SOMEWHERE ELSE[Click.][Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Slow motion.] [Everything is in slow motion. Blurry eyes fatigue around screaming faces, yelling for help and assistance. An overwhelming sense of heat licks at the soles of his feet, but he’s not long to remain in understanding of his senses.] [His head suddenly drops, hitting the concrete floor with a thud as we fade to black.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [The monotonous sound of beeping pierces his eardrums as the first thing he hears since awaking quite suddenly. He shoots bolt upright, fumbling around next to him for something to aid his vision.]

“Glasses?” [He says with a dry mouth and hoarse throat.] “Where are my glasses?”

“It would be nice to see the bigger picture, wouldn’t it Eddie?”

[Hysteria.] [Edward Newton.] [A hospital.] [The Mad Mastermind sits in a chair across from the hospital bed, cutting a barely visible and rather blurry figure to The Riddler.]

“How did you escape, little rabbit? That one has me thinking, you know. When they found you, you were led on the ground, at least ten feet away from the van, the bottoms of your feet on fire. They said you leapt from the vehicle as it exploded and were propelled through the air. I was long gone by then.”

[Newton rubs his eyes.] “You fooled me, Hysteria. You did. I knew this day would come but never so soon,” [he admits, almost proud.] “Only you made two vital errors; you didn’t search me for the keys. I had my own set of keys to our van and I barely escaped before the explosion flung me through the air like some kind of ragdoll.”

[Hysteria giggles.]

“You always were a smarty pants, but that’s only one vital error.”

[Suddenly, and abruptly, Edward Newton leaps out of his bed and lunges across the room, thrusting a needle to the throat of Hysteria. In the conversation, he had pulled the cannula from his hand and the Mad Mastermind hadn’t even noticed.]

“You left me alive.”

[Newton pushes the cannula into the corroded artery of Hysteria, but he’s suddenly pulled back by nurses who yell for security. Before he can blink, he’s being pulled away and restrained.] [Hysteria quickly escapes, holding his throat as the Riddler is dragged back into bed and locked into restraints by the medical staff.]

“Thank God you were there,” [he feigns.] “He would have killed me!”

“I will kill you Hysteria,” [Edward yells from his bed.] “I will!”

[He laughs hysterically, and somewhat maniacally, as the medical staff reinsert the cannula and attempt to calm him down.] [Cut.]


[Two newcomers are set to do battle in D’Von Chambers debut match against the undefeated El Trebol Jr.!] [The bell sounds as D’Von Chambers lumbers forward towards the small-statured El Trebol Jr. Trebol ducks underneath his arms and rushes towards the ropes. He springs off the second rope and grabs the arm of Chambers with an arm drag! Only Chambers is too powerful as he yanks Trebol back to himself before nailing him with a right hand. Trebol is staggered before swinging with two quick strikes to the quad of the larger Chambers. D’Von swings with a clothesline, but Trebol ducks underneath and nails two more quick kicks to the quads! El Trebol Jr. rushes towards the ropes and springs off before hitting a big arm drag!] [Chambers hits the mat hard as Trebol rushes towards him before leaping for a standing senton! El Trebol Jr. rushes towards the corner and quickly scales. Mushroom stomp! But D’Von Chambers rolls out of the way and gets up to his feet. He rushes towards Trebol, but the short man rushes forward and drills his forehead into the genitals of The Bishop! MIS JOYAS! Chambers takes a step back clutching his groin before Trebol rushes towards him and nails a dropkick! Chambers is knocked back into the corner in a seating position. BOCA LLENA! The whipping dropkick nails Chambers right in the mouth.] [Trebol draaaagggsss Chambers out to the center of the ring and goes for a cover! One…Two…NO! Kickout by The Bishop. Both men get to their feet as Trebol tries to chop down the tree with more strikes to the quad and knees. El Trebol Jr. knocks him down to a knee and rushes towards the rope. HUGE STRIKE! One large punch flattens Trebol as D’Von Chambers just smirks down at him. He rushes towards the ropes and leaps up high for… THE CHICAGO CRUX! The big leg comes down across the tiny throat of El Trebol Jr! PSYCH! The little man slips out of the move just in the nick of time and rushes towards the rope, springs off, and… CUELGA VID! The hanging triangle choke is locked in and Chambers has no choice but to TAP OUT!] [A big win for the little man as El Trebol Jr. manages to defeat D’Von Chambers. He gets to his feet with a cheer as Chambers clutches at his neck in a little pain.]


[One Week Ago. Ring King 2017]


[Solomon Rhodes stands facing Lux Bellator. The army stands behind Lux.]

“It ends.”

[The Light Warrior scoffs at the remark, enduring the steel gaze of the Dragon.]

“I knew you’d come. No matter how far you stray, you are always called back to face judgment at the hands of the God you forsook. You have finally run out of ways to run, now you will be given that which you deserve. I’m not longer the foolish boy you once tried to destroy. By the grace of God, I have become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

[Rhodes lets a smile form under his beard as he takes in that remark.]

“That’s where you’re wrong, Lucas.”

[The Dragon steps to the side to look out over the field of reborn soldiers behind Bellator.]

“I know exactly how powerful you have become. That’s the whole point. I’ve lived a long time, but I’ve always been just a man. I had my skills, but not until sometime much more recent have I acquired the abilities I have today.”

[He nods out to the pillars of fire rising from the ground. With a frown, he turns to look into the eyes of Lux Bellator.]

“When I rose up out of that fiery pit, it was at your hand. Your light guided me. And from the moment breath entered my body, I knew. I knew that this day would come. I knew that you sought the book, and I knew what breaking those seals would do. So I made myself close to you, feigning amnesia and taking a mask. Then just as I suspected, you found the book. You judged me a sinner, and cast me from your gaze. It had already corrupted you, even if you did not know it.”

[A snort from Bellator.]

“No Solomon, I have been empowered by God.”

[Rhodes nods briefly before continuing.]

“We’re the same, Lucas. What happens to human flesh when its struck by lightning?”

[A flame appears in Rhodes hand.]

“It burns. You see, I am the response to your power. I was raised from death to serve as your antithesis. The Nox Bellator to your Lux Bellator. The more powerful you have become, the more my powers have grown. You will not destroy me, because I am just as powerful as you are. I let my powers fester in the darkness to raise up warriors to face you. The Shark. The Spirit Walker. Desmond Cross. Captain Zappa. I sought them all out for combat to test them before they entered into it with you. Yet the bowls have still been poured.”

[The flame goes out, and Rhodes sighs.]

“The final bowl will not be.”

[The two warriors stand face to face.]

“Prepare your army, Lux Bellator. For I have not been idle. Your Army of Light will soon meet the approaching Army of Darkness. You have two weeks.”

[A circle of flame appears behind Rhodes. A portal of some kind. But he is not done.]

“You judged me, Lucas. You stripped me of everything but my name in your holy quest. I will not allow you to pour the final bowl and judge the world in the same way. Your reckoning has come, Lux Bellator, and its come from beyond the grave.”

[The portal reaches out to envelope the Dragon, leaving Lux Bellator all alone. The Light Warrior turns to face his army, a smile on his face.]

“The darkness has truly come. But the light will eradicate it.”

[Bellator watches over his army, knowing that soon enough, it will be time for their war to begin.] [The war for the fate of humanity itself.] [Can Solomon Rhodes stop the bowl from being poured?]


[Tonight, we see Jacen Novan take on Tommy Wright! The darkness of the street hooligan takes on the light of the chosen one! Will darkness conquer or will light pierce and overcome? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Tommy charges out of the gates but Novan is ready and hits Tommy with a perfect HIP TOSS! Novan saw that coming a mile away but Tommy is back to his feet and charging at Novan again! CHEST THRUST from Novan! It launches Tommy into the corner! Tommy is outmatched in skill for sure! Tommy is not happy as he spits in the face of Novan! Saliva slides down Novan’s face as he slowly turns towards Tommy with a grin! Tommy ties himself in the ropes to protect himself! Novan marches towards him but the ref holds him back!] [Tommy uses the distraction! EYE RAKE! Novan is blinded! Tommy hits a chop block and Novan is grounded! Tommy with stomp after stomp on Novan! He’s not done as he starts rapidly dropping some elbows! ELBOW DROP AFTER ELBOW DROP! Tommy pulls him up and Irish whips him the corner! He charges at Novan! Novan gets feet up! Boot to the face of Tommy! Tommy is stunned and DARKNESS WITHIN OUT OF NOWHERE! Novan gets all of that Bullhammer elbow! He covers! One…Two…Thr…No! Tommy gets the shoulder up! Novan throws Tommy into the ropes going for the Path to Balance! Tommy won’t give him the chance as he holds on to the ropes!] [Novan charges at Tommy but Tommy counters with a SUPERKICK! Novan is down as Tommy jumps on top of him with punch after punch! The hooligan is getting his shots in for sure! Tommy pulls Novan up and puts in a butterfly lock to set up for the Red Devil! Novan charges Tommy into the corner to get out of the hold! Shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust by Novan! Multiple European uppercuts! Devastating combination by Novan who is showing some strikes of his own! Tommy is pissed as he spits in Novan’s face again after that last strike! Novan is blinded and Tommy instantly goes for Aggro! Novan dodges it and instantly rolls him up! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Novan has done it! He saw the light in the darkness and took his chance! Quick and smart win by the chosen one!]


[A dreaded head is shown from the back as Clyde Johnson is making is way towards the ring for his debut match in Old School Wrestling. He’s bouncing back and forth in anticipation before a larger gentleman steps in front of him.] [D’Von Chambers, The Bishop.]

“Well if it isn’t Sky Highness himself. I’ve heard of you, boy.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course it is. The Bishop wouldn’t say it if it weren’t so. You were tearing up the scene in Chicago.”

[With that Clyde stops and focuses on him. D’Von pats him on the back and motions towards a nearby bench.]

“Anyways, I wanted to met with you and wish you good luck. Also, being a Chicago boy, I thought I’d offer you a position in my church.”

“In your church? Look, man, I’m not sure who you-”

[D’Von raises a hand to stop him.]

“It’s not exactly a job for just a clergyman. I’ve got a job that I need a runner for. Someone who can move and someone who can avoid trouble, if you know what I mean.”

“Well, it sounds like you’ve found the right man, mate.”

[With that, Thomas Wright steps out of the curtains after his match with a football in hand and a Manchester United jersey over his shoulder. D’Von massages his temple for a moment.]

“Look, boy, this doesn’t concern you. You wouldn’t exactly fit into my congregation.”

(Wright juggles the ball into the air before catching it in his hands again.]

“And why is that? Because I’m white? Because the only qualification that I heard from you is that you need someone who can move.”

“No, soccer boy, it’s because you’re British. You’d stick out like a sore thumb in Chicago.”

“Soccer? Mate, Manchester United has had a team longer than you’ve even had the sport you call football here in America.”

“Soccer, football, whatever you want to call it, boy, you’re not fit for the job. That’s the Gospel Truth. So why don’t you run along with your little soccer ball before I skin you alive, sheep.”

[Thomas Wright smirks although his teeth are obviously gritted behind his lips. He turns and begins walking down the hallway. D’Von Chambers watches him for a second before turning back to Clyde who has his arms crossed, just watching this all unfold.]

“Now, as I was saying, I n-”

[WHAM!] [A football flies through the air and slams into the back of The Bishop’s head as he’s knocked forward into the wall beside Clyde who stands up. He grabs the ball and holds it up as D’Von slaps it out of his hands as he clutches the back of his head. His eyes angrily flit down the hallway to where Chambers is nowhere to be seen.]

“That damn youngin’! You want to be in my congregation, Clyde, SKIN THAT SHEEP!”

[D’Von Chambers walks off clutching his head as Clyde is left standing with confusion on his face with a football in his hands.]


[Tonight, it is a match where two of our newer competitors are trying to make a name for themselves! Will Ethan Rose finally win a match or will Clyde Johnson prove that the sky is the limit for him here in OSW? We find out next!] [DING! DING! The two men lock up and they grapple into the corner! Rose wins the tie up battle and starts beating up on Johnson in the corner! Clyde is against the ropes and the ref forces Rose off of him! Clyde runs at Rose! Rose with an arm drag but no, Clyde front flips onto his feet! PELE KICK OUT OF NOWHERE! What a beautiful move from Clyde Johnson! He is not done yet as he runs towards the ropes! PERFECTSAULT! Springboard moonsault and Clyde covers! One! Two! Thr…No! Rose gets the shoulder up! Johnson starts stomping away at his foe!] [Clyde is calling for the Cloud 9! He is waiting for Rose to get up! Rose pulls himself up and CLOUD 9! NO! Rose catches the leg and turns it into a SINGLE LEG BOSTON CRAB! Clyde looks like he might tap out here! He was not expecting that reversal! Will he tap? No he crawls to the rope! ROPE BREAK! Rose lets go but he starts stomping on the knee! Rose has found his target! He pulls Clyde up and Irish whips him into the corner! Rose charges at him but Clyde gets his knees up! Rose collides face first into Clyde’s knees!] [Clyde felt that just as much as Rose but he slowly climbs to the top rope! SKY HIGH CROSSBODY! No! Rose dropkicks the knee midair! Smart move by Rose and he knows it! He is taunting Clyde pointing to his own head! DROP TOE HOLD INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Clyde was not having any of that! Rose felt that for sure! Rose is pulling himself up using the rope! RUNNING DROPKICK! Clyde is feeling it now as he sets Rose up on the top rope! HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP ROPE! Clyde holds onto the leg for the cover! ONE…TWO…NO! ROSE REVERSES IT INTO A COVER OF HIS OWN! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Woah! Rose has done it! He has broken his losing streak and defeated a very game Clyde Johnson! Hopefully, more success on the way!]


[Recorded Previously.] [The halls of a cave slowly creep into frame, the cavern being ever so familiar. The stone hall housing the doorway to the underworld.] [Footsteps are heard hitting solid ground, panting echoing through the cave. A foot enters frame and quickly leaves it, the scene panning up to watch as a figure dashing across the grounds. Ordell Terminus. The mortal looks like hell, likely having not slept since we last saw him. He turns a corner, stopping abruptly, staring forward into the eyes of a God. Hades.]

“Thought you could keep running did you, Ordell?”

[Hades steps towards Ordell, the mortal backing away holding his fists up, ready for a brawl.]

“This is my domain. I can travel freely in my own entryway, mortal. You have nowhere to go, it is best you just give up and beg your god to open the gate. It’s the only way you’ll be freed.”

[Ordell looks around him, slightly in a panic as he is seemingly backed into a wall. Then, however, he smirks.]

“Your entryway, Hades?”

[The God instantly reaches for Terminus, lunging at the mortal who leaps backwards. The circlet upon his head glints.] [Wisps. Nothingness.] [Hades pounds the ground in frustration as he looks for a sign of Ordell. The mortal is gone.] [Elsewhere.] [The scene reopens seemingly miles from the underground entrance to Hades. Ordell Terminus appears in a wisp of smoke, landing on his knees in exhaustion. He looks around in confusion. This was not where he had tried to go. Around the mortal are marble pillars, the two faces of Janus upon them. Ordell’s attention is finally brought to the large statue in front of him. A statue of Janus. Suddenly, a voice booms from the stone.]

“Ordell. You have done well. But now, you must do more. Hades will not be stopped by the lock, he will look for the key. You must beat him to it. The only thing standing between our world and his, is you.”

[Ordell looks up at the statue, trying to get his bearings as he slowly stands up.]

“You want more of me, Janus? I am but a follower, he is a God! How am I to truly stop him?”

“You will race him to the key, Ordell. He will soon learn of its existence, and I am unable to face him. I have faith, Ordell; he may be a God, but you are a hero.”

[Ordell looks up at the statue for a moment before nodding. The mortal turns from him and walks towards the exit, the scene fading out as he does so.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [In the beautiful home of Brent Kersh, his wife Nicole sits crying on a wooden staircase. She has been there for at least an hour, whilst Brent himself rummages around upstairs.] [By the time his footsteps thunder past her, he’s carrying a duffel bag and an expression of determination. She hurries from her seated position, and begs him to reconsider.]

“Please baby, I’m sorry,” [she cries out, forcing him to stop at the door.] “Please don’t throw our marriage away after one mistake. After everything we’ve been through, I’ve stood by your side, and I need you to stand by mine.”

[Brent places his duffel bag down and walks over to his wife. He gently wipes away her tears, lifting her head with a finger beneath the chin.]

“I’m not leaving you.”

[Her eyes brighten with hope.]

“But I can’t stay. I understand why you did what you did. I don’t blame you for that. I’ve cost us so much that I can’t even begin to make it up to you.”

[Nicole stammers.] “Y-you can, just stay.”

“I can’t. What I have to do now – where I have to go and who I have to take with me, I can’t risk losing you to it. You were right, Nicole. You were right. This business has taken from me more than I could ever imagine but it isn’t about that anymore. It’s about survival. I can’t stay here for your protection. I can’t put you in harm’s way any longer.”

[He walks over to his bag, picks it up and opens the door. He doesn’t look back. He can’t.]

“I’ll be back when this is over. I love you both.”

[Brent stoically walks away, leaving Nicole to cry, frustrated and alone inside their home. The camera spins to see a single tear drop down Brent Kersh’ angry face.] [Cut.]


[Number One vs Number 1.0! Can Marvolo man up and take down The Automaton?] [The bell rings and Marvolo rolls outside! TAM marches towards the ropes and reaches over, swiping at the Number One as he ducks and dodges, keeping his distance from the robot. TAM gets on the apron- MARVOLO PULLS THE LEG OUT FROM UNDER TAM! The Automaton lands back first on the outside and Marvolo jumps onto the apron FOR A MOONSAULT TO TAM BELOW! Marvolo rolls off of the bot and enters the ring! As the referee counts, TAM quickly gets to his feet and climbs into the ring. Marvolo rushes towards him AND INTO A POWERSLAM BY TAM!] [Marvolo bounces off the ground from the slam and TAM is quick to lift the luchador off the ground and whips him to the ropes! Big boot by TAM! Marvolo rolls backwards, getting right back to his feet only to walk into a massive lariat! TAM is on fire as he wraps both hands around Marvolo’s neck! He lifts him high into the air- ARM DRAG BY MARVOLO! TAM rolls across the ground and gets up right into a savate kick to the chest! The Automaton tumbles backwards and Marvolo follows up with a leaping- HEADBUTT BY TAM! MARVOLO CRASHES TO THE GROUND!] [TAM once again has control as it leaps into the air and drops a knee across Marvolo’s back! Number One is in pain as he gets dragged to the corner! TAM moves up to the second rope- SECOND ROPE GERMAN SUPLEX! Marvolo got up and capitalized on the distracted Automaton! TAM crashes into the mat and Marvolo calls for the end! TAM staggers to his feet… FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE! IT HAS NO EFFECT ON TAM! Marvolo looks on in shock! He points behind TAM! The Automaton looks back! ROLL UP BY MARVOLO! One! Two! Three!] [Marvolo has done it! TAM was on a roll here tonight but Marvolo pulled through against the machine!]


[Thud. Thud. Thud.] [It’s a curious sound, one that draws our attention to Ethan Rose, a smirk on his face as he staples a poster to the wall backstage. He steps back from one to reveal what’s on it: a picture of himself and the words “ETHAN ROSE: WOLF KILLER.”]

“Perfect. A real work of art, this one!”

[He nods to himself in approval when a voice from behind chimes in.]

“I’m not sure I get it, though. Care to explain?”

[Ethan’s smile turns into a scowl as he turns around, greeted by the masked face of El Trébol Jr.]

“How can you not get it!? The so-called Lone Wolf ran off with his tail between his legs, and it’s all thanks to The Phoenix! I’m spreading the word as I move on to greener pastures.”

[Rose chuckles at that last statement as Trébol tilts his head in confusion.]

“Well that seems a bit rude, considering you didn’t even win that match…”

[Rose snaps at Trébol, poking him in the chest with the stapler.]

“How dare you! If anything, you should be thanking me for saving you the trouble of dealing with him and his stupid little dog.”

[Trébol slaps the stapler away before glaring at Rose.]

“I’ve dealt with pricks like you before. You talk down to those you don’t like, hoping to inflate your ego…but in the end, that inflated ego gets popped.”

[He turns to walk away, when suddenly he yells in pain as ETHAN ROSE SLAMS THE OPEN STAPLER IN HIS BACK! Trébol drops to his knees, clutching his back as he looks back at a now smiling Rose.]

“I’d watch my back if I was you, hombre…someone’s bound to stab it.”

[Rose drops the stapler, walking off with a chuckle as Trébol finally manages to pull a staple out of his back with an angry glare at The Phoenix.] [Cut.]


[The Family had an amazing night at Ring King at the expense of the remaining members of the Asylum. Can the self proclaimed world champion get a measure of revenge or will the Virus’s infection be far too much for him?] [The bell sounds as Hysteria races forward, nailing Max with a series of furious lefts and rights, stunning him with a hard knee to the jaw before lifting him up and slamming him to the canvas with a lightning fast Snap Suplex. Max gets to his feet into a jaw breaking thrust kick as Max stumbles into the corner, YAKUZA KICK! Max crashes to the canvas as Hysteria quickly climbs up to the top rope, sizing Max up for a moment, CATACLYSM! MASSIVE MOONSTOMP as Hysteria covers] [ONE…TWO…Max just gets the shoulder up as Hysteria wastes no time in lifting him up but before he can raise Max to his feet, gets grabbed by the waist by Max and thrown throat first onto the middle rope. Hysteria staggers to his feet into a massive clothesline that turns himself inside out but he barely hits the mat before he’s lifted up, whipped hard into the corner and nailed with a decapitating Lariat. The Mastermind staggers out, kick to the gut, DOUBLE DOSE! Hysteria gets planted into the mat as Max drops down for a cover of his own.] [ONE…TWO…Hysteria just gets the shoulder up. Max lifts Hysteria up, drilling him with a series of knees to the gut but an attempt at a Snap Suplex is thwarted as Hysteria lands on his feet, turning Max around before drilling him with a hard open hand slap to the face, stunning Max before lifting him up high, MOCK….BACKDROPPED OUT! Max nails Hysteria with a stiff kick to the face before lifting him up high, VIRAL INFECTION! That huge Muscle Buster destroys Hysteria as Max covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Max Million picks up a huge victory over Hysteria tonight, the Family getting one over the former Asylum leader once more as he finds himself Infected and destroyed.]


[The sound of an ambulance siren echoes throughout busy streets as it glides in and out of traffic on the way to a hospital. Inside, Cael Gable holds his father’s hand as paramedics apply pressure to his wound.]

“We have a male, mid-fifties, gunshot victim,” [the driver says over the radio.] “ETA five minutes. We’ll need immediate assistance.”

“Will he be okay?” [Gable asks, concerned.] [Screech!] [Suddenly, the ambulance breaks hard, sending everything flying towards the back doors. There’s a slight pause – a delay, before the back doors open and two armed men stand, rifles pointed at the EMT and Cael Gable.]

“Gentlemen, do not make us have to use these automatic, fully loaded weapons,” [one of the men says.] “Because if we do, you’ll regret it.”

[Gable stands up.] “Please, just let us go. If we don’t make it to the hospital, my father will die.”

[The two masked men look at each other, then back at Gable, before breaking out in rapturous laughter.]

“Kid, why don’t you shut the fuck up? Law said you were a pussy.”

[That changes things.]

“Law sent you?” [Gable says with an angry expression and tone.] “That son of a bitch sent you?”

“He changed his mind. He thought it would be better if your old man didn’t make it to the hospital.”

[Something clicks.] “If he sent you, then you’re under strict orders not to hurt me.”

[That surprises them.]

“Right?” [Cael asks.] “Because if he wanted me dead, he’d have shot me at home. Law wants me healthy for a match at Red Snow, which means you two assholes are smoke and mirrors.”

[Bravely, he stands up and walks over to the doors, slamming them shut in the two men’s faces. He doesn’t know what’ll happen next, pausing to ensure there’s no gunfire before taking a seat.]

“Driver, step on it!”

[The EMT does exactly as he’s told, speeding off once more. Cael’s expression turns from anger to understanding. He knows that for once, he’s in control.]


[Static hisses over a set of television sets as The Masked Emotion comes into picture with its arms crossed with a tape in one hand. He looks down at the tape which says “Wait for the second!”]

“We really need to stop meeting like this.”

[Doubt turns at the sound of the voice to see the fully armored vigilante The Sharkman walking up with a VHS tape in his hand as well.]

“Do you know what this is about?”

“No idea. All I know is that we’re supposed to play these at the same time.”

[The two walk-up to the televisions and slide their tapes in. They look at each other, nod, and push play.] [A moment of whirring before the televisions come to life.] [And Doubt begins yelling.]

“What the hell is going on?!”

[A shot of the televisions are shown as one person is tied up one screen and five are tied up on the other. On the right, a shot of a younger redheaded woman is shown with black veins running up her legs and arms. She’s breathing heavily in fear or shock.] [Syndi, the sister of Doubt.] [On the left, a shot of a five men and women are shown each with an Axel The Shark mask on and shirt on that reads: “We still believe!” They are also breathing heavily as they’re restrained to a chair in the center of a room different than Syndi’s.] [A crowbar taps on the glass in each video as Lee Crowley steps into frame of the Syndi video. He slowly saunters back behind her and rests a hand on her shoulder which makes her shiver. On the other video, Max Million and Jensen Cussen stand behind the Shark-clad inviduals.]

“Hello, my friends.” [says Lee Crowley with a little smirk at referencing their former mentor who once combined them.] “In case you’re wondering what you’re doing here tonight, allow me to explain. We’re going to play a little game. These people are located in separate places throughout Miami, and you two have a choice to make.”

[Lee reaches down and smells the hair of the woman as she recoils, rightfully so.]

“Do you save the beautiful and ravishing sister of Doubt?”

[Lee stares straight ahead as Million steps forward and yanks the mask off of the face of the portly man. The Sharkman grows tense upon seeing the face beneath.]

“Or do you save the leading members of The Sharkman fan club?!”

[A wild laughter echoes through the tape as both The Sharkman and Doubt are obviously tense appearing at the brink of implosion!]

“So Shakie, are five lives worth the price of one? Doubt, how important is your sister? The addresses will show on the screens as soon as this turns off. As soon as the door for one opens, the others will be disposed of. So no funny business.”

[Another wild laughter as the two look at each other with both obviously in torment over lamenting the choice.]

“You have 24 hours to choose or they all DIE!”

[Addresses flash upon the screen as the two former members of The Asylum stare at them in silence.] [Who will they choose? Who will DIE?!]


[The OSW Tag Team Championships are on the line as it’s The Unholy Alliance going up against the newly formed alliance between Jake Jeckel and Calypso! Who will walk out with the straps?!] [The bell sounds as Lux Bellator and Jake Jeckel are starting this thing off. They tie it up, but it’s Jake Jeckel who manages to get the upper hand before throwing Lux backwards. Lux rolls to his knees, BUT JAKE DRILLS HIM WITH A LUNGING KNEE STRIKE! Lux seemed caught off guard by his forwardness as The Juggalo grabs the legs of Lux, rolls him over, and locks in THE RIDDLE BOX! The elevated Boston crab is locked in tight as Brent Kersh tries to get into the ring. The referee holds him back as Calypso leaps into the ring and hits a baseball slide right into the side of Lux’s head!] [Calypso rolls out of the ring as Lux Bellator begins slowly to fade. The referee lifts his hand… but Lux powers up! He reaches out and grabs onto the bottom rope as his teeth are gritted in pain. After a four count, the referee pulls Jake Jeckel off of The Light Warrior. Jake holds up his hand, but grabs Lux Bellator and whips him into his corner. Jake rushes forward and spears Lux in the corner before Calypso slaps his shoulder. She leaps in and rushes towards Lux just as Jake moves out. Lux ducks her body splash as she slams into the corner!] [Lux Bellator begins the slow crawl towards his corner as Calypso leaps forward and grabs his boot just as he’s about to tag out. Lux Bellator gets to his feet just as Calypso does. He begins striking with vicious palm strikes before running towards the rope and hitting a spinning heel kick. Lux grabs Calypso and whips her into his corner and charges for a big Yakuza kick! Brent Kersh reaches out and blind tags himself in! Lux looks irritated as Brent climbs into the ring. Brent grabs up Calypso and rushes towards the opposite corner before sending her through the ropes, hitting Jeckel and knocks him off the apron. Kersh grabs up Calypso… SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Calypso is spiked into the mat before Kersh hooks her leg. One…Two…THREE!] [The Champions retain! A big championship retention by Lux Bellator and Brent Kersh. The two are awarded their title as they begin celebrating on their own.]


[In his Throne Room, King Royal paces back and forth under the intrigued gaze of his Queen. In his hand is the letter from last week. A letter that has no discernable origin, but has a foreboding message contained within it.]

“Your Grace.” [A squire comments, looking rather afraid of the pacing Royal.] “You have a visitor.”

[Royal turns with a cross expression towards the young man.]

“One does not have time for visitors!”

“But this visitor says they sent you a letter first.” [The squire stammers out, clearly fearing a slap.] [Instead, Royal raises an eyebrow and nods to the squire.]

“Very good, then. Bring the visitor.”

[The squire rushes off, and almost as soon as he exits the Throne Room, a pair of figures walk in. The first is hooded, wearing piecemeal armor under a thick cloak. The other is also cloaked, but wearing a bright red dress under the cloak.]

“One does not have time for these games, Marvolo.” [Royal angrily states, marching towards the cloaked figure.] “The King doubts you even know how to write.”

[Royal grabs the hood of the armored fellow, and rips it off.] [Revealing Raquel?] [SLAP!] [The King is staggered backwards from the slap, but the Queen is on it. She charges in and tackles Raquel to the ground. The other cloaked figure is revealed to be Marvolo wearing a red dress. He goes after the King, but stops when he sees his Raquel getting pummeled by the far more skilled Queen Raquel. He runs over to try to separate the women.]

“King Royal.” [A voice calmly speaks, almost perfectly for the King to hear him.] [While Marvolo is failing to suppress Queen Raquel’s offensive fury, the King walks over to the doorway to the Throne Room. A shadowy figure awaits him there, the scared squire by his side.]

“This squabbling is below you. Come with me, and leave this place.”

[The sinister message delivered to him only causes Royal to raise an eyebrow.]

“A little help here would be nice!”

[The annoyed tone of Queen Raquel grabs the King from the doorway. She is trying to fight both Marvolo and Raquel at one time. The King sneers and rushes off to enter the fray as the shadowed figure shakes his head.]

“I will return. He must listen to me.”

[The figure walks away, leaving the scared squire to look upon the four people brawling in front of him.]


[Talk about strange bedfellows! Standing on one side is The Scarecrow, Mother, and Captain Zappa with the opposite side having Ordell Terminus, Bobby Neptune, and Hades!] [Mother and The Scarecrow are both stoically meeting gaze before Captain Zappa steps forward. On the other side, Bobby Neptune leaps into the ring with anger in his eyes. The bell sounds as these two universal warriors begin circling around. As they circle around, Zappa turns around and tags in Mother. He taps his forehead as he exits the ring. Neptune rushes towards him, but Mother pushes him away before shrieking at him! Neptune hits the ropes and rushes towards her for a super kick, only she dodges underneath! She reaches up and wraps him up in… THE MOTHER’S EMBRACE!] [She’s wrenching the hold back before Ordell leaps into the ring, stands over Mother, and begins DRILLING INTO HER FACE! Vicious rights and lefts as she recoils and releases the hold. Zappa doesn’t like this break-in as he charges across the ring to nail a running crossbody! Terminus is hit hard and rolls to the outside as Zappa gets to his feet. HADES GRABS HIM! Stalling vertical suplex to the floor! Hades quickly gets back up and leaps to the apron. Both Mother and Bobby are moving to their respective corners. Mother gets close to her corner, sees Scarecrow and just stands in defiance.] [The Scarecrow is mouthing off in pure anger as she stands just out of his reach. On the other side, Bobby reaches out and tags in NO ONE! Hades is yanked from the apron by Captain Zappa as Zappa just spears him into the barricade! Neptune climbs up and Ordell is back up! Terminus tags in and rushes across the ring towards Mother. Uppercut to her back as she’s buffeted forward into Scarecrow! A smack is heard as Scarecrow falls off the apron. Terminus pulls Mother close and… THE FINAL CONCLUSION! He goes into a cover, but the referee refuses to count! Terminus looks confused. THE SCARECROW DROPS A LEG DROP ON HIS HEAD! Scarecrow must have tagged when Mother was pushed into him! Terminus gets to his feet… BYE BYE BIRDIE!!! The Scarecrow covers as Neptune’s leg is grabbed by Zappa holding him in place! One…Two…THREE!] [The Scarecrow raises to his feet as Zappa disappears into the crowd as Neptune looks around in anger. Mother slowly rises to her feet beside The Hayman. They stand off as the screen fades away.]


[A back alley of The Tap Room.] [Shadows loom amongst the rays of light brought forth by the nearby street lights and those of the surrounding metropolitan area.] [A hobo stands at the corner, his hands held high and in them a round ball.]

“Try your luck!” [The hobo screams.] “Gamble on your skill! You cannot win if you do not play!”

[Behind the vagabond, at a distance in a small table upon which sets a pyramid of ceramic bottles.] [An old carnival game only the most desperate would attempt, but on this night the vagrant is in luck.] [Or is he?] [From the city sidewalk methodically steps a hooded figure.] [Jacen Novan.]

“How much to play?”

“The odds are two to one mister” [The hobo proclaims as Novan sizes up the game.] “You can blind an amount of your choice!”

“How does fifty sound?” [Novan quips confidently, stunning the hobo and causing him to pause.]

“That’s a weeks worth of bounty” [The hobo says in a shocked tone.] [Jacen retrieves two hundred dollars from the inside of his coat, holding it in front of the makeshift street carny who after a long hesitation, accepts the money and trades Novan a ball.]

“You have to knock them all down with one throw” [The hobo peers at Novan.] “If you don’t I keep the cash. If you do, you a hundred dollars!”

[Novan nods, his attention focused on the task at hand as he reaches back and hurls the ball at the bottles.] [Of the ten, all but one fall which prompts a chuckle of victory from the hobo, but his celebration is premature.] [Novan holds up a finger as if to suggest the vagabond wait and then he proceeds to stare hard at the remaining bottle. A quick twitch of his head and suddenly… the bottle falls.] [The hobos eyes open wide in both shock and turmoil.]

“One hundred dollars!” [Jacen demands with his palm up and open.] [Stunned and speechless, the hobo reaches into his jacket and retrieves the remainder of Novan’s winnings before reluctantly handing it over along with his blind.] [The hobo drops his head in dejection; however, he is not the only one in the alley disappointed.] [Our perspective suddenly changes to what appears to be a first person perspective of an individual on the other side of the alley. A blue shield covers the view along with several mundane numbers scattered about the “screen”. We’re looking at the hobo and Novan.] [Suddenly, there is an electronic voice.]

“Target” [A white square appears and encloses the shadowy figure of Jacen Novan.] “identified!”

[Novan is not aware of this presence as he turns to leave the hobo in his pity and when our perspective shifts back to that of the alley we see the hidden visitor.] [The Automaton.] [And then we fade to black.]


[It’s the middle of the night.] [There’s coughing, spluttering and a general feeling of unrest inside the camp of Calypso. So many of her people are suffering, coughing black gunge and stumbling around. Jake Jeckel and Calypso stand outside.]

“I have to go in,” [Calypso says.] “These are my people.”

[She attempts to walk forward, but Jake stops her, pulling her back by the arm.]

“You can’t. You don’t know how infectious they are,” [He reminds her.] “Shit, I know you walk with the lepers and the meek but if you go in there, you’ll become one.”

[Her eyes look towards them, wanting to go in.]

“Then what are we to do? How do we save them?”

[Jake shrugs.] “It ain’t about them anymore. It’s about everyone else. You can’t help these people unless we destroy the fuckin’ virus. The Family, at Red Snow, they gotta go.”

[The Juggalo points inside the camp.]

“Or everyone will end up just like them. You. Me. Everyone.”

“Where do we start?” [Calypso says, reluctantly turning her back on them. Her eyes meet Jeckel’s, and you can tell the pain she’s in.] “Where do we go from here?”

[Jeckel slowly starts walking away.]

“We take the fucking war of the damned to him. We go after the one thing he can’t afford to lose. We go after the one fucking thing, he needs, more than his precious god damn family.”

“What’s that?” [Calypso shouts.] [Jake turns, smiling.]

“Stephanie Cussen.”


[Once again the Tap room houses an Elimination Chamber, one of the most hellacious matches in wrestling history. Who will fall and who will survive to hold up the Rewind Championship at the end of the night?] [The bell sounds as The Sharkman and Doubt are the final two not in pods, the former Asylum members going at it with a flurry of lefts and rights before a stiff headbutt stuns the Sharkman before a high dropkick sends him crashing into the corner. Doubt backs up for a moment as the Shark slowly pulls himself up, before springboarding off the ropes and destroying Shark with a massive Corner Dropkick.] [Sharky rolls out to the floor as Doubt sizes him up for a moment, Slingshotting over the top rope with a massive elbow to the chest that cause the Shark to cry out in pain. The Emotion lifts him up to his feet, grabbing the Shark by the back of the head before running forward and tossing him face first into the unforgiving steel! Doubt pulls the Shark up to his feet but gets met with a leaping enziguri that stuns the Emotion enough for the Shark to grab him and biel toss him into the cage wall himself!] [The lights began to flash, circling around before landing on the pod of…JENSEN CUSSEN! Vengeance rushes in like a house on fire, drilling a trying to stand Doubt with a huge knee to the face before grabbing The Shark by the waist, and tossing him like a sack with a massive Belly to Belly Suplex! A sadistic smile creeps across as he lifts Doubt up, but gets met with a sharp headbutt that knocks Jensen down to one knee, END OF WISDOM! A huge Axekick clips Jensen hard but the Emotion doesn’t cover, lifting Cussen up to his feet as he nails him with a savage series of lefts and rights in a rage before lifting him up and spiking him into the steel barrier on the outside with a stiff Brainbuster!] [The lights began to flash again, circling around before landing on the pod of….DTR! Vengeance gets some help here as the Virus rushes out of his pod, leaping forward as he tackles the Emotion with a hard running spear. DTR pounds down on Doubt but finds himself pulled up by the Shark before planted to the floor with a hard bulldog. Both of the Family slowly get to their feet as they stand face to face with the former Asylum before all four men go at it. Doubt and the Virus exchange heavy right hands as the Sharkman dropkicks Jensen hard into the chain wall, The Shark tries to lift Jensen up, HAIR TRIGGER! The lightning fast Jawbreaker stuns The Shark as Jensen tosses him into the air before driving him into the floor with a huge Powerslam!] [DTR kicks Doubt low before driving him into the floor with a DDT as he walks over to Jensen as the Family pick up the fallen Shark, lifting him up high before running forward, DOUBLE POWERBOMB INTO THE OPEN POD! The pod shatters with an explosion of glass, sending the fragments scattered all around the floor as the Shark is a broken mess. Just as the Family turns towards Doubt, the lights begin to flash again, circling around before landing on the pod of….CAEL GABLE! Gable rushes forward, spearing DTR into the cage wall but before he can take him down, Jensen pounds him from behind, and quickly plants him to the floor on the back of his neck with a Dragon Suplex!] [Doubt slowly gets to his feet as he’s met with the furious onslaught from the Family who drill him with a double leaping knee before lifting him up onto their shoulders and tossing him like a spear into the ring! Cael slowly gets up but gets cut off with a running dropkick to the face as DTR tosses him to Jensen who slingshots him off the nearby ropes, GUILT TRIP! Gable gets spiked with that Brainbuster as Jensen drops down for the cover, ONE….TWO….GABLE JUST KICKS OUT! Jensen kicks Gable hard in the face as he turns his attention to the Emotion just getting up, running into the ring as the lights began to flash again, landing on the last pod as Mike Lane rushes into the Chamber. The Virus goes after him but Lane ducks under a clothesline attempt, SHADOW KICK!] [In the ring, The Emotion tries to fight Jensen off, peppering him with everything he has before a hard kick to the side of the head stuns Jensen. Doubt rushes to the ropes, leaping off, THE PESSIMIST’S….JENSEN CATCHES HIM! Vengeance lifts Doubt up high, FALL OF MAN! Jensen powerbombs the Emotion right down onto his knees as Doubt recoils in pain, Jensen steps back as he sizes Doubt up for the end. A flurry of lefts and rights before a huge knee knocks Doubt for a loop as Jensen rolls back, INFINITE CHAOS! The Emotion looks knocked out cold as Jensen hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [DOUBT HAS BEEN ELIMINATED] [The Sharkman slowly rises to his feet on the outside, his back bleeding even through his body suit as Cael Gable rolls into the ring. He and Jensen go at it, Cael getting the better of him with a stiff european uppercut before tossing him across the ring with a huge Belly to Belly Suplex. On the outside, DTR and Mike Lane are going at it, the Virus woozy from that Superkick but he ducks under another before lifting Lane up and T-Bone Suplexing him into the cage wall! Cael pulls Jensen up, trying for the Pugh-Plex but Jensen slips out of the Suplex, pushing Cael right into a hard enziguri from the Sharkman who quickly hammerlocks Cael, RECKONING! The Shark goes for the cover but Jensen attacks him from behind, tossing him into the ropes and on the rebound, lifting him up, ELEVATED REASONABLE DOUBT! The Sharkman is done as DTR covers, ONE….TWO….THREE!!!] [THE SHARKMAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED] [The Family smile sadistically, celebrating prematurely as they lift Cael up, trying to finish off Gable as well. DTR hooks him up as Jensen rushes forward, BLUNT FORCE…CAEL SLIPS OUT! Jensen stops an inch away from kicking the Virus in the face but as he turns around, SHADOW KICK! Lane runs into the ring as he and DTR go at it as Jensen stumbles into the waiting arms of Cael, PUGH-PLEX! It hits flush as Cael hooks Jensen’s leg, ONE….TWO….THREE!!!] [JENSEN CUSSEN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!] [Jensen rolls out, unconcious as DTR levels Lane with a massive Lariat absolutely furious as he hooks Gable around the waist, drilling him with a massive German Suplex. Gable slowly gets to his feet as the Virus drills him with a huge kick to the gut, REASONABLE DOUBT! Gable is knocked out cold as the Virus hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [CAEL GABLE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!] [The Virus turns to Mike Lane who pops to his feet, drilling him with a hard right hook as DTR reels back, nailing Lane with a right of his own as the pair go back and forth, right after right as Lane gets the advantage with a big knee to the jaw as he hooks him up and plants him into the mat with a single arm DDT. The Virus slowly gets to his feet as Lane rushes forward, ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! That huge knee may have knocked DTR out cold as Lane covers, ONE…TWO…DTR just gets the shoulder up! Mike Lane begs DTR to get to his feet, tuning up the band as he calls for the end, BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Jensen laughs sadistically as the referees force him out of the chamber, DTR lifting up the limp Lane with a smile on his face, REASONABLE DOUBT! This is it, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!] [We have a new Rewind Champion as The Virus is lifted up high by his brother Jensen, the Family proving strength in numbers overcomes all here tonight.]


[The scene had been playing back in his head all week. The scuffle, that unearthly sound as her gun went off. Her eyes, looking up at him in shock and horror. The life draining from her. And her voice…]

‘It… Wasn’t me.’

[What had he done? What had he done?] [Even as he sits now, staring at his hands. He cannot help but to picture her crimson blood staining them. He cannot help to see them as the hands of a murderer. Even now, as her voice replays in his mind one more time, he hangs his head in those hands and sobs.] [We find Bobby Neptune sitting alone, in a room filled with strange computers, technology the likes of Earth could only imagine. Lyra Starchild’s hideaway. The screens have long since fallen still, their futuristic bleeps and lights silenced. Just an empty room and Bobby Neptune… Staring into his hands.]

“I should have known.”

[His voice cracks with guilt and grief as he utters the words to himself.]

“I should have known that she was telling me the truth. I should have known that it wasn’t her.”

[He stares at his hands, clean… Yet stained with blood.]

“I should have known it was them. Now these hands are the hands of a killer. I should have known.”

[On the table before him, a piece of technology that looks different to that around him. A different form of technology from a different species. The small black round disc that had been given to him as a communication device between him and the Zeta.] [He dares not touch it, but stares at it.]

“I should have known it was not her. The ship… The technology on it. I should have recognised it as the same technology that created this disc. I should have put it together. Then perhaps these hands would still be clean. Instead, I’ve been played for a fool this whole time.”

[Figures appear in the room behind him, silently. Shadowy figures that we have come to know as the Zeta. Only one appears uncloaked and approached Neptune freely. Their Chosen One… Captain Zappa.]

“Accidents happen, Bobby Neptune. You can’t blame yourself.”

[Neptune spins around at the sound of the voice, instinctively moving into a defensive stance. He turns to find Zappa’s smiling face, obviously enjoying toying with him.]

“How? How did you find me?”

[Even as he asks the question he knows the answer. Zappa merely nods towards the disc, confirming Lyra’s suspicion that the Zeta were using it to spy on Bobby. It only serves to enrage Neptune more. The anger seems to delight Zappa, who holds his hands up in mock surrender.]

“Take it easy, man. You see, the Zeta have had a plan this entire time. The only missing link on that plan was Lyra Starchild. Now, thanks to you, she is out of the way. Earth’s last feeble defence against this invasion has fallen. Really, you have done the Zeta a service by killing her.”

“It… Wasn’t me?” [Bobby utters, his face paling even as the words fall out of his mouth. Words all too familiar.] “It was an accident.”

[Zappa smiles, patting him on the shoulder as if comforting him. Bobby brushes him off, his guilt only matched by his anger.]

“Where Lyra has fallen, I will stand. I will stand as Earth’s defender. So long as there is breath in my lungs there will be fight in my soul. The Zeta will not claim Earth.”

[Captain Zappa reaches inside his pocket and pulls a joint that he slips in between his lips. He smiles as he lights it and takes a draw.]

“As you wish.”

[With that, he and the shadowy figures of the Zeta disappear, fading away and leaving Bobby Neptune to his solitude… And his guilt.]


[A new King has emerged in the Mad King but the last King refuses to acknowledge his sovereignty. Will the Mad King be able to make him kneel or will the Royal King regain his throne?] [The bell sounds as both men circle the ring, Crowley twirling Smiley Junior in his right hand as Royal in full armor, stretches out his limbs, urging Crowley forward. Lee rushes forward, swinging the crowbar as Royal blocks it with his arm guards, metal grinding against metal for a moment before Nigel slams the crowbar away, surprising Lee with a massive lifting forearm. Lee drops to his knees as Royal lifts him up by the hair, tossing him over the top rope to the floor below.] [Royal rolls outside the ring as Lee grabs something from underneath. Royal lifts him up again by the hair, STEEL CHAIR SHOT! The King staggers back dazed as Crowley drills him with shot after shot, a massive leaping shot to the temple knocking Royal down and out. Crowley is on Royal, beginning to tear off his armor but Royal knocks him aside with a hard right to the skull, Crowley barely loosening any of his armor as Royal grips Crowley by the throat, his heavy gauntlet squeezing the life out of Lee as he tosses him away, Crowley flying across the floor.] [Royal follows Lee who bounds to his feet, peppering Royal with lefts and rights that seem to just bounce off his armor as Royal snaps off a stiff headbutt before dragging him towards the throne near the entrance ramp. Crowley tries to fight back but a stiff elbow to the side of the head stuns him as Royal lifts him up, BRAINBUSTER ONTO THE STEEL STAGE! Lee’s head bounces off the steel as Royal walks over, sitting on the throne as with a cocky smile on his face, implores Lee ‘kneel like the common street trash you are’] [Lee slowly gets to his feet, looking at Royal on the throne, feigning kneeling for a moment before flipping him off. Royal gets up with a rage as he rushes down the ramp with a clothesline that Lee ducks under, SHOCK THERAPY! Lee speared right into Crowley but he speared right into that armor as it seemed to hurt him more as he gets up, holding his gut in pain, Crowley walks right into a massive rolling elbow that busts Lee wide open as Royal grips him by the throat once more, landing right after right as the blood begins to flow down the Mad King. Royal tosses Lee aside, asking him once more to ‘kneel before your true King!’] [Crowley just laughs, spitting out a glob of blood as he begs Royal for more as the King furious, lifts Crowley up, BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! ANOTHER! A THIRD! THE ROYAL FLUSH! Royal pulls the broken Lee to his feet, but Crowley pushes him back, CHELSEA GRIN! Royal doesn’t go down but his lip has been busted open. Absolutely furious, Royal rushes forward, nailing a huge thrust kick that sends Crowley flying into the throne, nearly knocking it down as Crowley crashes hard into the heavy wood] [Royal pulls Lee out of the throne, Crowley dropping to his knees as Royal prepares for the finishing blow. Crowley spits blood onto the floor again, laughing sadistically ‘Figures you’d need your armor to actually take me Nigey, can’t fight me like a real man’. Royal pushes Crowley away, pondering for a moment before he shakes his head as he begins to pull off his armor. Tossing it all aside as he stands in his usual ring gear, rushing forward as Crowley smiles, RUNNING KNE….LEE CATCHES IT, HOISTING NIGEL HIGH UP INTO THE AIR, ANTIDIPRESSANT!] [Lee pulls Royal up to his feet, punishing him with a series of hard knees to the gut but as he tries to fish-hook him, Royal slips out, gripping Lee by the waist, SNAP GERMAN SUPLEX! Royal grabs a gauntlet from where it fell, slipping it on and as Lee slowly stands up, drills him with a massive right hand that seems to knock Lee out cold! Royal drops down, grabbing his chest plate as he slips that on as well before beginning to climb up the throne. Royal sizes up Lee for a moment, diving off, SPITFI….GAUNTLET SHOT TO THE FACE! Lee drills Royal in mid-air as he slams the gauntlet down over and over onto Royal before climbing up onto the throne as he waits for Royal to stand. The former King slowly gets to his feet, seeing a victorious Lee as he tries to stand but he’s done as he sinks down to one knee, silently proclaiming Lee the new King!] [The Mad King does it, taking everything the Royal King could throw at him but a little mind games was all it took as the Mad King sits tall on his throne]


[Pitch Black.] [Absolute darkness fills our screen, as if a void in the middle of an abyss.] [Glitch.] [Static.] [A woman appears. She’s wearing a pristine white dress. Her face is pretty, and her eyes are full of soul and warmth. Her skin tone is a beautiful rosy shade of pink and white. Everything about her is perfect. She stands alone, unsure of where she is or what she must do.] [A voice booms.]

“You have a choice to make. An ultimate decision.”

[Her head tilts, but she finds she cannot answer.]

“And only you can make it.”

[Finally, the hold upon her voice is lifted and she can speak.]

“Where am I?” [She questions.]

“I call this place the void. It is the eternal darkness and resting place of the mortal soul. You have passed over, but this is not the end of your journey, not if you choose it so.”

[She looks around the pitch black, in awe.]

“Where are my children? My little boy? My little girl? Where are they?”


“Answer me!”


[Her eyes suddenly well up, and tears begin streaming down her poor face. She falls to her knees, head in her hands, sobbing uncontrollably.]

“This world is in the early stages of creation. The human condition is volatile; fragile, even. Your children could not survive, neither could you.”

“Then allow me to be with them,” [she pleads.] “Bring them here, or take me to them.”

“I cannot,” [the voice booms.] “They are here, in the void, awaiting their final resting place. They both have decisions too.”

[She looks up, her cheeks covered in tears.]

“What choice do I have?”

“You can remain here in the void, in eternal rest. You will not wake. You will not live freely. You will sleep. Or, you can allow the void to fill you with its darkness, and live, immortal, wherever you wish to be.”

[She pauses.] “And my children?”

“In the void, they are gone – just like you could be.”

[The woman cries.]

“But you can create more. In every world, there’s a balance between good and evil. In this world, the balance has yet to begin. You can create that balance, and hundreds of children to replace those you have lost. You will be the mother of all.”

[Through her sobbing, she tries to understand. Her children are gone; dead. She has nothing and no-one, but this is her choice; she can remain, and sleep, or live and become immortal.]

“A mother’s love is unconditional, and unlike any bond in the universe. I have chosen you because you loved your children above all else. You can have as many children as your heart desires. What do you say?”

[She doesn’t hesitate.]


[Upon answer, her form immediately begins to change. Her beautiful skin becomes pale and gaunt. Her eyes turn a putrid colour of black as her cheeks sink in to create a terrifying face. Her clothing becomes worn, dirty and aged, and her skin blisters and boils.] [She touches her face, looking at her hands, and arms, in shock and awe.]

“You are now the mother of all evil.”