[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [A bright green van screeches into frame, stopping outside the arena, next to the burning vehicle of Edward Newton. Hysteria hops out, still feeling the effects of that brutal knee by Doctor Sleep. The back doors open and No Face appears, helping Hysteria scoop Newton off the floor and put him inside.] [As they speed off, we switch to them inside the van.] [Edward is busted open and a little worse for wear.]

“What the fuck was that?” [Hysteria yells from the driver’s seat.] “What happened?”

[Newton sits up, blinking repeatedly.] “He must have found our device,” [He concludes.] “And decided to use it against me. But he didn’t.”

“It looks like he did!”

[Edward shakes his head.] “No, he distracted me. He called me back. Bruce Van Chan is still lingering within that thing he’s become.”

[The van abruptly stops.]

“Uh, Eddie, we have a problem.”

[Newton stands up and joins Hysteria at the front of the van. He’s pulled to a halt because stood in the middle of the road, his head lowered, is none other than Doctor Sleep.]

“This defies logical reasoning,” [The Champion panics.] “Step on the gas, Hysteria.”

[The Mad Mastermind doesn’t have to be told twice. He quickly steps on it, speeding full speed for Dr Sleep. The van hurtles at him, but there’s no impact. Nothing at all.]

“I think you missed.”

[A voice that doesn’t belong to either of them echoes from within the van. Hysteria breaks abruptly, and both of them turn their head to see Dr. Sleep inside the vehicle.] [No Face quickly attacks, but Sleep grabs him by the head, slamming him inside the wall of the van. He bounces backwards, and is met by a swift kick that sends the double doors flying open like an explosion, and No Face hurtling through them.] [Hysteria hops in the back, running at Dr. Sleep only to vanish into thin air.]

“What the…”

[Dr. Sleep laughs heartily.]

“In here, this is my world. When I put you to sleep, there’s no-where you can run, and no-where you can hide. When your eyes close, your ass belongs to me.”

[He suddenly reaches out, grabbing Newton by the throat and strangling him. As the life drains from his body, he squirms and struggles.]

“Goodnight, Edward.”

[Suddenly, and out of no-where, Edward begins to fade away. His physical form carefully vanishes until a deep breath changes everything.] [Edward wakes up.] [And it’s Hysteria stood over him, having escaped the mud, his purple suit stained brown from the waist down, who’s brought him to and saved his life.]

“What’s the matter?” [He asks, surveying the carnage of the explosion that surrounds them.] “You’ve turned blue.”

[Newton gulps.]

“I can’t fall asleep.”

[His eyes widen.]

“I must stay awake.”



[We cut to an image of Ethan Bird on his knees in the streets that he calls home. He has his head in his hands, his hair unkempt and his eyes wild. The camera closes in on his face as he looks up, his eyes the picture of a man only a few steps away from losing his mind. Then, in the next instance, his eyes change as his face cracks a smile and his lips part.]

“There was once a Kingdom plagued by a powerful dragon. Many a warrior had attempted to slay the dragon but had failed. One by one, warriors fell until nobody dared seek the dragon any longer. The people lived in fear of the dragon.”

[Bird pushes himself to his feet with a grunt.]

“But then there rose a warrior unlike any other. The warrior stood tall and vowed once and for all to bring the dragon’s reign to an end. For he knew that in doing so, he would be feared as a god. He would be remembered.”

[Bringing his fists together, Ethan Bird cracks his knuckles. The wild look in his eyes returns.]

“It is within the power of Ethan Bird to be feared as a god, the pathway is at Ethan Bird’s feet. Survive the chamber and Ethan Bird will earn the respect Ethan Bird deserves. Slay the Dragon and the Kingdom of OSW will fear Ethan Bird and always…” [He turns his eyes to the sky, staring off into the distance.] “Remember me.”


[It’s tag team action as two unusual pairings are getting ready to tie it up!] [The bell sounds as Adam Eve will start it off for his team against Calyspo who is starting off for hers. The two tie up, but it’s Adam Eve who gets the upper hand with a right hand. He wraps his arms around the midsection of Calypso and deposits her onto her back with a belly-to-belly suplex. Adam spins back to his feet and grabs Calypso up. He hoists her up and… drops her onto his knee! OH MAN! Adam Eve looks to be ending this one earlier. Adam lifts up Calypso who rakes his eyes! Calypso lunges towards her tag team partner! TAG!] [In comes Guidance who has his hands out in front as if negotiating peace. Adam doesn’t take to that as he runs towards the robot and collides with it with a clothesline! Guidance staggers backwards, but Adam is clutching his shoulder as if the hit did damage to him as well. Guidance moves quickly and begins drilling into the chest and face of Adam Eve with swift palm strikes. Adam puts up his hands in attempts to deflect the quick actions of Guidance, but he begins backing away towards his corner. TAG! Hades’ grin spreads across his face as he climbs into the ring.] [Hades steps into the ring and Guidance takes a moment to size up the gargantuan man before him. Hades rushes forward with a big boot raised. Guidance takes the brunt of the blow as it slams down into the mat. He rolls to his feet, but it’s Hades who wraps his arms around the throat of the robot and lifts him up and throws him into the corner. THE RIVER STYX! Calypso steps into the ring, but it’s Adam Eve who leaps in and takes both of them out with a running clothesline over the ropes! Hades is momentarily distracted by this as he turns to Guidance. RESTORATI-NO! Guidance tried to karate chop his neck, but Hades manages to catch the hand with a grin. Hades lifts up Guidance onto the shoulder and rushes towards the corner before sending Guidance face-first into the corner! WELCOME TO THE UNDERWORLD! Hades pins Guidance’s shoulders down. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Hades gets to his feet as Adam Eve rolls into the ring. The two exchange a quick, odd look before celebrating their victory.]


[Long before we see his form walk into frame, the cackling of Smiley foretells his grand entrance. As his shadow shrinks and slowly merges into his form, the Deranged One slowly walks into a darkened room.]

“Rise and shine, Hysteria!” [Smiley sings.] “It’s time to find out if you’ve done your research.”

[Click.] [As light floods the room where Smiley trapped Hysteria one week ago, we find that the Mad Mastermind is not there. That’s not the surprise, though.] [The surprise is on the walls.] [Last week, Smiley left the walls covered with newspaper clippings and various journal entries from Hysteria’s time in the Blackwater with Doc D’Ville. But now a horror story greets us.] [Pictures of dead bodies, horribly mutilated beyond recognition.]

“They only put the finest work in the museum.” [Smiley mutters as he walks around the edge of the room, examining each and every posted photograph.] [Some of the pictures seem eerily familiar as the painted man completes his circle.]

“That’s the problem with the mentally ill.” [Smiley mutters to himself, unaware of the irony.] [Or maybe he is fully aware.]

“They can’t appreciate the finer things in life. You always have to spell things out for them.”

[Smiley finally looks down at the quicksand, looking more like a mudhole than a trap at this moment. He pulls a small notebook out of nowhere and looks down at the writing scrawled within it.]

“It’s too bad that my old friend has left such a large body of work for me to choose from. It’s a good thing I have such a discerning eye.”

[Smiley laughs to himself as he leaves the room as it was.] [Hysteria may have escaped from this trap, but Smiley is not done with his old friend.]


[The Family Home.] [There’s a terrible sound of struggling. We open to see Jensen Cussen dragging a bagged Brent Kersh from behind, his arm around his throat. The Enforcer tries his best to break free, but can’t.] [Finally, Jensen kicks open the door to Stephanie’s room and tosses Brent inside. He stumbles, falls over and lands at her bedside. He whips off his head gear and his eyes widen at the sight before him.]

“Fix this,” [Cussen yells.] “Fix it now.”

[Brent doesn’t know where to start.] “W-What do you mean?”

“I saw when Mother infected your unborn child, Kersh. She managed to overcome it. She managed to survive it. I want to know how; I need to know how.”

[Kersh stammers, getting back to his feet.]

“Good,” [he honestly mutters.] “Good triumphs evil, Jensen. My wife had a pure heart and in the end, that’s all that mattered. Evil couldn’t take hold. The only way Stephanie will beat this is if you and her remember that you’re good at heart,” [Kersh says firmly.] “If you ever were.”

[That infuriates Cussen. He runs over and clobbers Kersh, knocking him into a nearby wall. With fury, he reigns down fists upon his head, beating him into oblivion with every left and right hand he can muster. Just then, the door flies open once again and in walks King Royal and his guards.] [They must have followed them here.] [The Guards grab Cussen and extract him from Kersh, dragging him kicking and screaming away. They slam him against the nearest wall and Royal checks on Brent, who seems a little worse for wear.]

“Finish him,” [Royal says, making a motion across his throat.]

“No!” [Kersh interrupts, halting them.] “He’s just a father scared for his daughter. Leave him alone. We’ll settle this at Invasion.”

[The Guards look to Royal for guidance and he nods, giving them permission to follow that order. They help Kersh out of the room, leaving the King a moment with Cussen.]

“This isn’t over.”

[As King Royal leaves, Jensen drops to his ass against the wall, resting there for a moment. He tried. Something inside of him tried.] [Cut.]


[The Sharkman has been on the run of his life since entering the Double Feature title scene but tonight he faces an opponent like no other. A vicious, almost inhuman monster, No Face brought terror into the ring last week, can the Sharkman make him face his day of reckoning or will he be the faceless one’s first victim?] [The bell sounds as The Sharkman runs forward with a huge dropkick, clipping No-Face behind the ear as the faceless one staggers back into the ropes, the Sharkman meeting him with a huge flurry of lefts and rights, trying to take down this new monster early on. A hard enziguri stuns No-Face as the Shark lifts him up for a Suplex, No-Face twisting in mid-air as he drops knees first on the back of the Sharkmans neck! A soft chuckle comes from the faceless one as he lifts the Sharkman up, nearly taking his head off with a massive clubbing lariat] [The Sharkman slowly gets to his feet, just dodging a running knee to the side of the head as he leaps up, grabbing No-Face from behind before planting him to the mat with a bulldog. The Sharkman drops down, trying for a cover but No-Face tosses him off before the referee can even get down to the mat as the Sharkman rolls to his feet, rushing forward, DARKNESS! That massive headbutt sends the Shark staggering back, glassy eyed as he drops down to one knee before No-Face smacks him down to the mat, grabbing him back the back of the head as he tries to SILENCE him into unconsciousness] [No-Face goes to finish it, lifting The Shark up but he slips out of No-Face’s hold, drilling him into the mat with a massive DDT! The Sharkman slowly walks over to the corner, climbing up to the top rope as he sizes up No-Face for a moment, FIN-ISH…DARKNESS! No-Face met the Shark with his own headbutt that may well have knocked the Sharkman out cold. No-Face lifts him up from behind, LIKE ME! The Sharkman tries to fight out of it as he stands to his feet but a hard clubbing blow to the back drops him to his knees as the Sharkman submits from the agonising pain] [No-Face takes his first victim in the Double Feature Champion as he doesn’t let go of Like Me until the Sharkman passes out from pain. Can any defeat this inhuman soul or will everyone eventually…be like him?]


[August 21, 2017] [The early morning sun shines down, but looks different to usual as it is nearing total Solar Eclipse. We find Captain Zappa alone outside, staring up at the sky with a set of strange looking glasses one his head. Zappa does not have the time to enjoy the spectacle, as a second presence makes itself known. Seemingly materialising out of nowhere, it is her voice that causes Zappa to turn his attention away from the sun.]

“Humans are so ignorant. In all of the wisdom they believe to possess, they understand so little about celestial events. The spectacle of a Solar Eclipse is but a spectacle to your race. Ignorant of the shifts in energy that it can carry along with it. Energy that can be harnessed by those who know how.”

[Lyra Starchild steps forward, right up behind Zappa. Till this moment, he still had not turned to face her. Wielding a strange contraption that one can only assume is some type of weapon, she plants the weapon into the small of Zappa’s back.]

“Even as we speak, the energy shift created by the Solar Eclipse is being used to bring an entire fleet into position to liberate this planet. You didn’t really think that the Zetas were the only ones looking to take advantage of the human race’s ignorance, did you? I cannot let the connection between yourself and the Zetas continue. Now, more than ever, it is essential that the connection be severed. Without you, the Zetas will continue their search and locate another planet that serves their wishes.”

[With a slick of her thumb, her contraption whirrs into life and a blue light begins to brighten at the end.]

“I hope you understand that this is best for everybody. Farewell, Captain Zappa.”

[Above, the moon had moved into the position of totality, the sky darkening as a result. Lyra pulls the trigger, and the blue light turns to a blinding white… Then abruptly turns off. Lyra tilts her head slightly, as if somewhat confused. It is only now that Zappa turns around, taking the Eclipse viewing glasses off.]

“Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is better. I understand a whole lot more about energy shifts than your average human. Here we stand in the path of totality – at this very moment, the sun, moon and Earth are perfectly aligned. It can play havoc with forces of energy that we humans are too ignorant to understand. Energy such as that which powers your weaponry.”

[Zappa smiles as he pushes away Lyra’s weapon. They stand face to face.]

“You underestimate the Zetas, and it will cost your species this war. I am the Zeta’s chosen one. To defeat them, you will have to defeat me. Don’t think that I am going to be as easy as that to cast aside, Starchild.”

[With a wink, Zappa claps his hands and vanishes in a beam of light that cuts open the darkened sky. Once more, Lyra is left standing alone, Zappa having slipped away from her again.]


[Darkness.] [In the darkness vague movements give away the movement of the camera. It follows the vague outline of a figure, moving quickly close behind it as it bursts into a room, the same candle-filled room as before. The figure? Jacob Phoenix.] [He watches from a vantage point above the room, quietly hunched over as he stakes out its interior.] [Praying in the center of the room, surrounded by candles, are Mother’s children.]

“We do for Mother as she does for us. We will never disobey her. We love our Mother.”

[They speak in unison, their childish voices filling the room with a feeling of eeriness.]

“And Mother loves her children.”

[The demonic matriarch looks over her children, her head barely inching out from the shadows. She smiles down on the children, all of them curling up further as she does so, their heads sinking deeper down into their hands.]

“Now be good for Mother while she’s away.”

[She turns heel, slowly walking into the shadows. She stops for a moment, looking back as she does. She lingers for a moment before walking into the darkness once more, disappearing from sight.] [A few seconds go by, the chorus of children’s voices dragging on for but a moment. Phoenix looks down upon them, taking a deep breath before leaping into the middle of them. All of the children scramble, looking at him in fear.] [All except for the little girl.] [He holds out his hand to her as the scene slowly fades out.]


[Earlier Tonight.] [Posters line the walls of the Coral Gables Country Club, promoting the Miami Charity Gala as the privileged of the city are gathered to promote their giving to the less fortunate. Surrounding the perimeter is Secret Security, keeping an eye out for any troublemakers. Two guards stand behind Jackson Grant Fitzgerald as he approaches the podium, a grin beaming from his face.]

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight is all about celebrating the efforts of these wonderful organizations, and appreciating the amazing donors like you who make this possible. So, without further ado—“

[Suddenly, we hear a loud thud at the door. One of the guards checks it, only to be slammed against the wall as Viktor North barges in with a scowl…which quickly turns into a smirk as he grabs a bottle of wine from the nearest server.]

“So this is where the kings and queens gather, boasting about their wealth whilst exploiting the poor…all the while, claiming their benevolence.”

[He takes a swig of the wine bottle, immediately spitting it out with a look of disgust as he slams it onto the floor.]


[He gazes upon the crowd, the sight of a voluptuous woman catching his eye. With a sly grin he walks over to the woman, grabbing her from behind.]

“This buxom wench, on the other hand, will do just fine.”

[The woman and the crowd give a collective gasp of shock as Secret Security charges at the Skull Splitter. North takes out a few of the guards, but they manage to overpower him just long enough to put him in handcuffs before hurriedly escorting him out as an angry JGF storms off, his night ruined by the man from the East Fjords.] [Cut.]


[The Enforcer vs The President of the United States. Can the real All-American take on the Commander in Chief?] [As the bell rings both men come forward and lock up in the center of the ring! Kersh gets the early upper hand and gets behind Fitzgerald before taking him down to the ground! He goes for a headlock but JGF lands a sharp elbow to Brent’s nose! Kersh lets go and catches a sucker-punch to the jaw! Kersh rolls away and ducks a massive big boot! Kersh shoves Jackson into the corner before falling back with A GERMAN SUPLEX! JGF gets thrown halfway across the ring and lands right on his neck! Kersh rushes forward and hits an elbow drop to the downed President!] [Kersh has JGF on the defense as he peels him from the mat and whips him to the turnbuckle! Kersh runs forward- FLAPJACK INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Kersh looks like he just got hit with a shotgun blast to the chest! JGF capitalizes with a flurry or short-arm clotheslines to the back of Kersh’s head! He turns the Enforcer around and forces him right onto the top rope! He scales after him and hits a hard right hand before setting up for the superplex- KERSH KICKS JGF OFF OF THE TURNBUCKLE! MASSIVE MISSILE DROPKICK BY THE ENFORCER!] [Mr. President’s head snaps back from the massive blow. Both men are laid out! Kersh is the first up as he moves to the ropes and uses them to pull himself to his feet. Fitzgerald is woozy as Kersh stumbles forward and yanks Fitzgerald to his feet. He hits a stiff forearm to Grant and Mr. President hits one in return! Both men trade blows back and forth! KERSH BLOCKS A WILD HAYMAKER! He whips JGF across the ring and he takes him down with a massive spinebuster! HE LOCKS IN THE LONE STAR! FIGURE FOUR! Fitzgerald is in the center of the ring! He taps! He taps!] [Brent Kersh gets a big win tonight by taking down the Commander in Chief!]


[The Sharkman walks backstage presumably towards his locker room following his earlier match. He has the Double Feature Championship slung over his shoulder. As he nears the locker room door, he reaches to open the door, but it is immediately shoved closed after opening mere inches. Sharkman looks up and spots Cael Gable. He looks angry.]

“Listen, Shark, I’ve been thinking and the more I think about it, I don’t see any reason why I should have to put my Gold Medal on the line! I earned this title shot. Why should I have to bargain for it? The answer is I shouldn’t. So I won’t!”

[The Sharkman takes his hand off the door knob and looks at Gable.]

“Fine, I never wanted it anyway. I just wanted you not to have it. I wanted to see you without your comfort. You’ll get your match and keep your gold. It’s nothing more than what I expected from a man like you.”

[Gable looks taken aback at the comment.]

“And what is that supposed to mean? “A man like you.”

[Sharkman steps up to Gable.]

“It means a man like you that values trinkets more than honor. A man like you that is afraid to lay what is valuable to him on the line. A man that considers himself a hero, but is nothing more than a coward hiding behind his past accomplishments…. A man like you.”

[Gable is furious and pushes his chest against the Sharkman’s. His face turns red.]

“And what makes you a hero, Shark? Huh? Is it the spandex body suit? Is it the stupid mask? PUGH!”

[Sharkman chuckles.]

“I guess we’ll just have to see what makes a man a hero…”

[And with that, Sharkman pushes through and enters his locker room, leaving Gable fuming in the hallway.]


[Static.] [The white noise is all that can be heard, seen, felt.] [With the exception of the breathing.] [The picture cuts to black as the television set is shut off revealing the reflection of a horrid image of a scarred face with eyes and mouth sown shut.] [The well-dressed monster stands tall in the center of this small security maintenance room backstage before reaching down and hitting a button a machine. A whirring is heard from it as he takes a step back.]

“Hey! You can’t be in here!”

[No Face hears this and slowly turns around to the door.] [The look of fear spreads across the speaker’s face. No Face’s head tilts to the side as if taking him in. The young man’s badge reads ‘Security’ as he reaches towards his hip for his nightstick. No Face detects this as his face ‘looks’ down at his hip. The Security officer stops.]

“Look, I-I-I don’t want any trouble… you’re just not supposed to be in here. Okay?”

[CLING!] [The sound comes from the VCR device behind No Face as he slowly turns around and hits another button. The video comes sliding out to which No Face picks up. He stops as his head tilts to the side.] [CRACK!] [No Face is smashed over the back of his head by the nightstick, yet… he’s barely budged. He slowly revolves holding the tape in one hand and a knife in the other!] [The Security Guard looks down at that as his eyes grow wide.] [And a scream is heard.]


[After a disappointing week in the rebirth of VHS, both Hysteria and Lyra look to reassert themselves with a big win but will the specter of an intergalactic war be the distraction the Mastermind needs or has his brush with death weakened him enough for the Starchild to capitalize on?] [The bell sounds as Hysteria rushes forward, trying for a lariat that Lyra ducks under, leaping up as she takes him down with a headscissors takedown. Hysteria stumbles up into a hard spinning heel kick that sends him into the ropes, SPEAR! Lyra crashes into Hysteria as he’s sent flying over the ropes to the floor below. Lyra sizes Hysteria up as he slowly gets to his feet, SUICIDE DIVE…MISSES!] [Lyra crashes to the floor as Hysteria lays into her with a series of heavy kicks before powering her up and tossing her back into the ring. Hysteria clambers up onto the apron, climbing onto the top rope as he waits for Lyra to get to her feet, FALL OF MAN! Lyra gets planted as Hysteria hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Starchild gets the shoulder up. Hysteria lifts Lyra up, drilling her with a knee to the gut before hoisting her up onto his shoulders, APAT…Lyra slips out, REVERSE DDT!] [Both competitors slowly get to their feet, the pair exchanging heavy lefts and rights before Hysteria gets the advantage with a hard kick to the jaw. Hysteria whips her to the ropes but she ducks under a Yakuza Kick as Starchild rushes to the corner, leaping up to the top rope before springboarding off, FALLING STAR! Hysteria crumples to the mat as Lyra slowly climbs up to the top rope, sizing up Hysteria for a moment before leaping off, AS ABOVE, SO…LOST HOPE! Hysteria hits the Codebreaker out of nowhere as he hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Mad Mastermind picks up the victory out of nowhere, hitting the Lost Hope out of nowhere as he sends the Starchild home with another loss on her mind, and nothing but revenge on Smiley on his]


[Cael Gable is backstage, still angry with his earlier encounter with Sharkman. He enters the Tap Room gym and puts in earbuds. He heads to the dumb bells, and lifts a set. He sits on a bench and starts doing some curls. He closes his eyes, focusing on the music, and trying to get his mind off of earlier.] [Suddenly, a half dozen tough looking thugs enter the room. Gable doesn’t see them, and then it’s too late. They fall on him like a pack of dogs. He is beaten into the ground as they pummel and stomp him. Finally they stop. The one that seems to be the ring leader speaks.]

“Sheriff Law sends his regards from prison.”

[They exit the gym, leaving Gable to pick up the pieces. He is barely stirring when EMT’s rush in to check on him. Then, the camera starts to pan up. In the rafters kneels…] [The Sharkman.] [He watched the entire scene unfold, and then he disappears into the shadows.


[The lights of the Tap Room radiate even in the small dark room that wrestlers make their entrance from. The bright pastel lighting forms an odd overlay over Tommy Hawk, who stands observing the ringside area before his upcoming match. His eyes miss nothing as he notices tendrils of light congregating behind him.]

“Lux Bellator.” [He speaks aloud.] [The light warrior steps up beside the former World Champion.]

“Sheep being led to slaughter.” [Bellator mutters as his eyes scan those assembled.] [Hawk looks over at Bellator with a raised eye brow.]

“You used to believe in saving those who were lost.” [Hawk plainly states.] “Now you wish to see them burn.”

“No.” [Lux says.] “I do not wish it, but it is necessary nonetheless. You parrot the words of Pedro El Salvador. I hear his cunning in your speech. He weaves webs of deception, Spirit Walker. It would do you good to ignore his words, and focus on what you can control.”

[The arena seems to shake with sound of crows fluttering. The Scarecrow has manifested himself within the squared circle. Hawk’s lip curls at the sight of the man who took his Championship. This does not escape the notice of Lux Bellator.]

“You have journeyed into the domain of that beast.” [Bellator begins as his eyes glow yellow, a reminder of the spirits he has enslaved within his grasp.] “I have only begun to discover the power of those spirits. The power of the red. What did you learn there, Tommy Hawk? He defeated you before, how will you leverage the powers therein against him?”

“The power of death.” [Hawk immediately responds.] [Silence sits between the two warriors for a moment before Hawk continues.]

“I know who you are, Lux Bellator. I know where you came from. I know your story. Just as I do, you look to powers outside of the thinkings of normal men to give you guidance and empower you. Yet your power derives from the death wrought by men just like you.”

[He turns to face Lux.]

“I understand you.” [Hawk points to the ring.] “Yet I may never understand the Scarecrow. You have involved yourself in our war, and I will never be your ally. If you truly were of like mind with myself, you would have released those spirits you hold. Instead, you wish to enslave them.”

[Lux shakes his head.]

“The words of El Salvador echo once again. The words of a weak man.”

“The words of your father.” [Hawks interrupts.] “The words of a man who only walks this earth because you released him from death. The power was once in you to do so. Why have you become so consumed with death?”

[The music of Tommy Hawk hits the speakers as Lux Bellator seems to consider his words. A moment passes between them before Lux speaks softly, yet with steel in his words.]

“Because my Lord wills it.”

[Hawk only shakes his head before entering the Tap Room to a roar from the crowd. Lux Bellator is left alone to contemplate his actions for a moment, perhaps the first time someone has truly tried to reach inside of the light warrior since he began his crusade.] [But will he listen?]


[It’s a classic Trio’s match as it’s Tommy Hawk, Lux Bellator, and The Scarecrow going up against Jensen Cussen, DTR, and King Royal!] [The bell sounds as Lux Bellator is going up against DTR to start things off. They tie it up, but it’s Lux who gets the upper hand with a few kicks to the knee of DTR. He takes a step back to examine his own knee, but Bellator doesn’t allow any reprieve as he connects with a roundhouse kick! DTR is nailed back into his own corner where King Royal tags himself in. Lux and Royal move towards the center of the ring, but it’s Royal who gets the upper hand with a quick jab to the chin. He hooks the head of Lux and lifts him up for a cradle DDT!] [Lux begins crawling towards his corner, but Royal grabs the leg of him. Lux moves to his feet and spins out with a kick to create some distance. Bellator leaps forward and IN COMES HAWK! Royal rushes towards him, but Tommy Hawk clobbers him with a running forearm! He throws King Royal right over the top rope and hits the ropes before leaping through… GOING NATIVE! The blow sends Royal careening back into the barricade. Tommy Hawk slowly gets to his feet as the crowd is going crazy! Before Hawk can do anything else, it’s DTR and Jensen Cussen who jump him! They begin laying blows into the former World Champion. Cussen grabs up Hawk and sent him towards DTR. He lifts him up for… BRAINBUSTAAAAA! The two look satisfied with their work as they turn into… LUX FLYING THROUGH THE AIR!] [TOPE ATOMICO takes out both men as it’s a carwreck outside of the ring as Lux just sacrificed himself to the hard floor! Scarecrow has yet to leave his post as he just watches. Hawk gets to his feet and rolls in Royal into the ring. Royal rushes forward towards Hawk and manages to catch him with a running clothesline. He wraps his arms around the head and neck of Hawk! DUNGEONS OF LONDON! The Crossface is locked on! Tommy Hawk is moving towards the rope, but Royal kicks off the rope to flip over to apply it in the center of the ring. It’s then that fear registers on his face. The Scarecrow is there! But DTR and Jensen bulldoze him over! The Hayman begins drilling into both of them, but they are holding him off! Tommy Hawk taps out!] [DTR, Jensen Cussen, and King Royal stand tall here! The Scarecrow rolls out of the ring with his title as these three men celebrate their victory despite Royal watching his teammates wearily.]


[Tapping.] [Is it due to nerves or impatience?] [Regardless of the reason, the source of the sound comes from the gloved fingers of The Masked Emotion, itself.] [Doubt seems eager to enter Satan’s Structure tonight for a chance at the returning All-Star Championship. That seems to weigh heavy on its mind as a sudden sound is heard upon the door.] [Doubt takes a stand from the chair it was previously inhabiting before making its way towards the door to this locker room.] [It opens the door as its head tilts to the side upon looking at the sight before it.] [A young man is tied to the chair with his face covered halfway by a mask similar to Doubt’s and a VCR tape plugged into his mouth by tape covering the sides. The gloved hand of Doubt reaches out and removes the tape from the mouth as blood begins pouring from the mouth as there seems to be no tongue attached. Doubt pulls him into the room and closes the door.] [Doubt moves to the corner where a VCR/DVD combo is found, wipes the dust off, hooks it up to the television, and plugs in the tape. The Masked Emotion crosses its arms as first static is shown… then a question mark. Just like the one seen last week.] [Doubt continues watching the tape as the sound of a young woman is heard to which Doubt’s arms slowly fall as The Masked Emotion reaches towards the screen with both hands clutching the sides of the screen. The Emotion’s arms are… trembling? It takes a step back as its hands clutch at its mask. The woman’s voice is heard from the screen.]

“I don’t know…”


[CRRRZZZTTT!] [Smoke and sparks fly from the now-broken screen as Doubt’s fist has just demolished the television before it.] [Long, deep breaths as Doubt slowly regains composure and looks at its fist in confusion, no longer shaking in the slightest.] [Doubt looks at the man in the chair before slowly exiting the room, stopping once to look over its shoulder.] [Did we just see another side of Doubt? Are its emotions running rampant beneath the mask?]


[Makena defends her newly won VHS title here tonight as The Dragon cashes in his Wish. Can Rhodes become a Two Time VHS Champion or will the African Assault be too much for him?] [The bell sounds as Jakande rushes forward, taking Rhodes by surprise with a serious of hard forearms before leaping up with a stiff enziguri that dazes the Dragon. A hard DDT spikes Rhodes into the mat as Makena tries for an early pinfall attempt, ONE…Rhodes easily gets the shoulder up. A hard dropkick to the face drops a rising Dragon as she drops down, trying to lock in the Crucifix Armbar. Rhodes slips out, grabbing Makena by her arm, LEAPING ENZIGURI!] [Jakande staggers back as Rhodes rushes forward, nearly taking her head off with a flying single leg dropkick. Rhodes quickly climbs up to the top rope, waiting for Makena to get to her feet, FLYING CROSSBODY…ROLLED THROUGH! ONE…TWO…Rhodes gets the shoulder up! As both competitors get to their feet, Makena tries for a Lariat but Rhodes ducks under, sweeping the leg before rolling back, DARKWISH! Rhodes drops down, hooking the leg the second his boot hits her chin. ONE…TWO…JAKANDE KICKS OUT!] [The Dragon lifts Makena up to her feet, hoisting her up in the air, FIRE! Jakande collapses out of the corner as Rhodes climbs to the top once more, setting himself up for a moment, BLOOD…MISSES! LOU THEZ PRESS!! Rhodes gets planted as Makena pulls him up, twisting his arm around as she climbs up to the top rope, walking along, OLD SCHOOL! Jakande doesn’t let go as she tries to lock in the Lions Jaw but Rhodes slips out, drilling Makena with a hard knee to the jaw, rolling back, DARK WISH! Rhodes hits a second Dark Wish as he slips down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW VHS CHAMPION!] [The Dragon becomes a two time VHS Champion as that lethal Dark Wish puts Jakande down for the count, but she gave him the fight of his life in the process]


[The match draws its conclusion and both Jakande and Rhodes look set to be on their way, that is until the ‘Sound of the Streets’ begins to play through the Tap Room speakers and Ethan Bird makes his presence known. Makena makes a hasty exit, knowing that his presence is not meant for her, leaving Solomon standing in the ring and looking ready to go another round with his former teammate.] [But Bird stands a fair distance away from the ring and addresses Rhodes first.]

“Since Red Snow, the Dragon has become a benchmark in the OSW that all others be measured up against. Now you have that shiny trinket to symbolise such a status. Ethan Bird was once drawn to the allure of having such a benchmark at his side, but Ethan Bird must admit that the idea of slaying such a Dragon and reaping the rewards that such a feat would yield seems much more… enticing.

Ethan Bird has kept you close for a reason, Dragon. Study thine enemy, learn his weaknesses so one can exploit them.”

[Rhodes merely leans over the ring rope, stretching as far as he can towards Bird within the confines of the ring. He beckons Bird to come closer.]

“You are just like the rest of them. Men who seek a following, be it men of God or men who want to be God. You reek of hypocrisy and deception. It is this stench that you will be remembered for Ethan Bird, nothing else. Since the Dragon was awoken, I have spread my wings and soared from one height to another. You will fall like the rest of those who seek my hide slain.

Remember nothing else but this, Ethan Bird. I did not come to keep the wheel revolving. I obliterated it. Should you seek to challenge me, I will obliterate you as well.”

[Ethan Bird draws closer, till he stands just outside the ring looking up at Rhodes.]

“Our paths will cross again in due time. When that day comes, Ethan Bird will slay the Dragon and be remembered forever. Our time is not yet come, for Ethan Bird must first survive the chamber to build my own status as a warrior. Ethan Bird will come for you when the time is right, Dragon.”

[Bird casts his eye about the Tap Room.]

“You will all… remember me.”


[Her match was long over, but she had taken time to get back to the room, possibly to keep her children waiting, holding her presence over their heads. As she enters the room, taking her sweet time, her face contorts into one of fury. No prayers can be heard.] [She forces the door open, nearly throwing it off of its hinges as she barrels into the room. As soon as she sees the scene in front of her, her rage only intensifies.]

“What happened while I was gone!?”

[The camera pans around the room in front of her, the candles tipped on their sides and strewn about the room, wax splattering the floors. And all of her children? Gone.] [All except one.] [The little girl stands in the middle of the room, no fear on her face as she looks towards Mother.]

“They left you. Mr. Phoenix helped them escape while you were gone.”


[She grabs for the child, the girl backing away quickly, nearly slipping over the wax as Mother advances.]


[FOR HER! JACOB PHOENIX LEAPS FROM THE DARKNESS! Mothers head lands on the concrete with a sickening crack! Phoenix looks down at her, a scowl on his face.]

“All you’ve given them? You abused them. They’re so scared of you that when one of them spoke up, the rest were brave enough to follow her out.”

[Mother is all but knocked out from the blow, looking up at Jacob in a daze.]

“And now, all of your children are against you.”

[Phoenix turns away, leaving Mother behind as him and the girl leave the room.]


[We open in the back halls of the Tap Room.] [Voodoo is seen in the center of an open area; kneeling with his hands together and his head bowed.] [Behind him, is the concerned figure of Makena Jakande who glances down at her hands with tears in her eyes. Glancing down at an object. Colossus’ collar.]

“Mother Goddess, I am too weak… “ [Voodoo blurts out in a hush.] “to remember the lost things I seek!”

[Voodoo lifts his hand upwards, above his shoulder, signaling to Makena to hand him the collar and she is quick to oblige.]

“Help me locate what I have lost” [Voodoo sternly states as he pulls the collar in front of him.] “I have looked and pondered and thought!”

[Holding the collar in both hands and lifting it skyward as if to offer it to the heavens, Voodoo begins to scream.]


[The lights begin to flicker and Jakande appears shaken, yet Voodoo maintains his composure; kneeling in stillness as the moments pass and ultimately the lights cease completely. It is from the darkness we hear Makena’s voice.]

“What is this Voodoo? Is this what you expected?”

“Quiet friend! Quiet!”

[Voodoo tries to assure his partner and just as he does, the lights return. Nothing has changed from our perspective with Voodoo still in his kneeling pose and the uncertainty covering Jakande’s face, but suddenly he uncertainty turns to joy!]


[Makena shouts in celebration as she steps forward towards her lost friend, Colossus.] [Except while we recognize the Savanah Cat, it’s not Colossus. At least not in his natural form. He appears tired. Worn. Almost as if he has been revived from death.] [A zombie.] [And Makena recognizes it too just as the cat lets out a threatening growl.]


[This time her voice is filled with fear and caution. Her movement halts immediately as she realizes the danger she and Voodoo are in while Voodoo; on the other hand, remains kneeled. His eyes peeled as if not sure what to do next.] [Makena slowly extends her hand to reach out towards her friend, or what is left of him, but the Savanah Cat will have none of it.] [Colossus lets out another growl as he leaps into the air, swiping at Jakande’s hand with his razor sharp claws, slicing away at her flesh.] [Jakande lets out an agonizing scream as she falls to the concrete floor. Her and Colossus essentially switching places while the cat appears disinterested in their previous friendship, walking away into the shadows.] [Makena remains on the ground holding her hand as blood seeps between her fingers and onto the floor. Tears falling down her face while Voodoo can do nothing but look on.]


[And with that, we fade to black.]


[A war will be fought tonight as Smiley defends his Rewind title against Viktor North. Can the Deranged One have the last laugh or will he gain a one way ticket to Valhalla itself?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, laying into one another with savage lefts and rights, an exchange the bruiser North gets the advantage of with a sickening backfist that nearly knocks Smiley out. A hard flying knee puts Smiley on his ass as he scrambles up into a trio of stiff forearms before he finds himself lifted up high, BRAINBUSTER! Smiley got spiked into the mat as North muscles him into a cover, ONE…TWO…Smiley just gets the shoulder up. North pulls Smiley to his feet as he tries for another knee but Smiley grabs his leg, hooking under the knee, DRAGON SCREW!] [North hits the mat knee first as Smiley leaps upon him, slamming down on the back of his knees with strike after strike, locking in a kneebar as North tries to fight to his feet. Smiley slams back onto the mat as North cries out in pain but as he tries to lock back in the kneebar, North kicks him square in the face with his other leg. Viktor slowly gets to his feet, struggling to stand on his injured right knee as Smiley rolls to his feet, SHOCK THERAPY CHOP BLOCK! Smiley clips North in the bad wheel, sending him crashing to the mat] [The Deranged One drops down, hooking the leg, ONE…TWO…North gets the shoulder up. Smiley calls for the end, lifting North up as he tries for the Antidepressant but North slips out, laying into Smiley with a series of hard strikes, putting him down on one knee with a European Uppercut before rolling back. GUNG…North’s knee gives out! Smiley gets up, laughing sadistically as he kicks North hard in the face, flipping him as he locks in an inverted figure four, bending the Skull Splitter back as he fish-hooks his mouth, GLASGOW SMILE! North tries to fight but he’s in tremendous pain as he’s forced to tap out!] [The Deranged One retains his title in a hard fought match. North is a brutalizer but not even he can beat a man like Smiley with one leg]


[Moments after his match is over, Viktor North is backstage when he is stopped by a shout from the distance. He turns around to see men in uniform surrounding him, and greets the officers with a hearty laugh.]

“I see that foolish boy has come after me for invading his little gathering. I went there in jest, I meant no harm to the lad or his peasants.”

[The officers look at each other in confusion as one flashes his badge: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services…this catches the Skull Splitter by surprise as the other officer reads from a file folder. The first officer puts away his badge, pulling out a pair of handcuffs as he turns North around.]

“Viktor North, it seems you’ve been working for months without a proper work visa. We’ll have to talk to your employer about this issue, but for now we’re gonna have to ask you to come with us to get this sorted out. Please understand, we’re doing this for your benefit as much as—“

[North is having none of this, nearly cracking the skull of the officer attempting to handcuff him! He bolts out the back door of the Tap Room, only for a group of officers to take him down! As an officer places him under arrest, they all escort him to a nearby car.]

“Okay buddy, we tried doing this the easy way…it’s only gonna get worse for you now.”

[They shove North into the car, slamming the door shut. North lets out a shout of rage as the car pulls away. Jackson Grant Fitzgerald looks on with a smirk and a wave as the car departs, humming “Hail to the Chief” to himself as he heads back inside the Tap Room.] [Cut.]


[Wandering through the halls of the Tap Room after his match, Smiley cuts a very lonely figure in the sterile hallways. Smiley Jr. is in his hand, and he turns a corner before coming to a stop.]

“I knew you’d come, Harrison.”

[Before him stands Hysteria, at the other end of a long hallway.]

“You didn’t expect your trap to hold me, did you?” [Hysteria mockingly asks.]

“No.” [Smiley says with a grin, cutting off the Mad Mastermind.] “I enjoyed your artwork though. It’s nice to finally know that you appreciated my work. Sometimes family seems to be the hardest people to get compliments out of.”

[Hysteria stops, the room going cold.]

“My family is dead.”

[Smiley only laughs at that comment.]

“Are they?” [He taunts.] “Do nightmares ever truly go away? Or do we just bury them.”

[Hysteria crosses the room quicker than anyone could have expected him to. He grabs Smiley by the throat, and pushes him against the wall with a roar.]

“You insignificant insect.” [Hystera yells as Smiley fights for oxygen.]

“Jessica.” [Smiley whispers out with a grin, despite his face turning an odd shade from not being able to take in air.] [THWACK!] [Hysteria throws Smiley into the nearest wall with force, looming over him.]

“Eva.” [Smiley whispers.] [THWACK!]

“Grace.” [Smiley finishes.] [Hysteria stares for a moment, enraged at the invoking of the names of his deceased wife and children.]

“Ever predictable, Lee.” [Hysteria finally says, his breathing controlled.] “Invoking the names of the dead? Showcasing the events of that horrible night on the walls? These things have been done by others and to greater effect. Do you truly think you will gain revenge for the burning of the Blackwater this way?”

[Smiley stands up, still holding Smiley Jr. Hysteria notices the weapon, and the wheels seem to turn in his head. Why didn’t Smiley resist his attack?]

“It was always about you, wasn’t it?” [Smiley queries.] “Your career. Your money. Your house. Your cars.”

[Hysteria freezes again, his head cocking to the side.]

“What did you say?”

[Smiley grins as he begins to back away.]

“He told you, didn’t he?” [The Deranged One begins.] “He told you that they’d never rest, that it was only a matter of time before their spirits became just like him.”

[Hysteria’s body seems to shake with memory.]


[Some time ago, Ozric Mortimer dug up the remains of Hysteria’s family, sentencing them to a life of discontent and wandering in the world. They would not be allowed to rest. Hysteria destroyed Ozric Mortimer, but now?]

“You finally destroyed him, and you thought everything was going to be okay.” [Smiley taunts.] “But just like you did when they were alive, you forgot your family was still there. Waiting.”

[Hysteria seems frozen as Smiley reaches the corner of the hallway.]

“It took them long enough, but they figured out how to touch the living.”

[Smiley’s face contorts into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.]

“And they know.”

[Smiley vanishes around the corner as Hysteria seems to be trapped in place greater than even the quicksand from last week.] [What do they know?}

[And why is Hysteria scared?]


[Two men enter the ring in dire straights! Newton is sleep deprived and Cael Gable is looking worse for wear! Who will be the first to quit?] [The match starts and Gable is faster on the draw as he rushes forward and smashes Newton into the turnbuckle! He climbs atop of Newton and lays into him with a flurry of blows! Newton tries to hide his face but Gable refuses to ease up! He goes for an axe handle- LOW BLOW BY NEWTON! The Riddler slips under Gable and yanks his legs out from under him! Cael lands chin first onto the turnbuckle! Newton goes for a haymaker but he’s woozy from sleep deprivation and Cael slips behind him! He latches onto him! DRAGON SUPLEX BY CAEL GABLE!] [Newton is looking out of it but Cael Gable is having trouble standing! Neither man is quick to their feet as both are forced to use the ropes to hoist themselves to their feet! Edward is up just a bit quicker than Gable and he rushes forward- GOLDRUSH! Gable slams Newton hard to the mat! He forces Newton onto his stomach AND LATCHES ON WITH THE SILENCE IS GOLDEN! Newton looks like he’s going to pass out in the hold! Will he quit! NEWTON IS FADING– PEPPER SPRAY TO THE EYES OF GABLE! Newton pulled the can from his coat!] [Gable rolls off of Newton and rubs his eyes in pain! Edward stumbles to his feet slowly, the sleep deprivation working against him as he leans against the turnbuckle. Gable fights to his feet, eyes red in pain as Newton hides in the corner! Gable runs forward again AND HITS A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE TO NEWTON! Newton stumbles out of the corner and Cael goes for- SAND TO THE EYES OF GABLE! POCKET SAND! Newton throws Gable forward and trips him to the ground! HE PULLS A TAZER FROM HIS POCKET! NEWTON FORCES THE TAZER AGAINST THE NECK OF GABLE! The Olympian convulses in pain! He’s unable to escape The Riddler! “I QUIT! I QUIT!”] [Newton has done it! He has gotten a massive win over Cael Gable!]


[Backstage.] [Piotor Svetolav lurks in the backstage, knowing that Sergei Sokolov is due here tonight. He paces back and forth, but there appears to be no sign of the Russian Tsar. Piotor takes out his phone and dials a number.] [Nothing. Not even a dial tone.] [Confused, he dials again, but receives the same response.] [Before he can dial again, a call comes through – a call from Russia. He accepts with haste, quickly putting the phone to his ear.]

“I can’t raise the General,” [Piotor sounds off.] “And the target hasn’t arrived.”

[The voice on the other end of the phone is so loud that we can hear him.]

“We believe The General has gone dark, Piotor. We’re under the impression that Dzagoev has offered sanctuary to Sokolov.”

[Piotor’s eyes widen his disbelief.] “He has betrayed me?”

“There’s more to this than you know. You need to find General Dzagoev and Sergei Sokolov. You need to end this, but no harm can come to the General; he is a decorated member of the Russian Military. We cannot harm him and we do not condone his death. Do you understand?”

[Svetolav nods.]

“I understand. I will take care of this problem, sir. The traitor will be dealt with.”

[He hangs up the phone and storms off down the corridor. Wherever Sergei Sokolov is, the hound is hot on his trail.]


[Red.] [A crimson void that stretches to the vast infinity. All that remains in the midst of that red is a single large rock island, floating in the midst of it. Where once there were yellow swirls populating the void, there is only the red.] [There is only the Scarecrow.] [In this domain of death, the Hayman stands on one side of the rock. His essence seems to be imbued with power as he holds out his hand. A weird distorted version of the crows fluttering we normally hear echoes through the void as another form appears across the rock from Scarecrow.] [Tommy Hawk.]

“Spirit Walker.” [Scarecrow greets.]

“Hayman.” [Hawk replies.] [A moment passes between the warriors as they seem ready for combat. They have unfinished business after all. Scarecrow cuts the silence.]

“I look forward to meeting you in combat again. It’s a shame I cannot pry the gold from your hands once again. You failed to protect it from me. And now…”

[Hawk cuts off Crow.]

“You defeated me, yes. I will not deny that. But I will not just run away as others have from you. I will stand before you and fight until I win. Or I die.”

[Crow sneers at the latter option as Hawk continues.]

“But that is not why I am here, is it?”

“You are here because I wished you to be.”

[Hawk takes a step forward, but both warriors are taken aback by a red bolt of lightning that strikes in between them on the edge of the rock. Neither Scarecrow or Tommy are surprised as Lux Bellator forms out of the lightning.]

“Thank you for answering the call.” [Bellator begins.] [The three men form a triangle, each combatant seeming to eye the other two up.]

“After speaking with the Spirit Walker, I have come to realize that the two of you may wish to finish your rivalry without my intrusion.”

[Scarecrow seems unamused by that comment.]

“I do not care who stands before me. I will kill the Spirit Walker in due time. And I will kill the warrior of light, as well.”

[He holds out his hand towards Bellator.]

“Whether he wishes it to or not.”

[Bellator only smiles at the comment. His eyes glow yellow, the spirits within fighting.]

“I have brought the enslaved spirits that once lingered here peace. They will not spend eternity in agony. Instead, they will cry as martyrs for the Lord. Their purpose in death will be greater than that in life. I am their intercessor to a world that denies their existence. The Lord has given me this calling, and I will not be swayed by abominations and purveyors of witchcraft.”

[For the first time, Scarecrow and Tommy Hawk seem to have common cause as they turn to face Lux Bellator. Yet Scarecrow seems nonplussed once more.]

“I thought you would say something like that, light warrior.” [Scarecrow sneers.] “You invaded my domain. You stole spirits that were rightfully mine.”

[He holds his hand out once more, the crows fluttering around him.]

“So I have taken something that is yours.”

[As the crows flutter, a form appears before Scarecrow. He has been shackled and looks worse for wear.] [Pedro El Salvador.]

“This pathetic human escaped my grasp once before, but I have him now. But I will not kill him. Not yet. I crave the blood of his son. I crave the blood of the man who he called a risen hero. Ash and dust are all I see. Long have I endured this world, and death will come for all men.”

[Hawk seems concerned about El Salvador, who offers him a small nod.]

“I will not allow you to kill him. I will end your path of death.”

[Hawk turns to Lux Bellator as well.]

“And I will end yours as well.”

[Bellator ignores Hawk, his eyes burned into those of his father.]

“El Salvador will only die at my hand, Scarecrow.”

[Scarecrow laughs as the crows begin to flutter once more.]

“Fool. I hold the gold. I hold this man. I have the power, and will not broke you two speaking as if you are my equal. Begone from here.”

[Despite attempting to summon his lighting, Lux Bellator vanishes from the rock. Tommy Hawk soon follows. Leaving just Scarecrow with Pedro El Salvador.]

“Now you will tell me what you told the Spirit Walker.”

[El Salvador bows his head, preparing for whatever the Scarecrow has prepared for him.] [If he survives it.]

[It’s main event time as the All-Star Championship is on the line! Yet the match is about to begin and Sergei Sokolov is nowhere to be seen!] [The bell sounds as Dr. Sleep and Doubt are the final two not in pods. One pod is suspiciously empty as Sergei Sokolov is missing in action! The two lock up, but Dr. Sleep easily outpowers The Masked Emotion as he lifts it up for a snap suplex. Sleep stares down at Doubt before yanking it up quickly, whipping it into the rope before hitting the opposite for a lunging clothesline that knocks both off their feet. Dr. Sleep quickly kips back to his feet with malice in his eyes! He begins stomping away on The Masked Emotion who is trying desperately just to get a moment of reprieve!] [Doubt manages to get one good kick in from the floor and pulls itself up. Sleep comes charging, but Doubt just hits a discus forearm and halts his progression. Doubt wraps his arms around the head of Dr. Sleep and slings him over the top rope and onto the metal grates on the sides of the ring. Doubt grabs the top rope and slingshots himself over the top rope with an elbow drop that connects right to the chest of the alternate identity for Bruce Van Chan. Doubt gets to its feet and drags Dr. Sleep towards the cage wall. He wraps the arm of Dr. Sleep through the mesh and back through another hole and begins PULLING ON IT! Dr. Sleep yells out in pain as Doubt seems to be just ripping his shoulder out of place with this!] [The lights begin to circle before coming to a place right on top of… ETHAN BIRD! The manipulator’s door opens right beside the two in the match as he rushes out with a clothesline! Doubt slams down as Ethan Bird spots Dr. Sleep laying on the mesh. He rushes over and begins drilling boots into his chest as a semblance of remembering last week comes to the forefront. He lifts up Dr. Sleep who grabs him by the neck and connects with a jawbreaker! Ethan Bird staggers backwards before Sleep gets back to his feet. Clothesline sends Ethan Bird back into the ring as Dr. Sleep climbs the top rope for… a diving elbow drop!] [Dr. Sleep gets to his feet just in time to see Doubt leap from the top rope. THE PESSIMIST’S END! ONLY… DR. SLEEP CATCHES HIM! He hooks Doubt’s legs and flings him over his shoulder! Doubt hits the mat hard as Dr. Sleep grabs it by the arm before pulling it into a spike DDT! The lights circle again before coming down upon… JACOB PHOENIX! The door slides open and in comes Jacob Phoenix who springs from the top rope onto Dr. Sleep with a springboard dropkick! Phoenix gets back to his feet just in time to see Ethan Bird getting to his feet.] [He kicks Bird right in the midsection before climbing up the top rope, leaps to the second rope and… PHOENIX FOREARM! Ethan Bird slams into the mat before he hooks his legs! One…Two…NO! Jacob Phoenix gets to his feet just in time to see Dr. Sleep is back to his feet. Roundhouse kick from the enigma that is Dr. Sleep! He grabs Jacob Phoenix and rushes towards the corner with a throw that sends Phoenix OVER THE ROPE AND INTO THE POD’S CORNER! Phoenix hits the ground hard with his hands clutching his shoulder! Dr. Sleep goes to go after him only for Doubt to connect with a dropkick that sends Sleep into the corner.] [The lights circle once more and lands on the last member of the match! Captain Zappa slowly enters the match before eyeing the empty pod that Sergei should have been in. Zappa doesn’t enter the match yet, but just watches from the outside of the ring. Doubt begins drilling kicks into the midsection of Dr. Sleep in the corner before rushing forward with a large superkick! Dr. Sleep catches its leg though! He lifts him up for a T-Bone suplex! Dr. Sleep looks down at Doubt for a moment before hitting the ropes and rebounding to the others with a leaping jump to the top before springing off for a hurricanrana! Zappa is caught off guard as he’s sent flying into the wall of the pod!] [CRASHHHH!] [The glass shatters as Zappa is laid out! Dr. Sleep grins at this before spotting Ethan Bird in the center of the ring. He climbs into the ring before meeting him in the center of the ring. The two begin trading blows before Ethan Bird kicks Dr. Sleep in the midsection. He lifts him up for… THE WORLD’S EN- NO! Dr. Sleep flips him right over his shoulder before connecting with a roundhouse! Ethan Bird is groggy just as Dr. Sleep raises him up onto his shoulders. He flings him forward before hiking up his knee into his bearded chin! GO TO SLEEP! Ethan Bird hits the mat like a sack of potatoes! Dr. Sleep pins him down! One…Two…THREE!] [ETHAN BIRD IS ELIMINATED!] [Dr. Sleep gets back to his feet, but it’s Doubt who connects with a kick to the abdomen! It hits the ropes before swiveling his legs for a large shining axe kick! THE END OF WISDOM! Dr. Sleep hits the mat just as Doubt claps its hand together and hits a moonsault with its knees landing right on the chest/abdomen of Dr. Sleep! THE CAUSE OF DOUBT! Doubt hooks the legs of Dr. Sleep! One…Two…NO! Dr. Sleep powers out as he pushes Doubt right off of him with the impact! Doubt looks a little confused just as Jacob Phoenix makes his way back into the match with another…. PHOENIX FOREARM!] [Doubt hits the mat, but The Nightwatch waits for The Masked Emotion to get to its feet. Meanwhile on the outside, Zappa has finally pulled himself out of the shards of glass with a little blood trickling down his face. Doubt staggers to its feet just as Jacob Phoenix leaps up for… ZIG ZAG! But Doubt hooks the top rope which forces Jacob Phoenix slams to the mat on his shoulder! He instantly clutches his injured shoulder as Doubt’s head tilts as if examining him. ZAPPA NAILS DOUBT FROM BEHIND! A huge blow that floors The Masked Emotion! He climbs into the ring, but turns just in time to catch sight of him. Dr. Sleep nails him with a lunging clothesline! Zappa bounces up to his feet just as Dr. Sleep grabs him up onto his shoulders before running forward with a running senton onto Doubt! Sleep gets back to his feet and lifts up Doubt. GO TO SLEEP! He leaps upon it! One…TWO…THREE!] [DOUBT IS ELIMINATED!] [Three men remain, but it’s Jacob Phoenix who Dr. Sleep eyes next. He grabs Phoenix up with a grin upon his face before hitting three vicious headbutts into the shoulder of Phoenix. He cries out in pain before Sleep whips Phoenix AGAIN INTO THE POD! Phoenix is a mess as he falls back into the ring clutching at his shoulder in immense pain. Dr. Sleep lifts him up onto his shoulder and… GO TO SLEEP! Dr. Sleep hooks his legs! One…TWO…THREE!] [JACOB PHOENIX IS ELIMINATED!] [Two men remain as the blood begins dripping down the face of Captain Zappa as he rises to his feet. Dr. Sleep turns about as the two share a moment. The All-Star Championship is on the line and this monster has eliminated everyone in the ring thus far with exception of Captain Zappa. Zappa rubs his hands together as a grin spreads through his crimson mask. They meet in the center of the ring as the two begin trading blows back and forth as the crowd is on their feet! Dr. Sleep gets the upper hand with a stiff right uppercut before lifting up Zappa with a vertical suplex! Zappa reaches down and rakes the eyes of Sleep!] [Captain Zappa pulls Sleep between his legs, turns him around and lifts up with a piledriver! THE LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! Dr. Sleep is slammed into the mat. Zappa staggers to his feet, touching the blood for a moment. Dr. Sleep begins to get to his feet as Zappa looks a little surprised! He tries to whip Dr. Sleep into the ropes, but turns him back before snapping him into a DDT! THE HICCUP IN THE MATRIX! Zappa climbs to the top rope and lifts off with a twisting moonsault with his knees driving into the ribcage of Dr. Sleep! ZETAVARIUM! Zappa staggers to his feet with a grin on his face. Yet Dr. Sleep slowly gets to his feet! Captain Zappa looks shocked and disturbed. You can’t hear him say it, but his mouth words… ‘What ARE you?” Dr. Sleep doesn’t respond, but just kicks him in the midsection and lifts him up. GO TO SLEEP! Sleep hooks his legs. One…Two…THREE!] [A hellacious bout, but it’s Dr. Sleep who picks up the big win and becomes the new All-Star Champion!]


[The Chief enters his office, looking a little tired. He’s had a lot on his mind as of late and the police are hot on his trail. He walks over to his desk to find a large envelope. Confused, as you’d expect, he rips it open.] [Inside, he finds a letter.] [He reads it aloud.]

“Not everything is what it seems. You bought this company to launder your money, but you’re ignorant to its purpose.”

[The Chief pauses.]

“The balance of the world is in good and evil. Old School Wrestling is a temple designed to house the war that wages between these two entities. It is a war of a life time. It has torn through men, women and companies for generations. You hold the keys to that war.”


“Without Old School Wrestling, it would spill over into the world and not even the God’s could contain it. You don’t own a business, Chief. You don’t own financial security. You own a temple. The souls inside this temple feed the God’s of good and evil. They maintain a balance that saves the world.”

[Once again, he pauses, letting this sink in.]

“The balance is becoming disrupted by your ignorance. So, I have decided to enlighten you before it’s too late. Soon enough, you will have to pick a side. Soon enough, you will have to choose. Are you good, or evil?”