[Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock] [The sound of a clock slowly ticks away as the cameras open cold inside a darkened room. A rocking chair rocks back and forth on the spot ahead of us, illuminated by a single bulb of light.] [Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock] [The camera finally rises to see Death sitting in the chair, slowly swaying with the rocking motion.]

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

[He says with a deep unrecognizable voice.]

“I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.”

[The chair stops rocking abruptly.]

“Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.”

[Again, it rocks, slowly but surely, every creek heard within this quaint and desperate room.]

“And you Bruce Van Chan are a coward.”

[Death pauses for a slight moment.]

“A fraud.”

[Then his voice booms in anger.]

“And at Invasion, I will come to reap you. You cannot choose death, because death has chosen you.”

[Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock] [Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock] [The scene fades to black.] [We head to the backstage where Lee Crowley is sat amongst his family in the locker room area, drinking a bottle of water. Damien and Tobias are conversing amongst themselves.]

“Armageddon can fight their way past The Clinic, that I don’t doubt for one single solitary second but perhaps we should accompany you anyway?” [Damien suggests.] [Tobias continues with a chuckle.] “I’m always in the mood for a fight.”

[Lee abruptly stands up, placing his bottle down on the bench. He looks at his brothers and sneers.]

“It’s the beginning of the end, boys,” [He says without making eye contact with them, his mind somewhere else.] “It’s Armageddon.”

[They clap their hands and stomp their feet, giddy with excitement.]

“For you,” [Crowley says, snapping his head to face them.] “For this family,” [Tobias and Damien turn to him in shock.] “For The Crowley’s. There’s only me, Smiley.”

[He suddenly reaches out, grabbing Tobias by the head and slamming him thunderously into the steel lockers. Blood immediately slaps against the steel as Damien stands up and catches the icy cold stare of Lee.]

“W-What have you done?”

[Lee mimics him.] “W-W-What have you done?” [He pretends to cry.] “I’ve cut the dead weight, little brother.”

[Damien attempts to strike but Crowley blocks it, grabbing him by the throat and running him straight into the nearest wall. He leans in and sniffs him.]

“Lee?” [Damien almost begs.] [Crowley cracks his head backwards into the wall, releasing him to the floor. Sadistically, he turns around the strewn bodies of his once ‘family’ and sneers.]

“Crowley don’t live here anymore, kids. Call me Smiley.”

[The scene comes to a close as The Crowley Family lay spread across the floor unconscious.] [Our first trio’s match of the night see’s qualification for the tournament ahead. Universal Belief stack up opposite The Campaign here tonight.] [Bobby Neptune starts off for his team, whilst Marvolo waves on The Hangman, shouting at him to “Get the job done”. The bell sounds and we’re underway, Hangman immediately swinging at Neptune with a Clothesline that he ducks. Bobby quickly unloads with right hands, barely stumbling the big man before he decides to hit the ropes, Springboarding off with a Crossbody that The Hangman catches! BACKBREAKER!] [Neptune rolls away in agony as The Hangman reaches down to pick him up. He throws him into his corner and knees away at his mid-section, tagging in Axel who goes straight to work with diving Shoulder barges. He pulls The Starboy away only to get right handed straight to the mat. Bobby dives in with a SUPERNOVA! DIVING FOREARM SMASH! He’s down and being urged to his corner by the fans. Slowly but surely he gets there, tagging in Doubt!] [Axel gets back up and is immediately taken to the canvas with a Clothesline. Another, another, another and now Doubt backs him into the ropes, whipping him across the ring and connecting with a Dropkick. Doubt urges Axel to make the tag, demanding some of Marvolo but the United States Champion refuses, dropping off the ring apron. Axel gets back to his feet and is whipped into the corner where Bellator makes the tag.] [Nox immediately kicks Axel low and scoops him straight up into the Crucifix, running him across the ring and INTO THE TOP ROPE!! THE DISCIPLE BREAKER! The Hangman watches as Marvolo backs away, wanting no more to do with the match, deciding instead to drop off the apron as well. Nox covers… One…. Two…. Three! Universal Belief qualify for the Triosmania Tournament and the next round in which they face off against The Three Kings!] [We come back from a commercial to find ourselves in the middle of the locker room of the Power of Positivity. Alex Reese is seen taping his hands on a folding chair as LH Harrison paces in front of him. Reese is looking at Harrison with uncertainty in his eyes.]

“I’m not really one hundred percent on this one, bro… I don’t know if he’s gonna be on the same page as us.”

“It’s Vinnie, man. He may have his blond moments, but ‘Loverboy’ will have our backs if it means a shot at the top. Plus, he might get you a woman to bring home tonight.”

[Harrison smacks Reese on the shoulder. Reese rolls his eyes as the door to their locker room bursts open with a swift kick. “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane comes in like a rock god, carrying a cardboard box full of bedazzled pink cloth.]

“What’s up, fuckers? You two dicks ready to ROCK this trios tournament, dudes?”

“Thanks for knocking before barging into our locker room.” Reese replies with a frown.

“Yeah whatever. Harry, dude, I’m glad you invited me to be your team leader… you needed one for sure! And why wouldn’t you pick me, right dude? I mean, you know I’m tougher than you… I’ve kicked your ass more times than I can remember… and we’re like, totally undefeated as a team, right? So dude… I brought you guys a present. Just so you knew I could be cool and let that handicap match nonsense be water under the bridge, you know? Check it out, dudes! GEAR THAT MATCHES MINE!!!”

[Loverboy pulls a pair of pink and silver tights out of the box, almost identical to his except for where it says ‘LOVERBOY’ in huge pink letters across his own rear end, this pair says ‘Harrison’ in a much smaller font across the derriere. Loverboy drapes the tights over Harrison’s shoulder while LH just stares at him, and then pulls out another pair that says ‘Li’l Reese’ on the rump.]

“Alex… I don’t know you too well man, but you look like as far as bottoms go that you totally wear a small. So that’s what I got you. I’m so stoked to lead this team to victory, dudes!!!”

[Reese stops taping his hands and gets up from his chair. Harrison gets between Reese and Lane before things hit the fan.]

“Whoa, whoa Reesey! Take it easy, man.”

[Lane chuckles and points his finger at Reese and then Harrison while speaking.]

“You two… have a lot of great fire burning for this match, dudes! That’s what I need from my support team, you know? Hashtag Motherfuckin’ Squad Goals, am I right?”

“Support team? Look Vinnie, I know you don’t like me and I honestly don’t care for you either. Let’s just put all that aside and try to work as a team.”

“Cool, dude. Just don’t lose the match for me, okay? Anyway, time to get back to my dressing room. Roxy’s got a special warm-up routine she likes to go through, if you know what I’m saying. Peace dudes!”

[Vinnie pats Alex on the shoulder and winks at LH Harrison before making his exit. Reese turns to Harrison, who is smiling.]

“I really can’t stand that guy…”

“Just smile and wave man. Our light will shine brighter than ever before.”

“We’re not wearing these outfits, right?”

“Not a chance.”


[The POP Boys bump fists before resuming their preparation for their match.] [The Clinic stand across the ring from Armageddon with qualification on their mind. Keith Nolan starts the match with Lee Crowley, who’s sporting a much more sinister look tonight. The bell sounds and they lock up, Nolan taking Crowley into a Headlock. Lee pushes off and sends him into the ropes, only The Gunner takes him down with a Clothesline. He drops into the cover… One…. Kick Out! Nolan pops back up and drags Lee to his corner, tagging in Dick Fury.] [Fury enters the ring and stands over Crowley, grinding his hips. That only gets him a swift kick to the junk as the referee reminds Lee of the rules. Smiley gets him back up and slaps him brutally across the chest, backing him away. He reaches out and Slams him into the canvas with a Snap Suplex. Lee tags in James Hunter who pulls Fury back to his feet and Flapjacks him into the ropes. He immediately catches him from the bounce and drives him into the mat with a Neckbreaker.] [James watches as Fury crawls to his corner, looking for D’Ville who simply smiles, watching the action. James pulls him back and stomps directly on his head, dropping into the cover… One…. Two… Nolan breaks up the near fall! Crowley immediately hits the ring and Clothesline Nolan to the outside, Hunter tagging in Bellator who hits the top rope and leaps off with a massive Splash. The Doctor meanwhile on the outside drops to the floor, backing Crowley away from Nolan. Lux grabs Dick and gets a right hand for his troubles, Fury somehow fighting back! He throws Lux into the ropes and nails a Clothesline, hitting the canvas. He crawls to his corner and tags in Nolan, Keith coming in as Lux gets up, only to be caught immediately… FRONT FLIP PILEDRIVER!! THE DISCIPLE MAKER! With Dick down and Doc uninterested, Lux covers… One….. Two…. Three! It’s over! Armageddon make it through to the next round, where they go head to head with OSW West!] [A long black limosine begins to pull up at the Schoolyard. As the driver gets out, he opens the door as out comes all three of High Society, all dressed up. They look fairly confident despite what’s been going down in recent weeks with this unknown threatening them. Million sets down his bags, turns to his comrades, giving them a serious stare.]


[Both Royal and Culture Boy listen attentively.]

“We are at war here; this is no longer just about earning a paycheck, this is about proving we are a cut above the rest. We are the three very best that this company has to offer and no threat or act will take us off our game. This is our moment and we need to make the most of it.

[Culture Boy steps forward, staring down Max Million.]

“This act of jealousy is not going to shake our confidence. The way I look at it is that it’s just another obstacle we will conquer. We’ve proven it time and time again when you put our backs against a wall, that’s when we are our most dangerous. What they will experience will be ten times worse than any random threat that’s thrown our way.”

[This time it’s Royal that speaks up, raising his head showing that he too, is not shaken.]

“I’ve been through the wars. People are jealous of our name; our brand; our legacy as High Society.”

[Almost feeling relieved that his team looks ready, he picks up his bag.]

“Good, then let’s go and prove no threat can derail High Society.”

[All three have their bags as they then hand it off to the limo driver as they enter the building, full of confidence.] [The opening bell sounds and this one starts off with Scarecrow and Vinnie Lane… but once Vinnie see’s that Scarecrow is starting things off for Game of Crows, he quickly tags in LH Harrison and exits the ring. LH is eager to start this match off and charges ‘Crow with a stiff right hand to the jaw… but the Hayman barely flinches. So Harrison strikes again! But this time ‘Crow ducks underneath… Scarecrow drives a boot into LH’s gut and, POWERBOMB! Harrison struggles to his feet as King Konstantine smacks Scarecrow on the shoulder, tagging himself in. Orwell rushes Harrison just as he finds his feet, SIDEWALK SLAM! And it’s Konstantine with the cover! One, Tw-Kick Out!] [The King runs the Inspiration to his feet… SUPERKICK! Harrison catches Konstantine on the chin and Orwell stumbles! RKO! LH with an RKO! And he’s crawling to his corner… making the tag to Alex Reese! ARMDRAG TAKEDOWN! To Orwell but the King pops back up… SNAP DDT! But again, the King manages to quickly find his feet! BELLY-TO-BELLY OVERHEAD SUPLEX! And the King goes flying into Game of Crows corner! And this time its Scarecrow tagging HIMSELF in, sending the King to the apron. Alex charges Scarecrow but the Hayman is ready, and a BIG BOOT nearly takes Reese’s head off!] [Instead of tearing into Alex the Scarecrow points to Vinnie Lane, than to Mike Lane, before tagging in the Shadow King. Vinnie shakes his head no but Reese tags him regardless, and Mike charges his cousin! SHADOW KICK! Right over the top rope, knocking Vinnie off the apron and hard on the ground at ringside! Mike follows after, knowing he needs Vinnie in the ring to make the pin, and struggles to shove the Megastar back inside. He finally does and goes for the cover! One, Two, Thr-NO! Kick out! Vinnie someone kicks out and an enraged Mike lifts him to his feet… DEGENERATION! NO! Vinnie counters, into… BLACK LABEL DRIVER! And Vinnie with the roll up! One, Two, Three!] [No! Orwell breaks the count! Which causes P.O.P. to storm the ring and take him out! But here comes Scarecrow, evening the numbers! And the brawl spills outside! Everyone but the cousins… ROLLING IN THE FASTLANE! Out of nowhere, through the confusion, and right into the roll up! One, Two, Three! Mike Lane pins Vinnie Lane and Game of Crows advances into the semi-finals!] [In the locker room of Corey Black, he’s not alone. Sat with team mates Joey Flash and Howard Black, he looks rather pleased to have his friends here with him tonight.] [That’s until Doctor Louis D’Ville walks into the room.]

“Mister Black, hello my friend!” [he proudly says, handing over a crate of what looks to be diet coke.] “Since we’re apart this evening and we won’t have the pleasure of meeting in the ring, I wanted to bring you a present – a token my admiration and goodwill.”

“Diet coke?” [Flash says.] “You must know him well.”

“Oh believe me, myself and Mister Black have become extremely well acquainted during our stay in Old School Wrestling. We’ve become friends, wouldn’t you say?”

[Corey stands up and takes the diet coke, placing it down on the table. He looks at The Doctor as he takes a can from the box and snaps it open.]

“We’re not friends D’Ville. I think you know that,” [he says taking a swig of the coke.] “Now if you don’t mind, get the hell out of our locker room.”

“Of course, of course. I just wanted to wish you three gentlemen all the best here tonight.”

[The Doctor heads towards the door, taking one look back to smile at his ‘good friend’ Corey Black before exiting. Howard looks towards Corey with a quizzical expression.]

“That guy just ain’t right.”

[Corey nods in agreement.] “Tell me about it.”

[The bell sounds as Corey Black and Bobby Baxter are nominated the captains by their teams. Corey enters the ring but Bobby elects to stay outside and let Nigel Royal get his hands dirty. The two tie up in the center of the ring, but Nigel grabs his arm and whips him to the floor for an arm drag. Corey pops back up but is quickly flattened with a knockout punch! He goes for the cover but it’s broken up by the newcomers Howard and Flash!] [Flash hangs in a moment longer before nailing two stiff shots to Nigel before clotheslining him over the top rope. Corey rolls out of the ring to change the lead men to Joey Flash and the now-entering Max Million. Flash quickly evades the arms of Max before connecting with a one-two punch. Max goes to cover before Bobby grabs the referee’s attention allowing Max to hit a thumb to the eye! Flash turns around while clutching his eye in pain. He grabs the head of Joey and runs it roughly across the top rope causing a burning sensation across the forehead of Flash!] [Flash grits his teeth but is pulled down into a Bad Intent crossface! Flash reaches out for the ropes but can’t quite reach! It’s then that pandemonium breaks out! Howard Black and Corey Black enter the fray by stomping away on Max Million. Nigel and Bobby enter the ring and begin trading blows. Max gets up to enter but is jumped by Howard for a somersault neckbreaker! He pulls him up and knees him in the gut before… THE SEVENTH SEAL! The leaping knee to the face brutalizes him as he rolls out of the ring. Nigel grabs Flash up and hits the ROYAL FLUSH! The repeating belly-to-bellys are undeterred! The referee is finally getting some order as he gets Corey Black and Bobby Baxter in as the legal men! They trade blows before Corey hits three rapid-fire elbow shots! Bobby returns with a punch but is lifted up and dropped neck first onto the top rope to which Howard hits THE MOLLYWHOP to the throat of Bobby knocking him for a loop. Corey leaps to the second rope before propelling off of it! PHOENIX SPLASH! Team WCF rushes across the ring to clear Max and Nigel. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [In a locker room backstage, three men stand in a triangle formation. It’s almost a full on shootout, with all three men eyeballing the other two with wary eyes.] [Bobby Neptune. Nox Bellator. Doubt. Universal Belief.]

“Well friends, many men have tried the drug. So many, but none has succeeded.” [Neptune says to break the silence, quoting from Dune once more.]

“They failed because they relied on a drug to succeed.” [Doubt replies, getting a grin from Neptune.]

“You’re my kind of guy, Doubt!” [Neptune states, holding out his hand for a handshake. Of course, Doubt just stares from behind his mask at the hand before Neptune awkwardly withdraws it.]

“There are things worse than death, foolish boy.” [Bellator says, breaking up the awkward silence.]

“Yeah, like sitting in a room with two awkward guys who can’t carry a conversation?” [Neptune asks to his two partners.] [Doubt steps forward to get up in the face of Neptune, ratcheting up the tension.]

“Conversations mean nothing when matters more important to the both of you are around. Tell me, are you going to make your dreams become real or are you just going to let them float off into space with the rest of your mind?” [Doubt asks coldly.] [The All-Star Champion seems to shrug off the question with a grin.]

“No need to doubt me. I’m the man who lives in the power of the universe. I get so high that everyone has to look up.”

[The stare down ends swiftly as Nox Bellator steps closer to the two men.]

“When your soul falls from the pearly gates, you shall endure the painful eternity that is hell. And you will look up at Nox Bellator and ask for one drop of water to quench the thirst of your sins. And I will say no. May you both burn in the eternal fire.”

[With that, Bellator turns and walks away. Neptune turns to find Doubt right at his side.]

“Don’t you know about the praying mantis that waved its arms angrily in front of an approaching carriage, unaware that they were incapable of stopping it? Such was the high opinion it had of its talents.”

[Doubt leaves the room, leaving Neptune by himself, who walks over to look at his shiny All-Star Championship.]

“Wouldn’t have taken Nox for a Watchmen fan. Shouldn’t have doubted him.”

[Bobby Neptune squares off with The Kingpin as TriosMania reaches a fever pitch. Kingpin with a big boot but the All Star Champion dodges and SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK from the second rope!! But Kingpin is still on his feet. SUPERKICK to the jaw of the Colossus and he staggers against the ropes. TAG to Doubt and he charges- SPINNING HEEL KICK and Kingpin is launched over the top rope to the outside. Just as the Kingpin makes it to his feet Nox Bellator comes tumbling over the top rope with a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA… but the Kngpin is STILL on his feet!] [Bobby, Doubt and Nox rally on the outside when Ash Williams climbs to the top turnbuckle and SOARS through the air- crashing down on Universal Belief!! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!! Chaos on the outside… when JECKEL climbs to the top rope and looks down on everyone below him. LEAPING SPLASH from the TOP ROPE!!! OH MY GOD!!! THE JUGGALO TOOK OUT EVERYBODY!!! Jeckjel slides Doubt into the ring and THE HATCHET! But before the Juggalo gains his bearings… CRUCIFIX INTO THE CORNER. Nox Bellator crushes Jeckel! It’s the Kingpin… PRESS SLAM to Nox… the Kingping lifts Ash into the air before DROPPING him onto the Dark Warrior, 1……… 2………… SPLASH!! BOBBY NEPTUNE came off the top rope with TITAN’S CRASHDOWN!!] [Kingpin grabs Neptune and it’s over now… PILEDRIVER to the All Star Champion, 1……… 2………… Bobby Neptune KICKS OUT! Doubt spins the Colossus around and hits EATING YOURSELF ALIVE!! Doubt hooks the leg, 1……… 2…………… Jeckel pulls Doubt off at the last moment!! SO CLOSE!! The Juggalo hooks Doubt in a cross face chicken wing. Doubt charges for the ropes, he steps up to the middle pad… he rolls through to a pin, 1……… 2……… Jeckel kicks out!! Doubt gets to his feet… but Marvolo reaches and sneaks a ROLL UP, 1……… 2… Jeckel’s feet are on the ROPES………… CRACK!! Neptune with a sidekick to Jeckel’s SKULL. Ash with a CROSSBODY sends he and Bobby over the top!! But Nox is back… Bellator lifts Jeckel again… DISCIPLE BREAK!!! CRUCIFIX BOMB!! 1……… 2…………… 3!!! Universal Belief with the win!!!] [Bruce Van Chan walks backstage preparing for his first, and hopefully not last, trios match of the night. He rounds a corner an almost runs smack dab into Phoebe Outlaw. Both combatants proudly display their bruises from Showcase.]

“Where’s your handler, asshole?” [Phoebe asks with a smirk. Bruce steps up to her.]

“I think you know as well as I do that I don’t enjoy hitting a woman. I loathe it, but if it’s gotta happen, it’s gonna be you and not Paige.” [Phoebe, not one to back down, steps even closer. She looks up over a half a foot to look him in the eye. It’s getting tense when…]

“Why don’t you two back off each other. You can tear each other apart next week at InVasion. Tonight, we have a job to do.”

[The Enforcer, Brent Kersh, steps onto the scene. His face is barely visible between the the face to face profile of Outlaw and BVC. After a few tense moments, Bruce blinks and takes a step back. Outlaw, thinking she got the edge up, smirks again.]

“That’s what I thought, fuc…”

“Shut up and shake my hand. Brent’s right, we have business to tend to.” [Bruce cuts her off, and puts out his hand. She looks at it, then shakes it with a vengeance.]

“Next week, then, Brucey.”

[Brent claps them both on the back]

“Great! Now, let’s go win this tournament! Of course, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know!”

[He walks off toward the arena. Bruce and Phoebe look at each other, then follow the Enforcer.] [It’s Lux and Kersh first up in the ring. DING DING DING. Brent takes Lux by surprise right out of the gate with a spinning heel kick! He follows up with a vicious dropkick. Early cover! Lux throws him off. Kersh is going balls to the walls as he goes for a spear. LUX DODGES! SPEAR RIGHT INTO THE RINGPOST. Lux grabs The Enforcer and hits a BRAINBUSTER DDT! Lux goes for the cover, COUNTER. Brent plants his foot in Lux’s face and leaps back to make the tag. Van Chan enters. Lux tags in Q.] [Q bursts out of the corner and splashes onto Van Chan with a flying forearm strike! He unloads with a fury of closed fists to Van Chan’s head before signaling for the RELAX! He goes for a clothesline but Bruce ducks! He rolls onto his feet and before diving into attack, grabbing Q in a tight waistlock, hoisting him up and over his shoulder, and dropping him with a german suplex into a bridge, and has the pin! 1….2….! Crowley breaks it up and starts yelling at Q to tag him in.] [Hunter does so as Bruce tags in Outlaw who rushes Crowley, delivering swift strikes to the jaw and midsection. Crowley latches onto Outlaw’s wrist, whipping her into the turnbuckle, and connects with a jumping knee right to the face! He drops down into a headlock before charging forward and driving the Doctor’s face to the mat with a running bulldog! Cover! 1…2…Bruce breaks it up. Q charges out of his corner and delivers a boot to Van Chan’s face! He turns around and gets a kick to the midsection from The Enforcer! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! He looks over to legal woman Outlaw but gets lifted up! CATHOLIC CROSS from Lux Bellator! But wait! Lux gets speared from behind by a revived Van Chan! Crowley is having trouble getting back to his feet when SOUTHERN CROSS! Outlaw locks it in! Crowley TAPS! OSW WEST has stopped Armageddon!] [In the backstage locker rooms, Axel The Shark is packing his bags, getting ready to go home when the door knocks. He looks towards it as a woman walks in holding a package, handing it over.]

“Axel The Shark?” [She takes double taking the name on her clipboard.] “Can you sign here?”

[He takes the pen and signs on the paper, taking the box from her. The Shark rattles the box before ripping it open, pulling out a bottle of clear Liquid with a cool blue label that says “STRONGSHARK”]

“Is this it? What all the shark heads have been waiting for? Is this the delectable new taste of the ocean?”

[Axel pops the cap and downs his first full sip.]

“Oh my!” [He exclaims.] “That’s some strong shark! That surely doesn’t taste right. What the heck have they put in this?”

[He puts the bottle down on the table and heads out of the locker room, leaving it behind. Once the lights are switched off behind him, the bottle glows a mysterious orange colour in the darkness.] [What the hell is going on here tonight?] [Oh boy, the semi-finals are on! We’re going straight through to the end of the night right now and WCF stand inside the ring, opposite OSW West.] [Joey Flash kicks things off, locking up with Phoebe Outlaw. He takes her into the corner and carefully eases back, only to reign down a slap across her chest so hard that the entire crowd ‘OOOHHHH’! She immediately reaches out and grabs him, slamming him into the corner she just slumped in, crashing a shot down across his chest for good measure. “Welcome to OSW, bitch!” Outlaw says before getting her head taken off with a Clothesline. She pops back to her feet and into punches, rights, lefts, jabs and hooks, Flash absolutely unloading on her until she backs into the ropes, doing her best to block. He sends her across the ring and into a deep Arm Drag, holding her on the canvas with the arm locked.] [Phoebe worms her way back to her feet and starts kicking out, delivering shot after shot to the mid-section of Joey until he finally let’s go. She storms into the ropes, coming back with a Spinning Heel kick that evens the odds. Outlaw has to make the tag now and starts crawling across the ring, only Corey Black distracts the referee. She makes it over and tags in Brent Kersh! Kersh storms the ring and the referee turns around, immediately backing him into the corner and telling him that he’s not the legal man. As Kersh argues, Corey steps into the ring and as Phoebe gets up, nails her with an Elbow to the throat. Flash crawls into the cover, the referee turns around and One….. Two….. Three! KICK OUT! Boy that was close.] [Flash drags Phoebe to Team WCF’s corner and tags in Howard Black. The Honey Badger viciously runs in with a kick to the face, stomping away at her whilst she lingers on the canvas. He pulls her back to her feet and looks for a Belly to Back Suplex, only Outlaw flips out! She leaps into the air, nailing a Dropkick to the back of Black that sends him to the mat. Finally, she crawls over to her corner and MAKES THE TAG TO BRENT KERSH! Kersh storms into the ring with a CLOTHESLINE to Howard! CLOTHESLINE TO COREY! Flash is next and hits the canvas with a Shoulder Block. Kersh is rolling now and as Howard gets back up, Brent snaps him down to the canvas with a Snap Suplex! He covers… One….. Two….. COREY BLACK ENSURES THE FALL IS BROKEN!] [Black gets Kersh to his feet and nails him with an Elbow shot to the head, whipping him across the ring and taking him down with a Leaping Clothesline. The referee has begun to lose control here because here comes Bruce Van Chan – who like Corey Black, has yet to see some action in this match. Flash ducks a Clothesline by Bruce Van Chan and swiftly takes him down to the canvas with an Eniziguri. Howard meanwhile has joined Corey in a double team of Kersh, dropping him with a Double Suplex in the middle of the ring. The Honey badger covers… One… Two…. Kick out! He immediately walks over to where Black is now upon the apron and they make the tag, Corey coming into the ring and dropping the Leg across Kersh’s throat.] [The King gets him back to his feet and tries to whip him into the ropes, only Kersh comes back with a Clothesline that stops him. He immediately tags in Van Chan who as Corey gets back up, nails him with a Crossbody. Chan rolls away from that and storms over to Flash and Howard, nailing them both with a right hand for good measure to rally the crowd. Only that allows Corey in from behind with a German Suplex! He covers… One…. Two… Kick Out! Corey immediately gets back to his feet and grabs Chan who nails him with a shot to the gut. Both men start slugging it out, Corey swinging with an Elbow that Chan ducks and NAILS THE REFEREE! OH SHIT!! NOW IT’S WAR!! THE ENTIRE TWO TEAMS STORM THE RING!] [Flash blocks a right hand from Kersh and SUDDEN FLASH!! A BEAUTIFUL RIGHT HAND THAT KNOCKS KERSH STRAIGHT TO THE CANVAS! JESUS, HE MUST BE KNOCKED OUT! Howard meanwhile gets caught by Phoebe.. NORTHERN LIGHTS… NO!! BLACK BLOCKS IT! A TREE OF NO CARE!! DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT!! HE GOT IT!! Howard pops back up and SUDDEN FLASH TO HOWARD BLACK!! WHAT!? WHAT THE FUCK!? THE FANS CAN’T BELIEVE IT! COREY IS BACK TO HIS FEET IN SHOCK AND SUDDEN FLASH TO HIM AS WELL!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? Flash looks down at his team mates and smirks, before diving out of the ring. Bruce Van Chan crawls into the cover of Corey Black as the referee comes to… One….. Two…. Three!! OSW West win it but by God, Joey Flash just turned on his team here tonight!] [What a performance by both teams but there’s going to be hell to pay for Joey Flash here tonight. Why the hell did he turn on his own team mates?] [Our world champion locks up with Doubt, getting us underway in this huge semi-final contest. Doubt gets to grips with Lane by savagely throwing elbows into his head. Following that up with a huge snap suplex, knocking the wind out of the man he’s facing. A elbow drop, is quickly followed by a leg drop, then a cover. Shadow King powers out in one. You don’t put the World champion away that lightly. Pulling Lane up to his feet, wanting to carry on the onslaught. Doubt is caught off guard. A on his knees Mike Lane grabbing him round the waist and dropping him back to the mat with a big Atomic Drop.] [Both men are down, getting air back in their lungs. Its Doubt who is crawling to corner though and he tags in NOX BELLATOR. The King comes bounding in the ring and toward Lane. When he gets close, Lane though locks himself around Nox’s foot and brings him to the mat. In one fell motion STF… STF IS LOCK IN! Slightly to close to the ropes and the move is only locked in for second before Bellator grabs the ropes, forcing the move to be dropped. Lane showing just how dangerous he can be from any position.] [Both men back to their feet and its Nox Bellator who manages to grab the upper hand with an eye rake. Throwing Lane off the ropes, A frankensteiner awaiting Mike on his return. Another attempted pin on Lane, another early kick-out. Picking up Mike Lane he again throws him off the ropes, only this time its Lane who returns with a huge dropkick. Buying himself some time. Making it to the corner, tags in KING KONSTANTINE. The King comes charging in at Nox who has managed to get back to his feet groggily. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!] [MISSES! Nox ducking just at the last minute. With the King’s back turned to him now Nox tries to capitalize, reigning down strikes on the King from behind. Attempting a German Suplex. He gets it. It’s bridged. Another one count. These men showing it takes a lot to put them away. Nox feeling the momentum goes up top. FLYING CROSS BODY BLOCK…. THE KING CAUGHT HIM!! In one swoop motion King lays him out with a huge Back-Breaker. Nox may not be able to walk after that. Tossing Bellator into his corner, Konstantine starts laying in the boots, big ones. Keeping Nox Bellator in his place.] [TAG…. IN COMES SCARECROW. Keeping Bellator in the corner seems the sensible move. So Scarecrow after choking him out a little with his boot. Scoops Bellator back up and levels him with a huge power bomb. Looking for the pinfall, One… Two. NO! KICK-OUT. Bellator digging real deep. Throwing Bellator off the ropes, almost snaps Nox’s neck. Again scooping up Bellator, positions him for the Reverse DDT. BANG back to the mat. How is Bellators head still on? Raising him again, this could be it. Scarecrow has been dominant. HAYMAKER! ONE…TWO….] [KICK-OUT! DOUBT RAN IN AND MADE THE SAVE LAST MINUTE! SCARECROW IS ON HIS KNEES WHEN NOX POPS UP. DARKNESS FALLS!!! SUPERKICK FLOORS THE CROW!!! The race is now on. Scarecrow is motionless and Bellator is pulling himself to his corner. Scarecrow awakens and he begins to pull himself to his corner. BELLATOR MAKES IT HERE COMES NEPTUNE! SCARECROW A SECOND BEHIND. HERE COMES LANE! WORLD CHAMPION AGAINST ALL STAR CHAMPION. HERE WE GO! The two men meet in the middle of the ring.] [Both men are throwing wild left and rights, each man connecting equally. The crowd loving it.. Neither man is getting the advantage here! Both men break away throwing themselves off the ropes. Lane extends his arm to clothesline, Neptune ducks. The two carry on and bounce off again, this time its Neptune who extends his arm, LANE ROLLS UNDER! Stopping dead centre of the the ring, a stare-off takes place. A look of respect maybe more than anything. That is until Lane charges. SHADOW KICK! SHADOW KICK! NEPTUNE DUCKS……. THE REFEREE EATS THE KICK. THE REF IS DOWN!! ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! HERE COMES EVERYBODY!] [DOUBT HITS KONSTANTINE WITH EATING YOURSELF ALIVE. THE KING BOUNCES FROM THE MAT TO THE FLOOR. SHADOW KICK TO DOUBT!! BELLATOR AND SCARECROW ARE ON THE OUTSIDE, TRADING BLOWS!! INSIDE THE RING WE HAVE CHAMPION V CHAMPION! AGAIN JUST THROWING WILDLY. MIKE LANE BEGINS TO GET THE UPPERHAND. NEPTUNE IS ROCKING. HERE COMES A GROGGY KING, HE HAS THE ALL STAR BELT IN HIS HAND. HE GOES TO HIT NEPTUNE ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD. A BLOW TO NEPTUNE FROM LANE PUTS HIM TO HIS KNEES THOUGH! KONSTANTINE HITS MIKE LANE WITH THE ALL STAR CHAMPIONSHIP, INADVERTANTLY!!] [SUPERNOVA TO THE KING!!] [NEPTUNE PINS MIKE LANE. THE REFEREE STILL FLOORED NOTICES. BEGINS THE COUNT! ONE…..TWO….THREE!! THE ALL STAR CHAMPION PINS THE WORLD CHAMPION, WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM HIS NEMESIS!! AMAZING STUFF!!] [With Universal Belief still inside the ring, OSW West make their way out for the Triosmania tournament final!] [These guys are tired now as Bruce Van Chan starts this one off with Doubt. They lock up in the middle of the ring, Doubt taking Chan into a Side Headlock that Bruce immediately gets out of by Sweeping the legs. Both men roll straight back up and Doubt swings with a Clothesline, Chan ducking underneath it and storming to the ropes. He leaps to the middle and Springboards backwards, swooping into a Tornado DDT! The fans cheer as The Real Frickin Deal quickly rolls him back to his feet, hitting numerous kicks to the gut and legs that Doubt eventually pushes him away from. Both men come back to the middle, Doubt side stepping his opponent and crashing him to the canvas with a Russian Legsweep.] [Before he can head into the cover, Kersh storms the ring, catching him with a Clothesline. That brings in Bellator who pulls himself straight onto the top rope and leaps off with a massive CROSSBODY that takes Brent down to the canvas! Phoebe immediately enters the ring and gets caught by Neptune, who ducks under a Clothesline and drops her with Neckbreaker. Bruce gets back to his feet and is quickly taken to the ropes by Neptune and Bellator who work together to send him across the ring, only Chan ducks under the Double Clothesline attempt and DOUBLE CROSS BODY!! Bruce is on fire right here. He turns around though to see Doubt back to his feet and knee to the gut.. Double Underhook to the knees! EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! THAT HAS TO BE IT! He covers… One…. Two…. Three! No!! BRENT KERSH BARELY BREAKS UP THE NEAR FALL!!] [Brent grabs Doubt and throws him to the outside, quickly accompanying him. He drops from the ring apron to the floor with an Axe Handle that takes Doubt down. Kersh turns around and BOBBY NEPTUNE LAUNCHES HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A MASSIVE SENTON DIVE!! HOLY FUCK!! NEPTUNE TAKES DOWN KERSH!! He rolls Doubt back into the ring and demands a tag. Both Bruce and Doubt are making their way to their corners now and they make the tag!! Neptune and Outlaw are quick to the ring, Outlaw this time ducking the Clothesline and countering with a Reverse STO! Phoebe rolls back to her feet and grabs a hold of Neptune, looking for the Northern Lights only Bobby reverses into a Spinning Neckbreaker!] [The fans are on their feet as this epic Triosmania final rolls on. Neptune and Outlaw get back to their feet, Phoebe sending him into the ropes only to be surprised by a MASSIVE SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! This kid can fly from anywhere! The Starboy quickly rolls into the cover… One… Two… Kick out! He gets back up and drags Phoebe to his corner, tagging in Nox Bellator. Bellator quickly enters with firm kicks to the gut, stomping away at her like a man possessed as the referee tries to pull him back. The Dark Warrior drags her by the hair to her feet and slams her down to the canvas with a Body Slam. He hits the ropes and quickly drops the Leg, covering. One…. Two… BRUCE VAN CHAN BREAKS THE FALL! That causes mayhem because here comes Doubt! Doubt storms the ring and starts brawling with Van Chan again, both men trading right and left hands as the referee tries to break them up.] [What he doesn’t see is that Nox Bellator has slid to the outside and gotten a steel chair. He enters the ring and waits for Phoebe to get back up, pulling back AND NO!! NEPTUNE GRABS IT! NEPTUNE STOPS HIS OWN PARTNER!! Bobby throws the chair to the outside and tells him “Not like this!”, only Nox grabs him and plants him with a kick to the gut! UNIVERSAL BELIEF ARE IMPLODING BEFORE OUR EYES! BELLATOR IS A MONSTER….. DISCIPLE BREAKER TO HIS OWN TEAM MATE! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!? OUTLAW ROLLS HIM UP…. ONE….. TWO….. THREE!! NO!! BELLATOR KICKS OUT! The fans boo as The Dark Warrior springs away from the cover to see Doubt and Chan brawling on the outside. He grabs Phoebe and kicks her low… he’s going for it! THE DISCIPLE BREAKER TO PHOEBE OUTLAW!! He drops into the cover but doesn’t see Neptune on the top rope… TITANS CRASHDOWN STRAIGHT ONTO NOX BELLATOR AND PHOEBE OUTLAW!! THE STARBOY GETS HIS REVENGE!! BELLATOR THOUGH REMAINS ON TOP OF OUTLAW…. ONE…… TWO….. KERSH BREAKS UP THE NEAR FALL! JESUS CHRIST!!] [That should have surely been it here tonight. Both Nox and Outlaw groggily need to make it to their corners but that doesn’t matter. Doubt drags Kersh off the apron just in time and bounces his head off the ring steps! With Kersh and Bruce down on the outside, he rolls into the ring and.. KICK TO THE GUT OF PHOEBE!! EATING YOURSELF ALIVE!! He helps Bellator on top of her and watches as the referee counts… ONE….. TWO….. THREE!! THEY’VE DONE IT! UNIVERSAL BELIEF HAS JUST GONE AHEAD AND FUCKING WON THIS THING! UNBELIEVABLE!] [The bell sounds and no-one can quite believe it! Universal Belief have done the unthinkable here tonight. What a close fought contest that truly was. Nox Bellator gets back to his feet and Bobby Neptune enters the ring, both men going nose to nose as Doubt looks on.] [Then the lights go off.]

“Welcome…. to The Asylum.”

[The sound of screams can be heard echoing in the background – tortured souls bemoaning their very existence.] [Then the lights return.] [What the hell is this? Doctor D’Ville stands in the middle of the ring, but he’s not alone. Bobby Neptune and Nox Bellator are now back to back, watching as Lee Crowley with terrifying face paint stands before them, alongside Corey Black, Axel The Shark and Doubt. They don’t know what to do.] [And the mugging begins! As D’Ville watches with the most sadistic smile, Crowley, Black, Axel and Doubt do a number on Bellator and Neptune, beating them down in the middle of the ring.] [This is fucking insanity. What the hell has happened to these guys?] [With Bobby Neptune and Nox Bellator bloodied and unconscious on the canvas, the Asylum start tearing up the ring. Axel The Shark goes outside and kicks over the steel steps, pulling apart the barricades and throwing them to the floor. Corey Black starts undoing all the turnbuckles, sending the entire arena into absolute chaos!] [Lee Crowley meanwhile stands in front of the announce table. Johnny Gomez pleading with him. “Lee, please, don’t..”] [Only it’s not Lee Crowley. “You can call me Smiley!” he sadistically replies, pulling Gomez over the table and brutalizing him with right hands. Diamond tries to run away but Doubt is waiting for him.. EATING YOURSELF ALIVE TO THE FUCKING COMMENTATOR!! SMILEY MEANWHILE PUTS THE GLASGOW SMILE ON POOR JOHNNY GOMEZ! JESUS CHRIST!!] [D’Ville watches in the ring as his Asylum destroy Old School Wrestling before our very eyes.] [He’s poisoned them. He’s drugged them. He’s made them apart of this terrifying group. Axel The Shark, Corey Black, Doubt and Smiley are now patients of the good Doctor.] [And we need paramedics and security, now!] [Triosmania goes off the air with absolute violence at ringside. The ring has been destroyed, the fans have fled and the entire ringside staff have joined them.] [There’s hell in OSW.]