[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [It has been over a week.] [The World Champion kneels in the dirt; his lips dry and his eyes barely able to remain open. He hasn’t eaten. He hasn’t quenched his thirst. Since the Sun Dance failed, he has taken another approach.] [Despite his need to survive, his weak frame almost melts into the ground beneath him.]

“I fast alone in solitude.”

[His words croak from his hoarse lips.]

“The thunderbird is a legendary creature in my culture. It is a supernatural being of great power and strength.”

[Hawk pauses, slumping backwards somewhat.]

“He controls the upper world, and throws flaming lightning bolts at the underwater creatures, boiling the sea, and creates thunder by flapping his wings. You can find him in all four directions. ”

[North, East, South and West.] [Tommy’s eyes flutter, but he works hard within himself to keep them open. Suddenly, they widen immensely. As his parched lips barely open in surprise, the words escape him.] [He finds them.]


[Solomon Rhodes.] [Stood opposite the fasting World Champion is his enemy. At Ring Of Dreams, Solomon comes for the World Championship. Tommy struggles to stand, daring to rise to his feet.]

“Tradition states that a man who has a vision of a thunderbird during a solitary fast will become a war chief.”

[The apparition of Rhodes slowly vanishes from his sight.]

“I knew I would find you here, Rhodes.”

[He falls to his knees once more.]

“I knew the fire spirit would come.”

[As those final words leave his lips, he falls face first into the dirt, collapsing. The camera pans away to nothing but the sight of poor Tommy Hawk, face down, unconscious.] [What is he doing to himself?]


[Jack Jeckel and Mr. X circle one another awaiting the bell. As it rings, they shoot on another and lock horns.] [Jack quickly gets the upper hand and drives a knee into Mr. X’s gut. He grabs X and flips him over with an EXPLODER SUPLEX!! X gets slammed upside down into the turnbuckles upside down, falling onto his head in a heap! Jack rushes over to him… JACK IN THE BOX!! It’s over already!! One… Two… THREE!!! That’s it! Wait! Mr. X’s leg was on the bottom rope! Jack screams at the ref, who doesn’t shy away. Jeckel sees he’s getting nowhere, and heads back towards Mr. X, yanking him up by the mask. Jeckel tosses him into the ropes, but when X returns he nails Jack with a FLYING WHEEL KICK!! One… Two… Thr….] [Kickout! X is now in control, just moments after looking like he was defeated. He steps back and as Jeckel gets to a knee… SHINING WIZARD!! X falls back-first across Jeckel’s chest… One… Two… Kickout! X sits up, frustrated. He jumps to his feet. X kicks at Jeckel, who nails him with a JUGGABLOW!! X crumples, and Jeckel jumps on his chest with both feet! CAR CRASH!! Mr. X’s wind is driven from his lungs! Jack is thoroughly in control as he covers… One… Two… Thre… Kickout!! X barely makes it up!] [Jeckel lifts Mr. X to his feet. HACKERTACK!! Bicycle kick from nowhere!!! Jeckel drops to the mat… Mr. X makes his way to the top… X MARKS THE SPOT!! The shooting star leg drop hits flush! One… Two… Thre… NO! Jeckel somehow kicks out! X gets to his feet and waits for Jeckel to get back up. Jack does, and X rushes towards him… THE SILVER BULLET!! Jeckel’s face is driven hard into the canvas! Mr. X rolls him over and hooks the leg! One… Two… THREE!!] [Mr. X pulls off the victory here tonight as Jack Jeckel lies a crumpled heap in the center of the the ring!]


[With Jack Jeckel occupied with the match that just transpired, Ethan Bird has decided to seize the opportunity to go looking for Errol Flint. Armed with a baseball bat, the self-proclaimed god is dipping into every side room and nook he can find.] [SLAM!] [Bird slams open a door, holding the bat at the ready as a couple of afraid stagehands cower to the corners of their production enclave.]

“Have you seen Errol Flint?” [Bird demands.]

“N… uh… No.” [The scared young man offers.] [Bird angrily turns around to head out the door. As he opens it, he runs smack dab into a wall of suited bodyguards. Errol Flint smirks from behind them, the VHS Championship slung over his shoulder.]

“Looking for me, Ethan?” [Errol asks.] [Bird sizes up the situation, and decides to talk for the moment.]

“That’s Ethan Bird’s title.” [He begins.] “Maybe a deal can be made.”

[Flint clicks his tongue and shakes his head.]

“We had a deal, Bird. The problem is that you broke the terms of it.” [Flint lets his white teeth reflect in the polished Championship.] “You only seem to ever want to make a deal if you can twist it around to only benefit you.”

[Errol pushes past his security to get in Bird’s face. His slick persona slips for a moment, and anger seeps through.]

“You’re not messing with bums on the street or undead monsters this time, Bird.” [He spits.] “You’re messing with Errol fucking Flint, and the only reason you’re not already dead is because I paid to have you wrestle in a couple weeks. So you have an extra lease on life. But I’m about to just consider it a sunk cost and have you sent to join everyone else who crosses me.”

[Flint locks eyes with Bird, and makes sure that Ethan understands exactly what he means by that. Bird smirks in Flint’s face before dropping his bat and backing up.]

“Have it your way, Errol.” [Bird says with his hands up.] “Ethan Bird knows better than to mess with a businessman like yourself. Just make sure the title stays nice and shiny for when it’s back around the waist of a god.”

[The sarcastic remark seems to reduce Errol to a simmering rage as Bird turns and walks away. Flint lets a small smile form under his lips as Jack Jeckel turns the corner to face him, finally returning from backstage.]

“I need to take care of something for you, boss?” [Jack offers as he walks up, seeing the baseball bat on the ground.] [Flint’s small smile broadens as he looks down at Jeckel.]

“You just make sure you end Bird at Ring of Dreams.” [Flint coldly remarks.] “I’ll handle the rest.”

[Flint turns tail and walks away with his security team to leave Jack Jeckel looking on.] [What the hell did Flint mean by that statement?]


[Tonight it is Epitaph vs Alistair Huxley. The white horse steps into the ring with the ring master. Will the horse be tamed or will there be a new master of the ring?] [Epitaph relaxes in the corner waiting for his spot. Alistair goes for the spear in the corner… Epitaph gracefully dodges it and Alistair runs into the post! Alistair gets out of the post holding the shoulder… walks into an EXPLODER SUPLEX by Epitaph! Epitaph locks in a sleeper hold. Alistair is trying to fight out of it he gets to his feet and reverses the sleeper into a BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! Alistair with some clubbing fists to Epitaph’s face! Alistair goes to the top rope, screams “Ass Punch!” Epitaph gets up, Alistair leaps and is countered with a hard FOREARM SHOT by Epitaph!] [Epitaph picks up Alistair, goes for a vertical suplex… Huxley flips out of it and locks in a sleeper hold. He has it held tight. Epitaph looks like he could fade… BIG TOP DROP! Huxley goes for the cover, 1…2…No! kick out by Epitaph! Alistair goes for the Boston Crap, Epitaph is fighting making sure he’s not flipped over… He grabs Huxley’s hair, pulls him and busts him with a hard HEADBUTT, mask and all. Huxley is busted open! Huxley is dazed, Epitaph pops back up and VIOLENT RESISTANCE! Epitaph goes for the pin, 1…2… No! Huxley kicks out!] [Epitaph is getting angrier and driving some massive elbows onto the open cut of Huxley! That cut is growing larger with each strike! Fluffy distracts the ref! DRAGON’S BREATH from below! Dangerous fire into the arm and face of Epitaph! Epitaph can’t see anything and LE FREAK by Huxley! Alistair goes for the cover, 1…2… No! Epitaph barely gets a shoulder up! Alistair goes to the top rope… Epitaph realizes the danger, hops up and gets on the top rope with Huxley! Both men are throwing punches at each other on the top rope. Epitaph gets the advantage and hits THE EUTHANASIA off the top rope! He goes for the pin, 1…2…3! It’s all over!] [Epitaph gets the victory but at what cost? He might be wearing a larger mask next time we see him]


[Riiiiing] [Riiiiing] [Riiiiing]


[Sergei Sokolov answers the phone with his thick accent.]

“It’s Petrov.”

[Sergei’s eyes widen at the words.]

“General! I demand to know the truth! Why is American hacker saying that you are out to get Sergei? Why is he say that you use informants for all that they are worth and then chew them up to spit them out?! Why is he…”

[Petrov cuts him off.]

“Comrade! Calm yourself! Have you learned nothing about Americans and their deceptions? They would do anything to tear us apart! They hate our country and everything that it stands for! Are you going to allow them to destroy Mother Russia from the inside?”

[Sergei considers it for a moment.]

“No, General Petrov. I will take care of Motherland. I am sorry for even considering that he may be telling the truth.”

“It is understandable, Sergei, but let me warn you. We need you to stop Mr. X. He is digging in things that he should not know. Not things about me. Everything you know about me is true, but he is using me as a coverup for trying to dig into Russian affairs. You must stop him. Do not fail me. Do not fail Mother Russia!”

“No, General. I will not fai… [CLICK!]”

[Sergei realizes that the General is gone, but holds the phone to his ear just a moment longer. Then a high pitched squeal rings out from the speaker. Then a different voice.]

“I’m everywhere, Sergei. I heard every lie that Petrov spoke with his forked tongue. Are you going to allow him to keep lying to you, or are you going to stand up and make this right?”

[Sokolov is immediately enraged.]

“The General does not lie to me! Russian Bear is important agent for General Petrov and Mother Russia! Stay out of our business or I will crush you to bits, Mr. X!”

[Silence. Then…]

“I will prove it to you…. [Click.] [Cut]


[Two legendary fighters are locking up in the ring tonight as a former world champion in Desmond Cross locks up with a descendant of Maui himself, Hayden Hardcore. Will the Flying Kiwi soar to victory or will he be grounded tonight?] [Both men waste no time with tying up instead meeting each other with a flurry of rights! Desmond Cross is getting the better of it! He runs against the ropes, goes for a big boot… No! JUMPING ENZUIGIRI by Hayden! Desmond rolls out of the ring. Hayden goes for a flying crossbody over the ropes… He’s caught by Desmond! BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX into the barricade! Desmond picks Hayden up… DDT on the floor! Desmond tosses Hayden back into the ring! He climbs to the top rope, is waiting for Hardkore to get up… FLYING… No! Hayden gets out of the way. Desmond crashes and burns!] [Hayden gets on the apron… SLINGSHOT SENTON! Hayden locks in a DRAGON SLEEPER! Desmond is struggling here. He is trying to get some leverage… Desmond is standing up… Hayden still has the hold locked in. Desmond gets Hayden on his shoulders… RUNNING POWERSLAM! Hayden’s back is bowing in pain! LEG DROP by Cross! Desmond goes for a cover 1…2… No! Hayden kicks out! Desmond picks him up and sets him up in the corner! COMBINATION PUNCHES! Every stiff shot you can hear around the tap room, Desmond goes for a running clothesline… Hayden moves out of the way and hits a NECKBREAKER!] [Both men are down, the ref starts the count 1…2…3…4…5… Hayden gets up first! He is waiting for Cross to get up… URUPA! He keeps it locked for the pin… 1…2…No! Desmond kicks out! Hayden is doing some Pukana theatrics … Desmond gets up and MAUI’S … No! Desmond catches the arm and turns it into HELL’S GRASP! It looks like Hayden might tap out but no, He starts to lift Desmond using all his strength and turns it into a CRADLE DDT! Hayden goes slowly up the top rope, he is trying to hit the flying kiwi. He gets up there but Desmond pops up to his feet, gets on to the middle rope, and hits the FALL FROM GRACE from the top! He pins Hayden…1…2…3! It’s all over!] [Desmond with a statement win over the Maori warrior. The Kiwi’s flight has been postponed]


[Recorded Earlier.] [Inside of an abandoned warehouse, Epitaph kneels on cold hard ground. There is a profound sense of loss and pain in his stance as he looks around the large space around him. Small dried puddles of blood litter the landscape, as well as what appear to be bits of bone and tooth scattered as well.]

“Tragedy struck this place.”

[The whispered voice of Epitaph codifies what we already knew.] [These were his people. Men and women who had come to follow his way of life. Yet William Abraxas had snuffed them out no different than blowing a birthday candle out. And all that now remain are memories and the burning flame within the heart of Epitaph.]

“I killed them.”

[With striking clarity, those words articulate everything that the masked man is feeling at this point. His actions led to their demise. He has taken to blaming himself for what Abraxas did, yet something seems to linger in the air.] [Unfinished business, perhaps?]

“Killed by one of their own, weren’t they?” [A voice rings out into the hollow space.] [Epitaph gets to his feet in one smooth motion to find that something else has entered the room.] [The white candle.] [Now melted halfway down the wick, the wax has pooled into a guard of sorts from the handle. It looks gruesome and misshapen, and seems to glow brighter as Epitaph approaches it.]

“Abraxas?” [Epitaph calls out to the void.] “I’m through playing games.”

[The voice comes back, now recognized as that of William Abraxas.]

“Who is playing?” [Abraxas returns, seemingly nowhere and everywhere at the same time.] “I have told you precisely what comes for you. I have told you precisely what this candle means, and yet you still ride the dying white mare while the Red Horse grows stronger with each moment this candle burns.”

[Epitaph kneels down in front of the candle, knowing that he cannot touch it.]

“Only death can pay for life, Abraxas.” [He whispers.] “The price must be paid.”

[Abraxas laughs as Epitaph stares into the candle, a window into his own soul.]

“The price has been paid. They died so that you could live. I come to set you free, for war never changes. Remove the mask of peace that you wear, and embrace the coming war.”

[Epitaph does not answer. He only continues to gaze into the candle.] [Cut.]


[King Royal looks across the ring at Sergei Sokolov. They are surrounded by sharp metal as the ring ropes have been replaced by barbed wire for the Bear Trap match. The bell rings and we are underway.] [King Royal circles around the Russian Bear, who has an eight inch height advantage and a hundred and fifty pounds on him. Royal looks for the right chance, but doesn’t want to get caught by the monster. He dances, waiting for the perfect time, and then shoots! Sergei isn’t having it and catches Royal full in the face with a huge punt kick! Royal is knocked backward, and Sergei marches over to him and yanks him up by the hair. Royal is woozy, and Sergei takes advantage, launching him into the ropes… but there are no ropes! Royal goes full force into the barbed-wire! The metal tears holes in Royal’s flesh! He wanders from the wire, and Sergei scoops him up! WARHEAD!! One… Two… THRE… NO!!!] [Royal barely kicks out! Sergei pulls Royal up again and locks him in a RUSSIAN BEAR HUG!! Royal screams in pain, and Sokolov cranks down all the more! Royal seems to be fading, but suddenly snaps his head forward, driving his skull into Sokolov’s head. Again… AGAIN!! Sokolov drops Royal, who lands on his feet! Sergei is out of it, and Royal rolls behind him… GERMAN SUPLEX! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! ANOTHER!!! ROYAL FLUSH!! He bridges… One… Two… Thre… Kickout!! Sergei breaks free and recovers very quickly! He swings Royal, who ducks, and then leaps with a HUGE DROPKICK!! Sokolov is driven backwards! He gets tangled in the barbed wire! He is in real trouble as Royal delivers a series of swift kicks to the Russian Bear, who finally slips free and tumbles to canvas, blood streaming from his wounds!] [Royal wastes no time and carefully climbs to the top turnbuckle… Frogsplash!! SPITFIRE!! But nobody’s home!! Royal goes hard into the mat, as Sokolov makes his way to his feet, delivers quick stomps to Royal’s midsection. He pulls Royal up for the IRON CURTA…. The screen suddenly comes to life! Mr. X is there! Sokolov drops Royal.]

“Don’t believe the lies, Sergei. They want you to fail…”

[Sergei screams at X, but Royal takes advantage of the distraction. He grabs Sokolov from behind.. Another GERMAN SUPL… NO! Sokolov channels his anger to break free. He hoists Royal up… IRON CURTAIN!! Right into the BARBED WIRE!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Sokolov wins, but is enraged! He slips out of the ring and runs to back. In the ring, Royal is tended to by his guard, who mops up the blood.]


[Desmond Cross is backstage after his match, staring into a wall and muttering to himself. He seems to be deep in an argument with the voices in his head when the presence of another breaks the scene unbeknown to him. Two of Calypso’s followers, with Calypso herself following slightly behind. One of them points towards the Fallen, who still has not noticed their presence at all – to engrossed in… whatever it is he is dealing with.]

“That’s him…” [The follower points a grubby, fingerless gloved finger at Desmond. He speaks in a hushed tone as to not alert Desmond.] “Saw ’em last week I did snooping around. Knew he wasn’t one of us. There’s something… different about ‘im. He’s the one that must ‘ave slipped you that note.”

[Calypso says nothing. She merely walks up to Cross, the note in her left hand. With he right, she reaches between Cross’s legs, grabs a hold… and twists until he yowls in pain. TESTICULAR CLAW!]

“You want to play games?” [Calypso barks at Desmond as he turns around to face his surprise attacker.] “Think you’re so mysterious, passing me notes like some little schoolboy? You’re watching, huh? Am I supposed to be scared? Do I look scared?”

[Desmond had been taken by surprise and reeled backwards against the wall from the impact of the assault. But by the time Calypso had finished berating him, still with the Claw in full hold and pain etched onto his face… Desmond begins to laugh.] [Maniacal laughter that would send a shiver down the spine of even the steeliest foe. Almost as if he is enjoying it!]

“Well, well, well… Smart and feisty. Aren’t you the whole package?”

[He stops, his face changing as he cocks his head to the side, listening to an unheard voice. Calypso relinquishes her hold on him for a moment, unsure what exactly he is doing. When he speaks again, it is not to Calypso who stands directly in front of him but to a force unseen that seems to control his will.]

“Can’t I just enjoy it a little?” [His face tells the negativity of the reply he receives.] “Yes… Yes… You’re right. No sense in stringing this along, is there? Just when I was enjoying myself too.” [Again, he listens, Calypso seemingly unsure what to do.] “You can’t blame me, really, can you? You see how cute she is…”

[To this, Calypso does respond. Reaching forward and slamming the back of Desmond’s head into the concrete wall, causing him to collapse to the ground.]

“Cute?!” [She looks profoundly offended, as do her followers.] “You son of a bitch!”

[But once more, Desmond begins to laugh.]

“Enough… Time you were stopped, Messiah. I’m the only true prophet around here worthy of being followed.”

[He scrambles to his feet, rubbing the back of his head. Calypso is waiting for him…]

“You want to watch me? Watch this…”

[Desmond doesn’t even have time to react by the time her follower hands her the chair… The clanging sound of steel meeting skull… SKULL FUCKED!] [Calypso leaves a note on the unconscious body of Desmond Cross. A note in his own handwriting that reads… ‘I’m watching’.]


[Jacob Phoenix has the unfortunate task of taking on The Family here tonight. Can he manage to do it and beat the Family squeaky clean? Or will they manage to find a way to destroy him once more?] [DING! DING! The bell rings as Phoenix starts out with The Dead here, DTR and Cussen look on from their corner. Phoenix punches The Dead with stiff right after stiff right! Knee to the gut! Phoenix is hit by The Dead’s knee as he grabs him into a headlock. The Nightwatch trying his best to wiggle out of it, however the ever persistent Dead holds on. Elbow! And another! Phoenix escaping and shoving The Dead against the ropes and back into a JUMPING KNEE! The Dead hits the mat hard as he gets back up onto his feet and is met with ANOTHER flurry of stiff rights!] [The Dead catches Phoenix’s arm! NO! Kick to the gut! As The Dead regains his position he charges at The Nightwatch with a clothesline attempt! NO! Phoenix ducks! He grabs his hair! FOR HER!!!! HE HITS IT! OH MY GOD!!! He hits For Her onto The Dead so early on in the matchup! Surely he can’t eliminate the Dead like this?! Everyone is in absolute shock! He covers him now as he looks smugly at the rest of the Family. ONE… TWO… THREE! He eliminates The Dead in the very early going of the match here!! Wow, what a way to prove a point to the Family and more importantly, Jensen Cussen.] [Talking about Cussen! He jumps into the ring now as he steps toe to toe with the Nightwatch! TAG! Wait what?! DTR tags himself in, Cussen looks at him. He’s pissed off, but it doesn’t matter. He gets back into his corner as DTR is ready to tussle with Phoenix. WAIT! Don’t Trust Reason spits straight into Jacob’s face! What a sign of disrespect! But the Nightwatch won’t take that! He lunges at DTR with a spinning heel kick! NO! DTR ducks under! KICK TO THE GUT! DDT! SMACK! DTR with the cover… One… TWO… KICKOUT! He lifts Jacob Phoenix up once more and hit’s another DDT! He covers once more… ONE… TWO… THRE- NOOOOOO!] [As DTR lifts the Nightwatch up for the third time he whips him into his corner and tags in Cussen! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Just a stampede of kicks into the gut of Phoenix as he resides in pain. Cussen slaps the face of the Nightwatch in absolute disregard and disrespect now! Phoenix fights back though as he takes down Vengeance with a LOU THEZ PRESS! PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH! He won’t stop punching Cussen on the floor! The anger boiling up inside of him! DTR!!!! DTR WITH THE FILL IN THE BLANK FROM BEHIND! He just hit his signature Scorpion Death Drop turned into a lifting spinning backbreaker! Cussen with the cover now as the match is over… ONE… TWO… THRE- WAIT NO!!! ANOTHER KICKOUT!!!!!] [How is Phoenix doing this?! How is he still managing to survive against The Family?! Well he won’t for long as both men just stomp on him viciously on the floor! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Don’t Trust Reason rises him to his feet and holds his arms behind his head so he is defenseless! Cussen with hard punches straight into the chest of the Nightwatch! DTR lets go as Phoenix flops to the floor once more! Cussen looks over at DTR as he exits the ring and retreats back to his post. The Family have taken the advantage. Vengeance waits for the Nightwatch to rise to his feet before going for his signature… BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! A leaping superkick! NO! Phoenix catches his foot!! HE SPINS HIM AROUND! ROLL UP HERE… ONE..TWO..THREE! OH MY!!!! He’s eliminated his former tag partner with a quick roll up! DTR steps in the ring, furious! Can the Nightwatch do this?!] [Maybe not! As Don’t Trust Reason hits him with a big boot and then ANOTHER as Phoenix stands up once more into a T-BONE SUPLEX! ONE…! TWO…! THRE- NO! Kickout!!! DTR scrambles on top of him as he smashes his face in with some hard left and rights! NO! The Nightwatch shoves him off as DTR’s skull crashes into a turnbuckle! As he rebounds backwards towards Phoenix, Phoenix goes for a ZIG-ZAG! He’s chucked off! He gets back up as Don’t Trust Reason kicks him in the gut… BRAINBUSSTTAAAAAAAA!!! NOOOOO! Reversal into a cradle Pinfall attempt! ONE- TWO- NO! DTR saw what had happened with Cussen earlier on in the match, he wasn’t going to fall for it again! DTR GOES FOR A CLOTHESLINE! NO! PHOENIX DUCKS UNDER! FORRRRRR HEERRRRR!!!!!! HE HITSS ITTT!!! The cover now!!!! Has he beaten the family?!!!! ONE………… TWO…………. THREE!!!!!!!!] [Jacob Phoenix has done it! He has beaten the Family one by one! Massive victory here as he stands tall above those fallen around him! Although I’m sure this is far from over.]


[Jacob Phoenix has done it.] [Somehow, he’s survived The Family.] [He gets back to his feet and stumbles to exit the ring, almost in disbelief as DTR and Jensen Cussen come around, absolutely disgusted with themselves.] [Though suddenly, his grimace turns to smile.] [Jacob turns around and there she is, dressed in black, her arms placed together behind her back as she cutely pushes out her chin.]

“Come with me, Stephanie,” [Jacob pleads. His eyes show fear, but his heart demands action.] “Please?”

[With his hand out, he’s shocked when she takes it. Phoenix can’t believe it.] [She carefully begins to lead him back towards the ring. Jacob isn’t sure what’s happening. He follows, almost in some kind of trance, barely able to escape her soft and subtle grip.]

“Daddy says I shouldn’t speak to strangers,” [Stephanie says as she stops outside the ring.] “And you are strange.”

[Stephanie suddenly and violently bounces his head off the ring apron. He bounces backwards into her arms, so she does it again and again, beating him bloody right there and then.] [Once she’s finished, she rolls him into the ring and laughs maniacally.] [Phoenix kneels in absolute shock, placing a hand on the crimson to check the damage. He slowly gets back up and is turned around, where DTR grabs him by the protective vest, holding him there.]

“You see son, I’ve told you countless times but you just won’t listen; she’s mine. Though, I’ll tell you what, if at Ring of Dreams you beat us again, she’ll go with you, won’t you darlin’?”

[Stephanie’s head tilts.] “If you say so, daddy.”

“And if we win, you’ll be forced to sit and watch as I make her my bride. What do you say, son? Actually, nevermind, I know the answer.”

[REASONABLE DOUBT!] [DTR nails him with the Reasonable Doubt, watching as he springboards away in a heap. He stands up, pulls Stephanie Close and kisses her.]

“We’ll see you there, son.”

[Jensen watches, his brow furrowed, his daughter in the arms of a maniac.]


[The Iron Throne.] [King Royal sits on his throne in the middle of his makeshift Kingdom, holding hands with Raquel, who sits by his side. There’s something unusual about his demeanour as he watches wretched people stand before him.]

“Terrifying?” [He spews venomously.] “How is one supposed to find this cretin scary? You were told Sir Davos, were you not? You were sent forth into the world to find your royal highness a credible creature.”

[Sir Davos bends a knee.] “I’m sorry, my King. We searched high and low but it would appear that creatures such as The Scarecrow and Mother are extremely unique.”

[Raquel stands.]

“When the King demands creatures, you find creatures. Should he have to ask you again, it will be the last time your head is attached to your woesome frame.”

“You should calm down, dear,” [suddenly erupts a voice, now sitting on her throne next to a terrified Royal. It belongs to Mother, who startles everyone.] “Before a terrible accident befalls your beautiful little head. One shouldn’t stress so much over something so inconsequential.”

“Be gone you harlot!” [Royal yells, standing bravely to attention.]

“Please, sit down your majesty,” [Mother says, not even glancing in his direction.] “Before all the Kings Horses and all the King’s men cannot put you back together again.”

[The King wisely sits.] [Though that may have something to do with the introduction of The Scarecrow, who has ominously appeared to his left.]

“Trying to find a creature like us is a feat almost impossible, little birdie,” [The Hayman remarks.] “But if you wish, Mother dearest could render you a terrifying beast. All it would take,” [he remarks, bending down to meet Royal face to face.] “Is an eye.”

[Mother chuckles.] “What do you say, King? Jeepers creepers?”

“Where’d you get those peepers.” [The Scarecrow continues.] [Darkness.]

“Where’d you get those eyes?”

[Suddenly, a guttural scream echoes throughout the chamber. In the darkness, we’re unable to see the brutality of what might have occurred. The scream was horrifying, but not male.] [The lights return and The Scarecrow stands, his claw like hand held out in front of him, an eyeball attached to it.] [Raquel meanwhile lays bloody, holding her face in contorted terror.]

“On second thoughts,” [Mother reacts calmly.] “Eye don’t think you need a creature, King. I think you need to see clearer. Scarecrow, be a dear and lend our Royal Highness an eye.”

[The Scarecrow nods, flicking the eyeball at the King who shivers in fear and disgust. There’s a sudden flash, followed by a flutter, and Genesis have gone. He rushes down to check on Raquel, taking her hand away from her beautiful face only to fall back in horror.] [Her eye is gone.]


[These two competitors faced off in a hellacious final to Pandemonium but two months later, with world title dreams in the future for both, will it be the Dragon or the Hayman who leaves with all the momentum?] [The bell sounds as Solomon rushes forward, taking it to Scarecrow with a flurry of rights and lefts that barely affect the monster as he just powers Solomon away. Solomon rolls to his feet, ducking under a clothesline before leaping up with a clipping enziguri to the back of the head staggering Scarecrow as Solomon rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a single leg Dropkick that puts Crow to one knee. The Dragon leaps up, FRANKEN…POWERBOMB!] [Solomon nearly gets Powerbombed through the ring as Crow shakes off his early flurry, lifting Solomon up with a sneer as he nearly breaks his ribs with a massive forearm to the chest before lifting Solomon up high, dropping him down suddenly over his shoulder as Crow runs forward with a ring-shaking Powerslam! Crow stays down, hooking the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Solomon just gets the shoulder up! Crow goes to pull Solomon up but the Dragon flips him to the mat before rolling back as Crow gets to one knee, DARKWISH!] [Solomon pulls Crow to his feet, trying for Fire but Crow powers his way out, grabbing Solomon around the throat, BYE BYE…Solomon kicks Crow low, leaping up with a snap Frankensteiner! the Dragon is about to fly as he heads up top, sizing Crow up for a moment, BLOOD…MISSES! Solomon turns around, HAYMAKER! Crow calls for the end as he lifts the limp Solomon up to his feet, BYE BYE…CHAOS THEORY! Solomon was playing possum as he hits the Chaos Theory out of nowhere, hooking the leg of Scarecrow on the canvas, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Solomon picks up a huge victory here tonight, once again beating Scarecrow as he takes down a possible challenger if he can pull off the biggest victory of his career in a few weeks at Ring of Dreams]


[Backstage, the sound of chains rattling breaks the silence of the halls. Soon, the source of the noise reveals itself…Alistair Huxley, a snarl on his face as he hands the chains to Fluffy.]

“Let’s catch ourselves a Warrior, shall we?”

[They continue down until a voice from down the hall stops them in their tracks.]

“You’re in heaps of trouble now, lads.”

[They turn around to see Hayden HardKore standing there, mere club in hand. This merely draws a chuckle from the Ringmaster, who whispers in his right-hand man’s ear.]

“Get him.”

[Fluffy charges at the Maori Warrior, a chain raised high above his head. HardKore dodges the chain attack, raising his club and slamming it onto Fluffy! The club glows in a strange light, and the resulting impact sends Fluffy flying right into the wall! HardKore raises his club to land another blow, but is stopped dead in his tracks by Huxley as the Ringmaster starts choking him out with another chain! HardKore struggles to breathe, but is eventually knocked out…and his club stops glowing. Fluffy finally comes to, assisting Huxley in wrapping the chains around HardKore.]

“Get your rest, Maui. You’ll need it, where you’re going.”

[Huxley walks off as Fluffy starts pulling the chained Maori Warrior down the hall…but suddenly, HardKore’s club glows again! HardKore opens his eyes, and using a combination of his strength and the mere club he breaks free of his chains! Fluffy tries to restrain him, but HardKore just throws him into the wall again…this time leaving a hole in the wall! With Huxley’s main man down, the Ringmaster smirks at the Maori Warrior who simply walks off.]

“Just as I hoped.”



[This championship war offers up a mouth watering clash. Each championship is full of prestige but which holder will stand tall when this one is over and done? Whilst Calypso and Bird look ready to fight, Tommy Hawk looks very much worse for wear. After his Sun Dance and Thunderbird fast, he’s not in good shape at all.] [All three champions meet in the middle of the ring, a triangle of punches are thrown in all different directions. Ethan Bird takes one square to the chin which sends his knees wobbly. He ricochets himself off the ropes and TAKES BOTH HAWK AND CALYPSO OUT with a double armed clothesline. The ever sneaky Bird drops down and pins Calypso.. One… Kickout. He attempts the same on the world champion, One… Kick-out. Back to Calypso, One again! It’s not working Ethan. Yet still he goes to the referee and complains about the slow count.] [Ethan Bird turns around but he is presented with Hawk & Calypso standing in unity. They both deliver a kick to the gut of Ethan Bird. DOUBLE SUPLEX OVER THE TOP ROPE!! IT’S A LONG WAY DOWN FOR BIRD WHO THUMPS HIS HEAD ON THE TAP ROOM FLOOR. Allies turn to enemies though as Calypso takes the opportunity to get at the world champion. She grabs Hawk by the scruff of the neck and tosses him outside, his body clashing into Ethan Bird’s as he ALSO falls from the ring to the outside! Hawk and Bird are in an entangled mess but still throwing elbows and rights and lefts at one another.] [That’s soon cut short though when they’re hit with a huge SUICIDE DIVE FROM CALYPSO! She wipes out both her competitors with a high impact, high risk move. All three competitors are down in a heap. Total carnage on the tap room floor. Calypso is first to her feet after taking a few breathing seconds, but the world champion isn’t far behind. Calypso is taken by surprise when she finds herself irish whipped into the steel ring steps!! The thud around the Tap Room is sickening. Keeping up the pace, Hawk throws Calypso into the ring. The World Champion looking to put this one to bed with the pin… One…TWO…..] [DIVING ELBOW DROP FROM ETHAN BIRD. HE CLIMBED THE TURNBUCKLE IN THEIR BLIND SPOT AND BREAKS THE PIN UP BY MAKING A TOMMY HAWK SANDWICH! With his rib cage possibly in tatters Bird stumbles back to his feet and sets his sights on Tommy. Scooping the world champion up, a few closed fist punches for good measure. Hawk is doubled over, Bird places Hawk’s head between his legs. Raises him up, he’s got him in a piledriver position! CALYPSO WITH THE TESTICULAR CLAW TO BIRD THOUGH WITH HAWK STILL UPSIDE DOWN IN THE PILEDRIVER POSITION! HER LEFT HAND HAS BIRDS BALLS…..] [AND SHE SWINGS WITH HER RIGHT HAND!! THE FORCE SENDS BIRD BACK WHICH IN TURN COMPLETES THE PILEDRIVER AS HAWK’S HEAD PLANTS THE CANVASS! Calypso now looks to secure the win and covers Bird… One….Two…. THRE!! NO!! BIRD GETS A LEG ONTO THE ROPES. Calypso can’t believe it, hands on her head and a face awash with shock. Tommy Hawk is the opposite end of the ring one hand clawing himself up the ropes to get back to a standing position and the other clutching at his neck. Bird is down and possibly out and Calypso is washed with shock. All threes bodies have been through torment here.] [Calypso manages to regain her senses just for a split second, she begins to climb the turnbuckle. The pain in her body makes the three run turnbuckle seem like a twenty rung ladder. Both Bird and Hawk are up but disorientated. Calypso leaps off launching herself at both men but Bird pushes Hawk firmly into her flight path and moves himself out of harms way. CALYPSO’S FEET CLASH INTO HAWKS HEAD FULL FORCE AND CALYPSO SOMERSAULTS TO THE CANVASS WHILE HAWKS FACE IS BUSTED OPEN!! BIRD QUICKLY DROPS AND COVERS CALYPSO!! ONE….TWO… THREE!!] [Ethan Bird reigns in The Championship War, doing as only Ethan Bird can do he caused immense pain to both opponents and capitalized.]


[The World Champion bleeds.] [As Calypso and Ethan Bird vacate the ring, he slowly comes to, rolling under the bottom rope. He’s exhausted. The wounds from the Sun Dance still exist upon his chest, and blood drips from a ghastly wound on his forehead.] [He stands up, and an explosion of fire surrounds him.] [With his wits about him, he searches for an exit, realizing quickly that each direction is covered in a wall of flames.]

“You want the fire spirit?” [A voice booms from above.] “Then seek no longer, mortal.”

[As if out of no-where, Solomon Rhodes with his cape spread, falls from the rafters into the ring. He snaps his cape free and swings for Hawk, stumbling him backwards into the ropes. Fire immediately scorches his skin, sending him reeling towards the Dragon.] [Solomon leaps into the air, CHAOS THEORY! Codebreaker to Tommy Hawk!] [The Dragon whips himself back to his feet, kneeling with his cape in hand, as if it’s the wings of a dragon. They’re scaled, and they look strong.]

“I misunderstood you, Tommy. I renounced my Lord and embraced the flames from within. I became The Dragon. However, I now know you to be right. I do come for your fire. Because your fire isn’t what keeps you warm, not literally. Your fire sits around your waist and in your heart. They’ve become connected. I want your Championship and thus, I want your fire.”

[He carefully stands up, allowing his scaled cape to drop.]

“I can give life and I can take it. I can scorch the very earth you walk upon.”

[Tommy slowly comes to, scooting backwards slightly. His eyes are widened, looking at the sight of the fire spirit in all his glory. This is The Dragon.] [But Tommy smiles.] [His grimaced and bloodied face turns into a large smile.] [Then he stands. The World Champion regains his footing, with the marks of the dragon upon his back, he becomes invigored by the Thunderbird.] [He’s a War Chief.] [Tommy runs towards Solomon, ducking underneath his cape swing, leaping into the ropes and returning with a massive Scalp that takes him down to the canvas. The fire surrounding the ring goes out with the impact, both men landing hard on the mat. The Champion rises, grabbing Solomon. He drives forearms into his face, faster and faster, harder and harder until he sends blood splattering across the camera.] [Solomon is reeling, but grabs at his cape, blocking the next shot with such ferocity that Tommy is rebounded. He grasps at his arm in agony, realizing the power of that scaled cape. Rhodes wraps it around his arm, using it to toss him across the ring in one large flip. They both quickly scoot back to their feet, meeting in the middle of the ring.] [The tension is thick.] [The atmosphere is intense.] [Cut.]