[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Cross-legged beneath the stars sits Tommy Hawk. He isn’t booked tonight, and isn’t even in the Tap Room. Instead, he finds himself in the middle of an empty field. The moon looms overhead, yet the only light Tommy is focused on is the one right in front of him.] [Flames. Burning up the heavens. Cinders showing the way for the burning brush.]

“Long has the Scarecrow hunted. Long has he killed the innocent and guilty alike. Long has he endured the long night.”

[The words of Hawk seem to die in the flames, as if stopped by a listening ear. He slowly reaches down to pick up some type of dust or sand out of a bowl.]

“Spirits of the fallen, rise from your slumber. Surround me. Guide me. Direct me. I will not allow the Scarecrow to continue his feast of death.”

[His eyes seem to reflect the fire itself, becoming as if they were flame themselves, as he continues his gaze into the inferno. He throws the dust upon the fire as he speaks once more.]

“What is this beast?” [He asks.] “I call upon the wisdom of those whom he has slain to show me how to stop him.”

[The smoldering cinders at the bottom of the fire seem to burn even brighter. The flames slowly begin to change their color from the red-orange of a normal flame to something else entirely. They shift between blue and red, the intensity growing as each grain of the mystical sand adds to the flame.]

“Send my eyes where they will not go.”

[Hawk seems to enter a trance as the flames seem to dance to and fro all around him. Yet they will not burn him.] [The spirits are speaking.]


[It’s The African Assault going one-on-one with The Skull Splitter.] [The bell sounds as these two tie it up in the center of the ring. North nails a right hand that makes Makena groggy! He takes a step back and leaps into the ring with a leaping knee strike. Jakande is disoriented early on as the strikes of Viktor North are making this difficult for her! He lifts her up quickly and nails her with a quick brainbuster! Jakande’s head smashes into the mat as North quickly rolls over on top of her. One…Two… KICKOUT! He pulls Makena to her feet, pulls her between his legs, and POWERBOMBS HER!] [Viktor North goes over and grabs her by the hair as this onslaught is not even close to being over. STOMP on his toe! North grabs at his feet as the nails of Makena make their way into his eyes blinding him with a rake! North staggers backwards as Makena quickly rushes him and leaps onto him with a Lou Thesz press! She begins laying into the face of Viktor North with a barrage of blows. She quickly rolls over and locks in a crucifix arm bar as she begins yanking back on his arm!] [Makena is yanking away at his arm, but North manages to roll Jakande onto her shoulders. North manages to connect his hands and lift her up! But just barely. He does this just enough to swing her, head-first, into the second turnbuckle! She lets go of the hold and is clutching at her head in pain. North quickly grabs a handful of her hair and begins yelling into her face. He hooks in a hold and lifts her up before quickly dropping her down into a piledriver. THE FALL OF UTGARD! Makena Jakande is laid out by this blow as North quickly rolls her up. One…Two…THREE!] [The Skull Splitter did just that as Makena is holding her head in pain. He raises his hand high in victory!]


[The backstage halls.] [An unusual beeping sound dominates our eardrums as Lyra Starchild approaches with a device unlike anything we’ve ever seen. She follows it, walking towards the lockers, and stopping outside.]

“He’s in here?” [She asks the machine.]

“His genetic signature has strongest within this room.”

[She places her hand down to her side, and unclips a weapon from her holster. To say it looks like an unusual Fazer is an understatement. Starchild carefully pushes the door open and steps inside, only he isn’t there; Tonatiuh is.]

“This isn’t him,” [Lyra bemoans.] “He’s not here.”

“Excuse me?” [Tonatiuh questions, standing up in all his glory.] “If it is a God you seek, you have found him. I am the Sun-God, Tonatiuh.”

[Starchild frowns.]

“If you are a God, you can guide me to whom I seek. Where is he hiding?”

“I don’t think so, mortal. The sun can guide you, but only if its God is appeased with an offering. Do they not offer God’s sacrifice on your planet?”

[Lyra turns her nose up slightly.] “You are the God of a star that looms over a planet. You hold their lives within your grasp. I won’t offer a sacrifice to you, but I will offer you combat.”

[Tonatiuh’s hands spread to his hips in disappointment.]

“Then at Bad Moon Rising, you will offer said sacrifice,” [he quips.] “With your life.”

[She nods with a flippant grin, putting her weapon away and exiting the room. Once outside, with the door closed, she returns to her device.]

“Do you think it is wise to challenge a God?” [The machine says abruptly.] [Lyra nods.] “The tyrannical grip upon a planet must be diminished if we are to succeed in finding him. We’ve been here before, have we not? I won’t let Earth succumb to the same fate as our world.”

[With that, they head off in a different direction.]


[Doubt and Voodoo stand across the ring from one another. Voodoo towers over the Emotion, with nearly a foot height advantage. The bell rings and the two circle one another.] [Doubt rushes forward, but Voodoo reaches out and the two lock up. They struggle against one another for a moment, but then Voodoo uses his size and forces Doubt back to the ropes. He then whips the Emotion to the far ropes, and when he returns, the Soul Reaper levels Doubt with a huge BIG BOOT! Doubt’s head nearly came off! Voodoo drops down and covers… One… Tw.. Kickout! Voodoo yanks Doubt up by the hood and tosses him with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Voodoo waits for Doubt to stand again and when he does… SOUL STEALER!!! He covers… One… Two… Thre… KICKOUT!!] [Voodoo is furious and tries to pull Doubt up, but the Emotion counters with an EYE GOUGE! Voodoo stumbles away, rubbing his eyes. Doubt leaps with a huge DROPKICK! Voodoo does not go down, but bounces off the the ropes. Doubt is quick and springboards off the ropes… THE PESSIMIST’S END!! Voodoo’s head is buried in the canvas! Doubt slithers into a cover… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Voodoo barely escaped that one! Doubt steps back and as Voodoo gets to a knee, Doubt rushes forward… THE END OF WISDOM!! Doubt covers… One… Two… THREE!] [No! Voodoo somehow kicks out! Doubt sits up, unphased. He reaches his feet first, and CAUSE OF DOUBT!! The kneedrop has to have ended this! One… Two… THRE…. NO! Voodoo has the bottom rope. Doubt seems to be getting frustrated. He pulls Voodoo up by the hair and throws him into the far ropes. Voodoo returns… Doubt readies… but… SIXTH SENSE CLOTHESLINE!! The Desperation Lariat takes Doubt’s head off! Both are down! 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… Voodoo starts pulling himself up by the ropes… 6… 7… Doubt does the same… 8… 9… Both wrestlers are up! Voodoo swings at Doubt, who ducks under! Voodoo spins right into a knee… EATING YOURSELF ALIVE!!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Doubt pulls off a hard fought victory over Voodoo here tonight! The Emotion stands over his downed opponent victorious!]


[Sat on a wooden stool in a dark area of the Tap Room is Desmond Cross. He mutters to himself as he seems to be in a state of confusion. His face seems to contort with each whispered statement.] [Yet he soon finds himself not alone.]

“You don’t want’a be here, man.” [Cross says aloud in the direction of the new entrant to the room.] “You might find yourself runnin’ away soon.”

“On the contrary,” [The silk-smooth voice of the intruder returns.] “this is precisely where I have chosen to be.”

[Cross turns around to face the new man, who is clothed in a thick brown robe that he slowly reaches up and pulls back the hood on to reveal his face.] [Pedro El Salvador. Father of Lux Bellator.]

“What’s a dead priest want with me?” [Cross queries.] “Here to finish the job your boy started?”

[El Salvador smiles a thin smile in response before shaking his head in the negative.]

“No, I have come to give you information, Desmond Cross.” [Pedro begins.] “Information that may show you how my son became the man he has become.”

[Cross snorts and stands up to tower before El Salvador.]

“Oh, I know how it happened, man. He heard the voice’a God in his ear. Told him to turn water to blood and bring wrath on everyone. Trust me, man, I done heard it before. The burnin’ bush only leads to ruin. Look at me.”

[Desmond raises an eyebrow as El Salvador doesn’t back down. The former priest only patiently waits for Cross to conclude.]

“Lux Bellator had been reduced to a mere caretaker of a broken shell of a man when you unleashed the plagues of God. He sat at my bedside as I failed to heal from injuries brought from a broken soul. But we watched, Desmond. We watched as those plagues rained down and the power of God grew. My son threw himself into his studies, and my own body began to heal at a rapid pace.”

[Cross attempts to interject, but El Salvador holds up his hand calmly to ask for more time.]

“It was then, and only then, that the warrior rose in the light once again. He had lost his way, but seeing the power of God so fully gave him his faith once again. You, Desmond Cross, created the man we see before us now. He has been enriched with whatever power he wields. The same power that you wielded. That broke you. That is why he comes for you.”

[The bigger man seems confused by this.]

“I don’t get it.”

[El Salvador pulls his hood back over his face and steps back.]

“Recall the life of Moses, Desmond Cross, and you will understand.”

[Stepping out of the room into the darkness, El Salvador takes his leave. Desmond Cross is left alone, but he does not linger. Instead, he angrily staggers out of the room.] [But to what end?]


[It’s The Deranged One stepping into the ring with The Starchild for the first time!] [The two size each other up as Smiley gives her a grin. She just looks determined and focused as the bell rings to start this one up. They go to tie it up, but Lyra just drops down underneath his attempt. She kicks out the feet of Smiley leaving Lyra standing up. She rushes towards the ropes and springs up to the second rope and springs off for a moonsault! Only Smiley raises his knees to catch her off guard. She arches up to her feet, but Smiley quickly rolls her up! One…Two….TH-NO!] [Lyra rolls back to her feet as does Smiley who charges with a huge spear! SHOCK THERAPY! Smiley climbs up to the top rope and seems to be prepping for a big move. TR-NO! The big leg drop misses as Lyra just steps out of the way. He pops back to his feet as The Starchild lifts up and hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown! She climbs out onto the apron and beckons for him to get up. He does as she springs off the top rope for a crossbody! CHELSEA GRIN CATCHES HER IN AIR! The spinning heel hook floors her as Smiley hooks her legs. One…Two…THREE!] [PSYCH! Lyra Starchild managed to get her foot on the bottom rope as Smiley rakes his own face with his fingers. He drags her away from the rope and climbs up the top rope. TRAUMA! He hooks her leg and pins her down. One…Two…TH-NO! She kicks out this time! Smiley looks frustrated as well as he lifts her up with a devious grin in his eyes. THE STEPFORD SMILE! Lyra is just driven into the mat by this Mad Scientist Bomb. He throws an arm over her. One… Two…KICKOUT! Lyra kicks out again as Smiley looks exhausted. He goes to pick her up, but she kicks him with a high kick! She rushes towards the turnbuckle and leaps up before corkscrewing backwards for a diving dropkick! Smiley slams to the mat! THE FALLING STAR! She hooks his legs. One…Two…THREE!] [The streak of The Starchild continues here tonight as she defeated some very game competition tonight!]


“Lux Bellator!”

[The voice of Desmond Cross rings throughout the narrow hallways inside the backstage area. Cross has a match next, but as he heads towards the entrance area he seems to have a mission.]

“Stop runnin’ from me, man.” [Cross pants as he stops and looks around.] “It’ll be easier if you just show up.”

“Desmond Cross.”

[Almost as if on cue, Lux Bellator seems to materialize behind Cross.]

“Have you come to have justice served upon you?”

[Cross cocks his head and grins.]

“I talked to your daddy.” [Desmond says to the surprised Lux.] “He don’t agree with you, right now, does he?”

[Bellator sneers back at Cross.]

“I’ll take that as a no. No justice is to be served tonight, however. Instead, I wish to tell you of what you have done.”

[Bellator waits a moment before speaking.]

“You began this, Desmond, whether you knew it or not. You began the liberation of the Children of God. You led them out of the squalor they lived in, and brought them on the path to the Promised Land. Yet, you broke from God’s mission, Desmond.”

[Cross spits venom at Bellator.]

“He broke from me!”

[The light warrior waits.]

“The Children will reach the Promised Land, Desmond. But I will lead them there. The judgement of God is that you will never step foot there. You will only be able to stand and watch as God does His good works. You have failed, and are a broken and failed man.”

[Cross seems to come to an understanding.]

“Just like Moses, man. That’s what your daddy said, too.”

[Bellator chuckles this time.]

“Pedro El Salvador will pay for his own crimes. He will not see the Promised Land, either. But there is a choice here, Desmond.”

[Cross raises an eyebrow.]

“Join me, and you will stand at my side in the war to come. Will you stand as a Child of God again, or will you shun the promised land that you once desired?”

[Desmond opens his mouth to answer, but Lux Bellator is gone. He rapidly blinks and seems to look around. He looks more confused that ever.]

“What the hell, man?” [He asks the voices in his head.] [But they do not answer. This time.] [Was Lux Bellator really there? Or did Cross imagine it?] [And if he was, will Cross join him?]


[Tonight it is a match of epic proportions as the former rewind champ Mother faces the current champ in Desmond Cross. Will she start back on the path to the title or will Cross prove why he is the champ?] [DING! DING! Both competitors are eyeing each other as they circle the ring… Cross charges in with a flurry of punches! Mother is against the ropes but she is not going down! Cross charges with a clothesline but Mother pulls the ropes down and Cross tumbles to the floor! Mother climbs to the top rope, waits for Cross to get up… She leaps off going for a flying knee but BIG BOOT! A big boot midair by Cross that drops Mother quick! He picks her up, wraps his arms around and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX into the apron! He tosses her back into the ring!] [He climbs back into the ring but she immediately bridges out into crab position! He is startled! She takes advantage of the confusion and CRAB KICK! She goes for a cover! 1…2…No! Cross gets the shoulder up! She locks him up in an arm bar! He looks like he might tap out but he powers out and rolls to get over her! She still has it locked in but he lifts her up and FALLING POWERBOMB into the turnbuckle! She slumps down into a seated position! He is holding his arm but he starts stomping away all over her!] [He pulls her out of the corner and puts her up on his shoulders! He goes for the fall from grace but she slips out and reverses it into the MOTHER’S EMBRACE! She’s choking the life out of him and it looks like he might fade any second! He crawls and barely gets his hands on the bottom rope! She is forced to break the hold! Repeated kicks to the stomach by Mother! She is not happy with the rope break! Cross Catches one of the kicks and stands up with her foot in hand! He pulls her in and puts her on his shoulders! FALL FROM GRACE out of nowhere! He covers…1…2…3!] [Desmond Cross pulls out the victory from Mother in a very close match to prove why he is the champ!]


[The match is over, Mother herself stands at ringside with her children, the demon keeping every last one of them in her sight. And one, in particular, a little girl, gripped tightly in her clawed hand. The lights go out.] [But they don’t come back on.] [Struggling is heard, then a loud THUNK rings out through the Tap Room. The lights slowly flicker back to life, and Mother is slumped against the steel steps. And Jacob Phoenix stands where she once stood, a scowl on his face.]

“You’re a monster.”

[His lip curls in anger.]

“These are not your children. These were children who belonged to families, real parents who loved them. And you took them away from that.”

[The children look at Jacob in fear, their eyes wide, tears forming as they back away from the violent man who assaulted their mother. Mother slowly rises from the steps, words unable to describe the hatred in her eyes. Her words drip from her mouth like poison.]

“You know nothing of me and my children. They belong to their mother, and they have ONLY ever belonged to their mother.”

[Phoenix puts himself between Mother and her children, the children however quickly run past him, clinging to Mother.] [All except one.] [A single little girl stands behind Jacob, frozen in place. Mother stares her down, a look of angry disbelief on her face. She looks up to Phoenix who takes a defensive stance as the girl cowers in fear.]

“Mother knows best… Why do you disobey your MOTHER!?”

[The Mother of all leaps towards Phoenix! Jacob tries to fight her off but the flurry of claws forces him back! RAKE TO THE EYES! CLAW TO THE THROAT! Phoenix holds his neck, blood dripping as Mother forcibly grabs the little girl by her arm, doing so hard enough that a bruise visibly forms. Phoenix tries to leap back at her but the lights flicker.] [And Mother, with the children, are gone. Phoenix hits the floor in frustration at his failure to react in time. He quickly takes off backstage, hoping to find them.]


[Two of the top stars on VHS battle it out as the VHS Champion fights against the #1 contender to the World title. Can the Phoenix rise high against the Scarecrow in Round two or will the Hayman clip his wings once more?] [The bell sounds as Scarecrow strikes from the bell, drilling the Phoenix with a huge right hand that sends him flying to the mat. Jacob staggers up right into a huge knee strike that takes all the wind out of him before Crow lifts him up onto his shoulder, RUNNING POWER…NO! The Phoenix slips down his back, leaping up with a big dropkick to the jaw as Crow turns, staggering the larger man. The Phoenix follows up, quickly spinning Crow to the mat with a neckbreaker] [The Phoenix doesn’t cover, instead waiting for Crow to get to his feet as he goes for an early FOR HE…Crow slips out but gets a leaping jaw as the VHS champ tries for a Suplex. The Phoenix can’t quite lift Crow up who again powers out, tossing The Phoenix to the mat. Jacob rolls to his feet, running forward right into a massive HAYMAKER! The Phoenix nearly gets knocked out as Crow lifts him up by the throat, slamming him down with a bone crunching backbreaker] [Crow doesn’t cover, lifting the Phoenix up high in a Crucifix Powerbomb like move but the Phoenix wiggles out, dropping behind, ZIG ZAG! Crow gets planted as The Phoenix covers, ONE…TWO…Crow powers The Phoenix off him! Crow gets to his feet, running forward with a Big Boot that the Phoenix ducks, grabbing Crow by the head and snapping him neck first over the top rope! The Phoenix grabs the ropes, waiting for Crow to turn around as he springboards over the ropes, PHOENIX FORE…CROW GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT, BYE BYE BIRDIE! The Phoenix gets driven nearly into the mat as Scarecrow covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Hayman takes another dominant victory on his path to the World Heavyweight Championship as he makes a big statement to Tommy Hawk with his almost domination of the VHS Champion]


[We open on a back corridor of the Tap Room where we find Viktor North strolling along without much thought.] [Suddenly…]


[A gloved hand reaches from beyond the view, gripping at the skin of North’s shoulder and spinning him to a stop.] [The Skull Splitter turns into a defensive position, ready for a fight when he comes face to face with the white mask of Doubt.]

“What is this meaning of this intrusion you paranormal cretin?”

[North spits in anger, but Doubt does not budge.]

“Why were you in my quarters last week?” [Doubt merely stands content in the face of the threatening behemoth.] “What did you do with my glove?”

[North’s face becomes distorted as he seems to ponder a hidden thought before brushing off Doubt’s inquiry.]

“I know nothing about it!” [The Skull Splitter submits as he turns to walk away.] “Move on without me!”

“You seem…” [Doubt turns his head sideways in a peculiar manner.] “Uncertain!”

[Viktor pauses, first glancing over his shoulder and then turning and walking towards Doubt.]

“You were not the only one who had visitors in their lodging last week” [Viktor snarls.] “my privacy too was invaded.”

[Doubt drops his head, his mannerisms displaying frustration.]

“These games must…”

[BAM!] [Doubt is jolted forward by the sudden force of a steel chair.] [It’s Voodoo!] [And as the horned assailant wails away on a fallen Doubt with the weapon, North barges forward in aid.] [CRACK!] [North is absolutely leveled by another blow from a steel chair, but this time it is not by the hands of Voodoo.] [The shot brings North to his knees at the feet of his attacker… Makena Jakande.] [BAM! BAM! BAM!] [Voodoo and Jakande continue the assault, driving North and Doubt to the concrete floor and rending them unconscious.] [With a pause, Black Magic catches their breath and then…] [Voodoo begins to dig into a satchel that is wrapped over his shoulder retrieving two items and tossing them at the fallen foes.] [Doubt’s glove and North’s roll of tape fall to the concrete between them.]

“It has begun” [Voodoo almost whispers.] “This week they have found what they had lost. Next week, we call for their blood!”

“Why next week?” [A confused Jakande questions.] “Why not right now?”

[Voodoo quietly responds.]

“They must answer the call!”

[And with that we fade to black as Black Magic stands over their prey.]


[We have a huge main event tonight as two of the most psychotic members of the OSW roster seek to bury one another alive. Will the Light Warrior destroy a heretic or will the Mastermind bury another monster ten feet deep?] [Lux Bellator is just sliding into the ring, waiting for Hysteria to enter the Tap Room when the Mastermind comes in from the crowd holding a steel pipe, sliding into the ring as he drives the steel into the back of Lux’s head. Hysteria slams the pipe onto the prone Lux over and over, until the steel itself is a twisted and broken mess, a giant smile on the Mastermind as he tosses the weapon away. Hysteria pulls Lux up to his feet, gripping him around the waist before BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEXING HIM TO THE FLOOR BELOW!] [Lux splats on the outside with a sickening thud as Hysteria slowly climbs to the outside, pulling the limp Lux up with a smirk on his face, PURITY! Lux locks in the Triangle Choke out of nowhere as Hysteria starts turning blue, losing oxygen fast as Lux tries to make him tap out. In a surge of strength, Hysteria rises up, Powerbombing Lux down onto the floor to break the hold. Lux slowly gets up, Hysteria still trying to gain his breath as a hard knee to the face puts Hysteria down on one knee] [A big DDT plants Hysteria as Lux tosses away the protective mats at ringside, exposing the hard concrete. Lux powers Hysteria up, lifting him up high, CATHOLIC CROSS ON THE CONCRETE! ‘HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT!’ The crowd start cheering as Hysteria screams out in pain, maybe having broken something with that landing as Lux mercilessly lifts the in pain Hysteria, dragging him over to the burial site. Lux grabs Hysteria by the back of the head, trying to toss him in but Hysteria blocks it, slipping his leg back for a desperation low blow] [Lux goes down as Hysteria tries to gain his breath, lifting Lux up as he tries for Apathy. Lux slips down Hysteria’s back, grabbing Hysteria from behind, REVERSE GERMAN INTO THE GRAVE! Lux drops down to one knee, having used a lot of energy to deliver the suplex before reaching down as he looks for a shovel to start tossing in the dirt. Lux can’t find it and as he looks into the grave, Hysteria reaches up, delivering a massive swing to the side of the face that sends Lux flying] [Hysteria slowly pulls himself out of the grave, gripping the shovel in one hand as he tries to level Lux with it again. Bellator ducks it, spinning around Hysteria with a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors as he tries to lock in the Arm of God. Hysteria tosses Lux off him who rolls to his feet right into an almost decapitating shot from the shovel, blood spitting onto the dirt from the wound opened up on Lux. Hysteria tosses the shovel away, lifting Lux up, THE MOCKERY! Lux looks to be out cold as he’s tossed into the grave] [Hysteria begins tossing dirt into the grave but barely gets it halfway full before a handful of dirt flies back into his face, blinding him. Lux begins pulling himself out of the grave, getting out and rolling away just in time to avoid another shovel shot before he dropkicks the shovel right back into Hysteria’s face. Hysteria is dazed as Lux rushes forward, DEUM LUCEM on the hard ground! Lux isn’t done as he lifts Hysteria up to his feet, trying for the Disciple Maker but Hysteria eye-rakes Lux, before drilling him into the ground with a stiff DDT] [Hysteria calls for the end and another Mockery but Lux nails Hysteria with a low blow of his own, DISCIPLE MAKER! That should be it as Lux considers tossing Hysteria into the grave but reconsiders it, as he heads over to the nearby entrance way, and begins to climb up onto the top of the stage. Lux steadies himself for a moment, before diving off, MOONSA…LOST HOPE! Hysteria hit that out of nowhere but the momentum rolls both men into the grave. Both men are nearly covered but the question is, who will escape first? A good few moments pass before a gloved hand grips the dirt as Hysteria slowly pulls himself out of the grave. Hysteria stands up shakily, grabbing the shovel as he tosses the last bit of dirt onto Lux, burying the Light Warrior alive!] [The Mad Mastermind proves himself once again to be the king of the Buried Alive matches as he survives the hellacious match once again, burying the Light Warrior just like he did Ozric all those months ago]


[Hysteria stands over the grave of Lux Bellator with a tilted head. He’s exhausted.] [WHACK!] [From behind, a shovel swings around the side of Hysteria’s head, knocking him immediately to his knees. He doesn’t even know where he is.] [Smiley rises behind him, raising the shovel into the air one more time.]

“You belong here,” [he hisses.] “In the dirt, in the mud, like the animal that you are.”

[There’s a sickening crunch as Smiley thunderously brings down the shovel atop the head of Hysteria, sending a splatter of blood towards the camera. The Mad Mastermind hits the dirt face down, and begins crawling away, trying to escape what could be the final blow.] [Just then, a figure appears from behind Smiley in a hooded jacket! What the hell? He spins him around, jabs his finger into his eyes and starts pushing! What the fuck is going on?] [Hysteria slowly crawls away, escaping as Smiley squeals in absolute agony. The hooded assailant quickly takes off, running the way he came, leaving Smiley crawling on the ground with his hands over his eyes.] [The camera closes in, watching as both of these felled giants lay hurting in the dirt, perhaps where they both belong; perhaps where they both feel most comfortable. We switch to a shot of the tombstone, where oddly, the words read differently than before.]

‘Here lies the Asylum.’



[And at last, we return to the same place we began this evening.] [The cinders glow red. The fire burns blue-purple. The wind blows harshly. And in the midst of it all Tommy Hawk still sits, the fire around him allowing him to walk with the spirits of those killed by the Scarecrow. His eyes still seem glazed as the spirits of the lost all seem to be shouting at him all at once.]

“Tahehix.” [Hawk whispers with an otherworldly voice as the fire seem to intensify before him.] [The blue almost turns white as the fire continues to burn brighter than it ever has. Hawk’s body seems to slump as he is being overwhelmed by the information he is being given.] [Then the winds cease blowing.] [Stillness takes the night as the fire begins to dwindle. Hawk seems to shrink as the fire turns completely white. It may have shrunk, but it is at its hottest. The embers pop and cackle with a stunning rhythm, almost as if the crying pleas of those within them.] [And then Tommy Hawk is awake.] [Weakened by the ritual, the World Champion seems to take a moment to gather his wits before barely standing to his feet. He turns towards the fire with anger etched on his weary face.]

“Tahehix.” [He says again, this time stronger than the last.] [In response, the entire flame seems to shudder and at first dimly, but then much stronger, a laugh emerges. And this laugh seems to drone on and one, surrounding Tommy Hawk like the flame had before. Yet as the laugh continues to persist, the flames slowly die down to just a sliver of fire.] [Yet in their place stands the Scarecrow.]

“Did you believe that those spirits were free?” [The Hayman asks.] “Did you believe they held some mystical answer to my origins?”

[Hawk is unafraid.]

“No, but they told me who you are. Tahehix, spirit of death.”

[Scarecrow laughs once again.]

“I’ve been known by many names, Spirit Walker. Perhaps that was even one of them, but do not believe the voices of the dead. They lie with the conviction needed to want an end to my existence. They wish for me to be some spirit that you can fight away and destroy. Such wishes are frivolous, and have led to the ruin of more men than I could even begin to count.”

[Smoke rises all around, yet the two combatants are unaffected. Their war exists in this place between wrath and tears.]

“There is no truth in me, Hawk.” [Crow mocks.] “I am no spirit. I am no beast. I am no man. I just am.”

[Hawk shakes his head in the negative.]

“I come to destroy you. For all those who you have slain. They empower me.”

[Scarecrow seems to consider this.]

“Then you will walk with them forever.”

[Abruptly, Scarecrow reaches out and grabs Tommy Hawk! He pulls the World Champion into the fire just as a large flame seems to rise up, creating an impressive flume straight towards the risen moon.] [When it settles, they have vanished.]