[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [As the static fades, we are greeted by a barren landscape. As far as the eye can see, there is nothing but red sky, with a growing moon on the horizon. The hue of the sky makes it appear even more red than the sky around it, the lunar rays like drops of blood falling to the ground below it. The moon slowly begins to form something in the middle of it, an iris growing continuously larger.]


[The muffled cry of a young woman cuts into this scene as the broken earth flies around our vantage point, displaced by the bare feet of this young woman. She has jet black hair, and is wearing garments made out of a gold silk. Her skin has not been damaged by the harsh life her people live, but yet she is running from something.] [But what?] [Behind the golden girl, boots slowly walk into our view. They walk with meticulous stride, never breaking into a pace other than what is intended. Even the running of the girl is not enough to cause his pace to quicken.] [As this dark figure continues his pursuit, its gloved hands slowly drop a piece of tattered cloth. This cloth was once golden, like the girls, but it now only carries a dull sheen of dirt and destruction. All that it was and had ever been has been destroyed, but still the figure persists.]

“Please!” [The girl cries to the moon as she gets even closer to the looming moon and the eye that is watching all.] [The dark figure’s pursuit seems never ending, but we are quickly taken from that image. Instead, we move past this figure to look at what lurks behind.] [An endless array of bodies. All strewn casually aside like livestock to the butchers. The trail of bodies stretches far beyond the horizon. All that remains is the stench of their demise.] [Death.] [BANG!] [The eyes of Tommy Hawk open with force as he is jolted out of his vision. Sweat drips down his forehead as he slowly gets control over his emotions.]

“It will not come to pass.”

[Hawk’s fist tightens as he walks into the distance.] [What will not come to pass?] [What did we see?]


[A returning legend steps foot in an OSW ring for the first time as the Starchild beams down for her inaugural contest but the Soul Reaper would like nothing more then to make it a one off as he takes yet another soul.] [The bell rings as Lyra rushes out, laying into Voodoo with a series of hard left and rights kicks, backing up as she tries for a Spinning Heel Kick. Voodoo ducks under, stunning Lyra with a hard headbutt before whipping her across the ring. Voodoo grabs Lyra by the throat, lifting her up for a Chokeslam but Lyra flips out, spinning around Voodoo before drilling him with a Tiltawhirl DDT!] [Voodoo gets spiked into the mat as Lyra springboards off the ropes with a Lionsault! Starchild stays down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Voodoo kicks out! Lyra lifts Voodoo up trying for a Hurricanrana but Voodoo throws her off. Lyra lands on her feet as she rushes forward, 6TH SENSE! Voodoo nearly decapitates Lyra with a massive clothesline as she stumbles to her feet right into a massive Spinebuster. Voodoo dropping down with Lyra as he hooks the leg for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Lyra gets the shoulder up! Starchild is pulled up to her feet as she tries to fight back with a series of forearms. Voodoo ducks under a wild right, gripping Lyra in an Iron Claw, VOODOO CHAINS! Voodoo doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope as he sizes up Lyra for a moment, VOODOO DROP…MISSES! Lyra kips up, running to the ropes as she leaps to the top rope, FALLING STAR! Voodoo crashes to the canvas as Starchild rushes up to the top rope, AS ABOVE, SO BELOW! Lyra stays down for the cover as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Lyra Starchild beams down with a great debut, showing off her incredible athleticism & high flying prowess as she starts off her OSW career with a big victory over a very game Voodoo]


[At Double Tap, the team of Desmond Cross and Lux Bellator were defeated by the eventual winners of the tournament, but the Word still seems to be standing together come this evening. Cross walks with a twitch behind Bellator as they wind through the labyrinth of corridors. He seems to have his eyes fixed on the back of Lux’s mask while muttering to himself.] [For some reason, Lux seems to be ignoring this. Instead, he turns with a smile as he comes to a halt in front of a seemingly innocuous brick wall.]

“Come and see.” [Lux invites the confused Cross.] [Behind Bellator, the wall seemingly fades into nothingness to reveal his inner sanctum.] [It’s changed since the last time we saw it. Instead of the dampness of running water, we find that the walls are sticky and pulsating with blood, almost like a beating heart. Instead of the loud running water, we only hear the slowly moving existence of thick blood. The shackles that had held The Sharkman lay on the ground leading up to the altar that Lux Bellator has constructed.]

“I’m not going in there.” [Desmond says slowly, much to the chagrin of Bellator.]

“What?” [Lux forcefully asks.] [Cross cocks his head, and looks accusingly at Bellator.]

“Have you forgotten who I am? And where I came from?” [A passionate Desmond returns.] “I know what you seek to do, and I knew from the moment you came to me what your desire was.”

[He turns and looks around as Lux seems incensed.]

“Is there a black horse somewhere?” [Cross asks.] “Are you re…”

[LUX NAILS CROSS! HEADFIRST INTO THE BRICK WALL!] [The Warrior of Light kneels down next to Cross.]

“And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and see a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.”

[Lux stands over the fallen man.]

“Justice, Desmond, that is why I sought you out.” [He says.] “You turned your back on a path that would leave you at my side, and God does not broke betrayal. I will bring a famine upon you, Cross, and rid the world of your perversions.”

[As Cross begins to rise, Lux walks back into his sanctum. Cross tries to reach out to follow, but his hand finds only brick.] [Lux Bellator is back on VHS, but his march towards breaking the seven seals continue.] [Except this time, he faces someone that has walked his same path.]


[We open in the backstage area where we find Viktor North preparing for his upcoming match.] [The crowd bustles at the sight of the “Skull Splitter”.] [North sits quietly on a tan leather sofa. A roll of dark tape gripped in his right hand as he methodically wraps his left.]

“The gods of Valhalla are whispering in my ear, Jacob Phoenix” [North mumbles as he focuses on the wrapping job.] “You are simply a rest stop along the way!”

[As he finishes the wrapping around his hand, North stands to his feet; testing the integrity of the tape by pounding one fist into the other.] [With that the Skull Splitter exits the view, leaving behind the used roll of tape as the lights go dark and the sound of a shutting door echoes through the room.] [Suddenly, a shadowy figure appears amidst the darkness. Their identity concealed by the shadows as they reach down to scoop the roll of tape from the sofa, reviewing it meticulously in the palm of their hand.] [And we fade to black.]


[VHS mainstays collide as the Phoenix faces off against the Skull Splitter. Will Jacob prove why he’s the current champion or will North be able to put the superhero down?] [The bell sounds as North rushes forward, taking Phoenix by surprise with a flurry of hard left and rights, driving all the wind out of Phoenix with a huge knee to the chest before swinging him to the canvas with a lightning fast Snap Suplex. Jacob stumbles to his feet right into a knee to the jaw as North tries for a Brainbuster. Phoenix slips down behind North’s back, grabbing him from behind as he snaps him to the canvas with a German Suplex!] [North stumbles to his feet as the Phoenix now rushes forward with a series of blows of his own before a huge knee to the jaw stuns North. A big Spinning kick to the face puts North on one knee as the Phoenix climbs onto the apron, sizing North up as he slowly rises to his feet, but the Phoenix Forearm is ducked under. Jacob rolls to his feet, running forward, LARIAT! North nearly takes the Phoenix’s head off as he lifts Jacob up to his feet, BRAINBUSTER!] [North hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…Phoenix gets the shoulder up. North backs up, waiting for the Phoenix to get to his feet as the champion slowly rises to his feet, GUNGIR…SIDESTEPPED! The Phoenix just dodges it as North hits the turnbuckles shoulder first as Jacob leaps up behind him, ZIG ZAG! The Phoenix doesn’t cover, lifting North up to his feet as he grips him from behind, FOR HER! North gets planted into the mat as the Phoenix hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Jacob Phoenix picks up a big victory over a game Viktor North here tonight, continuing the huge roll he’s been on the last few months. Having finally put the Family behind him, the Phoenix’s star can only rise from here]


[We open on an empty locker room. The lights are dimmed with shadows lurking in the foreground.] [Initially there is silence. Soon that silence gives way to the tapping of soft footsteps.] [And there he is.] [Doubt!] [We peer over his back shoulder as he moves to the center of the room. Halting, he pauses.] [The masked emotion glances down at a table in front of him before succumbing to a silent stillness for several seconds.] [Finally, after a long pause, Doubt slowly looks to his right and then again to his left.] [Something is amiss.] [Finally, he turns slowly, a certain confusion that is hidden by his mask but visible through his mannerisms as he moves out of sight.] [And there on the table that was once before the emotion sits a glove. One of Doubt’s gloves, but only one indeed.] [Upon realization that one glove is missing the camera pans to the shadows where a mere silhouette is discovered. We are not able to make out the identity of the individual but we are able to see an object in their hand.] [It’s Doubt’s missing glove.] [And we fade to black.]


[Lux Bellator takes on the World Champion here tonight in a non-title bout. Can The Light Warrior take out Tommy Hawk? Or will the Spirit Walker continue his winning ways?] [As the bell rings, Lux Bellator bounces towards the Champ, who waits stoically for him to draw near. Bellator comes right up, but Hawk stops him in his tracks with a heavy KNIFE EDGE CHOP! Bellator is rocked, and Hawk lays in with another chop! Another! Another! Tommy grabs Bellator and whips him into the far ropes. As Lux returns, Tommy sends him flying with a BACK BODY DROP! Bellator crashes to the mat, and Hawk wastes no time, sliding in behind The Light Warrior, and locks in a SLEEPER HOLD! Lux struggles but begins to fade! He is about to go out, but suddenly gets a second wind. He works his way to his feet, and then drops! He breaks the hold with a JAWBREAKER!!] [Tommy is rocked and stumbles away, and Lux makes his way to his feet. He stalks the champion and spins him around. Then he hammers Hawk with heavy fists driving him back into the turnbuckles. Lux climbs to the middle ropes and leaps up, driving Hawk to the mat with a HURRICANRANA!! THe Champion is levelled and Lux heads back to the turnbuckles. He goes to the top and leaps off… MOONSAULT! He lands back first on Hawk, and grabs a leg… One… Two… Thre…. NO!!! Hawk barely kicks out! Lux peels him from the mat and lifts him into a crucifix… CATHOLIC CROSS! That’s gotta be it! One… Two… THREE!!] [NO! Tommy kicks out! He kicks out! Bellator can’t believe it and makes his way to his feet. He stomps on the downed Champion, and then pulls him to his feet. He locks Tommy in a side headlock, then drops down to one knee, driving Hawk’s head into his other knee. Tommy stumbles back and Lux follows. He spins him around and swings… but Hawk ducks under the wild punch! He slips in behind, and launches Bellator across the ring with a RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!! Tommy makes it to his feet and waits… He pulls an imaginary tomahawk… as Lux gains his feet, Tommy sprints across the ring… THE SCAL.. No! Lux ducked it… THE DISCIPLE MAKER!! One… Two…. THREE!!!] [Lux Bellator wins a huge battle over the World Champion here tonight. Hawk grabs his head as Bellator makes his way to the back, victoriously.]


[Darkness.] [Candles light a patch of decrepit hallway, the camera pans up from them to reveal a face hidden in the shadows. The face of Jacob Phoenix.] [He slinks into the darkness as footsteps are heard approaching. Mother, her children in tow, make way down the candlelit hallway, all of them uniform in their motions, none of them falling out of line as they calmly move through the corridor. However, a single girl at the back of the line staggers ever so slightly, falling behind just enough for Jacob Phoenix to step from the shadows, the vigilante kneeling in front of the girl and stopping her in her tracks.]

“Are you okay?” [Phoenix looks on, legitimate concern on his face as he extends a hand to the girl.]

“I’m here to help you, there’s no need to be scared.”

[The girl looks up at him, eyes wide in what looks like fear or possibly shock. She backs away at the extension of his hand, her lip trembling before letting out a shriek.]

“Mother! Mother!”

[Phoenix moves to his feet quickly, looking back towards the door mother went through, fists up expecting a fight.] [Nothing.] [No sound. No movement.] [Flicker.] [The candles go out for but a second, the flames reigniting and revealing Mother behind an unsuspecting Phoenix. SHE SLAMS HIS HEAD INTO THE WALL! His skull bounces off of the concrete and he hits the ground in a heap, Mother towering over him, a foot on his neck.]

“Keep your hands away from my children. Don’t lay a finger on them!”

[She hisses a threat before grabbing the lone child by the hand, the candles flickering once more, Mother disappearing with it. Phoenix staggers to a knee and wipes a bit of blood from his mouth.]

“I’m coming back Mother. Not just for her, but for all of them.”

[The segment slowly fades out as Jacob gets to his feet and leaves the hallway.]


[It’s a big match as two of the biggest names in OSW are colliding: The Scarecrow vs. Desmond Cross!] [These two unpredictable elements are standing across the ring from one another. They take a step forward before a grin spreads across both of their mouths. They move towards the center of the ring and begin trading blows, heavy-handed! Desmond Cross gets the better of the deal with two stiff jabs to the chest before leaping up with a forearm strike to the temple. It’s just enough separation to grab The Hayman around the waist and hoist him up for a belly-to-belly suplex over his shoulder. Cross moves over on top of Scarecrow and locks in a sleeper hold.] [The Hayman isn’t seeming to be hurt by this submission as he quickly moves up to his knees and to his feet. He manages to get his hand into the hold, twists the wrist of Cross, and sends some hay into the eyes of Desmond Cross! He staggers away clutching his eyes before Scarecrow charges him with a clothesline. Cross gets to his feet before Scarecrow lights up his chest with three thrusting punches that seems to draw the breath from his chest. The Hayman grabs the hair of Cross and holds him in place in a near-mocking form before reaching down and NAILING an uppercut! Cross leaves the mat before slamming to the mat.] [He goes for the cover! One…Two…KICKOUT! The Hayman lifts him up, but Cross picks up momentum as they get up to rush him right into the corner. Cross nails a headbutt, and then he whips Crow into the corner before catching his rebound with a swinging neckbreaker! The Awakening! He goes for the cover! One…Two…KICKOUT! Cross looks shocked as Crow is getting right back up. He goes off the rope for a big clothesline, but Scarecrow dodges his blow before kicking him right in the gut and pulling him in for a powerbomb. He lifts him up in a crucifix before… LIGHTS OUT! A sound is heard and then they return as Cross is laid out on the floor. THE PERCH! The Scarecrow goes for the pinfall. One…Two…THREE!] [The Hayman looks over Desmond Cross with a nod before exiting the ring with much bigger fish to fry, seemingly.]


[The war may have finished between Scarecrow and Desmond Cross, but the action will not end for Scarecrow. The Hayman seems prepared to teleport out, as is his standard, but instead of the fluttering of crows sounding throughout the Tap Room. Something else flutters instead.] [Hawks.] [Scarecrow suddenly finds himself standing on the roof of the Tap Room, the humid Miami air swirling around him. If it could ever be called such a thing, something at least resembling a smile forms on the face of the Hayman.]

“Tommy Hawk.”

[Standing directly in front of Scarecrow is the OSW World Champion himself. Hawk is sans his belt at the moment, but he wears his anger on his face.]

“We have business, evil spirit.”

[Crow sneers at that comment.]

“No.” [He begins.] “I have business. Your only requirement is to go quietly into the night.”

[Hawk only shakes his head, but the Sweet Dreams winner continues before Hawk can speak.]

“This is not about you. It wouldn’t matter to me if it was you standing here, or if it were the King, the Dragon, or the Shadow. All of you have one thing in common.”

[Hawk waits for the answer.]

“You’re mortal.” [Crow finishes.] “And those who have life need not concern themselves with the affairs of those who are beyond them. Life can be snuffed out…”

[THE SCALP! HAWK JUST TOOK CROW’S HEAD OFF!] [The World Champion stands over his challenger with a look of disgust on his face.]

“And the joys of life will never be felt by those who have none.”

[Hawk turns away from Scarecrow to look up at the moon, still a pearl white. Not the red from his vision.]

“I will not allow you to do what you have come to do, Scarecrow. Your trail of tears will not end in my demise.”

[A fluttering of crow’s whispers through the wind, and Hawk is not surprised as he turns around to find Scarecrow gone.] [The Champion has taken it to his challenger, but this is far from over!]


[It’s hot and steamy in the Boiler Room as Smiley enters the room. A glint of light reflects against his teeth as his head turns from side to side.] [The Deranged One moves through the room before what little light disappears momentarily. WHAM! The lights return as Smiley has been knocked to the floor by Mother. She stands in the darkness with a grin before revealing the pipe in her hands. She moves towards Smiley and swings again, but Smiley reaches up and catches the pipe with his hands. He rakes the eyes of Mother forcing her to relinquish the pipe. He swings for the kneecap as she falls to her knees from the pain. He grins before swinging for the fences! She ducks underneath and rolls into the shadows to avoid the second swing.] [Smiley’s eyes dart left and right as he holds the pipe up. WOOOMPH! Smiley charges at the sound of someone passing and swings but only connects with a pipe which bursts. Steam spews out and forces Smiley to back up. Right into the arms of Mother. She wraps his arms into a full nelson and slams him down to the hard, concrete floor. She crawls on top of him and begins raking at his eyes. Smiley covers his eyes before taking his own opportunity to reach out with a thumb to her eyes. The Deranged One scampers away and reaches between two pipes and gives a pull. Smiley Jr. seems to have been planted there as he grins.] [Smiley rushes towards her and drives the crowbar down into the chest of Mother! She winces in pain before Smiley raises it again to repeat the action. Mother begins scooting away before kicking upwards and connecting with a kick to the chin. Smiley staggers backwards as Mother flips up into the crab walk position. Smiley shakes his head just as she scurries towards him. CRAB KICK! Smiley is slammed into the hard floor as Mother reaches down and grabs Smiley Jr. She sets his face on the pipe and… CRACK! A conchairto between the crowbar, Smiley’s head, and the pipe. Smiley slumps downwards and isn’t moving. Mother has won the contest!] [Mother smiles at her victim before leaning down to rub a finger along his face before leaving him.]


[We find our way somewhere in the depths of the backstage area of the Tap Room.] [The room is dark, but the flickering flames of candles spread throughout the area provide enough illumination to allow us to make out the figure of Voodoo as he sits in the center of the candles.] [He is seated on the floor; his legs crossed underneath him and a large dish in front of him.] [There appears to be a thick, liquid substance poured about the plate while the slight presence of steam rises up from its surface. Faintly we can hear a searing sound.] [Voodoo appears to be in deep thought and meditation when suddenly, the door to the room opens allowing an abundance of light to enter.]

“Shut it!”

[Voodoo says in a near panicked tone as he extends his hand toward the new found light.] [It’s Makena Jakande.] [She moves towards Voodoo with a slight bit of hesitance as she pushes the door shut on her way.]

“I think I have what you said we would need!”

[Voodoo takes a deep breath as Makena moves even closer, extending her hand downward towards her seated partner. And when we see what is in her hand, we are shocked.] [Doubt’s missing glove!] [North’s roll of tape!] [Voodoo looks at the items and instantly begins to grin.]

“These are perfect Makena!” [He reaches for them.] “You performed brilliantly!”

[As Voodoo takes the glove and tape in his hand he is quick to drop them on the plate, causing an additional hissing sound when he does.]

“The possessions of two Earthly warriors!” [Voodoo says confidently as he holds his hands over the steaming dish.] “It’s all coming together!”

[Voodoo lets out a evil chuckle as Jakande joins with a grin of her own, as uncertain as it is.] [And we fade to black.]


[Tonight, it is Hysteria VS Doubt in an I quit match in our main event. Hysteria has been hounding Smiley as of late costing him multiple matches and most recently, a shot at tag team gold. Can Doubt get revenge for his partner and a lost opportunity?] [DING! DING! The match starts and Doubt runs right at Hysteria! Hysteria catches the leg and STUN GUN! Doubt hits the ropes hard! Hysteria slides out of the ring, looks under the apron and finds a chair! He tries to slide in the ring with it but Doubt stomps on the chair and kicks Hysteria hard in the face! Doubt locks in the CAMEL CLUTCH! Hysteria grabs a rope but it doesn’t matter in this match! Doubt keeps wrenching the head! Hysteria uses the ropes to get up but Doubt is still clutching him on his back! Hysteria falls backward on top of Doubt!] [Doubt landed right on the chair! His back is bowing in pain! Hysteria sees his opportunity and locks in the BOSTON CRAB! Doubt looks like he might give up but he grabs the chair and swings it back hitting Hysteria square in the back! Hysteria lets go of the hold but starts slapping Doubt in the back! Doubt tries to swing the chair again but Hysteria grabs it mid swing and starts rapidly hitting Doubt’s back asking if he quits with every swing! Doubt constantly shakes his head no so Hysteria climbs to the top rope.] [Hysteria waits for Doubt to get up… Doubt stands up and Hysteria leaps going for the fall of man… CHAIR SHOT mid-air by Doubt! Hysteria crumples up in a heap! Doubt locks in a DRAGON SLEEPER! The ref asks hysteria if he gives up but he isn’t saying anything. The ref lifts his arm and drops it to see if he is still conscious, it drops, 1 drop, ref does it again, a second drop of the arm. The ref does it for the third and final time… Hysteria holds his arm up! He starts to power out of it, gets Doubt on his shoulders and APATHY!] [The fireman’s gutbuster saves Hysteria and both men are down! Hysteria gets up first and picks Doubt up! YAKUZA KICK! Doubt flies into the corner! Hysteria lifts Doubt up and sets him on the top rope! Hysteria climbs up the ropes and locks in a double underhook. He’s calling for the mockery! Doubt gets out of the piledriver attempt with a BACK BODY DROP! Hysteria falls hard on the floor outside! Doubt gets on the top rope and MOONSAULT to the prone Hysteria! Doubt tries to lock in a single leg crab but Hysteria with a kick to the balls!] [That move brings down Doubt quickly! Hysteria grabs the falling Doubt and locks in a CROSSFACE! Doubt looks like he might give up but he rolls up Hysteria to get out of it! Both men get up out of the roll up and start trading punches back and forth! Hysteria goes for a haymaker but Doubt with the HEADBUTT! Hysteria falls in a heap! Doubt gets on top of him and rains HEADBUTT AFTER HEADBUTT down on him! Another low kick to the balls by Hysteria! Hysteria is getting desperate now, grabs the falling Doubt and SUPLEX on the steel steps!] [Hysteria locks in the double underhook and hits the piledriver on the steps! What a vicious MOCKERY by Hysterica! Hysterica starts bashing Doubt’s head on the steps! Hysterica yells at Doubt to quit! Doubt shakes his head no! Hysterica puts Doubt’s arm between the steps and the post! He runs and YAKUZA KICK! One after another! Hysterica is looking to break the arm! He pulls handcuffs out and locks the injured arm against the ring post! He grabs a chair and repeatedly beats Doubt’s arm harder and harder until he screams I quit!] [Hysterica has won his return match and you can tell this is a message to Smiley! Hysterica is delighting in Doubt’s pain!]



“When you get to know a man, you get to know where all the bodies are buried.”

[Inside a cemetery, Smiley walks down a rubble path with a shovel placed carefully over his shoulder. He finally stops at three gravestones, kneeling down by the dirt. Smiley brushes away a few leaves and grins mischievously.]

“But none are more important to you than your wife and daughters.”

[The camera rises to see the three gravestones belonging to Eve, Grace and Hysteria’s wife.]

“Or what’s left of them, I should say.”

[Smiley stands up, slamming his shovel into the dirt.]

“You made a mistake, Hysteria. You made the biggest mistake of your life. We were once brothers in arms, weren’t we? When Mike Lane threw you into that pit, locked the door and seemingly threw away the key, you handed the mantle to me. You gave me Destiny and Michaela, and you told me to end this.”

[He smiles.]

“And I did.”

[Although he keeps on digging.]

“Yet inside the Asylum, you came for me. You chained me down and stole my dreams, Hysteria. You asked me what I lost and I can tell you what it is; it’s the World Championship, isn’t it? But what have you lost?”

[He looks downwards at the graves.]

“I think I have a good idea.”

[Suddenly, Smiley swings his shovel at the head stone, breaking it in two. He violently moves onto the next one, and the one after that, destroying them in a rage.]

“There’s a Bad Moon Rising and tonight, I dine in the dirt with what’s left of your family. Because like them, I was betrayed by your selfishness.”

[He sits down, folding his legs.]

“And in the end, this is where everyone you once called family ends up, isn’t it?”


“Don’t worry though, Hysteria; I’ve saved you a place.”

[The camera pans out. We thought Smiley was digging the graves of Hysteria’s family but he wasn’t; in fact, he was digging a whole new grave, one with a headstone that belongs to someone else.] [Hysteria.] [Cut.]