[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [In the office that formerly belonged to The Chief, a man stands behind the glass window, scraping the letters from it. He finally removes them all and steps back inside, walking behind the desk and taking a seat in the large leather chair.] [The camera comes to settle in front of him.]

“Vanguard, identification number zero, zero, one, confirm?”

“Identify confirmed,” [Vanguard replies robotically.] “Mr. Knot.”

[The man, with balding grey hair and a long brown moustache that stands out against the rest of his white beard, nods in satisfaction.]

“Very good,” [he mutters.] “Now Vanguard, there has been a change in the original protocol. Your mission objectives have changed. I will now be running the day to day operations of Old School Wrestling and you will serve as my assistant.”

“Yes, Mr. Knot.”

[He stands up, straightening out his suit.]

“As for this mysterious EF, I require you to remove all references in your database immediately and cease your alliance with The Informer.”

[There’s a pause.]

“Can you confirm, Vanguard?”



“Database purged.”

[Mr. Knot smiles.]

“Very good,” [he remarks with a nod.] “Finally, for my first act of business as appointed Chairman of Old School Wrestling, I need you to possess a form. These halls are extremely dangerous and your key objective is the safety and security of Mr. Knot, do you understand?”

“Objectives updated. Secure Mr. Knot at all costs.”

[The Chairman chuckles slightly, walking towards the door.] [Cut.]


[Static.] [Scanlines fill our screen as a VHS tape loads.] [The moon is high overhead, shimmering on a large body of water. Somewhere near a large lake, two women stand on a pier looking into the great beyond. One of them, a stunning black woman, turns to the other, a familiar white woman, with a sigh.]

“Not even the ‘Gram, Dani?”

[Danielle Kersh leans against a rail, sipping on a glass of wine. She looks down, her lips in a frown.]

“I told you, Sam. It’s not going to happen. I don’t want anyone to find me.”

[Sam places her hand on Dani’s chin, raising her gaze to meet hers.]

“Whoever it is, whatever it is, that you’re running from… you can’t run forever, you know?”

[Dani leans in for an embrace as the voice of Jon Davenport greets us.]

“My fellow Americans, Brent Kersh presents himself as a family man, a man of the people. But he ain’t what he says he is. The real America, the silent majority, needs to see what Beaufort’s favorite son really is.”

[The two women share a small kiss.]

“Exhibit A. The real America stands for family values. One man. One woman. A quiver full of children. That’s the way God almighty intended it to be. But that Kersh blood is tainted. His hellspawn he calls a daughter is living in sin. That ain’t American.”

[As the couple pull apart, the frame freezes and zoom’s in on Sam’s face.]

“And to beat it all, it’s one of them. Just another thug, a nappy headed hoe. Exhibit B.”

[The image fades out to show a picture of Brent Kersh with Jon Davenport beside it. There is an American flag hanging on the wall, and his dogs are knelt at his feet.]

“That’s what Brent Kersh is. He didn’t raise a real American. He raised a queer traitor to her people. That makes him a traitor. Brent Kersh ain’t ruining the real America anymore. These old dog’s still hunt, and when I pull the trigger, America is going to see Brent Kersh for what he really is.”

[The video turns to static as we zoom out from a video screen. Standing above the old CRT monitor is Brent Kersh.] [And he’s not happy.] [Cut.]


[Washington looks confident tonight as he looms over the much smaller Mysterion with a smile on his face!] [As soon as the bell rings Washington lays into Mysterion with a vicious combination of lefts and rights that effectively force him into the ropes! Nate grabs Mysterion and forces him over the ropes before holding him neck first on the ropes!! HE’S PRACTICALLY HANGING HIS OPPONENT! Mysterion kicks violently in an attempt to get free but Nate refuses to relent! The Cloaked Conundrum looks to be fading! No! He gets both feet on the ropes AND JABS A THUMB INTO WASHINGTON’S EYE! The Kingpin lets go to nurse his eye and Mysterion leaps off the ropes! FLYING KNEE TO THE FACE!] [Mysterion gasps for air once he lands, his throat undoubtedly injured from the brutal choke. He gets to his feet just in time for Nate to wrap a hand around that very same injured throat! CHOKESLAM- NO! MYSTERION WRAPS HIS LEGS AROUND NATE’S HEAD AND HITS A DEVASTATING FRANKENSTEINER! Mysterion hits the ropes and comes back with a leaping dropkick to the face of Washington that sends the Kingpin rolling across the mat! Washington is dazed and Mysterion is still nursing his injured throat! Washington refuses to stay down, using the ropes to pull himself to his feet as Mysterion scrambles away!] [Washington is a man possessed, running towards Mysterion and dropping a knee into the teenager’s back that forces Mysterion into the ground! Washington peels him off of the mat and tosses him across the ring with a massive German Suplex! Mysterion is in dire straights as he fights to get to his feet! HE DODGES A BOOT BY WASHINGTON AND TRIPS THE KINGPIN! Washington tries to get to his feet but Mysterion leaps with a bulldog that keeps him grounded! The young villain scales the ropes as Nate stirs AND LEAPS FOR THE PUNCH OF DOOM! SUPERMAN PUNCH! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [Against all odds Mysterion comes out ahead here tonight! He nurses his throat as he exits the ring!]


[We open to Arthur, standing victoriously over That 90’s Team as we saw in Double Tap. The camera pans outwards, showing it to be an image on a tv mounted onto a solid stone wall.] [We’re back in the Temple, with a new crowd of Templars. A man stands by the screen donned in the traditional cassock of the Templar knights. He looks up to the screen, and gestures a hand to the undead lich grimacing out from it.}

“King Arthur. One of our greatest duties as Templars was to keep the king of legend sealed away, resting forever in a tomb filled with the gas of sleep. It was built to deal with the curse of a man who sacrificed it all, and yet could not die.”

[He narrates to someone in the room, flicking through a small series of screenshots. We see the tomb from before, along with the bodies of the guards that had stood before the door.]

“We were tasked by the Church to watch over his rest. Now that he rises, the curse that lets him live corrupts his mind. We fear that he may be truly gone from us, forever lost to the tides of time.”

[He pauses, lowering his head.]

“Brother Godfrey, before his death, entrusted the Templars and I, Father Dominic to resume the duties of those that had died before us. So I entrust you, Dark Knight, to handle putting him to rest again.”

[From the corner of the room, Knightwatch emerges, walking forward and coming face to face with the priest. We see Dominic squirm underneath the void like gaze of the mask, before he speaks.}

“Ut Deus vota.”


[Three Vindicators are set to take on three Newcomers tonight. Will the heroes prevail, or will the newcomers make a statement against them?] [The bell rings and Knightwatch kicks things off against Redwing, locking up in the center of the ring. Knightwatch transitions Redwing into a side headlock, who shoves him off. Knightwatch bounces off the ropes, returning with a dropkick that sends Redwing into Knightwatch’s corner! Jon Davenport sends a stiff elbow into Redwing’s head, which causes Spero and Gameboy to try and run into the ring! The referee is distracted while Zander Zane is BLATANTLY CHOKING Redwing, and Knightwatch delivers kick after kick to the hero!] [The referee turns and Zane breaks the hold in time to claim deniability. Redwing takes the opportunity to hit Knightwatch with a quick kick to the gut and a DDT! Redwing scrambles for his corner, making the tag to Spero, just as Knightwatch tags in Davenport! Spero launches himself into the ring and meets Davenport in the center, exchanging punches! Spero launches a kick into Davenport, but Davenport catches his foot! ENZIGUIRI! NO! DAVENPORT DUCKS IT AND STOMPS SPERO IN THE BACK! He delivers boot after boot into Spero, who finds himself clamoring for the ropes. Davenport moves in, but Spero LEAPS up and nails Davenport with a HURRICANRANA!] [Spero finds his corner and tags in Gameboy. Gameboy leaps over the ropes, lifts Davenport and irish whips him into the ropes. Zander Zane tags himself in as Davenport returns, and Gameboy doesn’t see it! Gameboy hits Davenport with a LEVEL ONE! Davenport hits the ground, but Zander Zane nails Gameboy with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Zander Zane makes the cover! One… Two… Gameboy kicks out! Zander drags Gameboy to his feet, BUT GAMEBOY HITS HIM WITH A SURPRISE JAWBREAKER!!! He runs against the ropes. THE RESET!!! NO!!! HOLY FUCK!!! ZANDER REACHED HIS FEET WITH INCREDIBLE SPEED AND HIT THE MIC DROP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESET!!! FLAPJACK FUCKING STUNNER!!! One… Two… THREE!] [The new members of the roster pick up a statement victory over three of the Vindicators tonight, their futures looking bright indeed!]


[It’s been a few tough weeks for poor Happy. Last week at Double Tap may have lifted his spirits momentarily but he’s still looking for a friend.] [We join the poor guy, standing backstage with a large piece of cardboard, thrusting it in the faces of just about anyone who walks by.] [On it? Those famous words; ‘Free Hugs!’] [The next person to pass him by doesn’t seem as dismissive as the others. He stops, looks the sign up and down and strokes his moustache.]

“What’s the malfunction with you, young man?”

[It’s Edgar Nevermore.] [And Happy doesn’t quite know how to respond.]

“Why’re you out here offering these people free hugs? You should have a little more decorum. It’s quite, quite, impolite to be pestering even these kinds of people.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Nevermore, I’m just trying to make friends. I’m so happy to be here but every time I’ve tried to make a friend, something has gone wrong.”

[Edgar lifts his head slightly, rubbing his chin.]

“I see,” [he considers.] “Perhaps it’s the kinds of people you’ve tried to associate with, young fellow? There isn’t a great deal in the way of upper class around these parts. I wouldn’t befriend one of these people for any sane purpose.”

[Happy thinks about that for a minute, not quite understanding.]

“I guess?” [He says a little bewildered.] “I don’t really know what you mean, Mr. Nevermore.”

[Edgar throws an arm casually around his shoulder and pulls him a little closer, grasping a little tight.]

“Precisely, chap. Precisely.”

[The Poet smiles, keeping Happy tight as they walk away together, leaving us behind in the middle of the hallway.]


[“The Bishop” D’von Chambers takes on the happiest-go-lucky man on the OSW roster, Happy! Who will come out on top? Let’s find out!] [The bell rings and we’re off! Happy’s offer of a pre-match handshake meets a massive grin from Chambers as he returns the favor. However, he refuses to let go and whips Happy back in to a LARIAT that sends him spinning! Happy pop’s back up but Chambers flips him circles with a TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER! The innocent Happy stumbles back up to his feet but Chambers is waiting for a spinning SPINEBUSTER SLAM! Chambers flashes a toothy grin before ascending to the top-turnbuckle, leaping forward with a DIVING HEADBUTT! Happy rolls out of the ring, writhing on the concrete floor in pain!] [D’von takes his sweet time, manically stalking the younger Happy! But Happy’s gained composure and is waiting on Chambers! Happy bobs-and-weaves D’von’s wild haymakers before Chambers punches the steel post! Happy rolls in the ring and D’von follows but before Chambers can get up, Happy propels forward with a BOOMSTICK! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Happy hits a SLIDING DROPKICK to Chambers’ ankle, and as he bounces up, drapes a dazed Chambers’ face-first over the turnbuckle and charges with a FLYING KNEE to the back of D’von’s head! He crumbles over for a quick pin but Chambers kicks our at TWO!] [The fast-and-furious onslaught continues as Happy jumps to the second turnbuckle and dives with a DOUBLE AXEHANDLE to Chambers’ head! He lurches forward with three huge forearm smashes … a smile flashes across the face of Happy as the crowd counts along with every strike! Chambers, in a stupor, repels off the ropes as Happy hurdles at D’von grabbing him by the neck with the NKO! A RUNNING LEAPING NECKBREAKER! NO! Chambers catches him and tosses him in to the corner! Chambers is on the prowl now and grabs Happy up by the hair but Happy dips underneath his grasp, firing back with a SHADOWKICK! But Chambers catches his foot, throws it down, and boots him in the stomach! He flips Happy in the air … THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE (SPINNING RAZOR’S EDGE)! He covers! One… two… THREE!] [D’von Chambers picks up the win in impressive fashion here tonight!]


[Troy Solveig.] [Not the person, but merely a label that hangs upon one of many of the steel doors found among the backstage corridors of the Tap Room.] [That’s our view as the sound of heavy footsteps approach from a distance; becoming louder with each step.] [We cannot see the owner of the noise, but we already have a guess at who it is and by the time we know he has lowered his head to enter through the door of his locker room.] [Volsungr steps into the room, allowing the door to close gently behind him. However, when he raises his head he realizes that he is not where he intended to be.] [Needful Things.] [Confused, Solveig glances back at the steel door which has now indeed transformed into the wooden entrance of the mysterious store. Cautiously, he looks around. Peering through the nooks and crannies that the inventory of collectibles and antiques provide.] [And from the back of the complex, he surfaces.] [Nicholas Mammon.]

“Ah, Mr. Solveig” [The Salesman smiles.] “I was expecting you!”

[Volsungr looks ahead with squinted, cynical eyes.]

“What is this place?”

“This?” [Mammon answers innocently.] “Why it’s my store ole chap. Needful Things I call it.”

“Yes but, I did not come to your store it…” [Solveig pauses, fighting the confusion.] “Came to me.”

“Yes well…” [The Salesman smiles slyly.] “We shan’t waste time on the smaller details.”

“Then why did you bring me here?” [Solveig scowls.] “To your collection of dust?”

“Come now Mr. Solveig” [Mammon’s voice deepening.] “There is no need to be shrewd.”


[Volsungr roars at The Salesman, prompting him a startle before slowly displaying a grin.]

“I’ve come to learn you are in need of something Mr. Solveig and well… I have just the thing for you!”

“I do not need anything that you can deliver Salesman!”

“Mr. Solveig, Troy… correct?” [Mammon reasons.] “You’ve been wondering about for weeks now in search of your glory or your destiny, whatever that may be, and what have you accomplished? You do indeed need something and I do intend to deliver it’s just that…”

[Mammon pauses, his hesitation piquing Solveig’s interest.]


“Everything has a price!”

[Mammon smiles yet in response, Solveig merely lets out a disgruntled snort.]

“That is may mortal just as death comes for us all but if you do not lead me away from this place now the price of my visit will be death much sooner for you!”

[There is a long intense silence before Mammon motions behind him.]

“Just as you came Mr. Solveig. Just as you came.”

[Volsungr glares at The Salesman before stepping backwards; his hand reaching for the knob of the door before gripping and slowly opening it, the god making his exit.] [And just as before, as the door comes closed behind him, Volsungr finds himself in the corridor of the Tap Room.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[In a possible battle of wits the teacher takes on the mad scientist!] [Quinn tries to lock up with Mindfuck but the doctor slips behind him and hits him with a stiff elbow to the back of the head! Quinn stumbles forward and MINDFUCK LEAPS IN FRONT OF HIM WITH A CUTTER! Quinn hits the mat and Mindfuck drops a leaping elbow across his back for good measure! Quinn tries to get to his feet but Mindfuck grabs his foot and drags him to the center of the ring before rolling into a kneebar! Mr. Quinn tries to fight through the pain as Mindfuck wrenches back on the hold! Will he tap!?] [Quinn is in intense pain from the hold! Will Mindfuck break him!? NO! BOOT FROM QUINN TO THE JAW OF MINDFUCK! The Doctor lets loose a string of profanity as he holds his mouth, getting up INTO A BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX BY QUINN! Redmond rolls backward and grabs Mindfuck into a Camel Clutch! He tries to lean back, holding tight to Mindfuck’s jaw WHEN MINDFUCK LASHES OUT WITH A PUNCH TO THE THROAT! Quinn stumbles off of Mindfuck and The Mad Scientist rolls to his feet, turning around and kicking Quinn in the shin! DDT TO QUINN! The Tutor is sent headfirst into the mat!] [Mindfuck smirks as he drags Quinn to the turnbuckle, hitting the ropes and coming back with a leaping Bronco Buster- QUINN MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Mindfuck lands groin first into the turnbuckle and Redmond catches him with a leaping inverted DDT! He drags Mindfuck out of the corner and hits the ropes, coming back with a knee drop to the chest that makes Mindfuck gasp for air! Quinn rolls through and waits for Mindfuck to get to his feet BEFORE LEAPING OVER HIM INTO A SUNSET POWERBOMB! DETENTION! He holds in the pin! One! Two! Three!] [Redmond Quinn rises in victory, not even looking at Mindfuck as he leaves the ring!]


[Earlier tonight.] [The bar at the Tap Room is filled with patrons eager to enjoy a few drinks before VHS gets underway, one of whom is immediately familiar to us…Zander Zane, fresh off his debut at Double Tap, looking to have some fun with a double tap of his own as he chats it up with a pair of ladies. The three of them are in good spirits, clinking their bottles of booze with glee.]

“Those were the days, I tell ya. Some beautiful music, paired with beautiful women such as yourselves, always made for a good time. That’s the life I live, always looking for the next party, the next rush. It’s like I always say, ladies…it’s better to crash and burn than to fade away. We’ve only got one life to live, why not enjoy every passing minute of it?”

[The ladies giggle at the sound of Zane’s philosophy, drawing a grin on the face of the Rock God as he takes another swig from his bottle before slamming it down on the counter.]

“Say, you ladies wanna sneak peek of the latest single from THE Zander Zane? I’ll give ya a personal tour of my studio, and if you’re really lucky I’ll even let ya play with the equipment.”

[The ladies nod with another giggle as he leads them away from the bar to help him…get ready for the night, as it were. As the three of them head through the door, we notice a figure sitting at the opposite end of the bar, cloaked in the shadows. The shadow leans forward, revealing Shadow with a scornful look on his face.]

“I’ll bet you say that to all the ladies, don’t you? It looks like someone will have to save you from yourself, Zander Zane.”

[With that, the Avenging Angel gets up from his seat, heading out on his latest pursuit as the party continues on at the bar.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle between divine and disgusting as it’s Shadow battling against David Manson!] [The bell sounds as these two collide in the center of the ring with a bevy of blows back and forth! Manson gets the better of the exchange with a thumb to the eye of The Angel! Shadow staggers backwards as Manson rushes towards him as they both tumble over the top rope to the floor below! MANSON CLOTHESLINE! The Bowman of the Red River just grabs Shadow and slams his head down upon the top of the steel steps! AGAIN! A THIRD ONE! Blood begins to flow from the head of Shadow! The Avenging Angel is in bad shape here!] [Manson rolls Shadow into the ring before sliding in himself. He’s taking his time now with a vile grin upon his face as he seemingly follows the bloody path to Shadow who is crawling away. Manson stomps on the arm of Shadow seemingly pinning the angel’s wing to the mat. David Manson delivers a vicious kick right to the ribs before grabbing the hair of Shadow as he lifts him up to his feet. Manson rushes towards the ropes and delivers a running neck-NO! ANGEL BEAT! The superkick stopped Manson as they both collide to the mat. Shadow rolls onto his back before he KIPS to his feet!] [The blood is flowing down his face and the mat is soaked in it, but Shadow’s eyes are ablaze as he looks at the person who opened him up. Manson slowly comes to his feet as Shadow hits a somersault transitioned into a reverse DDT! OVER YOUR SHOULDER! Only Shadow doesn’t go for a pin! He mounts Manson and begins drilling punches in! Blow after blow after blow as Manson has gone limp in his hands as the blood begins to pour from the forehead of Manson! The Avenging Angel seems appeased by this as he springs off the top rope for a 450 splash! FROM THE HEAVENS! One…Two…THREE!] [Shadow rises to his feet with a stagger as the red river flows along the mat from the heads of Shadow and Manson here tonight.]


[Cha-Ching!] [Karrde’s Casino is heard in the background, men losing money quickly, the sounds of desparation and loss echoing throughout. Karrde watches with a smile on his face, eying the floor…] [When a voice breaks through, overpowering the sounds of gambling, leaving all the patrons in silence.]

“Do not waste your life away in sin, my brothas!”

[Karrde stands up from his chair so fast it gets sent backward, a sneer forming on his face as he sees the source of the disturbance. Standing on the stage in the center of this crowd, a microphone in hand, D’von Chambers. Karrde rushes to the stage as Chambers speaks.]

“You place yo bets on the wheels of the devil, and in doing so are betting your eternal souls against the material things of this world. If you stay in these halls, your soul shall forever burn on a pile of the money you so coveted!”

[A crowd forms around Chambers, Karrde forcing his way through, practically shoving D’von out of the way as he yanks the mic from his hand, tossing it aside.]

“Now, what the fuck do ya think you’re doin’ in my casino, boy?”

[Karrde’s steps towards Chambers, the preacher merely smirking in return.]

“What am I doin’, brotha? I’m tryin’ to save your customer’s souls. I’m trying to save your eternal spirit! I have been disgraced, my congregation is gone. And to gain it back, I must speak the good word, fight the good fight! I must go to the source of sin, I must place ma’ bets against you so that I may have a chance to save not just ma’ self, but the souls of every greedy, envious man who walks through those doors.”

“You ain’t doin’ nothin’ in my house, Chambers. I let one religious nut in here, and I ain’t keen on lettin’ another speak gibberish to my good payin’ customers. Get the fuck outta my casino before I make you get out.”

[Karrde stomps towards Chambers, reaching out after him only for Chambers to back into the crowd, the confused bystanders not even thinking to stop him as he disappears towards the exit. Karrde watches helplessly, unable to push through the crowd as Chambers yells out to him once more.]

“Your soul must be saved, Karrde! I ain’t here for your money, I’m here by God’s Will!”

[With those last words, Chambers is gone. Karrde looks on incredulously before returning to his chair, the Invasion Winner already formulating a plan for this newfound pest.]


[The Heir Eternal and the Poet meet in the center of the ring with Nevermore offering a handshake!] [Eli looks at the hand and slaps it away before ELBOWING NEVERMORE IN THE JAW! Edgar staggers backward and wipes a speck of blood from his lip before RETURNING WITH AN ELBOW OF HIS OWN! The Poet is quick to capitalize with a massive dragon suplex! Eli is down and Nevermore allows him to get to a knee before dropping down with a DDT! The Gentleman is in control as he drags Eli to his feet and whips him into the corner! Nevermore flies forward with a clothesline- ELI POPS HIM UP AND SENDS HIM CHEST FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!] [Forever moves to the opposite turnbuckle, waiting for Nevermore to turn around before rushing forward WITH A MASSIVE DROPKICK THAT STUNS NEVERMORE! The Poet’s back nails the turnbuckle, seating him in the corner and allowing Eli to stomp a mudhole in him! He holds his foot against Edgar’s throat, squeezing down for a moment before letting go and dragging Nevermore out of the corner and slingshotting him into the ropes! Nevermore bounces back into a clothesline by Eli- NO! NEVERMORE CATCHES THE ARM AND ROLLS THROUGH WITH AN ARMBAR! Forever is in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go!] [Nevermore has the hold locked in tight as the Forever Father tries to break free! He looks close to tapping as he holds his hand in the air! HE SWINGS DOWN ONTO NEVERMORE’S KNEE! Forever lands a vicious elbow! Another! Another! The Poet is forced to let go and Eli forces himself free! Nevermore is to his feet just in time to duck a clothesline from Eli! Forever bounces off the rope and comes back, INTO A WAITING NEVERMORE’S ARMS! HE HAMMERLOCKS NEVERMORE! THE OXFORD COMMA! MODIFIED LEGSWEEP DDT! Nevermore covers! One! Two! Three!] [The Gentleman wipes the dust from himself before exiting the ring, another win to his name!]


“Man, it’s just so awesome that we’re a team now! The Vindicators are going to be a force to be reckoned with, buddy!”

[Gameboy is jovially walking down the hallway as Redwing moves alongside him, quietly.]

“Aren’t you excited? Maybe we should try to get matching outfits or something. I’m due a new skin or…”


[Gameboy freezes in place as Redwing clings to the wall hiding himself in the darkness. Gameboy slowly turns toward Redwing who is listening intently.]

“What is it?”

“I thought I heard…”


[It’s at this moment that Dr. Mindfuck, Mysterion, and a slew of robots step into the hallway with guns aimed at the two heroes.]

“After you royally FUCKED me and my work, I’m not going to stop Mysterion. I’m going to allow him to just SKIN YOU ALIVE, Gameboy!”

[Gameboy gulps as Mysterion steps forward and raises a fist with a USB drive in his hand.]

“With this USB Killer, I will put you away just like my old foe, Mainframe.”

[A blue blur sprints across the screen! The USB Killer is yanked from the hand of Mysterion who blinks blankly for a second before looking down at his now-empty hand.] [He looks up to see the Blue Lantern of Hope standing before him with his hands on his hips.]

“This has nothing to do with you! Get out of the way and wait your turn, bluebell!”

[Spero doesn’t budge as he stands between the two groups, drawing a line in the sand. He points at one of the robots as The USB Killer is shown sticking out of it.]

“As long as you threaten the innocent and they have hope, I will never falter, villain.”

[BOOM!] [The robot explodes in an electrical explosion! Wingarangs begin flying through the air and take out robots as do Red Turtle Shells! The robots begin exploding as Mindfuck and Mysterion see the tide turning as they turn tail!] [The heroes smile at their retreat before the two villains eventually stop with Mindfuck being extremely out of breath.]


[Mysterion looks at him before shaking his head.]

“We need numbers, Mindfuck. As much as I deplore working with more potential heroes, we need to turn the numbers back in our favor.”

[Mindfuck catches his breath for a moment before nodding.]

“I think I have JUST THE PERSON!”


[The Salesman finally met a man he didn’t have a price for at Ring of Dreams but he looks to regain his strength against the uncrowned number one contender. Can Mammon put down the enigmatic Karrde or will he just be another Jackpot in Karrde’s winning streak?] [The bell rings as both men come rushing out of the corner, Mammon with a flurry of stiff forearm shots that Karrde takes full force. A massive lifting forearm snaps Karrde’s head back as he stumbles a few feet backwards before shaking his head and exploding with a huge Lariat that turns Mammon inside out. Mammon stumbles to his feet right into a huge knee to the gut before he’s lifted up off his feet, FISHERMAN’s SUPLEX! Karrde holds him down for the bridge as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…Mammon just gets the shoulder up!] [Both men quickly get to their feet as Karrde greets Mammon with a stiff shot to the sternum that doubles him over before backing up, DRAWING…Mammon just slips out of the way, drilling Karrde to the mat with a desperation bulldog. A sharp knee to the back stiffens Karrde as he rises, before he’s driven over Mammon’s knee with a modified STO. Mammon doesn’t cover, instead backing up as Karrde slowly rises, THE HARD SELL! Sling Blade plants Karrde to the mat as the Salesman drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Karrde gets the shoulder up! Mammon tries to pull Karrde up to his feet but the wily brawler trips Mammon up, possibly trying to lock in the Double Down. Mammon manages to slip out, drilling Karrde with a knee to the jaw, THE PRICE CHECK! Karrde looks to be down and out as Mammon rolls back, pulling down his kneepad as he looks for the end. Wild Karrde slowly rises, KNEE-DFUL THINGS! A massive knee to the jaw knocks Karrde out cold as Mammon drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Mammon picks up a huge victory here tonight, putting down the Invasion holder as he begins climbing back up the ranks to take on Newton once again]


[A secluded area backstage.] [A somewhat subdued Berengar kneels stoically, eyes awake and unblinking. Awake but deep in thought. He mulls to himself.]

“Something else is coming. Something that plagues our existence. But what, we do not know. And how to stop it…”

“We don’t know that either.”

[Vigilkeeper chimes in, answering what Berengar already knows. The Void Knight nods, standing to his feet.]

“Till then, we stand vigil, watching… protecting… Ready to vindicate any evil that threatens this place.”

“This is bigger than any one person.”

[A presence stirs in the room. It is not so much heard as it is felt. That is until a single audible breath is heard, exhaling.]

“Quiet down here, ain’t it?”

[The voice doesn’t reveal itself straight away, though the tone is recognisable.]

“So quiet… If you still yourself just long enough, you can almost hear the blood pumping through your veins. Calling out to me…”

[Berengar shifts, drawing Vigilkeeper from its sheath.]

“If you still yourself just long enough, in our vigil, the evil that must be vindicated will find you. One needs not search for it.”

[A flash of light as a match strikes a lantern, and a flurry of movement. David Manson comes at Berengar, blade drawn. Berengar moves in time, though Manson cuts a glancing blow with the knife across the Void Knight’s arm that is enough to draw blood.]

“There it is. That Red River. There’s plenty more where that spring came from.”

[He swings his lantern again, the only source of light in the room and charges in the direction Berengar was, but the Void Knight is not there any more. Berengar and Vigilkeeper have gone.]

“Nawww, come on. We are just getting started, bubba.”

[He chuckles into the silent air but his voice is met with no reply. Manson holds the blade up to his face, the tip still wet with a trickle of Berengar’s blood.]

“There’s plenty more river to flow yet…”


[The Streak is on the line once again as it’s Edward Newton battling against Dante Xavier!] [The bell sounds as these two circle around the ring. Newton strikes first with a quick kick to the midsection before whipping Dante into the corner. Newton charges towards him and nails him with a running shoulder charge into the corner. The Riddler turns Dante around and begins bashing his head into the turnbuckle! One Hit! Two Hits! THREE! Edward Newton pauses for a second before Dante just vanishes! The Riddler turns around confused before he sees Dante standing on the top turnbuckle in front of him! THE NEXT TRICK! The Corkscrew blockbuster connects! Dante goes for the pin!] [One…Two…KICKOUT! The Riddler won’t go down that easy! Dante pulls Newton to his feet before springing off the second rope for a crossbody! It connects, but Newton rolls through! The Riddler gets to his feet with Dante in his arms! Fallaway slam! Dante hits the mat before rolling into the ropes. Edward Newton is quick to his feet as he stalks Dante. He grabs Dante by the hair and lifts him to his feet before wrapping up the head of Dane into the RIDDLER KNOCK OUT! But Dante escapes the hold before it can connect by rolling out of the ring.] [The Riddler does not relent as he rolls out of the ring to give chase, but Dante swings around the ring post and slides back in. Newton chases, but he stops himself at the apron as he sees Dante there ready to stop him with a kick. Newton smirks as he taps his head, but Dante springs from the second rope out onto Newton with a double rotation moonsault from the second rope! HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE! Dante slams Newton to the floor before rolling him into the ring. Dante climbs to the top rope and leaps again! THE FINAL ACT! MISSES! Newton managed to dodge out of the way! Xavier’s head is snapped back into a Scorpion Death Drop! THE RIDDLER KNOCK OUT! Newton covers! One…Two…THREE!] [Edward Newton has done it again by defeating Dante Xavier!]


[The Gentlemen Club.] [Inside the very respectable establishment belonging to The Gentlemen, our aforementioned trio stand united in the middle of the room. They’re sharply dressed as always, puffing on ginormous cigars whilst holding goblets topped with delicious expensive brandy.] [The door suddenly opens and in walks a familiar face; only he isn’t quite as familiar as usual. Wearing a black suit, looking rather uncomfortable and sporting a fancy moustache of his own, Happy meets them inside.]

“Wow, Mr. Happy, you look absolutely spiffing,” [Nevermore says, raising his brandy glass.] “And that moustache, you can hardly tell it’s stuck on.”

[Happy smiles goofily.]

“We’re very glad you could join us as an apprentice,” [Mammon says, also raising his glass.] “And furthermore, a friend.”

[An absolutely thrilled Happy lunges forward to hug Mammon, but Nevermore steps in.]

“Ah, ah, ah,” [he says wagging a finger.] “That isn’t how gentlemen conduct themselves, sport. In these such circumstances, we offer a firm but respectable handshake. Do as I do, dear boy.”

[Edgar turns to Nicholas and they shake hands.] [Happy nods, gleefully offering a hand that Mammon first accepts, followed by Nevermore.]

“Slightly moist,” [Nevermore bemoans, wiping his hand on Happy’s jacket.] ”But nice and firm, none the less. Now be a good lad and fetch us a refill, would you? There’s much work to be done and a Gentlemen should never process the day without a fitting beverage.”

[The young Happy takes their glasses and rushes off.] [Mammon turns to Nevermore with a smile.]

“This is an absolutely wonderful idea, old boy,” [he says proudly.] “A spark of genius if I don’t say so myself.”

[The Poet grins back, taking a puff of his cigar.]

“He’ll be a great service boy, especially for the menial and intrusive tasks we’d rather not undertake ourselves. Besides, at Crash and Burn, I’ll teach the boy a jolly good lesson, pad myself a victory on the way to an eventual Singles Championship and be thanked by his idiocy in the process.”

[Mammon, Royal and Nevermore laugh in unison, clinking their glasses.]

“I’ll drink to that.”



[The Enforcer finally faced his fears at Ring of Dreams but he faces off against another kind of monster in the Superior here tonight. Can Kersh retain his title once more or will Wolfgang take his first taste of gold?] [The bell rings as Wolfgang rushes forward, taking Kersh by surprise with a stiff hook to the jaw before underhooking the Enforcer under both arms, drilling Kersh with a series of sickening Muay Thai knees, a final one stunning the Enforcer who finds himself flying through the air with a huge Belly to Belly. Kersh stumbles to his feet as Wolfgang rushes forward, 148…Kersh ducks under the Spartan Kick as he snaps Wolfgang to the mat with a snap neckbreaker] [Wolfgang quickly gets to his feet right into a huge European Uppercut by Kersh who hoists Wolfgang into the air, trying for a Suplex but Wolfgang lands on his feet, nailing the turning Kersh with a stiff uppercut before lifting him up high, BLITZKREIG! A huge Powerbomb sends Kersh crashing down onto his neck as Wolfgang drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Kersh just gets the shoulder up. The Enforcer slowly gets up to his feet, 148..Kersh sees the kick in time and just avoids it as a sneer crosses the Superior’s face] [Wolfgang turns around right into a kick to the face, SPINEBUSTER! Kersh rolls through for the cover, ONE…TW..Wolfgang pops the shoulder up. Kersh rolls to his feet, waiting for Kersh to get to his feet, LARIAT! It hits hard but Wolfgang’s still on his feet as he staggers back before leaping forward with a jaw crunching Big Boot! Wolfgang pulls Kersh to his feet, tossing him across the ring but he drops his head down too early as Kersh grabs him mid-run, as he lifts him up into the air with a Suplex before spinning around, MODIFIED SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Wolfgang is out as Kersh drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Enforcer does it, using his experience and veteran instincts to grab a victory out of nowhere and prove why he’s one of the best in the world today]


[Previously Recorded.] [Eternity on the Hill.] [The fortified walls of Eli Forever’s nest stretch high up to a setting sun. The Endless Spring flows at the bottom of the hill, and on the road beside, Edward Newton cuts a lonely figure against the blotted out sun as he approaches the gates. A lookout stands at the gate.]

“What is your business on the Hill?”

[Newton barely looks at the man, studying the walls themselves, particularly the locks for the gate.]

“Is the Heir Eternal in? I’d very much like to hear the message.”

[The lookout grins.]

“He is in, indeed. He is in the oratory, speaking wisdom to those who would hear it.”

[The large door swings open, and the lookout ushers Newton in. The OSW World Champion walks down the streets, his eyes taking in every person in his path and every adjacent path. Without a care, Newton makes his way to the aforementioned oratory. The doors to the chapel creak as they open, and there is no congregation.] [Instead, the room is empty, save for Eli Forever, standing in the pulpit.]

“Welcome, Mr. Newton, I have been expecting you.”

[Edward makes his way up the aisle, his eyes not moving from Forever. As he reaches the area right below Forever, Newton finally speaks in response.]

“Were you afraid I would do to you what I did to poor Mr. Chambers?”

[Eli shakes his head in the negative.]

“My congregation are not as fickle as his. They do not search blindly for answers, for they have found the only answer they need. Tell me, Edward, do you bring me a riddle?”

[Newton sneers.]

“If you’re the answer, why request a riddle?”

[He pauses before continuing.]

“I came here to hear your message, nothing more and nothing less. Yet it seems that I found what I expected to in this hall. Beautiful on the outside. Empty on the inside. You wish to take what is most dear to me, Eli Forever, so you have become my business. I will not wait idly by for you to attack me.”

[Forever peers down over the top of his sunglasses at Newton.]

“Very well spoken, as usual. But you are correct, despite your rudeness. I am the answer.”

[The sneer becomes a grin.]

“Perhaps. Yet I do not feel the prick of a thorn as I stand before you. Perhaps you are not the answer I seek today.”

[Forever is confused by the comment, but before he can retort Newton turns around, speaking as he walks away.]

“A pity I didn’t hear your message, Eli. Next time, you can come to me.”

[The door slams shut behind Newton, as Forever seems confused by what the hell just happened.]


[Static.] [We open to a black screen, glitching and full of static. A figure enters frame from the left, wearing a black half face mask that hides his identity. He stands before us, putting a finger to his lips.]

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. Among these, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

[He shakes his head.]

“Unless you’re loud and black and possess an opinion. In that case, all you get is a bullet.”

[His eyes widen somewhat.]

“Listening to Pac isn’t going to make it stop. You have to be an actor, or you won’t be a factor. This endless stream of violence, corruption and racism has to come to an end. It won’t happen overnight. It won’t stop because we simply want it to.”

[He pauses.]

“We have to make it.”

[He tilts his head and steps slightly closer, reaching out to grab the camera.]

“There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop.”

[He laughs.]

“My name is Luther Creed and The Revolution begins now.”



[Some of the greatest competitors in OSW history have tried to sit on the Iron Throne and tonight, two more fight for the right. Will the Void Knight retain his crown or will the Lich King add another to his collection?] [The bell sounds as both men rush one another, pounding down with heavy lefts and rights an exchange neither man seems to get the better of. A stiff knee to the jaw seems to stagger back Arthur as he’s lifted high up onto Berenger’s shoulder in a Firemans Carry, as the Void Knight runs forward before driving him into the corner with a modified Slam! Arthur staggers to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights that cause him to stumble to the ropes before a massive Lariat sends Arthur tumbling over them to the floor below. Arthur lands on his feet but he’s dazed as Berenger quickly rolls to the outside to continue the assault] [A hard slam into the nearby turnbuckle post seems to barely affect Arthur as Berenger tries to slam him into the steps but the incredible strength of the former King flows through, pushing Berenger aside before tossing him with ease into the barricade. The Void Knight tries to get to his feet but Arthur begins stomping down with ferocity, nearly cracking his ribs with every blow. Arthur pulls Berenger up to his feet, but he gets kicked low before a desperation DDT into the steel steps dazes Arthur enough for the Void Knight to get some distance] [Arthur slowly pulls himself up with the barricade as Berenger sizes him up, rushing forward before leaping off the steps with A MASSIVE SPEAR AS HE SENDS BOTH HIM AND ARTHUR THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Both men look wiped out as the crowd are beside themselves, a huge ‘HOLY SHIT’ chant breaks out as Berenger slowly rises to his feet, clearly hurting as he pulls Arthur to his feet, dragging him towards the stage and the Iron Throne. Berenger barely gets halfway there before Arthur pushes off, tossing Berenger away with an almighty hip toss] [Berenger manages to roll to his feet but rushes right into a stiff right to the jaw that nearly knocks him out cold before dropping down and locking in Guinevere’s Grace! The Kneebar is locked in tight as Berenger tries to fight out but Arthur’s strength is incredible, greater then anything he’s ever encountered as he taps out endlessly…but you can’t lose this match that way. Berenger screams in pain, finally drilling Arthur with a stiff kick to the jaw with his other leg that allows him to slip out of the hold but his left leg is barely usable, he’s not quite forced to kneel..but he’s not far off] [A huge right hand drops Berenger as Arthur begins to walk towards the throne but before he can sit down, he’s grabbed from behind as Berenger tries to lock in Destiny’s Maw. Arthur is too strong however as he easily breaks the hold, kicking Berenger low before stepping back, KING’S CROSSING! That huge knee hits flush as Berenger may be out cold. King Arthur slowly sitting down on the throne as he waits for the Void Knight to get to his feet] [Berenger slowly rises, sinking down to one knee in pain but he refuses to let his other knee sink as he rises to his feet with a roar, DELIVERING A HUGE SPEAR AS HE SENDS ARTHUR INTO THE THRONE! Arthur staggers out of the Throne as Berenger with a burst of strength lifts him up high, slamming him into a nearby wall before sending him crashing down on the steel with the Vanquisher! Berenger collapses onto the throne as Arthur slowly rises, before collapsing to his knees as he bows before the victor!] [The Void Knight does it, somehow surviving the impossible strength of the Lich King to sit on the Throne and retain his VHS title here tonight]


[Dreary skies turn the natural light a darker shade as the smell of rain begins filling the air. It’s grey and it’s miserable; it’s a funeral.] [The sound of weeping mourners bounces around the open cemetery as thirty people surround a black coffin in various black attire. There’s so much sadness as Redmond Quinn approaches from a distance. His arrival causes a stir, with a woman breaking down at the very sight of him.] [He takes off his glasses and lowers his head, trying to remain inconspicuous, but it’s too late.] [Knowing what’s ahead, he turns around, tempted to make a brisk exit, only an elderly black man, sixty five at minimum, spins him around furiously.]

“How dare you show your face here,” [he says, socking Quinn fiercely in the mouth. Redmond doesn’t stumble, he simply snaps with the blow.] “He trusted you, you son of a bitch. He trusted you!”

“I’m sorry,” [Quinn says softly.] “I’m so sorry Mr. Doebern.”

“I don’t know what you got him mixed up in but he was scared, Redmond!”

[The Teacher rubs his jaw.]

“I don’t know what to say, Mr. Doebern. I wanted to help Kane, I wanted to teach him about the business. He wasn’t just my student, he was my friend and I let him down.”

[The father shakes his head, his face reddening with rage.]

“You need to find out who killed my boy, do you understand me? If you want to make this right, you need to look into whatever mess you created and bring the person responsible to justice. God help me, Quinn, if you don’t. God help me.”

[Redmond nods his head.]

“Now get the fuck out of here. You’re not welcome.”

[Kane’s father walks away abruptly, leaving the teacher to wallow in his own self-pity. He puts his glasses back on and turns away, leaving the cemetery behind. Looking back at the mourners, his face of sadness slowly turns to that of rage.] [He can’t contain it.] [Suddenly, the sound of blaring sirens can be heard in the distance, getting closer and closer until two squad cars pull up alongside The Teacher. Officers leap out, guns drawn.] [What now?] [Cut.]