[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Screams.] [Terrible traumatic screams echo throughout the halls of The Tap Room as decrepit, rotten, decaying bodies storm through the doors. Their meandering groans are the sounds nightmares are made of, only those pale in comparison to their actions. They start clawing and grabbing at those in attendance, dragging them into their collective unstoppable clutches.] [Tornado is the first.] [They begin clawing at his skin, ripping pounds of flesh from bone before our very eyes. Blood begins to pour, hitting the floor with violent and vile splashes as he succumbs to their brutality with terrifying gurgling screams of agony.] [Ethan Rose is next. He watches them in shock, awe and terror, backing away as quickly as he can. He turns to run, but is immediately tackled by two of the dead. His screams are blood curdling, but his blood soon begins to flow as well.] [There’s too many of them. Others begin to fall, their blood pooling on the floor in an amalgamation of everything we are.] [The camera spins around, panning out from the destruction to show the men and women alike being tortured and brutalised on the concrete floor. Rivers of blood flow throughout the halls, staining the concrete floor a horrifying shade of red.] [But stood there watching, with a big smile on his face, is none other than Lee Crowley.]

“Sick em’ boys.”

[The damned have arrived in the Tap Room.] [Is anyone safe?] [Cut.]


[Tonight, we have a match between a man who thinks he’s number one in Marvolo versus a man who used to be number one in sports entertainment, Jeremiah Dixon. Jeremiah is brand new to OSW however. Will he enjoy new accomplishments or be forced to only have the past? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Jeremiah goes to lock up with Marvolo! Marvolo’s arm is barely touched but he falls hard face first to the floor! FACE BUMP! Marvolo is overselling and Jeremiah is confused! Marvolo uses the confusion to grab the leg and trip Dixon! Dixon falls flat on his back and Marvolo covers! One… strong kick out! Dixon is not losing like that! Both men are back on their feet! Marvolo goes for a savate kick! Dixon catches the leg under his arm! He uses his free arm to lift Marvolo and plant him with a spinebuster!] [Dixon laughs as he shows his experience and starts stomping on the back of Marvolo! He wraps his arms around Marvolo! DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX! Marvolo is planted again! Dixon marches towards Marvolo! Marvolo quickly shifts into a MYSTERY BOX! That lady of the lake maneuver confuses Dixon but he just starts stomping away on Marvolo! That trick did not work! Dixon yanks Marvolo up and Irish whips him into the corner! Jeremiah Dixon charges at him with a STINGER SPLASH! Marvolo rolls out of the way! Dixon hits the turnbuckle hard! Marvolo jumps at Dixon’s back and hits a BACKSTABBER!] [Dixon’s back is bowing in pain! Marvolo climbs to the top rope! He claps for the crowd! Dixon jumps up and dives into the top rope! Marvolo trips and lands on the post! Through the uprights! Dixon flashes a sly grin on his face and climbs to the top rope to grab Marvolo! SUPERPLEX! Dixon has not lost a step! Dixon covers! One…Two… kick out by Marvolo! Dixon is enraged and locks in the full nelson! He’s going for the impact driver! Marvolo hits a low blow back kick to get out of it! The ref doesn’t see it! TOUCH OF DEATH! That Tongan death grip instantly makes Dixon collapse to the floor! Marvolo covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [What a win for Marvolo. He defeats the grizzled veteran who was very game in his return to the ring! Marvolo proves why he is number one!]


[Marvolo and Jeremiah Dixon continue to gather themselves after a hard fought contest when suddenly…] [DARKNESS!] [“Hand o’ Bats Part 2” by Ramin Djawadi screams throughout the Tap Room.]

“Hail the Bat God”.

“Hail the Bat God”.

[A hint of light enters while a chorus of voices sound in monotone as a group of Druid-like figures make their way down the entrance steps, slowly surrounding in the ring.] [Dixon and Marvolo have abandoned their attempt to exit the Tap Room and find themselves retreating to the center of the squared circle.] [And then…]


[Michael Graves! Draped in his black priestly robes, ascends from towards the ring. Though he does not appear to be walking, instead, almost levitating within the confines of his garb!] [Marvolo and Dixon are dumbstruck. They glance around pondering their options as Graves enters the ring!] [Graves stands still. Frozen, as he peers forwards at the uncertain eyes of Marvolo and Dixon.] [RUNNING KNEE TO THE HEAD!] [Out of nowhere, Graves nails Marvolo, knocking him backwards a few stumbling feet… but he is not done.] [Graves moves forward, grabbing both sides of Marvolo’s masked head and holding him in position before…] [SNIFF!] [An awestruck Dixon looks on as Graves smells the face of Marvolo in one big breath.]

“Your blood will not suffice! Not on this day!”

[Graves’ voice echoes like thunder through the arena before, KICK TO THE GUT… DAWNBREAKER!] [Marvolo lands on the canvas in such force from the custom piledriver his body bounces and rolls out of the ring, leaving only Dixon in Graves’ way.] [Dixon now has no choice.] [He charges!] [ANOTHER BOOT TO THE GUT! ANOTHER DAWNBREAKER!!!!] [Dixon goes down. He’s out and Graves lays prone over top of him. Motionless. As a predator looks at its prey only moments before devouring it.] [Graves looks down into the closed eyes of Dixon.]

“You are the one!”

[Graves looks upward, towards the Tap Room entrance. As if something, someone, somewhere… is talking to him.]

“But you are not alone!”

[Graves glances around, almost feverishly.]

“The satisfaction of my Lord is dependent upon not only the sacrifice of your blood Jeremiah Dixon…” [Graves pauses, only slightly before peering back down into his prey’s face.] “But that too of another!”

“Bring out tonight’s victim as I Hail The Dark Bat God!”

[The Chiroptera pull Dixon from the ring and a couple of them usher his lifeless body to the back, as Graves bows, praying to his God in preparation for his contest.]


[The devote believer in The Bat God sits in the ring in a state of meditation as his opponent, Tommy Wright, looks irritated by his lack of attention as a few members of Michael Graves’ Chiroptera stand around the ring.] [The bell sounds and Wright charges Graves who barely rolls out of the way of an early Aggro attempt! Wright turns around as Graves leaps from the floor with a lunging clothesline that takes Wright to the floor in a quick strike! The Bat God’s Vessel waits for Wright to get to his feet before grabbing the head to try for a DDT only Wright hooks the top rope! He lifts and sends Graves over the top rope to the floor outside of the ring. Wright rolls out as the Chiroptera just stand stoically without making a motion towards him. Wright just shoos them away before turning towards Graves.] [T-BONE SUPLEX! Graves quickly scooped him up and dropped him to the hard floor on the outside! Graves quickly scoops up Wright and rolls him into the ring. He rolls into the ring himself before lifting up Wright and whipping him into the corner. Running clothesline drops Wright to the bottom turnbuckle as Graves moves away and gets a starting run! CANNONBALL MISSES! Wright managed to pull himself out of the ring just in time! Wright slides back in, grabs up Graves and… RED DEVIL! The swinging butterfly DDT nails Graves as he covers! One…Two…FOOT ON THE ROPE!] [The Bat God follower managed to get his foot on the rope, but it didn’t seem like he did it of his own free will. A member of the Chiroptera moves away from the scene in a hurry as Tommy Wright seems to be piecing things together. He begins yelling at the referee and pointing at the druids around ringside. Wright goes to pick up Graves, but Graves tries to hit an uppercut! Wright dodges out of the way of it before hooking him around the waist for a snap German suplex! Graves is dropped right on his neck as Wright points at him with a finger gun and charges the kneeling Bat God Follower. AGGRO! The knee strike blasts Graves back as he’s out cold! One…Two…THREE!] [Tommy Wright picks up the victory here over the debuting Michael Graves! He smirks as he leaves the ring before turning to see Michael Graves pull himself into a meditative stance in the ring, once again praying to The Bat God.]


[A figure sits alone over a desk, shrouded in darkness enough to assume that he does not want to be found. His face hidden by the hood of his robe. He sits, a glass vial sitting in front of him on the desk. In his meditation, his hands are held inches away from it, palms facing the vial as if trying to impart some of his power into the contents of the vial itself.]

“Ashla… Protect me. Protect my blood.”

[The figure, Jacen Novan, recites the words slowly and with a calming voice. He then lifts his head and takes the vial, pouring a drop of the contents upon the table. The contents are dark, almost black in appearance. A sight that seems to trouble Novan greatly. He removes his hood and inhales deeply but does not have time to express himself as a figure approaches from behind. He does not need to see who it is, calling a greeting without so much as looking, nor expressing any of the troubles in his own mind.]

“We must continue our training TAM, looking into the grey areas to determine the alignment of men who spend their existences within this grey.”

[He finally turns to find the Automaton standing before him, ready for instruction.]

“TAM. I have seen much growth in your understanding of the aspects of human psyche that exist outside the black and white. Are you ready for the next aspect of our alliance?”

[The Automaton nods in approval.]

“Continual testing and challenging ones-self is a proven way of extending knowledge and understanding. It is a challenge that I am willing to take.”

[Novan stands, sweeping the vial of his blood up and placing inside his robes without TAM noticing. He opens his mouth to speak but before he can, the lights cut to blackout…] [Flutter.] [When the lights return, The Scarecrow is standing in their midst. He has one hand on Jacen Novan’s throat.]

“You didn’t expect to stay hidden did you? I see a lot more than where your eye’s don’t go…”

[With a single hand, Crow lifts Novan up above his head and drive him backwards up against the wall. He slams against the wall with such force that it dislodges the vial of infected blood. Scarecrow catches the vial before it hits the ground and holds it up to his face.]

“What do we have here?”

[He lets go of Novan’s throat and lets him crumple to the ground. Then turns to face the Automaton, who is busy analysing the situation. He holds up the vial of blood.]

“It appears that your master has some skeletons in his closet that he hasn’t told you about.”

“Please, let him be and give me the receptacle. It does not belong to you.”

[Scarecrow doesn’t say anything but grabs the Automaton by the throat and presses him up against the wall. It is at this moment that he is interrupted by a very familiar voice.]

“Let him go, Crow.”

[Mike Lane. He approaches the scene and stands waiting for the Scarecrow to abide his words. Scarecrow does no such thing, tightening his grip while his face turns to the Shadow. Lane continues.]

“There are problems out there that are a direct threat to everything we know. Why are you wasting your time with these two? Let us not lose focus on our goal.”

[Scarecrow lets go of the Automaton and TAM crumples to the ground beside his partner, who stares up at the Founding Fathers with a glare of anger. Scarecrow shows Lane the vial.]

“There is more here than meets the eye. Do you know what this is?”

[Lane looks at the vial, shaking his head. Scarecrow puts the vial into his partner’s hand.]

“If this is what I think it is, it appears that Jacen Novan has become a part of the problem.”

[Scarecrow and Lane both look upon their foes from a position of power. No words are exchanged, just darkness.] [Flutter.] [And they are gone.]


[Tonight, we have a new wrestler making his debut in Adriano Adagio. The vile virtuoso is going to try to perform an orchestra of pain against a veteran in Jensen Cussen. Will he be able to perform or will Cussen mute him before he gets a chance to shine? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Jensen charges at Adriano but Adriano ties himself up in the ropes and the ref is forced to keep Cussen off of him! Adriano slowly gets out of the ropes! Jensen charges at him but Adriano goes right back to the ropes! The ref is pulling Cussen away! Adriano uses this and slaps Jensen hard in the ear! He follows it up with a leg sweep! CANTATA NO. 1 AND 2! Adriano goes for a fast cover! One… Two… kick out by Jensen! He stands above Jensen and starts slapping him in the face! Jensen is getting pissed!] [Adriano goes for another slap! Jensen the wrist and turns it into a KIMURA LOCK! Adriano is screaming in pain and looks like he’s about to tap! He barely grabs the ropes! ROPE BREAK! Jensen keeps it locked! The ref counts to 4 then makes Jensen let go! Adriana leans against the ropes clutching his arm in pain! The ref is keeping Cussen from attacking! Jensen holds up his arms swearing he won’t do anything! The ref moves out of the way! Jensen charges! RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! Jensen pulls a sly grin! He knows he got all of that! He covers! One…Two…Adriano barely gets the shoulder up!] [Jensen starts stomping away and then rips Adriano off the mat! He starts laying into with him with fist after fist until Adriano falls into the corner! Jensen keeps up with the onslaught until the ref yanks him off of Adriano! Adriano spits in the face of Jensen! Jensen is enraged but the ref keeps holding him back! Adriano with a flurry of spits now! Jensen is covered in saliva and his blood is starting to boil! One spit lands on the ref and it distracts him for a quick second! Jensen charges! INFINITE CHAOS! KICK AFTER KICK BLASTING ADAGIO UNTIL THE KNEE STRIKE STUNS HIM! FINALLY, THE SUPERKICK! JENSEN COVERS! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [What a match! Adriano trying to play mind games with Jensen but it does not work! Good try for the newcomer but rage and experience win it today!]


[After a tough match with Adriano Adagio, Jensen Cussen is taking his leave of the ringside area. Just as he starts down the aisle, he suddenly finds himself in a bitter predicament.] [WHOOSH! A WALL OF FIRE APPEARS BEFORE HIM!] [Cussen has seen this movie before, so he turns to head the other way, but the fire was never meant to deter him.] [Only to keep his eyes off the floor.] [Jensen, in his retreat, doesn’t see the looped rope on the ground, right where his foot is stepping.] [Trap.] [CUSSEN IS GRABBED AROUND THE FOOT! HE’S LIFTED STRAIGHT TO THE RAFTERS!]

“Hello, Jensen.”

[The dangling Jensen Cussen tries to gain his bearings, not even surprised that Jacob Phoenix is now perched before him. The skylight window has been repaired after the events of Red Snow, but high above the bright lights of the Tap Room, only the moonlit sky illuminates Nightwatch.]

“I told you I was coming for you. I even told you why. Did the filth that runs through your veins allow to you even read it?”

[Jensen takes a shot at Phoenix, who barely moves his head to the side to avoid it.]

“Don’t fight it, we both know that there’s nothing you can do. Max showed me that despite the power taking you over, there’s still a human inside. And humans can be killed.”

[He maneuvers into the light, showing the thin scar across his throat.]

“Trust me, I know.”

[Cussen spits back at Jacob.]

“You can’t stop it. Noah is…”

[Phoenix laughs.]

“I don’t care about Noah. I don’t care about the Virus. In death, I found an alarming amount of focus. Stephanie is dead. And you are going to join her.”

“Then do it.”

[Another laugh.]

“That’s too easy. You know that’s not how I operate.”

[Phoenix reaches into his vest and draws out a small knife. Never releasing eye contact with Cussen, he slowly slices into the flesh on his arm until blood begins to come out.]

“You took my blood to sustain Stephanie. It kept her alive, kept the Virus from consuming her before she could complete her task. Read the letter, Jensen, it explains everything.”

[Holding his arm over a small vial, Phoenix waits until it’s full before putting a cap on it.] [THWACK!] [Phoenix hits Jensen in the gut, stunning Vengeance long enough for Jacob to tie the vial around his neck.]

“I wonder, Jensen, what that same blood will do to you.”

[With a strong tap of his knife, the vial develops a crack. The blood begins to pour slowly out of the vial, running up the upside down Cussen’s chin. He coughs and spits it out, but it persists.]

“Maybe through the same lens you forced upon me you’ll be able see as I did. Good luck.”

[Cussen can’t even protest as Phoenix begins to maneuver his way through the rafters to his hidden escape.] [Jensen Cussen hangs, choking on Phoenix’s blood, helpless against the revenge of Nightwatch.]


[The Bishop may well be the fastest rising star here in OSW but he finds himself up against the proverbial brick wall here as he faces off against the cybernetic Russian Sergei. Will Sokolov resume his rise to the very top or will the might of Chambers cause him to plunge?] [The bell begins as both big men rush at one another,nailing one another with huge lefts and rights, Sergei wiffing a big right hand as Chambers ducks under, winding the bigger man with a quick uppercut to the chest. Chambers backs up, rushing forward with a huge Big Boot that takes Sokolov down, D’Von dropping down for the cover. ONE…T…Sergei easily powers out! Chambers tries to lift Sergei up but Sokolov rears forward with a snap headbutt before grabbing Chambers around the throat and slamming him to the canvas with an almost effortless FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE SAMBO SUPLEX!] [Chambers slowly rises to his feet as Sergei begins spinning around with his signature clothesline. Chambers staggers right into it, but doesn’t go down instead stumbling into the corner. Sokolov rushes forward, crushing Chambers with a huge lariat before lifting D’Von up to the top rope. Sergei climbs up, grabbing Chambers by the throat, SUPER WA….CHAMBERS FIGHTS OUT! A flurry of rights loosens the grip around D’Von’s throat before a huge headbutt sends Sergei crashing to the mat. D’Von steadies himself for a moment, CHICAGO CRUX LEGDROP!] [D’Von covers, ONE…TWO…SERGEI JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! D’Von pulls Sergei up to his feet, peppering him with a left right jab to the face before a big uppercut rocks Sergei. Chambers lifts Sergei up onto his shoulders, running forward, PSALM 32 POWERSLAM! Chambers calls for the end, lifting Sergei up high, PASTOR’S…Sergei drops down, SOVIET STRIKE! Chambers is dazed as Sergei lifts him up, IRON CURTAIN! Chambers is done as Sergei covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Red Tsar picks up a huge victory over Chambers here tonight, lifting up the Rewind Championship, holding it up high before dropping it down on the champion, possibly signifying his intention to regain the title he never truly lost]

[In the middle of an abandoned warehouse, El Trébol Junior stands opposite The Sharkman and Marvolo. They seem rather concerned, and appear to be taking measure to ensure that they are completely alone.]

“Thanks for meeting with us,” [Marvolo says, taking the lead.] “It’s of the utmost importance and simply cannot wait any longer. This tale has been told before; albeit under different circumstances. The temple has always been a blanket of protection for the world. It has always stood between good and evil.”

[Trebol folds his arms.]

“And there has always been an evil force willing to break that blanket of protection, seep out into the world and destroy it. For generations, men and women have stood side by side to protect the world; to protect the temple. On that sacred ground, the world has been saved more times historically than either you or I can imagine.”

“Where do I come in” [Trébol asks.] “What does this have to do with me?”

[The Sharkman steps forward.]

“It’s of no coincidence that you held one of the keys, El Trébol; because you, like we, are vitally important in what’s to come.”

“Before we go any further,” [Marvolo interrupts.] “We must tell you that what you’re about to learn may change the very fabric of your past, and define a future unlike anything you could have ever imagined.”

[Suddenly, infected tentacles reach throughout the room, bursting past the camera to latch onto El Trébol Junior, The Sharkman and Marvolo. Before they can react, they are once again held tightly as Doubt enters amongst them all; Double Feature Championship on his shoulder.]

“You thought you could hide from it, is that right?” [He questions.] “It’s reach knows no restrictions and since its infection, its power knows no bounds.”

[But just then, in that moment, its grip on them slips, releasing them. Doubt crumbles to his knees, groaning in pain. He writhes for a moment, ripping at his mask. Marvolo, The Sharkman and El Trébol look on with concern.]

“Help…” [Doubt murmurs.] “Me….”

[He struggles, before collapsing on the floor before them.]

“What the hell was that?” [Marvolo screams.] “Did he just ask for help?…”

[The Sharkman pushes him backwards.] “We have to go. If my theory is correct then he’ll be awake at any moment and we won’t be able to escape.”

“What about him?” [Trébol asks, looking at Doubts prone body.]

“We’ll be back for him. It may not be tonight, but at Blood Drive, we’ll be back for him. You must defeat him, Finn. There’s no alternative.”

[El Trébol reaches down, grabbing his Double Feature Championship and whisking it away with his compatriots.] [Cut.]


[Cael Gable and Captain Zappa stand in the ring with anticipation mounting as they look at each other and the referee.] [The bell sounds as Cael Gable rushes towards his foe with a GOLD RUSH! BUT Zappa stops him with an elbow strike down across the back of Gable’s neck. Gable takes a step backwards as Zappa just flings himself forward with a huge lunging clothesline that floors both of them. They both roll back to their feet as Zappa hits the ropes. He rebounds right back towards Gable who nails him with a running elbow strike! Gable gets down and hooks onto the head of Zappa before rolling over with a Gator roll! Gable gets to his feet and begins leaping into the air for elbow drop after elbow drop after elbow drop!] [Cael climbs up to the top rope and begins to motion for The Gold Standard! However, Captain Zappa gets to his feet, leaps to the top rope, and nails a headbutt before hooking him for a belly-to-belly suplex from the top rope! Captain Zappa gets back up and pulls Cael Gable forward before hooking a reverse piledriver! THE LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! Captain Zappa covers Gable as the referee slides into position! One…Two…TH-NO! Gable powers out right at the last second. Captain Zappa pulls Gable up, but he manages to hit a jawbreaker! He wraps his arms around the waist before hitting a German suplex! And another…. And another… 10 German suplexes as both men collapse to the floor!] [Gable manages to throw an arm around Zappa! One…Two…KICKOUT! Both men slowly begin getting to their feet. A huge right hand from Zappa rocks Gable and he retaliates with another right hand! The two begin to trade sluggish, heavy blows until Zappa nails a huge clothesline that flattens him to the ground. Captain Zappa climbs to the top rope and looks down at The Olympian on the ground. He leaps off! ZETAVARIUM! A twisting moonsault lands with two knees being driven right into the ribs and midsection of Cael Gable! He hooks the legs as the referee slides into position! One…Two…THREE!] [Captain Zappa gets to his feet with a big grin as the referee raises his hand in victory!]


[Cael Gable.] [Well… a much younger picture of The Olympian, perhaps from his high school days. A huge smile upon his face as a hand sets the picture down. D’Von Chambers strokes his chin momentarily as he turns around to see the two parents of Cael Gable sitting in the living room of their Indianapolis home, the very location of a very-scary incident involving Gable’s father being shot a few months ago.] [His parents are sitting comfortably, but they seem a little apprehensive of the large Bishop standing in front of him. His Rewind Championship sits on the table in front of them.]

“So what do you say? Do you agree to my terms?”

[The two look at one another with a slight look of uneasiness as they turn back to Chambers. The mother, though hesitant, speaks up.]

“So we just give you a small donation, and you’ll help Cael on becoming a good man? And you’ll help his salvation, Father Chambers?”

“Oh no, please just Brother Chambers. As we are all brothers and sisters of Christ. However, you are correct. With just a small donation to help spread our faith, I will dedicate all of my time to steer young Gable down the path of righteousness.”

“You’ll also give him that title? Cael seems very adamant about getting that title.”

[His father points at the title as he speaks. D’Von simply smiles as he nods his head.]

“I will give your son whatever inspiration he needs to find his place on the path to holiness in becoming one of my followers. If he should require this title to join our ranks in the love of Jesus Christ, then so be it. I just want to save your son just as I have so many other young men.”

[The parents once again share a look before nodding. Chambers gives them a grin before snapping his fingers together. Two of his security enters the room with a few medical bags it seems. They begin setting up shop and pulling out needles and bags. Chambers collects his Rewind Championship and begins to move towards the door before turning his head.]

“Thank you both for your donation, and know that your son will soon be spending his nights worshiping the Lord instead of spending his time hanging out with monsters.”

[With that, D’Von Chambers exits the room as his two security begin to pull blood from Cael’s parents. He gives a chuckle as he steps outside of the small, Indianapolis home.]

“The blood of my enemy… is still blood needed for God’s plan.”


[The war to save humanity itself rages on as we see a battle between good and evil tonight, but can a King and a Juggalo fight alongside the Virus or will they leave him to the mercy of his allies?] [The bell sounds as Lux Bellator starts off with King Royal, Lux rushing forward with a hurricanrana. Royal staggers up to his feet as Lux springboards off trying for another hurricanrana but Royal catches him, rolling him through into a single leg crab! Lux quickly gets to the ropes, breaking the hold before tagging out to Lee Crowley. Lee surprises Royal with a stiff leaping knee to the jaw before trying to lift him for the AntiDepressant. Royal slips out, rolling away as he goes to tag out, ignoring the Virus before tagging in Jack Jeckel] [Jack rushes in, both him and Lee going at it with furious lefts and rights before a huge uppercut stuns the Mad King, Jack lifting him up high, BOOGEYMAN BOMB! Lee crashes to the mat as Jack covers, ONE…TWO…Lee just gets the shoulder up! Jack pulls Lee up, getting a thumb to the eye as he scrambles away, tagging in the monstrous Danvers. Jack rushes in with a huge right that Isaac catches easily, lifting Jack up with one hand as he begins choking the life out of him. Jack struggles, delivering a knee to the jaw that breaks the hold before spinning around, CHUCK THE CHAINSAW!] [That only staggers Danvers as Jack runs to the ropes, running right into a blind tag from DTR! Jack looks furious as DTR just smirks, walking into the ring right into a huge Big Boot from Danvers that nearly knocks him out cold. Lee tags himself in as DTR begs off, trying to plead with Lee who shakes his head, a sick smile growing on his face before a huge CHELSEA GRIN nearly knocks the Virus out cold. The Virus staggers up, half dazed, trying to tag out but both Jack and Royal drop off the apron, DTR turning around into THE CURE! The Virus is busted wide open as Danvers covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Bad blood reared its head here as DTR was fed to the wolves by his would be partners, the trio of Bellator, Crowley and Danvers picking up the victory even before the match truly began]


[Deep inside one of the hallways of the Tap Room, we find Sergei Sokolov alone with his thoughts…and the woman in his head, relaying a bit of intel.]

“…so it seems that Tommy boy was always a bit of a troublemaker. We found some more info on the man’s criminal past, and it turns out we’re on the nose when it comes to his tendency to commit evil.”

[Sergei is slow to respond, choosing instead to look on down the hall, watching the infection continue to pulsate along the walls.]

“And what of his family, his bloodline? Is it a matter of genetics, or the way he was brought up?”

“The jury’s still out on that one, but it’s better not to dwell on the past when there’s so much at hand in the present.”

“So what are we to do with him?”

“I don’t kn—“

[Her voice is cut off by someone shouting from behind the Red Tsar.]

“What do you want from me?”

[Sergei turns around to see Tommy Wright staring him down, once again not letting the height difference intimidate him.]

“I’ve been hearing rumblings of you trying to look into my past. I don’t need anyone sticking their nose into my business, least of all some Russian freak of nature like you. I told you before, if you’re not careful you’re gonna catch—“

[Sergei cuts The Guv off by slamming his metal fist into the wall next to him, narrowly missing the veins of infection as he removes his fist to reveal a large dent.]

“You talk too much, Tommy. Let wisdom teach you to not bite off more than you can chew.”

[With that, the Red Tsar merely smirks before walking off, the woman in his head finally getting a chance to speak again.]

“If he’s gonna stand in the way of your mission, you have to eliminate him…by any means necessary.”

[Sergei nods before turning back to see Tommy still staring him down, choosing to keep his distance…for now.] [Cut.]


[In a bout which could serve as a case study in human relationships for The Automaton, TAM and Novan team up once more to face the reunited Brent Kersh and Phoebe Outlaw!] [Jacen and Brent start things off, two men who try to do what is right. They stalk each other before Brent goes for an arm drag, which Novan counters. Another arm drag and another counter as Novan uses his aikido to safely neutralise the technician, Kersh. Interesting meeting of styles here as Kersh hits the ropes instead – only to get put down by a chest thrust! ONE… KICKOUT! Novan simply trying to wear The Enforcer out here as he tags in The Automaton! TAM picks Brent off the mat with a double-handed choke and dunks him in the corner, then charges with a body avalanche!] [Brent holds his ribs as Phoebe reaches for a tag, but Novan orders TAM to drag Kersh back. It—he?—hesitates before ultimately obeying. To Novan’s chagrin, however, TAM allows Brent to stand. TAM advances – SUPERKICK! Brent rocks TAM but he doesn’t floor him. He seizes his chance and dives into the tag to Outlaw! She hops the ropes and blisters TAM with a roaring elbow. TAM staggers back but remains upright. Phoebe attacks the ropes again and rages against the machine with another ROARING elbow which floors him to a big pop! ONE… TWO… SHOULDER UP! Phoebe points to the top rope and climbs up for the NORTH STAR – but TAM recovers and tags Novan back in!] [The Ashla master stands before Phoebe and the ropes appear to shake her off! She lands safely, albeit confused. She DUCKS the DARKNESS WITHIN bullhammer and rolls through into a tag to Kersh! The Enforcer lets Novan come to him this time, and he counters the aikido head-strikes with Texas-sized right hands! He sends him into the ropes and hits a big back body drop, then calls for the end! Novan turns around groggily and Brent scoops him up onto his broad shoulders – SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Kersh hits the double-tap as TAM wrestles with whether or not to break it up – ONE… TWO—ROARING ELBOW TO TAM BY PHOEBE—THREE!] [Brent and Phoebe celebrate what must be a feel-good win as they join forces after past animosity. TAM aids Novan on the outside, who pats his companion on the shoulder for continuing to learn even in defeat.]


[Screams.] [The clanging of metal.] [In the Templar’s temple, Lee Crowley has brought his vicious war to the depths of the Tap Room. Templar’s fight for their lives, battling the damned as they attack in great number. Solomon Rhodes can be seen swinging his sword, cutting through enemies as they attempt to blindside him.] [Across from him, Captain Zappa is swinging wildly with fists, punching his way towards Solomon Rhodes who’s very slowly becoming overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the force attacking.] [Finally, Lee Crowley attacks Zappa, throwing him into a crowd of the damned, who back him into a corner, where he’s unable to escape. They hold him there, restraining him as Lee Crowley attacks Solomon Rhodes from behind. Solomon swings his sword, but Lee kicks it away, sending it shooting across the concrete floor.] [Rhodes looks to his left, watching as his Templars are bloodied, beaten and dead around him. He switches to the right, noticing that Captain Zappa is restrained. By the time he turns back to Crowley, the King of The Underworld kicks his legs out from beneath him.] [On his knees, he looks up to see Lee standing over him, a dagger in his hand. His eyes widen, and he gulps, realizing that this is it.] [This is the end.] [The King grabs him by the throat and raises his dagger.]

“Ad infernum, omnis mali!”

[Crowley stops, his entire body almost fluttering in and out of being there. In fact, those words have the same effect on every single one of the damned.]

“Exitum huius mundi.”

[The King groans in pain.]


[Suddenly, Lee and his forces vanish from within the Tap Room, leaving a bloody mess of carnage and human wreckage in their wake. Solomon looks up, his eyes still wide, his heart still racing, and notices that stood before him is a sight he did not expect to see.] [Edward Newton.] [The Riddler saved his life. Edward folds his arms, and shakes his head, casually walking away as Rhodes looks towards Zappa, both men in absolute awe at what they’ve just witnessed.] [Cut.]


[After the ramifications of the end of last week’s main event, this match is pivotal. Doubt stands across the ring from the rightful Double Feature champion whose eyes are dead set on getting some revenge from last week. Somehow, despite what happened earlier tonight, its still standing.] [The bell sounds as these two men are locked in a steel cage! The Masked Emotion steps towards El Trebol Jr. before dashing at him! Trebol tries to dodge out of the way, but this new-found energy of Doubt catches him around the head for a snap neckbreaker! Trebol slams into the mat as Doubt quickly leaps to the top rope and springs off for a springboard splash. The Masked Emotion rolls off as it stands over El Trebol Jr. Doubt grabs him up only for Trebol to catch it with an armdrag! Doubt rolls back to its feet only to receive a second armdrag! They both get to their feet as Trebol catches the arm of Doubt to wrench it down into a Fujiwara armbar!] [The hold is locked on tight as Doubt is reaching out as if the ropes gave it salvation. A moment passes as Trebol is still wrenching the hold back! Doubt finally manages to roll over and flip Trebol away from itself. Doubt tries to get its footing, but Trebol is there with a spike DDT! The impact of the move bounces Doubt off the mat as it rolls towards the corner. Doubt is now seated in the bottom of the corner as Trebol spots this! Trebol rushes towards the ropes, kicks off the first while holding onto the top before… NO! Doubt quickly pulls itself up and catches Trebol before drilling him into the mat with an STO!] [Trebol is down and clutching at his neck. Doubt looks at the cell wall before yanking Trebol to his feet and… HEADFIRST THROUGH THE ROPES AND INTO THE CELL WALL! Doubt looks down at Trebol before moving towards the corner and climbing up. Doubt begins pulling itself up the wall, but right as it pulls itself up El Trebol Jr. is standing in the ring. He begins scaling the wall to get right beside Doubt! The speed of Trebol lets him catch right up! The two begin to trade blows, but El Trebol Jr.’s speed gets the better of Doubt! Trebol hits a high kick and… DOUBT FALLS INTO THE RING! Its body slams into the mat with a huge thud. El Trebol Jr. stands up on the cell wall as the crowd begins going nuts. Trebol looks amongst the sea of fans before looking at the floor below. He shrugs. SENTON FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE WALL! IT CONNECTS! Trebol just collapses on top of Doubt! One…Two…THREE!] [The crowd goes nuts as El Trebol Jr. slowly gets to his feet clutching at his ribs. The referee awards him the title as he holds it high while constantly looking down at Doubt.]


[Cutting the backstage area, we catch up with Adriano Adagio who is making his way towards the exit of the Tap Room.] [His eyes peer cautiously from one wall to the next, taking in the sight of the infection that consumes the corridor, oozing from the crevices like some sort of black blood.] [BEEP! BEEP!] [Adagio’s attention is quickly diverted from the gloominess of his surroundings by the presence of a small box shaped device that has seemingly appeared in the middle of the floor.] [A look of distorted curiosity covers his face as Adriano approaches the box; staring down at it before committing.] [He stoops down, grasping the box with the fingers of his left hand and…] [SNAP!] [Something gives. The box jolts with a mechanical convulsion and instantly…]

“SHIT!” [Adagio yells as he drops the box to the floor, allowing it to skip a few feet away.] “What the …”

[Adriano clinches his fist in pain, directly in front of his face as he grimaces.] [Drip.] [A slow frame catches. A drop of blood seeping from the bottom of his closed palm and dropping to the floor below. The box or whatever it is, cut him?!?] [Frustration covers his face, but after a tough contest and a long night Adagio isn’t in the mood to complain. Instead he stands and moves towards the exit once more, disappearing from the halls of the Tap Room.] [And then they appear…] [The Chiroptera. Michael Graves’ druid like band of followers. Moving in a group up the hallway. An incoherent chant echoing through the halls and as they approach the area at which Adriano just stood, they part and out steps The Prophet of the Bat God himself.] [Graves takes one step; his eyes fixed on the box that was flung a few feet away only to find their way almost directly beneath him.] [Lowering himself to the ground, Michael looks between his feet where a single drop of blood lies.] [Graves extends his hand and smears his thumb against the blood; bringing it quickly to his lips to suck away the substance.]

“Your blood is ripe Adriano” [A smile forms on his lips.] “It is just the type to please the Bat God!”

“Come!” [Graves says to the druids as he stands to his feet.] “We must plan the sacrifice!”

[With that, Michael leads the Chiroptera down an alternate route as we fade to black.]


[There’s a wildfire burning in the ring. The source of which appears to be Jacob Phoenix and Helios, who are both set to collide in this match. Will the Revenant’s new form help him gain a victory? Or will the fallen hero continue his rise towards Jensen?] [The bell is rung and Helios charges Jacob with a HUGE Yakuza kick to an unprepared and cornered Phoenix! The Nightwatch walks out of the corner, but is caught by the Fire warrior and hoisted onto his shoulders. He holds him for but a moment before spiking him with APATHY! Cover! ONE! TW-Kickout! Jacob is lifted to his feet and tossed upwards on the Sun’s back while his arms get stretched for the SECOND FALL STRETCH! The Phoenix screeches in pain as the hold is wrenched in!] [With a bit of a struggle, Jacob is able to break the hold and plant Helios with a hard neckbreaker! The Fire warrior gets up, but gets sent to the turnbuckles with an even harder dropkick! The former Harrison tries to recollect his bearings as Phoenix dashes at him-CORNER CLOTHESLINE! The Nightwatch had enough momentum to land on the apron as Helios stumbles to the center of the ring. Phoenix springs to the top rope and leaps off with a METEORA! LEGS ARE HOOKED! ONE! TWO! TH-Kickout! Jacob gets to his feet and hoists the Sun to his-NO WAIT, HELIOS BRINGS HIM BACK DOWN! HE’S GOT A CROSSFACE LOCKED IN!] [Jacob’s hand flails about trying to reach the bottom rope. Helios pulls Phoenix’s neck back harder, further applying the pressure. It looks like he’s about to tap-BUT HE TURNS IT TO A PIN! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Both men stand but it’s Phoenix who gains the advantage with a lightning fast piledriver! The former Hysteria sits up-DOUBLE KNEES SEND HIM RIGHT BACK DOWN! There’s fire in Jacob’s eyes as he hops out to the apron and shouts at his opponent to stand up. He eventually does so, which prompts Phoenix to spring to the top rope for the PHOENIX FORE–LOST HOPE! OUT OF NOWHERE! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE! IT’S DONE!] [Crowley’s blessing has helped Helios get one over the Nightwatch. The Fire warrior glares down at his fallen foe and plants a boot into his chest. He raises both arms in victory, showing the world that the Sun truly can defeat a Phoenix.]


[In their underground cavern near the Tap Room, the forces of King Royal have been mustered. They stand assembled, only waiting for the command of their monarch. A large feast has been prepared, roast mutton being distributed among the troops. King Royal, Ordell Terminus, Never Dead Dan, and the ever-present Betamax stand assembled around a small fire. One of Royal’s attendants is also visible on screen.”

“This isn’t going to work, cousin.” [Betamax says, old arguments on his lips.] “This is all too bloody easy. Trust me, these guys don’t play around. You saw what Crowley did to Van Chan and Harrison. What the hell are they now?”

[Terminus snorts.]

“Fire. Ice. Polar opposites. But fire can be extinguished. Water can be evaporated. The key of course, is to figure out the best way to do it. They’re nothing compared to the powers the King of the Underworld yields.”

[Dan takes some of the mutton as its presented to him. The rest decline, more focused on their argument.]

“Watch your tone when speaking to your King. One does not develop plans to see them fail. The Knights Templar were consulted. The chosen one of Janus stands among us. This other fellow is unable to be killed or turned to the side of Crowley. This plan will work because our enemy does not know the King’s method.”

[Tension fills the discussion, before an unlikely voice cuts in.]

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

[All four of them turn to face the attendant, who has spoken out of turn. King Royal opens his mouth to scold, but his words die on his lips as Never Dead Dan falls to his knees. His face is an odd shade of green.]

“What the hell was in that meat?” [Dan mutters, holding his stomach.] [Then he falls over, Betamax rushing towards him.]

”Not again.”

[Dead.] [The attendant smiles and nods behind the others as they turn to watch as the King’s army has begun to keel over, some vomiting and others just holding their stomachs.]

“You son of…”

[Terminus moves into action, going for the attendant, but before he can do so, the attendant’s eyes turn blue. And he is no more.] [Proteus stands in his place.] [Terminus takes a shot at the masked man, but as the King rushes to his aid a wall of fire explodes out of the pit they had been gathered around.] [Helios silently stands inside of it.] [They were here the whole time. They heard everything.]

“Did someone call a Doctor?”

[Terminus, Royal, and Betamax try to protect Dan’s body under fear of their enemies, but they turn their heads in confusion as a new person enters the frame.] [Isaac Danvers.]

“These men look sick. I wonder who would have known how to poison them. Perhaps you’d let me treat them, King Royal. I promise they would ride again out to glorious battle.”

[Somehow, even with the giant mask, one can see the sinister smile in his eyes.]

“Too bad it would be for my king, King Crowley. We all know your pathetic army will be unable to breach the gate. My associates have reported back your entire plot. Foolish really. I expected more out of you.”

[Royal stands to his feet with fire in his eyes. Betamax rises with his cousin, and pushes in front of him.]

“You didn’t hear all of our plans.”

[Terminus has produced a key from somewhere. He plunges it into an unseen hole in the ground. The foursome of Terminus, Royal, Betamax, and the somehow rising Never Dead Dan all fall through a sudden portal. It vanishes as soon as they do, and Danvers only shakes his head.]

“They won’t run far.” [Helios says.]

“There’s nowhere we won’t follow.” [Proteus adds.] [Danvers shrugs at that.]

“You two try to find them. I have some patients to cure. Once I have their blood, I’m going to need the two of you. The one who died and came back specifically. He will be an interesting case study.”

[What the hell are Royal, Terminus, and Dan going to do now?]


[The sanity of the Juggalo has been slipping since Calypso’s death and now facing off against the resistance’s general, can he control his rage or will it overwhelm him and cost him the VHS title?] [The bell sounds as Jake rushes in furious, drilling Ordell with lighting fast lefts and rights, an almost unstoppable onslaught ending with a massive knee to the jaw that nearly knocks Terminus out cold. Jake powers Ordell up high, snapping him down into the canvas with a stiff Brainbuster before muscling him down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Ordell just gets the shoulder up! Jake pulls Ordell up, who lashes out with a snap uppercut sending Jake staggering away before a running neckbreaker puts the champ down on the mat] [Ordell tries to pull Jake up to his feet, FUCK OFF! A huge rising elbow nearly knocks Ordell out cold as Jake spins Ordell around, GERMAN SUPLEX! Jake rolls through with a Second, and then a Third! CLOWN POSSE-PLEX! Jake bridges back with the third, ONE…TWO…ORDELL JUST KICKS OUT! Jake pulls Terminus up, INCEPTION! Ordell hits that out of nowhere as he collapses on Jake] [ONE…TW…Jake gets the shoulder up! Both men slowly get up, LARIAT! Jake nearly decapitates Ordell but he doesn’t let him hit the floor, FUCK OFF! Another rising Elbow, A THIRD FUCK OFF! Ordell looks out on his feet as Jake lifts him up high, JUGGALO JACKHAMMER! Jake nearly plants Ordell through the mat as he covers, ONE…TWO…THR…JAKE PULLS HIM OFF THE MAT! A sadistic smile crosses Jake’s face as he hoists Ordell up onto his shoulders, THE HATCHET! Ordell collapses to the mat, as Jake hooks the leg, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [Jake retains the VHS title here tonight, using his veteran wiles to nearly dominate Ordell, his rage working for him tonight but it could well have cost him the match if he doesn’t get it under control soon]


[Recorded Previously.] [Screaming.] [The sound of hatchet shredding flesh welcomes us to the scene. A man dressed in rags crawls down a darkened alleyway, his clothing torn to tatters, an ax sticking out of his back. He pants as a shadowy figure walks behind him, terrified. Slowly the figure reaches down and yanks the hatchet from the man’s back.] [And crimson red blood splatters the alley walls. As the man turns to face his assailant, the ax meets his face, silencing him. Slowly, we pan up to see the blood covered face of Jake Jeckel, the Juggalo cracking a smile for the first time in weeks. The sound of clapping causes him to turn around and look into the darkness.]

“Good job, Jake. Another lamb slaughtered, another parasite cleansed for their role in your lover’s death. I can only hope this brings you some form of closure…”

[Jake haphazardly wipes the blood from his face, smearing it as he stares down Lux.]

“You’re still on my list Lux. Don’t think a few drops of blood are gonna hold me over, I know that you had a hand in the Family killing her, so you better hope that list of traitors never ends.”

[Lux merely responds with a smile before producing a small piece of parchment from his robes. The list.]

“Oh, it has an end, I’ll uphold my end of the bargain, you get to kill those who willingly infected her, and I’ll cut the chaff from the wheat. However, the last name on this list is much harder to kill than the rest. In fact, you may say he’ll present unique challenges…”

[Jake angrily snatches the list from Lux’s hands, reading down the names, all of them crossed out previously by Lux. As he gets to the final names, his eyes go wide, then furrow into a look of unparalleled rage. The last name on the list?] [Jack Jeckel.] [Cut.]


[In a contest pitting OSW’s knight in shining armour against the very darkness which infests it, Solomon Rhodes clashes with Mother!] [Mother darts over to Rhodes and doles out low kicks, which the Grand Master blocks. He defends against the mugging as Mother’s hands and feet turn into a blur. He grabs her hands and forces her down to the mat, but she sweeps his legs and takes the mount! Mother pummels the leader of the Knights Templar until he manages to throw her off. She charges again—relentless—only to be cut off by a big crossbody block! Solomon pulls her to her feet and right into a bridging Northern Lights suplex! ONE…TW—KICKOUT! Solomon doesn’t let up as he knows he has to stay on her.] [Solomon sends The Mother Of All into the ropes and floors her with a single-leg dropkick. He climbs to the top rope but spikes into the mat when Mother evades the diving elbow drop! Rhodes claws his way to his knees, only to eat canvas off a DDT by Mother! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT! Mother’s expression is unreadable behind her greasy curtains of hair. She peels Solomon up and whips him into the corner with surprising gusto! Rhodes goes down, as does Mother – into the crab walk! Solomon comes to just as Mother is ready to strike – CRAB K—DARK WISH OUT OF NOWHERE! Solomon cuts off the Pelé kick with his trademark superkick! ONE… TWO… THR—SHOULDER UP!] [He can taste victory, and he knows it’d be a boon for morale! Solomon calls for BLOOD and heads to the top rope once more. As he preps the double-foot stomp, however, one of Mother’s children appears! He tries to CROTCH Solomon, but Rhodes bails into a controlled front roll on the mat. Mother is there to meet him when he stands, and he ducks a mouthful of BLACK MIST! Had that black bile hit him, he’d be a goner for sure! Mother turns around right into the RED CROSS codebreaker! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Solomon scores an important victory for the forces of light and good here tonight, as Mother’s child burns a hole through him at ringside.]


[What a match!] [Solomon Rhodes and Mother left nothing on the table. There was no stone left unturned between these two titans, but Mother has another problem coming her way.] [Before she can teleport from ringside, the Mother of All is quickly jumped by Phoebe Outlaw. The fiery woman bashes Mother’s head into the railing around the ring, stomping with reckless abandon. Right after left rain down on the ancient figure before she responds with a vicious strike back at Outlaw. The two trade licks for a moment, Dani Kersh cheering on her woman in the background, before Mother dodges a strike and sends Phoebe into the steel guard rail.]

“I may have to take the daughter with the father now, it would only be fitting. Before it’s all over, Phoebe Outlaw, you will cry tears of Danielle’s blood.”

[Outlaw roars in defiance, but as she charges once again, Mother is gone.]

“That’s it!”

[Outlaw charges into the ring with fire in her eyes. Dani follows her, very tentatively after what Mother said.]

“Listen up, Mother. You may run, but I know you can here me. I’m under the brightest lights in the middle of this battleground. You want a war, then let’s draw the lines and I’ll drop a nuclear bomb on your ass. You crossed the line tonight. You can come after me. You can come after Daddy Kersh. But you just threatened the love of my life. And I’ll be damned if I let you spend another day on this earth. You have until Blood Drive to keep your little playground up and running. I’m the bulldozer, and I’m coming to tear it down.”

[She looks over at Dani and takes a deep breath.]

“You really want some blood, Mother? Then come take mine. It’s gonna be a true Blood Drive, because I don’t care if every ounce of blood in my body drains out under your hideous claws. I mean, clip the damn things. I’ve got a little butch in me, but I still take care of myself. You’re going to have to kill me to get Dani. I didn’t rot in a hospital bed for a year to get a new lease on life and lose her. Right, babe?”

[Feebz turns back to Dani.] [But Dani is gone.] [Outlaw roars as she dashes backstage, vowing to tear the whole place down to find her love.]


[Play ►] [Cue ‘Furies’ by Extreme Measures.]

“Walk around the seventh ring, listen to the shadows sing.”

[Edward Newton, battling King Crowley in hell. He hammers haymakers down upon his head, beating the unholy hell out of him.]

“Pray for light, but know the night won’t end.”

[Ring King 2015 – Mike Lane nails Brent Kersh with a Shadowkick and dives into the cover, watching anxiously as the referee slams his hands down on the canvas.]

“Greet the souls you knew before, enlist them in your hopeless war. Cause glory doesn’t need a reason friend.”

[Edward Newton, Enter the Badlands, holding the OSW World Championship in the air above his head with a Cheshire cat smile.] [Mike Lane, looking back at Red River Jack having defeated him for his second OSW World Championship.]

“Gods and devils want me. They want me.”

[The Shadow consumes Mike Lane as his terrifying grin through broken light flickers across the screen.]

“But wrong and right don’t haunt me. Don’t haunt me.”

[Bruce Van Chan lays in a hospital bed with monitors attached to him with Edward looking through a window, smiling.]

“Gods and devils want me, they want me.”


“The furies they can’t stop me. Can’t stop me.”


“Can’t stop me.”

V/O: “Tonight, the legacy of Mike Lane challenges the undefeated streak of Edward Newton. Gods and Devils battle in a fight for the ages.”

[Both faces flash across the screen.]

V/O: “The past versus the present. The Shadow versus The Riddler. Next.”



[In the battle of good versus evil, nothing will be more satisfying than watching these two rip each other to shreds.] [Because tonight, for the first time ever, Mike Lane goes toe to toe with the undefeated OSW World Champion; the Riddler, Edward Newton.] [They stand opposite each other in the middle of the ring as the atmosphere and tension builds behind them. The fans are applauding, making more noise than imaginable, willing these two behemoths to go toe to toe.] [When the bell sounds, Mike Lane swings wildly with a right hand, but Edward side steps, kicking him low and hard in the groin. The Low Blow sends Lane tumbling to his knees in agony, forcing the referee to push Newton aside and remind him of the rules. Edward though pushes past him with a complete disregard, driving a right hand into the side of Mike’s head, accompanying that with a big boot straight to the chin. The World Champion steps away with a smile as Mike Lane hits the canvas on his back with a thud. The fans boo, but that doesn’t concern the Riddler. Just then, Mike Lane pulls him from behind and into a roll up!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [KICK OUT!] [Both men spring away from the near fall, Newton in absolute shock and horror that his hubris almost cost him the match. Lane smiles back, tapping the side of his head to remind the Riddler that he too his wily. The Champion scoots across his butt to the ropes, rolling to the outside with the intention of regrouping, only Mike Lane has other ideas. The Shadow bounds into the rope, DIVING STRAIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE WITH A THUNDEROUS SUICIDE DIVE THAT DRIVES NEWTON STRAIGHT INTO THE RAILINGS!] [The fans are on their feet as The Shadow regroups, grabbing Edward and bouncing him face first off the barricade. He stumbles backwards, turning around to a huge Clothesline. Mike watches gleefully as he crawls away, walking over and grabbing his head by the back of his hair. He pulls him to his feet and scoops him up, turning around and turning towards the ring post – only NEWTON DROPS DOWN AND SENDS LANE BARRELLING INTO THE POST!] [Edward adjusts his glasses, huffing and puffing with rage as Mike clambers back to his feet using the ring apron. The World Champion grabs him by the hair, planting a headbutt on the bridge of his nose that sends him into an instant recoil. He follows on, nailing him with a selection of right hands that drive Mike back towards the entrance way.] [The Shadow though, he isn’t going to take that lying down and begins delivering right hands of his own. The fans are going wild because right there, in the middle of the entrance, these two icons are quite literally punching the shit out of each other. Mike understandably wins the battle, grabbing Edward Newton by the head and running him back towards the ring, rolling him inside. He hops onto the ring apron and is met with a shoulder barge to the mid-section. Edward quickly turns him around and pulls him backwards through the ropes, ROPE HANGING HIM BACKWARDS BEFORE DROPPING THE BACK OF HIS HEAD ACROSS HIS KNEE.] [Mike rolls away in absolute agony, holding the back of his head as Newton rolls him into the cover.] [ONE….] [….] [TWO….] [….] [THREE!!] [NOOOOOOOO!!!] [KICK OUT BY MIKE LANE!] [That was close! Edward sneers, his brow furrowing with rage. He gets back to his feet and grabs Lane, snapping back down to the canvas with a Suplex – only he swivels his hips and pops back up, scooping him straight into the air and down with a BRAINBUSTER! That had to hurt! The World Champion pulls him back to his feet, whipping him with ferocity into the corner.] [He storms over, bouncing his head off the turnbuckle!]

“Do you think you can take my streak?”


“Do you think you’re better than me?”

[WHACK!] [Suddenly, Mike elbows backwards, catching Newton clean on the nose. He stumbles, and The Shadow runs at him, grabs him, and T-BONE SUPLEX! DEGENERATION! HE NAILED HIM!] [BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!] [Slowly but surely, they begin making their way back to their feet, Lane grabbing Newton and slamming him down hard with a Body Slam. He bounces back into the ropes, begins to roll and ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! ROLLING KNEE TO THE FACE! NO! NEWTON MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! He pops straight back to his feet, with Lane on one knee and NEVERMIND! EPIC NEVERMIND! WHAT A FUCKING KNEELING DDT! Mike’s body bounces off the canvas with a thud, but The Riddler can’t capitalise, he’s still in pain.] [Finally, Edward crawls over, slapping an arm across his chest.] [ONE….] [….] [TWO….] [….] [THREE!!] [NOOOOOOOO!!!] [KICK OUT BY MIKE LANE!] [THAT COULD HAVE BEEN IT! The World Champion gets back up, helping The Shadow back to his feet. He nails him with a right hand, and swings wildly with a Clothesline that Lane ducks, picking him straight up and into a BACK DROP! Mike quickly rolls back to his feet, grabbing Newton by the legs, only The Riddler kicks back, again, again, again, sending the former World Champion into the ropes. He turns back around to see Edward up, kicking him hard in the shin. Lane drops to a knee, and Edward barrels into the ropes behind him, SHINING WIZARD TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!] [This match has been back and forth, back and forth! The Riddler has had enough though, and pulls Mike straight back up, putting him in position and NEVERMIND-NO! LANE SPINS OUT! SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK OUT OF FUCKING NO-WHWERE! WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM? MIKE POUNCES INTO THE COVER!] [ONE….] [….] [TWO….] [….] [THREE!!] [THE STREAK HAS BEEN BROKEN!] [NOOOO!!! KICK OUT BY NEWTON AT THE LAST… FUCKING… MOMENT!!] [Mike Lane sits up, hands on head, his face a picture of absolute shock. Is the LEGEND of Edward Newton truly unbeatable? Is this man more than just a myth? He flicks his hair back and stands up, grimacing with rage. Stepping backwards, he starts stomping on the canvas. The Riddler slowly gets back to his knees, then to his feet, adjusting his glasses. Finally, he’s at his feet and HERE COMES LANE! SHADOW-NO!! EDWARD MAKES A TIME OUT SIGN WITH HIS HAND, BEGGING OFF! THAT CATCHES MIKE OFF GUARD! Eddie puts a finger up, begging him for a moment as The Shadow looks perplexed! KICK TO THE SHIN! RAKE TO THE EYES! NEVER FUCKING MIND! THAT CRAFTY BASTARD! HOLY CRAP!! WHAT A DDT!! He covers enthusiastically.] [ONE….] [….] [TWO….] [….] [THREE!!] [IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER!] [KICK OUT! WHAT?] [KICK… FUCKING… OUT!] [ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?] [Edward Newton looks at the referee with pure rage. Will the legend of Mike Lane never die? Will he shadow forever loom over Old School Wrestling?] [The World Champion gets back up and begins unbuttoning his famous jacket. We’ve never seen this before. Before you know it, he’s taken off his jacket, unbuttoned his shirt and whipped that off too. Before us, in just his suit trousers, stands the World Champion unlike we’ve ever seen him before. Mike Lane has driven him to this. He’s driven him to something else. Edward grabs his shirt, wrapping it around the throat of the Shadow as he sits up, strangling him for dear life. How much does this streak mean to Edward? He’s choking the fucking life out of Mike Lane!] [He drags him to the ropes, diving through the middle and landing on his feet outside, the shirt still wrapped around the throat of The Shadow. He drops to his knees, strangling him with the leverage of the ropes! He’s snapped! He’s absolutely snapped! With Lane going beetroot red, he finally releases, allowing him to fall forward, choking for breath. Being undefeated means something to Edward Newton and this is a message to the entire roster; he isn’t giving it up without a fight!] [The Riddler hops back into the ring, dropping over Lane and pounding away at his skull. He drives right hands off his head, bouncing them fist after fist until the crimson begins to flow. The Champion stands up, wiping the blood from his hand across his chest. We’ve never seen this side of the Riddler before. There’s a different twinkle in his eye; one that is determined to send some kind of vicious message through Mike Lane. He grabs him by the now blood-soaked hair, pulling him back to his feet and whipping him into the corner. He runs, driving a shoulder into his mid-section. Edward steps backwards, running for a second.] [BOOT TO THE FACE] [That stopped that! Saliva spews from the mouth of Newton with the impact. Lane stumbles from the corner… SHADOWKICK! HOLY FUCK! EDWARD SPINS AROUND WITH THE FORCE AND STRAIGHT INTO A SECOND SHADOW KICK! THE FEROCITY SENDS HIM STRAIGHT THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! LANE DROPS TO HIS KNEES, REACHING OUT, REALIZING THAT JUST SAVED THE MATCH FOR THE RIDDLER!] [Mike Lane stands back up in the middle of the ring. He puts his hands on his hips, shaking blood from his eyes with a swing of the hair. This is a situation he’s been in before, but he didn’t lie down then either. He steps through the ropes, dropping an Axe Handle across the back of a kneeling Newton, flattening him out. It’s time this whole match went in a different direction. He heads under the ring, pulling out a table and setting it up on the outside. The fans cheer, watching as Lane slaps the table ferociously, telling us all that its time.] [The Shadow drags a limp Newton to his feet and lifts him with a struggle onto the ring apron. He follows, and pulls him back up. Mike grabs him into position… TWISTING T-BONE SUPLEX FROM THE APRON THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! THE TABLE SPLINTERS EVERYWHERE AS BOTH MEN COLLAPSE THROUGH IT WITH A GIANT THUD! “OHHHHHHHHHH!!” echoes from the fans in awe. These two men are tearing each other apart!] [Somehow, some way, Mike Lane needs to get Edward Newton back to his feet through the rubble of that table and back into the ring. If he wants to win this match and defeat The Streak, he’s going to have to dig deeper than ever before.] [The Legend that is Mike Lane slowly pulls himself from the rubble, grimacing in agony. He’s been the standard-bearer for so long and performances like this are the reason why. Mike grabs Newton, pulling his tired and unconscious frame from the table and forcibly pushing him back into the ring. He covers…] [ONE….] [….] [….] [….] [TWO….] [….] [….] [….] [THREE!!] [KICK.] [THE.] [FUCK.] [OUT!] [Mike Lane looks at the referee as if he’s seen a ghost. Somehow, some way, Edward Newton kicks out. The Streak is alive! How the fuck is he doing this? How is Edward Newton surviving this onslaught against Mike Lane?] [The Shadow gets back to his feet, dragging Newton with him. He pushes him back into the ropes, and as the stumbling figure of the World Champion falls back in his direction… SHADOWKICK!] [NO! HE DUCKS!] [DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!] [Both men are down once again. This match means so much you’d think it was for the OSW World Championship. It’s like their lives are on the line here tonight. The stakes are high, the night is huge and somehow, someway, we’re going to have a winner if it kills either of these absolute fucking monsters.] [Slowly but surely, once again, these two guys get back to their feet in the middle of the ring. They stand for a moment, in heaps, looking at each other from across the ring. They know what they’ve put into this match. There’s a level of respect here unlike any we’ve ever seen. Mike Lane has been stood in the position of Edward Newton – he’s been the man with the target on his back. He’s been the man that everyone has wanted to see fall. He’s the longest reigning World Champion and by God, during that reign, everyone wanted to see him beaten.] [He shares a glance with Edward, a look that tells you everything you need to know. This position, they’ve shared it. They’re alike in this way, if no other.] [Suddenly, the lights go off.] [Darkness.] [Absolute pitch black.] [When they return, Proteus and Helios stand between them! The Revenants are here! Oh my God! Helios attacks Lane as Proteus goes after Newton. They beat both men into their respective corners, driving right and left hands into them. Both Newton and Lane try to cover up, but they’ve taken so much out of each other that they’ve barely anything left. Proteus despatches Edward through the ropes to the outside, then turns around to face Mike Lane with Helios.]

“Legends do die, Michael,” [Helios hisses with a deep growl.] “And it’s time for you to move on.”

[Helios hands shake, fire beginning to surround them. Proteus holds Lane up, restraining him as The Hells Fire prepares to deliver the fatal blow.] [STEEL CHAIR TO THE FUCKING SKULL!] [HOLY SHIT!] [EDWARD NEWTON PLANTS HELIOS OVER THE SKULL WITH A STEEL CHAIR, LAYING HIM OUT!] [Proteus releases Lane and grabs the chair from Newton, FREEZING IT IN HIS HANDS! The Riddler is forced to let go, and Proteus takes the chair, SMASHING IT TO FUCKING PIECES ACROSS THE SKULL OF THE WORLD CHAMPION! EDWARD NEWTON JUST SAVED MIKE LANE AND PAID THE ULTIMATE PRICE! NOW HE’S BUSTED WIDE OPEN TOO!] [The Ice Man grabs a shard of the iced steel, looming over Newton. Oh man, he’s going to end it. He’s going to end the man, the myth and the streak here tonight.] [SHADOWKICK TO THE BACK OF THE SKULL! SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK TO PROTEUS! OH MY GOD!] [The fans go absolutely mental as Mike Lane flicks his hair backwards, looking down as Proteus and Helios vanish into ice and fire respectively. He reaches down, pulling Edward to his feet. Both men stand there for a moment, looking at each other. What did they just do? They just saved each other’s lives.] [KICK TO THE GUT!] [NEVERMIND!] [NEVERMIND!] [NEWTON JUST… THAT SON OF A BITCH… HE JUST… After everything they just went through, Edward Newton planted Mike Lane.] [The World Champion drops into the cover…] [ONE….] [….] [….] [….] [TWO….] [….] [….] [….] [THREE!!] [It’s over! Edward Newton does it. The Riddler retains his streak in a match for the ages against one of the best, if not the best, to ever wrestle in an OSW ring. Newton rolls away from the prone body of The Shadow, blood dripping down his face onto his bare chest, and realizes that he’s just been in a war unlike anything he’s ever encountered. This match defines a career, not just for him, but for Mike Lane too.] [Edward gets back to his feet and falls into the ropes, absolutely exhausted. Mike Lane, never one to remain down and out, stirs back to his feet as well.] [He looks at Newton, smiling to himself. He knows why he did what he did. He knows why The Riddler had to take his chance as the ultimate opportunist. The Shadow steps forward, holding out a hand.] [Edward looks at it, clasping it reluctantly and briefly, attempting to let go.] [SHADOWKICK FOR GOOD MEASURE!] [The massive Superkick sends the World Champion barrelling through the middle rope to the outside, leaving Mike Lane to chuckle to himself, letting the World Champion know that whilst he may have been crafty enough to pick up the win, no-one fucks with Mike Lane.] [No-one.] [This match has been an epic for the ages. The legend of Edward Newton’s streak and Mike Lane both live on.]


[In the locker room of Brent Kersh, the Enforcer finds himself pacing back and forth with a decision weighing heavy on his mind; and heart. As he turns to pace back in the opposite direction, he’s stopped dead in his tracks by Noah, accompanied this time by DTR.] [Brent grimaces, remembering that only a few weeks ago, DTR attempted to end his life.]

“Please don’t be mad,” [Noah asks kindly.] “My daddy asked to be brought here to see you. He doesn’t mean you any harm, I promise.”

[The Enforcer puts his hands on his hips as DTR smiles.]

“I understand my boy offered you something special, son.”

[Kersh almost growls.] “I don’t want anything from you, DTR and I’m not your son.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. You want everything from us; we’re the Family. If Noah is offering you a chance at paradise, you had better not keep him waiting. He can give your child a chance at a brave new world and all you have to do is sacrifice yourself.”

[The Virus shrugs.]

“Isn’t that what always do, anyway?”

[Noah meanders over, standing before Kersh and his towering frame.]

“I can keep your child safe, Mr. Kersh. I can protect him from what’s to come. Isn’t that what you truly want? I can read your soul and the words are written all over it. You do this for them. You do this to provide for them but there’s going to be nothing left.”

[The boy smiles.]

“I can keep them safe, just like I have The Chief.”

[Kersh’ eyebrows raise.] “The Chief? He’s in a coma, what do you mean?”

[DTR quickly steps in.]

“If you want that information; if you want the answers to all your questions and your family saved, you need to sacrifice yourself at Blood Drive. There’s going to be a great match, a blood fuelled frenzy and I need your help to extract as much blood from our opponents as possible. When you’re done, you sacrifice yourself and my son will see your family saved from what’s to come.”

[Kersh stammers.] “And if I don’t?”

[The Virus turns towards the door, reaching out for Noah and guiding him away.]

“Then Mother has an alternative plan for you and your family.”

[Gulp.] [Cut.]