BACKSTAGE[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Horrifying screams echo against empty walls.] [The pitch black slowly fades away, leading us to Jake Jeckel as he stands backstage in the Tap Room, a small box in his hand, wrapped in old newspaper. He looks at it with a perplexed expression, before setting it down on a wooden table and slowly opening it.] [As the lid rises, his eyes follow.] [Gulp.] [He reaches inside, taking out a small note with black writing scribbled on dirty paper. Jake reads it aloud.]

“Isn’t it curious that you haven’t heard from your baby brother since Blood Drive?” [The scribbled note reads.] “Don’t worry, Jake, I’ll make sure he stays in touch.”

[The Juggalo looks down in disgust, before continuing.]

“Piece by piece.”

[The camera finally spins around to see the box, showing a severed finger inside, blood pooling around it. Jake throws the note down, his rage full of shock, rage, fear and anger. He storms off, determined to retrieve his brother.] [Meanwhile…] [Jack Jeckel screams wickedly, kicking his legs as Creeping Death stands over him with a sharpened blade, hacking away at the fingers on his right hand. Blood spurts out over the floor, barely missing the camera, as Jack passes out from the pain.] [Another two fingers hit the dirty concrete floor, joining the pooled blood.]

“Hmmm” [Death sneers.] “Wake up, Jackie. You don’t want to miss this, do you?”

[Slap.] [Jack slowly comes to, realizing the situation he’s in, before Creeping Death continues his work surrounded by the relaxing screams of The Juggalo.] [Cut.]


[This week sees Nicholas Mammon entering into his second week of action with an unblemished record. We will see if the Prophet of the Bat God is interested in what Mammon is selling.] [Before the bell can even sound, Mammon’s keen eye spots an opening and he leaps into action. He bounds across the ring from his corner while Graves is still removing his priestly robes. The salesman cocks him with a Forearm Smash intended to catch Graves off guard. However, it seems to have little effect on the Prophet of the Bat God beside pissing him off. He about turns and glares at the retreating Mammon as a bug that is about to squish. Before Mammon can retreat fully, Graves charges at him… RUNNING KNEE TO MAMMON’S HEAD KNOCKS MAMMON INTO THE CORNER! A flurry of Elbows sees Mammon drop to the ground before GRAVES HITS HIM WITH A CANNONBALL SENTON!] [Graves backs up, looking to return for a second swoop but Mammon is gone… He escapes out of the ring to recover. Graves follows him, leaving him no time to recuperate and DRILLS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE… NO! MAMMON DUCKS IT! He grabs the Prophet’s arm as it sails through… HAMMERLOCK DDT! He plants Graves into the steel steps! Mammon wastes no time, hoisting the larger man to his feet and rolling him back into the ring. He follows him inside… HITTING GRAVES WITH A TURNOVER! He drags Graves away from the ring and covers. One.. Tw- No! What strength from Graves, he powers out of the pinfall by hurling Mammon into the air!] [Both men stagger to their feet, but Graves quickly overpowers the technician and softens him up with a pair of elbows to the head and a rising knee strike to the gut for good measure. DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX DRIVES MAMMON TO THE GROUND! Mammon reaches out, looking for a way out but is soon locked into a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! NO! The hold doesn’t stick and somehow Mammon slips out the back door, pulling himself back up using the ropes. Graves approaches… KNEE-DFUL THINGS! NO! Graves simply pushes Mammon away and lets him crash to the ground. He picks Mammon up by the scruff of his neck… but Mammon is expecting him and grabs him by the fingers, twisting them around until he can lock in an Arm Wringer. He kicks Graves in the shoulder hard enough to unsettle him. This time… KNEE-DFUL THINGS DROPS GRAVES RIGHT WHERE MAMMON WANTS HIM! He covers for the pin. One… Two… Three!] [Nicholas Mammon continues his undefeated record with a second win here. Graves looked strong but Mammon was able to stay ahead of the game this time!]


[The match has ended and Nicholas Mammon has escaped through the group of druids towards the arena exit.] [Michael Graves; on the other hand, gathers himself inside the squared circle. He prepares to exit the ring when suddenly…] [“You Can’t Stop Me”.] [The crowd stirs as D’Von Chambers makes his entrance; a smug look on his face. Graves sees him immediately and just as quick his focus is off his contest that ended only moments ago and directed solely at The Bishop.]

“Do not let him enter this ring!”

[The Prophet of the Bat God commands to his Chiroptera as Chambers approaches in a hurry.] [The druids turn to look at the intruder and instantly they are overcome with hysteria.]

“IT’S HIM!!!”

[The Chiroptera shout in unison as they drop to their knees. The smile on Chambers face becoming larger as he hops onto the ring apron.]

“You FEIND!” [The Bat God’s Vessel yelps.] “With what miraculous faux have you possessed my Chiroptera?!?”

[Chambers climbs through the ropes as the druids surround him; their faces in the canvas and their hands reaching blindly for him as if they’re worshipping him as they chant.]


“I haven’t possessed them at all Michael” [The Bishop smirks as he makes his way through the prone worshippers.] “It’s the virus. The infection. The evil that slowly absorbs this place we call the Tap Room.”

[Graves glances at Chambers in near horror, before screaming at his druids.]

“GET UP YOU FOOLS!!” [The Bat’s Shadow demands.] “That’s not Barbatos! That’s not our Bat God!!!”

“They can’t hear you Michael!”

[Graves looks back to Chambers and then back to his Chiroptera frantically. And then…] [BOOT TO THE MIDSECTION!] [Graves is stunned as Chambers moves.]

“They can only hear me. See me. ME… BARBATOS!!”

[Chambers lets out wicked laugh as…] [THE PASTORAL PLUNGE.] [GRAVES IS OUT! He’s unconscious in the middle of his druids who barely even make note of his condition. Instead, they continue their worshipping of D’Von.]

“And if that’s what it takes to help me to convince you to join the church…” [The Bishop declares.] “Then so be it!”

“My CHIROPTERA!!!” [Chambers points to the unconscious body of Graves.] “Bring him! Bring him with BARBATOS!!”

[With that, Chambers takes the lead and as commanded, the druids organize amongst themselves, grabbing their fallen leader and carrying him out of the ring in close pursuit of their “Bat God”.] [Static.]


[A busy urban area, a busy city square where people pass each other by in their hundreds. Shoppers, tourists, business-people, they each populate the busy square. Each going about their business without so much as a second glance to the hordes of strangers surrounding them. It is here that we find Mike Lane. He pushes past shoulders of strangers, almost swallowed by the busy crowd. From his body language, something is troubling him. He stops in the centre of the square, surrounded. As he stands still, the world continues around him. He runs his hands through his hair, grabbing at the sides of his head and letting out a loud scream that catches the attention of several passers-by.]


[The people don’t stop. He does not expect them to. Mike Lane hasn’t even noticed that everybody around seems to be giving him a wide berth as they pass him by. He grabs at his head.]

“These lies you feed me Bellator, they won’t work. It is not my fault she is gone, I tried to save her, despite everything…”

[He closes his eyes tightly. When he opens them again, every passer-by has taken the shape of the one who torments him… Destiny. She is everywhere. Every shopper and tourist that pass by has her face, muttering accusations of ‘sinner’ to him as they pass. The children they tow all remind Mike of his own daughter in a way, but they shun him as they pass. Every business person glares at him through Destiny’s eyes as they pass. Even as they talk on their cellphones he can hear them calling him a sinner.]

“Stop it! You’re wrong!”

[A circle has opened around Lane as the people seem to give him some space, fearful of getting too close as they would a homeless man. Yet, the entire square seems to come to a halt. Hundreds of people, all with the form of Destiny, all with her face, her eyes… They all stop and stare at Lane. Everywhere one looks, she is there. There is no escape for Lane.]

“Sinner… Sinner….”

[The horde of Destinys point at him, leering. A young girl approaches him as he kneels, anger in his eyes as he buries his head in his hands to escape the torment. The young girl is the very image of Mike’s own daughter Michaela, only older. She walks up to him, lifting his head by holding his chin until his eyes are at her own level.]

“Why dad?” [The girl asks him, her voice breathy and almost ghostlike.] “Why did you leave me without a mummy? I loved her, even if you didn’t any more. I didn’t want her to die. Why daddy?”

[Tears flow down Mike’s face.]

“It was not my fault. Hysteria… Crowley… They were the ones…”

[She tuts at him.]

“You were supposed to protect us. It was because of you that the bad men took us. Daddy… You let your pride, your anger, your sin get in the way and now I don’t have a mummy.”

[It was one thing for Destiny to see Lane as a sinner, but different to see the words form on his daughter’s lips. Lane pulls at his hair again, unable to handle what he is hearing. He looks up into the sea of Destinys and Michaelas and pushes himself shakily to his feet. Fighting his way through the horde he runs, stumbling, looking for an escape from the torment. The visions do not follow him, only one word chanted at him as he runs.]


[The Watchmen are tasked with protecting the halls of OSW itself but one of the three surviving members faces a grave challenge tonight. Can the Sharkman make his ancestors proud or will the Necrospecter be his undoing?] [The bell sounds as Creeping Death rushes forward, trying for a big spinning elbow that the Sharkman manages to duck under, leaping up with an enziguri that stuns Death where he stands, allowing the Shark to leap up with a hurricanrana, sending Death stumbling into the corner. The Shark rushes forward, crashing hard into Death’s jaw with a high leaping Dropkick, backing up as Death staggers out before sending him crashing to the mat with a bulldog. Sharkie lands a snap Legdrop across the chest of Death as he crashes to the mat before quickly covering] [ONE…TW…Creeping Death powers his shoulder up! The Sharkman tries to pull him up to his feet but gets tossed across the ring, rolling to his feet as he runs forward right into a huge Roaring Elbow that knocks the Sharkman out on his feet before Creeping Death lifts him up high into the air, spiking him into the mat with a massive Brainbuster! Sharkie bounces off the mat upon impact before collapsing as Death drops down for a cover of his own] [ONE…TWO…THR…The Sharkman just gets the shoulder up! Creeping Death calls for the end, lifting The Shark up as he grips him by the wrist, spinning him around, RIPCORD…THE SHARK DUCKS UNDER, springboarding off the ropes, TORNADO DDT! Sharkie spikes Death into the mat as he rolls back, waiting for Death to get up to one knee before rushing forward, SUSHI…CREEPING DEATH JUST AVOIDS IT! The Shark turns around into a stiff knee to the jaw as Death spins him around, RIPCORD…SMALL PACKAGE! The Sharkman rolls Creeping Death out of nowhere as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Watchmen prevail here tonight, Creeping Death proved himself deadly as he is cagey but speed won out over power as a simple mistake allowed Sharkie to pick up a huge victory here on VHS]


[Pitch Black.]

“Wake up!”


“Chief, wake up.”

[Eyes.] [The blood shot eyes of The Chief abruptly and widely open, followed by a gasp for breath. He sits up immediately, surrounded by complete and utter darkness.] [His eyes quickly shoot across, revealing the owner of the voice that awoke him; Noah.] [Only Noah is no longer a child. He’s a teenager, fourteen at most.]

“You’ve been asleep a long time, Chief. I’ve missed talking with you.”

[The Chief stretches his face.] “How long have I been out?”

[Noah shrugs a little.]

“Since the alternate reality. You weren’t in good shape at all. I didn’t think you’d make it, so I put you to sleep,” [Noah admits.] “But you seem okay now.”

“Okay? Kid, I’m far from okay.”

[Noah laughs to himself.]

“I just wanted to show you God’s plan, Chief. That’s all. I know you didn’t believe he was responsible for this; that it was his vision. My birth, the end of the world, it all belongs to God.”

[The Chief stands up defiantly.]

“No, it isn’t,” [He barks.] “This isn’t God’s plan, Noah. You can show me as many worlds imploding as you like, but I don’t believe it. I can’t. I know it deep down in my soul; I can feel it there. I have faith, man.”

[Noah scrunches up his face.] “But I showed you…”

[He yells.]

“I showed you!”

[The rage from his voice sends a gust of wind so powerful towards The Chief that it blows him over. He rolls multiple times on the floor, looking back up at Noah, he smiles.] [Cut.]


[Captain Zappa.] [The Chosen One sits alone. His eyes wide open as if trying to see more than a few feet in front of himself, yet the darkness permeates the entire room to which he sits. His arms bulge as the veins stand out, blackened and pulsing.] [The sound of a handle and a door being opened draws the attention of Captain Zappa who looks towards the source of the sound, seeing nothing as the darkness is too thick.]

“Who’s there? Show yourself!”

[A fire ignites in the room, yet even its flames seem reduced and swallowed by this sheet of black. Yet standing beside the fire is the familiar stance of Solomon Rhodes. He takes a few steps towards Captain Zappa who looks up at him for a moment before averting his eyes. Solomon Rhodes takes a seat beside him.]

“My friend, I am sorry.”

[The words catch Zappa off guard as he turns to face Solomon Rhodes who sighs.]

“Do you remember a few months ago when you came to my aide? I thought that I may have been overpowered by the sheer numbers of Lee Crowley’s newest recruits. But just when that thought emerged, a white light showed me the way and aided me when I needed it most. You were that white light, Zappa. You saved me when I needed it most.”

[Solomon stops only to sigh.]

“Yet I failed you when you needed me most. I am sorry that I could not save you from this sickness, and I’m sorry that I could not save you from DTR.”

[A moment of silence as Zappa doesn’t seem sure on what to say. Rhodes clears his throat.]

“Now that my apologies are out of the way, this conversation must come to a more serious measure. You’ve been infected. We’ve had doctors analyzing your symptoms and trying to come up with any sort of antidote. Yet nothing has come up yet. Unfortunately, this leaves me with not many choices, and I simply cannot allow you to infect the rest of the Templar Order. Until further notice, I must hold you here until a cure or at least some self-control can be obtained. I hope you understand that I choose this out of protection for you and mankind in general.”

[Solomon Rhodes gets to his feet and begins to move towards the door as Captain Zappa rises to his feet.]

“After everything we’ve been through? You can’t keep me here, man!”

“I don’t WANT to. I need you out there by my side, but right now I can’t watch over you and maintain my duties. Stay. It’s for your own good.”

[Captain Zappa’s eyes flit from white to black as his veins begin to bulge even more as his anger builds. His arms are shaking as he points at Rhodes.]

“I know you’re trying to help, but this ain’t the way. You can’t keep me in this hole. I’m no one’s prisoner!”

[Solomon Rhodes doesn’t respond as he steps forward, the sound of a locking door is heard as Zappa flings himself forward and collides with the metal door. His hands grip the bars firmly as his eyes flit up and down the hall, despite seeing nothing as the flames have died down.]

“He doesn’t trust you.”

[That vile and intrusive voice slices through the darkness as Captain Zappa just stares straight ahead, ignoring its presence. The face of DTR steps out of the darkness of the cell with a grin.]

“Poor, poor Zappa. I warned you this would happen. I warned you that they were only trying to use you and manipulate you. They want to keep you away from the world and keep you blind in The Darkness.”

[Zappa continues his silence.]

“I can help you, my son. I can show you freedom like you’ve never dreamed of and power unimaginable. Would you like that, son? Would you like to be The Family’s Chosen One?”

[An audible groan as Zappa turns around and throws a punch right at the face of DTR as he fades through the face of DTR and staggers towards the opposite wall.]

“Leave me ALONE!”

[Zappa slumps down to a sitting position where he his fingertips dig into his scalp as audible groans of anger and fury continue to mount. The face of DTR appears once again with a grin.]

“Step two… complete.”


[Two unnatural beings step into the ring tonight as Mother stands across the ring from the abnormal sight of The Boogeyman.] [The bell sounds as these two tie it up. Mother seems to be the slightly faster of the two as she skates around to the backside to hit a clubbing blow to the back of The Boogeyman’s head. He staggers forward as she sweeps his legs out from underneath him. He rolls to his feet, doing a literal forward roll before contorting his torso backwards towards Mother. SURPRISE! The discuss lariat floors Mother who seems a little… well… surprised by this hit! The Boogeyman quickly turns around and begins throwing punches left and right at the face of Mother!] [Mother manages to hook the arms of The Boogeyman as she grins. SPRAY! That black mist just sprays right across the face and eyes of Boogeyman, seeping into the mask! She flips him over, hooks his arm, and brings him into the submission move! THE MOTHER’S EMBRACE! She’s wrenching on the hold for what feels like hours when it’s actually minutes. The Boogeyman does not seem the least perturbed by the move as his body contorts and twists in unnatural patterns. Mother finally releases the hold as they both roll to their feet. Two monsters standing only a few feet away both with very different expressions on their faces.] [Mother charges forward with her claws reaching out! They find purchase on the arms of Boogeyman and begin ripping at the sleeves and skin. She kicks him right in the midsection before whipping him into the ropes. As he approaches, he hits the mat and slides underneath her. He grabs her by the throat and reaches for her forehead! RAPPING AT THE DOOR! A massive gash finds its way down her face as she cries out in anger. Boogeyman kicks her in the midsection before pulling her up into a Gorey Special and dropping it down into a piledriver! YOUR SOUL TO TAKE! He covers! One…Two…THREE!] [A huge win for this new monster as he slowly comes up to his feet. He begins moving around the ring in an almost hypnotic pattern as the camera fades.]


[Previously Recorded.] [The Road.] [4:17 AM] [Phoebe Outlaw drives down a Miami road. Her eyes are bloodshot and swollen. In the background, a large red cross lights up the sky, indicating that she is leaving the hospital. The road is empty except for her car. Black clouds obscure the moon overhead as Outlaw seems lost in her own thoughts, absentmindedly mumbling along with her radio. But as she rounds a bend towards a more residential area, someone is standing in the road.] [James Hunter.] [Outlaw’s eyes gain instant focus and clarity as her foot lowers on the gas. Yet as she gets closer to Hunter, she sees the truth.] [She’s headed for a pole.]


[She jams on the brakes!] [SCREECH!] [BAM!] [The car hit the pole. but Outlaw was able to slow it enough to cause her no injury.]

“Son of a bitch.”

[Feebs is held in place by the car’s airbags, which deployed in the impact. She tries to get herself free, but it’s not the most comfortable task.] [WHOOSH!] [CLANG!] [Outlaw cranks her head up, to find a sharp blade inches above her head.] [The blade of an ax.] [Light floods her vision as cars come out of nowhere to circle up around her.]

“There’s a saying, Phoebe.”

[James Hunter leans through the window opening to smile at Phoebe.]

“When you come at the king, you best not miss.”

[Outlaw’s eyes slowly adjust, and she realizes the cars surrounding her are all driven by people wearing Guy Fawkes masks. They’re all the same make and model.] [The very same one Hunter drove when he took her out so long ago.]

“We both failed there, didn’t we? I didn’t finish you when I had the chance. My eyes were on the Enforcer. You were just means to an end, a way to get in his head and upset his precious family. But you couldn’t just take the hand I dealt you, could you? You had to try to be the hero. You paid for it with your life. Yet here you stand.”

[He chuckles at her fighting, clutching her chin.]

“Then you came for me. You could have killed me, taken your revenge. But you left me breathing. And as long as I’m breathing, I will get what I want. But not yet. No, for now, I want to give you something to contemplate as you cry over yet another precious pawn being discarded. You say that I did this, that I ruined your life, that I started the path that led to your current situation. I handed you the keys, Phoebe, but you drove the car.”

[He seems amused at that comment.]

“I didn’t force you to romance Danielle. I didn’t force you to attack the Enforcer. You did that of your own choosing. Because you’re selfish. Arrogant. Foolish, even. You dance along the fault lines, and act shocked when an earthquake causes your world to crumble. So the real question that needs to be answered is:”

[Hunter leans in close.]

“When you’ve had everything taken away from you, what is really left to life for?”

[With that, Hunter takes his leave.] [Sirens echo in the distance as Phoebe Outlaw begins to free herself from her vehicle.] [How will she react to Hunter’s question?]


[Jacen Novan sits, either in meditation or waiting. He seems calm despite the fact that the machine that he once called friend is now blindly hunting him down. His focus is distracted by a familiar sound.]

“Hostile located.”

[The voice of the Automaton is every bit the same as it ever was, yet somehow its words seem armed with more sinister intent than ever. It appears seemingly out of nowhere, grabbing Novan by the neck and tossing him across the room with ease. Novan lands heavily but manages to scramble up onto his knees before the Automaton closes in to finish him off. He holds his hands up, palms out toward the Automaton.]

“TAM, stop… It’s me. You know me. I know you. This is not who you are.”

[His words fall on deaf receptors. The Automaton swings its robotic arm but Novan rolls to the side to avoid the impact, then scrambles away before The Automaton can retaliate. The Automaton stands, scanning the surroundings for signs of where its target escaped to. Novan’s voice gives himself up, stepping back into the light as he speaks calmly from up on a tall concrete ledge above, some ten feet in the air. Mustering all of the Ashla he can, he moves his hand across his body to influence his protege.]

“This is not who you are TAM.”

[The Automaton stops, turning to the direction of the voice and tilts its head slightly to the side.] [Is it considering Novan’s words? Is the Ashla influencing it?] [The cold, mechanical face of the Automaton flashes red.]

“Resistance is futile. Engaging hostile.”

[The Automaton leaps forward at Jacen Novan with inhuman power, leaping cleanly the distance from the ground to the ledge where Novan stands, but Novan is ready for him. With his palms outstretched, he closes his eyes. The Ashla flows through him and catches the incoming Automaton like a gust of wind. It pushes him back and the Automaton crashes against a wall and crumbles to the ground below. Novan opens his eyes and surveys the damage. Below him, TAM whirrs in an effort to regain his footing but the blow seems to have knocked off his equilibrium.]

“Experiencing difficulties. Engaging power relay. Rebooting.”

[The Automaton falls silent, lifeless and still. Novan climbs back down from the ledge and approaches cautiously. Before the Automaton can regain life, he accesses its mainframe – pulling out a dislodged computer chip and turning it over in his hands. He does not have much time to inspect, however as the lights on the Automaton soon return and it flinches. Novan backs away before TAM pulls itself to its feet.]

“Power levels stabilising. Scanning for hostiles.”

[Soon, the Automaton moves on, not detecting Novan in its search. Jacen waits until he is sure he is alone before so much as breathing. He turns the chip over in his hands, contemplating.]

“It’s all just hardware. Infected drives, infected hardware. If the virus can infect the hardware, surely the Ashla can repair it.”

[He slips the chip safely into his robes and pulls his hood over his head before turning back into the shadows and walking away, determined to win this battle over the Automaton’s darkness.]


[A battle between raw power and agility takes places here tonight as the Enforcer goes Russian facing off against his daughter’s other half. Will the added might of Sokolov mean victory for Kersh or will the newly reborn Heartsford be the hidden x-factor she needs?] [The bell sounds as Kersh and Heartsford start out, Brent calling for a lockup that seems like Heartsford is reciprocating before leaping up with a sudden enziguri to the back of the head that stuns the Enforcer. Heartsford lifts him up, trying for a suplex of some kind but the Enforcer slips out behind and as Jonathon is turning around, LARIATTOOO! A massive Lariat turns Jonathon inside out as the Enforcer tags out to the monstrous Sergei. Sokolov slowly walks in, pulling Heartsford up as he’s slowly getting to his feet before lifting him up effortlessly with one hand, WARHEAD! A huge Chokebreaker nearly snaps Jonathon in half as Sergei drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Heartsford just gets the shoulder up! Sergei pulls Jonathon up once more, backing up, SOVIET…Jonathon ducks under, hitting a huge Koppu Kick that sends Sergei reeling just enough for Heartsford to tag Outlaw in. Pheebs comes in with a huge roaring elbow, stunning the bigger man who quickly shakes the cobwebs out before running forward with another Lariat that Phoebe ducks under, NORTHERN EXPOSURE! Pheebs nails the Hangman’s Neckbreaker as she drops down, trying to lock in the Northern Cross] [Sergei is too strong as he powers out, sending Outlaw flying across the ring. She rolls to her feet, running right into a massive SOVIET STRIKE! Pheebs crumples on the mat as Sergei tags out to Brent Kersh. The Enforcer slowly waits for Outlaw to get to her feet, before tossing her across the ring blind tag ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! Kersh drops down for the cover but Outlaw isn’t the legal man as Heartsford urges Kersh forward. The Enforcer rushes him as he walks right into HEART to HEART! That Spanish Fly puts Kersh down as Heartsford climbs up to the top rope, sizing up Brent hesitently before diving off, MY RETRIB…Kersh rolls out of the way! Heartsford gets to his feet holding his back in pain right into a massive Spinebuster of his own as Kersh rolls through for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Enforcer and the Red Tsar pick up a huge victory tonight, Kersh taking advantage of Heartsford’s hesitation to pull off that tremendous Spinebuster that can put away any man at any time]


[In the fiery pits of the Underworld, King Crowley sits on his throne, smiling sadistically. In front of him, a sea of souls stands to attention, but Crowley has his focus on just one; a tormented, old, two headed soul.] [Janus.]

“And you told him, did you?” [Crowley says, interlocking his fingers, tapping his hands with them.] “You told him exactly what I asked of you, Janus?”

[Janus nods.]

“Yes, King Crowley, I warned him like you asked. I told him if he marched on the Underworld and came to close the gate, he would die.”

[The King stands up.]

“Good, good. Did he believe you?”

[Janus turns his head away.]

“I asked you a question, Janus.”

[Once again, he refuses to respond. The King walks down his steps, grabbing Janus by the throat and squeezing him to his knees. He struggles, unable to breathe, as Crowley demands answers once more.]

“Go back to him and ensure he understands. If he marches on my Kingdom, it risks everything we’ve built. The Underworld must remain open; it must.”

[Janus nods enthusiastically.]

“He’s the only one who can close it, Janus. He’s the only one capable of locking us in here for eternity.”

[The King leaves Janus alone and storms back up the steps towards his throne, taking a seat and staring out over his army, enraged.]

“Secure the gate, guard the entrance and ensure he cannot breach our lines. Should Janus fail and Terminus marches, we must be prepared to stop him.”



[Johnathan Heartsford walks down the hall of the Tap Room, looking over his shoulder at times out of the suspicion he’s being followed. His suspicion is warranted, as we soon find Sergei Sokolov closing in on the Aerial Knight.]

“I’ve located the target. Pursue further?”

[Just as quickly as Sergei finds his target, Heartsford disappears into an adjacent hallway. Sergei pauses for just a moment to survey his surroundings, and proceeds down the path…only to find a shortsword drawn at his neck, its owner staring down the Red Tsar.]

“What do you want with me?”

[Sergei chuckles as he brushes the sword aside.]

“Your little toy does not scare the Red Tsar, nor does your act of paranoia. I’ve seen what you’ve done before, I am fully aware of what you can do.”

[Heartsford does some scanning of his own, glaring at Sergei as he brings the sword back at the neck.]

“I’ll ask again…what do you want with me!? I know who you are, too…but I don’t know why you’re back, or who brought you back.”

[The smile on Sergei’s face turns into a snarl.]

“That is none of your concern, Doubt. I have my orders, and I—”

“That is not my name!”

[Heartsford rears back the sword, ready to strike. Sergei doesn’t so much as wince or cringe, as though he’s ready for whatever is about to happen next…and then, darkness. Seconds later, the lights are back on, and Heartsford has vanished yet again. And yet, we can hear him from the distance, as though he has one last message for the Red Tsar.]

“This is my road to redemption, and you won’t stand in my way.”

[Despite being a warning, this simply leaves Sergei with a big grin on his face, nodding in response.]

“Your road will only lead you to ruin.”



[Gaia looks to continue her growth in OSW against a really tough opponent in D’von Chambers. Will Mother Earth chop down this giant of a tree? Or will the Bishop power over yet another small fish in a big pond?] [The bell is rung and both competitors meet in the middle of the ring.Chambers looks down at his much smaller opponent and smiles, mouthing something about Earth being a man’s world now. Gaia is unamused, as she responds with an oblique kick! The Bishop clutches his knee as Mother Earth takes advantage with a stiff back hand strike! D’von’s rocked, but he stays on his feet. The Goddess of Nature grabs the much larger man’s arm and goes for a cobra choke, but Chambers sees what’s coming and hoists her up by her arm and slams her down to the mat!] [The Bishop takes another quick moment to shake his leg before lifting Gaia to her feet. D’von whips her into the corner and takes a couple steps back before rushing for a clothesli-NO! MOTHER EARTH HOPPED ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! She crawls along the ropes and drapes down for his legs! THE ARACHNID GRASP IS LOCKED IN! The referee orders her to break it at the count of four, which she does. Chambers staggers over to the center of the ring as Gaia charges for a knee bomb-NO! D’VON CAUGHT HER AND HER LEG! TILT A WHIRL PSALM 32!! ] [Chambers throws his arms outwards and yells to signal his finisher. After doing so, he goes to pick Gaia up, but she catches her in a spider guard! He tries to break out of the awkward position, but the Nature Goddess has too good of a clutch on his sleeves and keeps moving her feet to back him away. Eventually, she pulls him in for a butterfly sweep, holding onto his arm in the process. Quickly, she wraps the Bishop’s other arm around her leg and starts pulling it back! WRATH OF NATURE’S LOCKED IN! HE TAPS! IT’S OVER!] [The bell is rung, but Gaia keeps the hold locked in! She smiles as the referee orders her off. Mother Earth smirks and lets go, backing away with a smile on her face.]


[SCREAMING. Her agony echoes throughout the corridors of the Tap Room. He runs, seeking her out. CAEL GABLE.] [The voice is a familiar one. He has heard her scream before, but never like this. Never with the curdle of BLOOD in her throat.] [He is sweating, frantic. Running. His heart beats in his ears, his lungs stretched to bursting. He runs around the corner.] [ISAAC DANVERS.] [Isaac sits on a stool in the centre of the pitch black corridor, a single light bulb hanging above his head. Danvers’ head is tilted back so he is almost looking at the ceiling. Coming from his mask is the echoing screams of Cael Gable’s mother resonating from the Underworld.] [Gable stops dead in his tracks. His blood runs cold. Suddenly a sharp crackle of static interrupts the screaming and all noise ceases. Simultaneously, Danvers’ head snaps downwards. He looks at Gable. Danvers tilts his head to the left.] [Suddenly Gable is locked inside a morgue. Metallic drawers just large enough to store bodies run along the walls behind him. Two drawers are open. On one slab lies Adriano Adagio, his skull cut open, his brain MISSING. On the next, a decapitated Never Dead Dan. Gable looks at the bodies for a moment before heading quickly to the door, which has a small window at eye level. On the other side, DANVERS. Gable tries the door handle, but it doesn’t budge.]

“In the Underworld a woman can get very LONELY, Cael. And in the darkest hour of her lowest moment, a man can swoop into her AID.”

[Gable tugs at the handle again, slamming his hand on the door.]

“Let me out, Danvers! I swear to G–”

[Danvers raises a hand. Suddenly, Gable is sat in an office chair, his hands and mouth bound by duct tape.] [Black.]


[Static. Back to the morgue.]

“A woman in a dark place can find her mind becomes SICK, and a course of THERAPY needs to be prescribed. But fear not, mister Gable, I can save your mother from the torture she endures. All you have to do is present to me…”

[Danvers places his hand on his forehead.]

“Your MIND.”


[Needful Things.] [Inside the store of Nicholas Mammon, the Shopkeeper stands behind his counter with a giant smile across his face.] [That’s because stood before him, browsing some of the isles, is none other than El Trébol Junior.]

“I knew you’d come, dear boy,” [Mammon says with a smile.] “How may I help you today?”

[Trébol doesn’t seem to know why he’s there.]

“You fascinate me, Mammon.”

[Nicholas smiles, walking around the counter to stand before him.]

“You have no idea why you’re here, do you?” [He asks with a chuckle.] “But that’s okay. Many of my customers don’t realize they need me until they stop by. I asked you last week to visit, and I’m delighted that you have.”

[He reaches down, pulling out a large wooden box from beneath the sheet on the counter. He places it in front of El Trébol, raising his eyebrows with a nod.]

“I have just the thing for you.”

[Mammon points to the box.]

“Open it,” [he says.] “Please.”

[El Trébol seems drawn to it. He walks over and carefully lifts the lift. A green glow lights up his mask, mesmerizing him.] [Just then, The Sharkman and Marvolo bust in, running towards him. They grab their friend, dragging him backwards from the wanting glow of the item in the box. He keeps trying to go back to it, but The Watchmen pull him away.]

“I need it,” [Trébol complains.] “Guys, we need it.”

[The Watchmen don’t argue, they simply drag him away. As they exit the shop, the entire room goes dark, with Gaia and The Boogeyman revealed to be within, watching.]

“He’s yours,” [Gaia says with a big grin.] “Mr. Mammon, he’s yours.”

[Mammon nods with an ‘I know it’ smile, as Gaia turns to The Boogeyman.]

“Now it’s your turn.”

[The Boogeyman laughs, vanishing almost immediately.] [Cut.]


[Two men with their hearts clouded by Vengeance face off against one another tonight. But will fears for his brother’s safety cost Jake or will the Clown Prince catch the Phoenix flying too high?] [The bell sounds as the Phoenix catches Jake off guard with a spinning heel kick to the jaw, staggering Jake back into the corner. The Phoenix rushes forward, trying for a stiff Corner Clothesline but Jake manages to roll out of the way, nearly causing the Phoenix to rush face first into the turnbuckles. The Phoenix just stops himself, turning around into an almost too low kick to the lower gut before he finds himself lifted high up into the air, TOSSING POWERBOMB! Jake tosses the Phoenix clean across the ring , The Phoenix’s head bouncing off the opposite turnbuckle as Jake slowly walks over before dropping down for the pin] [ONE…TWO…THE PHOENIX JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! The delay in getting the pinfall may have cost Jake the victory there as Jake backs up, FAYGO…The Phoenix rolls away as Jake crash-lands on the mat. The Juggalo slowly gets to his feet, swinging wildly with a Lariat that the Phoenix ducks under, running to the ropes as he bounces off, DOUBLE KNEES! Jake goes down as the Phoenix rolls to his feet, climbing up to the top rope, begging Jake to slowly get to his feet] [DIVING DDT! The Phoenix spikes the Juggalo into the mat as it looks like he’s been knocked out cold. The Phoenix slowly turns Jake over onto his back, dropping down for the cover. ONE…TWO…THR…JAKE SOMEHOW GETS THE SHOULDER UP! The Phoenix undeterred goes up top again to try and finish this with style as Jake slowly rises to his feet, METEORA! Jake is down but the Phoenix isn’t done as he climbs onto the apron, PHOENIX…FUCK OFF! That massive rising elbow hit the Phoenix in mid-air, right in the temple as he crashes to the mat, Jake folding him up for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Clown Prince picks up a huge victory here, plucking the Phoenix’s wings as he sends him crashing to the ground in a fiery heap, sending a message to Creeping Death at what awaits him very soon]


[The Juggalo and Nightwatch had a hell of a match, but before Phoenix can leave the ringside area, he finds himself in a world of hurt.] [THWACK!] [From out of nowhere, Jensen Cussen has appeared to batter his nemesis. Vengeance lives up to his name as he lays in brutal forearms and elbows to the face of Jacob, each one aimed at a different place. He’s not going to open up Phoenix, just batter him around a bit.]

“You wanted to free Jensen Cussen, didn’t you boy?” [Cussen rages, dragging his elbow across the nose of Phoenix.] “Let me tell you what he says.”

[Jacob is thrown to the middle of the ring, Cussen dropping a knee on his sternum.]

“He screams out for vengeance for what happened to his daughter. You gave him hope. Hope that he could win, that he could defeat that which can not be defeated. He believes this vessel will be his again one day.”

[Phoenix, even under assault, has a response.]

“He will. Jensen Cussen will have his Vengeance.”

[Cussen laughs.]

“And then so will you, won’t you?”

[A vicious clap to the side of his head rocks Phoenix.]

“The virtuous hero, come to save the day.”

[A sneer.]

“Except, oh wait, the day’s already been lost. And you’re the reason. Everything you see around you is because you decided to give us what we wanted. You gave your blood to her. You sustained her when she needed you. Because of you, Noah thrives. The Virus thrives. The end is coming, and now you think you can clean up your mess.”

[Phoenix, groggy, tries to respond, but gets cuffed by Jensen.]

“You’re too pure to infect, and somehow we can’t even kill you properly. So that means that you get to witness everything. You wanted to raise Jensen Cussen to watch him die, but the both of you will watch the end of everything. Your death won’t be Vengeance.”

[Cussen stands up.]

“It’ll be your life, helpless to stop what you helped create.”

[Jacob Phoenix struggles to stand as Jensen Cussen walks away from him.] [This war is just beginning.]


[The Shadows.] [We find Mike Lane here, his head in his hands. His hair bedraggled, he cannot escape the visions that fill his mind. Yet, despite the thoughts filling his head, his senses remain alert.]

“I know you are there. Do not think you can scare me by lurking in the shadows with your tricks and visions. You cannot break me, Bellator. These visions, I know they aren’t real.”

[Yet now, a very real voice sounds from behind him, catching his attention.]

“Do you know what the interesting thing is about wearing a mask, Michael?”

[Lux Bellator.] [The Light Warrior steps forward, his white mask illuminating in the low light enough for the mask alone to be seen behind Lane’s shoulders.]

“When you take the mask off, you are all but invisible. Nobody would even know that you were there. Nobody even knows you. Without the mask, I am nobody.”

[Lane turns, lifting his head. Through the heartbreak and torment, there is a deep rooted look in his eyes. Hate. His current state does not faze Lux, who continues without missing a beat.]

“I was there… I saw you. Unable to control yourself. I saw her come to you in the square. I saw the people around you look at you as if your were mad. I saw them look at you the way you look at yourself… As a sinner. Deep down inside, you know Destiny is right.”

[Lane shakes his head.]

“I don’t know what you’re doing, or how you’re doing this but you will not break me Bellator. I will endure.”

[We cannot see Lux’s mouth from the darkness, but we can see the mask moving as a chuckle sounds.]

“Typical. Always looking past the point and never taking responsibility. It was your actions that led to her death, Michael. Your past sin has caught up with you and your reaction is so predictable. You act as you always do, looking to fight your way out of this. But there is nobody to blame but yourself here Michael. Who else do you have to endure? A memory? A vision of your own sin?”

[Lane opens his mouth to speak, but cannot form the words. It is Lux’s voice that fills the void.]

“I see the stain of sin on your hands Michael. As this world draws ever near its demise, those that are stained with sin will pay their dues. It is this stain that has already consumed you once, you even gave him a name… Shadow. But the actions of the Shadow are your actions, Michael. You cannot simply endure them and hope they go away.

No… Payment must be made. And the wages of sin, Michael? You already know what they are…”

[Mike lashes out but catches only air, the white mask had disappeared back into the shadows.]

“Get back here, you coward!”

[Lane’s voice cracks, not with fear but with hurt. Lux’s words, the visions, are obviously getting to him, despite Lane’s best efforts to remain level-headed. His voice is desperate.]

“There is no sin on my hands, Bellator.”

[But even as he says the phrase, he turns his hands over, staring into his palms. Lux’s final word ringing in his ears as a breath in the air.]



[The Ice Cold Revenant has begun to bring the Long Night into OSW but the general of the resistance’s army stands in his way here tonight. Will Proteus send a message through the fallen corpse of Ordell or can Terminus end this night prematurely?]

The bell sounds as Proteus rushes forward, taking Ordell by surprise with a stiff enziguri to the back of the head that puts Terminus out on his feet before he finds himself lifted up high with a Vertical Suplex, Proteus hoisting Ordell up high for several moments before spiking him down with a Brainbuster. Proteus doesn’t cover, instead lifting Ordell up to his feet and lighting him up with a furious combination of punches and kicks, HAILSTORM! That thunderous Roundhouse Kick nearly takes Terminus’s head right off as Proteus crouches down with a martial arts pose before dropping down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Ordell gets the shoulder up! Proteus tries to pull Ordell up to his feet but gets a sharp uppercut to the jaw that sends him staggering back before Ordell rushes forward, spinning around Proteus and drilling him into the canvas with a Floatover DDT! Terminus doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope as he sizes Proteus up for a moment, FLUX GA….Proteus just rolls out of the way as the Shooting Senton just misses the mark! Ordell staggers up to his feet, FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX! The Revenant hooks back for the cover, ONE…TWO…ORDELL JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Proteus calls for the end as he slowly pulls Ordell up to his feet, INCEPTION! The One Percenter takes Proteus down but that took a hell of a lot out of Ordell as both men slowly struggle to their feet. The two combatants exchange heavy lefts and rights before a hard standing Dropkick sends Terminus crashing to the mat. Proteus calls for the end again as Terminus slowly gets to his feet, BLIZZ…Ordell ducks under, delivering a stiff uppercut as Proteus turns around before he lifts him up high, THE FINAL CONCLUSION! Ordell bridges back, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Ordell does it, taking down the ice cold Revenant as he brings back some light into this cold hard night that seeks to destroy OSW itself]


[In the hallways of the Tap Room, a trail of footsteps, burning cinders leading the viewers towards their source. Helios. The Burning Revenant walks through the halls, fearless, his embers continuously lighting the ever expanding darkness. Holding a small fire in his palm, he lights his way.] [Caw! Caw! Caw!] [Crows surround Helios, scratching and pecking at him, blood spilling from the small wounds. Helios reaches out with his flame and grabs one of the avians, incinerating it in his grasp. He spews flame towards others, their bodies turning to ash.] [Flutter.] [Helios turns, coming face to face with the very man he tormented the week before. Scarecrow. The Hayman grabs Helios by the throat and slams him into the wall, the revenant’s head bouncing off of the surface.]

“Helios.” [Crow’s voice drips with anger.] “You think you can play mind games with me? Scare me? I’m going to show you what true fear is.”

[Crows surround the duo, threatening to teleport the trapped Helios with his captor when the revenant grabs his hand and SINGES IT! Crow is forced to let go, giving chase to Helios as he flees. The two bust through the door at the end of the hallway!] [And into a burning house. Crow looks around in confusion, the area around him almost alien.] [But to Helios, it is all too familiar.] [The sounds of screaming and crying pierce the air, drowning out the roaring flames. Eva. Grace. They scream for their father, but Helios does not budge, merely watching as the flames slowly spread through his home, creeping up the walls until the entire house is nearly engulfed, Crow having to shy away from the fire that licks at his coat.]

“I do not fear anything, Scarecrow. The man in me who could fear and could feel? He died long ago. I am not here to scare you, I was sent to destroy you, burn you to ashes and stomp out the cinders.”

[The flames reach and strike at Crow, the Hayman’s clothing and extremities slowly burning.]

“Soon enough, you will be but another soul to kindle my fire.”

[Helios seems to melt away into the flames, the house burning down around him, Crow stuck in the middle. And as the fire grows and Crow comes closer to immolation, they die out, slowly receding to reveal the walls of the Tap Room.] [Leaving us with no light, forced to watch as Crow looks down at the burns across his body, unmoving as we descend into Darkness.]


[Already showered and in street clothes, Brent Kersh hoists his trusty bag around a corner towards the exit of the Tap Room.] [RING! RING!] [Kersh reaches down to his pocket absentmindedly and pulls out his cell phone as he walks through a small doorway.]


[The voice on the other end of the line is a very unexpected one.]

“This Brent Kersh?”

[Errol Flint.] [The Enforcer comes to a stop, all of his attention focused on the voice on the other side of the call.]


“That’s me. Listen, I know…”

[Kersh cuts him off.]

“But you’re…”

“…going into the wrestling business. News must travel fast. I know that you’re calling yourself retired, but men like us don’t retire. They have to pry it away from our cold dead hands.”

[In his confusion, Brent has forgotten his surroundings. His eyes blink, trying to adjust as he realizes he is no longer where he thought he was. The Enforcer now stands in a sterile hallway, shadowy forms all around him.]

“You in for one more round, Brent Kersh? I’m going to need someone to show these young pups what old school really means. What do you say, old man?”

[At his side, his daughter Danielle now stands. Her bright smile and wide eyes look up at her dad, who is no longer confused.]

“What do you say, dad?”

[At his other side, his wife Nicole holds a baby boy.]

“What do you say, honey?”

[Lastly, his son Trevor now stands before him.]

“What do you say?”

[Instead of answering, Brent Kersh looks past them out into the black void he had not noticed.]

“This isn’t going to work, Mother. I know what’s real, and what’s not.”

[Despite his anger, Kersh winces as Trevor’s neck bends unnaturally, his body falling into a red mist. His eyes swell as Danielle falls into her own darkness, a rhythmic beep echoing in the darkness. Lastly, he turns to face his wife and child, but while the child is there, Nicole is not the one holding him.]

“Do you, Enforcer?”

[Mother.] [Kersh reaches out for the child, but both child and Mother fade into nothingness, the darkness dissipating to reveal the same filthy Tap Room hallway we normally see. He looks down at his cell phone, as a voice is calling out of it.]



“Is everything okay?”

[Brent looks around before shaking his head in anger.]

“No, it’s not. But I’m coming home. It’s time for a family meeting.”

[Brent walks out the door, purpose in his voice.]

[The Doctor is in. Danvers is in his element tonight as he takes on El Trebol Jr, the luchador showing no fear despite the odds.] [In a ring of medical tools, Danvers is quick to grab a weapon of choice, a rusted scalpel from the tray next to the chair. He lunges for Trebol with a leaping slash that the Luchador barely evades! Trebol grabs the arm and wrenches the wrist, forcing Danvers to drop his weapon!] [CUELGA VID! HANGING TRIANGLE CHOKE! Danvers is in a bind as Trebol comes out of the gate with a huge move! Danvers already looks to be fading as Trebol cinches in the hold!] [Danvers drops to a knee! Could he already be out of the match!] [HE GRABS THE SCALPEL! DANVERS WAS PLAYING POSSUM! HE BURIES THE BLADE INTO THE SIDE OF TREBOL JR!] [Blood seeps from the vicious wound and soaks the mat, but Trebol holds on! Danvers moves to his feet and THROWS TREBOL OFF WITH A MODIFIED POWERBOMB! The Clover lands in a heap! He clutches his wound as The Doctor approaches him, grabbing him by the mask and peeling him up- KICK TO THE KNEE BY TREBOL!] [Danvers’ leg buckles from the blow, stumbling back as Trebol hits the rope and flies back with a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK TO THE KNEE! Danvers’ knee collapses and he falls to one knee! SPIKE DDT BY TREBOL!] [The Luchador holds his wound as he creates distance from Isaac, the Doctor slowly rising to his feet. He turns, stalking his opponent like prey as he grabs… AN AMPUTATION KNIFE! He slowly walks behind Trebol, the luchador having collapsed and raises the blade to strike!] [AMPUTATION SAW TO THE SIDE! TREBOL PICKED UP A FUCKING SAW! He drags it across Danvers’ side, blood spilling as he drops his blade. Trebol leaps onto the turnbuckle and slings the saw into Danvers’ shoulder and starts to saw! Isaac is covered in blood from the wound as Trebol forces him to his knees!] [Trebol pulls the blade back and slices at The Doctor’s head- LOBOTOMY! DANVERS’ SQUEEZES TREBOL’S TEMPLES WITH ONE HAND! Though weakened Danvers’ flings Trebol from the top rope AND SENDS HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE MEDICAL CHAIR!] [Isaac grabs Trebol’s head from behind and slams the smaller wrestler into the chair, each slam becoming aggressively more brutal!] [Slam!] [Slam!] [Slam!] [Slam!] [Danvers pulls him back from the chair and lifts him overhead! POWERBOMB INTO THE CHAIR! IS TREBOL OUT!?] [Danvers straps one arm down! He goes for the other- SYRINGE TO THE CHEST! TREBOL BURIES A RUSTED SYRINGE FROM THE MEDICAL TRAY RIGHT INTO DANVERS’ FUCKING CHEST! Trebol punctuates this by breaking off the needle inside Danvers!] [The Doctor recoils in pain as Trebol tries to free his hand, the luchador barely slipping out of the band as Danvers shakes the cobwebs! Trebol rolls from the chair and tries to crawl away- BUT DANVERS GRABS HIS LEG AND PULLS HIM BACK! The luchador kicks at the Doctor as he tries to escape his grasp, barely freeing himself before rolling to his feet, both men now bloodied as they stare each other down.] [Danvers grabs for his patient, leaping forward with both hands and trying to throttle Trebol! The Clover ducks him and throws a massive kick at Danvers’ gut that staggers him! Trebol plays on the defensive, ducking back and dodging the monster across from him!] [Trebol leaps onto the ropes and comes back towards Danvers with a flying kick that sends the Doctor towards the chair! HE HITS THE ROPES! MOONSAULT- THE CURE! FLYING ELBOW FROM DANVERS CATCHES TREBOL MID AIR! The Clover hits the ground and Danvers flings him into the chair! HE STRAPS HIM IN! DANVERS IS VICTORIOUS!] [And the Doctor checks out, his patient cured by the vicious bloodletting from their match!]


[Click.] [Splosh. Splash. Splosh. Splash.] [The birds are chirping in the sunny and picturesque neighbourhood of Imperial, Missouri. The sound of innocence echoes throughout the air as children run back and forth down the street, playing on their bikes, chasing each other.] [At the entrance of a white picket gate, two bikes lay abruptly abandoned on the pavement, one pink, one blue. A slight breeze blows the tassels back and forth, whistling past the bell.] [We follow the paving slabs up the garden to the green front door, which is slightly ajar.] [A loud sound echoes from within.] [Splosh. Splash. Splosh. Splash.] [Splish. Splash. Splosh. Splish.] [The door slowly swings backwards, creaking as it does. There’s a child’s shoe sideways on the floor, laces untangled, blood at the base. The camera slowly follows the blood, which trails into the main hallway, getting thicker and morose.] [There, the sounds of splashing become louder and louder.] [The man responsible? Edward Newton; unlike we’ve ever seen him.] [The Riddler is covered in blood. His glasses refuse him vision, their lenses covered in crimson. His once pristine green suit is not just bloodied but soaked in a sickening red hue.] [There’s something in his hair that equates to viscera, and the walls are decorated by it too.] [Yet, he paces, splashing his way back and forth across the blood-soaked hallway, mumbling to himself.]

“You made me do it, Proteus,” [he mumbles.] “She wouldn’t listen to me, none of them would.”

[Cold.] [His frantic breath suddenly becomes visible, halting him in his tracks. He stops, looking towards the door where Proteus now stands. His ice-cold eyes stare through him, towards the end of the hall, where three sets of feet can be seen stacked upon the floor, blood covering them, their socks and shoes stained with death.]

“What did you do?” [Proteus asks.] “WHAT DID YOU DO?”

[Edward laughs.] [A maniacal, sadistic, horrifying laugh.] [He turns to face Proteus, a smile stretching across his face.]

“I killed them all.”

[Laughter.] [Cut.]