SOMEWHERE ELSE[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The Middle East, Jerusalem.] [The sound of breathless running can be heard among quickly tapping footsteps as a cloaked man gives chase to another in the middle of the Christian Quarter of Old City. He chases him into an abandoned house, down a rocky stairwell into a dungeon, where there’s absolutely no way out.] [The man frantically searches for options, only with every footstep, something repels him – as if an invisible barricade refuses to let him move forward.] [The hooded man approaches, flipping over the rug to reveal an unknown symbol painted onto the dusty concrete floor below.] [He takes off his hood.] [Solomon Rhodes.]

“That’s a devil’s trap,” [he growls.] “Which means you’re not going anywhere Abaddon.”

[Abaddon – a demon, flashes a smile with dark black eyes to match.]

“Aw, you must be really desperate to talk with me, Rhodes. Wouldn’t it be a shame if I bit my tongue off?”

[Solomon shrugs.] “If you did that, I’d leave you here to rot for eternity.”

[The demon’s smile gently fades.]

“Now, you know why I’m here, don’t you? I want answers. There’s thousands of you demons walking the Earth thanks to the Underworld gates being opened by Crowley. Whilst he’s trapped inside, you’re trapped here,” [he says only to pause with a smile.] “Unless I send you back. Whatever happens here today, your options are merely few; you either tell me what I want to know and I’ll send you back to damnation, or you don’t and I’ll kill you. You aren’t leaving this building to roam freely and those are your options.”

[They share a gaze, their eyes locked. The demon sneers, almost growling with frustration. Rhodes realizes that this is his cue.]

“Where is the key to the cage?” [Rhodes demands to know.] “I know that Lucifer is trapped inside it with Lux Bellator and I know that one of the demons guarding the key has escaped The Underworld with it.”

[The demon grins.]

“Tut,” [he says smugly.] “Do you even know the torment he’s suffering? Lucifer tortures him every second of every minute of every day. He peels his skin off, piece by piece, shredding him limb from limb until he’s a husk of a man, then he clicks his fingers and the whole nightmare starts all over again. Every day is torture for your precious Lux Bellator. He’s consumed by the fiery pits of hell, broken, beaten, cut and put back together again to suffer eternally.”

[This knowledge brings shame to Rhodes, who bows his head.]

“Whatever it is you think you’re saving, it is long gone.”

[Rhodes grimaces.] “Just… tell me what I want to know.”

[Abaddon steps to the edge of his confinement and nods.]

“I can make the holder of the key shine like a beacon to you, however, you have to sacrifice a slither of your soul to make it work. You won’t even notice that it’s gone.”

[Knowing that he too must sacrifice, he nods.]

“Yes. Take it.”

[Abaddon grins, his eyes lighting up a pale white as he sucks the air. Rhodes immediately spreads his arms, his chest puffing out as his back arches and a white smoke leaving his body through his mouth.] [When he’s finished, Solomon falls to the ground, coughing.] [But Abaddon simply laughs.]

“The deal has been made. I’ve taken an unnoticeable portion of your soul, a slither, as per our contracted agreement. You will now know in which direction you must travel to find the holder of the key.”

[Rhodes splutters.] “I… I do.”

[Abaddon nods.] [The Templar slowly gets back to his feet, drawing his sword. However, before he approaches to end The Demon will his holy blade, the creature stops him.]

“Don’t you wish to know what use I had for your soul?”

[Solomon’s eyebrows raise.]

“You foolish man,” [the demon chuckles.] “My name is Abaddon; a bottomless pit, the realm of the dead. It is said in our texts that only the soul of a Christian man can open that realm.”

[He grins.]

“And now, the dead will rise to storm your precious Tap Room and settle their unfinished business. The collateral damage will be huge.”

[His rapturous laughter is deafening.]


[Rhodes doesn’t think twice before slamming his holy blade into Abaddon, killing him instantly. At the black fades from his eyes and he falls to the floor, Rhodes looks absolutely furious with himself.] [Cut.]


[It’s a test of strength in the semi-finals between Berengar and Troy Solveig!] [The battle begins as these two-known weapon-wielders circle around the ring looking intensely at one another.] [They lock-up in the center of the ring, but this only results in a tie!] [Troy and Berengar separate and look each other over up and down before Troy raises a hand up with a grin. Berengar steps forward, interlocking his fingers, and taking on Troy in a test of strength! Troy gets the better of Berengar quickly as he pushes Berengar nearly to the mat!] [However, Berengar begins to strain and struggle as he begins pushing Solveig back! Troy’s eyes are wide in alarm as he’s nearly planted to the mat himself! He grits his teeth as Volsungr begins pushing back to they meet in the center for a stalemate! The crowd are clapping along in suspense before Troy ROARS!] [He SLAMS Berengar to the mat with a surge of energy! He rises to his feet as he balls up his fists and lets loose another primal roar! Berengar is quick to his feet with his eyes seem intrigued. Berengar charges Troy and rams him into the corner as he wasn’t paying close enough attention to his foe. The Knight of the Void hits two quick punches to the midsection before stepping back and charging forth. LARIAT!] [Troy doesn’t even seem fazed by it! Berengar tries for it again, but Troy rushes him!] [VALKYRIE!] [The Superman Punch lands as Berengar hits the mat. Troy walks over and plants a boot on the chest of Berengar!] [ONE…KICKOUT!] [Troy looks confused as Berengar just kicked out quickly at one! The Chosen One lifts up Berengar and wraps up his arms before applying the full nelson behind his back!] [HEL’S EMBRACE!] [Berengar has simply been outmatched in the strength game here tonight as he begins to flail, looking for any sign of reprieve! Berengar manages to reach out with his foot and touch the bottom rope as the referee begins his count on Troy. Solveig releases the hold at four as he begins setting up for the big finale here.] [Volsungr grabs Berengar, throws his arm over his head and lifts him up into the air as his feet dangle for a moment before the whole body SLAMS down into the mat! Berengar is spiked into the mat by the impact of the Jackhammer!] [THE HAMMER OF THE GODS!] [Troy covers him, this time hooking both legs!] [ONE…] […..] [TWO…] […..] [THREE!] [Troy Solveig is moving onto the finals of the tournament after a huge victory over Berengar!]


[Outside the Tap Room stands Nate Washington, looking rather impatient as he checks his watch. Suddenly, a black van pulls up close by, and a few of Nate’s men step out…including Heath Solman, looking more than a little disgruntled. Nate pays no mind to this as he just taps his watch with a disappointed look on his face.]

“Time is of the essence, fellas. Did you get the job done?”

[The rest of the men look to Heath, who simply nods his head in response.]

“Good. We have some other business to attend to, gentlemen.”

[Heath steps up to his presumed associate, a cold stare into the eyes of the businessman.]

“That we do, Nate…I’ve done what you asked me, I’m ready to collect what’s mine.”

[Nate just scoffs at this, patting Heath on the shoulder.]

“What part of the word labors did you not hear last time, man? Labors, with an S at the end. Plural. Your ass is gonna earn that cure in due time.”

[Heath smacks Nate’s hand off his shoulder, his breathing getting heavier as his rage starts to build.]

“I’m not indentured to you, Nate. I’ve signed no contract, so if you don’t have what I need, I can just walk away.”

[Suddenly, we hear police sirens off in the distance…and they’re getting closer by the minute. Nate just smiles as his men rush back into the van, which makes a quick getaway.]

“Can you walk away from that? You’re stuck here with me, now…better get used to it.”

[Nate turns to leave, but is quickly stopped by the hand of Solman on his shoulder…only for Heath to slam him into the outer wall of the Tap Room! Nate is out cold as Heath picks him back up, slinging him onto his shoulder as he walks back into the Tap Room.]

“If that’s true, Nate, then I’ll just have to find another way.”

[The sirens reach their peak volume as the police cars rush by the Tap Room, unfazed on any events held within as they remain focused on their pursuit of the unmarked van.] [Cut.]


[Tonight is the conclusion of Ring King! Let’s find out who’s going to be in the final! Will it be Edgar Nevermore or Shadow? Will Shadow soar to the skies or will his wings be forever clipped in a poetic finale? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Shadow comes hot out of the gates! He’s hitting rapid fire punches! Nevermore is trying to block any strike that comes his way! Nevermore is not having much luck! Shadow runs towards the ropes! SPRINGBOARD ENZUIGIRI! Nevermore rolls out of the ring! He’s catching his breath! Shadow won’t let up! He runs towards the ropes! Somersault plancha! No! Nevermore gets out of the way! Shadow hits the floor hard! Nevermore pulls up Shadow from the floor! SUPLEX ONTO THE APRON! Nevermore shoves Shadow back into the ring! Nevermore climbs to the top rope! Shadow is getting up! Moonsault!] [NO!] [ANGEL BEAT!] [SUPER KICK TO NEVERMORE MID-MOONSAULT!] [SHADOW COVERS!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [KICKOUT BY NEVERMORE!] [Shadow climbs to the top rope! Shooting star press! No! Nevermore gets his knees up! Bad landing for Shadow! Nevermore pulls him back up! Nevermore Irish whips him into the corner! European uppercut! Another one! And another! Nevermore runs to the opposite corner! He charges back at Shadow! Running European uppercut! No! Shadow reverses it into a tarantula! Nevermore’s limbs are tied between the ropes! The ref starts the count! One…Two…Three…Shadow lets go! Nevermore is shaking his limbs trying to feel better! Shadow is on the apron! He’s waiting for Nevermore to turn around! Nevermore faces him! Springboard…!] [NO!] [NEVERMORE DIVES INTO THE TOP ROPE!] [SHADOW LANDS STOMACH FIRST ON THE ROPES!] [NEVERMORE CAPITALIZES!] [ROPE-HUNG OXFORD COMMA!] [HE HITS THE HAMMERLOCK DDT AND COVERS!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [KICK OUT!] [Nevermore rips Shadow off the ground! He elbows Shadow hard in the head then shakes his hand! He tries to let go but Shadow clenches it harder! Jumping knee strike! Nevermore is dazed! Rapid fire chops by Shadow! He Irish whips Nevermore but Nevermore reverses it and Irish whips Shadow instead! HANDSPRING CUTTER BY SHADOW! What a beautiful maneuver! He isn’t done! Flipping Senton then a standing moonsault followed by a standing shooting star press! He covers! One…Two…kick out! Shadow pulls Nevermore up! Eye rake by Nevermore! Shadow is blinded by that rake and Nevermore back body drops him over the ropes!] [SHADOW SPILLS OUT TO THE FLOOR!] [NEVERMORE GOES TO THE TOP ROPE!] [MOONSAULT TO A PRONE SHADOW!] [HE TOSSES SHADOW BACK IN!] [HE COVERS WITH HIS FEET ON THE ROPES!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [THREE!] [HE’S DONE IT! NEVERMORE IS GOING TO THE NEXT ROUND!] [NO! THE REF SAW THE FEET ON THE ROPES!] [THE MATCH GOES ON!] [Nevermore pulls Shadow up and sets him in the corner! Elbow smash! Elbow smash! Elbow Smash! He shakes Shadow’s hand! He lifts him up for the suplex! Shadow front flips out of it! SIT-OUT NECKBREAKER! Shadow slowly climbs to the top rope! AVENGED! Top rope foot stomp but Nevermore gets out of the way! Shadow rolls through! Nevermore turns him out with a discus lariat! Nevermore yanks him up and hits more elbow strikes! He grabs the hand again! He shakes it!] [HE’S TIRED OF THE REVERSALS!] [HE GOES FOR THE QUICK LIFT!] [POETRY IN MOTION!] [HE HITS THE SUPLEX SIDE SLAM!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [THREE!] [What a win for Nevermore! He is going to the finals of Ring King! What a match with a very game Shadow!]


[Previously Recorded] [A small cathedral stands, it’s doors open and waiting. Jesus, from a stained glass window, seems to beckon the seeker in. Yet, one solitary figure stands, jacket pulled up over his head to shield himself from the driving rain. He stands an looks but does not enter, torn in his choices. He flicks his small Bible open, yet the words inside only seem to bring him frustration.]

“You’ll use me, no matter what?! All good things come from the Lord, you say. Even those not yours to claim.”

[He does not shout, but his voice is raised enough to wrestle with God. As he raises his head, the wind blows off his hood, showing Shadow’s identity.

“I never asked to be an angel of God. But what if your power can help me reach what I cannot reach alone? Does that mean..”

“Yo’ be what the Lord requires, son… That’s what it means.”

[Approaching from behind, patting Shadow on the shoulder, to which he flinches and moves away, is D’Von Chambers. The Bishop smiles charismatic ally despite the rain that falls in them both.]

“Does tha’ means you comin’ round to my proposal, angel? Yo’ finally seein’ tha’ light?”

[Shadow doesn’t answer, he just stares at the Bible in his hands. Chambers closes in to him, really close.]

“It be in yo’ best interest to work alongside, not against tha’ Lord… For God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.”

[His voice almost a whisper that seems deafening to Shadow’s ears.]

“Even th’ angels can be punished for disobeyin’ our Lord, son. Yo’ be what the Lord requires yo’ be… It’s yo’ nature, you’ destiny. You’ll see the power of the Lord through ma’ hands, the power that awaits you. Then you’ll believe.”

[Chambers passes by Shadow and takes the steps to the church, shaking the water from his hair as he enters. Shadow is left to his thoughts. He falls to his knees, bible in hand. Staring at the stained glass window. Unable to enter, unable to walk away. Contemplating.] [Cut.]


[The Kingpin and the King of Sadness finally square up to settle the score at Ring King] [Nate Washington and Heath Solman lock up in the center of the ring. Solman gets defeated quickly, slumping his shoulders, giving Washington the advantage and he transitions him into a side headlock. Solman shoves Washington away, who rebounds off the ropes and is met with a BIG TIME shoulder block. Both men stand back up! Another shoulder block! It happens again! Another shoulder block!! NO!! DDT FROM WASHINGTON!! Solman is laid out, and Washington reaches his feet. He starts delivering boot after boot to Solman’s back!] [More and more Washington delivers stomps to Solman. It goes on for an uncomfortable amount of time. Washington screams, “GET UP!!!“] [“Make me,” replies Solman.] [Washington scoffs. He drags Solman to his feet by his hair. “Make you?” Washington asks, and slaps Solman across his face. “Fucking make you?” He slaps him again. Back hand slap! Fore hand slap! Back hand! Back hand! Solman staggers backs into the turnbuckles. Washington sneers and backs up. He charges! A REAL ONE!!! BIG BOOT TO SOLMAN’S FACE!!! HE HITS THE GROUND!!!] [NATE WASHINGTON COVERS!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!!] [NO!!! THE IMMORTAL ONE DECIDES TO KICK OUT!] [Solman is once more dragged to his feet, and the crowd begins turning. They are chanting and imploring Solman to fight back. Washington slaps Solman around more. Slap after slap until he finds himself once more backed into the corner. Washington laughs, “You are pathetic! Why are you even here!?!” He delivers an elbow to Woman’s jaw!! NO! Solman blocks it, and punches Washington. Washington tries the elbow again! Another block! ANOTHER PUNCH!! ANOTHER!! ANOTHER!! SOLMAN KICKS WASHINGTON IN THE GUT!!! A FUCKING POWERBOMB FROM SOLMAN!!!] [Washington violently bounces off the mat! Solman makes a cover!!] [One!] [Two!] [Mate Washington gets his shoulder up!] [Solman is feeling it! Washington crawls to his feet!!! SHOTGUN WEDDING!!! NOW ITS WASHINGTON IN THE CORNER!! Solman runs over and scoops Washington into the air!! PERMANENT SOLUTION!!! HE MAKES ANOTHER PINFALL ATTEMPT, HOOKING THE LEGS!!] [ONE!] [TWO!] […] [THREE!] [NOOOO!!! WASHINGTON KICKS OUT JUST IN THE NICHE OF TIME!!!] [But Solman is absolutely relentless now! He wraps Washington up! Belly to Belly Suplex! Washington flies across the ring! Another Belly to Belly suplex!! Solman grabs Washington and puts him in a headlock! OVERDOSE BY SOLMAN!!! IT HAS TO BE OVER!! SOLMAN MAKES THE COVER!!!] [ONE!] [TWO!] […] [THREE!!] [Solman picks up the win in a match it seemed initially he had lost before he was ever pinned, making the win twice as sweet.]


[The sounds of sirens can be heard blaring away as a police car barrels down an empty road towards what looks like an abandoned building. Outside, Nicholas Mammon and Nigel Royal impatiently await. As the car pulls up and an officer leaps out, Mammon is quick to approach.]

“He’s inside, Officer.”

[The cop rushes into the building, whereby a short struggle ensues. We hear loud noises, banging and crashing, until finally, a shot rings out.] [When the cop comes back out, he’s dishevelled and nervous, yet calls over his radio for assistance.]

“What happened?” [Mammon begs to know.] “Is everything okay, officer?”

[The cop sits down in his squad car, his feet on the pavement and his head between his legs.]

“He came at me,” [he stammers.] “He came at me with a hammer and I had no choice; I had to put him down. I had to.”

[Mammon subtly smirks.]

“That’s Jacob,” [he retorts.] “He’s criminally insane. We found him here tonight after a week of searching and he threatened us with that hammer. In the end, we barely escaped and thought it best to hand it over to the proper authorities.”

[The officer nods.]

“You did the right thing, calling us.”

[Nicholas and Nigel nod in agreement and back away, taking themselves to one side to discuss this between them.]

“That should be on the news in no time at all, squire,” [Royal says gleefully.] “After all, an officer involved shooting will solve our immediate problem for Mr. Happy.”

“Yes, but it won’t be long until they find out he’s nothing but a patsy. We’ve searched all week and neither heard nor seen a sight of this Jacob. False identification papers aside, Mr. Nevermore must hurry if he wishes to execute his long term plan to success.”

[Royal agrees.]

“We must keep a close eye on Mr. Happy. Once he’s aware of the news, he’ll mourn, but feel safe. If Jacob manages to successfully contact him during this time, our ruse will be thwarted.”

[Mammon nods.] [They both smile.] [Cut.]


[Three heroes and a villain stand in each corner of the ring, prepared to battle for the right to claim the OSW Double Feature Championship!] [The bell rings, and immediately Redwing, Spero, and Gameboy move in on Mysterion and begin stomping a mudhole into their common nemesis! “Curse you!” Mysterion screams as they stomp him into a slumped position in the corner. Redwing lifts Mysterion to his feet and whips him towards Spero, who immediately turns Mysterion right over with a clothesline! Gameboy lifts Mysterion to his feet, and nails him with the LEVEL ONE! Gameboy makes a quick cover!] [One!] [Redwing and Spero look at each other.] [Two!] [They look down at Gameboy making the pin!] [THREE–NO!!! Redwing drags Gameboy off of Mysterion by his ankle! Spero drops an elbow into the small of Gameboy’s back!] [Redwing grabs Gameboy and lifts him up with a front headlock! FRONT HEADLOCK DDT! Spero grabs Gameboy by the legs and puts him in the GUARDIAN LOCK!! GAMEBOY IS CRYING OUT IN PAIN!! He is crawling towards the ropes, slowly, painfully crawling with his elbows! Redwing suddenly stands over Gameboy and locks him in the camel clutch!!! GAMEBOY IS BEING HELD IN TWO SUBMISSION HOLDS AT THE SAME TIME!!] [“Not today!” Mysterion screams, and nails Spero with THE PUNCH OF DOOM!!! ANOTHER PUNCH OF DOOM TO REDWING!! HE WANTS TO WIN AND HE WANTS TO WIN RIGHT NOW!!! HE COVERS REDWING!] [ONE!] [TWO!] […] [WHAT THE FUCK?] [Mysterion is suddenly on the other side of the ring, slumped in the corner. Gameboy stands tall as Spero reaches his feet. FASTER THAN LIGHTNING GAMEBOY TAKES HIM TO THE GROUND WITH A DROPKICK!] [SPEED BOOST. GAMEBOY USED A CHEAT CODE!!] [Redwing reaches his feet just as the cheat code wears off. Gameboy runs at him anyway, and is met with a drop toe hold. Gameboy meets Redwing to his feet, but is suddenly dropped with the RETURN TO ARKHAM!!] [All four men lay on the ground. Slowly but surely, Redwing and Mysterion are the first to reach their feet. Mysterion GOES FOR THE PUNCH OF DOOM!!! REDWING COMPLETELY DUCKS IT!!! HE GRABS MYSTERION BY THE HEAD!!! THE KILLING JOKE!!] [NO!!! MYSTERION SHOVES HIM AWAY JUST IN TIME, AND REDWING LANDS PRIVATES FIRST INTO THE MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE!] [SPERO REACHES HIS FEET!!! HE IS MET JUST AS HE DOES SO WITH THE PUNCH OF DOOM!!] [GAMEBOY IS UP TO HIS FEET AS WELL! ANOTHER! FUCKING! PUNCH OF DOOM!!! MYSTERION COVERS GAMEBOY!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [Mysterion, against the odds, successfully retains the OSW Double Feature Championship against three of his enemies tonight at Ring King!]


[The battle is over.] [The four men have now all returned to their feet inside of the ring as Mysterion is being surrounded once again.] [The heroes have a duty to protect the people at all costs. Tonight, they need that information.] [Redwing, Gameboy, and Spero circle around The Cloaked Conundrum as they begin to swarm him.] [Justice must prevail here.]


[The heroes stop dead in their tracks as the words seem to come from the entrance ramp. They look that way to see the face of Dr. Mindfuck upon the screen with a huge smile upon his face.]

“Looking for something?”

[Dr. Mindfuck grins as he holds several weapons in his arms outstretched over some boiling substance.]

“No…” [says Spero underneath his breath.]

“That’s RIGHT! I have all of the weapons in my arms, and we no longer need them so… WHOOPSIE!”

[Dr. Mindfuck releases the weapons as they fall into the acidic substance and begin melting away upon contact. The Vindicators in the ring have either fallen to a knee or are looking on dumbfounded. Their eyes are tell the story as they watch their only chance of reversing the effects of the infection being melted away before their very eyes. Dr. Mindfuck continues laughing as the clip ends.] [The Vindicators look around themselves for the dirty traitor Mysterion, but he is gone as well as the black tape that had been brought down to the ring. The tape holding all of the information incriminating Mysterion and Mindfuck.] [Once again, the heroes were duped by the incredibly intelligent villains.]


[It’s a battle in the Christian faith as it’s a Fallen Angel stepping into the ring with a professor of the word.] [The bell sounds as these two look at each other with disdain. It’s size versus speed in this battle between David and Goliath. Chambers smiles for a moment before stepping up to Shadow and pushing him back a step or two.] [The Fallen Angel smirks back before quickly going on the offensive with some quick strikes to the side of Chambers’ knees! The Pastor begins to step back before reaching out and getting a handful of Shadow’s hair. He pulls him close and yanks a knee up into the cranium of Shadow who recoils back.] [Chambers grins before grabbing the arm of Shadow and whipping him into the ropes. Shadow springs from the second rope and nails a springboard moonsault!] [However, Chambers catches him in a fireman’s carry, drops him a little onto his back, before he rushes towards the corner and SMASHES Shadow there!] [Shadow slumps to the mat clutching his back as Chambers extends his arms to receive the adulation of the fans. Although, all he receives is a chorus of boos as he doesn’t let this bother him. Chambers grabs Shadow by his arm and slowly lifts him up. He wraps his monstrous arms around the midsection of Shadow and begins choking the life out of him!] [The God Hug is applied!] [Shadow’s arms are pinned to his side as the strength of Chambers is slowly draining the life from his body! Shadow continues to squirm until he gets a hand free.] [The Avenger begins punching the head of Chambers directly! Three shots and Chambers is forced to relinquish his hold and stagger backwards. Shadow falls to his knee momentarily before springing to the second rope and coming off with a DDT!] [Chambers is spiked into the mat! Shadow covers him!] [One…] [….] [Two…] [KICKOUT!] [Shadow kips up to his feet as the crowd begins to come alive. The Avenging Angel is setting up for something as The Bishop staggers to his feet.] [ANGEL BEAT!] [But Chambers catches the foot! He whips Shadow around and brings Shadow between his legs before hoisting him up for…] [THE PASTORAL PLUNGE!] [The spinning Razor’s Edge hits as Chambers covers him!] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [….] [THREE-NO!] [Shadow manages to get a foot on the rope as Chambers is livid! He drags Shadow to the center of the ring and drops a leg drop on him. He looks up at the top rope as the crowd begins to murmur in horror. Chambers begins smiling wickedly! He slowly clambers up to the top rope before standing with his back to the ring with his arms outstretched as if to be baptized in the hatred by the crowd.] [Shadow leaps out of nowhere!] [DIVINE PUNISHMENT FROM THE TOP ROPE!] [All of Chambers’ weight falls on the knees of Shadow with this MASSIVE lungblower! Shadow pulls himself from beneath the mass of Chambers before covering him!] [One…] [….] [TWO….] [….] [THREEE!] [Shadow has done it! He’s beaten Chambers here tonight at Ring King!]


[Gasp.] [The sound of coughing and choking is only extenuated by the sheer panic of someone trying desperately to escape what can only be a terrible predicament. Our backdrop is that of an unmarked grave stone in the middle of a grave yard, somewhere else.] [And then, suddenly, a hand bursts through the dirt.] [Followed by another and then the head and shoulders of Cael Gable.] [He gasps for air frantically, searching his surroundings in absolute horror.] [A hand reaches down, offering him sanctuary and he wilfully takes it, blissfully unaware of just who it belongs to.]

“Where am I?” [Cael croaks, his voice hoarse.] “What happened?”

[Silence.] [He looks up with fuzzy eyes, rubbing the dirt from them.] [But what he see’s startles him.]

“Mr. Gable, we meet again.”

[Isaac Danvers.] [Cael scoots back quickly until his back is up against the grave stone, absolutely terrified. He can’t believe what he’s seeing.]

“I’ve missed you so terribly, my love,” [Danvers says with a tilted head.] “My days have been filled with such regret over the way we departed.”

[Gable slowly pulls himself to his feet.]

“I could feel your return was imminent. We’re connected, you and I. When I felt your heart begin to beat again, despite my distance from the Tap Room, I knew I had to come.”

[The Medallist has a sudden realisation; as if now his shock has worn off, he’s aware of his entire purpose.

“I know why I’m here,” [he says sternly.] “It’s for you, Danvers. I’m back for you.”

[Danvers doesn’t understand.]

“To finish this.”

[To be continued.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, we have a match between student and master! Will happy learn more from Nevermore or will the student surpass the master? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Nevermore and Happy shake hands! Happy is jumping in joy, he gets another chance at facing his best friend Nevermore! Nevermore wags his finger and states, “No, old sport, gentlemen do not jump around like children at a birthday party, they learn and they follow the rules. Do you know the rules today?”

Happy stops and stands at attention, he nods and goes, “Yes sir!”

Nevermore waves his hand towards the mat and motions Happy to lay down!

Happy goes “Sir, that’s how you lose!” Nevermore proclaims

“Exactly chap, it is your next lesson, lay down and admit defeat before you have to endure punishment.”

Happy looks down like he isn’t sure. He goes slowly, gets down on one knee but stops and asks, “Can it be another lesson?”

Nevermore replies, “In due time, now lie down.” Happy sadly nods and lays down!] [NEVERMORE COVERS!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [Nevermore picks up as easy as a win as you can get in OSW but he raises Happy’s hand and celebrates with him!]


[Knightwatch marches down the halls of the Tap Room, aiming for the locker room. With another grueling match against Arthur surrounding his thoughts, he almost misses his rival call out from across the way.]

“Hail Knightwatch! Hath that puzzle still stumped thee?”

[Knightwatch simply stares at Arthur’s simple display of friendliness. Staring skeptically from the mask, he simply held the letter out that he had been given.]

“The answer was a mile.”

“Excellent. It was a simple test really. Your next one begins in the room behind me warrior.”

[Arthur turns, gesturing to the room behind them. Never breaking eye contact from him, Knightwatch walks in reluctantly. Arthur follows behind, clicking a light switch on. The sight reveals two people strapped to small chairs. Above them rests a rather large beam of wood as thick as a chest, held by a cord slowly snapping. ]

“Your challenge is a simple one knight errant. A trial of righteousness. You have a choice who to save. On one side, sits an elderly lady from the audience. An innocent that hath not committed a single wrong. The other is a lad from the working crew, who was only doing his job.”

[Arthur gestures up to the beam slowly pulling itself downwards.]

“With so little time knight, it is your choice who to save. I shall see the results once complete. I wish you the best of luck young one. You’re going to need it.”

[With that, he simply closed the door behind him, leaving Knightwatch to his vices. Looking frantically between the two people now struggling greatly beneath their bindings. With a crack, the rope snaps, and the pole begins to fall. Knightwatch only has a moment to cry out, rushing forward.]


[He rushes forward, not towards either person. Reaching between the two, he holds his arms up, catching the beam. While the weight pushes downwards, the interruption only barely touches the heads of the people. With a mighty heave, he throws the beam out of the way.]

“No one dies today.”


[It’s time for the final of Reel King! Whoever wins this will have a chance at the VHS championship! Who will come out ahead? Eli Forever or Wild Karrde? These two have faced before for reasons more personal but this time it’s competition!] [DING! DING! Karrde and Forever tie up! Forever goes behind and grabs a waist lock! Karrde elbows his way out of it! Karrde runs the ropes! Jumping clothesline by Karrde! He follows with a knee drop! He keeps the knee on Forever just grinding it into his face! Forever under hooks Karrde and tosses him face first into the ropes! Karrde is stunned as Forever locks in a cravate and grinds Karrde’s face into the ropes. He follows with a cravate suplex! Karrde rolls out of the ring catching his breath! Karrde is keeping his eye on Forever making sure he doesn’t try anything!] [THAT DOESN’T STOP FOREVER’S MARTYRS!] [THEY HOP OVER THE GUARD RAIL AND START ATTACKING KARRDE LIKE RABID DOGS!] [THE REF GOES TO CALL FOR THE BELL!] [NO! ELI LEVELS HIM WITH BY THE BOOK!] [THE BOOK OF ELI HIT THE REF DIRECTLY IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!] [ELI SLIDES OUT OF THE RING AND TELLS HIS FOLLOWERS TO LIFT KARRDE UP!] [TRIPLE POWERBOMB ONTO THE APRON!] [Kaarde looks like he’s broken in half but they are not done! Eli and his men are just stomping away on Karrde! Eli grabs a steel chair and tells one of his men to hold Karrde up! He’s got Karrde in place and Eli charges with the chair! Karrde ducks it and the martyr is knocked out! The other martyr yells I got him! He jumps on Karrde’s back and locks in a sleeper hold! Karrde falls backward into the barricade! The martyr is crushed and lets go! Eli charges at Karrde with a clothesline but Karrde counters with a low blow! Talk about dealing a bad hand!] [KARRDE DRAGS ELI TO HIS FAVORITE PART OF THE TAP ROOM!] [WE’RE AT THE BAR AND KARRDE YANKS A BOTTLE FROM ONE OF THE FANS!] [HE SMASHES THE BOTTLE OVER FOREVER’S HEAD!] [KARRDE SMIRKS AND TELLS THE FAN, “DON’T WHINE, IT’S SHIT BEER ANYWAY.”] [FOREVER IS BUSTED OPEN AND KARRDE WAILS ON THE CUT!] [HE HOPS ON THE COUNTER AND SLAPS HIS ELBOW!] [HE’S GOING FOR AN ELBOW DROP!] [NO! THE BARTENDER SHOVES HIM OFF!] [IT’S ANOTHER MARTYR!] [Forever and Karrde are both on the floor! They’re on all fours and swinging sloppy punches! They use each other to pull themselves up and the wild punches continue! Forever shoves Karrde off! SPEAR IN TO THE COUNTER! A giant dent is in the countered and wooden shards have splintered off! Forever grabs one of the shards and is shoving it into Karrde’s forehead! Blood is pouring out of the new hole! Karrde looks dazed and Forever takes a stool, lays it sideways and stacks it on top of two others! ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE ON TO THE STACK OF STOOLS! The force shatters the top one!] [FOREVER IS DRAGGING KARRDE TO THE RING!] [HE TOSSES HIM IN AND MAKES A COME HERE MOTION!] [A MARTYR WITH A REFEREE SHIRTS COMES IN TO THE RING!] [FOREVER COVERS!] [FAST COUNT!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [. . .] [KARRDE GRABS THE MARTYR’S WRIST AND SAYS “NOT YET YOU SON OF A BITCH!”] [Eli yanks him up and gorilla press slams him into the corner! Karrde is pulling himself up! SEVEN SINS! 4 midsection kicks and 3 chops to Karrde’s chest! Forever tells his Martyr to whip Karrde to him! THY LORD’S PRAYER! Forever hits the tilt-a-whirl gourdbuster! He climps to the top rope! He’s waiting for Karrde to get up but Kaarde shoves the ref into the ropes! Forever hits the post hard! JACKPOT TO THE REFEREE! Karrde is not letting that ref count again! Karrde climbs to the top rope! He wants to end this! He clutches Forever by the neck!] [FOREVER REVERSES IT!] [HE TURNED IT INTO A HANGING SLEEPER!] [KARRDE IS GOING TO PASS OUT WITH NO ONE TO STOP THIS!] [HE’S OUT AND FOREVER LETS GO OF KARRDE DROPPING HIM TO THE MAT!] [HE WAKES UP HIS MARTYR AND COVERS!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [THREE!] [It’s over! Eli Forever is your new Reel King after that grueling match with a very game Karrde!]


[In the dead of night, Shadow stands outside a large white church in the middle of no-where, looking up at the sky. He appears conflicted. In his hand, the bible given to him by D’von Chambers just a few weeks ago and behind them, a battle that concluded tonight.] [The Angel pushes the creaking doors aside and steps inside almost reluctantly, his eyes darting from left to right.] [Only, what he sees astonishes him.] [With every footstep, blood splashes against his feet – a congregation of men, women and children, slaughtered in the pews around him, their nectar carelessly sprayed across the pine.] [Shadow has a cast iron stomach but even this makes him wince. He may have seen holy wars but nothing quite like this.] [He carefully walks down the aisle, his face contorted into that of disgust. What has he walked into? Where is D’von Chambers?] [Once he finally reaches the bottom, he walks up the wooden steps towards the alter, afraid of what he might find. Sat there, back to the camera, in his pastoral robes, is none other than D’von himself, his head lowered in what we can only imagine to be shame.]

“How could you do this?” [Shadow asks, looking back at the bloodshed.] “Why would you?”

[Chambers doesn’t answer, drawing the ire of the Angel.] [Shadow angrily spins the chair.]

“Answer me!”

[But he can’t.] [Sat mutilated, clutching a bible, D’von Chambers slumps over, falling from the chair to the floor with an almighty thud. Shadow jumps backwards, startled.] [He reaches down, turning Chambers over to reveal his wounds – a large hole in the middle of his chest, the result of a blade.] [He sighs, using his fingers to close The Pastors terrified eyes.] [Who did this?] [Why?]


[History collides again tonight with Knightwatch stepping across the ring from King Arthur!] [The bell sounds as these two circle around the ring.] [They lock up for a moment before Knightwatch hits a big jawbreaker. Arthur staggers backwards for a moment as Knightwatch rushes forward and nails a big kick to the midsection. Knightwatch hits two more kicks to the side of the legs before spinning downwards and taking out the legs of Arthur as he thumps to the mat! Knightwatch steps away and begins setting up for something big.] [THE KNIGHTFALL!] [The superkick dots King Arthur right on the chin as the ancient Lich King falls! Knightwatch leaps into the cover, obviously not getting paid by the hour here!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] […] [THR-KICKOUT!] [King Arthur manages to get a shoulder up at the last second there! Knightwatch stops for a second as if debating on what’s to come next before pulling The Lich King to his feet. The ghoulish fingers wrap around the sides of Knightwatch’s head as he rises before hitting a massive headbutt. Both seem to stagger for a moment from the shot before King Arthur grabs the arm of Knightwatch before whirling him around and leg sweeping him! King Arthur steps back…] [THE KINGS CROSSING!] [The running knee finds purchase on the chin of Knightwatch who falls to the mat in a heap. Knightwatch is covered by The Lich King.] [One…] [….] [TWO…] [….] […] [TH-KICKOUT!] [At the very last second, Knightwatch is able to get a shoulder up. The Lich King looks perplexed by this, mirroring the reaction of Knightwatch from earlier. Rather than try to lift up Knightwatch, King Arthur takes a few steps back and begins slapping his knee once more as if to indicate a second knee strike is coming! Knightwatch staggers to his feet as Arthur charges forward!] [THE KINGS CR-ENZUIGIRI!] [Knightwatch saw it coming from a mile away and was able to launch himself up for an enzuigiri as King Arthur propelled himself across the ring. Both men are down and not moving very quickly. The Dark Knight gets to his feet first, using the ropes for leverage. He looks at King Arthur before stomping on the hand of King Arthur. He pulls the arm out and drops an elbow on the crook of the arm as King Arthur recoils in pain, clutching his arm tenderly. Knightwatch stalks back to the corner as he waits for Arthur to make his next move. The Lich King slowly pulls himself to his feet as Knightwatch strikes!] [KNIGHT’S END!] [The reverse STO connects as King Arthur’s face slams into the mat with great impact. Knightwatch covers him!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREE! NO! King Arthur managed to get a foot on the bottom rope!] [Knightwatch is falling apart here after that failure as his hands come up to his mask as he begins yanking on the edges in frustration. Knightwatch grabs King Arthur and begins to lift him up before King Arthur leaps onto him and locks in a guillotine choke in a flash!] [MORDRED’S DEMISE!] [Knightwatch is in a bad way here as he looks like he’s about to tap as he’s in the center of the ring! Knightwatch’s hand falls once before finally rising and begins to garner strength before he rolls himself into the corner as King Arthur is counted down to a four count before he releases the hold.] [Both men are laid out in the center of the ring as a result of that move. Finally after a moment or two, King Arthur begins to stir and get to his feet. He makes a beheading motion before stepping back into the corner as if to prepare for his big finish once again!] [He runs at Knightwatch who ducks, ROLLING HIM UP!] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!!] [KNIGHTWATCH PICKS UP THE WIN!]



[The opening chords of “For Those About to Rock” blare through the arena, pyro falling from the ceiling, cannons booming with the chorus of the song, and THE Zander Zane enters the Tap Room, the VHS title held proudly around his waist. He plays his guitar, a bottle of whiskey in hand, the Rock God somehow able to use his pick while keeping a firm grasp on his bottle.] [He’s obviously done this before.] [Zane doesn’t make an effort to move to the ring, instead stumbling as the Twenty-One Gun Salute rocks the arena and playing through the song.] [BZZZZZZZZZT] [The music is cut off and Zane looks behind himself, his eyes meeting with Berengar. The VigilKeeper having been embedded into the soundboard. The Void Knight sheaths his weapon and places it away.]

“Who da FUCK do ya think ya are?

“Zane, I have come to do just as I promised to do. I am here to save you from yourself.”

“NO! Yer jus ruinin’ the show for my fans. Ya know what that means?”

[The crowd is quiet as Zane backs towards the arena, Berengar advancing on him, undeterred.]

“It means the time for talk has finished, and the time for a match on my terms has begun.”

[Zane chuckles, drunkenly wagging a finger as he stands next to the referee.]

“No no. I gots the title. We doin’ it how I say.”

[GUITAR TO THE REFEREE! Zane downs the rest of his whiskey and drops his guitar as the ref rolls outside, the crowd shocked, Berengar wasting no time as he charges the ring.]

“It means time for an encore! And we’s playin’ to my lead!“


[The bell is rung but there’s no referee! This could be pure pandemonium!] [Berengar charges towards Zane and flies forward with a lariat BUT ZANE DRUNKENLY STUMBLES AWAY! WHISKEY BOTTLE TO THE FACE OF BERENGAR! BLOOD AND GLASS SPILL ONTO THE MAT! The champ is blinded by the cheap shot AND GETS NAILED IN THE SKULL BY THE VHS TITLE! Zane has pulled the title from his waist! Berengar is already in dire straits as his opponent holds the title up and gets ready for Berengar to stand!] [ANOTHER SHOT- NO! BERENGAR TACKLES ZANE AND PICKS HIM UP! THE BEHEMOTH OF A MAN LEAPS OVER THE ROPES! BOTH MEN CRASH TO THE OUTSIDE!] [The crowd is in awe at the massive display of power! Berengar barely gets to his feet with the help of the apron as behind him Zander Zane doesn’t even know where he is! The Rock God is to his feet BUT BERENGAR FLINGS HIM TO THE GROUND WITH A MASSIVE GERMAN SUPLEX! The Void Knight was kind up to now, but he has set out to beat some sense into his opponent!] [He peels Zane off of the ground AND FLINGS HIM STOMACH FIRST ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! THE BLOW TO THE GUT MAKES HIM VOMIT UP HIS WHISKEY!] [Berengar grabs Zane and slams him face first onto the steel steps! HE LIFTS ZANE OVERHEAD! BERENGAR THROWS ZANE TOWARDS THE BAR! The Rock God is sent hurtling over the barricade! He crawls up to the bar as Berengar slowly stalks him! He orders a drink! Zander tips the waitress with a hundred before turning back AND SPITTING THE WHISKEY INTO BERENGAR’S EYES! HANGOVER SUNDAY! The Void Knight rubs his eyes in pain!] [BAR STOOL ACROSS THE HEAD!] [ZANE SLAMS THE WOODEN SEAT OVER THE TOP OF BERENGAR’S HEAD! IT SPLINTERS INTO PIECES! Berengar collapses onto the barroom floor!] [Zander takes another drink from the bar as he goes to peel Berengar off the ground! But the Void Knight is too heavy! He drops his drink to force him up to his feet AND BERENGAR GRABS A BEER BOTTLE! HE SLAMS IT INTO THE SIDE OF ZANDER ZANE’S FACE! Zane is wide open!] [VANQUISHER!] [ZANDER ZANE IS FORCED BACK FIRST ACROSS THE BAR TABLE BY A DEVASTATING POWERBOMB!] [Berengar falls to a knee, absolutely drained as he tries to pull Zane from the counter and head towards the ring, he fights to his feet and forces Zane onto his shoulder as he trudges towards the ring! The Vindicator drops him over the barricade in a heap! Berengar moves to leap over the barricade WHEN ZANE LASHES OUT WITH A BOOT TO THE CHEST! The Rock God is somehow still able to stand and he catches Berengar by surprise! He drags Berengar over the barricade and hits a kick to the gut before moving to the ring and scaling the turnbuckle! No! He Can’t be serious! Berengar is held up against the barricade!] [WORLD TOUR! MODIFIED COAST TO COAST FROM THE RING TO THE OUTSIDE! THAT SECTION OF BARRICADE IS BROKEN INWARDS! Both men are down once more!] [Zane is the first to stir as he crawls towards the ring, rolling inside, blood pours from his face as he grips his guitar and waits for Berengar to rise! The Vindicator wipes the gore from his brow and fearlessly enters the ring! ZANE SWINGS THE GUITAR DOWNWARD ONTO BERENGAR’S HEAD!] [NO!] [BERENGAR CATCHES THE GUITAR! HE BREAKS IT IN ZANE’S HANDS!] [The Guitarist is in shock as Berengar rocks him with a wild haymaker! ANOTHER! THEN ANOTHER! HE PICKS ZANE UP AND SLAMS HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE WITH A SPINE BUSTER! The Void Knight continues his assault with a flurry of clotheslines that nearly make Zane collapse!] [Berengar lets go of Zane and allows the Rockstar to fall to a knee in the corner as he turns to go tend to the referee! He rouses the ref BUT BEFORE HE GETS UP ZANE SNEAKS UP WITH A LOW BLOW ONTO BERENGAR! HE FOLLOWS UP WITH THE MIC DROP! NECKBREAKER STUNNER! BERENGAR HITS THE GROUND HARD! Zane covers!] [One!] [Two!] [Three!] [Zander Zane has learned nothing as he stands over Berengar in a drunken victory pose! He scoops the title off of the ground, holding it high over his head!]


[In the small room leading to the Tap Room entrance way, Redmond Quinn stands in the eye of the hurricane.] [On one side: Wolfgang and Jon Davenport] [On the other: Brent Kersh and Troy Solveig.]

“This is the last time, kid,” [Brent Kersh is saying.] “I’ve been doing all I can to keep this big bastard from crushing your master over here. You can either end this and come with us, or we’re going to have to consider you collateral damage.”

[Davenport is creepily laughing, his rapid gaze fixed on Kersh. But it’s Wolfgang that answers.]

“I’m sure he wants to join you. Your sympathy to lesser beasts attracts those who can’t protect themselves, doesn’t it? But my little neger knows better. Life under my yoke is better than where he could be without me.”

[The Superior glances up at Troy, who seems ready to spring into action.]

“I’m surprised you’re still walking. Most Rassenverräter would be dead after what I did to you.”

[Vǫlsungr steps forward, eye to eye with Wolfgang. But he turns his attention to Quinn.]

“A man who won’t fight will never enter Valhalla. End this cowardice, or find yourself slain as an errant babe at his mother’s breast.”

[Kersh pulls his partner back.]

“You’ve got to make a choice, kid. I know you’ll make the right one.”

[Quinn takes a deep breath, seemingly ready to finally speak.]

“Fuck all this talking shit.” [Jon Davenport interrupts, grabbing Wolfgang’s arm.] “You and your negro need to get your asses out to the ring. I’m ready to fight this sumbitches.”

[Wolfgang smiles at his partner before turning to Quinn.]

“Lead us to the ring, sklave. Herald our victory.”

[The Tutor stares at the men on either side of him before lowering his head and walking through the curtain. Wolfgang follows, but Davenport lingers, cockily wagging his finger at the Enforcer.]

“My insurance is almost here, and you’re going to love it. It’s to die for.”

[The Hound Dog saunters through the curtain to join his allies as Kersh and Solveig shake hands.] [That match is NEXT.]

[Redmond Quinn has led Wolfgang and Jon Davenport down to the ring. Wolfgang has banished the enslaved Tutor to the apron as he and the Hound Dog talk strategy.] [The time for talk is over though! The Enforcer and Vǫlsungr are in the ring like a house on fire, charging at their white supremacist foes.] [They collide, and all four men spill to the outside while Quinn looks on from the apron. The four men all get up, throwing both caution and rules to the wind. Troy attempts to wrangle Davenport, but the Viking gets sent into the guardrail. Davenport’s got a chair from under the ring.] [THWACK! DAVENPORT WITH A SICK SHOT TO THE BACK OF TROY’S HEAD!] [Kersh and Wolfgang are trading blows while Davenport throws the groggy Solveig into the ring. He grabs the taller man by the hair, and sets him into the corner before putting him up on the top rope. Davenport is going for a superplex! What the hell?] [But no! Troy slides down. The Viking vaults up to the top rope where Davenport now is.] [SUPER BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! THE RING QUAKES WITH THE IMPACT OF THESE TWO MEN!] [Troy roars with the lust of war before dropping into a pinfall.] [ONE.] [Quinn doesn’t even move.] [TWO.] [WOLFGANG BREAKS THE PIN!] [The Superior is up to his feet to scream at Quinn.]

“Where were you!?”

“Right where you told me to be. Master.” [The Tutor fires back.] [Their argument is cut off as Kersh leaps into Wolfgang, knocking him out of the ring. Troy and Davenport are both back to their feet, charging at each other like two bears fighting over the last scrap of food.] [Troy ducks a clothesline, and as he hits the ropes, the Enforcer has gotten himself ready.] [TAG!] [Davenport returns from his clothesline attempt to find a new opponent waiting for him.] [SPINEBUSTER!] [Kersh lets out his frustrations on Davenport with a series of rights and lefts. Meanwhile, Wolfgang grabs the chair Davenport used earlier and runs around the ring. Solveig sees it, and leaps down to chase him, rounding the ring in a furious anger.] [CRACK!] [WOLFGANG WITH THE CHAIR TO SOLVEIG! ANOTHER CHAIR SHOT FOR THE VIKING!] [Wolfgang jumps up on the apron as Kersh sees what has transpired, running to the ropes to yell for his partner. Davenport uses the opportunity to crawl to the corner.] [TAG!] [Wolfgang comes in with a devilish twinkle in his eyes, timing it perfectly as Kersh turns around to meet the new legal man.] [SUPERMAN PUNCH! LUFTWAFFE FROM WOLFGANG!] [The Enforcer tries to shake it off as Wolfgang yells for the official to go check on Solveig. The idiot ref does it, just as the battered Davenport is able to slide the chair into the ring.] [Right under Kersh’s head.] [Wolfgang tees him up and charges in.] [BLOOD AND SOIL! VICIOUS CURB STOMP ON THE STEEL CHAIR!] [The Superior stands above Kersh with a grin on his face, and he kicks the chair way. It slides across the mat, beaten and battered, while Wolfgang picks Kersh up by his beard, sneering into his face. The Superior turns around to face the still docile Redmond Quinn.]

“SKLAVE! Get in the ring!”

[Quinn complies, shaking his head as he does so.]

“Pick up the chair!” [Wolfgang screams.] [As slowly as he can, the Tutor reaches down to pick up the chair. But Kersh is so out of it that it doesn’t matter how long he takes.] [Redmond stands up, the chair in his hand. Wolfgang and Kersh are in front of him. The Superior points to Kersh’s head.]


[Quinn lifts the chair up slightly, no real desire on his face to use it. Wolfgang roars a wordless threat at his slave while time seems to slow down. The woozy Brent Kersh looks up Quinn with a plea in his eyes.]

“Choose, kid. Do the right thing.”

[His eyes darting from Kersh to Wolfgang, Quinn finally seems to have made his decision. His eyes fill with rage and he lifts the chair into the air with force.] [Quinn swings with all of his might!] [CRACK!] [TROY SOLVEIG NAILED REDMOND QUINN WITH THE SUPERMAN PUNCH! VALKYRIE TO QUINN!] [Vǫlsungr turns his might on Wolfgang.] [CRACK!] [JON DAVENPORT WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! HE TOSSES SOLVIEG OUT OF THE RING!] [Kersh roars to his feet, pushing Wolfgang into Davenport, knocking the Hound Dog out of the ring. Kersh grabs him on the rebound.] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [NO!] [WOLFGANG POWERS OUT!] [THUNDER FIRE BOMB TO KERSH! BLITZKRIEG!!!

[ONE.] [No one’s moving on the outside!] [TWO!] [Quinn is still down!] [THREE!!] [The enforced alliance of Wolfgang and Jon Davenport have won out here tonight. They overcame the might of Kersh and Solveig. But what of Redmond Quinn?]


[It’s chaos in the Tap Room right now!] [All five men are still down, trying to recover from that war. The first to stir is Wolfgang. The Superior looks out at Jon Davenport, who is barely back to his feet on the outside. They exchange a nod, seemingly to indicate their partnership has ended.] [Wolfgang grabs Quinn by the shirt, and drags his slave out of the ring and up the aisle. A group of blond haired men meet him at the entrance way. They’re carrying something.]

“Wake up, Brent!” [Davenport yells out, energy back in his voice. That creepy cackle from earlier has returned as well.] “My insurance is here!”

[With Solveig still unconscious on the outside, Davenport gets in the ring, kicking at Kersh until he wakes up.]

“You ‘gon want to see this one.” [Davenport snorts as he beckons the men down the aisle, the insurance being carried by the men.] [The Enforcer slowly gets to a knee, trying to pull himself up using the turnbuckle as Davenport directs the two men to dump two black trash bags on the mat.]

“You and me, Enforcer, we ain’t through. Not by a long shot.”

[Kersh eyeballs the two bags with a concerned face.]

“See, I done exposed you as a traitor to your race, to your country. But it ain’t enough to say it, is it. Real Americans take action. So I brought me some insurance, to make sure you knew I wasn’t just jerking ‘yer chain.”

[The disgustingly sweaty Davenport goes to the first trashbag, ripping at it. He pulls it back, and grabs a handful of… hair?] [There’s a person in there.] [A woman.] [Danielle Kersh.] [Brent Kersh doesn’t even speak, he just charges in at Davenport and his daughter, but the Hound Dog pulls a knife out of God knows where, holding it to the now-conscious Dani’s neck.]

“Oh Brent, you should step back. I’d hate to hurt your little daughter. She’s been through so much. You went and got her first girlfriend killed. She even spent months in a coma cause of you. I’d hate to make it worse.”

[The Enforcer backs up, reluctantly complying as Davenport goes over to the other bag, Dani beginning to cry.]

“But this other’n…”

[Davenport cuts the bag away, reaching in to pull out who we already know is there.] [A black woman.] [Sam, Dani’s girlfriend.] [Blue lips.] [Limp neck.] [Dead.] [Dani lets out a wail of despair, while Brent rushes to his daughter. He grabs her in an embrace, having not seen her in nearly a year. But both of their attention is on Davenport, who stands up looking disappointed.]

“I wanted to kill her myself. Let it be a lesson to you people. Never buy foreign, bastards always screw something up.”

[He turns to Brent with a grin on his face.]

“But the only good nigger is a dead nigger, am I right?” [He says to vocal gasps from all around.] “We ain’t done, Brent. Two dead girlfriends for her now, all cause of you. Her kind don’t belong in my America, and you don’t neither!”

[Davenport slides out of the ring and walks off with a satisfied grin on his face as Danielle rushes forward to grab the lifeless body of her girlfriend. Brent can’t even comfort her he’s so overtaken with rage. The stoic Enforcer lets out a roar of anger into the air.] [If Davenport wants more, then Brent Kersh is going to give it to him.]


[The Revolution will be televised tonight as it’s live with Nightstick in the ring across the way from Luther Creed.] [The bell sounds as these two just meet in the center of the ring. Nightstick stands there with a solemn look on his face as Creed’s head turns from side to side as he looks up at Nightstick with a mocking tone.] [Finally, Nightstick has had enough of his mouthing and pushes him away. Creed doesn’t like that one little bit as he fires back with a clothesline that meets a brick wall. Nightstick just looks down at him and shakes his head before grabbing him by his hair and bringing him to the corner. He begins slamming the head of Creed into the top turnbuckle! Creed manages to catch himself after the third one and turns to Nightstick.] [BEFORE SPITTING IN HIS EYES!] [Nightstick staggers backwards, blinded, before Creed hits a spinning neckbreaker after bouncing off the ropes. Creed mounts Nightstick and begins just pounding away at him. Nightstick seems to finally get some semblance of where he is before nailing him with a huge right hand. Creed staggers backwards as Nightstick is slow back to his feet. Creed catches him while he’s on his knees before leaping onto his back and applying a rear naked choke!] [I CAN’T BREATHE!] [Nightstick is battling an uphill battle, literally, as he’s having to get to his feet with Creed on his back in order to break the hold somehow. He slowly rises with Creed on his back before running towards the corner and doing a senton in the process!] [Creed is SMASHED in the corner as they both fall to the mat on their heads.] [A few moments pass as both men are seemingly dazed from the impact, but Nightstick slowly comes to his feet with a grimace on his face. He moves over to Creed and begins stomping a mudhole in him in the corner. Creed is pushing him away, but it’s to no avail. He grabs the legs of Creed before pulling him to his feet and wrapping his arms around his waist. Belly-to-belly suplex sends Creed tumbling across the ring as the powerhouse rises once more.] [Nightstick stalks towards Creed before lifting him to his feet and putting his head between his legs. He begins to pick him up before he stops and falls to his knees holding his junk! Creed staggers to his feet with a grin as it seems like he headbutted the Balls of the Law!] [Luther Creed doesn’t react quickly as he walks over to the kneeling Nightstick with grin on his face.]

“That’s just where you belong cop. On your knees just close enough to kiss my ass.”

[With that, Creed hits a hip attack to the officer knocking him to the mat. Luther Creed reaches down onto the waist band of Nightstick and pulls out a pair of handcuffs that the referee is quick to apprehend before Creed can use them. Creed argues with him for a moment before the referee turns away from him to dispose of them. Creed takes this opportunity to grab the tazer from the waist of Nightstick and light him up!] [BZZZZZZT!] [Nightstick’s body shakes for a moment at the impact before Creed tosses the tazer aside in case the referee happened to see him with him. Creed covers him!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO….] [….] [KICKOUT! Nightstick manages to get a shoulder up to stop the pin!] [Creed looks down at him with a sneer before slowly raises Nightstick to his feet before Nightstick spits in HIS eyes! Turnabout is fair play in this match. Creed throws a few haymakers missing clear of the point before Nightstick nails a bullhammer strike with his left arm followed by a quick second shot from his right!] [SMITH AND WESSON!] [Creed slumps down to the mat before Nightstick covers him!] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [TH-KICKOUT!] [The fire burning within Luther Creed won’t be denied so easy. He gets to his feet, but Nightstick instantly flattens him with a sick big boot. Creed turns inside out from the impact of the boot upon his face! Nightstick spots the handcuffs on the edge of the ring where the referee placed them earlier. He drags Creed to the bottom rope before pushing the referee out of the way to grab the cuffs. He grabs the hand of Creed and quickly cuffs him to the bottom rope. Nightstick steps back as Creed begins to realize what has just happened to him. He looks up at Nightstick who sneers down at him.]

“Let this be a lesson to you. Don’t fuck with law enforcement and expect not to be black and blue.”

[KICK right to the face of Creed!] [Two more quick kicks to the face before Nightstick mounts him and begins just pulverizing his face with vicious rights and lefts that Creed can’t block! He finally relents, allowing Creed to get back to his feet before swinging powerfully!] [HARD JUSTICE!] [CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!!] [Nightstick picks up yet another win over his nemesis here tonight at Ring King!]

[Later on that night] [Click.] [Static covers the screen until it’s brought to life as if we’re seeing the show through a handheld camcorder.] [As the grainy footage begins to roll we’re not in the Tap Room. We’re somewhere else. Somewhere dark. Somewhere plagued with shadows.] [We watch as a darkened silhouette moves nonchalantly across the screen. And then…] [Lights.] [It’s Nightstick.] [And then it hits us. We’re watching the same thing Luther Creed’s accomplice, Trey, is watching. We’re watching it as he is filming it. From inside Nightstick’s home. He must have followed him following his match with Luther Creed earlier in the night.] [The man behind the camera is still; careful not to be detected as Nightstick roams the interior confines of his house after returning home from VHS.] [We watch Nightstick head to the kitchen, open the fridge, and retrieve a slice of cold pizza as the door shuts behind him. He chews loudly as he makes his way into the front room, reaching downward for the remote control to the television and…] [BZZZR! BZZZR!]


[Trey whispers under his breath, the camera jerking downward towards his jean pockets as he fumbles to remove his cell phone, the glowing screen reading: Luther!] [Trey lets out a sigh, pushing the phone back into his pocket and readjusting the camera, but when he does…] [We see Nightstick standing several feet away with his firearm drawn and pointed directly at us.] [Our perspective changes to a side view of the homeowner and his invader just as Trey squeals.]


[Nightstick has an intense glare on his face as he shakes his head.]

“You stupid punk! If it were anyone but me you’re dead right now!”

[Trey drops the camera to his side, holding up one palm in submission.]

“Just calm down cop!”

[Nightstick chuckles.]

“I’m calm. You’re down. On the floor. NOW!”

“I’m gonna call this in right now so don’t move and just remember” [Nightstick continues as Trey moves to his hands and knees.] “When they get here… You have the right to remain silent!”

[Static.] [Cut.]


[Karrde and the Bowman have been playing a deadly game filled with the highest stakes all over the briefcase the Awakening stole. But has Karrde read his opponent right or has Manson made the ultimate bluff?] [The bell sounds as Karrde rushes forward, taking Manson by surprise with a flurry of lefts and rights before a huge Uppercut sends the Bowman staggering into the corner. Manson barely hits the buckles before a thunderous clothesline nearly decapitates Manson as he stumbles out into a huge Belly to Belly Suplex that sends him flying across the ring. Manson slowly pulls himself up] [MASSIVE BIG BOOT! Karrde nearly kicks his damn head off as the Bowman crashes down to one knee, his lip split open from the blow] [Manson licks his lip, the taste of blood flowing through him as that sadistic smile crosses his face. He blocks a right hand, delivering a vicious headbutt that staggers Karrde back, allowing Manson to get to his feet before he retaliates with a flurry of blows of his own, furious combinations from the psychotic Manson before he’s pushed back by a right hook. Manson shakes away the blow] [BEFORE RUSHING FORWARD WITH THE MANSON CLOTHESLINE, SENDING BOTH MEN TUMBLING OVER THE ROPES TO THE FLOOR BELOW!] [Manson is on his feet first, managing to land seated on the apron as he leaps off, delivering a stiff kneedrop to an unsuspecting Karrde before pulling him up to his feet, trying to whip him hard into the steps but Karrde manages to reverse, sending Manson back first into the unforgiving steel. Manson stumbles to his feet right into a hard right by Karrde, swinging back with one of his own as the pair fight up the aisle right up to the bar. Karrde delivers a stiff kick to the ribs, slamming Manson head first onto the hard wooden bar before grabbing a beer from the bartender. Karrde takes a deep swig] [BEFORE SLAMMING THE BOTTLE HARD DOWN ONTO MANSON’S HEAD! Beer and pieces of glass shatter everywhere as blood begins to pour down Manson’s face. Karrde drives down fist after fist, pounding Manson down into the floor before backing up and delivering a hard kick, driving the back of Manson’s head into the hard wood. Karrde pulls Manson to his feet, gripping him by the back of his head as he tries to walk him back to the ring but Manson reaches out, grabbing one of the bar stools] [BREAKING IT OVER KARRDE’S HEAD! Karrde collapses to the floor, the wood having cracked but clearly it did a hell of a lot more damage to Karrde] [A sickening smile crosses Manson’s face as he pulls the seemingly unconscious Karrde along the aisle before tossing him back inside the ring and covering for the first time in this contest] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…KARRDE JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Manson’s smile somewhat fades, frustration slowly building but he quickly shakes it off as he pulls Karrde up, the Gambler trying to fight back with a few lefts and rights but a stiff headbutt sends him staggering back] [THE AWAKENING! Manson paying homage to his once leader with that huge Spartan Kick, sending Karrde flying into the corner as his back collapses against the steel, sending him slumping down onto the canvas. Manson sizes Kaarde up for a moment before rushing forward, crushing him into the steel with a huge Cannonball. Manson pulls the hurting Karrde out of the corner, spinning him around before] [WELCOMING HIM TO MANSON STREET! The huge running neckbreaker hits flush as Manson drops down for the cover once more] [ONE….] [TWO…] [THRE…2.9! Karrde just gets the shoulder up but it’s spun around as Manson locks in the Stranglehold out of nowhere!] [Karrde struggles under the hold but the blood loss is making him woozy as he tries valiantly to reach the ropes, his fingertips scrape the edge but Manson refuses to let him grab hold before Karrde kicks out, rolling backwards as he bridges Manson’s shoulders back onto the mat] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Manson kicks out, just breaking the hold before it costs him like it did a few weeks ago. Karrde tries to get up to his feet but he’s met with a sickening boot to the side of his face that sends blood flying onto the canvas, and his sunglasses tumbling to the canvas. Karrde reaches out, trying to grab onto his lucky shades] [CRUNCH! Manson stomps down hard, crushing the shades under his boot as a sadistic smile grows on the face of the Bowman. He goes to pull Karrde up to his feet] [BUT IS MET WITH A MASSIVE SPEAR AS HE’S SLAMMED DOWN INTO THE MAT! Karrde is livid as he rains down lefts and rights, fury sapping away every bit of damage the Bowman has done as Karrde clocks Manson with a huge right hook that sounds like it broke a fair few teeth if not bone itself. You don’t piss into the wind, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape and you damn sure don’t break Karrde’s shades as he pulls Manson up to his feet, drilling him with a savage knee to the gut, backing up a few feet] [BEFORE DRAWING DEAD! The massive Axe Kick drives Manson into the mat before Karrde muscles him over for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [MANSON JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Karrde immediately pulls Manson up to his feet, unleashing a few stiff hooks to the gut before a stiff headbutt opens up the wound on Manson’s forehead. Manson swings with a wild right, that Karrde easily hooks underneath his left arm before grabbing Manson’s head with his right] [STRAIGHT SHOT! Manson gets driven into the mat but Karrde doesn’t cover, begging for Manson to get to his feet. ‘Get the fuck up asshole’. Manson slowly staggers up to his feet] [KICK TO THE GUT, BOOM JACKPOT! A massive stunner almost flips Manson from the impact as he crashes to the mat, Karrde hooking both legs] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Wild Karrde does it, surviving a massive war against The Bowman here tonight. Manson nearly had him but he broke the rules and forgot the House always wins in the end]


[With that match against David Manson over, Wild Karrde manages to get back to his feet, pulling himself up on the ropes. He’s exhausted and yet despite his best efforts, he’s no closer to finding out the truth, let alone his briefcase.] [Static.] [The sound of rapturous applause follows a change in scenery to a very dark room – a room familiar to us all from Crash and Burn. A man sits on a chair, legs spread, clapping his hands wildly.] [And again, his voice is somewhat altered.]

“Give that man an award, he’s sensational,” [the person says sarcastically.] “I’m sorry, but I’m talking about my performance in this beautiful little play of ours. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off but I’m now positive that you believed I was Red River Jack and that these two patsies were your thieves.”

[He bursts out into laughter as Karrde looks on.]

“The truth is, I just wanted to put you through a little touch of misery, ‘man’. What better way to make you suffer than to send you after two diabolical, disgusting, vile, violent creatures like The Awakening. Just knowing you were almost shot and killed is enough, but having had the opportunity to tie you to a vehicle, manipulate your feeble little mind and watch you run around like a headless chicken is more than I bargained for.”

[The Gambler can’t believe it.]

“Do you know why I stole this briefcase?” [He asks.] “No? It could be because I want to become the World Champion but that’s unlikely, is it not? I think we all know that only the holder of this case with this case can invade. I didn’t win it and I certainly can’t use it.”

[The man stands up, picking up the briefcase and showing it to its owner.]

“However, whilst you don’t have it, you can’t use it either.”

[He laughs again.]

“Who exactly does that benefit most? Think about it, ‘man’. Maybe have gamble on the answer. Four men stood a chance at becoming King tonight and it stands to reason that one of those four would do anything to ensure their legacy as a future World Champion – even if they weren’t successful.”





[It’s time for the OSW World Championship match, and it’s personal.] [It’s round two for Eli Forever here tonight as it’s Edward Newton defending his championship once again against The Heir Eternal.] [Normally the cool and calculated underneath the pressure, Eli Forever looks ready to pounce and rip Edward Newton to shreds.] [The bell sounds as Forever pounces like a puma! Newton, wisely, positions himself between the top two ropes to create a buffer between himself and Forever. Forever doesn’t allow the ropes to stop him, but the referee pushes him back as the timeout by The Riddler seems to have worked in his advantage. Newton is grinning from ear to ear. The referee pushes back Forever who pulls out his book and raises it above his head as if to crack Newton with it.] [The referee pulls the weapon from his hand!] [The Heir Eternal looks at his empty hands for a moment before turning to the official. He whips the official around and takes the book back. The referee tries to reacquire the book, but Forever is incensed.] [BY THE BOOK!] [THE REFEREE IS DOWN!] [Eli Forever doesn’t stop there either as he begins just pummeling the referee with the book time and time again!] [Newton watches this transpire with curiosity before sliding out of the ring.] [Forever is screaming at the referee in anguish before he finally stops, seemingly coming back to his senses. He turns to find Newton and sees him peering at him from the outside of the ring. Forever slides out of the ring to give chase, but Newton catches him as he slides out with a steel chair across the knee!] [Forever falls to the ground as Newton raises up the chair and brings it crashing down a top the chest of Forever a few more times. He slides the chair into the ring before grabbing Forever and sends him careening into the barricade! Newton reaches underneath the ring and pulls out another weapon! Forever looks up just in time to duck underneath a…] [Kendo stick!] [Newton swings again before Forever catches it and pulls it away from Newton and cracks him over the head with it! Newton staggers backwards as Forever continues cracking him over the back and legs with it. The Riddler slides into the ring, but Forever hooks his legs and DRAGS him back outside of the ring. Forever rams him into the barricade before reaching into his own jacket and pulling out…] [BRASS KNUCKLES!] [He puts them on his hand and smiles at his hand. Newton is dazed as Forever swings at him!] [POPT!] [The brass knuckled punch finds connection on the chin of Edward Newton who slumps to the floor. Forever isn’t done though. He punches Newton twice more in the ribs before picking him up and sliding him into the ring. He covers him after waking up the referee!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO….] [….] [THREEE!] [NO! Newton managed to get his shoulder up JUST in the nick of time!] [The crowd gasps as how close Forever was! Forever rises to his feet with his face contorted in anger and fury. He kicks the referee right in the ribs before grabbing him and sending him flying over the top rope and to the floor below. He turns around to Newton to find him back on his feet! Newton kicks him right through the uprights before hooking the head of Forever and spiking him into the mat with a DDT!] [NEVERMIND!] [Yet there is no referee.] [Newton begins feeling the pain from his ribs as he grabs the chair and wraps it around the ankle of Forever. He hits the rope and bounces off with a running elbow drop. Forever howls out in pain as Newton just looks at him as if he’s an insignificant gnat. He slides out of the ring and reaches beneath the apron again. He looks over the edge of the apron at Forever before slowly bringing the sledge hammer into view! Newton slides into the ring with the sledge hammer with it held up high! Forever manages to roll out of the way of the first shot. Eli begins to get to his feet, but his ankle is giving way to him. Newton swings!] [SLEDGE HAMMER SHOT TO THE BACK OF THE ANKLE!] [Eli Forever falls to the mat clutching his ankle in severe pain. Edward Newton lifts up the sledge hammer as if to bring it down again before another referee grabs the weapon from him. Newton turns around surprised as the referee takes the weapon and deposits it outside of the ring. Newton turns back to Forever in the meantime who kicks Newton right in the balls!] [Edward Newton is staggering around clutching his balls as Eli Forever rises to his feet. He grabs Newton and pulls him for….] [ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE!] [But Edward Newton manages to slip out of the hold! Newton kicks the shin of Eli Forever before leaping into the air and spiking the head of Eli Forever into the mat!] [THE QUESTION IS… NEVERMIND!] [Edward Newton leaps into the cover as Eli Forever is laid out!] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [THREEE!] [Edward Newton has done it yet again as he’s retained his title over Eli Forever here tonight in a huge battle!]


[What a fucking match!] [These two men threw everything but the kitchen sink at one another.] [But it’s not over yet!] [Both men are stirring to their feet in different corners, each trying to shrug off the assault brought upon them by the other. Eli Forever, stewing with rage, goes right back after the Riddler. Just as the Heir Eternal reaches his foe, Newton turns around with a jolt.] [FISTFUL OF SAND! NEWTON THREW SAND INTO THE FACE AND EYES OF ELI FOREVER!] [Eli staggers backwards and falls to his knees, struggling to see and even breath as Newton looms above him.]

“Again and again, I’ve told you: This isn’t personal. Yet you persist in your eternal fight against me. I came to you for knowledge, and Eli…”

[Newton allows a tight smile as the sledgehammer from before appears in his hand.]

“…I’ve gotten all I need.”

[The Riddler hoists the weapon, Forever still unable to see.]


[Edward calmly steps back as none other than Rose Forever enters the ring. The confused sister of the Heir Eternal rushes to her brother, cradling his head in her arms, pulling wet wipes from her pocket to clean the sand out of his eyes. She turns around to jab her finger into a surprised Newton’s chest.]

“You son of a bitch. You manipulated me. You used me to get what you wanted, and then threw me to the side once you did.”

[The Riddler sneers at Rose, who backs up to a now recovered Eli.]

“My dear, I hope you know what you’re doing.”

[Rose steps forward, winking at her brother as she does so.]

“I know exactly what I’m doing.”

[LOW BLOW FROM ROSE!] [TO ELI!?!?!?!!] [The Heir Eternal hits the mat with an agonizing thud as Newton uses the sledgehammer to slide his body out of the ring. Rose walks up to Newton.] [No.] [Harper walks up to Newton.]

“My dear Harper,” [Newton begins,] “I’m so glad to have gotten you away from evil men who would manipulate you.”

[Harper grins, and leans up to plant a kiss on Newton’s lips. They lean into it, Newton turning to make sure the hurting Eli Forever can see.]


[Forever’s cuts through the din of the Tap Room, even as Harper and Newton leave the ring arm in arm.] [Newton did what he came to do.] [The Forever Family has been broken.] [How will Eli respond?]


[Pitch Black.] [A pink hue flickers in the darkness ahead, stopping, then starting again abruptly. We carefully close in, watching as it gets brighter and brighter with every footstep.] [Then it stops.] [In that moment it feels like time has frozen. There’s a silence in the room, an eerie calm that radiates until finally, the pink hue returns brighter than before.] [This time revealing the grizzled face of Wild Karrde.]

“Times change,” [he says in a voice, different than before; without accent.] “And you either evolve or you die.”

[He clicks his fingers, turning the lights on.]

“I’ve lived a long and fruitful life. I’ve taken what I needed and tossed away the wreckage of who I am in that moment, discarding it as history long forgotten.”

[Using his hands, he clicks his fingers, returning the pink hue; within it, an ace, floating there.]

“And in this visage, I have succeeded only as much as I have failed. The Gambler from Nevada is no more.”

[Click.] [Suddenly, his form becomes wavy, evaporating transparently into a pink hue. The ace he once levitated falls to the floor, landing face up.] [Then a boot stands on it.] [The camera rises to see a different man before us, with the same voice.]

“Like I said, you evolve or you die.”

[He smiles.]

“My name is Wild Karrde; a card that can take any value.”

[His eyes glow pink.]

“And throughout history, I have taken many forms, stolen many hearts and survived many battles. I am not a victim; I have never been.”

[Karrde walks towards us.]

“Perhaps it’s time you met the real me.”

[He clicks his fingers, vanishing.] [Cut.]


[This is it.] [Ring King 2018.] [Edgar Nevermore lines up across the ring from Troy Solveig, both men ready for war. One of these two wrestlers will ascend to the throne here tonight, but which one?] [The bell sounds and both men immediately lock up, Troy’s strength a fast advantage as he grabs the arm of Nevermore and twists him into a Hammerlock. Edgar reaches around, grabbing a handful of hair and wrenching until The Viking lets go. They both smile, Solveig diving in for another lock up only to find The Poet ducking underneath him.] [RIGHT HAND!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [Troy is surprisingly rocked, stumbling backwards as Nevermore builds up steam, hitting the ropes fast and lunging with a Clothesline that The Viking ducks, hitting the ropes himself and LUNGING FORWARD AS THE POET TURNS AROUND!] [SPEAR!] [THAT DAMN NEAR BROKE NEVERMORE IN HALF!] [The fans roar in approval as Troy dives into the cover, hooking the leg!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT!] [The thunderous Solveig immediately gets back to his feet, helping Edgar back to his. He nails him with an Uppercut, another, another, backing him into the corner. The Poet tries to block further boots and right hands but the fury of Volsungr refuses to be tamed!] [Troy backs away towards the other corner, turning quickly and running towards Nevermore!] [BOOT TO THE FACE!] [That stumbles The Viking!] [Nevermore storms out of the corner with a Spinning Neckbreaker, slamming him hard into the canvas! He checks his mouth for blood, showing off his best evil British smile before getting back to his feet with a handful of his opponents blonde locks.] [He slaps him around the face, leaping with a knee to the jaw that stumbles him into the ropes. Troy leans there, dazed, as Edgar runs them BOTH over the top rope with a MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE!] [Both men tumble to the floor, Nevermore landing on his feet as Troy bounces head first off the apron and rolls away into the barricade. The Poet doesn’t hesitate, pulling the bigger man to his feet and lifting him high into the air.] [DROPPING HIM CHEST FIRST ON THE BARRICADE!] [Troy hangs there in agony as Edgar enters the other side of the barricade, telling the fans to move out of the way and running…] [MASSIVE KNEE STRIKE TO THE FACE!] [SOLVEIG BOUNCES BACK TOWARDS THE RINGSIDE AREA WITH FEROCITY!] [Edgar gets back up and smiles, walking around the barrier like a gentlemen, curling the edges of his moustache.] [Troy didn’t expect this.] [The Poet rolls him back into the ring and covers.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT!] [That’s not gonna do it!] [Nevermore signals for the end, pulling Volsungr back to his feet and into a Suplex position.] [POETRY IN MOTION!] [NO!] [SOLVEIG DROPS DOWN BEHIND!] [HE SPINS NEVERMORE! NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!] [NO!] [NEVERMORE BLOCKS!] [They both release, Edgar swinging with a quick fire Clothesline but Solveig ducks, running into the ropes and returning with a MASSIVE LEAP!] [VALKYRIE!] [SUPERMAN PUNCH!] [SUPERMAN PUNCH!] [SOLVEIG COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT!] [That was so close!] [Solveig gets up and takes a deep breath, his eyes wide! He’s going to that very special warrior place!] [Edgar gets up and stumbles, turning around to be scooped up by Volsungr, who hangs him in the TREE OF WOE!] [ODINS WISDOM!] [HE HANGS THERE, DESPERATE, UNSURE AND TERRIFIED] [SOLVEIG STOMPS AWAY AT HIM, CHEST AND HEAD, VIOLENTLY KICKING HIM AS HARD AS HE CAN UNTIL HE FINALLY BREAKS FROM THE TREE, LANDING ON HIS HEAD!] [The fans are on their feet, celebrating with applause as Solveig demands that Nevermore get back to his feet. He does so, walking into a THUNDEROUS DDT!] [ANOTHER COVER!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!] [KICK OUT!] [How is Nevermore still alive!?] [Volsungr gets back to his feet, looks up to the sky and nods. It’s time. He grabs Nevermore and pulls him into position.] [HAMMER OF THE GODS!] [NO!] [NEVERMORE WRIGGLES IN MID-AIR, ESCAPING BEHIND!] [HE PUSHES TROY INTO THE REFEREE, KNOCKING HIM DOWN!] [SOLVEIG TURNS AROUND, KICK TO THE GUT, POETIC JUSTICE!] [LIFTING DDT!] [HE NAILED HIM!] [COVER….] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!] [FOUR!!] [FIVE!!] [THERE’S NO REFEREE!] [Nevermore gets back to a knee, realizing that there’s no-one to make the count.] [Only, he has an idea.] [He quickly goes to the outside, grabbing a steel chair from under the ring and sliding back in with it. Oh no, let’s not do that!] [As Troy slowly gets back to his feet, an exhausted Nevermore SWINGS THE STEEL CHAIR VIOLENTLY AT HIS FUCKING HEAD!] [THE CLATTER IS RAPTEROUS!] [BUT SOLVEIG JUST LOOKS AT HIM.] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [SOLVEIG GOES DOWN TO ONE KNEE!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [SUPERMAN PUNCH!] [WHAT THE FUCK!!!] [VALKYRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!] [STRAIGHT INTO THE STEEL CHAIR, STRAIGHT INTO THE FACE OF NEVERMORE!] [TROY SOLVEIG IS A FUCKING BEAST!] [He gets back to his feet, grimacing, and then stumbles back into the ropes. Solveig just took seven chair shots to the skull and somehow finds himself standing, barely!] [NOPE!] [DOWN GOES SOLVEIG!] [Both men are down in the middle of the ring!] [They start stirring, Edgar grabbing the crooked steel chair as Troy rises with him. He’s about to use it, only Solveig rips it from his hand, tossing it aside.] [KICK TO THE GUT.] [HAMMERLOCK LEGSWEEP DDT!] [THE OXFORD COMMA BY NEVERMORE!] [He waves frantically to the back and here comes THE GENTLEMEN CLUB!] [They surround the ring like a pack of dogs, Nicholas Mammon, Nigel Royal and Happy! Mammon enters first!] [Solveig is dragged back to his feet by The Poet and tossed in the direction of Mammon who LEAPS!] [KNEEFUL THINGS!] [KNEEDFUL THINGS TO VOLSUNGR!] [Troy drops to his knees, barely able to sit upright. He’s slumped there, not yet unconscious but certainly on his way. This kid is an absolute warrior and the fans love it.] [Nigel Royal is in next, pulling him to his feet from behind!] [GERMAN SUPLEX!] [GERMAN SUPLEX!] [GERMAN SUPLEX!] [GERMAN SUPLEX!] [THE ROYAL FLUSH!] [AND THAT LAST ONE LANDED TROY SOLVEIG ON HIS FUCKING HEAD!] [JESUS CHRIST!] [Troy rolls backwards, landing on his knees once more. How the fuck is he even kneeling? This kid. This fucking kid is incredible.] [Happy enters next, standing, looming over Solveig.] [Nevermore steps up, telling him he can do it.] [Only, Happy can’t.] [He doesn’t have it in him.] [He looks at Edgar and begs with him, pleads with him, for another test.] [The delay though has given Solveig a chance to recover. He reaches his hand out, with all his might.] [Lævateinn!] [THE WAR HAMMER FLASHES THROUGH THE AIR, ARRIVING IN HIS GRASP!] [AND HE STANDS!] [MAMMON RUSHES AT HIM, TROY SLAMMING THE HAMMER INTO HIS CHEST – THE FORCE OF WHICH SENDS HIM BARRELLING THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE!] [ROYAL WON’T STAND FOR THAT! HE SPINS SOLVEIG, TRYING TO WRENCH THE HAMMER HELD HAND DOWN INTO THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! BUT IT’S TOO HEAVY! HE CAN’T DO IT!] [SOLVEIG BURIES IT IN HIS GUT!] [THEN SLAMS HIM DOWN ACROSS HIS BACK!] [OH MY GOD!] [THAT HOWL!] [THAT HOWL WAS UNBERABLE!] [THERE WAS A BONE CRUNCHING SOUND BENEATH THAT SHOT. NIGEL ROYAL’S BACK MAY VERY WELL BE FUCKING BROKEN!] [Happy, absolutely terrified but knowing he has to act, runs at Solveig with the steel chair, TROY SLAMMING THE HAMMER INTO THE STEEL, KNOCKING BOTH HAPPY AND IT FLYING THROUGH THE AIR!] [He looks at Nevermore, who gulps, backing away, begging for his life.] [Volsungr approaches just as the referee gets back to his feet, knowing that he has to discard his war hammer or lose this match!] [Troy drops the hammer over the top rope and turns, being caught by Nevermore who lifts him up and then down!] [POETRY IN MOTION!] [VERTICAL SUPLEX SIDESLAM!] [HAS HE DONE IT?] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!] [KICK OUT!] [What the hell does he have to do to win this thing?] [The Poet gets back to his feet and grabs a near limp Solveig by his hair. He’s going for one more Poetry in Motion!] [He lifts.] [SOLVEIG DROPS DOWN BEHIND!] [HE SPINS HIM.] [THE HAMMER OF THE GODS!] [THE HAMMER OF THE GODS!] [JAAACCCKKKHAAAMMMMEERRR!] [THE FANS GO FUCKING MENTAL!]

HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!] [HE’S DONE IT! HE’S DONE IT! TROY SOLVEIG HAS WON RING KING 2O18!] [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!] [HAPPY PUT HIS FUCKING FOOT ON THE ROPE!] [WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, KID!?] [Solveig can’t believe it. He immediately slides to the outside and chases Happy around the ring. The kid eventually drips over The War Hammer, falling face first on the floor. He turns around, begging and pleading with Volsungr.] [MAMMON FROM BEHIND WITH A METAL PIPE TO THE HEAD!] [SOLVEIG TURNS, ENRAGED!] [KNEEDFUL THINGS! ANOTHER KNEEDFUL THINGS!] [HAPPY TURNS HIM, DROP TOE HOLD ONTO Lævateinn!] [NICHOLAS ROLLS TROY BACK INTO THE RING WHERE NEVERMORE IS DISTRACTING THE REFEREE!] [NO WAY, NOT LIKE THIS!] [TROY IS GOING TO BE UNDONE BY HIS OWN WAR HAMMER!] [EDGAR GETS HIM BACK TO HIS FEET!] [ANOTHER POETRY IN MOTION!] [EDGAR DROPS INTO THE COVER…] [ONE…] [NOT LIKE THIS!] [TWO…] [PLEASE, COME ON, KICK OUT!] [THREE!!] [DING DING DING!] [IT’S OVER! Edgar Nevermore has stolen the Ring King crown. Jesus fucking Christ, that son of a bitch has stolen it!] [The runner up in last year’s Pandemonium finally has his just deserts, and it was an assist from The Gentlemen Club and Lævateinn that helped him achieve it.] [He gets back to his feet, his arm tiredly raised in victory, knowing that he used his wits here tonight to become Ring King 2018.] [Troy Solveig was a formidable opponent. He looked absolutely unbeatable here tonight, but the numbers and his own hammer were just too much.]


[Edgar Nevermore looks exhausted as he’s joined by Happy and Nicholas Mammon in the middle of the ring. He just went through absolute hell.] [EMT’s have quickly arrived with a backboard for Nigel Royal, who by all accounts has been paralyzed by Troy’s hammer here tonight. He’s barely moving and his complaints of having no feeling in his extremities resonate with the concerned members of The Gentlemen Club.] [WHOOSH!] [Suddenly, flames shoot up around the ring, licking the top rope. Everyone panics, lunging to the centre to avoid them.] [Click.] [Static.] [Smoke begins filling the ringside area.] [And when the lights come back on, Nigel Royal is somehow standing, having been dragged violently back to his feet.] [Lee Crowley!] [Wearing his crown of thorns, The King of The Underworld and last year’s Ring King Winner stands holding the limp body of yet another former King.] [He smells him, taking a deep breath in.]

“You were right, Edgar,” [Crowley says with a smile.] “This crown of thorns is cursed.”

[Snap!] [Lee violently snaps Royal’s neck, dropping his already limp frame to the canvas in a crumpled heap. Nevermore backs away, absolutely terrified.]

“And now every single winner of that cursed crown is dead, including yours truly.”

[Lee Crowley is dead? But how?]

“When my good soldier Abaddon had the seal broken for the dead to rise, I knew my chance to return was now.”

[He steps forward.]

“So, do you want my crown, Nevermore?”

[The Poet shakes his head slowly. Remember, Edgar noted that intelligence was the key to his victory here tonight and picking a fight with Lee Crowley means certain death.]

“I thought not.”

[The fire subsides, allowing Edgar Nevermore and The Gentlemen Club to make a hasty retreat. They dive to the outside, backing away as fast as possible.] [Edgar Nevermore may be your 2018 Ring King.] [But Lee Crowley is the King of The Underworld and thanks to Solomon Rhodes, he’s back.] [Cut.]


[Hours after Ring King had ended.] [The Office.] [Mr. Knot stands in the middle of his office, a solemn and glum look plastered all over his ageing face. He’s surrounded by The Vindicators – Troy Solveig, Redwing, Gameboy, Berengar and Spero. Those whose faces we can see are filled with sadness.]

“I’ve gathered you all here today at the request of Lincoln Hex,” [Knot says with a grimace.] “But also because I’m afraid that I need your help.”

[He folds his arms as the Vindicators look on.]

“As you’re aware, The Informer was murdered only a mere few weeks ago and I’ve come to learn the shocking and terrible truth behind this ordeal. The culprit is one of our own.”

[That rightfully gets their full attention.]

“I have nothing but regret and sympathy for each and every single one of you but I ask now that you put aside your grief and defend The Tap Room against a threat larger than Jacen Novan; a threat more powerful than you’ve ever faced before.”

[He looks upon their faces with great passion in his eyes.]

“If you do this, his death won’t go unpunished.”

[He roars.]

“His death won’t go unanswered.”

[Finally, he takes a deep breath.]

“But I’m afraid to say that it will not be easy.”

[He bows his head.]

“For my simulant artificial intelligence has gone rogue.”

[Their eyes widen.]

“Vanguard murdered your fellow Vindicator in cold blood. His programming has malfunctioned and he’s planning to wipe us all from the face of this Earth. He will lock the doors of The Tap Room at Frostbite and rampage through this roster until none remain.”

[Knot looks up.]

“Only you can stop it. Hex said you’d be hesitant to trust me and I can see that he was right. But he said if I asked you one question, you’d know these orders come from him.”

[He looks unsure.]

“Will you answer the call?”