene comes to a close with Mike walking back over to his Championship; Vane having delivered a message that sets Mike Lane on a collision with Errol Flint.] [I WANNA ROCK!] [The booming vocals of Dee Snider followed by the drums and guitar scream out of the PA system as the arena is bathed in a laser light show of pink and purple strobe lights.] [As the tron over the entrance ramp lights up with “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane’s name and signature wide smile, the rock n’ roll megastar emerges from the backstage area with a whirl, both arms outstretched as he spins around into place.] [BOOMSTICK TO THE FACE!! WHAT!!?]


[Out of no-where, Vinnie spun around in the Boomstick of the century, knocking him out cold immediately. The fans go wild as The Chosen One reaches down and picks up the Megastar, dragging his limp body over to the barber’s chair.] [No way. He won’t, will he?] [He slams Vinnie down in the chair and walks around it, grabbing the shaver with a wry smile. The crowd cheers him on as he fires up the clippers and starts taking chunks out of Vinnie Lane’s beautiful mane!] [It takes a few moments for The Megastar to wake up and realize what’s happening. He looks absolutely petrified and leaps out of the chair, grabbing at his hair only to pull loose locks out in front of him. His face immediately changes from shock to rage and this fight is about to begin. The referee rushes up the entrance ramp just as Lane charges, runs up the barber’s chair and dives over it with a monstrous Clothesline!]

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” [Chant the fans as both men hit the deck with a thud.] [The Megastar gets back to his feet and starts stomping furiously at Ash Williams as the referee rings the bell. He stumbles backwards to check his jaw and snatches the clippers from the table. Ash gets back to his feet and is immediately knocked back down to the floor BY THE BLADED END OF THE CLIPPERS TO THE SKULL! THAT WAS VICIOUS AND YOU BET YOUR ASS THAT ASH IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! Vinnie drops to his knees and starts beating him in the skull with the clippers, gnawing at the wound on his forehead until he’s literally spilling blood down his face.] [He drops his weapon of choice and covers… One…. Two… KICK OUT! THE CHOSEN ONE KICKS OUT! The fans cheer as Williams somehow gets a shoulder up. Lane gets back to his feet and drags Ash with him, attempting to whip him straight into steel beams of the stage behind them, only The Chosen One stops him, reverses and sends him in instead! The Hardcore Champion bounces off the steel and stumbles back with an arch in his back, being grabbed by Ash and BELLY TO BELLY ON THE STEEL STAGE! The fans cheer as Ash checks the blood on his head and grabs the clippers, turning them on as they mulch and moan from flesh stuck within the clips.]

“THIS IS GROOVY!” [clap clap clap!] “THIS IS GROOVY!”

[The fans are in love with this Hardcore Match so far as The Chosen One once again starts cutting and gnawing at the hair on Vinnie Lane’s head. He’s taken a fair bit off before Vinnie clutches at the open wound on his forehead and forces him away. Both men slowly get back to their feet and start trading right hands, teetering ever closer to the edge of the stage. Vinnie kicks him low, grabbing him in and… BLACK LABEL… NO!! ASH ROLLS OUT! HE TURNS HIM, KICK TO THE GUT… HAIL TO THE KING… OH MY GOD!! HAIL TO THE KING OFF THE FUCKING STAGE! HOLY SHIT!! THEY JUST BOTH WENT CRASHING THROUGH TABLES, SOUND EQUIPMENT AND TRASH IN ONE FELL SWOOP!]

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” [chant the fans as the referee stands there in shock, realizing what’s just happened. He rushes down the entrance ramp and around the corner to check on them, pulling broken tables and sound equipment apart and away to reveal both men laid out flat amongst the wreckage.] [This match has been a brawl for the ages so far and both of these guys have just put everything on the line. Vinnie took the worst of it being driven through all that face first, but Ash is hardly better off. It takes a few minutes before either of them start stirring, Ash somehow finding his way into the cover… ONE….. TWO….. NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION…. THREE!! NO!! VINNIE LANE KICKED OUT! WHAT THE FUCK!? THAT TOUGH SON OF A BITCH KICKED OUT! The fans ‘OOOHHHHHHHH’ in absolute awe but my God, Vinnie Lane is incredibly resilient! He’s been busted wide open now as well and more importantly, his hairs a complete mess. Ash stumbles back to his feet and falls against the ramp, taking a moment to compose himself. He reaches down to help Vinnie Lane up but the Megastar is waiting with a rake to the eyes.] [He grabs Ash’ head and slams it into the steel ramp, falling over backwards with the force of it. The crowd cheer but Lane doesn’t care, pulling himself back to his feet and rolling Ash onto the entrance ramp. He walks down to the ring and goes under it, pulling out a table and a ladder, making sure this one ends with the very flourish it began. The Megastar sets the table up and grabs Ash, dragging him down to it and beating on him. He rolls him onto the table and grabs the ladder, placing it across his body. Wait a minute… what the hell is the Hardcore Champion thinking? He takes a chair and climbs onto the ring apron, then the turnbuckles. Jesus Christ kid, haven’t you taken enough punishment? HE LEAPS!! GUILLOTINE LEGDROP WITH THE CHAIR ACROSS THE LADDER, THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE!! ASH WILLIAMS AND VINNIE LANE MUST BE BROKEN IN HALF!!]

“THAT WAS AWESOME!” [chant the crowd as the referee checks on the carnage outside the ring. These two men have destroyed each other!] [Vinnie slowly crawls into the cover, laying across the broken body of Ash Williams. Is that enough? The referee counts…. ONE…….. TWO……… THREE!!! IT’S OVER! VINNIE LANE RETAINS HIS HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP AND ASH WILLIAMS BOOMSTICK IS FINALLY BANNED! HOLY CRAP WHAT A MATCH! Vinnie rolls way from Ash and just lays there as the referee hands him his Hardcore title. The fans may not like him but they’re cheering. What a match, what a fucking match.] [Jake Jeckel and Jacqueline sit in Jeckel’s juggalo painted back room, the bruised and battered Jacqueline showing that she still received more abuse since we last saw, the unlikely Juggalette taking her place, kneeling beside Jeckel’s seat, the juggalo using her as a table for a drink before his calm is rudely interrupted. Bruce Van Chan barges inside of the back room, angrily eyeing Jeckel and marching inward, fists balled aggressively.]

“What the fuck are you doing here, Brucey? Here to say goodbye to little Jacqueline before I keep her forever after our match? Or better yet, beg for her back? Pussy.”

“Jeckel, you know why I’m here. I don’t expect you to understand when a man knows compassion for another, but I’m going to get Paige back. She’s my wife, not some prop. PAIGE! Snap out of it! I am not playing a game, snap out of it right now!”

[Bruce stomps forward and kicks Jeckel backward in his chair, grabbing Paige by her hand and pulling her up, looking her in the eyes and pleading and demanding all at once that she snap out of it. His ‘reunion is short lived before Jeckel rushes Bruce, Dr. Sleep dodging Jeckel in a raged fueled rush before grabbing the chair and folding it. He swings but PAIGE JUMPS IN THE WAY! Bruce stops mere inches from her face, the jugalette unmoving, but a glazed over look in her eye that had never been seen on her before. Jeckel stands up and laughs in Bruce’s face, Paige lowering her arms slightly and shaking her head, as though confused.]

“Get over it, Bruce. She’s mine. And when you lose, it’ll be forever. See you in the cage, Brucey. I’m looking forward to bleeding you out in front of that crowd.”

[Jeckel yanks on Jacqueline’s hand pulling her out of the room towards the ring entrance.] [Bruce takes a moment to walk outside the ring, running his fingertips along the mesh. The cold steel feels familiar to him; he had to post bail just for his chance at revenge tonight. “WHY DO I CALL MYSELF A JUGGALO?” – Jake Jeckel swaggers out to “Raw Deal” by Twiztid. He makes his way down to the looming cell, Jaqueline née Paige in his shadow. He stops short of the cell door—held open by referees—and reaches into his shorts… pulling out a set of HANDCUFFS! Jake slaps one cuff on Jaqueline’s wrist, then the other one to the CELL!] [Bruce races over, but is held back by officials. The Juggalo pulls out a key, but STUFFS IT DOWN THE FRONT OF HIS SHORTS! He dusts his hands before CLIMBING THE CELL! Bruce PLOWS through the referees, scattering them like bowling pins! He darts through the door and immediately scales the fence in hot pursuit of Jeckel, the fans reaching an early crescendo before a single punch is thrown. Jeckel waits for Bruce, telling him to “BRING IT!”. Just as Bruce goes to swing his leg over, Jeckel KICKS HIM IN THE FACE! Bruce’s head snaps back, but HE HANGS ON!] [Jake STOMPS HIS FINGERS, leaving Bruce hanging by ONE HAND. Triple J falls to his knees and hammers on Bruce, but he eats a MEAN headbutt! Jake falls back, enabling Bruce to make the final push. Jake looks up at Bruce, blood pouring from his broken nose. They burn a hole through each other. IT’S ON! They race across the cell – chain links popping under every step. The crowd ERUPT at the ensuing melee. Lefts, rights, uppercuts – this is no wrestling match, it’s a FIGHT! Bruce ducks a haymaker… ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Jake staggers to the edge of the cell.] [The fans egg Bruce on, but he hesitates; is it worth it? ELBOW TO THE GUT! “IF YOU WANNA KILL ME THEN KILL ME!” yells Jake, who grabs Bruce and goes to THROW HIM TO THE FLOOR – BUT BRUCE SANDBAGS HIM! Jake rains down on Bruce, but the Real Freakin’ Deal literally grips the fencing to anchor himself. Jake moves in – BACK DROP! The fans gasp as the panel corner GIVES WAY under Jake’s weight. Bruce mounts him and UNLOADS, trying to make Jake feel just a fraction of the pain he’s put Bruce and his family through! JECKEL FLIPS HIM OVERHEAD!] [Bruce ALMOST flies off, but hangs on for dear life! Jeckel crawls after him, but Bruce GRABS HIS DREADS and PULLS HIM OVER, TOO! Both men dangle from the side of the cage, twenty feet above the floor! Jaqueline looks up at Jake with grave concern. They trade shots, the crowd chanting with each blow – YES! NO! YES! NO! YE—BOTH MEN FALL THROUGH THE AIR—CRASH! HOLY SHIT! That sounded like a CAR CRASH! Bruce and Jeckel lay buried under remnants of announce tables as the School Yard comes unglued. Referees swarm the crime scene. Jaqueline almost pulls her arm off trying to get over to Jake, but the cuffs hold strong.] [Officials fight to keep Jake still, but he swats them away and CRAWLS away from the carnage, his body broken. Meanwhile, medics have been called down to treat Bruce. They slide a red backboard under him… BUT BRUCE ROLLS OFF! He shrugs his help off and STANDS UP as the crowd go into a FRENZY! BRUCE-VAN-CHAN, clap-clap-clap! Hearing the chant, Jeckel looks over his shoulder and his eyes pop out of their sockets. He crawls inside the cell just as Bruce rounds the corner. CLOTHESLINE to one referee—HEADBUTT to the other—and Jake is trying to LOCK HIMSELF IN THE CELL! He CLOSES THE DOOR ON BRUCE’S ARM!] [Bruce screams as Jeckel slams the door on him again and again, but then HE GRABS THE CHAIN… BRUCE IS CHOKING JECKEL WITH IT! The Juggalo turns blue as he gasps for air. Referees finally intervene and pull Bruce off of Jake. They try to call the match off, but BRUCE RACES INSIDE AND SHUTS THEM ALL OUT! He rolls Jake in the ring – JUGGA-BLOW! The fans groan as Bruce falls to his knees. Jaqueline watches on as Bruce and Jeckel share one last death stare. Jake rolls out and grabs a chair.] [CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The crowd moan with each vile shot as Jake WRAPS the chair around Bruce’s spine! He tosses it aside and lays into his nemesis with heavy boots. The evil clown heaves Bruce’s body up with a fistful of hair. He leers at Jacqueline, then SPITS IN BRUCE’S FACE! Jake cackles merrily, but Bruce locks eyes with him – LOW BLOW! Now it’s Jake’s turn to sink to his knees! Bruce staggers over to the warped chair. He looks over at Paige as he raises the weapon over his head. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!] [The referees locked outside plead with Bruce to stop his assault, and he finally relents… until he hauls him up. NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP—JAKE COUNTERS—HATCHET ON THE CHAIR! Jake drapes a limp arm across Bruce’s chest, and the head referee slaps the cage wall. ONE… TWO… THREE! “Raw Deal” scores Jake’s win, but the Juggalo is in no condition to celebrate. Bruce—the troubled family man— looks through glazed eyes at his estranged wife, still cuffed outside.] [The match over and both men battered to pieces, they pull themselves to their feet and gain composure, Jeckel already signaling for a microphone and shouting at Bruce.]

“Do you think it the match outcome mattered, mother fucker? Win or lose, did you really expect to get Jacqueline back? You sure fucking tried though, she seemed pretty disobedient these past few weeks, but I fixed that right up! The match is over and we’re done, Brucey. Jacqueline is mine, and to prove it, she’s going to help me leave you in a heap!”

[Jeckel throws down his microphone and rushes Bruce, the two men brawling it out in the ring as Jacqueline grabs a chair from ringside. She slides into the ring and both men shove away from one another, Jacqueline standing between the two, chair in hand.]

“What are you waiting for, bitch? HIT HIM!”

“Paige, please. It’s me, Bruce! You’re in there, please, come back to me. PAIGE!”

“Stop listening, whore! Hit him, or you’ll be sorry later! DO IT!”

[Jacquline holds her chair up high towards Bruce AND SHE SWINGS IN THE OTHER DIRECTION TOWARDS JAKE! Jeckel goes down from the chair shot! Paige drops the chair and holds her head, falling to her knees and grabbing onto her hair. Bruce calls for paramedics as he tries to console the now hysteric Paige, Bruce having to help restrain her as she is brought to the backstage by paramedics, the paint covered woman fighting all the way there.] [The crowd is cheering wildly the Main Event is up next. We come back from commercial to reveal the contenders in tonight’s main event standing across from each other in the ring. The ringside is heavily guarded by OSW staff to avoid any interference from fans as the Brent Kersh speaks first.]

“Lane, these past few weeks have been a bit of a blur, to say the least. Fans drowned us out, they interfered in our matches, and you likened me to Red River Jack. I get it, having fans behind you is a weird feeling, you haven’t felt it in a long time. But you gotta look past that-”

“Listen, Kersh. I’m my own man, I don’t need to be told what to do by anyone, especially someone like you. I stand by what I said last week, and I’ll remind you I can see through your little facade. But on that note, put the fans aside, put our petty little rivalry away, you came into the ring last month and challenged me for this title, so that’s what you’re going to get.”

[Lane moves up to Kersh, sizing him up a bit as he moves in.]

“Fans, cult followings, put it aside because none of it’s going to matter when you and I enter the ring together and I walk away with the title still around my waist.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Lane. You won’t be cheap shotting me this time.”

[As if on cue Lane leaps forward with a Shadow Kick that Kersh ducks, their imminent brawl stopped pre-emptively by the security around the ring as this match looks set to kick off.] [Brent Kersh and Mike Lane stand toe to toe as the referee signals for the match to begin. The split crowd in the School Yard threatens to tear the room in half as these two titans who’ve helped build Old School Wrestling stand like gladiators going to war. An onslaught of right hands begins the battle. RIGHT from Lane, RIGHT from Kersh, RIGHT from Lane, RIGHT from Kersh. The Champion gets the upper hand with a sharp shot to the ribs. Lane sends Kersh off the ropes… he hooks the arm for a hip toss but the Enforcer holds strong and won’t budge. Lane with a knee to the midsection and his leg to the back of Kersh’s head but the Enforcer rises to attention flipping the Shadowking backwards. Lane lands on his feet and throws a high kick at Kersh but the Enforcer ducks and dodges. Kersh pulls Lane up for a side suplex but Lane flips through to his feet…. And both men are face to face in the center of the ring again.] [Collar and elbow tie up pulls the combatants together before the Enforcer snaps into a wristlock. The Champion gets a hand to Brent’s face and forces him into the corner but Kersh fights back with a kick to the midsection before whipping Lane around into the corner. The Enforcer goes for an avalanche but Mike Lane slides between his legs to evade it. Lane turns around and is SLAMMED to the mat with a mighty SPINEBUSTER from the Enforcer. But Kersh doesn’t go for the cover, instead he grabs the legs and locks in LONESTAR. FIGURE FOUR. The Champion gets to the bottom rope VERY quickly as to avoid damage. ] [Kersh is a mad man as he doesn’t give the Champion a moments rest, he’s back on him and shoving Lane into the corner again and connecting with knife edge chops. The Enforcer goes for an Irish whip but the Shadowking reverses sending Kersh into the corner and Lane is charging after him… but Brent slides under the bottom rope. The Champion steadies himself for a moment at the turnbuckle but Kersh grabs his feet, toppling the champion. Brent Kersh hooks one leg… and the other… LONESTAR AROUND THE STEEL POST!! MY GOD!!! MY GOD!!! The official screams at the Enforcer to break the hold but Brent won’t budge. Finally Kersh breaks on the count of four and slides under the bottom rope but right back to the outside. The Enforcer grabs Lane’s legs again… but the Champion has the wherewithal to pull Brent into the steel ring post. HUGE COLLISION between Brent Kersh’s face and the steel. And good God that just opened the Enforcer up! BLOOD POURS from a gash above the Enforcer’s right eye.] [The referee starts his count as the Champion slowly rolls under the bottom rope. He crumbles to the outside as he can barely put pressure on his knees. Lane pulls the Enforcer off the mat and slides him in the ring but leaves his shoulders and neck hanging on the apron. Lane connects with a right hand to the chest and a STIFF knee to the side of the Enforcer’s head as a stream of blood falls to the floor. Mike Lane slides under the bottom rope and moves to the turnbuckle. The Champion climbs to the top rope as every person in the School Yard climbs to their feet. Mike Lane steadies… and LEAPS… FLYING GUILLOTINE LEG DROP TO BRENT KERSH!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!! The Champion and challenger crash to the outside in a heap of blood and bone.] [The referee checks on both competitors and begins the count. The Shadowking makes it to his feet at six and the Enforcer isn’t far behind, pulling himself to his feet at the count of eight. Lane grabs Kersh and slides him into the ring and follows it up with a snap leg drop. Holy hell- Mike Lane is climbing the turnbuckle again. The Champion makes it to the top rope… but Brent rolls to his feet and rushes the corner. Lane strattles the top turnbuckle, gripping the Championship jewels. The Enforcer grabs Lane’s legs… LONESTAR!!! BRENT KERSH APPLIES THE LONESTAR WITH THE CHAMPION ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!!!] [The Enforcer breaks the hold at four and climbs to meet Lane at the top turnbuckle… SUPERPL— the Shadowking shoves Brent to the mat. Lane leaps for a cross body but KERSH CATCHES HIM… SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT. SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!!! But the Enforcer WON’T COVER the Champion. Kersh grabs Lane’s legs and begins to tie him up AGAIN… but SOMEHOW Lane uses whatever he has left to push Kersh away, the Enforcer’s face now red as a fire engine from the wound above his eye. Kersh wipes blood from his face in time to see the SHADOWKICK!!!! SHADOWKIIIICCKKKKK!!! NOOOOO!!] [HE DUCKS! HE DUCKS!! Brent swings with a desperation Clothesline that almost TAKES MIKE LANE’S HEAD OFF!! He stumbles forward and that’s when it happens, the tron, it flickers! CCTV footage suddenly appears, sending the whole crowd into a frenzy. It’s Danielle, Brent Kersh’ daughter! She’s shown in the locker room area with a wrestler, his face blurred so that we can’t see it. They’re kissing and hugging, Dani telling him that “He’ll be great!” before exiting the room. Brent turns to look at his family at ringside, Danielle’s face a picture of blush and shock – only MIKE LANE SPINS HIM… SHADOWKICK!! SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK!!!!! BRENT KERSH HITS THE CANVAS WITH A FUCKING THUD!! THE WORLD CHAMPION COVERS…. ONE….. TWO….. THREE! MIKE LANE RETAINS HIS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN ONE HELL OF A BATTLE!] [The bell sounds and an exhausted Mike Lane rolls to the outside, snatching his title from the referee and collapsing against the barricade. Brent slowly comes to in the ring, wondering what the hell is going on. With a crimson mask, he looks over to his family, his daughter saying “I’m sorry daddy!” before running off into the crowd, leaving her family behind. RetroACTIVE goes off the air with poor Brent Kersh looking like he’s just been hit by a freight train.]