[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Darkness.] [Sat in literal darkness, we hear the sound of a madman muttering. He speaks to himself, cycling through words and sentences, chuckling to himself as he does.]

“I’m not afraid, no, not me, I’m not afraid,” [he says.] “I’m the man with all the answers, just ask me a question, I’ll show you.”

[Finally, he pauses, lighting a candle to reveal his face.] [Edward Newton.]

“You have.. haven’t taken a hold of me. T-the darkness doesn’t scare me.”

[His eyes are darkened, almost pitch black. His breaths are deep and soon, the temperature drops enough that we can see them.] [Newton swivels, coming face to face with Proteus.]

“How are you feeling, Edward?” [Proteus asks with a tilt of his head.] “You aren’t looking quite yourself.”

[He quickly snaps out of it.]

“Me?” [Edward responds, his tone very normal.] “You shouldn’t concern yourself with me, Mr. Van Chan. Perhaps you should concern yourself with that lovely family you left behind.”

[The coldness intensifies.]

“Did I touch nerve? It would appear that there’s still quite a great deal of Bruce Van Chan residing in that icicle you call a vessel.”

[Proteus grabs him by the throat, slamming him against the wall.]

“We remember everything you did to us,” [Proteus reminds him with a sneer.] “And those sins will come back to haunt you. You have possession of a key that I require, Edward. A key that I must take from your cold dead hands, but not before you suffer the darkness you’ve unleashed upon the Tap Room.”

[He releases his grip.]

“Your mind and your sanity are two things you treasure more than anything; even more than that Championship or your undefeated streak.”

[Edward holds his throat, stepping away.]

“But you’re going to lose them all.”



[The Dark God Barbatos seemingly rose last week but his human vessal has gained the attention of another dark lord. Creeping Death has returned, and now Graves finds himself in the sights of the Necrospecter. Will Death itself rise here tonight or will the scion of Barbatos be too much for him?] [The bell sounds as Creeping Death rushes forward, drilling Graves by surprise with a massive roaring elbow that nearly knocks him out cold. Graves staggers to his feet right into a flurry of elbows and knees before a one two uppercut/roundhouse combination puts Grave on one knee. Death sizes him up for a moment, rushing to the ropes, SPRINGBOARD KNEE…GRAVES DUCKS UNDER! Graves quickly grabs Death from behind, RED DEATH! Death doesn’t go down but he’s out on his feet as Graves rushes forward, nearly taking Death’s head off with a huge Big Boot, capping it off with a massive stomp as Creeping Death goes down] [Graves quickly covers, ONE..TWO.Creeping Death quickly gets the shoulder up! The Necrospecter gets to his feet, spitting out a glob of blood before smiling as he motions for Graves to bring it. Both men begin exchanging heavy strikes, a huge knee to the jaw rocking Death as he’s hoisted up onto Grave’s shoulders but an attempt at a Devestating Shock Threatment is thwarted by Death slipping behind, SNAP GERMAN! Death rolls through, lifting Graves up high before spiking him into the mat with a devestating Brainbuster! Black quickly covers] [ONE…TWO…Graves gets the shoulder up but Death catches it, hoisting Graves into a seated position before he begins to rain down elbow after elbow to the unprotected temple! Graves struggles but Death is relentless, insatiable as he tries to bust Graves open. A wild elbow misses, allowing Graves to slip out of the hold, but he stumbles up right into the clutches of Creeping Death who spins him around, RIPCORD ELBOW! Graves is done but Death isn’t done determined to draw blood as he pulls Graves back up, SECOND RIPCORD! It hits flush as Graves collapses, a thin trickle of blood etched onto the mat. Death satisfied, he drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!] [Creeping Death returns with a massive win over the scion of Barbatos, going toe to toe with a formidable foe but he proves tonight who the real dark god is to Michael Graves]


[Phoebe Outlaw limps through the entrance to the Tap Room. She’s not yet dressed to compete, wearing a black hoodie over her slight frame. Her gait still shows the effects of what Mother did to her at Blood Drive, as well as what Brent Kersh seemingly did not do to her. There is no cut upon her face. Her blood was not spilled.] [But her soul still bleeds.] [Her eyes are red and swollen, her world being turned upside two weeks ago still the freshest of wounds. There is no bravado that will conquer the knowledge that the woman she loves now lays in a coma because of her. Sacrifice is always different when you’re the one left behind.] [Feebs turns the corner to find a place to prepare for her match later when darkness sweeps over her. Like a black cloud, it engulfs her, and as she turns the corner, she walks through it. For a split second she freezes, blinking unexpectedly.] [A Guy Fawkes mask stares back at her.] [Anonymous.] [James Hunter.] [THWACK!] [Outlaw punches almost through the mask, but two more masked figures appear behind him.]

“You did this!”

[She swings with a spinning forearm towards one, catching the other with her momentum. Three appear before her, while more flood from behind her.]

“You did this!”

[Her energy mounts as her rage fuels her haggard body to more and more violence. With her sheer force of will, she fights her way through the sea of Anonymous. With each strike, her voice gets louder, her refrain more a scream than a shout.]


[Finally, she reaches the end of seemed like endless masked figures. She turns around to face any stragglers, but they are all gone.] [Phoebe Outlaw is alone. She looks around, confused, but stops as she sees what now blocks her path.] [A question mark.] [But this question mark has been made out of a car bumper, manipulated into the curved shape. A bumper much like the one on the car Hunter drove when he put her down.] [A taunt.]

“You’re not going to like what I do.”

[Phoebe Outlaw turns to walk in the other direction, unable to face the car bumper that took everything from her.]


[The Chosen One has seen every manner of creature across the known universe but tonight he finds himself face to face with fear itself. Will Zappa survive his terrifying ordeal or will his voice fail him as the Boogieman itself steals his final scream?] [The bell sounds as Zappa circles around the ring, almost apprehensive at facing off against this creature before him, which twists and turns, never taking it’s eyes off him for a moment before Zappa takes his eyes of it for a moment. It snaps forward, rushing Zappa from behind in a frenzy that Zappa just manages to duck under, The Boogieman nearly running face first into the ropes before turning around right into a massive Lariat that sends it tumbling over the ropes to the floor below] [Zappa shakes his head, trying to get himself back in the game as he rolls to the outside right as the Boogieman slides underneath the ring itself. Zappa looks confused, slowly peering underneath the apron as a clawed hand grips him by the ankle and drags him underneath the fucking ring! A sickening scream is heard before Zappa crawls out, bleeding profusely from claw and bite marks everywhere on his body. Zappa slowly pulls himself up by the ring apron before a clawed hand reaches down, lifting him with ease into the air!] [The Boogieman holds Zappa in mid-air over the ropes, a crude sleeper hold locked on as Zappa struggles in mid-air. The Chosen One lets out a gutteral scream, swinging out with the help of the ropes before flipping over the Boogieman and planting it to the mat with a modified reverse DDT! Zappa rolls to his feet, pulling the Boogieman up, SLASH ACROSS THE EYES! The Chosen One goes down in pain, blood splattering across the mat as a clawed hand lifts him up effortlessly, as the Boogieman lifts Zappa up behind him in a Gory Special, YOUR SOUL TO TAKE! Zappa hits almost sickeningly on the mat, spitting out a glob of blood before collapsing as The Boogieman slithers onto the mat, dropping down for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [This wasn’t a match here tonight but a scene from a horror story as though Zappa fought valiantly, he couldn’t overcome his fears as the Boogieman itself takes it’s very first soul]


[Somewhere Else] [Jacen Novan sits, head bowed in silence. The hood of his robe covers his face in his meditation and he remains still. Only his chest moving with slow, deep breaths offers any sign of movement.]

“Ashla, you have guided me. In your wisdom I have been able to follow this great disturbance, the darkness to this very location.

Beyond that door lies the answers I seek.”

[He lifts his head and throws off his hood. Ahead of him, a large warehouse-type structure stands before him. The door to the building is heavy set, steel and requires Novan pushing against it with his shoulder to open it. Inside, the concrete floors are empty with the exception of a single figure. The Automaton stands still and lifeless, connected to a steel frame through a large plug that is embedded into its back. Novan approaches the lifeless Automaton.]

“The source of the disturbance leads here. But how? How could I not have sensed that TAM had this darkness within him… We were making such progress.”

[Novan comes closer to the powered down TAM, who charges ready for his bout with Gable later this evening. Close enough to see the screen reading out the data from TAM’s system. Close enough to see the screen flashing with a red error message.] [Data corrupt. Hard drive corrupt. Virus detected.]

“No… It cannot be.”

[Novan reaches behind Novan, pulling away the manifold flap that protects its hardware. The Automaton’s hard drive is discolored, covered in a black sludge substance that is only too recognizable to Jacen. He reels backwards, falling to the ground.]

“No… It was a bloodborn virus. It is not possible to infiltrate computer hardware. By Ashla…”

[Novan’s voice trails off, awed by the infiltration of the Virus – now able to move between living organism and machine software. He looks back up at the screen, flashing with its ‘Hard Drive Corrupt’ screen… Then the flashing stops and the screen freezes. Novan, too, freezes as he hears a voice, familiar yet unfamiliar all at the same time.]

“Intruder. Hostile. Neutralize.”

[The Automaton was awake. It takes a swing at Novan, who scoots backwards to avoid it. In the short time it takes the Automaton to unplug itself and cover its virus-ridden hard drive back up, Novan managed to escape. The answers he sought found, but a whole new host of questions no doubt forming in his mind.] [The Automaton slowly walks forward, scanning the room as it heads towards the exit. The screen at its charging bay still frozen, reading… ‘Virus Detected. Hard Drive Corrupt’.]


[It’s tag team action here with Isaac Danvers teaming up with the brand new Gaia against two of The Watchmen in Marvolo and The Sharkman!] [The bell sounds as Marvolo steps into the ring with the brand new Gaia. Marvolo puts on the charm as he crosses to the center of the ring. He twirls the corners of his moustache before extending a hand of good sportsmanship. Gaia gives him a smile before BLASTING him with a palm heel strike that floors him! Gaia grabs his legs and turns him over into GREEN EXPANSION! The Texas cloverleaf variation turns Marvolo into a very painful predicament! Luckily for Marvolo, he’s within reach of the ropes as he hooks onto them! The referee begins counting out Gaia who holds until four before releasing.] [Gaia lifts him up quickly and sends him into her own corner before slowly extending her hand. Isaac Danvers tags in. She hooks his arms into a full nelson as Isaac nails a huge headbutt to Marvolo as he slumps to the floor. Gaia exits the ring as Isaac Danvers begins stomping into the midsection of Marvolo! The #1 is having a rough night as he’s quickly lifted to his feet by Isaac Danvers who begins choking the life out of him! THE BLACK DEATH! Marvolo is gasping for air as his arms flail loosely! Isaac Danvers begins shaking him in this move!] [FIN-NISH HIM! The flying headbutt connects to Isaac Danvers as he’s staggered backwards! The Sharkman pulls Marvolo to his own corner and TAGS himself in! The Sharkman rushes towards Isaac Danvers with a burst of speed before dropkicking him to a knee, hitting the ropes again, and then hitting THE SUSHI KICK! The shining wizard floors the larger man! Gaia sees this and tries to charge into the ring, but The Sharkman catches her in the ropes with a huge dropkick that blasts her to the outside! Isaac Danvers staggers back to his feet. THE CURE! The vicious elbow strike floors The Sharkman! He leaps into the pin! One…Two…THREE!] [Isaac Danvers slowly gets back to his feet as Gaia re-enters the ring. The two nod at one another before celebrating in their own ways.]


[Darkness.] [The Cornfield. Scarecrow’s domain is nearly unseeable against the unending blackness of night. In the center, watching over it… Scarecrow.] [Fire.] [Crow looks around as seemingly out of nowhere, sparks fly from the ground. Flames spread through the crops, moving from the furthest edges towards the center. With each second they grow ever closer. Crow looks around him in anger before running through the field.] [But he makes no progress.] [Each step seems to go slower and slower, the fire begins to encompass the field… and the screams of the damned are heard.]


[From the flaming stalks come numerous burning corpses. Each one a familiar face, victims of Crow’s past. Among those approaching… Azrael and Trevor Kersh. Scarecrow waits for them to come, he takes down the victims with rights and lefts, dropping them to the ground as fast as they can approach him.] [BYE BYE BIRDIE TO AZRAEL! HAYMAKER TO TREVOR! Both go down but for each victim Crow destroys two more run from the crops! They leap onto his back, slowly overpowering the Scarecrow! He fights them off, fire taking hold of his clothing, spreading down his frame as the damned swarm him. Slowly, Crow looks on helplessly as he sees himself turn to ash, his body flowing to the wind as the flames overwhelm him.] […] [The Tap Room] [A hallway of fire, the light of the flames breaking the darkness. Standing in the center, the bodies of revenants surrounding him, Scarecrow. The Hayman opens his eyes, looking confused at his surroundings, almost surprised to see his body in one piece. He looks down the hall, his eyes slowly coming to rest on the source of the flames. Helios. As Scarecrow tries to approach the revenant, his body dissipates into flame, leaving Crow to reflect on what he just saw.]


[Johnathan Heartsford spent five long years tormented deep within the monster we know as Doubt. Now freed he looks to take to his fight against evil in its truest form – the Mother of All Evil.] [Mother gains the first advantage as the bell sounds, the pair meeting in Centre ring and exchanging blows of which hers hit harder. Her otherworldly strength rocks Heartsford and opens him up for more punishment. She unloads a strong kick that sends Heartsford reeling into the ropes and follows up with a FLYING KNEE TO HEARTSFORD’S HEAD THAT NEARLY KNOCKS HIM CLEAN OUT OF THE RING! She gathers him up and grabs Heartsford by the head… SNAP DDT.. . NO! HEARTSFORD STOPS THE Move! A DESPERATION ELBOW UPPERCUT separates the two and Mother is reeling!

[Heartsford seizes the opening before him and drops Mother with a Dragon Screw of his own. Keeping up the pressure, he LOCKS IN A FIGURE FOUR NECKLOCK! Mother has nowhere to go and Heartsford tightens the hold. Try as he might, she just won’t yield so eventually he is forced to relinquish the hold. But he does not let up the momentum, quickly hitting a SWINGING FIREMAN’S Neckbreaker! This time it is HEARTSFORD’S turn to gather his opponent up and put her away…EXPLODER SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! MOTHER MAY BE BROKEN IN HALF! Heartsford looks set to take the match into his own hands, but HE HESITATES… Glancing up at the entranceway, Heartsford looks distracted. There is nobody there, but his paranoia slows him down from pulling the trigger!] [Heartsford still looks over his shoulder as he climbs the turnbuckle, almost gingerly for a high flyer. He tests the ropes, setting himself before leaping… MOONSAULT! NO! MOTHER KICKS UP AND MONKEY FLIPS HIM INTO THE ROPES! His delays cost him big time and Mother makes him pay. She tosses him like a rag doll into the corner… CRAB KICK! Mother drags Heartsford out from the corner and lets him flop into the center of the ring… MOTHER’S EMBRACE! HEARTSFORD SCREAMS INSTANTLY IN AGONY FROM THE PRESSURE APPLIED TO HIS NECK… HE TAPS OUT! JOHNATHAN HEARTSFORD TAPS OUT FASTER THAN A CHEETAH IN A FERRARI!] [Mother has her hand raised, meanwhile Heartsford is tended to by ringside staff who assess the state of his neck. Eventually, he stands to his feet again but clearly, his hesitation held him up, stopping what looked like impressive momentum tonight.]


[Watching the fight between Mother and Johnathan Heartsford with a vested interest is Sergei Sokolov, who keeps his distance from the crowd in the Tap Room as he scans the room, actively looking for something or someone in particular. To anyone that happens to be paying attention, it seems as though Sergei is talking to himself as he comments on his surroundings.]

“There’s so much darkness in this place. Nothing looks the same here, nothing feels the same. Tommy Wright has disappeared, and no one has seen him for days…so what exactly am I looking for now? Am I continuing the search for Wright, or is there some other evil at play?”

[We soon realize the Red Tsar is far from crazy, as the voice of a woman responds from inside his head, sounding more serious than before.]

“There hasn’t been a single trace of Wright in the Tap Room, so consider that a dead end. We need to focus our attention on other evils that lurk within, we need to focus on—”

[The woman in Sergei’s head suddenly goes silent. The lack of response becomes unnerving to him until something finally comes through…but it’s a screeching tone, drilling into his ear. The noise sends Sergei reeling back as he clutches his head in pain, but just as quickly it stops…replaced with just one word.]


[With that one word, Sergei opens his eyes and sees things a little more clearly…except for the man making his way out of the Tap Room at this point. While everyone else is cheering for the newly-redeemed Aerial Knight, Sergei only sees the Emotion that taunted its opponents over the years. Just before leaving the Tap Room, Heartsford glances over at the Red Tsar, staring him down with just the faintest hint of mistrust, an ounce of apprehension…and a pinch of uncertainty.] [Cut.]


[The champion, El Trebol Junior stands toe to toe with his much larger opponent, Sergei Sokolov.] [Stiff right hand from Sokolov! The bell sounds as Trebol stumbles backwards. Sergei advances, driving a hard right forearm into Trebol’s temple. And again! Sergei shoves Trebol hard and Trebol finds himself in the corner. Sergei spins, SPINNING CLOTHESLI–NO! Trebol ducks. Sergei turns, putting himself in the corner as Trebol forward rolls, turns, leaps, HURRICANERA–WAIT! Trebol hangs from the neck of Sergei. Sergei looks down at his opponent and LAUGHS! He heaves Trebol back up onto his shoulders. Sergei steps forwards a few paces and POWERBOMB! Trebol rolls over onto his stomach. Sergei quickly rolls him over ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!] [Sergei is back to his feet quickly as Trebol lies winded. Slowly Sergei bounces from the ropes and aims an elbow drop deep into the chest of Trebol, who lies prone but NO! Trebol rolls out of the way! Sergei rolls up to his knees as Trebol bounds from the ropes SHINING WIZARD! NO! Sergei catches the foot of Trebol, tucking it under his leg and with his spare hand grabbing the throat of Trebol! WARHEAD! Sergei hits a fearsome Chokeslam Backbreaker! Again he covers ONE, TWO, NO! The resilient El Trebol Junior kicks out once more!] [Trebol is worn down, he is slow to his feet and Sergei lies in wait. Trebol uses the ropes to pull himself up and turns into a boot from Sergei! IRON CURTAIN! Sergei tees up a Dominator! BUT NO! Trebol slips over the back! Hand to the throat of Trebol, another Chokeslam Backbrea–NO! Trebol reverses it into a CUELGA VID! HANGING VINE! Trebol is choking out Sergei! Down to one knee! NO! Sergei is back up looking for that Chokeslam again! Trebol slips the hold, runs up the turnbuckle and FLIES! AL VER VERDE! SEEING GREEN! Trebol hits a moonsault, landing on the shoulders of Sergei, into a reverse Frankensteiner! Quick cover! ONE TWO THREE!] [El Trebol Junior has done it! He has beaten the much bigger Sergei Sokolov!]


[Blinding white lights.] [The eyes of Captain Zappa flutter open as he holds up a hand to block the lights from filtering into his eyes. He’s trying to make sense of the light, but it’s too strong.] [Yet the entire scenario feels familiar.]

“Do you remember this feeling, my son?”

[Captain Zappa whips to his right to see a familiar face brightened by the light, and it’s the mention of remembering that suddenly brings forth the memory. The face of Zappa looks upwards with a grimace.]

“The Zetas.”

[DTR smiles.]

“Correct, my son. The Zetas once used you and cast you aside. Despite your moniker, they disposed of you as you were not their Chosen One. And now they’re back, my son. You must fight. You must be victorious if you are to save this world from condemnation. My question to you is, can you do it? Can you fight away this invading force?”

“I’m not your son, man, but I’ll be damned if I let these parasites latch back on.”

[The determined eyes of Captain Zappa looks upwards as the camera fades away quickly, but not before showing a smirk on the face of DTR. The vision fades away to show Captain Zappa laid out on a medical table of some sort with several doctors looking over him. The eyes of Captain Zappa are nothing but black swirls as The Virus is seen coursing through his veins. Solomon Rhodes steps out from behind the doctors as he peers down at The Chosen One.]

“What’s the status? Can you manufacture a cure for it?”

[Solomon Rhodes is met with a somber expression from the doctors who shake their head.]

“We can try to treat the symptoms, but something internally seems to be blocking his mind from breaking free. The Virus seems to be spreading qui-UCK!”

[A hand from Zappa lunges up and grabs him by the throat before just FORCING him across the room into a nearby wall! The others try to leave, but Zappa begins chasing them down before lunging onto them with ferocity. He’s ripping them to shreds with blood beginning to flow from one doctor! Captain’s Zappa’s eyes are straight black!]

“You won’t take me this time! I WON’T BE YOUR PUPPET, ZETA!”

[CRACK!] [A steel chair cracks Captain Zappa across the back of his head as he slumps to the floor. Solomon Rhodes throws the weapon away before stroking his beard in contemplation.]

“Zetas, hmm? Do not worry my friend, we will cure you of this Virus and make sure you’re never anyone’s slave again.”

[Solomon Rhodes grabs him by his arm and begins dragging him away from the carnage of the scene. Just as a friendly, yet twisted smirk of DTR steps from the shadows with his arms folded.]

“Step one… complete.”


[In a dirty room, a single source of light reveals Jack Jeckel, tied to a chair, bound by hand and feet.] [He looks exhausted. His face paint has faded, and his eyes are blood shot.] [But they soon open wide as his captor appears.] [Creeping Death.]

“What do you want from me?” [He weakly asks.] “I don’t know where Jake is.”

[Death tilts his head.] “Oh, you’re mistaken. I don’t want your brother, I want you, Jackie.”

[He pulls a blade from within his jacket and approaches.]

“Jake has never been the kind of man to scare easily, has he? I remember when we first met, all those years ago. I confided in him, Jackie. I trusted him. I told him about my deep dark secret as Creeping Death and he used it to torment me.”

[Jack bows his head.]

“And you’re the reason for that, are you not?”

[The Juggalo looks up with sadness.] “I didn’t tell him to do that to you, Corey.”

[Death runs the blade up his forearm, cutting into his flesh. Jack screams, struggling against his restraints.]

“You didn’t?” [He offers with a sinister smile.] “Wasn’t it you who suggested he act the ‘goodie-two-shoes’? Wasn’t it your idea for him to be something he’s not? He took my deepest darkest secret and made me look a fool. All those attacks, all those maiming’s and horrifying assaults. They make me envious, but it wasn’t I, Jackie. I didn’t do it. Then he beat me in the Semi-Final of Ring King, dressed like I was – the ultimate betrayal. The ultimate insult.”

[Jack looks weakened as blood drips to the floor. Creeping Death closes in again, cutting down his chest.]

“I’m going to kill your brother,” [he hisses.] “But he’ll get pieces of you first.”

[The screams of Jack Jeckel echo throughout the room as Creeping Death laughs sadistically, cutting across his chest.] [Cut.]


face as he eyes her up, possibly searching for weaknesses. Will he find any? Or will Feebs put his ass in the hurt locker?] [The bell rings and Phoebe charges towards Mammon with a HUGE rolling elbow! Nicholas seems out of it already as Outlaw rains on him with more elbows and the occasional leg kick. He tries his best to block it, but a lightning quick enzuigiri puts a stop to that. After a ferocious kick, Feebs lifts the Salesman off his feet for THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! IT’S BRIDGED! ONE! TW-Kickout! Phoebe doesn’t seem too bothered, however, as she stomps Nicky’s face in a couple times before climbing up the top rope. She takes a moment to stand before leaping for the NORTH STAR! NO! MAMMON GOT THE KNEES UP! FEEBS BOUNCES OFF OF HIM LIKE SHE JUST GOT SHOT!] [Feebs starts to roll all over the mat, clutching her chest as Nicholas gets to his feet. He lets out a hearty laugh as he saunters over to the downed Outlaw. Once there, he drills her with an elbow drop to the sternum! And another! Followed by a jumping one for good measure! The Salesman throws his arms into the air with a toothy grin before running off the ropes. Forward roll. TURNOVER! COVER! ONE! TWO! T-Kickout! Mammon’s slightly frustrated, but doesn’t let it bother him as he whips Phoebe into the corner.] [Nicholas smiles again as he winds up his arm. He walks to the middle of the ring before leaping for a MASSIVE clothesline! CHA-CHING! Phoebe backs out of the corner as Mammon bounces off the ropes again for a bulldo-OUTLAW DUCKED IT! Quickly thinking, she grabs the Salesman’s neck and NORTHERN EXPOSURE! Feebs rushes to set up her finish, but Nicholas decks her with a forearm! Both fighters get up with Phoebe making the first move. She charges after Nicholas BUT RUNS RIGHT INTO KNEE-DFUL THINGS! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Nicholas manages to start his OSW career off strong by selling some humility to a very aggressive Phoebe Outlaw. Mammon dusts off his suit with a grin and heads out of the ring. Possible clients are waiting, after all!]

[Darkness.] [A dream.]

“No. Please. No more!”

[SLAP!] [The child is covered in bruises, innocent of any wrong doing yet punished all the same. With each vicious stroke, the Father’s eyes grow more dim. Blood stains the walls and the other dark shadows in the room stand as statues, brutally flanking the scene before us. But all that matters are the child and the father.]

“I can’t do this.”

[SLAP!] [With eyes like a cloudy night, the Father’s lips tighten. As if off in the distance, we hear a man’s voice screaming out in agony, mourning the child before us.]

“It’s killing me!”

[One of the dark statues begins to move, a shadow on the wall grabbing the child. The frightened and injured child looks right up into those dark eyes, pleading.]

“Help me, daddy.”

[Nothing.] [Yet off the distance, the man continues to scream as the child slowly closes its eyes, fading into sleep or worse. At this, the screaming man’s actions only intensify, his rage like a beating heart, his voice muffled, but one word shines through as a whisper, but clear nonetheless.]


[At that sound, the scene freezes, all of the shadows slowly fading away. The child remains, suspended in a bloody bed of darkness. The Father stares down with the black cloud in his eyes. Yet those eyes narrow when one of the shadows remains.] [Jacob Phoenix.] [The Father, Jensen Cussen, stares down at his hands, watching as the mark of the Phoenix slowly rises out of his palms. The child, Stephanie, bears a frown upon her resting face.]

“I’m a part of you now, Jensen.” [Phoenix says.] “But you are not him, are you? Just the Virus that holds him hostage.”

[The screams in the distance…] [The true Jensen Cussen, trapped within his own mind.]

“He swears Vengeance, but he doesn’t know the meaning of the word. I am going to destroy you both inside and out. Because these dreams are not fiction, instead they are history. I want you to see the look in Stephanie’s eyes. Does it remind you of Ryan? Do you think Stephanie wanted to die for this? For this boy that seeks to bring about the end of the world. I’ve seen death Jensen, and I promise that any who visit will not want to stay.”

[Cussen smirks at Phoenix.]

“Death is all that comes for you, Jacob. You can haunt my dreams, even haunt my waking steps, but you will not stop me. You’re just a man.”

[Phoenix nods.]

“No, you’re right. I won’t stop you.”

[He looks behind him, to the distant screams.]

“He will.”

[Cussen laughs at the concept, but Phoenix continues.]

“Every step I take is cuts his bonds just another step. Every moment I fight you is a moment that he grows stronger. And when I finally sustain him long enough for him to break free, I will shake his hand and congratulate him. Then I will snap his neck for being no different than his father. That is my Vengeance. For her.”

[Jensen goes to respond…] [Light.] [Sat up against a grimy wall, Jensen Cussen snaps awake. The dream has ended.] [But the nightmare is just beginning.]


[It’s Good Vs. Evil in its most primary form as it’s The Founding Fathers against Lux Bellator, DTR, and Lee Crowley!] [The bell sounds as it’s Lee Crowley starting things off against Mike Lane. They lock up only Lee blasts Mike with a right hand that staggers him momentarily. Lee takes advantage of it with SHOCK THERAPY! The spear takes him right off his feet! He goes for the early pinfall! One…Two…NO! Mike Lane gets a foot on the rope. The ring general knowing his positioning there! Lee Crowley pulls Mike to his feet and whips him into his own corner. He rushes for another spear, only Lane catches him with a knee! He throws an elbow back to catch DTR on the chin with another to catch Lux! Mike Lane is fighting back! He turns towards his corner, but he’s caught by… CHELSEA GRIN!] [The spinning heel kick flattens Mike as Lee reaches up and tags in Lux! Lux leaps into the ring and drills two quick boots into the side of Mike Lane. He pulls him up to his feet and takes him down with an arm drag! Mike rolls to his feet, but, instead of rushing towards Lux, he leaps towards his corner! Lux catches him and tries to cut him off! Only Mike Lane manages to get enough momentum to reach out and TAG! The Scarecrow comes into the ring! Lux turns around, but a second too late! THE HAYMAKER! Lux is staggered backwards before another haymaker catches him right on the left side!] [Lux is floored by that shot! He begins to crawl towards his corner, but The Scarecrow drills a boot into his back in true monster fashion before dragging him back towards his own corner. The Hayman pulls Lux up to his feet and wraps his fingers around his throat! DTR and Lee Crowley charge the ring as they know what is coming next! They rush across the ring as Mike Lane enters the ring! Brent Kersh is almost hesitant. DTR and Lee Crowley kick the legs out from underneath The Scarecrow as he drops Lux Bellator! MIKE LANE SHADOW KICK… MISSES! Lee blasts him in the face with a kick and DTR sends him flying over the top rope into Kersh as they both tumble to the mat! The Scarecrow is handicapped! CHELSEA GRIN TO THE HAYMAN! He’s blasted back into DTR who hooks his head for… REASONABLE DOUBT! Lux leaps into the cover! One…Two…THREE!] [The match is over as Evil has triumphed on this occasion. The three stand tall as The Founding Fathers are picking up the pieces on the outside.]


[An Unknown Location] [A figure finds himself on his knees in the darkness. Weathered, dirty and battered, he pushes himself to his feet and scans his surroundings. Being accustomed to the shadows, his eyes soon adjust to the low lighting. Even in the shadows, the look on is face is recognisable. Confusion. Mike Lane has no idea where he is or how he got here.]


[A voice calls him. Calm, its Spanish tone giving an almost musical edge. Yet the voice does not seem to come from any particular direction. It seems to be omnipresent, all encompassing. Lane looks around but cannot find the source of the voice. Yet, he recognises it.]

“Michael. You didn’t think you could run from the shadows of your life forever, did you? It was only inevitable that your sin would catch up with you and you would have to face your day of reckoning. Your past sins come calling. Shadows that you have endured, but at a cost. There is somebody that would like you to see her…”

[A light, shining seemingly from the heavens. It illuminates one spot in the dark vastness, which seems so close yet so far away and out of reach. In the centre of that light… Destiny. She looks at Mike Lane, expressionless. She does not speak, just stares at him.]


[Mike calls out to her, reaching his arms out. He tries to run towards her but even as he runs he seems to not get any closer, as if he is running on a treadmill. Soon, he stops, crumbling to his knees as he realises his efforts are in vain. He reaches out his hand towards her again, yet more out of desperation than strength, realising that his efforts to reach her are fruitless. It is only now that she speaks. Her voice sounding eerie and full of breath.]

“Why? You could have saved me. This is all your fault. Your sin. Your choices. You are a sinner.”

[Destiny begins to step forward, the light following her. She draws near to Mike, who is still kneeling with his head down. She comes closer to him, closing her eyes as she stops just shy of where he kneels. When she opens them again, the whites of her eyes are blood red.]

“In death, I can see you for what you truly are. Someone who loved me would never abandon me as you did.”

[The red-eyed Destiny stands, stepping back into the shadows and beginning to fade. She leaves Mike to dwell in his thoughts, crumpled to his knees in the darkness. As she fades, the omnipresent voice returns.]

“You know that what she speaks is the truth Michael. That is why her words affect you so much. Every time you look at your daughter, you see Destiny, you see your sin. A constant reminder of the darkest part of your soul. Reckoning comes for you, Michael. Embrace it.”

[Lane’s head lifts at the sound of the sourceless voice. A voice that he recognises all too well. He looks around, his desperation turning to anger.]

“Bellator! Show yourself you coward. Enough of these mind games…”

[There is no answer, so Lane calls out again.]

“Enough of your lies…”

[Still no answer, the anger in Lane’s voice begins to turn, his voice cracking in desperation.]


[With that, a single word, he crumples to the ground once more. Broken. The words of Destiny ringing in his head… Sinner.] [Cut.]


[Ordell Terminus stands toe-to-toe with Helios. Helios tilts his head.] [Helios outlays a flurry of quick kicks and punches to the legs and body of Terminus as the bell rings! BLOCK! Terminus fires back with his own flurry of kicks and punches. The two fast paced competitors exchanging blows in the early going. Terminus spins, looking for an Enziguri, NO! Ducked. Terminus is down on his belly and Helios is quick to capitalise. CROSSFACE! Helios locks a crossface in on Terminus! Will Terminus tap out? His hand is up! He’s about to tap out! NO! He begins to DRAG himself across the ring with his spare arm. Arm up again, will he tap? NO! Terminus drags himself to the rope, forcing the break.] [Helios is quick to his feet, dragging Terminus up to his feet by his waist. GERMAN SUPLE–NO! Terminus back flips, landing on his feet as Helios crashes to the mat. Helios rolls over and gets up to both knees — INCEPTION! Terminus rushes from behind hitting the one percenter from Helios’s kneeling position! Terminus rolls Helios over – ONE! TWO! THR–NO! A kickout at two and a half from Helios. Terminus is back to his feet first, and he lies in wait for Helios to get back to his feet. Helios turns, Terminus sails over his shoulders, FLOATOVER DD–NO! Helios pushes him away. Kick. EVENFLOW DDT! ONE! TWO TH–NO!] [A close call as both men now lie prone on the mat. The pair get to their feet at the same time and rush towards one another. DOUBLE CROSSBODY! They each soar through the air and hit one another with a crossbody of their own. Both men are down again holding their lower rib cages. Both men slowly get to their feet. Terminus steps from his corner as Helios rushes towards him once more! NO HOPE! Running Spea–NO! Terminus side steps the move, forcing Helios to slam his head into the middle turnbuckle! Helios staggers from the corner THE FINAL CONCLUSION! Terminus hits a Steenalizer! ONE TWO THREE!] [Terminus has done it! He has taken down one of Crowley’s minions here tonight. He raises his hands victoriously!]


[A bright white light emanates from a room backstage.] [Beneath the door, we can see it flashing on and off. As we approach, there’s something different about this space – something welcoming, almost. The door opens and we go inside, only to see The Watchmen using their collective powers to fight back the Infection.] [The once black room has been breached by light. The infection in the walls has begun to recede.] [Suddenly, the floor begins to sprout weeds. They travel at speed towards Marvolo, wrapping him up. He’s unable to move. The Sharkman reaches out to help, only something pulls at him from within the darkness, slamming him backwards into the wall. He tries to break free, but the grasp is just too powerful.] [A disturbing figure appears from within that wall, holding him; The Boogeyman.] [As for the weeds, they belong to Gaia, who brings nature with every literal step towards Marvolo. El Trébol doesn’t know what to do and turns to be confronted by none other than Nicholas Mammon. He’s mesmerised by his eyes.]

“I see that is one way to stop the Tap Room from falling,” [Mammon says, stroking his chin.] “Only, I don’t believe you’re going to be quite as successful as you hoped.”

[The Sharkman struggles.] “What do you want?”

[Gaia steps forward.]

“Do you remember in what seems like a past life, your transgressions, Axel?” [Gaia questions, walking around him, rubbing her hand across his mask and turning it somewhat green.] “All those innocent people that you tortured and killed. The blood you’ve letted within these walls.”

[Boogeyman tightens his grip.] “We remember.”

[El Trébol jumps to his defence.]

“That was a different time, a different life. We’re going to stop this Virus. We’re going to see that the Temple withstands the lashing of its infection.”

[Mammon grins.]

“Dear boy, you are not quite ready for such claims,” [he remarks arrogantly.] “However, should you stop by my store, I have just the item for you.”

[Trebol seems fascinated by the idea, but Gaia interrupts.]

“Enough!” [She complains.] “You three men will not succeed in your endeavours, we assure you of it.”

[Suddenly, The Sharkman headbutts backwards into the Boogeyman, forcing him to release. He rushes towards Marvolo, grabbing Trébol by the arm as he does. They slam their heads together, sending another flash of white light out across the room.] [And their enemies are gone.] [The Sharkman looks at a gulping El Trébol Junior.]

“The great war is upon us. We knew that evil would come to stop us from cleansing the Temple, and now we have to fight back the tide.”

[Trébol nods.] [Cut.]


[The freshly minted Rewind Champion, Cael Gable, squares off against the ever-dangerous Automaton. Can Gable carry his momentum from Blood Drive forward or will TAM send Cael on his First and Last Flight?] [And we’re off! TAM and Gable lock-up, but TAM slides to the side with a knee to the gut followed by a massive HEADBUTT that sends Gable stumbling towards the ropes. TAM grabs him by the arm and whips him cross the ring, Cael comes running back and dips in for a RUNNING SHOULDERBLOCK but TAM casually spins away and Gable crashes hard! TAM doesn’t allow him to rest … before leaping up directly above Gable and bouncing him headfirst to the mat with a CURBSTOMP! TAM is relentless! He grabs Gable up by the waist and slings him around with a SIT-OUT GUT WRENCH POWERBOMB! A quick cover attempt by TAM but Gable kicks out at 2!] [TAM continues the assault and grabs a handful of Gable’s hair … but The Olympian whips behind him, grabs TAM by the waist, and launches him overhead with a GERMAN SUPLEX! Both competitors pop-up but Gable picks the leg with a SINGLE-LEG TAKEDOWN, and follows it with a series of running elbow-drops! The Rewind Champion is on a roll — picking TAM up by the waist and sitting him on the top-rope. Gable wraps his arms around TAM, standing both men up to their feet, on the top turnbuckle, and sends The Automaton sailing with a massive BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPERPLEX! Both men felt the brunt and are down on the mat!] [Both men begin the slow ascent to their feet. Gable is the first up and darts at TAM with a sliding DROPKICK to the knee! The Automaton dips down to one knee, as Gable follows with a series of several European Uppercuts! TAM bounces off the ropes in to Gable’s arms, as he hoists him up in a stalling suplex! He’s going for the PUGHPLEX! The unpredictable robot wiggles his way free and dives at Gable with a lariat but Cael dodges! He hooks TAM’s arm a second time and flings him up on his shoulder — attempting a second PUGHPLEX — but he can’t hold The Automaton again! TAM drops down, scoops Gable up over his head in a gorilla press position! MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER! He drops Gable and TAM covers: ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The Automaton scores a massive victory over the Rewind Champion! He cements his position as one of the major players in Old School Wrestling!]


[After a testing battle against The Automation, Cael Gable stands panting, sweat still developing across his body. In the distance there is a jangling of keys. He is drawn to the sound like a ship towards shore. His feet take him around a corner where he sees an open door. The room is dimly lit, just enough to stand out amongst the darkness.] [He feels himself walking towards the light, taken by the sound of the keys. He is relaxed now. He enters the room.] [SLAM!] [CLICK!] [The door closes and locks behind him. Still he feels no anxiety as he gently turns himself around, tilting his head to one side.] [ISAAC DANVERS.] [Danvers motions towards a chair.]

“Come, Cael. Sit.” [he instructs Gable.] [Gable sits. His mind is clear. He is at peace.] [Danvers walks around the table and sits opposite Gable. The table is bare with the exception of a bar in the center. The light above the table sways gently, back and forth. Back. And forth.]

“Please. Attach these to your wrists. Around the bar.” [Danvers says, handing Cael a pair of handcuffs.] [Cael obliges without question. He locks himself to the table.] [Suddenly the room changes. It is brighter. On the table a large jar. In it floats the head of Never Dead Dan staring an infinite hole through Gable. Gable’s body floods with anxiety making him HOT. His teeth bite down hard on to themselves as he tries, without success, to pull his hands free from the shackles.]

“Mister Gable. Please. Be calm.”


[Danvers raises a hand, quieting any objection.]

“Your imprisonment here is TEMPORARY. But what about your old FRIEND? For how long is HE incarcerated? His incarceration is an ETERNAL one, is it not?”

[Gable pulls again at the handcuffs without effect.]

“I understand what you did may bring about inside of you a DARKNESS. And I want you to know that in me you have a CONFIDANT. I love you, Cael Gable.”

[Suddenly the room is gone. The table, the handcuffs evaporate away and Cael finds himself standing, panting, looking down the corridor at a room in which the light is switched OFF.]


[Ordell Terminus.] [Kneeling.] [In a darkened room, Ordell Terminus kneels on the dirty wooden floor, his eyes glazed over. He looks war torn after his battle last week and is barely able to stand.] [A voice suddenly emanates from the darkness.]

“I have seen your destination.”

[Ordell looks up.]

“You wear the anklet that harnesses my power, and should it be broken, your strength will be depleted. You have a destiny to fulfil, but its with great sadness that I report, you will not make it.”

[The look on his face is that of utter shock and awe.]

“How can that be?”


“How can that be!?”

“If you march on the gates of the Underworld, you will be banished. This needless quest leads only to your demise, Ordell.”

[He aggressively stands up.] “I don’t believe it,” [he complains back.] “I can’t. It’s my fault the gate is open and I intend to close it. I have to. Men and women are dying because of my failure to secure the key.”

[Janus, the voice in the shadows, continues.]

“I am the God of beginnings, gates and time. I can see the future and the past. I provided you with that anklet and now I’m trying to save you. If you fight Lee Crowley, you will die.”

[Terminus grimaces.]

“You will die.”



[The Phoenix was reborn with a single purpose, destroying the evil that took his life and while he failed at Blood Drive, he has the opportunity to bring fear into evil’s heart by doing what no one has done, and beat the unbeatable. Can the Phoenix do the impossible or will he be but another statistic, another riddle solved by the master?] [The bell sounds as the Phoenix rushes in, drilling an unsuspecting Newton with the Double Knees to the chest, rolling through as he springboards off the ropes with a diving elbow right to the chest of Newton before quickly covering, ONE…Newton shoots the shoulder up! A spinning heel kick drops Edward to one knee as the Phoenix leaps onto the apron, sizing the Riddler up, PHOENIX…Newton quickly escapes, rolling out of the ring to gain a breather. The Phoenix quickly follows outside, rushing right into a drop toe hold right onto the steel steps! Newton delivers a few stiff kicks to the ribs before rolling Jacob back inside and covering] [ONE…TWO…The Phoenix gets the shoulder up as Newton drops down, locking in a headlock as he tries to grind down the flyer. The Phoenix tries to fight to his feet but a kick to the knee drops him down to one knee before a hard faceplant sends the Phoenix crashing face first onto the mat. Newton backs up, LEGDROP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! The Riddler turns the Phoenix over, covering him once more, ONE…TWO…The Phoenix just kicks out!] [Newton calls for the end, pulling the Phoenix up to his feet as he hooks him up for Nevermind but the Phoenix slips out, leaping up with a stiff enziguri that stuns the Riddler before rushing up to the top rope, PHOENIXRANA! Jacob rolls through with the cover, ONE…TWO…TH…Newton just kicks out! A hard knee to the jaw rocks Newton as the Phoenix sets up on the apron once more, PHOENIX FOREAR….NEWTON DUCKS UNDER! The Phoenix rolls through, SLY KICK TO THE GROIN SCHOOLBOY! Newton rolls the Phoenix up as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…NEWTON HAS THE TIGHTS…THREE!!!] [The Riddler remains undefeated here tonight, proving his intellectual and ring superiority as he takes advantage of a momentary mistake and takes the victory from defeat because of it]


[Static.] [A split screen.] [On one side, Michael Graves methodically marches down a back corridor of the Tap Room. His Chiroptera follow his lead as they move beneath the flickering fluorescent lights lining the ceiling above.] [And on the other side, D’Von Chambers. Behind him is a group of his congregation members. His sweat glistens on his forehead as they make their way down the hall.] [The environment is filled with shadows. The lights above appear to be weakened; dulled.] [Darkness is setting in.] [We watch as these two groups travel throughout the backstage area. Both seemingly turning a corner at the same time and both suddenly halting in their tracks.] [Now one screen.] [D’Von Chambers and his congregation at one end of the hall with Michael Graves and his Chiroptera standing at the other. And suddenly…]


[A surprised expression covers the face of Graves as he turns to face his druids as the group of them fall to their knees, crying out to their Bat God. Breaking into incoherent chants as Graves stands by in shock.]

“What is it” [Graves questions.] “What do you see?”

[And then…]


[Graves attention is grabbed at the other end of the hall as he snaps a quick glare in the direction of the congregation. He is not the only one shocked. D’Von turns his back to face his brethren as they too fall to their knees. Their heads lowered to the ground. Their hands reaching for the heavens as they join the Chiroptera in worship… only to different gods.]

“Calm yourselves!” [Chambers orders with an unsettled look on his face.] “This is not the time!”

“What is this madness?” [The Bat’s Shadow screams above the chants in the direction of Chambers.] “What have you done?”

“What have I done?” [The Bishop retorts.] “Do not blame me for your vampire nonsense!!”

“And do not blame me” [Graves snarls.] “For your fraudulent religious prose!!”

[Anger flashes across both men’s face as they each take a glance back to their posse before turning and rushing towards one another in rage.] [The lights buzz.] [The building gently shakes.] [And as the men approach, the tremors grow until they recognize it through their frustration and sensing danger, halt their movement.] [In an instant, the wall and part of the ceiling positioned between them explodes into a crumble; separating them with a pile of broken concrete and foam.] [Impassable.] [And once the two sides of been separated, the Chiroptera and Congregation regain their wits; looking around as if uncertain what has happened. And through astonishment of Chambers and Graves, anger persists.]

“This isn’t over vampire!”

“It has only begun hypocrite!”

[Four fists clinch as we fade to black.]


[The VHS Championship is on the line here tonight as Jake Jeckel defends it against Jensen Cussen and Jacen Novan!] [The bell sounds as these three men circle around. It’s Jake Jeckel who makes the first strike as he kicks Jacen Novan in the midsection before rushing Jensen with just a flurry of wild strikes! Jensen tries to cover, but Jeckel is just pounding away on him! Jacen comes back into the picture here as he begins drilling into the back of Jeckel with some stiff boxing jabs! Jeckel stiffens up as he turns only for Jensen Cussen to hit a leaping super kick to the back of his head! BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Jeckel slams down into the mat. Jensen Cussen and Jacen Novan just look at one another.] [They move towards the center of the ring as Novan nails a few boxing jabs before Jensen Cussen who just covers his face before nailing Novan with a few strikes. Jensen lunges forward and strikes with HAIR-TRIGGER! The lightning-quick jawbreaker connects as Novan staggers backwards into the corner turnbuckle! Jensen looks at both Jake and Jacen, seemingly torn between which one to go for first. Jeckel begins to stir as Jensen rushes over to him to lift him up. FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW! Jensen is hit so hard that he leaves his feet and slams down into the mat!] [The Juggalo leaps into the pin! One…Two…NOVAN breaks it up! Jacen Novan lifts up Jeckel by his hair and sends him into the ropes. He rebounds into… THE DARKNESS WITHIN! The bullhammer connects as the elbow just spikes off the head of Jeckel! He falls to the mat! One…Two…KICKOUT! The champion is still in there! Jacen Novan gets to his feet as he turns right into Vengeance. INFINITE CHAOS! Jacen Novan did not expect that as he’s lit up with a barrage of strikes ending in a superkick! Jensen Cussen smirks down at his work. JECKEL BLINDSIDES HIM! Jensen is blasted from behind and knocked out of the ring! Jeckel leaps into the cover! One…Two…THREE!] [Jake Jeckel’s face lights up with a grin as he’s just stolen this victory out from underneath Jensen Cussen. The referee hands him his title which he hoists up high before exiting the ring with a smirk.]


[Beep.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [The rhythmic pulsations of a machine all are that we hear, our vision focused in on the slowly opening eyes of Brent Kersh. Yet there are no machines in sight as the Enforcer sits up in his bed. Only the pleasant glow of a setting sun through the window. Kersh is wearing a polo and some khaki pants. He rolls off the already made bed, and seems to be very confused. He walks outside of his bedroom, and heads through a house, laughter coming down the hall.]

“There you are, sleepyhead. Always needing your afternoon nap, huh?” [Brent’s wife says as she gives her husband a big hug.] “We about thought little Bert was going to have to go home without seeing his Pappy.”

[Kersh still looks confused, but follows his wife out into the living room. The sight before him is a shock.] [Danielle Kersh sits on the couch, a little toddler bouncing on her legs. She smiles at her father as he walks in.]

“Hey Dad, glad you decided to join us?”

[Kersh’s eyes seem to swell, but an anger stays under his voice.]

“Dani, how are you here?”

[She laughs.]

“I thought you said you weren’t going senile.”

[He walks over and sits next to her on the couch. The toddler, little Bert, gives a giant grin and reaches for Brent.]


[Brent takes the baby in his arms, still looking around in bewilderment. This isn’t his first rodeo. But he has to know what’s going on.]

“When did you have him, Dani?” [Brent says, his eyes locked with his grandsons.] [Dani and Mrs. Kersh laugh.]

“Dad, you’re acting weird. You know Bert’s not mine.”

[Before Brent can respond, a new figure enters the room, a smile on his face.]

“Come on Dad, snap out of it.”

[Trevor Kersh.]

“Chip off the ole block, eh? Sorry the missus couldn’t be here, but I thought you’d want some time with your favorite little tyke. You need something to drag you out of your retirement blues.”

[As his family laughs, tears form in Brent’s eyes. He closes them for a moment, but as he reopens them, it’s as if a black cloud has passed.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [Brent Kersh sits at the bedside of his daughter, Danielle. She’s in a coma, with no hope for life. His son Trevor is dead. Retirement isn’t something he’s even considered.] [Not since…]

“You failed me, my child.”

[Mother.] [Her voice anyway. Kersh’s anger seems almost palpable as he pushes back those tears from before.]

“How dare you.”

[She laughs.]

“You failed to spill blood. Now you will see the last thing you want to see. All you had to do was tell Errol Flint that you were retired. It would have prevented all of this.”

[The Enforcer bows his head, his fists clenched at his sides.]

“Now you will see what you gave up. The life your family could have lived. Because I own your life and the life of those closest to you now. The sins of the father have been paid for in the blood of your children. But now, my child, it’s time for your long night to begin.”

[Mother’s voice seems to fade away, leaving the Enforcer alone.] [His head rises, eyes filled with rage.] [Cut.]


[Fire. Ice. The Dragon takes on a being of pure Stygian Ice. Can Solomon survive the flame, or will Proteus extinguish his spark?] [The match is off and Solomon sticks to the firey edge of the ring! Proteus doesn’t approach, waiting for Solomon to make the first move. LEAPING DROPKICK BY SOLOMON! Proteus is forced back, stumbling but avoiding the flames. He looks up TO AN ENZIGURI BY RHODES! The Dragon is looking to make this a quick contest!] [Proteus drops to a knee from the blow!] [DARKWISH- NO! Proteus grabs the foot mid-kick! ELBOW TO SOLOMON’S KNEE! Rhodes limps forward in agony! BULLDOG FROM PROTEUS! THE DRAGON SMACKS THE GROUND!] [Solomon tries to get to his feet BUT IS BLINDSIDED BY A BASEMENT DROPKICK!] [Proteus refuses to give up his advantage as he stalks Solomon, watching the Dragon rise and rushing forward with a massive leaping knee! Rhodes is knocked right into the ropes and fire licks at his skin! Proteus grabs for Solomon and goes for a Fisherman- SOLOMON FLIPS OVER PROTEUS AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!] [The revenant turns around INTO A LEG SWEEP! Proteus lands back first AND SOLOMON HITS A STIFF RIGHT HOOK THAT REBOUNDS PROTEUS’ HEAD INTO THE MAT!] [Solomon grabs Proteus’ legs and looks to go for a slingshot over the ropes! PROTEUS LEAPS ONTO THE ROPES! SPRINGBOARD!] [Solomon is stuck on the ground as Proteus rebounds WITH A MOONSAULT! Rhodes is left breathless and Proteus unloads on him with a plethora of elbows and forearms! Solomon’s lip is busted and Proteus refuses to let up! RHODES CATCHES AN ELBOW! RECEPTION! TONGAN DEATH GRIP!] [Proteus is caught by surprise, Rhodes forcing the revenant off of him and to his feet! Rhodes shoves Proteus back towards the ropes! He nears the fire!] [THUMB TO THE EYE! Rhodes yelps out pain as Proteus forces him back! LEAPING ELBOW TO SOLOMON! RHODES IS BUSTED OPEN! Proteus follows up with a snap DDT!] [The icy revenant is sweating bullets in the ring as the ring grows hotter. He fights to get to his feet, meanwhile, the heat only seems to spur Solomon on, the Dragon rolling to his feet! Proteus turns to face him and catches a hard single leg dropkick to the head! Proteus is reeling as Solomon unloads with a flurry of kicks to the kneeling man!] [DARKWISH- SOLOMON’S KNEE GIVES OUT! The elbow from earlier comes back to haunt him as he struggles to stay standing! PROTEUS CHOP BLOCKS THE INJURED KNEE! Solomon is sent sprawling to the ground!] [The Revenant has his sights set on a target, hitting another elbow to the knee of Rhodes! Solomon tries to crawl away but Proteus drags him back by the weakened limb! STOMP TO THE KNEE! Rhodes is yelling in pain as Proteus peels him off of the mat- RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP FROM RHODES!] [Both men hit the ground and Solomon rolls over onto his stomach! He slowly rises as Proteus gets to a knee- DARKWISH! SUPERKICK TO THE KNEELING PROTEUS! HE NAILS IT!] [Solomon clutches his knee as Proteus goes down, both men now needing to fight to get to their feet!] [Each man gets to their feet, neither willing to stay down! PROTEUS GOES FOR A DROPKICK TO RHODES’ KNEE- RHODES LEAPS OVER HIM! Solomon lands on his feet and limps forward, his knee buckling from the impact! He turns around TO A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE BY PROTEUS! The Revenant peels Rhodes off of the mat and Solomon hits an elbow to his stomach!] [Proteus is forced back by the blow as Solomon tries to create distance! PROTEUS RUSHES TOWARDS SOLOMON!] [POP UP BY SOLOMON! PROTEUS IS FORCED TO SPRINGBOARD OFF OF THE ROPE!] [And into A REDCROSS FROM SOLOMON! CODEBREAKER! Proteus bounces back, dazed! Solomon yells out as he rolls to his feet and leaps with a clothesline THAT SENDS PROTEUS OVER THE ROPES AND INTO THE FIRE!] [Solomon has done it! He has vanquished the revenant after a brutal contest!]


[Knock Knock!] [The sound of a door knocking can be heard as our cameras pan backwards from its giant green frame and golden handle. The area is nice, and this beautiful house is surrounded by a perfect white picket fence. There’s a calmness in the air, with the birds chirping and the wind blowing a gentle breeze.] [Then abruptly, the door opens and we’re met by a shocked face.]

“What do you want?”

[It’s Paige Van Chan. The look on her face is that of total fear, because stood before her is a man that she knows all too well; Edward Newton. Edward tormented her and her family the last time they saw each other, and led to her husbands demise as Dr. Sleep. He’s responsible for everything and she knows it.]

“We should talk,” [Newton says, pushing his way past her into the house. She stands by the door, unsure of what to do, slapping her right hand on her hip whilst keeping the other firmly on the handle..] “About Bruce.”

“My husband is dead and you need to leave. I mean it, get out Edward!”

[The World Champion frowns in confusion.] “Dead? Oh Mrs. Van Chan, we have a lot to talk about. Why don’t you come in and take a seat?”

“If you don’t get out of my house right now, I’ll call the police.”

[She storms over to the phone, grabbing it off the hook. Edward immediately strikes, grabbing the cord and wrapping it around her throat. He drags her away, kicking the door closed with a giant thud. Choking her, he kneels on the ground, his eyes darkened and black once more whilst the cord remains wrapped around her fragile throat.]

“I don’t think you understand me, bitch,” [Newton hisses.] “Your husband is alive, and I’m going to kill him once and for all.”

[Her face scrunches in horror, not realizing that Bruce exists, even as Proteus.]

“And you’re going to help me do it.”