[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Dust falls from a cliff edge, rattling down a chasm with the sound of scooting feet not far behind. Slowly we rise from the dust fall, revealing Solomon Rhodes and Captain Zappa stood on that edge, looking into the abyss below.] [They share a terrifying glance as the sound of clapping fills the air.]

“You fooled me,” [King Crowley remarks between sarcastic claps.] “In my house, no less.”

[Zappa gulps.]

“Quite the impressive if not idiotic feat, wouldn’t you say?” [Crowley wades through the waiting army, who remain only inches from our duo.] “But alas, here you gentlemen are, teetering on the edge of your own demise, quite literally.”

[He smiles.]


[Suddenly, he thrusts both of his arms forward, pushing both Solomon Rhodes and Captain Zappa off the cliff edge. The army of the damned behind him roar as both men topple to their inevitable doom.] [Flash.] [In one big flash of white light, they’re both gone.] [Edward Newton.] [In the bowels of the Tap Room, surrounded by Templar Knights, Edward Newton stands smugly in the center. Rhodes and Zappa suddenly appear, landing on their feet, on the concrete only a few yards in front of them.]

“I’m glad you two could join us,” [Newton muses with a gleeful smile.] “I hope the journey wasn’t too unpleasant.”

[Rhodes looks up at him with a sneer, his eyes wide with rage.] “You son of a bitch!”

[He lunges, grabbing Edward by the throat. He slams him backwards into the wall, but suddenly ricochets away, holding the back of his head in pain. Unphased by the suddenly jolt of agony, he right hooks Newton, only his face swings with the force of his own punch, knocking him to a knee.]

“You’re a very silly man, Mr. Rhodes,” [Edward counters, shaking his head.] “Do you know how I brought you back here? It was the book. That beautiful book of the damned has all the answers – even to questions we’ve yet to have been asked. I’ve put a temporary spell upon my person for this exchange, which places any harm done to me, unto he who causes it – a minor measure that one cannot frequent. I may have left you to suffer momentarily, but be assured it was for the benefit of the greater good; for example, the revenants you wish to save.”

[Zappa steps in.]

“You mean that you can save them?”

[Newton nods.] “I can, but there’s more pressing matters at hand. There’s something I must warn you about; Blood. Rivers of blood.”



[The Old Guard faces the new blood here tonight. Will Brent Kersh emerge victoriously? Or will Tommy Wright stand tall?] [Tommy Wright hops around, but Brent’s old knees have no time for that. He rushes forward and locks up with a shoulder/collar tie up. He forces Tommy back to the corner and unlocks, driving a shoulder into Wright’s midsection! Again! Again! Tommy falls forward, but Brent tosses him back into the corner where he collapses on the top turnbuckle! Kersh stands on the second rope and drops a fist to Tommy’s head as the crowd counts to ten! He moves and Tommy stumbles from the corner. Kersh drops him with a RUNNING BULLDOG!! One… Two… Thre… Kickout!] [Brent gets to his feel and grabs Tommy’s shaggy hair to pull him up, but… EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! Brent rocks backwards… and Tommy seizes the moment… EXPLODER SUPLEX!! Kersh is down in a heap! Tommy jumps on top… One… two… thr… Kickout! Tommy is quick to his feet… STANDING SENTON!! He grabs a leg… One… Two… Thre…. NO! Kersh barely kicks out! Tommy holds up three fingers to the ref, but doesn’t waste any time. He rips Kersh up and tucks his head under his shoulder… RED DEVIL!! One… Two… THREE!!!] [NOOO!! The ref spotted Brent’s foot on the bottom rope!! Wright can’t believe it! He rips Brent up and flings him into the far ropes… Tommy bends for a Back Body Drop, but Brent floats over for the most beautiful SUNSET FLIP!! The old man still has it and he rolls him into a pin! One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Kersh spins to his feet, and Tommy kips up! Tommy swings on Brent, who ducks under the punch. Wright spins all the ways around from his momentum, and the Enforcer kicks him straight to the gut… SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!! One… Two… THREE!!!] [The Enforcer wins a hard fought victory over the Hooligan! Kersh makes his way to his feet and looks down at Wright.]


[Previously Recorded.] [Invasion 2017.]

“Did you mean it when you said that everything you do, you do it for her?”

[Jenson Cussen’s voice rings out into the air with a question. The determined eyes of Jacob Phoenix answer the question.]

“I meant it… You want me to save her. You want me to save them both.”

[Standing behind Phoenix, Cussen lowers his head.

“I do.”

[Static distorts the image. As it comes back into focus, the sinister voice of DTR addresses Jensen Cussen.]

“Jacob has sacrificed his life for the greater good.”

[As DTR and Cussen leave the small room, we are left with the image of Jacob Phoenix, blood down his chest, his eyes wide open in fear and terror.] [His eyes fill the screen.] [And close. Mercifully.] [They open suddenly, a ring of fire replacing the irises. Gargling and gasping for air, Phoenix closes his eyes again.] [Static. For a moment.] [Phoenix lays on the floor, the bonds keeping him tied to the chair laying charred on the ground around him. His hand flies to his throat, only finding burnt flesh, his wound cauterized by his own internal fire. Jacob begins to crawl for the door, somehow being granted another chance at life.] [Static.] [Click.] [The Present.] [A cassette is slid out of a VCR to be held up by Jensen Cussen. The older man frowns at the label on the tape: nothing more than the symbol of Jacob Phoenix. Behind Cussen, we can see an open manila envelope on a decrepit table. Two folded pieces of paper jut out from within them.] [Cussen grabs the first of these notes and takes a look at the only visible text, scrawled out in blood.] [For Her.] [Vengeance regards it for a moment, bowing his head in silent contemplation. Instead of reading that one, he pulls out the other note, looking at its label.] [For You.] [As he stuffs the cassette back into the envelope, Cussen holds on to the letters. Pausing before he leaves the room, he shakes his head at the envelope.]

“If you wanted to kill me, I’d already be dead.”

[Cussen slams the door behind him.]

“You let her suffer and die in agony…”

[In the shadows, the form of Jacob Phoenix stands.]

“Death won’t come until you suffer.”



[The bell rings and these two powerhouses collide in the middle of the ring while exchanging lefts and rights! TAM seizes the slight advantage with a boot to the stomach! A hunched over Sokolov is lead to the corner and whipped across the ring which sees him bounce off the turnbuckle and into a giant SUPERMAN PUNCH! Sokolov stumbles backwards against the ropes but springs forward in to a SPEAR by TAM! A quick cover nets nothing as The Red Tsar kicks out at one! Both men are back up … and TAM charges looking for a lariat but Sergei ducks underneath! Using the ropes as leverage, he lunges himself forward with a SPINNING CLOTHESLINE! TAM is down and Sergei attempts to make quick work, hooking the leg! One… two… KICKOUT!] [Sergei helps The Automaton up and scoops him up in a bodyslam position … but he flings him overhead for a FALLAWAY SLAM! TAM isn’t used to being handled in such a way! Sokolov doesn’t relent and follows it up with a massive SIDE SUPLEX! Sokolov hops up to the top-rope and waits for TAM to stand-up and turnaround! As he does, Sergai leaps but TAM quickly drops to a knee and drops Sokolov with a huge UPPERCUT to the chin! Sokolov stumbles backwards and TAM rushes over, draping Sergei’s arm over his shoulder for a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!] [Without an emotion, the Automator carefully calculates his next move. He drops a quick elbow drop on his opponent, popping back up, and landing a second almost immediately. He goes to the well one too many times as Sergei moves out of the way! Both men look to converge in the middle of the ring! TAM backs against the ropes and charges at Sergei! Sokolov is waiting and pops-up TAM up with the NUCLEAR FALLOUT (Pop-up Powerbomb)! He peels TAM up and sets him up for the IRON CURTAIN (Dominator) and covers! One… two… three!]


[A sea of the dead greets us.] [A sea of the damned.] [The Kingdom of Lee Crowley. The Underworld.] [With all of the action taking place, LH Harrison and Bruce Van Chan kneel before the throne of Lee Crowley himself. The Mad King looks them over with an evil smile on his face.]

“M’Lord, you have summoned us?” [Harrison queries, already knowing the answer.]

“Of course, I have, my Revenants.” [Crowley mocks.] “I call, and you answer. My wish is your command.”

[The Revanents take the command in as the Mad King continues.]

“Word has reached my ears of a growing force that wishes nothing more than to breach the gate and take the Underworld for their own. Ordell Terminus, has aligned himself with dangerous foes of ours. King Royal and Betamax. They have an army. They have the support of Janus.”

[Harrison and Van Chan stand to their feet.]

“They will not succeed, my King.” [Bruce confidently states.] [But Crowley does not seem pleased with that answer.]

“Won’t they?” [The Mad King mocks.] “Just as Solomon Rhodes and Captain Zappa did not hand you defeat?”

[The Revenants bristle.]

“Make no mistake, the two of you not being, what did they call it: ‘saved,’ had more to do with factors beyond your control than it did on the actions you yourselves took. I’ve seen what happens when foolish leaders don’t focus on the weak among them.”

[Crowley makes sure Harrison sees that he was talking about him.]

“Even in your current forms, you are still weak against our enemies. It’s time for your true potential to be unleashed.”

[The Mad King points to Bruce, who kneels.]

“Your life ended in drowning. It would be appropriate if that very same water that took your life empowered you.”

[As if on cue, Bruce Van Chan’s body begins to almost turn to ice in some form or fashion.]

“Rise, Proteus. Named after the shepherd of the sea’s flocks, you are now a being of water in all its forms. Ice and mist shall be your allies. Humans are mostly made of water, and you will find that their forms are easy enough to assume.”

[Proteus stands up, his piercing eyes focused on the throne. Crowley indicates Harrison this time.]

“The death of your family changed your life. That fire consumed both them and what remained of your sanity. Now, it will give you power.”

[A flash of fire and smoke consumes LH Harrison. When it fades, what remains is an armored and masked individual.]

“Rise, Helios. The name of the Sun-God fits you well. Just as your partner, the power of fire in all its forms shall give you strength.”

[Helios rises to his feet, the song of ice and fire now being in its opening measures.]

“Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see you two go in and destroy all of the plotting going on, but I think we all know that when you cut one head off, two more rise up. So my mission for the two of you is to hold off on attacking. Infiltrate them, spy on them, find out their secrets. Once you know their path. Destroy them. But I have found someone who will know the best way to do that.”

[Helios and Proteus look at each other with raised eyebrows as Crowley continues.]

“Even with your new identities and power, I’m not sending the two of you alone.”

[The sea of the dead around the throne begins to part. Out of that sea steps a figure. He is dressed like a doctor of old, with a long snouted mask over his face.]

“Isaac Danvers.”

[Danvers joins Helios and Proteus in front of the throne.]

“Masquerading as a Plague Doctor, Isaac here murdered more people than maybe even I have. He even thought he was curing them. Now I send him with you to cure Terminus, Royal, and that meddling Betamax. A doctor’s work is never done they say.”

[With no further word, Crowley nods at the three before him, ushering them away with the wave of his hand.] [A flash of fire consumes Helios. Proteus’s body seems to melt and evaporate into a fine mist. Danvers looks up to his King with a cocked head.]

“I’ll walk.”

[The Underworld has grown much stronger with what we have seen today.] [How will the forces of Good answer?]


[State of Emergency should have been a great night for DTR and a terrible night for everyone else but a hero emerged to save the day. Tonight, in Phoebe Outlaw’s first OSW match in years, the Virus looks to make it her very last] [The bell sounds as DTR rushes forward, surprising Phoebe with a hard knee to the jaw, rocking Outlaw before tossing her across the ring with a huge T-Bone Suplex. Pheebs slowly pulls herself up with the ropes just rolling away as The Virus comes charging forward with a huge clothesline. DTR just stops himself from colliding into the corner as he turns around, ROARING ELBOW!] [That huge elbow nearly knocks the Virus out cold as Pheebs hooks him around the head, running up the ropes before planting him into the mat with a huge Tornado DDT! Outlaw drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…DTR just gets the shoulder up! The Virus slowly rises to his feet as Pheebs grabs him by the midsection, NORTHERN…DTR COUNTERS! A stiff elbow to the back of the head stuns Outlaw as DTR spins her around, REVERSE DD…FALL IN THE BLANK! The Virus drives Outlaw over his knee with massive force as Pheebs is in massive pain] [The Virus doesn’t cover, instead stalking Pheebs as she slowly rises to her feet, KICK TO THE GUT, REASONABLE…NORTHERN LIGHTS! Pheebs hooks back for the cover, ONE…TWO…DTR gets the shoulder up! Both competitors get to their feet, The Virus rushing forward with a clothesline that Outlaw ducks under, grabbing DTR by the back of the head, NORTHERN EXPOSURE! That huge Hangman Neckbreaker stuns DTR on the mat as Outlaw drops down, locking in the Northern Cross! The Virus tries to fight out but he’s trapped in the middle of the ring and with no escape, DTR is forced to reluctantly tap out!] [Phoebe Outlaw does it here, proving she hasn’t lost a single step inside that ring as she picks up a huge victory in her return OSW match. Another hero steps up here tonight as the balance may well shift towards the good after this VHS]


[Harmony.] [The sound of low, comforting music fills the air of this small chapel built within the confines of The Taproom. A stain glass window has been installed at the front above the pulpit where the altar is. No matter the sanctity of this chapel, the black veins of The Virus stretch along the walls.] [A few members of The Congregation sit in the pews saying prayers to themselves as they sit in the presence of their Lord. The screen scans this entire shot before finding focus on one face in particular.] [Cael Gable.] [The young man seems focused on his thoughts as his eyes are closed and his brow seems furrowed in concentration.] [The sound of creaking is heard as someone sits right behind him on the pew. This doesn’t even faze Cael as he continues focusing on his prayer.]

“Pardon my interruption, my son, but is there something I can help you pray over?”

[The voice is instantly noticeable by Cael as he turns around to see The Bishop, D’Von Chambers sitting in the pew with a pleasant smile upon his face and his fingers interlocked in front of him.]

“Actually, you’re just the person I was here to see, Chambers. I need that title back and the sooner the better.”

[The smile of D’Von Chambers spreads with a twinge of trickery beginning to develop.]

“You want this title, do you?” [Chambers holds up the Rewind Championship.] “And what’s so special about this title to you?”

[A moment of hesitation as D’Von Chambers seems to be waiting on the answer that he already knows.]

“It’s a key. It’s important to the fate of The Taproom, and I can’t make it right until I have that title back on the side of good.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean back on the side of good? This title now represents the Lord Almighty as I wear it week after week. This title is now a key to the side of good as long as it stays with yours truly. Now if you want to come around my chapel making requests, you need to understand that no good deed goes unrewarded. If you want something from me, then you’re going to have to do something FOR me.”

[That smile twists just a little bit more.] [Cael Gable turns back to look at the front of the chapel before muttering softly.]

“What do you want?”

[D’Von leans forward.]

“I want what any good Bishop or man of God wants: followers. You make the sacrifice to hitch your wagon to mine and the chariot of the Lord, and you’ll find yourself enjoying all of eternity rather than spending it in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. So what do you say?”

[Cael Gable doesn’t respond as he just stands to his feet and begins to walk away.]

“I’m offering you salvation!” [says Chambers as he too stands up.] “If you’re too naïve to accept this deal, then maybe your poor folks can talk some sense into you.”

[That strikes a nerve as Cael Gable turns around with a fire burning in his eyes. It’s then that two large men step in between Chambers and Gable, blocking Gable from moving any further towards The Bishop.]

“You leave my family out of this! You hear me?! If you drag them into this, it’ll be the last thing you do!”

[Chambers just folds his arms over his chest as he strokes his title absentmindedly.]

“The blood of Christ knows no bounds, and next week, we’ll see what your blood has to say about my little offer.”

[D’Von Chambers smirks to himself as Gable is being pushed out the door despite his complaints as Chambers steps up to the altar and bows his head in reverence.]


[It’s the debut of the brand-new Isaac Danvers as the cryptic figure stands across the ring from the powerful Jacen Novan.] [The bell sounds as these two cryptic individuals make their way towards the center of the ring. Danvers’ hand reaches up and around the throat of Novan who seems caught off-guard a bit! A choke has been applied as Danvers is trying to choke the very life out of Novan and perhaps make him the next victim of his Lobotomy procedures! Novan regains his composure, however, as he kicks Danvers in the mid-section and follows that up with a leaping dropkick that blasts Danvers! The 7’2” giant is staggered backwards a few steps, but his soulless eyes remain on Novan as they look through the plague doctor mask.] [Novan is back to his feet as he looks up at the towering figure before him. Despite the foot differential, Novan rushes forward and strikes with three blows to the midsection as Isaac Danvers throws an elbow which catches Jacen Novan right on the temple as he staggers back from the sheer power of the blow! He reaches down and wraps his hands around the throat of Novan before hoisting him up in the air! Double arm chokeslam! Novan is planted on the mat as Danvers doesn’t seem finished with him just yet. He yanks Novan up quickly. DARKNESS WITHIN!] [That bullhammer elbow just stunned the giant! TIMBURRRR! He slams to the mat for the first time and Jacen Novan leaps into a pinning predicament! One…Two…POWEROUT! Novan is lifted a foot in the air by the sheer strength of that kickout! Isaac Danvers begins to get back to his feet, but Novan is trying his best to cut him off there! Danvers just hits a huge push that sends Novan into the corner! Jacen seems stunned as the large man comes charging across the ring for a running elbow strike in the corner! Novan ducks underneath! The full weight of Danvers carries him into the turnbuckle as he staggers backwards. Novan hops up top! DARKNESS WITHIN FROM THE TOP ROPE! Danvers is nailed with the move as he just falls straight back to the mat! Novan covers with both legs hooked! One…Two…THREE!] [Isaac Danvers may have a foreboding presence, but it wasn’t enough to stop Jacen Novan as he gets to his feet in victory! He holds his neck in curiosity as he looks over his beaten foe.]


[Infection covers the walls of every room inside the Tap Room, and the locker rooms are no different. Despite that, we are greeted by a sight we have not seen in some time.] [Phoebe Outlaw sits on a bench, unwinding after her battle with DTR earlier in the night. Danielle, or Dani for short, Kersh sits beside her, helping her get her stuff packed up.]

“You glad to be back?” [Dani asks her girlfriend.] [Outlaw grins before standing up and stretching her body out wide. Her fingers graze Kersh’s bare shoulder, resting themselves there.]

“There’s nothing like getting back to work after some time off. And there’s nothing like kicking the ass of another yahoo that thinks he’s going to take over the world.”

[A twinkle in her eye, Feebz makes eye contact with Dani.]

“This place reeks. The night is young. And I’d much rather find somewhere a little more cheery to kick off our night. That is, unless you want some us time?”

[Dani grins as she stands up to respond to the offer, but both women are surprised by another voice entering the fray.]

“What’s us time?”

[The couple turn to face their visitor.] [A rag clad, dirty, ghastly little girl. One that Mother keeps around.]

“Tell ya what, kid,” [Phoebe begins.] “It’s time for you to grow up, I think.”

[A chill sweeps over the room as the lights blink on and off. Phoebe quickly takes a guarded position in front of Danielle as they are joined by another.] [Mother.] [Outlaw snorts at her appearance.]

“Some things haven’t changed.” [She says, looking Mother up and down.] “Still ugly. Still smelly. Still dirty. And still a pain in my ass. Why don’t you go back to the playground and get the hell out of my locker room?”

[The Mother of All seems amused by the sass displayed by Feebz, but sinister undertones drop from her words.]

“You shouldn’t be here.” [Mother taunts.] “You and the daughter should be mourning at the grave of the Enforcer. DTR was going to do it, you know? But his death will have to wait for another time.”

[Dani tries to step forward, but Phoebe stops her.]

“Listen, Mother dearest,” [Phoebe replies.] “DTR wasn’t gonna do shit. Cause I wasn’t going…”

[MOTHER BACKHANDS PHOEBE, KNOCKING HER ACROSS THE ROOM!] [Moving with sudden swiftness, Mother grabs Danielle around the chin, whispering in her face.]

“I’m going to take her from you. Personally.”

[Outlaw charges back at Mother, but before she gets there the lights flicker and she and her entourage are gone. Phoebe grabs Dani and looks her over.]

“You alright?”

[Dani nods the affirmative.]

“Yeah.” [She looks for the door.] “I need to go tell my dad.”

[A laugh from Outlaw.]

“We’ll tell him some other time, babe.”

[Determination fills her eyes.]

“I’ll handle this one. Mother’s gonna regret laying her hands on you.”

[The couple embrace for a moment, knowing that the real fight is yet to come.]


[King Royal has his work cut out for him as he faces off against fellow technician Cael Gable. Will the King trump over the Olympian? Or does the gold medalist have an ace up his sleeve… er… tape?] [The bell rings and the two immediately meet with a collar and elbow tie up. Nigel gains the upper hand by locking Cael in a headlock and wrenching it in tight. With a few elbows to the gut, the Olympian is able to loosen the King’s grip and take him down with a snapmare. Gable goes on the offense this time by getting Royal in a chinlock. The king looks surprised for but a moment as he proceeds to stand up and nail the golden boy with a jaw breaker. Nigel goes for a front dropkick, but Cael dodges. Gable goes for an elbow drop, but Royal rolls away. Both men get back up with and stare at each other down.] [Cael attempts to speed things up by getting his opponent into a waistlock and going for a German, but the King holds his ground. He throws a couple elbows at Gable’s head before going behind him for a back suplex-CAEL FLIPPED OUT! CHOP BLOCK! Royal falls to the ground and clutches his knee as the Olympian bounces off the ropes for a basement dropkick. Gable then picks his opponent up and goes for a vertical suplex-ROYAL LANDED BEHIND HIM! BACK SUPLEX FROM THE KING! ANOTHER ONE! AND ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER! ROYAL FLUSH!] [King Royal clutches his leg again as he gets to his feet. He tries to ignore the pain as he lifts Cael to one knee. Nigel smiles at the young lion before drilling him back to the ground with a snap DDT! He thinks about setting up for the Dungeons of London, but THAT DDT JUST WOKE GABLE UP! Royal seems stunned as Cael ails the King with a European uppercut! A second one for good measure! Gable rushes towards the ropes and SPRINGBOARD GOLDEN PARACHUTE! Cael roars out to the crowd and lifts the King for a vertical suplex-PUGHPLEX! IT HIT CLEAN! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Cael showed that his torch isn’t extinguished just yet, taking out a very game Royal! The Olympian climbs to the top rope and raises both arms in victory.]


[An altar.] [A single cone of light shines down upon the decrepit altar, a man kneeling before it, praying.] [Lux Bellator.]

“Lord, I am doing all I can to protect your son, I have built his ark, broke the seals… and now, I must nourish him. But I can not do it alone, I need you to send me someone, anyone to help bleed out your sacrificial lambs. Lord, I am in need of an angel.”

[Lux is lost in prayer, waiting for an answer. When a loud crash breaks him from his trance. The door to the run-down chapel shakes and cracks, wood chipping from its locked doors and littering the ground. Lux smiles as he rises, turning towards the intruder as the door is broken through.]

“Thank you, Lord.”

[Standing in front of Lux, ax in hand, sneer on his face, is the exact opposite of an Angel. Covered in the blackened blood of infected unlucky enough to be outside of the chapel? Jake Jeckel. The Juggalo approaches Lux, his intentions obvious.]

“Ain’t no God gonna save you, Lux. The Family ain’t innocent, and you definitely ain’t a fuckin’ saint. Far as I’m concerned, you’re just as responsible for Calypso’s death as they are.”

[Lux stands stoically as Jake makes way, all murderous glee gone from his eyes, the only emotion left in his soul being that of despair. As he closes in, Lux holds up a hand.]

“I know, Jake. You are here to deliver my reckoning. But you must listen, I only wish to help you.”

[Jake doesn’t listen, AND HE SWINGS THE AX FOR BELLATOR’S HEAD! Lux narrowly avoids it as it slams into the altar, getting stuck in its solid frame. As he tries to pry it loose, Lux creates distance.]

“Listen, Jake. I have what you want. I have the names of the followers who betrayed Calypso! The Judas’ who infected her followers? I can bring you to them. But I can’t do that if you kill me.”

[Jake slams into Lux, pinning him to the wall with a forearm to his throat.]

“And you think I’m gonna trust you? Think again.”

[Jake reaches for a knife clipped to his belt, looking to make this quick when Lux placed a hand on his shoulder.]

“Please, Jake. I want to help you, let me be your angel and lead you to her killers. They are not God’s children, I want them as dead as you do.”

[Jake holds the knife to Lux’s throat for a moment before dropping the priest to the ground, his sneer never leaving his face as he looks down upon him.]

“If you wanna stay alive, then give me their fuckin’ names.”

[The scene fades as Lux coughs for air, Jake keeping a close eye on him.]


[Six men are in the ring as this trios match is about to begin! It seems like Jensen Cussen and Solomon Rhodes will be the starting off men!] [The bell sounds as Jensen and Solomon lock up in the center of the ring. Jensen quickly takes advantage with a side headlock before transitioning it into a side headlock takedown! He’s wrenching in the hold as Solomon Rhodes is trying to get some separation. Instead, Jensen releases the hold and hits the ropes before returning with a powerful soccer kick right to the side of Rhodes’ face! He hits the ground hard as Cussen drags him over to his corner and tags in Doubt. Cussen hits a backbreaker and holds him there as Doubt leaps over the top for an elbow drop!] [The Masked Emotion yanks up Solomon Rhodes and hits a leg sweep before moving into a submission. THE SECOND GUESS! Rhodes’ arm is trapped as Doubt is inflicting some serious pain here! METEORA! Jacob Phoenix enters the match with a huge way as the referee is trying to pull him back! Jensen Cussen takes advantage of this opportunity and hits a running knee drop to the face of Rhodes! With that, Marvolo slides into the ring and takes out Cussen with a running koppu kick! #1 gets to his feet and helps Solomon to his as well. Doubt slowly gets to its feet only to be simultaneously kicked in the midsection by both men. Armdrag by Marvolo and just as Doubt gets back to its knees… DARK WISH SUPERKICK!] [The referee turns around at this point and begins moving Marvolo out of the ring just as Rhodes goes to the pin. Rhodes realizes the referee isn’t paying attention and gets back up just as Harrison hits him from behind! LH Harrison whips him around before drilling him with a Osaka Street Cutter! Harrison drags Doubt back to his own corner. The referee finally turns around just in time to see Harrison tag in! He rushes towards Rhodes who leaps out! TAG! Marvolo leaps in just as Jacob climbs up! Marvolo rushes across the ring and takes out Cussen and Doubt just as Phoenix hits a huge PHOENIXORAMA as Harrison is distracted! He’s SLAMMED into the mat with such ferocity! Harrison staggers to his feet just as Phoenix has leapt right back up. PHOENIX FOREARM! He rolls up Harrison! One…Two…THREE!] [Solomon Rhodes slowly gets to his feet as Marvolo slides back into the ring to celebrate with Jacob Phoenix who wins his first match back!]


[Brent Kersh cuts a lonely figure in the backstage area of the Tap Room.] [He’s sat alone, in the darkness, pondering the fate of humanity. As the infection spreads across every inch of wall his eyes meet, he shakes his head, lowering it to the ground in dejection.] [Just then, the sound of a giggling child can be heard echoing throughout the darkness. Brent lifts his head, meeting the face of Noah.]


[It doesn’t startle The Enforcer.]

“Mr. Kersh, why are you so sad?” [Noah asks considerately.] “My daddy says it’s because you need my help more than you’ll ever know.”

[Kersh frowns.]

“Daddy says that you’re worried about your little boy, just like he’s worried about me. He thinks that you’ll do anything to protect your family. Is that true, Mr.?”

“Your daddy is right,” [Kersh admits.] “My family are my entire world but you seek to destroy it. He sought to destroy it when he tried to murder me just a few weeks ago. How could you ever help me, kid?”

[Noah chuckles to himself innocently.] “Well, if you help me, I can help you. Isn’t that how friendship works?” [He says, kicking his heels.] “I can take your children to a special place, all of them, where they’ll feel no pain and suffer no torment. A place where I’ve kept The Chief for safe harbour. Once the world is right, and God has begun anew, I can return them here.”

[Brent’s eyes widen in surprise. He tilts his head, listening to the offer.]

“But I’ll need something from you in return, Mr. Kersh. I need your blood. I need your sacrifice. I need you to enter a match and bleed for your family.”


“Think about it, okay?” [Noah asks nicely.] “It would be great to be best friends with you.”

[Click.] [And just like that, he vanishes.] [Kersh sits there for a moment, his brow furrowed, and his eyes sharp. He has to make a decision.] [Cut.]


[The forces of good found their general in Ordell Terminus at State of Emergency but he will have to go through a trial of fire to prove he’s truly worthy. Can Terminus step up and prove himself an equal to one of the Three Pillars or will the Shadow find him lacking?] [The bell begins as both men walk forward shaking one another’s hand before they rush forward into a collar and elbow tieup. Both men struggle for position, the stronger Lane quickly getting the advantage as he muscles Ordell into the ropes before powering him across the ring. Terminus ducks under a clothesline, bouncing off the opposite side before drilling Lane with a running Uppercut. Lane’s stunned as Ordell kicks him in the gut, planting him in the mat with a huge DDT!] [Terminus looks to finish this early as he climbs up to the top rope, possibly trying for the Flux Gate but Lane quickly gets to his feet, crotching Terminus on the top rope before grabbing his right leg and DRAGONSCREWING HIM DOWN TO THE CANVAS! Terminus screams out in pain as he tries to stand, Lane bouncing off the ropes behind him, ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE TO THE RIGHT KNEE! Terminus collapses to the mat in a heap as Lane covers, ONE…TWO…Terminus just gets the shoulder up!] [Ordell tries to get to his feet as Lane sizes him up for the kill. Ordell slowly rises up, SHADOW….Terminus catches the kick, spinning Lane around before nailing him with the INCEPTION! Terminus utters a warrior yell, pulling Lane up to his feet, drilling him with a furious series of lefts and rights, stunning him with another huge uppercut before pulling him between his legs. THE FINAL….ORDELL’S KNEE GIVES OUT! Lane drops back to the canvas, running to the ropes as he bounces off, SPRINGBOARD SHADOW….ORDELL DUCKS UNDER, ROLLING LANE UP! The referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Ordell Terminus picks up a huge win here, beating one of the Three Pillars of OSW. Lane pulled out all the tricks in the book but Ordell survived and proved why he’s the right man to be the general for the resistance]


[Earlier Tonight.] [All is calm outside the Tap Room until a large shadow grows against the wall. We soon recognize the source of this shadow, as Sergei Sokolov looks on. Suddenly, the voice of a young woman grabs his attention, and it takes the Red Tsar a moment to figure out that the voice is coming from inside his head.]

“Welcome home, Sergei. How does it feel to be back?”

[Sergei merely grunts in response, drawing a chuckle from the woman.]

“Fair enough, let’s stick to business then. We’ve equipped you with a few tools to help you on your mission. Let’s start out by doing a quick scan once you get inside.”

“And what exactly am I scanning for?”

“Oh, you’ll see.”

[Sergei steps inside the Tap Room, and the view on his left eye immediately changes into an infrared-type vision, with numbers appearing at seemingly random intervals.]

“What is this!?”

“We’re scanning to get a sense for just how much evil we’re dealing with, here…specifically, the amount of evil within the men and women that compete inside the Tap Room. Some are obviously more evil than others.”

[As he continues the scan, he comes across one man in particular, Tommy Wright. The numbers on the scan slow down before settling on a number.]


[Sergei speaks just a little too loudly, drawing the attention of the Guv.]

“Excuse me, mate?”

[Wright steps up to the Red Tsar, the height difference forcing him to look up at Sergei…but the attitude of Wright allows him no chance for intimidation.]

“I think I’ve heard of you, but you look…different from what I expected. What happened to you?”

[Sergei remains silent, garnering a scoff from the Guv.]

“Look, everything’s different now…and anyone that wants to just walk in here and act tough is gonna catch some aggro.”

[Wright walks off in a huff, leaving Sergei alone with just his thoughts and the woman in his proverbial ear.] [Cut.]


[The war between good and evil continues tonight as one of the few saviors of humanity Captain Zappa faces off against the Light Warrior and the King of the Underworld. Can Zappa prevail or will evil’s might be too much for him?] [The bell sounds as Zappa bounds forward, drilling Lee with a hard running forearm. Crowley staggers back, as Zappa rushes to the ropes, bouncing off right into a huge Roundhouse from Bellator. Zappa goes down hard as he’s pulled up to his feet by Lee who opens him up with a sickening headbutt before Lux grabs him in a Full Nelson as Lee backs up…CHELSEA GRIN! That huge kick may have knocked Zappa out cold as he slumps down in Lux’s grip] [Lee motions to Lux who lifts Zappa high up into the air, running forward, CATHOLIC CROSS…OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR BELOW! Lee laughs sadistically, high fiving Lux before spinning him around and drilling him in the jaw with a vicious forearm. Lux staggers back, before coming back with a huge European Uppercut that nearly breaks Lee’s jaw. Crowley’s dazed as Lux rushes forward, spinning around Crowley as he tries for the Arm of God but Lee catches him on his back, running forward and driving him to the canvas with a modified AIR-RAID CRASH!] [Crowley calls for the end, waiting for Lux to slowly get up to his feet. Bellator gets up as Lee tries to lock in the fish-hooks but Lux slips out, spinning around Lee before locking in the Arm of God fully this time! Lee is stuck in the middle of the ring as Lux pulls back with all his might before breaking the hold suddenly as Captain Zappa comes crashing down onto Lee with the Zetavarium! Zappa tries for the pin but he’s lifted up to his feet by Lux who kicks him in the gut, DISCIPLE MAKER ONTO CROWLEY! Lux covers Zappa as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Light Warrior picks up a huge victory after a disapointing SOE, taking down not only the King of the Underworld but one of the few heroes remaining as the light grows dimmer on humanity’s chances with each day]


[With the Virus practically suffocating them with its spread, the army of King Royal is no longer standing idle.] [Not that they were to begin with. The battle plan of the King and his cousin Betamax was always going to take a minute to materialize. With the addition of their newest ally, their biggest hurdle has now been cleared up.]

“I can get us there.” [Ordell Terminus is addressing King Royal and Betamax near the temporary throne the King had set up.] “But if we want the Underworld, we’re going to have to breach that gate and wage war against the dead.”

[Betamax interjects. Smoke illuminates his face, rising from a fire burning in their midst, giving them light in the darkness.]

“Here’s the shitty thing, boys.” [He points at the men wandering around them.] “Any of our army that gets killed down there is going to flip. We’ll basically be hand feeding them like a baby with new soldiers if we go for a frontal assault.”

[King Royal takes it all in.]

“One does not want to empower the enemy, cousin.” [Royal says with a smile.] “Perhaps the Royal forces will try a different approach.”

[Terminus seems confused, still not knowing how to take Royal.]

“I don’t know if you were listening. I’ve been there. I’m the reason there was even a vacancy on the Underworld’s throne at all. Even your cousin here, with all he’s seen, doesn’t know what its like to stare into the gates of that place. And make no mistake, I will do whatever it takes to strip Lee Crowley of the Underworld. But I…”

[Royal holds up a hand, nodding to one of his squires who runs off in response, his steps unsure.]

“Several hours ago, your King had contact with Godfrey of the Knights Templar. He anticipated the hurdle we now face, and proposed a solution. A stranger has approached their Temple, one with unique skills that may compliment the upcoming battle.”

[The group are now joined by another man, the squire returning with them. This one is familiar to us. Although the last time we saw him, he seemed to find himself on the business end of a sword.]

“Hey guys.” [The newcomer greets.] “Call me Dan. Never Dead Dan.”

[Betamax seems pleased while Terminus states the obvious.]

“By the name, I’m assuming you can’t die?”

[Dan nods with a grin.]

“I’m the one guy in this world who isn’t able to fall into the grasp of Lee Crowley.”

[A smile forms on Terminus’s face as the the group returns to planning. The ignored squire merely looks deep into the burning fire. His eyes seem to sparkle, and for just a moment, the fire even seems form into the shape of a face.] [Both the opposing forces in the war of the underworld have been bolstered today.] [But what will happen when they finally clash?]


[Four men in the ring with a shot at the OSW World Championship at The Long Night on the line!] [The bell sounds as Mother and Scarecrow just begin tearing into one another! Jake Jeckel and Bruce Van Chan begin tearing into each other as well as their long, decorated history cannot be forgotten! The Hayman gets the better of the slugfest with Mother before clotheslining her right over the top rope and to the floor. He follows right outside of the ring leaving only Bruce and Jake in the ring. Bruce kicks Jake in the midsection during their punches before running towards him and leaping for GOODNIGHT! Not yet as Jake pushes him away! Bruce rolls back to his feet only to be nailed by a FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW! He’s stunned as Jake lifts him up onto his shoulders for… THE HATCHET!] [NO! Bruce grabbed the ropes and pulled himself off! Jake Jeckel turns around disoriented before getting caught by a European uppercut! Bruce grabs him and sends him over the top rope and to the floor right beside The Scarecrow and Mother. The Scarecrow lifts up Mother on the outside and has her held in a chokeslam position. BYE BYE… NO! SLINGSHOT PLANCHA BY BRUCE VAN CHAN! ALL FOUR MEN ARE DOWN! Bruce gets back to his feet holding his ribs as he looks amongst the crowd. He grabs Jake Jeckel and rolls him into the ring. He goes to slide into the ring BUT… The Scarecrow has his ankle!] [Bruce tries to kick him off but his grip is immovable. He gets to his feet and rams Bruce into the ring back-first! Bruce’s face contorts into some pain, but The Scarecrow simply whips him into the steel steps! The Scarecrow grabs Mother and rolls her into the ring. He climbs into the ring, but he’s nailed by Jake Jeckel with a stiff kick to the side of his head. Jake pulls him into the ring before hitting a snap suplex. He turns right into the expectant face of Mother! Eye rake forces Jake to scream out in pain before she hooks it in… THE MOTHER’S EMBRACE! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! It hits both of them as Bruce leaps into the pinfall on Jake! One…Two…The Scarecrow has just gotten back up and is running!….THREE!] [The Hayman hit the pile just a second too late as Bruce Van Chan rolls out of the ring as the referee raises his hand. The Scarecrow looks furious as it will be Bruce Van Chan in the main event of The Long Night!]


[Static.] [Pitch Black.] [The Chief lays curled up in a ball on a darkened floor, in the fetal position. What he saw during his time in an alternate reality has tormented him. He looks like a shell of the man he used to be.] [Cough.] [It’s Noah.]

“Are you still upset about what you saw?” [Noah scoffs.] “I don’t get why you’re so sad, Chief. I’m keeping you safe in here. You won’t have to feel any of their pain.”

[He looks up.] “Do you think that’s what I want? I don’t,” [he complains.] “I don’t want to be safe. I don’t want to be here. I want to be out there with the rest of them, fighting for everything I love.”

“B-But, what about us?” [Noah begs.] “I thought we were friends? I’m trying to protect you. Besides, you don’t want to see what happens next, Chief. There’s going to be a fight to end all fights. Six men are going to beat each other to a bloody pulp to retain one of the keys to the temple. In doing so, they’ll strengthen the temple with each drop of blood that hits its sacred canvas. The stronger the infection becomes, the stronger I become.”

[The Chief lowers his head back down, weeping.]

“I don’t care, man, [he says, dejected.] “I don’t care.”

[Noah bends down, looking at him with a sense of pity.]

“When the world is engulfed in flames and those you love and miss are being torn inside out by the end of the world, you’ll be here, safe and sound. You’ll care then, Chief. I can’t do that unless I’m strong enough. But first, we must go on a Blood Drive.”

[He skips away, laughing to himself as he goes.] [Cut.]


[It’s a clash of champions tonight as Edward Newton and D’Von Chambers are set to square off! They hold up their titles in unison as a sign of respect before the bell sounds.] [The bell sounds as these two just move towards the center of the ring. Chambers extends his hand with a smirk. Newton looks at the hand before taking it in a firm handshake. Chambers yanks him forward and begins murmuring something underneath his breath. HEADBUTT! Chambers recoils in pain as he clutches his nose to make sure it isn’t bleeding before furrowing his brow. He charges towards Newton who simply ducks out of the way much like a bullfighter would his adversary. Chambers catches himself in the corner before turning abruptly with anger mounting. Edward Newton seems to notice as he raises his hands to ease tensions.] [The Bishop moves towards Newton, but Edward kicks him in the shin and rakes his eyes! He leaps up and hooks the head of Chambers, but D’Von Chambers is just too strong! He sends The Bishop flying forward with a huge splash to the mat! Chambers rushes towards the ropes before leaping for a big splash right down on top of Newton! Edward Newton is trying to catch his breath, but Chambers just won’t allow for that as he begins drilling into the side of the head of Newton with some vicious meaty fists!] [Newton begins to cover up just to save himself from the onslaught. Chambers yanks him up to his feet before yanking Newton up onto his shoulder and running forward for a huge running powerslam! PSALM 32! He rolls into the pinfall! One…Two…TH-NO! Newton still has some fight left in him. Chambers yanks him to his feet once more, but Newton rakes his eyes this time! The referee tries to admonish him, but Newton just latches onto the nose of Chambers with a vicious bite! The referee begins to count to which Newton relinquishes his bite. NEVERMIND! Chambers was disoriented and that jumping DDT seemed to strike out of nowhere! Chambers is out! One….Two…THREE!] [Edward Newton wins this battle between champions and moves one week further with his streak left intact!]


[The sight of a man’s forearm that is usually kept hidden from sight, blackened veins and slightly withered giving it the effect that the limb is diseased and possibly dying. Its owner, Jacen Novan, we find sitting seemingly peacefully with his head down, hood covering his face. Meditating. His forearms pressed together, the healthy and the infected. He does not so much as even turn around as he feels the presence of another enter from behind. He knows who it is without having to look and greets the figure rather cryptically.]

“If a good man must perform dark deeds for a noble intention, are his actions justified?”

[The computeristic voice of The Automaton responds.]

“This is an area of the grey that we have studied. Given the impact or perceived danger of not acting at all, his actions may be justified with him still being deemed as a good man.”

[Novan removes his hood and turns, greeting TAM now with a smile.]

“Did you bring the item I requested.”

[The Automaton nods and hands Novan a blade, short and dagger-like with an ivory handle.]

“I know not what you need this for, but your actions are yours not mine.”

[Jacen smiles again, beckoning for the Automaton to sit.]

“Relax, I am not going to spill anybody else’s blood with this. That is not my intention.”

[He places the blade into the belt of his robes and continues the discussion.]

“Do you know why I have brought you here, TAM?”

[The Automaton remains silent while he processes. After a few seconds he shakes his head.]

“Not definitively. I cannot state with enough accuracy your intentions.”

[Again, Novan smiles. He stands and moves forward, up to a balcony. The balcony overlooks a floor below, giving a good view of Mike Lane and the Scarecrow sitting around a table. They are also deep in discussion, though it appears they do not quite meet eye to eye about whatever they are discussing. Their voices are hushed to hide their conversation, but this also allows TAM and Novan to converse without being heard. Novan turns to TAM.]

“What of a dark being who fights a different darkness? Do his actions make him just because he fights darkness? Does it make him good?”

[TAM looks upon Lane and Scarecrow below them, but does not say anything. The pair withdraw from the balcony, but as they move, the head of the Scarecrow turns in their direction. It scans the balcony area curiously but does not leap into action. The conversation between Scarecrow and Lane falls silent for a moment, the silence in the room now deafening.] [Did the Scarecrow notice his onlookers?] [TAM and Jacen Novan retreat back to the room they had earlier met in but TAM is not eager to stick around.]

“It would not be wise to stay, I will see you soon.”

[With that, TAM takes his leave and Novan is soon alone. He pulls the ivory blade out from his robes, turning it over in his hands.]

“Yes, this will do just fine.”

[With that, he pulls back the sleeve of his robes again to expose his infected forearm. He stops only to take a breath and summon the force of the Ashla before digging the blade into his flesh. Soon, blood that is darker than red, almost black and tar-like oozes from the cut. Blood that he collects in a small glass bottle.]

“Ashla protect me… Protect my blood.”



[It’s time for the main event as the Double Feature Championship is on the line in this Best TWO out of THREE Falls match! El Trebol Jr. is set to defend that title against The Sharkman!] [As the bell sounds The Sharkman moves quickly towards the center of the ring and stops. He extends his hand to which El Trebol Jr. gladly accepts quickly. They nod at one another before releasing. A nice sign of respect between these two men as they begin to circle around. They tie up in the center of the ring, but it’s The Sharkman who has the little bit of advantage with the size spectrum. He hooks the wrist of Trebol and begins to twist it behind the smaller man.] [He quickly whips him around and hooks the head for a DDT!] [But Trebol was much too quick for that and squirms his way free of The Reckoning that was sure to be upon him.] [The Sharkman holds his index and thumb just an inch apart as if to say it was that close. He lets Trebol get back to his feet before trying for a tie-up again. Trebol thinks better of this as he quickly kicks the shins and thighs of The Sharkman, eventually bringing him down to his knees on the third or fourth strike. The Sharkman is seemingly dazed!] [CUELGA VID!] [The leaping, hanging triangle choke hold is applied as The Sharkman seems to be caught off guard. The hold is expertly applied as El Trebol Jr. is really yanking back on the hold! The Sharkman raises a hand as if to tap! Will he tap out here and now?! NO! The Sharkman begins to get his legs underneath him and lift himself to his feet! He rushes towards the corner and SLAMS El Trebol Jr into the corner at full speed!] [The hold breaks as The Sharkman takes a moment to collect himself. El Trebol Jr. gets to his feet clutching at his neck as if he hit the turnbuckle weird.] [SUSHI KICK!] [That shining wizard seemed to come out of nowhere as El Trebol Jr was blasted by the swiftness of the strike before The Sharkman goes for the first pinfall in the match!] [One…] [Two…] [KICKOUT!] [El Trebol Jr. is yanked back to his feet by The Sharkman who connects with a snap suplex right in front of the turnbuckle. He looks towards the corner before hoisting himself up to the top rope. It seems to take too long as Trebol leaps to the second rope and begins hitting Sharkman with a barrage of blows! The Sharkman connects with a solid right hand that stuns him though! The Sharkman lifts him up for a suplex on the top rope, but… he DROPS HIM TO THE FLOOR BELOW!] [El Trebol Jr. is out like a light on the outside as The Sharkman looks down at the fallen foe. He looks around at the rabid audience that is thirsting for more!] […..] […..] [THE SHARK DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE ON THE CONCRETE!] [A HUGE move that lands right on top of his foe! The Sharkman is laid out clutching his back, but you can only imagine the damage inflicted upon El Trebol Jr. by that move. The Sharkman gets back to his feet before yanking up El Trebol Jr. and rolling him in as well. He goes for a cover.] [One…] [Two…] [THREE!] [NO! Trebol’s foot was on the bottom rope!] [The Sharkman cannot believe he did not hook both legs! He gets to his feet and looks at the top rope before shrugging his shoulders. He climbs right back up again and looks down at Trebol.] [FIN-NISH HI- NO! El Trebol Jr. rolled out of the way of that before rolling up the legs of The Sharkman into a pinning position with all of Trebol’s weight bending The Sharkman over in half!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [A roll-up gets the first fall of this match for El Trebol Jr! The Sharkman cannot believe what has happened. The referee motions for the second fall to begin, but The Sharkman just viciously takes out the legs with a baseball slide kick! He leaps onto the top of Trebol and just blasts him with three vicious strikes before wrapping up the arm, leg, and head into… THE SHARKMAN SPECIAL!] [The painful submission hold is in tight as the neck begins to come into play for El Trebol Jr.! He’s trying to fight out of it, but The Sharkman is vicious in applying it! El Trebol Jr. seemingly has no choice!] [HE TAPS OUT!] [And with that, we’re tied up at 1-1 for this best two out of three falls match!] [Both men gets to their feet as they’re both exhausted. The Sharkman give Trebol a nod of acknowledgment and El Trebol Jr. reciprocates. They go to lock up, but Trebol slips around behind and kicks Sharkman with a leaping dropkick! He’s sent into the corner where he collides and slides down into a sitting position.] [BOCA LLENA!] [A huge springboarding dropkick from the second rope comes down and drives the feet into the chest of The Sharkman. He goes for the pinfall!] [ONE…] [Two…] […..] [KICKOUT!] [The Sharkman still has his wits about him. Trebol lifts him up to his feet, but The Sharkman catches him with a jawbreaker move!] [El Trebol Jr. is staggered as The Sharkman hooks his arm, whips him around into a hammerlock DDT!] [THE RECKONING!] [El Trebol Jr.’s head is slammed into the mat as the Sharkman rolls into the pinfall!] [ONE…] [TWO…] […..] [THRE-KICKOUT!] [El Trebol Jr. just kicked out of The Sharkman’s finisher! He can’t seem to quite grasp it either, but El Trebol Jr. leaps up and locks in…] [CUELGA VID!] [The hanging triangle choke is applied with great force as The Sharkman is beginning to fade. The referee raises his hand once and it falls as this match is over! Your winner by KO…. El Trebol Jr!] [El Trebol Jr. clutches his title close to him and climbs the top turnbuckle to show off his prize for a tough battle!]


[After that gruelling Main Event match, El Trébol Junior clutches at his Double Feature Championship, stumbling back towards the ropes. He’s about to leave, when The Sharkman begs his indulgence.]

“Wait,” [he says breathlessly.] “We need to talk.”

[El Trébol tilts his head as Marvolo enters the ring alongside his mentor.]

“We aren’t finished with each other, not by a long chalk. There’s something you have to know. That Double Feature Championship isn’t just a key to this temple, but to a far bigger story. A tale that transcends Old School Wrestling; a tale that might just save it.”

[Marvolo interrupts.] “History. These walls were guarded by men like you and I, long before we ever arrived here. You have to understand – we have a purpose, a destiny, but we cannot fulfil it alone; we must come together.”

[The Double Feature Champion looks at his belt, then at them, apprehensive.]

“I can tell you more,” [The Sharkman announces.] “But not here and not now.”

[Suddenly, the infected canvas begins to stir. Infected gunge like tentacles reach up from within it, grappling onto the boots of El Trébol, Marvolo and The Sharkman, stopping them in their tracks. They try to escape, but the infection is just too powerful.] [Marvolo reaches out, grabbing The Sharkman, pulling their masks together. As they touch, a white light pings out, sparkling into the sky. They both reach towards El Trébol Junior, but they can’t reach him before a voice rings out.]

“It doubts you’ll be able to make that,” [Says the voice of The Emotion.] “Besides, it wouldn’t be half as much fun if you did.”

[Doubt slides into the ring, chopping The Sharkman down with a fierce Clothesline, just as the tentacles around his feet release. Marvolo can barely move an inch before he’s grabbed and wrapped up into EATING YOURSELF ALIVE!] [The Emotion drops him hard on the canvas before turning its attention to Trébol. It snatches the Double Feature Championship, tilting its head.]

“Allow it to relieve you of your key, Trebol,” [It says with aplomb.] “You seem uncertain, but have no fear, we won’t hold that against you.”

[Suddenly, there’s a flash, and tentacles appear around the ring, grabbing it before vanishing.] [Doubt lets out a hideous laugh.] [Cut.]