[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Violent screams echo throughout an empty warehouse, bouncing off the walls like a tin can. Sat inside the same chair as last week, DTR sits, black ooze pouring out of wounds across his torso. Sergei stands over him with a large knife in his right hand, wiping the gunge from it with a cloth in his left.]

“You do not bleed like Sergei bleeds,” [the Russian Bear ponders allowed.] “And you heal quickly.”

[DTR’s grimace turns into a grin, with black staining his once white teeth.]

“I told you son, if you want the answers you seek, you’ll have to become one of us,” [he spews, spitting the dark liquid as he does.] “Join my family, become my son; I’ll never treat you like Mother Russia has.”

[Sergei’s neck snaps around to face him.] “What do you know of Mother Russia?”

“Isn’t that why we’re here?” [The Virus asks.] [The Russian Bear walks the short distance, towering over him like a menacing monster.]

“You wish to weaponize the Virus, don’t you?” [He suggests with a raised eyebrow.] “You wish harness the destructive powers coursing through my veins.”

[Sokolov slaps him violently across the face.]

“You Americans think you know everything,” [He says in disgust.] “When you know nothing. If Russia wanted to weaponize Virus, Sergei would cut you from here,” [he points low on DTR’s abdomen.] “To here,” [he draws his knife slowly up to his throat.] “And take it.”

[That confuses DTR.]

“Then why do you want to know how I came to be?”

[Suddenly, the warehouse door almost explodes with the force in which Jensen Cussen and The Dead enter it. They storm inside, Cussen ducking under a swinging knife attempt by Sergei, to catch him with a Blunt Force Trauma.] [The Russian Bear stumbles, just as The Dead unties a stumbling DTR from his restraints and drags him away to safety.] [Jensen quickly escapes the clutches of the mammoth and follows his Family out of the nearest exit. Sokolov rests on a knee, holding his jaw, his eyes beaming with rage.] [No-one has the answers they seek.] [Cut.]


[The two men start with an intense stare down, awaiting the sound of the bell. Neither man wants to look away, inches away from each others face, you can see the intensity in each of their eyes.] [With the match now underway, Dead proceeds to charge forward with a thunderous running lariat. The impact sends Jacob Phoenix flipping through the air and he crashes violently to the canvas. Dead doesn’t stop, he follows up with a relentless assault of kicks while Phoenix covers up. The Dead bounces off the ropes and lunges forward, looking for a running elbow drop but Jacob Phoenix is able to roll out at the last minute, finally causing some separation and a moment for him to regain his senses.] [Dead pops back to his feet quickly and charges forward again, he’s looking for the same running lariat but Jacob Phoenix having learned his lesson quickly counters with a backdrop. Phoenix now on the offensive looks to pick up the pace, he bounces of the far ropes and catches The Dead with a flying knee just as he reaches his feet, the impact sends The Dead tumbling to the floor outside the ring! But Phoenix isn’t done there, he’s looking to fly and bounces off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring SUICIDE DIVE! He connects perfectly with Dead on the floor!] [The crowd rises to their feet cheering in recognition of this herculean effort.] [Jacob Phoenix hoists The Dead back up to his feet and rolls him into the ring, where the Dead lays motionless. Phoenix slides back into the ring, but he’s greeted by a double axe handle to the back from The Dead who was playing possum the whole time. The Dead sends Jacob Phoenix into the ropes he looks for a big boot…. BUT JACOB PHOENIX DUCKS UNDER! FOR HER!!! He hits it out of nowhere and before The Dead could even turn around….. a quick cover…. ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Jacob Phoenix stands up to his feet and raises his arms in the air victorious. What a great win for Jacob Phoenix here!]


[As the match ends, Jacob Phoenix cannot restrain himself. He mounts The Dead, punching him violently in the face.] [Black gunge oozes out, covering the knuckles of the Phoenix.] [Suddenly, a voice echoes from the entrance ramp.]

“Was that for me?” [Sounds a softly spoken feminine tone. It’s Stephanie Cussen, and she’s walking towards the ring with a microphone.] “For her? Am I her, Jacob?”

[Phoenix stops punching The Dead. His eyes are transfixed on the love of his life as she slithers under the bottom rope.]

“Daw, ain’t that sweet,” [she says softly.] “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’re in love with me. However, maybe it’s more than that, huh? Maybe it’s infatuation. I bet you miss me, don’t ya? You miss how I smell, how I taste…”

[Stephanie licks her black lips, her motions disgusting Jacob who turns his head away.]

“Look at me!” [she yells, hissing at him. She walks over, turning his head to face hers.] “Do you miss being inside me, Phoenix?”

[The fans are stunned.] [Jacob can’t even look her in the eye.] [She smiles, black ooze seeping down her chin.] “I don’t miss you,” [Stephanie responds to her own question, pushing his face away.] “I don’t love you. I never did. I love my family; I love them more than anything in this world! You can’t take me away from them. You won’t.”

[Suddenly, Jensen Cussen appears behind Jacob Phoenix – having slid into the ring whilst this entire intrusive conversation had taken place. Stephanie can see him, smiling sinisterly.]

“Uh ho,” [she says with a shake of her vile head.] “Daddy’s mad.”

[Cussen grabs him from behind violently, scooping him up.] [BURNING HAMMER! BURNING HAMMER!] [EVOLUTION!] [Phoenix crushes neck first into the mat, bouncing away emphatically as Cussen gets back to his feet. He stands there for a moment, looking down at his former friend and ally.] [Stephanie meanwhile drops to her knees, crawling over seductively.]

“I’m sorry daddy, I just couldn’t help myself,” [she says, straddling the agonized Jacob Phoenix.] “He’s just so damn pathetic.”

[She reaches in, kissing him deeply, biting his lip to draw blood as she pulls backwards.] [Jensen helps her back to his feet, the pair of them slowly backing away. Stephanie laughs hysterically, her vile laughter heard as they head to the backstage.]


[The Fallen vs The Movement, which man will prove their dominance here tonight?] [Mr. X stays to himself in his corner, forcing Cross to be the one to advance first. X circles around the ring, trying to get in a few quick jabs on the larger man! Cross blocks the blows and grabs for X, the faster wrestler stepping back before leaping up with a massive knee to the jaw of Cross! He follows with a leaping uppercut that sends Demond into the ropes before springboarding- BIG BOOT BY CROSS! Mr. X is taken right out of the air by the massive boot! Cross drops a knee on the prone X as he retakes control!] [Cross is visibly annoyed as he rains down boots upon Mr. X, finally giving leeway once he begins to peel X off of the ground, hitting a massive suplex! He tries to go for another but X stops him! He lashes out with a stiff knee lift before dropping Cross with a DDT! He crawls to the turnbuckle, slowly scaling to the top of it and turning to see Cross already stirring. He gets ready to leap but Cross is up and to the turnbuckle! A haymaker stuns X and Cross grabs onto him! BELLY TO BELLY FROM THE TOP ROPE!] [Both men just careened into the ground with a massive crash and neither are quick to stir! Cross is the first to get to his feet, slowly rising- LEG SWEEP BY X! Mr. X caught Cross off guard and took him off of his feet! He uses the reprieve to get to his feet, unleashing a flurry of strikes upon Cross and he rises, The Fallen firing back with blows of his own! KNIFE HAND STRIKE TO THE THROAT! Cross holds his neck and falls to his knees! X gets behind the bigger man AND HITS THE SILVER BULLET! Cross lands head first into the mat and X pins! One! Two! Three!] [The Movement has proven themselves to be a worthy opponent here tonight as they get a huge win over Demond Cross!]


[Sat beneath the same tree he taunted Scarecrow from last week, Ethan Bird seems a bit impatient.] [BZZT!] [A smile appears beneath Bird’s beard as he stands to face none other than Mother.]

“When a god summons, you come.” [Bird says harshly to an amused Mother.] “You don’t make him wait.”

[The evil creature only smiles in return.]

“I answer to no god.” [She coldly responds.] “Especially not one who is as false as you, Ethan Bird.”

[Bird merely shrugs in response as he grabs an apple off the tree, tossing it to Mother.]

“Have a bite to eat, you might learn something.”

[She doesn’t even look at the apple as Bird continues.]

“Let’s face it, Mother, you like this little arrangement you have with Scarecrow. You brought him back from death, if he even dies, and then now he gets to play your attack dog. Just like a human mother, you have to find some kind of leverage to get those you call children to stand by your side. So now Genesis reigns, and the one who reaps the rewards is Mother. Meanwhile, you neglect your other children.”

[He grins as he takes a bite of an apple of his own.]

“How is the one your god gave you a couple months ago? Have you taken care of her?”

[For those who don’t remember, way back on VHS #18, Ethan Bird used a kidnapped girl as a decoy to get Mother’s attention. That child was given over to Mother to do with what she desired.]

“She loves her Mother, as all of my children do.” [Mother responds, the mention of her children making her cock her head to the side.] “Even Scarecrow, for I am the Mother of All. Not just the mother of a few chosen. Even you, Ethan Bird.”

[Bird laughs and tosses the apple core away.]

“If you say so.” [He retorts.] “Upon recollecting this event, you promised Ethan Bird a Rewind title shot. It didn’t turn out very fairly, as your children turned on their god.”

[Mother raises an eyebrow.]

“Is that what you want? Another title shot?”

[Bird shakes his head.]

“A god demands something more in return.” [He points to the apple in Mother’s hand.] “Ethan Bird wants Scarecrow to bow at his feet and proclaim him the god that he is.”

[Mother laughs in the face of this demand. She turns and looks down at the apple in her hand, watching as it slowly goes black and rots in her hand.]

“You presume to know the relationship between Scarecrow and I, but you would be very surprised by its nature. I will have nothing more to do with you Ethan Bird, your Book of Genesis will not turn out how you desire.”

[BZZT!] [All that is left is the rotten apple core on the ground as Mother has vanished. Ethan Bird smiles as he walks back to his tree.] [Was this what he wanted?]


[Jake Jeckel is angry at just about everyone and Calypso is even angrier. This matchup should be quite the clash as the bell rings.] [Calypso wants to take Jake by surprise and rushes towards him, but he is ready and grabs her around the waist and tosses her across the ring with a huge OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! She flies into the turnbuckles and gets tied up! Jake marches over to her and begins a vicious assault of kicks to her chest, neck and head area. She is in real trouble as Jake just doesn’t care. Finally the ref backs him off after a ten count and Calypso tumbles to the canvas. Jake grabs her and whips her across the ring, but she falls before she gets more than few steps. He seems mad about this and grabs her legs… RIDDLE BOX!! She’s in trouble! She’s about to tap… but somehow gets the bottom rope!] [The ref forces the break and Jake is backed off. She is down as the ref checks on her well being. She says she can still go, so Jake approaches… TESTICULAR CLAW!!! She has a death grip on the ole twig and berries! Jake drops to a knee, and Calypso throws a series of heavy punches, laying Jake out flat! She whips Jake into the turnbuckle, and it’s his turn to get hung up as he flips over into the Tree of Woe… She runs straight at Jake and then flips with a SENTON INTO THE CORNERED JECKEL!! He tumbles out and she grabs him just to drop him with a HEAVY DDT! One… Two… Thre…. NO!] [Jake just kicks out and Calypso is furious. She stands and waits for Jake to stand, then… BACKSTABBER! One… Two… THREE! NO! Jeckel barely got his hand on the rope! The ref forces Calypso off of Jake. He grabs the ropes to pull himself up, but she shoves him further into the ropes… she springboards… ULTRA-VIOLENCE!! Jake is catapulted back in and she covers… One… Two… THREE!!] [Calypso wins a huge one over the Juggalo King, as Jake still seems to be suffering some of the ill effects of the attacks from his brother.]


[The lair of the Dragon. Somewhere within the Tap Room, what seems a little like a safe-room entrance is shown. A steel door with a camera set up over the top of it. Yet it is not Solomon Rhodes that we see, but Desmond Cross. A sledgehammer in hand, pummelling away at the steel door.] [Boom… Boom… Boom. The sledgehammer slams into the steel door. It is dented, battered, scratched and scathed but not broken. The hullabaloo has attracted the attention of many onlookers by now, and soon Solomon comes into view.]

“What the hell?!”

[Desmond Cross turns around at the sound of the Dragon’s voice, a manic smile on his face. As he turns, he steps away from the door, but does not drop the sledgehammer. Scratched into the steel door, in crudely drawn letters like a child with a crayon is the word ‘TAINTED’. Cross looks back at his handy work and breaks out into maniacal laughter.]

“Funny, isn’t it?” [The Dragon doesn’t seem to share his sentiment.] “This door can claim to be anything it likes. Yet it will always bear the marks of the battles it fought. At my hands, it has forever become tainted. Nobody can undo the damage. The scratches and dents cannot simply be removed through willpower alone. Wouldn’t you agree, Mr Rhodes?”

[Solomon stands his ground, far enough away from the unstable Cross to not lead himself into the path of his sledgehammer.]

“You manipulative hypocrite. Are you trying to prove a point, when you too once walked a road of faith? Lest you forget the plagues you unleashed in the name of the Lord you now seek vengeance on?”

[Cross becomes enraged at the rebuttal, slamming the sledgehammer into the door once more before dropping it.]

“In the name of a worthless God who abandoned me! I was a fool, as you were. We both walked away, we both saw our own truth… Yet, you have been touched, wounded by your battles in a way that will never be removed. Scratched like the door.

I see you, and I am constantly reminded of that so-called God’s betrayal. Faith or not, I cannot look at you and not be sickened to the point of anger.”

[With the sledgehammer now dropped, Solomon closes in on Cross.]

“You are the very epitome of everything that I breathe to fight. You seek vengeance on a being, a force that cannot be reasoned with. You try to make sense out of senselessness, order out of chaos and it has driven you mad. Can you not see that your path of vengeance is built on lies and manipulation?”

[Cross reaches out and grabs Rhodes by the throat. His is practically foaming at the mouth, a wild look in his eyes.]

“Built on lies?! I understand the truth where all others follow blindly. You too, are blind, yet you’re too stubborn to see it. You are as tarnished by your past as I am, as neglected and forgotten by God as I am…”

[He flinches, then cracks into a wide and manic smile.]

“Follow me to the truth, man… Or my vengeance will fall on you, before it falls on God.”

[Rhodes pushes Cross away, freeing his neck from any further choking.]

“I would only follow you to the edge of a cliff, so I could toss you off myself.”

“Very well…” [Cross turns to walk away, leaving only that unhinged laughter hanging in the air.] “Very well.”


[The Ringmaster and the Boogeyman square off tonight in the squared circle? Which man with the face paint will come out on top?] [Jack Jeckel immediately wades into the deep end and locks up with Huxley, and then hurls him into the ropes, as he comes back, Jack raises his foot for a BIG BOO… Alistair rolls under and pulls Jeckel down with a SCHOOL BOY!! One… Two… T… Kickout! Jeckel doesn’t like it, and tries to get to his feet, but Huxley is too fast and THE WHIP CRACK! Jeckel goes down hard, and Huxley covers… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Jeckel is not so fast to recover this time and Huxley takes advantage and locks in a SLEEPER! Jeckel starts to fade and BIG TOP DROP!!! One… Two… THREE!!!] [NO! Jeckel just got his hand on the bottom rope! Huxley is angry and tries to pull Jack up but… JUGGABLOW!! Jack takes a page out of his brother’s book! The ref scolds him, but Jack just pushes through him and stomps Huxey into the canvas a few times before pulling him to his feet. Jack whips Alistair into the ropes and as he returns A WICKED FAST POWERSLAM!! Jack covers… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Jeckel again stomps on Huxley before lifting him once more and throws a couple of European Uppercuts into the Ringmaster’s chin. He grabs Huxley and JUGGALOCO!! One… Two… THRE…NO!! Huxley just kicked out!] [Huxley is barely hanging on here, and Jeckel asks the ref if he is sure about that count. Just then, Fluffy jumps onto the apron to confront Jack, but the ref tells him off. While the ref is distracted, though, Jack turns straight into a ball of fire!!! DRAGON’S BREATH!! Jack drops to the mat! Huxley covers… One… Two… Thre.. Kickout! Huxley can feel the end nearing as he steps back waiting for Jack to climb to his feet and when he does… CIRQUE DE TORM… NO! JACK COUNTERS WITH A MODIFIED BOOGEYMAN BOMB!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Jack Jeckel wins! He slips out of the ring as Fluffy slides in to check on Alistair!]


[Backstage of the Tap Room, Calypso walks with Cortney, the young girl we saw from last week. In the glow of the fluorescent lights, we see just how severe her skin condition is. It’s awful. She seems downtrodden, understandably so, and then Calypso opens the door to her locker room. There is a full spread of fruits, cookies, and roasted chicken. The girl’s eyes open widely, enough for her skin to crack in the corner of her eye. You can almost hear her mouth watering.]

“I gotta take a leak, Cortney, but get you some food. It’s all comped by the company.”

[Cortney looks up at her, and then rushes to the table. Calypso disappears around the corner presumably on her way to the restroom. Cortney begins stuffing her face with anything she can get her hands on. But then we hear the crying of a child. At first, Cortney doesn’t seem to hear it, but as the volume of the crying increases, the girl looks back. A small child dressed in ancient clothing sits in the corner, crying.]

“What’s wrong, little boy?” [Cortney asks through a mouthful of chicken.] “Are you hungry?”

[But he wails all the more. Cortney nears him, and tries to hand him a cookie. Instead, he lunges forward and hugs the girl tightly. She seems immediately concerned, not for her, but for the boy. He could catch her affliction.]

“No, you shouldn’t touch me! I’m unclean!”

[She tries to push the boy away, but he clings that much tighter. Then another voice. Mother.]

“Do not fret, my dear girl. He cannot catch what you carry, for he is one of mine. And those that belong to me cannot become ill.”

[Cortney looks fascinated.]

“They… they can’t get sick?”

[Mother smiles.]

“No, dear, nor can they feel pain, for I am a goddess, you see, and…

“A goddess?!”

“Oh yes, and believe me when I tell you this: Calypso has sold you a bill of lies. The meek will not inherit the earth, but perish through insignificance.”

[At first, Cortney stares incredulously, then she shakes her head.]

“No, Calypso wouldn’t deceive me. She loves me!”

“No? Then why has she not shared this feast with you or the others before now?” [She motions to the table of food.] “She doesn’t want you to know the truth, only to control you.”

[Cortney’s eyes widen as she looks at the food again. Could Mother be telling the truth?]

“Do not follow that charlatan any longer. Let Mother take your hand!”

[Mother puts her hand out, and for a girl who hasn’t touched another person in years before this day, the temptation is too much. She reaches out for her caress, but…]

“NO!” [Calypso has entered and screamed.] ‘Don’t touch her, Cortney! She’s poison!’

[Cortney pulls her hand back as though she’d touched a hot stove. Mother glares at Calypso.]

“The only poison in this room are your words, false prophet!”

“Get out! Get out before I put you out, you witch!”

[Mother smiles a grisly grin, and takes the hand of her son.]

“I was just leaving anyway, my dear.” [She looks back at Cortney on her way out.] “Remember what I said, my love. Her words are poison, and she loves you not.”

[Mother leaves the room with her boy. Cortney looks after her, and then at Calypso. She puts out her hand to be held, and Calypso just stares at it as we fade.]


[The Philosopher takes on the Red Tsar! Can Abraxas bring down the bear?] [The match is on and Sergei doesn’t look to be giving any leeway to the newcomer, rushing forward and nailing him with a massive big boot! Abraxas is sent tumbling to the ground and Sergei walks over, placing a boot to the back of his head and pushing down! The referee counts, Sergei letting go at four before peeling up Abraxas. He powers up Abraxas for a suplex- NECKBREAKER BY WILLIAM! The philosopher drops Sergei and fights to his feet, hitting a shoot kick to the back of the big man’s head! Abraxas hits a running elbow to keep him down!] [Abraxas seems to have amazingly gotten control back in this match, moving to the top rope- forearm by Sergei! William is stopped by the clubbing blow and doubled over the turnbuckle! Sokolov gets beneath him and pulls away in an Electric Chair hold! GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE ELECTRIC CHAIR! Abraxas is folded in half by the brutal move! Sergei doesn’t look content though, and he lifts Abraxas up before tossing him across the ring! William lands in a heap on the other side of the ring, smartly rolling out as The Red Tsar angrily advances towards him.] [Sergei moves to the apron, William quickly cutting the big man’s legs out from under him! Sokolov lands back-first on the apron and Abraxas climbs up, stomping on Sokolov before moving into the ring. He hits the far ropes, coming back for a baseball- SERGEI GRABS HIS LEGS! He pushes William back into the ring and advances on the smaller man, sliding through the ropes and hitting a rising William with a clothesline! He calls for the end, forcing Abraxas to his feet and Irish Whips him to the ropes, only Abraxas leaps up onto his back and SLEEPER HOLD! THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES! Sergei struggles to break free, stumbling around the ring. He paws at the smaller man, only suddenly, as if out of no-where, FIRE EXPLODES FROM THE TURNBUCKLES ALMOST DIRECTLY BEHIND THE PHILOSOPHER! He releases the hold and falls down, looking towards the flames in absolute shock. Before he knows it, Sokolov pulls him to his feet and THE NUCLEAR FALLOUT! Abraxas lands neck first and Sergei covers! One! Two! Three!] [That distraction just cost Abraxas the match! Sergei rolls to the outside and exits the ring, not a care in the world as William holds his neck, looking towards the turnbuckle that almost set him alight.]


[The entire arena suddenly darkens.] [Static fills the screen.] [William Abraxas gets back to his feet, wondering what’s going on. His furry eyebrows have risen high onto his brow, as a voice echoes throughout the arena.]

“Your philosophy is that a path to enlightenment exists within violence.”

[The voice has been adjusted, and sounds deepened.]

“But my philosophy is that ideologies like yours dominate the world,” [the voice continues.] “And in the end, they only serve to control.”

[The turnbuckles suddenly flame once again, breaking the darkness only shortly – showing a flash of Mr. X stood inside the ring, before disappearing into the black.]

“I’m going to show you what an idea is, William. I’m going to show you that enlightenment doesn’t exist within control, but within freedom. Violence controls you. I will show you that. I will show you that inside this ring, I fight for freedom, whilst you fight to control.”

[The lights suddenly return and X storms across the ring, catching Abraxas with a violent Clothesline that turns him inside out. William rolls away, almost smiling at the action. He slides to the outside, backing up the tap room with an arm around his neck.] [Suddenly, he stops.] [With Mr. X waiting inside the ring, Abraxas demands a microphone and receives one.]

“You’re fascinating,” [Abraxas says, almost oozing excitement.] “So allow me to understand my predicament. You’re going to show me that violence controls us, by controlling me with violence?” [He says weighing that up.] “And you costing me my match was the first step in my ultimate enlightenment? Don’t you see the hypocrisy, young man? If violence only succeeds in control and you’re against the control of others, shouldn’t you find another way?”

[He scoffs somewhat.]

“You keyboard warriors sit behind your monitors, with your grubby cheese filled fingers, breaking the laws you claim impose upon our freedoms, all the while, imposing on our freedom to have privacy. Don’t you understand? No? Well, have no fear, Mr. X; I shall enlighten you.”

[Abraxas tosses the microphone aside, stepping backwards up the ramp, never once taking his eyes off Mr. X, who stands ominously in the middle of the ring.



[Erm…. We should be deep into wrestling holds here but something unforeseen is transpiring….] [Oliver Angst stands at the entrance to the tap room. He feels a hand on his shoulder. Angst spins around in a fight ready stance. Yet he is presented with The White Horse, holding his hands up with the international sign of peace. This takes Angst off guard, but Epitaph reassures him he isn’t there for conflict. Showing him out toward the fans Angst’s eyes open. He is not used to this type of reception. With his hand draped over Oliver’s shoulder. He slowly ushers him toward the ring. The look on Oliver’s face seem to represent he has been enlightened.] [The two opponents climb into the ring TOGETHER. WHAT THE HELL, THIS IS A WRESTLING SHOW. They approach the referee and both share conversation with the referee. Handshakes and love’s felt inside the ring. Even outside of it, a quick glance at the ring shows the crowd is loving the new direction. Epitaph is almost hypnotic. His love is spreading and he believes in life above all. The two men should be knee deep in holds at the moment but not when this man enters the ring. Epitaph is life, Epitaph is love….] [The supposed opponents seem to be deep in conversation. You can clearly see Angst nodding along in agreement to whatever Epitaph has to say. The two seem to come to some sort of agreement based on the handshake. It is now The Parable Epitaph takes the time and he shows Angst to each side of the ring. Acknowledging the fans on all sides. With the love and adulation at an all time high. Epitaph nods and Angst knows that is the signal to submit. Angst bows his head… THE EUTHANASIA!! ALLOWED!! EPITAPH PLANTS ANGST!! WHAT HAVE WE JUST WITNESSED!! Epitaph covers! One…Two…. Three!!] [Epitaph with a debut W here in OSW. This might be the strangest “match” we’ve seen here in Old School Wrestling, but Epitaph has showed what he’s about and why he’s here.]


[As The White Horses rises to his feet, the fans are stunned by the sudden victory. He helps Angst back up and dusts him down, allowing him to exit the ring with the help of the referee.] [Just then, William Abraxas heads out into the Tap Room, a look of disgust on his face.]

“What on earth was that?” [He says with a grimace.] “Did you just pacify that man?”

[Abraxas hops up onto the ring apron and enters the ring. Epitaph tilts his head.]

“Enlightenment doesn’t come within peace, you foolish man. You’ve done nothing but dupe him into believing your falsehood of lies and tall tales.”

[Epitaph grabs a microphone.] “I have helped him to see that peace on this planet exists. I have shown him he needn’t shed blood to be at peace with himself.”

[Abraxas cannot help himself. He bursts into laughter.]

“Peace?” [He barks.] “You have manipulated him into your own delusion.”

[Before Epitaph can respond, the lights flicker and turn to black.] [When they return, Mr. X stands amongst them.]

“You’re both as bad as one another,” [he says with an altered voice.] “Looking to control others to your own ends. Yet you exist at different ends of the spectrum. You,” [he points to Abraxas.] “You wish to control people with violence. You’re a blood thirsty deviant, who see’s victory in the destruction of others. And you,” [he says pointing this time to Epitaph.] “You use the delusion of peace as a means to succeed in this world. You manipulate people into believing that there’s something else, when there’s nothing but control and collusion.”

[Epitaph doesn’t like that.] “And you? You offer the delusion of freedom, when true freedom only occurs when one is at peace with himself. I can help you find that freedom,” [he says turning to Abraxas after X.] “I can help you both.”

[Abraxas suddenly strikes, smashing his microphone into the head of Epitaph, sending him to the canvas. Mr. X quickly drives at William, ducking under a Clothesline attempt and grabbing his arms into a Cross Armed Sleeper! He’s about to slam him forward with The Silver Bullet when Epitaph runs at them both, clobbering them to the canvas with a thunderous Splash.] [He gets back to his feet, adjusting his mask slightly as X is first back up, stumbling somewhat.] [VIOLENCE RESISTANCE! SPEAR! HE ALMOST SNAPPED MR. X IN HALF!] [William is the next to surface, only he relishes the battle. He runs at The White Horse, but Epitaph kicks him low and DRIVES HIM INTO THE CANVAS! THUNDEROUS SNAP DOUBLE ARM DDT! THE EUTHENASIA!] [The fans roar as The White Horse rolls back to his feet, looking at the two bodies whom lay broken at it.]

“I can take you there,” [he mumbles.] “I can show you both that there is more to life than your wicked violent ways.”

[He backs away carefully, exiting the ring as both men begin to stir within it.]


[Bloodshot eyes.] [They belong to Tommy Hawk.] [We carefully draw backwards from a mirror, in which Tommy stands, applying paint to his face. He covers himself in white, carefully stroking red lines beneath his eyes. This is no normal Tommy Hawk.] [This is The Savage.]

“My people have suffered enough. False Kings, lording over Kingdoms that belong to the Creator. Business men with hearts full of greed, and their pet dogs, whose barks are just as bad as their bites.”

[He looks down.]

“They have all taken from us. But no more. A warrior has to understand his enemy. He has to understand that peace is not it. However, where there is no peace, and there is violence, a warrior must know where to place his arrows.”

[The camera pans out to see Knights belonging to King Royal, unconscious on the floor at the feet of the World Champion. Some of them have arrows buried deep within their armour, and some are bleeding profusely because of it. Hawk’s voice narrates over our disturbing visual.]

“In a war, there are casualties. My people have long laid down their lives in battle for what the white man has tried to take from them. We were born to die. You were not.”

[We return to Hawk, whose eyes are now red. He has become The Savage.]

“I will not allow our land to be ripped from beneath our feet once more. I will not allow another white man to preside over our future. Tonight, I will defend my Championship. Tonight, I will defend my people. It takes a thousand voices to tell a single tale and this is mine.”

[He sneers.]

“And I will be heard.”

[Cut.] [Tommy Hawk is putting his belt on the line… tonight!]


[Four men stand in each of the four corners of the ring, ready to thrown down with one another. They don’t necessarily have issues with each other, but they all are striving for a big win.] [As the bell rings, Ethan Bird pairs up with Hayden Hardkore while Cussen squares off with the Dragon. Rhodes goes for the rear choke, but Cussen snap-mares him over. Meanwhile, Hardkore nails a basement dropkick on Bird and after he gets up, pseudo victory rolls the God to the floor. Cussen tosses Rhodes over the top rope, leaving he and Hardkore in the middle of the ring. They lock up and Cussen shoves HHK off. Hayden ducks a big boot and gets a head of steam. Cussen threatens the Infinity Rush, and Hardkore takes a breather instead.] [Hayden is ambushed by Bird outside the ring, being thrown into the ring steps. Cussen heads over to grab at the mohawk of the Maori Warrior, but he gets rolled up out of nowhere by Solomon Rhodes. ONE… TWO… KICK OUT! Vengeance heads after the Dragon who quickly lets Jensen get a head of steam into the ropes. Bird gets up on the apron, and topples Cussen to the outside. As Bird turns around, he gets nailed by a shot from Rhodes, sending him to the floor. Hardkore has found his way to the ring, and he and Rhodes FLY OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO CUSSEN AND BIRD!] [The Dragon and HHK slide back into the ring and intend to settle this among themselves. They lock up, and the larger Rhodes sends Hayden into the ropes, where the Maori jumps up on the ropes to springboard back at the Dragon. CHAOS THEORY! RHODES CAUGHT HIM! ONE… TWO… BIRD BREAKS IT UP! All four are in the ring now, Rhodes gets grabbed by Bird WORLD’S EN… NO! BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO BIRD! Jensen drops to make the cover. REBIRTH FROM SOLOMON RHODES ON BOTH MEN! Rhodes is on top of Cussen. ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [Solomon Rhodes escapes with the win tonight. These men all threw the kitchen sink at one another!]


[The match is over, when suddenly the lights cut out. We hear a familiar voice booming throughout the Tap Room, as a spotlight reveals Alistair Huxley at the door leading to the ring.]

“Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages…The Greatest Show Unearthed presents its latest attraction. He’s a man, he’s a god, he’s the best of both worlds…he is Maui the Maori!”

[The lights come back on, and Hayden HardKore is trapped in an iron cage! Fluffy has the keys and is laughing hysterically as HardKore tugs at the door of the cage. This just draws a laugh from Huxley, who approaches the ring but stays just outside.]

“What’s wrong, Warrior? Show us that demigod strength you possess! Give me my money’s worth, you Kiwi cockroach!”

[HardKore rocks the door again as he yells at Huxley.]

“What do you think this is, some A & P show? I’m not some animal you can parade around for your amusement. You’re as stupid as a two bob watch, so naff off!”

[Huxley continues to laugh at the Maori Warrior, until HardKore starts to pull the bars slowly…they’re bending apart! Huxley is nervous at the show of strength, as HardKore makes his way out of the cage…only to be taken out by a clothesline by Fluffy! Huxley just laughs maniacally as Fluffy stands tall over HardKore.]

“Don’t you worry, my little Warrior. I’ll break you yet, and you will be the next member of my Circus. I’ll let you sleep on it for now, ta ta!”

[Fluffy leaves the ring, heading back up with Huxley as HardKore gets to his feet. The Maori Warrior is pissed off after what happened, and rightly so!] [Cut.]


[Two inhuman forces will be colliding for the rewind championship here. With the referee in the middle hoping he doesn’t have to get in the middle of them, the bell is cautiously called for.] [The two beasts of different natures meet square in the middle of the ring. Mother is shortly overpowered in a battle of strength. Picking Mother up he slams her back into his knee as a huge backbreaker rocks the mother of all. It’s almost like it has no effect though as she bounces off the knee and slides round his leg. Small package. One…Two!! NO! The element of surprise almost coming up trumps for Mother there. With Hangman’s towering frame cut in half as he clambers back to his knees. Mother levels him back out with a huge….] [DDT! She covers again. Mother isn’t messing about tonight, but a two count is all she gets for her troubles. With her children outside the ring, the noise is electric. Hangman manages to power back to his feet though despite boots being laid into him from the ever frantic Mother. He wraps his arms around Mother and starts pulling in. The strength is draining the life out of Mother. She looks as evil as ever though as without thought for her own well fare she begins to throw wild headbutts forward.] [Each one connects in different places and Hangman can slowly feel his grip loosening on the phenomena that is Mother. She lets out one last mighty cackle before throwing her face forward again and crushing Hangman’s nose with a thunderous headbutt. Hangman crumbles to the floor, the sight of a 6ft 10 man just flopping a true spectacle. Still cackling away she locks in the Mother’s embrace!! BUT TRUST ME HANGMAN ISN’T FEELING THE LOVE!! Being out cold his hand is raised and drops three times. The referee has no choice!! THIS ONE’S OVER!!] [It’s going to take something special to separate Mother with her Rewind championship.Lacking in height, weight and reach she still comes out dominate. Hangman is motionless in the ring, now that takes some doing.]


[Backstage, Jake Jeckel is in hot pursuit. He’s looking for anyone who can give him the answers he wants, mainly his brother, Jack. He stomps through the hallway, wincing from time to time, his cuts still not completely healed. Jake throws door after door open trying to find someone. He throws open one door, and is welcomed by a woman’s scream.]

“Sorry!” [Jake says, and a bra and panties laden Stephanie Rose reaches out and slams the door. Jake stands there a moment longer.] “Nice.”

[He walks on trying each door, until he finally comes to one marked “The Family”. He ponders it for a moment, then grabs a steel chair leaning against the wall. He opens the door…]

“Alright, you sons-of-bit….Jack?”

[The room is empty except Jack Jeckel who is slouched in an easy chair in the corner. Jake rushes over to him. He grabs Jack’s shoulder and shakes him.]


[Nothing. Jake shakes him even harder, and Jack’s eye lids pop open. Jake looks hopeful, but the eyes are listless. Then a fully clad Stephanie Rose asks from behind.]

“What’s wrong?”

“Go get help! I think he’s dyin’! JACK!”

[Rose takes off running. Jake keeps shaking Jack, until suddenly… Jack’s head snaps forward, bashing Jake’s temple with a vicious headbutt!! Jake drops to his knees, and Jack stands, feigning the whole thing. He grabs the steel chair that Jake had brought with him for protection.]

“Why, Jackie?” [A groggy Jake asks.] [He doesn’t get an answer. What he does gets is the full weight of a steel chair swung by his own flesh and blood to the skull. Jake crumples to the floor, unconscious. Jack looks down at him, frowning, and steps out of the room without saying a word.] [Just then Stephanie Rose returns with paramedics.]

“Hurry! He needs help!”

[Then she sees Jake knocked out, not Jack.]

“I thought you said it was Jack that needed help?” [One of the paramedics asks as they close in on Jake.]

“It… it was…” [Stephanie answers as the scene fades.]


[DTR looks very much so worse for wear as this now World Championship Match looks set to kick off. Tommy Hawk stands opposite him across the ring looking like a man possessed, his eyes red.] [The bell sounds and DTR, wounded as he is, backs Tommy into the corner with a shoulder barge. He delivers right hand after right hand to the Champion, pummelling away at him until Hawk pushes him away. The Virus turns around, going back for more but walking into a Snap Drop Toe Hold that drives him face first into the turnbuckle. Tommy drags him out and into a Back Drop with a huge show of strength, covering… One…. Two… Kick Out! They get back to their feet, Hawk quickly scooping him up and down with a Suplex.] [The World Championship is on the line here by the decree of Hawk, who stomps down on the Virus before getting him back to his feet. DTR fights back with right hands though, finally gaining enough momentum to REASONABLE DOUBT! OUT OF NO-WHERE! HE NAILS THE REASONABLE DOUBT! He covers quickly, hooking the leg. Holy shit, we’re going to have a new World Champion…. One….. TWO….. THREE! NO! TOMMY HAWK KICKS OUT! JESUS THAT WAS CLOSE! DTR is so dangerous that he almost picked up the win and his second World Championship right there.] [Both men are slowly back up, DTR going for another only to get caught. RED ARROW! FALCON ARROW STRAIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! He doesn’t cover though. Tommy gets back up and takes the tomahawk from his bag… wielding his imaginary weapon, he waits.. THE SCALP! NAILED IT! DTR CAN’T KICK OUT, SURELY! Hawk covers… One…. Two…. Three! It’s over! Tommy Hawk successfully defend his OSW World Championship in a match that wasn’t even scheduled to be for the belt here tonight.] [Hawk rolls to the outside, receiving the belt. He’s in no mood to celebrate though and heads towards the exit.]


[A fluttering of crows takes us from the previous scene to one we’ve already seen tonight.] [The garden.] [The Scarecrow strides through the trees, his boots making unnatural imprints on the green grass as he looks around at the various fruited trees that Ethan Bird has set up.]

“Mother let you off the leash?”

[Crow turns to find Ethan Bird standing behind him. Mind you, this was no surprised turn, merely an acknowledgment of something Scarecrow was already well aware of. In fact, the Hayman seems to regard Bird as a curiosity at this point, taking note of the apple in Bird’s hand.]

“My business is with you, little birdie.” [Crow says, stepping towards his foe.] “You make offers you do not understand, and seek to walk down pathways that you cannot withstand.”

[Bird purses his lips slightly at the insult before retorting.]

“Mother offered you life.” [Bird begins.] “Your god offers you freedom. All you have to do is forsake her yoke, bow before Ethan Bird, and relinquish that VHS Championship.”

“And that is all you desire?” [Scarecrow mockingly asks.] “Or will you have me reap any soul you desire gone.”

[Bird smiles.]

“At Ring of Dreams, Ethan Bird takes on Jake Jeckel. It’s the god’s desire to destroy the clown and all that his ruler stands for. With a Scarecrow at his side, the Exodus would begin. Those whom have been deemed worthy would survive. All else would die, and no one knows as much of death as you.”

[Crow nods in acceptance.]

“For once, little birdie, you speak true.” [He looks deep into Bird’s eyes.] “You would be wise to remember that.”

[Before Ethan can speak again, Crow continues.]

“You would also be wise to consider that Genesis is but a beginning. Our path of destruction will not end as long as there are lives to take. I’ve killed men who believed they were gods before, and there is a certain satisfaction in seeing the life run out of their bodies.”

[Ethan snorts before looking at the apple in his hand.]

“Your choice, but false gods die by decree. You will not slay a true god.”

[Bird walks to the side of where they are standing to where something has been erected.] [A perch.] [He runs the apple into a pointy part and lets the juices run down his hand before turning to crow.]

“You will bow to the true god.”

[Scarecrow lets a laugh loose as he regards this perch.]

“We will see, little birdie. We will see.”

[Darkness takes the scene as the fluttering of crows returns us once again to the ring.] [Scarecrow will be in action next!]


[We have a massive main event tonight as Royalty itself faces off against the monster in the darkness. Will the King do the unthinkable and make the Scarecrow kneel or will the Hayman destroy yet another superstar?] [The bell rings as both competitors stare at one another, Scarecrow’s expression blank as Royal shows just the slightest apprehension in facing off against the Hayman. Royal rushes forward, trying for a clothesline that barely makes Scarecrow flinch. Royal delivers a kick to the gut that just makes Scarecrow sneer down at the King as he tries for a Suplex. Royal can’t seem to take Scarecrow over as the Hayman powers Royal off him. The King rolls to his feet, running forward, HAYMAKER!] [Royal stops dead, the massive right hand glazing his eyes over as the Scarecrow pulls the groggy King up to his feet, lifting him up as a series of hard knees to the gut take Royal off the mat before a mammoth Body Slam almost breaks Royal’s back. The King screams out in pain as Scarecrow tries to lift him up off the mat again. Royal lashes out however, tripping Scarecrow to the mat as he locks in an armbar out of nowhere] [Royal can barely get the hold locked on however before Scarecrow tosses him away. Royal rolls to his feet, leaping onto the getting to his feet Scarecrow and grabbing a leg, trying to lock in a leghold. Scarecrow gets to his feet, Royal still holding onto the leg before Scarecrow kicks out with a massive Big Boot sending Royal crashing to the mat. Royal is dragged up off his feet as Scarecrow powers him up with one hand on his throat before sending him crashing down to the mat with a ring-shaking Powerslam] [Scarecrow doesn’t cover, lifting Royal up again as he tries to send the King Bye Bye but Royal kicks Scarecrow low, leaping up as he drills Scarecrow into the mat with a DDT! Scarecrow doesn’t stay down long but he’s stunned as Royal takes advantage, spinning Scarecrow back down to the mat with an impressive Fisherman’s Suplex! Royal keeps the Hayman hooked for the cover, ONE…TW…KICKOUT!] [Royal drills a standing Scarecrow with a hard knee to the side of the head before lifting him up as he tries for a Piledriver. He nails the Hayman with it, but doesn’t cover, instead standing over the fallen Hayman as he proclaims his victory. Behind him, Scarecrow sits up as he spins Royal around, before absolutely destroying him with a massive Chokeslam!] [Scarecrow drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…ONE OF THE ROYAL GUARD IS ON THE APRON! The referee breaks the count as his attention is drawn to reprimanding the guard as another Royal Guard slides a steel chair into the ring. Royal slowly gets to his feet as the Hayman turns to see why the referee stopped counting, turning back around, JUMPING CHAIR SHOT! The King nearly takes Scarecrow’s head off with the massive chair, slamming it into Scarecrow a few times before tossing it to the outside as the Royal Guard drops down off the apron] [With a cocky smile on his face, the King drops down for the cover. ONE…TWO…THR…SCARECROW KICKS OUT! The King can’t believe it as he tries for the cover again, ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Royal is incensed as he delivers a sharp kick to the Scarecrow’s ribs before dropping down and locking in the Dungeons of London! Scarecrow is hurt as Royal wrenches back with all his might. The Hayman refuses to tap as he slowly crawls to the ropes. Royal tries to pull Crow back but The Hayman is still too powerful as he lunges forward, grabbing hold of the rope as the hold is forced to be broken] [Royal kicks the downed Scarecrow a few times before lifting him up and snapping the Hayman over his knee with a massive backbreaker. A scowl on his face, Royal climbs up to the top rope, sizing Crow up for a moment before diving off, SPITFIRE…HITS KNEES! Royal stumbles to his feet right into the hands of the Crow who launches Royal headfirst into the nearest turnbuckles as the King staggers out right into a massive Big Boot that seems to knock the King out cold!] [Scarecrow calls for the end as he lifts the limp Royal up, hoisting him up high, BYE BYE…ROYAL WAS PLAYING POSSUM! He rolls behind Scarecrow, dumping him on the back of his head with a snap German Suplex. Royal heads up to the top rope, trying for another Spitfire but Crow lurches forward, crotching him on the top rope as Crows heads up top with him, SUPER BYE BYE BIRDIE! Crow drops down for the cover on the unconcious Royal, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The VHS Champion picks up a big victory over King Royal tonight, looking absolutely dominating as the rest of the roster has to wonder who could dethrone Scarecrow at this point]


[King Royal gets back to his feet after that tremendous match, looking towards his Royal Guards on the outside.] [But the lights go off.] [There’s a commotion, but we can’t see what’s going on. All we can hear is Royal screaming at the top of his lungs; “Attack!”] [When the lights return, there are bodies everywhere. The Royal Guard’s are strewn across the outside of the ring, unconscious, bleeding and perhaps worse. Just like earlier, arrows stick out of their armour, having taken a beating in the darkness.] [In the ring, King Royal is kneeling, his sword hand bent over by the indomitable Savage. He tried to attack but Hawk immediately put a stop to it.]

“There will be no more bloodshed,” [Hawk grunts stoically.] “No more death. No more misery. You will return what does not belong to you.”

[The King scrambles but can’t escape The Savage, demanding to be released.]

“Unhand me, you Savage!” [He screams at the top of his lungs.] “Before my men return to take your head!”

[Tommy looks around, then smiles.]

“You have no men left. There’s not one single soul inside this building that belongs to you. Your slaves in armour have been laid to waste.”

“Do you think I’m simply going to hand you my new Kingdom?” [Royal responds.] “I would never. If you want your land, you must duel me for it.”

[The fans cheer.] [The Savage tilts his head.]

“At No Exit, here in the savage lands of Old School Wrestling, I invite you to a duel, Hawk,” [He says with a grimace.] “We will settle our war in this ring, our battlefield. The victor shall reap the rewards and be granted sole ownership of the land in my possession.”

[Suddenly, The Savage spins, nailing The King with a ferocious scalp that sends him sprawling back to the canvas. Blood shoots from his head, such in the impact, spraying across the mat.]

“I accept.”

[He backs away carefully, leaving The King unconscious on the canvas and his guards around the ring in a similar state.] [Cut.]