[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [In the reflection of a shattered, grimy, dirty mirror, stares Brent Kersh. The contours of his aged face ripple through the broken shards of glass. He rubs a hand through his beard, contemplating all that he has been told.] [Just then, his eyes dart upward, realizing that also in his reflection is none other than Edward Newton.]

“Don’t be afraid, I’m not here to harm you,” [Edward says, folding his arms.] “I’m here to inform you.”

[Kersh’ eyebrows raise.]

“The Book of the damned talks of flowing blood from bleeding hearts. It talks of purity and sanctuary. With every droplet of our crimson, they grow in strength and number. Their hold upon the Tap Room tightens as we seep into the void they create. At Blood Drive, we are being beckoned to shed blood and strengthen their position.”

[The Enforcer lowers his head shamefully.] “I know,” [he retorts.]

“Noah grows stronger, Mr. Kersh.”

[He says nothing.]

“And the infection becomes a stranglehold until the levee breaks. It starts tonight, in your Main Event with Solomon Rhodes and if his blood soaks that canvas, the walls may not be able to hold firm past Blood Drive.”

[Again, Brent doesn’t respond. He just looks down at the floor.]

“You have to understand me, Mr. Kersh. The keys may unlock the doors, but if they’re weakened enough by the infection, they’ll simply buckle under the pressure. If the virus escapes into the world, our armageddon begins.”

[Brent looks up at him.] “What am I supposed to do?”

“Don’t fight,” [Edward responds.] “Don’t allow blood to be shed upon that canvas. The world could depend on it.”

[The anguish on the face of Brent Kersh says it all. He has a decision to make. Tonight could be the beginning of the end.] [Cut.]


[Tonight we have a matchup of a country hick and the infected monster. Will the hick be able to take out the monster? Or will the infected beast prove too strong for the him?] [Doubt over Dixon, peering into his soul. The bell rings and the his opponent circles Doubt in the center. Doubt grows weary of his dancing and rushes towards the hick. Dixon drops and pulls down the top ropes, and Doubt tumbles over and to the outside. Jeremiah is looking for a quick advantage as he rushes to the ropes… SPRINGBOARD SENTON!! Dixon drives through Doubt, who was just beginning to stand! Both men go down in a heap, but Dixon quickly gets to his feet and stomps Doubt into the floor outside. He pulls the Monster to his feet and tries to toss him into the ring steps… but Doubt reverses and launches the smaller man into the steel, head over heels!!] [The referee’s count is up to seven as Doubt pulls Dixon up by the head. He rolls him back into the ring, following quickly after. He rolls in behind pulls Dixon up, but Dixon grabs his head and drops into a JAWBREAKER!!! Doubt goes down in a heap, and Dixon wastes no time! He jumps on Doubt’s back and locks in CROSS-FACE!! He wrenches on Doubt’s mask. Doubt is in trouble! He reaches out to tap! But he just reaches the ropes instead! The ref breaks the hold. Dixon gets to his feet quickly, looking down on the Monster.] [Dixon goes to pulls Doubt to his feet, but The Emotion counters with a DESPERATION DISCUS CLOTHESLINE!! Dixon’s head nearly comes off! Doubt shakes his head to clear the cobwebs. He stomps to Dixon and mounts the second turnbuckle… FIST DROP! Dixon is knocked TO his feet! He stumbles and Doubt lifts him INTO THE UNKNOWN! The Wrist Exploder nearly puts Dixon through the mat! He lifts the unconscious Dixon to his feet… EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! Doubt covers! One… Two… THREE!!] [The Emotion pulls out the hard fought victory here tonight. Dixon is left to lick his wounds, still searching for his first victory.]


[The Tap Room is brought to a frenzy as darkness suddenly falls upon on the arena..] [Moments pass until finally…] [The lights return.] [Doubt is gone, but Jeremiah Dixon remains.] [Now we find him immobilized. Spread eagle. Strapped to a wooden structure and glowing with the presence of fire that surrounds him in one big circle, all inside the ring.] [Suddenly, the big screen comes to life with the image of bats flying about, their screeches piercing the walls of the Tap Room.]

“O dea tenebris” [A voice echoes from the darknes.] “mater immortalibus!”

[And from the shadows, it’s Michael Graves.] [Followed by his Chiroptera, Graves approaches the restrained Dixon who begins to struggle mightily against his bonds.]

“Do not be afraid Jeremiah” [Graves snickers.] “For you are the chosen one!”

[The Prophet of the Bat God lifts his left arm in invitation of something and when he does, one of his druids move forward and closer to Dixon; approaching him.] [In the hand of the lead Chiroptera; however, is a massive dagger. Oddly shaped. Customized in its structure. And as Dixon looks around nervously, Graves continues.]

“Barbatos has beckoned me for sacrifices in preparation for his coming” [Graves raises both hands.] “And you, Jeremiah, will be the first!”

“puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur” [Graves voice booms through the darkness.] “mea lux ve…”

[GROAN!] [Graves is halted by the sound of pain. There is a pause before the druid falls to the ground below; his robe landing on the fire and bursting into flames.] [He begins to scream. The fire scorching his skin as it engulfs his being.] [The Chiroptera break into a frenzy. There is chaos as they move to help their brethren, but cannot.] [However, that is not the only problem.] [Dixon is LOOSE!] [He stands at a ready. The dagger, he somehow took from the druid, in hand and when Graves sees him, he is furious.]

“I may be the chosen one, bat boy!” [Dixon taunts.] “But there will be no sacrifice tonight!”

[Keeping the dagger to warn the Chiroptera away, Dixon backs his way into the darkness before sprinting to an escape.] [The druids manage to extinguish the fire on their colleague; however, it appears to late for his lifeless, charred remains. They hurry in the direction that Dixon escaped before halting at the voice of their master.]

“NO!” [Graves seethes.] “Dixon has only delayed his death!! The sacrifice was not intended to occur tonight! Instead, we will now prepare for a Blood Drive by punishing The Sharkman.”

[With that, Graves begin to laugh in a haunting tone as we fade to black.]


[Two technicians squaring off next with Adriano Adagio facing Cael Gable. The bell sounds.] [Cael Gable slips under the armpit of Adriano as soon as the bell sounds, locking in a full nelson. He pushes Adriano into the corner and slams his face into the turnbuckle. ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE! Adriano looks dazed! DRAGON SUPLEX! Adriano rolls over onto his stomach and Gable rolls backwards, to his feet, grabbing Adriano around the waist immediately, pulling him straight into the air with a show of immense strength and hitting a gutwrench suplex! He follows up by bouncing from the ropes and jumping high into the ai, hitting a hard knee drop to the chest of Adriano!] [Adriano rolls around on the canvas. He looks way out of his depth and completely unprepared. He helps himself to his feet with the aid of the rop–GERMAN SUPLEX! Cael Gable snatches Adriano by the waist and hits him with a German Suplex! Gable rolls through, he pulls Adriano to his feet AGAIN! GERMAN SUPLEX! AGAIN! GERMAN SUPLEX! Adriano can barely stand, his legs turn to jelly and he slips from Gable’s grip, down to his knees. Gable bounces off the rope and boots Adriano in the back of the head! Adriano collapses in a heap on the canvas.] [Gable looks down at Adriano, then out at the crowd. He smiles. Gable scoops the limp, sweaty mess that was Adriano up, hoists him into the air and hits the PUGHPLEX! ONE, TWO, NO… Gable doesn’t even go for the pin. He kneels up and looks down at his opponent, whose eyes are rolling into the back of his head. Gable stands up, dragging his opponent with him. He hoists him into the air again! PUGHPLEX A SECOND TIME! Gable stands up, he puts his boot on the chest of Adriano Adagio and flexes his muscles in victory. ONE, TWO, THREE!] [A decisive victory for Cael Gable here tonight, giving him great momentum heading into next week.]


[Eyes drowsily open, slowly and groggily coming to in the Family Home. The black infection has grown amongst the walls, draping between them and dropping to the floor. The person checks their surroundings, realizing by the ugly decor and horrifying black gunge that they are no longer in a safe place.] [Captain Zappa.] [He’s tied to a chair, in the same room the The Chief collapsed, a pool of his blood dried on the floor by the entrance.] [DTR and Lee Crowley stand over him.]

“Welcome to the family, son.”

[Zappa winces as DTR continues.]

“We’ve been wanting to have a conversation with you for the longest time, but something has always gotten in the way.”

[Crowley grins.] “But not today. You see today, we offer you an opportunity of a lifetime; to become one of us.”

“We have similar goals and aspirations, you and I, “[The Virus says, pacing.] “At one point, you wished to see humanity suffer under the heel of an alien invader. Yet our plight is a pure one, and you don’t choose to follow.”

“I was mistaken. I was manipulated and lied to,” [Zappa protests.] “I wasn’t their Chosen one and they weren’t my Zeta – not like I thought. You aren’t my zeta, either.”

[Crowley shrugs.]

“But we could be. How do you know that you weren’t chosen to deliver this world back to God? How do you know that we aren’t the Zeta and that the message has simply become lost in a drug fuelled haze of poor translation?”

“You can join us,” [DTR says impassioned.] “You can become one of the family, Zappa. All you have to do is bleed everyone dry at Blood Drive and become Champion. That’s all we ask for an eternal salvation. Isn’t the price low?”

[Zappa scoffs.]

“After what I’ve seen you turn Bruce Van Chan and LH Harison into,” [Zappa remarks with disgust.] “And what I’ve seen you do to men and women in your family, do you ever expect me to say yes?”

[The Virus cuts his restraints, leaning in behind him with a whisper.]

“You can either get busy living, or get busy dying, Zappa,” [DTR says softly.] “Either way, The World will be cleansed and given back to God. The choice is yours.”

[The Family carefully back away, giving Zappa a chance to move his feet and stand up. He does so, heading straight for the door; not answering them at all.] [Cut.]


[A new evil has descended upon OSW as a prophet of a dark god seeks to gain sacrifices for Barbatos but a single hero stands in his way. Will the Finned Avenger show Graves his Reckoning or will his blood flow for the Bat God?] [The bell sounds as Sharkman rushes forward, SUSHI KICK! The Shining Wizard hits in mere seconds as Shark drops down for the cover but Graves rolls out of the ring, almost on instinct as he tries to regain his composure. Sharkman rolls out to try and get Graves back in the middle of the ring, DROP TOEHOLD ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! Graves faked Sharkman out as the Avenger rises groggy, Graves grabbing him from behind, GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE APRON! The Sharkman looks out of it as his neck nearly bends in two from impact as Graves powers him up before tossing him back into the ring and dropping down over him for a cover] [ONE…TWO…THR…SHARKMAN KICKS OUT! Graves almost looks shocked before lifting Shark up, punishing him with a series of stiff elbows to the jaw before backing up and nearly taking Shark’s head off with a huge Running Boot, stomping down on the Avenger’s face with the followthrough. Graves doesn’t cover, instead waiting for The Shark to get to his feet, WILD HU…TORNADO DDT!] [Both men slowly get to their feet, exchanging lefts and rights as Sharkman ducks under a wild clothesline, stunning Graves with a hard enziguri before planting him to the mat with a bulldog. Sharkman rushes to the top rope, sizing up Graves for a moment, SUSHI DIVE…MISSES! The Shark stumbles to his feet, holding his back, RED DEATH! Graves looks up to the heavens, praying to Barbatos as he calls for the end, DAWN…SHARK SLIPS OUT, LIGHTING FAST RECKONING! The Finned Avenger covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Good triumphs over evil here tonight as the Finned Avenger uses his veteran wiles to beat the newer Michael Graves, saving himself from being Barbados’s next victim]


[Previously Recorded.] [A rope.] [SLICE!] [Two ropes.] [THWACK!] [Jensen Cussen’s inert body lands on a hard metal girder, one of the many making up the rafters of the Tap Room. Cussen seems to be unconscious, his face stained with the blood that ran out of the now-depleted vial that Jacob Phoenix tied around his neck.] [The very same Jacob Phoenix that now stands over his foe.]

“You couldn’t take it, could you?”

[Phoenix kneels down over Cussen, grabbing a fistful of hair and raising his head.] [SLAP!]

“Wake up.”


“Wake up.”

[Cussen’s eyes dart open, fear in them. He coughs instantly, congealed blood loosed from his lungs. Phoenix’s blood.]

“Don’t move, Jensen. Don’t think about it. I only have a few moments, but I want you to hear what I have to say.”

[Phoenix makes Cussen’s eyes turn to his with a pull of hair and his own deep gaze.]

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Virus consumes and then discards. It did it to Stephanie. It would have done it a lot sooner, if not for pure blood to keep her alive. It wasn’t for her, though, was it? It was for that spawn. Think about what its done to you, Jensen. Think of how you feel in this moment. How is your mind?”

[Cussen’s fear has lessened, but as he speaks his mouth seems to fumble, the words barely able to emerge.]


[Nightwatch only nods.]

“It won’t last. But I want you to know the truth. You should really read that letter.I want Jensen Cussen to know the truth, not the Virus that’s taken him over.”

[Another wrench of the hair.]

“You killed her. Not DTR. Not the boy. Not even the Virus. You were her father, and you did nothing. We may not have gotten along, but I used to respect you. Now my eyes are clear. You’re no better than Jonah.”

[The mention of his father brings power back to Cussen, who tries to lift his arm.] [It only twitches.]

“The Virus is already reclaiming your body. Unfortunate.”

[Jacob stands to his feet, looming over his downed enemy.]

“When I kill you, Jensen, I’m going to look into your true eyes. And you will know the truth, and you will hate yourself as much as I hate you. I won’t stop until you beg me to do it.”

[He turns to head for his exit-point.]

“Until then, every time we fight, every time the Virus makes me bleed, it’s going to hurt you. I’m a part of you now, Jensen. Just like I was part of Stephanie.”

[Jensen Cussen sits up, enraged. His eyes no longer seem to have the clarity they did a moment ago. The Virus is back in control.] [But Phoenix is gone.]


[It’s The Bishop squaring up against the man who cannot be slain in Never Dead Dan!] [The bell sounds as D’Von Chambers and Never Dead Dan tie it up! Chambers seems to be slightly stronger as he changes it into a side headlock! He drags Dan to the mat before mounting him with his beefy mitts swinging wildly at the head of Dan! Dan takes two solid hits to the face before putting up his hands to grab Chambers head. FOREHEAD BITE! Chambers is kicking his legs wildly as he drills two shots into the ribs of Never Dead Dan! Still, nothing seems to be having as much effect as he’s hope! Chambers finally manages to free his own head as the blood begins to pour from the gash!] [Chambers staggers backwards as his hand is reaching up to touch the blood flowing freely from his head! Never Dead Dan gets back to his feet as blood coats his mouth. He grins as he wipes the blood away. Chambers charges at him in a blind rage as Never Dead Dan lifts him up! His throat slams into the top rope in the stun gun! Chambers hits the mat as Never Dead Dan climbs up to the top rope. DIVING HEADBUTT… MISSES! Chambers managed to roll out of the way just in time. Chambers gets to his feet as the blood has now made its way down his nice white shirt. He looks down at his state before looking at Never Dead Dan… with a grin?!] [The Bishop rushes over and begins driving boots right into the midsection of Dan before pulling him up onto his shoulder and rushing forward with… PSALM 32! The running powerslam connects as Chambers rises to his feet. He places a boot on the chest of Dan with a grin. One…Two…KICKOUT! LOW BLOW! Chambers bends over in pain, but the referee seemed out of position to see it! Dan rises to his feet before blasting Chambers with a headbutt! Blood now coating both men’s faces. Dan hits the ropes only to return into a running forearm! Dan is staggered, Chambers hoists him up… THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE! The twisting crucifix slam connects as Never Dead Dan is knocked out it seems! One…Two….THREE!] [A big win for The Bishop here tonight as he staggers to his feet with blood still coating his face and his shirt.]

[Whistling.] [The pitch of the melody is slightly haunting as D’Von Chambers comes into view wearing his title around his shoulder, blood cakes on his face and down the front of his normally white shirt. Yet a smile is present on his face.] [And he’s whistling.] [He turns the corner backstage where he’s ambushed immediately by a enraged young man. His forearm is across the throat of Chambers who is blasted up against the wall with his other arm poised to give him a blow.]

“What the hell did you do to my parents?!”

[Cael Gable may normally have himself collected, but his eyes are ablaze with anger and sheer fury. D’Von Chambers, despite the blood still pouring from his forehead, just grins even more.]

“They did what any good parents would do. They put the safety and future of their child before their own. I offered you salvation and you denied my request. I offered this same deal to your parents and they accepted without question. Do you want to know why, Cael?”

[Cael is practically seething at this point, but he nods his head to hear him out.]

“Because they know you’re not willing to make the hard choices. They know that the only way you’ll get this key is by subjugating yourself to me.”

[Cael throws a vicious right hand the clobbers Chambers right across the temple! Gable takes a step back as he’s shaking now. Chambers grunts as he slumps down to the floor before turning to Gable with a grin.]

“I’m going to save you. I’m going to give you exactly what you want. All I’m asking is for you to swallow your pride and PASS THAT PLATE ONE MO’ GAIN!”

[D’Von Chambers rises to his feet as the smile has now faded as his eyes suddenly convey a sense of power. As if the power of God himself was forcing its way through his expression.]

“Fire and brimstone are heading this way, Cael Gable. Only I, through God, can protect us from the storm. Your parents have been baptized in the name of the Father. Will you accept his blessing?”

[Cael Gable meets his eyes before nodding.]

“If it’s what my family wanted…”

[The power in the tone and eyes of Chambers lessen as the smile is restored.]

“You and I both know that it is. Good, now come along with me. We have much to discuss about a Blood Drive my church is running.”

[Two members of his Congregation show up as one hands Chambers a shirt and the other a towel. Chambers changes shirts quickly before just throwing the other aside. He begins blotting his forehead as he continues to walk with Cael Gable standing alongside him and the two members walking behind him.] [The last shot we see is the shirt of D’Von Chambers, soaked in blood, being quickly absorbed into the wall as the pulsating Virus continues to spread.]


[Six fighters are in the ring ready to start this thing off, but it’s Ordell Terminus and Sergei Sokolov who will start it out for their teams!] [The bell sounds as Sergei has a smirk on his face. He reaches out with a hand as if to shake Ordell’s hand, but he just kicks away his hand. He charges with his arms outstretched, but Terminus is too quick for that as he just dodges underneath and kicks at the base of the giant. Sergei’s leg gives way for a second as a spinning backfist catches Ordell right on the jaw! SOVIET STRIKE! Terminus is blasted by the momentum as he slams, luckily, into his own corner! Jake Jeckel tags his shoulder to allow himself into the ring.] [Sergei beckons Jeckel to bring it. He charges low and tries to tackle the legs of Sokolov out from underneath him! However, Sergei holds his ground and brings both hands down across the top of Jeckel’s back! Jeckel flinches for a moment before rising quickly. FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW! Sergei is staggered as he takes a step back. Jeckel hits the ropes and comes back into… A SOVIET STRIKE! Another quick spinning backfist floors the former OSW World Champion! Sergei lifts up Jeckel, but the wily veteran just rakes the eye of Sergei before leaping towards his teammates to tag in Jacen Novan!] [Sergei looks at his teammates who are desperately trying to tell him to tag out, but The Russian Bear just disregards them. DARKNESS WITHIN! The bullhammer clobbers Sergei as he finally hits the mat! He goes for the pinfall! One…Two…Th-Outlaw breaks it up! She punt kicks Novan to get him off of Sergei. She leaves the ring just as Sergei gets to his feet. Novan has gotten up in the wrong neighborhood as Sergei collides with a huge avalanche splash! Zappa tags himself in. Ordell Terminus comes out of nowhere and clocks Outlaw with a running uppercut on the outside! Sergei lifts up Novan and… THE IRON CURTAIN! ZAPPA LEAPS FROM THE TOP! ZETA- ORDELL BLASTS HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE AS HE FALLS TO THE FLOOR! Due to trios rules, that makes Sergei back to the legal man, unfortunately! FLUX GATE! Shooting star senton takes him to the mat! Ordell pulls Novan on top! One…Two…THREE!] [Jake Jeckel enters the ring with a weird expression on his face as he surveys Jacen Novan and Ordell Terminus who seem to be in worse shape.]



[Phoebe Outlaw rages as she storms up the aisle to the backstage area of the Tap Room.]

“I’m gonna camp my ass out right here.” [Outlaw says as she paces back and forth in a hallway.] “You want me, you know where to find me.”


“I always know where to find you.”

[Mother has arrived.]

“Where is Dani?”

[Mother laughs at the question.]

“Is that a question you truly want answered, Phoebe Outlaw? Or will you only see what you want to see? Hear what you want to hear?”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

[Light.] [Phoebe Outlaw is stood before a door, no longer in the Tap Room.]

“Answers are behind that door, my child. Beware the truth, for it will sever you from the world you believe you live in.”

[The ever-cocky Outlaw shrugs, pulling the door open. She saunters in, ready for a fight, but as soon as she breaks the threshold, her anger fades to pain. Water floods to her eyes at the scene that greets her.] [A hospital bed. A machine to breath. Intravenous fluids pumped into limp veins.] [Danielle Kersh.] [Outlaw rushes to the bedside, grabbing at Dani’s hand, careful not to hit any of the needles. Her voice is barely at a whisper.]

“What did you do to her?”

[On the other side of the bed, Mother now stands. An evil smile on her face.]

“Do you remember, Phoebe? Do you remember laying in this same bed, your body broken from the actions of The Question? How long did you lay here? How long did your body atrophy, your muscles evaporating to dust and your mind reduced to nothingnesss?”

[No response from Feebz to those questions.]

“What did you do?”

[A laugh.]

“We both know the beloved daughter of the Enforcer was not one for gods or prayer, but one night she knelt by your bedside. Through her tears, she begged for whatever power would hear to bring you back. She would do anything to end your suffering. She called out for a god to hear her plea.”

[Mother reaches out to caress the arm of Danielle as Outlaw looks on, the truth slowly beginning to dawn.]

“Mother takes care of all of her children. It could not have worked out better. Your broken body became hers. Your empty mind became hers. Your life became hers. She sacrificed everything so that you could see life. Yet here you stand, still rooted to the same place you would have died in.”

“But… She… I sa…”

“You saw her? She stood beside you? Laid beside you? When you emerged from your slumber, you did not question your return. Broken by delirium, you ignored the questions in your mind. Instead, you walked back into the profession you left. Your beloved was still by your side. And you saved her father. Yet you wonder why he has not spoken to you since. When I came to you, you saw what you wanted to see: the weak and impotent purveyor of tricks I was assumed to be before my true nature was revealed. You heard what you wanted to hear: that I was going to attack the heroic happy life you created for yourself.”

[Her voice dripping with power, Mother makes Phoebe meet her gaze through teary eyes.]

“But the truth is that you are nothing more than an ant beneath my boot. When I told you that you shouldn’t be here, I spoke truly. While Noah and DTR deal with the Enforcer, I now hold the keys to that pure Kersh blood. An endlessly flowing, unable to resist, supply of it. Should father and son fail, then as always, Mother will do what must be done. And you, Phoebe Outlaw, will be as the Spirit Walker, just another insect to be crushed by a superior being.”

[Outlaw looks at the face of Dani, her tears beginning to slowly vanish. They have been replaced by a quietly simmering rage. She looks back at Mother.]

“I’m going to stop you.”

[Mother only laughs.]

“No. You won’t. The illusion is over, my child. You will wish poor Danielle had never met you before the end. And the only one to hear your pleas of mercy will be the only one who does not care. You should not be here, Phoebe Outlaw. And when I am finished, you will not be.”

[Mother fades away. Phoebe Outlaw is left to contemplate the shocking news she just received.] [Cut.]


[Isaac Danvers stands nose to nose with Marvolo in the center of the ring, the two masked men facing off for the first time in singles competition.] [Danvers chokes Marvolo, both hands around his neck before the bell rings. The referee signals for the start of the match as Danvers pushes Marvolo back into the corner, squeezing the air from his body with a vice-like grip. Danvers leans right into the choke, his shoulders high in the air as Marvolo grabs the wrists of his taller, stronger, opponent before kicking him in the groin! Danvers relinquishes his grip and grabs at his crotch taking a few slow, slightly crouched paces back. Marvolo seizes his opportunity to show the fans that he is the stronger man! He steps forwards and locks in the TOUCH OF DEATH! The Tongan Death grip to the chest of Isaac Danvers!] [Danvers hits Marvolo in the face with an open palm jab, sending Marvolo stumbling backwards into the ropes as Danvers brushes down his apron and shakes his head. Seeing Marvolo is stunned Danvers charges the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and aims a stiff lariat at Marvolo, who has stumbled to the center of the ring, but Marvolo ducks! Danvers turns! PELE KI–NO! Danvers sidesteps the attempted Pele Kick and swats the foot of Marvolo to one side! Danvers jumps, LEG DRO–NO! Marvolo SPINAROONIES TO HIS FEET! Avoiding the leg drop of the big man! Back to his feet, Danvers sitting down in front of him, Marvolo bounces from the ropes aiming for a running dropkiiiii-NO! Danvers lies back down and Marvolo sails over the top of him! Marvolo slides under the bottom rope, to the floor outside!] [Marvolo is quick back up to the ring apron and he catapults himself onto the top rope, FLYING ROLLING KOPPU KIII–NO! Danvers side steps again, slapping Marvolo in the gut as he falls towards the canvas! BLACK DEATH! Isaac Danvers is viciously choking Marvolo unconscious! HE’S OUT COLD! THIS IS OVER!] [Isaac Danvers has choked his opponent asleep in the center of the ring and picks up the victory.]


[Brushing congealed infection off of his shoulder, Betamax rounds a corner deep within the Tap Room. Never Dead Dan follows him, keeping guard and remaining alert for foes. The hallway has doors on either side going down it.]

“Terminus told us where the drop point was. We need to make sure we’re ghosts until we get there. Ole Icy Hot or that deranged doctor can’t find where we’re regrouping.”

[Dan nods, checking around them as Betamax stops in front of an unassuming door.]

“No worries, Betamax. We’re all clear. These guys can’t be everywhere.”

[The masked man holds his fist up to the door and knocks. He turns around and nods at Dan, waiting impatiently.]

“Uh, Dan.” [Betamax begins, his head cocked to the side.] “It’s not that cold in here.”

[Dan looks at Betamax weirdly, but then realizes that he can see his breath. The duo begin looking around them, realizing that a mist has covered the floor. Betamax backs up to the door opposite the one, he knocked on. Before they can react any further, a small beeping noise emanates from the masked man’s waist.]

“Fuck. Not now.”

[Betamax looks down at his pager, apparently a signal of some kind. He nods at Dan, who heads for the door.]

“That knob is scalding!”

[Dan turns around to ask Betamax for help, but there are now two masked figures separating them.] [Helios. Proteus.]

“It’s over.” [Helios mocks.] “The Templar’s secret weapon comes with us.”

“What about me?” [Betamax asks, trying to push against the elemental warriors.]

“Proteus’s abilities are far more suited for transporting unwilling prisoners. I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with me. And if ice preserves…”

[Dan tries to strike, but Proteus jabs out his hand. As it meets Dan’s chest, his whole body begins to ice over. Even the misty air rising from his lungs hardens.]

“Not again.” [Betamax mutters.]

“…fire consumes.” [Helios finishes.]

“I’ll take the prize to the King.”

[Helios holds up his hand.]

“No, you have other business to attend to. Test the masked warrior. I will take him back to King so that the Doctor can work his magic on him.”

[Shrugging, Proteus dissolves into a fine mist, headed for the ring to engage El Trebol Jr. in combat. Helios turns to Betamax with a smile on his glowing eyes.]

“Now where were we.”

[Another beep comes from Betamax’s waist, and even masked, one can see the smile.]

“Fuck you.”

[Betamax pushes Helios back. Almost at the same time, the door behind Dan flies open. Beyond it is an imperceptible dark place, but only Ordell Terminus holds the power to do this. Helios didn’t move back far, but he still hit the frozen form of Dan, who like a statue falls back through the open doorway. Helios whirls around just as the door shuts in his face.]


[Helios brings his rage back to bear on Betamax, but while he was distracted, the exact same scenario played out with the other door.] [And Betamax is gone.]


[With his King’s empowerment, the former Bruce Van Chan has become almost unstoppable but an unlikely hero stands in his way. Can the green luchadore prove his worth or will Proteus put him on ice?] [The bell sounds as Trebol immediately rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a running armdrag. Trebol tosses Proteus across the ring with another before leaping up and flipping him into the corner with a Monkey Flip. Proteus turns around right into a huge running headbutt to the gut, dropping him down to the floor as Trebol backs up, MOUTHFUL! The Basement Dropkick hits flush as Trebol covers, ONE…TWO…PROTEUS GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Trebol presses the attack, trying to pull Proteus up to his feet, PUNCH TO THE THROAT! Trebol staggers away, trying to catch his breath as he turns around into a massive Lariat that spins the luchadore inside out! Proteus stares Trebol down, hoisting him up to his feet with ease as he lifts him up high, running forward before Powerbombing Trebol right into the turnbuckles! Trebol doesn’t go down, staggering out of the corner barely standing as Proteus hooks him up before driving him into the canvas with NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP! FISHERMAN’S DDT!] [Proteus covers, ONE…TWO…THR…TREBOL JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Proteus pulls Trebol to his feet, signalling for the end, MIS JOYAS! Trebol hits a modifed headbutt to the jewels out of desperation before leaping up and planting him into the mat with a Spike DDT! Trebol fires up, heading to the top rope as he sizes up the revenant for the finish, AL VER VERDE! Trebol flips Proteus’s shoulders down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [El Trebol does it, weathering the power and destructive strength of Proteus as the Showcase Champion’s star continues to rise here in OSW]


[Thudding footsteps trail down one of the damp hallways of the Tap Room with an occasional splash as Sergei Sokolov looks around, frantically searching for someone to no avail. More frustrated as his search continues, Sergei eventually lets out a loud roar before the voice in his head clicks in.]

“No need to yell, Sergei…Tommy Wright isn’t on the premises. He’s onto us, so he’s probably gone into hiding until—wait, something’s wrong…”

[The words don’t get out quick enough before Sergei is blindsided with a steel pipe to the head! Taken aback by the attack, the Red Tsar is far from down for the count as he turns to face his aggressor, a young man that is clearly looking for a fight. He is soon joined by another, this one brandishing a steel chain.]

“We understand you’ve been trying to mess with our boy Tommy…but some secrets are meant to be kept hidden.”

[Sergei looks more puzzled than anything by this statement. The man with the chain tries to lasso the Red Tsar, who instead reels his attacker into a hard punch! The man with the pipe lunges at Sergei, but is sent flying into the nearest wall.]

“Did Tommy send you to do his dirty work!?”

[The man struggles to lift his head, spitting blood from mouth as he struggles to respond.]

“No, but we know who sent you.”

[From the distance we notice the infection crawling slowly toward the blood on the floor.]

“How did you think Tommy knows? You’re not the only one being contracted out by some secret agency. What will you do when the cat’s out of the bag? What will they do to you, when—”

[Suddenly, the infection grows from the ground, engulfing the man before he can finish his sentence. Sergei looks on in horror as his assailant is consumed by the bile, leaving no trace behind. Sergei turns around to see the other man running for his life…and Tommy Wright staring daggers back at the Red Tsar.] [Cut.]


[Last week The Riddler ascended to become the man in OSW history but being the man means you have far too many who want to beat you. Can TAM do what no man has done before and end the streak or will Newton continue to be the man?] [The bell sounds as TAM rushes forward, trying for a V-Trigger but Newton scrambles away, smartly moving halfway out of the ring as the referee forces TAM back. TAM turns around for a moment as Newton rushes him, peppering him with lefts and rights before trying for a Snap Suplex but TAM lands on his feet, spinning Newton around and nearly breaking his jaw with a huge V-Trigger. The Riddler stumbles into the corner, eyes glassy as TAM rushes forward, SPEAR…NEWTON MOVES. TAM hits the buckles shoulder first as Newton pounces] [Newton twists the injured arm, wrenching it as hard as he can as TAM grimices in pain, trying to power out but a swift kick to the arm stops that before Newton hooks the arm behind TAM’s back, lifting him up and planting him to the mat with a modified Backdrop. TAM lands right on his bad arm as Newton drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…TAM gets the shoulder up! Newton pulls TAM up to his feet, HUGE UPPERCUT FROM TAM!] [Newton looks out on his feet as TAM begins teeing off with the rapid fire knees and elbows, switching in and out, AUTOMATED JOINT….TAM’s ARM GIVES OUT! Newton shakes the cobwebs out, kicking TAM low before hooking him up, NEVER…TAM slips out, V-TRIGGER! TAM lifts Newton up high but his arm gives out again as Newton hooks him up, NEVERMIND! TAM gets planted into the mat as The Riddler covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Riddler does it again, using his intellect to wear down his mechanical opponent tonight as he remains undefeated here in OSW]


[Struggle.] [Doubt sits tied to a wooden chair, struggling against its restraints. Stood around it, The Sharkman, El Trébol Junior and Marvolo survey the situation. They seem unsure, but The Sharkman steps forward.]

“Jonathan, are you in there?”


“Can you hear me?” [The Sharkman continues.] “Do you want us to help you?”

[Doubt suddenly starts laughing. His cackle is violent, almost terrifying.]

“He’s toying with us,” [Marvolo remarks, throwing his hands up in the air.] “We can’t save him. He’s beyond our help.”

[The Vigilante snaps back.] “No-one is beyond our help, Marvolo. Didn’t your father teach you anything? You know what’s at stake. You know what we can do.”

[El Trébol has been a silent observer, unsure of his role.] [Until now.]

“I don’t understand,” [he complains fairly.] “You’ve told me that we’re special. You’ve asked me here to show me why that is. Why can’t he be saved?“

[Marvolo and The Sharkman share a glance before The Shark responds.]

“Doubt has been infected by the virus. It’s taken root within his sickness, and slowly but surely, its decaying it. Jonathon is in there, and he can be saved from the darkness that consumes him. We just have to do it together.”

[El Trébol doesn’t believe it.] “This is ridiculous. I’ve listened to your claims that I’m important, and that we have a connection but you’ve not told me anything. If you finally want to tell me what’s going on, I’ll be at Blood Drive.”

[Frustrated with the cagey information being passed around, The Double Feature Champion takes his leave. Marvolo, meanwhile, turns to The Sharkman with a shake of his head.]

“Our mission was to reveal the past to Finn, but you’ve let your hero complex taint it. I asked you to mentor me, in the ways of my Father. I was told that you could help me become a better man, but not like this.”

[Marvolo begins to walk away, only his mentor calls him back.] “Wait, where are you going?”

“I’m finished with this,” [Marvolo yells.] “I’ll see you at Blood Drive too. If you two can’t do this, I’ll take the key and protect it myself!”

[As only The Sharkman remains, he leans in to Doubt, who’s still laughing.]

“I know you’re in there Jonathon,” [he whispers.] “I know you can hear me. I’m going to get you out. I promise.”

[Suddenly, Doubt lifts its head, whispering back.]

“Thank you.”



[A beautiful melody plays down the hallway. The sound of an old Lyre soothes the aching limbs of Adriano Adagio. His match had been a brutal one-way beatdown at the hands of Cael Gable, and all he wanted now was to sit down and play some music. He turns the corner at the end of the hallway and there, seated in the centre of the room sits ISAAC DANVERS playing a Lyre. He looks up at Adriano and ceases playing.]

“Ah, Adriano. I’ve been meaning to speak to you. I thought my siren may call you ashore. Please, come. Sit.”

[Isaac’s words cast a spell upon Adriano who takes the seat of Isaac. Isaac places the Lyre in the lap of Adriano, who looks it over with lustful eyes.]

“Tell me Adriano, when you heard my siren calling, did you feel drawn to it?”

“Yes…” [Adriano replies in a soft hiss, his eyes not leaving the Lyre.]

“I see.” [Isaac says, stepping behind Adriano and reaching into his back pocket.] “It seems, Adriano, that inside that mind of yours is a SICKNESS that only I can cure.”

[Adriano is paralyzed, he cannot move, only stare lovingly at the Lyre that had drawn him to this place.] [THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! Three blows strike Adriano across the back of the head, his skull buckles and spliters under the impact of the ice pick that Isaac drives into his cranium. The Lyre spills to the ground and Adriano slumps back in the seat, DEAD.] [Isaac looks down at the split skull and sees a fragment of bone hanging loose. He removes it, revealing the front left section of Adriano’s BRAIN.] [Isaac removes his mask and as he leans in to Adriano he begins to CHEW.]


[In what promises to be a barn-burner of an encounter—on free TV, no less—Mike Lane and The Scarecrow join shadowy forces to combat the vengeful plague that is DTR and Jensen Cussen!] [Jensen and Lane kick things off, circling one another. Jensen jabs at the air but Lane doesn’t fall for the feint strikes. Cussen suddenly goes for a takedown, but Lane cuts him off with a knee lift followed by a Russian leg sweep! Mike stays on him and whips him into Scarecrow’s corner. The referee warns ‘Crow to keep his hands to himself, but The Hayman simply stares him down. Lane works the leg of Cussen—looking to render the Infinite Chaos a little more finite—pulling him out into a dragon screw! The referee checks on Jensen, who recovers on all fours. Lane hits the ropes – knee to the back by DTR! Mike stumbles forwards from the sneak-attack… chop block by Cussen!] [The Scarecrow stomps the apron and the crowd boo the illegal double-team. The oblivious referee watches as Jensen drops an elbow on Lane’s infamous right knee. Vengeance threads his leg between Mike’s and flips him over into the DREAD-LOCK scorpion cross-lock! Mike screams in pain as Scarecrow slaps the top turnbuckle. The official asks if Mike gives up but he screams “No!”. Damage done, Jensen lets him drop to the mat and makes the tag. DTR immediately hooks the leg. ONE… TWO… TH—SHOULDER UP! The Virus chuckles as Lane crawls towards Scarecrow’s outstretched hand. He grabs the ankle and turns Mike over – but Mr. OSW boots him away and TAGS IN THE SCARECROW to a BIG pop!] [Cussen tries to head him off but eats a big boot! DTR gets a clothesline! Powerslam to Vengeance; big back body drop to DTR; fallaway slam out of the ring to Cussen! DTR turns around into the goozle… BYE BYE BIRD—REASONABLE DOUBT—NO! Scarecrow heaves DTR into a crucifix! Are we going to see it!? THE PER—BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Jensen just NAILED Scarecrow with the superkick. The fans are at a boiling point! A SHADOW KICK outta nowhere sends Cussen packing! Lane DECAPITATED Jensen with that one. Wait – REASONABLE DOUBT TO LANE! This is anarchy! Both illegal men are out of the picture, leaving DTR and The Scarecrow. DTR goes for another REASONABLE DOUBT but Scarecrow says BYE BYE BIRDIE with the chokeslam! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [That was truly a hellacious match, but The Founding Fathers stand tall here tonight – perhaps strengthening the foundations of OSW against The Virus! DTR and Cussen lick their wounds; they may have lost the battle, but the war is not over.]


[The Templar’s place of worship beneath the Tap Room has seen better days. There’s blood stained across all surfaces, driven into the concrete like nails in wood. Solomon Rhodes stands amongst the groaning survivors of last weeks onslaught, watching as their wounds are tended to by other Templars.] [Godfrey soon appears, placing a hand on his students shoulder.]

“My friend, we have much work to do.”

[Rhodes turns.] “And such little time to do it.”

[They both begin walking through the halls together.]

“Unfortunately, I must ask you to heed a warning. Your match tonight with Brent Kersh is not what it seems. The devil is at play.”

[Solomon stops in surprise.] “What do you mean?”

“Blood Drive is about more than just a key. With every drop of blood, the opposition gains strength and Noah gains in power. You must reconsider fighting tonight. Our war is not just fought on the battlefield, but in our minds.”

“I cannot,” [Rhodes responds in absolute refusal.] “I must fight, Godfrey. You’re right, there’s much more at stake than we realize; there’s the book, and the humanity of men like Bruce Van Chan and LH Harrison. We cannot show weakness. We must remain defiant and send them a message.”

[Godfrey is quickly disturbed by his students rash behavior.]

“You’re not fighting the enemy, Solomon. You’re fighting a man who just like you, wishes to win this war. By spilling his blood, you do not save the world; you condemn it.”

[Rhodes stops, turns and takes a large breath.]

“Tonight, I will show those who wish to divide us that I can spill my brothers blood, as I can my enemy; all in the name of our Lord and savior. I will show them that we are just as ruthless as the monsters who did this,” [Solomon says pointing at the carnage around them.] “And then I will pick my brother up and fight on in unity. Humanity is my brotherhood. Brent Kersh is my brother. But one must do what needs to be done.”

[Defiant, Solomon Rhodes storms off, leaving Godfrey to stroke his beard with concern.] [Cut.]


[Jack Jeckel stands across the ring from Mother, each staring directly into one another’s eyes as the bell sounds.] [Jeckel charges as soon as the bell rings, hitting a running dropkick and sending Mother flying backwards into the corner. She slams her back into the turnbuckle and staggers forward as Jeckel jumps straight back to his feet. Jeckel spins around — CHUCK THE CHAINSAW! A discus clothesline! NO! Mother ducks! Jeckel spins on his heels but is met with rapid kicks to his legs, one after the other. KICK! KICK! KICK! His knee buckles and he collapses down to a kneeling position. Mother spins, SPIN KI–NO! Jeckel catches the leg and sweeps Mother off her feet.] [Seizing on the opportunity Jeckel jumps back to his feet, Mother is down on her stomach. Jeckel stands on her back and grabs her arms! ECHO SIDE! Jeckel stretches out Mother! He is pulling her arms into the air and standing on her back! Will she quit? Will Mother submit? Jeckel’s feet slip and Mother is quick to her knees. Jeckel jumps, driving his thighs into mothers back but NO! Mother drops onto a flat base, avoiding the attack! She rolls onto her back, bends her knees, and boots Jeckel in the ribs! Jeckel is sent into the turnbuckle allowing Mother to get back to her feet.] [The two lock arms, but Jeckel takes the advantage, his weight and size making the difference. He pushes Mother across the ring and against the ring ropes. Mother swings her arms, breaking the hold, but Jeckel boots her in the abdomen. He steps over her head and flings her over his shoulder! THE HATCHET 2.0! Jeckel drops Mother with a Gory Neckbreaker! This one is over! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Jack Jeckel picks up the win, raising his arms above his head.]


[SOMEWHERE ELSE] [An unknown location. What once was simply an abandoned shack, now blackened like tar by the effects of the Virus. Inside, we find two figures – The Automaton and Jacen Novan. From outside, the groaning sound of infected souls can be heard, shuffling about just outside the walls of the shack.]

“Ashla, protect me. Protect my blood.”

[Novan speaks, pulling back the left sleeve of his robe. His infected flesh, which once was merely a spot, now spans from near his wrist up to his elbow. TAM watches as Novan readies his blade once more, looking to dig it into his own flesh. Novan stops and turns to his protégé.]

“There is no logic that dictates this. It is that reason that I have not shared my affliction with you until now, nothing more sinister.

My hope is that you come to know the ways of the Ashla, how it has stopped this Virus from spreading like those souls you hear outside. But it is not a power that logic can dictate.”

[TAM studies the black web that spans his arm.]

“Logically, that Virus should have consumed you by now. What you speak of seems… Feasible.”

[The noise of the inflicted outside rises, as if they had discovered a target to attack. Moments later, the door to the shack is flung open and Mike Lane bursts into the room, holding a vial of black blood taken from Novan last week. He is weary and looks at Novan demanding answers.]

“Your blood is tainted, Novan. And I find you here, in the heart of the land inflicted by the Virus. But you are not like them. Something doesn’t make sense here and I will find out what you are hiding.”

[Novan holds up his hands, exposing his inflicted flesh to Lane as he begs his foe to listen.]

“The Ashla protects my blood, so far I have succeeded in slowing the rate of infection. Here, surrounded by those inflicted like me, I can study them and the power of the Ashla grows.

Did you not wonder why I have chosen TAM to receive my guidance above others? It’s not his personality, he is the only being that cannot be affected by a blood virus. He is the only one who can possibly be immune.”

[Lane does not have time to react. The world seems to darken to black.] [Flutter.] [The voice of Lane calls out in the dark.]

“Scarecrow… Stop.”

[Light returns and we see the figure of Scarecrow standing in our presence. TAM lies slumped against the blackened wall of the shack and Crow holds Novan by the throat, lifting him into the air with one hand. With his other, he holds Novan’s blade against his own throat. He turns to look at Lane, his head tilted to the side with a look that demands answers.]

“We can save him. Just as I was once saved, we can save Novan from his fate. The power he possesses, this Ashla. It could be a valuable power in the war against this scourge.”

[Scarecrow keeps the blade trained on Novan’s throat, to the point where it draws blood while he thinks. Reluctantly, he lets Novan go.]

“You want to live? Prove your worth, if you really are valuable…” [He holds up the blade again] “… Or not.”

[Flutter.] [Lane and Scarecrow are gone, leaving TAM and Novan to pick up the pieces.] [Cut.]


[Oddly, perhaps only three participants in this match can truly appreciate its fatal consequences, as the undead Helios clashes with his creator, Lee Crowley, as well as Lux Bellator and Jacob Phoenix!] [The four combatants edge forwards, feeling each other out cautiously. Crowley nods at Helios, and The Flame licks Phoenix with a yakuza kick into his corner! Lux joins him, previously stating that his allies may be unconventional, and together they dissect The Nightwatch with vicious strikes. They send him into the ropes and Bellator plants him with a tilt-a-whirl slam! Helios covers him. ONE… TW—Lux drags Helios off him! They glare at one another. Phoenix is back up and charges both of them but Helios steps in and snaps him with the stun-gun! Lux rolls him over. ONE…TW—Helios pulls him off! The embers in Helios’ eyes stare into the flames of a wrathful God in those of Bellator… Crowley from behind with the cheapshot!] [Lux goes down and takes Helios with him. Crowley simply steps over his Revenant to get to his old foe, Lux. He casts the first stone on Bellator with frenzied blows as the referee tries to pull him off – DOUBLE KNEE BY PHOENIX! The fans pop for Jacob and he’s all fired-up! He crushes Lux with a corner clothesline, then pancakes Helios opposite him with another big corner splash! Crowley dives in with the SHOCK THERAPY but Phoenix side-steps him and the spear hits HELIOS instead! Lee turns around into Jacob’s own SPEAR! ONE… TWO… Lux and Helios dogpile the pinfall to break it up! All four men stagger to their feet, finding themselves in another Western-style standoff…] [Lux rounds on Crowley, but Helios spins him round into the HELLFIRE codebreaker! Phoenix, however, springboards in from the apron and NAILS Helios with the PHOENIX FOREARM! As he stands, though, Crowley digs in his patented FISHHOOKS and hits the HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! ONE… TWO… THR—LUX BREAKS IT UP! The Light Warrior grabs Crowley into a piledriver – DISCIPLE MAKER! ONE… TWO… THREE!? HELIOS STOPS IT! This is madness! Helios and Lux rise to their feet – DOUBLE DIVING DDT BY PHOENIX! He just took out both of them! The fans rally behind The Nightwatch as he stands tall over these wicked sinners once more. Crowley slowly gets to his feet and turns around… PHOENIX FOR—CHELSEA GRIN spinning hook kick counter! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Crowley cackles to himself sadistically as he surveys the broken bodies of his fellow three warriors – even that of his own Revenant.]


[The sound of flowing water greets us as two forms hold court on the edge of a river.] [Ordell Terminus. King Royal.]

“They killed Dan. Betamax is doing whatever Betamax does. If the rumors out of the Tap Room are true, then that Doctor is worse than we expected. What they said he did to Adagio…”

“One does not need to think of such matters. The fact is that we are outnumbered. Right now, it is only you and your King against the entire force of the Underworld. The devilry that gives Helios and Proteus their powers lies beyond its gate. This Danvers peasant is no real doctor. His medicine is death. Will your plan still work?”

[Terminus chuckles at the question.]

“It will. But only if the two of us, and Dan once he is back among the living, are at our best. Dan will give his life for this cause, he’s proven it time and time again. He’s spoken for by the Templars. I know I can count on him. I waged war against Hades himself at the gate itself. I snapped his neck. Janus empowers me, empowers this cause. I know what I bring to the table. My only question mark, King Royal, is you.”

[The arrogant King seems taken aback. Before he can protest, Ordell continues.]

“You earned your crown through conquest. But your armies are dead. The remainder of your kingdom are hidden with their Queen. Yet you parade around in your shiny armor and decadent crown. There’s only one throne I’m concerned with, and you do not sit on it. Dan and I aren’t your servants. We’re all equal in this.”

[Terminus holds out his hand. Royal reaches out to shake it with a smile.]

“Equals. We win together and live. Or we die together and both of us will bow to the Mad King.”

[The two of them turn to listen to the running water, neither losing their edge of caution.] [For this is not just any river. It is the River Styx. The small gate beyond is its entrance to the Underworld.] [King Royal and Ordell Terminus have literally chosen a ditch to mount their campaign from.] [Heaven help them if it fails.]


[The chapel is the first sight we see as the scene fades in. A cone of light shines down upon the altar, giving only the tiniest hint of light to the room. Leaning against the altar, Jake Jeckel. He sneers as the chapel doors creak open, the light behind them revealing Jack Jeckel as he enters the room.]


[The elder Jeckel merely nods, motioning for Jack to come closer.]

“You got my message?”

[Jack nods, looking uncomfortable at Jake’s uncharacteristically stoic tone. Jake pushes up from the altar, walking towards his brother.]

“I got tipped off on the mother fucker who infected Calyspo, Jacky. I need you to help me show them the business end of a hatchet, we gotta bleed the fucker like a fuckin’ pig. Do you think you can do that?”

[Jake’s voice is quiet, seething with rage as he closes in on Jack, the younger Jeckel placing a hand on his brother’s shoulder.]

“I’ll do whatever you need me to do, man. Just ask I’ll help you take their fuckin’ head off.”

“Then stand still.”

[Jack looks confused for a mere second before an iron crucifix smashes across the back of his head. He collapses and Jake follows up with a massive kick to the teeth that cuts Jack’s lip. crimson blood drips down his face as he looks up at Jake who connects another boot to Jack’s skull.]

“Just stand fuckin’ still, Jacky. You fuckin’ TRAITOR!”

[Jack is unable to respond as a kick to the ribs silences him, causing Jack to spit blood across the ground. He clutches his stomach in pain as Lux looms over him, the Light Warrior grips a hatchet from his robes and hands it to Jake, a gleam in his eye.]

“He’s the last name on the list, Jake. Sacrifice this lamb and you shall have your revenge.”

[Jake smiles deviously as he holds the hatchet high above his head, Jack unable to move, watching in fear as Jake prepares to end Jack’s life.]

“Lux, this is my kill. Leave now or you’ll be next.”

[Lux merely chuckles, turning from Jake and exiting the chapel, looking over his shoulder at the Juggalo once more before closing the doors behind him.] [As the scene closes, the thud of the hatchet echoes through the backstage.]


[The Enforcer and the Grand Master, both men sit on the side of Good, and now both men must come to blows and fight it out until the other bleeds onto the arena floor.] [The match starts off and the two men share a nod as they lock up in the center of the ring. Kersh has the upper hand as he forces Solomon into a headlock and takes him down! Rhodes tries to fight out, wrapping his legs around Kersh’s head and freeing himself! KERSH POWERS UP TO HIS FEET! Solomon is trapped on Kersh’s back as the Enforcer grabs his legs and flings him forward with a massive double leg slam! Solomon is winded and Kersh hits the ropes, coming back for a leaping elbow drop to the Templar!] [Rhodes is left winded and Kersh lifts him to his feet, whipping him to the ropes and nailing him with a devastating clothesline on the rebound! Rhodes is looking to be on the receiving end of a beatdown as he attempts to rise to his feet, Kersh not letting up as he picks him up overhead! POWERBOMB!] [No! Solomon flips forwards off of Kersh’s shoulders! The Grand Master delivers a snap kick to the back of Kersh’s knee! The Enforcer is forced to kneel! DARWISH! THE SUPERKICK CONNECTS WITH A SICKENING CRACK! Brent Kersh collapses to his side in a heap!] [Rhodes is quick to exit the ring, rummaging around under it and pulling out a steel chair! The Templar moves to the apron- SHOULDER BLOCK! KERSH IS UP! Rhodes is forced to the outside by the blow! He looks up to Kersh, the Enforcer getting onto the apron AND LEAPING WITH A MASSIVE MISSLE DROPKICK! SOLOMON LANDS BACK FIRST INTO THE BARRIER!] [Kersh is stalking Solomon like a man possessed, he rushes him as he rises- DROP TOE HOLD! Kersh is tripped headfirst into the barrier! He tries to stand up but Solomon leaps with a massive single leg dropkick and keeps him grounded!] [Solomon finally has the initiative as he grabs the steel chair and CRACKS IT AGAINST THE BACK OF KERSH’S SKULL! The sound of Solomon wailing upon his opponent echoes throughout the arena. He doesn’t stop his assault until Kersh is practically limp across the barricade!] [He grabs the Enforcer by his head and slams him headfirst into the- NO! KERSH STOPS HIM! He may be dazed but Kersh refuses to lose! Right hook to Solomon! Rhodes is sent reeling and Kersh follows up with a massive axe handle to the Grand Master that knocks him into the corner post! DDT BY KERSH ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!] [Rhodes is limp as Kersh grabs him and throws him into the ring! The Enforcer grabs the steel steps and hurls them over the ropes onto Solomon! Kersh is quick to follow, lifting the injured Rhodes onto his shoulders- HURRICANRANA! RHODES THROWS KERSH INTO THE STEPS!] [The Enforcer is down but only for a moment as Rhodes rushes him with a leaping enziguri the staggers him! He goes for a leaping knee- BIG RIGHT-HAND KNOCKS HIM TO THE MAT! Both men are at odds as Rhodes rolls away and to his feet!] [Kersh rushes forwards with a massive headbutt that grounds the Grand Master! He deadlifts him from the ground and turns around WITH A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER ONTO THE STEPS! Rhodes is winded and Kersh lifts him into the air again WITH A DEVASTATING FLAPJACK ONTO THE STEPS!] [Solomon is barely able to breathe and Kersh isn’t looking to back off. He hauls Solomon up! POWER- RED CROSS! CODEBREAKER BY SOLOMON! Kersh bounces off of The Grand Master’s knee and onto the steps! Solomon crawls to the turnbuckle and scales them to the top.] [BLOOD! LEAPING DOUBLE FOOTSTOMP TO THE BACK OF KERSH’S SKULL! The Enforcer is forced into the steps and BUSTED WIDE OPEN! Solomon has picked up the victory!] [Solomon has come out on top here tonight against a very game, and very brutal Brent Kersh.]


[As Solomon Rhodes gets back to his feet, he’s quick to approach The Enforcer, pulling him away from the steps.] [But Brent Kersh has not but a scratch.] [Solomon stumbles backwards, looking at him in shock. He just won this match, but now Brent hasn’t even a drop of blood, let alone a wound.] [Kersh grabs Rhodes, bouncing him head first off the steel steps. That stumbles him again, only Brent rips the stairs from where they sit, launching them at the chest and midsection of The Templar.] [The sharpened steel rips against his flesh as he tumbles. Kersh refuses to stop, grabbing a steel chair and smashing it down over the head of Rhodes until he’s busted wide open. Blood drips from his head, splashing against the concrete floor.] [What the hell has come over The Enforcer?] [He drives the steel further and further into the legs and abdomen of the Templar, cutting him with each devastating blow. Kersh grabs him by the head, pulling him from the floor and rolling him into the ring. Whatever he has planned, it won’t be good.] [The Enforcer pulls him up, scooping him into the Tombstone position and driving him hard with the Shoulder Breaker, dropping him head first immediately after.] [Southern Discomfort!] [Blood splatters across the canvas as Solomon Rhodes lay brutalized beneath The Founding Father. Brent stands there for a moment, realizing what he’s done. He drops to his knees, lowering his head in shame and disappointment.] [And then the arena shakes.] [Dust begins to fall from the rafters, tumbling down to the ground.] [Brent Kersh looks up, his family surely at the forefront of his mind.]

“What have I done?”

[It has begun. The Blood Drive has begun.] [Cut.]