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A crack of thunder.

Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Men dressed in Greek armour ransack the level of Agora, pulling apart market stalls and dwellings, searching high and low.

Ares stands front and centre, arms folded, watching as the chaos unfolds before his very eyes.

Civilians desperately try to protest against their treatment, and those that do are quickly thrown to the ground and intimidated.

Suddenly, an officer of the APD arrives on scene, holding something in his hands.

He passes it to Ares, who looks over it.

It reads:


“Watch the dictator die.”


 “Fuck,” The Bodyguard says, crumpling the poster and screwing it up into a ball. “Where did you find it?”

“I rushed here from the Slums, sir,” he says, breathlessly. “It took hours but officers are finding them all over The Bleak. I passed one of your guards on the stairs and he said they’d found some on Administration too.”

Ares face grows in rage.

“I want you to get back to Administration and search all printing facilities,” he demands. “Someone down there must be printing these. There’s no unauthorized printing in Arcadia; Zeus implemented that long ago. Someone must be facilitating these and we need to stop it. Take some of my men and find out what’s happening.”

The officer nods as Ares men approach and they all leave together, heading out on a search of Administration as Arcadia is left in disarray.

Yet still, they’re no closer to finding Zeus.


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Tonight Narcissa Balenciaga takes on Drexl. Can the Designer overcome the carnage or will the Perverse Shark feed well? 

The bell sounds as Narcissa rushes forward, taking Drexl by surprise with a flying knee to the jaw before flipping over his back and landing a neckbreaker. Drexl slowly staggers to his feet as Narcissa rushes to the ropes but he ducks underneath the High Fashion attempt, bouncing off the ropes himself as he tumbles forward, and nearly takes her head clean off with the SPEED DIAL Rolling Clothesline.

Narcissa goes down hard as Drexl backs up, before delivering that Hippie Flip Running Senton right to the exposed sternum, not once, not twice but three times the 220+ pounds of Big Slim comes crashing down onto Narcissa. With a satisfied grin on his face, Drexl pulls Narcissa up to her feet, lifting her up onto his shoulders as he looks to take the Designer for a little Booty Call.

But Balenciaga manages to flip out, leaping up as Drexl turns around right into the High Fashion! Drexel stumbles up to his feet into some Silk Perfection as he gets headscissored onto the bottom rope. Narcissa sizes him up for a moment before rushing forward, running up Drexl’s back before nailing him with a Tiger Feint Kick along the CATWALK!

Drexl stumbles up to one knee, his eyes glazed over as Narcissa leaps onto the apron, sizing up Drexl before springboarding off right into the IOU! Superkick knocks Narcissa right out of the air as Drexl flops down onto her unconcious body for the one…two…three!!!

The Perverse Shark picks up the victory here tonight, Narcissa might have had the speed advantage but Drexl only needed one move to be the top of the food chain. 


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Deep within the Slums of Arcadia are we treated to the sight of broken doors, damaged walls, and a plethora of injured people who have found themselves thrown from their homes by Ares and his men in a desperate search for any sign of the Baron. Amongst the ransacking is The Burned Man, the former hero tending to some of the wounded.

“This’ll sting.” He speaks dryly, treating a man’s wound with anti-septic before bandaging it up and sending him on his way. Burned Man looks out at the warpath Ares’ men left, shaking his head before standing up and moving onto the next person, helping the poor citizens of the Slums one after the other.

However, amidst the commotion, we see the former hero slip away, heading off towards the corner of the Slums, moving with intent as he comes across the place he was looking for. A ramshackle old booth, a sign sitting atop reading ‘SPARE PARTS‘ in old worn paint. Burned Man sighs, moving behind the booth and rummaging around.

“They ain’t gonna miss it. Maybe one of Ares’ boys took it.” He talks to himself, clearly trying to convince himself to through with it as he grabs a bag, taking a deep breath before filling it with replacement parts. We may not be able to identify them, but it’s clear to Burned Man what they’re for.

He stands up, looking around himself before exiting the scene with his ill-gotten gains. He shakes his head, clearly unhappy with his choices.

“Anything for Faith. Anything.”


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El Mariachi Muerte walks through Agora, the marketplace of Arcadia. The world has been turned upside down and upended since the disappearance of Zeus, but none of these people know that. All they know is that the Pantheon’s thugs have torn apart their worlds.

But for EMM, it’s more than that.

A dreadful silence hangs in the air.

It’s a concerto, but not one of rhythmic chatter and bursting livelihood. Now, it’s a Concerto of Silence, an eerie performance composed by one disdainful hand.

Dr. Death.

Meatmongers, once boisterous narrators of catchy ditties, stand quiet. Their usual thumping of fresh catch on wooden stalls, such lively drumbeats of Arcadia’s ongoing symphony, now still.

They symbolize the first movement of Dr. Death’s concerto, a silence that hits EMM like a gut punch.

Next, the fruit vendors— his melody-makers, whose theatrical calls once echoed through Agora’s corridors. Today, their vibrant voices are missing, a noticeable vacuum sucking away the warmth in EMM’s heart.

The second movement; broad, silent strokes that whip fury in him, a grinding crescendo of loathing for Dr. Death.

The strings of his concerto—the weavers, their looms now lying idle. The once-strong presence of rhythmic whirring that echoed like a comforting harmonious refrain is now a stark absence.

Remember his guitar, EMM brushes his fingers over the rotting wood, each unnerving silence pushing him further into cold fury.

Street performers, the robust percussionists of Agora, are left listless. They are stilled now, the drummers, the dancers, the acrobats; sitting like statues. A flutist holds his instrument in a relentless grip, but no tune comes from it. EMM’s heart twists painfully at the sight.

The percussion, silent.

Agora is now a ghost market. Arcadia is shrouded in a deathly silence that’s not just invasive but harshly deliberate.

Dr. Death has broken The Music.

This Concerto of Silence unveils a picture of a city shrouded in mute fear. This is not the Arcadia he knows.

His world, an orchestra now robbed of its harmony.

But a realization dawns as he looks around, chilling him to his core— he’s alone amidst this disquieting silence.

Only he who recognizes La Musica can know when it has been destroyed. It’s a silence that not only pervades but invades, spreading like a mournful fog.

With every beat of his corazón, EMM hears pleading from the very foundations of Arcadia. A call that demands a response.

A challenge.

This deathly Concerto of Silence must meet its requiem.

And at Odyssey, it will.

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Tonight, we have Dr. Death vs Aarman Fidel! Will Fidel be able to show he can perform with the best or will Dr. Death prove why he’s champ? We find out now!

DING! DING! Aarman charges and hits a stiff clothesline to Dr. Death! Fidel blows a kiss to Nurse Frighengale in the cheek instead of ways! Dr. Death kips up and blasts Fidel with a hard forearm strike! Dr. Death Irish whips Fidel towards the corner! Fidel reverses the whip! Dr. Death leaps to the top rope and nails a moonsault to the standing Fidel out of nowhere!

Dr. Death holds on for the cover! One! Two! Thr-no! Fidel gets the shoulder up! Death backs into the corner waiting for Fidel to get back up! Fidel gets up and Death goes for CODE BLUE! No! Fidel holds on to the legs and falls backward! He turned that sunset flip attempt into a facebuster!

Fidel backs into the corner himself! He’s calling for Death to get up! Death is pulling himself up! Fidel charges! Spear- No! Death hits a quick knee strike to a charging Fidel! Death is charging towards the ropes! Handspring-No! ARROW OF GREED AND DESIRE! Fidel nails the spear to a prone upside-down Dr. Death!

Fidel makes the cover! One! Two! Thr-no! Kick out by the champ! Fidel is pulling Dr. Death up but a scorpion kick catches Fidel by surprise! He’s rocked and Death grabs the arm! He jumps! Destino-no! Fidel holds on and starts to spin! Spinning powerslam? No! Death slips out and is behind Fidel! He locks in the million dollar dream and brings Fidel to the mat in a grapevine! ANESTHESIA! FIDEL CAN’T ESCAPE AND HE TAPS OUT!

Dr. Death has done it and proven why he’s the world champ against a very game Aarman Fidel!


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The Mortuary.

Igor Mortis and Tombstone stand in a darkened room, an inferno burning beside them. It’s the crematorium and Tombstone doesn’t look thrilled to be there.

Fire,” he mutters. “You know I’m not one for the fire and flame, Igor.”

“That may need to change,” he says sternly. “I’ve been looking into a way to reverse immortality.”

Tombstone folds his arms.

“Leave Drewitt to me, Igor,” the Ferryman suggests.

Igor shakes his head.

“What’re you going to do, talk him to death?” The Mortuary owner remarks with a sinister smile. Tombstone grunts. “The time for talking is soon over, son.”

Igor slams shut the furnace door.

“I think we can restore the balance of the universe, but doing so will be violent, dangerous and beyond the scope or scale of anything we’ve ever had to do,” he admits.

Tombstone nods.

“An extreme situation calls for extreme measures,” he agrees.

“I’m glad you agree because you must do this. You’re going to find it uncomfortable, perhaps even horrifying.”

That makes him tilt his head – curiously.

“But if you’re successful and it works, Drewitt will return to one of two states; dead, or alive. He’ll no longer linger between the two as he does now. There’re strange days ahead, dear boy. This won’t be easy or simple.”

They share a look.


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Deathrow’s new Warden starts off its new generation by facing off Deathrow’s newest artist.




Deathrow’s new Warden is as brutal as ever as he lays down boots on one of the newest inmates. Blood pours from Redgrave’s nose!


Jasper leaps up and fires away with a massive elbow that puts Max over the top rope onto the apron! He joins Meadows and hangs him on the rope!



The Warden looks unconscious already but Redgrave isn’t done as he looks to paint a terrible picture! He peels Max up and whips him head first into the steel steps! Max hits the floor like a ton of bricks!

Redgrave goes to peel him up-


He grabs Jasper and hits a German Suplex that throws him neck first into the iron bars surrounding them! He peels Jasper back up and flings the smiling artist into the ring!



Max cements his authority here tonight as he takes down Jasper Redgrave!


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While throughout Arcadia, forces work tirelessly to ransack every corner in search of Zeus, a secretive undisclosed location still shows signs of life. While the riotous rabble can be heard from outside the walls, a seemingly abandoned warehouse area is where we find Colt Ramsey.

Heading down a flight of stairs leading from a trapdoor in the concrete floor, Colt finds a room where a printing press is busy churning through pages as it compiles a newspaper and spits a single copy out. Colt picks up the paper, and we catch a glimpse of the headline that is plastered across the front page.

‘Narcissa Balenciaga – An Uprising of Suspicions’

While Colt reads through his article and observes the copy of the People’s Voice, a figure steps out from behind the control panel of the printing press.

“Are you sure Colt?” The figure asks of the Journo. “Once we print this, there is no going back. There’s some serious accusations in there, and we don’t have the proof to back it up. This will truly signal her Fall from Grace.”

Colt lowers the newspaper, handing it over to the man.

“It’s perfect. Usually, I’d like to dot all my i’s and cross all my t’s before printing this type of article, but when nobody has any information about something you know in your heart to be true… that in itself is proof enough. In here, I lay out who I think she truly is.”

The man breathes deeply, sighing in exhale.

“I’m just not sure the people will see it that way…” His attention trails off as the riotous noise of the ransacking outside seems to grow louder for a moment. “But the people need answers at least.”

No sooner had the man put the newspaper back down, he is blindsided by the incoming swing of a steel pipe. It catches him in the back of the head and he drops instantly, blood pooling around him. From behind him, Colt feels arms grab him and hold him in place. He’s helpless, but his eyes show nothing but resolve even as Narcissa herself steps into the light, shaking her head.

“I told you to let it go Colt, now look what has happened. I never wanted this, but there are some accusations you make about me that we just cannot have people speculating about.” She picks up the newspaper, casting her eyes down the page. “We have enough anarchy going on right now without you fuelling the fires of those outside seeking information about the Uprising. What do you think they would do if this article came to light?”

She draws close to Colt, brushing her hand down his cheek.

“Do you really want to see me hurt?”

She turns on her heel, stepping away from the printing press and tossing the newspaper onto the ground. She clicks her fingers and the two men she had brought with her step into action, taking the steel pipe to the printing press itself.

“Destroy it, burn every copy that has been printed so far… And make damned sure nothing else has the chance of seeing the light of day.”

As she leaves, she turns back to Colt.

“We need to settle this once and for all, in the ring. If you cannot see things my way, perhaps I can beat some sense into you?”

Colt’s protests fall on deaf ears as the men busy themselves with destroying the printing press while Narcissa steps away unseen into the night.


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The hunt is on as Jackson Cade takes on Luther Grim, but who will end up as prey?

Cade charges at Grim, not looking to waste a moment as he connects with a hard kick twice over…but is met with a hard right hand by the Hunter in retaliation! This gives Grim an opening that he looks to exploit, pulling Cade in before connecting with a nasty clothesline!

Grim stays on the attack with some stomps on the fallen Perseus, finally bringing Cade back to his feet just so he can hoist the officer onto his shoulders for the torture rack! THE HARVEST…is not bountiful however, as Cade manages to slip out just in the nick of time!

Cade is fighting back with everything he’s got now, sending the Hunter reeling back before he whips Grim to the ropes…and on the rebound, connects with a gorgeous slingblade that drops Grim to the canvas! BREACH AND CLEAR! Grim is down as Cade goes for the cover! ONE! TWO! NO!

Grim is not prepared to go down like that as he gets to his feet, egging Cade on as Jackson leaps at Grim with a superkick! HOSTILE–NO! Luther evades it, hitting the ropes for momentum before nailing Cade with a spear! GREAT PURSUIT! Grim makes the cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Jackson Cade ends up being the prey to Luther Grim’s predator when the dust settles!


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We find ourselves once more inside the once bustling Eden club, but this night it is a ghost town. Deserted, the usual bright lights and throbbing music replaced with silence. A solitary figure sits upon a stage in the club, his head resting in his hands. Aarman Fidel. He lifts his head only as the presence of a second figure captures his attention, looking up to see Gemini herself gliding across the deserted dancefloor towards him. His eyes narrow as she approaches.

“You have some nerve.” He speaks through gritted teeth. “You expect me to crumble and break at the loss of a few patrons? What is broken can be rebuilt. I’ve built an empire out of ashes and I will do it again.”

Gemini smiles, her tongue darting in an out of her mouth as she looks her competition over.

“I don’t expect anything from you… yet.”

Fidel looks a little confused by this, tilting his head a little at the sentiment.

“Why then?” He asks, almost not wanting to hear her answer. “Why set your plagues on everybody and spare me? Do you think toying with me will break my sprit?”

Gemini says nothing, still inspecting her foe, noticing the resolve in his spirit.

“I know this much. You did not become the one calling the shots around here without a little backbone. Last week was merely a message. That there is nothing you can do about it, and fight as you will, it is inevitable. I will take Eden from you.”

Fidel rises, fists clenched.

“Over my dead body.”

Nergal smiles again, as if the sentence is music to her ears.

“As you wish.”

She opens her mouth, unnaturally wide. From within her, a cloud erupts, swarming Fidel’s entire body. He screams as the swarm starts biting him from head to toe, but Gemini calmly speaks over his protests.

“I know what Eden is. The empire behind the curtain. The very cesspool that would thrive in an… expanded market. The very place I seek to call home.”

As quickly as it had come, the swarm dissipates, leaving Aarman lying on his back, covered in nasty red bite marks. Gemini picks up one remaining flea from the swarm, eating it before speaking again.

“I don’t expect you to back down. But things progress rather rapidly from here. Your lymph nodes will swell, your organs will begin shutting down. One by one.”

She laughs, a wheezing cackle.

“By next week, you may be ready to give me what I want or this pestilence will consume you. Either way, I am going to enjoy every second of watching you suffer. And one way or another, Eden will have a new ruler. Enjoy your week, for it may very well be your last.”


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The Doom Factory

With a large vat now built inside the Doom Factory, Stubbins Doom stands on a balcony above, looking over it. He watches as dangerous almost luminous green looking chemicals are poured in by large machines.

Workers are wearing gas masks to protect themselves from the toxic fumes steaming off the pour.

Doom though, isn’t protecting himself at all.

And before long, even at that distance, the chemical effects begin playing havoc with his mind.

A vision of himself appears floating before him.

“You need to stop this,” Doom warns himself.

Suddenly, Scissors appears next to the vision of Doom, both floating in the air.

“No, you don’t,” he says with a sinister soft tone.

“Can’t you see what he’s doing?” Doom pleads with himself. “He wants you to build it. Don’t you know why?”

Stubbins doesn’t reply.

“I want you to build it because if you do, you’ll find the better version of Arcadia,” Scissors retorts.

“That’s a lie,” Doom roars back angrily. “Don’t go any further, Doctor. Don’t you do it. This beast cannot be trusted. He’s a monster.”

Scissors chuckles.

“You wanted to go on an Odyssey to help me find the best most dominant version of myself,” he reminds Doom. “Don’t you want to help me?”


“Don’t you?”

“Don’t do it, Doctor.”



“Stop this.”


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It is a matchup of epic proportions as Arcadia’s stoic Ferryman of the Dead does battle with the recently dispatched Hephaestus’ creation, TEC! Will it be a case closed for the Robo-Detective or will Tombstone bury the Mech? 

The bell sounds and we’re off to the races as Tombstone looks to use his more agile frame hitting a series of Fingertip Uppercuts to the metal jaw of TEC – THE FERRYMAN’S KNOCK! Gets no reaction from the Automaton, as the Bot reacts by backstepping and hitting a Superkick – DECISIVE EVIDENCE – staggers Tombstone! 

The Robo-Cop looking to press its advantage goes for a Butterfly Suplex. However, The Ferryman counters wrapping his arms around TEC, lifting him up in a Bearhug as Tombstone has – A SOUL TO CARRY! We hear the servos of TEC whine as Tombstone applies the pressure yet The Automaton escapes by Bell Clapping his metal hands around the skull of The Ferryman. 

TEC slips behind the dazed Tombstone hitting a Bridging Tiger Suplex – SYSTEM CRASH – but The Courier of the Dead kicks out before the count even gets started! TEC and Tombstone both get back to a vertical base while staring holes into each other.     

The Automaton moves first looking to send the Ferryman into the ropes but Tombstone counters with a Short-Arm Bossman Slam – YOU CAN’T RUN FROM THE FERRYMAN! Tombstone steps back setting up TEC as the Bot gets to its feet, Goozle – No!  The Automaton counters – Wrist Clutch Fisherman’s Brainbuster – CASE CLOSED – NO – THE FERRYMAN SLIPS OUT – HEART PUNCH – SOUL TAKER, HITTING THE REST BUTTON DROPPING TEC! Tombstone into the cover… ONE… TWO… THREE!  

Tombstone manages to shut the metaphorical coffin on the Automaton after seesaw battle!   


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To most people, the headquarters of the Arcadia Police Department are impenetrable.

But Jinx is not most people.

She slides gracefully through the shadows, slipping past unaware guards with the ease of a phantom. With all the commotion going on with Zeus’s disappearance, APD has been damn near emptied in looking for him.

Her fingers dance across the touchpad of a tablet strapped to her arm, eyes scanning the digital copy of the building plan.

Moving lithely, she blends with the dull-blue shadows, the soft hum of servers and halogen bulbs being the only things piercing the silence.

Soon, she is before the mainframe, a web of neon-blue flickers sprawling before her eyes. She links up to it, her fingers flying across the keyboard in a rhythm only she understands.

“Okay. What do you know about Grimskull, Harold Attano, and this Scissors guy,” she murmurs to herself, about to delve into whatever the APD has on her opponents tonight when…


In the stillness of the night, the sound of shattering metal is deafening, followed by the spawn of needle-thin sparks as her screen goes black.



He’s here.

Luther Grim steps forth from the shadows, the sneer on his weathered face outmatched only by the gleam on his jagged spear.

“Never lost sight of my prey,” he announces, his voice a low growl.

Jinx swivels around on her stool, unsure of her next step.

This wasn’t part of the plan.

Of all the places in Arcadia, she hadn’t accounted for Grim tracking her down in the heart of the APD. Yet, before she can process the turn of events, an unexpected savior arrives.

“Hands up, motherfucker!”

Lights flare, illuminating the room in lurid flashes as multiple APD officers storm in, guns drawn and ready.

Jinx glances at Grim, who stands unwavering, as though daring the officers to make the first move.

That moment is all she needs.

Using the wall for momentum, she springs forward in an impressive wall jump. Nimbly, she soars over Grim’s head, then ducks through the surprised officers’ legs.

Grim, on the other hand, meets the approaching officers with brute force. With a whirl of his deadly spear, he knocks them out cold, their bodies crumpling to the ground like ragdolls.

Seeing that Jinx is gone, he pauses, a predatory grin plays on his lips. Leaving the unconscious officers behind, he strides out – the thrill of the hunt once again igniting inside him.

Jinx may have evaded him tonight, but Luther Grim isn’t one to give up on his prey.

He was much closer tonight than last week. Next time, he’ll be that much closer.

Soon, she won’t be able to run.

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Grimskull stands in the Slums, having just finished addressing his followers, following the recent raids of the slums in search of Zeus. He steps back into an area away from the crowd, a short sigh escaping his mouth.

But he has no time to think, as out of nowhere, he’s hit to the ground. It’s Vision.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Grimskull sputters. “Surely you know you can’t win here.”

Vision stands over the fallen Grimskull.

“I don’t intend to wage a full war here, Grimskull. I don’t need to win the war to win the battle.”

Grimskull smirks slightly.

“And you think taking me out will win the battle?” he asks. “There are others here that would take over from me the second my corpse hit the floor. You’d never be safe.”

Vision brandishes a long knife from a sheath under his robe and swipes towards Grimskull.

“I don’t even need to win the battle, Preacher. I just need one moment to get ahead of the curve.”

Vision’s swipe misses, as Grimskull tries to scramble to his feet. Vision kicks him back to the floor. Vision mounts the fallen preacher and slashes at him some more, barely missing each time.

After a struggle, Vision clasps the knife in both hands and plunges it down, right into the neck of Grimskull!


…Grimskull pulled his head off! Vision only stabbed where his neck WOULD have been.

And after that lucky escape, a few of preacher’s men stumble upon the scene. Vision, aware of their presence, and his decreased chance of success, retreats quickly, leaving Grimskull to gather himself, popping his head back onto his shoulders with a crack.


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The Singing Death takes on a man who seems to escape it at every step, as El Mariachi Muerte takes on Drewitt!

Muerte rushes at the big man, hitting a flurry of offense that culminates in a dropkick, sending the Explorer into the corner! Muerte charges straight ahead, only for Drewitt to evade at the last second before he sends the Singing Death hurdling over the top rope and to the outside!

Drewitt pursues his foe as he steps out of the ring, looking to further the damage with a couple stomps before bringing Muerte back on his feet…only to send him careening with the steel steps! Drewitt reaches down to grab Muerte…who rolls under the apron and out of harm’s way!

Muerte escapes just far enough to get to the other side of the steps as Drewitt gives chase once again…but Muerte hops onto the apron, looking for a hurricanrana on the big man! NO! Muerte takes a powerbomb to the floor instead as Drewitt rolls himself back into the ring!

Muerte struggles to get back in the ring, but narrowly avoids Drewitt’s grasp before hitting the ropes for a springboard lungblower! THE LAST–NO! Drewitt stops him, hoisting him up for an impact DDT! SIGHTSEER…and he follows it up with a chokeslam right after! ARDUOUS JOURNEY! Drewitt covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Despite El Mariachi Muerte’s best efforts, Drewitt seems to escape death once more!


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Arcadia has found itself in a time of great chaos, and The Shark Tank is no exception as we see patrons being questioned. In the midst of all this, we see one officer of the APD not focused on the immediate search for Zeus…instead, we find TEC making its way down a corridor to a door at the very end, a nameplate revealing whose office we’ve stumbled across.


TEC knocks on the door with some force, which swings open slightly as a gruff looking man motions for the Automaton to enter, and TEC is immediately greeted with a chuckle coming from the Head Shark himself.

“Have you come to inquire about the location of the Baron, my dear fellow…or do we have other business to attend to?”

TEC slowly nods in acknowledgement, reaching into its compartment to pull out the pair of credits given to it days prior down in The Marketplace, along with a few trinkets from other Arcadians in debt to Drexl.

“It took some time to get transport this carefully,” states the Automaton matter of factly, handing the goods over to the guard who then approaches Drexl with the collection. “It is all here as you requested, however.”

Drexl smiles in delight as he looks over the treasures being handed to him…until he notices that something is off, his eyes narrowing with suspicion as he stares TEC down.

“Something’s missing here, I can sense it. Have all my debtors paid in full?”

TEC takes a moment to process the inquiry, responding in kind with a statement of fact.

“There was one shopkeeper who could only pay what he had. He called it a token payment, on good faith.”

Drexl stares the Automaton down some more before scoffing at the notion, shaking his head.

“Oh, I know about ol’ Skarsgard. The man is terribly behind on his payments, my friend…a delinquent, if you will.”

Drexl follows up on this with a heavy sigh as he places the goods on his desk.

“I will accept his payment as such, but I’m afraid this doesn’t bode well for our agreement.”

TEC struggles to process this response, looking as confused as a machine possibly could as Drexl just smirks.

“I’m afraid a failure to procure full payment from my debtors means that our agreement is null and void,” he states, motioning for the guard to show TEC the door. “And I’m afraid that I simply cannot find you the answers you seek, not if you’re going to fail on your end of the bargain.”

With this, TEC is strongly directed to leave the office…and despite its power to fight back, the Automaton ends up complying with the request as the door is slammed in its face. Somewhere deep down, something is processing inside the Automaton…a strong need to do something about what Drexl has just done to it.

But what?


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The Clinic.

Inside his sterile, brightly lit domain, Dr. Death methodically checks his work.

His tuneless humming fills the space as Nurse Frightengale finishes cleaning her hands, stained from today’s gruesome operation. Their patient, a frail man, lies on the cold operating table, swaddled in gory bandages.

His life, ironically, saved.

“Mister Ritson,” Dr. Death begins. “How do you feel?”

Ritson merely groans, but offers a slight thumbs up.

“Good.” The Luchadoc says. “That will be $10,000 credits. Unmarked, if you will.”

The struggling patient points to a briefcase he brought in with him. With a nod, Dr. Death seems to dismiss him, not even sparing a glance as the man tries to get up to leave.

His gloves come off with a snap, amplifying the echo of his resumed tune. Once the gloves hit the bin, an eerie quiet descends, consuming the room and the tune’s remnants.

Coming forth, Nurse Frightengale hands him a book.

The worn leather and yellowing pages suggest its age, giving off a resemblance of primitive civilization within the modern, cold clinic.

Dr. Death flips the book open.

Aged and faded song sheets gaze back at him, each one a desolate testament to a melody once alive, now lost. Intertwined with these are images of rugged Mariachis, their faces as melodious as the songs.

Among them, the crossed-out picture of a retired mariachi stands out like a chilling elegy.

The very same retired Mariachi killed by Dr. Death prior to Ring of Dreams.

The very same retired Mariachi who visited El Mariachi Muerte in a vision.

Dr. Death chuckles, his voice echoing in the room, dancing on the edge of madness and triumph.

“Frightengale?” he queries. “I’ve taken the World Championship. I’ve broken The Music.”

Revolving slightly, his gaze meets Nurse Frightengale’s.

A nod.

“So, what do I do for an encore?” He asks now, his voice a mixture of casualness and pure, deadly excitement.

The question hangs in the air as he flips pages again. When he stops, his eyes are locked on a picture.

El Mariachi Muerte.

“He’s coming.” Frightengale whispers.

“I know.” Death answers.

Silence once again swallows the Clinic whole— an anticipative silence, an overture to the music of dread that is yet to be played.

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We have a huge six man tag here tonight as intelligence, depravity and youth go head to head against experience, insanity and pain.

The bell sounds as Blacktooth and Attano start off for their teams, Blacktooth surprising Attano with a hooking elbow to the gut before trying to throw Attano across the ring. Harold hooks the ropes, stopping his momentum before pulling down the ropes as Blacktooth rushes forward


Blacktooth lands hard on the outside, slowly stumbling up to his feet as Attano rushes forward, sliding underneath the ropes as he delivers a stiff Baseball Slide to the jaw of Blacktooth. The Devil slams hard back first into the barricade as Attano slides onto the apron, sizing up Blacktooth for a moment


Blacktooth cries out in pain as Attano keeps on him, driving him down into the concrete with a flurry of kicks to the chest, each blow driving the Devil into the barricade before he lifts him up by the back of the head and throws him back into the ring. Attano slides in after Blacktooth, sizing up the slowly rising Devil who gets up to his knees before rushing forward

SILENCE….NO! Blacktooth manages to duck underneath the running elbow, Attano nearly staggering into the ropes as he turns around right into a kick to the gut


Blacktooth spikes Attano into the mat out of nowhere as Mr Nobody looks stunned on the mat, Blacktooth staggering back on his feet as he’s slapped on the back by Jinx. The Black Hat blind tagging herself in, getting a fowl look from the Devil that she ignores before running forward at the rising Attano


Attano staggers up to his feet in a daze as Jinx rushes to the ropes, leaping off with another DDT, Tornadoing around as Attano looks completely out on the mat. The Black Hat looks to take advantage as she leaps up to the top, looking to infect Attano here but before she can dive off,


The Martyr possibly saving his team from defeat there as both Jinx and Attano are slow to struggle to their feet, Jinx trying to rush Mr Nobody but he ducks underneath the attack, before nailing Jinx with a VENOM filled Scorpion Kick. She doesn’t go down, instead staggering back into her corner as Blacktooth blind tags himself in.

He tries for a clothesline that Attano ducks underneath but Blacktooth ducks underneath the second Venom, trying to nail Attano with a Northern Lariat but Mr Nobody ducks it as well before leaping up

SUDDEN IMPACT! PELE KICK! Blacktooth takes it right on his jaw, stunned on his feet as Harold rolls through, finally tagging out to Grimskull who rushes in like a house on fire, pummeling the groggy Blacktooth with heavy lefts and rights before throwing him across the ring and dropping down as the Devil bounces off

DELIVERING DEATH TO THE DEVIL with a perfectly timed Drop Toe Hold. 

Blacktooth stumbles up to his feet as Grimskull rushes forward right into the IRON PERFUME! That caustic blood right to the face might not blind the Martyr but he certainly wasn’t ready for it as Blacktooth follows up with a stiff spinning elbow to the jaw before leaping up into the air


Grimskull is stunned on the mat as Blacktooth continues the attack with a brutal series of kicks to the head and ribs before backing up and nearly cracking the skull in half with a bone cracking leaping kneedrop. The Devil smells blood in the water as he quickly heads to the top rope, looking to deliver some Bloody Rain as he leaps off


Blacktooth winces slightly from the impact, turning around into a brutal headbutt before Grimskull backs up

SUPERKICK! Blacktooth doesn’t go down as Grimskull spins him around, SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD


That very well could be it there as Grimskull drops down for the first cover in this contest, the referee sliding into position











The referee stops counting as Grimskull gets to his feet, trying to fan away the smoke, not noticing Doom sliding in behind him. The Doctor tired of sitting on the sidelines as he rushes up, his left leg arcing with electricity


Grimskull doesn’t fully go down, holding his groin in absolute pain as he falls to one knee. The smoke fades away as Doom smiles before rushing forward


Grimskull barely goes down before Attano rushes into the ring, rushing at Doom who just smirks


Attano drops to his knees, clutching his head in agony as Doom rushes to the ropes, bouncing off


Two down, one to go as Stubbins stares at Scissors on the apron. Scissors just tilting his head in curiosity before stepping into the ring. The Tag Team Champions stare one another down for a moment but before either man can walk a step forward, Jinx and Blacktooth gang rush Scissors. 

Blacktooth tackles the monster low as Jinx leaps off the ropes, spinning around Scissors before taking him down with a headscissors. The monster is up to his feet quickly before he’s stuck in the gut with the Devil’s trusty boot blade before leaping up with an enziguri but Scissors catches him mid-leap around the throat


Scissors looks down at the wound in his side, giggling to himself as Jinx looks visibly worried. She rushes forward regardless, trying for the DDoS but Scissors ducks underneath the discus elbow before gripping her from behind


Scissors, still giggling maniacal, turns back to Doom who simply shrugs before thrusting out his left hand as the fist goes flying towards Scissors


Scissors head snaps back for a moment before turning back and looking right through Doom. Stubbins just nods as his upper torso begins to spark with electricity and he rushes forward. Doom pounds down on Scissors, each blow crackling against the Marionettist but Scissors just tanks every blow, his giggling mania growing louder and louder like he’s loving every bit of it. Doom getting more frustrated and frustrated with each blow before he wiffs a hard right, allowing Scissors to grip him around the skull


Five, ten, fifteen headbutts rain down upon Doom who looks limp in Scissors arms as the Marionettist finally drops his tag team partner. He then picks Grimskull up off the mat, slowly dragging him into the corner before tagging himself in officially. Scissors slowly walks towards his partner, dropping down as he tries to pin but the referee doesn’t count

Because Doom isn’t the legal man. 


Blacktooth out of nowhere with one of his many weapons, nearly breaking the steel in half from the sheer force as even someone as insane as Scissors felt that blow. Blacktooth continues the attack, drilling Scissors over and over with the pipe, bending it in half before tossing it to the side.

Attano is up to his feet as he rushes Blacktooth, trying to save his tag partner but the Devil was ready as he backdrops Attano out of the ring, staying down for a moment as Jinx leaps off him out of nowhere


Doom gets onto the apron, slowly pulling himself up by the ropes, bloodied and hurt as he locks eyes onto both Scissors and Blacktooth with a sneer on his face. The Devil and the Doctor share a glance as Doom nods at Blacktooth before his right fist begins to arc with electricity once more. 

Blacktooth pulls the dazed Scissors up to his feet, trying to throw him into the corner as Doom swings wild


Scissors stumbles forward, groggy and dazed as Blacktooth leaps up

CULLING THE WEAK ONCE MORE! Scissors slams head first into the canvas but Blacktooth isn’t done, springboarding off the ropes


That has to be it there as Doom just looks on as Blacktooth makes the cover, the referee sliding into position


















The team of Doom, Blacktooth and Jinx pick up a huge victory here tonight as they just manage to put away their opponents in a brutal contest


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With that match over, Harold Attano gets back to his feet to see Jackson Cade marching towards him.

He smirks.

“What now?” He asks with a shrug, getting back to his feet. “Have you come to arrest me again?

Jackson slides under the bottom rope and pops up, taking a picture out of his pocket.

It’s a photograph.

He hands it to Attano, who’s eyebrows raise.

“What the fuck is this?” The otherwise calm and collected Harold angrily demands to know of Cade.

Jackson shrugs.

“Did you think I was going to let sleeping dogs lie, is that it? You know the whereabouts of my brother; you have information, Attano,” Cade says suggestively. “And that photograph is my barter.”

Both men look at each other for a moment. Harold looks down at the picture, his face getting angrier and angrier.

Then he snaps.

With a quick motion, he grabs Cade by the head and starts delivering  furious forearms to the face, running him backwards into the corner.

Cade reaches down for his weapon, only Harold spins, blocks it and a shot fires off into the crowd.


The audience immediately circle around the person hit, attempting to help as Attano slaps the gun out of Cade’s hand and both men circle each other.

“Is it worth their life?” Harold asks, pointing to the person in the crowd that has just been shot.

As medical attention rushes in their direction, Jackson looks shell-shocked.

“You did that,” he roars back.

Nobody shakes his head.

“Your weapon, your bullet, your hand,” he growls. “How’s that for a fucking barter, you piece of shit.”

Officers begin storming the entrance ramp, leaving Jackson and Attano looking at each other in a panic.

Shit is about to go down.

To be continued…


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