[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Framed by candlelight, a single altar stands. On the peripheral of our vision, we can see loose dirt and rock. As well as a man, frozen as stone. Chains hang from the ceiling, where once a beast was imprisoned.] [Into the darkness, a voice manifests into being, strong and resolute.]

“Seven warriors have risen. Seven warriors have failed.”

[Lux Bellator kneels before the altar. His eyes are fixed upon the book atop it. Only a single thread remains of the last seal. The rest has poured away into the shining bowl under the altar.] [The bowl containing God’s Wrath. The end of all things.] [Annihilation.]

“I have yet been Your faithful servant, Lord.” [Lux speaks to heaven, and his holy master.] “The six bowls that have been unleashed are nothing in comparison to the last. Nothing will stand in my way as I deliver Your holy judgment upon this wicked Earth.”

[He bows his head in reverence as the bowl awaits only the last remnants of the seals.] [Soon.] [Bellator tries to relax himself, slowly controlling his breathing, as mist begins to rise around him, coming from the labyrinth of tunnels below. As the mist touches his nostrils, Bellator’s eyes flash open. This is no mist.] [It’s smoke.] [The light warrior rushes to his feet, looking down into the abyss he created. The river of blood the second bowl formed flows to an unknown location, yet in Lux Bellator’s heart, he knows where it now leads.] [The implosion of his army just one week ago in Holy War. The river of blood now connecting the barren valley with the world proper, this cavern the artery pumping the blood in.] [Yet dark smoke floats up out of that cavern, a crimson tinge to it. Something is burning below.] [Or someone.]


[Lux Bellator’s mouth contorts in anger as the smoke fills his small cave, rendering one unable to see what lays before them. Yet one does not need to see, when one can feel the sheer heat growing around them. But Lux Bellator has a mission, and that mission is not to confront the rising Dragon.] [With a start, Bellator rushes to the altar and raises his hands to the heavens. Even within the cave, light finds a way, an electric rush surging through the walls to surround Bellator’s body.]

{And just like that, both Bellator and the altar are gone, the book and bowl with it.] [The smoke seems to slowly fade away, leaving behind the Dragon himself. There’s a fire in Rhodes eyes as he takes in his surroundings, and realizes what is missing, For a moment, he just breaths and relishes the life he still holds. Then, he does something rather curious for a man who just burned his way out of a river of blood.] [He smiles.]


[It’s The Geek versus The Guv, both men have made their way to the ring and Tommy Wright is still holding his trademark soccer ball.] [Before the bell can ring Wright boots the football across the ring, smashing Freddy in the face. The ball bounces out of the ring and to the floor. Wright advances on Rhodes, smashing him with a fierce European Uppercut. Rhodes staggers back into the corner, shaking his head. Wright delivers a flurry of body shots and Rhodes slowly slides down the turnbuckle. Wright stomps away and the referee breaks the two up after several hard stomps. Wright argues with the referee in the middle of the ring, he isn’t happy that he was pulled off his opponent.] [Rhodes has had the chance to regroup now and he interrupts the argument in the middle of the ring with a single arm lariat, sending Wright crashing to the mat. Both men are back to their feet immediately but Rhodes has the momentum. He bounces off the ropes and dives across Wright with a crossbody, rolling straight back to his feet. Wright is slower back to a vertical base giving Rhodes the chance to bounce off the ropes again and deliver a running bulldog! The bulldog takes the competitors right to the corner of the ring. Rhodes is on a roll now!] [Rhodes again is first back to his feet and he paces across the ring to the opposite corner. He’s bent at the knees and willing Wright back to his feet. His feet tap frantically as he looks for his trademark spear. Wright has pulled himself up using the ropes in the corner and he staggers backwards, turning around and right into the HADOKEN SP–NO! Wright side steps and sends the head of Rhodes crashing into the middle turnbuckle. Rhodes stumbles back towards Wright who hits RED DEVIL! Rhodes staggers back against the ropes and collapses to one knee. Wright bounces off the ropes and AGGRO! Quick pin! ONE, TWO, THREE!] [Wright climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate his victory.]


[GAME OVER.] [The 8-bit brawler stands alone, a flickering bulb on it’s last legs comes in and out of power. With each flicker the power drains, until eventually it clicks….. Darkness.] [The sound of man crashing into furniture is heard.]

“Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start, select…… “

[As if by magic the light flashes back on instantly. Standing in front of Rhodes, a face he’s not quite familiar with, Tommy Dylan. Eyeballing one another, neither gives an inch…. The light begins to flicker again and then total darkness.] [Seconds of silence go by.]

“Up, up, down, down…..”

[Dylan interrupts.]

“That didn’t work last time. I flicked the light switch.”

[Click… Still darkness.]

“………….. left, right, left, right, B, A, start, select.”

[The light flicks back on. Rhodes and Dylan get right back into each other’s face.] [Tap…] [Tap… Neither man breaks their stare.]

“You heard my noise but still valued what you could see in front of you as more important.”

[Croatoan makes his way out the shadows, steel chair in his hands. Dylan and Rhodes keep an eye on each other but side-glance toward Croatoan. Taking his chair and unfolding it, he takes a seat right in front of the two men. Rhodes and Dylan simultaneously turn toward Croatoan without taking an eye of one another.] [Croatoan rises from his chair in a slow fashion. Just as all three men are about to come nose to nose…… Darkness strikes again.] [Lightning strikes illuminate the men briefly and thunder echoes throughout.] [CRASH.] [The lights come back on, and Kashim the fallen angel kneels, the ground beneath him showing signs of fracture. It slowly dawns on Dylan that Croatoan and Rhodes have long since vanished into thin air. Only he and this fallen angel remain in the room.] [BOSS BATTLE.]


[It’s the newest OSW signing, the fallen angel, Kashim, versus The Tornado Tommy Dylan.] [The bell sounds and it’s Tommy on the offensive, lunging forward with a flurry of jabs. Kashim is retreating and finds himself pinned into a corner. Tommy swings his arm backwards and hits a knife edge chop. WOO! Then another! WOO! And anot–no! Kashim ducks the chop and shoves Tommy into the corner. Kashim throws a boot towards Tommy’s midsection but it’s caught. Quick reactions by Kashim and he connects with an Enziguri.] [Tommy staggers from the corner and drops face first to the ground. Kashim is right on top of him, straddling his back and locking his hands around Tommy’s chin looking for the camel clutch. Tommy gets to his knees, fighting off the attempt. Soon he’s up to his feet, Kashim clinging to his back. Tommy swings his hips and both of Kashim’s legs swing to Tommy’s left side. He grabs him and drops him into a pendulum backbreaker!] [Kashim is struggling back to his feet now, but he’s only up to one knee. Tommy bounces from the ropes at the far side of the ring and charges towards the recovering Kashim. Tommy dives through the air and dropkicks Kashim right in the side of his head! Kashim is down, holding his head. Tommy stalks him, waiting for him to get back to his feet. Kashim uses the ropes to pull himself back up. Meanwhile, Tommy has sat himself on the top turnbuckle. Kashim turns. Tommy leaps through the air — SUPERCELL DDT! Tommy slips through the ropes and he’s signalling to the fans now. Kashim is recovering slowly, he’s up to his feet. Tommy quickly pulls himself up onto the ropes, springboarding, knees high — yes — HAILSTORM! Tommy rolls Kash over, hook of the leg. ONE, TWO, THREE!] [Tommy climbs the turnbuckle and raises an arm victoriously.]


[Inside a large interrogation room, Hysteria sits, worn out and tired in a large metal chair, handcuffed to the seat. The last time he was here, he sat alongside Alex Reese.] [Only that seems like moons ago.]

“We have a witness that saw everything happen,” [the officer says.] “They saw you driving recklessly and at high speeds before totalling your vehicle.”

[Hysteria laughs.]

“This isn’t a laughing matter, sir. You’re in serious trouble. What happened?”

[Again, he laughs.]

“Alright,” [the cop finally relents.] “Perhaps you could tell us about the body in the trunk?”

[He stops laughing.]

“I thought that might change your tune, huh? We found a mutilated and decapitated body in the trunk of your vehicle, sir. The vehicle you were driving. Who is it? What happened? You need to tell us something.”

“I’m being set up,” [Hysteria says, finally breaking his silence.] “Check the vehicle registration and you’ll see that it doesn’t belong to me. You won’t find my prints on that body or anything that links me to him. Someone set me up.”

[The cop scoffs.] “And who? Who would do such a thing?”

[Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door and in walks Edward Newton, briefcase in hand. Hysteria stands up, ready to fight, only the next words shock and surprise him.]

“I’m Mr. Hysteria’s attorney and I’d like a moment with my client, please.”

[The cop reluctantly agrees, exiting the room. Edward sits down opposite his foe, who does the same.]

“It would be nice to see the bigger picture, wouldn’t it hyssy?”

[The Mad Mastermind growls.]

“If the cops check the vehicle registration, they’ll find it links back to you. Didn’t you recognise it? It belonged to your late wife.”

[An eerie silence befalls the room.]

“And I mean, you could say that she was responsible for the murder, but that would be a stretch for even you to sell, don’t you think? No, the only way you’re escaping this room is with my help and if you want my help, you’ll need to agree to a few conditions.”

[He has no choice.] “Such as?”

“A match at Red Snow, for starters,” [Newton offers.] “A death match.”

[Hysteria giggles.] “And if I agree, you’ll facilitate my escape?”

[Newton nods.]

“Then I agree.”

[Edward stands up and bangs on the door, allowing the cop to enter. He takes his seat on the same side of the table as Hysteria and begins his defence.]

“The man in the trunk is a gentleman known by No Face. He was a criminal and a suicidal maniac. He set my client up, with the aid of a former Detective of your police force, Alex Reese.”

[Hysteria looks at him with widened eyes.]

“Alex Reese? He’s been missing for over a year. There had been rumours of his death, but nothing had been confirmed.”

“Oh he’s alive and well,” [Newton interrupts.] “And he has a vendetta against my client. If you check the body, you’ll find DNA belonging to Mr. Reese – I’m certain of it.

[The officer stands up.] “I need to check with my superiors. This is huge. If the results come back as you suggest, you’ll be free to go.”

[Newton nods and the officer leaves the room again.]

“How did you find his body?” [Hysteria demands to know.] “Only Mike Lane knew where he was buried.”

“I figured it out. The DNA may be a little grubby, but I’m certain they’ll find it. Once you’re released, you will hold up your end of the bargain, or I’ll prove that he’s dead and his DNA was planted.”

“What’s the matter, Eddie? Don’t you trust me?”




[A small spattering of applause is heard in the backstage area of The Taproom as a small group of black men and women are seen sitting in steel chairs with one large man standing in front of them with an offering plate in his hand.]

“You see, my people, THIS is my mission here in Old School Wrestling. The Bishop is here to spread the word of the Father and to pass that plate, one mo’ gain!”

[Another small amount of cheering from the group as his eyes scan the room and see a dreaded young man standing at the back of the room watching.]

“Thank you all for joining me today, and may the Lord watch over you all.”

[With a small nod, the group applauds D’Von Chambers as he steps away from the group and walks up to Clyde Johnson who is wearing a hoodie with his hands in the pockets.]

“How can I help you, Sky Highness?” [Despite using his nickname, the words are practically slathered with sarcasm.]

“Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot. I’m not interested in joining your Congregation, but you can’t just frame me for what happened to that jersey and ball last week!”

[The Bishop smiles as he crosses his beefy arms across his chest.]

“Frame you, Clyde? That’s not what that was. You disrespected me by not taking my offer, so naturally you accepted the ramifications of that choice. Now, you must live with that choice. Or you can take me up on my opportunity. I’m offering you ONE last opportunity at Red Snow. Take that opportunity to join me… or prepare to be sent back to Chicago in pieces.”

[A brief moment of tension before D’Von brushes by him and begins walking up the hallway. Clyde shakes his head before turning around and right into Tommy Wright with anger in his eyes.] [THRUST KICK! Clyde is blasted right into the hallway wall before he’s PUNTED right under the chin. Thomas Wright steps over and leans down on the hurting Johnson who is clutching his chin and back.]

“You fucked with the wrong man, Clyde. At Red Snow, you’re going to catch some aggro.”

[With that, he stands back up and walks on down the hall as Clyde Johnson is in a bad way in an awkward triangle.]


[Both men make their way to the ring one at a time as their respective music fills the hall.] [Doubt tries to surprise Chambers with a lightning quick hurricanrana to start off the match but D’Von shoves The Emotion back into the ropes. D’ Von swings at Doubt with a massive clothesline but Doubt ducks under and hits Chambers with a Russian Legsweep. Doubt snatches up the bigger man’s leg and tries turning him over for a single crab but can’t quite turn the more powerful D’Von over. Chambers frees himself of Doubts grasp but before D’ Von can stand all the way up, Doubt nails him with a dropkick to the side of the head, dropping him again.] [Quickly Doubt moves to the ring apron and launches himself back inside looking for a slingshot elbow drop but The Bishop gets his large frame out of the way by rolling to the outside. D’Von grabs Doubt under the bottom rope and pulls him from the ring. D’Von hits Doubt with a big suplex on the outside! The Bishop casts his out his hands to his sides as he revels in the crowd’s booing and ignores the ref’s counting. Chambers snatches Doubt up by his throat and chokeslams him onto the ring apron! The Bishop climbs back into ring.] [D’ Von positions Doubt and climbs the top rope. The Bishop comes crashing down on Doubt the CHICAGO CRUX! ONE! TWO! Doubt breaks the count and D’ Von can’t hardly believe it. Chambers picks The Emotion up and gets him into position for The Pastoral Plunge! Doubt twists and flails his body until D’ Von can no longer hold on. D’ Von spins around as Doubt springboards off the ropes and attempts the Pessimist’s End but The Bishop catches Doubt midair! Chambers throws The Emotion back into position and plants Doubt into the canvas with PASTORAL PLUNGE! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Chambers grins wide as he faces the jeering crowd, Doubt rolls to the outside and makes his way to the back.]


[In one week’s time, Cael Gable enters a prison to face Sheriff Law in what could be his final ever match.] [Tonight, he sits opposite his counterpart with only Plexiglas between them.]

“What do you want, kid?”

[Gable smiles.] “It’s good to see you back where you belong, you son of a bitch.”

[Law looks down, unamused.]

“How’s your daddy?”

[That cuts deep.]

“He’s in a coma because of you and Adam Eve, but at least he’s alive. That’s more than we’re going to be able to say for you come Red Snow.”

[Law leans in.] “Do you think it’s going to be that easy? Do you think I’m just gonna die because that’s what you want, you deluded fuckin’ asshole?”

[Gable shakes his head.]

“No. I think you’re going to die because that’s what these inmates want. I’m not the only person in here who wants to beat your ass, Law. How many of these guys were put away by corrupt sheriffs and cops? How many lost friends and family to the law and their violent officers? How many just hate cops?”

[The Sheriff thinks about it, rolling his eyes.]

“What do you want, huh?” [he almost begs.] “What do you want from me? Is it an apology? Do you want me to say sorry, is that it?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry for turning my back on you. I’m sorry for Adam Eve and what he did. I’m sorry for everything. Just don’t leave me in here to die. Don’t put me in that match.”

[Gable laughs, standing up.]

“Thank you.”

[Law smiles.] “So, we’re through?”

“Not by a long shot. I’ll see you at Red Snow, inmate.”

[The Sheriff yells in frustration.] [Cut.]


[Public Service Announcement] [This announcement is played across every screen – cast onto every phone, television and tablet in the entire Tap Room vicinity simultaneously.] [Bobby Neptune’s face fills the screen. He looks weathered, eyes bloodshot and bagged like a man who had been struggling to sleep of late. Yet, he smiles confidently and speaks with a voice charming and unflattering.]

“The fate of our Earth is within our grasp. Now, more than ever it is vital that we stand united. Now, more than ever, humans must come together.”

[He closes his eyes. When he opens them again, he brings his hands up to his head, tapping gently at his temples.]

“I finally understand. Lyra Starchild saw in me potential, she died for it. She desired to refocus my energy into more positive channels. She died by my own hand, never seeing that to fruition. I have to live with that every day now.

Inside this head are all the blueprints that are required to take down the Zeta. I have seen them, been aboard their ship. I have talked with them… I hold the key to this war.”

[He stops, taking a breath.]

“But alone I fall. Inside this head is the voice of one who stood to defend Earth against the likes of the Zeta. It is her voice, her mission that drives me. And I will not fail… WE cannot fail.”

[Neptune stands, holding out a device in front of him. A website link scrolls across the bottom of the screen as he speaks his final words of his announcement – www.trackneptune.com]

“I will be transmitting my location throughout the night. As I prepare for the fight of my life, the fate of the world rests with us. Join me, together we must show the Zeta that we will not be liberated.”

[End broadcast.]


[Croatoan looks to make a name for himself by facing off with a veteran and former champion, The Sharkman!] [The larger man, Croatoan, lumbers towards Sharkman who greets the Lost Survivor with a kick to the knee. The Sharkman hits Croatoan with another kick to the knee, but still Croatoan stands. The Sharkman shoots off the ropes and nails a high leg lariat to bring the big man down. The Vigilante quickly climbs the top rope and immediately nails Croatoan with a SHARK DIVE! The Sharkman is looking for a quick pin! ONE! KICK OUT! The Sharkman is out for blood tonight. The Vigilante hoists the massive Croatoan to his feet and locks him in position for the Reckoning!] [The Lost Survivor comes to life and flings The Sharkman up and over his head with a HUGE backbody drop! Croatoan is almost seething as he plants both feet into The Sharkman’s stomach with a double foot stomp. The Lost Survivor easily picks Sharkman off the ground and slams him right back down a double handed chokeslam! Croatoan grabs Sharkman by his throat and again lifts him up off the ground and over his head for a double handed chokeslam but The Sharkman uses the upward to momentum to swing himself up onto Croatoan’s shoulders and counters with a hurricanrana!] [Both men quickly find their feet. Croatoan charges The Sharkman who slides between the Lost Survivor’s legs and pops out behind the big man. The Vigilante leaps onto Croatoan’s back and locks him in a sleeperhold! Croatoan claws at The Sharkman’s arms trying to break free! Croatoan reaches behind his head and grabs hold of The Sharkman and tosses him aside. The Sharkman rolls through, bounces off the ropes and catches Croatoan with a SUSHI KICK! The Vigilante senses the end is nigh and locks Croatoan in a hammerlock! The Sharkman nails Croatoan with RECKONING! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [It was tough battle for both men and The Sharkman is feeling the affects as he limps to the back, leaving Croatoan kneeling in the ring holding his neck in pain.]


[Marvolo has arrived in the Tap Room.] [And he has quickly found himself flanked by the King’s Guard. Or perhaps it’d be more appropriate to call them the Queen’s Guard at the moment. Queen Raquel stands at the center of the group, sneering at Marvolo. One of the Guard has Marvolo’s Raquel in his grasp. She looks more than a little worse for wear.]

“Blind Raquel,” [Marvolo quips.] “Marvolo has heard of a Seeing Eye Dog. But he didn’t realize how much you needed to have a Man to See.”

{The Queen shakes her head.}

“And I suppose that is your way of making a joke about a See Man?”

[Marvolo is suddenly confused.]

“What does the Navy have to do with this?”

[Queen Raquel raises an eyebrow, but decides to continue.]

“I was hoping that kidnapping this young lady would bring you around to our way of thinking, but I had forgotten how much you actually care about those close to you.”

[For the first time in a while, Marvolo shows some anger at that jab. The Queen continues before he can retort.]

“But I’ve decided that since attacking your heart doesn’t work, I will just attack you directly. It’s about time you realized what you are missing out on with this shoddy replacement.”

[The guard holding Raquel shoves her towards Marvolo, where she seems to shrink into his arms in fear.]

“She thought she could talk a big game, but she’s out of her league. So are you, Marvolo. You’ve run long enough. At Red Snow, it’s going to be the King and Queen enforcing the King’s Justice on you and your little parrot. And I cannot wait until I ensure you get what is coming to you.”

[Marvolo looks from the Raquel in his arms to the Queen before him before it seems like a lightbulb has went off in his mind.]

“So you want the See Men to co…”

[The Queen screeches in anger before turning around and walking away. We follow her as she winds through a labyrinth of hallways. As she walks into the Throne Room of King Royal, we find the King himself standing at the base of his throne. The man that visited him two weeks ago now stands before him, and the Queen stops short, catching a look that says to leave them be.]

“How long have you turned your back on your family, Nigel?” [The other man says, gesturing towards the crown on the King’s head.] “Don’t do it again this time. You won’t survive this. You must decide what is truly important to you.”

[The mysterious man turns to walk away, but looks back at the contemplative Royal with a raised eyebrow.]

“We’re family, and we have to stick together. Let me help you.”

[Before the King can answer, the man strides out of the Throne Room. King Royal sits at the foot of his throne for a moment, trying to get a grip on everything that he has been told, both before and after Queen Raquel’s entrance.]


[It’s a triple threat here tonight with three interesting personalities colliding as it’s Jensen Cussen going up against Ordell Terminus and Clyde Johnson!] [These three men circle around as the opening bell sounds. Clyde Johnson rushes towards the center and ducks a spinning elbow from Jensen before wrapping up his arms and connecting with a Russian leg sweep! Ordell Terminus sees this and rushes forward with a rushing uppercut that knocks Johnson into the corner! Terminus rushes towards him and drills into Sky Highness with kick and punch combos. He takes a few steps back and rushes towards Johnson, but Jensen leaps up to catch Ordell with a European uppercut! He pulls Terminus between his legs before lifting him up and powebombing him on his own knees! THE FALL OF MAN!] [Jensen covers on top of Ordell! One…Two…NO! Johnson breaks up the pinfall and yanks Jensen to his feet only for Cussen to catch him with HAIR-TRIGGER! The jawbreaker stuns him as he backs away clutching at his chin. Jensen Cussen nails him with a flurry of kicks before leaping up with a knee strike, leaps off the second rope and NAILS Clyde with a superkick! INFINITE CHAOS! Clyde hits the mat hard as Jensen Cussen hooks both legs. One…Two…BROKEN UP! Ordell Terminus grabs the head of Jensen head and drives him forward into the mat! INCEPTION! He pins! One…Two…NO!] [Jensen Cussen manages to get a foot on the bottom rope. Ordell Terminus pulls Jensen up to his feet slowly as Cussen is larger. He whips him into the ropes, but he’s rolled up by Clyde! One…Two…TH-NO! Ordell manages to kick out at the last second. Both men get to their feet before Jensen Cussen rushes out of the corner! BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Clyde Johnson is blasted out of the ring as Jensen drills him. He turns around as Terminus charges with an enzuigiri! Only Jensen steps out of the way. He leaps onto Ordell and locks in DESPERATE JUSTICE! Ordell reaches out, but he has no choice but to tap out!] [Jensen Cussen leaps up to his feet as the referee raises his hand in victory. He walks over to the ropes and raises his hand as he looks over the audience.]


[Alarm bells ring out.] [The sound of a powerful alarm echoes throughout a large house on a quiet street. A figure suddenly leaps from his bed, thrusting his duvet away as he rolls out of bed to investigate the disturbance.] [It’s Mike Lane.] [Black veins stretch across his body as he clambers towards his daughter’s nursery, desperate to ensure her safety.] [Just then, a hand reaches out of the darkness, slapping a white cloth across his face. His eyes go fuzzy, and then he passes out.] [When he awakens, he’s tied to a chair in his own kitchen. The black veins of the shadow ever prominent across his skin. He looks up, coming around from the attack, only to see Brent Kersh stood before him.]

“Chloroform?” [Lane asks, stretching his mouth.]

“I’m sorry, but there was just no other way. I needed to talk to you, Michael. I needed to see if you’d be willing to listen.”

[Mike looks down at his restrains and smiles.]

“I don’t appear to have much of a choice, do I?”

[Kersh sighs.]

“You’re being overcome by evil. Can’t you see it? Look at yourself in the mirror, Mike,” [he says putting a mirror up to his face. The black veins are everywhere. Lane just laughs.] “Do you even recognise who stares back?”

[Lane laughs.]

“I recognise that I’ve become something more powerful than I could have ever of dreamed. I’m no longer a victim like you, Kersh.”

“You’re wrong,” [Brent yells.] “You are a victim. That rune has infected you and if I don’t save you, you’ll be lost forever.”

“You’re going to save me?” [Mike asks with a wry smile.] “But then who’s going to save you?”

[Suddenly, Mike snaps the arms of the chair he’s tied to, freeing himself from his restraints. He attacks Kersh, launching him down the hall. Brent tries to crawl away, but Mike drags him backwards by the feet.]

“Vincere tenebris. Vincere umbra.”

[Lane stops, shuddering at the mention of those words. He stumbles backwards, almost unable to move.]

“Vincere tenebris. Vincere umbra.”

[He falls to a knee, almost powerless for a moment.]

“At Red Snow, I’m going to save you or die trying,” [Kersh announces, getting back to his feet.] “First blood, Mike Lane. Between the two longest serving men in Old School Wrestling, at the biggest night of the year. It has to happen within those walls, old friend.”

[Mike stutters.] “Y-you’re a dead man, Kersh.”

[Brent walks away, holding his ribs in agony.]

“Vincere tenebris. Vincere umbra.”

[The screams of Mike Lane echo throughout the house as Brent Kersh barely makes his get away, leaving him there to suffer on the floor.] [Red Snow III.] [Mike Lane vs. Brent Kersh.] [First Blood.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, we have a tag match as the fairly new competitors of Ethan Rose and El Trebol Jr. faces the veterans of Captain Zappa and Bobby Neptune! Can they prove their worth or will Zappa and Neptune prove that only they belong in the stars?] [DING! DING! Ethan Rose is pointing to himself telling El Trebol Jr. to let the phoenix handle it! Ethan Rose climbs into the ring and Zappa nearly takes his head off with a vicious CLOTHESLINE! Ethan Rose is rocked on the ground and he is trying to pull himself up! KNEE DROP to the back of the head! Rose is flat on the ground face first and Zappa drills him with hammer fists! Zappa runs against the ropes and goes for a senton splash! Rose gets his knees up! Zappa lands hard and his back is bowing in pain! Rose kips up and locks in a BOSTON CRAB!] [Zappa looks like he might tap out but he crawls to the ropes! Rope break! Zappa uses the ropes to pull himself up and Rose charges at him! MOAB! Mothership of all backdrops sends Rose crashing onto the floor! Zappa tags Neptune in! Neptune runs down the apron and jumps! SHOOTING STAR PRESS OFF THE APRON! Beautiful move by Neptune but he’s not done! He hops onto the guardrail! MOONSAULT OFF THE RAIL! Neptune throws Rose into the ring! He hops onto the apron and waits for Rose to get up! Rose starts to stand! SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! NO! DROPKICK BY ROSE TO COUNTER IT!] [Rose is showing his resiliency as he pulls up Neptune! BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Both men are down and crawl to their corners! Both men tag! Captain Zappa and El Trebol Jr. are both in and charge at each other! Zappa goes the clothesline but El Trebol Jr. ducks it and bounces off the ropes! TILT-A-WHIRL DDT! El Trebol Jr. goes to the top rope and waits for Zappa to get up! Zappa launches himself into the ropes to make El Trebol Jr. lose balance! Zappa goes to the top rope to go for a superplex! Trebol headbutts him off the ropes! Trebol jumps! AL VAL VERDE! He hits the moonsault into the reverse frankensteiner! Trebol covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [What a win as the newcomers show their worth! Trebol and Rose are on a wave of momentum before their match at Red Snow!]


[Flashforward.] [Red Snow.] [Elsewhere.] [SMACK!] [CLANG!] [Sparks fly.]

“Stand down, mortal! You can’t hold a candle to a God!”

[Just as we left last week, both combatants, Hades and Ordell Terminus, find themselves face to face in combat, both men’s polearms connecting as the two vie for the upper hand. Hades uses his immense strength to force Ordell backward, the Gateway to Greatness sliding on the marble flooring as Hades takes the opening and jabs at the mortal’s head!] [But Ordell is quicker.] [Dodging the blow by the skin of his teeth, Ordell spins behind the towering God and swings the polearm low, the back of Hades’ knee with the shaft, the God forcibly sent to a knee.]

“I may be mortal, but even a God can be made to kneel!”

[ORDELL STABS HIS SPEAR TOWARDS THE NECK OF HADES!] [But the spear never connects. As quickly as Ordell struck, Hades snatched the spear by the pole. Ordell fruitlessly tries to free his weapon as Hades rises to his feet, yanking the polearm from Ordell’s hands with a stiff kick to the ribcage! The mortal is forcefully sent sprawling, the God taking the spear and snapping it like a toothpick in his hands.]

“It’s over, Ordell. You’re only delaying the inevitable. Hand over the tooth, the key to my domain, and I may just allow you to walk freely. Deny me, and I will lock you away for eternity.”

[Ordell rolls onto his feet, only himself standing between Hades and the pedestal holding the Tooth. He looks up for a mere second before making up his mind.]

“Then, please, throw away the key.”

[Ordell dashes for the Tooth! Hades rushes towards him at alarming speeds, resembling a freight train as he thunders down the hallway. Ordell grabs hold of the Tooth! Both hands around the key, he turns to run, only for Hades to grab at the artifact!]

“You have defied me for the last time!”

[Ordell tries to pull away, only for shadows to emanate from Hades, enveloping both men.] [The scene goes dark, slowly fading into a familiar sight… the gates of Hades. The shadows clear to reveal both men still struggling over the Tooth.] [THUMB TO THE EYE… By Ordell!? The hero’s underhanded tactic forces Hades to let go of the key, the God throwing Ordell back, the mortal landing on his feet in front of the God. Holding the Tooth in hand, he looks back at the doorway before placing the Tooth in a satchel at his side.]

“I won’t back down, Hades. If you want to open that door, then consider me the gateway you need to break through to do it. This ends here.”

[Hades, a hand over his eye in pain, glares towards Ordell before readying to brawl.]

“So be it.”


[Recorded Earlier.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [The near-soothing sound of the beeping fills the waiting room of the hospital as a young woman sits in the bed. A clipboard beside her bed reads ‘Baltimore General’ with one name scribbled on the top line.] [Syndi Heartsford.] [She breathes softly although with a shuttering breath every five or so. The picture moves back slowly to reveal the room is dimly lit outside of the small lamp beside her bed. The corner is shrouded in darkness before a glimpse of red steps out of the shadows quiet as a mouse.] [Doubt.] [The Masked Emotion takes a few steps forward and sits beside its host body’s sister. It doesn’t budge as it just looks her over. The black veins running up and down her body revealing that Doubt utilized his power to once capture the soul from her body seem particularly prominent on this night.]

“So what happened to her?”

[The voice brings Doubt out of focus as a well-armored vigilante steps out of the shadows with the cold, icy eyes of the mask looking over the two.]

“It was when I first took over this vessel. She was there. My host, Johnathan Heartsford, tried to stop me, but I felt no compassion for her. I felt no sympathy. I stole her soul.”

[The Sharkman takes a step further into the room.]

“You can do that?”

[The Masked Emotion simply nods.]

“Is that what I saw last week? Were you trying to take my soul?”

[Doubt stands up as it looks over Sharkman, but before it can say anything The Sharkman holds up a fin.]

“We had a deal. You were too caught up in your thoughts of self-doubt to know which door to choose. You were going to choose neither. It was ME who convinced you that if you would help me save those five people that we would save your sister next. Then you tried to take my soul?! All the while you KNEW where your sister was?”

“It’s Smiley. He was my brother. If anyone could deduce where I had put my sister, it would be him. There was no time for me to get here to check. You know Lee’s obsession with Family.”

[A moment of pause as The Sharkman rubs his throat, feeling the effects of last week perhaps.]

“That I do know.”

[Doubt holds its arms over its chest.]

“Will you keep this a secret? I need to protect her from him.”

[It’s at that point that a snicker breaks their conversation as the door creaks open. Standing there in a gray hoodie, tattered jeans, and a hood over his head is King Lee Crowley. His grin widens upon looking down at the hospital bed beside them.]

“Oh, how I do love secrets. In fact, I’m glad you’re here, Doubt. I have something that I really need to get off my chest that you’ll want to hear.”

[Doubt’s hands begin to clench as it moves forward, but The Sharkman puts a hand over The Masked Emotion’s chest. They share a momentary look before Doubt decides to hear him out.]

“Despite what you may think, this is not the first time that I’ve met your beautiful sister, Doubt. After all, how would I know how to dress someone up like her without seeing her? No, no. We met a few months ago at The Taproom. I was wandering the hall when I heard you yelling. I saw No Face leaving the room and I saw you holding someone that had to be your sister from how you’ve described her.”

[Doubt begins tensing up in place as Lee notices this before continuining.]

“Ahhh you know what I’m speaking of. Surely you had your doubts as to why No Face would come back. Surely you figured it out.”

[Doubt begins to move forward, but The Sharkman still tries to hold it back to hear the full story. Lee grins.]


[With that, an audible roar shakes the room as the mask of Doubt sinks into the darkness of the back of its face as only a black mist is seen with tendrils beginning to find their way out. Two piercing red eyes glare at its former brother. The Sharkman steps back, but the tentacles just lash out and slam him against the wall. The body begins moving forwards, but Lee Crowley has hightailed it, laughing as he rushes down the hall.] [Doubt’s form returns to normal as it stares down the hall at the retreating Glasgow King.]

“You spilled my sister’s blood, and, at Red Snow, I will soil the ground with yours.”

[A flash of blue light hits The Masked Emotion as it crumples to the ground. The Sharkman is standing behind it with a Taser in his hand to which he throws aside. He leans down over Doubt.]

“I am the Finned Avenger, and you have put the innocent life of your sister in peril too many times, Doubt. At Red Snow, both you and Lee Crowley will meet your day of Reckoning.”

[The Sharkman steps over its body as it begins to stir.]

“So Sayeth The Sharkman.”


[The Incurable One. The Riddler. Both men stand face to face tonight and as with every night, Newton’s streak is on the line. Can Max be the one to break it?] [The match is one and Million bursts out of his corner with a fire in his eyes! The infected sends a flurry of blows towards Newton, the Riddler dodging one before getting caught with a nasty right hook that knocks his glasses askew! The Riddler is left staggered and Max follows up with a hard short arm clothesline that floors Newton! Edward has barely a chance to react as Million grabs him and goes for a snap suplex!- NEWTON STOPS IT WITH HIS LEG! HE HITS A SNAP SUPLEX OF HIS OWN INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Million lands harshly on the mat!] [Newton is to his feet, having to shake the cobwebs a bit after the hard shots from Million. He creates distance, waiting for Max to rise to a knee before running forward with a harsh boot to the head! Million is rocked as Newton peels him up and whips him to the corner- MAX REVERSES AND PULLS NEWTON INTO A MASSIVE POWERSLAM! The world champ is left in a head as Million grabs him again, lifting him up and dropping him with a snap DDT! Million gets right into Newton’s face, going for a headbutt- FINGER GOUGE TO THE EYE! NEWTON JUST GOUGED MILLION’S EYE!] [Newton has the upper hand as he throws a haymaker across the side of Million’s head, forcing him off! The Riddler is to his feet and he unloads with a massive elbow to the side of the skull that rattles him! The Infected staggers and Newton puts a finger up! THE QUESTION IS- MILLION GRABS NEWTON’S HANDS! HEADBUTT! The Infected refuses to be caught by the trick and lands a nasty blow against Newton! Max lands a massive kick to the gut before he hoists Newton overhead! NO! NEVERMIND BY NEWTON! MILLION’S HEAD CRASHES TO THE MAT! One! Two! Three!] [Max Million put up an impressive battle, but in the end The Riddler prevails once more!]


[Time.] [It never slowed down. It never stopped. As the days passed into months, then into years, into decades and centuries, The Scarecrow remained. He was untouched by time. Sat upon his perch, he watched the world change around him.] [Only one thing remained the same.] [Where their eyes didn’t go, they feared The Scarecrow.] [She watched too. Gleefully, Mother observed her creation. She watched as he tormented humanity, and destroyed families. His hands became so drenched in the blood of innocent victims that even she lost herself in the wonder of what she had created.] [Civilisations fell. Societies crumbled. With every ounce of blood, a new soul would be reaped. With every death, a source of power would be drawn into her warm embrace. The void was created, and she drew from that too.] [He was the first monster ever made in her image, but he was not the last.] [He is the strongest.] [Upon a wooden perch, much unlike the one built by Henry Kersh, The Scarecrow sits, his arms spread wide across the wooden frame. It looks peaceful; almost serene, but it isn’t.] [Fire rages around him. Villagers with wooden torches, raging in his direction. They’ve come baying for blood; not for the first time, nor for the last. They set his perch on fire, watching as it consumes the hay that shapes him and violently illuminates the sky.] [Only he steps down, the flames raging to a halt. Smoke filters into the sky, his head tilts, and the massacre begins.] [Blood splashes against the camera.] [Bodies fall.] [A cycle to be repeated for decades, for centuries, never ending, never stopping, never ceasing to continue.] [The story of evil.] [And Mother watches from above, a toothless smile, growing stronger as each one fell.] [Her creation, her guide, her salvation.] [The Scarecrow.] [A connection.] [Cut.]


[Tonight we have a trios match as the team of Jacen Novan, TAM, and Solomon Rhodes face King Royal Royal, Marvolo, and Lux Bellator! We have a showcase of talent next!] [DING! DING! King Royal is trying to command Marvolo to go into the ring but he is not listening! He shouts you are not a king anymore! Lux is annoyed and jumps into the ring! He says he’ll take care of this! Solomon climbs in claiming this one is his! He charges at Lux who is blind tagged in by Marvolo! Marvolo proclaims he chooses when to fight! Both brothers are incensed at Marvolo’s actions! Marvolo stands in a classic strongman pose and CHAOS THEORY! Marvolo eats a codebreaker for his trouble but the force rolls him out of the ring! Marvolo’s team is lucky here!] [Marvolo is on the outside, his teammates help him up just to roll him in the ring so they can tag themselves in! Lux makes sure the tag belongs to him! Lux charges and a RUNNING DROPKICK sends Rhodes into the corner! Jacen slaps Rhodes back! He wants to fight! Jacen enters the ring and Lux immediately goes for a round kick but Jacen blocks and hits him with a PALM STRIKE in the gut! Lux staggers and DARKNESS WITHIN! Immediate bullhammer by Novan! Lux is stunned but Novan pulls him right back up! He tosses him against the ropes and goes for the path to balance! The spinebuster is reversed into a DDT!] [Both men are down and crawling towards their respective corners! TAM and King Royal are both tagged in! King Royal rushes at TAM and goes for a clothesline but a BIG BOOT stops him in his tracks! TAM grabs King Royal by the throat and pulls him up rapidly! JUMPING KNEE by King Royal to get out of it! TAM is rocked and JUMPING DDT! King Royal is on a roll and he goes to the top rope! SPITFIRE! NO! TAM GETS THE KNEES UP! The frog splash is thwarted by TAM! King Royal is gasping for air! TAM gets up and MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER! He hits the Gorilla press Spinebuster and TAM covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [What a match! TAM earns the win for his team and he has broken his losing streak! He proves he was best for his team to Jacen Novan going into Red Snow!]


[El Trébol Jr. walks down the hallway, looking to clear his head after the rough night he’s had so far. He passes by the statue of Ethan Rose, shaking his head as he enters his dressing room…only to find that it’s been trashed. His belongings are strewn about, and on the wall is a framed picture of The Phoenix himself. Trébol notices some writing on the picture, and steps closer to read it.]

“Hey kid, keep your eyes to the skies and rise above.


Ethan Rose”

[Trébol punches the picture in anger, pulling it out of the frame as he crumples it up. Suddenly, a familiar voice calls from the hallway.]

“Don’t ruin that picture, it’s a valuable item! Worth its weight in gold, that one. Your kids would’ve loved it in a few years…well, maybe a decade or two.”

[Trébol turns to face his tormenter, but Ethan Rose comes barging in, going right after the Little Luchador! He shoves Trébol against the wall, and they exchange blows before the fight spills out into the hallway. Rose picks Trébol up on his shoulders, eyeing the statue with glee as he looks to drop Trébol onto it…but Trébol escapes, shoving the Phoenix right into his own image! Rose hits the statue with a loud CLANG before falling to the ground, as Trébol stands tall over him.]

“Rise above that, you prick.”

[Trébol walks off, leaving Rose to pick himself up, a snarl on his face as he slams a fist onto the statue…and quickly realizing his mistake as the pain shoots through his hand.]


[Rose grabs his hand, absolutely fuming as he walks off. He mutters some more profanities to himself as he passes by his statue, rubbing his hand as he heads toward the exit.] [Cut.]


[One can almost hear the Imperial March play as Captain Zappa and a band of the beings known as the Zeta walk the halls of an unknown location, much too clean to be the Tap Room. They proceed with purpose, not so much as slowing down as futuristic electric doors slide open before them. Beyond those doors, a vast room. In that room, a single figure waits. Bobby Neptune.]

“I’m surprised to find you here Neptune. Clearly you have more guts than brains. You understand that to stand against the power of the Zeta is futile?”

[Bobby says nothing initially, letting Zappa continue his boasting.]

“You will lose at Red Snow Bobby Neptune. And when you do, you will be escorted by force aboard the Zeta mothership. You will be a helpless prisoner, forced to merely watch as a new and glorious day is welcomed over Earth.”

[Bobby shakes his head. He eyes down the multitude of Zeta figures that stand behind Zappa. He looks on in defiance.]

“I will stand against the Zeta as Earth’s last defender with everything in my body. The Zeta will have to go through me.”

[Zappa smiles, drawing from his joint and blowing smoke that wafts its way almost menacingly across the table.]

“Look around you. Stand all you want, Bobby, it’s still just you against an army. With Lyra gone nobody stands with you.”

[A figure emerges through the door behind Bobby. A regular person, nothing special or extraordinary about him. He pats Bobby on the shoulder.]

“I’ll stand.”

[Another figure follows suit.]

“I’ll stand.”

[Then another.]

“I’ll stand.”

[Soon, the room is filled with regular human people, standing in support of Bobby Neptune, standing against the Zeta for the first time. Zappa smiles though his eyes show frustration.]

“You are all fools. You’ve been caught up in a game of heart and not mind. You cannot stop the Zeta. They will liberate Earth, it is for the best. The Zeta can offer technology that we can only dream of, usher in a new dawn and bring this failing planet to its potential. Accept what is already written in the stars.”

[Neptune is quick to retort, not letting Zappa’s words settle.]

“I was given a choice, Zeta or Starchild. You both played each other off against each other to win me over. She warned me about the Zeta.

The Zeta are not to be trusted. They come to liberate, imprison and enslave. They lie, deceive and must be stopped.”

[Zappa takes note of the supporters of Neptune, making his mission to cast doubt obvious.]

“Look at the world around you that Bobby protects. Humans accelerating Global Warming to alarming levels, governments who treat their citizens like numbers, uncaring and cold while we struggle to make ends meet. Wars fought in every corner of the globe. Inequality and hatred putrid as far as the East is from the West.

Bobby Neptune is all that stands between that and a brighter future. You NEED the Zeta to set you free.”

[Bobby’s face reddens in anger. His fist slams into the table.]

“We will not be swayed. Earth belongs to Earthlings, not Zeta. It will always remain the same. I will see you next week, Zappa, when I shove your invasion down your throat and send you and your Zeta packing.”

[Red Snow. The fate of Earth will be decided]


[Four of OSW’s best step into the ring in hopes of building a little final momentum going into their respective showdowns at Red Snow] [The match quickly breaks down into two separate fights. Calypso with a flying dropkick to Gable, sending him to the outside by Kersh and Hysteria trade clubbing blows across the ring. Gable finds his feet, looking up to see Calypso flying in with a crossbody. . . but he caught her! Overhead Belly to Belly into the barricade. Meanwhile, Hysteria takes control with an eye rake. Kersh staggers back as Hysteria ascends the top rope . . . The Fall of Man. Gable is quick to break up the pinfall, leaving Kersh to roll onto the apron.] [Gable locks Hysteria in a gator roll, but The Mad Mastermind slips free and drives a knee into Cael’s head. He shoots the ropes, but eats an elbow from the recovered Kersh, who pulls him out of the ring. The Enforcer quickly capitalizes with the Lone Star on The Olympian. Neither man sees Calypso scale the top rope . . . DIVING DOUBLE FOOTSTOMP onto the legs of the two men. Gable to the corner, grabbing at his knee while Calypso pulls Kersh over to the ropes, draping his neck across. She shoots the ropes . . . Ultra Violence!] [NO! Hysteria leaps onto the apron and catches her in mid-air. Dropping her beside him. Kick to the gut . . . THE MOCKERY ONTO THE RING APRON. Calypso is out on the apron as Hysteria turns to finish Kersh off. But The Enforcer has found his feet. HUGE European uppercut sends The Mad Mastermind crashing back first to the outside while Kersh drags Calypso into the ring. Gable is up on one leg and launches himself at The Enforcer. Double Leg Takedo—NO, Kersh sidesteps. Gable turns . . . Southern Discomfort. Gable rolls out of the ring as Kersh drops for the pinfall on Calypso. One, two, three.] [The Veteran picks up the win here, just one week before his completes his mission at Red Snow.]


[We find ourselves in a corridor within the bowels of The Tap Room.] [We follow, by now, a very recognizable figure in Jacen Novan.] [He walks slowly, but with purpose along the hall veering to the side as he approaches one of the many doors that line the walls.] [His hand extending for the knob and twisting, the door opening as he follows it into the room, but when he does…] [He freezes.] [The locker room, fully furnished, has been repositioned so that the center is open. Open aside for the presence of a small table stacked with ten ceramic bottles.] [Novan looks around suspiciously, expecting a confrontation but he only hears the sound of a bouncing ball.] [Several bounces in, The Automaton reveals itself from beyond the kitchenette of the suite. In his hand is a round ball, very similar to the one Novan used to defeat the hobo on the street now weeks ago.]

“Greetings Novan, Jacen” [TAM electronically mutters.] “Care to try your luck in my game of skill?”

[The Automaton tosses the ball at The Chosen One unexpectedly, but Novan is quick to catch the sphere as he shakes his head.]

“We both know” [Novan proclaims as he lifts his hand.] “I don’t need this weapon to defeat your challenge!”

[And with that he makes a sudden movement…] [But the bottles do not fall!] [A look of confusion covers Novan’s face as he visibly makes another attempt and another, but upon the fourth try TAM has rushed across the room. In defense, Novan directs his hand to the furniture of the room trying to use it to assault The Automaton, but it is no use.] [TAM reaches Novan and drives two open palms into his chest, knocking him backwards into the doorway before catching him and driving him to the ground with a leg sweep.] [Stunned, Novan can only look up at The Automaton in shock as it holds something up between its fingers.]

“It’s a subconscious disturbance contrivance device Novan, Jacen” [TAM’s held tilts with a hint of arrogance.] “Or in English as you prefer, a human dog whistle.”

“What?” [Novan responds in confused disgust.]

“It distracts your mind without you even knowing it” [TAM explains.] “My analysis on the historical competition data in my inboard database led me to believe it may work on your… skill!”

[Novan begins to move, but The Automaton forcefully places a foot on his chest.]

“Your lack of preparation makes this too an unfair competition Novan, Jacen” [TAM sympathizes.] “But at Red Snow, you shall be more prepared to test your skill!”

[With that, TAM removes his foot and begins out the door. Novan gathers himself, sitting up from the floor.]

“Red Snow?” [Jacen questions rhetorically.] “Your problem is you didn’t think about that enough!”

[The Automaton pauses, looking back to Novan.]

“The real problem is not whether machines think, but if men do!”

[And we fade to black as TAM exits the room, leaving Novan fuming.]


[It’s a battle between twisted personalities as it’s Mother set to go one-on-one with the new Ring King, Lee Crowley!] [The bell sounds and Mother rushes across the ring towards Lee! He ducks underneath her reaching arms before leaping up to hit a neckbreaker! He rolls back on top of her and gives her a solid headbutt before rolling away to his feet in a crouched stance. Mother groggily gets to her feet, but Lee Crowley rushes forward. SHOCK THERAPY! Only Mother hooks his head and drives him down into a DDT! The Mother of All Evil rolls over on top of Lee and just reaches down to BITE HIM! Lee’s legs begin kicking in confusion before Mother releases him.] [She rolls to her feet with blood dripping down her chin as Lee rolls to his feet with blood dripping off of his nose! She grins widely as Lee just charges her and lifts her up and drives her down into the mat with SHOCK THERAPY! This time it connects as Lee Crowley begins pummeling her with lefts and rights! The referee pulls Lee back as the Ring King gets right in that referee’s face, practically seething. He turns around as Mother just rakes his eyes! She wraps up Lee in a submission hold as they fall to the ground with her hooking his leg. THE MOTHER’S EMBRACE!] [Mother is wrenching the hold on, but Lee is nearly within reach of the ropes! He reaches forward and…. HE GRABS THE ROPE! Mother is forced to relinquish the hold, but only after a four count. She moves across the ring and begins sizing up the Ring King for her big finish. She enters into a crab walk and moves over towards Lee as he gets to his knees. CRAB KICK! Lee is flattened momentarily as she picks him up. She takes a step back as her cheeks swell. HAPPILY EVER – CHELSEA GRIN! The spinning heel hook floors her as he leaps into the pin! One…Two…THREE!] [The Ring King gets a large win here tonight over the Mother of All Evil!]


[Sinister screams echo violently throughout the brisk nights sky as Calypso tries to soothe and calm Stephanie Cussen. She’s bruised, beaten and bloodied, but that doesn’t stop her trying. They’re in a small abandoned warehouse, somewhere close to the Tap Room. Stephanie is tied to a rusty old bed, spring loaded and noisy. With every movement, a wrenching ear-piercing sound would make Calypso wince.]

“Let me go home,” [Stephanie pleads.] “Let me go back to my family.”

[Calypso quiets her down.] “We’re trying to protect you and your baby. We’re trying to end this, Stephanie. Just help us, please? Help us.”

[She places her hand on her stomach, but a violent kick thrusts it away.]

“He’s coming,” [Stephanie confesses.] “And when he does, the entire world will fall. You can’t save me, Calypso. I’m not the meek, or the wounded, I’m the vessel of oblivion.”

[Silence.] [BANG!] [Suddenly, a loud bang shocks Calypso into almost falling from her chair. She swivels around to see that Jensen Cussen and Max Million have broken through the doors of the warehouse and are now storming inside. Calypso reaches for a knife, thrusting it towards Stephanie’s throat as they approach.]

“Stop right there!” [She demands.] “Come any closer and I’ll do it.”

[Stephanie laughs.]

“She won’t do it. If she was going to kill me and end this, I wouldn’t be alive. Sic’ her, boys.”

[Million and Cussen bulrush Calypso, tackling her to the floor. They swing at her violently, Jensen straddling atop her to drive right hand into her face, after right hand. Blood shoots from her nose, splashing against the floor.] [Just then, the sound of a rambling group of footsteps can be heard. The Family turn around, realizing that Calypso’s people are here. They quickly grab Stephanie, rushing towards the exit as the meek and feeble attend to their leader.]

“Are you okay?” [One of them asks, helping her back to her feet.] [Calypso, dazed and wounded, stumbles backwards.]

“We can’t win,” [she stammers.] “Tell our people to run. Take our sick, take our wounded, and hide. If I don’t return from Red Snow, know that I tried to save us all.”

[She grabs the man and pulls him close.]

“Do it, now.”


[It’s main event time as it’s the Leader of The Family in DTR going up against the new VHS Champion, Jake Jeckel!] [The bell sounds as both men are standing in the ring. Scattered around the ring are tables, ladders, and chairs. Hanging high above the ring is a bag. The winner is the first to climb the ladder’s rungs and retrieve this bag. These two lock up in the center of the ring as they fight for position. They fall to a knee momentarily as they’re trying to push the other back. Jake Jeckel blasts DTR with an elbow strike as he nearly topples over as he staggers backwards. The Clown King rushes forward and takes DTR over the top rope and to the floor with a clothesline!] [Jake Jeckel climbs up to the top rope and beckons for DTR to get up. Jeckel leaps for a missile dropkick, but DTR dodges out of the way! Jeckel crashes hard to the floor as DTR grabs a nearby ladder and brings the top of it down into the lower back of Jeckel! He cries out in pain before The Virus slides the ladder into the ring. He grabs a steel chair and begins prepping it to bash over his head. Jake slowly begins getting to his feet as DTR rushes forward and swings for the fences! FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW INTO THE CHAIR INTO DTR’S FACE!] [DTR is staggered backwards as Jake Jeckel grabs a table and slides it into the ring. He grabs another table and slides it in too! He slides in and sets up a table on one side of the ring before grabbing the other table and setting it up right on top of the first! Jake Jeckel looks outside and slides out. He grabs DTR up, but DTR grabs him by his pants into the steel steps! Jeckel falls down clutching at his skull in agony. DTR grabs the nearest chair, wraps it around the ankle of Jeckel and…] [CRUNCH!] [The loud sound of popping is heard as Jake Jeckel begins freaking out and clutching at his ankle in sheer pain! DTR stretches out his arms before falling to his knees. His words are inaudible as DTR just smiles at his handiwork. He gets back to his feet and rolls into the ring. He grabs the ladder and sets it up in the center of the ring. He slowly begins climbing the ladder. He gets to the top rung and begins to reach up for the bag above the ring!] [WHAM!] [A steel chair flies across the ring and slams into the head of DTR!] [Jake Jeckel is standing in the ring although only on one leg as he moves to the other side of the ladder. He slowly staggers up the ladder as DTR throws punches over and around the ladder to slow down The Juggalo’s progress. Jeckel manages to dodge out of the way of the blows before he grabs DTR’s head and SLAMS it into the top of the ladder! Jeckel looks at DTR and smirks before leaping over him and… POWERBOMBING HIM TO THE MAT!] [Both men are down as Jake is clutching at his hurt ankle.] [A few moments pass as both men seem to be recuperating on the mat.] [Finally, Jake Jeckel begins to stir as he looks up at the bag dangling above the ring. He hops up on the first rung and begins dragging himself up the ladder. However…] [STEEL CHAIR TO THE ANKLE!] [ONE SHOT!] [TWO SHOTS!] [THREE SHOTS!] [Jake Jeckel is in immense pain as he falls off the ladder to the mat below! DTR looks over and sees the tables set-up and moves Jake Jeckel towards the corner. DTR lifts up the dead weight of Jake and props him up on the top rope. He wraps the head of Jeckel and tries to lift him up! However, Jeckel is using his weight to keep himself pinned on the top turnbuckle! Jeckel begins drilling shots into the ribs as DTR is staggered. Jeckel hits a headbutt before lifting up DTR and…] [JUGGALO JACKHAMMER THROUGH THE TABLES!] [The Juggalo manages to pull himself out of the remnants of the table and begins to climb up the ladder. Slowly, he moves up the rungs before finding himself at the top with the bag nearly within his grasp! As his fingertips touch the bag…] [THE LADDER IS TIPPED!] [DTR tips the ladder as it sways before falling and depositing Jake Jeckel right onto the top rope where he is perched precariously!] DTR yanks Jake back into the ring before lifting him up for… BRAINBUSTAAAAAA! Jake is spiked into the mat as DTR looks up at the hanging bag above him. He grabs the ladder and slowly begins setting it up in the center of the ring before slowly climbing up to the top. DTR is to the top and begins reaching out for the bag itself!] [LOW BLOW!] [Jake Jeckel manages to hit a big low blow as DTR slinks back a bit. Jake Jeckel climbs up the other side although a little slow. Both men are on top of the ladder before they begin exchanging blows left and right! Jake Jeckel gets the better of the exchange as he hits a FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW! DTR staggers backwards and… FALLS OFF THE LADDER! The Juggalo climbs up and retrieves the bag signifying the big win here tonight!] [Another big win here for Jake Jeckel as he continues to impress in the Old School Wrestling ring!]


[The wind is howling like the screams of a thousand children as Lux Bellator stands amidst the bright lights of the Miami landscape. The roof of the Tap Room has not often been used by any of its inhabitants, but tonight it has become home to one of the most important items on the entire planet.] [Under a hastily built awning, the altar that once stood in Lux’s inner sanctum now resides. The seal has still not broken. The bowl is still not full.] [But Lux Bellator will not rest until his mission is complete.]

“Most people don’t hide fifty feet from where they left.”

[Bellator’s lip curls as he turns to face Solomon Rhodes. The two men take a moment to look at one another, sizing up their opposition.]

“Most people die when thrown into rushing rapids of blood.” [Lux replies, his tone hard.] [Rhodes takes a step to the left, which is mirrored by Bellator.]

“Calm down, boy.” [Rhodes begins.] “We both know that once the process has begun, there is nothing that can stop the seal from breaking and filling the bowl. Tonight is not the night for battle.”

[Despite the statement, neither man seems less tense.]

“Then why have you come?” [Lux finally asks.] [The Dragon lets a small smile out at that remark.]

“I came to apologize to you.”

[Before the incredulous Bellator can respond, Rhodes continues on.]

“All of this. The seals. The bowls. Your father. It’s all my fault. I was corrupted by the same power that now has its hold on you. I spent years walking the Earth looking for that which now sits behind you. Everything that you have done is what I sought to do. The Light Bringers. The Torch Bearers. The Holy War we have fought twice now. All of it was to bring about what you aim to bring about.”

[Bellator snorts.]

“And you failed.”

[Rhodes nods in return.]

“I did. But I see now. I see what I have to do. What I have come to do. Because the wheel of time has turned forever. This isn’t about you or I. It’s about good and evil and which will reign supreme. But I didn’t come to reign. I don’t care about ruling, power, or even about riches. Because I am here to take that wheel and break it. Because good men will never stand by and do nothing while evil deeds are done.”

[The light warrior stares into the dark with a grin on his face.]

“Our definitions of good and evil are every different then.”

[He looks back at the altar.]

“The end is here, Solomon. Your failure is man’s demise. The light will always drown out the darkness, and the only reward for your suffering will be to be the first judged guilty and annihilated at the hands of the Lord. Everything has come to this. Before the end of this world, before I pour that bowl, I will take my reward.”

[Between the two men, something floats down to land between them.] [Snow.] [Then another falls.]

“I will break you.”

[And another.] [Snow falls on the Tap Room.] [The time for talk is over.] [Red Snow looms.] [Who will survive?]