SOMEWHERE ELSE[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

[Choking.] [The vile sounds of choking are all we can hear as the pitch black turns to the paling face of The Chief, who now lays on his back, blood dribbling from his mouth. Just then, something happens; a voice speaks to the young boy. His head looks upwards, ackowledging what he’s been told.] [Suddenly, The Chief takes a deep breath, finally able to breathe. He spits out the remaining blood, rolling over onto his belly, coughing and spluttering as Noah approaches.]

“You’re lucky,” [Noah says with a smile.] “Daddy says we need you alive.”

[The Chief coughs.] “I thought you wanted to save me.”

“I did, but you said mean things and that made me mad.”

[Noah walks over, putting his hand in the blood. He snaps it back in pain, looking at his fingers as they bubble and fizz.] [The Chief notices that.]

“I didn’t mean to make you mad, kid,” [The Chief says, coughing once more.] “I just want you to know that I’m there for you.”

“I don’t need you, not when I have my daddy.”

[Noah looks up.]

“DTR?” [The Chief asks.] “He won’t be there for you, not when you need it.”

[The boy laughs.]

“No, silly, not DTR,” [he remarks.] “God.”

[The Chief’s eyes widen. He didn’t expect to hear that.]

“How can that be?” [He asks.] “How can God want all this death and destruction? It doesn’t make any sense. What I saw in my vision; when I first saw you, and everything you’d done, I didn’t see the hand of God.”

[With that, Noah suddenly vanishes.]

“Answer me, damnit. Why would God want this!?”





[Tonight, we have a match between the emotion, Doubt, and The Automaton who is starting to understand humanity. Will the Automaton be able to block the emotion seeping in or will Doubt overcome him and become the newest thing he learns from humanity? We find out next!] [DING! DING! The Automaton marches towards Doubt! Doubt backs up and protects himself in the ropes! The Automaton is trying to get to him but the ref is holding him back! Doubt gets himself out of the ropes! JUMPING KNEE STRIKE! Doubt capitalizes on the ref holding TAM back! Tam is stunned but still standing! Doubt jumps and locks in a guillotine! TAM has tapped out in the past but he is holding on! He shifts his arm over the emotion’s head! TAM drops down! CRADLE DDT! TAM hits that amazing move to get out of the hold!] [Doubt is rocked but he is pulling himself up with the ropes! V-TRIGGER! That running knee strike by TAM does a lot of damage! It has cracked the mask! TAM has a peek of what is under the mask! He is startled yet curious! He is trying to perceive what Doubt is! Doubt has plenty of time to recover and shoots a kick into TAM’s chest! THE END OF WISDOM! Doubt jumps off TAM’s knee and hits the axe kick! Doubt covers for the pin! ONE…TWO…No! Tam shoves Doubt off him! Doubt goes flying! Doubt charges at TAM! SPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE! TAM hits the spear and both men are down!] [The ref starts counting! One…Two…Three….Four… Tam is getting up first! He pulls Doubt up! Doubt hits a desperation headbutt! Sparks fly off the automaton and the mask of doubt is cracked further! Doubt hits another one! Further sparks fly off and catch Doubt’s attire! His clothes are on fire and the emotion is engulfed in flames! Doubt has turned into anger as he starts rapidly headbutting the Automaton! The sparks have now caught TAM’s wires on fire! Both competitors are surrounded by flames! Stage crew extinquish the fires before it takes out the tap room! In midst of all the chaos and extinguishing agents, TAM hits the MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER! He takes Doubt out with the gorilla press spinebuster! He covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [The Automaton uses his processors to see through the confusion and picks up a win over the emotion! What a win for the Automaton!]


[Static.] [Bruce Van Chan and LH Harrison loom over a terrified looking Captain Zappa, blood leaking from the gash on his on his belly. They step forward, and Zappa winces in pain, knowing that his time on this mortal plane is about to end.]

“Dicebat enim illi exi spiritus inmunde ab homin!”

[Suddenly, Van Chan and LH Harrison begin screaming in agony. Their eyes begin to morph, with colour returning to them. They stumble backwards, falling to the ground, barely any to stand, speak or move. The screams echo, that is until Lee Crowley appears, as if out of nowhere at all. He slaps his hands on Bruce and LH, whisking them away into the nothingness of which he came.] [Zappa falls to the floor, his eyes weary.] [Stood over him, a cross held within his palm, a scold mark burning where he once gripped it so tightly, is none other than Godfrey.]

“Rest, brother Zappa,” [he says, inspecting his wound.] “We’ll have the Doctor see to you immediately. You’ll be fine.”

[Godfrey goes to search for the Doc, but Zappa pulls him back.]

“W-What was that?” [he grunts.] “I-It changed them.”

[Just then, Solomon Rhodes bursts in frantically, quickly realizing the damage. Not all of the men there are dead. Many are groaning in agony and need medical attention. Some are sick, the infection having already began to take its toll, and some, well some are no longer with us.] [Rhodes approaches Captain Zappa, kneeling at his side.]

“Are you okay?” [he asks, concerned.] “How are you feeling?”

[Zappa asks for a hand and receives it, being helped back to his feet.]

“I’ll be fine,” [he musters, faltering slightly.] “And besides, we have work to do.”

[Looking at the men groaning, all three move to assist, even though Captain Zappa himself appears to be struggling.] [Cut.]


[A boulder, as large as a car hangs in mid air. As the scene opens, we find Jacen Novan controlling the boulder and allowing it to continue levitating as TAM approaches him. He does not break concentration as the Automaton gets him.]

“This is peculiar behavior. I do not understand your actions.”

[Novan slowly sets the large boulder down to the ground, the very floor underneath seeming to groan under its weight. He smiles at TAM.]

“I have designed a scenario for you to test your reasoning and how it has developed. This scenario is one of many of its kind that can show you the grey that we seek – what is hidden between your world of black and white.

I call it… Novan’s Choice.”

[He steps forward to touch the boulder.]

“Imagine that you possess the power of Ashla, allowing you to move this boulder as I just have. In your search for this power, you find yourself hiking up a mountain. Along the way, you see a man, trapped under the boulder. He is being crushed and will die if you do not do anything.

However, by moving the boulder, there is a risk you may cause a giant rockslide that would destroy an entire low lying village at the base of the mountain.

What do you do. Move the boulder and threaten every soul in the village or let the man die?”

[TAM begins to analyst and process the scenario, inspecting the boulder and mulling things over. He is unable to present his decision to Novan as the pair are interrupted by another duo… A certain pair of masked heroes.]

“Stop right there, Jacen Novan.”

[The voice of Sharkman pierces the scene. Marvolo enters with him, flanking behind his mentor’s shoulder. Sharkman continues, using Novan’s surprise as an opening.]

“I have been keeping a close eye on you for weeks now and in the interests of standing up for what is right, we now find ourselves standing toe to toe.

You possess an unnatural gift. Now that you have taken the Automaton under your wing, I fear that the evil that is inside you is influencing him. Exactly what are you teaching him?”

[Marvolo stands staunchly behind Sharkman, echoing his sentiment and waiting for Novan to respond. He does so with a slow glide of his hand across his chest.]

“A lesson we can all benefit from. Sometimes, one must search darkness to find light. It is in this that we find the Ashla.”

[Sharkman shakes his head, but it is Marvolo who speaks this time.]

“Look at everything going on around us. The Virus, the infected, revenants rising… There is evil rampant. We must find out if you are part of the problem or the solution.

How is it that you remain so healthy looking when people are infected and dying around us?”

[Another smile from Novan.]

“The Ashla protects me. This evil you speak of, I seek it also. We need not be enemies.”

[Sharkman pounces at this statement.]

“Prove it. If you are what you say and not the enemy then prove it. The only way you can in this temple, face to face.

Prove your worth or face the consequences.”

[Sharkman and Marvolo, take their leave, the challenge lying in the air. It is only now that TAM returns to Novan, having being processing and contemplating the scenario throughout the confrontation.]

“I have weighed the odds and determined an answer based on the likely outcomes to your scenario…”

[Novan’s expression softens as he turns.]

“Let’s hear it. We have much to prepare before next week… ”

[What will come of this confrontation? Is Jacen Novan working for the dark side or the light side? Can the power of Ashla be trusted?]


[The Virus stands in the ring across from Tommy Wright. DTR is one of the major catalysts in this war between good and evil. Tonight, the Hooligan stands in his path. Who will emerge victorious?] [The bell rings and DTR slowly stalks after Tommy Wright, but the Hooligan isn’t interested in moving slowly. He leaps forward with a heavy forearm that rocks DTR backwards. Another forearm smash! Another! DTR is in the ropes now, and Tommy sprints across the ring, bounces off the far ropes and returns with a RUNNING BACK ELBOW! DTR bounces off the ropes and stumbles to the center. Wright flies up from behind and leaps, burying DTR’s head off the canvas with a BULLDOG!! He covers… One… Two… Thre… Kickout! Tommy can’t believe it and questions the ref. He turns back to DTR… who reaches up and pulls Tommy into a SMALL PACKAGE!! One… Two… THREE!!] [No! Tommy Wright barely kicks out! Both men spin to their feet. Tommy rushes at DTR, who ducks under a huge clothesline! DTR spins Tommy around… kick to gut… BRAINBUSTAAAA!! I think Tommy might be dead! Oh my god! DTR slips into a pin! One… Two… Thre… Noooo! Somehow Wright kicks out! DTR is furious and yanks Wright to his feet. He whips him into the corner and follows closely behind and leaps with a HUGE SPLASH IN THE CORNER!! Wright is out on the canvas. DTR looks at him and climbs to the top… LIGHTS OUT! But no one is home!! Tommy rolled out of the way and DTR is in trouble, grabbing his tailbone.] [The Hooligan gets to his feet slowly as sits in pain. Wright sprints at DTR and levels the Virus with a LOW DROPKICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!! DTR’s eyes roll back and he goes down like a ton of bricks. The Hooligan runs over to the second turnbuckle and raises a first to the crowd! He drops down and waits for DTR to start to stir… DTR gets to a knee and Tommy sprints towards him… AGGRO!! DTR is nailed with the knee!! Tommy drops into a cover! One… Two… THREE!!!] [Tommy Wright picks up what is probably the biggest win in OSW career! DTR is out cold as Tommy lifts a fist to the crowd!]


[We open on Tornado as he cautiously walks the back corridors of The Tap Room.] [A disgusted look covers his face as he glances upward. And we see it too! Where the wall meets the ceiling, like a growing source of mold only it isn’t mold. It’s bile. A thick, black mucus-like substance that is smeared along the crack separating the wall and ceiling. It’s growing. Outward and downward. Slowly but surely. Infecting the infrastructure of the OSW venue.]

“There he is!”

[Tornado’s attention is quickly diverted by the sound of a familiar voice.] [D’Von Chambers.]

“I’m not who you think I am, D’Von” [Tornado rebuts.] “I’m not who you want me to be!”

“You are mah brotha” [D’Von chuckles as he saunters down the hall towards us.] “You are the one spoken of in the book of Amos. Even if you don’t yet see it!”

[Tornado shakes his head; scoffing.]

“I’m not getting involved in your Biblical corruption, Chambers! You’re lucky I don’t tear you apart for the visit you made to my home last week, but tonight I have bigger fish to fry and unfortunately, destroying you isn’t in my best interests!”

“Resistance is futile” [D’Von chuckles again.] “But there are still two sides of the battle and I’m confident both are gonna be interested in you!”

“What?” [Tornado responds in confused disgust.] “What do you want preacher?”

“I want you to join me!”

“Your church?”

“You could…” [Chambers begins to laugh.] “say that!”

[Tornado shakes his head, un-amused.]

“You’re a player in this war, boy. Spoken of by the prophets” [Chambers points to the black bile above.] “somebody is going to desperately insist upon your services. They might even be willing to pay for them!”

“What does that have to do with you? [Tornado questions.]

“It would be quite…. profitable” [Chamber grins.] “if the factions had to go through me to get to you!”

“Seriously?” [Tornado scoffs.] “spoken like a true man of God!”

“I told you I was a preacher first” [D’Von straightens his suit jacket.] “And a biznessman second!”

“Forget it!”

[Tornado moves to walk away, but is suddenly grabbed on the arm by a frustrated Chambers.]

“No mah brotha, you forget it!” [Chambers glares.] “Tonight we begin our business venture together and then at State of Emergency you’re getting baptized into the Church. Either through the blood of Christ… or that of your own!”

[Tornado pulls his arm away from Chambers forcefully, a threatening look in his eyes.]

“Don’t count on it!”

[With that, Tornado turns, heading down the hall in preparation for his upcoming match. Meanwhile, a frustrated Chambers looks ahead before glancing upward once more at the black bile on the wall.] [Fade to black.]


[Knock Knock!] [The sounding of a clubbing fist bangs against a large wooden door, shaking it fiercely with every blow. Finally, it swings abruptly open, barely swiping past the knocker’s face.] [Speaking of the knocker, we’ve never seen him before. He stands shirtless, chubby, battered and bruised outside The Temple of Solomon; a sight to behold.]

“Look, I told you man, you’re not coming in.”

[A defiant Templar stands in his way.]

“Will you stop being an asshole?” [The guy responds.] “I need to speak with Godfrey or Rhodes.”

“We’re a little preoccupied at the moment. I’m not sure if you’re aware, sir, but there’s a war for humanity taking place and we’ve suffered causalities.”

[The man rolls his eyes.]

“Oh, really?” [He says, placing his hand in some of the rising infection, and plucking it away with aplomb.] “I had no fucking idea. You’re in a tough spot, right? Well I didn’t come for the cookies, milk and religion kiddo. I came to help.”

[The Templar steps outside, frustrated.] “I warned you once before; we are not receiving no visitors. I will not tell you again.”

[He draws his sword, pointing it towards the visitor. He reaches out, flicking the blade with his finger.]

“Does it really have to be this way?” [He asks.] “Can’t we all just get along?”

[Instead of waiting, the man attempts to push his way into the temple, forcing The Templar to act. He lunges forward, driving his sword immediately through the man’s chest.] [Breathless and in agony, he falls to his knees.]

“Now why did you have to go and do that?”

[The Templar steps back, carefully edging back into the Temple and closing the door.] [The poor man, bruised and battered, now lay dying where he once stood.] [Cut.]


[Marvolo and LH Harrison are stood in the ring as The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy blasts through the speakers. Ethan Rose charges to the ring, slides under the bottom rope and spears Marvolo right through the middle ro–Marvolo side steps, sending Ethan tumbling to the floor outside!] [Marvolo is distracted just enough for Harrison to stun him with a swift kick between the legs. LOW BLOW! Only now does the bell sound! Harrison follows up by bouncing off the ropes and drop kicking the side of Marvolo’s head, but NO! Marvolo see’s it coming and stands up, swatting Harrison’s legs out of the way. Marvolo flops on top of Harrison for a quick pin! ON–NO! Ethan Rose drags Marvolo from the ring by his boot. He grabs Marvolo from behind and hits him with a German Suplex into the fan barrier! Marvolo is down, holding his head. Harrison is on his feet goading Ethan Rose to return to the ring. Ethan is trash talking back from outside the ring.] [Rose slides back into the ring under the bottom rope and is met with stomps from Harrison to the back and the back of the head. As Rose fights his way to his feet Harrison boots him in the gut, tucking Rose’s head between his legs. Looking here for THE MOCKERY! He lifts rose for a package piledriver, but Rose counters! Back body drop! Marvolo slides back into the ring as Harrison lies on the mat recovering. Rose is quick to get to him, SUPERKI–NO! Marvolo ducks! ROLLING KOPPU KICK! Rose stumbles backwards and Marvolo charges, arms raised, looking to splash Rose in the corner. Rose moves, Marvolo hits the turnbuckle gently, missing his target but avoiding injury.] [Marvolo is in the corner and, with Harrison down on his knees Ethan Rose looks to take charge. He rushes across the ring to the opposing corner before charging across the ring. He runs up the body of Marvolo and hits a double footed stomp right to his face! Rose backflips off his opponent and lands on his fee–LOST HOPE! LOST HOPE OUT OF NOWHERE! Harrison catches Rose mid-air and connects with his patented Code Breaker. Harrison is quick back to his feet. Marvolo stumbles forwards right into ANOTHER LOST HOPE! This is over! Marvolo oversells, staggering around the ring slowly before face planting right on top of Ethan Rose. WAIT! That’s a pin! ONE! T–Harrison hops on top of both men! ONE! TWO! Rose’s shoulder is UP! Marvolo is still pinned! THREE!] [LH Harrison picks up the win and his arm is raised by the referee as his two opponents lie groaning on top of one another.]


[In the bowels of the Tap Room, things are beginning to change. The infection that has taken hold of Old School Wrestling since Noah’s birth has begun to invade the walls, weakening them at their foundation.] [The crumbling decayed concrete, slowly starts giving way, only it isn’t alone in beginning to fall. Multiple Templars have been infected, and now find themselves laying on cots throughout the underground tunnels.] [Captain Zappa and Solomon Rhodes walk through those tunnels, surveying the carnage before their very eyes.]

“Your men are beginning to fall,” [Zappa notes.] “And with them, the walls of this temple.”

[Rhodes nods.] “Stay strong, Zappa. The infection will spread but until the keys are in their possession, these walls will remain strong. They have been warded for generations, designed to withstand this threat.”

[They walk into the alter room, stopping for a moment.]

“I must ask, [he says pulling Rhodes to one side.] “Do you know how to enter the Underworld?” [Captain Zappa abruptly asks, to the surprise of Rhodes.] “I believe Godfrey has the answers we seek and I just can’t sit idly by whilst these poor souls are tortured. They need our help to break free of Crowley.”

[Solomon places a hand on his shoulder.]

“Brother, you must be patient. Can’t you see that we are being attacked on all fronts? The walls are crumbling, our men are falling and the keys are scattered. Even you are injured. The revenants will be saved, I give you my word; but in due time.”

[Zappa bows his head.] [Just then, Godfrey bursts in.] “Commander, I have some fantastic news.”

“What is it?”

[He’s breathless, but continues.]

“You must proceed to this location,” [he hands over a document.] “Edward Newton has sent co-ordinates for the meet. I suspect the revenants will be there and you must get possession of the key. Your opportunity awaits!”

[Rhodes and Zappa, armed with that knowledge, swoop out of the room.] [Cut.]


[It’s a big fight feel as it’s Tornado teaming up with the 2017 Ring King and the current Rewind Champion going up against The Chosen One with The Sharkman and the current Double Feature Champion!] [The bell sounds as Tornado wisps across the ring to take down Jacen Novan with a lightning quick dropkick to the knee! Novan falls momentarily as Tornado rolls to his feet, hits the ropes, and hits a spinning headscissors that sends The Chosen One across the ring. Jacen is being beaten by speed as Tornado quickly darts up to the top rope. He leaps… and finds THE DARKNESS WITHIN! The bullhammer stops his winds! Jacen doesn’t go for a pin, but he pulls him to his corner and tags in The Sharkman. The masked vigilante swims onto the top rope and leaps off for a diving headbutt! FIN-NISH HIM!] [The Sharkman doesn’t finish his prey, but he reaches out and tags in El Trebol Jr! He follows suit and leaps over the top rope, hooking his feet, and falls into a senton! El Trebol Jr. leaps onto the second rope before moonsaulting backwards onto poor Tornado. Tornado begins to crawl towards his corner, but El Trebol Jr. stops him with some direct kicks to the side of his head! Chambers tries to get into the ring, but the referee isn’t allowing that happen. Regardless, Lee Crowley sneaks around with something in his hand. CROWBAR TO THE HEAD OF EL TREBOL! Jacen Novan and The Sharkman stomp into the ring as Lee Crowley deposits the crowbar as he leaves the ring. The referee turns around and grabs both men to direct them towards their own corner.] [Chambers takes this opportunity to drag Tornado towards his own corner and tag himself in once the referee was looking. He rushes towards El Trebol Jr., hits the ropes, and leaps for a huge splash on the mini-man! Trebol is clutching his ribs in agony as D’Von Chambers lifts him up into a high cross position! As he begins to turn, The Sharkman pulls El Trebol out of harm’s way by his leg! Chambers stops as both masked men run and nail a simultaneous dropkick! Chambers is snapped across the ring where he slams into his own turnbuckle! SUSHI KICK TO CHAMBERS! He falls onto his face as El Trebol Jr. climbs to the top turnbuckle. He extends his arms and leaps! AL VER VERDE! HE COVERS! One… Lee and Tornado enter the ring… Two… SHARK DIVE OUT OF NOWHERE TAKES DOWN BOTH MEN!…THREE!] [A huge win for this team as Jacen Novan, The Sharkman, and El Trebol Jr. celebrate in their own unique ways.]


[Earlier Tonight.] [El Trébol Jr. makes his way into the Tap Room, Double Feature Championship slung over his shoulder as he looks closely at the walls, noticing the infection oozing from them onto the floor. Suddenly, a familiar voice calls to him from the distance. Trébol turns to face Kashim, who points at the walls.]

“This is the world now, infected…diseased. Do you see what’s happening to this world, within the walls of this place? Have you chosen to stand against it, or to sit by and do nothing?”

[Trébol opens his mouth to respond, but Kashim cuts him off.]

“No need, I know your heart. It is the same as every man since the beginning…selfishness. I will show you the way to salvation, and it starts with letting go of selfish desires.”

[He eyes the championship on Trébol’s shoulders with those last words, drawing the ire of the luchador.]

“I see what you’re trying to do, Kashim. This title is more than just an accomplishment…it’s a key to stopping this infection, and I won’t let it fall into the wrong hands.”

[Kashim chuckles with a smile.]

“The power that key holds is enough to finally put an end to the failure that is humanity. You all have failed your maker time and time again…and I’m here to make things right. I can put an end to this disease before it gets any worse, and all I need is—”

[The fallen angel is interrupted by booming footsteps…and an angry Imhotep enters the hall, glaring at both Trébol and Kashim with a snarl on his face.]

“The decay of this world will end at my hand, not yours. After I’ve destroyed both of you, I will sit upon the throne that has been prepared for me…and every knee shall bow to the Pharaoh.”

[Imhotep continues to stare down his adversaries, refusing to yield any power to them by leaving. Trébol looks at Kashim and Imhotep, ready to defend his key and the power it holds.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, it is a battle between two members of the family as Max Million and Jensen Cussen face off. Will it be a friendly competition or a family feud? We find out next!] [DING! DING! The two members are hot out of the gates and the two brawlers are swinging massive right hands at each other! Max Million has the advantage and he charges at Jensen with a clothesline! No! Jensen rolls under it and BICYCLE KICK to Max Million! Million is rocked and rolls to the outside! Jensen goes between the ropes to follow after him! Million kicks the middle rope! Jensen Cussen is crotched right on the rope! Max Million slides in the ring! He grabs Jensen by the head! He is still hung up on the rope! ROPE-ASSISTED DDT! Jensen is spiked into the canvas!] [Max mounts Jensen and lands some heavy hammer fists on his fellow family member! Jensen sees an opening, grabs Million’s shirt and tosses him throat first into the ropes! Million is holding his throat gasping for air! Jensen slides behind him! Jensen hits the TRIFECTA! First, a dragon suplex then a tiger suplex following it up a straight jacket suplex! He bridges with the last one! One…Two… Million gets the shoulder up! Jensen goes to the top rope! He wants to make sure Million is down! He jumps for the sky high elbow drop! Million rolls out of the way!] [Jensen lands hard on the elbow and grimaces in pain! Million has found a target and PUNT KICK to the arm! He starts stomping away on the arm! Jensen crawls to a rope to get away from this onslaught! The ref pulls Million off of Jensen! Jensen pops up and charges at Million but Million cuts him off with a BIG BOOT TO THE ARM! Jensen clutches the arm! Max does not stop there, he goes for the muscle buster! Jensen blocks the lift with the HAIR TRIGGER! LIGHTNING FAST JAWBREAKER FOLLOWED BY BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! SUPERKICK AND CUSSEN COVERS! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Jensen pulls out the win out of nowhere by breaking the jaws of defeat! Great win over a very game brother in the family!]


[An abandoned house.] [Edward Newton paces the floor nervously, waiting for the arrival of Lee Crowley. Tonight, the King of The Underworld delivers on his end of the bargain; the book of the dead. Suddenly, there’s a flash of lightning and he appears, stood before the World Champion, a large leather book within his possession.]

“I’ve found what you seek, Edward,” [Crowley says with a smile.] “It wasn’t easy.”

[Newton smiles.] “But well worth it, I’m sure.”

[He walks over to Lee and attempts to take the book, only The King pulls it back.]

“I don’t understand. By now, you must be aware of what those Championships are worth to my cause. With each key in our possession, the Tap Room becomes more vulnerable. As the infection spreads, and the keys unlock the temple, the world becomes ripe for the taking.”

“I may have heard something to that effect, yes.”

[Crowley frowns.] “Which begs the question, why would you continue to offer up one of those keys in exchange for a book that may or may not have the answer to your survival. The truth is; you wouldn’t.”

[Suddenly, the entire building starts to shake. Rubble begins to fall with dust from the ceiling, and a portal opens up within the ground. Bruce Van Chan and LH Harrison climb out from within, quickly lunging towards Newton. As the Revenants grapple with the World Champion, Lee Crowley snatches the belt from around his waist.]

“What do you think you’re doing?” [Edward screams, being restrained by the Revenants.] “We had a deal, Crowley!”

“Don’t worry Edward, you can live on,” [he promises.] “I have a place picked out for you in my Kingdom. We’ll be seeing a lot more of each other. Take him away, boys.”

[They start to frogmarch him towards the portal when suddenly, a sword slides through the mid-section of Bruce Van Chan. It’s pulled out almost as quickly as it entered, and a boot follows, kicking him back into the portal.] [It’s Solomon Rhodes!] [Harrison runs towards Edward Newton, attempting to dive at him and drag him down to the Underworld – only Captain Zappa pulls him out of the way, forcing LH back into the portal that quickly closes.] [All three search for Crowley, only he’s gone, as is the OSW World Championship.]

“We must find it,” [Rhodes desperately says.] “Before it’s too late.”

[Captain Zappa helps Edward Newton back to his feet.]

“You’re not alone, Edward,” [Zappa assures him.] “This fight is bigger than rivalries, bigger than individuals, and bigger than Old School Wrestling. Those two souls have been corrupted by Crowley and we intend to bring them back. At State of Emergency, we’re going to fight until both men are restored and no longer puppets to the King of the Underworld.”

[Rhodes interrupts.] “And you’re going to fight Crowley to regain possession of what we need most; the key, your OSW World Championship.”

[Edward gulps.] [Zappa continues.]

“Join the fight, Newton. Join the fight.”



[The war for the Taproom and earth itself rages as one the stalwart heroes Cael Gable fights a former hero in Bruce Van Chan. Can Gable regain some momentum for the light or will Crowley’s Revenant warrior tear him apart?] [The bell sounds as Gable rushes forward, taking Van Chan down with a huge double leg takedown, raining down heavy hands to the covering up revenant. Gable misses a wild right, Bruce leveraging him over as he tries to lock in the Van Chaninator! Gable quickly scrambles out of the hold, getting to his feet into a huge standing dropkick. Bruce leaps up high, clipping Gable in the jaw as he stumbles into the corner] [Bruce sizes Gable up for a moment before rushing forward, STINGER SP…GABLE MOVES! Van Chan hits the turnbuckles chest first as he stumbles out of the corner, GOLD RUSH! That massive spear nearly cuts Bruce in half as Gable drops down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Van Chan just gets the shoulder up! Gable sizing Van Chan up as he slowly stands to his feet, GERMAN SUPLEX!] [A second, a third, a fourth but as Gable tries for a fifth, the revenant slips out, clipping Gable in the back of the head with an enziguri. Gable’s lights look out as Van Chan hooks him up for a DDT, before lifting him up into a Fisherman’s Suplex, NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP! The Fisherman’s DDT could be it but Van Chan doesn’t cover, sliding back as Gable slowly rises to his feet, leaping up, GOOD NIGHT! The Cutter knocks Gable out cold as Van Chan covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Revenant Bruce Van Chan picks up a huge victory here tonight, proving as good in the ring he was as a hero, he may be even greater as a soldier of Lee Crowley]


[The weeks have been weird for The Olympian as he traverses the halls of The Taproom with a satchel draped across him. The black, festering mucus that coats the walls seems almost an afterthought to him as he continues lost in thought.]

“You seem… uncertain.”

[The words are aloud and bring this Cael to a complete stop as he tries to find the location of the sound, yet even the lighting in the halls of The Taproom seem darkened by the presence of this virus.]

“For a man who says his intentions are righteous, it was you who subjected me to this black infection.”

“You attacked me!” [says Cael to the darkness surrounding him as his eyes continue to scan for the source.] [A flash of red as Doubt darts out of the darkness with a gloved hand wrapped around the throat of Cael Gable as he presses him up against one of the only clean walls. Gable seems to be still a little tired from his match.]

“And now I’m doing so again. You left me to perish as you sought to clear yourself of the infection. Your selfish actions have once again chosen the side of darkness over good. Your uncertainties are transforming you, Cael, into a soldier of evil.”

[Cael Gable reaches into his satchel and pulls out a small picture. He holds it out as Doubt releases him to examine it.]

“I know you’re in there, Johnathan. I thought that The Virus would kill this monster holding you captive, but I was mistaken. I know now that there is only one course of action left. At State of Emergency, I will defeat this monster and maybe then you can join us among the living.”

[A moment passes as Doubt’s hand strokes the picture which shows Johnathan and Syndi together.] [Happy.] [A right hand catches Gable right on the nose as blood begins to gush from it as he slumps down. The Masked Emotion looks down at him before dropping the picture.]

“Johnathan is no more. In trying to release him, you have only proven yourself to be more of an agent of evil. Next week, I will harness your soul and finally then, you can relinquish yourself of all doubt.”

[The Masked Emotion turns and leaves as the picture is shown slowly sinking into the black bile as it bubbles and pops.]


[It’s a big tag team match with two new allies in Solomon Rhodes and Captain Zappa going up against two foes of recent weeks in King Royal and Ordell Terminus!] [The bell sounds as Ordell Terminus starts this one off with Solomon Rhodes. King Royal says something that catches the attention of Ordell who turns slightly. He returns his attention to Rhodes, but he’s flattened by a flying single leg dropkick! It catches him square on the chin and Rhodes rushes towards the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He looks down and motions for something big, but King Royal rushes towards him! Kick to the chin of Royal, but Ordell uses the opportunity to leap to the top rope with a strong uppercut! Ordell hooks the neck of Solomon! Swinging neckbreaker from the top rope!] [Both men are down as Captain Zappa and King Royal both look antsy to get into the ring. Both men slowly begin crawling towards their corner and leap out! IN comes Royal! IN comes Zappa! They meet in the center of the ring with shot after shot! Zappa, being the bigger, gets the upperhand as he leans in for a headbutt! Royal’s hands fly to his nose just as Zappa lowers his shoulder to pick up Royal and eyes the corner. He rushes towards it for INTERGALACTIC INER– but Royal slips out the back! Zappa’s momentum carries him right into the turnbuckle as he crashes and bounces back groggily. Royal is there and wraps his arms around the waist of Zappa. HEADBUTT from Zappa as Royal’s hands release their grasp!] [Royal is staggered once more by the sheer violence of Captain Zappa! He whirls around and pulls King Royal’s head between his legs and leaps up for a piledriver! THE LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! Zappa hooks the legs of the King! One…Two…Ordell breaks it up! Solomon rushes into the ring as well with a leaping enzuigiri! Ordell is staggered before Rhodes gets back to his feet and nails him with a RED CROSS! A huge leaping codebreaker that flattens him! Royal gets to his knees. DARK WISH! The superkick flattens him just as Zappa climbs to the top rope. ZETAVARIUM! Twisting moonsault lands flush on the King as he hooks the legs! One…Two…THREE!] [A big win here for this dynamic duo! They celebrate their victory by finding different corners to greet their audience. Ordell Terminus rolls out of the ring clutching his head as he makes his way quickly up the rampway as Royal is following along slowly behind him.]


[Brushing through the curtain to the backstage area, Ordell Terminus quickly finds himself running into someone who he didn’t expect to see.] [Betamax.]

“Really?” [Terminus sighs.] “I get it, you people aren’t going to help me. Is this the salt in the wound portion for you royal folks?”

[Betamax actually chuckles at that comment.]

“Bugger off with all that, lad.”

[Terminus raises an eyebrow at the change in Betamax’s demeanor from the last few weeks. He seems more like, well… more like Betamax.]

“Listen up, kid. I get it, I really do. You got a big deal on your hands with this whole Underworld thing. Trust me, the Chief and I have spent months working on figuring all this shit out. And I laid all of it out to my bloody cousin, but he has his head up his own arse.”

[Terminus nods in agreement at that.]

“He doesn’t trust anyone right now, and that damn woman he keeps around isn’t helping. But my point here is that I think he’s ready to come around. Nigel’s a stuffy prick, but you running around begging him for help isn’t going to work. You want the Royal army, you let me do this my way.”

[Before Ordell can answer, King Royal busts through the curtain with a scowl on his face. Ordell’s eyes narrow as Betamax seems to shift before us into a less boisterous version of himself.]

“M’lord, this man that wishes to employ your forces has come to me once more. He…”

[Royal raises a hand to dismiss Betamax’s concern.]

“One does not care, cousin. You have spoken distrust of Ordell Terminus for weeks now, but the King does not need to take your advice. He makes his own decisions.”

[Betamax winks at Ordell as Royal continues.]

“In a week’s time, the King will meet this so-called Gateway to Greatness in battle. Should you impress your King, Ordell Terminus, then one may consider joining your fight. If you do not, then one may find the dungeons to be colder in the King’s new domain.”

[Royal saunters off from a confused Terminus, while Betamax nods to him.]

“Trust me, kid.”

[Betamax turns to follow his cousin away, leaving Terminus shaking his head.]


[Knock Knock!] [The sounding of a clubbing fist bangs against a large wooden door, shaking it fiercely with every blow.] [This could easily be de-ja-vu.] [The door once more swings open, only this time, the shocked and gaunt expression of the Templar who opened it speaks volumes. Why? Because stood opposite, unbelievably, is the man he killed only hours ago.]

“How can this be?”

[The man shakes his head.] “That wasn’t pleasant.”

“But I killed you. I drove my sword through your chest. I saw you fall. I saw you…”

[He interrupts.] “Die?”

“Yes. I saw you die. What kind of demon are you?”

[Once again, he pulls his sword.]

“You shall not pass, demon!”

[The man rolls his eyes.]

“Are we really going to do this again?” [He asks with a sigh.] “Because, well, fuck it.”

[He grabs the sword, plunging it once again through his chest – only this time, he walks forward, sliding down the blade. Blood spews from the wound, pouring onto the floor as he approaches the Templar, face to face, self-impaled on his sword.]

“W-What are you?” [The Templar asks, with a shaky tone.] “Who are you?”

“You can call me Never Dead Dan,” [Dan responds with a bloodied smile.] “And I’d really like to meet your bosses when I wake up.”

[Dan falls once again to his knees, then to his side, collapsing as the Templar looks on in horror.] [He steps backwards, slamming the door behind him with a thud, leaving his sword inside Dan – who we zoom in on, blood dribbling from his mouth.]

“Great,” [he mutters.] “Just fucking great.”



[Tonight two pillars of the evil, one knowingly, one ignorant, step into the ring together. Will The Mother of all things be able to best the Light Warrior? Or will Lux Bellator emerge victorious?] [Lux and Mother circle one another, readying for the battle. Lux rushes forward, but catches a stiff elbow to the temple for his troubles. He stumbles, and Mother follows with another heavy elbow. She stays on him and and shoves him to the corner. She whips him to the far corner and follows lifting a HIGH KNEE to his midsection. He drops to his hands and knees. Mother hopes to the middle ropes, and leaps off, KNEE DROP TO THE BACK OF LUX’S HEAD!! He’s out! She jumps on his back! MOTHER’S EMBRACE!! Lux is is major trouble! He awakens to the pain, and squirms in pain! He reaches for the ropes!] [And just gets them! The referee breaks the hold. Mother rolls to her feet and pulls Lux up by the mask. She whips him into the far ropes, and braces for a back body drop, but instead takes Bellator’s bare foot to the face!! She rocks back and Lux nails her with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! ANOTHER!! ANOTHER!! She bounces off the ropes and Bellator jumps… HURRICANRANA! She’s buried in the canvas. Lux sprints to the top turnbuckle… MOONSAULT! He lads with a thud across Mother’s chest and hooks a leg… One… Two… THREE!!] [NO! She barely kicks out! Lux looks at the referee with disdain, and quickly gets to his feet. He pulls Mother up by her black hair, when suddenly… JAWBREAKER!! Lux is rocked with the surprise strike! He stumbles backwards, and Mother falls into a Crab Walk… she creeps towards him… CRAB KICK!!! Lux drops like a stone, and Mother pounces into a cover… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Mother rips him up, but he hits her with a THUMB TO THE EYE!! She stumbles away… He stalks her, looking for a DISCIPLE MAK…. BLACK MIST! Bellator is blinded and drops to a knee! HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Mother pulls off a huge victory over Lux Bellator! These two titans of evil gave each other a taste of the hell they want to unleash on the Earth, and Mother came out victorious!]


[The unkept hair of Tommy Wright is the first thing to come into picture as the intense glare follows. His eyes are focused in a direction with an unblinking deterrence.] [Following the line of sight reveals none other than The Phoenix himself, Ethan Rose. Ethan, seemingly feeling the presence of eyes on him, turns towards Wright with a shit-eating grin.]

“Can I help you with something, lad? Do you want to take me to dinner or somethin’?”

[Wright pushes off the wall he was leaning against and makes his way towards Ethan Rose with his lip upturned.]

“I want to know how you did it.”

“Oh fuck off. I’ve had enough of your questionin’, ‘Gov.’”

“That fire left a scar across my chest and you walked through the flames without even the slightest of scratches. How do you account for that? I need to know, and you’re going to tell me, bruv.” [Wright points at the now-healed scar on his chest seemingly caused by the fire from Red Snow.]

“Oh, am I?” [says The Phoenix as he rises to his feet.]

“In fact, you are. I don’t give a damn about the fact that I wasn’t chosen. I want to know who I can give the receipt for this burn, and I know that you hold the answers.”

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re even talkin’…”

[Before he can finish this sentence, Wright headbutts him, grabs him by his head, and flings him against the wall! Rose was caught off guard, but he tries to get to his feet only to find a foot pressing him to the floor. His face only inches from the disgusting black ooze lining the walls. Wright leans down with his knee planted firmly on Rose’s back.]

“Who made the fire?”

“I don’t-“

“SHUT UP!” [A forearm strike to the back of Rose’s head!]

“I don’t know what is going on with this virus spreading through The Taproom, or why this fire decided you were worthy. Tell me who made the fire.”

“I can’t. I don’t know you fuckin’ lunatic!”

[Wright pauses for a moment before grabbing Rose’s face and pressing it towards the black sludge before releasing him and dusting off his hands.]

“At State of Emergency, you’re going to tell me who made the fire, and, if I don’t like the answer, you’re going to find out what happens to those who don’t have the Wright answer.”

[A kick straight to the ribs of Ethan Rose as Tommy Wright leaves him staring straight into The Virus spreading even further into the recesses of The Taproom.]


[In every great company, there are cornerstones and OSW is no different. Three men who have defined this company and seek to save it from utter destruction find themselves in heated war tonight. Which Pillar will remain standing and which two will shatter tonight?] [The bell sounds as all three men stare at eachother for one moment, sizing up the opponents they know so well before Lane rushes forward, drilling Kersh in the chest with a running dropkick to the chest. Kersh goes down as Lane turns to Scarecrow who hasn’t moved yet, Lane motioning for the Hayman to join the fight but Crow merely tilts his head, looking behind Lane as the Shadow turns around, HUGE LARIAT! Kersh nearly turns Lane inside out with that huge clothesline as he drops down for the cover] [ONE…TW…Lane gets the shoulder up! Kersh pulls Lane up to his feet, drilling him with huge lefts and rights before tossing him across the ring with a huge Belly to Belly. Lane slowly gets up as Kersh rushes forward, trying for another Lariat but Lane ducks, causing Kersh to nail Crow! The Hayman stumbles back a few steps, flicking his head towards the Enforcer before nailing him with a huge HAYMAKER! Kersh staggers away, SHADOW KICK! That Superkick landed flush and Brent Kersh may be out cold!] [Lane turns his attention to Crow, as the two explode on one another with lefts and rights fire out from both competitors as Crow takes advantage with a huge right hand before grabbing Lane by the throat. He can’t lift him up for the Chokeslam as Lane manages to wiggle out, landing a hard kick to the right leg that drops Crow to one knee before rolling back, SHADOW…BYE BYE BIRDIE! Lane nearly gets driven through the mat as Kersh slowly gets to his feet. Two old rivals rush at one another, Kersh drilling Crow with a series of furious blows before trying to lift him up high in the air. Crow slips out as a huge Haymaker nearly knocks Kersh out cold before Crow lifts him up, BYE BYE BIRDIE…ONTO MIKE LANE! The Hayman drops down, covering both men, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Hayman picks up an almost dominating victory over his fellow Pillars, showing off why he’s a feared monster here in OSW as Lane and Kersh slowly rise to their feet in the middle of the ring]


[The cornerstones of OSW all stand in the ring opposite each other. They have now tested one another in the preceding match.] [Brent Kersh looks resigned, but determined.] [Mike Lane smirks.] [The Scarecrow looks to them both. Waiting…] [They nod.] [The fluttering of crows.] [Darkness.] [The Family Home. The Ark. Noah’s Ark.] [Lux Bellator kneels in a corner, silently in prayer after testing himself against Mother earlier. DTR sits in his decrepit chair, his mind mulling over God knows what.] [SHADOW KICK!] [DTR is flung back into his chair, The Shadow grabbing him around the throat. Lux Bellator reacts quickly, but Brent Kersh appears.] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [The Enforcer picks up Lux by the mask, holding his head up towards the enraged Mike Lane.]

“Where’s the fucking kid!?”

[Lane’s screams seem to reach both the barely conscious Lux Bellator and the Virus himself.] [But DTR is laughing. Even with Lane’s hand around his throat. The Shadow slaps DTR across the face, pushing him away.]

“Your spawn killed The Chief. He caused all this shit to happen.”

[Kersh looks a little uncomfortable at this display, but he’s obviously agreed to it.]

“Crow?!?” [Lane yells out.] [The Scarecrow casually walks from another room, shaking his head.]

“Noah’s not here. We were expected.”

[Kersh drops Lux’s head to the ground while Lane gets up off of DTR with a shove. He hammers his hand into decaying wall next to DTR, the sludge having to be shaken off from his hand.]

“Does how little you know bother you?”

[The Founding Fathers all turn their attention to the door, where Mother now stands.]

“Fathers of men. Fathers of women. Fathers of death. Fathers of broken promises. The three of you truly believed that you would be able to just walk in here and take what these two men cherish more than anything else.”

[She laughs in their faces.]

“Fools. Mother knows best, children.”

[She turns her attention to each of his opposers in turn, lingering on them in turn.]

“Deep within you, each of you knows the truth of this war and what it will take to win it.”

[Another laugh.]

“But you will still fail.”

[Darkness takes the room, Mother’s voice lingering.]

“Only you can end this.”



[Two brothers meet in the ring. Cain and Abel, the Jeckels, must come to blows with one another. Can Jack talk sense into Jake, or does Jake only know violence?] [The match is underway and Jake doesn’t look to hold back against his own flesh and blood, rushing forward with a flurry of punches to Jack! The younger Jeckel gets forced back into the turnbuckle by the flurry, unable to fight back!]

“You wanna talk sense to me!?”

[JAKE HEADBUTTS JACK! The force busts the other Juggalo wide open! Jake doesn’t stop for a moment before suplexing Jack into the middle of the ring! He grabs Jack by the hair and lifts him up to yell at him again.]

“You don’t know shit about what she meant to me, Jacky!”

[Jake is merciless as he heaves Jack to his feet, whipping him to the ropes, coming back for a big boot- CHUCK THE CHAINSAW! DISCUSS CLOTHESLINE BY JACK JECKEL! Jake hits the ground neck first, choking from the massive blow by Jack. Jake is livid as he rises, foaming at the mouth and TACKLING JACK TO THE GROUND!] [Jake swings wildly with lefts and rights to Jack! He refuses to allow Jack a chance to fight back- JACK WITH A HEADBUTT TO JAKE! Jake is rocked by the move, and Jack rolls him off before leaping onto him with his own blows!]





[Each punch is punctuated by a blow to the face by Jack, The Boogeyman not showing any love to his brother as he literally tries to beat sense into him, each blow bloodying Jake more and more! THUMB TO THE EYE BY JAKE! Jack is forced to back off as Jake gets up! FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW! Jack spits blood from his mouth as the blow forces him away from Jake!]

“Fuck you, Jacky!”

[Jake grabs Jack from behind! CLOWN POSSE-PLEX! ROLLING GERMAN SUPLEXES! Jake suplexes Jack over and over, not letting up until he throws Jack across the ring with a final release!] [Jack is on the ground in pain, trying to fight to his feet as the enraged Jake advances on him, grabbing him and throwing him to the turnbuckle, forcing an elbow to his throat as he gets right into his face.]

“She was my world! You can’t tell me anything I don’t already know! YOU CAN’T FUCKING SPEAK FOR HER!”

[KNEE TO THE MIDSECTION BY JACK! Jake is stunned as Jack uses both feet to kick him to the ground in front of the turnbuckle! He scales to the top and leaps without a second thought! CAR CRASH! DIVING FOOTSTOMP!] [Jake is left breathless by the crushing blow to the chest, Jack leaning over Jake, letting him gasp for air as he places a hand around his throat, pulling him up to his face.]

“She’s gone! You wanna carry her, then carry her fuckin’ memory!”

[HEADBUTT TO JAKE! The eldest Jeckel is still defenseless as Jack hoists him up! BOOGEYMAN BOMB! Jake is in a heap on the ground as Jack walks around him, blood dripping from his face as he leans down once more to talk to his brother- FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW! JACK IS FORCED BACK! Both men are up!] [Both brothers look at one another, a mess of blood and facepaint running down their faces as they rush towards each other, locking up and forcing one another back and forth, jockeying for control!]

“I loved her, Jack! You don’t know what’s it’s like to lose that!”

“I did lose someone like that! And she’s gone because of you!”

[Jake looks in shock before Jack kicks him in the stomach! He’s sent reeling back and Jack hits the ropes, coming back for THE JACK IN THE BOX! CURBSTOMP TO JAKE! Jack rolls him over and pins!] [One!] [Two!] [Three!] [Jack comes out on top! Both brothers rise to their feet, both men looking at each other, neither sure what is to come next.]


[The battle is over, but bad blood still stands between the two Jeckels, the Juggalos staring one another down, blood soaking their clothing from their brutal match.]

“I was trying to help, Jake. I know what it’s like to lose someone I love, I lost my girl. But through the hate, and the anger, I knew she would never want me to hate you for an accident, even if you caused it. I wanted to carry her too, so I carried her memory.”

[Jake walks towards Jack, still sneering, a look of pure hatred on his face as he moves closer to his brother. Jack looks back at him and shakes his head.]

“Those things, they ain’t her followers, Jack. There ain’t a cure for them. The Family killed her and fuckin’ desecrated what she was. I’m gonna put them in the ground, and I’m gonna put her followers outta their misery.”

[Jack places a hand on Jake’s shoulder.]

“And I’ll help you. Those bastards took her from you, they don’t deserve any sympathy from us.”

[The sound of clapping interrupts their moment, the scene panning towards the entrance where Max Million and Jensen Cussen both stand. Max chuckles as he speaks.]

“Ain’t that sweet. Two brothers finally coming together to mourn some bitch they barely knew. It’s heartwarming, I bet Calypso’s followers would adore that, wouldn’t they, Jensen?”

“I think they would just die to see this, huh?”

[As they speak, numerous infected pour from the crowd, coming to the sides of the ring and slowly closing in. As the two brothers stand back to back, they put up their fists, neither showing any weakness despite their own brutal fight.] [And as they rush towards the infected, fighting them out of the ring, OSW fades out on two brothers against the world.] [Cut.]