[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The sound of weeping opens VHS, offset against the hustle and bustle of a busy street. In the middle of a damp, wet and dirty alley, Edward Newton sits huddled beneath his red stained green jacket.] [He takes his hands out, looking at the dried crimson that coates them. His hands shake uncontrollably and he barely remains in control of his faculties.] [His head is spinning. He remembers everything he did. The screams, the vile, desperate, horrifying screams still echo within the walls of his mind, bouncing off of each other and coming back to haunt him.]

“No, not my babies, please.”

[Paige Van Chan’s voice, gurgling with blood at every uttered syllable. She can barely speak as blood dribbles from her split lips.] [Newton remembers how it felt. He remembers how their blood tasted, splashing against his mouth as he brutalized them.] [And he had never felt so ashamed in his life.] [Of course, he had hurt many innocent victims – he had tortured, manipulated and deceived his way through life without a care in the world; but never had he ever taken to violence in such a disturbing manner.] [Never had he done this.] [He sits there on the wet ground, looking at his bloodied hands as the rain begins to pour, his eyes weeping tears that turn to waterfalls.]

“What have I done?”



[Previously Recorded.] [Beaumont, Texas.] [The Kersh ranch.] [Sat in his easy chair, perhaps a reminder of a different time, is Brent Kersh. The Enforcer is deadly serious, no hint of humor on his face, as this family meeting is already in progress.]

“Brent, this is ludicrous.”

[Nicole. She’s not actually present, only her voice coming out of his phone. It’s been put in speaker mode and laid on the central table in the room. Framed pictures of Danielle and Trevor seem to shadow the pairing. Yet there is another person present in the room.] [Phoebe Outlaw.]

“She’s not going to stop, babe.” [Brent calmly states, retreading familiar ground.] “She came after our baby. She trapped Danielle. Mother doesn’t just walk away when things don’t go her way. She created the Scarecrow. He may not be hunting me right now, but she’s slid right into his place. And as fearsome as Scarecrow is, he’s predictable in a way Mother isn’t. She toys with her prey.”

[He looks over at a frowning Phoebe, the scars of her battle with Mother still fresh in her mind.]

“This is the only way.”

[A pregnant pause fills the air before Nicole finally responds.]

“Brent. I love you. I don’t want the next time I see you to be in a body bag.”


“But this little tyke that I’m watching sleep right now is our primary concern. I trust you. Just come back home to me.”

[Brent sighs.]


[The Enforcer leans forward to the phone.]

“You have my word. I’m not going anywhere.”

[The love lingers in the air for a moment before Brent nods.]

“We’ve got to go. We’ve got to get back to Miami. I needed this trip back here. To remember why I fight.”

[We focus on Phoebe as the Kersh’s state their love and goodbyes to one another. Feebs gets to her feet, looking around the room before settling her eyes on the picture of Danielle.]


[She turns to see Kersh standing next to her. Their eyes meet, so many things unsaid between them. Good and bad. He makes sure she’s focused on him before speaking.]

“Are you su…”

[She cuts him off.]

“More than anything in my life. The past haunts us, so we’re going to squash it.”

[Brent lets out a little chuckle, more for Feebs sake than his own. He knows how that statement really shakes out.]

“Good luck then. We may not talk before it’s all over. James Hunter isn’t someone to trifle with.”

[Outlaw grins.]

“Nor is Mother, old man.”

[Kersh doesn’t react to the barb. Instead, in a very uncharacteristic move, he reaches out and embraces Phoebe. Her hands stay at her side for a moment, but the younger woman slowly returns it in kind.] [What is Brent’s plan?] [Cut.]


[Tonight, it is the debut of our newest competitor in OSW, Alibistair Montibleaux. He faces Michael Graves who’s out to prove he’s the only one that can fly! Who will win? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Alibistair is excited for his match and he charges Graves with a running cross body! He stays on top of him and lands some vicious elbows! Graves spits blood into Alibistair! Our newest competitor is disgusted and tries to wipe it off his face! Graves kips up and turns Ali inside out with a LARIAT! Graves is laughing as he starts doing the Garvin stomp! He is stomping every limb of Montibleaux’s body! Montibleaux catches one of the stomps and turns it into a heel hook! Graves is writhing in pain! Alibistair is wrenching it as hard as he can until Graves reaches the ropes!] [Alibistair is not letting go! The ref starts counting! One…Two…Three… Four! Alibistair lets go at four! He starts stomping on the heel though! He wants to make sure Graves can’t walk! Graves holds on to the rope and the ref pulls Alibistair off of him! Graves uses the ropes to pull himself up! Alibistair charges at him again! Graves pulls the ropes and Alibistair falls over the ropes onto the floor! Graves slides out to the floor! He pulls Alibistair up and STO INTO THE APRON! Alibistair is hurt and his back is writhing! Graves is not done! BRAINBUSTER ONTO THE APRON!] [Graves throws him into the ring and covers! One…Two…Foot on the ropes! Great ring knowledge from our new competitor! Michael Graves hoists him on his shoulders going for the DEVESTATOR! Alibistair slides out and rolls graves up for the pin! Too much momentum and Graves is on his feet! GROOVY BOOT! What a superkick! Alibistair hit all of that and covers Graves! One…Two..Three! No! Foot on the ropes by graves! Alibistair is pissed! He runs towards the ropes! SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT ONTO THE EXTENDED LEG! No! Graves pulls it away and Alibistair lands hard! Graves pulls himself up! DAWNBREAKER! Reverse tombstone piledriver! He covers! One…Two…Three!] [What a win by Graves! Alibistair had a strong first showing but a rookie mistake cost him the match!]


[Static.] [The Pitch Black abyss that The Chief calls home is only illuminated by the pure desperation on his face. He’s tired, and the exhaustion won’t go away. Suddenly, he hears a voice.]

“Do you want to wake up?”

[He searches the darkness for whom it belongs, but finds nothing. His eyes strain against the seemingly endless black, but nothing comes to view.]

“I said, do you want to wake up?”

[The Chief frowns.]

“I do.”

“Good,” [the voice continues.] “But breaking free of these restraints will not be easy. You’ll need to succumb to a power greater than yourself.”

[He grimaces.]

“I won’t do it,” [The Chief responds with a defiant shake of the head.] “I just won’t. I know what you want of me Noah. I know what you expect. I won’t believe my God is responsible for the carnage you wish to bring upon the world. I won’t succumb to you, and you can’t break me. Haven’t I shown you this much?”

[There’s a pause.]

“You have shown yourself to be worthy, but humanity is only capable of so much. The end is nigh and if you wish to break free of your confinement, and see to its conclusion, you have the power to do it. All you have to do is say yes.”

[Finally, The Chief gets angry, and begins to yell.]

“To what!? What the hell do you want from me, kid!?”



[Dirty black, gungy walls. We travel down a hallway, where we find Mike Lane standing outside a doorway… or what is left of the doorway. The door has been kicked in with such force as to split the frame of the door itself. Lane looks worse than we have seen him before. Bloodshot eyes that have seen no sleep now carry dark bags underneath. His face, gaunt with beard and hair that seem to not have been tended to in days. He wears a troubled look on his face as he stares into the room, not moving, for he knows this place all too well. The Asylum. The very place where it happened.] [Inside the room we find a chair, ropes used to bind someone to the chair lie in the floor. We also fine a bed, the mattress stained and putrid. The walls, floor, bed and chair are all stained with the splatter of blood. So much blood. It seems to drip from the very ceiling, run down the walls. A single figure stands in the midst of all of this blood. She bleeds, adding to the pool of blood on the floor. This blood is hers, it flows from her freely. She lets out a scream, a scream that eats right into the very soul of Mike Lane. For this is the very scream that she let out when she gave her last breath… And it is all his fault. Destiny looks towards him, spraying a fresh coat of blood on the walls as she turns. She says nothing but a gargling sound as blood flows from her neck as if it had just been freshly cut, her mouth open in silent agony.] [Without consciously moving, Lane finds his feet dragging him into the room. As soon as he enters, Destiny screams again.]

“Sinner! This time, you watch me die. You watch what he did to me. All of this blood is on your hands.”

[Blood drips from the ceiling, Destiny’s blood, landing on Mike Lane like a sudden shower downpour. Mike raises his hands above his head, shielding his face from the downpour of blood. But the blood continues to pour, splattering over him. Eventually, the flow of blood dies down to a trickle. It is then that Destiny walks towards him. She reaches out and touches him, taking him by the hands. Hands that are now covered in blood. Lane has no choice but to look her in those cold, dead eyes, burning with scornful rage. He utters two single words, words that come out weakly and feebly, words of a man at the end of his rope.]

“I’m… Sorry.”

[The figure of Destiny disappears, only the echo of her screaming voice hanging in the air. Screams that come from a cold, yet threatening voice.]

“Liar! My blood is on your hands! I will not rest until you truly are sorry!”

[With that, the Asylum disappears. Lane finds himself once again in the Tap Room, staring at his hands. Hands that were once clean now still remain stained with crimson blood. The blood of his sin. The blood of Destiny Flint. He looks at his hands, and screams. Screams of a broken man, a man who knows not where to turn. Screams of a man who is crumbling before our very eyes.] [Cut.]


[The Aerial Knight steps into the ring as he looks across the ring at the man reborn from fire, Jacob Phoenix.] [The bell sounds as they lock it up. Phoenix grabs the arm and begins to wrench it behind Heartsford, but he’s a little quicker as Knight trips him up. Phoenix gets back to his feet, but Heartsford springs up with an enzuigiri! The impact sends Phoenix reeling backwards into the corner where Heartsford rushes with a running dropkick! Phoenix manages to roll out of the way as Heartsford crashes hard in the corner. Phoenix rolls to his feet as Heartsford slowly pulls himself to his feet in the corner. Corner clothesline from Phoenix that floors Heartford!] [Phoenix quickly leaps up to the top rope and begins sizing up the cruiserweight recuperating on the floor. The Aerial Knight gets to his feet just as Jacob leaps! DIVING DDT! Only Heartsford catches him with a stiff elbow strike that stuns him! Hurricanrana! Jacob Phoenix is sent across the ring as he rolls right out of the ring. Johnathan Heartsford surveys his work with a smirk before springing to the top rope, flipping around, and… A NEW PERSPECTIVE! A moonsault to a tornado DDT brings Phoenix right to the floor on the outside of the ring! Both men are spent by that move as Heartsford slowly gets up and rolls Phoenix into the ring.] [Both men slowly get to their feet, Knight goes for a kick only for Phoenix to catch it! He spins him around as he rushes towards the ropes. HEART TO HEART! The Spanish Fly connects as Heartsford throws an arm across his foe. One…Two…NO! Phoenix manages to get a shoulder up. Johnathan Heartsford rolls to his feet and begins to motion for his finish. He climbs to the top rope, but as he turns around Phoenix is there! He leaps to the top rope, but he’s unsteady! Knee strike right to the face as Phoenix falls! MY RETRIBUTION! SHOOTING STAR DOUBLE KNEE DROP! Heartsford covers him! One…Two…THREE!] [The Aerial Knight has done it here tonight! He leaps to his feet with a smug look as he climbs the turnbuckle to raise his fist.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [The Sharkman tiredly trundles through the backstage area, finally coming to rest his weary bones upon a backstage pew. He leans back, his eyes closed, and before he knows it he’s fallen asleep where he sits.] [Just then, his eyes thrust open.] [His weary head lowers to the floor, where he’s immediately startled. Underneath the bench, peering up at him, lays the Boogeyman, a sadistic smile strewn across his horrifying face.] [The Sharkman almost jumps out of his skin, bouncing from the floor to his feet to find that The Nightmare has vanished.]

“He’s behind you.”

[A sinister voice calls out.]

“Ring-a-ring a rosey, a pocket full of posey..”

[The Shark turns slowly, coming face to face with The Boogeyman; he reaches out, grabbing the Vigilante by the throat, strangling him down to his knees.]

“Let… go… of..” [he demands, losing breath.] “Me!”

[The Boogeyman lets out a sinister laugh, all the while, his song remains sung in the background.] [Gasp!] [Suddenly, he awakes. El Trébol Junior and Marvolo are by his side, and with his own hand wrapped around his throat, he gasps for air.]

“You were choking,” [El Trébol says, panicked.] “You weren’t breathing. What happened?”

[The Sharkman coughs violently.] “The Boogeyman, he was in my dream and it felt so real. He was strangling me and I couldn’t breathe.”

“Our powers are failing,” [Marvolo interrupts, rubbing his chin.] “We should be able to ward off these evil spirits, but we’re succumbing. First, Trébol falls into the trap of Nicholas Mammon and now The Boogeyman invades your dreams.”

[Trébol puts his hands on hips.]

“He’s right. I didn’t make a conscious decision to go to Needful Things; I was compelled to. Had you not stopped me, I would have given everything to that man.”

[The Sharkman stands up, concerned.]

“I don’t understand it. I thought we were complete. I thought that our goal was clear and our mission had begun. We were healing this place but their power is mightier than ours. Something is missing and if we don’t find what, we’ll meet the same fate as our ancestors. This evil is powerful, gentlemen. It’s stronger than we’ve ever encountered, either apart or together.”



[Flames burn across the Tap Room walls, a trail left from the finger of Helios, the Revenant seemingly stalking the halls. Slowly, he turns the corner.] [And standing in the center, unmoving, is Scarecrow. Helios lashes out instantly! HE SPEWS FLAMES ACROSS SCARECROW! In a flash of white-hot fire… Crow is gone. Helios lets out a small chuckle.] [As Helios walks forward to inspect his handiwork, the scene pans around… revealing Scarecrow to be standing right behind him. Helios spins around and throws his sparks at Crow again! As soon as his fire licks Scarecrow does the darkness overtake him, Helios losing sight.]

“Where your eyes don’t go…”

[Helios looks around himself frantically, using his flames to light the hallways, always catching a glimpse of the Scarecrow before the Hayman disappears into the night.]

“You do not fear me, you had control over me. But when you cannot burn me, you are helpless.”

[Helios stops his assault on the empty halls before looking around himself. He walks into the blackness ahead. CROW’S HAND SHOOTS FROM THE DARKNESS AND GRABS HELIOS’ NECK!]

“Without your fire, you are nothing.”

[Black.] [Moonlight lights the scene as the darkness is lifted. Standing at the edge of a lake is Crow, Helios still firmly grasped in his hand.]

“And like the very flames you would use to immolate me, you are easily snuffed out.”

[Helios tries to singe Scarecrow’s hand, fire spreading up Crow’s arm! BYE BYE BIRDIE INTO THE LAKE! Helios is submerged! The Revenant fights to leave the water as Scarecrow walks away from the lake’s edge, not looking back at the drenched revenant.]

“You tried to light the way, but the darkness unleashed upon us will not be turned against me.”

[Darkness slowly begins to wash over the scene as we are left with Helios, the fire demon’s skin flaking and peeling as he pulls himself from the water.]


[Captain Zappa looks like a man possessed as he stands across the ring from the man of balance, Jacen Novan.] [The bell sounds as Captain Zappa rushes forward and blasts Novan into the corner! He begins driving a barrage of blows into the face and head of Jacen Novan! He tries to cover himself, but Captain Zappa is going berserk! Zappa begins headbutting him viciously before the referee can get in between them and pull Zappa back! Zappa pushes the referee out of the way, but it’s long enough for Novan to rush forward with a chest punch that stops Zappa momentarily. Zappa charges after him, but Novan backs up towards the ropes and pulls it down as Zappa goes right over!] [Novan quickly hits the other ropes and leaps through them before hitting a suicide dive! Zappa is blasted back into the barricade as the crowd is going nuts behind him. Novan grabs him and whips him shoulder-first into the steel steps on the outside as he falls down clutching his arm. Novan lifts him back up and whips him into the ring before climbing to the top rope. However, he’s not quick enough as Zappa leaps up there, and hits a backdrop from the top rope that ends with a big crash to the mat! MOTHER OF ALL BACKDROPS!] [Zappa hits a leaping elbow drop onto the mat before leaping into a cover. One…Two…KICKOUT! Zappa pulls Novan to his feet by his beard, but Jacen hits two quick punches to the side and front of the head as Zappa staggers backwards. Novan waits and Zappa charges him again before getting caught right into a hip toss! Zappa slams down into the mat as Novan backs into a corner and begins patting his elbow. Zappa slowly staggers to his feet and Novan charges for… DARKNESS WITHIN! NO! Zappa ducks underneath the shot and leaps to the second rope before springing off to hit a spinning back elbow. DELILAH SAYS GOOD MORNING! Zappa leaps into the cover! One…Two…THREE!] [Captain Zappa gets to his feet with a grin before grabbing Novan and sending him out of the ring through the ropes. He bangs his chest before leaving the ring.]


[Jacen Novan sits, sleeves rolled up and meditating over his infected arm. Through the Power of the Ashla, the virus has not spread and remains confined to his forearm. He compares his good arm with his bad, the clean and the infected. His eyes are closed, but they spring open and inspect the darkened flesh.]

“Through the Ashla, I can slow this darkness down. But I have not been able to reverse the spread. I have fought darkness before, and the Ashla has never failed me. This darkness is unlike anything I have experienced before – I need a greater grasp of the Ashla to fight it.”

[From within his robes he draws a computer chip. It is about the size of his palm. Novan lays it before him. Where once green and fresh looking, the chip is darkened black. Comparing it to his infected arm, Novan can see definite similarities in the pattern and spread of the black infection. It confirms what he already knows.]

“The same virus. If I can reverse the spread in my own flesh, I can fight the darkness within TAM. He is not… Unsalvageable.”

[He picks the charred black chip up and turns it over in his hands. As he does, it begins to emanate a soft beeping. Moments later, the world seems to explode around Novan. Bricks, mortar and concrete are sent flying in all directions. Through the dust cloud and rubble, a cold, computerized voice is heard.]

“Tracking complete. Hostile located…”

[The Automaton had entered, bursting through the solid brick wall of the room where Novan was hiding out. It stands in the rubble, scanning the room for signs of life.]

“Hostile being, you are in possession of a stolen memory chip. My directive is to retrieve the memory chip and exterminate the hostile responsible for its theft. Resistance is futile.”

[The chip continues to beep, leading The Automaton to where Novan crouches, protected from the rubble by the Ashla, having created a clear space around himself. The Automaton raises its hands to strike but Novan holds the chip out before him. The Automaton pauses, not wishing to damage its memory chip.]

“TAM. This chip is faulty, look at it. The memories it contains will reveal your true self. The Ashla can free you memories.”

[The Automaton does not even pause. It steps forward, grabbing at the memory chip.]

“The contents of my memory chip are classified. Resistance is futile.”

[Novan turns away, pulling his toes up over his head. TAM swings at Novan’s head but catches only the hood of his robes. His empty robes fall to the ground, leaving the Automaton perplexed as to what has transpired.] [The Automaton scans for signs of where his foe has gone. But Novan has disappeared, along with the blackened memory chip.]


[Creche #32, Lambda Sector, Western Eurassia, District 11.] [One Year Ago.] [In a bottomless pit of a dungeon, surrounded by hardened steel cages, Alibistair Montibleaux stands with his hand tightly clutching a unique laser pistol. He carefully trudges down the wet and dreary halls, stopping at a cage with his eyes focused on the man inside.]

“How do you like your new home?” [Alibistair says, his pistol still I his hand.] “You’re going to be here for a long zime.”

[The man closes in on the bars, grimacing. He’s a disturbing individual, with scars strewn across his wrinkled, angry looking face.]

“These bars won’t hold me, Montibleaux,” [the angry bald-headed man growls.] “I will get out of here and I will find you. There’s no-where you can run from me.”

[Alibistair shakes his head.] “You’ve been a terror on zis world for far too long. All those people you’ve killed, all zese worlds you’ve destroyed; zat stops now, Jones.”

[Jones grabs the bars, startling his adversary.]

“You can’t stop me, kid,” [he barks.] “You haven’t stopped me. This place, “[he says, looking around.] “Will only be my home for so long. When I get out of here, and I will, I’m going to kill you.”

[Alibistair Montibleaux steps backwards and holsters in his pistol.]

“Until zat day, until we meet again, zis case is closed.”

[He casually walks off, leaving Jones behind to hold tightly onto the bars and smile.]

“You’re a dead man, Montibleaux,” [he screams.] “Jones has spoken!”



[Can the likes of Phoebe Outlaw and Cael Gable slow the momentum of Lux Bellator as the war for the Tap Room continues? As the competitors climb into the ring, Bellator’s confidence appears STAINLESS while Phoebe and Cael seem to have QUESTIONs on their MIND!] [And the bell rings with Feebs and the former Olympian charging each other while The Light Warrior stands in wait. But they pause… realizing the situation, Outlaw and Gable quickly change paths and it’s BELLATOR they’re after. A SERIES of rights and lefts into the head and body of Lux. This onslaught has caught him by surprise and he bails between the ropes and to the outside. Gable moves to follow, BUT HE’S GRABBED BY FEEBS. A BIG RIGHT HAND, BUT GABLE DUCKS! CLOTHESLINE! NO THAT MISSES! NORTHERN EXPOSURE!! Gable goes down. Outlaw with the cover. ONE…TWO…] [NO! Bellator is there. He rips Outlaw to the ouside by both legs and now he’s WAILING away on Phoebe. Irish whip, RIGHT INTO THE STEEL STEPS! Outlaw is down and Lux heads to the ring to take advantage. Gable still flat on his back from that hangman’s neckbreaker and he’ll make a cover. ONE…but Gable powers out and Lux is right back on the attack, bringing him to his feet. LOOK OUT! Fireman’s carry by Cael and A SLAM! Now he’ll cover. ONE…TWO, and it’s a quick two. Lux is out easy. Both men a little shaken at this point though. Both slow to their feet.] [AND THEY DON’T SEE PHOEBE OUTLAW WHO IS MOUNTED ON THE TOP ROPE!!! Both men turn and FLYING CROSS BODY BLOCK! IT TAKES THEM BOTH DOWN! Outlaw regained her composure after eating the steel steps and now all three competitors will struggle to their feet. It’s anyone’s contest at this point as each make it to a stand! Bellator charges Feebs with a roar, but BACK BODY DROP! That sends The Light Warrior up and over the top rope and to the outside. Gable sees his change and charges, but NORTH BY NORTHWEST!! PHOEBE NAILED IT! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Phoebe Outlaw having her hand held high as she comes to her feet over top of the unconscious body of Cael Gable. All the while Lux Bellator holds his head on the outside wondering what went wrong. Good has seemingly outlasted evil in this one.]


[That was a hell of a match there between three able competitors.] [But before the dust can even settle, the crowd seems to have a black cloud running through it.] [Anonymous!] [A slew of masked individuals jump the barriers and grab Phoebe Outlaw! She fights against them with several kicks and errant punches, but they throw a black sheet over her head, dragging her up the aisle. We follow as they head to the backstage area, the black cloud continuing to rush through narrow halls until they reach an open space. The trio fans out, two of them holding Feebs down on her knees. They grab the sheet on her face and rip it off.]

“Hello, Phoebe.”

[James Hunter now stands before Outlaw. He looks around at the walls of the Tap Room.]

“When you attacked me, I considered making one trip to end you. But instead, I had my associates taunt you with my presence. Then I found you outside of the arena, because I needed you to know that you will never be able to run away. Not until I’m finished. But now that I stand here in this place, I see that it has changed quite a bit. It feels more like home, more of a place that a man like me can do his work.”

[Outlaw snorts.]

“What kind of work is that? Interior decorating?”

[Hunter lets a grin form on his lips.]

“I hope you’ve considered my question. When you’ve had everything taken away from you, what is really left to live for?”

[Outlaw turns serious for a moment.]

“Yeah, I have.”

[Hunter raises an eyebrow.]



“I live for Dani. Because she saw something in me that no one else ever did.”

[A chuckle this time from the Question.]

“That she did. I don’t know what, but she saw something. That’s why she did what you could never do. She gave her life for you. But I have to thank her for that. Because now I get to finish the last string holding me to this life. I will step back into a ring I thought I had walked away from, and I am going to make you beg for that life that you so cherish. And then I’m going to do as I meant to do so long ago.”

[The masked men throw the sheet back over Feebs head.]

“And that’s end your life.”

[Darkness.] [Outlaw rips off the sheet to find that she is now alone in the hallway. She stays on her knees for a moment, her eyes closed.] [A single tear drops down her cheek.] [Followed by a smile.] [Cut.]


[A flicker of a candlelight tries its hardest to cast light in this abyss, but the darkness doesn’t allow its flame to reach far. However, it does reach far enough to light the face of the man kneeling before it.] [Solomon Rhodes.] [The Templar sits in reverence as if searching for an answer when the sound of eager footsteps disturbs him from his concentration. His eyes don’t open, his head doesn’t rise, but his voice carries to greet the incomer.]

“What has happened?”

[The footsteps slow as they approach, but the voice is out of breath as he speaks.]

“Sir. Zappa has escaped!”

[In one quick motion, Rhodes is on his feet and standing beside him.]

“Do you know where he went?”

“Yes sir. We have him pinned down, but…”

[Solomon looks at him with impatience as they begin walking.]


“There’s something different about him.”

[A flash.] [A body is thrown across a room as Captain Zappa is surrounded by men with swords pointed in his direction as Captain Zappa looks deranged. His eyes are completely black, his veins protruding and pulsing, and he’s lashing out in all directions.]


[Zappa grabs one of the swords with both hands and YANKS the holder towards him with remarkable strength! Zappa pulls him in tight and pulls his own sword to the Templar’s throat.]

“Get out of my way or I’ll end him.”

“Zappa, stop this immediately!”

[Solomon Rhodes, the voice of reason, breaks through the group with his arms held out in front of him as a sign of peace. He instructs his men to lower their swords to which they do.]

“Zappa. You need to calm down. This doesn’t have to end in violence. Let him go and we can talk this out. I know that you don’t want to be kept safe. We can talk about-“

“NO! I’m through doing things your way. It’s been months, and where have we gotten?! NOWHERE. I’m infected. This darkness has been unleashed, and where are we? No closer to a solution. Maybe I am looking at this wrong, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be another prisoner. Maybe… maybe DTR will have the answers to my questions.”

“This isn’t you. You know what he is capable of. Surely you don’t think he could actually help you.”

[Zappa contemplates that and drops his guard a little bit. He squirms out of the grasp of Zappa who quickly grows enraged once more.] [HE PLUNGES THE SWORD RIGHT INTO HIM! The young man falls as blood begins to spurt from his mouth. Zappa looks back at Solomon Rhodes as his eyes flicker once to white before back to black as he turns and blasts through the guards. They turn to give chase.]

“NO! Let him go.” [Solomon Rhodes falls to his knees by his Templar who is bleeding out.]

“But sir, he…”

“He needs to be dealt with accordingly. At The Long Night, I will deal with him AND that snake, Dave.”

[The picture slowly fades as DTR is shown grinning in the dark corner of the room before slowly fading away with a parting word.]

“Step three… complete.”


[Tonight, it a match of monster proportions as four of the biggest competitors on the roster face each other tonight! Who will come out on top in this epic battle? We find out next!] [DING! DING! All three humans gang up on the Automaton! They believe it’s better man than machine! They are clubbing him with vicious lefts and rights and it looks like the Automaton is about to crumble! No! He powers out of it and all of them go flying under the ropes and out of the ring! All but one! Sergei is still standing and both men start swing punches at each other! The crowd is cheering or booing depending on who swings! Isaac Danvers slides in and MASSIVE SPEAR to both competitors! He turns around though and gets hit with RELAX!] [What a massive clothesline from James Hunter! He covers! One…Two…kick out by Danvers! Sergei and TAM both get up and launch themselves at the question! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! TAM immediately covers! Sergei is having none of that! BACK SPLASH TO A PRONE AUTOMATON! Sergei mounts TAM and is delivering some vicious hammer fists! The plague doctor sees an opportunity! THE CURE! Vicious elbow strike and Sergei is busted wide open! His blood drenches the Automaton and Danvers covers! One…Two…Thr…No! Hunter breaks it up with his version of THE CURE! WHAT A HYPOCRITE! He covers! One…Two…Kick out by Danvers!] [Hunter is stomping away on Danvers as the Automaton pulls himself up! SUPERMAN PUNCH! TAM almost destroys Hunter with that punch! AUTOMATED JOINT TEST! TAM is not done as he starts rapidly firing knees and elbows! HYPOCRITE! Hunter answers with less impressive knees and elbows of his own! SOVIET STRIKE TO BOTH MEN! Sergei lays them both out with one spinning back hand! He goes to cover but Danvers starts choking him out with THE BLACK DEATH! Sergei is being strangled and looks like his about to pass out! He tries to fight out but Danvers starts biting the back of his head! Sergei is too distracted and passes out!] [What a win for Danvers as he makes a monster of a man in Sergei Sokolov pass out! Good fight by all four men but Danvers is victorious!]


[They say that when you looks into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. When we find Mike Lane, it is this abyss that we find him looking into. The realisation of a past that has taken over his present mind. He stands in the shadows over a basin, scrubbing feverishly with a soap brush at his hands, still stained with blood. A constant reminder of a past that he would give anything to forget. His hands are raw from the vigorous scrubbing, yet the stain of blood remains as clear as it ever was. From behind, we see a second figure approach in the bathroom mirror, white light shining like a beacon in the shadows surrounding Lane.]

“It won’t come off like that, Michael.”

[Bellator speaks with a calm voice, almost charismatic and friendly in its tone. He draws closer to Lane, who does not even stop scrubbing to acknowledge the presence of the man whose words have led him to this place.]

“As much as you don’t want t believe it, I am here to offer you life. Life more abundant than you could ever imagine. It is the only way to cleanse the sin from your soul and the blood from those hands.”

[Lane turns, facing Bellator eye to eye, holding the brush up like a weapon. His eyes scream of desperation. But within the desperation, Lux can see something telling. Belief.]

“You know that I speak the truth, Michael. I can see it in your eyes. You scrub at those hands so hard because you know that it is your sin that has covered them with Destiny’s blood. You know the wages of sin, but you also know that it doesn’t have to end like this.”

[The usual fight and retort is gone from Mike Lane. Where we would expect him to take the fight to Bellator and rid himself of the torment that he has been put through, he does not. Instead, he crumbles to the floor, head in his hands. A broken man.]

“I’m sorry…”

[Bellator kneels before the broken man, his voice more akin to a whisper now.]

“You build your foundations on your own shoulders Michael. Now you find those foundations have crumbled around you, your sin has torn them down. Don’t you see how dark this world has become? Where even you cannot endure it any longer? How the Lord cannot let this darkness continue. The world is coming to an end Michael, each breath brings us closer to judgement. Now is the time for sinners to repent, for soon it will be too late.”

[Bellator places a hand on Lane’s shoulder. At first Mike flinches, but in his current state he does not move himself away. Bellator lifts his head up, looking into the eyes of his foe. He takes Lane by the hand, the blood disappearing from his hands at the very touch of Lux. Lane snaps his hands away and the stain returns, much to his dismay.]

“There is a way out of this Michael. A way to cleanse those hands. A book that holds all the answers you seek.”

[In his downward spiral, Lane manages to find the resolve to scoff at the suggestion.]

“I’m not interested in your bible, Bellator.”

[Bellator smiles, a knowing smile, sinister almost in the twinkle that glints in his eye.]

“I’m not talking about the good book, Michael. I speak of a different book – the Book of the Damned. In it, you will find your salvation. Inside the covers of that book, you will understand your role. You will understand how to repent for your sins. Seek it out, Michael and you will understand.”

[With that, Bellator pats Lane on the shoulder and disappears from sight, leaving Mike to his thoughts once more. He tosses the soap brush aside, looking over his blood-stained hands once more and closes his eyes to draw in a deep breath. This is rock bottom, and his way out could just have been provided by the very man who put him here.] [Cut.]


[Two former champions are facing each other tonight as the Sharkman faces D’von Chambers. It is a classic battle between good and evil tonight! Which side will gain momentum going into the long night? We find out next!] [DING! DING! The two men tie up! D’von has a power advantage and throws Sharkman into the turnbuckle! D’von launches himself into the corner! AVALANCHE CLOTHESLINE! Sharkman is crushed and falls seated into the corner! D’von starts stomping a proverbial mudhole into the heart of the Sharkman! D’von walks backwards to the opposite corner and starts charging at Sharkman with a knee! The Sharkman dodges it and D’von’s knee hits the turnbuckle hard! D’von is limping in pain! DROPKICK TO THE HURT KNEE! What a move by Sharkman as he covers! One…Kickout! Not even a two count as D’von still has plenty of power!] [Sharkman lets D’von get up! He gets behind up and goes for a bulldog! No! D’von catches him! BACK SUPLEX! What a reversal by the bishop! He pulls Sharkman up! PSALM 32! Running power slam to the Sharkman! He covers! One…Two…No! D’von pulls Sharkman up!? He had it there but he starts slapping Sharkman and shoves him down! He’s just playing with him now! D’von chortles then goes to the top rope! He leaps off the ropes going for a leg drop! CHICAGO CRUX! No! Sharkman rolls out of the way! Hard landing by D’von! That previously hurt knee is in extreme pain!] [Sharkman goes to the top rope himself! SHARK DIVE! What a senton bomb by the Sharkman! He covers! One…Two…Thr..No! D’von gets the shoulder up! Sharkman holds onto that arm and pulls D’von up by it! He locks in the hammerlock! He goes for the hammerlock DDT! No! D’von charges Sharkman into the corner! Shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust! D’von is pulled off of Sharkman by the ref! SUSHI KICK OUT OF NOWHERE! Sharkman uses the distraction to hit a shining wizard! He covers! One…Two…No! kick out! Sharkman desperately pulls up D’von! Eye rake by D’von! PASTOR’S PLUNGE! Spinning crucifix powerbomb after that dirty move! He covers! One…Two…Three!] [What a win by D’von over the previous double feature champion! He reminds everyone why he earned a key in the first place!]


[Darkness.] [A dream.] [Jacob Phoenix stands across from Stephanie Cussen. Their eyes are locked. They both speak at the same time.]

“I do.”

[A crowd cheers as they embrace and share a kiss. A disembodied voice speaks out, confusion apparent.]

“That isn’t what happened.”

[Flash.] [Phoenix sits on a couch, his arm around Stephanie. They look happy. Across from them sits Jensen Cussen, rocking a baby boy on his knee. A far cry from the man we know.]

“You’re a great father, kid. This is what I wanted for my family.”

[Jensen’s words ring out with clarity, a far cry from the angry tones we hear normally.]

“This isn’t real.”

[Flash.] [This time the child is older, able to run and play. In the background, we see Jensen and his wife Lisa laughing along with Jacob and Stephanie. The boy runs up to the edge of a white fence, when a voice speaks out to him.]

“Look at you, a chip off the old block.”

[The boy smiles as a shadow overtakes him.]

“It’s in there, isn’t it?”

[From afar, we can hear a scream from Jensen.]

“The evil lives in you. It’s time to destroy the world, boy.”


[Jensen and Jacob appear on the scene, but the boy is gone. There is no flash here, but instead the world freezes. The two men seem to have control of themselves though.]

“What is this?” [Jacob asks.] [Off in the distance, a scream echoes.]

“You thought that your little mark was a one way road, didn’t you? You thought that it’d give you an edge.”

[Jensen chuckles.]

“But you forget that my network is a little bigger than yours. I can’t infect you. I’m not even sure I can kill you. But I can make you wish you were dead.”

[The scream intensifies. Cussen smiles.]

“That’s the best part, that old man in the back of my mind gets to see it too. Two birds with one stone, as they say.”

[The angry Phoenix looks where the boy was standing.]

“That was Noah?”

[Cussen laughs.]

“Oh no. That was your son, Jacob. Cursed with the same specter that made a man like Jensen Cussen who he is. The boy’s great grandfather. You see, Jacob, you fear the idea that Stephanie died because of you and you won’t be able to avenge her. But Jensen fears his father. Sometimes I think he’d rather see Noah bring about the end, because that means his father was wrong about the evil in their blood.”

[Phoenix stands resolute as he strips off the long sleeve shirt he’s wearing.]

“You may have infected him, but I don’t know how much you know him. You’re only making him stronger.”

[Cussen laughs, his eyes a black abyss now. The Virus showing its power.]

“And if he is to succeed, then you’ll kill him. So we both win.”

[Jacob pauses for a moment before looking directly into that abyss. He quickly grabs his arm and gives it a big pinch.] [Light.] [Jacob Phoenix snaps awake. Instead of showing anger, instead he seems to be shaken by the words and actions of Jensen Cussen.] [Cut.]


[SOMEWHERE ELSE] [Cael Gable wakes with a start, his hair wet with a sweat brought on by a terrifying nightmare. His sweat feels cold against his skin, the bed covers cling to his legs. He is alone in the darkness, lit only by a sliver of moonlight creeping between his curtains. He finds himself paralyzed, unable to sit up, only able to move his eyes around. Shadows move across the room as a cars headlights peek through the curtains for a moment.] [PANIC. Surely a trick of the darkness, but Cael Gable was sure that he just saw…] [And from the shadows steps ISAAC DANVERS.]

“Mister Gable. How does it feel to lose your FREEDOM? To be RESTRICTED in your movement?”

[Danvers tilts his head to one side as he looks down at Gable, who pants heavily.]

“Perhaps a karmic event is taking place, or perhaps…”

[Danvers runs his fingers gently through Gables wet hair.]

“Perhaps your mind is SICK.”

“How does it FEEL, Mister Gable, to be confined to a small room for the remainder of your days on this mortal plane? Does it reflect a negative time in your life? Perhaps you can think of an example?”

[Gable’s chest rises and falls, rises and falls. Danvers tilts his head in the opposite direction.]

“I see. And tell me Mister Gable, when you think of what you did to that man, does it mirror your anxieties of your own parents incarceration in my own world?”

“I’m sure those are worries of yours. But fear not. THE DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU SOON.”

[Danvers runs his fingers down Gable’s nose, across his lips, and pinches his chin gently.]

“For this will be your first Long Night, but soon I will RELEASE your parents from their incarceration, when you submit to me… your MIND.”

[Gable snatches the wrist of Danvers, his arm coming back to life. He grasps the wrist tightly and looks Danvers dead in the eye.]

“I will NEVER give you what you want. If you want my mind, you’ll have to FIGHT ME for it!”

[Gable launches from the bed, tackling thin air. Isaac Danvers is gone.] [Gable sits up, wrapping his arms around his knees as he peers into the darkness.]


[Two of the leaders for the sides of good and evil are set to do battle as Solomon Rhodes stands across the ring from Lee Crowley.] [The bell sounds as they lock up. Solomon Rhodes gets the better of the exchange with an arm drag. Lee rolls back to his feet and kicks Rhodes right in the midsection only Rhodes catches his foot. Rhodes whirls him around before sweeping his legs out of from underneath him. Rhodes grabs the wrist of Lee and pulls him back to his feet, but Lee ducks underneath a forearm strike. Lee leaps up and hits a neckbreaker that floors Solomon Rhodes. Lee climbs up to the top rope and begins beckoning for Solomon to get to his feet.] [Rhodes staggers to his feet and hits the ropes! Lee’s crotched on the top turnbuckle as his mouth opens wide in surprise. Rhodes leaps up to the second rope before hitting an enzuigiri to the top rope as Lee falls from the top rope all the way to the floor on the outside! Rhodes moves towards the center of the ring and begins getting prepared. Lee slowly gets to his feet just as Solomon Rhodes hits the ropes and leaps over for a somersault plancha! Lee manages to move out of the way just in the nick of time as Rhodes slams down onto the ground in pain!] [Lee Crowley rolls into the ring and tells the referee to start the count. The referee begins the count as Solomon Rhodes slowly gets to his feet right as the referee hits an 8. He calls for nine and Solomon leaps into the ring! Lee charges him and begins stomping right on him very quickly. He lifts up Rhodes and whips him right into the corner. He rushes towards the corner with his shoulder lowered… SHOCK THER-NO! Rhodes just springs off the bottom rope and flips over him! He rolls to his feet just as Lee bashes his head into the corner turnbuckle! He slowly turns around and… RED CROSS! The codebreaker floors Lee as Solomon throws an arm over him! One…Two…THREE!] [Solomon Rhodes raises to his feet and raises his arm as he looks down at the downed Lee Crowley. He smirks down at him before leaving the ring with a win for the good guys.]


Static.] [It’s D’Von Chambers.] [He makes his way through the back of the Tap Room, a look of frustration on his face.] [Several members of his congregation follow.]

“I may have to look into adding The Sharkman to the church at some point” [Chambers ponders as he dabs the sweat from his forehead with a towel.] “but I have to focus on Michael Graves for now!”

[A grimace overcomes him.]

“Those stupid druids came to and let him go or the deal would already be done!”

[Suddenly…] [Darkness.]

“Now what’s this…” [Chambers scoffs.] [The fluttering and screeching of bats.]

“My Chiroptera didn’t come to D’Von!”

[Michael Graves. His voice calls out from the darkness.] [We can’t see anything. And neither can Chambers and his Church.]

“How would you describe it then Bat Boy” [Chambers taunts.] “One second they’re worshipping me as Barbatos and the next, they’re aiding your escape.”

“They were released from their hysteria” [Graves retorts, almost at a whisper.] “Once they stepped out of their darkest hour.”

[Lights.] [And it’s Graves. He stands nose to nose with Chambers who is slightly taken aback. A devilish smile forming on the lips of The Bat’s Shadow.] [And suddenly…]


[The Bishop’s eyes open wide and his blood runs cold as he peers back to the members of his church who have fallen to their knees worshiping Michael Graves.]

“You were right about this place D’Von.” [Graves warns.] “It is distorting our minds. Our visions. In you, my Chiroptera see Barbatos and in me the members of your congregation see….”

[Chambers looks back to Graves, a concerning look on his face and BOOT TO THE MIDSECTION.] [Graves cinches him into a double underhook and DAWNBREAKER!] [CHAMBERS IS OUT!!!] [The Prophet of the Bat God stands over top of his foe; his chest rising with each breath he takes as the Church continues their praise.]

“But after The Long Night, everyone will know who the real God is….” [Graves declares as he lifts his hands skyward.] “HAIL BARBATOS!!!!”



[Eight men are in the ring as the OSW Tag Team Championships are hoisted high above the ring!] [The bell sounds as carnage is unleashed within the confines of the ring! Helios and Proteus go right after The Boogeyman and Gaia as Mike Lane and Brent Kersh are duking it out with Jensen Cussen and DTR! Mike Lane hits a SHADOW KICK that sends DTR rolling out of the ring! Cussen superkicks him right underneath his chin, but Brent Kersh sends Jensen on his way with a dropkick! Helios blasts The Boogeyman with HELLFIRE! The codebreaker flattens the monster as Gaia grabs Helios before laying in muay thai kicks and punches only Proteus nails her from behind with a double axe handle! The only ones standing in the ring are The Revenants and Brent Kersh. They quickly rush across the ring and pummel the veteran before sending him over the top rope to the outside!] [They pull out the first table in this tables, ladders, and chairs match and set it up before setting up another one right beside it. They grab Kersh and lay him down on it only he’s fighting back! He begins hitting punches to the side of Helios’s head as he backs up. Proteus climbs up to the top rope and is waiting to hit his finish, but Kersh is beginning to get back up! FROM THE CLOSET! The sleeper hold wraps around Proteus but they both fall! THROUGH THE TABLES! Brent Kersh managed to move out of the way just in time! Mike Lane is up in the ring, but he’s not alone as both members of the Family are there! Mike Lane tries for another SHADOW KICK! Only Jensen catches it and whirls him around to DTR. REASONABLE DOUBT! DTR looks down at Lane with a grin before urging Jensen to grab a ladder.] [Jensen does as he’s told, grabbing two ladders and sliding them into the ring. DTR grabs one and begins setting it up. He begins to climb only Gaia grabs him and yanks him down. She rakes his eyes and sends him towards Jensen Cussen who catches him. They both turn around and… WHAM! STEEL CHAIRS TO BOTH OF THEM! Helios and Brent Kersh just blasted them with chairs. Brent Kersh and Helios turn to each other, but Kersh is the quick as drives it into the knee of Helios and cracks him across the skull! He falls as Kersh turns to see Gaia climbing the ladder! Kersh rushes behind her and CRACK! Another chair shot to the back of her as she falls off the ladder straight to the mat! He drops the chair and begins to climb. Proteus and The Boogeyman are trying to make their way back into the ring, but it’s too late! Brent Kersh reaches up and retrieves both of the titles!] [The bell sounds as Brent Kersh steps down the ladder and hands Mike Lane a title. These two men have gone to war with six other combatants and still come out the champions!]


[Earlier Tonight.] [We are deep within a forest, miles from the Tap Room…and yet, something seems off as Sergei Sokolov walks through in search of his target. After the disappearing act last week, Sergei is looking for answers…but there are none to be found here. Johnathan Heartsford is nowhere in sight, when suddenly—]

“Still looking for me, Sergei?”

[Sergei turns around, and is confronted by the Aerial Knight; no sword to the head this time around, merely a glare from Heartsford.]

“What exactly is it you’re looking for? You seem…uncertain.”

[That word triggers the Red Tsar, who lunges at Heartsford…only for the Aerial Knight to sidestep him, watching as Sergei nearly collides with a nearby tree. Sergei turns to face Heartsford again, an angry snarl on his face.]

“My patience is wearing thin! If you won’t come with me, I’ll take you in by force.”

[Heartsford tilts his head in confusion at this.]

“Take me in for what, Sergei? What are the charges against me? Why won’t you wake up to what’s happening around you?”

[This last question confuses the Red Tsar, who stops in his tracks.]

“Haven’t you noticed something…strange about our surroundings? The trees, Sergei…look at the trees.”

[Sergei looks at the trees nearby…and notices they are oozing with black bile.]

“The trees are infected…but how? The infection is still confined to the Tap Room.”

[This prompts a nod from the Aerial Knight.]

“Exactly. Look again, open your eyes to the truth.”

[As the Red Tsar turns to look at the tree again, darkness falls upon both men…and in the blink of an eye, we discover they are still inside the Tap Room. Sergei stares at Heartsford, who nods again in assurance.]

“The darkness is playing tricks on you, Sergei. Something in this place is sending mixed signals. Haven’t you wondered why the voice in your head hasn’t been speaking to you? They’re not the ones targeting me…it’s the infection.”

[Before Sergei can respond, Heartsford runs off in a flash…and as if on cue, Sergei hears someone speaking to him.]




[Agony.] [The sounds of pain echo throughout a chamber of human remains. Bodies are strewn across the walls, their insides spilling out onto a floor made of bone. There’s blood everywhere and the smell of burning flesh lingers beneath your nose. Its putrid.] [Just above the sounds of despair, the thrusting clunk of footsteps can be heard approaching. With every metal stomp, they get closer and closer, drowning out the sounds of pain.] [Then they stop.] [Ordell Terminus – in all his glory, stands at the open gates of the Underworld, a grimace across his tired and worn face.] [In his path? Janus.]

“I beg of you to turn back,” [Janus pleads.] “I beg of you to stop your marching on these gates and put to bed your thirst for vengeance before it’s too late.”

[Terminus approaches, looking at the two faced God – his body a broken husk. He takes a deep breath, sucking the air around him in.]

“I can smell your vile betrayal, Janus,” [he says with a sneer.] “I can taste it. Tell your King I have arrived to take back the Underworld. Tell him that I will lock these gates, and him within them – as you tasked me to do.”

[He reaches forward, snapping Janus’ neck in one fell swoop. He suddenly crumbles to dust, vanishing into the air. Lee Crowley then appears, stood at the gates, his eyes wide with fury.]

“You shouldn’t have come, Terminus.”

[Ordell rolls his neck.] “This ends, now.”

[Then he marches towards Crowley.] [Cut.]


[Jake Jeckel stands across the ring from Edward Newton. Champion facing Champion, but only for the pride of victory, as this is a non-title match.] [The bell sounds and the two lock horns, pushing and pulling in a traditional tie-up. Jeckel takes the lead, his size and strength playing to his advantage as he shoves Newton into the corner. He pushes Newton’s arms up into the air and SMASH! A stiff elbow to the forehead of Newton! And another! And ano–NO! Newton ducks, he clips the referee lightly with his shoulder sending the official stumbling down to his knees. Turns. EYE RAKE! Jake Jeckel is blinded! Newton boots Jeckel in the gut as he staggers from the corner. SNAP SUPLEX! ONE! T–Kickout!] [Newton is quick back to his feet as Jeckel rolls over onto all fours. Newton takes a run up. PUNT KICK! NO! Jeckel kneels up and pushes Newton’s leg around and hops to his feet, locking in a waist lock from behind Newton. GERMAN SUPLEX! Jeckel rolls straight through! ANOTHER! He rolls through AGAIN! A third German Suplex, completing the CLOWN POSSE-PLEX! Jeckel releases the waist lock and quickly piles on top of his opponent. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT from Newton! Both men lie on their backs taking a moment to catch their breath.] [The pair get to their feet together, Jeckel with the use of the ropes. Newton rushes behind Jeckel for a school boy roll-up! ONE T–NO! Jeckel rolls backwards and to his feet. He takes a few quick steps towards Newton, who is on his knees. BIG BOO! No! Newton ducks, Jeckel spins, wait, wait… Newton’s hands are up! He gets to his feet. He’s begging Jeckel to–EYE RAKE! Kick to the shin! It’s THE QUESTION IS! Implant DDT, NEVERMI–NO! Jeckel shoves Newton away. Newton comes off the ropes, Jeckel pops him onto his shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry, looking for THE HATCHET! Swinging Neckbr–NO! Newton lands on his feet. BOOT! NEVERMIND! The Jumping Implant DDT! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [The streak continues! Edward Newton beats off stiff competition here to defeat the VHS Champion!]


[The sound of a shovel digging into the dirt can be heard repetitively, scooping in and out of the ground.] [Behind the house of Bruce Van Chan, in the middle of the pitch black night, Proteus stands atop a mount of dirt, thrusting it back into the ground.] [With each shovel full, he slowly but surely covers bodies beneath.] [His head seems to be in two places.] [On the one hand, he’s burying his entire family. He’s putting to rest the entire reason Bruce Van Chan once existed.] [However, he’s no longer Bruce Van Chan.] [With his glowing blue eyes focused on the dirt beneath him, he suddenly crumbles to his knees, the blue hue in his eyes fading away.] [Something is happening.] [Bruce Van Chan emerges.] [He rips off his mask and gasps for air, his eyes beginning to well with sadness and tears. His heart his racing for the first time in a long time, and his mind is thumping with adrenaline.] [There’s a guttural yell.] [A bone shattering, earth crumbling scream.]

“My wife,” [he mutters, his voice straining to come through the gruff and icy veins of Proteus.] “My kids.”

[Tears begin to stream down his face.] [And then they freeze.] [His blue eyes begin to return, slowly taking over as Proteus rises from where Bruce Van Chan once momentarily weeped.]

“I’m going to fucking kill you, Newton.”



[Beep.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [Danielle Kersh is in the same state she has been in for some time. The machines stay constant, keeping her body alive. But Brent Kersh sits beside her all the same. A father is a father. Every moment he can, the Enforcer finds himself here. It’s become his home for the time being. Every second is spent hoping for some change in the vitals, some sign that she is in there.] [But nothing.] [The Enforcer doesn’t even move his gaze as nurse comes in to make sure everything is still normal. A routine check, just an annoyance to a distraught father. But as the nurse leaves, a new form seems to materialize out of the darkness.] [Brent doesn’t bat an eye.]


[The ancient evil looks down on Dani, a sneer on her face.]

“So beautiful, as all my children are. This one is special, though. She represents your death.”

[Kersh lets out a small snort as he leans back, finally looking at his adversary.]

“Is that what all this is about? You think that because I didn’t get killed that you just get to take everything from me? That you get to show me how happy we would have been if I’d have just said no to Errol Flint?”

[Mother locks eyes with Kersh.]



“You never seem to understand things, my child. You know the truth of your family bloodline and the Scarecrow. Your forefathers fought against that truth. They died. Your son fought against that truth. He died. Your daughter is just another pawn in the game between good and evil, Enforcer. I’ll have your blood, one way or the other. Your baby is beyond my grasp, but this one is now firmly within it. Yet you fight against the truth.”

[She reaches out a hand.]

“Give yourself to me, Brent, and this will all be over. Danielle will be restored, though she will never be able to breed. The Scarecrow will take care of the baby once he remembers who and what he is. Your line will die, but your wife and daughter will live.”

[Kersh looks down at the hand, his lips pursing in anger.]

“No. You never seem to understand things, Mother. You’re not going to win. I’m going to live. Nicole is going to live. Our baby boy is going to live. And you will never get your hands on our blood.”

[Mother smiles once more, her gaze following Brent’s hand to where it now rests.] [The plug to Dani’s machinery.]

“Do you think I did not know of your plan? Even you cannot be so foolish as to not know that there is nowhere I cannot see. I’m the Mother of All, my child. Even now, I can see your beautiful wife and son watching some foolish television program in your safe house.”

[She brushes her hand over Dani’s pale and bruised arm.]

“Your kind will fight forever if I let you. Even now, the girl fights against a body that will never respond to her again.”

[Brent lets go of the plug, his eyes full of energy.]

“Yes, Enforcer, Danielle is more vibrant than ever. I wanted her to see the tears of her lover. I wanted her to feel the agony of her father. And most of all, I want her to feel as I use her body for her most precious commodity. That blood is too pure to waste.”

[Kersh seems shaken, but with a sigh, the steel returns.]

“I’ll still do it. She’s a Kersh. She knows what’s at stake here. You’re not doing anything to her.”

[Another smile from Mother.]

“No, you won’t do it. But I’ll be happy to extract what I need from you, Enforcer. As long as you live, you’ll be fighting me and my children.”

[The lights flicker as she vanishes.] [Brent slides back in the chair, his eyes full of both anger and hope.] [Dani is alive.] [But will he have to kill her?]


[Two monsters seek to destroy one another tonight as an old god faces off against a Founding Father. Will the Necrospecter dim the Hayman’s lights or does Death’s eyes stray where they should not?] [The bell sounds as both men rush in, Scarecrow with a huge Haymaker and Death with a stiff spinning elbow. Death ducks under the Haymaker at the last second, spinning the elbow up as it strikes the point of Scarecrow’s jaw. The Hayman staggers back as Death explodes with a flurry of lefts and rights, a huge leaping knee to the jaw sends Crow stumbling into the corner. Death sizes the Hayman up for a moment. running forward to the right as he springboards off the ropes] [SPRINGBOARD SHINING KNEE! DEATH CLIPS CROW RIGHT IN THE JAW AS THE HAYMAN COLLAPSES TO THE MAT! Creeping Death drops down, hooking the leg for the first cover of the contest] [ONE….] [TWO….] [SCARECROW GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Crow begins getting to his feet as he’s cut off by a stiff knee to the jaw as Death powers him up to his feet, lifting him up high for a Suplex but Crow lands on his feet, drilling Death with a huge right hand to the back of the temple before powering him up into the air with a Press Slam. Death manages to slip out, grabbing Crow around the waist as he does] [GERMAN SUPLEX! DEATH HOOKS BACK FOR THE COVER] [ONE…] [Crow easily gets the shoulder up, quickly getting to his feet right into a flurry of knees, a pair to the midsection topped off with a leaping one to the jaw that rocks the Hayman once more. Death backs up, leaping off the ropes…] [SPRINGBOARD KNEE…CROW CATCHES IT! Scarecrow holds Creeping Death in mid-air, spinning him around before delivering a massive Haymaker that nearly knocks him out cold as Scarecrow powers him up before nearly driving Death through the ring with a modifed Spinebuster!] [Crow doesn’t drop down for the pin, instead lifting Death up, a massive hand wrapped around his throat as Scarecrow signals for the end] [BYE BYE…SNAP DDT!] [Death managed to slip out of his sure defeat as both men slowly get to their feet, ducking under a clothesline before delivering a wicked Roundhouse Kick to the back of the head as he lifts Crow up onto his shoulders] [ROLLING DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!] [Death rolls to his feet as he springs up onto the top rope, possibly setting Crow up for the 450 Splash but before he can dive off…] [DARKNESS] [The lights go out for a moment and as they come on, Creeping Death is high up in the air but not perched on the top rope. The Hayman has him hoisted up high in a Crucifix] [DARKNESS ONCE MORE! THE PERCH!] [The lights come back on as Creeping Death is down and seemingly out on the canvas. The Hayman dropping down for the sure cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…CREEPING DEATH’S EYES FLASH OPEN! Death flips Crow onto the mat, hooking him up into a crucifix as he begins to rain down elbow after elbow trying for broke for the victory here tonight. Scarecrow looks almost helpless on the mat as a Creeping Death barrages down upon him as Crow slowly begins to droop] [THE LAST STRAW! Scarecrow tosses a handfull of straw into the eyes of Creeping Death, loosening the grip enough for Crow to power his way out of the hold. The Hayman delivers a stiff uppercut that sends Death reeling but the Necrospecter ducks under a Big Boot, delivering a pair of knees to the jaw of Crow before lifting him up] [BRAINBUSTER! Death doesn’t let go, rolling through with a second Brainbuster! Death keeps hold of Scarecrow, hoisting him up into the air with all his strength] [THREE BRAINMIGOS! A trifecta of Brainbusters hits flush as this could well be it for the Hayman, Creeping Death dropping down for the cover] [ONE….] [TWO….] [THRE…SCARECROW KICKS OUT! HOW IN THE HELL DID HE KICK OUT!?!] [Creeping Death gets to his feet, in shock at first but shock fades into rage as he begs for Crow to get to his feet. Scarecrow slowly does as Death leaps up with the double knees once more before spinning Scarecrow around, RIPCORD ELBOW! Scarecrow doesn’t go down but he’s out on his feet as Death tries again. Spinning Scarecrow around…] [RIPCORD…LARIAT! Crow just manages to duck under the second elbow before nearly decapitating Creeping Death with that massive Lariat as he powers Death up to his feet with a huge hand around his throat] [BYE BYE BIRDIE! Creeping Death nearly gets planted through the mat as Scarecrow drops down for the cover…] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [The Hayman picks up a massive victory here tonight, taking every single stiff strike Creeping Death could dish out but a momentary lapse was all Scarecrow needed to prove the better of the ancient warriors]


[Static.] [In the dead of night, not so much as a scream fills the air.] [It’s cold, quiet and horrifyingly dark. Jake Jeckel carefully steps through the minefield of litter, into a dirty room. His eyes widen as the stench of death attacks his nostrils. His feet stick to the bloodied floor, as fibres, hair and blood attach to his them with every footstep.] [Every painstaking movement puts the fear of God into the Juggalo. He daren’t look down at the viscera before him. He daren’t lay eyes upon what could be the remains of his flesh and blood.] [Literally.] [He finally approaches a wooden chair, where the restraints are no longer tied to a person, but hanging loose. There’s blood everywhere, but Jack Jeckel is nowhere to be seen. Upon the chair itself, a single eyeball rests, staring into the depths of Jake’s soul.]

“J-Jackie?” [he mumbles.] “Jackie?”

[Nothing.] [Jake bends down to inspect the eye, realizing that it has been brutally and unmistakably ripped from its socket. He gulps, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a lighter.] [The visibility is poor, but the lighter illuminates the room, revealing a message scrawled upon the wall in blood, hair and human tissue.]

“You seek him here, you seek him there!”

[Jake reads aloud.]

“But you’ll find him everywhere.”

[The Juggalo carefully begins to look around the room, finding to his horror, limbs in different directions. He stumbles backwards, falling over something that sends him tumbling to the floor, splashing into the sticky blood.] [It’s a head.] [Its mouth is open, its tongue missing.] [Jack Jeckel.] [Cut.]