[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [There’s a sulphuric smell wafting throughout the air as VHS opens inside a darkened room. There’s no natural light, only rocky caverns and putrid water. Mother sits on a pile of bone and debris.]

“I have lived a long and savage life.”

[She lifts her head proudly.]

“I have slaughtered, murdered, maimed and tore this planet apart from the very moment of my creation. Because you see, I am older than everything and everyone.”


“I am the purest of evil. I was created to deliver evil unto the world and that is what I have done. Before this planet existed, before I was sent here to be the darkness, I roamed plains you people could only see in your dreams. I have destroyed worlds and broken them at my feet.”

[Mother looks down to her seat, smiling.]

“Now I sit upon the bones of my creations and soon, I will sit upon the destruction of this world and consume the souls within it. But first, I beckon you, Scarecrow.”

[Flutter.] [Finally, they are face to face.] [The Scarecrow appears as if on command and stands before Mother. She rises from her bed of bones and stares within the blacks of his eyes. They do not move, they do not speak, not at first.]

“You have betrayed Genesis,” [she claims.] “You have betrayed me. You have turned your back on your kind and that will not be tolerated. I’ll give you once chance, Scarecrow. Kneel before me now and I will forgive you. I will forgive everything. Refuse and I will destroy you. Ask for my forgiveness and you shall receive redemption.”

[He stands defiantly, refusing to kneel at her feet.]

“I will not bow before you, Mother.”

[Her face scrunches up, enraged.]

“I will not beg for your forgiveness.”

[She gets angrier.]

“And I will not require your redemption.”

[Suddenly, she lets out a guttural scream that sends echoes throughout the caverns. The rocks begin to crumble and shake.] [Flutter] [The Scarecrow vanishes, leaving Mother behind in her cave of misery, screaming as it collapses down around her.] [Her fury knows no bounds.] [Cut.]


[A returning race vs someone fairly new to OSW, Ethan Rose faces Max Million where both men are trying to gain some momentum after their losses last week! Will Max look like a million bucks or will Ethan show that every rose has its thorns? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Max Million marches towards Ethan Rose but Ethan ties himself up in the ropes! The ref blocks Max from going after Rose! Ethan capitalizes with an EYE POKE followed by a SHINING WIZARD! He covers! One…kick out! Way too early for that as Rose hops up to the middle rope! SENTON SPLASH! No! Max gets his knees up and Rose is writhing in pain! Max waits for Rose to get up and HARD CLOTHESLINE! Rose is down but Max pulls him up and pushes him into the corner! ELBOW STRIKES IN THE CORNER! Max is relentless!] [Million runs across the ring and right back to Rose to go for a CORNER SPLASH! Rose jumps out of the way and Max hits the turnbuckle hard! BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX from Rose! He goes to the top rope! MOONSAULT! Beautiful moonsault and Rose covers! One…Two…No! Kick out by Max! Rose pulls him and goes for the EVENFLOW DDT! No! Max blocks it with some hard gut punches and charges Rose into the corner! SHOULDER THRUST AFTER SHOULDER THRUST! MAX SETS ROSE ON THE TOP ROPE AND HITS A MUSCLE BUSTER! MAX COVERS! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Max shows why the family brought him back into OSW! What a win over Rose!]


[Tonight, two men try to gain momentum after their losses at Ring King. Will Ordell terminate his opponent or will Doubt creep in and conquer Terminus in this match? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Doubt hot out of the gates with a DISCUS ELBOW! Terminus falls on his back bit he kips right back up and hits an ENZUIGIRI! Doubt was not expecting that at all! Terminus hits a STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! He covers! One…Two…Kick out by Doubt! Terminus pulls Doubt up and locks in the headlock setting up for Inception! He goes for it…NO! BACK SUPLEX by Doubt to get out of it! Terminus back bows in pain as Doubt climbs to the top rope! He jumps! MISERY RAIN! Beautiful Skytwister press! Doubt covers! One…Two…Thr…No! Terminus kicks out!] [Doubt starts stomping away on Terminus and locks in an ARMBAR! Terminus looks like he might tap out but he rolls towards Doubt and he pulls him up! Doubt still has it locked in but FALLING BUCKLE BOMB TO GET OUT OF IT! Doubt slumps sitting in the corner! Terminus is holding his arm but he runs towards Doubt for a HESITATION DROPKICK! No! Doubt gets out of the way and Terminus hits the corner hard! Terminus is getting up but HEADBUTT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Terminus falls in a heap and Doubt picks him up just to drop him with EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! DOUBT COVERS! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [What a win over the descendant of Janus! He picked up that win without a shadow of a doubt!]


[Recorded Earlier.] [Knock Knock!] [At the home of Brent Kersh, a rather chunky looking man stands on the porch in a blue uniform. By his feet is a large box, and a set of sack trucks. Brent finally opens the door, looking down at the box with some confusion.]

“I have a package for Mr. Kersh?”

[Brent shakes his head.] “I didn’t order any package, kid.”

[Suddenly, it dawns on him.] [Like a bat out of hell, Kersh lunges forward, grabbing the rotund man and slamming him against the house. The delivery driver looks stunned, dropping his clipboard and panicking.]

“He sent you, didn’t he!?” [Kersh yells.] “That son of a bitch is trying to trick me into signing those damn papers!”

[The driver barely stammers over his words.] “S-Sir, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


[A voice yells from within the house. It’s his wife. He turns to look at her as she quickly approaches, demanding that he let go.]

“What the hell are you doing? Let that poor man go!” [She yells.] “That’s our special delivery. It’s the crib for the nursery.”

[Kersh’s eyes widen in horror. He slowly releases the poor terrified driver, straightening out his jacket.] [He reaches into his jacket, pulling out a few bills and folding them into the drivers top pocket as way of an apology.]

“I’m sorry kid, I shouldn’t have done that.”

[He stammers in response.] “T-That’s okay sir. Can I help you take it inside?”

[Brent looks towards his wife with shame.]

“Yes, yes please.”

[The driver helps him inside with the large box, as the wife shuts the door behind them. It would appear that Newton has the Enforcer rather paranoid.] [Cut.]


[We have a huge debut match here as the conqueror of K2 takes on machine itself in the Automaton. Can Benjamin run wild on TAM or is this one challenge he cannot overcome?] [The bell sounds as Wyatt rushes forward, laying into TAM with heavy strikes that barely seem to do anything to the android. Wyatt tries to lift him up into a Suplex but gets tossed off, rolling to his feet as he rushes forward with a big running dropkick to the chest that staggers TAM back into the ropes. The Android rebounds off as he’s stunned by a hard knee to the jaw before Wyatt spins behind him, dropping TAM with a headlock backbreaker!] [Wyatt barely lets TAM hit the mat before he lifts him up into a sitting position, RUNNING SOCCER…TAM catches the kick! TAM gets to his feet, holding Wyatt by his right leg, spinning the Wolf around, DRAGON RUSH! Wyatt lands on the back of his head, getting up groggily as TAM leaps off the ropes, FIRST FLIGHT! Wyatt looks out as TAM pulls him up to his feet, a huge V-Trigger stunning Benjamin as he’s lifted high up into the air, MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER! Wyatt looks out cold as TAM covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [TAM picks up a huge victory in his debut match, beating the Apex Predator with ease as he seeks to prove the most dominant force in OSW is not man…but machine]


[It’s the second round of the Ring King Tournament! It’s Smiley going up against Simon Sane!] [The bell sounds and Simon Sane rushes across the ring like a bat out of hell, but Smiley just floors him with a spinning heel kick! CHELSEA GRIN! Sane is groggy as he falls to the mat. Smiley quickly mounts Simon and begins drilling into him with vicious rights and lefts! Simon is trying to cover and finally is able to get some separation between by pushing him off. Both men make it to their feet and Sane throws a wild right hand that Smiley just catches, kicks him in the gut, and lifts him up for… THE ANTIDEPRESSANT! Smiley smirks and leaps up to the top rope.] [TRAUMA! The top rope leg drop connects! Only Smiley doesn’t go for the pin. He pulls the nearly unconscious Sane up and whips him right into the referee! He slams to the mat as Smiley rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and a crowbar, Smiley Jr! He moves into the ring and just CRACKS Sane over the mask as the glass cracks. He sets the steel chair around the neck of Sane and STEPS onto the seat of it! Sane is flailing as Smiley lifts his crowbar high with a glint in his eye. CRACKCRACKCRACK! A crowbar just smashes right into the mask of Simon Sane as his body goes limp. Smiley disposes of the chair and crowbar before waking up the referee. The referee slowly comes to as Smiley pins him down. One…Two…THREE!] [Smiley stands up as the victor of this onslaught. He kicks Sane in the ribs to kick him out of the ring before climbing to the second rope to celebrate!]


[Shadows dance on the walls, moving to and fro, under the watchful gaze of Captain Zappa. He has a grin on his face as the shadows seem to be performing some sort of analysis.]

“We can confirm that the substance you were covered in was human blood. Origin unknown.”

[With more information, we can now see that there are three shadows. These are the Zeta, and their connection with Captain Zappa has been the subject of many a person’s beef with the man himself.]

“The location we found you in is not on any of our charts of this place. The armies you spoke of can be matched with no known military force on this planet. Nor can the battlefield you described.”

[Captain Zappa takes a drag off of his joint as the report continues.]

“The words you described hearing are a close match to ones that are printed in a book that we have derived is of much importance to your fellow mankind. It is called the Bible. We know little of this book, but it seems to have caused wars such as the one you describe.”

[Zappa merely nods, but a smile has appeared on his face.]

“Lux Bellator.”

[The Zeta seem to confer among their collective before speaking.]

“The one you refer to has eluded our scans. Our research indicates he has displayed ability and power that a human should not possess. Tread lightly, Chosen One.”

[Zappa nods to them before turning to go after his quarry. He rounds the corner, exhaling as he does so.] [SLAM!] [The VHS Champion finds himself slammed up against a wall by Lux Bellator himself. The masked warrior shows no emotion as he holds Zappa up against the wall.]

“Were you looking for me?”

[Zappa tries to push Lux back, but the light warrior tightens his grip.]

“You have been chosen by those that come from above, but I have been chosen by the One who is above all. None shall be permitted to interfere in what is to come. Not even your Zeta.”

[Zappa finally is able to slip past Bellator’s grasp, straightening his shirt out as he gasps for breath.]

“You gonna sever the connection?” [He asks sarcastically, referencing the work of others.] [Lux Bellator merely shakes his head.]

“Such connections cannot be severed. No, I do not care about your connection nor the origin of it. For I hold a deeper connection to this Earth and the God that created it than you ever will. I have foreseen that the opposition to my Holy Army will come from above.”

[Zappa snorts.]

“I don’t think the Zeta care about you and your little Holy War. And I sure as hell have enough bowls to not need to worry about yours. But you and I both seem to find ourselves with marching orders.”

[Bellator nods.]

“Then at Ring King, I guess we’re going to find out whose sky savior is really going to bring about a new age.”

[Before Zappa can leave, Bellator speaks once more.]

“All of my preparations have led to this war, Captain Zappa. The army of God will not lose.”

[Zappa shrugs as he walks away.]

“They might not. But you sure as hell will.”



[The second round of the Ring King tournament continues with Bobby Neptune squaring away with Viktor North!] [The bell sounds as these two lock up. North gaining the early advantage with a side headlock. He wrenches the hold, but Neptune slips out behind him. Neptune leaps up and dropkicks North as he slams into the corner turnbuckle! Yakuza kick right to the chin of North! He slams down to the mat as Neptune moves him away from the turnbuckle. He climbs up and leaps off for a senton! But North gets his knees up as Neptune’s back arches in pain. Viktor quickly rolls to his feet. North climbs up and leaps… diving double foot stomp! North pins him down!] [ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Neptune manages to get a shoulder up. North grabs him by his head and lifts him up before hitting the ropes. He rebounds off with his arm outstretched, but Neptune just dodges underneath. North turns right into a superkick! Neptune quickly leaps up to the top rope just as North stirs… SUPERNOVA! The face smash drives his face into the mat as North isn’t budging. Neptune sees the opportunity and climbs the top rope. He waits for North to get up… TITAN’S CRASHDOWN! A shooting star DDT just plants North into the mat as his nose splits open with blood gushing! Neptune rolls him over and pins him down. One…Two…THREE!] [A big win for The Starboy over the very game Skull Splitter. The stars seem to align as Neptune continues into the Round of 8!]


[Ordell Terminus.] [The enigmatic follower of Janus stalks the backstage, his eyes darting from side to side as he searches out his mark.] [Searching for The Lord of the Underworld, Hades.] [The Gateway to Greatness is quick to dash from doorway to doorway, peering into each entrance, his adversary nowhere to be found.]

“For a God of Death, he’s rather adept at keeping himself hidden.”

[He chuckles, taking it as possibly a slight victory that he has the God hiding from him. As he rounds the corner to the hallway, he stops. Ordell looks around, as though sensing something nearby.] [ORDELL GETS THROWN ACROSS THE CORRIDOR AND RIGHT INTO A WALL! Ordell doesn’t know what happened as he staggers to his feet, an unseen force hitting him once more and sending him crashing to the floor!]

“What is this!?”

[Ordell is unable to react in his pure confusion as the force throws him against an adjacent wall, slamming him face first! The disciple of Janus is eventually lifted and slammed face first onto the floor! He tries to rise up but the force has him restricted.]

“This? This is the power of a God compared to that of a mortal.”

[A disembodied voice booms through the hallway, Ordell barely able to look up as slowly materializing before him, foot on his back… is Hades. And in his hands? A helmet.]

“As with most clergymen, your belief in your Diety is worth nothing compared to the powers of another God. With only my helm was I able to take you down.”

[Hades laughs as he leers down at Ordell, a smirk on the God’s face.]

“But you are good for one thing, mortal. You gave me an idea. I wish to make a deal with you.”

[Terminus tries to look back at Hades, a scowl on his face as he spits blood from his mouth.]

“I would never make a deal with a foul lord such as yourself.”

[Hades laughs again, pressing down on Ordell’s back.]

“Oh, but you already have. You challenged me a mere week ago to open the gates to my realm and free my souls should you best me in combat. I accept your foolish request, however, it is only fair I get something when I demolish you.”

[Ordell grits his teeth, unable to free himself.]

“What do you want?”

“I want you to become the key to my gates… and open them so that I may reenter my realm and reclaim my throne.”

[Ordell’s eyes go wide as Hades finally pulls his foot from his back.]

“And when I do enter, you will join the souls amongst Tartarus.”

[With those last words, Hades places the helm upon his head and disappears from sight, leaving Ordell to stew on his words.]


[The second round is here with Jensen Cussen going one-on-one with Cael Gable! Who wants it more? We’ll find out in just a few moments!] [The bell sounds as Gable lowers his waist and outstretches his hands. He’s looking to win this one in his roots. Jensen does the same in imitation before rushing him with a rushing knee strike, only Gable seemed to anticipate it. He sidesteps his blow, wraps his hands around his waits, and lifts him up for a German suplex. He holds onto it as they make it back to their feet. Cussen quickly throws an elbow back ensuring that his 10 Karat stayed at One! Jensen kicks him in the abdomen, wraps his arm and lifts him up for a slingshot suplex into a brainbuster! THE GUILT TRIP!] [Cussen pins his shoulders to the mat. One…Two…KICKOUT! Jensen seems mildly amused as he yanks Gable up to his feet by his ear before springing off the second rope. As he comes back, Gable leaps into the air and nails him with a clothesline! Both men go down. They are both slow to rise, but Gable seems an second faster. THE GOLD RUSH! Cussen is hit like a train and flips over his back to the mat. Cussen bounces back to his feet in a dazed state before turning into a Gable. PUGHPLEX! Down goes Cussen after the suplex into a cutter! One…Two…THREE!] [Another big win over some legends in this industry. Cael Gable goes to the corner and raises his arms high as Cussen just glares at him from the outside.]


“Send the hounds out!”

[We join a chaotic scene in progress. Various attendants run back and forth inside the Throne Room of King Royal. His King’s Guard remain assembled, directing traffic as King Royal himself sits impatiently upon his Throne.]

“Marvolo wishes to enter the King’s domain. That peasant seeks to sit upon one’s throne.”

[Royal leans forward, rage in his eyes, as Queen Raquel places her hand upon his plated shoulder.]

“And my Lord cannot forget that he has a wench by his side, some common street trash that he is parading around as an imposter.”

[Royal’s fist slams down on his arm-rest. The Throne Room has emptied to just one of his Guard and the Royal couple.]

“One did not come back to have both the Throne and the Queen besmirched by a creature who has been running from the King’s Justice for months now.”

[Royal shakes his head, but is quickly up to his feet on alert as there is a rustling from the wall to the right of the Throne. The lone Guard walks over to check it out, but quickly finds himself tripping over a foot that has extended behind him.] [Marvolo!] [Number One stands over the King’s Guard before grabbing a tall drape that is attached to the wall. He pulls the extremely thick fabric down over the King’s Guard, kicking him around to roll him up in it.]

“Did you miss Marvolo or are you just happy to see Number One?” [The masked man says with a grin.] [Royal seems confused by what just transpired, but he sneers when he sees Raquel walk through the small secret passage behind her Number One.]

“One was not deceived. There truly is one attempting to sully the pure name of the Queen.”

[Raquel actually steps forward for a split second with anger in her eyes, but quickly reverts back to her usual state. Marvolo doesn’t notice this tick as he steps forward.]

“Marvolo has hunted for a long time to find this place. There is unfinished business to attend to.”

[Royal cuffs his fist and nods in agreement.]

“It’s about time your King snuffed out your pathetic dream of life. The King’s Justice has eluded you for too long. Sometimes, one must take matters into one’s own hand.”

[Marvolo seems confused, but nods in agreement.]

“Marvolo takes matters into his hand quite often.”

[A collective groan takes the Throne Room before Royal interjects.]

“Then at Ring King, one’s own event, the King will step down from his Throne to send you back to whatever hole you crawled out of.”

[Marvolo nods.]

“You wouldn’t like to crawl in Number One’s hole. That’s why your reign will end, and Marvolo will get that comfy chair!”

[The Guard has gotten untangled, and he goes after Marvolo, who ducks the shot.] [SLAP!] [Raquel has hauled off and nailed the King’s Guard with a vicious slap. She shrugs to Marvolo as the duo scurry off their hidden passage.] [At Ring King, we’re going to see these two finish their issue that’s been months in the making!]


[It’s the second round of the Ring King tournament and everything is being put on the line tonight! It’s Calypso standing across the ring from the leader of The Family: DTR.] [The bell sounds as these two lock up in the center of the ring. DTR, being the more powerful of the two, sends Calypso flying back into the ropes. She hooks the top rope and just smirks at DTR. The leader approaches quickly but Calypso tries for a superkick! DTR catches her leg, pulls her close with it, and nails a T-Bone suplex! Calypso slams into the mat as DTR quickly grabs her hair and pulls her up. He wraps his hand around her waist and tries to lift her up for a German suplex, but she hooks his leg. A spinning elbow catches him harsh!] [DTR releases as Calypso grabs his arm and wrenches it back before turning DTR right into a DDT! She quickly brings him over to the corner and lifts him upside down to tie him to the tree of woe! She rushes to the opposite corner and rushes forward before drilling DTR with a baseball slide to the face! He falls out of the tree as Calypso climbs to the top turnbuckle. DTR staggers to his feet as she leaps! MISSILE DROPKICK MISSES! DTR just grabs her legs and yanks her to the mat hard! She’s seeing stars as DTR yanks her up by her jaw! FILL IN THE BLANK! The Scorpion death drop turned into a lifting spinning backbreaker hits hard as he covers! One…Two…THREE!] [DTR will be moving to the round of eight next week! Calypso is holding her neck as she can’t help but show her disappointment.]


[The second round continues here with Captain Zappa squaring off with #1!] [The bell sounds and Zappa is on the move! He flies across the ring bent on destruction as he nails Marvolo with a double axe handle! He whips Marvolo into the corner and slams into him with a running body splash before taking a few steps back. Marvolo throws two quick jabs which hit nothing but air before stopping, and falling right onto his own face. Zappa goes to grab Marvolo by the head, but he’s nothing but dead weight. He goes to pull him up using more strength, but Marvolo just folds into a ball with his hand outstretched. Zappa is curious on whether to accept the hand or not.] [Zappa finally accepts the hand as Marvolo yanks him down into a crossface! THE MYSTERY BOX! Zappa is quick though and pulls himself to the ropes. Both men get up as Marvolo charges with a rolling koppu kick! Zappa seemed to block most of it with his hands, and Zappa feints an Irish Whip before pulling him back in for a DDT! THE HICCUP IN THE MATRIX! Zappa goes for the cover. One…Two…NO! Still fight in Marvolo! Zappa climbs up top and begins motioning for the end. Marvolo is slowly beginning to stir, but Zappa leaps off in a moonsault and lands knees first on his chest! ZETAVARIUM! Marvolo is spitting up blood! One…Two…THREE!] [Captain Zappa moves on to the Round of 8 with this big win here tonight as Marvolo is clutching his ribs in pain.]


[Backstage, a wolf wanders down the hallway before a hand reaches out to pet it…a hand that belongs to Wyatt Benjamin. Before the Lone Wolf can say a word, though, we hear a loud shout from the distance.]

“So that’s your dog, huh?”

[Benjamin looks up to see Ethan Rose, furious as he stands over the Lone Wolf.]

“Your little pet cost me a date last week, and when I saw it wandering the halls again I decided to have a word with whoever it belonged to…so who the hell are you, and why do you have a dog running around here?”

[Benjamin is infuriated as he stands up, towering just slightly over the Phoenix.]

“This is a wolf, and my name is Wyatt Benjamin. I’d choose my next words carefully, if I were you…you haven’t been chosen for the hunt yet, but that could change in an instant.”

[This just draws laughter from Rose, shaking his head in amazement.]

“Mate, I’ve seen your type before and it doesn’t impress me. Wolves don’t stand a chance against the Phoenix…you can strike me down if you like, but I always bounce b—“

[Before Rose can finish his thought, he gets walloped with a hard right hand by Benjamin! Rose doesn’t go down right away, though, and the two men have at it until The Automaton comes rolling in, looking on as Benjamin throws Rose into a pile of equipment. He shoots a glare at TAM before he and his wolf leave, as Rose gets to his feet before looking at TAM.]

“What do you want, you pile of wires?”

“I apologize for not offering assistance, but—“

[Rose just scoffs at this, shouting as he walks away leaving us with a seemingly confused TAM.] [Cut.]


[Hades might have fallen in his pursuit of royalty but a great chance to leap up the ranks comes tonight as he faces off against the number one contender. Can the Lord of the Underworld prevail or is the Enforcer in a class of his own?] [The bell sounds as Hades rushes forward, taking Kersh by surprise with a big running uppercut that nearly breaks the veterans jaw before lifting him up high and nearly powering him through the mat with a massive Powerslam. Kersh staggers to his feet into a hand on his throat as Hades lifts him up effortlessly onto the top rope, backing up, WELCOME TO THE A…KERSH HOLDS ON!] [The Enforcer flips himself back into the ring using the ropes as leverage as Hades rushes forward. Kersh ducks under a Lariat as Hades rebounds off the ropes, ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! Kersh uses Hades momentum to absolutely drive the bigger man into the canvas as he drops down, trying to lock in the Lone Star. Hades kicks him off with force as Kersh stumbles into the ropes, rebounding off, RIVER STYX! Kersh lands backfirst into the turnbuckles as he staggers out, Hades powering him up onto his shoulder, WELCOME TO…KERSH SLIPS OUT…SMALL PACKAGE! The referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Enforcer does it, using his veteran wiles as he picks up a victory out of sure defeat from the Lord of the Underworld, continuing his momentum into the biggest match of his career at Ring King]


[Framed by candlelight, a single altar stands. On the peripheral of our vision, we can see loose dirt and rock. This altar has been lovingly created in some sort of cave, its formations seemingly notched into the world for a single purpose.] [This is Lux Bellator’s haven.] [Into the darkness, a voice strikingly manifests into being. Its tone is weak and broken.] [This is not Lux Bellator.]


[A shadow enters the cave, its darkness swallowing the altar whole.]

“A river to blood. The hardening of life’s water.”

[The hooded shadow stops for a moment, turning towards the frozen visage of Desmond Cross. The Hooded Man’s voice falters even further for a moment.]

“I’m sorry.”

[The Hooded Man turns to slowly walk closer to the altar.]

“Burnt with fire, both war zone and final judgment have been prepared. The army has been granted.”

[Standing above the altar, the dark figure reaches down to run calloused fingers over the book laid upon it.]

“Soon comes the darkness. The sixth bowl will bring about a night that may never end. Terror fills the air. The seventh will bring about…”

[A sudden intake of wind.]

“The end.”

[Pedro El Salvador stands behind the Hooded Man, a black suit now adorning his frame. The Hooded Man bows his head for a moment as Pedro sneers.]

“You have failed. What has been set into motion cannot be undone. How many have you prepared? The Shark could not stop him.”

[He looks over at Desmond Cross’s form with a smirk.]

“This one could not stop him. The Savage could not prevail. And even if he emerges victorious, Captain Zappa does not know how to stop the Sixth Bowl.”

[The Hooded Man’s hand still upon the book, a fist begins to form as Pedro nears.]

“My son has an army. He has prepared the battle ground. The horses have ridden out. The souls of the martyrs have been empowered. Even last week, the great Earthquake took Captain Zappa to places he will never know the truth of. The seven trumpets are beginning to ring out. The time has come for the final stand of man against the Light Warrior of God.”

[The Hooded Man’s head raises up to look square ahead while El Salvador grins.]

“I can feel it within you. I can sense your fear. Your hatred. Give into it. Use it. It will make you stronger. You know what was prophesized, what was written on that lonely island. You know who must stand against Lux Bellator. Stop denying who you are. What you are.”

[With a quick jerk, the Hooded Man turns to face El Salvador.]

“You know nothing about what I am.”

[With abrupt force, Pedro El Salvador goes flying back against the rock wall.]

“You speak of prophecy, but you do not know it. When the seventh seal breaks…”

[The Hooded Man turns to walk away from a very surprised and half-conscious El Salvador.]

“…Lux Bellator’s reckoning will come.”



[Two of possibly the greatest OSW stars face off here tonight as the current Invasion briefcase holder takes on the Mother of all. Will Lux be a sacrificial lamb to the never ending rage of Mother or has his powers grown too much even for her to contain?] [The bell sounds as Mother rushes forward, taking Lux by surprise with a huge running knee to the face that sends Lux flying back into the corner. He tries to stand but a hard basement dropkick leaves him sitting groggy as Mother flips over, crab walking towards Bellator. CRAB KICK! Mother’s looking to end this early as she covers, ONE…TWO…Lux gets the shoulder up. Mother tries to pull Lux to his feet but gets pushed back as Bellator leaps up, SNAP HURRICANRANA!] [Mother stumbles up to her feet into a flurry of forearms before a hard roundhouse kick leaves her out on her feet as Lux leaps up, PURITY! Mother screams out in pain as Lux has the triangle hold locked in tight, forcing her to her knees as he cranks back on it. With a surge of strength, Mother slowly rises to her feet, lifting Lux up with her, POWER…FACEBUSTER! Mother’s out on her feet as Lux places her between his legs, DISCIPLE MAKER! Mother is out of it as Lux drops down, crossing her arms across her chest as he bows in a pinning prayer, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Light Warrior picks up a huge victory here, putting away Mother as he continues his journey to break the remaining seals and take in all the power they give him]



“I see that you changed your mind, son.”

[A candle light flickers as two men walk down a dingy corridor. We follow them into a room, where Jensen Cussen and Max Million stand, waiting.] [Yet we don’t see who changed their mind.] [Cussen steps forward.] “We’re glad that you made the right decision, brother. The Asylum is not your family. It will never be your family.”

[Max agrees, and steps beside Jensen.]

“I searched for a place to belong. I searched for years. I looked in places that only brought me heartache and agony. I fell in with men I thought I could call ‘brother’, but it was a lie. Ozric Mortimer, Jake Jeckel, Corey Black, Jacob Phoenix, King Royal, The Culture Boy and the list goes on. I had never found my family; until now.”

[DTR smiles, the candle now back to illuminating his face.]

“You see, son? This is a real family. This is a real home. At Ring King, we will destroy The Asylum from the inside out and you will join us. You will become one with The Virus.”

[Cussen and Million cheer.]

“All you need is one vile,” [DTR says, handing over a small vile of black gunge.] “All you need is this.”

[The person takes it.]

“Welcome to the family, son.”

[All four walk towards each other and embrace.] [Who is he?] [Who will turn on the Asylum at Ring King?] [Cut.]


[The Double Feature Championship is in on the line as Sharkman and Royal circle each other in the ring. Will Sharkman walk away a hero or is this the beginning of King Royal’s reign?] [The bell rings, and Sharkman wastes no time, hitting a surprise running crossbody, that drives Royal to the mat. He pulls Royal to his feet and lands a few knees to the gut before slamming him to the mat with a Belly to Belly duplex. Shark tries to go for a second duplex, but Royal counters and goes for a NECK-NO! Sharkman Lands a HEADBUTT that stuns Royal as The Sharkman rushes forward, LARIAT! ONE! TWO! Royal kicks out!] [Pissed, Royal shoots straight up and throws his elbow right in Sharkman’s face. The Shark staggers and Nigel takes advantage, nailing the Hero with a vicious uppercut. He grabs Sharman by the throat and CHOKESLAM INTO ROYAL’S KNEE! Sharkman is in a world of pain as King begins to climb to the top rope as Sharman comes to his senses. He rushes the ropes and ROYAL CRASHES DOWN TO THE MAT. Sharkman dives on him and….NO! IT WAS A TRAP! Royal takes down a surprised Shark man and…DUNGEONS OF LONDON! SHARKMAN CAN’T ESCAPE! HE TAPS! THE SHARKMAN TAPS OUT TO KING ROYAL!] [King Royal does the impossible and ends Sharkman’s impressive Double Feature Reign. He grabs the belt from the ref and holds it up high. Long may be reign.]


[Bobby Neptune waits, staring at the small black circular device that lies on the table in front of him. He had inspected every inch of it, yet is still none the wiser as to what he should be looking for or how it works. Lyra cautiously places herself just behind Bobby; she had barely let him out of her sights all week. She watches, poised and ready for any sign of the Zetas.]

“I cannot stress to you enough just how much of a mistake you are making. You do not see what I see, their lies and deception. To even meet with them is opening up your world for an invasion of which it is not prepared for. Even as we speak, their ships move into position. To them, you are merely the last piece of the puzzle.”

[She grabs him by the shoulders and turns him around. He backs away, bumping into the table behind him with a look of mistrust on his face. Lyra’s voice sounds urgent.]

“I’m not going to hurt you, Bobby Neptune. Everything I have done and everything I am trying to do is for the one purpose. To protect Earth. I can help you, and you can help me. We need each other. Come Ring King, I will prove that to you.”

[She backs away, glancing at the door.]

“But for now I have got a match to win. Defeating the Dragon will prove to you what I am capable of when defending Earth. Stay here, I will show you just what I can do.”

[Reluctantly, Lyra exits, leaving Bobby alone. Moments later, the black device on the table begins to vibrate and let off a blue light. Bobby picks it up. In his touch, the blue light turns to a portal which opens before him. Several shadowy figures emerge from the portal and form a semi circle in front of Bobby. The leader of the Zeta group speaks.]

“Keymaster. We have been waiting for the opportune moment where we may discuss matters alone. With Agent Starchild otherwise occupied, this is our chance. Greetings.”

[The Zeta leader places his hand over his chest and bows as some sort of salute. Bobby remains silent.]

“You are the key in our battle for Earth. It is imperative that you seek out Captain Zappa and ally your services with him. Only then can this Intergalactic war come to an end. We must usher in a new day for your planet, and you must be the key to this happening. More will be revealed in time.”

[The leader pauses, choosing his words carefully.]

“Those that stand in the way of progress will be met with force, for the greater good of Earth. Victory or defeat may lie in your hands. Your energy, focused for good can defeat the deception of Lyra Starchild. Be weary, Keymaster, do not fall into her traps.”

[As mysteriously as they had arrived, the Zeta disappear into the portal once more and it falls closed. The device falls silent and lifeless in Neptune’s hand once more.] [Somebody, or perhaps everybody is trying to deceive Bobby. But who truly has Earth’s best interest at heart? Bobby Neptune will have some choices to make at Ring King.]


[The second round of the Ring King tournament continues as it’s Lyra Starchild standing off against Solomon Rhodes!] [The bell sounds as the two meet in the center of the ring. Solomon extends his hand and Lyra shakes it before pulling him in for a side headlock. She quickly releases him before going low for a sweep kick that Solomon leaps over. She comes up onto her knees AND GETS BLASTED BY DARKWISH! A huge move early on as Solomon rolls her up quickly. One…Two…NO! She kicks out although her bell has definitely been rung. Solomon grabs her by her head and lifts her up. He leaps up and connects with an enziguri that staggers her. He pops back to his feet and connects with a Frankensteiner! He hops into another cover!] [One…Two…Hand on the rope! The referee pulls Solomon away as Lyra staggers to her feet. He approaches but she rushes him! She spins around his body before hitting a tilt-a-whirl head scissors that sends him across the ring! She quickly rushes towards the corner, leaps to the top rope, springs off and twists into a falling double stomp across his chest! FALLING STAR! ONE…Two…NO! Rhodes get a shoulder up! Lyra isn’t fazed by it as she quickly climbs the top and leaps… AS ABOVE SO NOT BELOW! She misses the move as Rhodes just rolled out of the way. She slowly comes to her feet as Rhodes leaps towards her! CHAOS THEORY! She’s out like a light. One…Two…THREE!] [A big win here tonight for Solomon Rhodes as he will advance to the next round!]


[Recorded Earlier.] [A large box sits in the middle of a painted nursery.] [Suddenly, it begins to shake.] [Before we know it, the sides begin to rip and expose what is within. It’s Edward Newton and he’s inside the house of Brent Kersh. Sleeping only a few yards away, in a moses basket, is none other than their newly born child. Newton carefully walks over, peering into the basket.]

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word, Uncle Eddy’s going to make sure your future is secured.”

[He smiles.]

“And if your father won’t simply quit, Uncle Eddy’s going to make sure that he regrets it.”

[Newton reaches down into the crib, only the door suddenly flies open.] [And stood there, with a face of thunder, is none other than Brent Kersh. The Enforcer quickly realizes how close the World Champion is to his child, so he immediately calms down.]

“What are you doing, Newton?”

[Edward stops, looking back at Brent.]

“I’m just singing your lovely new born a nursery rhyme, Mr. Kersh. They’re precious at this age, aren’t they?” [He sneers.] “Never fear, I don’t intend to hurt your child. I don’t intend to hurt your family, not at all.”

[Kersh steps forward, watching as Edward steps away. They exchange positions almost, with the Riddler heading towards the door and The Enforcer standing over the cot.]

“I don’t have to,” [he reminds him.] “Because you’ll do that for me. Isn’t that what you’ve always done?”

[Before long. Kersh’s wife joins them in the room, side stepping Newton in a panic. Her eyes are wide with fear, though she’s glad to see that her husband stands between the mad man and their child.]

“Mrs. Kersh, haven’t you suffered enough at the vile hands of your abusive husband?” [Edward asks, stepping closer to the door.] “Hasn’t your family suffered enough? I’ve offered you a way out. I’ve offered you retirement. You can put an end to the misery and heartbreak. You can turn over a new leaf and write a new chapter. Think about it, won’t you?”

[He quickly darts out of the door, Kersh looking to head in hot pursuit until his wife grabs him, pulling him back.]

“Let him go,” [she pleads.] “Please? We need you here.”



[We have a huge second round Ring King match between two of the biggest manipulators in OSW history. Will the Juggalo Prince take one more step to his desired throne or will the Mad Mastermind take that dream away from him?] [The bell sounds as both competitors rush forward, pounding on eachother with heavy lefts and rights before Jake clips Hysteria with a stiff knee to the gut, lifting him up and trying for a Suplex. Hysteria slips out, dropping behind Jake and as he turns around, pokes him in the eyes before spiking him into the mat with a stiff DDT. Jake stumbles back to his feet as Hysteria scrambles up to the top rope, FALL OF MAN!] [Hysteria covers, ONE…TWO…Jake gets the shoulder up! Hysteria pulls him up, lifting Jake onto his shoulders in a firemans carry but Jake slips out, drilling Hysteria with a hard knee to the jaw, PONY DOWN! Hysteria is snapped over Jake’s knee but barely hits the canvas before he’s hoisted up into the air again, JUGGALO…TORNADO DDT! Hysteria plants Jake into the mat as he hoists him up into the air again, APATHY! The Mastermind calls for the end, FUCK-OFF RISING ELBOW! That looked to knock Hysteria out as Jake lifts him up into the air, THE HATCHET! NO! HYSTERIA DROPS DOWN! DARKNESS! WHAT THE FUCK? WE’VE JUST BEEN PLUNGED INTO DARKNESS… ONE…TWO…THREE!!! WHO WON!?]


[Jake Jeckel springs away from an abrupt roll up just as the lights come back on. No-one can believe it.] [He won! Jake Jeckel won!] [He quickly rolls back to his feet, realizing that Calypso and her army now surround the ring. They used the darkness as a distraction.]

“Do you see how easy that was?” [Calypso’s voice interrupts from outside the ring.] “How the meek made such an impact?”

[Jeckel snarls.]

“Do you think we’re afraid of the end, Jake? We’ve been waiting for it. This Earth will have to perish before we inherit what we deserve. You talk about the end of days as if we’re not prepared to survive it.”

[She clambers up onto the ring apron, standing outside the ropes.]

“You told me to think about it and I did. But all I could think about is how this world deserves to suffer. All I could think about is how we’ll inherit it when the rest of you perish the hell fire to come. And to think, you want my help to survive? You want the meek to stand by your side and follow your lead? What do you expect save, Jeckel? What do you think is worth saving?”

[The Juggalo slowly approaches her.]

“If that’s how it has to be, Calypso, then that’s how it’ll be. At Ring King, I’ll leave you lying in a pool of your own blood and these people, the same one’s you forced into a bargain with the devil, will follow me to the end.”

[Suddenly, he’s attacked from behind. Two of Calypso’s followers entered the ring behind him and clobber him over the back of the head with some kind of pipes. They force his body half way through the middle rope, releasing him there as Calypso climbs the turnbuckle.]

“Do you think if you push us, we won’t push back?”

[She tosses the microphone down and leaps.] [ULTRA-VIOLENCE!] [ULTRA-VIOLENCE TO THE JUGGALO ON THE RING APRON!] [Calypso hits the floor and pops back up to her feet, looking back at Jake who falls from inside the ring to out, landing on the apron. She smiles, slowly walking away as her people follow her to the back.] [Cut.]


[As the second round of Ring King comes to a close, Mike Lane and The Scarecrow stand face to face in the middle of the ring. Not only is a place in the next round on the line between these two former enemies, but pride as well.] [The bell sounds and they immediately trade blows. Thunderous right hands shake the ring with more force than ever expected. The Scarecrow powers Lane backwards into the ropes, nailing him under the chin with a series of Uppercuts that sends the former World Champion rolling sideways across the ropes. The Hayman quickly goes after him, turning him around and Uppercutting him into the corner. He turns around and runs with a Big Splash…] [BOOT TO THE FACE!] [MIKE LANE NAILS HIM WITH A BIG BOOT.] [That rocks The Scarecrow, who stumbles, holding his nose. Lane trundles out of the corner, full speed with a ginormous Clothesline, flooring The Monster. He’s quickly back up and into a massive Scoop Body Slam. Mike hits the ropes, and begins rolling towards the prone frame of The Scarecrow!] [ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE!]

[NO!] [THE SCARECROW MOVES!] [They both roll back to their feet, The Scarecrow scooping up The Shadow and FALL AWAY SLAM! That rocked him! Lane wisely rolls to the outside, arching his back in agony as he tries to recover. The Hayman doesn’t waste any time though and steps over the top rope onto the ring apron, leaping off with a Double Axe Handle across his back that lays him out on the wooden Tap Room floor. He bends down, pulling him carefully back to his feet and running him back first into the barrier. The fans cheer at the violence, but The Scarecrow hisses, grabbing Mike by the hair and tossing him back under the bottom rope and into the ring. He follows, covering with a forearm to the face.] [ONE…] [TWO….]


[KICK OUT!] [The Monster gets back to his feet, lifting his arm into the air. He’s going to end this right now. Mike slowly gets back to his feet, holding his back – he’s hurting and THE SCARECROW SLAPS HIS HAND AROUND HIS THROAT! BYE BYE BIRDIE! NO! MIKE STRUGGLES FREE! HE SPINS THE SCARECROW AND…] [DEGENERATION!] [THE T-BONE SUPLEX CONNECTS!] [Lane scrambles into the cover, desperately hooking the leg.] [ONE…] [TWO….]


[KICK OUT!] [He’s completely disappointed. He hoped that’d be enough but he should have known better. The Shadow gets back to his feet and storms around the ring, geeing the fans up as he goes. He’s poised, waiting for The Monster to rise and he does. He leaps forward with a SHADOWKICK! NO! THE SCARECROW CAUGHT THE BOOT! He spins Lane around and CLOTHESLINE! THAT ALMOST TOOK HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF! The Scarecrow stumbles backwards into the ropes before he realizes the opportunity is there. He drops down over Lane, hooking the leg.] [ONE…]




[KICK OUT!] [SO CLOSE FOR THE SCARECROW! The Hayman gets back up and slaps his hand down around the throat of The Shadow, pulling him violently back to his feet. This is it!] [LIGHTS OUT!] [The arena is suddenly plunged into darkness.] [MOTHER!] [When they return, MOTHER is stood behind The Scarecrow as he kneels besides Mike Lane. He nailed the Chokeslam but he has no idea his nemesis stands behind him.] [BOOM!] [HHAAAPPPILLYYYY EVERRRRR AFTERRR!!!!] [KNEE TO THE BACK OF THE FUCKING HEAD OF THE SCARECROW! WHAT A FUCKING KINSHASA THAT WAS!] [The Scarecrow hits the deck hard, surely unconscious. Mother grabs Mike Lane and drags him over, demanding that the shocked referee make the count. He drops to his knees…] [ONE…]










[KICK OUT ON THREE! Mother cannot believe it. The look on her face is an absolute picture. She storms over to Mike Lane and kicks him off The Scarecrow, bending down to pummel the holy shit out of him. With fierce right hands, she thunders left and rights off his face with everything she has, screaming like a banshee the entire time! Mike Lane meanwhile has seen enough. He gets back to his feet, as does she, turning around to meet him!] [SHADOWKICK TO MOTHER! SHADOWKICK TO MOTHER!] [The Mother of All hits the canvas with a thud, rolling to the outside and collapsing on the floor. The Shadow signals for the end. The Scarecrow slowly gets back to his feet. He’s dazed, hurting and not quite sure where he is. He turns around…] [SHADOWKICK!] [NO!!!] [HE SIDE STEPS!] [LANE TURNS.] [CHOKESLAM!] [BYE-BYE-BIRDIE! GOODNIGHT MIKE LANE!] [The Scarecrow drops into the cover, hooking the leg as he does.] [ONE…]








[It’s over!] [The bell sounds and the fans roar with disapproval. The Hayman is going to the quarter finals of the Ring King competition and Mike Lane has been eliminated. Mother tried to make an impact here tonight, and the good nature of The Shadow shone through, but it wasn’t enough.] [The Monster gets back to his feet and looks back towards Mother, who carefully backs towards the entrance, a grimace on her face. She tried for a measure of revenge tonight, and by all accounts, she had some.] [But it’s The Scarecrow who joins our seven competitors in the next round of Ring King, much to her frustration!]


[Inside a kitchen, an array of knives has been set out upon a kitchen counter. They range from the very large to the very small. A hand suddenly reaches over, grabbing one and swiping it from the collection.] [The camera pans out to show Cael Gable’s mother and father, tied back to back on wooden chairs, as Adam Eve stands over them, wielding his knife of choice.]

“Please, don’t hurt my wife,” [the father says, pleading.] “Please!”

“I’m sorry,” [Adam responds.] “But she doesn’t get a free pass. I’m afraid that I’ve been paid to send a message to your son, and I intend to write it in your blood.”

[She approaches him, stabbing the just above his knee. He lets out a terrified and agonizing scream as his attacker twists the blade.]

“Argh,” [he cries.] “Please, just stop this madness.”

“Madness?” [Adam asks inquisitively.] “I’m afraid that you’ve seen nothing yet. Now, let’s see how pretty I can make your adorable little wife.”

[Her husband struggles against his restraints, but to no avail as Adam approaches her with menacing intentions. Suddenly, the door bursts in and Cael Gable enters, panic stricken.]

“Stop!” [He screams.] “Don’t you touch them!”

“Oh baby, I’m just getting started,” [Eve says arrogantly.] “Though, there is one way you could stop me.”

“I’ll give you anything you want, just leave my parents alone.”

[Adam walks over with the knife.] “At Ring King, your career vs. mine, one on one. If you lose, you lose everything.”

[Gable doesn’t even hesitate.]


[Eve smiles, ramming the knife into the shoulder of Gable. He screams in agony, falling backwards against the wall. Adam chuckles to himself, walking straight past him and out the door. Cael slowly pulls the knife from his wound and runs to check on his parents.]

“We need to call the cops,” [his father complains.] [Gable shakes his head.] “We can’t. I’ll explain everything, I swear, but we can’t call the cops.”