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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

The Stairs.

An army of APD officers trundle heavy boots down the stairs of Arcadia, Harold Attano handcuffed, cable tied and marched between them. Jackson Cade accompanies the walk, stood alongside Mick Gordon.

The complaint?” Cade whispers.

Gordon frowns in frustration.

“Buried for now,” he admits, unimpressed. “Mr. Pegg will believe that we’re investigating but at some stage we’re going to have to make a decision.”

Cade stops him.

What decision?” He asks, confused.

Mick steps in close, so close that Cade can smell his whiskey laden breath.

“You decided to fuck around in the big leagues, kid. At this level of the game, you’re either in or you’re out.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Cade quizzes further, the concern written upon his face.

“We can only hide the truth for so long. There’s gonna come a time when either the complaint goes away, or Pegg does.”

Jackson gulps.

He hadn’t thought of that.

Both men rush to catch up with the stopped Arcadian Police Department, who await them. Cade quickly muscles in, taking over the control of Harold Attano from his right.

“Have you thought about what I said?” Jackson whispers in the ear of Attano. “I’ve accompanied you this far. One way or another, I’m going to Deathrow with you. Just tell me what you know and I’ll help you with your daughters murder.”


A gruff bellowed voice causes the entire APD to stop immediately. Everyone turns their attention to behind them, in which the looming figure of a familiar face stands.

It’s Ares. The Bodyguard stomps down the steps as the police stand aside, allowing him access to the middle where Cade, Attano and Gordon reside.

“Release this man immediately,” he demands. Gordon quickly nods to his men who begin undoing the restraints.

“Ares, my good man,” Sheriff Gordon pleads. “We’re taking this prisoner back to Deathrow. He viciously assaulted my men.”

“No you’re fuckin’ not,” he growls back. “He comes with me. Zeus’ life might depend on it.”

Gordon gulps.

Harold rubs his wrists now that they’re free of the restraints and smirks at Cade before heading towards Ares.

“He’ll be seeing you at Ring King, Cade,” Ares says whilst walking away. “Call it a special request.”

Jackson watches on as both men walk away, leaving him this close to his brother, but somehow further than he’s ever been.


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Last week…


Drexl’s girl, bait for the Blood Runners, falls to the ground, a neat hole through her skull.

“I don’t give a damn about a bitch.” Drexl says. “I give a damn about my money.”

He points the gun to Blacktooth’s head.

“And since you’ve got your finger on the pulse, I’ve got my finger on the trigger.”

Blacktooth gulps as the metal digs into his forehead and Drexl’s finger brushes the trigger.

“So,” Blacktooth says, “we’re talking business now, are we?”

The tension in the air could slice through steel. Drexl doesn’t budge.

“Something like that,” he returns. “You tell me what you know about my missing girls, and I won’t paint the walls with your brains.”

Blacktooth’s eyes dart to meet those of some of his lieutenants. They don’t move, but something unspoken has moved between them.

“Let’s say you do it, Drexl,” Tooth Rot says with a grin. “You kill me, you don’t have enough bullets in that gun to get your way out of here. We both know you’re smarter than that. I told you, the last of your stock we took made my boys sick. Do I look like a fool to you?”

The corner of Drexl’s mouth twitches. “No, just like you crawled out of a toilet bowl. But you’re smarter than you look, ain’t you?”

Blacktooth grins. “We all have our tastes, don’t we? What’s it worth to you to find out what’s going on? Because I’ve heard things.”

“Heard what?” Drexl’s grip on the gun tightens again.

“Now, now,” Blacktooth says, “information like that comes at a price. You’re a businessman, you understand.”

Drexl grits his teeth. “I’ve already lost credits because of this.”

“And you stand to lose a lot more.” Blacktooth gestures around them.

Drexl takes a step back, lowering his gun.

“Alright then, you help me find out where my bitches are going, and I’ll owe you one. Something to be named later.”

Blacktooth grins

“I do like the sound of that.”

He extends a bloody hand.

Drexl looks at the filthy hand, grimaces, but then shakes it firmly.



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Tonight, we have a hard-core match between Vision and TEC! Who will come out ahead, the walking weapon or blind destruction? we find out now!

DING! DING! Vision immediately rushes to a corner to expose the turnbuckle! When TEC realizes what Scissors is doing, he rushes to the corner himself and goes for a stinger splash! Vision gets the pad off and dodges! That last second dodge means TEC got all of that turnbuckle!

TEC is rocked and Vision rolls out of the ring! He looks under the ring and grabs a chair! He slides right back in and TEC nails a spear the moment Vision gets to his feet! TEC pulls him up and instantly snatches a belly to back clutch! END OF WATCH INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!

The back suplex into the facebuster means both competitors have eaten the turnbuckle tonight! TEC covers! ONE…TWO…THR-NO! Vision gets a shoulder up but look at the other hand! He yanks a cable off TEC’s side! The Automaton is spilling oil into the middle of the ring!

TEC instantly stands up and his internal system is assessing the damages! Vusion wasn’t expecting that but he’ll take the distraction! He pulls out a match, strikes it against TEC’s chest and tosses it onto the oil spill! The middle of the ring is ablaze! ONE FLEW OVER! Throwback into the fire! Vision covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!

Vision has won the match and looks strong going into Ring King!


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Poor Mrs. Foley.

Little did she know that her baby boy would cause her so much stress and pain. She’s sat tied to a wooden chair in her home, her sanctuary, with a gag over her mouth. She has fresh and old cuts upon her arms, neck and hands. There’s dried blood on her face and limbs. She’s been here a week, captive, brutalised by this terrifying monster of a man.

Doom stands looming over her, menacingly.

“You think your baby boy is a precious meek little man, but he’s far from it. He’s a heinous, devious, callous monster, wreaking havoc everywhere he goes.”

She shakes her head in disbelief, her cries muffled.

“He’s killed. Did you know that?” Doom asks. “He killed Damien Wolfe in cold blood and enjoyed every moment of it.”

He forcibly rips the gag from her mouth.

“Tell me; why is he this way?”

She takes a few deep breaths.

“It’s the family curse,” she says solemnly. She begins crying. “It isn’t his fault. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. You have to believe me, he’s not the monster you think he is.”

The Doctor laughs loudly.



Red light.

Oh fuck.

Suddenly, Scissors appears behind Mrs. Foley, his head lowered. Doom backs off slowly, watching as The Marionette unties his mother from her restraints casually.

“I thought we were going to be friends,” he says sadly. “We are Tag Team Champions after all.”

As soon as Mrs. Foley is released, she embraces Scissors, who coldly doesn’t embrace her back.

He moves her to one side.

“You plunged me into the Odyssey Pool. You turned me into the most dominant version of myself,” Doom protests. “You could’ve killed me and you thought we’d become friends?”

Scissors laughs.

“Isn’t that what you wanted to do to me?” He offers in reply.

Doom growls angrily, sneering.

But he doesn’t reply.

The lights flash and Scissors suddenly appears in the face of Doom. They both go mask to mask, their heavy breathing audible for all to hear.

Go,” The Marionette demands. “Leave this place, little buddy. Leave it and never come back. If you do, I’ll find those you love and I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll…”

Enough!” Doom interrupts. “This isn’t over.”

Scissors claps his hands enthusiastically as Doom backs away towards the door.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”


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We find ourselves down inside the office of The People’s Voice, a dismantled printer noticeable in the distance from a very rough night not long ago…but the search for the truth continues, as always. Seated at his desk is Colt Ramsey, looking over what he’s found so far…trying desperately to make sense of it all.

And that’s when he notices a photograph, something he’d not seen before. Colt raises an eyebrow as he examines the picture…something that seems familiar. This is no illustration, however…this is a picture of hunters circled around a young man, their spears raised and snarls on their faces.

Colt studies the picture more closely, the faces in this picture becoming more and more clear to him despite the age of the snapshot…and something from the sight of it eventually garners a verbal response from the Journo.

“These hunters were on the attack.”

“And attack they did,” a voice from the shadows interjects, giving Colt a spook before the source steps into the light…Narcissa Balenciaga. Colt stares her down, trying to understand what she knows as the Designer continues.

“I’ve been trying to find some sort of link here, and thanks to you I may have done just that…but we need to talk.”


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It’s a battle between  the malevolent Martyr against the Vengeful Mr Nobody here tonight to see who can shed blood upon the canvas first 

The bell sounds as Attano rushes forward, surprising Grimskull with a hard leaping knee to the jaw before spiking him into the mat with a brutal DDT. Attano mounts the fallen Grimskull, teeing off with heavy lefts and rights that don’t seem to do anything to the Martyr’s thick skull. Grimskull manages to push Attano off him but Attano rolls to his feet as Grimskull gets to one knee.

HEADSHOT! Brutal Superkick knocks Grimskull for a loop but doesn’t bust him open. Attano scowls, looking for a second but Grimskull dodges the Superkick before teaching Attano a valuable Lesson of his own as Mr Nobody turns around. Attano is groggy on his feet as Grimskull lifts him up into the air before spiking him down into the mat with a brutal Brainbuster. Attano is down and out but not busted open as Grimskull scrambles up to the top rope.

PRAYE…NO! Attano Nopes out of the flying Headbutt, kipping up to his feet as Grimskull slams down face first onto the mat. The Martyr stumbles up to his feet right into a Venom flipped Scorpion Kick that drops him to his knees before Attano backs up, looking to Silence him completely as he rushes forward.

NO! Grimskull ducks underneath the running elbow, stunning the turning Attano with a brutal Headbutt before bringing him in close, locking the arms as he begins to inflict ETERNAL MISERY onto Attano, repeated headbutts that quickly carve skin and bust Mr Nobody wide open as the referee quickly calls for the bell.

Grimskull inflicts first blood onto Harold Attano here tonight, showing that skull beats flesh any day of the week. 


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Within the confines of the Eden Club we find ourselves staring at The Burned Man once again. However, unlike last time, it seems he’s been chained up for longer than a few hours. In fact, Maxwell looks as though he’d been here since last week. The former hero stands stone faced, head hung and only stirring when the door to his room opens.

“Maxwell, my newest attraction.” Aarman Fidel enters the room, smirking as smugly as ever.

“No,” the Burned Man spits out the word, halting Fidel in his steps. “No more sweet talk. Where is Faith? What have you found out about my son?”

“Always straight to the point, aren’t you?” Fidel takes a seat, drinking from a whiskey glass as he looks the wounded Burned Man up and down. “I haven’t found anything too useful. I can only confirm he’s not been sold into the trade… And there hasn’t been word of a body. As far as my sources can tell? He hasn’t become someone’s chew toy.” Aarman chuckles, finishing his drink as he stands to leave.

“If you can’t find him then let me go, Fidel.” Burned Man struggles against his shackles, the metal cutting into his hands.

“Oh? No can do, Maxwell.”

“We made a deal!” Burned Man struggles again to no avail, only eliciting a mocking smile from Fidel.

“We did. You work for me, I get information on your son. You know he’s alive and he’s not being whored out. I never said you would be leaving after I gave you  what you wanted. You should always read the fine print, you know.” Aarman  turns to leave again, leaving Maxwell with his words before slamming the door shut behind himself.

However, back inside of the room, we see Maxwell keeps struggling against his chains, blood pouring from his hands!


Blood splatters the ground, but before us we can see The Burned Man has freed a hand, using his own blood to slip out! He reaches into his boot, pulling out a hidden pocket knife which expands, revealing the Kingdomblade hidden on his person!

“Your really shameless, aren’t you, Fidel? If you wanted to keep me here, you should’ve killed me.”

Maxwell swings his blade into the chains, cracking them off of his other wrist!

The Sole Survivor is free.

And nothing is going to get in his way.


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Acropolis is covered in it. This is where the execution was due to take place, but it looks nothing like it did. There’re bodies strewn left and right. Ares stands among the carnage with his soldiers viciously stabbing swords through the bodies of anything still moving.

He grimaces as one of his men rushes over, holding a young girl – no more than ten.

“I kept one alive as requested, sir,” he says, pushing the girl towards him.

Ares bends down to her level.

“What’s your name?” He asks softly.

She looks terrified.

“Anna,” she replies meekly, scared out of her wits.

“Tell me Anna, what happened here? He says a little more sternly, his eyebrows raised.

“Zeus was going to be hanged,” she says with a stammer. “But someone saved him.”

Ares growls slightly.

“And then what?” He asks.

She looks around the dead bodies and bloodshed.

“Then you and your men killed everyone here,” Anna says through stuttering and muffled tears.

Ares stands up, turning up his nose slightly.

“No child, everyone here died because they were an accomplice of the Uprising. Now tell me, who saved Zeus?”

She shakes her head.

“I don’t know,” she cries. “I’ve never seen him before, but everyone else was terrified when he showed up.”

The Bodyguard thinks about it for a moment.

“Fucking Hercules?” He mutters. “It can’t be.”

With a nod, the solider from before walks back over, grabbing the girl.

“Orders for this one, sir?” He asks.

Ares looks down at her, fire in his eyes.

“She’s a traitor, just like the rest,” he says coldly. “Execute her. Exterminate them all; no survivors.”

She screams and cries out as he turns his back and walks away.


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Chairs litter the ring tonight as a battle of solid steel will be held between the Drexl and El Mariachi Muerte. Will the Shark Tank’s boss be able to defeat Destiny’s Songster.  

The bell rings as both Drexl and EMM pick up chairs and start exchanging blows in a sword fight, CLANGING with the sound of metal-on-metal echoing. Until Big Slim finds an opening driving his chair into the gut of The Mariachi before bringing it down across Singing Death’s back. 

This drops EMM face first to the canvas. The Pimp allows his chair to drop on the back of The Musician before hitting the ropes hitting the HIPPIE FLIP running senton across the chair and back of EMM. Grabbing the head of Singing Death, Drexl thinking ANGEL TEARS looks to grind his knuckles into the eyes of the Mariachi but EMM counters with a desperation headbutt. 

Big Slim staggers back as The Mariachi gets back to his feet grabbing Big Slim in a Belly-to-Belly before tossing him overhead with the WHISKEY LULLABY ONTO A FUCKING STEEL CHAIR! Muerte rushes to the top rope tossing a rose onto Big Slim before taking off Double Foot Stomp 48 ROSES ONTO NOTHING BUT A STEEL CHAIR as Drexl rolls out of the way!  

EMM almost slips on the chair barely managing to keep his feet as Big Slim comes flying in with a SPEED DIAL Flipping Clothesline to a flying chair to the Skull of Slim as Muerte kicks the chair in the way. Drexl goes sprawling as The Mariachi creates a pile of chairs before sticking a rose in his mouth, lifting Big Slim into position, getting a running start, and FADING TO BLACK WITH THE PACKAGE PILEDRIVER ONTO THE STACK OF STEEL! EMM into the cover… ONE… TWO… THREE!  

Singing Death walks away from a brutal Chairs Match with a victory over Big Slim. 


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The Red District is a hunting ground of depravity on the best of days, but on its worst… a place where unsavory acts are commonplace. Where a missing soul wouldn’t so much as raise and eyebrow.

This night seems like one of those nights in the Red, as the gliding figure of Nergal herself stalks the hunting ground, searching for her own kind of prey. She seeks somewhat of a foothold in her desire to dominate this level of Arcadia.

She follows a group of patrons to the Red, waiting as one of the group falls behind, searching for something in her handbag while the rest of the group move on. Before the girl can call out to her friends to wait, Nergal had struck, her swarm attacking the girl with locusts that flood the girl’s mouth before she can scream. Nergal laughs maniacally to herself as she stands over the silently screaming body that her swarm feasts on. That is until a spear sticks into the wall just above her head, catching her attention.

“Missed me.” She hisses, turning in the direction of Luther Grim.

“If I wanted to hit you, I would have hit you.”

Grim closes in, pushing Gemini away from her target but the damage has been done. The poor girl lies, face contorted to a scream, her skin and flesh eaten away.

“There is nothing you can do for her now. Just as there is nothing you can do to stop me. You saw as much in my eyes last time we met.”

Grim turns his attention to Gemini.

“What I saw was a desperate beast, but one worthy of the hunt. You would make for a great trophy, but such a kill deserves to be done properly. I know that one cannot simply kill you as one would any other beast, so for now I track and I study. That is what I saw in your eyes, nothing more.”

Gemini smiles, her tongue darting in and out of her mouth.

“You we’re warned to stay out of things that are not your business. This was not your fight…”

Grim’s spear points to her throat.

“You feed on death and decay. When I kill, it only makes me stronger. But mark my words, the next blood this spear tastes will be yours but only when the time is right, to kill the unkillable will be my greatest hunt.”

He lowers the spear.

“Until then, I will be here, fighting the pestilence you speed to ensure your putrid claws don’t infest Arcadia any more.”

Nergal snarls, and the swarm of feeding locusts rides from the body of the girl she had feasted on, covering Nergal. In the next instant, she is gone.


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Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound of a heart monitor beeps carefully in the background. We’re in the Mortuary and Igor Mortis is in bad shape. He lays unconscious, connected to a whole variety of machines, with Tombstone sat worriedly beside him.

“I’m sorry,” he says painfully, looking at the man he works for. There’s emotion in his eyes – as rare as that may be.

What Drewitt did mere weeks ago has had a long lasting effect on Tombstone. He hasn’t left Igor’s side since he found him in his office.

“There are so many souls who need Ferrying,” Tombstone admits, looking around the room. “They’re lost in purgatory, awaiting their journey.”

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The machine seemingly gets faster.

“I know Igor, I know,” he says with a nod. “I have a job to do and I must do it.”

He shakes his head.

“But until Drewitt pays for what he’s done to you, there will be no souls in Paradise or the Underworld. There will be no ferrying. There will be no Ferryman.”

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

With Igor’s heart racing, it’s clear that what Tombstone is describing worries an even unconscious Mortis.

He doesn’t care.

“Everything stops until Drewitt pays.”

Suddenly, we travel into the unconscious mind of Igor Mortis. He’s stood in a baron and black landscape, his eyes filled with tears.

“Please Tombstone,” he begs into the void of nothingness. “Don’t do this! You have no idea what it means.”

Pitch Black.


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Jackson Cade may not get to be King but he’s got another shot at the world champion as he faces off against Doctor Death in a non-title Cage match. Can Perseus prove why he should be the top Olympian or will Doctor El Muerte send him packing to the back of the line? 

The bell sounds as Death rushes to the ropes, leaping off with a high crossbody that Cade ducks underneath. The good doctor manages to roll through, bouncing off the ropes right into a mammoth Incendiary Round! The bullhammer elbow nearly breaks Death’s jaw as he stagger up into a flurry of lefts and rights before he’s lifted up high but Death manages to avoid the Master Key, slipping down behind with a devestating PAINKILLER!

WRAPAROUND POISONRANA drops Cade right on the top of his head, but he’s not down for long as he staggers up to his feet right into a stiff enziguri before Death rushes to the ropes, springboarding off and LOBOTOMIZES Perseus with a Tornado Spike DDT. That could be it there but Death doesn’t cover, instead looking upwards , the good doctor wants to inflict some cardial pain on Cade in the worst way as he begins to climb up the cage.

He only manages to get halfway up though as Jackson gets to his feet, the Specialist in hot pursuit of Doctor El Muerte here. Death manages to get to the top with Jackson within fingertip distance as the good Doctor trying to drop Cade back to the mat with a hard stomp to the face but Cade catches the foot, flipping Death up as the Luchadoc slams down face first before crashing down hard to the canvas below.

Cade climbs up top, steadying himself for a moment before sizing Death up and leaping off the top of the cage. SCREAMING….LETHAL INJECTION! DEATH DELIVERS THE LEAPING CUTTER OUT OF NOWHERE TO AN AIRBORN JACKSON CADE! That has to be it as Cade looks motionless on the canvas, Death collapsing onto Cade for the cover and the one…two…three!!!

Dr Death picks up the big victory against Jackson Cade here tonight, Perseus tried his best but the world champion proved why he has that belt firmly strapped to his waist. 


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The roars of the crowd can be heard in the backstage area of Olympus as the previous match comes to a close. Walking along one of the many corridors, preparing for his part in the main event tonight, is Grimskull. Completely alone, his violet eyes punctuate the darkness of the corridor as he rounds a corner.

Only to come face to face with Vision.

“Hello, Vision,” he offers with a smirk, which Vision seems to be able to hear on his voice.

“Less of the mocking, Preacher, aren’t you supposed to be a holy man?”

“I preach of pain. Mocking causes an altogether different kind of pain, don’t you think?”

Vision scowls.

“I came here to speak with you,” the Third Eye leader starts. “I need to know what you are planning. I know it is something big. The Third Eye has granted me a window into your plans.”

“Then you don’t need me to tell you my plans,” the Preacher retorts. “Otherwise your God must not truly believe in your purpose. If he did, he would give you the full picture. But just like your insistence on joining this…cult led to your eyes being taken, your insistence on focusing on this will lead to your senses being deprived once more. You have already missed the most important part of this plan, if it is indeed a plan at all…”

Grimskull grabs Vision with a hand on each shoulder. Vision does not like this but doesn’t fight back. This is not the time for it.

“I am not going to tell you what I have planned for you,” says Grimskull. “I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. Let’s just say I think you’ll really enjoy it.”

And with that, Grimskull continues towards the ring for his match, leaving Vision confused and angry.


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Hidden in an alcove behind a butcher’s shop, El Mariachi Muerte waits impatiently.

Meanwhile, the hooded figure weaves her way through the marketplace crowd, on her way to meet EMM. Like a sea, the crowd seems to part for this roving shadow as she sees the butcher shop in the distance.

But she will never make it there.

Black gloved hands reach out of the crowd to grab her by the arms, dragging her behind another merchant.

Held firmly in place by those hands, a long black beak glide over her hooded shoulder, giving the approximation of sniffing.

Dr. Death.

“You’ve been just out of my sight for some time, haven’t you?” He whispers into her ear. “Trying to hide in plain sight, believing that he truly had your best interest at heart.”

“It’s not about me.” She fires back. “It’s about the safety of the Mariachi.”

“Safety,” Death says wistfully. “There is no safety in Arcadia, my dear. There are only those who dominate and those who are dominated. For too long, the Mariachi have been the former.”

“For all of your knowledge, you still do not understand…”

“Don’t understand?” The Luchadoc says angrily. “I understand more than any living person in Arcadia what damage the Mariachi have done.”

Surprisingly he releases the hooded figure, spinning her around to peer into the darkness of her covered face.

“Go to him.” He says, intensity rising. “Tell him what you will, shine a light on the darkness. The day has come for you to choose, to make the choice you refused to make all those years ago.”

She backs up, shrinking away from Dr. Death.

La Mariachi Vida.

The hooded figure is La Mariachi Vida? What?

She doesn’t confirm it, just backs away into the crowd as Dr. Death rubs his hands together.

What game is he playing? What game is La Mariachi Vida, if that’s really her, playing?

One thing is for certain: Dr. Death has put himself on a collision course with El Mariachi Muerte.


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It’s our main event and Aarman Fidel and Luther Grim find themselves with an uneasy alliance to say the least as they take on Jinx and Gemini!

‘Cauterization’ by Dark Angel hits as Luther graces the stage, spear in hand. He pauses for a moment, taking in his environment with a snarl toward the audience…but before he proceeds to the ring, ‘Fear and Delight’ by The Correspondents hits as a crowd of people appears at the entrance, holding the now arriving Aarman in their arms.

Fidel lounges comfortably as the group moves forward with giant smiles on their faces…much to the chagrin of the Hunter who follows the robotic-like movements of this group, crowd surfing Fidel to the ring before lifting him up and over the ropes.

Fidel stands tall as he brushes off his suit, blowing a kiss to his entourage as Grim slides in the ring, climbing the turnbuckle with his spear firmly grasped before he snarls at the audience once more.

Fidel’s entourage has left ringside as the Duke of Desire gives a smile at a still-unenthused Hunter climbing down to the canvas.

The sound of an operating system error can be heard as the lights go dark..

..”Every wound will shape me”..
..”Every scar will build my”..

The bassline of Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Throne’ begins to shake the sound system as all eyes turn towards the entrance ramp. The curtain peels back as a hooded figure steps out from the back. The figure comes to a stand, head lowered and knees bending.

At the sound of the chorus, the figure springs forward, tossing the hood away from her head before posing before rushing to the ring to stare down Fidel and Grim as suddenly…

The driving beat of Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Evisceration Plague’ kicks in, and Gemini appears on the stage.

Experimental pathogens, a devils design
The dark side of science breeds a weapon of war
Contagious killing and internal distress
Homicide or suicide will be the cause of death

She sneers at the crowd, creepily gliding towards the ring, rage burning in her eyes towards all who behold her.

Internal organs altered by the disease
Your brain disabled by the constant pain
Erratic actions lead my thoughts to the blade
I’ve lost control, I’ve lost control

She climbs into the ring and stands in the center. Locusts dance around her as she revels in darkness. Her head twists as her anger begins to redirect towards her opponents before this match gets underway!

We start off with all four competitors going at it in the ring, with Jinx focused on Grim as Gemini sends Fidel over the top rope to the outside. Fidel makes it back to his feet, only for Gemini to blindside him with a big dive over the top rope!

With those two down for the moment we turn our attention to Grim and Jinx trading strikes, until the Hunter manages to overpower his foe with some hard rights to the corner! Grim charges toward the Fatal Error…who narrowly avoids disaster, forcing the Hunter to crash into the turnbuckle instead!

Fidel and Gemini are back on their feet on the outside, and Gemini has a clear advantage as she unleashes a flurry of offense on the Duke of Desire before sending him crashing into the steel steps with a dropkick! Gemini just laughs at Fidel as he gets back up.

Gemini sends him right back into the ring as Jinx takes advantage of the stunned Grim, landing a neckbreaker before going for the cover!



Grim kicks out…but as he gets to his feet, he gets walloped in the skull with a discus elbow by the Fatal Error!


Grim drops to the canvas as Gemini brings the Duke of Desire back to his feet…only for Fidel to start fighting back with some lefts and rights, before sending the Plague to the ropes…where he hits a spinning spinebuster on the rebound!


Fidel goes for the cover…


Fidel is knocked down by the leg drop that keeps Gemini and Jinx in this match, as Jinx turns the Wishmaster onto his back for a cover!



Fidel kicks out! Gemini and Jinx go on the attack, eager to wear the man down.

What they don’t see is Grim getting back to his feet, a look of rage on the Hunter’s face as he charges at them! Gemini notices him coming first and dodges Grim’s wrath, allowing Jinx to get hoisted up by the Hunter as he puts the hacker on his shoulders!


Jinx slips out of the Torture Rack as Gemini grabs him by the neck, pulling him into a backstabber instead! YANG! Except that Fidel is back on his feet now, denying the Plague a chance to make the cover as he goes after her with some hard kicks!

Gemini stands to attention as she fights off the Duke of Desire, only for Jinx to pull him away! Fidel doesn’t take kindly to this, pummeling the Fatal Errors with lefts and rights until he sends her to the outside! Fidel smirks as he turns around…into a Codebreaker from Gemini!


The cycle seems completed as Fidel drops to the canvas…but the Hunter blindsides her, going on the prowl with a barrage of hard clubbing blows! Gemini shoves Grim away, only for the Hunter to lunge at her with a Brogue Kick to the chest to drop her down hard!


Grim brings the Plague back to her feet as he looks to send her on the Great Pursuit…but Jinx slides into the ring, and drives the Hunter away with a dropkick sending him into the ropes! Grim grabs the ropes to stop himself, but Jinx sends him flying!

Clothesline over the top rope takes both competitors out of the ring, leaving us with Fidel and Gemini in the ring, the latter finally back up to his feet but looking a little loopy as the Plague grabs him by the head before running the ropes for a Tornado DDT!


Fidel narrowly manages to break out before calamity ensued, laying into her with some right hands…only for the Plague to overtake him, sending the Duke of Desire into the corner! Before she can do any more damage, however, Gemini finds herself caught in the crosshairs of a returning Grim!

The Hunter is furious as he drives Gemini away with a kick as Fidel escapes to the outside…only to be replaced by Jinx as she slides back in, looking for the Kinshasa!


Grim evades it, avoiding a scary situation as Jinx resets…but Grim is on the hunt!

Grim lays in some heavy forearm strikes at the skull of the Fatal Error, sending her to the corner where he’s able to continue the attack with some stomps to the midsection before bringing her back to a standing position…only to send her to the ropes for a massive spear!


Grim just laid out Jinx with that spear, and she is down as Grim makes the cover!



Gemini is back to her feet to stop the pin…but gets pulled away by Fidel!


A crazy, chaotic tornado tag main event ends with Aarman Fidel and Luther Grim picking up the win over Gemini and Jinx!


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Pitch Black.


The crowd boo and hiss as the entirety of Olympus is thrust into darkness.

When the lights come back on, Tombstone is stood in the middle of the ring.

Aarman Fidel rushes at him immediately, only to be turned inside out with a vicious Clothesline.

Gemini wisely slinks away as Jinx climbs atop the turnbuckle.




He pops back up to be attacked from behind by Luther Grim. Grim beats him into the corner with right hands and turns around, running at him.


Tombstone is like a man possessed!

Fidel and Grim slowly get back to their feet, tired, stumbling…




The fans roar as Tombstone gets back to his feet and grabs a microphone.

DREWITT!” He roars angrily down the mic. “GET OUT HERE NOW, BOY!


“If I have to go into Arcadia and find you…”

The arena lighting drops to complete and utter darkness.

As the introduction of 2CELLOS popular Vivaldi Storm hits, it comes to a stop before the lighting returns as the music does, revealing Doom stood at the entrance ramp. He has two drones floating around him as he makes a fast paced and focused walk down the aisle, turning left to make his way up the stairs.

The drones meet him in the ring before flying off in their own directions, leaving Doom to stand opposite Tombstone with a microphone of his own.

“You seem rather frustrated,” Doom observes with an unsympathetic ear. “And that makes two of us.”

The Ferryman tilts his head.

“But your frustration is nary my problem, is it? No, my problem has long been that cretinous creature, Scissors.”

Doom turns to look directly at the camera.

“We’re long from finished, you and I. What I did to your mother was a mere prelude to the pain you’ll suffer at Ring King, old boy.”


Oh no…

The Red light takes over the entire arena. We’ve been thrust from darkness to a dim red.


I shall not be defeated

You are my enemy

And I will seek my revenge


Challenge me

I make my low tall

Master of war

I make my low tall.”

Master of War plays over the PA system, bounding in with its harsh roaring tones. The red light flickers and flashes.


And he’s here! Scissors now appears in the middle of the ring, his head bowed.

“Are you talking to ickle ol’ me, friend?” Scissors asks, softly. “Why’re you so mad? I did to you what you wanted to do to me. I helped you become. We’re like peas in a pod now.”

“We’re nothing alike!” Doom hisses back.

Enough!” Tombstone interrupts. Doom and Scissors look taken back by his fury. “Why don’t you take this little game of yours somewhere else? I came out here because Drewitt nearly killed Igor.”

Doom and Scissors look at one another.

They audibly laugh.

“Can you believe this guy?” The Red Light says cackling. “Oh no, someone kwilled my ickle daddy figure.”

“Who else do you love?” Doom asks. “Because if you interrupt us again, I might just make it my mission to kill them too.”

“Do you have a mommy, big boy?” Scissors mocks. “Do you want us to Scissor your mommy?”

Doom tilts his head.

Tombstone angrily roars forward with a Double Clothesline, taking both men down to the canvas. The crowd roar with excitement as they both pop back up, The Ferryman grabbing Doom and running him over the top rope.




The Ferryman looks down at them, angrily but slowly pulling them from within his flesh and tossing them aside. Now, he’s pissed!

“Lookin’ for me?” A voice suddenly says from the entrance. It’s Drewitt, who stands with a steel chair and a microphone.

Tombstone immediately snaps around to look at him.




He rolls over, onto his knees, woozy and hurting.



The Tag Team Champions take out an enraged Tombstone. Drewitt meanwhile stands at the entrance ramp, taking out his seat and arranging it. He sits down, taking a deep breath.

“Imagine burnin’ a man alive and then havin’ the audacity to be pissed off when he comes back and whoops your fuckin’ ass,” Drewitt scoffs angrily. “I heard you when I was in the box, Tomb. You didn’t want me to suffer. You wanted him to stop and he forced you to press the button. He deserved what he got and then some.”

Boo hoo!” Scissors cries into the microphone. “What is this? Deaths of our Lives? Oh no, they killed Drewitt.”

You bastard!” Doom interrupts, spinning him around and scooping him up.



Doom swivels back to his feet, picks up a microphone and sits on the ropes, opening them for Drewitt.

“Did you want to whine about it, or do something about it?” He scoffs.

Drewitt stands up, folding up his chair.

“I’ll do my talkin’ at Ring King,” he retorts. “Maybe we’ll have a chat in the final, Doom.”

Doom stands up, nodding.

They both stand, staring at one another.

Ring King is just two weeks away and these four men will do battle to crown a King of Arcadia. Who will it be? Drewitt and Doom stand tall now, but Scissors and Tombstone can’t be underestimated.


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