[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Pitch black. In the middle of no-where, the muffled voices of Bruce and Paige Van Chan echo throughout a dark and dingy space. Suddenly, a light bulb flicks on to reveal the pair, tied to wooden chairs with tape slapped across their face.] [They’re prisoners.]

“I’m sorry that I grabbed you in the manner I did,” [a distorted voice booms from within the shadows.] “But I found this beneath your vehicle and couldn’t risk allowing you to leave.”

[The person throws a device to the feet of Bruce Van Chan, who’s eyes bulge out of his skull. He fearfully looks towards Paige, who can’t believe it.]

“Injustice wanted to ensure your retirement was permanent, Bruce.”

[The speaker enters the frame, stood before his two prisoners.]

“And I’m afraid that I have to take some responsibility for that. Believe me when I say; I didn’t know this would happen.”

[He carefully removes the tape from Bruce’s mouth.]

“What do you mean?” [Bruce gasps with his first breath.] “What’s going on?”

“There’s a long story to tell but no time in which to tell it. Injustice want you dead, Bruce. Edward Newton wants you dead. If you want to survive, if you want to live, you’re going to have to become something else.”

[Bruce looks at Paige, who shakes her head ‘no’.]

“Someone… else.”

[The light flickers, and Bruce lowers his head, a lot to contemplate in the eye of this horrifying storm.] [Click.]


[It’s the debut of a brand new wrestler here as Adam Eve stands tall in the center of the ring against his first opponent, Epitaph!] [The bell sounds as these two men meet in the center of the ring. They tie it up, but it’s Epitaph who gets the upper hand by wrapping his arms around the neck of Adam Eve to turn it into a headlock. He wrings on the neck as Adam Eve switches behind the back of Epitaph but leaves a leg out in front of him. He wrenches back on Epitaph into an abdominal stretch! Epitaph is clutching at his ribs, but Adam just raises a hand and drives a fist down into the ribs to further the damage inflicted.] [Epitaph manages to worm his way out before turning right around and kicking Adam right in the midsection. Adam bends over and Epitaph hooks the arm of Adam before lifting him high into the air! However, a struggle occurs as Adam slowly comes back down and lifts up Epitaph for a suplex! Front suplex! OESTROGEN BLOCKER! The front suplex slam splatter Epitaph across the mat before hooking his legs for a pinfall. One…Two…KICKOUT! Epitaph may be down, but he’s not quite out! Adam Eve takes a step back and begins preparing for his next move. Epitaph comes up to his feet as Adam grabs him up onto his shoulders, but Epitaph squirms out into a DDT!] [Epitaph gets back to his feet and he’s looking for something special. He grabs both arms of Adam and pulls him close for… THE EUTHANAS- NO! Adam manages to snap his arms free and staggers back towards the corner. Epitaph charges for a spear! VIOLENT RES- NO! Adam manages to pulls himself up as Epitaph spears right through the ropes and hits the post, shoulder-first. Adam quickly powers up Epitaph’s limp body to the top rope. GENDER REASSIGNMENT! Leaping atomic drop from the top rope as a howl is heard from Epitaph! As he’s barely standing, Adam hoists up Epitaph and… OH MAN! A gorilla press slam dropping the back of Epitaph onto the knee of Adam! Adam Eve gives a wave of his hand, signaling the end of this match. He yanks up Epitaph onto his shoulders and… GENDER BENDER! Epitaph, as soon as the hold is put in place, begins tapping furiously as the pain from the Torture Rack is just too immense!] [A big win here for the debuting Adam Eve! He is on the right track having put the first W in that left column!]


[The sound of stapling can be heard, as we see a young man posting sheets of paper against the walls of the Tap Room. Upon closer inspection, we see the papers are posters of a man’s face and the letters “JGF” beneath it, and the man stands back to marvel at his work…Jackson Grant Fitzgerald has arrived, and he couldn’t be happier.]

“Wonderful! This is bound to up my reputation among the urban neighborhoods in Miami…an important demographic!”

[Out of the corner of his eye, JGF notices someone approaching. With a wink and a nod, he hands the person a flyer.]

“Here you go, citizen! Spread the word, JGF is looking for YOUR vote!”

[What JGF fails to realize is the person he’s handed the flyer to is Viktor North, staring at the flyer unenthused.]

“What is this filthy rag you’ve put in my hand, boy?”

[JGF’s grin quickly changes to a scowl, as he shoves a finger into Viktor’s chest.]

“That is a campaign poster, and you’d do well to watch your tone around me!”

[Viktor scoffs at this, crumpling the paper.]

“Find someone else to spread your propaganda, I have no interest in your lies and treachery. Viktor North bows to no man.”

[Viktor mutters something in Icelandic as he throws the crumpled flyer in the face of the Commander in Chief! North walks by, chuckling to himself as JGF stands there with a disgusted look of anger. It doesn’t take him long to pull out his cell phone and make a call…]

“Hello? I need a favor…give me all the info you can on a Viktor North. I’ve hit a big speed bump on my campaign trail.”



[We open in the backstage area of the Tap Room where we find Makena Jakande.] [Following her movement to a semi-closed door, our angle shifts to her rear as she cautiously pushes the door the rest of the way opened.] [And she’s frozen.]


[Makena whispers in a panic as she rushes in, her head turning frantically to the left and to the right. We enter behind her to recognize a dressing room full of the expected contents. Full, except for the presence of one.] [Colossus.] [Jakande drops to her knees on the floor, reaching down to grab what appears to be the collar of her friend. The chain that once held the Savanah Cat laying empty beside her.]


[Makena roars as tears fill her eyes and suddenly, in the doorway stands a somber Voodoo.]

“Makena?” [Voodoo sympathetically speaks, knowing something is amiss.] “Is everything…”

“NO! Colossus is gone” [Jakande screams.] “Someone had to have taken him!”

[Voodoo rushes into the room, taking a look around for himself, but unable to find anything out of sorts aside from the missing cat.]

“I have to find him” [Makena says with an intense yet uncertain tone.] “He could be in danger!”

[Voodoo closes in on his tag team partner, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.]

“WE..” [Voodoo emphasizes.] “We will find Colossus! I promise you that!”

[Jakande looks up from her kneeling position, her cheeks streaked with tears as Voodoo returns the stare.]

“I can use his collar…” [Voodoo assures.] “to cast a spell to locate your friend! We’ll find him Makena. We’ll find him!”

[With a nod, Jakande slowly looks back to the collar, gripping it to her chest as we fade to black.]


[Sergei may have had the worst night of his life at DeathWish but he finds himself face to face with a Godly debut here tonight. Can Sokolov continue his winning ways or will he gain a one way trip down the River Styx?] [The bell sounds as Hades rushes forward, delivering a hard running knee to the jaw, stunning Sergei who finds himself lifted up off his feet before slammed to the mat with a swift Powerslam. Hades goes to pull Sergei up but Sokolov slips out of Hades grasp, before trying to take his head off with a stiff spinning clothesline. Hades doesn’t go down but he’s groggy enough for Sergei to lift him up in a Gorilla Press Slam with a great show of strength. Hades slips down the back of Sergei, DRAGON SUPLEX!] [Sergei gets planted on the back of his neck as he’s lifted up to his feet, taken off the mat with a series of hard Muay Thai knees to the chest. A stiff headbutt slightly busts open Sergei as he’s lifted up high in the air, FADE TO BLACK! Hades drops down, hooking the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Hades pulls Sergei up, SOVIET STRIKE! A lightning fast backfist puts Hades down to one knee as Sergei lifts him up by the throat but can’t lift him up before Hades grabs him by the throat as well. Both men try to lift eachother up before a hard knee stuns Sergei, CHOKESLAM!] [Hades lifts Sergei up, gripping him by the throat with both hands before running forward, RIVER STYX! Hades calls for the end, lifting Sergei up as he tosses him onto his shoulder but as he runs forward, Sergei drops down his back. Hades turns around, SOVIET STRIKE! Sergei barely waits for the backfist to hit Hades as he lifts the God up onto his shoulder, IRON CURTAIN! Sergei destroys Hades with that huge Dominator as Sergei drops down, hooking both legs, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Sokolov picks up a huge win over the dominating Hades tonight. The God of the Underworld looked incredible in his debut tonight but Sergei capitalized on one single mistake to gain yet another victory over a monster]


[The Family Home.] [The infection is spreading. The walls are now almost pitch black with virus strewn across them. Dark black matter stretches for as far as the eye can see. We follow the halls to a bedroom, where a sleeping Stephanie Cussen looks like death.] [Jensen and DTR stand over her.]

“She’s looking worse by the day,” [he says to DTR, who smiles gleefully.] “I don’t think she can survive the birth of this child.”

[DTR says nothing at first.] “She won’t,” [he hisses.] “But her gift to the world will be the end of it.”

[Jensen gulps.]

“Besides Jensen, we have other matters to occupy ourselves. At Invasion, we will challenge for the Tag Team Championships. Our incubation period has time to run, and we must achieve gifts for the child.”

“Gifts?” [Cussen asks.] “What do you mean… gifts?”

[The Virus’ eyebrows raise.] “Just like the bible, we are but wise men. When my child is born unto this earth, it will destroy it. If we wish to remain upon the festering soil and rebirth this world, we must please it with gifts of gold.”

[He walks around the bed to Stephanie, placing his hand on her stomach. The belly is full of black veins and kicks out at him, disrupting the skin.] [Jensen can’t stomach it any longer. He turns around and exits the room, closing the door behind him. With his eyes focused, and somewhat sad, he appears to come to a conclusion.] [What does he have in mind?]


[It’s a fatal-4-way as The Robot is squaring off against The Norse Warrior, The Politician, and The Death Knight!] [The bell sounds as Viktor North charges Guidance into the corner! Jackson Grant Fitzgerald and Voodoo begin trading blows in the center of the ring. North begins laying into the robot with various rights and lefts before taking a break to look at his fists. Guidance just watches him. North goes for another right, but Guidance counters it with a quick palm strike before grabbing North by the head and switching positions. Meanwhile, Jackson Grant Fitzgerald is throwing vicious elbow strikes to the head of Voodoo before grabbing him by his headdress and grabbing him into a headlock.] [Voodoo begins to fade in the center of the ring while Guidance is drilling the chest and abdomen of North with palm strikes. North manages to connect with a right hand that staggers the robot long enough for him to slip out of the corner. Voodoo begins getting life again as he drills elbows into the ribs and midsection. He breaks the hold just as North comes towards the middle and drills JGF with a running knee strike! Voodoo staggers for a moment before drilling North with a clothesline! 6TH SENSE CLOTHESLINE! Guidance comes to the center of the ring to see all three men down. Guidance drags them into a pile and climbs on top of them in a meditation tree pose. NAMASTE.EXE!] [The group begin to move as Guidance tries to keep them all at bay to no avail. North slides out and gets to his feet as does Jackson Grant Fitzgerald. Guidance finds himself still on Voodoo, but… GUNGNIR! Using all of his body weight, he takes out Guidance with this lunging spear! JGF lifts up Voodoo and hits a large uppercut into the gut! Voodoo’s hand wraps around the face of JGF in an Iron Claw! VOODOO CHAINS! JGF is trying to fight out and manages to do so with a low blow! Voodoo begins to fall as Viktor North takes out JGF with a running lariat! With both men down, Viktor North lifts up Voodoo for… THE FALL OF UTGARD! Viktor North goes to hook his legs, but… WHACK! RESTORATION.EXE! The karate chop knocks out North! Guidance looks down at his victim before turning into… OATH OF OFFICE! The Rock Bottom is connected as Jackson Grant Fitzgerald rolls on top of him! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Jackson Grant Fitzgerald gets a big win here tonight over some very game competition!]


[A pulsating rhythm fills the soundscape around us in the second before any imagery appears. It’s the sound of a beating heart.] [Yet still the sound of death.] [Crimson blood seeps out of the pores in the rock walls in this subterranean hole that has been discovered and converted into the personal enclave of Lux Bellator. A river of blood flowing beneath a carefully constructed altar. All of it created for one purpose.] [The annihilation of those living on this planet.] [Lux Bellator himself kneels before this altar. Speaking in Latin, he slowly recites a prayer to the Lord he serves, an almost musical quality to the timbre of his voice. With every word, he seems to drive the pulsing melting taking place on the book that is the centerpiece of this altar.] [The ancient tome had seven seals on it, preventing it from being opened. Three of them have been opened as of now, and the fourth has begun to melt and pour into a bowl below the altar. Those bowls have devastating consequences once they are poured out.] [Ask Desmond Cross. His statuesque form now stands guard to the side of the altar, unable to move so much as an eyelid. Yet even without movement available to him, the tone of the room somehow changes as Lux Bellator finishes his prayer.]

“How did you find this place?” [Lux Bellator speaks in English out into the open space of his sanctuary.]

“Pious fools leave a certain stench behind.” [A voice returns, its form now behind Bellator.] [The Scarecrow. The new OSW World Champion.] [Bellator stands to his feet, and turns to face the Hayman.]

“People like you lack fear.” [Scarecrow continues.] “Their belief turns them into fearless warriors. Like you.”

[The taunt is only answered with a smile, as Bellator looks the intruder up and down.]

“Long have I observed you.” [He finally says.] “You are not of God, not a demonic presence. Whatever you are…”

“Do not speak of things, you do not understand, light warrior.” [Scarecrow interrupts.] “Your mission is to destroy the broken world. It would not behoove you to seek understanding that is not of that world.”

[A silence fills the room, the beating heart continuing to pound.]

“That is not why you have come.” [Bellator says into the silence.] [Scarecrow only laughs at that.]

“No. I come to ask you what you know of death?” [The Hayman responds.] “Why would you choose to call yourself death when you stand before one who deals in death as many deal in eating and sleeping?”

[Lux does not hesitate.]

“The Lord wills it.”

[Scarecrow nods, his suspicions confirmed.]

“I thought as much. That’s why I came here. To find out if you were just another zealot or if you had a true purpose. It turns out it’s the former. You’re just an…”

[This time Lux Bellator cuts off the World Champ.]

“You know nothing of me, you are nothing more than an accursed and foul thing! You deal a violent death and send your victims to a world of captivity. The death the Lord brings is a peaceful one. One is as He intended, the other is an abomination.”

“Are you sure about that?” [Scarecrow responds.] “Because I recall a certain Priest that visited my domain once. He wasn’t there long, it was almost as if he was pulle…”

“You lie.” [Lux Bellator responds.]

“Ask him.” [Scarecrow taunts.] “You brought him back, after all.”

[The two stand facing one another before the sound of crows fluttering interrupts the pulsing sound.] [And Lux Bellator is all alone.]


[The flicker of a flame. ] [The camera zooms out, slowly revealing the same candle covered room we have seen so many times before. In the center, candles surrounding her, is the child. She has her knees tucked under her chest, hands over her hair as she cowers, shaking in her spot.]

“Dear child, why do you fear your mother?”

[The cold, wispy voice fills the silence, Mother has entered the scene. She skirts the outside of the candles, watching the poor girl quake in fear.]

“You should not be scared. I made sure that bad man left us alone. He was a horrible influence, trying to steal you away from your family.”

[Her voice is sickly sweet, an obvious facade thrown on as she speaks to the child.]

“She’s only scared because you’ve abused her.”

[Mother’s falsely kind expression quickly breaks as she scans the darkness, looking for the source of the noise.] [For Jacob Phoenix.] [The lone vigilante steps into the candle light, the shadows showing only half of his face.]

“Holding punishments over her head, making her think it’s all her fault. I recognize all of the signs, mother. She’s terrified of you and blames herself for it.”

[Mother snarls, watching as Phoenix walks around the outside of the candles.]

“The law won’t be able to touch you, you know that. But I’m not going to follow the law, I’m going to help her the only way I know how.”

“By leaving her to resent you?”

[Jacob’s eye twitches at Mother’s statement.]

“No. By doing what no one else is willing to do.”

[PHOENIX KICKS THE CANDLES TOWARDS MOTHER! The hot wax covers her as she recoils in pain! Phoenix grabs for the child but Mother is quick to leap onto her, pushing Phoenix away as the lights flicker around them. When the flames return, both Mother and her child are gone. Phoenix drops to his knees, shaking his head as his rescue attempt has failed once again.]


[Two men with stylized ideals will square off in this next bout as it’s Lux Bellator vs. Captain Zappa!] [The bell sounds as both men move towards the center of the ring. Lux looks confident to which Zappa just slaps his face! Lux looks irate as he turns right into back into a big boot from Zappa! He pops back up as Zappa grabs his arm and goes for an Irish Whip! But he turns it around right into a snap DDT! THE HICCUP IN THE MATRIX! Lux Bellator is seeing stars as Captain Zappa is trying to get a quick win! He hooks the legs of Bellator. One…Two…TH-NO! Last second kickout by Lux Bellator!] [Zappa pulls him to his feet, but it’s Lux who has some tricks to pull out of his bag. He hits a high kick that catches Captain Zappa right underneath the chin as he staggers backwards. Lux hits the ropes and charges forward with a spinning wheel kick! Down goes Zappa and up goes Lux as he leaps to the outside of the apron and springs off the top rope! Springboard frog splash from the top rope! Zappa is in a world of pain as Lux is now clutching at his own ribs. Lux is slow to his feet as is Zappa, but Zappa charges right into an arm drag from Bellator. He comes again for a repeat response. Zappa rushes a third time only for Lux to hit the rope and connect with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors transitioned into a DDT which he then floats over into a Fujiwara armbar! The pain is set in as Zappa is crying out! ARM OF GOD!] [Zappa is in some serious pain as he reaches out for the bottom rope. Lux tries to hold it on tightly to prevent his movement, but Zappa is able to get his foot to the rope. The referee begins his count, but Lux releases the hold on three. He goes to grab Zappa again, but a quick movement and Lux is clutching at his eyes! Zappa staggers to his feet before hitting a low dropkick to lower Lux to a knee. He hits the ropes and bounces back with a diving spinning elbow strike! DELILAH SAYS GOOD MORNING! Lux is flattened as Zappa goes for the pinfall. One… Two…THREE!] [A hard fought battle, but Captain Zappa comes out the victor here tonight!]


[The sound of metal scraping against metal is heard as a door is opened somewhere in the recesses of The Tap Room.] [The only light in this room filters in through the now-opened door to which a hooded figure stands.

[A pair of boots step into the room before stopping suddenly. The boot lifts with the sound of suction as it tries to stick to the ground below.] [Hesitation.] [Whatever was on the floor confused the hooded figure. A sound is heard seemingly emanating from a hand searching the nearby wall for a source of light. None is to be found before the figure sighs.] [The horrific sounds of feet sticking to the ground with each and every step echoes through this room as the hooded figure makes his way towards the center of the room.] [The figure stops, reaches up, and pulls on a nigh invisible chord in the center of the room.] [The room is flooded with light as the first image we see is that of the hooded figure.] [Doubt.] [As the light floods into the room, the ghastly scene comes into focus as the stickiness coating the floor was a red liquid drained from not one…two…five women who are chained to the wall.] [Their faces are a gory mess of blood. In a twisted display, the faces of the women are halfway covered with a white mask that strongly resembles Doubt’s. The other side is covered in gore as the eye balls and lids seem to be removed as well as the lips and tongue.] [Doubt staggers backwards in confusion before turning and seeing the bloody image carved into the wall in blood.] [A Question mark.]


[We cut to a shot of Ethan Bird walking backstage, his head down and frustration etched on his face. Something is clearly bugging him, as evidenced when a stagehand walks up to address him only to be swatted away into a pile of boxes for his trouble. There is no time to labour on the fate of the stagehand, however, as a wall of flames blocks Bird’s path seemingly out of nowhere.] [Standing in the flames with his arms crossed, seemingly immune to the fire that surrounds him… the Dragon, Solomon Rhodes. Bird stops, staring daggers at Rhodes but it is the Dragon that speaks from within the flames.]

“You got what was coming to you, Ethan Bird.”

[He steps forward, out of the flames and towards Bird.]

“We had the opportunity to secure a wish each, work together and you tossed that chance into the flames. But they blew up in your face and you got burned, didn’t you. I thought you said you had my back.”

[Bird stands his ground, not offering so much an explanation as defiance.]

“Ethan Bird gazes upon this world and see’s it differently. What Ethan Bird wants will be Ethan Bird’s…” [His eyes draw to the ‘Grand Wish’ token that now hangs around Rhode’s neck like a medal.] “One way or another.”

[Rhodes smiles at the comment, as if he had been expecting it. He shakes his head and steps forward towards Bird once more.]

“You had your chance at your wish, Ethan. And, like our chances of Firebirds working together again, they were crushed by your own hands. You only have yourself to blame for your performance.”

[Solomon steps back, towards the wall of flames that still burn at his back.]

“I could be bitter about you stabbing me in the back. But at the end of the day, I accomplished what I set out to achieve in the very first place. I put down the Family and I hold the Grand Wish. I don’t have the time to waste on a fool who had the opportunity of a lifetime within his grasp but tossed it into the flames.”

[With that, Solomon Rhodes steps back into the flames and folds his arms. As the fire engulfs him, he holds out the ‘Grand Wish’ token as a reminder to his former teammate as to what he lost. Then, the fire consumes him. when the flames die down soon after, the Dragon is gone and Ethan Bird is left alone to stew.]


[The Family have been having ‘issues’ to say the least over the last month and now they have a big test in front of them in the Double Feature Champion and his #1 contender. Can the Family get it together or will another big loss drive a further wedge in between them?] [The bell sounds as Sharkman and Jensen start out for their teams. Shark starts out peppering Jensen with a series of hard rights and lefts, a bad move against the dangerous brawler who responds with a jaw breaking lifting knee before double underhooking the Shark and drilling him with a pair of European Uppercuts that nearly knock the Shark out. A stiff rolling elbow puts the Shark on his ass before Jensen rolls backwards and lashing out with a hard soccer kick to the jaw. Jensen pulls the Shark up, lifting him up in a Suplex but the Shark slips out, backing up to the ropes as he tags Gable in] [Gable rushes in, trying for a double leg takedown but Jensen blocks it, drilling Gable with a knee to the skull before trying for the Guilt Trip again. Gable slips out himself, grabbing Jensen from behind, SNAP GERMAN! Jensen staggers to his feet as DTR blind tags in. Jensen’s pissed but just shakes his head as he gets onto the apron, DTR smiling wide before turning, GOLD RUSH! DTR gets planted to the mat but DTR kicks him off as he tries to mat grapple with him. Gable gets a stiff headbutt before he’s lifted up into the air, BNBE!] [DTR stalks Gable as he slowly gets up, kicking him in the gut, REASONABLE…BELLY TO BELLY! Gable counters out of nowhere as he stumbles over, tagging in the Sharkman! The Sharkman pounds on DTR with a series of hard rights and lefts, a big uppercut sending DTR to one knee, SUSHI KICK! The Sharkman signals for the end, but he’s suddenly turned around, HAIR TRIGGER! Jensen tries to finish it, rushing forward, BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Jensen tosses DTR onto Sharkman as he clotheslines Gable over the top rope. The referee counting, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Family pick up a big victory here tonight over a game Sharkman and Gable, could this be the beginning of a repair in the rift of the Family or will this be simply too little too late?]


[After that difficult match, DTR and Jensen Cussen make their way backstage. The Sharkman goes to follow suit, but Cael Gable grabs his shoulder. Sharkman turns around, and Cael calls for a microphone.]

“Hold on just a minute there, Sharkman! In case you’ve forgotten, I won the right to challenge for the Double Feature title a few weeks ago, and I’ve come to lay down that challenge, right now!”

[The Sharkman tilts his head just a little, questioningly.]

“Would you be so hasty as to challenge The Sharkman now? While my blood is still running hot, and you are weakened by our battle with the Family? I think that not very wise…]”

[Gable seems to consider it for just a moment, then looks back at the Sharkman. He gains a glint in his eye and raises his microphone once more.]

“You know what, you’re right! I think that it would be in my best interest to face you while I’m fresh, and you are… whatever you are! So… how about this, in three weeks time, at Invasion, I meet you right here in the middle of this ring and take my Double Feature Championship!”

[He puts out a hand, wanting to make the deal. Sharkman considers it for a moment, and shakes. Gable grins from ear to ear, and goes to pull his hand away, but the Sharkman clamps down, holding tight to his hand. He raises his own mic.]

“Oh, but the Sharkman has his own request. You seem so eager for me to lay my gold on the line, how about yourself? If you win, then you take this gold.” [He holds the Double Feature Title high in the air.] “But if the Sharkman wins… I get this gold.”

[He taps on the gold medal dangling from Gable’s neck. Gable looks flabbergasted, and shakes his head, yelling no!]

“Then we don’t have a deal.” [The Sharkman exclaims.] [He goes to step through the ropes, but Gable grabs him once more.]

“You’ve got a deal!”

[Sharkman reaches out, and we can only imagine the smile behind his mask as he heartily shakes hands with Gable. Sharkman slips out leaving Gable alone in the ring. He looks down at his gold medal. He shakes his head once more, and lifts the medal. He kisses the gold, and then slips out of the ring himself.]


[Click.] [Agony. The sounds of pain and toil torment the tearful eyes of Paige Van Chan. They’re bloodshot, and her make up is strewn across her beautiful cheeks. She’s no longer silenced.]

“What have you given him? What have you done?”

[The chair next to her is no longer occupied.] [And the screams of pain? They belong to Bruce Van Chan.] [Her husband writhes on the floor at her feet, tossing and turning with every painful spike. Finally, he stops. There’s nothing. No movement, no cries, no pain – just silence.] [Then abruptly, without warning, he rises painlessly to his feet.]

“B-Bruce?” [She stammers.] “Baby?”

[Van Chan whips his head around to face her – only it isn’t Bruce, not anymore. His eyes are white, pure white and his face has contorted into a sadistic smile unlike anything she’s ever seen. His skin has paled, like the man she once knew had died.]

“Bruce Van Chan has left the building. He’s unavailable at the moment.”

[The man from before enters, standing alongside him. He tosses him a change of clothes.]

“The clothes maketh the man, Bruce.”

[Bruce chuckles.]

“My name is Dr. Sleep,” [He snaps back.] “And until Edward Newton rests, that is who I will remain,” [He says, bending down to pick up the bomb once placed underneath his vehicle.] “Now, let’s see how he likes a goodnight kiss.”

[He’s about to exit when Paige interrupts.]

“Bruce, please, wait,” [she begs.] “What about our kids, what about our family?”

[Dr. Sleep stops. He turns around and drops to a knee before her.]

“He’s in here, you know,” [The Doctor comments with a wry smile.] “Banging at the walls inside his mind, begging me to let him regain control. He regrets it. He truly does. Touching that tablet, that ancient rune, it has morphed him into the polar opposite of Bruce Van Chan; me.”

[Paige’s jaw drops.]

“And I don’t care about your family,” [he admits.] “I don’t care about Paige Van Chan. I care about vengeance. I care about revenge. Bruce did this to protect you, to save you and himself but there’s always been a part of him, pushed deep down beyond the goodie-two-shoes that has always wanted this.”

[He stands up, walking towards the door. With another smile, he turns to face Paige.]

“Don’t worry, by the time I’m finished with Edward Newton and Injustice, they’ll sleep tight. You’ll sleep tight.”

“What about my husband?” [She yells after him.] “What about Bruce Van Chan!?”

[Dr. Sleep laughs.]


[What has Bruce Van Chan done? What on earth has he unleashed?] [Cut.]


[Knock Knock are one of the most dominating tag teams in OSW history but the destructive Injustice may be able to match them in true terror alone. Will Knock Knock make their mark or will Injustice be the newest faces of fear?] [The bell sounds as Doubt and Hysteria start. Hysteria getting the advantage early on with a series of hard slaps, which seem to only annoy Doubt. Hysteria ducks under a clothesline before kicking Doubt low and slamming him to the mat with a Snap Suplex. Hysteria pulls Doubt up, trying for an early Apathy but Doubt slips out, grabbing Hysteria by the back of the head before snapping him down over his knee with a backbreaker. Hysteria barely hits the mat before Doubt leaps up, STANDING CAUSE OF DOUBT! Doubt covers, ONE…TWO…Hysteria gets the shoulder up!] [Doubt stalks Hysteria as he gets up, trying for the End of Wisdom but Hysteria rolls away, tagging in No-Face. Doubt pauses for a moment, taking in No-Face who rushes in, drilling Doubt with a stiff clothesline. Doubt stumbles up into a series of wild rights and lefts before he’s grabbed by the throat. Doubt struggles under the wild strength, trying to fight off the Chokebomb, CHELSEA GRIN TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! It looks like it just pisses No-Face off but allows Doubt to hit No-Face low as Smiley hits him with a modified Hideous Laughter before the Emotion leaps up with another Cause of Doubt, SLEEP PARALYSIS!] [Knock Knock call for the end, stalking No-Face but Hysteria rushes in, drilling Doubt with a hard Yakuza Kick. Smiley tries for another Chelsea Grin but No-Face catches the kick, lifting Smiley up high, BROKEN to the outside! No-Face goes outside, rolling out to beat on Smiley some more as Hysteria lifts Smiley up, looking for the end but Doubt leaps up with a knee to the gut, EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! Doubt covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Knock Knock pick up a huge victory here tonight but they had to fight for it as No-Face proved to be an almost unstoppable foe, and if he can focus more, may make Injustice as unstoppable as he looked tonight]


[The match over, the competitors seem poised to leave the Tap Room.] [But Smiley, as always, is ready to buck the trend.]

“Hysteria!” [He tauntingly yells, surprising Hysteria who, along with No Face, had been ready to leave ringside.] “Done so soon?”

[The Mad Mastermind seems to smile, even if we cannot see his face. Smiley only grins at that reaction.]

“I took your title, didn’t I?” [He says, tauntingly wielding the gold.] “But the debt is not yet paid. You destroyed the Blackwater. You tried to burn me alive. What happened to brotherhood, old friend?”

[Hysteria begins to advance towards Smiley, who has hopped the railing into the crowd. He is in no mood for Smiley’s games.]

“Do you think it’s that easy? Come take the title and then taunt me like some pathetic lifeform? Do you know who I am, Lee?”

[Smiley twitches at that comment, but continues to retreat from Hysteria.]

“Oh, I do know who you are. I know who you used to be. I know who you are now. And I know all in between. Your life is a sad story by some standards, but by mine, you might as well have been a movie star.”

“You know nothing of my life, Lee.” [Hysteria says again.]

“That’s what you believe.” [Smiley retorts.] “But the good Doctor left behind some very interesting paperwork. That’s why you wanted to burn the Blackwater, wasn’t it?”

[Hysteria reaches the railing and stares at the retreating Smiley.]

“But you didn’t counter in that I would have gotten my hands on it first. Wait until the world hears about everything you don’t want them to know!”

[Leaving No Face behind, Hysteria hops the rail to go after Smiley. The Deranged One retreats to the backstage area through a side door with Hysteria hot on his tail.]


[Dr. Sleep is here! Can Ethan Bird take on whatever this monster is bringing to the ring?] [Bird is stoic, watching Dr. Sleep intently as the bell rings. He goes for the lock up BUT SLEEP STARTS US OFF WITH A MASSIVE LARIAT! Bird is quick to his feet but Sleep unleashes another neck-breaking lariat! Bird rises just in time to receive a DEVASTATING SPRINGBOARD SAVATE KICK! Dr. Sleep is looking unstoppable as he peels Ethan from the mat and whips him to the corner! He leaps! HURRICAN- POWERBOMB BY BIRD! Ethan sends Sleep crashing to the mat! But Sleep gets right back to his feet! Bird is in disbelief as Sleep charges him once more!] [Sleep goes for a running dropkick but Bird knocks him to the side! Sleep stands up only to receive a flurry of heavy haymakers from Ethan! He refuses to go down! Bird blocks a wild roundhouse by Sleep! Kick to the gut by Bird! PILEDRIVER! SLEEPS’ HEAD COLLIDES WITH THE MAT! Bird goes for the pin on the downed Sleep! One! Two- BARELY A TWO COUNT! Bird rolls off of Sleep, unsure of just how to take down this monstrous opponent! Sleep sits up, angrily getting to his feet and rushing Bird again, hitting a MASSIVE LEAPING KNEE TO THE CHIN OF ETHAN!] [Bird is dazed, stumbling backward into the ropes! Sleep hits the far ropes and comes back WITH A CACTUS CLOTHESLINE THAT PUTS BOTH MEN OUTSIDE THE RING! Sleep is up first but Bird is fast behind him! They trade blows outside the ring! THUMB TO THE EYE BY BIRD! Sleep is stunned for a moment, which gives Bird enough time to hit an ELBOW RIGHT TO THE JAW OF SLEEP! He goes for another BUT SLEEP DUCKS IT! He hits a roundhouse that stuns Bird before rolling him into the ring! Dr. Sleep runs to the turnbuckle! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! One! Two! Three!] [Dr. Sleep stands tall here tonight, scoring a massive victory over Ethan Bird!]


[Sliding around a wall of concrete, Smiley continues to descend further and further into the bowels of the Tap Room. With each erratic juke and jive, Hysteria remains right behind him. Yet he’s never able to grasp any bit of the elusive deranged runner.]

“Come on, Hysteria!” [Smiley taunts, rounding a corner.] “Don’t you have it in you anymore!?”

[Finally, Smiley rounds one last corner to find a darkened room. A small light appears to shine, showing a dead end. Smiley’s face seems to twist for a moment in dread, but he’s quickly interrupted by Hysteria knocking him across the room. Smiley comically flops across the length of the room to practically stick to the wall. Hysteria smiles in the door way before advancing.]

“You know nothing of the injustice I suffered, Lee.” [Hysteria begins.] “You were a lost cause from the very beginning. You were just another victim of a world that creates men like you every other day. I was different!”

[Yelling those last words, Hysteria walks towards Smiley, but comes to a quick stop.]

“Different?” [Smiley asks.] “Is this an example of your mind at work? Do you truly believe that? No matter what circumstances, we were born in, we’re the same.”

[Hysteria seems to be shrinking as he looks down.]

“What have you done?”

[Smiley grins.]

“A little crude, maybe even a little cartoonish, but I dug out the floor.” [He stands to his full height as Hysteria seems to shrink even further.] “Filled it with quicksand.”

[With little time wasted, Smiley watches as Hysteria finds himself up to his neck in the quicksand.]

“Oh don’t worry, you won’t go any further than that.” [Smiley laughs.] “I don’t want to kill you, after all. Not yet, anyway. Before you die, Hysteria, I want you to relive the life you believe you had. While I show you what really happened.”

[Smiley carefully walks around Hysteria before reaching the doorway. He flicks a switch to turn on a light.]

“Better hope your friends followed us, old friend.” [Smiley says before exiting.] [Hysteria tries to adjust his eyes to the light, and as he does so, he screams in rage.] [The walls have been papered with newspaper clippings. With polaroids. With notebook papers with vague writing on them.] [All of the Harrison family.] [Hysteria’s scream to the heavens echoes through the halls of the tap room like a ghost in a haunted house. And somewhere underneath that, one can hear the cackling of Smiley himself.]


[The atmosphere is heavy backstage, where Calypso is speaking to her followers with the usual fervor.]

“I have seen a future where machines run the world, believers. I’m sure you’ve seen glimpses of it, too…machines that spy on us, machines designed to deceive us and pull the wool over our eyes. These machines are so advanced that they have begun to act human, trying to blend in!”

[This gets the Calypsoites murmuring as an odd-looking figure walks into the room, drawing a collective gasp from the followers of the Messiah with a single word…]


[Calypso, clearly disgusted, points at the metallic figure as she shouts.]

“And here’s one of them now! What gives you the right to stand before the Messiah, you hunk of metal trash!?”

[The followers begin jeering the invader among their ranks, but it raises a hand to quiet them before speaking.]

“Please, I mean you no harm. My name is Guidance, and I am here to bring peace.”

[This gets a cackle from Calypso.]

“We don’t need your peace, machine. We know the dangers of allowing your kind to dwell in our presence.”

“Please, I only wish to—“


[With a wave of her hand, Calypso sends two of her followers to charge at Guidance, who dodges them with ease. More of her followers start to overtake Guidance, but with a surge of electricity they fall down before it. Guidance looks at its hands, eyes wide in surprise as it looks at Calypso.]

“My apologies, I didn’t mean to do that!”

[Guidance runs off before the followers can reach it, leaving us with an angry Calypso who looks on.]

“This is exactly the future I was afraid of.”



[Tonight, we have two former champions going against each other in a match of pride! After Bad Moon Rising, will Jacob Phoenix or Tommy Hawk get momentum back? Who will soar? Tonight, we find out!] [DING! DING! Phoenix and Hawk tie up! Both men are trying to get the advantage but neither man get any leverage, they push each other off! Hawn runs towards Phoenix, ARM DRAG by Phoenix and another one! A third one! What a series! Phoenix holds on to the arm after the last one! Tommy Hawk kicks Phoenix in the face hard to get out of it! Phoenix is stunned! CLOTHESLINE by Hawk! Phoenix gets back up to be met with another one! Phoenix gets up again to be knocked right back down! A massive one keeps him down this time!] [Hawk gets on top of Phoenix and is raining down hard punches on him! Phoenix catches the arm and turns into a TRIANGLE CHOKE! Hawk is struggling looking like he is about to tap out but he bridges over Phoenix for a jackknife cover! Hawk holds him down for the pin… One…Two…kick out by Phoenix! Both men get up! Hawk tries for another clothesline but Phoenix ducks the attempt, jumps to the middle rope, bounces off and SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! Phoenix jumps over the ropes to get on the apron, waits for Hawk to get up, Hawk gets up, Phoenix jumps SPRINGBOARD FOREARM!] [Phoenix goes for the cover! One…Two…Thr…No! Phoenix stomps on Hawk out of frustration! He can’t believe that didn’t work! He goes to pick up Hawk but Hawk punches him in the stomach! Jacob staggers backward! BICYCLE KICK by Hawk! Phoenix drops down hard! Tommy prepares for The Scalp calling for Jacob’s head! He charges after him going for the palm strike! Phoenix ducks down and goes behind Hawk! He locks Hawk under his arm setting up For Her! Hawk grabs Phoenix’s neck and flips him over to get out of the hold! Phoenix rolls up and SCALP out of Nowhere! What a strike by Hawk! He covers Phoenix! One…Two…Three!]

{It’s all over as Hawk proves why he was the world champ! What a great win over a very game Phoenix!]


[The match is over as Doubt walks backstage, trying to keep the images from its mind.] [Yet it’s to no avail.] [The old locker room that was sometimes used by Asylum members had been covered in blood. Doubt walked back up to that door. It stops for a moment as if considering its action before shaking its head and beginning to walk away.] [That’s when it heard it.] [From inside the room, a muffled voice is heard.] [Doubt turns directly around and stares at the handle of the door slowly before forcing it open and slowly making its way towards the center of the room. It yanks on the chain as light once again floods into the room.] [Nothing had changed with the exception of a girl who is pinned against the wall is murmuring loudly as if just coming to consciousness.]

“Mmm… elllppp meeee…”

[Doubt looks at the woman covered in blood before slowly approaching and removing the white mask wrapped around her head. As it does, it steps back in horror. Only one side of the face has been dismantled. The other eye frantically fights against the pain of the light of the room before fixating on Doubt.]

“Ouuu… ellpppp meeeee! Elllpppp meeeee!”

[The garble is barely understandable as pools of blood flow from her mouth with the absence of her tongue.] [Doubt reaches up to remove her chains, but she screeches out.]


[Doubt stops in its tracks shaking its head. He takes a step back as tears begin to form at the corners of her one functioning eye.]


[A sigh. Doubt reaches to the edges of his mask as it removes it. Darkness is shown as two piercing red eyes glare at the girl in front of it. Her eye opens wide in horror. Tendrils slink out of his face and latch onto the poor girl’s face as she cries out in pain. Only for a moment.] [Before silence.] [The tendrils retract as her form grows limp, seemingly withered as black vein-like lines trace down her body.] [Doubt replaces the mask upon its ‘head’ before turning and leaving the room once more.] [A moment passes after his departure before a locker slowly opens.] [A man exits with an expressionless face and blood soaking his suit.] [No Face, you could say. He says not a single word as the only sound in this room is the sound of his breath.] [Slow, menacing breath.]


[Blinding white light. A white, non-descript room – sterile and almost medical in its appearance. Walls, floor and ceiling all identical in their glossy white finish. In the center of the room, Captain Zappa sits in a white chair, futuristic looking screens in front of him across one of the walls, the only item in the small room itself. No windows, no door, just Zappa and the wall of screens.]

“Chosen One.” [A breathy voice is heard that is unlike Zappa’s, though there is nobody else in the room.] “You are safe… For now.”

[Captain Zappa smiles, knowing the voice well. There is a sense of familiarity in his eyes upon hearing the voice.]

“Thank you.” [Zappa’s simple reply comes.] “Had you not intervened, I have no telling what she may have done to me.”

[The voice continues, still breathy but picking up in urgency somewhat.]

“We find ourselves on the brink of an intergalactic war of which you are the epicenter. Earth is one of those rare planets, capable of conditions that sustain life in abundance of forms. Until now, our mission has been uninterrupted. But the presence of other extra-terrestrial species confirms what we have feared. We are not alone in our quest.”

[The screens in front of Zappa flash into life without warning. He watches as the voice dictates the scene before him. Lyra Starchild sits at a table, an array of strange weaponry and gadgets before her that she is periodically checking over.]

“Lyra Starchild has deemed you her ‘Chosen One’ also, though for different reasons. She seeks to sever the ties between the Zeta and Earth, a tie that lives and dies with you alone. We cannot let that happen.”

[Zappa watches the screens in front of him as Starchild rises from her seat. She picks up an unknown gadget and expertly presses a flurry of places around the flat panel on the top of the gadget and a holographic image projects itself from the panel. Its message is not new to Lyra, one she knows all too well…]

“Transmission begin… Starship HOPE has intercepted a transmission from the Zeta en route to Earth. While little is known of their plans, it is clear that the Chosen One is neccessary to execute these plans. Sever the connection, at all costs. Transmission end.”

[Lyra places the gadget into a holster at her hip, then loads up the tablesworth of other weaponry and gadgetry. She turns on her heel, scanning the area before beginning to leave.]

“This time, I will not take any chances… Chosen One.”

[The screens showing Lyra fall black in front of Zappa, just as a blinding white light fills the screen once more. When the light fades, we find Zappa still sitting but in a dank and forgotten concrete room somewhere in the underbelly of the Tap Room. A plume of smoke above his head that comes from the joint in his mouth.] [Only a hallucination… Or was it?]


[Tonight things are heating up between “The Prophet” Calypso and “The Storm” Solomon Rhodes, in an Inferno Match. Will either contender leave un-scorched?] [The two stand facing each other in humorless concentration as the flames surround them. A strong lock up between the two, with a swift gut kick from Calypso to Solomon Rhodes. “The Storm” moves back from the force, and quickly retaliates with a pop up into a Frankensteiner. This takes Calypso on to her back with a thud. As Rhodes goes to pull her up, Eye Rake from Calypso. Rhodes backs away holding his eyes. Calypso follows up with a running knee lift. Propelled towards the ropes, Rhodes stops himself from being licked by the fire. He comes back with a running lariat.] [With the little breath left by the oxygen eating fire, knocked out of her by the lariat, Calypso picks her self up right into a Abdominal Stretch from Rhodes. She fights out with Testicular Claw, and turns towards Rhodes with her right hook. Calypso seems to be on a roll with jabs and hooks, hooks and jabs at her opponent. Sweat from the fighting, and flames splashes off them. Suddenly Solomon Rhodes sieges an opening and completes a JUMPING ENZIGURI , which slows down his feisty opponent. He gets a lot of air with a jump into a Flying Leg Drop! ] [TONGAN DEATH GRIP, onto Rhodes’ fallen opponent, Calypso. Calypso fights back with an uppercut from the mat. She creates space between her and Rhodes to catch her breath, but Solomon Rhodes is hot on her heels! Calypso has no choice, but to apply an illegal choke! She squeezes his neck! Solomon Rhodes stays in the game by working his right arm through the small space between Calypso’s clutch. He breaks away, and dashes behind her. Rhodes with a Bridging German Suplex from behind! A second! A third Bridging German Suplex which lands Calypso into the flames!] [With a relentless air, Solomon Rhodes has won this high temperature match with high impact!]


[Beneath the stars, Tommy sits cross-legged.] [A fire burns before him, the cinders burning brush up towards a cloudy night. Just as with the heavens, Tommy finds no clarity in what is laid before him.]

“Why has death come in two forms?” [He speaks aloud into the flames. The words seem to die themselves upon the burnt brush.]

“You speak of Tahehix, but I only see death.”

[The guidance given a month ago to the Spirit Walker still endures in his head. As he watches, the fires seem to bend, showing Hawk the figures of Scarecrow and Lux Bellator. This is a vision of their conversation earlier, although no sounds can be heard.] [Suddenly, a new voice breaks Hawk from his contemplation.]

“Death will cover the eyes of living if the living do not remain vigilant.”

[Hawk rises to his feet in one smooth motion, ready for combat. But the man standing before him has his hands held out in peace.]

“Who are you?” [Hawk asks, warily.]

“My name is Pedro El Salvador.” [The now-familiar former priest responds.]

“You are the father of Lux Bellator.”

[Pedro nods in response.]

“Why are you here?”

[To that, El Salvador only allows a grimly pursed smile.]

“I am here to help you, Tommy Hawk.” [He begins.] “I am here because I have been searching for he who will rise to stop my son from doing what he has come to do.”

[Hawk turns and looks back into the fire.]

“That man is not me.”

[Pedro moves to stand beside him, peering into the same fire.]

“Perhaps. Perhaps not. All one can do is the best they are able to with what they have.” [El Salvador points to the flame.] “What do you see?”

“Death.” [Hawk responds.] “The Scarecrow and your son. They both reek of death. Almost as if they are two…”

[Hawk pauses for a moment, realization crossing his face. El Salvador waits for a response.]

“They spoke and I did not hear. Ta’xet and Tia. One a spirit of violent death. The other a spirit of peaceful death. I was so focused on the Scarecrow that I did not see the light above. The bad moon rose, and I could not see it.”

[El Salvador seems confused for a moment, but nods along anyway. Hawk clenches his fist as he has come to a realization.]

“Thank you, Pedro El Salvador.” [Hawk begins.] “You have allowed me to look where I could not have before.”

[The Spirit Walker turns to the former priest.]

“Now tell me of your son. That is why you came, is it not?”

[El Salvador only smiles before beginning to speak.] [But that is not a conversation for us to hear. We have heard what we needed to know.] [Death comes, but Tommy Hawk will be there to meet it.]


[The VHS Championship is on the line here tonight in triple threat action as it’s Mother vs. Makena Jakande vs. Lyra Starchild!] [The bell sounds as these three ladies begin circling slowly. Mother lunges out as the other two get defensive momentarily. A smirk spreads across her lips before Makena and Lyra look at each other and nod. They rush forward as Makena stomps on the toe of Mother just as Lyra sweeps her legs out from underneath her with a sweeping kick. Mother hits the mat on her back just as Jakande leaps on top of her and begins driving into her face with vicious rights and lefts! Lyra hits the rope and leaps for a spinning heel kick! The short-lived alliance is over as Makena is sent across the ring from the impact.] [Lyra turns just in time to see Mother getting to her feet. A big roundhouse from Mother which staggers Lyra. She takes a step back right into Makena who leaps up for an enzuigiri! Starchild hits the mat like a ton of bricks as Mother connects with a clothesline to Makena. Mother stalks to the other side of the ring before falling down into a crab walk. She makes her way across the ring just as Makena gets to her feet… CRAB KICK! She quickly transitions and wraps up the arm, leg, and neck of Makena into… MOTHER’S EMBRACE! Makena is locked into the hold as Mother is wrenching her apart!] [Lyra sees this and springs up to the top rope before flipping for a moonsault! She crashes down upon both women as the hold is broken and everyone is down. It’s Lyra who gets to her feet first followed shortly by Mother. Lyra charges towards the corner and steps up the ropes before jumping to the top rope and springing off for a double foot blast to the chest of Mother! FALLING STAR! Mother is sent across the ring and underneath the rope. Lyra turns around and stares into the eyes of The Lioness! LOU THESZ PRESS! Makena wraps up the arm of Lyra and moves towards the ropes for… OLD SCHOOL! She wraps up the head of Lyra and begins to squeeeeze! THE LION’S JAW! The hold is on tight and Lyra has no choice but to tap out!] [NEW Champion crowned tonight as Makena Jakande now has the strap across her shoulder. A brand new VHS Champion as Mother is just now getting to her feet on the outside with a scowl.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [In the snowy unmarked graves of Russia, Sergei Sokolov follows a map described only in the depths of his mind. He weaves in and out of the nameless headstones, finally arriving at the one he recognises.] [The one that belonged to General Dzagoev. Or so he thought.]

“I don’t understand,” [Sergei says, kneeling.] “For long time, Sergei thought you were buried here, in grave with no name, in place no one knew.”

[He pauses, lowering his head. There’s a deep sense of shame with him. It’s running through his core like blood being pumped around his body. Suddenly, a cough startles him.]

“You are too easy to sneak up on, Sergei,” [The voice of a recognized figure causes Sergei to stand and pay attention. It’s the General.] “I taught you better than that, no?”

[Sokolov doesn’t respond.]

“I know you have questions. I faked my death for my country. I did it for the Motherland. I’ve been working for Government, seeking out traitors. It hard work, and when your file crossed my desk, I could not believe my eyes.”

“I didn’t know, General,” [Sokolov protests.] “I believed it was mission from Motherland.”

“It’s too late now,” [Dzagoev says sternly.] “My hound has come for your life. Piotor served under me in my regiment. He was spook known only to Dzagoev. We called him ‘Silent Killer’. If your eyes met his, you would not live to tell tale.”

[Sergei frowns.] “Then why am I still here?”

[The General walks over to him, placing a gloved hand on his shoulder.]

“I kept the hound at bay, but it will not last,” [he admits.] “You must come with me if you want to live.”

[The Russian Bear’s eyes widen, realizing that the General is stepping out on a limb for him. He nods.]

“You have one week to get your affairs in order, and then we go.”

[Both men look at each other. The General pulls his head close, their foreheads touching.]

“One week, Sergei.”


[The Riddler and The King square off here tonight, Champion versus Champion. Can Royal defeat the undefeated Newton, or will the All-Star Champion come out on top once again?] [The bell sounds and Newton runs at Royal, colliding into a Clothesline that even he didn’t see coming. He bounces back to his feet, Royal backing him into the corner. Right hands fly before The King whips him across the ring. Edward though, ever the thinker, slides to the outside with a Baseball Slide, holding his neck in recovery. Royal sits on the middle ropes, cockily offering him a chance to re-enter the ring. Newton smiles, oddly accepting.]

“Bow before your King, and all transgressions will be forgiven!” [The King says, standing up with pride. The Riddler thinks about it for a moment, before reluctantly dropping to his knees – Low Blow! OOF! The referee tries to warn him but Newton pounces with a Jawbreaker, dropping his opponent to the canvas with a thud. He covers… One… Two… Kick Out! He pops back up to his feet, dragging Royal with him. Short-Arm Clothesline! The Riddler runs to the ropes, diving down with another Baseball Slide, connecting brutally with the Tag Team Champion.] [They both once again get back to their feet, Royal ducking a right hand and sneaking in behind… BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! HE GOT IT AND HE HOLDS ON…. A SECOND BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX… AND A THIRD… ONE MORE AND IT’S THE ROYAL FLUSH! NO! NEWTON SLIPS OUT BEHIND! ROLL UP! ONE… TWO… KICK OUT! NOOOOO! Both men spring away from the cover and get back to their feet. Royal turns around… THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! NO! NEWTON PULLS AWAY, SPINS HIM… KICK TO THE GUT.. NEVERMIND! THE ALL-STAR CHAMPION NAILS IT! He covers… One…. Two… Three! Edward Newton continues his phenomenal winning streak here tonight!] [The All-Star Champion gets back to his feet, holding his title with pride as the lights suddenly switch off. When they return, stood opposite him is Bruce Van Chan – only that’s not the Bruce we know.] [That’s Doctor Sleep!] [The Riddler ducks out of the ring as quickly as possible, backing away towards the entrance as The Doctor follows in hot pursuit.]


[Click.] [Edward Newton is making an extremely hurried exit.] [With Dr. Sleep in hot pursuit, Newton can’t fathom what’s happened. He runs, checking back over his shoulder, terrified that the man he once retired as Bruce Van Chan might be following him.] [And he is.] [Hysteria quickly rushes out from inside a hallway, clobbering Sleep upside the head with a big right hand. That stumbles him, but only just. He turns to his barbed wire baseball bat and swings wildly, only The Doctor leaps with a giant knee, catching him under the jaw. The impact was something else, and immediately drops Hysteria, crumbling him to his knees.] [Sleep storms onwards, Newton still watching in horror as he backs away.] [The All-Star Champion bursts through the double doors into the parking lot. He runs as fast as he can towards his car, stopping to fumble for his keys.] [He drops them.] [Newton bends down, picks them up and turns around.] [And there he is, stood at the double doors; Doctor Sleep.] [The Champion finally unlocks his vehicle and is about to step inside when Sleep falters. He shakes his head and tries to move on, but can’t. Something is stopping him. Something is refusing to let him move. He falls to his knees, struggling to maintain his balance.]

“Stop!” [Yells a voice, but it doesn’t belong to Sleep – it belongs to Bruce Van Chan! Bruce is fighting back! Newton moves closer, and further away from his vehicle, intrigued by what he’s witnessing.] “Bomb!”

[BOOM.] [A shockwave explodes, knocking Edward and Dr. Sleep off their feet as a raging fireball explodes from his vehicle. Edward Newton was about to get in his car. He was about to be blown to pieces by the very bomb he planted for Bruce Van Chan.] [And of all people, it was Bruce who stopped it.] [As the fire rages, the camera backs away to show metal fragments strewn about the parking lot. Smoke plumes into the air, and Edward Newton lays unconscious next to Doctor Sleep.] [Cut.]


[The Scarecrow and Brent Kersh.] [There’s so much history stood in the middle of this ring. The lineage of their war goes back to not only the beginning of Old School Wrestling, but decades.] [The bell sounds and these two behemoths storm to the middle of the ring and starts slugging it out. Kersh backs The Scarecrow into the corner and goes to town with fierce right hands. He backs up and rallies the crowd, turning around to an ENORMOUS BIG BOOT! He slams into the canvas and The Champion quickly covers… One… Kick Out! The Hayman pulls him back to his feet and nails him with a thunderous Uppercut. Another… Another… And finally, Brent Kersh falls through the middle rope, landing on the ring apron. The Scarecrow backs up and runs straight for him, leaning straight through the middle rope with a Shoulder Barge only to be met by The Enforcers Knee!] [The slapping sound of impact echoes throughout the Tap Room as The Scarecrow falls to a knee. Kersh drags him out onto the apron and pulls him close for a Headbutt. He wants to keep on the offensive here and begins to position him. Wait a minute! What the hell is Kersh thinking? Arm over… UP… SUPLEX ON THE FUCKING RING APRON! SUPLEX ON THE APRON! BOTH OF THEM BOUNCE OFF, HITTING THE FLOOR WITH A THUD! Kersh seems to have taken as much of that as The World Champion. He’s holding his back as the fans chant ‘Holy Shit’ in unison. This is for the biggest prize in Old School Wrestling, and these two want it. Slowly but surely they’re back to their feet.] [With a pained expression, Kersh runs towards The Scarecrow, trying to Spear him into the barricade – only the Champion grabs him, using his momentum to drive him face first instead! The fans ‘OOOH’ as The Monster lifts up his head, slapping him hard across the chest for good measure. The referee is on the outside, showing leniency in the Main Event. The Scarecrow pulls Kersh back to his feet, lifts him up and runs him BACK FIRST INTO THE RING POST! He doesn’t let go though, and turns around into a phenomenal POWER SLAM ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR! The sound of Brent Kersh’ body slamming into that floor won’t be forgotten any time soon.] [Everyone is on their feet as The Scarecrow grabs The Enforcer by the leg and drags him towards the entrance. There’s a small stage to the left and it would appear that’s where he’s headed. Brent though kicks out, kicking away at the clutching hand of The Scarecrow. He gets back to his feet, charging at the Champion until he runs him into the metal entrance doors. The Scarecrow stumbles away, pained, heading up the small steps and onto the small stage. Kersh follows, clubbing away at his back with as many shots as he can muster, bouncing his head off of the railings multiple times as well. Finally, he scoops The Scarecrow up and SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT THROUGH THE STAGE! OH MY FUCKING GOD! HE JUST TOMBSTONED THE WORLD CHAMPION THROUGH THAT REINFORCED WOODEN STAGE!!] [The referee runs in to check as the fans chant ‘Holy Shit’ in the background. Brent and The Scarecrow are both on the hard concrete floor and by God, they just tumbled through hell. Brent pulls himself out of the wreckage and rolls away, checking back with one eye on the carnage. He somehow has to get The Scarecrow to the ring if he wants to win this. On the first edition of VHS after joining brands, everything is on the line. Kersh gets up and reaches into the hole, looking for The Hayman, only he isn’t there! The camera peers inside to see that he’s gone. He’s simply vanished. Suddenly, the lights flicker.] [Flutter.] [THE SCARECROW IS IN THE RING! HE’S IN THE FUCKING RING! Brent’s eyes widen in fear but he’s equally as enraged. He runs to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and popping up to duck a Clothesline. The referee follows him down, watching as Kersh returns from the rope and gets scooped up into a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover… One… Two… Kick Out! KICK OUT! The World Champion pulls him up and cuts across his throat, signalling for the end. He puts his hand around his throat and FALLING CHOKE-NO! NOOOO! KERSH ESCAPES! HE SCOOPS UP THE WORLD CHAMPION… COULD IT BE!? SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! A SECOND SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! WE’RE GOING TO CROWN A NEW WORLD CHAMPION! KERSH DOESN’T COVER! WHAT THE FUCK? HE PULLS THE SCARECROW BACK UP, SCOOPS HIM UP ONE MORE TIME AND… REVERSAL! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! REVERSAL! THE SCARECROW DROPS… TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! TOMBSTONE TO THE ENFORCER! HE COVERS…. ONE… TWO… THREE! NO! NO! KICK OUT! BRENT KERSH KICKED OUT AT THE LAST FUCKING SECOND!] [The World Champion looks at the referee with disgust. He gets up and tilts his head before SLAPPING A HAND AROUND THE OFFICIALS THROAT! CHOKESLAM! FALLING CHOKESLAM TO THE REFEREE! BYE BYE BIRDIE! The fans ‘OOOHHH’ as the poor referee is driven straight to hell. The World Champion is furious, but turns around to see Brent Kersh standing. He’s groggy, but he’s standing. He swings for a Clothesline and BACK BODY DROP! NAILED IT! HE GRABS THE LEG OF THE CHAMPION AND FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! IT’S LOCKED IN AND IT’S IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! THE SCARECROW REACHES FOR THE ROPES… HE REACHES… BUT HE CAN’T MAKE IT! HE CAN’T MAKE IT! THE WORLD CHAMPION IS GOING TO HAVE TO TAP OUT! BUT WAIT, WHO THE FUCK IS THAT!? JENSEN CUSSEN!? WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING OUT HERE!] [Vengeance slides into the ring with a rag in his hand, slapping it across the face of The Enforcer. Kersh struggles as the fans chant ‘Bullshit!’ because that’s exactly what this is! Slowly but surely, Brent releases the hold and fades away! The Scarecrow rolls away just as Cussen escapes to the outside, watching intently. He reaches down, grabs Kersh and pulls him back to his feet…. BYE… BYE…. BIRDIE! CHOKESLAM! THE CHAMPION COVERS…. NO… NOT LIKE THIS…. THE REFEREE COMES TOO…. ONE… TWO… THREE! IT’S OVER! THE SCARECROW RETAINS HIS TITLE!] [The fans boo at the sound of the bell, realising that The Enforcer was just screwed by Jensen Cussen. What the hell does Cussen want? He reaches in and pulls Kersh out of the ring, pulling a bag from his tights and placing it over his head. The Scarecrow watches as Jensen pops Kersh on his shoulder and walks to the back.] [Static.]


[We follow to the backstage area.] [Jensen Cussen heads towards the exit, opening the door and arriving at his vehicle. He pops Brent Kersh into the back of his truck, and grabs some cable ties. He bounds his hands, feet and rolls him towards the back.] [He turns around and bumps straight into ‘The Virus’.]

“What have you got there?” [He says, trying to look around Cussen who quickly pulls a tarp over the truck.]

“Nothing, just something for Stephanie.”

[DTR smirks.] “Good. She needs all the strength she can get. Our child is taking a lot from her, Jensen.”

[He pauses, patting him on the shoulder.]

“It’s good that you’re taking care of her. We need her strong to deliver.”

[Cussen nods, watching as DTR walks away.] [He thinks about it for a moment, looks over his shoulder at the truck and grimaces. The camera pans away, watching as Jensen gets into the truck and speeds off with Brent Kersh unconscious and chloroformed in the back.] [Meanwhile, from a distance in the shadows, King Royal watches with his hands clasped together.] [Cut.]


[Knock Knock!] [The writing on the door says ‘The Chief, so it’s no surprise when his voice bellows ‘come in’. The camera switches to inside the office, watching as two men in suits enter at his request. Both dig deep into their jacket pockets, pulling out badges.]

“I’m Detective-“

[The Chief cuts him off.] “I don’t care who you are, what the fuck you want?”

[That stuns them.]

“We’re investigating the disappearance of Errol Flint. His attorney reported him missing a few weeks ago and we’re told he was last seen here, in The Tap Room.”

“He was here,” [The Chief admits. He doesn’t look cagey, but very calm under pressure; especially knowing what he knows.] “He bought a very particular match at Ring of Dreams and saw it through. I don’t know where he went after that and quite frankly, I don’t give a shit.”

[The Detectives look at each other.]

“You should,” [one of them responds, receiving a raised brow from The Chief.] “Because Errol Flint’s body was found two days ago, a fatal bullet wound to the chest. He was in the trunk of a car, abandoned after a road traffic accident only a few blocks away.”

[That news rocks The Chief, but he does his best to hide it. The cool and calm facade is slowly wearing thin.]

“And isn’t it true that in December of 2016, you purchased his company and brought it from New York City to Miami? How would you say your relationship was, after that?”

“We were fuck buddies,” [Chief responds.] “Yeah nigga, I fucked him in the ass and stole his entire world. How the fuck you think it was? He was desperate, and I got myself a steal. Now look, if you gentlemen want more, like blood, or fuckin’ semen, talk to my lawyer, alright? His number is 555-go fuck yourself.”

[The Detectives grimace, but they’re on shaky ground and clearly don’t have enough to arrest him. They nod, and back away.]

“Don’t leave the country, alright?” [One of them says.] “We might have some more questions for you.”

[The Chief stands, his hand pointed at the door.] “Well fuck me, I’ll look forward to it. Now, get the fuck out.”

[They leave abruptly. The Chief nervously reaches into his desk drawer, and pulls out a boxed disposable cell phone. He opens it up, switches it on and waits for it to power up, all the while keeping an eye on the door.] [Then he dials a number.]

“I need a sweep. Home, office, Tap Room, car; the full package. When? Yesterday.”

[He hangs up the phone, snapping it in half immediately.] [Cut.]