[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Captain Zappa.] [Solomon Rhodes.] [Edward Newton.] [All three men stand within the bowels of the Tap Room, inside The Templar lair. Edward stands with his arms folded and a look of annoyance on his face. Meanwhile, Zappa and Rhodes communicate.]

“I’m telling you, Godfrey came in and said something and it changed them back. I saw it with my own two eyes, Solomon. They can be saved, I know it.”

[Rhodes sighs.] “I’m not doubting what you saw at all. But if we head to the Underworld, there’s no telling if we’ll make it back.”

[Newton audibly chuckles.]

“Are you two fools going to argue forever? Because if so, I’d greedily take in this infection just to make it stop.”

[Both of them turn to him with sneers.]

“Oh please,” [he waves them off.] “Drop the brooding and macho growls, would you? They have my World Championship and according to you two geniuses, if we don’t retrieve it, the walls of this temple may as well be made of lego.”

[Zappa nods.] “I hate to say it, but he’s right. We have to go to The Underworld. We have to fight and the time is now.”

[Just then, Lee Crowley appears out of nowhere once more. All three turn to face him, but before they can speak, he clicks his fingers.] [Snap.] [By the time they realize where they are, they’re exactly where they wanted to be.] [The Underworld.] [Surrounded by Lee Crowley, LH Harrison, Bruce Van Chan.] [Oh and an army of the damned.] [Cut.]


[Three wrestlers stand across from one another awaiting the bell. El Trèbol Jr. takes off the Double Feature Championship belt and hands it to the ring hand. He grips it for just a moment longer, almost insisting that it is well guarded. It is not just a hunk of metal and leather. Imhotep and Kashim look at it intensely, and the bell rings.] [Kashim and Imhotep run straight to Trèbol and immediately start pummeling him into this corner! The champion goes down in a heap and both opponents stomp on his chest. He bounces with each boot that crashes into his chest. Kashim stops stomping, but Imhotep continues. Kashim slips behind the Pharaoh and…] [RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!] [Kashim grabs Trèbol and covers!] [One!] [Two!] [Thr… no!] [The tiny champion kicks out! Kashim quickly drags him to his feet and whips him into the far turnbuckle! He drives from a three point stance toward Trèbol… But is taken off his feet by a HUGE LARIAT from Imhotep! Kashim is undressed, and he drops into a cover…] [One!] [Two!] [THRE… NO!] [El Trèbol Jr. breaks the pin with a FLYING LEG DROP FROM THE TOP ROPE! He nearly decapitates Imhotep! He slides to the apron and the leaps over with a SPRINGBOARD SENTON which lands on both the crumpled bodies of Imhotep and Kashim! Trèbol gets to his feet quickly and grabs his lower back, showing the move hurt him as well. He stands back and waits for his opponents to get to their feet. Kashim gets up first and Trèbol drops him back down with a Japanese Arm Drag! Kashim is next to his feet and gets his own Arm Drag! Imhotep is up to a knee and Trèbol sprints towards him for a Shining Wiza… but Imhotep ducks, and steps up, grabbing Trèbol on his shoulders for a Powerbomb, but Trèbol quickly counters into a….] [CUELGA VIN!!] [He’s got the triangle choke locked in while dangling from Imhotep! The Pharaoh is in trouble when…] [DROPKICK!] [Kashim dropkicks Imhotep square in the chest knocking both the Pharaoh and Trèbol over the top and tumbling to the floor below!! Kashim grabs the top rope and flies over with a…] [SPRINGBOARD SENTON!!] [He lands on the downed foes! All three are down! His tactics must be questioned as a count out keeps the title firmly in the hands of El Trèbol Jr!. The referee begins counting!] [One!] [Two!] [Three!] [Four!] [Five!] [Kashim reaches up, grabbing the apron. He begins to pull himself up.] [Six!] [Imhotep gets slowly to his knees and grabs the apron himself as Kashim rolls himself into the ring.] [Seven!] [Imhotep is to his feet, but Trèbol is barely stirring. Imhotep grabs the Champion by the mask.] [Eight!] [He pulls Trèbol to his feet and launches him back into the ring.] [Nine!] [The Pharaoh rolls in! Kashim is already peeling Trèbol off the canvas and and throws him him into the far ropes. Trèbol is ready and jumps to the top rope and springboards back with a…] [SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT!!] [He covers quickly!] [One!] [Two!] [Imhotep rips Trèbol from Kashim, breaking the pin! He pulls the champ to his feet and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Imhotep stalks him there and begins blow after blow to the midsection. He steps back, and raises a big boot to the face of Trèbol, smashing him into the corner! He removes his foot and lifts Trèbol to a sitting position on the top. Imhotep climbs to the middle… no… TOP rope… He lifts Trèbol for a SUPERPLEX!!] [But Trèbol slips out! He lands on Imhotep’s shoulders…] [HURRICANRANA FROM THE TOP ROPE!!] [Imhotep is in major trouble! Kashim is just getting to his feet. Trèbol sprints to the far corner, jumping to the top. As Kashim turns…] [AL VER VERDE!! SEEING GREEN!!] [El Trèbol Jr. hooks Kashim’s legs!] [One!] [Two!] [THREE!!!] [El Trèbol Jr. has done it! In this hard fought triple threat, the smallest man now stands the tallest! He retains the Double Feature Championship! He gets it quickly from ringside, holding it close to his heart!]


[We open alongside Tornado who finds himself in the backseat of a Miami taxi cab.] [The car slowing to a stop in the back entrance parking lot of The Tap Room.] [And that’s when it begins.] [Upon stopping, the drivers side door of the cab is ripped open and the cabbie pulled from his seat.] [Startled, Tornado reaches for the door handle, but he quickly recognizes that his door has been blockaded by two large barrels.] [Moving to the other side of the cab far too late as he notices two more barrels there as well.] [And through the glass windows he sees him.] [D’Von Chambers.] [A grin on his face as he stands at the front of the taxi. His followers bustling about him. Ten, twenty, thirty of them hurrying about, surrounding the car with these unmarked barrels and then handing D’Von something.] [A gas canister.]

“I told you Tornado” [Chambers chuckles.] “You’re joining the church tonight… one way or another!”

“It’s not happening Chambers!” [Tornado shouts.] “You’re only making this worse for yourself.”

[Chambers laughs as he begins to circle the taxi; his hands holding the canister upward, pouring gasoline along the concrete surrounding the car.]

“If you aren’t going to join mah brotha” [D’Von proclaims as a sinister expression comes over him.] “There’s no sense in wasting mah time! Or better… that of the Lords!”

[Chambers disposes of the empty gas can as he stands at the front of the car where he began, retrieving a lighter from his coat pocket.]

“It’s gasoline boy” [Chambers nods.] “In the barrels. Once they’re heated up enough… they will explode!”

[Tornado’s eyes squint in discontent for his foe as Chambers looks at him through the glass windshield with an evil grin.] [WOOSH!] [Without hesitation, Chambers lights and tosses the lighter on the ground igniting the gasoline he had poured out. Instantly the car and the multiple barrels of gas are surrounded by a wall of fire.] [Tornado grabs at the door of the taxi, trying his best to push through the weight of the barriers, but it is no use. He can’t budge the leveraged weight of the barrels. He’s stuck.] [Tornado pauses, looking at the glass of the doors before bawling his hand into a fist and reaching back.] [Only he doesn’t punch. Instead, he looks to Chambers one more time through the windshield. Anger reflecting in his eyes and suddenly…] [A rain drop!] [Another! Another and in an instant the parking lot is submersed in water. A torrential downpour. The rain drops so hard and so fast that inches of water flood the parking lot and in doing so, the gasoline is washed away. The fire is extinguished. But the storm is not over!] [CRASH!] [A bolt of lightning strikes merely inches from where D’Von is standing, the jolt literally knocking him to the water covered concrete. His suit drenched. A look of shock in his face until…]

“You…” [D’Von smiles.] “really are the one!”

[With that D’Von jumps to his feet and hurries inside The Tap Room; his follows dispersing in different directions. Meanwhile, a livid Tornado remains in the car; his hand still in a fist as he swings for the glass. The shattering sound leading us to darkness.]


[“The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy slowly fades out as Ethan Rose is standing in the ring wearing a full Manchester City kit. He has a microphone in his hand, but he doesn’t utter a word before Tommy Wright raises a hand to cut him off with his own microphone.] [Tommy Wright looks him up and down before crossing his arms.]

“Cute. But I want answers. I gave you a week, now I want them. Who made the fire?”

[The persistence of Tommy Wright doesn’t seem to do anything to loosen the lips of Ethan Rose who just rolls his eyes.]

“I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, I don’t fuckin’ know!”

[A scowl grows across the upper lip of The Gov as he begins circling around the ring. His arms tense in anger as he prepares to beat some answers into The Phoenix. It’s then that he stops dead in his tracks as his eyes grow wide.] [Another fire has began to rage on the rampway!] [Tommy Wright just points with a look of surprise on his face.]

“Another fire! Who is doing this?!”

[Ethan Rose doesn’t turn at all until Tommy grabs him by the shoulders and turns him around forcefully. As he does so, the fire has vanished.]

“What fire? What the fuck are you on about?”

[Tommy Wright stands there dumbfounded for a moment before turning around to look at Ethan Rose in preparation for their battle. Still, he’s left wondering if his eyes were indeed playing tricks on him.] [Or if there is something more nefarious afoot.]


[In a world where the dead return to life, where people can be locked inside a prison without a trial, and where icky stuff drips down the walls, one man is blinkered to it all, and is standing in the ring right now, blinking. Ethan Rose is dressed, head to toe, in a Manchester City kit. Across from him is Tommy Wright.] [The bell rings and Wright charges across the ring towards Rose, who has just placed a Manchester City branded water bottle in his corner. The beautiful sky blue of his football kit is like a rag to a bull, and Wright takes Rose’s legs from under him with a quick Lou Thesz Press, hammering away at Rose who is trying his best to cover up. Wright stands up and, with Rose down and covering himself near the corner, Wright grips the top rope and starts to stomp away at Rose. Wright jogs across the ring and then charges right back across at Rose, who is now sat in the corner. KNEE TO THE FACE of Ethan Rose!] [Ethan rolls onto his stomach and starts to crawl around the ring, dazed and confused, and also probably hurt by that knee to the head. Tommy grabs Ethan by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Rose’s knees wobble beneath him. BAM! Forearm smash from Wright. And again! AND AGAIN! Rose is backed into the same corner once more. Wright pushes Rose’s arms over the top rope to expose his chest. COME ON CITEH~! Screams Rose just in time to receive a knife edge chop to the chest. Wright grabs the tshirt around the neck and he rips the t-shirt open! GOOD GOD! Ethan Rose had paid full price for that t-shirt! KNIFE EDGE CHOP! KNIFE EDGE CHOP! KNIFE EDGE CHOP! Tommy Wright has all the momentum here.] [Wright irish whip’s Ethan across the ring, Rose’s back smashing against the turnbuckles. He staggers from the corner holding his ba–RUNNING DROPKICK! Rose is knocked backwards, onto his back, and he rolls out of the ring to the floor! Wright looks over the top rope and down at his recovering opponent, who as yet hasn’t had a single offensive move! Wright storms across the ring, bounces off the rope, and back across the ring agaiiiii–THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE, SPINNING! EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Tommy nails Ethan Rose, who was barely back to a vertical base, right under the chin with an European Uppercut!] [With both men down it looks all to play for. Except Wright is back to his feet and Ethan is repeating the phrase “Behind every good man is a woman” over and over whilst trying to right himself the way a tortoise would. Wright scoops Rose up. He tugs on the rags of the t-shirt, taking them from Rose’s body whilst he helps Rose to his feet. Wright wraps the remnants of the Manchester City shirt around the throat of Ethan Rose, turns to be back to back with Rose NECK BREAKER! A neck breaker on the outside of the ring!] [Why is the referee not instigating a count out? Oh. It’s THAT GUY. Wright hops up onto the ring apron, he looks down at Rose whose tongue is hanging from his mouth, and he takes a few steps across the apron away from Rose. Again he looks down before charging across the ring apron and diving to the outside! DIVING ELBOW DROP to the heart of Ethan Rose!] [Tommy looks up at the referee who starts to count. ONE… TWO… Rose is rolling onto all fours now. THREE… FOUR… Wright is sizing his opponent up. FIVE… SIX… Rose is up to his knees and shuffles himself around, looking for his opponent, his hands in front of him swinging wildly. SEVEN… Wright points a gun-finger at Rose. He gives Rose a little wink. AGGRO! Wright hits his patented running knee strike right to Ethan Rose’s face! EIGHT… NIN–Wright slides under the bottom rope!-E… TEEEEEEN!] [The bell sounds and Tommy Wright is the winner here tonight with an emphatic, one sided victory over Ethan Rose.]


[Shambling.] [The inhuman bodies of Calypso’s former followers, the few that are left, walk around the grunge covered halls of the Tap Room. And past them, inside of a locker room at the end of the hall, sit two brothers. Jensen Cussen and Max Million.]

“They’ve snapped, haven’t they, Max? The Jeckels have jumped off the deep end, blinded by rage. It’s almost funny if they weren’t so sad to watch.”

[Max chuckles, nodding with Jensen.]

“They act as though they truly know what loss is. You and I, we know what it’s like to lose someone, Stephanie is gone. But she died so our family may prosper. Now we must simply snuff out two empty souls who wish to stop that.”

[Jensen nods, stone-faced as he rises to his feet.] [Slashing.] [Jensen and Max whip their heads towards the door, the sound of angry feet approaching, bodies hitting the floor before the door is all but thrown off of its hinges. The duo back away as The Jeckels make their way into the back area, hatchets at the ready. Jensen shakes his head, keeping distance as he pulls Max towards a back door.]

“Still looking to butcher us, are you? Nothing you do is ever going to bring poor Calypso back. She opposed us, and she died for nothing.”

[Jake is fuming as he raises his hatchet, walking towards the two.]

“Take that back, Jensen.”

[Cussen narrows his eyes, Max smirking as he grabs the handle of the door behind them, the Jeckel’s stopping their advance as they hear more infected shambling towards them.]

“You’re fighting a hopeless, battle, boys. Soon enough you’ll find yourselves placed in the earth next to her. Consider our match to be in memoriam for you poor souls.”

[The Family quickly evacuate the room, Jake stopped from chasing them by Jack, the younger Jeckel turning him to face the infected moving their way.]


[The Rewind Championship is on the line with this matchup between the current title holder, D’Von Chambers, faces off against the challenger, Tornado. This match has vital repercussions. Tornado hopes to pry a “key” from the clutches of evil. The bell rings!] [Tornado rushes at Chambers hoping to end this early. He leaps at the Bishop for a Cross Body Block, but the big man counters with a…] [MODIFIED BIBLE THUMPING!!] [D’Von grins hideously after that falling powerslam as he snakes into a pin, his heavy forearm across Tornado’s face!] [One!] [Two!] [Thr… Kickout!] [Chambers frowns. He gets to his feet as quickly as a man of his size can. He grabs Tornado by his shaggy hair and rips him from the mat. He tosses him into the far ropes and as he returns, Chambers lifts a BIG BOOT! Tornado’s head nearly comes off! He is down hard, and he seems out! But Chambers isn’t finished. He lifts him by the hair one more time and lifts him across his massive shoulder. Chambers carries him to one corner, and runs as fast as the big man can. He drives Tornado upside down into the far turnbuckles!! Tornado crumples, landed head first on the mat as his legs fall onto himself in a heap! Chambers laughs and pulls Tornado flat on the mat. He climbs onto the second turnbuckle and flies off with a BIG SPLASH!!] [BUT NO ONE IS HOME!! Tornado rolled away at the last moment! The Bishop grabs his midsection and kicks his feet in pain. His wind knocked from his lungs, he struggles for breath! Tornado, meanwhile has worked his way to the ropes and is pulling himself up. He gains his feet and marches towards Chambers. He stomps D’Von to the head and neck a couple of time and drags him into position. Tornado goes to the top! He stands tall and flies off with a..] [CORKSCREW MOONSAULT!! He spins into a cover!] [One!] [Two!] [Thre… Kickout!] [Tornado shows three fingers to the referee, and then turns around to pull up The Bishop, but he’s met with a LOW BLOW!! Tornado stumbles away as Chambers climbs to his feet. He smiles, stalking after The Living Maelstrom. He reaches Tornado and spins him around, taking his head off with Lariat! Tornado goes head over heels as Chambers put enough into that one to take himself off his feet. Chambers pulls himself up with the ropes and drops a knee onto Tornado’s head. Another! Another! He puts his foot across Tornado’s neck and pulls on the top rope for leverage! The ref counts to four with this illegal choke, and then the referees scolds him once he breaks the hold. D’Von nods but pushes past the official at the same time. He pulls Tornado up by the head, but catches a heavy right to the midsection! Another! Another! Tornado has gained some separation. He bounces off the ropes and leaps, driving an elbow into Chambers’ temple! D’Von is rocked but doesn’t go down.] [Tornado leaps again and drives a knee into D’Von’s temple again. The lights seems to go out, but still the Bishop stands! He wanders around the ring, but Tornado runs to the top turnbuckle…] [SUPERCELL DDT!!! Tornado falls into a cover!] [One!] [Two!] [THREE!] [NO!!!] [D’Von barely kicks out! Tornado can’t believe it. He runs to the apron preparing for the HAILSTORM! But D’Von rolls out of the way, causing Tornado to roll through the move. He lands on his feet and spins back towards D’Von. Chambers is pulling himself up by the ropes. Tornado runs towards the Bishop and catches a throat thrust!! Tornado stumbles back and Chambers grabs him and licks him high above his head…] [THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE!!!] [One!] [Two!] [THREE!!!] [D’Von Chambers retains the Rewind Championship! The key stays firmly in the grasp of evil.]


[The lights over the hall flicker, only vaguely revealing the oozing infection as it drips from the walls and roof. We hear footsteps and the occasional splash as El Trébol hurries down the hall, the Double Feature Championship slung over his shoulder. He has defeated Kashim and Imhotep, holding onto one of the keys to the war in the process…but the battle isn’t over just yet. The booming footsteps of the Pharaoh approach the luchador from behind, louder as Imhotep draws closer…suddenly, Trébol is stopped in his tracks by the fallen angel, who has cut him off at the pass.]

“I’ve tried to explain the new order of things to you…and now I will take what’s rightfully mine.”

[Trébol steps back from Kashim, turning away to head the other direction…where Imhotep stands waiting, an angry snarl on his face.]

“The wrath of the gods awaits you, little green man. You destroyed my staff, and now I will destroy you.”

[They draw closer and closer to the champion, until a cracking noise grabs their attention upward…only to stare at a cascade of the black bile rushing down from the roof, engulfing the pharaoh and the fallen angel! Trébol jumps out of the way at the last second, watching in horror as Kashim and Imhotep are utterly consumed by the infection…and just as quickly, the bile subsides, retreating back to the walls and leaving no trace of the luchador’s adversaries the past few weeks. Trébol picks his title up from the ground, looking at it as he stands to his feet. He looks away, watching as the infection slowly creeps toward him.]

“This is what Godfrey warned me about. This key stops all of this from escaping this place…and I can’t let it fall into the wrong hands.”

[Trébol slings the title over his shoulder, stepping away from the infection as it takes one last leap from the floor…but to no avail. Trébol hightails it out of the hallway, keeping the championship and the power it holds away from the evil within the Tap Room.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, King Royal faces Ordell Terminus! An army of good is on the line! Will Ordell prove himself as a worthy general or will they remain royal forces? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Running high knee right off the bat from Ordell Terminus! King Royal is launched into the corner! Ordell runs at him and goes for the step up enzuigiri! Royal ducks it and Ordell falls flat on his face! Royal wraps his arms around the waist of Ordell! DEAD LIFT GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! King Royal wants to see what Ordell has! Ordell is seated in the corner! Royal starts pummeling away! Fist after fist into Terminus! The ref pulls Royal off of him! Terminus pulls himself up but Royal charges at him! He goes for a clothesline!] [ORDELL DUCKS IT AND FIREMAN CARRY THROWS ROYAL ONTO THE FLOOR!] [ROYAL FALLS HARD!] [TERMINUS CLIMBS TO THE TOP ROPE!] [FLUX GATE!] [SHOOTING STAR SENTON FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!] [ORDELL TOSSES ROYAL INTO THE RING AND COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [KICK OUT BY ROYAL!] [Ordell is shocked and angry! He starts stomping away at Royal! Ordell lifts Royal off the ground and shoves Royal’s head between his legs! He lifts him up in powerbomb position for the final conclusion! Royal slips out and starts delivering stiff right hands to Terminus! Terminus is rocked! JUMPING DDT BY ROYAL! Terminus is spiked on the mat! Royal grabs the back of Terminus’ head and starts slamming him into face first into the mat! Royal pulls Terminus off of the mat! Belly to back suplex! Another one! Three! King Royal follows this with a fourth one over the ropes!] [ROYAL FLUSH OVER THE ROPES!] [ORDELL IS DUMPED TO THE FLOOR!] [ROYAL CLIMBS TO THE TOP ROPE HIMSELF!] [SPITFIRE!] [TOP ROPE FROG SPLASH!] [KING ROYAL HITS IT PERFECTLY!] [King Royal pulls Ordell up and vertical suplexes him into the barricade! Ordell crashes into a heap! King Royal slides into the ring and lets the ref start the count! One…Two…Three…Four… Ordell Terminus starts to stir! Five…Six…Terminus stands up! Royal knows he will beat the count so he slides out of the ring to cut him off! SPEAR INTO THE APRON BY TERMINUS! King Royal is writhing in pain but Terminus is not done! He starts slamming Royal’s head into the apron! Royal collapses to the floor! Ordell climbs on the apron! MOONSAULT OFF THE APRON!] [ORDELL LIFTS ROYAL UP AND ROLLS HIM INTO THE RING!] [ROYAL’S HEAD IS STILL DRAPED ON THE APRON!] [ORDELL CLIMPS TO THE TOP ROPE!] [KNEE DROP TO THE PRONE ROYAL!] [HIS HEAD IS SMASHED BETWEEN ORDELL’S KNEE AND THE APRON!] [ORDELL SHOVES ROYAL INTO THE RING!] [ORDELL COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [KICK OUT BY ROYAL!] [Ordell grabs Royal quickly by the head! Tight headlock by Ordell! He is lifting Royal up by the head! He’s going for the one-percenter! No! Royal reverses it with a belly to back suplex! No! Ordell flips out and goes for a German suplex! Royal flips out himself! Royal goes for a rear clothesline! Ordell ducks it and goes for a neckbreaker! Royal shoves Ordell off to block the attempt! Royal with a belly to belly suplex! No! Front flip by Ordell to save himself! What a series of reversals! Ordell runs off the momentum! Springboard moonsault! No! Royal catches it!] [PILEDRIVER BY ROYAL!] [ROYAL WINS THAT TECHNICAL BATTLE!] [HE FOLLOWS IT WITH THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON!] [ORDELL LOOKS HE CAN TAP OUT ANY SECOND!] [HE’S CRAWLING BUT HE’S FADING QUICK!] [HE LIFTS HIS HAND TO TAP!] [. . .] [. . .] [HE GRABS THE ROPES!] [Ordell barely makes it! King Royal starts stomping away on him! Ordell gets under the ropes to avoid the stomps! The ref pulls Royal off of him! Royal goes back at him and grabs the legs! CATAPULT INTO THE BOTTOM ROPES! Ordell’s throat hits the ropes hard! Ordell is clutching his throat in agony! Royal waits for Terminus to get up! Terminus stands up and Royal Irish whips him into the corner! Royal lifts him to the top rope! Royal climbs up to grab him! Royal and Ordell start punching each other on the top rope! This is not going to be good!] [ROYAL GETS THE ADVANTAGE!] [HE’S GOING FOR AN AVALANCHE BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!] [NO! ORDELL CLAMPS TIGHTLY ON THE HEAD TO BLOCK IT!] [INCEPTION!] [AVALANCHE ONE PERCENTER!] [KING ROYAL LOOKS COMPLETELY OUT OF IT!] [ORDELL COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [NO! ROYAL GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Ordell thought was his chance! Both men look completely spent! Ordell struggles to pull up Royal! Royal starts throwing some gut punches! Ordell backs off a bit! Royal pulls himself up and charges at Terminus! He tries for the lariat but Terminus ducks it! Springboard crossbody from Terminus! No! Royal catches it and charges Terminus into the corner! Terminus is sandwiched between the turnbuckles! RUNNING FRONT DROPKICK! Terminus gets launched into the post and Royal pulls him out of the trap he made! Royal plants Ordell with a cradle DDT! King Royal is pleased and he thinks this is his best chance!] [KING ROYAL CLIMBS TO THE TOP ROPE!] [SPITFIRE!] [ORDELL GETS HIS KNEES UP!] [ROYAL LANDS HARD ON THE KNEES!] [ROYAL IS CLUTCHING HIS ABDOMEN AND TERMINUS PULLS HIM UP INTO POWERBOMB POSITION!] [FINAL CONCLUSION!!!] [THAT BRUTAL BRIDGE TO DROP ROYAL ON HIS HEAD!] [ORDELL COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [THREE!] [Ordell wins and proves why he should be the general of a powerful army! He’s defeated Hades, can he defeat the evil to come?]


[A darkened corner in the slowly dissolving Taproom is shown as the inky virus spreads across the walls. A hooded figure steps out of the shadows with two gloved hands clutching at its head.] [Doubt seems worse for wear as if fighting with something within itself.]

“He’s fighting back, isn’t he?”

[Cael Gable steps from around a corner brandishing some small bruising on his nose from last week’s sucker punch.]

“You should have learned from last week what happens when you mettle in the affairs of those you do not comprehend.”

“I comprehend plenty, Doubt. I know that you’re a monster who used your power to manipulate and torment a young man down on his self-confidence. For that, I cannot stand idly by. Tonight, I will rid you of that form and free the hostage you’ve keep hidden in the dark.”


[Doubt clutches at the sides of his head once more before looking up at Gable through irritated breath.]

“There’s no saving Johnathan. You can try, try, and try again, but you’re just wasting your time.”

[GOLD RUSH!] [Cael just tackled Doubt and sent The Masked Emotion over his shoulder and to the hard floor. Gable whips around and places a knee onto the chest of it. He leans down and places a hand on the bottom of the mask and begins to lift, yet two dark tentacles from beneath reach out and pull the mask closer.] [Gable gets to a standing position as it looks down over Doubt.]

“You had the nerve to question whether I was honorable or not, yet you’re the real monster here. Tonight, I will free Johnathan. Even if it means destroying you in the process.”


[Cael Gable and Doubt are ready to do battle as they make their way out to the ring one after another. Will the Olympian’s skill be enough to overcome Doubt’s incredible speed, or will The Emotion zoom by Cael Gable to victory?] [Doubt and Gable meet in the middle of the ring. Cael shoots in for a collar and elbow tie up but the speedy Doubt steps to the side and takes Gable’s back. Doubt hoists Cael up for a back suplex but the Olympian isn’t having it. Cael breaks Doubt’s grip, spins around and tosses the emotion head over heels with a belly to belly suplex! Doubt scrambles to his feet but is ripped back to the canvas by a double leg takedown from Gable. Cael transitions to The Emotion’s back and cements his control over Doubt’s torso with the Gable grip!] [Doubt struggles with everything he has to get to his feet but he can’t shake Gable and his iron grip! Doubt tries to pry apart Cael’s hands but he can’t, The Olympian’s grip strength is too much! The Emotion stomps down onto The Olympians toes! Again and again Doubt slams his heel into Gable’s foot! Cael is forced to release Doubt from his grip. Finally free, Doubt spins around and smashes a jumping knee right into the side of Gable’s face! Cael staggers back and eats a lightning fast dropkick from Doubt that sends him crashing to the canvas!] [The Olympian pops back to his feet but is surprised to find Doubt is already perched on the top rope! In a flash, Doubt launches himself through the air and drills Gable with a blockbuster! The Emotion throws himself on top of Gable and hooks the leg!] [ONE!]

[KICK OUT!] [Doubt doesn’t waste any time, he struggles to pull Cael to his feet but manages to do so. The Emotion drags the Olympian over to the turnbuckles. With everything he has he, Doubt lifts Cael up onto the top rope. Doubt climbs the top turnbuckles and locks Cael into position for a wrist lock exploder suplex! Doubt is setting up for a top rope Into The Unknown! Sensing the end is near, Cael comes to life suddenly with a flurry and breaks Doubt’s grip! Cael seizes the opportunity to snatch Doubt up into position for a superplex!] [CAEL TRANSITIONS THE SUPERPLEX INTO A CUTTER MIDAIR! THE OLYMPIAN SMASHES DOUBT INTO THE RING WITH PUGHPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE!] [They both crash into the middle of the ring, Doubt taking the brunt of it. Cael can’t make the cover though, both men are down! The ref begins to count, giving them until the count of ten to get up!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [Cael is beginning to stir but Doubt is still completely flat on the canvas!] [FOUR!] [FIVE!] [The Olympian gets to his knees!] [SIX!] [SEVEN!] [Cael grabs the top rope and starts to pull himself to his feet!] [EIGHT!] [NINE!] [Cael is up to his feet finally! The Olympian turns to face Doubt’s motionless body.] [THE EMOTION COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH THE PESSISMIST’S END! DOUBT PLANTS CAEL HEADFIRST WITH THE MODIFIEID SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT!] [Doubt slumps his body across Gable’s, going for the win!] [ONE!]


[KICK OUT!] [Doubt is clearly still feeling the effects of the top rope Pughplex and struggles to keep his feet under him as he hoists Gable up off the canvas. The Emotion locks Gable into a double underhook, setting up the Eating Yourself Alive! Doubt is looking to end this one! Gable isn’t finished yet though! Cael muscles his way out of Doubt’s double underhook and sends the emotion flying with a backbody drop! Doubt wearily gets back up but Cael drills him with a modified running double leg takedown!] [CAEL GABLE DEADLIFTS DOUBT OFF THE GROUND INTO SUPLEX POSITION! CAEL TRANSITIONS INTO A CUTTER AND BLASTS DOUBT WITH ANOTHER PUGHPLEX!] [Cael hooks the leg and covers Doubt for the pin!] [ONE!]


[THREE!] [ael Gable celebrates his victory from the top turnbuckle as Doubt rolls to the outside and disappears up the ramp.]


[Click.] [●REC] [Archive footage, November 12th 2017.]

“Subject is lucid, but remains defiant.”

[The shaky camera footage looks set in a laboratory. There’s vials and technical machines in every corner. The person behind the camera walks towards a subject, noting that he’s tied to a chair with heavy restraints.] [They don’t show us his face.]

“The most recent surgery was a success. We’ve replaced all vital and functioning organs. He no longer requires their use. Mechanically, he’s functioning properly. Every part is working in conjunction with the correct software to ensure that his brain function isn’t effected.”

[The Doctor walks away towards his computer, placing the camera down onto the table. He sits, facing it.]

“The subject still retains soft tissue, blood flow and numerous upgrades. His damaged left eye was replaced with upgraded retina vision and software. Operation Terminator, has thus far, been a complete success.”

[There’s a grunt, so the Doctor looks back over his shoulder, standing up and taking the camera with him. He walks over to the patient, watching as his hands creak and flex the metal restraints.]

“Why are you doing this to me?” [An accented voice demands to know.] “Why won’t you let me go home?”

“There’s a war,” [the Doctor replies.] “And you’re a vital piece of it. When the government learned of the Tap Room and what it contains, it needed to ensure the survival of humanity; and you, you were chosen. That’s why we took out your convoy, and that’s why we plucked you from the side of the road.”

[The camera finally raises to the patients face.] [Sergei Sokolov.]

“And when we set you free, you will go back home and ensure that evil does not prevail.] [Sokolov looks at him, then at the ceiling.] [Cut.]


[The Jedi and the Sith aren’t the only battling philosophies lately, as the Ashla practicioner, Jacen Novan, looks to educate his protege, The Automaton, against The Sharkman and his own student of heroics, Marvolo – with the #1 contenderships on the line!] [Novan seems to think it’s time to take TAM out of beta as he instructs him to start things off. Likewise, The Sharkman tells Marvolo to sink or swim! The bell rings, but before the action gets going, The Automaton offers his metal hand to Marvolo. #1 plays to the crowd, asking if he should shake it. He finally accepts the handshake, his gold tooth glistening as he smiles slyly – but a stern look from The Sharkman keeps Marvolo’s chicanery at bay. Man and machine lock up, and TAM immediately clamps a headlock on Marvolo. The luchador shoves him off into the ropes, but the android charges through him with a shoulder tackle as Novan spurs him on!] [Marvolo goes for an early tag but The Sharkman tells him you’ve got this and encourages him. Marvolo turns round and ducks a big boot then lights TAM up with MACHINE GUN CHOPS – but they’re ineffective against his metallic pecs! TAM swings at him, but Marvolo traps his arms and headbutts him! Uh oh, Marvolo is seeing stars after that! TAM shoves him into the ropes and scoops him up – somebody call NASA, because WE’VE GOT A UFO SIGHTING! TAM spins Marvolo round as the crowd count in unison…] [ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN! ELEVEN! TWEL—SURPRISE SUNSET FLIP BY MARVOLO!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [KICKOUT!] [TAM shakes the cobwebs off his motherboard, while a woozy Marvolo crawls for the tag – but he’s in the WRONG CORNER! Marvolo turns and frantically heads for The Sharkman’s outstretched hand, but TAM tags in Novan, who stands between the dynamic duo. Marvolo charges him, but the aikido expert uses #1’s own momentum to floor him. Marvolo lunges forwards once more, but Novan side-steps and rolls him like a bullfighter. Raquel cheers Marvolo on, but his shotei palm strike is grabbed by Novan, who hits a KNIFEHAND STRIKE to the crown! Marvolo staggers round, punchdrunk, before falling flat on his face!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [SHOULDER UP!] [The Sharkman stomps the apron and claps his hands, rallying the crowd behind Marvolo, who Novan once again throws to the ground. Operating like a well-oiled machine, The Chosen One tags TAM, who peels Marvolo up for a gutwrench powerbomb—] [HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!] [The crowd pop as the battered Marvolo finally creates an opening! TAM’s systems look to be recalibrating as Marvolo craaawls over to The Sharkman, who gnashes his teeth hungrily! MARVOLO LEAPS – BUT TAM GRABS THE LEG! The fans groan as Marvolo wriggles like a tortoise on its back, TAM’s piston-grip far too strong to break—what the!?—SPINAROONIE! TAM flips through the air as Marvolo FREES himself! The fans are at a fever pitch now as TAM tags Novan and Marvolo tags in THE SHARKMAN!] [The Great White storms the ring with a running dropkick to Novan, then a running dropkick which sends TAM out of the ring! Novan unleashes the DARKNESS WITHIN bullhammer – but Sharkman DUCKS it and CLOCKS him with a double-axe handle dubbed the HAMMERHEAD! Sharkman hits the ropes and hits the SUSHI KICK!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [New #1 contenders!?] [THR—TAM BREAKS IT UP!] [The Automaton saves the match, but here comes Marvolo! The referee intervenes between the two non-legal participants – FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE! Wait… it’s rendered USELESS against TAM’s mechanical innards! Marvolo shrugs and CHARGES with a clothesline that SENDS THEM BOTH TO THE FLOOR BELOW!] [The Sharkman surveys the chaos from inside the ring. Behind him, however, Novan makes a twirling motion with his hand. The Sharkman then turns round as if on command – SPINEBUSTER in the middle of the ring! Novan holds his arms out with his palms down, calling for the PATH TO BALANCE! He locks in the anaconda vice, and with nowhere to go and no partner in reach, The Sharkman can only withstand it for so long before HE TAPS OUT!] [TAM re-enters the ring to celebrate—at least, as much as a robot can celebrate—with his mentor, Novan, who pats his fellow #1 contender on the back. Marvolo and Raquel help The Sharkman to the floor, Marvolo crestfallen at failing his teacher.]


[There is little time for celebrations or commiserations as the Tap Room is plunged into darkness and confusion following the match. Not a darkness like a blackout that swallows the building in an instant but like a black cancer that seems to seep slowly and all-consumingly in its wake. Screams of fear and confusion ensue as people try to escape the impending darkness.] [From within the darkness, figures emerge. Slowly, stumblingly, they descend upon the ring. Soldiers of the Underworld. In mere moments, the dead have surrounded the four figures inside the ring. From ringside, they scramble and reach inside the ring to grab hold of one of the souls inside. Three of the figures huddle in the centre of the ring, safely outside the reaches of Crowley’s soldiers but one is not so lucky. Soon, the soldiers of the underworld have taken Marvolo by the ankle and dragged him from the ring. They swamp him, dragging him back towards the surrounding darkness. Marvolo’s fate seems sealed, until a voice calls out that causes everything to stand still.]


[Jacen Novan stands, arms held up as his voice commands the world around him to listen. He seems to be surrounded by an aura that causes the Soldiers of the Underworld to drop Marvolo and turn toward him as one. They stand still, waiting. But it is Sharkman who speaks, his voice filled with accusation.]

“This is exactly what I feared. Your power controls dark forces. And you have influenced the Automaton with that evil…”

“No. You understand not what is at play here.”

[Novan turns to Sharkman with a look that is almost pleading.]

“We fight the same evil. We fight the same fight. There is a great evil that we must face together.”

[Sharkman looks towards Marvolo, lying on the ground with a sea of undead soldiers around him. Then back at Novan. It is the computeristic voice of the Automaton that speaks to him. TAM steps forward, presenting his analysis of Jacen Novan.]

“Analysis of Jacen Novan, his breathing patterns suggest he is telling the truth. My programming has developed under his guidance. There are several aspects of human existence that cannot be understood through merely analysis. I have learnt… To trust.”

[As proof, Novan pulls back the sleeve of his robes to expose his flesh. Black veins marr his skin, yet they fade and dissipate after a few inches.]

“The Ashla protects the darkness from spreading. But we must fight back the evil around us.”

[Sharkman takes it all in. He turns from Novan toward the army outside the ring. Leading the charge, he steps through the ropes, followed by TAM and Novan. As they advance, the undead turn on them and advance towards them. The trio fight a path to Marvolo and help him to his feet. Then, the four fight together to drive back the Soldiers of the Underworld. With every yard the drive them back, the darkness seeps back also… Until is fades entirely, leaving the foursome standing together, trying to teach figure out where this leaves them.]


[Ordell Terminus stands alone.] [He begged King Royal for help. He let Betamax tell him to go along with what the King said. Their match has come and gone, and Royal is nowhere in sight.] [The Gateway stands in front of a door backstage. Shaking his head as he does so, he reaches down to the golden gauntlet around his ankle, drawing forth yet another of the gifts granted by his association with Janus.] [A key.]

“Let’s try this again, shall we?”

[He places the key into the door, turning it. As he pulls it open, the large gate of the Underworld looms, the battleground where Terminus slayed Hades is only a step away. With a great breath, Terminus goes to step over the threshold.] […only to be TACKLED BY ONE OF THE DEAD!] [Five of Crowley’s broken souls slink through the gate, smelling the fresh scent of Ordell Terminus. The Gateway attempts to fight them off, but gets clubbed by the largest of the foul creatures. Two of the others hoist Terminus to his feet, the big one now standing before him with his mouth agape.] [This brute licks Ordell’s face, seemingly tasting him. The dead do not eat, yet they feast on the fear they feel from their enemies.] [His life on the line, Ordell knocks the two holding him back, but the big one is too much. The dead creature goes for a clubbing blow…] […AS HIS HEAD FLIES FROM HIS BROKEN BODY!] [KING ROYAL IS HERE!] [The dead try to scatter, but the forces of the King quickly join the scene, hacking at the foul creatures, throwing their remains back into the gateway before them. As the last of them is tossed back through the door, Betamax appears. He slams the door behind them, and withdraws the key.]

“Bloody hell, what do you think you were doing?”

[Terminus looks confused at Betamax as Royal nods to some of his men to indicate they need to form a guard.]

“I was doin…”

[Royal interjects.]

“Save it. You have passed the King’s test.”

[Ordell looks to Betamax, who chuckles and shrugs. A test?]

“You truly intend to do what you say you will do. The King is impressed with your spirit, and one can see no corruption within you. My cousin spoke truly. You are a fine young man.”

[King Royal extends his hand out, a rare show of equality from the monarch. Terminus looks between the two men with a relieved sigh.]

“You’ve got a deal, King.”

[The two men shake hands, a new alliance formed in this dangerous new world.] [Yet deep within the Underworld, word has already reached he who they wish to usurp.]


[The Family waits in the ring for the Jeckels. The music hits and Jake Jeckel is sprinting from the back, Jack following closely behind. Jake slides in an pops up nailing with Jensen Cussen with a heavy forearm. Before Million can respond, Jake punches him with a heavy right! The bell rings and this is officially underway!] [This no holds barred bout is starting out brutally already as Jake Jeckel punches Max Million over and over again until he is driven into the mat! He mounts him and rains down heavy rights and lefts. He may just kill him with his bare hands!! Jensen grabs Jake and tanks him backwards, but Jake doesn’t even slow! He hammers Cussen with an elbow to the throat! He crumples to the mat! Jackie finally makes it to the ring and slides in. He looks at Jake who is stomping on Cussen’s head, and dives on top of the already bloodied Max Million!] [One!] [Two!] [Thre… JAKE JECKLEL BREAKS THE PIN!] [He throws Jack backwards off the pin and Jack stares at him incredulously.]

“They ain’t gettin’ off that fuckin’ easy, Jack!” [He screams at his brother.] [Jake turns back and pulls Million up by his beard. He slams his head off the turnbuckle and Million collapses again. This time Jake goes to untie the turnbuckle pad, exposing the steel below! Jack pleads with him, but Jake just pushes him back. Jack looks like he’s had about enough. He balls his fist up at Jake’s back, but Jensen Cussen spins him around and nails a…] [HAIR TRIGGER!] [Jack is leveled, and Jake turns around just in time to catch a LEAPING KNEE to the temple! Jake’s eyes roll back and he drops to the mat. Cussen leaps on top for a cover!] [One!] [Two!] [Thre… Kickout!] [Jake barely kicks out! Jensen pulls him up by the hair. He whips Jeckel into the ropes, and when Jake returns, Cussen sends him overhead with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Almost before Jake lands, Cussen is on top of him again locking in…] [DESPERATE JUSTICE!!] [Jake is squirming, trying not to scream, but he is in major trouble! He’s about to tap!!] [Jack breaks the hold with a double axe handle to Jensen’s back! But there’s Million! His crimson mask is a gory sight, but it doesn’t stop him from punting Jack Jeckel in the head! Jack rolls back and Million drips blood onto his painted face as he stands above, laughing. He grabs Jack by the head and tosses him over the ropes and to the outside! Million rolls out of the ring and rips jack up from the ground. He throws him head first into the steel steps!!] [Back inside the ring, Jensen Cussen is taking it to Jake. He stomps on Jake’s head, and with each boot, Jake’s face bounces off the canvas! Finally, Jensen pulls Jake off the mat and whips him to the corner. Jensen sprints at Jake and leaps for a kick, but Jake slips away! Cussen lands with his full body weight smashing his junk into the exposed turnbuckle! Jensen grabs himself and falls back into the ring! Jake stomps on his head, but hears the crowd well up. He spins to see Jackie with his head resting on the steel steps. Max Million holds a steel chair, about to crush Jack’s head!!] [Million starts to swing down, but JAKE FLIES OVER THE TOP WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!! He drives the steel chair into Million’s face!! Jake grabs his midsection, after going down hard. But he gets up to check on Jack. Jack nods that he’s okay. Jake grabs the steel chair and slides back into the ring. Jack makes his way to his feet and stands on top of the steel steps. He leaps off…] [JACK IN THE BOX!!] [Jack just absolutely levels Million! He goes to cover, but instead looks at Jake who shakes his head! Jake focuses back on Jensen Cussen who is just getting up from the mat. Jake nails hims with the steel chair! Again! AGAIN!! He drops the steel chair and rips the limp body of Cussen up…] [THE HATCHET!! ONTO THE CHAIR!!!] [ONE!!] [TWO!!] [THREE!!!] [Jake and Jack Jeckel decimate the Family here tonight. They may not be heroes, but they are keeping the Family down! Can their own relationship survive though?]


[Jake gets back to his feet, meeting his brother in the middle of the ring. They share a glance, then look down at Max Million] [What are they going to do?] [Jack nods at his brother, telling him that he won’t stop him.] [STEEL CHAIR TO THE BACK OF JAKE’S HEAD!] [STEEL CHAIR TO JACK JECKEL AS WELL!] [Jensen Cussen literally saves the day!] [The Jeckel Brothers roll to the outside, holding their heads as Jensen helps Max to his feet in the middle of the ring.] [WHOOSH!] [Suddenly, fire erupts around them, following a line as it encircles them within the ring. They look to go left, but they’re blocked, so they try right, and they’re blocked.]

“Sometimes you have to burn yourself to the ground before you can rise like a phoenix from the ashes.”

[Flicker.] [JACOB PHOENIX!] [He’s supposed to be dead!] [Nightwatch rappels from the rafters, dropping into the flaming circle around Cussen and Million. Cussen runs at him and is thrown straight over the top rope to the outside. Million is next, being tripped FACE FIRST INTO THE FIRE WITH A DROP TOE HOLD!] [Max screams in agony as the fire melts his face. Black gunge leaks across the ring, but Phoenix doesn’t stop. He grabs Million, pulling him from the fire, his face a near smudge thanks to the flames.] [SNAP!] [He snaps his fucking neck, all whilst keeping eye contact with Jensen who stands on the outside, absolutely fucking terrified!] [Jacob releases his former best friend to the canvas, pointing at Jensen with a wry smile.]

“You’re next.”

[The fire suddenly subsides, and our cameras go aerial, looking down upon the ring to see the flames having marked the shape of a Phoenix on the canvas.] [Cut.]


[Just beyond the curtain leading to the ringside area, Brent Kersh and Mike Lane are having a heated discussion.]

“We tried this your way, didn’t we?” [Kersh asserts.] “And there’s nothing to show for it. You wanted to go in, kidnap and God knows what else the kid, and then burn the whole place to the ground. They were ready for it. Your bust some skulls plan really worked out, huh?”

[The Shadow snorts in response.]

“That’s enough, old man. I was just doing what’s always worked for me. I haven’t spent my life hunted by… whatever the hell Scarecrow is.”

[The admission from Lane is enough to calm Kersh somewhat.]

“No, you haven’t. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, the old ways don’t work anymore. Whatever success you had in the past with Cross, Jack, or even Hysteria, those days are over. You’re not who you used to be, anymore. These aren’t just men we fight.”

[Lane seems offended by part of Kersh’s statement, but the issue between the two men is on hold as a harsh laugh cuts them off.]

“You got that right, Brent.” [DTR’s voice cuts through.] “We’re not just men. You see my power all around you in this beautiful place. I’m the Virus that’s going to burn you down from the inside.”

[Kersh and Lane take a fighting stance, but suddenly shield their eyes as light fills the room.] [Lux Bellator is here.] [Before he can speak, Kersh cuts in.]

“What about you, Lux? How can you associate with DTR and Mother? What about your calling as a man of God?”

[Bellator only offers a grim smile.]

“History is full of men who followed God into strange lands. I do not question the calling, nor the caller. I just continue to walk in the light of God. My allies will face judgement one day, just as I.”

[Before this can go any further, the lights dip on and off. When they come back on, the roar of the crowd can be heard beyond the curtain. Lane peeks out to see Mother now standing in the ring, her eyes fixed upon the entrance way.]

“That’s our cue.” [DTR says as he cuts past Kersh.] “I’d love to destroy you guys right here, but when she calls, you do what she says. She says we need to settle this in the ring first, so that’s what we’re going to do.”

[A smirk forms on Lane’s face, but Kersh quickly grabs him and pulls him aside. The two other men walk to the ring, while Lane fumes.]

“I was going to take out one of them.”

“Yeah, I know.” [Kersh responds.] “But something’s wrong here. I can feel it. This isn’t how this is supposed to go down.”

[Before Lane can retort, the fluttering of crows fills the room.]

“At last, words of wisdom from a Kersh.”

[Scarecrow walks out of the darkness to look at the two men.]

“Mother is beyond all of us in cunning and insight, but there is one arena where she can be foiled.”

[He nods to the ring. Kersh shakes his head once again. He seems more and more resigned to his allies willingness to rush in every week. Lane smirks, this time unabated.]

“Let’s go foil her then. What do we have to lose?”

[He chuckles as he walks through the curtain, “Kashmir” beginning to play. Kersh follows him a moment later, leaving Scarecrow alone to watch the two men.]

“Your lives.”

[Cut to the ring, where the action is about to go down.]


[To say this is a big match would be the understatement of the century. The entire fate of the Earth rests in fragile control of these six competitors. The Founding Fathers face off against Mother, DTR, and Lux Bellator. The bell sounds and this match is underway!!] [Lux Bellator and Mike Lane start off the match. Bellator dances around, waiting for the right time to strike. Mike Lane is not having it and marched straight forward. He locks up with Bellator and uses his size to push the Light Warrior back to the ropes, but Bellator flips himself over, breaking the tie up, and ends up with Lane in a wrist lock, and transitions into a hammerlock. Lux leaps up and lands on Lane’s shoulders, spinning around…] [MODIFIED ARM OF GOD!!] [The armbar is locked in and Lane is clearly feeling the effects, but Brent Kersh breaks the hold with a kick to Bellator’s head!! The ref pushes the Enforcer back, and Bellator quickly makes a tag to DTR. The Virus enters the ring on a mission and stomps on Lane’s fingers as he attempted to climb to his feet! Lane grabs his hand and rolls to his back, while DTR drops a knee to Lane’s head! DTR jumps as high as he can and crashes back to the ring, driving a heavy elbow drop to Lane’s chest! DTR peels Lane from the mat and lifts him…] [REASONABLE DOUBT!!] [He covers quickly…] [One!] [Two!] [THRE…Brent Kersh breaks the pin!] [The ref pushes him back once again. DTR shoots Kersh a dirty look and drags Lane to his own corner. DTR tags Mother who jumps to the second turnbuckle, catapulting herself over and driving a knee into Mike’s chest. She rolls to a knee, and looks across the ring, directly into the eyes of the Scarecrow. He tries to step through the ropes, but the referee pushes him back. Mother grins and pulls Lane to his feet. She throws a flurry of kicks to Lane’s midsection and then, delivers a roundhouse kick to his temple. His eyes roll back and he drops to the canvas. Mother circles him and drops down into a crab walk. Lane slowly gets to his feet…] [CRAB KICK!!] [One!] [Two!] [Thr… Lane kicks out!] [Mother doesn’t like it and pulls Lane up again. He’s stumbling on his feet, but stays up. Mother jumps to the second turnbuckle. She leaps for a knee to Lane’s temple, but…] [DEGENERATION!!] [Lane catches her and delivers the desperation T-Bone Suplex!! It took all the energy Lane had left! Both Mother and Lane are down! Lane crawls towards his corner… Mother does the same…. Lane dives… and tag in Brent Kersh!] [The Enforcer storms into the ring! Lux steps in with no tag, but kersh levels him with a HIGH KNEE!! DTR jumps in too and Kersh tosses him over with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Lux and DTR both roll out of the ring as Kersh turns his attention on Mother. He pulls her up by the hair and throws her into the far ropes… she returns to a Back Body Drop out of the ring!! Kersh stands in the ring, fully in control! He slides out of the ring and grabs Mother, sliding her back in. He follows and lifts her agai…] [BLACK MIST!!] [Brent is blinded! Mother stumbles to her corner and makes a tag to Bellator! He leaps to the top turnbuckle and flies off… HURRICANRANA!! He drives Kersh hard into the mat, and hooks a leg!] [One!] [Two!] [Thre… Kickout!] [Kersh barely kicks out. Bellator kips up and rips Kersh to his feet.] [DEUM LUCEM!!!!] [One!] [Two!] [THRE…. SCARECROW BREAKS THE PIN!] [The ref pushes Crow back. Bellator shakes his head to clear the cobwebs and tags in DTR. He jumps to the top… ] [LIGHTS OUT!!] [BUT NO-ONE IS HOME! Kersh rolled out of the way!! DTR grabs his tailbone as Kersh pulls himself up by the ropes. DTR gets gingerly to his feet as Kersh stalks him… Kersh spins him around…] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!!] [ONE!!] [Mother and Bellator enter the ring!] [TWO!!] [Scarecrow and Lane stop Mother and Lux!] [THREE!] [DTR has been eliminated!] [A cheer goes up from the crowd! The ref does his best to separate everyone. Kersh grabs Mother and spins her around.] [Black Mist!] [Bellator is the legal man!] [DISCIPLE MAKER!!] [Mother springboards and Crossbodies both Lane and Crow!!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!!] [Brent Kersh has been eliminated!] [Mother takes it to Mike Lane as Scarecrow gets slowly to his feet. He looks at Bellator. They circle one another as Lane and Mother fight on the outside. The Hayman and the Light Warrior examine each other, and then crash together in a heavy flurry of fists! The Scarecrow is fresh as this is his first legal time in the match and starts driving Bellator back with heavy uppercuts, then…] [HAYMAKER!!] [Bellator drops like a ton of bricks! But he quickly pops back up!] [BYE BYE BIRDIE!!] [One!] [Two!] [THR…Mother breaks the pin!] [The referee pushes Mother back to her corner. Mike Lane climbs back onto his. Crow peels Lux off the mat, and tries to whip Bellator across the ring, but Lux reverses and whips Scarecrow instead. He bounces off the ropes near Mike Lane and returns…] [DEUM LUCEM!! The Hayman is planted! Bellator turns to pin but…] [SHADOW KICK!!] [Lane made a blind tag when Crow was whipped into the ropes!] [ONE!] [Mother enters the ring!] [TWO!] [Hay to the face!! Scarecrow hits her with The Last Straw from across the ring!] [THREE!!] [Lux Bellator has been eliminated!!] [Mike Lane makes his way to his feet and stares at Mother, the last competitor for the side of Evil. The Scarecrow steps back to the apron. Mother wipes the straw from her face and rushes at Lane. She ducks a clothesline attempt from the Shadow, and leaps onto the ropes and nails Scarecrow with a heavy strong style elbow to the temple! Crow crumples from the apron and falls to the floor! Simultaneously, Mother springs off the second ropes and nails Mike Lane in the temple with a knee! His eyes roll back in his head and he collapses to the mat! Mother jumps on his back and cinches down…] [MOTHER’S EMBRACE!!] [Mike Lane squirms and fights, but he can’t break loose! But he refuses to tap! Instead, he fades away, and the referee says he’s out!] [Mike Lane has been eliminated!] [Mother makes her way to her feet, as Scarecrow climbs back onto the apron. The two stare each other down, The Mother of All and her most dangerous creation. He steps through the rope and the two step towards one another. Mother smiles, and Scarecrow returns a grimace.] [The two crash into one another with heavy blows! Somehow, Mother gets the upper hand and pushes the Hayman back! He rocks back with each shot and bounces into the ropes! She steps back and leaps at Scarecrow! He catches her by the throat!! He lifts her high into the air and walks to the center of the ring!] [BYE BYE BIRDIE!!!] [ONE!] [TWO!!] [THREE!!!] [Scarecrow has done it! The Founding Fathers have defeated their foes! What an amazing match! This war is far from over, but the battle goes to the good!]


[As that amazing match comes to an end, Mother angrily attacks The Scarecrow, running them both over the top rope to the outside. She scratches and claws away at him, violently ripping him to shreds. Lux Bellator meanwhile has Mike Lane slammed against the barricade, delivering fierce shots to his head, busting him wide open.] [And in the ring, Brent Kersh is now kneeling, as DTR slams right hands down across is skull.] [The Virus grabs his head and neck, smiling.]

“Your time here is done,” [he yells.] “Goodbye Brent!”

[Darkness.] [The lights flicker.]

“I wanna be everybody, I wish that I wasn’t me. I was dropped from out of sight, I always land on my feet.”

[Suddenly, the lights return and stood in the ring, opposite DTR and Brent Kersh is a sight to behold.] [And the fans have gone fucking ballistic.] [Phoebe Outlaw!] [She runs over, stepping up Brent Kersh into a massive Shining Wizard to The Virus! DTR flails backwards, falling through the middle rope to the outside. Brent Kersh falls to all fours, barely able to breathe.] [The Scarecrow finally overcomes Mother, just as Mike Lane manages to beat back the tide of Lux Bellator – all three escaping up the entrance ramp as Brent looks up, coming to terms with what’s just happened.] [His daughter’s girlfriend.] [Phoebe Outlaw.] [She’s back, and she just saved him from certain death.] [Kersh slowly gets back up with her help, realizing what she did. He pulls her in close, embracing her with a hug as we cut.]


[Click.] [Rhodes, Zappa and Newton, an unlikely trio had you ever seen one, stand back to back surrounded by the forces of evil – forces controlled by Lee Crowley. The King takes a step back and climbs onto his throne, sat legs apart, smiling at the circumstances these men find themselves in.] [He clicks his fingers and the army step closer, making the gap tighter.]

“Tell me gentlemen, what’s to stop me killing you where you stand?” [He pats the title, and grins.] “I have this, I have my army, I have everything I need. What I don’t need is you.”

[They share a look of concern.]

“Haven’t you noticed something strange, Crowley?” [Edward says confidently.] “Has the infection taken away your ability to feel, or does that Championship not feel a tad bit lighter than it should?”

[Lee looks at the belt, his brow furrowed.] [Rhodes and Zappa immediately turn their heads towards Newton, confused.]

“Now, I could tell you where the real Championship is, but I have a couple of conditions I need met.I just required an audience with the King, without being brutally murdered to suggest them.”

[Lee sneers.] “I’m listening.”

[Edward bravely steps away from Zappa and Rhodes, without even blinking an eye at their incoming peril.]

“First things first, I want to fight,” [he says with an odd sense of bravery.] “I want to fight the King of The Underworld and defeat him. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but no-one has yet to beat me, King Crowley. No-one. Not even you. Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to correct that mistake? Me and you, here, for the OSW World Championship. You open a portal and the first one through it, wins. Should you defeat me, you zip me back to reality and I’ll take you to the title, or die at your hand.”

[He clicks his fingers and a portal opens next to him.] [The King laughs.] “Done. I’ll be glad to allow your hubris to be your undoing, Edward. What’s the second condition?”

“Solomon Rhodes and Captain Zappa,” [Edward says turning to them. In their eyes, you can see the fear.] “They wish to save Bruce Van Chan and LH Harrison from your clutches. They wish to return them to their former bodies and rebirth them into the world. It’s a foolhardy dream should you ask me, but who am I to dictate their idiocy? The second condition is that they fight for their survival, here within this realm, fair and square, versus LH Harrison and Bruce Van Chan. Should they win, you grant both souls return passage to their human form.”

[Again, Crowley clicks. His army disappears into nothing, leaving just Bruce Van Chan, LH Harrison, Solomon Rhodes and Captain Zappa.] [Zappa and Rhodes look at Edward Newton in shock. He didn’t turn his back on them. He didn’t betray them.] [If anything, he saved them.]

“Make it count, gentlemen,” [The World Champion remarks.] “You’ll only get one opportunity.”

[There’s no bell, no referee, no rules.] [Should they remain standing, they’ll win.]


[The Underworld, the first battlefield for the war of OSW and indeed the world itself as the Revenants of Lee Crowley face off against two Chosen Heroes. Can Zappa and Rhodes bring some light back into the fold or will they be snuffed out by the undead themselves?] [The circle of the undead fully enclose all four combatants as Zappa and Rhodes look almost…uneasy at the predicament they find themselves in. The Revenants take full advantage of this slight lasp in concentration, rushing forward as they bum rush both heroes, Van Chan levelling Zappa with a huge Running Dropkick as Harrison drops Rhodes with a Shoutei variation. Bruce lifts Zappa up, pressing him against the wall of undead as he begins punishing the former Chosen One with a series of lefts and rights as Harrison tries to pull Rhodes down into a crossface. The Grand Master powers out, Harrison rolling to his feet as Rhodes gets up, the revenant rushing forward] [FLAPJACK INTO THE WALL OF UNDEAD!] [Harrison’s skull bounces off the shoulder of one of the undead as he stumbles around, dazed right into the hands of Rhodes who picks him up high before driving him into the cold, hard ground with a Stiff DDT! Meanwhile, a huge kneelift drops Zappa to his knees as Van Chan turns his attention to the turning Rhodes] [Solomon rears back with an almighty right hand that barely moves the revenants head, a sickening smile crossing Bruce’s face as he snaps off a headbutt that sends shockwaves of pain down the Grand Master. Bruce hooks him up as he tries to lift him into the air but a knee to the temple forces Van Chan to drop Rhodes, as a leaping enziguri staggers him back…] [MOAB! An almost Backdrop Driver version takes Van Chan out of the fight for the moment as the heroes turn, trying to find Harrison, unaware he’s high above them, having been hoisted up into the air by his fellow undead as he sizes up his enemies for a moment] [MODIFIED DOUBLE FALL OF MAN!] [Rhodes and Zappa get wrecked by the Double Blockbuster, both crashed out on the ground, Harrison helping his fellow revenant to his feet as they turn to the slowly rising heroes, a stiff punt to the jaw sending Rhodes crashing back to the floor as they lift the Captain to his feet. Zappa swings with a wild right that Harrison easily ducks under, before grabbing Zappa under the arms and locking him in a Full Nelson. Bruce steps back a few paces, rushing forward] [SICKENING ROARING ELBOW!] [It hits flush as Zappa’s eyes glaze over for a moment, before he stares directly at Van Chan, almost begging for him to try it again. Bruce doesn’t back up this time but drills Zappa with another elbow regardless, followed by a second, then a third before a huge haymaker causes a huge crack to echo through the underworld. Harrison let’s go of Zappa, who slumps down, almost lifeless for a moment before he slowly raises his head] [SPITTING BLOOD AND A FEW TEETH AT THE REVENANTS!] [Barely concious, Zappa screams out in defiance. ‘That all you get brotha? Come on you pussy, Doctor Sleep hit harder then you’. This statement seems to infuriate Van Chan, who rushes forward with venom in his eyes…] [SUPERKICK! Rhodes out of nowhere with that Superkick, Van Chan collapsing to the ground as Harrison rushes Rhodes, Solomon ducking under a Lariat before drilling him with a Superkick as well, the former Hysteria dropping down to one knee as Rhodes rolls back, sizing Harrison up for a moment before delivering] [DARKWISH! Harrison has to be out as Bruce gets to his feet, trying to bum-rush Rhodes but Zappa grabs him by the shoulder, spinning him around] [LARIAT! The Revenant Van Chan spins in mid-air from the impact as Zappa spits out more blood on the ground, sizing Bruce up for a moment as he springs off a nearby undead, drilling a rising Bruce with a spinning back elbow to the temple!] [DELILAH SAYS GOOD MORNING! Or in Bruce’s case, good night but it’ll take more then one blow to take out a revenant as LH Harrison slowly begins rising to his feet, both heroes exhausted as they look to finally finish the revenants once and for all] [Zappa pulls Harrison to his feet, drilling LH with a series of stiff lefts and rights, before a jaw breaking spinning elbow to the jaw causes black, bile like blood to ooze down the mouth of Harrison. Fury in his eyes, Zappa nails a stiff knee to the solar-plexus, the black bile spitting out onto several of the undead before tossing him across the circle with a huge Belly to Belly] [BLOOD! Rhodes lands a modified Double Stomp in mid-air, sending Harrison crashing to the floor below. Rhodes barely gets off Harrison before being spun around] [LOW BLOW….NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP! Rhodes gets drilled into the floor as Zappa and Van Chan turn to one another, running at full steam] [DOUBLE ROARING ELBOW! Both men get clipped as they collapse to the floor, all four competitors down but not out just yet.] [All four men slowly rise to their feet, Zappa rocking Harrison with a stiff knee to the jaw as he hoists him up onto his shoulders. Before Zappa can do anything, Harrison slips down, gripping Zappa around the head with both hands] [DRIVING HIS….NO! Zappa blocks it and with a surge of strength, SNAPS BOTH HARRISON’S THUMBS! Harrison staggers away in pain as he finds himself being lifted up into the air by the Captain] [LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! A spike Reverse Piledriver nearly cracks Harrison’s neck upon impact as the Revenant collapses to the floor out cold.] [Meanwhile Bruce and Solomon exchange heavy right hands, a stiff uppercut rocking Bruce but he ducks under a wild roundhouse] [GOOD…NO! Rhodes spins out, quickly lifting Van Chan up, DAWN! Bruce is down on his knees as Rhodes rolls back once more] [DARKWISH! The Superkick hits flush but Bruce is still conscious, refusing to lose to these heroes as Rhodes and Zappa lift him up to his feet, a stiff headbutt taking all the fight that was left in the revenant before Zappa hoists him up in the air] [ELEVATED RED CROSS! The Codebreaker hits in mid-air as Van Chan crashes to the floor completely out cold as the heroes have survived!] [Zappa and Rhodes survive this war but they barely get the chance to register the victory before Lee Crowley crashes through the wall of the undead, closely followed by a diving punch from Edward Newton]


[The Riddler has been unstoppable ever since he stepped foot in an OSW ring but he’s never been involved in anything truly deathly like tonight against the King of the Underworld himself. Will Newton do the impossible and beat the King at his own game or has he walked into a trap even he can’t outmaneuver?] [Newton lands flush with the diving punch, the Riddler rains down lefts and rights, each punch breaking flesh as thin streams of blood begin to flow down the flesh of Crowley, who simply mocks Newton with hideous laughter echoing throughout the halls of the underworld. Slightly disturbed, Newton pauses for a moment before throwing a right hook that gives Lee time to rear forward] [BITING DOWN ON NEWTON’S HAND! Newton pulls back in pain, scrambling to his feet as Lee spits out a glob of blood and flesh on the floor, beckoning the World Champion forward. Newton rushes forward with a right hand that Crowley easily catches, twisting Newton’s arm with a twist as the Riddler screams in pain before hooking it behind his back] [LIFTING HIM UP AND DRIVING HIM INTO THE GROUND WITH A BACKDROP SUPLEX! Newton screams in pain as he crashes right down onto his arm, it’s floppy and limp hanging down by Newton’s body. Newton tries to shake out the agony, trying to crawl to his feet as Lee lifts one foot up] [AND STOMPS RIGHT DOWN ON THE BAD ARM!] [A loud, audible crack can be heard as that stomp may well have broken Newton’s fucking arm right there! The attack only seems to have angered Newton thou, as he bounds to his feet, attacking Lee with everything he’s got. Kicks, elbows, punches, but an errant right hand proves too much as the sheer pain forces Newton down to one knee. Lee licks away blood from the corner of his lip before rushing forward] [AND NEARLY TAKING NEWTON’S HEAD OFF WITH THE CHELSEA GRIN! The Spinning Hook Kick nearly knocks Newton out cold, his eyes going glassy but Crowley isn’t done] [He pulls Newton to his feet, drilling him with savage knees that lift the smaller man up with each delivered before gripping Newton by the throat as he begins dragging him towards the unbreakable steel gates. Lee tosses Newton into them, the Riddler hitting the steel back first as Crowley rushes forward] [SHOCK THERAPY! SPEAR RIGHT INTO THE STEEL GATES and that may well have broken Newton’s back as well with that force. But Lee isn’t done, a sadistic smile upon his face as he revels in the pain he’s causing the Riddler. Newton barely able to fight back as he slowly forces himself up to one knee, Crowley dropping down, as he grips Newton by the back of the head with monstrous insane strength] [BEFORE DRIVING NEWTON HEAD FIRST INTO THE STEEL BARS! Lee slams Newton’s face into the steel over and over again, the Riddler’s glasses shatter and break, blood begins pouring down Newton’s face as Lee looks like he’s trying to murder the world champion here. Newton falls limp as Lee finally stops the punishment, dragging Newton away from the gates as the pair walk through them right before Lee lifts Newton up almost effortlessly] [POWERBOMB! LEE POWERBOMBS NEWTON RIGHT INTO THE BLOOD RIVER! This may be the end for the World Champion, who sinks like a stone beyond the depths as a sadistic, almost inhuman laugh echoes from the Mad King, shaking his head before walking towards his throne and the portal beyond. But Lee barely gets more then a feet feet away before he’s stopped] [BY A TIE WRAPPING AROUND HIS ANKLE! Crowley can’t believe it as he turns around to see Newton slowly pulling himself up out of the blood river. His smile turning to a scowl, Lee walks back over to Newton only to get a FACE FULL OF BLOOD! Lee staggers back blind, as Newton pulls himself out of the river, rushing forward as he spears Lee into the steel gates!] [Crowley drops to one knee, Newton delivering a teeth breaking kick to the jaw before pulling the tie of his ankle and wrapping it around his broken arm. His once green suit now blood red from the river, his glasses shattered, and a half broken man Newton may be but he won’t stop fighting as he slowly walks towards the throne] [Lee gets to his feet, trying to stop Newton but the Riddler is ready as they fire off heavy hands, an exchange Crowley should get the better of but Newton is furious, as his anger allows him to overpower the Mad King, even with one hand. A huge right staggers Lee back as Newton slips his left hand into his suit pocket, pulling out the brass knuckles] [BEFORE HAMMERING DOWN HAYMAKERS ONTO LEE’S SKULL! The left hands bust Crowley wide open, black bile flowing down Crowley’s face. Newton tosses aside the dented knuckles before pulling the fallen Crowley up to his feet and tossing his head under his left arm] [NEVER…CROWLEY JABS THE BROKEN ARM! Newton lets go of Lee in pain before a stiff as fuck headbutt stuns the Riddler, Lee fish-hooks Newton, leaping up off his throne as Newton staggers around] [HIDEOUS….NEWTON KEEPS HOLD OF THE THRONE AS LEE SLAMS HARD BACK FIRST! Crowley impacts with a thud, an audible cry of agony echoing from the Mad King as he’s lifted up off his feet] [NEVERMIND! RIGHT ONTO THE THRONE! But Newton’s not done, lifting Crowley up once more] [A SECOND NEVERMIND!] [A THIRD! Lee is left in a pool of, his own blood, unconcious and maybe even possibly as deceased as the rest of his subjects. Breathing heavily, covered in blood and in tremendous pain, Edward Newton is none the less the last one standing as he slowly climbs off the throne, walking towards the portal behind it. The Riddler stands not two steps away, staring deeply into the portal, as he readies himself to step inside but something stops him, as he simply stands, looking into the black abyss.]


[Edward Newton stands facing the Portal.] [Why hasn’t he gone through?] [He turns, looking back at Solomon Rhodes and Captain Zappa.] [By God, Edward Newton is going to ensure that he saves them first. He quickly turns, nailing Crowley with a Clothesline as he gets back to his feet. Edward rushes towards the throne. What a turnaround for the World Champion.] [But wait a minute, he grabs the Book of The Damned and the Old School Wrestling World Championship!] [He looks at Rhodes and Zappa, smiling, before darting back towards the fucking portal! Are you kidding me?] [Edward leaps through it, winning the match!] [The portal immediately closes, leaving Solomon and Zappa stranded in the Underworld!] [Both men look at each other, their faces a picture of absolute shock and awe – before turning to meet the Revenants and the undead Army behind them.] [What the fuck has Edward Newton done?] [He’s stolen the Book and taken back his Championship, but at what cost?] [The army of the damned back Solomon Rhodes and Captain Zappa towards the edge of a rocky cliff, penning them in with no other option but to succumb, or jump to their grizzly end.] [They share a glance.] [A breath.] [Cut.]



“There’s a train comin’, rollin’ down the track, comin’ to take me home.”

[The voice of a disturbed, dishevelled and exhausted Chief sings meekly amongst the pitch black darkness. He lays flat on his back, dried blood around his mouth and nose, his shirt dirty and unkempt. There’s bags under his eyes, his face a gaunt reminder of the damage done to him inside this cage.] [Suddenly, Noah appears, standing over him.]

“You didn’t answer me,” [The Chief complains.] “Why wouldn’t you answer me, Noah? [He asks, panicked, having been left alone inside the darkness.] “I’ve been calling you for days.”

[Noah shrugs.] “You don’t believe, do you Chief?”

[His eyes wince, us seeing the young boy through his perspective.]

“Believe in what?”

[The boy rolls his eyes.]

“The end of the world, silly. You don’t believe in God’s plan, do you? But you see, this is destiny. It’s been foretold across galaxies, across universes, across timelines far, wide and infinite.”

[He pauses.]

“Don’t you believe me?”

[The Chief grunts.] “No, I don’t believe you. God wouldn’t want this, kid. He wouldn’t want to see the world destroyed and rebuilt. If we’re his creation, he wouldn’t abandon us in such a way.”

[Noah laughs.]

“He hasn’t abandoned you, he’s liberating you. People are festering pustules of greed, sin and despair, Chief. Here, there and everywhere. I’m here to save you all from yourselves. I know you don’t think that the world will end. I know you don’t believe in me. My daddy told me so. But here, take my hand, I’ll show you.”

[The boy reaches down, and The Chief reluctantly reaches out, grasping on to his small hand.]

“Show me what?” [He asks.]

“The end of the world.”

[A white flash.] [Cut.]