[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The rhythmic sound of something rocking gently back and forth echoes throughout the familiar empty halls of The Asylum; Hysteria’s play den. There’s a subtle creak with every rock, moving back and forth, back and forth. We approach the room we last saw Destiny in, the door still kicked from its hinges, wood still littering the floor.] [Destiny remains seated, untied from her restraints, on a dirty bed in the corner of the room. The sheets are stained brown, the pillow covered in mould and blood. She doesn’t lay, she sits, nervously looking towards Hysteria who stands with his back to her and us.]

“I’m sorry, but housekeeping finished roughly thirty years ago,” [he mumbles.] “And this place just hasn’t been the same since.”

[Hysteria chuckles to himself.]

“I’m glad that despite the awful hospitality, you decided to stay at Hotel Hysteria, ma’am.”

[Destiny grimaces.] “Just stop it, okay?” [She says beginning to weep.] “I did what you asked. I stayed, didn’t I? Now please, just stop this.”

[Hysteria gasps.] “Stop? I’ve only just begun. I feel renewed. I feel invigorated. Do you know how long it has been since I experienced a moment such as this?”

[There’s something different about him. He refuses to face her, keeping his back turned the entire time.]

“I told Michael that I’d taken his past, his present and that I’d take his future. Are you sad that he thought you weren’t it?”

[Destiny’s tears now begin to flow.] “He doesn’t know, okay? He never knew.”

[Hysteria slowly turns around.]

“Well, that’s okay.”

[Cradled in his arms, nestled in a dirty brown rag is a tiny little baby. She’s sleeping, unaware of the horror that surrounds her.]

“Because daddy’s here now.”

[He rocks her back and forth in his arms, a crib stood by his feet. Looking up with a sinister slant of his head, he chuckles hysterically at Destiny, who screams.] [Cut.]


[It’s a veritable Royal Rumble as King Royal battles The King of the Jungle and The King of Death! Will Muerte continue his winning ways? Will The Bloodline to Greatness again surge? Will Thunk Smash? Find out next!] [The match starts with the two more beastly warriors sizing their opponents up….. Royal stands between them, his nose to the sky. Suddenly Thunk and Muerte descend on the ring’s center with The King caught in the crossfire! All three battle furiously; Thunk Beils Royal away. Muerte dishes out some Knife-Edge Chops, planting a knee to Thunk’s gut– Swinging Neckbreaker! He goes to cover but Royal quickly tosses him through the ropes. The Bloodline to Greatness turns around, getting Flapjacked! Thunk drops an elbow, covering! One… Two…. NO! Royal kicks out. Thunk then looks for a Gorilla Press…..] [NO! Muerte nails a running boot right to Thunk’s nose! The Great Reaper hits a Leaping Knee Strike– APPLE! The Superkick sends Thunk down like a falling Redwood! Royal though again tries to toss the newcomer out only to get countered. Lariat! Royal’s rocked…. He quickly pulls him up into a DDT– NO! Royal with a Backdrop! Another! And another! Another! AND ANOTHER! Royal Flush; he holds the bridge! One… Two…. NO! Thunk breaks it up. The King of the Jungle then grasps Royal in his mitt…… Tooth of Tiger! NO, wait! Royal counters into a Crossface! DUNGEONS OF– Basement Dropkick from Muerte!] [Royal bails to the floor as Thunk works back to his feet…… Full-Nelson Slam to Thunk! HE GOT HIM! Muerte covers. One… Two…. NO! Muerte now calls for the end. He works to pull Thunk onto his shoulders but the man raised by wolves keeps fighting….. Thunk responds with clubbing blows– Headbutt! That staggers him! “DEAD PRREEEEEEYY!” He calls for it; HE HITS IT! Thunk leans into a cover! One… Two…. NO! SPITFIRE! Royal from out of nowhere! He covers Thunk! One… Two… NO! Muerte breaks it up, looking for the Shortcut to Hell only to get taken to Dungeons of London! ……….. HE TAPS!] [After the match, Royal rises with a cocky grin. He insists the referee raise his hand as Thunk rolls to the floor and Muerte steadily works to get back to his feet…..]


[Viktor North strides down a hallway backstage, his eyes on the prize. Tonight, he will meet Tommy Hawk in the main event of the evening. For a man who craves war, this will be one for the memory banks. The Skull Splitter turns a corner, presumably heading for his locker room, when he comes face to face with none other than Stephanie Rose.]

“Well?” [North spits.] [Last week, Viktor left Rose laying after issuing a challenge to her for a rubber match. They both hold one on one victories against the other, and it’s time to settle the score.] [For her part, Rose only smiles at North’s blunt question. She brushes a hair out of her field of vision before answering.]

“Golly Viktor,” [Rose begins, putting as much sweetness into her voice as possible.] “I’ve been trying to keep my dance card full, you know?”

[North’s expression turns even more sour, if that’s possible while Steph continues.]

“I’m sure we’ll get an opportunity to fight again in Pandemonium.”

[Her sweet grin is enough to set off the Skull Splitter, who takes another step forward. Rose’s grin grows as she starts to step past him.] [ROSE GARDEN TO THE SKULL SPLITTER!] [Rose kneels down by the head of North, picking him up by his hair just as he did her a week ago. Except this time, Rose is using his beard.]

“On second thought, I think I’ll have room to fit you in in a couple weeks. Maybe RetroACTIVE?”

[Her voice still dripping with sweetness, Rose rises up to look down at North.]

“Don’t become so enamored with the scene of the Rose that you forget that she has thorns.”

[Stephanie Rose made a mighty statement here tonight on Showcase. She’s not going to be pushed around by Viktor North.] [And they’re going to meet in the middle of the ring at RetroACTIVE!] [What a war that will be!]


[Both Royce and Marvolo flaunt themselves to the crowd, Marvolo himself barely noticing the bell ringing.] [Royce takes advantage of Marvolo’s back being turned and ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM! Number One gets rolled up! One! Two!- Marvolo rolls through! One! Two!- KICKOUT! Marvolo gets kicked forward, turning around and ducking a leaping from a rushing Royce and catching him on the return with a massive chop to the neck! Royce hits the mat hard and Marvolo attempts an elbow drop, Royce rolling away and catching Marvolo with a dropkick as he rises to his feet! Royce takes this as his turn to gloat, slowly pulling Marvolo to his feet only to receive an arm drag for his troubles!] [Number One is to his feet and waits for Royce to rise, catching him with a flurry of chops before hitting the ropes and returning with an IMPRESSIVE handspring back elbow TO THE FACE! Royce is rocked by that and bounces into the ropes, Marvolo trying to hit another arm drag that Royce blocks! Royce whips Marvolo to the ropes and catches him with an inverted atomic drop on the way back! Marvolo holds his family jewels as he stumbles back, Mike catching him on the chin with a picture perfect dropkick! Mike mockingly places his boot on The Real Number One’s chest, barely getting a one count.] [Royce stalks around Marvolo as he tries to get up, delivering a few quick boots to his chest to try and keep him down. Just as he rolls to a knee Royce hits the ropes, coming back with a harsh big boot- MARVOLO ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Mike turns back into a headstand head scissors that tosses Royce to the ground and allows Marvolo get to his feet. Royce finds his way up and Marvolo pulls him in for the Tiger Driver! NO! Marvolo pushes Royce back and FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE! Number One laughs at the crowd before placing his foot on Royce’s chest. ONE! TWO! THREE!] [The Real Number One bows to the crowd, soaking in the hate before taking his leave.]


[Amongst the forest’s leaves, Thunk carefully stalks his next kill.] [It’s night.] [In the distance waits an unsuspecting bear. It’s reaching for a nearby beehive that’s dangling under a tree branch. The beast is clearly preoccupied; Thunk gauges his opportunity. The bear’s enormous and furry. It would serve both as food and shelter, as its hide would suit Thunk well during colder months.]

“Bear warm. Bear strong.” [Thunk thinks out-loud, looking for a weakness] “Thunk careful……. Thunk quiet.”

[Practically silent, Thunk steps over to the bear. Moonlight shines over his prey. He inches closer; the bear has its back to him.] [He’s close.]


[He’s closer]


[He waits.]



“Wait, WHAT?!? Just as Thunk was about to wrestle the bear down, suddenly a large net scooped Thunk up from the ground! The thick ropes quickly bind him, wrapping around and hoisting him up into the tree! Thunk’s trapped! He snarls angrily……]

“Well, ain’t you a sight.” [A man emerges] “How’s it hangin’, big fella?”

[It’s Cody Greer. Outfitted in camouflage, and now night-vision googles, he pops open a cold one while stepping over to The King of The Jungle. Cody’s got a rifle. He drinks.]

“It seems we once again had our eyes on the same prize, huh?” [Thunk’s seething] “Too bad I’d already put a bullet between Yogi’s eyes years ago….. Like my trophy?”

[It was stuffed. Thunk can’t believe it.] [Cody’s now directly under him, collecting his bear. Thunk growls. Greer turns his ATV on with a remote starter. The vehicle was concealed under more foliage.]

“Thunk,” [Cody looks up, guzzling his beer] “you told me to come back when I was a better hunter. Well, from where I’m standin’…… I’d say my huntin’ skills are looking up.”

“You. Cut Thunk down. Now.”

“Slow down, man. You’re not going anywhere any time soon, so let’s have a little chat. I got this idea I wanted to toss by ya. Here have a beer.”

[Greer chucks a can to Thunk. The man raised by wolves just demolishes the tin with one bare hand.]

“God, I hate seein’ good beer go to waste.” [He sighs] “You’re loss, man. Anyway, want I wanted to shoot by ya was……..”

[Cody stops. In mid-sentence, Greer’s caught off guard by the sudden dozens of piercing yellow eyes now staring at him from the darkness. Thunk chuckles.]


“I see.” [Greer steps over to his ATV] “That’s a shame. ‘Guess we’ll chat later, huh?”

[But Thunk doesn’t respond. Cody gets in his vehicle, carefully peeling out as The King of Jungle Watches. Still stuck in the net, Thunk can’t help but wonder what Greer was getting at…….]


[It’s the Politician stepping up against the blue collar fighter! Who will in in this test of attrition?] [The bell sounds as these two men step into the center of the ring. They tie it up, but it’s Bruce Van Chan who gets the better of the exchange by locking into a headlock. Frank Harrison raises his arm and drives the elbow into the midsection of Bruce trying to create some separation. One shot… two shots… three shots… and the fourth makes Bruce relinquish the hold. Harrison quickly hits the ropes and bounces off before slamming into BVC with a running clothesline! Both men hit the mat only for Harrison to lock on a headlock of his won with a gleaming smile.] [Bruce quickly rolls Harrison over onto his shoulders for a pinfall, but Harrison quickly lets him to go avoid the count. Both men scamper to their feet as Harrison hits BVC with an eye poke that stops his momentum. Harrison grabs him by the hair and slams him down, face-first, into the mat! The Politician hits the ropes and tries for a huge leg drop only to miss! The Real Freakin’ Deal manages to evade the blow and rolls to his feet. Harrison charges after him with another clothesline, but it’s Bruce who twists that arm around into a high kick! Harrison catches the brunt of the blow right on his chin before Bruce Van Chan rolls him up! One…Two…KICKOUT!] [The Real Freakin’ Deal gets to his feet with momentum back on his side. The Politician staggers to his feet as Bruce charges forward with a spear! Frank kicks him right underneath the shoulder and pops him up before slapping him hard across the face and bringing him up onto his shoulders for a move while he mocks the front row. THE FILIBUSTER! The running fisherman brainbuster… MISSES! Bruce Van Chan manages to evade the blow and is staggered. Harrison turns right into… GOODNIGHT! The Ace Crusher silences the loudmouthed politician! One…Two…THREE!] [Bruce Van Chan gets to his feet with a cheer before rolling out of the ring to celebrate his way up the ramp. Harrison looks annoyed as he slowly gets to his feet.]


[Bruce’s match may have come to and end but his night is seemingly far from over. He looks to the ramp to see a red carpet has been rolled out and two guards flank the entrance. King Royal emerges to a torrent of boos and walks towards BVC. However, he is stopped half way by Marvolo who pulls out a piece of cloth, spitting on it before using it to polish part of Nigel’s armor, Nigel himself shoving Marvolo away as he makes his way into the ring.]

“So, come to try and make me bow again, Nigel?” [Bruce’s lip curls as he looks towards his former ally.]

“Of course not, you’ve already proven you aren’t worthy of my kindness, Bruce. I’ve decided that you have committed treason against me and my people, and as such, you have to be punished.” [Royal eyes Bruce, The Real Frickin’ Deal shaking his head at Nigel.]

“I don’t recognize your kingdom, Nigel.”

“It’s KING Royal.” [Marvolo chips in.] “And I am to be referred to as Sir Marvolo, the Real Number One and slayer of bears, Esquire.”

[Royal looks towards Marvolo, confused.] “Esquire?”

“Of course, Marvolo is of higher social class than the peasants.”

“That isn’t how that title-”

“What do you want from me!?” [Bruce shouts at Ocean’s One, infuriated with Marvolo’s antics already.] “Are you here to attack me once my back is turned? Or will you fight like the king you say you are?”

[Royal chuckles, signaling to the crowd, after which do multiple guards exit it and surround the ring.]

“No no, I refuse to touch filthy criminals like you. I’m simply informing you that you will be sent to the dungeons. I hope you enjoy the stay, Van Chan.”

[Bruce watches as guards begin entering the ring, all while Marvolo and Royal are escorted out. Like a cornered animal, Bruce fights back, tearing away at the guards as they come, refusing to back down as he tears away at the advancing minions. Royal looks back once he reaches the top of the ramp, the scene fading out as he stares down Bruce Van Chan, Dr. Sleep himself having taken out every single guard in a flurry of anger.]


[Up next, The Horror looks to prove that no Shadow can contain it, as Hyde faces off against the measuring stick, Mike Lane!] [The bell rings and both men circle each other, Hyde looking unafraid yet wary of the 100-match veteran, Lane. They lock horns and the 300+ pounder shoves Mike to the mat! Lane nods, smiling wryly. He goes in for another lock-up but wraps behind Hyde and fells him with a chopblock. Mike hits the ropes, looking to hit a strike on the kneeling Hyde, but he gets snatched up into a vicious backbreaker! Hyde damn near bends Mike in half like an ironing board over his good knee, as The Shadow grunts in pain and reaches for the ropes…] [Hyde cackles at the suffering he’s inflicting, but Mike blasts him in the temple with a knee! Hyde’s grip slackens and Mike squirms free, crawling to the ropes. Hyde roars and charges at him – only to barrel over the ropes as Mike pulls them down! 1… 2… Hyde stirs. 3… 4… Mike pulls himself up. 5… Hyde gets to his feet—PLANCHA BY LANE! The crowd pop for the big move as Lane nurses his back. He uses the barricade to prop himself up and grabs Hyde by the ears, rolling him into the ring. ONE… TWO—Hyde throws Lane off of him!] [Both men scramble to a vertical basis. Hyde rushes Mike but eats a SHADOW KICK—but he catches the foot! Hyde laughs once more – enzuigiri! The 3-time World Champion clocks The Horror with the desperation move. Hyde slumps into the ropes, only to trap Lane in a bear hug on the rebound! This thing just won’t die! He ragdolls Lane, further aggravating his back injury. The referee goes to check Mike’s hand, but Hyde shakes his head; he wants to punish him. Having subdued The Shadow, he scoops him up for the FEAR MACHINE – but Mike lands on his feet like a damn cat! SHADOW KICK! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The bell rings and the referee raises Mike’s hand as he uses the ropes for support. The Shadow has successfully held The Horror at bay here tonight!]


[A laughter.] [A sickening and deranged laughter.] [The source of the sound comes into picture wielding a favored crowbar as his chuckles permeate the empty hallway.]

“Ohh Sharkieee! Where are you, ‘Sharkman?’”

[Nothing. Quiet silence in the dimly lit hallways of the backstage area.]

“Are you shy? Last week you seemed so bold so… justified in your pursuit. Yet this week, you’re quieter than a mouse!”

[A metallic clang rings through the halls as his crowbar makes connection with a steel box used for moving equipment.]

“Shark! I have something for you that I think you’ll really like.”

[A twisted expression spreads across his already shredded face.] [A light pops out as Smiley’s smile seems to spread even more.]

“Thereeee you are! Finally, I’ve been looking all over for you.”

[The crowbar is quickly set aside as Smiley spreads his arms as if welcoming him.] [The Sharkman emerges from the shadows as the cover of dark only enhances the horrific expression upon his new mask. The eyes seem hollow and his expression unmoving.]

“Do you know my purpose, Smiley? Do you know why I seek you out?”

[His voice sounds muffled, almost as if disguised by the mask itself. Smiley’s expression switches to curiosity at hearing his words.]

“I assume it’s because you’re feeling guilty about all of those lives you took. All that blood you shed.”

“In part. I want justice for those I have wronged. I want retribution for the countless hours, days, months that you took from me by giving me the Doctor’s tonics. I won’t rest until I have-”

“My blood on your hands?”

[The word is said softly as The Sharkman is silenced. A moment passes. Two. Three. Smiley’s smile returns in full fashion as he slowly withdraws a blade from his pants.]

“You want it, don’t you?”


“Don’t lie to me, Sharkie! I know when you’re lying. You. Want. My. Blood!”

[A pause.]

“You think you can just put on a new mask and that thirst will leave you?! Go ahead, Sharkie! TAKE MY BLOOD!”

[Smiley brings the blade across his hand as the blood slowly begins to pour down the blade and drips to floor.] [The Sharkman’s hands begin to tremble. He’s losing focus. Something about the blood is speaking to him. A soft and reminiscent voice creeps back into sound.]

“You know you want it. Just one… little… drop. It’s all you need, Axel.”

“No.” [The Sharkman says aloud, Smiley tilts his head as he approaches with the knife.]

“Let me out, Axel. Let me show him our power. LET ME FEED!”


[TINK!] [The remaining lights in the hallway disappear as The Sharkman vanishes, leaving the sight and smell of that blood. Leaving Smiley alone in the hallway with a smirk planted firmly across his face in the darkness.]

“It seems I’ve found your Kryptonite, ‘Sharkman.’”


[Tonight the Double Feature Champion puts his gold on the line! Will The Guy With The Beer drink in success? Or will The Deranged once again leave with a smile on his face?] [The match starts with both men grappling into a Collar-Elbow Tieup before Cody gets the upper hand with body shots. He hammers the champion into the ropes, looking for an Irish Whip. Smiley though counters with a knee to the gut! He whips Greer down to the mat, Stomping on him furiously! He yanks him up and down with a Russian Leg Sweep, floating into a cover. One… NO! Cody’s quick to shoot his shoulder off the canvas; he’s caught in a Side Headlock… The pair work back to their feet. Greer fights his way free. Headbutt from Greer!] [That staggers the champion. Cody hits a textbook Vertical Suplex! He goes to cover but Smiley darts away. The Deranged One snarls into the corner, with both men coming to blows… Smiley misses a Dropkick, but connects with a Forearm Smash– Flying Cross Body! NO, wait! Cody catches him…. FALLAWAY SLAM! Smiley crashes into the canvas, rolling to the floor. The Tap Room is rocking! Cody quickly climbs to the outside, snagging a beer from a fan in the front row….. BEER MI– NO! Smiley clocks him with The Chelsea Grin; Greer nails Lariat on instinct! Both are down!] [As the referee continues to count, both men work back to their feet. Smiley rams Cody face first into the apron, ripping at his face! The champion cackles, grabbing a beer himself….. BEER MIST! Aw, the fans are NOT happy! Smiley smirks, shoving Greer back into the ring before hoping into the apron. Cody fights to rise….. Hideous Laughter! He slingshotted in! Smiley covers! One… Two…. NO! And he’s going for the Glasgow Smile! Greer’s trying to break free! Both scratch their way to standing– Desperation DITCH DIGGER! Cody quickly reels back……. PARALYZER! Smiley gets gored! Greer covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [We’ve got a NEW Double Feature Champion! Smiley’s still doubled-over on the mat as Cody “Mother Fucking” Greer drops to the floor, embraced by the fans and enjoying a well-eared drink! What a victory!]


[In the backstage area, Tommy Hawk cuts a lonely figure.] [There’s no Frank Harrison, no guards, no lock down. There’s just Tommy. Into the room walks a distraught looking Mike Lane, accompanied by Stephanie Rose.] [They’re in midst of an intense conversation.]

“I can go there, I mean, they wouldn’t be expecting me, right?” [Rose suggest selfishly.] [Mike shakes his head vehemently.]

“Absolutely not. If I send you to the Asylum looking for them, they won’t be there and the chances are, we’ll never see you again,” [he sternly announces.] “I’m just going to have to do what I do best.”

[Stephanie looks at him.] “And that is?”

“Kick his god damn head off.”

[Everything from his tone to his demeanour shocks her. He’s rarely so angry, and shortly after, he storms out, leaving her behind. Rose turns around, noticing Hawk.]

“Oh golly, I didn’t see you there,” [she says surprised.] “But I’m glad I bumped into you, Tommy. I wanted to say thank you for doing the right thing last week. Have you spoken with Harrison yet?”

[Tommy shakes his head.]

“I expected repercussions. I expected something, anything, other than silence.”

“Maybe that’s a good thing?” [She offers encouragingly, taking a seat next to him.] “After all, no news is good news, right?”

“Perhaps. I wanted to thank you, actually. Your words of encouragement were inspiring to me in a time when I had no friends, or belief in myself.”

[He offers her a handshake that she gladly accepts.]

“I’m glad I could help. I just wish I could do the same for Mike Lane. Ever since Face/Off, we’ve become good friends. Hysteria has his daughter and…” [Rose abruptly pauses, looking down at the Invasion Briefcase.] “Perhaps I’ve said too much?”

[Tommy smiles, tucking the case back under the bench with his foot.]

“I have other business to take care off, Miss Rose. I believe this contract may be of more use to me now, than it would be if I were to use it. Wish Mike Lane the best from me, if you would? For too long have the dangerous and insane ruled Old School Wrestling. It is time we took it back.”

[He stands up, grabbing the briefcase and slowly exiting the room. Rose thinks about what he’s said, taking a moment as if an idea just popped into her head.]


[We cut to a back room of the Tap Room where Mike Royce is packing his bags in preparation to depart. Suddenly he is distracted by something in the corner of his eye.] [A letter?] [Someone has slid a folded piece of paper underneath the makeshift locker room door and Royce glares at it in cautious wonder.] [Slowly, he makes his way to the door; kneeling and bringing the piece of paper back to his feet with him. Unfolding the paper Mike begins to read and the expression on his face slowly builds with rage.] [Finally, he SNAPS! Reaching out and ripping the door open in haste and PAUSE!] [Mike Royce is quickly taken aback by the daunting presence of Muerte! Royce hedges, but soon steps aside from the hulking man.]

“Excuse me” [Royce mumbles through gritted teeth.] “I’m looking for someone!”

“You’re not going to find him!”

[Muerte snarls in response even before Royce can find his way passed. “Hollywood” comes to another abrupt halt; glancing back over his shoulder.]

“Manson?” [Royce inquires.]

“That IS who you are looking for is it not?

“Where is he” [“Hollywood” mutters as he turns to give Muerte his full attention.]

“He’s… out of the way!”

[Royce glares at Muerte with a distorted look of concern, but Muerte shows no such emotion.]

“Did you think I was bluffing Michael?” [Muerte says in a whispering tone as he slowly turns his head to Royce.] “I wasn’t. Your end IS near!”

[Mike squints as he shakes his head.]

“What do you want?”

[Muerte’s eyes narrow through his face covering mask.]


[Suddenly, from down the hall comes a screaming voice as if in agony.]


[The noise startles Royce and he turns back to look in the direction from which it comes only to see absolutely nothing and when he returns his attention Muerte…] [Nobody is there.] [Royce looks around in confusion as we fade to black with a harrowing laugh echoing through the darkness.]


[We have a big championship here tonight as Stephanie Rose defends her Showcase Championship against one of two men who made her life a living hell only a few months ago. Can the Rose continue to bloom or or will the Emotion put ‘Syndi’ down?] [The bell rings as Rose and Doubt circle one another, both tentative to strike first as Rose lashes out, trying to grab Doubt low but gets a knee to the jaw instead. Rose staggers back as Doubt tosses her across the ring, ducking under a clothesline attempt as he grabs her by the back of the head, slamming her back first over his knee. Doubt tries to pull Rose up but gets a modified jawbreaker before he finds himself flipped back onto the canvas with a schoolgirl] [ONE…TWO…Doubt kicks out. Both competitors get to their feet, Rose tries for a kick to the gut, Doubt catching it as Rose kips up for an enziguri. Doubt ducks under, tossing Rose away as he springboards off the ropes, PESSIMIST’S END! Rose gets planted as Doubt drops down, trying to lock in the Second Guess but he gets kicked off. Rose slowly gets to her feet as Doubt rushes forward right into a drop toe hold, leaving him throat first over the bottom rope.] [Rose quickly climbs up to the top rope, sizing Doubt up, DIVING FOOT STOMP! Doubt staggers to his feet, holding his throat in pain right into an arm drag, THORN TO BE WILD! The referee counts, ONE…TWO…Doubt kicks out. Rose grabs him from behind, but Doubt slips out of her grasp, sending her to the ropes. Rose bounces off, MOONSAULT…GUTBUSTER! Doubt caught Rose in mid-air, as she staggers to her feet, kick to the gut, EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! Rose is unconcious on the mat, as Doubt rolls her over, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [Doubt picks up a massive victory here tonight, winning his first OSW singles title in becoming the new Showcase Champion.]


[Backstage, Doubt makes its way through the halls while the Tap Room’s cheers subside. The Emotion looks back toward Gorilla, still processing its last match. It seems…… unsure.]

“So, you like playing hide and seek, huh?”

[A deep voice growls from the darkness, catching Doubt’s attention. The Emotion stands frozen, cocking its head to the side.] [It’s curious. It listens.]

“Last week, you said there was a little voice inside me. You said you’d soon see what lies behind my mask. You spoke as if you knew me, but if that were really the case, you’d know what’s coming next……”

[Doubt hears this. Its pupiless eyeholes zero in on the voice’s origin just as the words cease. The Emotion peers into the unknown, second-guessing itself before instinctually stepping back and–] [RaarrrgggHhhhhHHHH!!] [HYDE] [The Horror rushes past the darkness, catching Doubt by the throat with both hands! He slams it into the wall, repeatedly bouncing its head off the cold concrete! Doubt struggles to free itself, only to get tossed back-first into a nearby glass pane! The glass just EXPLODES! Razor-sharp shards splintering everywhere!] [Doubt’s left lying in a bloody heap. Hyde then steps over, gripping The Emotion’s face in one hand while lifting Doubt up.]

“Was that the little voice you were talking about?” [He almost smirks] “Now you listen to me, and you listen good, because unlike you….. I don’t think I can control my emotions.”

[Doubt can’t respond. Hyde stares directly into it.]

“Now your life is my plaything. If you think I’ll just allow you to keep breathing after pulling your little stunt, you’re dead wrong. See, I don’t wear a mask. This is the face of Horror, and you’d be wise not to taunt it again.” [Doubt tries to free itself] “This week was just a warning……”

[Hyde then effortlessly chucks Doubt away. The Emotion struggles to stand, but The Horror’s already descending back into the darkness.]

“When I see you again, there will be no doubt.”

“You’re it.”


[The World title is defended here tonight as the Mastermind defends his beloved gold against his former ally in the Shark. Can Hysteria’s tight grip on the gold continue or will the Sharkman have his revenge for months of drug abuse?] [The bell rings as The Shark rushes forward, lunging with savage rights and lefts, a vicious headbutt staggers Hysteria even through the mask as he drops to one knee, The Sharkman backing up, SUSHI KIC….Hysteria rolls out of the way, bailing out of the ring as he tries to gain some distance between him and his furious opponent. The Shark quickly follows, rushing after Hysteria who ducks under a right, grabbing the Shark low and tossing him into the ringpost. The Shark hits hard head-first as Hysteria lifts him up, tossing him back into the ring] [Hysteria drops a hard knee across the back of the Shark’s head, before a hard slap echoes through the Tap Room, Hysteria pulling him back to his feet, tossing him across the ring with a hard Belly to Belly Suplex. The Shark staggers to his feet, walking right into a massive Lariat that turns the Shark inside out. Hysteria doesn’t cover, instead climbing up to the top rope as he waits for the Shark to get to his feet, FALL OF…DROPKICK!] [The Shark drills Hysteria in the chest with a massive dropkick, falling back down on him into a cover, ONE…TWO…Hysteria kicks out. The Shark kicks Hysteria hard in the side of the head before climbing up to the top rope, FIN-ISH HIM! The Shark calls for the end, lifting Hysteria up from behind, SLY LOW BLOW! The Shark sinks to his knees as Hysteria leaps up, LOST HOPE! The Shark is down on the mat as Hysteria covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Hysteria retains the title with the skin of his teeth tonight but with Mike Lane and Tommy Hawk breathing down his neck, how long can the Mastermind keep ahold of his championship?]


[As Hysteria gets back to his feet, he’s immediately blindsided by Mike Lane who tackles him to the canvas. The fans cheer, but Mike isn’t paying attention. He swings wildly at Hysteria until The World Champion kicks him off, escaping to the outside. The Mastermind quickly grabs a microphone, raising his arms to cool down Lane.]

“Wait, just wait,” [he says breathlessly, tired from his match and the beating. He chuckles slightly, catching his breath.] “What’s the matter?”

[Mike furiously stomps over to the ropes, being handed a microphone himself.]

“I want my daughter, Hysteria!” [He screams.] “I want my fucking daughter!”

[It’s rare that we hear Mike Lane scream, let alone use expletives. The rage is oozing off him as he paces back and forth inside the ring.]

“When exactly was the last time you saw Destiny, Michael?” [Hysteria asks, shrugging his shoulders.] “July? Now let me do some math, okay? July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March…”

[Lane interrupts.] “Where is she?”

[Hysteria tuts at him.]

“Please don’t interrupt me, Michael. Now where was I? Oh yes, that’s nine months since you last saw your beloved ex, isn’t it? How long before that did you break up, a month, two? It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? Your two month old child, without a father, how could I possibly let that be?”

“She’s not your daughter, Hysteria! Your daughters died in a fire because you couldn’t stop it!”

[That upsets The World Champion.]

“Watch your mouth!!” [He barks back with a serious tone.] “You’re hardly father of the year, yourself. I mean, you didn’t even know you had a daughter, did you? She deserves better than you, Michael. She deserves a father that will protect her. I’ve learnt from my mistakes. I can be a good daddy.”

[Lane kicks the ropes, his rage barely containable.]

“Enough! What do you want? I’ll give you anything you want, just let her go. You were right, Hysteria. You were right when you said you had my future and we both know that you have it in the palm of your hand. That World Championship means nothing in comparison.”

[The Mad Mastermind shakes his head.] “Oh no, I suppose it doesn’t. But I don’t want that, Michael. You see, pesky little cockroaches like you don’t simply go away. No no, it’s never that easy. If I gave you your daughter back, you’d just come for me again and again until you received your justice, “[Hysteria scoffs.] “And I can’t have that.”

[Mike runs his hand through his hair, soaking in every single word. His face is stricken with fear and panic, all rolled into an angry mesh of rage and disgust.]

“What I want is for you to well and truly go away. I want you dead. At RetroACTIVE, I want a pardon for everything I’ve done. I want you to stop chasing me, and to hand yourself over. I want you to deliver that pardon to me, Michael. I want you to deliver yourself, to me,” [he suggests with a tilt of his head.] “And maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you hold your daughter before I turn out your lights.”

[There’s no discussion, no debate, no thought. Mike Lane just responds.]

“We have a deal.”

[Hysteria gleefully claps his hands.] “That’s simply wonderful. But first, how about we play a game, huh? You have two weeks and I know that you’re not going to stop looking for them – so let’s play a game of cat and mouse, shall we? If you can find them before RetroACTIVE, the deal is off and I’ll leave them alone. But if you can’t, the deal is on and I expect you to fulfil your end of it, or else your little baby girl will have a permanent new father.”

[Hysteria tosses his microphone down and backs away, never looking away from Mike Lane, who likewise backs off, exiting the ring.] [The deal is done.]


[It’s main event time as it’s the Power of the Native American spirit versus the brutality of the Norse belief system!] [The bell rings but these men aren’t tying it up! BLOWS! Tons of them going both ways as these men aren’t holding back anything in this colossal main event match. They are both demolishing each other with hellacious rights before it’s Tommy Hawk who relents first. North nails a very solid right hand that sends Hawk reeling back a few steps. North charges him, but the staggering seems to have been false as Hawk hits a discus lariat that floors Viktor North quickly! Tommy Hawk grabs him up by his beard and quickly chops him across the chest as the crowd gratuitously ‘WOOs’!] [Hawk grabs the arm of Viktor North and whips him into the corner before following him up with a running clothesline! North is still put up against the corner as Tommy Hawk gives out a little yell before LIGHTING HIS CHEST UP WITH CHOPS! One Two Thfourfiveninethirteen… he just keeps going as Viktor’s North changes from pale to red to damn near purple! Tommy Hawk takes a step backwards as he seems to have found his stopping place. He gives another tribal yell before turning RIGHT INTO A KNEE STRIKE! It catches him right on the chin, and now it’s Viktor North’s turn to deal some damage.] [The Norse Viking grabs Tommy Hawk and kicks him in the gut before wrapping an arm and lifting him up into the air. He seems to pause for a moment there before… BRAINBUSTER! The Native American warrior is pain as all of his weight just came down atop of his head! Viktor North rolls into a pinfall. One…Two…THR-NO! Hawk just barely gets his shoulder up. That doesn’t seem to faze North as he just puts his knee across the chest of The Spirit Warrior and begins nailing him with vicious right strikes that catch him across the nose! Hawk is trying to cover up, but the relentlessness of North is not allowing that at all!] [Blood squirts out of the nose of Tommy Hawk as Viktor North stops his assault. He gets to his feet with a grin as he looks down at the bleeding Hawk. He just watches as Tommy Hawk slowly gets to his feet with rage beginning to flow behind the eyes of the warrior. North spits in his direction before beckoning him to bring it. Like a gunshot, Hawk flings himself forward and nails North with a vicious right hand! North laughs it off as he exchanges one with Hawk. Shot after shot as these two warriors are trading blows! Hawk catches him with a discus elbow strike that hits the supraorbital ridge which forces North to stagger away. He brings his face back up and blood is pouring into his left eye.] [The referee tries to push him back, but North gives him a glance that tells him everything he needs to know about that suggestion. The two men meet back in the center of the ring with blood pouring off of their faces as North headbutts Hawk! Hawk staggers backwards only for North to sweep his legs and bring him to the mat. He reaches over him and… BITES HIS NOSE! Hawk’s legs are kicking in anger and fury. He begins chopping and punching the shit out of North until he finally releases. Hawk’s face is a bloody mess though!] [Viktor North takes a step back as his legs are coated in blood, much like his eye. He looks deranged, and he looks like a monstrosity. Tommy Hawk slowly gets to his feet, but North charges him with a spear. Hawk catches his spear in mid-run! He hooks his head and… DDT! He drives North to the mat with that blow before yanking him back to his feet. Tommy Hawk’s eyes are ablaze as he reaches up and HEADBUTTS THE BLEEDING GASH! North staggers backwards as it’s Hawk’s face that now looks monstrous.] [Tommy Hawk gives out a tribal yell as he’s signifying for the end of this bloodbath. He rushes towards him before spinning and bringing his hand out for THE SC- VIKTOR NORTH CAUGHT IT! He caught him by his forearm! There is still some fight left in this bastard! He headbutts the probably broken nose of Tommy Hawk before running into the ropes and… GUNGNIR! HAWK CATCHES HIS ARMS AND FLINGS HIM AWAY! North slams into the mat groggily as he quickly gets back to his feet to relatia- SCALP! Before he could even finish the thought, he’s nailed by the palm strike! Hawk hooks his legs! One…Two…THREE!] [What a war in there. Tommy Hawk may have come out the victor over Viktor at the end of the day, but not without a price as the blood is pouring from his nose.]


[Sirens.] [Sirens echo throughout the streets of Miami as a police squad car pulls up on the pavement outside the Tap Room. We watch as two officers rush into the building, barging through the entrance into the bar itself.] [Stood inside the ring is Tommy Hawk, barely a moment to get to his feet.] [The officers carefully enter, knowing what kind of damage Hawk has done in the past. They place him in cuffs and read him his rights, escorting him from the ring and onto the entrance ramp. Before they get a chance to exit, Frank Harrison meets them there.]

“I warned you, didn’t I?” [Harrison rages at him.] “I warned you that if you didn’t follow my orders, I’d send you back to jail, ‘injun.”

[Tommy leans in.] “Living by the decree of another man, is no living at all.”

“Let’s see how you prefer jail, shall we? Because if you think living under my rule was bad, you just wait and see what the warden has in store for you, pal.”

[Hawk simply smiles.]

“You can take my land, you can lock me up and throw away the key, but you’ll never take my spirit, white man. I still have something you require, something you want. I will regain my freedom in time for Retroactive, and you will allow it.”

[The officers drag a smiling Hawk off out of the arena, leaving Harrison to soak in the boos of the angry Tap Room crowd.] [Monday Night Showcase goes off the air with Harrison left to contemplate what exactly Tommy meant by that. He has no intentions of letting him out of jail, and until he does, we won’t see Tommy Hawk again.] [Fade to black.]