[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Static.] [Previously Recorded] [A dark alley. We’ve seen this before.] [One fading street light flickers on and off, mostly off. Otherwise, the moon is the only light we see. Then, a door opens on the side of a building, and a silhouette steps into the door frame. Cael Gable. He’s dressed in his street clothes, on his way home as the show has just about ended for the night.] [Suddenly, there is a revving of an engine. A street bike comes flying around the corner and down the alley. It comes to a screeching halt, and a passenger jumps off the back; the driver keeps the motorcycle running. He is clothed in leathers and a helmet, his identity hidden. But we know who he is. Gable braces himself for yet another fight.]

“Come on! You think just one of you can take me out?! You haven’t been paying attention!!”

[But that’s when the biker pulls a pistol! He points it directly at Cael’s face and…]

“Law sends his regards!”


[The scream comes from Sharkman, who jumps in front of Cael Gable!!] [BANG!!] [The bullet catches Sharkman full in the chest, who goes down in a heap. Gable still stands frozen, maybe in shock. The gunman looks down, having shot the wrong man. He looks back at Gable, pulls the trigger again… The gun jams! In the distance, sirens begin to wail.]

“Come on!” [The driver yells after the shooter.] ‘We gotta go! Now!”

[The sirens grow closer, and the shooter jumps on the back of the bike. They speed off down the alley. Gable finally starts to clear and looks down at the Sharkman. He isn’t moving. He isn’t breathing.] [Gable drops down to his knees covering the black hole in the chest of Sharkman’s suit.]

“…no blood? Where’s the blood?” [Gable asks no one. He realizes he should do something, as the sirens grow nearer, but have not yet arrived. He begins chest compressions. After a few seconds, he delivers a rescue breath, and continues the compressions.]

“Come on, Shark! Come on! BREATHE!!”

[He goes for another rescue breath, and then starts the compressions again. The sirens are very near now, and then the red and blue lights begins to bounce around the alley. Gable goes for another breath…”

[A gasp!!] [Sharkman breathes! He coughs and grabs his chest.]

“Are you alright?!” [Gable nearly screams.] [Sharkman coughs again and then…]

“Kevlar suit…”

[And he passes out again, but breathing this time. A police car and an ambulance squeal to a halt, and the paramedics jump out, gently pushing Gable back. The officer rushes to them as well. Gable stands up, seemingly in shock. He turns away, and he begins almost mindlessly walking out of the alley.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, it is a battle of intergalactic proportions as Bobby Neptune faces Captain Zappa! It is the chosen one vs the star boy. Will Neptune continue his flight up the ranks or will Zappa force him to have a crash landing?] [DING! DING! Bobby Neptune charges out of the gate and Zappa is quick to counter and goes for the MOAB! Backdrop attempt by Zappa but Neptune front flips out of it! SUPERKICK to the back of Zappa’s head! Zappa falls flat on his back and Neptune goes for a standing moonsault! Zappa gets his knees up! Bad landing for Neptune as he clutches his stomach! Zappa puts Neptune up on his shoulders going for Intergalactic Inertia! Neptune slides out and ENZUIGIRI to Zappa! Fast paced match as Neptune goes to the top rope quickly! He waits for Zappa to get up and goes for ANDROMEDA’S CRASH!] [ NO! ZAPPA CATCHES HIM AND BACKDROPS HIM HARD TO THE FLOOR! MOTHER OF ALL BACKDROPS! Neptune is writhing in pain and Zappa climbs to the top rope himself! He goes for a splash! Neptune saves himself and rolls out of the way! Both men are out on the floor! The ref begins to count! One…Two…Three… Four… Neptune gets up first and slides in the ring! Five…Six…Seven…Zappa is getting up and Neptune knows he has enough time! Neptune dives over the rope with a Plancha! Zappa catches him on his shoulders and runs towards the ring post! INTERGALACTIC INERTIA into the post! Zappa tosses Neptune into the ring!] [Zappa slides in and goes for the cover! One…Two…No! Neptune gets his foot on the ropes! Zappa is enraged and starts stomping on Neptune’s head! Zappa goes to top rope and ZETAVARIUM! No! Neptune catches Zappa’s knees and turns it into the PILLARS OF CREATION! That submission is the perfect counter and it looks like Zappa might tap out any second! Zappa is getting impatient and powers out of it! He makes Neptune roll onto the mat! Neptune gets up and LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE by Zappa! Quick jumping piledriver makes Neptune land face first and Zappa follows with the ZETAVARIUM! Those knees hit Neptune hard as Zappa goes for the cover! One…Two…Three!] [What an amazing win by Zappa as he grounds Neptune before he can truly fly!]


[Click.] [Flashforward.] [Before.] [Before the car chase, before the perch, things weren’t as tense. We open to the Cornfield, and Edward Newton is stood before the perched Scarecrow.] [As he looks up, the Hayman’s head twitches, slowly rising. He comes to life before The Riddler’s eyes.]

“I received your message,” [Newton admits, folding his arms.]

“Good. Our world is rumbling with anticipation for our match at Enter The Badlands,” [The Scarecrow says, the brim of his hat lowered over his eyes.] “And word is that there can only be one.”

[Newton smiles.]

“The unstoppable force versus the immovable object. The undefeated versus the indestructible.”

“Precisely,” [The Scarecrow agrees.] “Only I am both the immovable object and the unstoppable force, little birdie. I returned your message in blood and now you return mine.”

[Edward debates his response briefly.] “I needed to speak with you. Your Championship reign will end in mediocrity, nothing I can do will change that. However, I can help you save her, Scarecrow. I can help you save Mother.”

[The Scarecrow steps down from his perch and stands before The Riddler. Both men stare at each other, eye to eye, before Edward continues.]

“All you have to do is lay down and let me take that World Championship,” [Newton offers.] “All you have to do is sacrifice your reign, for mine. If you do that I will locate Mother and release her unto you.”

[The Hayman grabs him around the throat.] “You took her?”

“Absolutely not!” [Newton shakes his head vehemently.] “However, I can find her. I can study those ancient symbols and understand the means to free her from her tomb. But if you deny me, then I will be forced to end you.”

[There’s an eerie tension in the air as Newton finishes that remark. The Scarecrow suddenly grabs him by the throat, squeezing.]

“I decline your offer.”

[He pushes him away.]

“But I invite you to try and end me.”

[Newton gulps, holding his throat.] “Very well, Mr. Scarecrow.”

[Carefully he moves backwards, edging himself away whilst looking at The Hayman.] [Cut.]


[Four men enter the ring. A monster, a virus, vengeance, and the leader of the free world. Which will stand tall after this war?] [The bell rings and instantly both members of the family try to work together against the other two competitors! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TO JGF! The President rolls away as they turn to No Face! Both men unload with a flurry of blows to the monster! NO FACE BLOCKS THEIR STRIKES! DOUBLE CHOKESLAM! Both men slam into the canvas! No Face forces Jensen up AND THROWS HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! He reaches for DTR- JGF is up! LARIAT TO NO FACE! THE MONSTER FLIES TO THE OUTSIDE! The President is the only one standing and he takes advantage by hitting DTR with a massive spinebuster!] [JGF hits a harsh combination of punches to the grounded Virus before lifting him from the mat and whipping him- KNEE TO THE BACK! Fitzgerald stumbles forward from Jensen Cussen’s surprise attack! DTR COMES BACK WITH A MASSIVE LEAPING DDT! Jensen looks to be ready to unload WHEN NO FACE GRABS HIS LEG! HE PULLS HIM OUTSIDE! Cussen is caught off-guard as the faceless one cracks him with a massive elbow to the head! JENSEN PUSHES HIM! BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! NO FACE IS STILL STANDING! As both men battle outside the ring, DTR is hit with a neckbreaker by JGF!] [JGF and DTR are at odds as both men are forced to lock up in the center of the ring! JGF hits a hard elbow to the chin of DTR before whipping him to the ropes- DTR DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE! GERMAN SUPLEX BY THE VIRUS! Mr. President is dazed as DTR peels him off of the mat- LOW BLOW BY JGF! HE SUCKERPUNCHED DTR BELOW THE BELT! The Virus stumbles forward and OATH OF OFFICE! JGF goes for the cover- NO FACE IS BACK IN THE RING! HE GOT PAST JENSEN! JGF is yanked away from DTR! LIKE ME! NO FACE LOCKS IN THE HOLD! FITZGERALD TAPS!] [No Face has done it! He has won his right to challenge for the Rewind title! But as all attention is turned towards No Face, DTR and Cussen disappear from ringside.]



‘Greatness is inherited. It’s owed to those who rise above, those who are better.’


‘Greatness is what you are OWED. It is what you shall INHERIT!’

[Cheers again this time louder.]

‘Now go out there and TAKE WHAT YOU’RE OWED!’

[Suddenly the lights flick on and a man stands alone in a bathroom.] [Acassius Sophos stands in front of the mirror staring at his reflection. He nods slightly, almost approving of the speech he has delivered aloud to himself. He reaches down and turns the tap on the water, placing his hands under the water and thrusting the ice cold water on his face. His pupils dilate quickly, reacting to the shock of the cold of water as the camera zooms in on the dilated pupils; he blinks.] [Darkness again.] [He sits atop a white horse as his golden shields reflects the rays of the sun outward. His armor shines causing the massive man to appear almost illuminated. He stops, gazing out upon his army assembled around him.] [The army sits mounted on horseback, on a ridge gazing over a battlefield below. Their colors of blue waving prominently above their heads. In the distance another army has assembled, the red flags of the Romans and their revered leader, Mars flew above them. A fight was coming, a war was coming.]

‘Greatness is inherited…’ [He starts out….]


[Captain Zappa is shown walking the halls of the Tap Room, noticeably stiffer, less laid back and more frustrated than usual owing to the lack of drugs in his system since his forced cleanse by Lyra Starchild last week. As he rounds a corner, he unknowingly steps into a portal-like opening and is engulfed in a blue light that sends a lens flare catching the camera. As the portal fades, Zappa finds himself in a strange new location – shining alloy-like walls and a matching floor. A table laid out before him with a number of strange unidentified objects.] [Before Zappa can react, he is approached from behind. An object is stuck into his neck, like a strange futuristic insulin needle. The gadget beeps and is retracted. Zappa spins on his heels, bringing his hand to his neck with a look of confusion mixed with a little fear in the whites of his eyes. Lyra Starchild stands before him, wielding the gadget and looking at the readout screen with bated breath. Zappa wonders what type of weapon he has just been struck by when the machine churns into life with a breathy computerised voice.]

‘Substance identification… Negative‘

[Lyra turns her attention to Zappa.]

“One week, and no drugs in your system. The cleanse appears to have worked.”

[Zappa glares but says nothing. Starchild continues.]

“As we speak, the Zetas are driving the last of my peoples’ fleet from the galaxy thanks to the advantage of your connection with them, Chosen One. That much is for the best, as they merely followed my presence here with intentions of conquest. They do not have Earth’s best interests at heart as I do.

That leaves only one issue to be dealt with… The Zeta.”

[Lyra turns around the gadget she had stabbed Captain Zappa with, showing him the screen with a red cross in the centre.]

“The cleanse has ridded your system of the drugs that make your connection possible. Without it, the Zeta will have no choice but to return from where they came. This is for the best, Chosen One.”

[Zappa shakes his head, instinctively reaching toward his pocket for his supply. Returning empty handed only serves to add to his frustration.]

“You have no idea what you have done…”

“Saved Earth from a hostile invasion. That is all I have ever intended. This way is for the best.”

[With that, she shines a light in Zappa’s eyes and in an instant he materialises back in the Tap Room. Alone. Then, several silhouetted figures appear around him as if summoned by his presence. The Zeta.]

“Chosen One. You are safe?”

[Zappa nods.]

“And Starchild?”

[Zappa smiles, his frustration gone. A twinkle in his eye.]

“She believes what we want her to believe. She still believes that my supply is the key to the connection. She thinks that as long as I’m clean, the connection is dead. She’s wrong… obviously.”

[One of the Zeta figures seems to be more vocal than the rest, obviously a leader of some description. This figure speaks again.]

“So long as she believes the connection is dead, your life is safe. The invasion will come as a surprise, even to her. Well done.”

[As the Zeta materialise, they leave behind a familiar small tin. Zappa snaps it up from the hand of the leader before they completely disappear and flips open the lid to his supply.]

“It has been a long week, but it’s been worth it.”

[He chuckles to himself, inhaling the scent of his waiting supply as the scene ends.]


[Next up, our OSW World Champion, The Scarecrow must run the gauntlet. His first challenger is a familiar foe, Brent Kersh.] [The bell sounds as Scarecrow and Kersh meet in the middle of the ring. Fists fly from both wrestlers. Kersh’s knees are the first to buckle under the might of a sniff right hand from Scarecrow. Uppercuts follow from a meticulous Scarecrow. Kersh is on queer street, staggering about the ring. The Enforcer stumbles right into a Reverse Atomic Drop from the World Champion! Scarecrow follows up with a vicious Short-arm Clothesline. Kersh lands hard on the back of his head. A methodical Scarecrow takes his time. Pacing himself, he elevates The Enforcer back to his feet. A SNAP SUPLEX from Scarecrow slams Kersh right back down to the mat. The World Champ is seemingly in full control.] [Scarecrow whips Kersh into the ropes and prepares himself to deliver another clothesline – but Kersh ducks the outstretched arm of The Hayman. Kersh bounces off the corresponding ropes and takes Scarecrow down with a Cross Body Takedown! The Enforcer is on top of Hayman and begins dropping bombs of right hands on The Hayman’s cranium! Scarecrow staggers back to his feet but Kersh continues the assault. Knife Edge Chop! WOOO! Knife Edge Chop! WOOO! SCOOP SLAM by The Enforcer. Kersh makes the first pin attempt…1…KICK OUT! The Enforcer drags The Hayman to his feet and sets him up for a Russian Leg Sweep. But Crow blocks it! Scarecrow takes Kersh down to the mat with drop toe hold.] [The World Champ is back in control. Kersh pops back up to his feet but The Hayman wraps The Enforcer up in a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Scarecrow stands, waiting for Kersh to rise back up. As Kersh gets to his feet, The Hayman lands THE HAYMAKER! That vicious right hand from the World Champ. Kersh uses the ropes to stagger back to his feet. The Enforcer can barely get his feet steady under him. The Hayman stalks his prey. Kersh lashes out with a hail mary right hook. Scarecrow ducks under the punch and takes The Enforcer for a ride with a FALLWAY SLAM! Scarecrow wraps his hand around the throat of Kersh and elevates him into the sky. What a feat of strength. Kersh just hangs in the hold. BYE BYE BIRDIE! The trademark hanging chokeslam from the World Champ. The Hayman makes the cover…1….2….3! The Scarecrow defeats his first challenger in the gantlet!] [The ref calls for the bell and a fresh Smiley takes advantage of the tired Champion. Smiley sticks and moves. He lands a punch then darts out of the danger zone. A frustrated Hayman lunges at the giggling Smiley, only to fall victim to a lightning fast DDT from Smiley. Smiley helps a lumbering Champ to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Smiley catches the World Champ with a drop kick to the side of the head! Scarecrow takes deep breathes on the mat as Smiley scampers to the top turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. Smiley flies off the turnbuckle and connects with a FLYING ELBOW DROP! Smiley pins The Hayman’s shoulder to the mat…1…2…NO! KICK OUT!] [Scarecrow is still in it! But for how much longer? Smiley picks The Hayman back up. Hoists him over his shoulders. Scarecrow isn’t even struggling. Smiley falls backwards with a big SAMOAN DROP! Smiley makes another pin attempt…1…STRONG KICK OUT! Scarecrow seemingly finding a second wind. Both men on their feet. Smiley with a right hand. BLOCKED BY THE HAYMAN! The World Champion returns fire! A left! Followed by an uppercut! Smiley is dazed. SUPERMAN PUNCH from Scarecrow. The force of the punch sends Smiley into the ropes. Scarecrow catches Smiley on the rebound and executes a POWERSLAM! Smiley doesn’t stay down. Trying to regain control, Smiley throwing a Spinning Heel Kick – but The Hayman ducks it! Scarecrow with a BACK BREAKER on Smiley!] [Smiley withers in pain on the canvas, madly clutching at his back. The Hayman makes the pin…1…NO! KICK OUT from Smiley! Scarecrow lifts Smiley into the air and holds him in a HANGING VERTICAL SUPLEX! The Hayman executes the manoeuvre! Delivering more pain to the small of Smiley’s back. Again, The Hayman whips Smiley into the ropes. Smiley ducks a clothesline attempt and bounces off the other ropes and attempt SHOCK THERAPY on The World Champ. Smiley’s attempt at a spear! But INSTEAD, The Scarecrow connects with THE HAYMAKER while Smiley is in mid-air! Smiley is seemingly out cold. But The Hayman doesn’t make the pin! He isn’t finished yet. He elevates Smiley limp body into the sky. BYE BYE BIRDIE! That hanging chokeslam! Scarecrow makes the cover…1…2…3! The World Champ picks up the win over the second entrant in the gauntlet!] [After the allocated one minute of rest, the ref signals for the match bell. Scarecrow can barely keep his hands up as Sergei swarms. The Russian bullies The Hayman into the corner of the ring and knocks him off his feet with a series of AXE HANDLE BLOW to the World Champ’s back! Sergei grandstands for the crowd! Scarecrow is slumped over on hands and knees. Sergei kicks the hands out from under the World Champ, sending The Hayman’s face down into the mat. Sergei lifts Scarecrow to his feet and executes a GUT WRECH POWERBOMB into a pin…1…2…NO! THE WORLD CHAMP KICKS OUT AT THE LAST SECOND!] [Sokolov seems insulted with that kick out. Sergei verbally abuses The Hayman in Russian, slapping the almost defenceless World Champion across the face. Sergei walks The World Champ into the corner and begins slamming The Hayman’s face into the middle turnbuckle. Sergei climbs to the middle turnbuckle and DROPS BOTH FOREARMS across Scarecrow’s back. Sokolov hooks the leg…1…2…KICK OUT! More muttering in Russian as Sergei whips The Hayman into the ropes. Sergei attempts to shoulder block Scarecrow down to the mat. But somehow the World Champ stays on his feet. The Russian is infuriated! Right hand from Sergei! Blocked! Scarecrow returns fire. RIGHT HAND! LEFT HAND! RIGHT! UPPERCUT! THE HAYMAKER! The don’t know where the Hayman found the energy to hand that blow. Scarecrow collapses into a pin…1…2…NO! KICK OUT FROM SOKOLOV!] [That may have been The Hayman’s last shot at this, because Sergei is first to his feet and he’s not happy. The Russian locks up The Hayman and hits THE SIDE WALK SLAM in the corner of the ring! Again, Sergei climbs to the middle turnbuckle and executes A FLYING KNEE DROP to The World Champ’s mid section. Sergei is toying with Scarecrow now! SOVIET STRIKE! The chokeslam into a back breaker! Scarecrow is limp. But again, Sergei refuses to cover. Sokolov lifts a limp Hayman to his feet. SMALL PACKAGE from Scarecrow…1…2…NO! Sergei KICK OUTS! Where did that comes from. Sergei storms to his feet and marches down Scarecrow, but The Hayman hoists Sokolov up into a crucifix powerbomb position! We’ve seen this before. Sergei is desperately trying to wriggle his way free. THE LIGHTS GO OUT! IT’S TOTAL DARKNESS! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! The light’s come back on and Sokolov is out cold in the centre of the ring. Scarecrow called that THE PERCH! The Hayman puts a foot on The Russian to make the pin…1….2….3! It’s over! Scarecrow survived the gauntlet!] [The Scarecrow survives tonight’s gauntlet but that might be nothing compared to what Edward Newtown has install for him in their World Championship title match.]


[Shadows.] [A candlelit room creates a solemn ambiance as a figure steps out of the shadows and towards the flickering light. A gloved hand sweeps the light slowly as its owner seems to stare absentmindedly towards its glow.] [Doubt.] [A moment passes as it continues its eerie gaze towards this light as if deep in thought.]

“I’ve been watching you.”

[The voice is confident and slightly echoes in the darkened room as The Masked Emotion turns to locate the source. Standing only a few feet ahead of him is the former World Champion, Tommy Hawk, with his arms folded across his massive chest.]

“Is that so? And are you back for more inflections about the monster within you?” [responds Doubt referring to their previous encounters.]

“I’ve seen the future, and I have seen what you are… what you might become.”

[No response from Doubt as it simply turns back to the candles with a sweeping hand over the flame. Tommy Hawk approaches slowly.]

“I’ve seen your sister.” [Doubt’s hand freezes.] “I’ve seen what has happened to her. I’ve seen what you can do, Doubt.”

“Then you should know to keep away!”

[In a mere flash, Doubt turns with its mask removed as the red eyes pierce through the darkness of its hood before six tentacles lash out at The Spirit Warrior. He withdraws his tomahawk in a moment to defend himself.] [FWOOOOOOOOM!] [The candles behind Doubt erupt in a wall of flames that quickly spread along its sides and in front of The Masked Emotion. A cube of fire seems to have encased it as Solomon Rhodes steps out of the shadows alongside Tommy Hawk. Hawk gives him a nod.]

“Now you see why I needed your fire, Dragon.”

“The question now is what do we do it now that we have it?”

“Release it, of course!”

[CRACK!] [A crowbar cracks Solomon Rhodes across the back of his head as Smiley wields his crowbar in his hand. He aims it at Tommy Hawk as the fires subside revealing the re-masked Doubt standing, patiently, attentive.]

“What do you think we should do with them, brother?”

[A snort from Tommy Hawk as he helps his teammate to his feet.]

“You call it brother, yet do you even know anything about what is hidden beneath that mask?”

“We all have our monsters.” [Smiley retorts.] “Ours just come in different shapes and sizes.”

[Tommy Hawk just shakes his head as his eyes almost plead with Smiley.]

“There’s more to Doubt than meets the eye, and you’ll be the first casualty to find that out for yourself.”

[With that, a golden vortex opens behind as both men step into it and vanish from sight. Smiley turns to Doubt with a small smirk.]

“Sorry I was late. Hopefully it wasn’t too hot to handle.” [Smiley laughs a little as he twirls Smiley Jr.]

“Nothing I haven’t dealt with before.”

[With that Doubt turns back to the candles and begins lighting the few which had gone out with matches as Smiley watches on.] [Curiously, with a frown upon his face.]


[Months Ago. Somewhere else in the Galaxy.] [All’s quiet in the gray corridor of a starship until panel falls from the ceiling. Bobby falls into view after it. He does his best to slip into the shadows and make sure he’s alone.]

“You heard this one before?”

[Bobby’s eyes pop. It’s his voice, a recording of a session playing over the intercom. He decides to make a run for it. The recording continues:]

“Let’s say you have a spaceship. And it’s your spaceship. You name it after the wife you’ll never have and everything. Then one day, probably because you’re a shit pilot, you crash and total your Starship Brenda (or whatever) on a planet that doesn’t suck as much as you do. They repair everything and replace the insides out of the “goodness” of their own hearts. They even spray paint “Brenda” on it, so you know it’s yours.

[Bobby rounds a corner. Voices and footsteps from somewhere else echo in the corridor.]

“But is it? Is the ship still yours?”

[He takes another random turn down another corridor as the voiceover continues.]

I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you want with my sanity…But if you go into my head….replace the parts that are mine..”

[Bobby stops in his tracks. ]

“…who’s to say I’m me?”

[A click. The voiceover ends. Neptune looks down and sees the ceiling panel, in the same place. He’s been running down the corridor. He rests his head in his hands.]

“No. No-no-no-no-no-no.” Bobby stammers.

“This is your new cell, Bobby.” [A digitized voice that seems to come from everywhere speaks.] “We concluded your mind would restrain you more effectively than chains.”

“How are you doing this?” [Neptune pleads.]

“We are in control of the details. Treatment has only begun.”


[Tonight, it is a match between Mike Lane and Lux Bellator! Will the shadow endure or will the light warrior eradicate the darkness? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Lux Bellator and Mike Lane tie up in the middle of the ring! Both men are trying to get the advantage and Mike Lane goes behind! He goes for a quick German suplex but Bellator backflips out of it and goes for one of his own! Lane back elbows him to counter it! Mike Lane goes after Bellator with a FLURRY OF ELBOWS! Bellator is rocked and Lane goes for a lariat but Bellator ducks it and bounces off the ropes! SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! Bellator lands perfectly on Lane and holds on for a cover! One…Two…Th…No! Kick out by Lane!] [Bellator grabs the arm and locks in a CROSS ARMBAR! Lane looks like he might tap out but he rolls towards Bellator and rolls him up! One…Two…kick out! Both men get up and both go for a kick! YAKUZA KICK BY BELLATOR! SHADOW KICK BY LANE! Both at the same time and both men are down as fast as they got up! The ref starts to count! One…two…three…four…Lane starts to move first and crawls for the pin! He drapes the arm over! One…Two…Thr…No! Bellator gets the shoulder up! Lane is enraged and locks in a sleeper hold tight!] [Bellator crawls and puts his foot on the ropes! Rope Break! Lane is forced to let go and he pulls Bellator up to his feet! Lane is going for a powerbomb but Bellator reverses it into a hurricanrana and Lane is draped on the middle rope! Bellator climbs the top rope and MISSILE DROPKICK to the prone lane! What a beautiful maneuver and Bellator climbs back into the ring! Bellator pulls up Lane and tucks him between his legs and goes for the disciple maker! Lane counters with a back body drop but Bellator flips out of this! Lane was ready and SHADOW KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! LANE COVERS! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [What an amazing win by Mike Lane tonight! The shadow endures and is in top form still!]


[Mike Lane somehow gets back to his feet after that epic battle with Lux Bellator. He falls into the ropes when suddenly, fire bursts from the ring apron. Before he can escape, the entire ring is surrounded in flames.] [Flash.] [Light pulsates and flashes throughout the arena, joining the fire in some sort of unholy dance.] [Then it stops.] [And stood inside the ring, opposite Mike Lane, are No Face and Hysteria.]

“What’s the matter?” [Hysteria says, looking at Lane.] “You look as if there’s no way out, Shadow King.”

[He looks left and then right, realising that there isn’t.]

“You should never have opened the cage,” [Hysteria reminds him.] “Not after what I did to Alex Reese. Not after what I did to your child, kidnapping her. I led Smiley to Destiny, Michael. And now, I lead you to the flames of your own demise.”

[Hysteria runs at him, ducking under a swift Clothesline attempt and nailing him with a right hand. No Face joins in, both men attacking Mike with big right hands, beating him from pillar to post in the middle of the ring.] [Finally, they have him where they want him, pressed face first against the top rope, the flames licking at his forehead.]

“ENOUGH!” [A voice yells from the darkness.] [It’s Bruce Van Chan!] [Nevertheless, he’s trapped on the outside. He can’t get into the ring.]

“Become it,” [Mike yells.] “Become Him!”

[Bruce closes his eyes and focuses. Suddenly, the colour drains from his skin, turning it pale. His eyes widen, revealing pits of white.] [Dr. Sleep.] [No Face and Hysteria back away, panicked. They quickly release Lane and look for their escape. Sleep pulls himself up onto the apron, stepping through the flames as if they don’t exist, putting them out with his presence.] [As he enters, they dive to the outside, wanting nothing to do with this monster.] [Lane turns to face Sleep, smiling as Injustice head to the backstage, this feud far from over.]


[Flashforward.] [Before.]


[The sounds of terrified screams can be heard bouncing off the Tap Room walls. They reverberate around us as we enter through a darkened hallway to a room backstage.] [With the door left ajar, we look upon the faces of aghast workers, white as sheets, their tongues lost to the vile screams we just heard.] [Edward Newton soon walks amongst us, inquisitive as to the nature of such screams. He arrives at the ajar door, his name on the plate tacked to it. Newton pushes it open to reveal what’s inside.] [There’s blood strewn across the walls, the floor and the ceiling. The room looks as if someone has been murdered within. Edward carefully steps inside, watching to mind his footing as he does.] [Thud!] [Suddenly, the door closes.] [He turns, and as if by magic, the door is closed behind him. He quickly tries the handle, but it won’t open. As panic begins to set in, he backs away slowly to reveal a message written in blood upon the door.]

“Perch?” [Edward reads aloud.] [Then it dawns on him. He left a message for The Scarecrow last week and The Scarecrow has responded.] [He smiles; apparently, this is exactly what he wants.] [But why?]


[The Dragon has seemed almost unstoppable since he regained his VHS title but he faces yet another tough challenge in the newest OSW star Adam Eve. Will the Dragon continue to soar or will the Made Man gain the biggest victory of his career?] [The bell rings as Eve rushes forward, surprising Rhodes with a hard shoulderblock, sending Rhodes crashing to the mat. The Dragon stumbles to his feet into a stiff knee to the jaw before finding himself lifted up high and nearly driven through the mat with a Sidewalk Slam. Adam stays down, hooking the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Rhodes kicks out! Eve tries to pull Rhodes to his feet but gets his right leg swept out from under him as Rhodes leaps up with a stiff enziguri to the back of the head] [Adam stumbles back as Rhodes rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a hard single-leg dropkick that takes Eve off his feet. The Made Man is quickly up as Rhodes heads to the top rope, DIVING CROSSBODY! Adam catches him in mid-air, lifting him up trying for a Samoan Drop but Rhodes slips out, POISON-RANA! Adam gets planted right on his head as he staggers up to his feet, DARKWISH!] [The Dragon drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THR…ADAM JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Rhodes powers Adam up to his feet, trying for Fire but Adam powers out of it, tossing Rhodes down with the ESTROGEN BLOCKER! Adam barely lets Rhodes hit the mat before he powers the Dragon over his head, OH MAN! Rhodes gets nearly broken over Adam’s knee as the Made Man tries to finish Rhodes off but as Adam tries to lift him up into the rack, Rhodes slips down his back, DAWN! Adam gets drilled into the mat as the Dragon hooks both legs for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Made Man tried his best and gave the Dragon a hard fought fight but Rhodes once again proves himself a premier athlete in OSW, retaining his VHS title once again here tonight]


“I want answers, and I want them now.”

[The angry voice of Brent Kersh cuts into the transitioning screen as we join a scene in progress. The surroundings seem to be some dark corner of the Tap Room facilities. A white mist hangs in the air.] [On one side of the screen is the aforementioned Enforcer.] [On the other stands Pedro El Salvador.]

“What would you like to know, Brent?” [El Salvador quietly retorts, unshaken by the anger in the eyes of Kersh.]

“I’ve watched your son do a lot of crazy things in the last few months.” [Kersh begins.] “Poor Neville Sheldon hasn’t been seen since Lux got done with him. He’s been raving about bowls and seals and the end of the world. He seems to have Desmond Cross prisoner in wherever it is he has carved out a hole. I’ve even heard people talking about him burning fields and teleportation and lightning strikes and all manner of Biblical stuff.”

[Pedro nods, but Brent isn’t done.]

“So all of a sudden I team up with the guy, and now my dead son is appearing before me. I have to assume its him. How in the hell can he do that? How is he able to trick my mind into seeing something that isn’t there?”

[El Salvador sneers at Kersh for a moment before allowing a painfully polite response.]

“What do you mean by isn’t there?”

[Kersh freezes for a moment, confused. Pedro relishes the moment before continuing.]

“Your son was killed by the Scarecrow, was he not?”

[Kersh nods.]

“Then there is no mistake, Enforcer. When Lux Bellator invaded the Red Void and opened the fourth seal, he took control of the souls trapped inside the Void. He has shown his power over even the dead, it appears.”

[The color seems to go out of the face of the Enforcer as he comes to a realization.]

“So it wasn’t mind games. It wasn’t someone trying to get in my head. It was truly the spirit of Trevor standing before me.” [He looks down and shakes his head.] “And I yelled at him. I looked into the eyes of my son and walked away from him.”

[Pedro seems to enjoy the moment of realization; his more sinister nature having come out in recent weeks. Yet the mist seems to take both men in that moment, and we are no longer looking at their conversation. Yet their voices carry over the images before us.]

“Your son was a martyr, killed for being who he was, what he believed. Things that will never change about a person.”

[Before us is Lux Bellator, his hands touching the ancient book that started it all.]

“Lux Bellator has created the battle ground. He has forged the fires of judgement for the losing side. Yet he does not have his army.”

[The book’s seven seals have been reduced to just three, and one of them has begun to break. Kersh’s voice cuts through, angry at his confusion. Angry at himself for what transpired a week ago.]

“What are you talking about?”

[Beneath the altar the book has been placed upon is the bowl that will be unleashed. El Salvador speaks calmly, yet his voice is full of malice.]

“My son discovered this book, and it changed him. It was protected by seven ancient seals, ones that could only be broken when certain circumstances were achieved. He has worked tirelessly to break them. Four have been broken, and the fifth is even now fading. Each seal, when removed from its place, fills a bowl of wrath.”

[The bowl underneath the altar bubbles with a thick black liquid.]

“You’ve seen what those bowls do. Each one escalates further towards the end.”

[Brent Kersh cuts El Salvador off.]

“What does that have to do with my son?”

[Bellator lowers his head in prayer as El Salvador retorts.]

“It’s not just your son, Brent. How many of your forefathers did Scarecrow slay? They are to be generals in his army. They are to lead them. After all, you Kersh men never stop fighting.”

[The mist dies down, leaving an angry Brent standing across from El Salvador. Pedro continues before Brent can comment.]

“Despite his power, he cannot yet control them. Yes, he can hold them hostage. He can keep them in limbo. But he cannot force them to lead, to fight. The seal was broken by your partnership. He must ally with the living to ally with the dead. Once the bowl is full, he will take complete control of the army.”

[Kersh takes in the news, steel resolve covering his features.]

“There’s every chance you’re lying to me, El Salvador. You’re the worst kind of snake.” [Brent begins.] “But I’ll be damned if I let your son enslave my son, my father, my grandfather.”

[He begins to walk away, but turns to face Pedro once more.]

“Lux Bellator may have picked the wrong family to mess with. He couldn’t defeat Scarecrow, and he won’t defeat me. He may be the one who ends up a martyr.”

[Kersh walks away, ready for war.] [Behind him, Pedro El Salvador only smiles, turning back to the mist.] [Is El Salvador telling the truth?] [What will Brent do?]

[In our next match up, the All Star Championship is on the line as the newly returned to his body Bruce Van Chan, challenges Lyra Starchild, a superstar that has been performing out of her skin in recent weeks.] [The ref calls for the bell and our two opponents slowly circle each other in the ring. They lock up. Van Chan forces Starchild back up against the ropes. Big knee to the mid-section by Chan. Starchild gasps. Bruce with a quick Head scissors takedown. Starchild pops straight back to her feet but walks straight into a standing drop kick to the face from BVC! Bruce pulls a wobbled Starchild to her feet. German Suplex from the Real Freakin’ Deal! Chan makes the cover…1…KICK OUT! Lyra got the shoulder up quickly there. Bruce with a flurry of right hands to Starchild’s face. Chan whips Starchild into the ropes. Lyra ducks Bruce’s clothesline attempt. She stops her body on a dime. ENZIGURI KICK from Starchild! Both competitors are down.] [Momentum is beginning to shift. Starchild is back to her feet first. Bruce is on one knee. Kicks to the chest from Starchild. She lights Van Chan up with a series of kicks using both legs. Lyra sizes Van Chan up. DDT from Starchild. Van Chan is down. Lyra runs at the ropes and springboards off the middle rope, LIONSAULT! Starchild looks the leg…1…2..NO! KICK OUT! Starchild continues pressing the action. In one motion, she wraps her arms around the midsection of Van Chan and hoists him up onto her shoulders. With a slumped over Van Chan draped across both shoulders, Starchild takes two steps forward and plants BVC down onto the mat with a thunderous SIT DOWN POWERBOMB! Lyra covers Van Chan’s arms with her feet to compete the pin attempt…1…2….NO! BVC banged his legs against the sides of Starchild’s face to break that pin attempt!] [Starchild picks BVC to his feet. She twists his body around and executes a perfect Hangman’s Neck Breaker! That almost reverse stunner. BVC is out! Starchild makes the pin…1…2..KICK OUT! There’s still fight in BVC! Chan sits up on the mat. But Starchild flings herself off the ropes and land a RUNNING KNEE to Van Chan’s face with perfect precision! Starchild picks BVC back up to his feet and walks him towards the corner turnbuckle. Starchild jumps up onto the middle turnbuckle and lands the CORKSCREW DDT on Chan! BVC is splayed out in the middle of the ring. Starchild ascends to the top turnbuckle. She readies her feet. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW! That frog splash manoeuvre from OSW’s high flying female! Starchild makes the pin…1…2…3! NEW ALL STAR CHAMPION! STARCHILD WINS THE BELT!

[Starchild continues her winning ways, adding a big win and even bigger All Star Championship belt to her growing resume.]


[Backstage. The Tap Room.] [Death Row hides behind a corner wall in a shadowy corridor. His eyes animated with cautious anticipation as he peaks over the distance.] [Faintly we hear footsteps, but our focus remains on our Ex-Con.]

“I’m gonna get that bitch” [Death Row proclaims as he unsheathes his shank.] “I’ll show him what being a man is all about.”

[Suddenly, there is a noise indicating that of a collision. We hear disgruntled groan and Death Row’s eyes open in subtle surprise as a grin forms on his lips.] [The ex-convict moves ahead and following him we see what he sees.] [It’s Adam Eve standing just outside the opened door of a locker room.] [But he’s not alone. He’s standing over the unconscious body of Bobby Neptune. Neptune is battered and beaten. Blood trickles from his mouth onto the concrete floor.]

“Wow! I guess it really pisses you off…” [Death Row spouts in a snarky tone.] “to be saved by a man.”

[Eve’s head snaps towards Row with anger in his eyes. His first indication is to attack Death Row, but quickly he notices the shank that his nemesis is brandishing and only slight, his mood changes.]

“I didn’t do it” [Adam calmly states.] “I found him this way.”

[A chuckle escapes the lips of Death Row as he circles the body of Neptune.]

“Right! That’s a believable story Eve” [Death Row scoffs.] “You follow Bobby to his locker room and when he ends up unconscious that’s just the way you found him!”

“You heard me.” [Adam’s eyes squint in rage.] “It’s the way I found him.”

“Oh I heard you” [Death Row shrugs.] “Look, I understand. I know all about how the justice system works. Both inside and outside the big house. And don’t worry… I have some friends that know just how to handle an unconscious fag!”

[Death Row reaches down to grip the wrist of Neptune only Adam Eve steps forward; his hands rolled into fists.]

“Leave him, criminal” [Eve begins to shake.] “Or I’m going to make you kill me with that shank before I kill you!”

[Eve’s anger is reciprocated by Death Row who gives her a long stare before letting off a laugh.]

“Ok. I get it” [Row says as he backs away.] “Stand by your man, right?”

[Eve’s blood is boiling at this point, but instead of losing his cool…]

“Keep that knife close Death Row, because the next time we meet you’ll need more than Bobby Neptune standing beside you! I’ll prove to you again that you don’t have to be born a man to be the man!”

[A cautious calm instantly comes over Death Row; the humor of the situation escaping him. Ultimately, he lets out a disgruntled word of disbelief before turning the corner.]


[And we fade to black, with Eve looking down at Neptune.]


[Backstage, we find a podium set up featuring the Presidential Seal…and sure enough, Jackson Grant Fitzgerald steps up to the podium with a big grin on his face, and Secret Security flanking him on either side.]

“My fellow Americans, we scored a decisive victory at Invasion when the devious Viktor North was banished from this great nation…but it is only the beginning.”

[His grin quickly fades, revealing a more sinister scowl.]

“There are greater dangers ahead…bigger ones. We have to stay vigilant, we have to defend our borders against those who would soil this great—“

[Suddenly, there’s a loud crash in the distance. Thudding footsteps getting louder indicate that danger is approaching as Secret Security go to investigate…only for the President to watch as his guards are thrown against the wall! From the shadows emerges an enraged Sergei Sokolov, staring down the man that set him up as a traitor to his country. He points at JGF, shouting at the President with fury.]

“Я уничтожу тебя, трус!”

[He charges at JGF, but is slowed down by a mass of security just long enough for the President to run like hell out of harm’s way. This only angers the Red Tsar more as he destroys the guards still holding him back! With JGF’s security laying at his feet, Sergei stares down the exit as General Dzagoev appears, resting a hand on Sergei’s shoulder.]

“You see how he run, Sergei? He fears for his life now. He’ll expect you, now. He’ll increase security, try to distance himself from you. We have to find way around that, not run right through. We have to be smart about this, Sergei…Доверьтесь мне.”

[Sergei nods in agreement, still glaring at the hallway as he plots the next course of action.] [Cut.]


[We have a huge main event here tonight as the Spirit Walker is the next man to try and end the undefeated streak. Can Hawk do what no man has done or will he be merely another statistic of the Riddler?] [Hawk rushes out like a house on fire, delivering a massive Hoss style Lariat that nearly decapitates Newton as Hawk drops down, drilling Newton with a flurry of hard lefts and rights, driving his massive fists into Newton’s unprotected face. Newton stumbles up to his feet right into the clutches of Hawk who lifts him up high before driving him into the canvas with a ring-shaking Bodyslam. Hawk tries to pull Newton up to his feet again but the Riddler slips out of his grasp, rolling to the outside to gain himself some breathing room] [The referee begins to count as Newton tries to shake the cobwebs out, Hawk sizing him up for a moment, GOING NATIVE! Newton’s out on his feet, knocked loopy from that huge double punch to the skull as Hawk tries to throw him back into the ring but Newton reverses, nearly out of instinct as he tosses Hawk headfirst into the turnbuckle post! Hawk stumbles away, only dazed as Newton backs up for a moment, rushing forward as he leaps up, driving both his knees into Hawk’s back, driving him face first 0nto the steel steps.] [Hawk gets pulled up to his feet, a small cut opened up on his forehead as he’s tossed back into the ring. Newton climbs up to the top rope uncharacteristically, waiting for Tommy to get to his feet as he leaps off, but gets a polish hammer to the chest, Newton staggering around, SNAP DDT! Newton gets planted into the mat as Hawk turns him over for the cover, ONE…TWO…Newton gets the shoulder up] [Hawk tries to lift Newton up but Newton pushes him away, LOW BLOW! Hawk drops to his knees in pain, the referee trying to admonish Newton who ignores him, gripping Hawk by the head before planting him with a DDT of his own. Newton doesn’t cover, rushing to the ropes before leaping up, LEG DROP! Newton hooks both legs for the cover, ONE…TWO…Hawk kicks out! Tommy barely kicks out before Newton grabs his legs, flipping him over into a Boston Crab] [Hawk cries out in pain, Newton pulling back with all his strength as he tries to force the Spirit Walker to tap out, as Hawk is trapped in the middle of the ring before with a large burst of strength, he powers Newton off him. The Riddler rolls to his feet, trying for a low dropkick but Hawk ducks under, grabbing Newton by the back of the head, REVERSE DDT!] [Hawk powers Newton up to his feet, lifting him up high, RED ARROW! Hawk tries for the pin but Newton clipped the referee with his right foot as the Riddler could well have been done there. Hawk goes over trying to revive the referee as Newton staggers over, uncovering the middle turnbuckle pad. Hawk notices Newton on his feet as he rushes forward, DROP TOEHOLD ONTO THE EXPOSED STEEL! Hawk seems to be out cold as Newton hooks the leg, the referee slowly coming to.] [ONE…TWO…THRE…HAWK JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Newton is incensed but quickly calms himself as he lifts Hawk up to his feet, NEVER…HAWK SLIPS OUT, BRAINBUSTER! Newton gets spiked into the mat as Hawk calls for the end, pulling the tomahawk from his back as he waits for Newton to slowly get to his feet before rushing forward, THE SCA…NEWTON DUCKS, ROLLING HAWK INTO A SMALL PACKAGE! ONE…TWO…NEWTON HAS THE TIGHTS…THREE!!!] [Edward Newton continues the massive streak here as he now stands at 22-0. Tommy Hawk put up a great fight but the Riddler outfoxed the Spirit Walker here tonight, proving his intellectual superiority yet again]


[Drip. Drip. Drip.] [The scene fades in on a jar, one filled with a tar black liquid. A tube above the jaw slowly dripping more of the substance into it, occasionally, a small stream interrupts the dripping.] [The camera slowly zooms out and pans, following the tube until it rests on a pale white arm. Upon further zooming out, the arm is revealed to belong to Jensen Cussen.] [He looks almost sickly, the jury-rigged needle and tubing all but sucking him dry of his blood. He sits strapped to a chair, barely awake. The sound of footsteps rouses him enough to turn his head towards the noise. Standing before him, the family patriarch, DTR.]

“Do you think this is enough for dear Stephanie? She and her child are starving, Jensen, and this is ALL YOU COULD GIVE HER!?”

[He slams his hands down on the table holding the jar, the glass shaking with the impact.]

“I-I’m sorry, Dave. I’m bleeding out. If you could just let me rest-”

“REST!? You have a daughter who needs you, and you dare be selfish enough to ask for REST!?”

[DTR slams his hands against the table again, the glass threatening to fall from it. Jensen bows his head as DTR scowls at him.]

“You will stay here, and you will supply more blood so that the child may thrive. Or do you want her to die in vain?”

[Jensen merely shakes his head no. DTR scoffs as he walks away from Jensen.]

“Then act like it.”

[As Cussen quietly sits in his chair, DTR grabs another jar from a nearby table. A jar filled with pure red blood. The blood of Jacob Phoenix. He walks back to the pitch black jar containing Jensen’s blood. And slowly, he drips the smallest bit of Phoenix’s blood into the jar.] [And in mere seconds from touching down, Jensen’s blood slowly turns from black to red, each passing second turning it more and more pure.]

“Had you not gotten blood so pure, Stephanie would have surely starved, Jensen. Now you must finish what you have started. One last pint should do, don’t you think?”

[Jensen merely nods, not wanting to enrage DTR who smirks at his answer. He places Phoenix’s blood next to Jensen’s before leaving, Cussen barely awake enough to notice him leave.] [And as we watch Jensen’s diluted blood, it slowly grows redder, purer.] [Even in death, the phoenix rises above.]