[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The sound of heavy boots slapping against concrete echo throughout the halls of the Tap Room as Adam Eve approaches the locker room area. He pulls open the door and steps inside, only the lights immediately dim.] [Confused, Adam steps forward, an eyebrow raised.] [That’s when a circle of fire suddenly erupts around him. He looks immediately for a way out, but there is none.]

“You won’t escape,” [says a voice.] “After all, the devil is in the details.”

[Damien Levi steps into frame, stood just outside the flames.]

“What do you want from me?” [Eve exclaims nervously.] “We’ve never met, you and I.”

“I only want justice, Adam,” [Damien says, stroking his chin.] “Justice for you, justice for all the people like you.”

[That surprises the Made Man.]

“But first, we need to shine a spotlight on who you are. The world has long become ignorant to the plight of people such as yourself. They pretend they have the answers, when all they’re doing is reading from a cheat sheet designed to make them appear affable. That my friend, is an injustice.”

[Adam interrupts, confused.] “And what do you intend to do about it, huh? You entrap me within flames and proclaim you’re going to help me, but here I am, trapped all the same.”

[Damien clicks his fingers and the flames go out. Just like that. He approaches Adam and stands before him, smiling.]

“You’re right, you’re trapped. You’re trapped inside the body of a woman, Adam. You’re trapped inside the narrow minds of the world. Don’t you see what I’m trying to tell you? I can free you from that misery.”

“So, this was a song and dance, is that it?” [Eve says, pushing Levi backwards.] “A little show and tell? I don’t need your help, Damien. I don’t need the devil’s son on my side. I’ll take your justice and at Invasion, I’ll shove it up your ass.”

[Levi smirks at the suggestion.] “If you choose it, then it shall be. But at Invasion, I will write your name in the Book of Levi and whether you like it or not, the world will finally see you for the man you are because of it.”

[Damien nods, exiting the room as Adam looks on, not quite sure what to make of what’s just happened.] [Cut.]


[It’s the debut of Damien Levi, and he’s got his hands full as standing across from him is Adam Eve, The Sharkman, and Makena Jakande!] [The bell sounds as these four competitors circle around. Makena charges forward for a spear, but Levi straightens her up with a kick to her shoulder! He takes a step back and connects with a roundhouse before hooking her arm for an armdrag, but keeping control on the arm to pull her up into a pumphandle suplex! Meanwhile Adam Eve is caught watching the action as The Sharkman blasts him with a dropkick sending him into the corner! The Sharkman smells the blood in the water as he rushes up and delivers an enzuigiri in the corner to the face of Adam Eve!] [Levi sees this as a grin spreads across his face before hitting an elbow smash to the side of Sharkman’s head and pulling him close for a piledriver. Sharkman’s head is spiked into the mat as Levi rolls into a cover. One…Two… BROKEN UP! Adam Eve breaks up the pinfall before lifting up Levi ABOVE HIS HEAD! OH MAN! A gorilla press down into a backbreaker! Levi is clutching his back as Adam Eve lifts him up onto his shoulders. GENDER BENDER! Levi is in some serious pain as Adam begins wrenching the Torture Rack in. CROSSBODY FROM THE TOP! Makena just took out both of them with a leaping crossbody!] [Makena gets to her feet just as The Sharkman is getting to his feet. The two begin trading a few sluggish blows before it’s Makena who hits the ropes. Adam Eve staggers to his feet right in between them as The Sharkman spots this. HIGH AND LOW! A baseball slide took out the back of Adam’s knees just as Makena drilled a big boot into his face! Adam Eve hits the mat like a sack of potatoes as the other three competitors stand up. The Sharkman sees Damien Levi and charges him with a dropkick to his knees. He falls to his knees as Makena charges forward with a knee strike as he collapses! Makena turns around only to be pulled into an intricate submission. THE SHARKMAN SPECIAL! Makena taps out!] [The Sharkman gets a big win here tonight over three very game competitors!]


[Click.] [Bloodshot eyes.] [Those eyes belong to Edward Newton. He’s exhausted and he hasn’t slept properly in weeks. Ever since Dr. Sleep invaded his dreams, he’s been unable to rest.] [Newton has been searching for a solution to his problem.] [But unfortunately, he’s fallen asleep.] [Inside the mind of Edward Newton, paranoia has long taken over. He stands in the middle of a white room. There’s no doors, no windows and no way in or out.] [And yet Doctor Sleep still appears.]

“You look tired,” [he remarks.] “Aren’t you getting enough rest?”

[Newton takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes.]

“Minutes at a time, but you know that, don’t you? My alarm is scheduled to wake me in ten minutes, but I intend not to need it, so let’s talk.”

[Sleep folds his arms.] “Talk? There’s nothing to say. I’m going to kill you, Edward.”

“I don’t want to talk to you. I want to talk to Bruce Van Chan.”

[The Doctor shakes his head and laughs.]

“There’s no chance. In the real world, perhaps, but inside here there’s no way he can escape my mind.”

[The Riddler smiles.] “I considered as much.”

[Suddenly, Bruce Van Chan appears. Like a visage, he just arrives.]

“This is my dream, Sleep. If I want to talk to Bruce Van Chan, then I will. We have a lot to discuss, Bruce. But first, I need you to take back your body.”

[Sleep worriedly looks at Newton, then at Bruce and realizes he has to lunge. He runs towards Edward, only Bruce runs too, leaping at him. They combine, melding together.] [What’s left is Bruce Van Chan.]

“What do you want, Newton?” [he barks.]

“I haven’t slept properly in weeks. Enforced Insomnia, they call it. I need to know what it’ll take for you to return to yourself and end this nightmare?”

[Bruce shakes his head.] “You spent all that time trying to end me, and now you want me back? You retired me, Edward. You put me out to pasture. You took my career, and tried to take my life.”

[The Riddler looks desperate.]

“I didn’t come here without a bargaining chip, Bruce. Your wife and kids aren’t safe whilst you’re gone. They’re vulnerable. Doctor Sleep doesn’t care for their safety, he only wants one thing; blood. You can quench that thirst, can’t you? You want it too. You see, the only reason he craves vengeance is because you do. He’s a manifestation of your desires. Until you control them, you’ll never be in control.”

“Do you think threatening my family will help you?” [Bruce says, stepping closer to Newton.] “You know what I want.”

“Very well. Return to the ring and fight once more. At Invasion, I will stand opposite you and we will wage war. But if you want to control your life, and return to your family, you’re going to have to put an end to Doctor Sleep.”

[Suddenly, Bruce starts changing. Sleep is fighting back.]

“Fight him, Bruce. Fight him!”

[Doctor Sleep regains control, and lunges for the throat of The Riddler.] [Beep. Beep. Beep.] [Deep breath.] [And once again, he’s awake.] [Cut.]


[The red void is vast and infinite.] [Within its empty crimson shadow sits the single rock that we have seen many times of late. The crag juts downward into the swirling space around it.] [Upon the rock kneels Pedro El Salvador. His arms and feet have been shackled and his clothes are word and tattered.] [One can only guess what he has endured at the hands of the being standing before him.] [The Scarecrow.]

“I know the truth of what you speak.” [The Scarecrow taunts.] “Yet your mission will not come to fruition. Your true hero will never do as you request.”

[El Salvador looks up, defiant in the face of the Hayman.]

“I will find another.”

[Scarecrow steps back with a chuckle.]

“We both know that’s not how these things work.”

[Before Scarecrow can continue, his head darts to the side in surprise.] [All around the rock, the red void seems to distort. It twists and swirls in golden tones, even resembling flames. Scarecrow cocks his head to the side as the swirls intensify, creating a vortex effect that causes the Hayman to step towards it.] [Only to be knocked back as the vortex fully opens and a man steps through.] [Not just any man, but Tommy Hawk himself. His body seems empowered with the strength of the spirits he communes with.]

“I told you, harbinger of death, that I would not allow you to kill him. This path of death ends now.”

“You fool! [Scarecrow snorts.] This is my domain. You may be able to invade it, but you do not control it.”

[Taking a moment to seemingly summon some kind of power, Scarecrow pauses. Tommy Hawk’s eyes narrow in anger as he leaps forward and the golden energy surrounding him leaves his body through his hand.] [In the shape of a Tomahawk.] [The golden energy strikes Scarecrow, knocking him backward. Hawk rushes forward to use that same energy to sever the bonds holding El Salvador.]

“Come. We will return to safety.”

[El Salvador looks at the recovering Scarecrow.]

“Yes. You must consult the fires, Tommy. Then and only then will you be able to summon the power you need.”

[Hawk seems confused by El Salvador’s sudden energy, but quickly shakes it off. The two men rush towards the vortex, leaping into it and vanishing from the void.] [As the crimson nothingness returns to its normal consistency, the Scarecrow sits up.] [And he has a smile on his face.] [Crows flutter in the distance as black takes the screen.]


[It’s the battle between three-lettered abbreviations tonight as it’s Don’t Trust Reason, DTR, going up against Jackson Grant Fitzgerald, JGF!] [The battle begins as both men move towards the center of the ring. The President extends his hand with a gleam on his grin. DTR slowly reaches out and takes it. HEADBUTT! That’s why he’s called DTR! JGF is groggy as DTR wraps his hands around the neck of JGF for a spinning neckbreaker. He’s quick to his feet as the President is feeling the effects early. DTR wraps the head of JGF below his arm and lifts his tall frame up before… DROPPING HIM ON HIS HEAD! BRAINBUSTAAAAAAA! The Virus rolls into the cover with his hands pressed on his chest. One…Two…] [Foot on the rope! The ever-resilient JGF just slipped his way through that impeachment! DTR takes a step back and watches as JGF slowly gets back up. DTR rushes forward and hooks his waist for a German suplex to which JGF blocks with his leg behind DTR’s. He rolls forward and hooks the legs of DTR into a pinning predicament. One…Two…NO! DTR manages to kick out as both men make it to their feet. Hard elbow strike by Jackson Grant Fitzgerald seems to stagger the Virus before laying into him with shot after shot! The bills are coming in hot as JGF lifts him up and drives him into the mat with a spinebuster!] [JGF seems to be preparing for the end as he climbs to the top rope and shushes the crowd. It doesn’t work, but he tries it nonetheless. He gives a salute to DTR and smiles. “God bless DTR, and God bless America!” He leaps for… THE EXECUTIVE ORDER! TO THE MAT! DTR managed to roll just out of the way in time. DTR gets to his feet with a grin on his face just as The President is getting up. DTR kicks Mr. President in the midsection and lifts up his presidency into the air in a crucifix position… ROLLUP! JGF slipped out and has DTR rolled up! One…Two…THREE!] [With his presidency on the line, Jackson Grant Fitzgerald wasn’t afraid to win by any means necessary even with a handful of tights!]


[Static. Then a bright white screen. Scrolling text reveals the words… ‘Interrupted Transmission’] [Current Day, in a galaxy quite familiar to us.] [We find ourselves aboard the bridge of an unknown spacecraft, vast in size and spearheading a fleet equally as vast. The tiny blue speck ahead of them the only tell-tale sign of their destination. Yet, they sit idly, floating without propulsion in the vacuum of space. Almost peaceful, the calm before the storm.] [Before them, dozens more craft appear, warping in seemingly out of nowhere. Aboard the bridge, a figure stands. Pale, species obviously the same as Lyra Starchild, yet not the same. It looks out the window with an air of confidence about him that only comes with being the one in charge. Several of its underlings approach without sound, yet it detects their presence.

Without so much as turning to address them, it speaks in an unknown and unrecognisable dialect. In the transmission, the dialect is somehow converted to recognisable English as a breathy voice doubles the captain’s words.]

“The moment is upon us. We now await but one final piece of the puzzle before the invasion can begin.”

[The Captain’s eyes scan the vastness of black before him, the billions of stars that span the various galaxies. His eyes lock on one location – the tiny blue speck ahead of him. Earth. Blissfully unaware of the impending liberation fleet that stand idle just outside their potential view. He speaks once more, the strange dialect being translated before us.]

“Agent Starchild is yet to send word that her mission has been success. We wait for her. The ties between Earth and the Zetas must be severed before the invasion begins. To avoid… collateral damage.”

[He now turns, his back to the advisers before him.]

“We come to liberate. Earth’s pitiful technology and ignorant populous will never see it coming. They are blissfully unaware of how perfect their planet is to sustain a vast array of life. Blissfully unaware of how, even now, the stars align for their impending liberation.”

[He turns back to the blue speck.]

“Once Starchild has removed the Chosen One the attack will commence.”

[The feed is cut and the screen returns to static.]


[The Masked Emotion stands by itself in a familiar setting: the old Asylum locker room. It’s here with that sole light on in the center of the room that he looks around the room.] [Spotless.] [Seemingly the gore that had previously adorned the floor and walls has been scrubbed away leaving not even the faintest hint as to what had previously been there. Even the grime that had previously been in the room has seemed to be removed.] [It’s standing in this room that it turns about at an ominous sound.] [The sound of deep, menacing breathing coming from the stitched ‘face’ of No Face. In his hand is a broken mask resembling Doubt’s that is broken in half.]

“So, you’ve been the one stalking me?”

[No response from the faceless one, but a laugh echoes through the room. Doubt’s gaze doesn’t leave from No Face. Out from the darkness steps Hysteria with his arms folded behind his back. He circles around the room as Doubt does not budge.]

“He’s not exactly the most… chatty… person, is he?”

[Doubt doesn’t budge.]

“You see, sometimes he has difficulty communicating. So he brought me along.”

“What do you want?” [says Doubt without his gaze leaving No Face.]

“We just want you to relax, Doubt. Just… let the other guy take the wheel for a bit.”

[The Masked Emotion doesn’t budge as its hands begin to clench. No Face’s head tilts to the side as if waiting patiently for a response.]

“No. Only Doubt is here. He is gone, forever.”

[A wild laughter as Hysteria joins the side of No Face. He places his hand upon his shoulder as they both begin sinking into the darkness.]

“Don’t worry, buddy. Next week, SHE will be here.”

[They disappear into the darkness as only Doubt is left standing alone. Its hands unclench as it stares ahead.]



[We have a huge match here tonight as the Olympian faces off against the Nightwatch. Can Gable continue his great run or will the Phoenix rise from the ashes of a hard previous month?] [The bell sounds as Gable rushes forward, trying for a double leg takedown but the Phoenix blocks him, kicking him hard in the temple. Gable is dazed as the Phoenix lights him up with a series of hard forearms , doubling him over a hard knee to the gut, before snapping him to the canvas with a Suplex. The Phoenix floats over for the cover, ONE…TW.KICKOUT! The Phoenix pulls Gable up to his feet, tossing him into the ropes] [Gable rebounds off, ducking under a clothesline as he grabs the Phoenix from behind, GERMAN SUPLEX! Gable tosses the Phoenix on the back of his head as Jacob slowly gets to his feet, GOLD RUSH! The massive spear nearly cuts the Phoenix in half as Gable drops down,straddling Jacob as he begins to rain down elbow after elbow, the Phoenix trying to cover himself up. Gable switches around, flipping the Phoenix to a kneeling base as he floats around his back, trying to lock in Silence is Golden.] [The Phoenix tries to fight out, getting to his feet as Gable begins to headbutt him into a daze. The Phoenix nails Gable with a sharp elbow to the jaw, loosening his grip enough as the Phoenix flips back, ZIG ZAG! That takes it out of both men as they slowly get to their feet, exchanging heavy lefts and rights, a big European Uppercut stunning the Phoenix as Gable rushes to the ropes. He bounces off, ducking under a superkick as he kicks the Phoenix in the gut, PUGH-PLEX! Gable drops down, hooking the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Gable picks up another big singles victory, putting down the former VHS Champion here tonight as he looks to do the same to another former champ in a few weeks time]


[The match is over, and Jacob Phoenix still remains in the ring.] [Flicker.] [The vigilante does not falter, standing tall as across from him in the ring now stands Mother. The demonic goddess’s eyes full of nothing but pure hatred.]

“Where are they.” [Her voice cold, the words dripping like poison from her lips.]

“They are gone, mother.”

“Where. Are. My. CHILDREN!”

[Mother lunges towards Phoenix! Jacob backs up and is able to block Mother’s wild scratching. He tries to fight back against her but her fury is impossible to stop!]


[Phoenix is forced into the ropes! BLACK MIST TO THE EYES! HAPPILY EVER- HE DUCKS UNDER! Jacob Phoenix rushes and slides under the ropes towards the entrance! Mother runs to the ropes, glaring down at Phoenix as he backs up the entranceway.]

“You want to know where they are, Mother? Those poor children you abused are FREE Mother. I’ll never tell you where they are. As far as you’re concerned, this isn’t about them anymore. It’s just about you and me.”

[Mother bites her lips in rage, shouting again at Phoenix, her wrath undying.]


[Phoenix’s lip curls as he looks up at Mother.] [But slowly, his grimace turns into a smile.]

“That’s where you’re wrong, Mother. I may have failed before. I may have been beaten down more times than I can count trying to save those I care about. But today, I can say without a doubt, I didn’t fail. I saved those children, and you’ll never get your hands on them again.”

[Mother tries to run after Phoenix, the vigilante backing out of the entrance.] [She chases him down.] [But by the look in her eye, we can see Phoenix has evaded her grasp.]


[Tonight, Brent Kersh faces Jensen Cussen. Two fathers, two fighters, two former champions, who can pull out the win tonight?!] [DING! DING! Both men march towards each other and start delivering vicious lefts and rights! Jensen Cussen gets the advantage and goes for a round kick. No! Kersh catches the leg turning it into an ANKLE LOCK! Quick submission attempt by Kersh! Cussen might tap but he rolls through sending Kersh through the ropes! Kersh falls to the floor and is crawling to the barricades! Cussen climbs to the top rope and dives at Kersh with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Kersh falls hard and Jensen starts stomping away on him! Cussen picks up Kersh and tosses him back into the ring!] [Cussen is climbing back into but Kersh sees an opportunity and kicks Cussen’s knee out! Cussen is caught in the ropes! Kersh gets back to his feet and wraps the damaged leg in the ropes! He starts kicking and punching at it! It’s clear what the target is! Kersh runs off the ropes and hits a massive DROPKICK to the hurt knee! Another one! The referee holds him off doing another one so Cussen can untie himself. Cussen uses the ref as a distraction and EYE POKE to Kersh! Kersh can’t see anything and BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA by Cussen!] [A superkick out of nowhere as Cussen goes for the cover! One…Two…Thre…No! Kersh rolls the shoulder up! Cussen is stunned and yells stay down to Kersh! Cussen waits for Kersh to get up, he charges at him with a flurry of kicks setting up for infinite chaos but Kersh catches one of the kicks, holds the leg and starts kicking the back of the knee until Cussen falls! Kersh keeps a hold of the leg and locks in SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Figure-four leg lock on the already hurt leg! Cussen is trying to fight it but he has no choice! He taps out!] [What a win by Brent Kersh here tonight over a very game Cussen! Showing why he is a legend here in OSW.]


[Recorded Earlier] [We find ourselves looking down on an expanse of maize fields, a bird’s eye view. One particular field, a peculiar design of a crop circle is clear from above as barren patches of the field create patterns in amongst the maize. From above, we zoom in on one such barren clearing and soon see a plume of smoke billowing. A figure is lying down in the centre of the crop circle, smoke billowing as he exhales the joint that hangs from his lips.

Captain Zappa.] [He opens a pair of bloodshot eyes, looking up to the sky with a strange grin on his face.]

“The vision… The stars align. Time draws near.”

[He looks around him as he pushes himself to his feet, taking in his surroundings as if for the first time. It soon becomes clear that he has no idea how he got here or where he is.]

“A marker. Landing site. The Zetas visions must have drawn me here. This is the spot where they will come.”

“Yes. And you led me right to it. Thank you ‘Chosen One’.”

[Lyra Starchild. She appears from between the rows of corn into the crop circle that Zappa stands in, a plume of light accompanying her. Zappa turns to face Starchild, blowing another puff of smoke in her direction.]

“You always seem to be a step ahead, but never realise that you are actually one step behind.”

[Lyra smirks as she points her weapon at him, confidently stepping forward.]

“Yet I am the one holding the power to erase you in the palm of my hand. There is no eclipse this night, no energy shift to save you from your fate. This marker you stand in… This marks the end of the connection between Earth and the Zeta.”

“Don’t be too sure of that.”

[Several figures materialise behind him, flanking him from behind as if to guard him. Zappa reaches up and lowers Lyra’s weapon with one hand.]

“As we speak there are forces at play that the human inhabitants of this Earth will never understand. This galaxy, on the brink of an intergalactic war and we, the two representatives of the different sides of that war find our destinies intertwined. You need me this week, as I need you.”

[Lyra holsters her weapon, grunting in frustration as she knows that Zappa somehow speaks sense. Yet, she makes it clear that things are not over.]

“In exactly one week’s time, at the aptly named ‘Invasion’ we will witness the Galaxy Quest match. A battle – the stakes, advantage in this war. Should I win, the connection to the Zetas will finally be severed.”

[Zappa smiles, taking another draw of his joint.]

“Should I win, your fleet never receives the message that your mission has been completed. They will lose their element of surprise and any advantage that they have in this war. At Invasion… The Galaxy Quest determines the outcome of our galaxy.”

[Lyra nods without word, tapping a button on her belt and disappearing in a bright beam of light. With her gone, the silhouettes of the Zetas that protect Zappa materialise behind him. He is left, knowing that the path to the Zeta invasion must go through Lyra Starchild.]


[Drip.] [Drip.] [A viscous liquid drips from the top of our screen to the bottom. The drips fall in time with the booming pulsations of a beating heart. The liquid falls down into a small sea of that same liquid. Each drips merges with an unnatural penetration. There is no splash.] [There is nothing but the bowl being filled.] [Standing above the bowl is Lux Bellator, a smile on his face with every drip. His hand touches the ancient book in front of him. Three of the seals have vanished entirely. The fourth hangs by threads.]

“Soon the Bowl of Death will be full.”

[Bellator grins beneath his mask as his mission carries on with the same reliability as the sound of the dripping.] [Yet a harsh voice cuts through the sound.]

“What effect can the Bowl of Death have on those that are not dead nor alive.”

[Bellator turns with a pursed face to look at his intruder.] [The Scarecrow. Fresh off of Tommy Hawk’s rescue of the captive Pedro El Salvador.]

“You have once again invaded my private sanctum.” [Bellator states, no fear in his voice.] “I will not allow it again.”

[Scarecrow snorts.]

“I go as I please. It is where you do not go that should inspire fear.”

[Lux seems to consider that before continuing without a second thought.]

“I have no place for fear.” [Bellator steps closer to Scarecrow to prove that.] “Why are you here?”

[In a departure from his usual response, Scarecrow actually responds without threat.]

“Your Father. He escaped my grasp.”

[The Light Warrior seems suddenly interested.]

“I know. I felt the Spirit Walker using the power of the dead.” [Lux responds in an attempt to hide his interest.] “And?”

[Menace floods the room as Scarecrow suddenly seems everywhere.]

“I know the truth now, Lucas. I know who you are. I know what you are expected to do. And more importantly, I know why. And you have no idea the truth behind your life. You have no idea why you have been imbued with powers that would destroy a normal man.”

[Bellator opens his mouth, but Scarecrow cuts him off.]

“I told you the old powers were beginning to awaken, but even I did not know the extent to their rise. Their power fills the halls of this world beyond what I have seen in some time.”

[Crow nudges past Bellator to look over the book and the bowl below it.]

“Your mission concerns the living and the necessary end that awaits them.”

[The Hayman turns back to Bellator.]

“I will not interfere with that mission, Warrior of Light. I care not for the fate of the living.”

[The two square up with one another, the full menace of the Scarecrow being laid bare on the resolute Lux Bellator.]

“But you come for the gold that I hold. And that I will not allow. I will destroy you, fool boy, before the seals are broken and before the bowls are poured. I implore you to keep your eyes on that mission.”

[Lux Bellator snorts.]

“I will take your gold, abomination. I will pour the bowls. I will break the seals. Because that is what my Lord wills. So He speaks, so I will do.”

[Crows begin to flutter in the small room as Scarecrow backs away.]

“That’s what I expected you to say. I will force you to endure the same fate as you have promised them.”

[Scarecrow is gone, and Lux Bellator is left with nothing but his own thoughts.] [And the dripping.] [Neverending.]


[Before Captain Zappa and Lyra Starchild clash next week in their much anticipated bout at Invasion, tonight they’re teaming up against the formidable duo of Doubt and Smiley.]

Captain Zappa starts off against Smiley – and they’re brawling in the centre of the ring. Smiley whips Zappa into the ropes and catches him with a big knee to the midsection. Zappa’s hunched over. DOUBLE-UNDERHOOK DDT from Smiley. Smiley stalks his prey as Zappa staggers to his feet. Right hands from Smiley, followed by a SNAP SUPLEX! Zappa uses the ropes to get to his feet. Smiley approaches, ONLY — DROP TOE HOLD FROM CAPTAIN ZAPPA! SMILEY’S THROAT CRUSHES AGAINST THE MIDDLE ROPE! Captain clutches onto Smiley and executes a FALLAWAY SLAM! Zappa scoops Smiley up onto his back, runs towards the nearest turnbuckle and INTERGALACTIC INERIA! Zappa makes the pin in the corner…1…2…TAG! WHAT!? Lyra Starchild just reached over the ropes and TAGGED HERSELF into the match before the ref could finish the 3 count.

Starchild pulls Smiley to his feet for a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. Lyra climbs the tope rope. MOONSAULT! PERFECTLY EXECUTED!! Lyra hooks the leg, making the pin…1… STRONG KICK OUT! Lyra positions Smiley for a NECK BREAKER — NO!! Smiley spins Starchild around and hit her with a BULLDOG! But Lyra is first up to her feet. She whips Smiley into the ropes. CLOTHESLINE — DUCKED! Smiley bounces off the opposite the ropes and hits Starchild with the SHOCK THERAPY!! WHAT A SPEAR! But a tag is closer than the pin. TAG! HERE COMES DOUBT!

Doubt makes the pin…1…2… KICK OUT! Doubt with right hands. Pulls Starchild up. SNAP SUPLEX from Doubt. Another SNAP SUPLEX! Doubt whips Starchild into the ropes and catches Lyra in a HIP TOSS INTO A BACK BREAKER! Doubt makes the pin…1….2…CAPTAIN ZAPPA BREAKS THE PIN! Zappa whips his own teammate into their corner turnbuckle. And before Doubt can stop him, Zappa leaps back over the ropes and tagged himself into the match. Right hands from Zappa! Doubt tries to return fire — ZAPPA DUCKS! JAWBREAKER FROM ZAPPA! Doubt pops back up, but right into THE LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! Zappa’s reverse pile driver! Zappa climbs to the top rope… BUT WAIT!! SMILEY THUNDERS INTO THE RING — OH NO! — SMILEY’S MET WITH A FLYING DROPKICK FROM STARCHILD! Zappa composes himself and hits the ZETAVARIUM on Doubt. CAPTAIN ZAPPA MAKES THE PIN…1…2…3!

[Somehow Captain Zappa and Lyra Starchild have managed to put their differences aside and pull off the unlikely victory here tonight!]


[A mountaintop. The peak contains an altar-like table of stone and a small chest-like box. A figure climbs the last few steps. He is weather-worn, bedraggled yet satisfied. As he pushes himself to his feet, his identity is revealed.

Ethan Bird – only he looks different. His usual raggedy attire replaced by a set of leathern armour. He stands like a Warrior, approaching the altar.]

“Long has Ethan Bird journeyed for this moment. A journey that has been rocky and full of twists and turns. Ethan Bird has sought the power of the ancients, the power required to slay a dragon. It is a journey that has led Ethan Bird here. To this peak – for within this chest layeth the power of the Dragonheart.”

[Bird steps forward towards the altar and reaches out to touch the chest he has come for. Only, as his fingers grace the wood of the chest, he is knocked off his feet by a mighty wind. Before he can find his feet again, a voice erupts seemingly from the mountain itself.]

“Fire and blood, Blood and fire.
Be it this power that thee desire.
A heart of strength and bravery.
For worthy your soul must be.”

[The sound of great flapping wings, much larger than that of any bird. A dragon soars toward the altar, coming to land on a rocky outcrop at the peak of the mountain, some way off the altar. The dragon spreads its mighty wings and its voice booms.]

“You seek to use my hide as a trophy to be remembered. Many have before you – their bones still lie within my lair. What makes Ethan Bird any different to the warriors who have tried to slay me and failed?”

[Ethan Bird looks upon the dragon without fear.]

“True, Ethan Bird has never slayed a dragon. But those other warriors were nothing like Ethan Bird, who studied the Dragon as an ally and as a foe. Now Ethan Bird stands here, the final piece of the puzzle and the final element to Ethan Bird’s quest.”

[The Dragon laughs, each laugh like a clap of thunder.]

“You seek the power to slay the Dragon. That is why you have come. To be remembered as the warrior who slew the mighty unslayable beast. The power lies before you, open the chest.”

[With that, the Dragon takes off into the air. Ethan Bird approaches the altar once more. He takes the wooden box into his hands an opens the lid. Expecting to see some magical trinket or secret inside the box, he is disappointed to see the box is empty.]

“What?” [He exclaims in his surprise.] “You deceitful beast.”

[The beating of wings sounds once more, yet this time not the beast but Solomon Rhodes appears standing at the altar opposite Bird. He smiles as he shuts the box and lays it back on his altar.]

“The power to slay the Dragon lays within those that are worthy. Whether you are worthy or not will soon be answered when you challenge the Dragon in battle. Be remembered or be forgotten, that much is up to you.”

[With that, Rhodes is gone. Bird is left standing at the altar. An empty box for his troubles and a challenge yet to be played out.]


[Backstage, Jackson Grant Fitzgerald stands behind a podium with a grin as he eyes the seal of the President of the United States of America set up behind him. His security detail is close by, keeping an eye out for any troublemakers as JGF turns back with another grin.]

“My fellow Americans, I stand before you a man worried about the future of this great country. We have stood idly by as illegal immigrants invade our borders, plunder our resources, and take advantage of our hospitality…and I say, enough is enough! I’m calling for tougher security of our borders, and to send back those who would try to tarnish the reputation of our nation and those who lead it!”

[A smattering of applause fills the room, much to the delight of the President.]

“We’re going to be a nation that calls the rest of the world out on their attacks against democracy…but more importantly, we’re going to be a nation that bears the torch of human decency for the rest of the world to follow! I’m Jackson Grant Fitzgerald, and I approve this message!”

[A loud round of applause for JGF, as he steps down from the podium. His security walks with him down the hallway, when the President’s phone rings.]


[JGF’s grin quickly fades, turning into a snarl.]

“What do you mean, he’s out? What happened?”

[Some murmuring on the other end makes JGF even more angry.]

“He broke out? How is that even possible!?”

[JGF shakes his head furiously.]

“No, don’t tell me you’re sorry. I need this taken care of now!”

[He hangs the phone up, throwing it against the wall as he storms off, his Secret Security following close behind.] [Cut.]


[The current World Champion has always been a monster but the newcomer No Face may well be his match. Can the Hayman prove his dominance or is No Face too much even for him?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, drilling one another with a hard right hand that barely moves one another. No Face ducks under another right, leaping up with a hard knee that staggers Scarecrow back a step, before unleashing a fury of lefts and rights that seem to bounce off the Hayman. A swinging haymaker sends Scarecrow into the ropes as he bounces off, BIG BOOT! That drops No Face down to one knee as Scarecrow rushes forward, landing a low dropkick that finally puts No-Face down on the mat] [Scarecrow lifts No-Face up off his feet, drilling him with a hard knee to the gut before trying to lift him up for a Suplex. No-Face slips out, dropping down behind Scarecrow, DARKNESS!!! A massive headbutt that doesn’t bust Crow open but puts him down on one knee himself as No-Face grabs him by the back of the head, SILENCE! No-Face slams Scarecrow head first onto the mat over and over again, finally opening up a small cut on Crow who tosses No-Face away but the damage has already been done] [No-Face kicks Crow hard in the face as he tries to stand up before grabbing him by the throat with both hands, strangling him but as he tries to lift him up, Crow nails No-Face with a stiff headbutt, staggering the faceless one. A hard HAYMAKER knocks No-Face loopy before he’s lifted up, SNAP POWERSLAM! Crow calls for the end as he grabs No-Face by the throat, BYE BYE BIRDIE! No-Face is planted to the mat as Crow covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The World Champion picks up the victory here tonight, just being too much for the faceless one here but Crow had to work here, barely defeating the monstrous No-Face here]


[Dark walls loom as Hysteria walks down the hallway. His barbed wire bat sits comfortably in his hand, almost casually an extension of the Mad Mastermind. He turns a corner before suddenly coming to a stop.] [And his world unravels.] [The masked man falls to his knees, yelling out an incomprehensible exclamation as his hands go up to cover his head. The bat falls to the ground with a thud as Hysteria tries to reach for it.] [From the opposite corner, Smiley emerges with Smiley Jr. in hand. He grins as he walks up behind Hysteria without a word. He holds Smiley Jr. aloft just as Hysteria whispers a single phrase.]

“I’m sorry.”

[Those words seem to give Smiley pause. He considers them and does not see as Hysteria’s hand wraps around the handle of his bat.]

“I’m sorry I didn’t kill you years ago.”

[THWACK!] [Smiley goes flying through the wall into a dark room, blood coming from his midsection from the barbs. Hysteria rises to his feet, seemingly taking each step in agony. He holds his bat up for Smiley to behold.]

“Do you remember where I got this?” [He queries, his voice broken.] “Because they do.

[The spirits of the Harrison family seem to dance around him as he stands over his foe, digging the barbed wire into Smiley’s face with no remorse.]

“Be careful what you wish for, Smiley.”

[Hysteria pulls the bat away, taking in the blood mixing with paint that makes up Smiley’s visage. Somehow the Deranged One still smiles beneath it.]

“I wished for years that my family would be with me. Now they are.”

[The agony is evident in the eyes of Hysteria as he forces himself to continue.]

“You wish to destroy me from the inside. And now…”

[Hysteria looks down at the bat, once the signature weapon of the Ozric Mortimer, the Nightmare that destroyed his family.]

“… You will beg for the Nightmare to end.”

[Hysteria staggers out of the room, each step a fight to regain control of his body. Inside the room, Smiley sits up, his tongue darting out to taste the blood on his face.]

“This is easier than I thought.” [He mutters.] [And then he smiles.]


[Cael Gable walks backstage. His gold medal hangs on his chest. His headgear is unsnapped and hangs loose from his skull. He heads through a door marked “MEN” and we enter a bathroom. He steps up to a urinal and lets it go. We hear it, but his body hides it. He turns and heads back out the door, this time walking towards us. As he crosses the threshold, he is hammered in the midsection with a baseball bat!] [He doubles over, and the bat falls down on his back. He’s driven to his knees, and that is when we see the attacker is the same leader of Sheriff Law’s thugs from last week. His fellow goons come onto the scene and they immediately begin stomping on him. Gable is in real trouble as they show no sign of slowing. The leader raises his bat high into the air. Oh no… he can’t… He is going to crush Gable’s head! He swings down as hard as he can!] [And the bat is stopped midair! Gloved hands have it! It’s the Sharkman! He rips the bat from the hands of the stunned ringleader, and Sharkman crushes the leader into the guts with the end of the bat! He crumples to the ground, and the next man leaps at Sharkman, and he catches the bat to the shoulder, dropping him immediately. Each of the men try their luck at the Sharkman, and they each find themselves on the ground writhing in pain. A half dozen goons have been put out of commission.] [Gable is gathering himself, finally catching his breath. The Sharkman helps him sit up and leans him back against the wall. Gable looks confused, furious, and thankful all at the same time.] [Sharkman looks at him, and says…]

“You’ve got to watch your back. The Sharkman will not always be around to save you. A hero stays vigilant.”

[He turns to walk away, and Gable looks even angrier than he was, all thanks has been washed from his face. He holds his ribs, but then Sharkman turns back.]

“Oh yeah, heroes also wash their hands.”

[He turns and walks away, leaving Gable to pick up the pieces amongst the ruins of his foes.]


[One week after winning the VHS title for a second time, Rhodes defends it against the always dangerous Viktor North. Can the Dragon retain or will the Skull Splitter get a second run with the gold?] [The bell sounds as North rushes forward, taking Rhodes by surprise with a flurry of hard forearms and kicks, leaping up with a hard knee to the jaw before backing up and nearly taking his head off with a massive Lariat. Rhodes staggers to his feet right into a spinning backfist before being lifted up high and drilled into the canvas with a stiff Powerbomb. North drops down, hooking the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Rhodes gets the shoulder up!] [North lifts Rhodes up to his feet but gets a low sleep to the back of the knee before a leaping enziguri to the back of the head puts him out on his feet. Rhodes rushes to the top rope, leaping off with a Crossbody Block, staying down for the cover, ONE…TW…North kicks out. Viktor gets to his feet, trying for a Lariat that’s ducked under, DARKWISH! Rhodes drops down for another cover, ONE…TWO…North just gets the shoulder up!] [Rhodes lifts North up to his feet, putting him in between his legs, DAW…BACKDROPPED OUT! North rolls back as Rhodes gets to his feet, GUNGIR! That massive spear clips Rhodes full on as North collapses on top, ONE…TWO…THR…Rhodes just gets the shoulder up! North doesn’t let up, lifting Rhodes up to his feet, FALL OF..CHAOS THEORY! Rhodes hit that out of nowhere as he collapses onto Rhodes, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Dragon retains the title here tonight, using that Chaos Theory out of nowhere to put down the very game Viktor North.]


[Recorded Previously.] [We find ourselves inside of a large building, a police precinct.] [Mother’s children are all sat in chairs, all of them now dressed in normal clothing, they aren’t smiling, but their eyes aren’t filled with fear.]

“By God.” [An officer is heard, the camera panning to reveal him looking over case files.]

“Some of these children have been missing for months, some for even a year or so. How did you find all of them?”

[The camera pans once more to reveal their savior. Jacob Phoenix.]

“That’s not the important part, officer. All I want to know is if you can get them back to their families.”

[The officer looks as if he wants to prod further, but he merely nods his head.]

“Of course. It’ll take some time but we will attempt to get into contact with their parents as soon as possible. I’m assuming you want to be here for that?”

[Phoenix thinks for a moment before shaking his head.]

“The longer I’m here the more likely it is their captor will come back for them. Just, please get them to their rightful homes.”

[With that, Phoenix turns to leave, the children watching as he goes to exit. Just as he opens the door, a voice stops him.]

“Goodbye, Mr. Phoenix.”

[Jacob looks back for just a moment, the little girl that started all of this looking at him, a smile on her face. Phoenix smirks the smallest bit.]



[Doctor Sleep may well be the new resident destroyer here after a shutout victory last week as he now faces off against an old rival in Hysteria. Can the genius manipulator out fox Sleep or will he fall like the rest?] [The bell sounds as Hysteria rushes forward with a huge lariat that bounces off the Doctor, who just looms down at Hysteria with unblinking fury. Hysteria quickly gets to his feet, laying into Sleep with a series of hard slaps before spinning him around and driving him to the canvas with a T-Bone Suplex. Hysteria bounces off the ropes as Sleep easily gets to his feet, YAKUZA KICK into the corner! Sleep staggers out as Hysteria lifts him up onto his shoulders, APATHY!] [Hysteria goes to drop down but before he can even get down to one knee, Sleep sits up. Hysteria backing off quickly in fear as he tries to scurry out of the ring but is dragged back by his hair. Sleep drills Hysteria with a hard knee to the gut that seems to break Hysteria’s ribs before he’s lifted up high and slammed to the canvas with a Snap Suplex. Sleep goes to drop down for an STF but Hysteria kicks him away, the kick hitting Sleep in the temple that sends him staggering as Hysteria gets to his feet, ducking a Lariat, LOST HOPE!] [Hysteria hits that out of nowhere, rolling down into the cover, ONE…TW…KICKOUT! Hysteria can’t believe it as Doctor Sleep sits up once more as Hysteria rushes forward with a running kick that’s grabbed in mid-air by Sleep. A flurry of forearms nearly knock Hysteria out before he’s spun around and flipped with a decapitating Lariat. Sleep calls for the end as he lifts Hysteria up, GO TO SLEEP! Hysteria is knocked out cold as the Doctor hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Doctor Sleep picks up another dominant victory as he took everything Hysteria threw at him and barely flinched. Can anyone stop this terrifying form of Bruce Van Chan or will it end up being Newton’s destruction?]


[The Family Home.] [No, not that one. The one belonging to Brent Kersh.] [Inside the home of Nicole Kersh, DTR stands looming over her, a knife wielded in his hand. Suddenly, the door bursts open and in storms Brent Kersh, who looks absolutely terrified. He immediately looks down at the bump, seeing it unharmed, before turning his attention to Nicole and David.] [Jensen Cussen looms beside him.]

“Here you are, trying to save the world again,” [DTR mocks angrily.] “And here I am, about to end yours. You tried to take my child away, Kersh. And in my world, an eye for an eye.”

[He lowers the knife to Nicole’s belly.]

“Wait!” [Kersh interrupts. He’s torn between the truth and Jensen’s desire to save his daughter.] “It wasn’t me,” [he admits.] “Jensen kidnapped me and brought me to your home. I had no choice.”

[The Virus looks at Cussen who bows his head, ashamed.]

“You did this?” [DTR asks.] “You tried to save your daughter? You tried to stop my baby?”

[Cussen closes his eyes.] “I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I didn’t know what I was doing and…”

[The Virus strikes, stabbing the knife straight through Jensen’s shoulder. Vengeance bellows in pain as black ooze seems from the wound.] [Kersh quickly grabs Nicole, escorting her outside to where a car is waiting.] [By the time DTR turns around, Brent and Nicole are gone. He angrily kicks over a chair, snapping the knife from Cussen’s shoulder.]

“I’m sorry David,” [Jensen says shamefully, holding his arm.] “I don’t know what came over me.”

[DTR grimaces.] [Cut.]


[Lux Bellator awaits Edward Newton in the ring. Newton’s music hits and he steps out through the doors looking very worried. Hysteria and No Face flank him. They are on high alert; Dr. Sleep could strike at any time. Newton enters the ring as Injustice circles it. The bell rings, and the match is on!] [Bellator relishes the chance to end Edward Newton’s undefeated streak, and takes advantage of the distracted Riddler. He rushes at Newton, leaping with a high knee to the temple! Newton crumples to the canvas, and Bellator quickly mounts Edward and delivers a series of elbows to his head! Newton is dazed, and Bellator runs to the top rope, and immediately flies off with a MOONSAULT!! He crashes across The Riddler’s chest and hooks a leg… One… Two… THRE… NO!! Newton kicks out, but Bellator is quick to his feet. He grabs Newton by the hair and starts to pull him up, but… LOW BLOW!] [Newton drops Bellator with a low blow! The referee scolds Newton, threatening to disqualify him. Edward ignores him, and pushes past, grabbing Bellator by the mask and pulling him to his feet. He tucks Bellator’s head under his arm… SNAP SUPLEX!! He covers… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Newton wastes no time and rips Lux up again, just to drop him back with a heavy BODY SLAM! He runs to the ropes for momentum, and then leaps high in the air… LEG DROP!! Newton slides over, shoving his forearm into Bellator’s face, making a rough cover… One… Two… Thre… Kickout!] [Newton is angry and quickly pulls Bellator up once again. He whips Lux into the ropes and ducks down for a back body drop, but Bellator floats over with a SUNSET FLIP!! He rolls Newton up… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Newton and Bellator pop up at the same time. Newton swings at Bellator, who ducks under… Bellator grabs Newton and DEUM LUCEM!! Bellator rolls into the pin… One… Two… Thre… Newton grabs the bottom rope!! Bellator slams his hand on the mat in frustration. He is in control and pulls Newton up. He grabs Newton for the DISCIPLE MAK… No Face is on the apron! The ref turns to get No Face down, and Edward seizes the opportunity! He slides out and jabs Bellator in the throat!] [Bellator is stumbled, and Newton stalks his prey. Bellator gathers himself and turns to swing at Newton, but Newton holds up a finger. Lux stops, and Newton pokes him in the eye! He kicks Bellator in the shin, completing the RIDDLE ME THAT! Bellator bends over, and Newton grabs his head… NEVERMI…. The arena goes black. The lights flash back on and Dr. Sleep stands at the entrance. Newton spots him and is terrified. He yells at Hysteria to stop Sleep, but as Hysteria nears the Doctor, Sleep leaps into the air and grabs Hysteria’s head, dropping down and driving Hysteria’s face into his knee. Hysteria is laid out, and the lights flash out again. A moment later, they come back on, and Dr. Sleep as made his way just outside the ring. Newton yells at No Face, who rushes at Sleep, just in time to get scooped onto Sleep’s shoulder… GO TO SLEEP!! No Face is leveled, and Newton stares at Dr. Sleep in fear.] [Dr. Sleep pulls himself onto the apron, and Newton turns to flee!! But he spins right into a kick to the midsection from Lux Bellator!! Sleep grabs Newton from behind… GO TO SLEEP!!! The ref calls for the bell! Lux Bellator has just lost by disqualification because of Dr. Sleep’s interference! Bellator is furious and swings on Dr. Sleep! He ducks under and lifts Bellator with a Fireman’s Carry…. GO TO SLEEP!!!] [Edward Newton gets the unorthodoxed victory, and keeps his streak alive, but it is Dr. Sleep who stands tall over all the carnage in the Tap Room. He turns to get more of Newton, but a swarm of referees and other officials grab him before he can get to Newton. Sleep fights off a few, and then the lights go out once more. When they come back on, the Doctor is gone.]


[Russia.] [In a small hut in Siberia, Piotor Svetolav sits comfortably in a chair. In his grasp is a pistol, pointed in the direction of the camera. Suddenly, the phone rings.] [He answers, placing the call on loudspeaker.]

“Where are you?”

[A hurried voice responds.] “Outside. Just don’t harm her, Piotor.”

[The camera turns around to reveal an elderly woman sat bound to a chair.]

“Enter, slowly.”

[Piotor stands up and grabs the woman, turning to face the door. With the pistol pointed at her head, the door creeks open and in walks Sergei Sokolov and General Dzagoev.]

“Let my mother go,” [Sergei protests.] “She has nothing to do with this.”

“It’s funny, isn’t it General? After all those years working together, I never thought even despite your brutality, that you’d turn your back on and betray me. We’ve been through wars, fought in silence, for years.”

[The General tries to reason with him.] “I couldn’t let you hurt him, Piotor,” [he admits.] “I’ve known this family too long.”

“This was just another mission,” [Piotor interjects, pushing the gun closer to her temple.] “But now its personal. You’ve made it personal.”

“Please,” [Sokolov begs once more.] “Just release her.”

[Piotor shakes his head.] “And I know why. I know why you turned your back on me. I know why Russia hid you away-“

[Suddenly, a loud bang echoes throughout the tiny room. The General had somehow pulled a pistol from his waistband and fired it at Piotor Svetolav.] [The bullet ricochets off his metal arm, piercing the chest of Mother Sokolov.] [Blood, as if in slow motion, spurts from the wound.] [Svetolav drops her in shock as Sergei runs across the room towards his dear mother. He drops to his knees, cradling her as Piotor makes his escape, running towards the door and exiting the hut.] [Dzagoev can’t believe it. His face is white – gaunt even. He stands still, unable to move as Sergei holds his mother in his arms.]

“Mama! Please, no, mama!”

[Her chest beats one last time.] [And then stops.] [Cut.]


[The empty field is lit by a beacon of fire in its midst.] [Tommy Hawk stands before it. Pedro El Salvador, still looking worse for wear after his time with the Scarecrow, stands beside him. Hawk kneels before the fire, letting colored dust slip between his fingers. Some of it merges with the fire before him, and some of it flies with the wind to plant seeds on the barren field. El Salvador looks down at the kneeling Hawk and speaks gingerly.]

“You must look into the fires once again.” [Pedro says to Hawk, who already intended to do just this.] “There is something you must see.”

[Hawk raises an eyebrow at the presumption of El Salvador, but does not otherwise acknowledge the other man. He closes his eyes and begins to chant in a lost dialect as the fires slowly change colors before him.] [Then his eyes open.] [The fires open as well, showing Hawk the truth.] [The past.] [A skull lies in a field of black rotten soil, water dripping from its overflowed cavities. Two armies stand on opposing sides of this empty field, rain pouring around them.]

“Judgement has arrived for you.”

[The voice of Lux Bellator calls out of the fire. A broken voice replies.]

“There is still a sacrifice demanded.”

[A body falls before the warrior of light, eyes still open in shock.] [Pedro El Salvador.]

“So it begins.”

[Two forms fight over a sea of glass, flames dancing from underneath, beckoning for sacrifice.]

“No.” [The dark priest chokes Lux Bellator on the glass.] “It ends.”

[A throne of skull and bone.]

“A dark wish from a boy who denied God.”

[Pedro El Salvador sits upon it.]

“Welcome to the end.”

[The fires rage as the dark warrior is swallowed by their lancing teeth. Latin words seem to dance upon the image as the fires rage.]

“Domine, tolle filium tuum. Animam suam vitam semel. Multum tamen potest.”

[The fire seems to shift into the present as the voice of El Salvador speaks out of the fire as it did to Tommy Hawk in person several weeks ago. A smile forms behind Tommy Hawk on the face of the present El Salvador.]

“I am here because I have been searching for he who will rise to stop my son from doing what he has come to do.”

[A naked man scrambles for air as his eyes flash open. His eyes seem to be consumed by the flames until they turn inward on themselves. Tommy Hawk scrambles backwards as the flames seem to shrink into themselves.]

“Watch out!” [Hawk calls, grabbing El Salvador and pushing him away.] [Instead of an explosion, the flames just vanish, their tendrils hanging in the air for a moment before dissipating. Hawk and El Salvador look at the flames for just a moment before El Salvador speaks calmly into the now-cool air.]

“So it is as I expected. As I foresaw.”

[Hawk turns to Pedro with a confused expression on his face. The other man now wears a crooked grin.]

“Did you truly believe it was you, Spirit Walker?” [El Salvador taunts, suddenly seeming more sinister than before.] “Or did you wish it to be so.”

[Hawk curls his nose.]

“I do not desire to be your hero. This is not about you. I will do what I must, regardless of your foresight.”

[El Salvador backs away with a smirk as the fire rekindles.]

“Oh, I know you will.” [His eyes bore into Hawks with fervor.] “I can feel your anger. It gives you focus. Makes you stronger.”

[The Spirit Walker looks the former priest up and down. His nose curls as the flames behind him have returned, stronger than before.]

“What are you?”

[The question doesn’t surprise Pedro. Instead, he opens his arms in welcome.]

“Perhaps you can ask him.”

[Hawk doesn’t even wait to look. Instead, he whirls around with his arm already in punching motion. His arm is caught by a hulking figure with a grin.] [The Scarecrow.] [The Hayman wastes no time in grabbing Tommy Hawk by the neck and throwing him.] [INTO THE FIRE!] [The raging flames consume the form of the Spirit Walker to the point that nothing can be seen but flame and smoke. The white tendrils curl around the Scarecrow as he turns to Pedro El Salvador. Before one of them can even speak, a bolt of lightning crashes down from the barren sky to hit the ground before them. Standing in that crater is now Lux Bellator.] [Thunder rumbles in the distance as Bellator and Scarecrow are joined by another form.] [Tommy Hawk has walked out of the fire. His eyes burn with rage as the three men stand ready to fight.] [Without a word, the three combatants rush forward towards one another, battle cry in the air.] [Cut.]