[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The lights flicker in a darkened basement as the sound of electricity buzzes through them. A strong spotlight suddenly brightens, blinding the poor man led crumpled on the floor, his eyes barely open. With dirty and torn clothing, suffering from dehydration, Redmond Quinn lays broken amongst his own faeces and urine.] [The screeching sound of a metal chair being dragged across the floor arrives out of scene, eventually revealing a smug Wolfgang as he takes a seat before both us and Redmond.]

“You’re failing, boy,” [The Superior says with disdain.] “By now, I should be a Champion. I’m beginning to lose patience with this miserable façade.”

[Quinn reaches out, begging.] “W-Water?” [He pleads with a hoarse and raspy cry.] [Wolfgang reaches down, grabbing a clear plastic canister of water. He takes a sip, spitting it over Quinn. Redmond frantically pulls the drops of water and saliva from his face, dragging it to his mouth.] [That makes the Superior chuckle vindictively.]

“I’ve been debating what to do with you, sklave. Your hesitance to do as you’re told is becoming tedious. My men want to see you hanging and I’m inclined to give it to them. Unless, perhaps, you have an offer worth my patience?”

[Quinn shakes his head.] “Just… kill me.”

[Wolfgang stands up, walks over and lifts his chin with his boot.]

“That’d be too easy, neger,” [he scoffs.] “But you have your wish. At Frostbite, I’m going to parade you in front of your people, take my boot and curbstomp you into oblivion.”

[Redmond looks half dead. His lips are crusted from dehydration, his eyes are bloodshot and sore, and his face is gaunt and dirty.]

“Then I’m going to release that video as the icing on the cake.”

[He whips his foot away abruptly, letting Quinn fall face first into his faeces and urine.] [Wolfgang walks away from camera, dictating orders.]

“Get him some food and water,” [he hisses.] “I don’t want him dying on us.”



[Tonight sees the debut of Rain, the Impairer of Worlds! Can he put a damper on the light of Spero, or will the Vindicator rain on the Misfit’s parade?] [The bell rings and Spero looks to shake hands with Rain, who simply slaps it away before going on the attack with some lefts and rights. This doesn’t quite faze Spero, who lays into Rain with a flurry of kicks before following up with a snap suplex! He’s pumped now as he stays on top of the Misfit with a DDT that sends Rain’s head right into the canvas. Spero picks up Rain, sending him into the ropes, waiting for him to pass by—ETERNAL SPRING! SPERO WITH THAT INVERTED FRANKENSTEINER! Spero goes for the cover…One! Two! KICKOUT BY RAIN!] [Spero is stunned by this as Rain gets back to his feet, taunting the Vindicator by asking if that’s all he’s got! Spero obliges with another flurry of kicks, but this time Rain dodges the last one to hit a short-arm shoulder block that manages to catch Spero offguard long enough for the Misfit to nail him with an enziguri! Spero is already getting back to his feet, but Rain heads to the ropes, bouncing off with a LEAPING CLOTHESLINE! Rain is starting to look a little entranced, but not unfocused as he covers Spero…One! Tw—KICKOUT BY SPERO!] [It seems Rain’s hallucination has his attention off of Spero…who bounces off the ropes himself, catching Rain with a hurricanrana! Rain is clutching the ref to bring himself back to his feet as Spero looks for the right moment—ACID RAIN! THE MISFIT GOT THE REF DISTRACTED, SPRAYING BLACK MIST INTO THE FACE OF SPERO! The Vindicator isn’t blinded per se, but he is stunned…and that’s just the opening that Rain needs to grab Spero, planting a kiss on the top of his mask—BROTHER MINE! RAIN DRILLS SPERO INTO THE CANVAS WITH A HEADLOCK DRIVER! Rain goes for the cover once again: ONE! TWO! THREE!] [The Impairer of Worlds picks up what many would call an upset over Spero, but he simply gazes out into what he’d call the abyss as the ref raises Rain’s hand in victory!]


[Miami Dade Police.] [In an interview room, a young black male sits behind a metal table, handcuffed to it. His attitude and demeanour are that of someone enraged with the system. He’s slumped back, furious, awaiting the arrival of Officer who arrested him.] [And in he walks.]

“Trey Marks,” [the officer says, reading from a file.] “Known acquaintance of Luther Creed. You bear a striking resemblance to him, has anyone ever told you that?”

[He grins.]

“I guess they have.”

[The Officer takes a seat, looking over the document in his hand.]

“You were arrested tonight on suspicion of stalking with intent to harm,” [he remarks with a shake of his head.] “And to boot, you were stalking a former officer. We’ve retrieved your video camera, raided your home and recovered your shot footage. It appears you’ve been following him for a least a month, have you not?”

[Trey scoffs.] “Yeah? And you mother fuckers were following me.”

[The Officer nods.]

“That’s correct. We were made aware of your actions and took steps to protect the victim in question. We’ve watched you watch him and frankly, Trey, it looks like you were hoping to be on the end of some police brutality. We don’t think you acted alone and if you testify against your collaborators, we can convince the judge to take a more lenient stance on your crime.”

[Marks laughs, not just mildly, but rapturously.]

“I ain’t giving you shit, pig.”

[Cut to behind the glass, where Nightstick stands with a fellow officer, arms folded.]

“So, he was trying to make me think he was going to kill me, so I’d shoot him?”

[The cop nods.] “That’s about the short of it, yeah. Death by cop.”

[Nightstick grimaces.]

“He’s not going to give up Creed, you’re wasting your time. Let him go, Dan. I’ll deal with this.”

[He heads towards the door, only he’s stopped by the voice of his fellow officer.]

“You should let us handle this,” [he reminds him.] “Before they cost you your freedom.”

[Nightstick says nothing, closing the door behind him.] [Cut.]


[Two Vindicators go head to head here tonight with Redwing taking on Gameboy. How will this collision impact their mission from Mr. Knot? We’re about to find out.] [The bell sounds with Player One and the White Knight circling the ring. And into a lockup! Both men turning in circles, posturing for control. Gameboy against the ropes and Redwing uses his momentum to turn it into an irish whip AND REDWING FOLLOWS CLOSE BEHIND! Gameboy leaps to the middle turnbuckle and SPRINGBOARD STUNNER! He catches the Caped Crusader off guard and goes for a cover. ONE…..TWO…..NO! Both men are quick to their feet. Redwing a little slower than his opponent. Gameboy will take advantage and head to the ropes again! On the return. KNEE TO THE MIDSECTION BY REDWING!] [Game-O slumps over in pain and REDWING DELIVERS AN AXE KICK! FOLLOWED BY AN ELBOW SMASH! WHAT A COMBO! Gameboy is down. Redwing to cover. ONE…..TWO…..NOT quite yet. Both men going at each other hard in this one regardless of their common bond. Redwing to his feet and he brings Gameboy with him. Wait. Look out! RETURN TO ARKHAM! THIS MIGHT BE IT! The Watchful Protector makes a cover. ONE…..TWO…..THRE-NO! Gameboy somehow manages to push his way out of the pinfall at the last second. What a show of fortitude there by Player One and Redwing is shocked!] [Redwing won’t stop now. He pulls himself to his feet and hits the ropes. On the return, MAX POWAH! MAX POWAH from Gameboy and that catches Redwing completely by surprise. Gameboy falls to the mat in a daze BUT HE’S ABLE TO MAKE THE COVER! ONE…..TWO…..NO! The Real-life superhero is able to sneak a shoulder up. Both men are down. Both men hurt. Slowly moving to their feet. Gameboy will take the upper hand, scooping Redwing into the air, NO! Redwing off the shoulder and into a sideheadlock. THE KILLING JOKE! BUT GAMEBOY SLIPS AWAY AND DRIVES REDWING CHEST FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Player One to the ropes as Redwing falls to the canvas and THE RESET! THE RESET INTO A COVER! ONE…..TWO…..THREE!] [Both men remain on the canvas, exhausted after a contest of non-stop action. Gameboy picks up the victory, but both he and Redwing know there is a much more dangerous challenge ahead.]


[A bar room is alive with chatter, men and women sit and drink, seemingly carefree and relaxed in the atmosphere. “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones plays in the background.] [Then the door opens, and silence rushes across bar room. Standing at the door, scanning its surroundings…] [Vanguard.] [A bouncer walks up to him to get his attention when Vanguard grips around his neck!]

“I see a red door and I want it painted black”

[The bouncer’s eyes nearly pop out of his head as Vanguard flings him into the window! Glass shatters as his lacerated body ends up bloodied in the street.]

“No colors anymore I want them to turn black”

[The patrons scream in terror as Vanguard marches forwards, powerful fists crashing into the heads of the innocent bystanders, the patrons collapsing into heaps on the floor, some of the men leaping at the AI in an attempt to stop him.]

“I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes”

[Only to meet the same fate, eyes and teeth scattering onto the floor, as Vanguard literally rips these poor men apart, the last one standing in his way receiving Vanguard’s kindest demise.]

“I have to turn my head until my darkness goes!”

[As his head gets snapped by Vanguard in one swift turn, ending up backwards on the man’s lifeless body, the civilian collapsing onto the floor, the screams of the remaining bar goers being all we hear as the scene fades to black.] [And as we sit to stew in the newfound silence, only four words are heard amongst the darkness.]

“Combat systems are operational.”


[A recently disgraced Berengar seeks to get back to his winning ways with this upcoming match against the Cloaked Conundrum. Will the Void Knight get back on track and become one step closer towards a title shot? Or will Mysterion overcome the odds and take down yet another Vindicator?] [The bell is rung and the two competitors meet and lock up in the middle. It doesn’t last long though, as the Void Knight quickly overpowers and shoves Mysterion to the mat. The super-villain rolls back up to his feet and glares a hole through Berengar, who smirks and motions him to attack. The teen rushes forward and leaps for a hurricanrana, but the knight counters with a BIG spinebuster! Berengar hoists Mysterion up to his feet before sending him back to the mat with a scoop slam! The Void Knight is on fire as he looks to lock in Destiny’s Maw- BUT MYSTERION SLIPS OUT!] [Quick on his feet, the Cloaked Conundrum takes Berengar down with a bulldog! Mysterion follows this up with a standing shooting star to the Knight’s back, who rolls over as a result. The villain tries to go for a pin, but the knight kicks out before a count can start. Mysterion stomps the much larger man a few times before pulling him by his hair to a kneeling position. The teen then hops to the second rope and floors Berengar with a blockbuster! Another cover! ONE! KICKOU-MYSTERION’S CHOKING HIM WITH HIS FOREARM! The referee struggles for a bit before separating both competitors!] [The Void Knight takes a moment to catch his breath as he uses the ropes to help him stand upright. Mysterion takes the opportunity to pounce on the larger man with wild shots, sending him into the corner. The villain takes a few steps back before performing a handspring elbo-BERENGAR CAUGHT HIM! GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Reinvigorated, the knight lifts Mysterion to his feet and tosses him into the ropes! On the rebound, Beregnar tosses him into the air, but Mysterion with a rana-THE KNIGHT HELD ON! He hoists the teen back up AND SLAMS HIM DOWN WITH THE VANQUISHER! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Despite being taken off guard with the Cloaked Conundrum’s tactics, Berengar redeems himself after losing both of his matches at Ring King!]


[Cut into darkness, which is suddenly broken by the slamming open of a door. In its frame stands Knightwatch, who bellows out into the shadows around him.]

“Arthur! I know you are in here!”

[The Dark Knight enters deeper, finding no other than Arthur himself. Draped across his throne, he seems as still as a corpse compared to what we have seen before. His head turns to watch, but says nothing as Knightwatch marches forward on a warpath.]

“You unholy abomination! What kind of a man are you to put the lives of the innocent at risk in such a manner? Would you have them die at your feet? What coward are you tru-”

[He reaches forward, as to grasp Arthur by the throat. But instead of hand reaching ancient robe, the templar looks in surprise as a skeletal hand quickly grasp around his. Choking on the words he was saying, Knightwatch struggles as Arthur retorts in a raspy voice.]

“You foolish mortal. I have put thee under tests for a reason. If thou comes barging in again prattling nonsense, you will find that my kindnesses do not extend as far as my wrath. Do I make myself clear to you mortal?”

[Knightwatch, unable to choke out a word beneath the vice grip of Arthur’s unnatural grasp, simply nods.]

“Good. Then be gone, unless if thee desires an end most gruesome.”

[With a throw, Knightwatch is sent sprawling to the floor. Choosing to escape rather than push on to certain doom, he leaves the room with what little order that he has. Arthur watches him leave, a sigh rattling out of the king. He sits, eyes closing once more to rest.]


[The Knightwatch has been sent by the Knights Templar to monitor for danger. Tonight he’s found it in the evil incarnate that is David Manson. Who will reign in this epic battle of good and evil?] [The bell rings with both men in their corner and then The Nightmare rushes his opponent. Screaming like a mad man as he attacks BUT THE DARK KNIGHT STOPS HIM IN HIS TRACKS WITH A KNIFE EDGE CHOP TO THE THROAT! A big right. A left. Back and forth. The Knightwatch staggering Manson with a combination of strikes. And… KNIGHTS’ END! He nails it. Manson down for the count. ONE…..TWO…..THR-NO! Manson is barely able to kick out. This match has not started as he anticipated as The Knightwatch brings his opponent to his feet. LOW BLOW from The Nightmare will drop The Protector to his knees.] [Manson trying to clear the cobwebs from the early onslaught as he heads to the ropes. On the return and IT’S A BULLDOG from The Nightmare. AND NOW HE’S CHOKING THE KNIGHTWATCH OUT! The official is there with the five count. Manson breaks the choke AND GOES RIGHT BACK TO IT! Another five count to break it. AND NOW MANSON IS BITING AWAY AT THE FACE OF HIS OPPONENT! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! The Nightmare climbing to his feet with a sinister smile. He’s measuring The Knightwatch now. Watching. Waiting as The Protector slowly gets to his feet, dazed. WELCOME TO MANSON STREET!!! Manson nailed! And he covers. ONE…..TWO…THREE!!!] [NO! The Dark Knight kicks out in just the nick of time. Manson won’t stop there. Pulling The Knightwatch to his feet BUT HE’S MET WITH AN ELBOW! AND MANSON RETURNS WITH A BIG RIGHT! The Knightwatch with a shot of his own. Back and forth they go! MANSON with a poke to the eye! A KICK TO THE MIDSECTION! He’s setting him up! The Nightmare hooks The Knightwatch. THE HORRORSHOW!! The Protector is down. He’s out. Manson makes the cover. ONE…..TWO…..THREE!] [Evil reigns on this night as David Manson stands to his feet; his arm being raised in victory. You can bet that evil; however, has not seen the last of The Knightwatch. He will be watching!!]


[Trumpets.] [Horns.] [The sound of ballyhoo echoes through The Gentlemen Club as Happy is shown taking a knee directly in front of Edgar Nevermore. In the hands of Happy is a new crown to which Nicolas Mammon takes from his hands and places upon the head of Edgar Nevermore. The lavish and royal crown sits atop the head of The Poet. He smiles as he stands over his protégé and next to Mammon who hands him a scepter.]

“It’s on this night that I dub you my prince, Mr. Happy. Rise and greet your King!”

[Happy cannot contain his glee as he stands after being dubbed on both shoulders by Nevermore. Mammon steps alongside Happy.]

“While it is a day of celebration, we must not forget those who sacrificed for our cause.” [Mammon stops there as he frowns. Nevermore puts a hand on his shoulder.]

“Of course not, old chap. Let us take a moment to remember our friend, Mr. Royal.”

[They pause for a moment with their heads bowed. Happy looks amongst them with one eye open for a second before squeezing his tightly. The moment passes as they resume their composure. King Nevermore clears his throat.]

“And now we must deal with those responsible. We must now turn our attention to The Awakening.”

[Happy looks confused at Edgar who pats him on the shoulder.]

“Now, now Mr. Happy, no need for the long face. You’re well-versed with the history of OSW, yes? If you will recall, it was Mike Lane who started the tradition of heinous acts at Ring King when he turned on our poor friend, Mr. Royal, when he was crowned. Now? That old chap is gone, and it’s all a result of The Awakening.”

[Happy seems a bit confused still, but he’s nodding along with Nevermore who seems broken up over the loss of Nigel Royal.]

“So we must avenge our fallen brother. We must put all of our efforts into assuring the fall of The Awakening. And only then can the wrongs they perpetuated be corrected.”


[Before Ring King 2018.] [Miles from the Tap Room, we find a few men wearing Boogeyman masks running out of a factory, the tallest of whom is carrying a large leather bag. The men approach a white van, getting in quick as the getaway vehicle starts up. Once inside, the tall man looks at the bag, shaking his head as he removes his mask to reveal Heath Solman. He opens the bag to take a peek at its contents: an assortment of machine parts, a sight that confuses the Eternal Witness.]

“What do we even need this stuff for, anyway?”

[One of the other men just shrugs his shoulders.]

“We don’t ask the boss too many questions, man. We just do the job and do it right.”

[As the van pulls away from a robbery that seemingly goes off without a hitch…that hitch suddenly pops up, in the form of sirens from around the corner. The men in the van look at each other with a bit of concern.]

“How’d they manage to find us?”

[They look over at Heath, whose eyes widen in surprise.]

“Don’t look at me, I just wanna get this over with.”

“Man, if you had anything to do with this…the boss will have your head on a silver platter.”

[The van picks up speed, eventually managing to outrun the cop car. One of the men grabs a cell phone as the van heads toward a bridge, dialing furiously as they cross.]

“Hey boss, we’re heading your way now. We’ve got some heat on us. Understood.”

[He nods during that last statement, hanging up before looking out the window. We can still hear sirens off in the distance, but the group is safe for now as they approach the Tap Room…all the while, Heath is staring at the wall of the van, a certain kind of rage quietly building inside him as the van comes to a halt. The door opens, and we see Nate Washington checking his watch as the group exits the van.]

“Time is of the essence, fellas. Did you get the job done?”



[It’s tag team action with some interesting bedfellows tonight.] [It looks like it’s going to be Nightstick and Heath Solman starting this one off, but Creed reaches over the ropes and tags himself in before the match even really begins. He sneers at Nightstick before moving into the center of the ring with Solman. Solman throws a clothesline that Creed ducks and hits the ropes. He flies off the ropes with a spear that sends both men to the mat. Creed grabs the hair of Solman and pulls him back up to his feet. Creed slaps the taste out of Solman’s mouth. Creed grabs a handful of the hair and begins talking into his face.] [Solman yanks him up with a body slam! Creed slams down into the mat before Solman mounts him! He begins driving knees into the temple of Creed who is trying to stop him. Finally, Creed manages to get his hands in front to block the knees. Solman yanks Creed over to his corner and tags in Nate Washington. Nate enters the ring and begins just drilling boots into the midsection of Creed. He lifts him up and whips him roughly into his own corner?! Nate points at Nightstick! Nightstick smirks and tags himself in.] [Nightstick steps into the ring, but Nate blindsides him quickly with a running knee strike to the side of Nightstick’s knee! He staggers into the ring with a limp as Nate pinpoints his focus on the knee. He rushes towards Nightstick and kicks him in the knee bringing him to a knee before hitting the ropes. He rushes at Nightstick with a running knee, but Nightstick reaches up and grabs him by the throat! Bullhammer elbow strike from the right followed by one from the left! SMITH AND WESSON! He staggers back as Creed tags himself in! Nightstick looks incredulously at him. Creed knocks Heath off the apron before turning back to Nate. SILENCE EQUALS VIOLENCE! The sleeper slam connects as he rolls him up! One…TWO…THREE!] [Luther Creed gets to his feet with a sneer as Nightstick steps into the ring twirling his police baton.]


[Shadow.] [Previously.] [He sits on a blood stained wooden pew, his mind still racing from the carnage around him. Bodies are strewn in each and every direction with their viscera laid bare in all its terrifying glory.] [Suddenly, he clutches at his head.] [The pain is intense. He screams but nothing comes out. His eyes desperately search the room as his vision blurs, but he sees nothing out of the ordinary.] [Then he falls to his knees, still clutching at his head, an unbearable sound piercing at his mind like a dagger through D’von Chambers heart.] [He gasps.] [He struggles.] [He loses consciousness.] [His eyes slowly flitter to a close as he falls prone on the blood soaked floor, his mind tortured by a sound he simply could not place.] [The camera backs away, looking at the unconscious Shadow, surrounded by the bodies of innocent men, woman and children, slaughtered at the hands of an unknown enemy.] [Could Shadow be next?] [Who killed D’von Chambers?] [Who killed his congregation?] [Who brought The Angel to his knees in the middle of God’s house?] [Cut.]


[The Riddler continues to rule OSW with an indestructible iron fist, but can the Immortal Lich take down the Undefeatable Newton or will he just be another notch in his championship belt?] [The bell sounds as Arthur rushes forward with surprising speed nailing Newton with a leaping uppercut to the jaw, stunning the champion before hiptossing him down to the mat. The Lich King drops down, trying to lock in an armbar but Newton slips out, drilling a rising Arthur with a stiff kick to the jaw. He pulls Arthur to his feet, slamming him into the canvas with a quick Russian Leg sweep before backing up, LEGDROP! Newton quickly drops down for the cover, ONE…Arthur easily kicks out] [Newton tries to pull Arthur to his feet but is greeted by a knee to the jaw before a flurry of lefts and rights leave Newton staggering into the corner as Arthur rushes forward, drilling Newton with a massive running elbow to the jaw leaving Newton out on his feet, MORDRED’S DEMISE! Arthur tries to lock in the Guillotine but Newton quickly scrambles for the ropes, grabbing on as he forces the break. The Riddler is on his knees as Arthur tries to pull him up but Newton grabs Arthur by the chainmail, tossing him down throat first onto the middle rope!] [Arthur staggers to his feet as Newton grabs him from behind in a Reverse DDT position, RKO! Newton drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Arthur gets the shoulder up! Newton pulls him to his feet, NEVER…NO! Arthur slips out, rolling back, KING’S CROSSING…HITS THE REFEREE! Newton drops down, taking Arthur out with a low blow before heading to the corner, taking off the turnbuckle cover as he pulls Arthur up by the legs, slingshotting him into the exposed steel. Arthur slams face first into the steel, staggering out, NEVERMIND! Arthur gets spiked into the mat as Newton stirs the referee, covering as he slowly counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Riddler does it again, using every trick in the book to put down the Lich King and remain undefeated here tonight]


[The Tap Room is still abuzz from the action – as Newton finally exits, an all too familiar voice echoes throughout the bar.]

“To those about to rock… FIRE!” [Cannons explode to announce the arrival of the one and only Zander Zane.] “We salute you!”

[A body full of swagger, Zander Zane makes his way to the ring, his VHS Championship strapped over his shoulder in place of his usual guitar. His entrance theme blares out louder than ever. If his ego was in check before, the belt over his shoulder is sure to blow it out of proportion now. He takes his sweet time pandering to the crowd before raising his microphone to address the masses.]

“Ladies and gentlemen, chicks and dicks… YOUR champion is here!”

[He raises the belt up high above his head, soaking in the applause of the fans.]

“And as Champion… There are going to be afew changes around here. Effective fucking immmediterly… immedilatel… Right fucking now!”

[He points an accusing finger at the VHS logo that hangs above the bar.]

“VHS is old and dead… This is my show now. THE ZANDER ZANE EXPERIENCE. You’re welcome!”

[A mixed reaction, more out of perplexement than anything follows his announcement. He lowers the accusing finger he points to the bar. Almost on cue, a tray is served to him in the ring. A very buxom barmaid, dressed in somewhat of a medieval get-up offers him a pint that he readily snaps up and takes a long gulp. Moments later, the very same mouthful is spat back out in disgust.]

“Next… That watered down piss that you call beer needs to change. The people deserve better. Only premium, Zander Zane approved brews may be served on tap during the Zander Zane Experience. Zander has spoken… You’re welcome!”

[This does receive riotous applause. His accusing finger now trains itself to an item of his own possession. His VHS Championship. He tosses it down to the mat, placing his pint down along with it.]

“A fresh new show needs a fresh new championship. The VHS Championship is no more…”

[He reaches inside his jacket pocket and retrieves a black spraycan, shaking it furiously for a while before bending down and spray painting a large pair of “Z’s” over the surface of the championship belt. He picks the belt back up, wet ZZ’s running and dripping a little, holding it over his head once more.]

“… Introducing the ZZ Championship. A title worthy of the shoulders that carry it. Worthy of the name… Zander Zane. You’re…”

[An almost side-showy tinkling of a toy-piano melody interrupts him, much to his frustration.]

‘Tic tic toc, the time bomb clock, ticks grinning ear to ear here baby.
Tic Tic Toc, the time bomb clock, ticks counting down… Tic, tic stop!’

[Mysterion. Standing at the entranceway to the ‘Zander Zane Experience’ and looking set to rain on his parade. He taps his own shiny belt, the Double Feature Championship and waves a tutting finger at the Rock God as he approaches the ring.]

“Who do you think you are? You’re out here carrying on like you’re the World Champion after stealing your belt and scoring a lucky win?! A belt that you haven’t even defended yet. Here’s a couple of issues for you…”

[He holds up one finger.]

“One… You’re not the World Champion. You’re not the only champion around here. You’re not even the best champion in this ring! And yet your ego cannot seem to fathom that everything is not actually about you.”

[He holds up a second finger.]

“Two… You haven’t even been tested as a champion yet. I’ve overcome odds to retain this belt. All you’ve overcome odds to do today is get into those leather pants without covering yourself in your own vomit. The Zander Zane Experience… Get real.”

[Zander snaps almost without warning. MIC DROP! NECKBREAKER STUNNER SILENCES MYSTERION! He clearly did not want to hear what the Double Feature Champion had to say.]

“You want me to be tested. Bring the fuckers on… The Zander Zane Experience, your ZZ Champion. It’s on like Donkey Kong. You’re welcome!”

[With that, ZZ turns towards the entranceway, awaiting the arrival of his opponent and the massive bout that is about to follow between himself and Wild Karrde.]


[Wild Karrde is calmly leaning back on the turnbuckles as an ecstatic Zander Zane rants and raves about his latest title victory to the crowd. The Rockstar proceeds to tell them all how Wild Karrde isn’t fit or worthy to fight for the ‘ZZ Belt’ in the ‘Zander Zane Experience’. Is he right, or will the newly reinvented Magician prove him otherwise?] [The bell rings and Zander strides over towards Karrde, who remains as stoic as any pro poker player would. The Rock God points to the back and tells him to get off his stage, but the message falls on deaf ears. This seems to tick ZZ off a tad as he slaps the gambler across the cheek. He shouts at Karrde once again to get out, but he still doesn’t budge. Zander goes for another slap, but Karrde intercepts by poking his eye! Zander clutches his eye and backs off, allowing the magician to charge in with a single leg dropkick! Zane gets up immediately, but catches an Inoki style enzuigiri for his efforts!] [Wild Karrde continues his offense with grounded, closed fist punches to a grounded Zane. ZZ is on dream street as the gambler hoists him to a knee. The magician takes a step back, before DRAWING DEAD! Ax kick to the head! Zander clutches his head while Karrde stands him up. He sets up for a Straight Shot, but Zane pushes him off. Karrde’s quick to get close but Zander catches him off guard with a back thrust kick! The thief’s hunched over as the Rock God delivers a knife edge chop! With a scream, Zander throws a roundhouse kick that drops Wild Karrde on his ass!] [Zane begins to feel some fire within him as he pushes the gambler down with a low big boot. He stomps on him a couple more times before making his way to the top rope. When he settles, he splits his legs and goes for SMOKE ON THE WATER! IT HIT FLUSH! Zander’s not done though, grabbing Karrde by the hair and setting him up for his finish. The magician senses it coming though, tossing a few back elbows at the Rock God to make him let go. Both competitors shake the cobwebs out of their heads, but it’s Zane who rushes in for a clothesline that Karrde ducks. Zane turns around-LIGHTNING FAST JACKPOT! ZANDER’S SEEING STARS! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Wild Karrde went all in against Zane, and the Rock God folded under the pressure. With a sly smirk, Karrde snaps his fingers and teleports out of the ring, leaving Zander furled out on the mat.]


[Static.] [We’re brought to a small tavern. The same bar we were introduced to earlier in the night. The same bar that was once filled with innocent civilians. But now, as our view is fixed upon the entrance; the establishment seems different.] [It’s empty.] [Empty until the front door creeks open and in steps the cautious eyes of Berengar as he glances around the interior confines of the structure.] [His face goes pale.] [Following him is the likes of Spero and Gameboy. And then Troy Solveig and Redwing make their presence known.] [The Vindicators.] [They’ve filtered into the room, spreading out as they look around. Their faces shrouded with horror.] [We pan out to learn that the bar was not empty at all; only decimated.] [Chairs are overturned. Tables splintered. Holes cover the drywall. Shattered glass lays beneath the frame of a broken window. Everything is a mess and then it gets worse.] [Bodies are strewn across the floor. Blood formed in pools around their mangled parts. Fragments of guts and brains splattered in all directions.] [The Vindicators pause. Each of them taking a moment to look away from the viscera and gore sickening enough to make even their iron stomachs churn.]

“It was him!”


[Gameboy and Spero chime in respectively; the disgust in their voice echoing through the room as the group begins moving deeper into the bar.]

“I have not seen such brutality since…”

[Berengar does not finish his sentence. He cannot; as pain crackles in his voice.]

“We cannot allow such a sight to hinder our resolve. We have been tasked to…”

[Volsungr is suddenly cut off by a somewhat stunned Redwing.]

“Answer the call?”

[The rest of the Vindicators look to Redwing in confusion as he points to the surface of the bar where a message has seemingly been left for them. Left written in the blood of the destroyed lives that now surround them.] [The message is simple.] [ANSWERING THE CALL?] [Static.] [Cut.]


[After being robbed of Ring King by the Gentlemen’s Club, Troy has a small chance at revenge here tonight against the man some call a patsy in Happy. Will Solveig demolish the young man or can Happy somehow survive the rage of the gods?] [The bell sounds as Happy gets tossed across the ring with ease, slamming against the steel turnbuckles for a moment before he’s nearly decapitated by a massive clothesline from Solveig. Happy staggers out into a few massive rights and lefts that lift up the smaller man with each blow before he’s grabbed by his throat, hoisted up high in the air and tossed like a lawn dart, over the ropes to the floor below! Happy lands with a sickening thud as he slowly begins pulling himself up from the floor, Solveig leaning down as he tries to pull Happy up but Happy grabs Solveig by the hair, dropping his throat down on the top rope] [Happy rolls into the ring, firing up his right hand before rushing forward, SHADOW KICK! That staggers Solveig back a few feet who rushes forward with a clothesline that Happy ducks, SHADOW KICK! Solveig is dazed, A THIRD SHADOW KICK! That puts Troy down to one knee as Happy leaps off the ropes, SPRINGBOARD SHADOW KICK! Solveig finally goes down as Happy covers, ONE…TW…SOLVEIG EASILY POWERS OUT! Happy rushes forward, BOOMSTICK! Solveig just looks pissed as he tosses Happy away] [Happy rolls through, rushing forward right into the VALKYRIE! Happy looks out as Solveig is furious, rolling out of the ring as he grabs a steel chair. Rolling back into the ring, he waits for Happy to slowly get up before nearly taking his head off with a massive home run shot. Solveig drops the chair, pulling Happy to his feet, POWERBOMB ON THE CHAIR! Solveig’s fury is fading as he looks almost remorseful at the broken Happy at his feet, wanting to finish this he pulls him up to his feet, hoisting him high up into the air, HAMMER OF THE GODS! Solveig quickly hooks the leg, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [Solveig destroys Happy here tonight, getting revenge for Ring King but he sure as hell doesn’t look happy at what he had to do here tonight]


[The Awakening.] [The bearded duo stand at the entryway with their titles slung over their shoulders and a bag slung across the other shoulder of Hate. They look at one another before Manson provides a note in his hand which appears to be an invitation.] [They knock.] [No answer.] [They try the handle as the door slowly opens. They look into the room and see a large feast prepared upon a table in the center of the room. A fine wine is set-up in a tub filled with ice. The Awakening enters the room and begins looking over the food and drinks. Manson lifts up the wine and smirks, showing his disgusting teeth.]

“Can you believe this shit? They expect us to drink this swill.”

[David Manson grabs one of the wine bottles and throws it to Hate before picking up the other.] [CRACK!]

“Good thing we brought our own.” [says Hate with a grin.] [They slam the edge of the wine bottles on the edge of the table breaking them off as the wine and glass falls to the floor. They smirk at one another before throwing the remnants of the bottles against the walls. Hate throws down a bag before they riffle through it and pull out some large tankards. They begin drinking from them before gorging themselves on the food. They eat some and throw the rest at the wall, coating it with food.] [The lights shut out!] [The sound of glass and scrapping of chairs against the floor is heard before two thumps are heard.] [The lights return.] [Hate and David Manson are laid out on the floor in a pool of blood with glass shards spread around them as well as steel chairs.] [But not a soul other than them is around.] [And neither are their OSW Tag Team Championships.]


[This next contest sees Wolfgang square up against that wily Ol’ Huntin’ Dog… Big, Jon Davenport!] [The bell sounds and the two men of vastly different proportions circle the ring. Wolfgang is the first to provoke his opponent into the offensive by calling him a ‘useless old drunk!’ Davenport hurls himself forward and attempts to take his German adversary’s head off with a wind-up punch, but Wolfgang telegraphs the move, taking out the wounded old knee of the Hound Dog! Davenport drops to the mat, writhing around in pain. Wolfgang continues the early assault, dropping an ELBOW to the same knee! The country man squeals upon impact!] [Wolfgang rises slowly to his feet, saluting the fans inside the Tap Room. A chorus of boos ring out around the Fuhrer, distracting his attention somewhat, as he reaches down and grabs a handful of JD’s hair, bringing him back to his feet. SIDE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Davenport catches the blue-eyed boy completely off guard and drills his spine into the canvas! Davenport doesn’t pause for breath, bouncing off the ropes for extra leverage and connecting with a HUGE LEG DROP! Hook of the leg- 1… 2… THRRRRREEEE-NO! The German is barely able to kick out! Jon Davenport can smell blood here. He whips his winded opponent into the corner turnbuckle, who staggers forward upon impact, walking straight into a neat BODY SLAM from the veteran!] [Wolfgang’s lights appear to be out now. JD backs into the turnbuckle and ascends the first set of ropes. Then the second. He’s motioning for it… THE MUD FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- NO! Wolfgang rolls out of the way just in the nick of time, and Jon Davenport hits the mat face first! The German stands, directly over his opponent. THE GAS CHAMBER! WOLFGANG HAS THE GUILLOTINE CHOKE LOCKED IN! JON DAVENPORT SURRENDERS TO THE SUPERIOR!] [That match went right to the wire, but it’s the Berlin Wall that stands tall here tonight!]


[After a thrilling contest with Wolfgang, Jon Davenport makes his way up the aisle, a cocky grin on his face.] [CRASH!] [BRENT KERSH JUST SPEARED DAVENPORT THROUGH THE GUARDRAIL!] [The Enforcer wastes no time, mounting the ole Huntin’ Dog and raining down fists upon him.]

“You son of a bitch!” [Kersh rages.] “You went too far this time!”

[Dragging Davenport to his feet by his hair, Kersh throws him back towards the ring, following each step of the way.]

“You went after my family, Davenport.” [Kersh states as Davenport slides in the ring to escape.] “Creatures a lot worse than you have tried, but look around for them. You don’t see them, do you?”

[Davenport spits blood out before looking up with a mocking expression.]

“Oh, you ran ’em off? Is that right?”

[Kersh hauls off with a right hand to Davenport that rocks him to his knees. Jon keeps his grin.]

“I’m just finishin’ what the others started.” [He mocks.] “The world’s seen it in black and white: Brent Kersh ain’t nothing but a degenerate. Just another wolf in sheep’s clothing. You ain’t a real American.”

[Another right hand from Kersh puts down Davenport. The Enforcer picks up the bloody Davenport by his hair and stares into his eyes.]

“The only thing in black and white are the x-ray’s you’re going to have when I’m done with you. Your hunting dogs can bring it on, cause the Enforcer isn’t going to stop until this is over.”

[Coughing up blood, Davenport laughs.]

“My dogs ain’t got your scent, boy.” [Davenport sneers.] “You got a daughter, a defenseless baby boy, that beautiful wife a’yers, and even the bastard girl. You better let me go if you want to know who’s next.”

[Kersh releases Davenport, who slinks out of the ring.]

“That’s a good boy, Brent. Could be one. Could be ’em all. You ain’t gonna know til the trap is set…”

[Davenport staggers backwards up the aisle.]

“…and yer reading the obituary.”

[The enraged Enforcer paces the ring, trying to burrow his mind into that of his nemesis. But instead, he only hears the creepy laugh of Davenport.] [But Kersh needs to get his mind in the game.] [His match with Shadow is NEXT!]


The Rewind Championship is on the line here tonight as the ladders stand around the outside of the ring.] [Brent Kersh and Shadow stare up for a moment at the title suspended above the ring before they collide in the center of the ring with a tie-up! Kersh gets the better by driving a knee into the midsection of Shadow before flipping him over onto the mat in a side headlock. The Avenging Angel manages to work himself to a standing position before slipping out of Kersh’s grasp! Shadow rushes towards the ropes and springs over Kersh who charges after him. Shadow lands on knee before driving a kick right into the midsection of Kersh. The Enforcer staggers backwards before Shadow springs from the second rope with a big dropkick sending him out of the ring and to the floor below!] [Shadow waits for a moment before hitting the opposite ropes. He rushes towards the ropes nearest Kersh and leaps over with a corkscrew! Corkscrew plancha knocks Kersh to the mat. Shadow grins for a moment before grabbing the nearest ladder and sliding it into the ring. He goes to slide into the ring, but Kersh grabs him. The Enforcer whirls him around before lifting him up and dropping him throat-first atop the barricade! Shadow falls to the floor clutching his throat as a tinge of regret comes across the brow of Kersh before he slides into the ring.] [The Enforcer picks up the ladder and slowly sets it up beneath the overhanging title. He begins the climb, but it’s obvious that he’s not extremely comfortable up there. Kersh gets to the top and begins reaching out when Shadow springs back into the picture! Shadow springboards from the top rope and lands on the ladder across from Kersh! Shadow nails a big punch that rocks Kersh! He swings again, but Kersh dodges him and uses his momentum to move around the ladder onto the same side! Kersh grabs Shadow and tries for the Russian Leg Sweep! But Shadow clings to the ladder! Kersh slams down as Shadow realizes his opportunity! He reaches up and snags the title from the rung!] [The Avenging Angel wins the Rewind Championship here tonight!]


[As a throne looms in the ring, Eli Forever makes his way to the ring. The Heir Eternal does not look to be in the slightest of good moods, the betrayal of his sister at Ring King fresh in his mind. The Reel King runs his fingers over the throne, bad intentions in his mind of Edgar Nevermore. But a voice cuts through the din of the Tap Room.]

“Mr. Forever.”

[Forever whirls around, his eyes planted on the bar, where none other than Edward Newton is stood, sipping a drink of some kind. At his side is Eli’s sister, Harper.]

“I was never able to congratulate you on your crown, my friend. Bravo, you truly proved your worth. Harper and I are so very proud of you.”

[Eli shakes his head.]

“Shut up, Newton.” [Forever spits.] “You broke my family, and I’m going to break you in return.”

[His eyes move to Harper.]

“I don’t know what he did to you, sister, but I know that you’re still in there. How could you betray us?”

[With a sneer on her face, Harper points at the World Championship around Newton’s waist.]

“You cared so much about this gold, that you didn’t lift a finger to find me when Edward held me right under your nose. Do you think I haven’t noticed that it’s all about you? You’re the Heir Eternal. It’s your book. Your martyrs. Your River.”

[Forever tries to protest, but Newton raises a hand up.]

“I’m sure we can arrange a time for the two of you to debate, but I’m here on business.”

[The Riddler unclips his belt and drapes it over his shoulder.]

“I’ve been granted something that I believe no other Champion has ever been granted. I get to name my next challenger.”

[He points to Eli.]

“I’m sorry Mr. Forever, but since I have defeated you twice, you will not be that challenger.”

[The Riddler lets a grin form on his lips, a small declaration of victory.]

“Harper will challenge for the Championship at Frostbite. A token of her newfound freedom. An opportunity to show that she can do what her brother cannot.”

[Harper grins, falling into the embrace of Newton as Eli Forever nods his head.]

“I see what you’re doing, Newton. You’ve made a poor decision to turn me into your enemy.”

[His voice lowers.]

“You have no idea what I am capable of.”

[Newton snorts before stepping away from the bar.]

“Good luck tonight, Eli. May that throne comfort you in the loss of the gold that you so craved.”

[Newton and Harper vanish into the crowd of the Tap Room, while Eli Forever is incensed.] [Harper is challenging for the World Championship?] [What game is Newton playing?]


[At Ring King we crowned two Kings, and now here in the immortal Game of Thrones, we’ll find out who the true sovereign ruler is. The Poet or the Heir Eternal] [The bell sounds as Nevermore meets Eli halfway up the ramp, trying to get the jump on him but Forever greets Nevermore with a stiff right to the jaw, nailing him with a big knee to the gut] [before gripping him by both arms and slamming him down onto the steel with a massive Full Nelson Slam!] [Nevermore holds his back in pain as he’s lifted up as Eli tries to pull him towards the Throne but Nevermore fights out, nailing a leaping dropkick that sends Forever staggering back into the bar area. Nevermore is in hot pursuit, the pair exchanging heavy lefts and rights before a stiff headbutt sends him slumping down next to the bar] [Nevermore gets given a snifter of brandy from the bartender, breathing it in deeply before taking a swig but Forever ducks under an attempt to slam the crystal down onto him. Kicking Nevermore in the gut and grabbing it off him] [BEFORE SHATTERING THE GLASS AND BRANDY OVER NEVERMORE’S HEAD!] [Nevermore is busted open but doesn’t go down until he’s spiked into the floor by a stiff DDT from Forever. Eli looks to put him down and out as he climbs up onto the bar, turning around] [FOREVER LOOKS FOR THE MOONSAULT BUT GETS PUSHED OFF BY THE BARTENDER!] [IT’S HAPPY! HE’S HERE TO HELP HIS MENTOR!] [Happy leaps over the bar, pulling Nevermore up to his feet as he wipes the blood away with a handkerchief before the pair begin stomping the crap out of the fallen Forever. A massive knee nearly implants Forever into the just repaired bar before he’s pulled up to his feet, POETIC JUSTICE ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR! Forever screams out in pain as the Gentlemen pull him out from the bar, trying to drag him towards the throne but there’s fire yet in Forever as he begins nailing both men with lefts and rights, trying to break free] [Happy gets drilled with a stiff right to the jaw causing him to stagger back but Nevermore ducks under a haymaker, snapping Forever down back onto his neck with a sickening German Suplex. Forever slowly gets to his feet as both Gentlemen position themselves either side] [BOOMSTICK/ROLLING ELBOW COMBINATION! THE GENTLEMEN’S DISCOURSE! Forever is sandwiched between the two strikes as he may well be out cold] [Nevermore walks over to the throne, sitting down on the throne as Happy pulls the unconcious Forever along the ramp, not noticing Eli reaching into his jacket] [AS HE NAILS HAPPY WITH THE BOOK OF ELI! Nevermore is stunned but barely able to get to his feet before Forever rushes forward, spearing Nevermore into the throne!] [Forever rains down lefts and rights on the unsuspecting Nevermore before tossing him aside as a stiff headbutt leaves Edgar out on his feet as Eli lifts him up, spinning him in the air before driving him down onto the steel with THY LORD’S PRAYER! Nevermore looks out but Eli isn’t done as he slowly climbs up the top of the throne, posing up top for a moment BEFORE LEAPING OFF WITH ANOTHER MOONSAULT…] [NEVERMORE JUST GETS OUT OF THE WAY BUT ELI ROLLS THROUGH, RUNNING RIGHT INTO A SNAP DRAGON INTO THE THRONE!] [Nevermore slowly gets to his feet, calling for the end as he pulls Eli up to a vertical base, elbowing him in the jaw, POETRY IN…ELI FLIPS OVER, LOCKING IN SLEEP TO DREAM!] [Edgar tries to fight out but he slowly begins to fade away, the sleeper working in tandem with his open wound but before Nevermore slips away into dreamland, Eli lets go of the hold, placing Nevermore between his legs] [‘AMEN’ ETERNAL…NEVERMORE SLIPS OUT, OXFORD COMMA! Nevermore spikes Eli into the steel out of nowhere!] [Happy pulls Edgar up to his feet, helping him onto his throne before pulling the unconscious Eli up, kneeling him down giving the Ring King the victory here tonight!] [The Poet emerges victorious here tonight, with a big assist from his protege, he puts down the Reel King as Nevermore’s stock rises higher and higher in OSW]


[After being mentally tortured last week by a sound he couldn’t place and after one hell of a battle here tonight, Shadow meanders through The Tap Room softly, every foot step feeling like a thunderous punch to his skull.] [However, his journey comes to an abrupt halt as a pink hue appears before him, forcing him to stop.] [Wild Karrde.]

“I’m going to ask you this once and once only,” [Karrde says, looking him up and down.] “Did you take what rightfully belongs to me?”

[Shadow looks perplexed; his headache so painful that he simply tries to walk away.] [Only Karrde tosses a card past his cheek, cutting him as he leaves.] [The Angel turns with a grimaces, checking his wound.]

“My briefcase, Shadow, where is it?” [Karrde says angrily.] “Only four people had the right motive to want that case and you’re the top of my list. I’m going to make your life a misery until you give me back what’s rightfully mine.”

[Shadow doesn’t understand.] “You think I took it? Why would I do that? Is that why I’m feeling this way, Karrde? Is that why I feel like a Jackhammer is doing a number on my head? Did you put this spell on me?”

[He laughs.]

“Do I look like a heretic?” [He asks with a sinister smile.] “Whatever fog pollutes your insignificant little mind, I’ve naught to do with it. I just want my briefcase.”

[Shadow’s heard enough and runs at him, lunging forward. Karrde snaps his fingers, vanishing into a pink mist. The Angel searches for him, only he isn’t there.] [But what he finds, he wished he hadn’t.] [Pain.] [Searing, agonizing, terrible pain.] [As the uncontrollable noise once again rattles through his brain, he falls to his knees in agony, just as Wild Karrde once again appears.]

“I see that you’re in discomfort, I do,” [he says with a chuckle.] “And I could make your suffering stop, if only you’d tell me what I want to know.”

[Shadow groans in pain, falling forward.]

“And you will tell me, Shadow.”

[Karrde smiles, picking up his dropped Rewind Championship]

“You will tell me, because now I have something that rightfully belongs to you.”