[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Everything is a little duller and low contrast. Colours look blander, and dreary.] [The sound of a heart monitor pulses rhythmically. The beeps follow a steady and unsurprising pattern. We pan out from a close up visual of the monitor to see The Chief, laying in a hospital bed, hooked up to the very machine. He’s unconscious and seemingly unresponsive.] [A young female Doctor stands over him, looking at a chart. She turns to her right, revealing Godfrey.]

“What’s the prognosis?” [He asks politely.] [She checks her chart once more, and lowers her glasses.]

“I wish I had answers for you, but I’m afraid to say that I don’t. We’ve run as many tests as we can and there’s no reason for it. Your friend is in a coma. His brain function is normal, and by all accounts, he should be awake.”

[Godfrey approaches, placing a hand on the leg of The Chief.]

“We found him unconscious and unresponsive, bleeding from his nose. You’re certain that his brain is fine?”

[She nods.] “Sir, I’ve never quite seen anything like it. I don’t know why he’s unconscious or why he won’t wake up, but everything is normal. His heart rate, his brain function, his bloodwork; everything. He doesn’t need any apparatus to help him breathe, nor is he on any kind of life support. This man is the picture of health.”

[Godfrey frowns.] [Static.] [Pitch Black.] [Darkness is everywhere. Not a single light exists within it.] [A young voice echoes throughout the black, bouncing off the invisible walls like a chamber.]

“Wake up.”

[Gasp.] [The whites of The Chief’s eyes are the first thing we see inside the now somewhat illuminated darkness. He sits up, pats himself down and frantically looks about his person. He’s wearing his usual attire, only he’s inside the black – he’s alone, and unsure of his surroundings.]

“Where am I?” [He demands to know.] [Footsteps trundle towards him. He searches the darkness in every conceivable way. He looks ahead, behind and to the sides, but see’s nothing.] [Then suddenly, there’s the owner of the voice, stood before him – a young boy, no more than seven years of age. His skin is a terrifying pale colour, and The Chief immediately recognises him.]


“It’s good to finally meet you in the flesh,” [Noah remarks, smiling.] “Somewhat.”

[The Chief struggles with the darkness.]

“Where am I?”

“Inside your own mind,” [the young boy says with a sinister grin.] “And for the moment, it’s a peaceful getaway from the world you left behind. This is a favour to you, Chief – from me.”

[The Chief tilts his head in surprise.] “You’ve locked me inside my own mind as a favour? For what?”

[Noah laughs.]

“For not pulling the trigger, silly,” [The boy remarks, gleefully.] “I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that act of mercy. I wouldn’t have been able to defend myself. I’m going to keep you alive in here, safe and sound, until everything is over. When the walls of your precious Tap Room crumble and fall, and the world along with it, I will allow you safe passage to a better place.”

[The Chief doesn’t know what to do. He kneels, looking at the boy.]

“You don’t have to do this, kid. The world isn’t perfect; neither are we. We’re all flawed human beings and we make mistakes. But we don’t deserve to die for them.”

[Suddenly, a hand reaches out of the darkness, lowering down towards Noah – eventually meeting him at his side. He grasps it, interlocking his fingers and holding on.]

“You won’t die for them,” [he says.] “But they will.”

[Noah and the hand, invisible from The Chief, walk off into the darkness, eventually cutting to static figure, vanishing from view.] [Cut.]


[Tonight is the debut of the great one, Imhotep. He is facing The angel of death, Oliver Angst. Will the great pharaoh prove why he belongs to be connected to the gods or will Oliver prove the newcomer’s mortality? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Oliver charges at Imhotep with a clothesline! It bounces off Imhotep like it was nothing! Angst goes for another one! Once again, nothing! He goes for a third one! Imhotep traps the arm under his own! Imhotep starts hitting Angst with multiple headbutts! Angst is rocked and still trapped and Imhotep shifts it into a FALLAWAY SLAM OVER THE ROPES! Angst falls hard on the floor! Imhotep slides out of the ring! Angst is trying to get up, Imhotep yanks him up the rest of the way! SCARAB KICK! That thrust kick sends Angst flying into the barricade!] [Angst looks completely out of it! Imhotep tosses him back into the ring! He covers! One…Two… No! Angst gets the shoulder up! Imhotep pulls him up and hoists Angst up on his shoulders! He’s going for the Eye of Horus but Angst slides off the shoulders! Angst starts clubbing Imhotep’s back but it’s of no use! Angst runs and bounces off the ropes! He runs into a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! Imhotep shows off his speed with that move and he proclaims his greatness to the fans! They boo him in response! He goes to the second rope! He jumps and hits a FIST DROP!] [He cups his ears to the audience! The boos get louder! Angst gets up and charges at Imhotep! Imhotep catches him and hits a PYRAPLEX! That tazzmission plex drops Angst straight on the back of his head! Imhotep vainly puts one foot on Angst for the pin! One…Two… kick out by Angst! Imhotep picks him up off the ground straight into a gorilla press! SPEAR OF OSIRIS! Imhotep turns it into a spinebuster! Angst looks done but Imhotep is not done! He puts Angst back on his shoulders! He walks with him up the turnbuckles! They’re on the top rope! TOP ROPE EYE OF HORUS! Angst must be done after that Argentine DDT! Imhotep puts one finger on Angst for the cover! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Imhotep has shown how great he is with that dominant performance! The angel of death has truly fallen! What’s next for this impressive newcomer?]


[The Underworld.] [Immediately after we last saw Lee Crowley, he steps down off his throne and walks through the crowd of broken souls. They barely look like men or women. They’re bloodied, beaten and tortured figments of brutality. He wades through the parting sea of souls, finally stopping at the one familiar face amongst them.] [Bruce Van Chan.] [Bruce looks horrific. His eyes are pits, sunken and darkened. He’s had no rest, no sleep, no peace. Bruce lowers his head, only for Lee to put a finger beneath his chin and lift it.]

“The righteous Bruce Van Chan, in my Kingdom.”

[Lee smiles.]

“Suicide, hm?” [He asks, knowing the answer.] “That won’t get you into the Kingdom of heaven, will it?”

[Van Chan says nothing.]

“Answer your King!!”

[The bellowed voice of Crowley startles Van Chan who quickly stutters and stammers his way into a response.]

“I’m sorry m’lord,” [he begs forgiveness.] “You’re right, it won’t.”

[Crowley tilts his head, slapping an arm around Bruce’s shoulders.]

“You’re a loyal subject, aren’t you Brucie?” [Lee asks, watching as Van Chan nods.] “And I’m sure that you’d love nothing more than to be out of this hellacious place and eternal torture. I can give you that.”

[Bruce’s eyes widen.] “You can?”

“Of course,” [Crowley says with a scoff.] “I’m the King of The Underworld. In one snap of my fingers, I could have you back on the mortal plain, inside your old meat suit, wreaking havoc in existence once more. ”

[That appeals to Van Chan.]

“No more pain, no more suffering, no more torture. Your undying, unquestioning, unending loyalty is all I ask for in return.”

[Bruce immediately kneels.] “For eternity, my King.”

[Crowley smiles, placing a hand on his shoulder.]

“Then rise, my revenant.”



[A Fatal Four Way match up next. All four men are stood in their respective corners eyeing one another up. The bell rings.] [Immediately all four men spring into action. Ordell and DTR exchange blows, and so to do The Sharman and Doubt! Sharkman whips Doubt into the ropes. As he bounces off the ropes The Sharman hits him with a Leg Lariat, knocking him to the ground! Meanwhile across the ring DTR stomps Ordell in the gut, he lifts him in the air, bouncing his legs off the top rope — SPRING BOARD SUPL–NO! Ordell slips the grip, he rolls across the shoulders of DTR and hits him with a FLOATOVER DDT! Ordell leaps on top of DTR for a quick pin. ONE, TW– Sharman slides in just in time to hit a leg drop on the back of Ordell’s head.] [118] [Ordell rolls out of the ring holding the back of his head, meanwhile Doubt runs up behind Sharkman, who has just got to his feet, and hits a jumping neckbreaker. Sharman rolls on the mat holding his neck as Doubt rolls back to his feet just in time to be caught by DTR who grabs Doubt by the waist and hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! He bridges into a pin. ONE, TWO TH–NO! Ordell has recovered and is on the apron, he springs onto the top rope and dives across the ring, hitting an elbow drop on the back of DTR’s head to break the count.] [With all four men down it’s all to play for. Ordell is up to his feet first. He see’s Doubt pulling himself to his feet using the ropes. Doubt stumbles away from the ropes and down to one knee. Ordell bounces off the ropes and sprints across the ring. SHINING WIZARD! Right to the temple of — NO! Doubt ducks it! Both men are quick back to their feet. Doubt hops up onto the shoulders of Ordell. Hurricanrana! Wait– No! Ordell reverses the move. He hoists Doubt BACK up onto his shoulders in the powerbomb position. NO WAY! It’s THE FINAL CONCLUSION! ONE! TWO THREE!] [Ordell picks up the victory with an impressive reversal! He steps over Doubt and climbs the turnbuckle, raising his arms in victory.]

[Backstage, a group of people are stood around in a circle, all of them looking rather sickly as the fallen angel Kashim speaks with authority.]

“Behold, amongst you stands one that is righteous. I have walked through the fire without being burned, proving without a shadow of a doubt that I am worthy. Who can say the same? Who can stand after a trial by fire?”

[He notices El Trébol Jr. walking by, and points at the luchador with a smirk.]

“Certainly not this unbeliever, who sees the signs and wonders with his very own eyes and yet denies the truth.”

“Yeah, I saw what happened…I saw three liars using parlor tricks. If you’re supposed to be righteous, then God help the rest of us.”

[Kashim just snarls at this statement.]

“That kind of talk is exactly what’s wrong with you humans. You can’t even stand by your senses…you tasted the fruit, and found that it tasted good, but you can’t accept with your own eyes those deemed righteous in His? Pathetic.”

[Suddenly, a voice booms from the distance.]

“What is truly pathetic is that a being like you could divine the will of the gods.”

[Trébol and Kashim turn their attention to a towering figure approaching from the shadows…a figure of royalty, a leader of his people…a Pharaoh.]

“I have heard them calling me to this place, to save it from this plague that runs through it…and these people will come to love me as their ruler. Every knee shall bow to Imhotep, even yours.”

[He looks at the fallen angel and the luchador, and scoffs.]

“I see that the gods have favored me highly on this matter. For your own good, stay out of my way.”

[With that, Imhotep walks back into the shadows as Kashim and Trébol stare each other down once more.] [Cut.]


The returning Bruce Van Chan is coming out looking to impress the new king of the underworld. Kashim stands ready, never a doubt in his mind that he would lose to such an inferior being.

[The bell signals the beginning of the match and Bruce Van Chan catches Kashim by surprise with a flurry of punches and kicks. BVC batters The Fallen Angel across the ring and into the corner. Bruce hits a pose and grins as the crowd boos. The Real Freakin’ Deal runs to the opposite corner of the ring before charging back, leaping into the air and crashing down onto Kashim with a stinger splash! Bruce is fired up, he rushes across the ring and flies through the air for another stinger splash – Kashim counters with a spinebuster out of the corner!] [With a sneer of disgust, Kashim lifts Bruce from the mat with a powerful ease and snaps him into position for a powerbomb. The Fallen One hoists BVC up onto his shoulders – Bruce Van Chan counters with a hurricanrana but Kashim just flips through the air and lands on his feet! The Fallen One nails a dropkick to a surprised Bruce Van Chan. Kashim calmly walks to the turnbuckles and takes his time climbing to the top. The Fallen One looks down from up high and sneers before launching himself off for a moonsault! BVC rolls out of the way!] [Kashim fights to catch his breath as Bruce rises to his feet. BVC snatches up the still recovering Fallen One, hooks a leg and snaps Kashim over into a bridging fisherman suplex! ONE! TWO! Kashim kicks out but Bruce Van Chan keeps a lock onto Kashim’s head and rolls the Fallen One over. Bruce smoothly transitions into a modified DDT – Now I Lay You Down to Sleep! Bruce Van Chan plants Kashim head first into the canvas! Bruce immediately climbs up the turnbuckles! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! BVC slams into Kashim with a huge 450 splash! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Bruce Van Chan has done it! The Real Freakin’ Deal gloats in the ring, celebrating his win over the fallen angel. Kashim is digusted as he slinks to the back.]


[In the depths of the Tap Room.] [The Temple of Solomon Rhodes.] [A large alter consumes a great deal of an underground room. Deep within the bowels of the Tap Room, this single candlelit space is inhabited by many Templars, kneeling in prayer. Solomon kneels at the front, ahead of everyone else, his head bowed and his longsword clutched between his hands.] [The sound of mesh and metal clashing together interrupts them. Godfrey arrives, looking exacerbated.]

“I come bearing bad news, brothers,” [Godfrey announces, to much shuffling.] “The Chief will not be joining our crusade any time soon.”

[Solomon stands up, placing a reassuring hand upon Godfrey’s shoulder.]

“Fear not, for we have each other, Godfrey.”

[He nods.] “But I’m afraid it’s more concerning than that, Commander. There’s something I’ve yet to share. Tonight, you step within the holy fire with Jake Jeckel for the VHS Championship. These titles, they are more than they appear. They are keys.”

[Rhodes head snaps around in surprise.] “What is this of which you speak?”

“Every Championship is a key to this temple. With each key, the temple will begin to crumble. Should our enemies receive possession of those keys, we will not be able to contain their evil. Between the virus and these keys, we must protect our walls.”

[There’s mumbling amongst the Templars. Rhodes bows his head, looking disappointed.]

“They already have one of the keys, Godfrey,” [Solomon angrily reminds him.] “Lux Bellator not only holds one, but has the opportunity to hold another.”

“That is true, however, the Founding Fathers have the opportunity to regain possession of those Championships tonight; as must you and Cael Gable. Should the Rewind Championship fall into the hands of the fraudulent D’Von Chambers, and the founding fathers fail, and our trust be placed into Jake Jeckel, all hope may be lost.”

[Solomon Rhodes is about to speak when something catches his eye. He walks over to one of the candles and picks it up, heading towards the wall behind it. He carefully lifts the candle closer, spreading light upon it.] [Black veins have begun to invade the concrete.]

“Infection,” [Godfrey announces.] “And so it has begun.”



[His match over, Ordell Terminus has other business to attend to. The Gateway to Greatness had the key to the Underworld usurped from him at the last minute at Red Snow by none other than Lee Crowley. Terminus quickly pushes through the decaying halls of the Tap Room, trying to find his way to his destination. In this case, the best way to find inhabited zones are to find those that have endured some kind of cleaning or maintenance. While his nose curls at some of the smells emanating from the walls, Ordell nevertheless forges on to his destination.]

“At last!”

[Terminus finally reaches a large door that is clean, or cleaner than the rest anyway, but what he was looking for was the large wolf’s head carved into it.] [This is the entrance to King Royal’s Throne Room.] [The Gateway reaches out to push on the large wooden door, but before he can open it, he is grabbed and slammed up against the wall by an armored figure. Another armored individual squares up on Ordell, and the pair hold him up against the nasty wall, rustling the decay taking place on it.]

“One was not deceived.”

[The voice of King Royal cuts through the din, the armored figures displaying Terminus to a curious Royal, while a sneering Queen looms behind him and at his side is none other than his cousin Betamax.]

“Cousin, you spoke of invasion, and now here it is. It’s a good thing the King decided to vacate his domain until his position can be secured in this time of flux.”

[Ordell ignores the comments, and looks directly at Royal with need in his eyes.]

“I’m not invading you. I need your help. You’re the only one around here I know to come to. You have an army. I need one to take the Underworld from Lee Crowley. You can’t imagine what he will be able to do once he has time to study it.”

[Royal raises an eyebrow.]

“Or perhaps you wish to leverage the King’s forces to take the Underworld for yourself. One is no fool, boy.”

[Terminus yells his final plea.]


[Royal curls his nose.]


[The King and his entourage leave Terminus brushing the rot off of his clothing.] [How is he going to get through to Royal?]


[Six men, three teams stand in the ring, but only one team will emerge victorious with the #1 Contendership to the Old School Wrestling Tag Team Championships!] [The bell sounds as these six men look amongst themselves. The Automaton is quickly leapt upon by The Family as they ram him into the corner! Jacen Novan looks at this, but he’s quickly jumped by the new team of Thomas Wright and Tornado! The Automaton throws some wild punches which manages to get some separation, but BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA shuts him down! They continue to stomp him into the corner. Jacen Novan is blasted by a dropkick from Thomas Wright which sends him stumbling towards a snap German suplex! He bridges the hold into a pin as Thomas Wright gets into place to block! One…Two…THE FAMILY JUST BULLDOZE WRIGHT INTO THE PIN!] [Wright and Tornado get to their feet as they stand off with Max Million and Jensen Cussen! ALL FOUR COLLIDE IN THE CENTER OF THE RING! Fists are flying left and right, but it’s Million who manages to duck a shot from Wright before NAILING him with a huge clothesline! Tornado turns his head for a moment before being nailed with a jawbreaker and yanked down into a crossface! HAIR-TRIGGER…. DESPERATE JUSTICE! Tornado is reaching out for the ropes, but Max Million grabs the legs of him and pulls him into a Boston Crab compounded with the crossface!] [Tornado is reaching out in sheer agony! But it’s Jacen Novan and The Automaton standing! They look at each other for a moment before… ATTACKING! Lariat from TAM blasts Max Million out of his Boston Crab as Jacen Novan hits a low dropkick to the side of the head of Jensen Cussen! Thomas Wright comes out of nowhere just as Novan gets to his knees. AGGRO! But TAM gets in the way! The knee strike connects to his midsection. MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER! Wright is splatted into the mat! The Family get to their feet. THE DARKNESS WITHIN! THE DARKNESS WITHIN! Two quickfire bullhammers knock out both of them from Jacen Novan as TAM covers Wright! One…Two…THREE!] [The Automaton and Jacen Novan have won this match and the number one contendership, but how will these two rivals work together?!]


[Following a commercial break we open on the back entrance to The Tap Room where shadows loom among the light distributed by street lamps.] [And from through the exit doors appears Tornado.] [He pauses, a look of exhaustion on his face following the contest that took place only moments ago. Nevertheless, his eyes are peeled and his conscious aware of his surroundings. So much so that he almost misses it.] [His hand reaching out for the railing that lines the concrete staircase leading to the entrance.] [Tornado gasps in shock; his hand retreating quickly from the railing which before his eyes appear to be consumed by a black bile-like substance. A look of horror on his face when…]

“It’s The End mah boy” [Comes the voice of D’Von Chambers who approaches out of a shadow of his own.] “the coming evil prophesied in the book of Revelation!”

“You don’t believe in that religious mumbo jumbo Chambers” [His attention now diverted, Tornado merely scoffs.] “I had a revelation of my own at Red Snow as I watched you walk through that fire unscathed. You’re a con-artist!”

“I use tha term biznessman” [D’Von moves closer, a Holy Bible gripped between his fingers.] “But I’ve ALWAYS been a preacha first!”

“A preacher it is” [Tornado grits his teeth.] “But only to fools!”

“I don’t know if you recognize it or not mah brotha Tornado but you’re not walking through those doors to a wrestling event, you’re walking into a war” [Chambers lifts a finger of indictment towards Tornado as he spits his response of anger.] “And if I were you I would make sure I knew which side of the battle line I stood!”

[His eyes squinting in rage, Tornado takes one step downward towards his opposer. Suddenly, there is a magnificent gust of wind. Powerful! That sweeps down through the back parking lot; shifting both Tornado and D’Von in their stances. It lasts for several seconds, ultimately nearly knocking both men off balance before the roar slowly dies down.]

“And if I were you Pastor Chambers” [Tornado’s voice lowers.] “I would heed my own advice!”

[With that, Tornado completes his descent from the top of the steps, turning to walk into the darkness and leaving a disgruntled and intrigued D’Von Chambers behind as we fade to black.]


[Red Snow turned everything on it’s head, legends returned, Chosen Ones were fooled but the fallout begins tonight. Will the Boogieman make a successful return or will one of the biggest rising stars of 2017 be far too much for the younger Jeckel?] [The bell sounds as Zappa rushes forward, trying for a Dropkick but Jack deflects it away, Zappa rolling to his feet right into a thunderous uppercut to the jaw that stuns Zappa before he’s lifted up high and nearly driven into the mat with a huge Spinebuster. Jack pulls him up, laying into him with a series of hard rights before backing up, CHUCK THE….ZAPPA CATCHES THE ARM! He traps it as he goes for an irish-whip, before pulling Jack back, HICCUP IN THE MATRIX!] [Jack gets spiked in the mat as as Zappa rushes to the ropes, BLACK CLOUDS….HITS KNEES! Zappa gets up, holding his guts in pain, CHUCK THE CLOTHESLINE! Zappa nearly turns inside out from that huge Discus Clothesline as Jack leans down, pulling Zappa’s arm back with the Echo Side, wrenching back as the Captain cries out in pain. Jack lets go suddenly, leaping up, JACK IN THE…Zappa just rolls away! The Captain gets to his feet right into a huge Boot to the face, stunning him on his feet as Jack spins him around, JUGGALOCO! Jack bridges back for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Zappa just rolls the shoulder up! Jack pulls him up to his feet, lifting him up high for the Gory Neckbreaker but Zappa slips out, quickly lifting Jack up for a lighting fast MOAB! Jack slowly gets to his feet, getting to one knee as Zappa launches himself off the ropes, DELILAH SAYS GOOD MORNING! A huge spinning elbow and Jack may be out cold as Zappa climbs up to the top rope, ZETAVARIUM! The Twisting Moonsault hits flush as Zappa hooks the leg, ONE…TWO….THREE!!!] [The Boogieman might have cometh again but one of the fastest rising stars of 2017 proved too much for him here tonight, the Captain proving why he’s one of the greatest here in OSW]


[In the depths of the Tap Room temple, The Automaton sits on an otherwise empty bench seat after his match. The walls around him have been blackened with the same spidery web that the virus spews, giving it the look resembling the Family’s home. Yet, TAM seems unconcerned with his surroundings. He concerns himself with his shoulder joint, a mechanical noise whirring as he rolls the joint about and inspects it.] [From behind him, Jacen Novan approaches. TAM senses his approach and begins to turn, but Novan pats him gently on the shoulder anyway to show his intentions are friendly. The Automaton looks at his partner slightly sideways, as if unsure about something. His mechanical voice forms words almost carefully.]

“This does not compute. I had a faulty joint that caused my malfunction against you. It is now repaired yet I seem to be unable to accept its repair. Perhaps my programming is faulty.”

[Jacen waits until he is face to face with his partner before replying.]

“You are learning.” [Jacen grabs the shoulder and TAM seems to flinch slightly from the movement.] “It appears as if you are learning fear or anxiety. You fear that your shoulder will break again like it did at Red Snow. It is a very… human… feeling.”

[TAM stops, pausing as if trying to take in what Novan is saying.]

“I do not understand. What you are saying is not possible. I do not feel, I do not fear.”

[The Chosen One sits down next to him.]

“Your existence is one of black and white. You analyse, you observe and you learn from the black and white of the world. What you do not see is the areas of grey that stand between. Those around you, they exist in the shades between black and white. I can teach you about these shades if you are willing to learn. The Ashla can help you to see what you cannot see. I can help you to feel.”

[TAM contemplates the offer for a moment.]

“My programming does not allow for such a shift as you are suggesting. Your quest would be a fruitless one.”

[Novan waves his hand slowly in front of TAM’s head.]

“I will help you.”

[The Automaton tilts his head again, answering in a voice that seems to change in tone somewhat, yet remaining electronic in nature.]

“You will help me.”


[Sirens blare through The Taproom as Cael Gable looks at the Rewind Championship on his shoulder before looking across the ring at D’Von Chambers.] [The bell rings and Cael Gable throws the title into the hands of Chambers who catches it only to be blasted with a clothesline taking him right over the top rope! The large mass of Chambers slams down to the outside of the ring before Gable climbs the corner turnbuckle before glancing back. MOONSAULT! He lands flush and Gable rolls to his feet, clutching his ribs. He’s throwing everything at the wall early on in this contest. He glances frantically towards the Ambulance parked at the entrance before grabbing the leg of Chambers to drag him up the ramp.] [Chambers manages to kick him away and get to his knees. Gable charges him quickly and begins drilling into him with vicious forearm strikes! The Bishop manages to get his hands between and shoves Gable back hard! Only Gable quickly darts back and hooks the head of Chambers in a guillotine! Chambers reaches out momentarily before getting up to his knees, and HEAVES Gable onto his shoulder as he gets to his feet. He takes a few lumbering steps forward and SLAMS him down to the hard floor! BIBLE THUMPING! Gable’s back arches in pain as D’Von Chambers gets to his feet with a grin.] [The Bishop grabs Gable by the arm and leads him towards the back doors of the Ambulance. He releases the Gold Medalist to open the doors. As he turns around, a dropkick sends him back into the open door! Chambers falls to a knee and Gable drills him with a running shining wizard! Gable looks around him and reaches into the ambulance. He pulls out a fire extinguisher! He raises the extinguisher high as if to use it as a battering ram! CHAMBERS SPEARS HIM INTO THE BACK OF THE AMBULANCE! Gable brings the extinguisher down across his back, but Chambers yanks it from his hands. CRACK! It nails him Gable right across the chin as he’s then grabbed and THROWN into the back. Chambers grabs the doors and SHUTS THEM UP!] [D’Von Chambers is the new Rewind Champion! The referee walks up the rampway and hands him his prize as a grin spreads across his face as he hoists it up! Cael Gable peers through the glass with terror in his eyes.]


[As we’re shown the locker room of Old School Wrestling, a bag of clothes is flung across the room. The thrower, Ethan Rose sits on the bench with his arms crossed across his chest. A scowl is shown across his face as he mutters incoherently.]

“Oy, bruv. What’s your problem?”

[Ethan Rose turns to see the burned chest of Thomas Wright as he steps into the locker room, surveying the scene.]

“Did you watch Red Snow? I had a streak! Then I was screwed by a referee who was bribed by some little elf boy! Now, I’ve got the same referee in my match tonight.”

[Thomas Wright touches his burned chest and looks at Ethan Rose with a look of disdain.]

“Look at you. You’re whining that you lost a match and you’re blaming it on the referee? Grow a pair and accept the fact that you lost. You got to walk through the fire without pain while I was subjected to its flame, yet you don’t hear me whining.”

[Ethan Rose gets to his feet and gets to within a foot of Thomas Wright who matches his stare.]

“You seem bitter, Tommy. Are you… jealous of me?!”

“The Guv jealous of you? Fuck off with that bullshit.”

“You are! I mean, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be. I’m attractive, successful, and everyone’s talking about me. Not your burned ass.”

[With that Rose reaches out and presses the burn of Thomas Wright who raises a fist in response only for Ethan Rose to laugh it off.]

“The fact is that I didn’t get burned by those flames, Tommy. You did. What does that tell you?”

[With that Ethan Rose walks around him and leaves out of the locker room as Thomas slowly turns to look at the open locker room door.]

“You’re a demon.”


[The #1 finally got one over his eternal rival King Royal as he won the Double Feature title at Red Snow but in his first defense he faces off against a hot newcomer. Can Marvolo prove his superiority or will El Trebol fly too high for him?] [The bell sounds as Marvolo rushes forward, a huge Shotei nearly knocking Trebol out cold with a single blow, twisting his arm behind his back before unleashing the maniacal Machine Gun Chops! Marvolo drops Trebol who clutches his chest, trying to regain his breath as The #1 sizes up the luchador for a moment before rushing forward with a clothesline. Trebol ducks under, using Marvolo’s momentum to sweep him over the ropes and stumble him to the floor below. The #1 slowly rises to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs as Trebol rushes through the ropes, SUICIDE TORNADO DDT!] [Marvolo gets spiked into the floor as Trebol covers, ONE…TWO…Marvolo just gets the shoulder up! Trebol gets to his feet, Marvolo getting to his feet into a peppering of kicks to the knees but the #1 ducks under an enziguri attempt, tossing Trebol away before Savate Kicking him in mid-air. Trebol rolls back as he hits the floor, rushing forward, MIS JOYAS! A huge running headbutt right to the Marvellous Jewels as Marvolo drops down to one knee, SHINING WIZARD! It hit flush as Marvolo may be knocked out cold!] [El Trebol rolls back into the ring, climbing up to the top rope as Marvolo slowly gets to his feet, SEATED SEN…MARVOLO CATCHES TREBOL! The #1 flips Trebol around, nailing him with a German Suplex but Trebol lands on his feet, leaping up and snapping Marvolo into the floor with a huge DDT! The #1 is out on his feet as Trebol scrambles up to the apron, leaping off, MODIFIED AL VER VERDE! Marvolo gets spiked head first into the mat with that Poison-Rana as Trebol covers, ONE…TWO….THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!] [El Trebol does it, withstanding Marvolo’s unique offence with his superior speed as he unseats the most interesting man in the world and wins his first OSW championship in the Double Feature Title]


[Everything is different.] [The walls ooze with a black, tar-like liquid and the roof in places is even less stable.] [Even Cael Gable seems different as his lip turns upwards as he surveys the scene. A large black bubble bursts as the contents nearly splash on Gable who takes a step back into another entity. He whirls around in surprise to see a familiar Masked Emotion with its head tilted to the side in curiosity.]

“Is something the matter, Cael?”

[Cael Gable straightens himself and folds his arms over his chest.]

“No, I’m fine. Why were you standing so close to me?”

“I was analyzing you, Cael. For weeks, I have been watching you to see if you were a good man or if the rumors were true.”

[Cael Gable takes a step back, careful to avoid the black gunk on the ground.]

“What rumor would that be?”

“The rumor that you had relinquished all that you believe in just to get revenge on the man who threatened your family.”

“Threatened my family?! My father almost DIED as a result of Law. He did way more than just threaten my family.”

“Yet you still left him for dead in that prison yard, did you not?”

[Cael Gable takes two steps forward to move his face a few inches from the mask of Doubt.]

“You’re damn right I did, and, if given the opportunity to do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate.”

“My point exactly.”

“Drop this holier than thou attitude, are you seriously telling me that if someone attacked Syndi you wouldn’t kill them?!”

[Doubt’s hands tense as it seems to be holding back an attack. A moment passes before Cael throws up his hands and begins walking down the hall.]

“That’s what I thought.”

[As he begins to leave the hallway, Doubt turns to look at him and bellows out.]

“You’re not a good man, Cael Gable, and I’m going to prove it.”

[Cael stops and turns around with his hands in his jacket’s pocket.]

“Maybe not, but I’m sure as hell a better ‘man’ than you.”

[With that, he walks away, leaving The Masked Emotion to stand and stew over his words.]


[Up next, the former Double Feature Champion, King Royal, will need to wind his neck in as he takes on the Mother of all evil!] [The diminutive Mother invites Royal to a collar-and-elbow lockup. The taller and heavier King happily obliges, only to tear himself away from an attempted side-headlock neck-snapping! The fans gasp as Mother leers at Royal. She’s playing with him. Not one to be shown up, the 2016 Ring King charges behind Mother—out of her reach—and drives her with a belly-to-back suplex! He holds onto her for an early ROYAL FLUSH, but Mother breaks free, hits the ropes, and drops him with a flying knee to the temple! ONE! TWO! Kickout!] [Royal gets to his knees but Mother blasts him with stiff kicks across the chest. She sends him into the ropes and floors him with a vicious slingblade! The matriarch pulls him up by the hair, only for Royal to grab her arm and try to drag her into the DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Mother, however, wraps her free hand around his neck; she could end him right here and right now! Royal abandons the crossface and breaks free from Mother’s grip, retreating to safety in the corner. He recovers and goes to charge Mother, but she’s already CRAB WALKING towards him… Royal AVOIDS the CRAB KICK!] [Having learnt his lesson, Royal wisely ducks Mother’s reach and once again nails her with a belly-to-back suplex! One, two, three… ROYAL FLUSH! Mother is out, but Royal knows it’s not enough. He climbs to the top rope – BUT THERE’S NOBODY HOME FOR THE SPITFIRE! Royal struggles to his knees as Mother rises like a demon. SHE SPRAYS BLACK MIST IN HIS FACE! Royal screams but he dares not touch his burning eyes as Mother sizes him up – HAPPILY EVER AFTER! The Kinshasa knocks Royal out cold! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [The Mother Of All stands victorious with her raven hair covering her face as her children gather around her. Meanwhile, ringside EMTs rinse Royal’s eyes with water.]

[We open with a picture perfect image of Number One. He is busy strolling through the halls of the Tap Room, his Raquel on his wing when he is stopped by an unseen figure and whisked away into a nearby room, leaving Raquel standing alone wondering what happened. Outside of sight, the figure speaks, hidden safely in the shadows.]

“You are making progress, Marvolo. Perhaps there is still hope for you yet.”

[Marvolo is still a little taken aback by the rough handling and speaks in a tone of surprise and offense.]

“What is the meaning of this, unhand Marvolo at once!”

[The mysterious figure waits for Number One to settle a little before continuing.]

“Red Snow signalled the beginning of a change for you Marvolo. When you began to fight for Raquel, you won that Championship. You started to become the hero that you need to be.”

[Marvolo looks down at the Double Feature Championship on his shoulder, then peers back into the shadows, trying to catch a glimpse of whom he speaks to.]

“Marvolo, a hero. It sounds natural. But how?”

[The voice gives away no emotion, no hint of identity at all.]

“By becoming the man your father would want you to be. He was a man greater than you know. Now, more than ever, is the time that you need to step up to the plate and follow in his footsteps. In these times, heroes are required. That is within your grasp.”

[Marvolo considers the words for a while, before a hint of confusion comes over his eyes.]

“Where does Marvolo start? Look at this place, it’s a mess. What kind of hero does Marvolo need to become?”

[The voice answers promptly, as if expecting that very question.]

“Seek out one who is able to help you become the man you need to be. Seek out he who can help you to become the hero required. Seek out Sharkman. It is up to you to convince him of your true heart. Convince him, ally yourself with him. Surely you can handle that? I will be watching, monitoring your progress. Do not fail your father.”

[Marvo considers the words for a moment, before puffing out his chest proudly.]

“Marvolo will not fail.”

[But there is no reply. The figure has disappeared. The door to the small, mysterious room swings open seemingly by magic. Marvolo steps out into the hall, still unsure exactly what has transpired. Raquel is still standing in the hallway, a confused expression on her face to match Marvolo’s. She gives him a questioning look. Marvolo’s reply is confident and assured.]

“We need to find Sharkman.”


[The steel cage is in place as the large bars show two of the most talked about men in the last month. Ethan Rose and Edward Newton stand just a few feet apart.] [The bell sounds and it’s at this point that Ethan Rose takes a step back and moves towards the referee, the same referee who officiated the Ethan Rose vs. El Trebol Jr. at Red Snow! He begins pointing into his chest and muttering something fierce that we can’t quite understand. NEWTON WITH THE ROLL-UP FROM BEHIND! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Rose barely got the shoulder up after that surprise! He gets to his feet, but he’s a step behind the World Champion. Russian leg sweep brings Rose to his back as Newton moves towards the corner and begins undoing the laces in his boot.] [Rose gets back to his feet and moves towards the The Riddler before whirling him around. Newton kicks him in the same motion, but Rose catches it and wags his finger at the World Champion. He spins Newton around, but his foot slips out of the shoe! Rose doesn’t seem surprised as he just holds the boot until Newton turns around before CLOBBERING HIM WITH IT! Newton staggers back into the corner just as Rose charges with a KNIVE EDGED CHOPS! He begins lighting up Newton who is trying to cover! Newton looks helpless in the corner as Rose lifts up his shoe!] [The referee pulls the shoe out of his hand! Ethan Rose just stops and turns in slow motion as the anger you can tell is building in his face! The referee is explaining that Newton looked helpless! Axe handle to the back of Rose’s head! Newton lifts up The Phoenix and sends him flying over the top rope into the steel cage! He falls to the apron and Newton begins pushing the face of Rose into the steel cage! The Riddler moves across the ring and then looks up at the top of the cage. He begins to climb, but he’s having trouble without his other shoe! Rose slowly gets up and begins scaling the cage like a cat! Both men find themselves at the top of the cage! Lefts and rights find purchase before Newton rakes the eyes of Rose! CLOTHESLINE blasts Rose off the top as he slams down into the mat! Newton sees his opportunity and climbs down the side of the cage and hits the floor! The referee calls for the bell!] [Edward Newton gets to his feet with a grin as Ethan Rose gets to his knees with a look of fury towards the referee who interrupted his momentum.]


[Blood.] [The black, infected grunge of the former members of Calypso’s army flies across the screen, staining the ground. A body drops into frame, a hatchet stuck into their head. A foot steps onto the corpse as a hand grabs the hatchet, kicking the body off and freeing the hatchet. As the camera zooms up, the owner is revealed.] [Jake Jeckel.] [And the juggalo? He’s not smiling. No, he’s baring his teeth. Jake Jeckel? He’s pissed.]

“Jake! Calm it with the hatchet, we can still save these guys, man.”

[Behind him, his own hatchet in hand? Jack Jeckel. Jake turns to him, still sneering.]

“They don’t deserve it, Jacky. Their traitors to her and to us. They’re with those fucker, and they ain’t gettin’ no sympathy from me.”

[Jack sighs, turning to survey the room around them, the backstage of the Tap Room having slowly grown grunge, and now all of it is covered in blood and bodies, many of the former homeless decapitated, disemboweled, or worse. The room is completely closed off, a seeming ambush set up for the two Juggalos turned into a massacre.]

“Don’t you think that Calypso would’ve-”


[Jack steps back, spit flying from Jake’s lips as he bares down on his brother.]

“We’re gonna cull these mother fuckers, Jacky. And when I cut through these corpses, I’m gonna make the family look ten times worse. Do you understand me? I’m going to make them beg me to let them fucking die. They’re going-”

“To writhe like your dear Calypso?”

[Jake stops dead in his tracks, turning at the sound of a voice echoing through the room. Standing in one of the two doorways out, Jensen Cussen and Max Million. The two family members smirk as Max leans against the nearby wall. Jake immediately LEAPS AT MILLION! HE SWINGS THE HATCHET FOR HIS HEAD– AN INFECTED TACKLES JAKE TO THE GROUND!] [Jake fights against the sickly member of the family, more infected pouring in and overwhelming the brothers. As Jack and Jake find themselves held back, Cussen leans forward, chuckling.]

“You loved her, didn’t you, Jake? Everything about her was perfect? It’s a shame she left you so soon.”

[Million chimes in.]

“A shame she’s gone.”

[The words strike a chord with Jake, the Juggalo swinging wildly at the infected around him, blood arcing through the air as he chops at the infected clinging to him. As he cleaves through the crowd, Million and Cussen leave the room, the only sounds as they leave being the screams of infected locked in a room with the Jeckel Brothers.]


[With the Tap Room’s interior substituted by flesh-and-bone decor, and its patrons replaced by wailing hordes of tormented souls, the condemned spirit of Hades looks to reclaim his macabre throne from its usurper – the Mad King, Lee Crowley!] [Surrounded by tortured husks, with the grisly Underworld throne looming over them, Hades and Crowley kick things off with a traditional tie-up! Hades, the only other entity with the power to challenge Lee for the throne, takes the lead. He is soon distracted, however, by hellish lumberjacks snatching at him. How dare they!? Crowley forces him back into their clutches, but he digs his heels in. Hades gains ground against Lee, who the damned leave alone. Lee suddenly breaks the hold and TEARS THE ARM OFF one of his subjects and CLUBS HADES TO THE GROUND! Lee wields the arm over his head but Hades RIPS THE LEG OFF another poor soul and blocks it – breaking the bones of both severed limbs! They proceed to tear more extremities and break more of their spectators’ bones in a bizarre lightsaber-esque duel…] [Hades LIFTS A FLAYED MAN AND THROWS HIM ON TOP OF CROWLEY! He then grabs a shattered bone and goes to STAB him while he’s pinned, but Lee uses the husk as a shield. Hades tries to pry the bone from the impaled hollow-man… LEE CROWNS HIM WITH A DECAPITATED HEAD! Hades lands in a PIT OF INNARDS, which WRAP AROUND HIM LIKE SNAKES as Lee heads for the throne! Hades screams in fury and BITES HIS WAY THROUGH THE INNARDS to free himself and pursue Crowley. They battle up a winding bone staircase, trading lefts and rights. Hades picks Crowley up for THE RIVER STYX double-handed chokeslam, but Lee GOUGES HIS EYES until he lets go!] [Hades stumbles back and the step crumbles underneath him as he DANGLES PRECARIOUSLY over a rushing torrent of blood hundreds of feet below! Lee cackles and ascends the stairs, emerging on a platform etched with symbols and lit by torches. He walks towards the throne – NARROWLY DUCKING A FLAMING TORCH SWUNG BY HADES, who must have pulled himself up! Hades HURLS THE TORCH LIKE A JAVELIN but Crowley hits the deck to avoid it, laughing maniacally. Hades lifts Crowley off the floor and onto his shoulder. Lee Crowley, WELCOME TO THE UNDERWORLD—wait a second—Crowley drops down and unleashes HIDEOUS LAUGHTER, driving Hades’ SPINE INTO THE THRONE ITSELF! Lee sits in his throne as Hades lies at his feet.] [Through limbs and innards and blood, Lee Crowley has felled the former God of the Underworld himself. Hades stirs at his feet.]


[As Lee Crowley finishes with Hades and sits upon his throne, watching the torture of millions unfold before his very eyes, he starts feeling somewhat odd. He can’t quite explain it. Suddenly, his appearance begins to jitter and jolt. Slowly but surely, he fades away until before he knows it, he’s gone.] [And when he reappears, it’s no longer in the Underworld.]

“How is this possible?” [He says, quickly surveying his surroundings.] “Where am I?”

[He tries to walk forward, but something stops him. Lee looks down, realizing that beneath his feet, in white chalk, markings adorn the floor.] [A slow clapping can be heard as Edward Newton emerges from the shadows.]

“I hear congratulations are in order,” [he says, clapping to an abrupt stop.] “And that you’ve gotten yourself a new job as King of the Underworld. That’s some promotion, isn’t it?”

[Lee’s head snaps around.] “What do you want, Newton? How did you summon me here?”

“A spell,” [Edward says, confidently.] “A little taste from a book I’m eager to find, Mr. Crowley. You may know it as the Book of The Dead, but I like to think of it as the Book of Emerging Forth into the Light.”

[The King folds his arms, giving nothing away.]

“I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there appears to be a war going on,” [Newton remarks.] “And a man like me needs some assurances to his own survival. I sought out this spell,” [he says holding it up.] “But the book hasn’t been seen for centuries. Rumour has it that it resides in the Underworld.”

“Let’s say it did,” [Crowley says, but not quite with the certainty of Newton.] “Why would I hand it over to someone like you? What’s in it for me?”

[Edward undoes his buttons on the bottom of his jacket and reveals the OSW World Championship.]

“This?” [He remarks smugly.] “Don’t you want a taste of it, Mr. Crowley? The world is coming to an abrupt and violent end. That book is the only thing that stands between death and survival for me. This Championship is of no consequence.”

[The King of The Underworld puffs out his chest.]

“I will retrieve your book from my Kingdom,” [Lee announces, moving as close to the edge of the circle as possible.] “And I will hand it over. In return, at State of Emergency, you will gift me that title.”

[Newton pushes up his glasses and folds over his jacket. With a stoic nod, he seals the deal.] “Agreed.”

“Now, send me back.”

[He doesn’t have to ask twice. Edward begins speaking, just as we cut.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, we have a match between two of the best here in OSW! Jake Jeckel and Solomon Rhodes face each other in an inferno match! Will the former dragon prove he is fireproof or will Jake Jeckel bury the hatchet on that claim? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Jake Jeckel is hot out of the gates delivering vicious right hands! Solomon is close to the corner! Will he get burned right away? No! He does a quick leg sleep to take Jake Jeckel down! Jake Jeckel tries to quickly get back up but Solomon hits a DARKWISH! The superkick connects and Solomon tries to pull Jeckel up and drag him to the burning ropes! He’s close, you can see the flames in their eyes! FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW! A desperate Jeckel gets out of Rhode’s grasp with that elbow strike! Jeckel goes back to the middle of the ring to wait for Solomon to stand up!] [Jeckel charges at Solomon trying to force him into the ropes! Solomon counters with a BACKDROP OVER THE ROPES! Jeckel miraculously remains unburned! Solomon jumps over the ropes with a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! Both men are outside the ring! Solomon has the advantage and he starts stomping away on Jeckel! He pulls a chair out from under the ring! He charges at Jeckel! Jeckel counters with a BIG BOOT directly into the chair! The chair collides into Solomon’s face! Jeckel grabs the chair and lays it on the floor! He hoists Solomon on his shoulders! What is he going to do?] [He goes for the Hatchet but Rhodes shifts his body and counters it into a RED CROSS! He hits the codebreaker but his back lands directly on the chair! Both men are down! Rhodes gets up first and tries to drag Jeckel towards the ropes! They are close enough to the flames that Jeckel’s face paint is melting! Jeckel gets out of the hold with a JUGGABLOW! That low blow drops Rhodes quickly! Jeckel sees his advantage and he takes it! He goes for the CLOWN POSSE-PLEX! He hits one German Suplex, another one and THE THIRD INTO THE BURNING ROPES! Solomon’s robes are on fire and Jeckel has won it!] [What a match as the juggalo won the inferno match against the former dragon proving he is no longer fireproof!]


[After that amazing match, Solomon Rhodes kneels in the middle of the ring, saying a battle prayer.]

“Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam.”

[Suddenly, the entire arena begins to violently shake. Dust begins to fall from the rafters, and the ring vibrates intensely. Solomon stands, falling into the ropes, barely hanging on as the canvas rips beneath his very feet.] [Grey hands reach up, grabbing at him, pulling him towards the hole. He holds on for dear life, refusing to be dragged into what looks like a pit of Abaddon.] [Without warning, those hands crawl from within the hole.] [Bruce Van Chan!] [Bruce attacks Solomon, beating him into the corner, clawing at him with right and left hands as the Templar tries to cover his face. He finally pushes him backwards, running at him with a Clothesline that drops him in the middle of the ring.] [Rhodes turns around..] [Only there’s another Revenant.] [Another damned soul.] [LH Harrison.] [He grabs Rhodes by the throat and begins throttling him, dropping him to his knees. Van Chan approaches from behind, grabbing him in restraint. They’re going to kill him. They’re going to kill Solomon Rhodes!] [White light!] [A pure white light spreads across the entire arena, blinding us all.] [Slowly it recedes into itself, revealing CAPTAIN ZAPPA!] [Zappa pulls Harrison off and throws him back into the pit! Bruce quickly tries to run at him, but he’s tripped from behind by Rhodes, sending him tumbling into the pit as well.] [The arena stops shaking.] [Dust stops falling.] [The hole in the middle of the ring closes.] [And Captain Zappa helps Solomom Rhodes back to his feet. If it wasn’t for Zappa, Solomon would have been murdered.]

“Thank you,” [Rhodes says sincerely, and with a hoarse throat.] “Without your intervention, they would have surely killed me.”

“We must save them,” [Zappa responds.] “Both of them.”

[The Captain knows all too well what it’s like to be used for means belonging to someone else. Rhodes nods at him, understanding that tonight; The Revenants came for the Templar – to end him, and his attempt at stopping this war. His life may be in danger, but these two souls need safe passage.] [They need to be saved.]


[The importance of this match cannot be understated.] [The Championships are keys to the Tap Room falling, and Lux Bellator knows it. Brent Kersh, The Scarecrow and Mike Lane stand in one corner of the ring, staring down Lux who stands in the other. Kersh nods at them before heading to the apron. He’s on the wrong side of this match, but it’s Bellator who has the odds stacked against him.] [The bell sounds and Bellator starts this match with Mike Lane. They lock up, Lux taking Mike into a Side Headlock. He wrenches on it, dropping to a knee and popping back up, only to be pushed off into the ropes.] [CLOTHESLINE!] [NO! BELLATOR DUCKS!] [They both turn and Lux drives a kick into his midsection, knocking the wind out of him and dropping him to his knees. He swings with a big kick, but Lane ducks, popping straight back up to deliver a massive right hand to Bellator. The Light Warrior stumbles backwards, turning around to a huge Snap Suplex by Mike Lane. The Shadow swings himself around into a mount, pummelling the holy shit out of Lux Bellator with right hands until Lux flips him off overhead, rolling back to his feet.] [Both men once again rise to meet in the center of the ring and this time it’s Lux, who ducks under a Clothesline quickly, leaping into a Headscissors Takedown that drops The Shadow King. He rolls back to his feet almost immediately!] [RIGHT HAND!] [BELLATOR BLOCKS!] [KICK TO THE MID-SECTION BY LANE!] [SIDESTEP!] [HUGE CLOTHESLINE!] [LUX DROPS TO THE CANVAS AND KIPS BACK UP!] [ONLY TO GET TURNED INSIDE OUT BY A CLOTHESLINE FROM FUCKING HELL!] [Mike smiles, dropping into the cover with a quick leg hook.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT!] [Lane gets back to his feet quickly, hitting the ropes at high speed. He rolls… ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! NO! LUX ROLLS AWAY! The Knee to the face misses and both men are back to their feet, Lux desperately leaping into the ARM OF GOD! FUJIWARA ARMBAR! IT’S LOCKED IN! IT’S LOCKED IN!! Mike Lane screams in agony, trying to deal with the pain as The Scarecrow steps over the top rope. The Hayman reaches down, pulling Lux to his feet by the throat!] [CHOKESLAM!] [BYE BYE BIRDIE TO LUX BELLATOR! HIS HEAD JUST BOUNCED OFF THE CANVAS LIKE A FUCKING RAG DOLL!] [The Scarecrow exits the ring as Lane agonizingly crawls into the cover.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [NO!] [LUX BELLATOR KICKS OUT!] [Mike Lane can’t believe it. He gets back up and heads over to The Scarecrow, making the tag. The Hayman grabs Lux again by the throat, dragging him once more to his feet. He lifts him up into the CHOKESLAM! BUT NO! BELLATOR SLIPS OUT! KICK LOW! DISCIPLE MAKER! FRONT FLIP PILEDRIVER TO THE FUCKING SCARECROW! OH MY GOD! BOTH OF THEM ARE DOWN!] [Lux slowly starts crawling towards his corner. He desperately needs to make the tag. With every agonizing inch he gets closer to Brent Kersh, only Kersh drops off the ring apron. The Enforcer folds his arms, grimaces and shakes his head. This is it! This is the end of the Unholy Alliance! The Light Warrior reaches out and can’t believe it.] [He uses the turnbuckles to pull himself back to his feet and stares a hole through Kersh, letting him know exactly what he thinks of him. Lux turns back to The Scarecrow, who’s there waiting. He scoops him up and FALLAWAY SLAM! The Tag Team Champion bounces off the canvas and rolls to the outside, holding his back in pain. The Scarecrow storms over, stepping over the top rope and leaping off the apron with a Double Axe Handle! NO! Bellator moves!] [The Light Warrior quickly turns around to see The Hayman barrelling towards him, and falls to the floor with a DROP TOE HOLD! THE SCARECROW BOUNCES FACE FIRST OFF THE STEEL RING STEPS! That’ll give Lux a moment or two to recover. He rolls back into the ring, only there’s Mike Lane.] [SHADOWKICK!] [NO! HE DUCKS!] [DISCIPLE MAKER TO MIKE LANE! LUX BELLATOR IS A ROARING FIRE!] [He stumbles back to his feet and into the ropes, resting for a moment. Brent Kersh though comes from behind, turning him around and HANGING HIM UP THROAT FIRST ON THE TOP ROPE! Bellator springs backwards, stumbles and THERE’S THE SCARECROW!] [BYE!] [BYE!] [BIRDIE!] [NOOOOO!!! LUX BELLATOR AGAIN DROPS OUT WITH A CHOP TO THE ARMS! He grabs The Scarecrow and nails him with a DDT! Lux is alone here, folks. He’s all alone. He doesn’t even consider the cover and slowly gets back to his feet, running to the ropes and BASEBALL SLIDE TO THE OUTSIDE! Kersh sidesteps him, but walks into a thunderous Clothesline!] [Lux is taking on the world and the fans hate it. He slides back into the ring and grabs The Scarecrow as he kneels. Bellator pulls him in and.. CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB! HE HAS THE MONSTER UP AND RUNS..] [ONLY MIKE LANE PULLS THE SCARECROW DOWN FROM BEHIND!] [JUST AS BRENT KERSH RUNS IN WITH SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!] [WHAT A SEQUENCE!] [Lux Bellator crumbles to the canvas with The Enforcer, who bends down and picks him up, throwing him into The Scarecrow!] [BYE!] [BYE!] [BIRDIE!] [THAT HAS TO BE IT! THE SCARECROW COVERS!] [ONE….] […..] [TWO…..] […..] [THREE!] [WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! The Founding Fathers hold the Tag Team Championships and two of the keys!] [Mike Lane joins The Scarecrow and Brent Kersh in the middle of the ring. They’ve done it. These three men hold the Tag Team Championships between them and the war for the belts becomes just as big as any in the OSW. The keys are safe, for now – but who’ll be next to challenge the Founding Fathers?]


[The match is over. The Tag Team Championship has been decided. But the action is far from concluded. All four competitors now stand in the middle of the ring, jawing. Lux Bellator looks to the others and taunts them.]

“None of you will stand against my power. For it comes from above. The Lord has empowered me beyond any of you.”

[At his incredible boast, Brent Kersh stands determined. The Scarecrow is unimpressed. And Mike Lane only smirks. These men aren’t going to scare.] [WHAM!] [Bellator strikes Lane with an elbow, knocking him to the ground. But before he can do anything else, he finds himself grabbed around the throat by the Scarecrow!]

“I know all about your power, boy. It’s not going to help you against the three of us.”

[Even being choked, Lux allows a grin under his mask. Kersh turns to check on Lane, but IS GRABBED OUT OF THE RING!] [DTR IS HERE!] [The leader of the Family now has Brent Kersh on the outside of the ring. The fresh man gets a head of steam and sends Brent Kersh headfirst into the steel steps. The Enforcer drops down, out of the fight for now. Inside the ring, The Scarecrow looks to see what happened, which allows Lux Bellator to break free. He throws the Hayman into the ropes, but the Crow ducks whatever Lux had planned. But DTR is now in the ring.] [REASONABLE DOUBT!] [Lux Bellator reaches down to grab a handful of hay, lifting the Scarecrow up to face his newfound ally in DTR. Who would have imagined that these two men were working towards the same goal all along? DTR gets in the face of Scarecrow.]

“I know all about your power, Crow. Noah is here. And there’s not a damn thing yo…”

[SHADOW KICK!] [DTR is leveled as The Shadow comes back into the fight. The Founding Fathers rally, Bellator trying to turn away, but with inhuman speed, the Scarecrow is there to meet him.] [HAYMAKER!] [Both Lux Bellator and DTR find themselves prone on the mat. Brent Kersh is stirring, about to slide back into the ring while the Scarecrow and Mike Lane stand tall. The Founding Fathers of OSW have proven that they are not going to stand down and let the dark victory earned at Red Snow with the birth of Noah stop them from standing tall. The shaken Brent Kersh nods at the fallen two in the ring. The three men who were here on day one all stop to hold out their fist.] [The Founding Fathers stand tall on thi…] [DARKNESS.] [The lights have went all the way out, and yet we are not done tonight. For a moment the lights flicker and a sound like nails on a chalkboard echo throughout the Tap Room. Then the voice of a young girl cuts through the chaos, so sweet yet sinister at the same time.]

“And they all fall…”

[The lights come back on.]


[The Founding Fathers are all down and out. The Scarecrow is covered in black mist, unnaturally wedged into the ropes. Mike Lane is face down, draped over the bottom rope with blood dripping from his mouth. Brent Kersh is flat on the mat, no movement in his limbs.] [DTR and Lux Bellator start to come to their feet, their eyes meeting. They may have an alliance, but they look very uneasy at what now greets them in the Tap Room.] [For stood in the center of the ring is none other than Mother.] [Cut.]