[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Everything is going wrong for Cael Gable.] [His family have been put smack dab in the middle of a war with Sheriff Law that he has never stood a chance of winning. Tonight, Cael’s dressed in all black and can be seen lurking outside a club in downtown Miami.] [Suddenly, a drunken man stumbles outside, fumbling for his zipper.] [It’s the law. Sheriff Law.] [Click.] [He’s barely pulled his junk from his pants before Cael Gable approaches, pointing a gun at his head. Law turns around slightly, realizing who it is.]

“Well shit, look who it is.”

[Gable grimaces.] “You’ve forced my hand, Law. I didn’t want to do this, but you brought my family into it. You made me have to choose between them and myself.”

[Law laughs.]

“Kid, you don’t have the balls.”

[Gable pushes the gun harder against his head.]

“Are you willing to bet your life on it?” [Cael asks.] “Because I’ve nothing left to lose.”

“You have everything left to lose. At Ring King, if Eve beats you, you’ll lose your career. If you shoot me, you’ll lose your life and your parents.”

[That surprises Gable, who backs off slightly.]

“You didn’t think I’d have a contingency plan?” [Law mocks.] “Of course I have, son. If you shoot me, Eve is under strict instructions to take out your family. Hell, if anything happens to me, he’ll murder them where they stand.”

[The Sheriff turns around, smiling.]

“So, go ahead, pull the trigger.”

[He pushes his head to the gun.]

“Go on, mother fucker, SHOOT!”

[Nothing.] [Cael lowers his weapon, backing away into the shadows. Law watches him leave, shaking his head in disappointment, before returning to his need for a piss.] [What’s Gable going to do?]


[The gatekeeper fanatic, Ordell Terminus, looks to gain some sort of momentum against Hades this upcoming Ring King. His opponent happens to be the lone wolf, Wyatt Benjamin, who seeks to do the same against the Automaton. Who will be fortunate enough to carry it through to the next week?] [The bell rings and the two lock up in the middle of the ring! At least they would’ve had Wyatt not struck with a massive headbutt. Terminus clutches his nose as Wyatt pounds on him with punches and clubbing blows. As the lone wolf backs Ordell into the ropes, he whips him off and attempts to go for a big boot, but the great one ducks it. As he returns, he meets Benjamin with a tilt a whirl headscissor take down. Wyatt gets up, only for the gatekeeper to back handspring into another headscissor take down. The Gateway to Greatness unleashes a primal roar, getting the crowd fired up!] [The lone wolf stands again, but as he charges towards Ordell for a third time, he manages to hang onto him before pulling the Janusophile back up. He slams him down hard with a powerbomb! He goes again, but Terminus slips out of it this time. Wyatt turns around and eats a HUGE ENZUGIRI from Ordell! Wyatt is shaken to his core as Terminus traps him in a headlock-INCEPTION! BENJAMIN’S HEAD BOUNCES OFF THE MAT! Cover! One! Two! Th-Shoulder up!] [Ordell looks up in complete surprise for but a moment. Before long, the great gatekeeper proceeds to leap up the turnbuckle. He proceeds to stand upright before leaping off! FLUX GA-WYATT ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY! The lone wolf gets to his feet, albeit with some aide from the ropes. He eyes Terminus hungrily as the great one gets on all fours-BLOOD LU-ORDELL CAUGHT THE FOOT! The gatekeeper looks pissed as he holds onto the leg. He stands and HEADBUTTS WYATT! The wolf is dazed as Terminus hoists him into a powerbomb position. He lifts! Wait, he’s latching the neck as well! THE FINAL CONCLUSION! IT’S BRIDGED! ONE! TWO! THREE! WHAT A SLAUGHTER!] [Hades better be careful against this fiery upstart. If he can brutalize the God of the underworld just like he did here, we’re going to see the ring painted red in the next week!]


[Lyra Starchild sits in mid conversation with an unseen presence. Around her, screens and various strange devices bleep and whirr. The figure to whom she speaks comes in the form of a holographic image, a communication link with her ship.]

“…It is a matter of trust. Whether or not Bobby Neptune believes me to be honest or whether he believes I am deceiving him. I am doing all I can to convince him.”

[The voice sounds back from the hologram.]

“Statistically speaking, your chances against the Zeta increase dramatically should Bobby Neptune’s energy be focused in the right direction. It is necessary to do all that you can to ensure he joins your cause.”

[Starchild hears movement from behind her and immediately shuts down the communication link. Moments later, Bobby Neptune himself walks into the room. He takes a moment to take in all of the surrounding equipment before addressing Lyra.]

“Lyra. My head has been spinning, going back and forth about who to believe over the past few weeks. My heart says I should believe you, my brain says I should believe you. But something inside me just isn’t convinced that I’m getting the whole story here.

I need more.”

[Lyra stands, walking over to greet him not in anger but with respect. After greeting him, she notices the small black circular device that the Zeta had given him, attached as if by magnet to his waist.]

“I have been upfont with you, Bobby Neptune. I have not hid behind secrecy and smoke. Do you not think it strange that the Zeta give you a device of unknown technology to communicate with them? Do you really think it is merely for signalling them? My bet would be that Zeta spies are using it to listen and track your conversations and wherabouts.

They are probably listening to our conversation right now. Do you truly want to trust these beings with the protection of Earth?”

[Lyra shakes her head, before turning Bobby’s attention back to herself by pointing her thumbs inwards and pointing to herself.]

“Think of what is possible should our forces be combined. An intergalactic alliance that is capable of taking down the Zeta. Your planet would be free from terror. I cannot do that alone.”

[Bobby nods, accepting her words.]

“I have heard it, I understand where you’re coming from but words are words. Action speaks louder. There is only one place to put your words into action. A place where the true heart of somebody is tested. Inside that ring, when we meet… Expect me to push you to your limits, for only then can I truly see what you are made of.”

[Lyra smiles and nods at the sentiment.]

“Understandable. At Ring King, Bobby Neptune will see the heart of Lyra Starchild. I will convince you, Bobby Neptune, that it is in both of our best interests that the Zeta be stopped. And we are the ones that can stop them.”

[The pair do not share a handshake, but a moment of respectful silence where a look is exchanged. The heart of Earth’s defenders will be revealed inside the squared circle at Ring King.]


[The Automaton had a great debut last week, as the literal wrestling machine looks to continue it’s momentum against another newcomer in Jacen Novan. Can TAM continue its path into finding its true purpose or will it fall tumbling off the Path of Balance?] [The bell sounds as the pair shake hands, circling around one another before TAM rushes in, surprising Jacen with a hard European Uppercut to the jaw that sends him reeling. TAM grips Jacen by the back of the head, laying into him with a trio of lighting fast forearms before doubling him over with a stiff knee, hooking him under both arms as TAM beings the rapid fire knees and elbows known as the AUTOMATED JOINT TEST! Novan looks out on his feet as TAM spins him around in a circle, V-TRIGGER! Jacen goes down as TAM covers] [ONE…TWO…Jacen just gets the shoulder up! TAM pulls him to his feet but Jacen slips out, tossing TAM to the canvas with a hip throw and as TAM gets to its feet, rushes forward with a huge running dropkick to the chin, stunning the android. A quick Snap Suplex puts TAM on the mat as Jacen rushes to the middle rope, FROG SPLASH! it’s Novan’s time to cover as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…TAM kicks out!] [Jacen pulls TAM up off the mat whipping him across the ropes as he tries for a clothesline but TAM ducks under, spinning Jacen around before drilling him in the chest with the EX HADOKEN! Jacen doesn’t go down, staggering back into the ropes, DARKNESS WITHIN! The huge elbow seemed to knock TAM out cold as Jacen lifts it up to it’s feet, SPINEBUSTER! Jacen flips around, trying to lock in the Anaconda Vice but TAM kicks him off, scrambling to its feet as Jacen turns around, snap uppercut, stunning Jacen as he’s lifted up high, MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER! Jacen is done as TAM covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [TAM does it again, taking another hard fought victory here tonight. Novan tried his best but but the Automaton proved inside that ring, it is better then any man]


[Backstage, we find none other than Marvolo walking, Raquel at his side, and with a grin on his face. He rounds a corner and suddenly finds himself in a precarious situation.]


[A spear is held inches from the mustachioed face of Marvolo. Behind that spear is one of the King’s Guard. Number One raises an eyebrow, but does not retreat. Instead a smile begins to form on his face.]

“Do you people ever disinfect? Marvolo can smell quite a…”

[A voice cuts him off.]

“Perhaps you have finally begun to detect the putrid stench that we call Marvolo.”

[The King’s Guard steps to the side to allow the origin of that voice to step forward. Dressed for battle, it is none other than Queen Raquel. King Royal stands in the background, very intrigued by the forwardness of his mate.]

“Blind Raquel, how did you find Number One?” [Marvolo quips.] “Where is your service hound?”

“Make jokes all you’d like, but tonight isn’t about the issues between you, me, and the King tonight. No, tonight is all about putting our differences aside to survive the three maniacs we’re facing. As much as I hate to say it, we’re stuck with you.”

[Royal steps forward, rubbing his hand along the small of his Queen’s back.]

“What one’s beautiful Queen is trying to say is that you have been granted a respite from the King’s Justice. For one night, you will get to enjoy the protections of the King’s grace once more. Once the masked fools have been defeated, then the King’s Justice will turn to the other masked fool running around.”

[He gets right in Marvolo’s face.]

“And you will Hail the King as he deals that Justice upon you.”

[Royal steps back with a sneer on his face as Marvolo takes it in.]

“Good thing Marvolo is not a masked fool!”

[He turns to Queen Raquel.]

“Marvolo will call out directions for you.”

[Number One turns back the way he came from to walk away. But his Raquel lingers. She comes face to face with the Queen and they have a moment of disgust for one another between them. But then Raquel steps back to take in the Queen’s outfit, seemingly committing it to memory.]

“Nice look.” [Raquel comments with a smile.] “Good to see they let you dress yourself.”

[The insult lingering in the air, Raquel walks off to join the oblivious Marvolo, while King Royal and his Queen look on.]


[The Ring King Quarter Finals rolls on as Bobby Neptune faces off against Smiley. Will the Starboy shoot off into the Semi-Finals or will the Deranged One have the last laugh?] [The bell sounds as Neptune takes Smiley by surprise with a stiff roundhouse kick, stunning him as Neptune rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a massive dropkick that sends Smiley flying into the turnbuckles, landing hard back first. Bobby rushes forward, drilling Smiley with a big leaping knee to the side of the head before running forward with Smiley and planting him into the mat with a running bulldog. Neptune leaps up onto the second rope, waiting for Smiley to get to his feet, RED GIAN…Smiley moves as Neptune rolls through, running right into a massive CHELSEA GRIN!] [Smiley is pissed as he spits out a glob of blood onto the canvas, lifting Neptune up to his feet as he lights him up with a series of stiff forearms before a massive knee lifts Neptune off the canvas, taking all the wind out of him as Smiley hoists him up high, ANTIDEPRESSANT! Smiley considers covering but spots the top rope as a sick smile crosses his face, the Deranged One going up to the top rope as he sizes up Neptune for a moment, TRAUMA…MISSES! Smiley gets up, holding his tailbone, SUPERKICK!] [Smiley slowly gets to his feet into a flurry of forearms in retaliation before a stiff enziguri stuns Smiley as Neptune springboards up to the second rope, RED GIANT! Neptune covers, ONE…TWO…Smiley just gets the shoulder up! Neptune tries to lift Smiley up but he pushes Neptune away, drilling him with a big European Uppercut before the Deranged One hooks in the fish-hooks, jumping up, HIDEOUS…NEPTUNE HOLDS ONTO THE ROPES! Smiley gets up, holding his back in pain as Neptune leaps up to the top rope, waiting for Smiley to turn around, TITAN’S…SMILEY ROLLS THROUGH, GLASGOW SMILE CROSSFACE! Neptune struggles but he’s hooked in tight and in the middle of the ring as he’s forced to tap out!] [The Deranged One is all smiles tonight as he brings down the stars themselves and moves onto the Ring King Semi-Finals where we could possibly see the most violent King yet emerge come next week]


[The Asylum.] [Blackwater has long seen better days. The walls are charred to a crisp and debris litters the floor. As footsteps crunch down the corridor, trawling over the remnants of a once terrifying place, the open roof leaks rain from the pouring sky above.] [Then, the footsteps stop.] [Stood in the remains of a dirty, foul smelling bathroom, Hysteria meets The Sharkman, Smiley and Doubt.] [Their eyes lock from around the room.] [One of them has turned.]

“Once, we were brothers,” [Hysteria says, opening himself up.] “We were a family of our own. We had a father who tormented us, manipulated us and turned us into sheep. We maimed him and threw him down a pit so deep, and so dark, that he has never been seen again.”

[He stops, pausing.]

“That bond has become fragmented and for one of us, it has shattered completely. At Ring King, we must come together to stop another father of another family from ripping us to pieces.”

[Before he can continue, Smiley interrupts.] “It was you who soured our family, Hysteria. You broke the bonds that bound us together with your greed and selfishness. Do you think that I or my brother Doubt would ever join their family? No, it is you that will turn your back on us again.”

[The Sharkman steps forward, shaking his head.]

“It’s easy to point the finger at each other. That’s what they want. Tonight and at Ring King, we have to fight side by side. It doesn’t matter how deplorable we think one another is, we die together, or we survive together.”

[Doubt snarls.] “Enough!” [He says sternly.] “You three can doubt each other, and me, but I know only one thing; I don’t owe you three anything. I don’t owe you any loyalty. I don’t owe you any friendship or kindness and I don’t owe you an explanation for any actions I may take.”

[With that, it abruptly walks off, leaving The Sharkman, Hysteria and Smiley behind in shock.]

“That was…” [Smiley contemplates his next words carefully.] “Odd.”

[Hysteria and The Sharkman nod.] [Cut.]


[We have a huge Ring King quarter finals match here as Cael Gable on a hell of a roll faces off against the Dragon Solomon Rhodes. Can Gable continue on the biggest run of his career or will he fall under the flames of Solomon?] [The bell sounds as Gable rushes forward, taking Rhodes by surprise with a massive double leg takedown, slamming Rhodes into the mat as he begins drilling him with hard lefts and rights from above before flipping him over and raining down the Muay Thai knees to the back of the head, one of which knocks Rhodes for a loop. Cael tries to take advantage, gripping him around the neck as he tries to lock in Silence is Golden. He can’t get the legs wrapped around thou as Rhodes quickly scrambles for the ropes, breaking the hold] [Both men slowly get to their feet, circling around one another before Cael tries for another double leg that Rhodes dodges, nailing Cael with a stiff kick to the jaw before leaping up, FRANKENSTEINER! Cale gets up to his feet groggy as he’s lifted up high DAWN! Cael gets planted into the mat as Rhodes covers, ONE…TWO…CAEL KICKS OUT! Rhodes goes to pull him up to his feet but Cael suddenly spins him around, locking in Silence is Golden out of nowhere!] [Rhodes scrambles, trying to fight out but a massive headbutt to the back of the head stuns Rhodes long enough for Cael to get the hooks in. Gable pulls back with all his strength as Rhodes scrambles to the ropes, Gable trying to pull him back in but Rhodes just grabs onto them to force the break. Rhodes slowly gets to his feet as Gable runs forward, GOLD RUS…Rhodes dodges as Gable runs shoulder first into the turnbuckles, staggering out into a massive flying dropkick. Rhodes rolls back as Gable gets to one knee, DARKWISH! That huge superkicked clipped Cael on the chin as Rhodes rolls him up into a cradle, the referee counting, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Solomon Rhodes does it, ending the amazing run of Cael Gable with one massive kick to head to the semi finals and the Ring King pay per view.]


[On the roof of the Tap Room, away from the noise and free from distraction, sits Wyatt Benjamin, his eyes focused on the moon above him.]

“Soon we will find out who is truly the alpha male…and that’s why I’ve called you here.”

[He looks behind him to see The Automaton, who tilts his head in confusion.]

“It’s been said that man would be outperformed by machine, but I believe that man still has that killer instinct about him that machine cannot replicate. Above all else, I want to know what it is you seek. Is it power? Is it pride?”

[TAM shakes his head in what would appear to be disbelief.]

“No, Wyatt Benjamin, I am simply here to find myself…to find my purpose. My programming has given me a chance to prove that I am more than just some machine, more than someone’s property. Perhaps, in your case, what I seek is a challenge.”

[Benjamin smiles at the thought of this, when a voice from the distance calls their attention.]

“That’s cute, but all I’m after is an apology.”

[Confused and surprised, they turn around to find that Ethan Rose has made his way to the roof with a cocky smirk on his face.]

“You two talk about who the better man is, but I already know the answer…and it’s the Phoenix. ”

[TAM chimes in, much to the chagrin of Rose.]

“But you are no phoenix, Ethan Rose. You are, as some would say…a jackass.”

[Rose is incensed by this, charging at TAM…who steps aside, sending Rose right into Benjamin! The two men crash onto the roof as the wolf leaps at Rose…but once again, TAM jumps in front to stop the attack. The wolf growls at TAM as Rose and Benjamin get back to their feet. They glare at each other as TAM turns to face them, none budging from their position.] [Cut.]


[The Old School Wrestling Tag Team Championships are on the line as it’s Lux Bellator and Brent Kersh defending their gold against two members of The Family in Max Million and Jensen Cussen!] [Lux Bellator stands firmly in the ring demanding with his presence that Brent Kersh leave. Disdainfully, he exits the ring as Max Million stoically steps towards the center for his team. The bell sounds to start the match as the two lock up! Lux hooks the head of Million in his arms and brings two knees up to greet his face. Million staggers backwards for a moment as Lux springs off the second rope before connecting with a forearm strike! Million is blasted out of the ring as he falls between the ropes to the floor! Lux, seeing an opportunity, hits the opposite ropes, but he’s hit in the back with a leaping knee strike!] [He stops as he clutches his back before turning around to see Jensen smirking. He goes for a roundhouse kick, but Jensen ducks, grabs his head and… HAIR-TRIGGER! The jawbreaker brings Lux’s chin down upon the top rope as he is sprung backwards. As he turns around, he’s welcomed by a DOUBLE DOSE! Double underhook DDT spikes Lux into the mat. Million goes for the cover. One…Two… NO! Lux powers a shoulder up. Million stands and grabs Lux and begins dragging him towards his corner. As he does so, Lux begins getting to his feet. Million yanks him forward, and Lux spins to connect with a dragon whip kick! Both men are down!] [Both men begin to slowly crawl towards their own corners. They leap and… TAG! TAG! In comes Jensen Cussen and in comes Brent Kersh! The Enforcer closes the distance and blasts Cussen with a spear! Both men go to the ground, but it’s Kersh who grabs the leg of Cussen and hits a leg DDT with it! Cussen goes to clutch his knee, but Kersh drives a knee into the side as the pain crosses the face of Vengeance! Max Million, seeing this going so well, rushes back into the ring towards Kersh who ducks his clothesline. DUEM LUCEM takes out Max Million! Kersh grabs the legs of Cussen and turns into… LONE STAR! The figure-4-leglock is locked in and Cussen has no choice but to tap out!] [The Champions have successfully defended their titles, but they are not matching eyes as they separate to different corners to celebrate accordingly, separately.]


[The Perch.] [It’s empty. The Scarecrow hasn’t been here, not for a while. His place of rest appears abandoned. The camera watches intently, looking back into the corn behind it. Little green eyes stare back, fading into the darkness, watching and spying. Mother’s children.]

“My home is warded against my return.”

[His voice looms overhead.]

“And they await my arrival.”

[Again, you cannot see him.]

“Questions have been asked of me. Why would I let Tommy Hawk suffer such an indignant fate? Why wouldn’t I come forward sooner and save his life? I have no love for humanity. I have no desire to see you thrive any more than what allows me to exist. We have a connection, you and I. This universe we share, tethers us together. Without one, they other will cease to exist.”

[His voice grumbles against the night’s sky.]

“I do not care for Tommy Hawk. I do not care that his lifeblood seeped through her fingers. He served a purpose, as you all do. We are monsters and you are our prey. There will come a time when I will stand alongside humanity and fight within their corner. There will come a time when you will believe me to be one of you.”

[He scoffs.]

“But I am not and nor will I ever be. When this is all over and I have vanquished Mother to depths of all darkness, I will return to my place upon this perch. I will return to the hunt of humanity, until my spark has been extinguished too.”


“And where your eyes don’t go, you will fear The Scarecrow.”



[The Quarter Finals of the Ring King rolls on as the Clown Prince fights it out with the Unorthadox Identity. Can Jake move one step closer to his ultimate goal or will the Zeta’s Chosen One take that goal for his very own?] [The bell sounds as Jake rushes forward, laying into Zappa with a furious onslaught of lefts and rights. Zappa tries to fight back with hands of his own but a sickening headbutt nearly knocks the Captain out cold, a thin trickle of blood dripping down his forehead as Jake lifts Zappa up high, holding him high in the air as the blood drips down onto the canvas before finally dropping him to the canvas with the delayed Suplex. Zappa staggers to his feet into a one-two jab, uppercut combination before Jake tosses him into the ropes, trying for a Lariat but Zappa ducks under, grabbing Jake’s arm, HICCUP IN THE MATRIX!] [Jeckel staggers to his feet into a flurry of blows from Zappa who tries to hoist Jake onto his shoulders but Jake slips down, grabbing Zappa from behind, GERMAN SUPLEX! Jake holds on as he pulls Zappa up, nailing a second German. Jake rolls through a second time, CLOWN POSSE…Zappa slips out, THE MOAB! Jake slams hard onto the mat as Zappa rushes up to the middle rope, BLACK CLOUDS AND TINFOIL…HITS KNEES! Zappa staggers to his feet, PONY DOWN!] [Jake calls for the end as he lifts Zappa up to his feet but gets a quick knee to his chin as he’s lifted up into the air, LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! Jake gets driven into the mat as Zappa climbs up to the top rope, sizing up the Juggalo for a moment, ZETA…Jake leaps onto the ropes, crotching Zappa on the top rope as Jake climbs up, SUPER HAT…Zappa slips out before a stiff headbutt stuns Jake, Zappa tossing him back down to the canvas as he dives off a second later, ZETAVARIUM! Zappa stays down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Chosen One does it, beating an incredibly game Jeckel to move onto the semi finals and the Ring King pay per view for his chance to become King]


[The match is complete. We have seen the third of our Ring King semi-finalists decided. But for Captain Zappa, this night is not over. The VHS Champion has had a lot taken out of him by his war with Jake Jeckel, but even he could not have predicted what is coming.] [FLASH!}

[Zappa is struck by a bolt of lightning!] [RUMBLE!] [Before the thunderclap can even ring out, Zappa finds himself no longer in the Tap Room. Instead he now stands on a jutted-out rock overlooking a field. Upon this field toil an army. Not just any army, though. This is an army of dead souls, reanimated by the power of the Fifth Bowl of God’s Wrath. This is but one of the pieces of the puzzle that is Lux Bellator’s quest.]

“Neat trick.” [Zappa comments as he realizes that he is not alone on this rock.] [Lux Bellator stands beside him.]

“Do you see them, Zappa? God’s creations all doing His work in preparing for this, the war to end all wars. They only await the army that will meet them in combat here. In the coming darkness, only the light that I wield, the light of God, will light their way. There will be no lights out of the sky to show them the way. There will be no connection that can be broken. They will have found the Way, the Truth, and the Light.”

[Zappa nods and reaches into his front shirt pocket. His lip curls as he finds it empty.]

“You talk a big game, kid.” [Zappa says, relaxed in the face of what lies before him.] “You’ve got this army of who knows what. You’re talking about going to war with an army from above. But let’s face it, the Zeta could have come at any time. Your whole deal is some foretold prophecy to a guy on an island damn near a millennium ago. I think we both know why you decided to come looking for me.”

[Bellator seems offended at the dismissal offered by Zappa.]

“I have seen you in the bowls. You are whom the Lord hath shown me. Why else would we be standing here?”

[Zappa grins. The trap has been sprung.]

“I think you want my title. You’re not confident enough to use that little briefcase you carry around. So you want the next best thing to that World Title.”

[Bellator scoffs, but Zappa isn’t done.]

“That’s the thing about prophecy, man. You’re too caught up in it now. You’ve become a part of the prophecy, and now you’re seeing what you want to see instead of what is really there. That’s the difference between you and me. I know I have a connection to the Zeta. I have seen them. I have felt their presence. All you have is faith. You ain’t never seen God, you know?”

[Bellator gets cut off once more.]

“So one day pretty soon, me and you are gonna fight. Then when it’s over, you’re gonna go try to annihilate the world and I’m gonna go do whatever the Zeta need me to do. For all of your high talk, this is about two men seeing who is the better man. It ain’t about….”

[FLASH!] [Captain Zappa, in the blink of an eye, now finds himself back in the middle of the OSW ring.] [RUMBLE!] [A smile crosses Zappa’s face as he bends over to pick up a small object off the canvas. It’s his precious smoke. It must have fallen out during the match with Jeckel.] [Despite his words, this issue with Zappa and Bellator is FAR from over!]

[We have a great Ring King Quarter Finals match here tonight as DTR faces off against Scarecrow. Can the patriarch of the Family head towards the Semi-Finals or will the Hayman make him just another victim?] [The bell sounds as DTR rushes forward, peppering Crow with a series of lefts and rights that barely affect the bigger man as DTR heads to the ropes, trying for a clothesline that just staggers Crow. DTR tries for another as Crow leaps up with a Big Boot but the Virus ducks under, kicking Crow low as he grabs him in a reverse DDT position, FILL IN THE BLANK! DTR plants Crow as he quickly covers, ONE…TW…Crow easily kicks out! DTR tries to lift Crow up to his feet but a massive forearm knocks DTR for a loop as he stumbles around, BIG BOOT connects!] [The Virus slowly pulls himself up in the corner as Crow rushes forward, crushing him with a massive Lariat and as DTR staggers out, Crow lifts him up high into the air in a Military Press. DTR manages to wiggle his way out, dropping down as he snaps Crow down into the mat with a DDT. The Virus quickly scrambles up to the top rope, sizing the fallen Crow up for a moment, LIGHTS OU…SNAP POWERSLAM!] [DTR gets almost planted through the mat with that massive mid-air Powerslam as the Hayman calls for the end, lifting DTR up by the throat but the Virus fights out, drilling Crow with a flurry of rights as he manages to break the hold on his throat, REASONABLE…CROW CATCHES THE KICK, HAYMAKER! DTR looks out cold as he’s lifted up by the throat again, BYE BYE BIRDIE! DTR is done as Crow hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Scarecrow picks up the victory here tonight over an incredibly game DTR. The Virus tried his hardest but in the end, the Hayman is the man who will go onto the semi-finals for the Ring King Tournament]


[As Brent Kersh walks down the halls of ‘The Tap Room’, what he finds angers him more and more. Every wall for as far as the eye can see has a set of retirement papers taped to them. He tears them down violently as he walks past, collecting them in his hand.]

“Newton!” [He yells.] “I know you’re watching. Come out and face me like a man.”

“How’s things at home, Mr. Kersh?”

[That’s the voice of Edward Newton – only he’s no-where to be seen. Instead, he’s speaking over a tanoy system.]

“Have you decided to take me up on my gracious offer of a long overdue retirement? In one week, it’ll be too late. The wheels are going to fall off this bus, and when they do, you’re going to crash and burn like everybody else.”

[Kersh puts his hands on his hips, defiantly.] “Do you really think I’m going to quit,” [he asks.] “Do you think I’m going to walk away and give up?”

[Edward laughs.]

“Of course not. Truthfully, Mr. Kersh, this has never really been about making you retire. That was all smoke and mirrors. No, this has been about doubt. Can’t you feel it? It’s coursing through your veins as we speak. You aren’t sure that you have what it takes to beat me. You aren’t sure that you have what it takes to fight until you can’t fight anymore. There’s not a lot of fight in the old dog left and since our little gathering, you’ve questioned whether or not you should retire. That has been what this is all about.”

“Mind games?” [Kersh scoffs.] “Kid, when I get my hands on you at Ring King, I’m going to take your Championship. I’m going to defeat the undefeated and there’s no amount of mind games that can stop me!”

[He has such conviction that Edward Newton doesn’t say another word. We though don’t stick with Kersh, we head through the CCTV watching him and into a small room, where Newton sits in a large chair.]

“This has been a flawless plan from the start,” [he remarks.] “And you’ve made a wonderful partner in crime. I couldn’t have done any of it without you. At Ring King, I will defeat Brent Kersh to remain the OSW World Champion and when I do, he will be forced to question everything he knows.”



[Coming up next, Mike Lane looks to avenge his Ring King elimination as he squares off against the force of nature that caused it, Mother – inside a steel cage!] [The bell rings and Lane immediately lays into Mother with elbows and knees. He goes to whip her into the ropes but she surprises Mike—twice her weight—with a counter that sends him face-first into the cold steel! Lane turns round groggily, only to be bounced back into the unforgiving metal with a running dropkick by Mother! Lane doubles over, nursing his back – only to eat his own shadow as Mother spikes him with a DDT! Mother seizes her chance and starts scaling the cage as the fans drum up support for the hurting Lane. Will Mother escape!?] [The Shadow springs to life and darts over – RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX FROM HALFWAY UP THE CAGE! The fans erupt as both Mother and Lane collide with the canvas. That move would put away any normal man or woman for sure, but Mike knows he’s not dealing with any mere mortal here tonight. He pulls Mother up and destroys her with the DEGENERATION T-bone suplex INTO THE CAGE WALL! Mother lands upside-down in a heap and Mike nods in satisfaction. The 4-time former World Champion ascends the prison to rapturous cheering. He nears the top, inches from victory…] [MOTHER’S EMBRACE AT THE TOP OF THE CAGE! Mike Lane holds on for dear life as Mother wraps herself around him and slowly smothers him with the crossface chickenwing! Mike’s face turns purple and his grip slackens. Mother is hellbent on sending a message to The Scarecrow on the lengths she’ll go to be the one true evil in OSW! Mike ducks forward and drives Mother’s skull into the cage! Mother’s grip loosens. Lane cracks her head off the cage once more… BOTH COMPETITORS PLUMMET TO THE MAT! The fans boil over as Lane and Mother lay broken. The Shadow, however… endures. He crawls to the cage and slowly climbs up, checking over his shoulder as he goes. Mother twitches into a crab walk – but she screams in rage as Lane drops to the floor!] [Mike Lane has done it! Though the Ring King throne cannot be his, he has gained some measure of revenge against the very entity who cost him the crown.]


The hallway lights are dim, footsteps are heard clattering through them. Far and few in between, they belong to someone attempting to sneak through the halls.] [Tap.] [Tap.] [Through the shadows, light glints off of golden circlet. Ordell Terminus.] [The Gateway to Greatness comes to a stop before a doorway, the mortal peering inside of the room. A stark contrast to the rest of the Taproom, this room blooms with small pomegranate trees, all leading up to a skull-laden throne. Atop of it? Hades, the God’s eyes closed contemplation.]

“Ordell, I’ve been expecting you.”

[Terminus leaps back slightly in surprise as Hades rises from his throne, looking down upon the mortal.]

“You need not be so cautious, I’ve no reason to attack you before our battle is to take place.”

[Ordell sneers a bit, entering the room and walking down the long aisle towards Hades.]

“Or are you here for another reason? Maybe to try and steal an item that does not belong to you?”

[Hades chuckles, shifting to show the helm attached to his side. Ordell shakes his head, taking a step back as Hades places his hand on the helmet.]

“I’m not here for that, Hades. I’m merely here to show you that two can play at the game of Artifacts come our battle.”

[Hades looks curiously down upon Ordell, moving from his throne to close in upon Ordell who backs away swiftly, avoiding getting close to the behemoth of a God.]

“What item of power would you worthless diety grace such a weak mortal with?”

[His circlet glints and Ordell smirks. Hades sneers upon seeing this and barrels towards Ordell! The Gateway to Greatness turns tail and runs for the doorway!] [Poof.] [Hades stops in his tracks, before him, a cloud of wispy smoke as Ordell has vanished into seemingly thin air.] [KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Hades is sent through the doorway and turns back to see Ordell! Terminus jumps through the door once more, disappearing into smoke again. Hades looks around bewildered before his eyes come across Ordell, the mortal now down the hallway, out of reach.]

“Janus is the God of all gateways, Hades. Doors, Gates, Ring Ropes. If I can pass through, I can make anywhere a gateway. And at Ring King, that makes you and I on even ground.”

[Hades tries to approach Ordell, but he enters another doorway, the wisp of smoke signaling his leaving as the scene fades out.]


[Last week, Calypso’s shown her true colors after Jake Jeckel’s match. Now she looks to continue spreading her word against Lyra Starchild. Will the meek not only inherit the Earth, but the stars as well? Or will Lyra’s military training disarm the Ultra-Violent prophet?] [The bell is rung and Calypso dashes into Lyra with a high knee! The sudden ferocity takes the Liberator off guard as she backs into the corner. The messiah isn’t done there, however, as she begins to punch the shit out of Lyra with a flurry of jabs, hooks and uppercuts. Starchild tries her best to block them, but Calypso sweeps the leg out from under her before running over to the farthest corner. With a war cry, she runs at Lyra with a CORNER SWANTON! NO, LYRA MOVED OUT OF THE WAY! Calypso clutches her neck as she stands, meeting Lyra WHO SPEARS HER RIGHT BACK DOWN!] [Lyra capitalizes on the Messiah’s sore neck by placing her in a guillotine choke. Calypso attempts to reach for the ropes, but they’re just shy of her grasp. Lyra keeps hold and hoists her to her feet, only to drop her back down with a snap DDT. The prophet rolls outside to catch some air while the Starchild waits for the prime chance. The Valkyrie hops to the top rope and leaps off with a TRIANGLE MOONSAULT! NO, CALYPSO ROLLED BACK IN!] [Lyra clutches her stomach after suffering a hard landing to the outside-HOMELESS INTERFERENCE! LYRA MOVED! The beggar aims to go back at her, but a quick spinning heel kick takes him out. As she turns back around, she notices Calypso going for a suicide dive, but the Starchild nails a leaping uppercut just as she peeks her head through! The prophet staggers back as Lyra climbs the apron, giving her time to springboard-FALLEN STAR! Calypso lands hard as the Valkyrie climbs the top rope. SHE LEAPS! AS ABOVE SO BELOW! NO!! CALYPSO MOVED! SHE GETS BACK TO HER FEET AS LYRA KNEES… GIANT KICK TO THE FACE! SHE COVERS… ONE… TWO… THREE! CALYPSO WINS IT!

[A tough break for Lyra as Calypso manages to pull off a massive upset against her. The Prophet wastes no time celebrating.]


[Static.] [Piercing green eyes linger amongst the cornfield, remaining in place from earlier this evening. Just then, a rustling occurs and through an empty space, covered in static, walks Mother.]

“He would have you believe that Tommy Hawk died because he cared not for humanity.”

[Mother scoffs.]

“But that would be a lie,” [She says with a grimace.] “Tommy Hawk died because The Scarecrow is a coward. He died because The Scarecrow wished to remain shrouded in darkness, invisible, and undetected. He died, so that The Hayman could live.”

[She walks towards the perch and stops before it, looking back into the green-eyed cornfield.]

“And just like he was with Tommy, he is with me; a coward until the bitter end. He refuses to bend his knee to me; to atone for his actions. He refuses to face me at Ring King – all because he’s afraid of the true definition of fear.”

[Mother smiles.]

“He took the form of Hawk when he entombed me at Invasion. He wanted me to see him and made no mistake with his intentions. That was fear. Last week, I tried to teach him some humility and once again, I could feel his fear. The Scarecrow is not the monster any of us thought him to be; he is a coward, afraid of what he knows, afraid of Mother.”

[She looks up at the sky, closing her eyes.]

“And where his eyes don’t go, he will fear… me.”



[This Main Event is stacked. Doubt, Hysteria and The Sharkman stand in their corner, the latter two ignoring their partner. There’s something off about it. They don’t quite trust it. Meanwhile, King Royal, Marvolo and Queen Raquel stand on the ring apron, keeping their relative distance from each other. This one is going to be a doozy.] [Marvolo enters the ring first, warming up with some eccentric stretches. He waits for his opponent and when Doubt steps in, and the bell sounds, he suddenly changes his mind. Number One turns and immediately slaps Raquel, tagging her in. No-one can quite believe it, with Royal flashing his former partner a look of rage as The Queen enters the squared circle. Unafraid, she meets Doubt in the middle, locking up. It quickly takes control, snapping her into a Side Headlock. She tries to break free, reaching for the ropes and finally pushing it off and into them. Doubt returns..] [SHOULDER BARGE!] [She hits the canvas hard and The Emotion once again storms towards the rope, jumping over Raquel as she rolls into position. He comes back and she’s on her feet! HURRICANRANNA! WHOA! THAT CAME OUT OF NO-WHERE! The Emotion flies into the middle rope, positioned for the 619. The Queen runs on the spot, then speeds towards him, LEAPING over the top rope…] [STUNNER! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!] [STUNNER ACROSS THE MIDDLE ROPE!] [DOUBT SPRINGS BACKWARDS AS THE QUEEN SMIRKS. WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM?] [THE QUEEN HAS SKILLS!] [She rolls back into the ring and goes for the cover..] [ONE…] [TWO….] [KICK OUT!] [Marvolo looks stunned on the ring apron. He can’t fathom what just happened. Raquel gets back to her feet, straightens out her eye patch and heads over to Royal, tagging him in. The Double Feature Champion enters, running across the ring to nail Sharkman and Hysteria with right hands each. He turns, walking into Doubt!] [THE END OF WISDOM!] [SPINNING AXE KICK!] [Doubt walks over to his team mates for the tag, only Hysteria and Sharkman don’t offer their hands. It stands, perplexed, his head tilted in surprise. It motions to them once more, demanding a tag, only one doesn’t come. Just then, Royal is up, grabbing it by the waist! BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [THE ROYAL FLUSH TO DOUBT!] [The King could cover but instead opts to pull The Emotion back to his feet. He whips him into his own team’s corner, violently slapping Marvolo across the chest. Number One steps into the ring with a swagger, blowing on his knuckles before delivering a damaging blow to the mask of Doubt. He pulls him out into MACHINE GUN CHOPS! AND THE FINAL CHOP SENDS DOUBT TO THE CANVAS! Marvolo turns around, and suddenly starts limping. What the hell is he doing? He holds his knee and grabs the referee, pulling him close to inspect the damage. Just then, Queen Raquel IS PULLED OFF THE RING APRON! WHAT THE FUCK!?] [THAT’S… THAT’S THE OTHER RAQUEL! THAT’S MARVOLO’S RAQUEL AND SHE’S WEARING AN EYE PATCH!] [She slams the Queen into the barricade, immediately throwing her to the floor and out of sight. Royal looks on in horror as she climbs up onto the ring apron and waves at Marvolo. Number One stops feigning his injury and waves back.] [ROLL UP BY DOUBT!] [ONE….]






[NO! MARVOLO KICKS OUT! HE BARELY KICKS OUT! They both spring away from the roll up and Doubt immediately heads towards his corner. He sticks his hand out and The Sharkman finally accepts the call. He storms the ring as Marvolo gets back up, dropping him with a Clothesline. He turns and once again, hits another. The Vigilante is on a roll! Just then, Raquel turns him around… SLAP TO THE MASK! SLAP FROM THE RING APRON! He stumbles backwards, trying to figure out what the hell to do when Marvolo runs him STRAIGHT INTO KING ROYAL!] [ROYAL FLIES OFF THE APRON INTO THE BARRICADE!] [They both turn around and TONGAN DEATH GRIP! THAT THEATRICAL BASTARD APPLIES THE TOUCH OF DEATH!] [But here comes Hysteria to break it up with a forearm across the skull! The Mad Mastermind is quickly ushered back by the referee as The Sharkman gets back to his feet and LOW BLOW BY MARVOLO! ONLY.. THE SHARK JUST STANDS THERE! MARVOLO WINCES IN AGONY, SHAKING OFF HIS HAND! The Vigilante taps his crotch, revealing armour before SUSHI KICK TO THE FACE! THAT’S IRONIC! TO THE FACE! He drops down into the cover, hooking the leg.] [ONE….]




[KICK OUT!] [That was close! Shark gets back up and tags in Hysteria, letting the Mastermind finally get into the action. As he heads to the ring apron, Doubt spins him around, and the two have words. The Emotion is NOT happy with how he was left hung out to dry. Hysteria enters the ring to find Marvolo has rolled away and tagged in Raquel, only she looks like a fish out of water. She walks over meekly to Hysteria and SLAP! NO! HE GRABS HER ARM! HEADBUTT TO THE… YOU GUESSED IT… FACE! He chuckles at the violence, only that infuriates Marvolo who GETS PULLED OFF THE RING APRON BY KING ROYAL!] [WHACK! HE LANDS FACE FIRST ACROSS IT FOR GOOD MEASURE!] [Royal hangs Hysteria up on the top rope as he approaches, allowing Raquel to go for the cover as he hits the deck.] [ONE….]


[TWO….] [SHE’S PULLED FROM THE RING!] [IT’S THE QUEEN! THE QUEEN HAS PULLED HER NAMESAKE FROM THE RING!] [She nails her with a fierce right hand and rips the eyepatch off, tossing it into the crowd. Marvolo slowly gets back to his feet, witnessing what just happened, ONLY TO MEET HIS DOOM WITH A KICK TO THE BOLLOCKS! NUMBER ONE THEATRICALLY HOLDS HIS GONADS BEFORE DROPPING TO HIS KNEES! Raquel slides into the ring and STRAIGHT INTO A FUCKING CLOTHESLINE BY HYSTERIA! THE MAD MASTERMIND NAILS HER! He pulls her back up AND APATHY! THE PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!] [Hysteria can’t cover though, because here comes The King. Royal dives into the ring and catches him with a Clothesline as he gets back up. The Sharkman enters, being turned around and dropped with a BACK BODY DROP! Doubt is next in and he storms towards The King!] [CLOTHESLINE!] [ROYAL DUCKS!] [DOUBT TAKES OUT HYSTERIA! HOLY FUCK! HE TOOK OUT HIS OWN TEAM MATE!] [The Emotion stops in his tracks as Hysteria hits the canvas and rolls away. Royal quickly grabs him, driving him over the top rope and to the outside! The referee has lost complete control of this one. Royal waits for Hysteria to get back up, signalling for the Dungeons. He’s going to make him pay but THERE’S MARVOLO!] [FIVE POINT EXPLODING PALM TECHNIQUE TO HIS OWN FUCKING PARTNER!] [KING ROYAL’S HEART MAY OF EXPLODED IN HIS GOD DAMN CHEST!] [Marvolo looks proud of himself, but he’s not the legal man – nor is Royal. In fact, the legal man isn’t a man at all! The Sharkman tosses Marvolo over the top rope to the outside, only QUEEN RAQUEL LEAPS ONTO HIS BACK WITH A BACKSTABBER! BACKSTABBER BY THE QUEEN! SHE TURNS AROUND AND THERE’S HYSTERIA!] [CODEBREAKER!] [THE LOST HOPE!] [THAT HAS TO BE ALL!] [HYSTERIA GETS BACK TO HIS FEET, ONLY MARVOLO RUNS HIM INTO THE ROPES AND RIGHT INTO THE SHARKMAN, SENDING HIM OFF THE APRON AND INTO THE BARRIER! OH SHIT! HYSTERIA IS ROLLED UP BY MARVOLO, INTO A MASSIVE KICK TO THE HEAD BY QUEEN RAQUEL! SHE CAUGHT HIM SWEET! SHE COVERS….] [ONE….]








[THREE!] [THEY DID IT! Hysteria gets back to his feet just as Doubt does, and both of them stare each other down. The Sharkman enters the ring, spinning Hysteria around and asking him what happened. There’s tension here. All three of them stand arguing in the middle of the ring, when suddenly, the lights go out!] [FLASH.] [THE FAMILY ARE HERE!] [DTR, Jensen Cussen and Max Million immediately go to town, attacking Hysteria and Doubt violently. DTR DROPS HYSTERIA WITH THE REASONABLE DOUBT! FUCKING HELL! Meanwhile Jensen Cussen steps backwards as Million holds Doubt and INFINITY RUSH! JESUS CHRIST!] [The Sharkman backs away, looking at the carnage as all three members of the Family rise.] [DTR nods at him.] [What the fuck?] [Who the fuck is joining The Family at Ring King? Is it The Sharkman AFTER ALL!?] [AND HERE COMES SMILEY!] [Smiley storms to the ring and slides in, chasing after The Family, who quickly bail to the outside and back away, not wanting anything to do with the Lunatic. He comes back to the center of the ring and stops in front of The Sharkman, asking him what the fuck is going on. The Shark tries to explain, but Smiley pushes him.] [Oh shit.] [THE SHARKMAN SPINS HIM AROUND! THE RECKONING TO SMILEY! THE FUCKING RECKONING TO SMILEY! WHAT THE FUCK! HOLY SHIT!] [He pops back up to his feet, survaying the carnage in the ring as The Family exit, looking on.] [Who the fuck is it!?] [Which one of these four is going betray their former partners? Is it Doubt? Is it Smiley? Is it Hysteria? Is it, after everything, The Sharkman?] [Cut.]


[The smell of gasoline fills the air.] [The fumes are plentiful, wafting throughout the cold streets on a dark evening. There’s an accompaniment of whistling, as if someone is merrily humming along to their task.] [Soon, a rustling occurs. People are being roused. The smell has beckoned their attention. As the camera lowers, we see men, women and children exiting tents beneath the overpass, looking around in wonderment.] [Moreover, stood there, before them, with a gas canister in one hand, a match in the other and a shit-eating grin on his face is none other than Jake Jeckel.]

“I like your moxy,” [The Juggalo says, standing over this fuel soaked Abaddon.] “I was impressed by it, I was. You fuckers walkin’ into my house, beating me down and leaving me unconscious; it was beautiful.”

[People look terrified, but Calypso isn’t here to save them.]

“But you gotta know that if you fuck with the Juggalo, shit gets real, real fast. I’m not some kind of pussy that lays down and gets fucked.”

[An elderly man speaks up. He’s one of those who hit Jake over the head last week on VHS.]

“Wait a second, kid,” [he says stepping out of his tent and into the fuel. He looks down at his feet, and gasps.] “I did that. I hit you over the head, alright? These people ain’t done nothin’.”

[Jake shrugs.] “That’s cute, old man. But if you ain’t fighting for me, then I don’t fuckin’ need ya.”

[The Juggalo tosses the can at his feet and lights his match off the dry pavement. Everyone begins to scatter, as Jake drops the match in the gasoline.] [Whoosh!] [Fire storms throughout the camp, lighting tents and garbage on fire as it does. The man who stood before Jake had quickly escaped, barely making it out of the way of the fire before it erupted where he once stood. The Juggalo chuckles to himself, flips up his hood and walks away.] [The camera peers over his shoulder, watching as the flames destroy Calypso’s compound in her absence.] [Cut.]