[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [An old familiar stomping ground.] [The Asylum.] [Inside the rotting, burnt out, decaying walls of The Asylum, Lee Crowley suddenly appears alongside a surprised, perturbed and rather angry looking Jonathan Heartsford. The King immediately backs away, holding his hands out as the proverbial white flag.]

“Just hold on, brother,” [Crowley pleads.] “Let’s talk for a moment. Just indulge me, will you?”

[Heartsford stands, ready to fight.]

“I know what they want of you. They want you to join forces with them against us at Judgement Day. But I’ve come to offer you an alternative, brother. Join me; become my Royal Knight. If you bend the knee and accept my offer, I can give you great power for your sacrifice. I can give you a paradise unlike any you’ve ever witnessed. You’ll be forever free of Doubt and forever by my side.”

[Jonathan looks at him, neither saying yes or no. He seems to be contemplating the decision, which in itself, is worrisome.]

“And if I were to say no?” [Jon asks carefully.] “I suppose you’d kill me?”

[Crowley looks shocked.]

“Of course not. I could have killed you at Pandemonium, could I not? We’re brothers, Jonathan. We’re family. How long have we fought side by side and been successful? We were unstoppable. Join me, brother. Join me and save the world from itself.”

[Lee places a hand on his shoulder.]

“Join me.”



[Luke Cole and Nate Washington appear to be starting the match out for their teams tonight.] [The bell rings and Luke Cole slaps Darkstars chest. TAG! Darkstar looks confused as Cole steps out of the ring and gestures for his opponent to get in. Cole rubs his cold, dithering arms as Washington boots Darkstar in the gut and whips him across the ring. WATCH YA MOUTH! A running knee strike to Darkstar takes him to the mat. Washington jutts his chin at Cole who nods his head in return. A cover here. ONE! TW–KICKOUT!] [Washington tags Berenger into the match whilst Darkstar is recovering. Cole’s hand is out, Darkstar looks for the TA–NO! Berenger grabs Darkstar by the waist and pulls him away from his corner. German Suple–NO! Darkstar hooks his leg around Berenger’s leg. He drops a shoulder, slips under Berenger’s arms. GERMAN STARPLEX! Both men are down! Darkstar is the fresher man, he’s looking for the tag, crawling to his corner. Berenger crawls to his. TAG! Nate Washington is back in the match! TA–NO! Cole sees his dealer has been tagged in and drops from the apron! Darkstar is on his own!] [RESPECT TAKEN! Washington uses the distraction to curb stomp the prone Darkstar! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Washington rolls over, to his feet, and grabs Darkstar. Looking to finish the match he scoops Darkstar up, looking for the backbreaker. Darkstar kicks his legs, turning the hold on its side so he holds Washington up instead! He uses all his strength to pull Washington further round so he is upside down. DYING STAR DRIVER! A sitout tombstone piledriver! PIN! ONE! TWO! THREE! Darkstar does it! He picks up a victory despite his partner avoiding having anything to do with Nate Washington!] [Darkstar picks up the victory. Cole looks unsure outside the ring whilst Darkstar raises his arms in victory.]


[Panting, sweating, exhausted, Nate Washington makes his way backstage after his match only to bump into a very shifty and equally as exhausted Luke Cole.] [Big Bruce steps forward, his eyes bearing down on Cole.]

“What?” [his voice booms.]

“You got anythin’ in mate?” [Cole asks, nervously picking at an invisible scab on his elbow.] [Big Bruce looks over his shoulder at his panting boss, who waves his tired hand indicating that he can go ahead.]

“He good. He got my back.” [Nate says, winking at Cole, who avoided any contact with him during the previous match.] [Bruce reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a small baggie. Inside, a small piece of a black plant rolls around, seemingly alive. He puts it into Cole’s hand, but as he does the corridor is filled with the shrieking of bats. A stream of them flood the corridor for a moment before disappearing and leaving in their place Michael Graves.]

“So we meet again.” [he grins.] [Nate notices his henchmen have disappeared. It’s just the three of them now. Him, Cole, and Graves.]

“Don’t worry Nate. They’re fine. I just wanted to be… alone with you gentlemen for a while.”

[Cole and Nate look at one another. Nate instinctively reaches for his gun, but having come straight from the ring finds himself lacking.]

“‘Chu want?” [Nate spits.]

“I want you to join us, Nate. And you too of course, Luke.”

[Cole pops the baggie in his pocket.]

“I don’t join anyone, or anything.”

[Luke Cole steps forward, and as he does his posture straightens, his face firms up, he looks somehow bigger.]

“And if you don’t like that, well then I guess we’ve got a problem, haven’t we?” [he finishes, as he finds himself toe-to-toe with Graves.]

“I guess we do.” [Graves replies.] [Poof. A flash, a flurry of bats consume Graves, and then suddenly he’s gone.] [Cole relaxes, his size reducing back to normal and he skulks off slowly down the corridor. But from behind, he receives a message.]

“Yo. That shit ain’t free. You gon’ pay for that.”

[Cole looks down at the veins in his arms. They are pulsating. And black. He grins.] [Cut.]


[Cael Gable stands in a dark cemetery waiting for the arrival of his opponent, Lux Bellator. By his side is a freshly dug grave and a few shovels standing up in the mound of dirt alongside the hole.] [WHACK! Speaking of shovels, Lux Bellator blindsides Gable with a shot to the back with a shovel! Gable collapses right by the edge of the grave. Bellator is quick to take the opportunity and he charges at Gable, dropping the shovel, and baseball sliding Gable in the ribs! Gable rolls straight into the grave! Bellator grabs the shovel again and fills it with dirt, turning to begin filling the hole, but as he does BAM! A fistful of dirt to the eyes! Gable ceases the opportunity of a blinded opponent and yanks at Bellator’s ankles, dropping him to the ground. He drags Bellator into the grave with him!] [The two men get to their feet, the narrow hole barely wide enough to house their broad frames. The two begin to exchange blows, frantically punching and grabbing at each others faces. Gable stumbles backwards, slipping on the fine dirt, but bounces straight back forwards and hitting a front dropkick to Bellator! Bellator hits the wall of the grave hard and Gable charges, hitting a running knee to his downed opponent! Gable climbs from the hole and reaches for the shovel, but as he stands, leaning on the shovels handle, he sees that Bellator has climbed out of the hole too and is lying on the opposite side of the grave.] [Gable runs around the grave at speed as Bellator gets back to his feet. GOLDRUSH! A double-legged spea–NO! Bellator side steps it, sending Gable’s head slamming into the pile of dirt. Gable stumbles backwards and falls to one knee, his back to the grave. Bellator rushes him! DISCIPLE MAKER! CANADIAN DESTROYER, OFF THE SIDE OF THE GRAVE, INTO THE GRAVE! A flipping piledriver right from the edge of the graveside into the grave and Cael Gable is OUT COLD! Lux Bellator drags himself from the grave and rolls to his feet, grabbing a shovel.] [Lux Bellator begins to fill the hole in, slowly but surely burying alive Cael Gable! Lux Bellator wins!]


[The once beautiful house of Bruce Van Chan now serves as a reminder to the violence this world introduced him and his family to.] [The Watchmen approach the white picket fence as grey skies appear overhead.]

“I don’t think we should go in there,” [The Sharkman says, uneasy.] “After what happened to the Van Chan family within those walls..”

[Betamax interrupts.] “I get it, mate. I do.”

[El Trébol chimes in.]

“I’ll go,” [he says fearlessly.] “I know what happened in there but we need it, right? We have to find it or there’s no way of saving Bruce.”

[Marvolo steps forward.] “No, I’ll go.”

[Number One bravely heads down the path, opening the door and entering the Van Chan house. There’s an eerie feel about it; the blood staining the floors and the walls, like something out of a horror movie.] [He begins rifling through the drawers, searching high and low.] [Thump.] [Suddenly, the door slams shut.] [And Marvolo can see his breath.]

“You shouldn’t have come here, Marvolo,” [a gravelly voice says. Marvolo turns around, revealing Proteus.] “You shouldn’t have come.”

[He throws a ball of ice at him, but Number One slides out of the way, running towards the front window. He bursts through, catching a shard of glass in his side as he does. The Watchmen hear the commotion and rush to his aide, finding him on the floor in possession of what they need.] [They help him to his feet, only to find he’s bleeding heavily from a wound on his side. Proteus storms through the front door just as they put their heads together and escape.] [However, the eyes of Proteus tell the story.] [Rage.] [Cut.]


[The bell rings and El Trebol Jr. charges immediately! Montana lurches but Trebol slides underneath his legs, picking both ankles, and sends Chip face first to the mat! Montana bounces to his knees but Trebol flies over with ONE-HANDED BULLDOG! Chip rolls underneath the bottom rope to regain his composure … but Trebol is waiting with a chair setup in the middle of the ring! The Luchador uses the chair to hop on the top-rope, springboards off, and catches Montana with a massive HURNACANRANA on the concrete floor! Trebol continues his onslaught by setting up a ladder across the ring apron and ring barrier … he runs along the apron, leaps off the ladder with a CANNONBALL SENTON! Montana is stunned!] [Trebol grabs a chair from outside the ring and swings wildly at Montana’s back — unleashing several bone crushing blows on The Prairie-Dog Whisperer’s spine! Trebol leans Montana up against the mounted ladder and leaps off the apron with a SHINING WIZARD! The crowd erupts in a frenzy! The Double Feature champion is on fire! Trebol gets Montana back in the ring and drills him with a folded CHAIRSHOT in the midsection! Trebol leaps towards the bottom rope, bounces forward, rolls over the back of the folded Montana, DROPKICKS the right knee, and grabs Montana by the neck, spinning around with a TORNADO DDT ON A CHAIR! A quick cover only nets Trebol a two-count!] [Trebol goes outside, uses the top-rope to springboard but Montana has enough wherewithal to DROPKICK the rope before Trebol could get his footing! He crashes on the mat and Montana begins his retaliation with a series of stomps on his head! Montana scoops up Trebol and drops him with a SNAKE-EYES across the turnbuckle! Trebol’s like a cat, remaining on his feet, but Montana holds him captive with a … handful of his balls! He parades him around the ring before flinging him overhead with an overhead BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX ON A LADDER! Trebol flops around the ring like a Chihuahua trying to catch the mailman’s ankle! Montana sets up a table in the middle of the ring, and lays Trebol across. He doesn’t stop there but lays a series of ladders and chairs over his chest. Montana leaps towards the top turnbuckle and goes flying with a FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE! Montana covers … ONE, TWO, THREE!] [Chip Montana picks up the win!]


[Somewhere deep within the Tap Room, we find a forest growing…and at the center of it, Gaia stands with a smile.]

“My work in this place will not soon be forgotten. I have longed for a Great War to things to return to their former state, and the time is near. The world will soon face Judgement Day, and what once was shall be once more. The old will be made new, and even fear itself will not be able to withstand the light that approaches. The forces that would stop my work will be swept away, and Nature will reclaim what is hers.”

[Gaia’s smile fades as she catches a figure out of the corner of her eye, shifting constantly as it approaches. With a wave of her hand, vines lash out at the figure and pin it to the floor. Gaia turns around to face her tormentor, the smile returning to her face as she stares down The Boogeyman.]

“You still don’t get it, do you? You keep coming after me, thinking you’ll be able to feed on my fear…but what scares you, Boogeyman? Are you afraid of starving, of growing weak…of fading into oblivion? I can make all of that come true if you keep this up. I can make people forget you, make your existence irrelevant…and force you to disappear, retreating to that dark corner of reality from whence you came. I could do it all in an instant, and tend to my work without another moment’s hesitation.”

[Gaia turns to walk away, but is kept frozen in her tracks by a simple question from the Terror of the Night.]

“So why haven’t you?”

[Gaia faces the trapped Boogeyman with a chuckle.]

“Because I like seeing you squirm. It amuses me to watch as you—“

[Her smile fades away again, turning into a snarl as The Boogeyman has shifted form once again, escaping the trap of the vines. His laughter echos down the hall, forcing Gaia to slam her fist in anger against the wall.] [Cut.]


[It’s a big trios match this week as it’s D’Von Chambers, Gaia, and The Automaton vs. Jacen Novan, Solomon Rhodes, and The Boogeyman!] [The bell sounds as Chambers is barking orders at his two teammates who both look at each other before seemingly dismissing whatever it is he had to say. Gaia starts this off as she rushes across the ring where she’s welcomed by a CHAOS THEORY! The codebreaker connects from Solomon Rhodes! He steps out of the ring as it’s actually Novan starting this out. He goes down for the pinfall! One…Two…NO! Chambers breaks up the pin by stomping on the back of the head of Novan before just PUNTING him off of Gaia. Chambers is murmuring underneath his breath as he pulls Gaia back to his corner to tag out!] [TAG! In comes D’Von Chambers who looks pissed. He quickly yanks Novan to his feet, but sends him flying into the ropes. He catches his rebound up, but Novan slips through. Kick to the back of Chambers’ knees! He falls forward which is just exactly what Novan needed as he leaps towards his corner and… TAGS OUT! In comes The Boogeyman! He rushes forward and begins drilling into Chambers with rights and lefts! Chambers quickly pushes Boogey away, but he can’t be resisted as The Boogeyman leaps forward with a huge clothesline that actually floors Chambers! Chambers looks a bit surprised as he scoots away towards his corner.] [TAM tags in! The Automaton climbs into the ring as he stomps over to his opponent, Boogeyman! Punches are being laid in heavy by TAM before he grabs him up his arms and dropping him down onto his rising knee! He begins delivering these BRUTAL elbows and knee strikes before swinging for a VICIOUS discus elbow strike that floors The Boogeyman! TAM reaches down and grabs The Boogeyman by his shirt before raising a fist. Everyone enters the ring at this point as Novan clotheslines TAM down! Gaia blasts Novan with a huge running clothesline! Rhodes nails a superkick to Gaia who is getting back up! Chambers blasts Rhodes with a big boot! Novan charges at Chambers only for him to lift him right over the top rope. Chambers turns around and… SURPRISE! The twisting clothesline sends Chambers to the mat! Boogeyman turns around and… THE LAST FLIGHT MISSES! BOOGEYMAN ROLLS HIM UP! One…Two…THREE!] [A big time win here for The Boogeyman, Jacen Novan, and Solomon Rhodes as they all celebrate their victory, much to TAM’s disapproval.]


[Just as last week, we find Jensen Cussen staggering through the labyrinth of hallways in the Tap Room. His hands glow red with the symbol of the Phoenix.] [Just as last week, we see Jacob Phoenix standing before him. Rage glows in his eyes, a fire unabated.]

“Let’s end this, Jensen. I know that the man I once called a mentor is still in there.”

[Cussen chuckles.]

“Sorry, kid. You’re a week too late. Vengeance is all that remains now. The time for mythical creatures has ended.”

[Phoenix charges in.] [BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Phoenix is down!]

“Look at you, Jacob Phoenix. You think you’re the big hero. Everyone turned their back on you, and now you’re going to make things right. For who?”

[He kicks the downed Phoenix.]

“Everyone’s dead, kid. You killed Million. Stephanie is dead. And even the two of us. Do you think there’s a happy ending to be had for us?”

[Another kick. Phoenix sits up to his knees in response, his mask loosened by the impact.]

“All that’s left of Jensen Cussen are broken fragments of the man he used to be. And you. You’ve become nothing but a symbol. The two men who once had a relationship are dead, infected by the Virus and burned in the flames of the Phoenix. Give up your fantasy world here, kid.”

[Phoenix just stares up at Cussen, the two sharing a moment of eye contact. Phoenix breaks first, looking down in defeat. The red Phoenix symbol on Cussen’s hand slowly fades away, dropping from his body like a fine mist. Vengeance lets out a small grin.]

“You finally let out your need for vengeance, didn’t you? It kept you alive. It sustained you, brought you back from the death I gave you. You won’t survive the next time, Phoenix or not. I’ll see you at Judgement Day, kid.”

[Cussen walks away, a sudden pep in his step. Phoenix remains on his knees, his hand falling open as he looks down at it.] [Defeated.]

“I failed you, Stephanie. I wasn’t enough.”

[With a sudden clarity, Phoenix raises his head. He stands to his feet with peace and purpose embedded in his frame.]

“But I know who is.”



[Tick.] [Tick.] [Tick.] [Cael Gable walks the halls of the Tap Room following the sound of a ticking clock. As he turns the corner he sees a large clock mounted onto the brick wall in front of him. Below it stands Isaac Danvers, his arms already outstretched. Gable walks calmly towards Isaac.]

“Haven’t you had enough, Danvers?”

“Come now, Mister Gable. I am a FORGIVING man. I sense you are TROUBLED from the past. Who can blame you? Your failings on behalf of your parents alone… Come, come…”

[Isaac regestures his open arms, implying a hug is necessary. Cael Gable SMILES! His opens his arms up, and the two men embrace!]

“There, there.” [Danvers says, calmly, as he pets the hair of his returning pet.] “Shh…”

[Gable raises his arm.] [A KNIFE!] [Gable STABS Danvers in the shoulder blade! The two push away from one another and Danvers turns to peer over his shoulder. He pulls the knife from his shoulder blade without so much as a grimace.] [Footsteps in the distance, as Gable flees from the scene.] [Danvers looks down at the knife, blood dripping from the tip. Then he shouts after the fading footsteps.]


[and to himself, feebly,]

“I LOVE you…”


[A steel cage surrounds Marvolo and Proteus. The aim: to escape! Marvolo looks out to the audience for supp–] [LOW BLOW! Proteus hits Marvolo with a low blow before the bell! As Marvolo crumples to the mat the bell sounds. DDT! Marvolo’s body flips over as Proteus hits a DDT on his already injured opponent. Proteus takes advantage and rushes to the ropes, bouncing from the middle rope and grabbing the top of the cage. He uses his feet to pull himself up but Marvolo rushes towards him. Marvolo springboards off the ropes to the left of Proteus, flies through the air, grabs Proteus around the head and BACKSTABBER! Both men soar from the side of the cage as Marvolo hits Proteus with a backstabber!] [Both men are down, but it’s Marvolo that is first to his feet. He climbs the top turnbuckle and grabs hold of the mesh caging. He looks for a foothold but is nowhere near fast enough as Proteus gets to his feet and charges against the ropes, causing Marvolo to fall away from the turnbuckle, landing gingerly on the top rope! Proteus hits Marvolo with a hard uppercut and then begins to SHAKE THE TOP ROPE! Marvolo screams in pain as his previously injured region is damaged even further. Proteus grabs Marvolo around the head. Vertical Suplex!] [Proteus manages to find himself again in control of the match and this time looks to finish it off. He scoops Marvolo up and slaps him in the face! Followed by BLIZZA–NO! Marvolo pushes Proteus away. Proteus turns into a SAVATE KICK! Proteus falls to the mat! Marvolo wastes no time in climbing the cage, but is soon pursued by Proteus. The two men find themselves sat on top of the cage and begin to exchange right fists. Proteus. Marvolo. Proteus. Marvolo. Prote–BLOCK! FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE! Proteus falls from the cage, back into the ring! Marvolo descends the cage to the outside! The bell sounds.] [Marvolo sees off stiff competition in a hard fought battle to pick up the victory. He raises his arms in the air as he tends to his injuries.]


[Solomon Rhodes and Brent Kersh.] [They enter a broken down home in the middle of nowhere, carrying torches and in search of answers. They walk down a long corridor, coming to a basement entrance. Kersh opens it and both men are immediately taken aback by a putrid, viile stench.] [A stench of death.]

“Can you smell that?” [Kersh says, holding his nose.] “I think we’re in the right place but we’re not going to get the right answers.”

[Rhodes agrees.] “We need to find Jonah, Kersh. Maybe he can help us stop the virus before it’s too late.”

[They both head inside the basement, walking down the wooden creaky steps.You may recognise the place. Before them is where DTR became The Virus at the hands of both Jonah and Mother.] [They scour the room with their torches, finally stopping on a corner.] [As they walk over, what they find becomes clearer. There’s a body, rotten and dumped, chained to the wall. Solomon inspects it as Brent stands back, looking on in horror.] [A voice comes out of the darkness.]

“You’re looking for Jonah?” [The voice says, revealing that it belongs to DTR as he steps into the light of Brent Kersh’ torch.] “Well, you found him.”

[Solomon Rhodes stands up, looking frustrated.]

“He was my first,” [DTR admits.] “I had Mother drag him back here to face me for what he’d done. He’d created Jensen Cussen; my greatest rival. I couldn’t let him get away with that. Besides, what would have happened if Jonah decided that he wanted my family?”

“You son of a bitch, David!” [Kersh yells at him in frustration.] “He had answers. We needed to speak with him.”

[The Virus chuckles.]

“Don’t you see that your mission is fruitless? We’re going to end the world and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. You can’t find the answers you seek, because they don’t exist. You can’t escape your fate because I won’t let you. You can search from one end of the world to the other but when all is said and done, you’ll drown just like everyone else.”

[Kersh grabs Rhodes by the arm, leading him away.] [But The Templar has one final thing to say.]

“You can burst as many life preserver rafts as you want, David. You can stack the deck, increase the odds and rig the game, but we will survive this. At Judgement Day, whether we have answers or not, you’re going to fail.”



[The Riddler finds himself in yet another troubling predicament against a dangerous opponent. Despite the Chiroptera being missing at ringside, Graves merely smirks at Newton as he prays to Barbatos. Will Newton outsmart and outperform Michael? Or will the Prophet pull off the biggest upset in history against Edward and throw him into the ambulance?] [The bell rings and Graves charges at Newton with an elbow to the jaw of a cornered and unsuspecting Newton! Michael pulls the Riddler out of the corner and launches him across the ring with a double underhook suplex! Edward arches back in pain and attempts to get back on his feet, but a running knee from Barbatos’s vessel halts his progress! With a smirk, Graves hoists Newton into the air in a torture rack AND DROPS INTO A BACKBREAKER! DEVASTATOR! Edward quickly rolls out of the ring to avoid further punishment while Graves performs another quick prayer to his god.] [Micheal follows him to the outside, however, and starts leading Newton to the ambulance by the hair! Halfway up the ramp, Edward manages to break free from Grave’s grasp and nails him with a surprise German suplex! Barbatos’s vessel is seeing stars after that move! The Riddler has momentum on his side now as he lifts the Prophet up to his feet before raking his eyes and kicking his shin! THE QUESTION IS! Edward sets him up for NEVERMI-Graves pushes him away! Newton falls on his ass and Michael starts charging with a Yakuza ki-LOW BLOW! GRAVES RAN RIGHT INTO EDWARD’S FIST!] [Newton pulls Graves upright by the neck and drags him towards the ambulance. The Riddler attempts to slam the Prophet head first into the backdoor, but Michael slips away! STO INTO THE AMBULANCE DOORS! Edward hollers in pain as Michael opens the doors, revealing two Chiroptera ready to help Barbatos’s vessel! Graves orders the both of them to give him the Riddler, which they quickly do. The Prophet hooks Newton up in a full nelson- NEWTON SLIPS OUT AGAIN! The Chiroptera run towards Edward but he rolls underneath them! THEY COLLIDE WITH GRAVES INTO THE AMBULANCE! NEWTON CLOSES THE DOORS! THIS MATCH IS OVER!!] [Newton has once again proven that the size of the dog means nothing in this fight. He just narrowly escaped a possible loss and turned it into a victory! Edward takes a moment to breathe beside the ambulance, trying to calm his nerves as we fade to the next scene.]


[We open on the charismatic grin of one Chip Montana. He’s standing in the backstage area of the Tap Room; his back against one of the many concrete wall corridors that line the complex.]

“Are you ready Kevin, you fuckin’ arshole?” [Montana’s demeanor flashes negative for a quick second.] “We’re burnin’ daylight here lad!”

[The camera nods in approval and a suggestive manner as the hand of “Kevin” sticks out in front of the lens. His fingers performing a countdown.] [Three fingers.] [Two fingers.] [One finger. AND POINTS!]

“G’day mates” [Montana bustles.] “I’m Chip Montana, and I’m grabbing nature by the balls!”

“Just beyond this here hallway roams one of the most fierce, deadliest, extraordinary species of beast I’ve ever laid me eyes on, fellas. I’ve gathered that they call ‘em Darkstar and he’s not from our parts ya see. Oh no, he’s from somewhere else. But what our fella is goin’ ta learn is that you just can’t show up and rule the jungle… you’ve got to earn it mates!”

[Chip pauses for a moment, listening contently for something in the distance before shrugging.]

“Now what I’ve done is rigged up one of them bear traps yet I’ve disguised it as something from out of this world. Much like our prey seems to be, right? And in just a moment…”

[Suddenly, we hear a loud SNAP! The grin on Montana’s face grows to a smile.]

“And there he is mates! Let’s go wrestle our beast into submission shall we? This is going to be my greatest catch yet!”

[Beaming with excitement The Prairie Dog Whisperer turns the corner with “Kevin” following close behind. Yet he immediately pauses. His shoulders drooping. A dejected manner coming over him as he walks towards his concealed trap.] [Which is empty.] [As Montana arrogantly distances himself from “Kevin” he tries to console himself.]

“Oh well lads” [Chip says in disappointment.] “She’ll be right! We just…”

[The screams of “Kevin” bring Montana to alert as the camera drops from his hands and our vantage point changes to the floor beneath him.] [The Prairie Dog Whisperer turns and is frozen with shock. His hand reaches outward.]


[And suddenly, the body of “Kevin” is tossed several feet above, connecting solid with Montana and dropping both men nearly incapacitated to the floor.] [As the two try to pull themselves together, a giant pair of feet step into view and begin to march methodically towards them. However, after a few short steps, the feet turn as if to face the camera.] [These feet obviously belonging to the one and only, Darkstar.] [He steps closer before…] [CRUNCH!!] [The camera image is suddenly distorted and trailing the groans of Montana and Kevin is only one thing…] [Static.] [Cut.]

[The first ever surgery match here in Old School Wrestling is about to unfold as it’s Isaac Danvers up against Aion!] [The bell sounds as a surgery chair is set-up in the center of the ring. The two circle around knowing the only way to walk away with a win tonight is to strap their opponent into that chair. Aion strikes first as he leaps onto the arm of the chair and springs off with a lunging punch that connects right on the side of the medical mask of Isaac Danvers! Danvers staggers back maybe a foot before clobbering Aion with a big right hand of his own! He wraps his hands around the throat of Aion before choking him viciously! THE BLACK DEATH!] [This blatant and vicious chokehold has Aion trapped in the grasp of Danvers who throws him into the medical chair. He grabs one of the straps in an attempt to strap him down; however, Aion leaps up to connect with a big uppercut that staggers Danvers. Aion climbs up onto the seat with his feet before leaping for a big time enzuigiri! Danvers hits the ground hard as Aion quickly yanks the Plague Doctor up onto the chair himself! He grabs the first strap and manages to secure it around his right arm! He reaches for the left and… SCAPEL TO THE EYE! Luckily it was just the handle part of it! Aion staggers backwards as Danvers pulls the strap off his other arm.] [Aion swings wildly while clutching his eyes before Danvers catches his arm and whips him around. SCAPEL TO THE FOREHEAD! Aion looks like he’s on shaky legs as Danvers quickly shoves him back into the chair. He grabs a strap, and latches in Aion’s left arm as blood begins to pour down Aion’s head! He reaches for the other strap, but Aion is holding his hand straight up! Danvers grabs his arm to lower it, and Aion HEADBUTTS him! Only Danvers manages to dodge out of the way of the strike. He reaches down and begins just DRILLING his fingers into the temples of Aion who is crying out in agony. THE LOBOTOMY! Aion just slumps back as Isaac Danvers straps him in!] [Isaac Danvers takes a moment to marvel at Aion as he strokes his cheek for a moment before just raising his hand in victory.]


[An unknown location.] [A place radiating with unknown power, forces beyond logical comprehension. A place Jacen Novan knows intimately. But this day he is not alone. The Automaton accompanies him, silently taking in the sights and mysteries contained in the mysterious Ashla. Learning, soaking in information that it one day would seek to use to deceive Novan. Without word, Novan raises his hands in front of him, levitating a large circular object as a display of the mysterious power TAM seeks.]

“The Ashla can be a very powerful force to wield. But to truly understand Ashla is to understand balance in its purest form.”

[Slowly, gently, he lays the round object down onto a stand designed to contain it. Expertly, he lays the orb into the stand without touching the sides of the holder. He then turns to TAM.]

“Within light, there is darkness. Within darkness, there is light. Sometimes, one must seek out the darkness to find the light. Within you, TAM, there is much darkness. There exists no balance.”

[The Automaton moves over to the orb, now lying in its stand. Try as it might to lift the orb, it is too heavy. It turns to Novan once more, processing thoughts aloud.]

“What you speak of is not logical. This… Power does not compute. I must learn of its power.”

[The red eyes flash on TAM’s faceplate for a moment, till it turns to face Novan, face blue and deceptively calm.]

“You can harness this Ashla. Just think of what can be achieved through a power beyond logical comprehension. Help me to understand its ways so we may harness this power together.”

[Novan’s face remains calm but his eyes give off an untrusting look.]

“You have much to learn about the ‘Way of the Ashla’, TAM. Power comes through balance, not manipulation. It takes years to fully grasp the Ashla.”

[TAM speaks quickly, without giving itself time to process how it’s words would Sound. A reaction.]

“We do not have years. I may not understand the Ashla, but you do. That makes you powerful…”

[The Automaton’s voice trails off to silence. Novan looks on, face devoid of emotion so that TAM cannot process how he feels. His voice equally as calm as his face.]

“It is like I said. You have much to learn, and much darkness within you. The Ashla can restore your balance, TAM but only if you are committed with pure intentions.”

[He rolls up his sleeve to reveal two fresh arms, no virus within him.]

“I know first hand that through balance, the Ashla can heal. Lose that balance and the Virus would return to my body. Whatever your directive may be, TAM, the power of Ashla will only be yours by understanding the Way of Ashla. Try to harness it through manipulation, the darkness within you will destroy balance and you will fail.”

[Novan turns, robes flailing behind him as he leaves TAM to ponder his words. TAM looks over the heavy orb once again.]

“He is aware. He knows he is being deceived. How can I ally with the darkness within him and harness this Ashla without the restriction of balance. An unhinged, dark force would be unlimited if only I can appeal to him.”

[It tries to lift the orb once more and fails.]

“I must proceed with caution. He must not suspect anything.”



[For the past seven years, DTR and Jensen Cussen have fought in some of the bloodiest and hatred filled wars in wrestling history. With the end of the world nigh, they face for what could be the final time and Family or not, they will tear eachother apart to prove who is truly the better man] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, nailing one another with incredibly vicious blows, DTR ducking under a wild right before drilling Jensen with a massive haymaker that sends Jensen down to one knee. Vengeance spits out a glob of black bile, alongside a tooth or two before rushing forward as he picks DTR up in a football tackle, slamming him back first into the nearby turnbuckle. A lighting fast trio of hooks stun DTR before the Virus is lifted up to the top rope, SUPER GUILT TRIP! DTR is spiked into the mat with that Brainbuster as Jensen steps back] [The referee barely gets his hands on the mic before Jensen shoves him away, pulling DTR up to his feet, HEADBUTT! Jensen gets staggered back as DTR rushes forward, nearly taking Jensen’s head off with a massive clothesline before pulling him up by the head, RELEASE GERMAN INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! DTR peels Jensen out of the corner, nearly breaking his jaw with a stiff running kick before slowly climbing up to the top rope. LIGHT OU….JENSEN TRIPS DTR UP, DESPERATE JUSTICE! Jensen has it locked in the middle of the ring but DTR refuses to tap out, peeling Jensen’s right fingers away before biting down on Jensen’s hand to break the hold!] [Both men quickly get to their feet, Jensen shaking his hand in pain with a furious look on his face as he rushes forward right into a knee to the jaw. DTR lifts him up high, trying for BNBE but Jensen slips out. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! It hits flush but The Virus is still on his feet as Jensen hits a second Blunt Force! The Virus simply shakes his head, spitting out a glob of bile in defiance before a leaping knee knocks him silly, Jensen lifting him up onto his shoulders. Could this be? Jensen spins DTR around, DESOL…REASONABLE DOUBT! That took it out of both men however as they slowly roll to the outside] [Both men slowly rise on the outside, on opposite sides of the ring. Jensen brandishing a steel pipe, DTR a barbed wire bat as sadistic, evil grins cross both their faces. The pair roll into the ring, raise their weapons for a moment before rushing forward. JENSEN DUCKS, THE BAT WHIFFS AS THE STEEL PIPE NEARLY TAKES DTR’S HEAD OFF! The Virus crashes to the mat, a pool of bile eating through the canvas as DTR slowly pulls himself up by Jensen, a shaking scowl on his face before he’s lifted up onto Jensen’s shoulders, DESOLATION! That has to be it, The Virus is unconcious as the referee’s seen enough and calls for the bell] [Jensen Cussen does it, winning this final battle against his long time rival but Vengeance doesn’t celebrate, instead he lifts the unconcious Virus up off the mat, carrying him to the back, as they may fight from time to time but they’re brothers to the very end]


[The Underworld.] [Lee Crowley paces through the dark dungeons of The Underworld, searching for a way to the cage he knows exists. He isn’t having much luck. As he passes one cell, a voice abruptly stops him.] [It’s familiar.]

“You’re looking for its cage, aren’t you?” [The voice says confidently.] “I’ve heard of it. You’re in the wrong place, kid.”

[He turns around, revealing Errol Flint.] [With a squeeze of his hands, he brings the former OSW Chairman to his knees. Errol chokes for life, grabbing at his throat.]

“Treat your King with respect,” [Crowley demands.] “I won’t ask again.”

[He releases his grip. Flint coughs and splutters, quickly apologizing.]

“I’m sorry your majesty, I shouldn’t have spoken out of turn.”

[Lee smiles.] “That’s better. Now tell me Flint, what exactly do you know?”

“I’ve been here a little while and I’ve heard things. It’s in a cage beneath here, in a void big enough to swallow the entire world. It’s cage is made of unbreakable material to contain a power the likes of something you’ve not seen. It renders it powerless and if it were to escape, it would need to regain that power.”

[Crowley looks interested.] “And how would I help it escape? How I would destroy the unbreakable cage?”

[Flint smiles.]

“The blood of a holy man.”

[He approaches the cage.]

“There’s two ways, but only one will be available to you. If the blood of a holy man is spilt on that cage, you will break it free and provide it with a great source of power; enough to do what you need to do, if nothing else.”

[The King nods in agreement before clicking his fingers and unlocking the cell.]

“Show me.”



[A large white church sits in the middle of the country, with no houses around for miles. A green vehicle drives up to it, stopping just short of the entrance.] [Edward Newton steps out, carrying a duffel bag.] [He walks with haste towards the double doors of the Church, pushing them open abruptly and entering. Stood at the altar, D’von Chambers stands with arms raised, excited to see his visitor.]

“Brother Newton, welcome to my Church. I’ve been expecting you! I knew you’d come.”

[Newton throws down the duffel bag.]

“What’s the matter, don’t you appreciate my contribution? You’re an astute fellow, Mr. Newton. Inside that bag is a contribution to distance that I hope you’ll accept. You see, I want you to distance yourself from sin.”

[The Riddler grimaces. He bends over, opening the bag.]

“Distance myself from sin, you say?” [Newton remarks, pulling out a golden kettle out and pouring it on the floor. Oil spills, lashing against the wood.] “And this is your suggestion?”

[Once again, he reaches inside the bag, this time pulling out a pack of matches.]

“Oh no, it isn’t a suggestion, it’s a contribution. I’m contributing to your cleansing, brother. That right there is holy fire.. That’s your way into the new paradise. Should you burn away your sins and accept God into your heart, you can travel with us there.”

[Newton laughs to himself.] “You’re right, I have plenty of sins, Mr. Chambers; they keep me warm at night. I don’t need holy fire or your contributions. But perhaps,” [he remarks, deep in thought.] “You do.”

[Before Chambers can say another word, Edward lights a match and throws it into the holy oil, setting it alight. The flames run down the length of the church, reaching the altar in no time. Newton backs away, escaping to the outside.] [He backs up even further, watching as the church burns.]

“That’s my contribution, Chambers.”



[They may well be fighting for the safety of the earth itself but tonight, the two surviving forefathers turn back the clock and reignite the war that put OSW on the map as they do battle…one last time] [The bell sounds as Brent Kersh bounces off the ropes right into the right hand of Scarecrow who lifts him up in the air with incredible speed, BYE BYE BIRDIE! The Enforcer gets flattened allready as Scarecrow covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! Scarecrow gets the first fall! Kersh rolls out of the ring, trying to get his bearings but Crow is allready on his heels, decking Kersh with a massive right that nearly puts his lights out. Brent tries to fight back but he’s still woozy as another left sends him staggering into the steps as Crow rushes forward BIG BOOT…INTO THE CORNER POST!] [Brent just moved out of the way as Scarecrow punts solid steel. Crow staggers away limping as Kersh grabs him by the back of the head, tossing him back into the ring. Kersh rolls into the ring afterwards, Crow meeting him with a flurry of lefts and rights but a stiff kick to the back of the knee drops Crow to one knee but Crow powers the Enforcer away. Crow struggles to his feet, rushing forward at Kersh who ducks under a clothesline, SAVAGE CHOPBLOCK TO THE BACK OF THE BAD KNEE! Crow goes down hard as Kersh pounces on the wounded Hayman, dropping knee after knee on the wounded leg before locking on the LoneStar! Scarecrow howls out in pain as Kersh hooks back with all his strength. The pair are stuck in the middle of the ring, Scarecrow refusing to tap out as his shoulders hit the mat. ONE…TWO…THREE!!! Kersh ties it up 1-1] [Scarecrow sits up just after the three count, finding energy out of nowhere as he reaches out, HAYMAKER! A massive right drills Kersh who loosens the hold in his woozy state enough for Scarecrow to power out. Crow gets to his feet but he stumbles on the bad wheel. Crow pulls the Enforcer up to his feet, tossing him to the ropes before grabbing him around the throat on the rebound, BYE BYE…CROW’S KNEE GIVES OUT! ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! Kersh capitalizes on the injury before heading up to the top rope uncharacteristically as he could be looking to finish off the Scarecrow. DIVING KNE…CROW CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR! Scarecrow struggles to lift Kersh up for a moment before gripping him around the throat with both hands, FULL FORCE BYE BYE BIRDIE! Scarecrow collapses on the Enforcer as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! Scarecrow gets the second fall just as time expires] [The Hayman picks up a huge victory in what could be his last match against his old rival as Scarecrow pulls Kersh up to his feet before shaking his hand in a show of respect for his fellow Founder]


[Jerusalem.] [A beautiful garden sits at the bottom of the Mount of Olives; known as the Garden of Gethsemane. Lux Bellator sits on a wooden bench, looking out into the beauty on display before him.] [A voice suddenly interrupts his solace.]

“Thank you for offering me shelter.”

[Mother. She takes a seat alongside him, carefully.]

“I don’t understand your fear,” [Lux says, not sharing eye contact with her. They both stare forward.] “You’re hiding from The Scarecrow, but you created him. You’re immortal and he can’t kill you, so why are you in hiding from him?”

[Mother finally looks at him and even though he doesn’t share eye contact, she doesn’t stop.]

“God created me, just like he did you. When he came to me, spoke to me and sent me on this mission, I was told how important it was.”

[Lux finally looks at her.]

“I must see it through. If The Scarecrow can stop me, then I’ll fail. I’m not afraid for my life because it isn’t his to take. I’m afraid that if he gets his hands upon me, he’ll ensure that I cannot complete my mission.”

[Their eye contact lasts a moment, before Mother smiles, her rotting teeth on display.]

“You see child, I’m as integral to the end of the world as God himself. I was told to start this cycle, to pass on the virus and create the end of the world. The Scarecrow cannot be allowed to stop me.”

[Bellator nods, almost reluctantly.] “You’ll be safe here.”

[He turns away from her, breaking their eye contact. Lux Bellator seems different; almost in a world of his own. Mother takes a moment and then walks away, leaving him there looking out into the beautiful garden.] [Cut.]


[It’s the main event as it’s all four of the surviving previous members of The Asylum colliding in this elimination contest!] [The bell sounds as these four men look amongst themselves as if searching for a chink in the armor to figure out where to start. The Sharkman charges across the ring and goes toe-to-toe with Helios as the two begin throwing blows back and forth in the corner! Lee Crowley tries to catch Heartsford off-guard, but The Aerial Knight whips around before nailing a big dropkick to send Lee through the ropes and to the floor! The Sharkman gets the better of the exchange with Helios as he sends him over the top rope and to the floor with a clothesline.] [Sharkman and Knight give each other a knowing nod before they hit opposite ropes, run right past the other, and…] [DUAL SUICIDE DIVES!] [Knight went through and hit Helios just as The Sharkman went through to hit Lee Crowley as they switched dancing partners. Everyone is down on the outside of the ring as the referee can do nothing but sit back and watch.] [Lee Crowley is pulled to his feet by The Sharkman; however, Lee yanks The Sharkman forcefully into the ring barricade as his back arches in pain from the connection. Knight rolls Helios into the ring before sliding in himself. Low kick from Helios as Knight is sliding into the ring. Helios grabs Heartsford up to his feet before lifting him up and dropping his throat across the top rope with a stun-gun! Heartsford falls to the mat clutching his throat as Helios climbs to the top rope.] [BRIMSTONE!] [The diving moonstomp connects as Helios hooks both of his legs!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [KICKOUT!] [Helios felt like he had it, but as he gets to his feet… SHOCK THERAPY!] [The spear just takes him off his feet and drives him into the mat with great force! Lee Crowley rolls into a pin!] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [KICKOUT AT NEARLY THREE!] [Lee Crowley pulls him to his feet before slapping him once before barking orders at Helios who stands at attention for a moment.] [SLAP!] [Lee is nearly doubled over by the blow as he staggers back. Helios is on him quick with a kick to the abdomen. He locks his arms underneath him before spiking his head into the mat with a piledriver!] [UNDER FIRE!] [Lee Crowley is laid out flat as Helios get to his feet. The Sharkman is on the top rope!] [HE LEAPS!] [FIN-NISH HIM!] [The diving headbutt….] [HELLFIREEEEE!] [The codebreaker from Helios caught The Sharkman in mid-air as The Sharkman falls back to the mat in a heap! Helios goes for the cover.] [One…] [….] […..] [TWO…] [….] [….] [THREE!] [NO! A power out at the very last second.] [Helios staggers to his feet having hit some of his biggest moves already. It’s in this haze that he turns to find Heartsford standing right in front of him. SHOOT KICK! Helios hits the ground from the impact of the kick before Heartsford takes a few steps back and motions for Helios to come at him. Helios gets to his feet before charging right at Heartford!] [HEART TO HEART!] [The Spanish fly connects as both men are down and out! Heartsford climbs up to the top rope just as Lee Crowley gets back to his feet inside of the ring. Heartsford tries to get down, but Lee LEAPS to the second rope and headbutts Heartsford! Lee Crowley pushes Heartsford from the top TO THE FLOOR!] [Lee turns to see Helios still laid out.] [TRAUMAAAA!] [The big leg drop from the top rope just crushed the throat of Helios as he comes into the cover!] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [Th-NO!] [Helios manages to get a shoulder up, really showing his fortitude here tonight just as Lee staggers to his feet. He turns to look around before seeing the fourth man!] [SUSHI KICK!] [The Sharkman leapt off of Helios who was on all fours before nailing the Shining Wizard! Lee is pulled beside Helios as The Sharkman goes to the top rope to the crowd’s delight!] [THE SHARK DIVE! The senton from the top rope connects to both Lee Crowley and Helios! The Sharkman leaps into the cover on Helios!] [One…] [Two…] [….] [….] [THREE!] [Helios has been eliminated!] [The Sharkman leaps onto Lee Crowley next, but Lee Crowley quickly powers out after having that extra time to regroup. The Sharkman pulls Crowley up to his feet just as Johnathan Heartsford climbs up to his feet. Heartsford rushes into the picture as The Sharkman readies himself for his attack!] [HIDEOUS LAUGHTER!] [The fishbook backstabber just came out of nowhere as The Sharkman is splattered all over the mat! Lee Crowley falls into a cover!] [One…] [….] [….] [….] [TWO….] […] […] [THREEEE!] [The Sharkman is eliminated!] [It’s all down to Johnathan Heartsford and Lee Crowley to see who comes out on top. They tie up in the center of the ring before Lee cracks him over the side of the head with a punch before he rams him shoulder-first into the corner turnbuckle. Lee whips him around to face him before taking a step back and… CHELSEA GRIN! Only Heartsford ducks underneath! Lee smashes into the corner with a crash before rolling towards the center of the ring by the impact! Johnathan Heartsford leaps to the top rope and motions for the end!] [MY RETRIBUTION!] [The Shooting Star Double Knee Drop… MISSES! Lee managed to roll to his feet as Heartsford’s face is contorted in pain. He gets to his feet as Lee Crowley grins.] [CHELSEA GRIN!] [The spinning heel hook connects this time as he’s knocked flat to the mat! Lee falls on top of Heartsford!] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [….] [THREE!] [Lee Crowley staggers to his feet. He’s the winner here tonight as he looks around at the other names with a sneer as he climbs up the turnbuckle.]


[The Temple.] [Inside The Temple, Godfrey paces back and forth, awaiting the arrival of a very special guest. When the large wooden door knocks loudly, he opens, greeting The Chief. The Chairman walks into the center of the room and freezes.]

“What is this?”

[He looks up to see warding painted in white on the ceiling. Aggrieved, he bends over, pulling back the rug to reveal more.]

“I’m sorry to have to do this to you, old friend,” [Godfrey says with a true sense of disappointment.] “But I need answers. I need to know how you survived and I can’t risk you walking away again.”

[The Chief doesn’t hesitate this time. He folds his arms and comes clean.]

“Noah trapped me inside my own head; he locked me in my mind as a prisoner and refused to let me go. I fought back valiantly against his manipulative abuse, but as I grew weaker, I was offered a choice; to relent and say yes, or to be defiant and say no. I relented, Godfrey.”

[They stare at each other, in pure silence.]

“What did you say yes to, Chief?” [He demands to know, but does so carefully.] “What did you do to ensure your escape?”

[The Chief doesn’t answer. Instead, he walks casually from within the warding, having been able to escape this entire time. He wasn’t ever trapped, not like we or Godfrey thought. Godfrey stands in disbelief, unsure of himself.] [The Chairman places a hand on his shoulder, smiling.]

“I said yes to a better world.”

[He walks away, leaving his friend once again alone and surprised; what did The Chief say yes to? How dangerous may he be to humanity because of it?] [Cut.]