[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [The sound of a heart monitor pulsates as we arrive in the hospital room of The Chief. He remains led, unconscious, unresponsive and in a coma. Sat beside him is Godfrey, reading from the bible in his hoarse, rough voice.]

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe.”

[Suddenly, a Doctor abruptly interrupts, knocking on the door. Godfrey closes his bible, turning to face him with a firm nod as he enters.]

“I’m afraid that I have some bad news,” [The Doctor says, pushing his round glasses higher upon his nose. He looks over a chart, grimacing.] “He’s begun to deteriorate.”

[Godfrey closes his eyes.]

“His vital signs have weakened for the first time. His condition has always been an anomaly but stable. Now that his condition is worsening, we aren’t sure how to proceed. We’ve run as many tests as possible to try and understand why he’s not waking up and everything has come back clear.”

“How long does he have, Doctor?”

[He browses over the notes once again before placing the chart underneath his arm.]

“It’s difficult to say but in my medical opinion, I’d say weeks, not months. If he doesn’t awaken soon and turn this around, there’s nothing we can do.”

[Godfrey looks upset.] “I need you to keep him alive. You must put him on life support and do whatever it takes to ensure his survival.”

“We’ll do what we can, sir. However, his heart rate is slowing, his breathing has become laboured and his liver and kidney functions are getting worse. We’ll do our best, but if his body gives up, there’s nothing we can do to stop it.”

[Godfrey turns his head back towards The Chief, clasping his hand tightly.]

“Wake up, please, wake up.”



[Down the winding, misleading corridors of the Tap Room stands a room. Inside the room sits Nate Washington, flanked at either side by Big Bruce and TJ Laws. Confident, he is leaning back in a leather chair behind a desk. Standing in front of him is another newcomer to the Tap Room, Gideon Hughes.]

“Man, cut to the chase. What is it you want?” [Nate asks, sitting forward in his chair.] [Gideon leans his head to one side.] [Static.] [Now the rooms walls are covered with plastic sheeting. The floor has plastic sheeting taped to it. Big Bruce and TJ Laws are gone now, and Nate Washington lies, cellophaned to the desk, his mouth bound with electrical tape. He is sweating. His screams muffled by the electrical ta–] [Static.]

“Hello? Man, get outta here.” [Nate spits, flinging his hand towards the door in a flippant gesture, sucking on his gums.] [Gideon shakes his head. He’s imagining things again…]

“What do I want?” [he asks, too late. Nate looks back at him, his eyebrow raised.]

“Mister Washington, what I want is–”

[Static.] [A field. A shallow hole. The corpse of Nate Washington stares blankly into the air, his mouth open, his body half-covered by dirt. Scoop. Slap. More soil lands on his chest.] [Static.] [Gideon shakes his head again.]

“Maybe I should come back at a more…” [He looks at Big Bruce, then at TJ Laws.] “Appropriate time.”

[Gideon turns and heads for the door, but as his hand touches the door knob Nate has a final thought to leave him with.]

“Well when you ready, you come see me. We can come to some sorta arrangement.”



[It’s Alibistair Montibleaux going one-on-one with Creeping Death as CD is grinning wickedly at him.] [The bell sounds as Creeping Death charges forward with a huge running clothesline that floors Alibistair! Creeping Death lifts him up before whipping him into the corner to follow up with a running dropkick! Montibleaux falls into the bottom turnbuckle before Creeping Death stomps him ferociously before using his boot to choke Alibistair! The referee begins the count as Creeping Death turns to him with a daring look in his eyes. The referee holds up his hands before stepping away as Montibleaux kicks Death away as he pulls himself up. BILOXI ROLL! A left jab catches him before a right uppercut stuns him!] [Alibistair moves out onto the apron before springing off the top rope with a flying knee to the face before wrapping up the waist of Creeping Death with two German suplexes! PUBLIC INTOX! Montibleaux covers him! One…Two…TH-NO! Creeping Death powers out at the last second. He pulls Creeping Death up only for Creeping Death to get an uppercut shot to the midsection followed by a roundhouse kick! Montibleaux staggers backwards as Creeping Death slowly rises to his feet with a grin plastered on his face. He lifts up Montibleaux before hitting a discus knee strike! Alibistair staggers backwards into the corner.] [Mr. Inspector is groggy in the corner as Creeping Death rushes forward with a running spear attack! Montibleaux gets his knee up to block it. He pulls himself up to the top rope. He points at Creeping Death who just now raises his head to see him. GROOVY BOOT! The superkick from the top rope sends him tumbling end over end! Alibistair rolls to his feet and begs for Creeping Death to get to his feet. He rushes towards the ropes before leaping off! SLAMMER 63! This painful move transitioned into a submission is in full tilt as Creeping Death is groaning in terrible pain! Creeping Death taps out!] [The Detective rolls to his feet with a nod at Creeping Death before celebrating his win on the turnbuckle!]

[A big win for Alibistair Montibleaux over Creeping Death there!] [Before the crowd can even settle down from the preceding contest, the status quo changes once again as two forms leap out of the crowd and into the ring.] [Jake Jeckel.] [Jacob Phoenix.] [Montibleaux has already cleared out, but Creeping Death roars at his nemesis entering the squared circle. Death nails Jeckel in the face, but is taken down to a knee by Jacob Phoenix. The Nightwatch quickly grabs the former Corey Black around the head and neck, but before he can twist, Jeckel pushes him back.]

“Fuck off. This is my kill. You help me get Black. I help you get Jensen. That’s the deal, remember?”

[Phoenix nods in agreement. Jeckel holds out his hand for a handshake, and the ever trusting Phoenix reaches out for the hand clasp.] [SLASH!] [Jeckel slashes Jacob’s hand with a small knife! A trickle of blood is running down to the mat. The Juggalo nods down at Creeping Death.]

“Rub that shit all over this motherfucker. Get his ass up!”

[Phoenix picks up Creeping Death, who roars in pain at the touch of Phoenix’s blood. Jeckel turns his attention up the aisle.]

“I know you hear me, Jensen Cussen. We got your boy, and he’s coming with us. Next week, if you want him back, show up in the middle of the ring. We’ll kick your asses, then kill you. My associate seems to be more fair-minded than me. I’d just as soon do it now, no mercy, but I think a week with my old friend will do us both well. If you don’t show up, then we’ll kill him, make you watch through your little mind link to JP here, then hunt you down and kill you anyway. Your choice.”

[Phoenix leads CD out of the ring as this newly formed alliance leaves through the crowd with their bounty.] [Will Jensen show up next week to claim Creeping Death?]


[Static.] [In the halls of the Tap Room, sandals slowly tip toe through the backstage. Finally, the camera rises from the ground to the moustache of Chip Montana. He looks utterly thrilled with himself, pulling his finger to his pursed lips to suggest silence.] [Then he whispers.]

“G’day mates,” [he says quietly.] “Welcome to grabbing nature by the balls,” [Chip grins, winking.] “Live!”

[He keeps tip toeing forward.]

“Tonight, I’m searchin’ for a beast in the concrete jungle. That fuckin’ arsehole Kevin reckons we’ll find the blighter right about feedin’ time!”

[Chip slowly enters catering, watching as a large man in a plaid shirt scoffs food from a long table.] [Snorting noises are clearly edited in, making it sound like the person feeding is a pig at a trough.]

“There he is, the beast known as Bronson. This big bastard piggy ate all the fuckin pies, lads. Look at ‘im, scoffin’ his fat fluffy face. Stand back, boys, this might get a bit tasty!”

[Chip suddenly dives on the back of Bronson, who swings back and forth as grunting noises are again edited in. He whips Chip around, finally throwing him off his back and through the catering table. Beast doesn’t quite know what’s happening, coming to stand in front of the felled Prairie Whisperer.]

“Snort snort, grunt, grunt grunt.”

[Whatever Bronson said, it’s been edited over.]

“Crikey mate, I think the beast is trying to communicate with us!”

[Frustrated and with a big frown, Bronson gives up, storming off. Chip gets back to his feet, dusting crumbs off himself as he goes.]

“This big bastard ain’t gonna be an easy catch, folks. I’m gonna have to take this to the ring.”

[Chip bends down slightly, stalking forward and out of frame as the camera reluctantly begins to follow.] [Cut.]


[Four newcomers seek to make their stake in OSW with a sure to be fierce tag team match. The duo of Chip Montana and Gideon Hughes aim to defeat the fearsome Beast Bronson and Nate Washington. Which team will prevail and which will have to try again next week?] [The bell is rung as Gideon and Bronson start in the ring. The Beast eyes Hughes hungrily as he stomps towards Hughes, but the smaller man creates distance with a front kick. Gideon carries on the assault with a couple quick jabs to the face and a hook across his cheek. Bronson staggers a bit as Hughes gets him set up for a belly to belly suple-HEADBUTT! Gideon backs off slightly as BB hoists him up into the air and slams him down with a big bodyslam followed by an elbow drop! The larger man roars out to the crowd, who let him know just how they feel!] [Bronson picks up Hughes and hoists him into the air for a suplex-BUT GIDEON FLIPS OUT OF IT! The Beast seems aware of this and tries to turn around for an enzuigiri, but Hughes ducks it! Bronson collapses to the mat as the much smaller man locks in an STF! BB lets loose a guttural scream as he reaches towards the ropes, but Gideon has the eyes of a hawk and grabs his arm and locks in a half nelson clutch! Hughes tags out to Chip, who proceeds to lock in the IGUANA SPECIAL!] [The Prairie Dog Whisperer has the hold wrenched in tight, but here comes Nate Washington with a big boot to the back of Montana’s head! Gideon rushes back into the ring, but the Kingpin catches him with a tilt a whirl backbreaker! Gideon is rolls outside as Nate helps Bronson to his feet, telling him to get ready for the end. Washington lifts Chip onto his shoulder BUT THE CRAFTY BASTARD SLIPS OUT! SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR! Nate rolls out of the ring to meet Gideon while Bronson charges at Montana-TRANQUILIZER DART! The juice is injected and Bronson drops! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE! IT’S DONE!] [Chip rises to his feet, elated that he won. He climbs up to the top rope and mimes an underhanded grabbing motion. Gideon slides back into the ring, smiling at his partner and basking in the cheers that were made for Montana. What a great debut for these two individuals!]


[Previously Recorded.] [In the same room as before, Alistaire Montibleaux sits patiently as Jones The Terrible paces back and forth in front of him. He appears to be getting angrier and angrier, though Alistaire doesn’t appear concerned. Instead, he’s using a piece of metal from the chair to undo his cuffs.]

“Why don’t you understand?” [Jones says perturbed.] “Why are you so ignorant? Why in your hubris do you believe it impossible that you’ve been fooled?”

[Montibleaux doesn’t respond.]

“What do I need to do to prove to you that I speak in truths?”

“Zere’s nothing you can do to convince me, Jones. I saw the carnage of your world. Zose rebels asked for my ‘elp and I gave it. If anything, I’m going to put you back in your prison.”

[Jones stops.]

“You will help me, Alistaire. You will take me back.”

[The Detective scoffs.] “Take you back? Where? To prison? Zat I can do, Mr. Jones.”

[The Terrible shakes his head.]

“No. You’ll take me back to the future.”

[Alistaire looks at him wide eyed.] [Jones walks over, ripping away his handcuffs in a feat of unbelievable strength. Monitbleaux stands up, grimacing.]

“You’re granting me my freedom?”

[They stare at each other before Jones speaks.]

“I’m granting you an opportunity to fight for what you believe. Next week, you and I will do battle and if I win, you will return me to my time. If you win, I’ll surrender.”

[Alistaire nods.] [Cut.]


[Fallon, Nevada.] [The small town located in Nevada is as quiet and desolate as Captain Zappa remembered. The Chosen One sighs as he puts out a cigarette before turning to look at the road out of town.]

“Remote little town, isn’t it?”

[Captain Zappa doesn’t even seem surprised by the voice emanating from the nearby shadowy alleyway. Instead, he just keeps his eyes on the vacant highway.]

“You know what they call this road, Dave?”

[DTR steps out of the shadows with a small smile upon his face. He follows Zappa’s eyes towards the roads. Zappa continues.]

“They call it the Loneliest Highway in America. The reason is because it’s one hundred and ten miles to the next town once you leave here. Lately, it’s this road that I’ve been thinking about.”

[Captain Zappa turns to look at DTR.]

“Ever since you infected me.”

[DTR steps out as his smile falters for a moment.]

“Son, I-“

“I don’t need to hear it, Dave. I felt like I’ve been travelling on this road from Fallon to Austin without an exit in sight. I felt lost and without another person in sight until The Longest Night. Until I saw what Mike Lane did. His sacrifice… it changed something in me. It gave me…”

[DTR grabs him by the shoulders and forces him to look at him in the eyes.]

“Don’t you dare say what I think you’re going to say. You listen to me, son. You’ve been given a gift! It was ME who gave you hope. I gave you the gift of the Virus with hopes that you would realize that I was saving you, my son.”

[Captain Zappa pushes him away as he stares down the road once more.]

“Lane made me think that maybe I don’t have to let this Virus coursing through my veins control or define me.”

[Zappa looks down at his exposed forearms where the veins are highlighted in black.]

“His sacrifice made me realize that perhaps I have a greater cause or a greater reason for being.”

“You do, my son. You’re The Family’s Chosen One! It was you who we chose! We could have given anyone that virus. We could have put anyone through the tests each week to see how they fared! BUT IT WAS YOU! We chose you and you passed just as we thought you would. Now we want you to come home with the rest of us, it’s the nature of things!”

[Captain Zappa turns back to DTR who smiles warmly at him.]

“You’re one of us, now. Just come with me, son.”

[DTR extends his arm towards the shadows behind him as if waiting for Zappa to take the lead. Zappa pulls out his pack of cigarettes before pulling one out with a lighter. He lights the end and takes a long drag. He exhales before taking a step back.]

“Not yet, Dave. I feel changed, and I’m going to find the answers I need.”

[Captain Zappa begins to walk away as DTR’s loving smile quickly changes to rage as he watches him leave.]

“You don’t turn me down, son. NO ONE turns me down.”


[It’s a triple threat match here with all three competitors, Gaia, Michael Graves, and Cael Gable, circling around the ring!] [The bell sounds as Gable and Graves both turn their attention to Gaia with a pair of superkicks! She’s nailed right into the corner where Gable charges with a running shoulder charge into the corner. Graves pulls Gable out of the corner with a quick German suplex as Gable lands right on the back of his head! Michael Graves gets to his feet as he looks at Gaia in the corner. Graves hits a running big boot that nails her right on the chin as she falls into the bottom turnbuckle. He takes a few steps back before hitting the ropes. He rushes back for a cannoball splash!] [The Bat’s Shadow pulls Gaia out of the ropes and tries for the pin. One…Two…NO! Cael Gable kicks him right in the back of his head to break it up. Gable pulls Michael Graves up before hitting a German suplex of his own! Followed nine more! 10 KARAT! Graves looks disoriented as Gable leaps into the pin. One…Two… NO! Axe kick to the back of Gable’s head! Gaia grabs his head and begins yanking back in an unnatural way while putting a knee into his back! SAURIAN SLEEPER! Chad Gable reaches out in pain although he’s a long way from the ropes!] [She torques on his head as his teeth are bared in a gritted fashion. He rolls over and gets closer to the ropes, but Gaia continues to yank back! Graves stomps on the face of Gaia! She drops the hold and rolls away as Michael Graves sees an opportunity before wrapping his arms around the head of Gable! MERCILESS! The dragon sleeper is locked in with his legs wrapped around him! Cael Gable has been put through hell here! His arms are beginning to wane as he stops reaching out. GAIA DIGS HER FINGERS INTO GRAVES’ EYES! Graves releases the hold as Gaia throws him out of the ring! WRATH OF NATURE on Gable! He doesn’t even respond as he’s out! The referee raises his hand three times to signify the end of the match!] [Gaia raises to her feet with a grin as Cael Gable is knocked out. Michael Graves is sitting outside clutching his eyes in pain.]


[The halls of the Tap Room are always an interesting place, but in this particular location they appear quiet for a change. Nobody seems to be around, a seldom used, secluded area of backstage that stinks of hops and spilt beer. Quiet, that is, until The Automaton comes bursting out of a nearby room. It moves now in almost stalking motions, scanning with what we would call paranoia if it were acting out of emotion. But it is not, it is merely acting on its own directives, the immediate directive before it – find the chip. By now it had searched almost all of the Tap Room, and its searching actions had become more robust. The room it left behind, ransacked like a rock band’s hotel room. No stone unturned. It utters not a word of frustration, merely moving on towards the next room on its search, that is, until it comes across a figure standing in its way… Shaking with fear from the look that he receives in reply.]

“Unidentified humanoid, you are blocking my path. State your intentions or lethal force will be used to remove you.”


[The stage hand that steps forward is just a poor kid, a pimply teenager thrust into this situation. He wears an OSW t-shirt over pasty skin. Stepping forward, he extends his hands before him. There is an envelope in them.]

“Mister Novan asked me to pass this on to you. He says that it may help to join some of the dots that are missing, help you to see more clearly.”

[The Automaton looks over the intruder, the package. It scans them both up and down looking for signs of deception]

“Your statement does not compute. I can see perfectly well.”

“I don’t know what he means either. I’m just passing on a message. Please don’t hurt me.“

[The Automaton takes the envelope out of the boy’s trembling fingers.]

“If Novan gave you this package, perhaps he also confided to you the whereabouts of the chip?”

“No, I swear. I don’t know anything about any chip.”

“Lies… Deception.”

[The Automaton’s eyes flicker red, and it swings his arms to strike the kid, narrowly missing and taking a chunk of concrete out of the wall just above the boy’s head. Naturally, the boy scampers for his life, leaving the Automaton with the package. It opens it, taking out a small note and a USB stick. It reads the note aloud, emotionless.]

“TAM. I have been able to extract a small snippet of a memory we share off your memory chip. It is not much, but it is enough to show you who you were before this virus corrupted your operating systems. By Ashla, I am working on clearing all of these memories so that you can once again have access to them. I need to show you who you truly are. Play the video. Jacen.”

[The Automaton takes the USB stick, inserting it into itself via a panel on its chest plate. It takes a moment, before an image is projected on the wall before it…] [The projected image on the wall shows a different Automaton than what we have come to know lately. Jacen Novan stands smiling at TAM, patting him on the shoulder as one would a friend. The Automaton looks up at Novan and questions…]

“What is the purpose of your action? I do not understand a hand on the shoulder. Is this a challenge or a friendly gesture. Your tone of voice and context would suggest friendly.”

[Novan smiles again.]

“Your perception skills are great TAM. You are able to reason out human emotion if you try. Now, we just need to dig deeper into the matter of the grey areas of life. Those that you cannot determine by merely following protocols and programming. To truly learn what it is to be human, you have got to learn to understand decisions made based on emotion.”

[TAM stays silent for a moment, contemplating.]

“I understand your premise. I can see that having a strong connection to another humanoid would influence decision making… But I am unable to process those type of decisions. Not yet.“

[The video ends abruptly, finishing on a black screen that flashes a warning… ‘Remaining memory file corrupted.’ The Automaton removes the USB and crushes it in his hands.]

“More deception and lies. Now he tampers with the memory files on my chip. It must be found. He must be stopped.”


[The Sharkman sits cross-legged on a bare concrete floor, his back to us and the door. With a focused determination, the masked Watchman raises his head and speaks.]


[Behind him stands Helios, one half of the new Tag Team Champions.]

“If I may ask, what made you seek me out, old friend?”

[The fire Revenant steps forward, standing above the Shark.]

“You know why.”

[In front of Sharkman is the object of Helios’s ire.] [The shattered mask of Hysteria, broken into pieces prior to his death at Red Snow.] [Sharkman has recovered it, and has apparently used it as bait for Helios.]

“Do I? The man that wore this mask is dead. Committed suicide, if I recall, allowing Mother to kill him. He spent so many years driving away everyone that would remind him of his pain that he had lost hope.”

[Flames begin to dance on the broken mask.]

“That man used you, Shark. Do slaves ever truly know their masters?”

[In one fluid motion, Sharkman rises to his feet to face Helios.]

“How well do you know Lee Crowley?”

[The flames between the two men intensify as Sharkman continues.]

“For someone who claims that LH Harrison is dead, you seem awfully concerned about his life and the things he cherished. Maybe you saw the same thing I did a couple weeks ago. I saw hope restored to this desolate place. Maybe it also touched the part of you that you try to burn away, the face that you hide under that hood.”

[Helios snorts.]

“Fool. You’ve always been a fool.”

[With a flash, Helios vanishes, only the stench of smoke remaining.]

“I’m sorry, Harrison, I don’t that I’ll be the one to save you.”

[Sharkman looks down.]

“I think you’ll have to save yourself.”

[The mask remains, untouched by the flames that danced around it.] [Cut.]


[A man’s quest for redemption finds itself at odds with another’s quest for salvation. Can Jonathon continue his heroic ways or will Jones be one step closer to getting home?] [The bell sounds as Jones rushes forward, taking Jonathon by surprise with a stiff uppercut, nearly taking Jonathon’s head off before a rough biel toss nearly breaks the turnbuckle upon impact. Heartsford is dazed as Jones rushes forward with a stiff shoulder block that takes all the wind out of Jonathon, a series of stiff elbows and knees before backing up. CORNER HARBRINGER…NO! Heartsford just rolls out of the way of that devestating move, leaping up with a beautiful dropkick that staggers Jones away before Heartsford leaps onto his shoulders, MOMENT OF CLARITY!] [Jones crashes headfirst into bottom turnbuckle dazed as Jonathon sizes him up, rushing to the ropes as he goes to springboard off onto the top rope but he hesitates just for a second before diving off, SPRINGBOARD BASEMENT DROPKICK…JONES MOVES! Heartsford slides into the bottom rope, crotching himself but Jonathon doesn’t get a chance to feel the pain as Jones drops a sadistic legdrop over the back of his head, nearly knocking him out cold] [Jones peels Heartsford off the mat, pummeling him with stiff lefts and rights before lifting him up high and tossing him halfway across the ring with a massive Military Press. Heartsford slowly pulls himself off the mat as Jones rushes forward., HARBRINGER OF…HEART TO HEART! Jonathon hit that out of almost instinct as he wills himself up to his feet and over to the ropes, slowly climbing up before diving off, MY RETRIBUTION! The Shooting Star Knee hits flush as Jonathon hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Jonathon picks up a huge victory over the monstrous Jones here, his hesitation almost costing him the victory here but instinct alone saw him soar high]


[Deep within the Tap Room a dark room sits quietly removed from the hustle and bustle, a single dim light bulb illuminates two men. Isaac Danvers sits in a red leather wingback chair. In front of him, lying on a dirty old fabric sofa, his pet, Cael Gable. Cael is still wearing the straight jacket, his black eyes stare into the abyss. He sits in silence at the right hand of his God, listening.]

“I want you to know, Mister Gable, of a woman I once knew many years ago. She found herself in QUITE the QUANDARY. She had forsaken the church and, in his rage, her father had locked her away in the basement of their family home. No light, only the DARKNESS, no company with ONE exception. Her tormented, ravenous father.”

“For many years she remained in the basement, chained to the boiler, and each day her father would come down the steps, feed her, bathe her, clothe her. But then he would do UNMENTIONABLE things. Things that would erode your MIND. And she would HATE him. She would KICK, and SCRATCH, and CLAW at him every single day, until one day.”

[Danvers tilts his head, looking kindly at his patient.]

“Until one day,” [Danvers says, softly.] “when she saw behind his anger. When she looked deep into his eyes, and she felt LOVE.”

[Cael Gable’s head turns to look at Danvers. His expression remains completely blank.]

“You too will one day feel LOVE for me, Mister Gable. Just as I feel love for you. Because despite the UNMENTIONABLE parts of my treatments…”

[Danvers stands.]

“You won’t be able to resist…”

[He walks towards his patient, taking his head into his hand, gently stroking Gable’s cheek.]

“I love you Cael Gable.”



[Before.] [Darkness greets us here. While unclear where we are, it soon becomes clear that we are not alone as a voice breaks the deathly silence that accompanies the darkness.]

“This is my dwelling, this is where I make my home. It is here where I watch ever so closely, keeping a watchful eye on my next victim. I prey on their fear, delighting in their vulnerable state, relishing the evil that resides in them for my own satisfaction.”

[Suddenly, light floods over the face of The Boogeyman as we watch him step out of the shadows…and into the desolate wasteland of the Underworld. We soon see the target of his latest craving, as Gaia appears before him.]

“I could see the evil pulsing through your veins…feel the darkness pulsing with every heartbeat. I knew that you would fulfill my hunger, but I didn’t know you could stop me.”

[We watch as Gaia ensnares The Boogeyman with vines and weeds, eventually getting into the mind of the Terror of the Night and coercing him into joining her side for the Great War…and again, we watch the fallout of their failure, as Boogeyman breaks free from the bonds that held him captive.]

“I won’t let you trap me in your grip again, Gaia. I’ve got no strings to hold me down, and dragging me away from my realm will soon be the biggest mistake you ever made. You had me trapped, but now I’m free…I’ve got no strings on me.”

[Now.] [We now watch as Gaia makes her exit from the Tap Room, well after her match against Gable and Graves. The vines grow along the walls as she walks down the hall, but she soon feels a presence around her…as though darkness still looms. She swings around, expecting a confrontation…but instead sees a pair of chains racing toward her. She stares them down, refusing to yield as they come within inches of her…and then stop.]

“Oh, you’re no fun.”

[The chains disappear, and Gaia is left alone in the hall as laughter fills the space…followed by a solemn message.]

“Ashes, ashes…we all fall down.”



[Fresh off the burial of her greatest creation, The Mother of All takes on her ally in the Virus incarnate here in what should be a bloody brutal battle] [The bell sounds as DTR rushes forward, just ducking under a lighting fast roundhouse kick before surprising Mother with a stiff neckbreaker sending her crashing to the mat. Mother quickly rolls to her feet, drilling DTR with a low dropkick to the gut before leaping over the top rope and crushing his throat with a modified Stun Gun. The Virus staggers away, holding his throat in pain as Mother leaps onto his back trying to lock in the Embrace!] [Mother clutches onto DTR’s back, her arms wrapped around his throat trying to pull him back into the Choke as The Virus fires back with hard elbows to the sternum trying desperately to shake Mother off him, before running back and slamming her hard into the turnbuckles. Mother’s still clutching on but she’s dazed as DTR reaches back, BACKPACK RATTLER! Mother crashes to the mat but DTR can’t cover, desperately trying to get his breath back before turning around, BLACK MIST! DTR gets the Mist full force in his face as he crumples to the mat screaming in pain] [Mother stalks around the ring, flipping down into the crab stance as she slowly paces around the Virus before delivering a massive Crab Kick that nearly knocks DTR out cold. Mother doesn’t cover, instead rolling back as she slowly waits for DTR to get up off the mat, rushing forward, HAPPILY EVER…DTR DUCKS, kicking Mother in the gut as she turns around before planting her into the mat with a stiff DDT! A cunning smile crosses the Virus’s face, casually wiping the Mist away from his eyes before picking Mother up, REASONABLE…EYE GOUGE! Mother digs her claws into DTR’s face as black ooze drips down his face. Mother rolls back, HAPPILY EVER AFTER! DTR is done as Mother drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Mother picks up a huge victory over the Virus here tonight, her black mist may have no affect on his vision but a sharp claw and a stiff knee is enough to down any man alive]


[A clockface slowly ticks away, each second agonizingly slow, as though time itself was coming to a standstill. The scene zooms out to reveal a pocket watch held by its chain. Slowly, time speeds up, the clock ticking at a normal rate, rust slowly overtaking it until the device crumbles.]

“It would seem Trebol is taking his dear sweet time.”

[The scene zooms out further to reveal Aion, the Revenant of time standing in a room filled with clocks, each one’s face turned to a different time. They all tick erratically and out of rhythm. Suddenly, a footstep interrupts the ticking, all of the clocks in the room suddenly stopping in unison. Aion turns towards the opening of the room, El Trebol Jr taking a stance, ready to battle with the revenant.]

“A little late, aren’t you? For a Watchman, you let quite a bit take place in these halls.”

[Trebol steps forward, only stopping when Aion reaches into his clothing, producing a book, the same one he had escaped with last week.]

“The Tap Room is a maze, and seeing as you left the book in one piece, I would say I’m here just in time.”

[Trebol marches towards Aion, the Watchman lunging for the book, Aion jumping backward, the clocks chiming with a loud bong. The sound makes Trebol recoil in pain, covering his ears. He looks up at the revenant, Aion holding the book away from Trebol.]

“Not so fast, take another step and the book perishes.”

[Trebol, despite the warning, moves again, another loud bong from the clocks halting his path. Aion shakes his head, holding the book over his head and tightening his grip. Slowly, the book seems to grow older, its cover worn and pages tearing ever so slightly. Trebol’s eyes widen in fear, the watchman stepping back from Aion. The revenant loosens his grip, the book’s aging seemingly stopping.]

“Don’t damage the book! What do you want of me? I’ll do anything to get that tome.”

[Aion chuckles.]

“I know. And I have all the power to stop you. But I want to do more than that, I want to destroy you like the rest of the Watchmen. This book holds all hope for your success, and now, it’s begun to age.”

[Trebol tenses up at the notion, his eyes locked on Aion as the revenant slowly backs down the hallway.]

“You have a week’s time to come for me. Try to avoid me, and the book turns to dust. Face me, and you just might survive.”

[The clocks startup, tick-tocking in unison.]

“The clock is ticking.”


[A ship sails across a stormy ocean. It to’s and fro’s violently, seeming out of control as it sails directly for a rocky outcrop. There are many souls on that ship, the black sea waiting impatiently to swallow them up imminently. Upon the deck of that ship, we do not find men and women scrambling for safety vessels as one would expect given their predicament. No, we find but a single man in a waiting life boat, ready to cast himself off to safety. He understands that the boat will run aground, the boat will sink and by then it will be too late. He calls out, almost in vain, his voice lost in the storm but nobody else comes to him. They are all too busy inside the hull of the ship. Warm, comfortable, oblivious that they are all about to die.]

“Save yourselves. Do you not see?”

[The figure cries out once more. As we close in on him, we see his identity. The famous mask, the Spanish edge to his voice. Lux Bellator. He stands alone, in the only lifeboat that the sinking ship has to offer. Yet he is not alone, another man approaches. Solomon Rhodes braves the storm lashing at his face to speak to Bellator.]

“Lux, you do not need to do this. This voyage needs not end on the rocks. We need not be at odds in this war. I plead with you to see reason that you can still be saved. The light has gone from you, Light Warrior, you have become the harbinger of darkness… the very Nox that you destroyed. This is not the will of God. All these poor souls, tossed into the waves.”

[Bellator shouts at the Templar Knight, his fists clenched in anger now.]

“No, it is you that cannot see what is before you. In the midst of this Holy Storm, you fight to save what is already lost. Does this wind that drives us into the rocks not come from the Lord? Were the waves that crash against us not put there by the Almighty Creator? Do not tell me that this is not the will of the Lord when his hands have worked to create this. For he comes to judge, not to coddle. Those that seek him will be saved. Those that do not… They will be like Mike Lane. The hand was extended, many times, for him to come back to the light. But he was like the lost souls aboard this forsaken vessel, too stubborn and full of pride to see that his soul is tarnished. He burns in hell for his sins. Only the light of the Lord can cleanse it. There is no other way to escape this storm.”

[Solomon steps forward, so that he and Lux stand face to face now. Lux on the lifeboat and Solomon on the deck of the ship. Behind Solomon, other figures appear. Templars flank him left and right, supporting him.]

“Cast yourself off then Lux, into the storm. You were sent on a mission to bring the light to the lost, but who have you brought into the light? Who follows you? I have my followers, people who believe in me. Everybody who ever believed in you is either dead or has moved on. You’re all alone, clinging to some false idea that you are without sin. I can help you… We can help you… but only if you take my hand.”

[Bellator steps back, away from Solomon. With a swift movement, he cuts the line holding he lifeboat to the ship and the lifeboat casts off into the ocean, with Lux alone at its helm.] [Back in the Tap Room, Lux Bellator opens his eyes. He is alone in the soft candlelight of his sanctuary. Alone.] [Back in the Tap Room, Solomon Rhodes opens his eyes. He is surrounded by his Templars… And Godfrey. It is not Solmon, but Godfrey who speaks – a word of reminder to Rhodes.]

“He is our only hope.”


[The Riddler’s streak is on the line again here tonight as he goes one-on-one with Jensen Cussen!] [The bell sounds as Jensen Cussen charges forward to get the early advantage with a superkick! Edward Newton manages to see it coming and ducks underneath the blow! He blasts Jensen across the back of his head with a forearm shot before hitting a Russian leg sweep. Newton hits the ropes and leaps for a leg drop that lands flush across the throat and chest of Jensen! Edward Newton lifts up Jensen… HAIR-TRIGGER! The jawbreaker connects as Edward staggers backwards checking to make sure he didn’t bite off his tongue. Edward Newton turns before taking a right hook across the jaw as he staggers backwards.] [Vengeance rushes towards Newton before hitting a running knee strike to the midsection. Jensen drives an elbow into the middle of his back as he’s bent over before sending him into the ropes. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! The leaping superkick dots Newton right on the chin as he falls to the ground. Jensen grabs a leg and pins him down. One…Two…NO! Newton got a hand on the rope! Jensen yanks his arm away before pulling him towards the middle of the ring before taking a step back to soccer kick him right in the ribs! Jensen lifts up Edward before lifting him up for… GUILT TRIP!] [NO! Edward Newton rakes Jensen’s eyes as he lifts him up. Jensen staggers backwards as Newton kicks him in the gut before hooking one arm for a DDT! Jensen’s head is spiked into the mat. Newton brings him over to the second turnbuckle before smashing his head into it. He clears his throat, but, before he can say anything, Jensen catches him in the throat with a back elbow strike! Newton staggers backwards clutching at his neck. Jensen Cussen springs off the second rope before getting caught with a kick! NEVERMIND! The jumping implant DDT hits as Newton covers Cussen! One…TWO…THREE!] [Edward Newton gets to his feet with a grin as the referee holds his hand up high as his undefeated streak continues!]


[Static.] [Darkness.] [D’Von Chambers.] [His face shines in the illumination of a flash light beam. The whites of his eyes peering through the shadows.] [A few members of his congregation surround him. Five of them.] [All of them dressed in black.] [The Bishop moves to a door. The flashlight shining upon its surface. A name plate coming into clear view.] [MORGUE!]

“He’s in there” [Chambers whispers confidently.] “He has to be!”

[His followers do not seem as certain as D’Von pushes his way into the door and they file in.] [Their breaths steaming up in front of their faces.] [It’s cold.] [And as the flashlight moves to and fro the walls shine. Walls composed of seemingly endless line of doors. Small doors.] [Freezers.]

“They should be labeled” [The Bishop declares.] “Find him!”

[With that the group splits up, more flashlights beams are displayed. And they search. One freezer drawer at a time.] [One.] [By.] [One.] [Until suddenly, D’Von’s light shines on the target. The label they came for.] [Graves, Michael.]

“It’s him” [Chambers whispers, glancing around at the members of his church.] “I knew we’d find him!”

[The congregation begins to gather as D’Von slowly opens the door.] [Reaching into the freezer and slowly removing a steel shelf.] [Upon which is a sheet covered body.] [D’Von pauses.] [Then RIPS away the sheet.]


[Chambers proclaims as he looks down at the body that does NOT belong to Michael Graves.]

“No! Not Jesus D’Von!”

[It’s Michael Graves.] [His voice. From the shadows. Chambers spins, frantically searching the room for his nemesis as does the rest of his church.] [At the doorway.]

“How did you find us?”

“I followed you” [Graves snickers.] “Not everything has a supernatural explanation Christian!”

“But I…”

“Killed me?” [The Bat’s Shadow finishes.] “Yes, I know! At least I know you tried!”

“How? You’re a… Dead Man Walking”

“Barbatos” [Graves continues, most of his appearance hidden by the shadows.] “He spirited me away before you could finish the sin!”

[Chambers is speechless.]

“Ah yes” [The Prophet of the Bat God steps forward.] “The Bat God did me a service and now that service must be repaid with a sacrifice!”

[Suddenly, one of Chamber’s congregation is snatched from the floor of the morgue and lifted into the darkness. Only a grunt heard as he is taken swiftly. The group looks around, staggered.] [And another member it taken into the air.] [And another, this time with an audible scream.] [And another.] [And another.] [All of them. Pulled into the darkness as if something lurks from the ceiling above. Meanwhile, D’Von Chambers backs into the corner.]

“You’ll never take me alive Graves!”

“I do not intend to” [Michael scoffs.] “But next week, Barbatos will either take you… or all of them!”

[Suddenly, the lights of the morgue shine bright. All of them coming on at the same time, too bright for D’Von to adjust from the darkness. He squints, swinging angrily in the direction of Graves, but by the time he is able to see clearly through the light…] [Michael Graves is gone!] [Static.] [Cut.]


[Jonathan Heartsford stands intrigued, his fingers thumbing through dusty old books. He stands in the library of the Knights Templar, his mission from last week continuing. At the door to the library stands an attendant, carefully watching the other man.]

“Are you sure that these books have the information I am looking for?”

[The attendant merely smiles at Heartsford, who from the dusty prints on other books, has spent quite a bit of time looking in here over the last week.]

“I’m sorry, Sir Heartsford, but I have never pursued the information that you seek.”

[The Knight accepts the answer with a nod, before following up.]

“Why have my requests to meet with Godfrey or Rhodes not been answered? I would accept that they are unable to meet with me, but I have heard nothing.”

[The attendant doesn’t respond to that question, but asks one of his own.]

“Forgive me for my ignorance, but why do you seek to wage war with your king?”

[Heartsford looks up at the attendant, who continues.]

“Did you not serve him in the past? Knights are meant to serve, not to destroy? Who do you serve, Sir Heartsford?”

[The book finds its place back on the shelf as Jonathan seems very intrigued by this attendant.]

“I do not serve Lee Crowley. I never served him. Do not mistake me for the Doubt that once plagued my name.”

[The attendant smiles, a long drawn grin across a dark face. Heartsford finally understands.]

“Non nobis, Domine…” [He begins.] [Nothing from the attendant.]

“If there was one thing I should have expected from Crowley it was fear, but I never expected anything like this. Lee used our conversation one week ago to distract me while he redirected me to this mimicry of a Temple.He thinks me still an uncertain emotion. He could direct the emotion, make it do his bidding, cater to his whims.”

[Around Heartsford, the library begins to fade into dust, the attendant’s skin becoming like that of the many souls gathered in the Underworld.]

“But now I know the truth.”

[With Crowley’s laughter echoing through the empty room. Heartsford nods in acceptance of his mission.]

“Lee Crowley fears me.”



[It’s main event time as it’s a Survivor match! Lee Crowley, Aion, Helios, and Isaac Danvers stand as a cohesive unit on one side as Solomon Rhodes, Brent Kersh, The Sharkman, and El Trebol Jr stand on the other.] [The bell sounds as it’s Helios starting this match off against The Sharkman. The Sharkman steps forward and beckons for Helios to charge him. The Man of Fire just shakes his head before slowly stepping up to the man who used to be his faction-mate. The Sharkman holds up a hand for a test of strength as Helios just slaps him right across the face.] [The Sharkman turns back to him only to eat another slap!] [Another slap!] [A FOURTH SLAP!] [The Sharkman’s shoulders are shaking in rage!] [Helios tries for a fifth slap, but The Sharkman catches his hand! He whirls Helios around before lunging for a bulldog! Helios staggers to his feet as The Sharkman rushes towards him. Helios gets low and lifts him up for a stun-gun right across the top rope as The Sharkman clutches his throat in pain! Helios picks up The Sharkman before…] [SLAP!] [A fifth slap! The Sharkman leaps up for a jawbreaker! Helios is staggered before Sharkman kicks the back of his knee to drop him down. SUSHI KICK! The shining wizard connects before The Sharkman pulls him to his feet and hooks his arm behind him.] [THE RECKONING!] [The hammerlock DDT connects as The Sharkman is trying to eliminate Helios here!] [One…] [Two…] [THREE!] [At least it would’ve been had the other Revenants not broken it up!] [EVERYONE FILES INTO THE RING!] [Fists and kicks are flying in every direction before Isaac Danvers is double clotheslined over the top rope by The Sharkman and El Trebol Jr.! Aion hits a swinging neckbreaker on Solomon Rhodes! Lee Crowley clears El Trebol Jr. with a CHELSEA GRIN! The spinning hook kick blasts him through the ropes. The Sharkman tries to grab Helios only to receive a… HELLFIRE codebreaker! He’s barely moving after that shot! Brent Kersh sends Aion out of the ring with a high impact dropkick! Kersh snaps a DDT onto Lee Crowley! Brent Kersh stands with only Helios left.] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [The shoulderbreaker into a tombstone piledriver connects as Kersh pulls The Sharkman on top of Helios!] [One…] [Two…] [THREE!] [HELIOS IS ELIMINATED!] [Kersh helps The Sharkman to his corner before tagging himself into the match. He gets into the match and is urging the other team to get into the ring. It’s then that he notices Edward Newton standing on the entrance ramp!] [He turns to him with a pissed off expression as he begins yelling at him to get out of here!] [HIDEOUS LAUGHTER!] [Lee Crowley hits the devastating backstabber with the face hooked from behind! Lee Crowley hooks the legs!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [BRENT KERSH IS ELIMINATED DUE TO EDWARD NEWTON!] [Lee Crowley grins before The Sharkman rushes into the ring to hit a big clothesline! The Sharkman lifts up Lee Crowley before hitting a big dropkick knocking Lee into his own corner accidentally! Crowley staggers out of the corner before falling right into…] [THE RECKONING!] [The Sharkman covers, but the referee is telling him that Lee isn’t the legal man!] [The Sharkman shakes his head in confusion before…] [FLUX GATE!] [Shooting star senton lands right on top of The Sharkman as he holds him down for a pinfall!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [THE SHARKMAN IS ELIMINATED!] [The blind tag did wonders as the Master of Time looks at the remnants of the other team, but he only sees El Trebol Jr. on the apron!] [RED CROSS!] [The codebreaker from the top rope just nearly snapped the neck of Aion as he’s blasted into the air. Lee tries to help only for Solomon Rhodes to receive a superkick knocking him back into his own corner. Rhodes covers Aion!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [AION IS ELIMINATED!] [The sides are back to even as Solomon Rhodes gets to his feet. He makes his way over to Lee who sees him and tags in Isaac Danvers! The gargantuan Plague Doctor steps into the ring as Solomon Rhodes is trying to size him up.] [Rhodes hits a quickfire kick to the quads of monster before hitting a second one and a third. Isaac Danvers comes down to a knee as Solomon Rhodes rushes towards the ropes and comes back with a superkick!] [DARK WISH!] [Solomon Rhodes leaps into the pin!] [One…] [TWO…] [TH-POWER OUT!] [Isaac Danvers just pushed him nearly a foot in the air! Solomon Rhodes looks a little concerned as he rushes back towards the ropes as Danvers gets to a knee again.] [THE CURE!] [The swinging elbow catches Solomon Rhodes right on the temple as he falls to the mat in a heap. Danvers covers him!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [SOLOMON RHODES IS ELIMINATED!] [El Trebol Jr steps into the ring with a little hesitation. He looks up at the immensely tall Isaac Danvers who towers over him. Lee Crowley yells at Isaac Danvers who turns to him. Lee has his hand extended as Danvers tags out.] [Lee Crowley comes in with a grin on his face before El Trebol Jr. just lays into his legs with some kicks! Lee is trying to stop him, but Trebol is just too quick! He goes for a big clothesline, but Trebol ducks underneath. Trebol springs off the second rope for a springboard hurricanrana, but Lee just powerbombs him instead! He picks up Trebol by his jaw before being frozen in place as he stares ahead.] [The Hooded Man is standing on the apron!] [Lee Crowley releases El Trebol Jr. before he walks over towards him. However, El Trebol Jr. comes out of nowhere!] [AL VER VERDE!] [The moonsault transitioned into a reverse frankensteiner before Trebol pins him!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [LEE CROWLEY IS ELIMINATED!] [Lee Crowley gets up in a fury as he looks around, but the Hooded Man has seemingly vanished! Instead, he delivers an axe handle to the back of Trebol’s head! Isaac Danvers comes into the ring before nailing a big boot to El Trebol Jr. before lifting him up again.] [THE CURE!] [Isaac Danvers covers him!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [The Revenants have done it! Isaac Danvers stands to his feet as the referee raises his hand in victory!]


[Edward Newton storms through the curtain backstage, holding his ribs as he walks, the OSW World Championship draped over his shoulder. He’s looking for the exit after causing the elimination of Brent Kersh.] [Only, he doesn’t bump into the Enforcer, but his wife, Nicole.]

“You didn’t have to do that,” [She complains.] “My husband’s struggling at the moment. What he did to you last week wasn’t right, but this war is bigger than your feud. You just handed his defeat to The Revenants.”

[Edward tries to ignore her, attempting to walk off.]

“You aren’t innocent either, Edward!” [She yells, stopping him in his tracks.] “You know what you did. Everyone knows what you did.”

[The World Champion walks back, looking at her with fury.]

“You people and your high horses, you just don’t come down from them, do you? Your husband was set to destroy these walls and end the world before I unleashed The Darkness to strengthen the Tap Room. He’s struggling because he’s guilty.”

[Nicole slaps him violently.] [He recoils, touching his face with a wry smile.]

“You shouldn’t have done that, Mrs. Kersh.”

[The Riddler suddenly grabs her, wrapping his arm around her throat, dragging her away. She kicks and screams, but he refuses to let go.]

“Let me go! Let me go you bastard!”

[He laughs.]

“I don’t think I will,” [he retorts.] “I think you and I are going to spend some valuable time together; just like before. Only this time, we won’t be discussing how best to have your husband retire.”

[The Riddler drags her kicking and screaming towards the exit, leaving the building. Just as they leave, Brent Kersh comes storming down the corridor, screaming at workers.]

“Where’s Newton!? [He yells.] “Where the hell is he?”

[They point towards the door and Kersh bursts through it, only he finds a high heel on the floor, and Edward Newton speeding out of the car park.] [Cut.]


[Darkness.] [Sat in the dark, Mother caresses what appears to be The Scarecrow’s hat. She must have salvaged it from the tomb she buried him in. Her face looks that of sorrow as she stares into the torn brown brim of what remains.]

“I know you’re not dead,” [she admits.] “I know you’re alive.”

[She takes a deep breath.]

“But that cavern was warded, just like my tomb and you’re not escaping the depths of that hell. When you entered it, you lost yourself to the abyss.”

[There’s a pause.]

“And knowing you no longer walk this planet saddens me, my child. I created you, I gave you the immortality that now traps you beneath the earth. I always knew it would end this way, with one of us unable to escape the other. I just hoped that we could form a bond. I hoped that we could do this together. Our connection will always be unbreakable, but you could not follow when led and now you have met your end.”

“You’re wrong.”

[Mother turns around in horror, realizing that The Scarecrow now stands behind her. She looks at him with shock.]

“It ends with you, Mother.”

[She stammers.]

“How’s this possible?” [She cries.] “How did you escape?”

[He takes his hat from her possession, putting it back on his head slowly.]

“You can’t be here.”

[Suddenly, The Scarecrow is gone. He’s not there.] [And the hat is back in her hands, as if it never even left.] [What just happened?] [Even Mother looks confused, tossing the hat aside and stepping backwards in surprise.] [Cut.]