[Click.] [The lights flicker in a darkened basement as the sound of electricity buzzes through them. A strong spotlight suddenly brightens, blinding the poor man led crumpled on the floor, his eyes barely open. We’ve been here before, many times.] [This time, a voice bellows from the darkness.]

“Are you ready to give me your life,” [Wolfgang yells.] “Are you ready to die like the dog you are, Quinn? Beg me to end your life. BEG FOR IT!”

[Quinn pulls himself to his knees, searching the darkness, but seeing nothing.]

“Tell me you want to die. Tell me you want me to end it all and I will. Tell me you wish to die in the piss and shit at your feet, you fucking neger!”

[Redmond doesn’t speak, he shakes his head.]

“You dare disobey me, sklave?”

[He looks up, opening his eyes, proudly raising his head.]

“Fuck….” [He mutters.] “You!”

[Laughter.] [Quinn somehow pulls himself to his feet, standing in the light, his eyes wide and crazed. He beckons into the shadows, stumbling where he stands, looking for Wolfgang.] [Click.] [But he isn’t there.] [Quinn falls backwards, hitting the deck with a thud. He smiles at himself, realizing that deep within he has the power to rise if he chooses to.] [The whispers.]

“I knew you had it in you.”

[Redmond laughs.]

“I knew it.”

[Just then, Wolfgang enters the room with a collar and pain, whistling to Quinn to approach. He stumbles over, allowing himself to be chained before they exit the room.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, the Gentleman Prince takes on the Impairer of Worlds!] [The bell rings! Happy and Rain circle each other for a moment before locking up in the center of the ring! Happy takes the immediate advantage, positioning Rain into a side headlock. Rain backs up slowly into the ropes, and manages to shove Happy off of him! Happy rebounds off the ropes! CLOTHESLINE!! NO, Rain ducks it. Happy bounces off the other side, SHOULDERBLOCK by Rain! Both men hit the mat and begin reaching their feet at the same time! Happy swings a fist at Rain! Rain ducks again, and nails Happy with a Russian Leg Sweep!] [Thus far it’s all Rain as he has taken a clear advantage over Happy to begin with. Happy slowly reaches his feet. Another clothesline from Rain! No, Happy ducks it himself this time! BOOMSTICK FROM OUT OF NOWHERE BY HAPPY THIS TIME!!! RAIN IS OUT!!! HAPPY MAKES THE COVER!!! 1… 2… NO! The Impairer of Worlds manages to get his shoulder up in just the nick of time. Happy quickly attempts to maintain control in the match and locks Rain in an ANKLE LOCK! Rain is screaming in agony, doing everything he can to claw to the ropes.] [Rain is in pure agony, clawing, scraping himself towards the bottom rope. He’s almost there! His finger tips can nearly brush them! HAPPY DRAGS HIM BACK TO THE CENTER OF THE RING!!! That’s it!!! It is over! It has to be!! Rain is screaming at the top of his lungs! Finally, Rain desperately twists his body and ACID RAIN!!! THE BLACK MIST FIRES FROM RAIN’S MOUTH, BLINDING HAPPY!!! Happy releases the hold, trying to wipe his eyes clean!!! BROTHER MARK BY RAIN!!! HOLY SHIT WHAT A HEADLOCK DRIVER!!! RAIN MAKES THE COVER… 1… 2… 3!!!] [Rain picks up yet another victory tonight, on an absolute tear through the OSW.]


[Blood.] [Gore.] [Bodies litter the floors of a diner, a man behind the counter has been forced face first into the deep frier, a poor off-duty cop has a hole punched through his chest, his gun crushed in his other hand. The scene can only be described as brutal. Finally, we come across the solemn face of Redwing, the Vindicator standing amongst his allies. He slams his hands onto a table, head down.]

“This attack. It was the closest one yet. But there was no pattern, he’s not planning anything. He’s killing just to kill. If we wait any longer he could be…”

“In the Tap Room?”

[Spero speaks quietly, placing a hand on Redwing’s back as he tries to take in the information, wanting to see just why Vanguard is attacking like this. And where he could be next.]

“He went dark. His last attack was on the outskirts of Miami on Thursday, and now this?”

[Berengar examines the carnage around them for a moment, shaking his head in pure disgust before looking back towards his partners.]

“There are no clues, no trail. The only thing I can sense is the evil coursing through his circuitry. No Vindicator could have ever done this, he was never one of us, to begin with.”

[Just as he walks over to join his fellow men, all five Vindicators hear the sound of ringing, their telecoms. They answer, only receiving a garbled message. The sender? Mr. Knot.]



“Vanguard h– —- spotted”

[The five heroes try to listen closely, the transmission coming in disjointed and covered in static.]

“Tap Room — compromised”

“Telecoms —- out”

[Silence.] [The Vindicators look at one another, Redwing glaring intensely.]

“Search the Tap Room. Go to your matches, keep Vanguard in the dark, strike once we know his location. No group of less than two searches together. Understood?”

[The Vindicators all nod in agreement, marching towards the Tap Room. Answering the Call.]

[In the hospital, Nightstick sits by his son’s bedside, keeping a close vigil him after last week’s assault. David has suffered numerous injuries, worst of which appears to be his broken leg. Just as Nightstick prepares to leave, Creed struts through the door, camera crew once again in tow.]

“I hope you don’t mind me stopping by but I wanted to bring your kid a gift,” [he remarks, producing a baseball bat shaped present, wrapped in poorly chosen police car wrapping paper.] “I hope he likes it.”

[The Cop restrains himself.]

“If you want a fight so bad then I’ll give you one,” [Nightstick responds.] “But you need to leave my family alone. Whatever this is between you and I, they don’t have a part in it.”

[Creed nods.]

“And I’m not giving you the violence you want, Creed; not on camera, not outside of the ring and not for your revolution. If you want a fight, you can have one at Frostbite.”

[They stare at each other.]

“But first, you need to commit to two conditions.”

“I’m listening.”

[The tension builds.]

“The first is that you leave my family alone. You stay away from them and from me until Frostbite. At the show, in a No Disqualification match, you’ll have all the violence you need and more.”

[Creed looks at the camera with a smile.] “Agreed, and number two?”

“A parley,” [Nightstick says to his surprise.] “Because after we beat the shit out of each other, we need to sit down and have a civilized fucking conversation.”

[Luther rubs his chin and nods.] “I’ll see you at Frostbite.”



[Two of the most sadistic, evil men in OSW go one on one here tonight in a vicious submission match] [The bell sounds as Manson rushes forward, mauling Davenport with a series of stiff lefts and rights, drilling the unsuspecting southerner with a particular sickening right hook that nearly breaks Davenport’s jaw. Blow after blow that the Hound Dog can barely defend against as Manson backs up, YAKUZA KI…Davenport ducks under, grabbing Manson by the back of the head and dropping him with a neckbreaker. Davenport quickly pounces, drilling Manson’s midsection with a series of stiff kicks before climbing up to the bottom rope, MUD SPLASH! It hits flush as Davenport drops down, trying to lock in the Georgia Crawfish on a dazed Manson] [The Nightmare fights back, landing a stiff right that sends Davenport staggering back allowing Manson to get back up to his feet. As soon as he does thou, Davenport rushes forward, landing a huge Lariat. Manson doesn’t go down, stumbling into the ropes as he rebounds off with a YAKUZA KICK! That puts Davenport down onto one knee as Manson rushes forward, WELCOME TO MANSON STREET!] [Davenport barely hits the mat before he’s pulled up to his feet, pounded over and over by stiff rights and lefts as a sadistic headbutt busts him wide open. Manson tosses Davenport into the corner, a big knee to the jaw sending him down into a seated position as Manson backs up, CANNONBALL! Davenport looks out as he’s pulled out of the corner, lifted up high and nearly driven through the canvas with The HORRORSHOW! Davenport’s out cold as Manson turns him around, locking in the Stranglehold as the referee quickly calls for the bell] [The Nightmare keeps hold of the sleeper, squeezing down as the referee eventually pulls him off, Manson leaving the unconcious and broken Davenport behind victorious once more]


[The bell hasn’t even finished echoing through the Tap Room before Jon Davenport rolls out of the ring, trying to catch his breath. He snorts as he staggers up the ramp, but stops in dead in his tracks.] [Brent Kersh stands before him.] [Dragging several black trash bags.]

“Ready to admit defeat?” [Davenport mutters, a smile creeping up on his face.] [The Enforcer grins, and nods his head up to the video screen behind him.] [Static.] [Brent Kersh stands outside of Davenport’s shack, carrying something we can’t see. He doesn’t make it far though, as DAVENPORT’S THREE HOUND DOG’S JUMP HIM FROM BEHIND!] [The dogs scratch and bite at Kersh, but Brent rolls through the assault, grabbing the first hound and wrapping his fist around it’s tongue, PULLING IT OUT OF HIS THROAT! The stunned dog recoils, and Brent throws its stunned body at the second dog. The third has it’s teeth sunk into his leg, so Kersh grabs it’s hind legs.] [SNAP!] [Like a wishbone, the dog’s legs are snapped apart by the bone. It whimpers down, howling in pain. Kersh turns to face the final dog, it having shrugged off the body of the first dog. As the dog leaps, Kersh reaches down to the ground.] [STICK TO THE THROAT!] [Blood spurts out from the dog, and Kersh follows through, grabbing the hound and dropping his knee all the way to the ground, functionally decapitating Davenport’s last dog.] [The Enforcer picks up what he was carrying with him.] [Gasoline.] [Matches.] [Kersh pours the gasoline over the front porch to the shack before lighting a match and throwing it down.] [The fire rages behind him as the Enforcer walks away with a determined look on his face.] [Static.]

“You son of a bitch!” [Davenport calls.] [Kersh throws the black trash bags down in front of Davenport.] [Three bags.]

“You pushed me too far, Davenport.” [Kersh says.] “Now I’m going to eradicate you and everything that you brought into this world. Your dogs are dead. Your house is gone.”

[Kersh finally grins.]

“You’re next.”

[Davenport looks down at the bags, anger in his eyes, but he sees the focus in the approaching Kersh’s eyes…] […and turns around to run away.] [Davenport’s rotund frame barely gets over the guardrail into the crowd, but he runs as far as he can away, disappearing into the Tap Room faithful. Kersh merely nods.] [He expected this.] [But Davenport won’t be able to run at Frostbite.]


[Two heroes collide with a villain and a rock god who cannot get along in tag team action. Right now!] [Mysterion and Redwing kick things off, and Mysterion wastes little time, charging Redwing and dropping him with a hurricanrana! Redwing gets to his feet and finds himself on the receiving end of yet another hurricanrans! Once again, Redwing stands and moves towards Mysterion! ANOTHER HURRICANR– NO!! SIT OUT POWERBOMB REVERSAL FROM REDWING!!! He maintains the natural pinfall attempt and the referee counts! 1… 2… KICKOUT by the Cloaked Conundrum! Redwing rolls backward, reaching his feet just as Mysterion reaches his knees! YAKUZA KICK! MYSTERION DUCKS IT! HE LEAPS!!! INVERTED TILT-A-WHIRL DDT BY THE VILLAIN!!!] [Both men rest on the mat, the Tap Room imploring both men to reach their corners and make the tag as they each begin dragging themselves towards their partners. Finally each of them tag in, and Spero and Zander Zane enter the ring. Spero immediately hits Zane with a flurry of kicks, causing Zane to slide out of the ring to get out of dodge! He taps his temple to the audience, suggesting he is intelligent, before BEING NAILED BY A TOPE SUICIDA FROM SPERO!!! Mysterion nimbly moves around the apron and CROSSBODY BLOCKS INTO BOTH MEN AND ALL THREE MEN HIT THE GROUND.] [Redwing doesn’t want to miss out on the fun. He moves around the apron as well as all three men reach their feet! He throws himself off and ALL FOUR MEN FALL TO THE TAPROOM FLOOR, REDWING LANDING ATOP THEM!!! The Justice Crusader rolls Zander Zane into the ring. He makes the cover! …BUT HE’S NOT THE LEGAL MAN! SPERO IS CLIMBING THE TOP ROPE! REDWING ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! LAST BEACON!!! SPERO MAKES THE COVER!!! 1… 2… 3!!!] [Redwing and Spero pick up a big win tonight, good triumphant against both evil and arrogance.]


[Backstage, we find ourselves in the shadow of a disgruntled Heath Solman making his way down the hall. The Eternal Witness is not pleased about his upcoming trios match, and he’s about to be even less pleased as a voice from the distance stops him.”

“Yo, Heath!”

[Solman turns around, and is immediately confronted by Jamal with a small stack of papers and a pen in his hands and a stern look on his face.]

“Before you go out there tonight, the boss wants you to have a look at this and sign.”

[He hands the papers and pen to Heath, who just glares at the papers being presented to him, scoffing as he shoves it out of his way.]

“No thanks, not a fan of contracts.”

“Look man, after last week’s little fiasco the boss wants you to know he can help you get what you want, but you gotta help him out in return. This is just a formality, so we don’t have anymore problems going forward.”

[Heath glares at Jamal now, slowly shaking his head in refusal.]

“Did I stutter? I said no thanks. I know enough about contracts to know the fine print is never in your favor.”

[Heath turns to leave but Jamal stops him with a hand on his shoulder.]

“Look man, the boss won’t take no for an answer. We don’t want any more problems coming from you, you feel me?“

[Solman grabs the hand of Jamal, bending it back toward his arm. Jamal is screaming in pain as he comes to a knee, while an angry Heath stares him down again.]

“The more you harass me, the more of a problem I’ll be. Leave me alone.”

[Heath lets go of Jamal’s hand, walking away from the situation entirely as Jamal clutches his nearly broken hand with a snarl on his face.] [Cut.]

[Miami Dade Hospital.] [Sat inside a room, Shadow uncomfortably sits up on a long hospital bed, facing the Doctor who has now come to meet him. He grabs a chart from the foot of the bed and starts reading, narrowing his eyes.]

“Is it bad news?” [Shadow enquires softly, still wincing in pain.] “Because my head really hurts, Doc.”

[The Doctor shakes his head.]

“To tell you the truth young man, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. Medically, we’ve run a battery of tests and you’ve a clean bill of health. In actual fact, you’ve absolutely nothing wrong with you. It’s odd. Usually when we run these kinds of tests we find anomalies that we have to rule out but with you, nothing.”

“Nothing?” [He questions with surprise.] “Then where’s this pain coming from?”

“I hate to say it, but have you experienced any trauma recently? Sometimes great mental trauma can cause symptoms such as yours.”

[The Guardian Angel turns away.]

“I see, so you have?” [The Doctor pushes.] “You don’t have to discuss it with me but your symptoms could be your body’s response to that pain. Instead of dealing with it emotionally, it’s symptomatic physically.”

[Shadow stands up abruptly, taking a deep breath as he does.] [The Doctor readies a shot, carefully injecting him with it.]

“This might numb the pain, but I’m not promising you a resolution. You must look deeper.”

[He shakes his head.]

“You’re wrong,” [he concludes firmly.] “And I’m going to get to the bottom of this, one way or another.”

“Wait, before you go, you need to be mindful of this, okay?” [The Doctor retorts seriously.] “If this pain is psychological, it’ll rear its ugly head whenever it chooses and that could be dangerous. Please, seek help before it’s too late.”



[It’s a trios match this week with two unusual pairings of teams!] [Luther Creed steps into the ring before Nightstick whips him around and begins telling him to get on the apron. Quinn joins in as these two continue bickering for a moment before Creed just slaps Nightstick and turns towards his opponents! Creed turns around and sees Wolfgang standing there. 1488! The Spartan kick nails Creed as he’s nailed backwards into his own corner. Quinn taps him on his shoulder and steps into the ring. Wolfgang smirks and points at the ground as if telling him to lay down. Quinn looks around at the audience before falling to a knee, another, and down to the floor!] [Wolfgang covers him! One…Two… LEG DROP! Nightstick drops a leg drop across the back of Wolfgang’s head to break it up before he nails Wolfgang with a stiff uppercut sending him careening back. Nightstick drags Quinn to his corner and tags himself in before shaking his head at Redmond who hangs his head. Nightstick makes his way towards Wolfgang and grabs him before the referee pulls him away! Wolfgang made a tag! Nate begins kicking at the leg of Nightstick from behind before cracking him with a stiff right hand before leaping up and nailing a stunner! FIGHT FOR NY!] [Nate goes for the pin! The sides filter into the ring! One… Wolfgang nails a big boot to Creed! Two… SHOTGUN WEDDING dropkick from Solman sends Quinn hard into the corner… THR-NO! Nightstick powers out! Nate yanks him to his feet as Wolfgang, Nate, and Solman all begin beating down on Nightstick. CREED FROM OUTTA NOWHERE! Creed begins blasting everyone with running knees! One connects to the jaw of Solman as he falls down. Another catches the side of Wolfgang’s leg before a third drills into his jaw. Nate turns around and catches a big knee to the jaw followed by a quick German suplex! BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! He helps Nightstick onto the cover before sitting on top of Nightstick with a shit-eating grin. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Luther Creed quickly slides out of the ring as Nightstick gets to his feet. Quinn staggers over with a small smile as the three of them are successful!]


[Glass shatters against the wall as a bottle is seen flying across the room.] [Standing across the room is Hate who is seething as David Manson is shown leaning against a wall with his arms folded. Hate’s hands pull at his hair for a moment before he yells in anger.]

“Two fucking weeks they’ve had our belts. TWO WEEKS! How is it that we are still title-less?”

[David Manson pushes himself off the wall before grabbing one of the empty bottles near Hate. He chunks it across the room where it shatters on the wall near the first.]

“Because we’ve been going about it your way. It’s time I took the lead on this.”

[Hate glares at him.]

“Are you blaming me?”

[Manson doesn’t meet his look.]

“No. But the fire didn’t work. It’s time that we-”

[Hate stands up and pushes Manson back a step.]

“You think you hold all the answers? Then go find them. Go find the damn titles.” [Manson tries to say something.] “NO! Don’t you come back here until you have a fucking answer.”

[Manson’s hands tighten into a ball before he turns around and heads for the door before almost bumping into someone stepping into the room.] [Happy?!] [David Manson quickly snags Happy by his head and drags him into the room as Hate turns around to see what the commotion is about.]

“See? I’ve already made headway towards our titles.” [Manson says with a grin.] [Hate ignores him before walking up and grabbing the collar of Happy to hold him in place.]

“Hello, Happy.” [Hate grips him close as he grins showing his disgusting smile only inches away from Happy’s face.]

“I… I have a message.”

“Oh? Do tell.” [says Manson as he pulls out a blade from his pocket and presses it against the flesh of his neck.] [Happy gulps.]

“King Nevermore told me to tell you that… we wouldn’t release your titles unless you promise to give us a match at Frostbite for the titles.”

[Hate laughs.]

“Well, now that would just be dandy for-“

“Deal.” [says Manson quickly as Hate just glares at him.]

“Fine… but there’s no way we can allow you to leave The Awakening without a token to remember you by…”

[Hate says this with a devilish grin before the camera’s focus moves to the floor near them.]


[Blood sprays across the floor.] [Happy’s scream.] [Happy’s blood.] [Cut.]


[The Enforcer stands as the true old guard of OSW as he faces off against a true great new talent in Knightwatch. Can Brent turn back the clock one more time or will he fall?] [The bell rings as both men circle the ring, Kersh raising his arms for a lockup that Knightwatch obliges as the pair hustle for control. Kersh takes over with a big knee to the gut before sending Knightwatch back into the ropes and tossing him across the ring. Knightwatch ducks under a Lariat nailing Brent with a hard European Uppercut to the back of the head. Kersh is dazed as Knightwatch spins him around before throwing Kersh across the ring with a huge Belly to Belly Suplex!] [The Enforcer stumbles up to his feet right into a high dropkick that sends him staggering into the corner as the Protector rushes forward, nearly breaking the Enforcer’s jaw with a huge running knee. Kersh looks out of it as Knightwatch pulls him out of the corner, dragging him into the ropes as he tries for a Rope Hung DDT but Kersh slips out, grabbing Knightwatch by the head as he snaps his throat over the top rope. The Protector staggers back before being planted into the mat with a stiff DDT!] [Kersh rolls down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Knightwatch just gets the shoulder up! Kersh pulls Knightwatch up to his feet, getting a brutal headbutt in return that stuns the Enforcer as Knightwatch grabs him by the shoulder, trying for the Knight’s End but Kersh spins out, ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! The Protector barely hits the mat before he’s lifted up high, SHOULDER BREAKER..SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! It hits flush as Kersh covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Enforcer picks up a huge win here tonight, taking everything Knightwatch could give but in the end the experience factor was too much for the Protector]


[As to be expected with the likes of Zander Zane, once the action is over, the after party begins. This night his personal after party is already in full swing, even before the final round of matches are to be fought. Zander has his ‘ZZ’ Championship belt lain on a table and a line up of green bottles surrounding it. Each of the bottles has the same label, a winking face of the Rock God himself and the letters ZZ plastered on every bottle.] [Surrounded by a swag of fans that laugh at his every joke and look at him with a certain sparkle in their eyes, Zander is already a few bottles deep and staggering slightly as if on the open seas.]

“Zander Zane… The ZZ Champion. Living life loud, playing hard.”

[Zander holds up the bottle he is currently working on and takes a long swig. A raucous cheer erupts from the party-goers in response. He closes in on the camera, making sure to show the label to the lens clearly and flashing a charismatic smile.]

“Wooooh! ZZ Ale, The Champion’s Brew. Welcome to the Zander Zane Experience!”

[He climbs up upon the table, holding his ‘modified’ belt above his head and shouting.]

“I’m Zander fucking Zane, king of the Zander Zane Experience. This is my era, you’re welcome!”

“You know, the real champions around here don’t exactly feel the same way, big head.”

[On cue, Mysterion pushes his way into the fray, knocking over Zaneites as he goes until he stands right in front of Zane. Zander looks down on him from his tabletop.]

“Keep drinking Zander. I wonder how many of these pisswaters you’d have to down to render yourself even more useless than usual. A staggering drunk is not much of a champion. Definitely not as your ego thinks…”

[Zander jumps down from the table, standing toe to to with Mysterion.]

“Pisswaters? Perhaps you’d care to try one?”

[SMASH!] [Zander Zane just bottled Mysterion! A full bottle smashed right over the head and Mysterion is bleeding! MIC DROP! Mysterion crashes through the beer merchandising table!] [Zander Zane downs the rest of the beer he is drinking and grabs the Double Feature Championship off Mysterion’s lifeless body. He steps away, turning his back and lays the belt on the floor. He takes the empty bottle, smashing it into the Championship belt and… ZANE URINATES ON THE BELT!]

“Welcome to the Zander Zane Experience!”

[Mysterion is sure gonna be pissed when he comes to.] [Cut.]


[The Boiler Room.] [The sound of clunking pipes barely covers the sound deep within the darkness of a man talking seemingly to himself. As we approach, we find Rain, sat against the wall, head rested against it, talking to the darkness.]

“There’s been a lot of death here,” [Rain says, shaking his head.] “I can feel you.”

[He listens.]

“I’m sorry that happened to you. The Apocalypse, huh? You died saving the world. I’ve spoken with people less valiant than you.”

[Suddenly, an actual voice interrupts.] [We don’t see who it belongs to, we only hear it.] [It’s somewhat familiar.]

“Can you really talk with the dead?”

[Rain’s brows furrow, as if he knows the difference between the ‘voices’ and the person speaking.]

“I can,” [he responds.] “Why’d you ask?”

“I live my life on the edge. I know there’s no end, but you? You prove that even if we die, it isn’t over. I need that. That kind of validation makes this life more tolerable.”

[The Impairer of World’s stands up, tilting his head.]

“Are you an outcast, like me?”

[There’s a brief pause.]


[Rain steps forward into the darkness so that we can barely see him.]

“We outcasts must stick together,” [he says, reaching a hand into the darkness before him. Someone grips it.] “Follow me, I can show you the way.”



[The Gambler has become obsessed with regaining his Invasion briefcase but will that cost him here tonight against Player One?] [The bell sounds as Karrde rushes forward, trying to take Gameboy by surprise with a wild clothesline but Gameboy ducks under, peppering Karrde with a series of Button Mashing right jabs, landing the same punch over and over infuriating the Gambler. A sharp headbutt ends the run of rights as Karrde pounds the Vindicator down with heavy strikes but Gameboy slips out of a Suplex attempt, landing a stiff jawbreaker that staggers Karrde back before Gameboy springboards off the ropes, CROSSBODY! Gameboy stays down for the cover] [ONE…TW..Karrde quickly powers out. Gameboy pulls him up to his feet, ENZIGURI! Gameboy is stunned as Karrde hooks him up, STRAIGHT SHOT! A huge Single Arm DDT that spikes Gameboy into the mat but as he tries to drop down for the pin, Player One kicks him away, kipping up with MAX POWAH! Karrde is out but not down as Gameboy sizes him up for a moment, LEVEL ONE! That huge Superkick nearly takes Karrde’s head off as Gameboy covers] [ONE…TWO…THR…KARRDE JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Gameboy calls for the end, backing up for a moment, leaping up THE RESET…HITS KNEES! Karrde just gets the knees up as Gameboy staggers to his feet holding his gut, THIEVERY ONE! Karrde nails Gameboy with a Superkick of his own as the Gambler has had enough, urging Gameboy to his feet. KICK TO THE GUT, JACK…SMALL PACKAGE! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Player One steals the victory out of nowhere, sinking in that Small Package and getting the victory out of sure defeat in a loss that Wild Karrde will have to be furious about]


[The red glow of an exit sign which hangs just above a steel door.] [Silence.] [And then…] [BOOM!] [The door bursts open, nearly becoming unhinged. In the frame, none other than Troy Solveig.] [Behind him, the rest of the Vindicators.] [Solveig hurries into the room; his speed lessening with each step. Spero is the next through the door; his face going pale at the sight he sees. And then Berengar and Redwing joining their friends.] [Something inside the room has them all shook.] [More dead bodies. More blood. More guts. Strewn about the room in a massacre similar to the bar attack we saw weeks ago.] [But from the carnage… movement.]


[Spero yells out almost in victory as he rushes to the side of one of the fallen.] [It is Mr. Knot.] [But he’s not dead. The designated leader of Old School Wrestling sits up with the help of Spero as The Vindicators gather around.] [Suddenly, Gameboy hurries into the room. Sweat glistening from the match he just finished.]

“You found him!”

“Are you ok?!”

[Gameboy and Redwing both respond in concern. They know what is at stake.]

“I’m fine boys. I’m fine!” [Mr. Knot assures.] “I had to feign death. I’m lucky to have survived him!!”

“Vanguard did this?!?”

“He did.” [Knot nods.] “A group of employees, faithful servants, mercilessly mowed down by that robot!”

“You WERE lucky” [Solveig says in a sober voice.] “to have escaped his wrath.”


[Mr. Knot agrees as Berengar steps in.]

“What now?”

[Berengar, Gameboy and Redwing help Mr. Knot to his feet.]

“We’re approaching Frostbite and he’s here. He’s hiding. Waiting. In The Tap Room. The only question is, where?”

[A look of concern covers all their faces as the shot pans to the door, broken open and giving us a view of the corridors of the Tap Room.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle between kings here tonight as it’s King Arthur going on-on-one with our Ring King, Edgar Nevermore in a Game of Thrones match!] [The only way to win this match is by sitting upon the throne and forcing your opponent to kneel before you! The bell sounds as Nevermore charges forward with a spear that floors Arthur. He wraps his hands around the ankle of Arthur in a cravat before really torqueing on the ankle! Arthur is in pain as his foot is turning more than ninety degrees in a direction that it shouldn’t! Arthur reaches back and rakes the eyes of Nevermore forcing him to relinquish the hold and giving Arthur some separation. Arthur rises to his feet as Edgar is quick to rush him again. Arthur raises a knee to catch him before sending into the ropes and catching with a hip toss.] [Nevermore gets back to his feet before Arthur clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Arthur staggers out after him, but not before grabbing his scepter. Nevermore staggers up the ramp a bit towards the Throne sitting there on the rampway. Arthur raises the weapon over his head and DRIVES IT into the back of Nevermore who slumps to the floor. Arthur casts the weapon aside before grabbing Nevermore by his ankle to pull him to the throne. As he’s getting close, Nevermore kicks him in the gut!] [The Ring King manages to get to his feet and drive a knee into the side of Arthur’s leg! Arthur staggers down a bit before Nevermore wraps up the leg of Arthur and drives back with his arm hooked. THE OXFORD COMMA! Arthur’s head slams on the metal. Edgar Nevermore pulls him over to the throne before taking his place on the seat. He beckons for Arthur to give him the respect he deserves. Arthur rolls out of the way instead of standing up! Nevermore is incensed as he grabs the scepter and BASHES Arthur across the back of his head and pulls him back into place. Nevermore takes his seat as Arthur comes to a kneeling position to end the match!] [Edgar Nevermore gets a big win here as he kicks King Arthur away. He resumes his seat with an enormous grin upon his face.]



“Dominic? Where are you my friend?”

[Knightwatch searches the temple, finding it oddly empty of the usual presence that would fill it. There were no other Templars about of any sort. As he turns in and out each door, nothing emerges.]

“Are you panicking Dark Knight? Can you not find what had been taken from you?”

[Knighwatch suddenly turns around, expecting to find the source of the voice. Instead, there is only darkness and the empty hall. The voice, identifiable as Arthur’s, continues on as if right behind the Templar.]

“Your friends are not anywhere to be found here knight. They have been.. relegated in the sense of it all.”

“What have you done with them? WHERE ARE THEY?”

[A chuckle comes from the shadows, chilling the masked hero to his core. Scanning the shadows, he could still see nothing. As rage settles in, Arthur continues to mock him.]

“Do not worry about the fate of your allies. Their fate only rests in your hands.”

[The laughter seems to echo off the walls, following around the hero as if they were inside his head.]

“At Frostbite, you shall fight for the safety of your allies. If you succeed, I shall set your allies free.

“And if I lose?”

[The air seemed to get colder, and two pinpricks of light appeared from the shadows in front of Knightwatch]

“Then they shall meet a terrible fate. Prepare thyself. It won’t be an easy feat.”

[Sensing an area to strike, he picks up a discarded sword and swings at what he thinks is Arthur. It clashes into nothing, leaving him alone with the fading cackle of an undead king and the thoughts in his head.] [What could he possibly do?]


[Recorded Earlier – Miami Dade Hospital.] [We flicker to a static hospital camera, watching as Shadow exits the hospital room and walks away down the corridor. Suddenly, a patient sitting down outside the room stands up, flashing purple eyes at us before taking off his cap and entering the room.] [Wild Karrde.]

“Did you inject him with the serum?”

[Karrde asks, looking at the nervous Doctor with a wry smile.]

“I did,” [he responds, rather frustrated with his predicament. He stands up and shakes his head.] “That boy has some serious mental trauma to work through and I’ve not only violated his trust but my ethical boundaries. I hope you think this is worth it, because you’re risking his health.”

[The Magician smiles, clicking his fingers to reveal a wad of cash. The magic itself stumbles the Doctor, who almost falls over in surprise.]

“Why don’t you let me concern myself with him and you concern yourself with the gambling debt you acquired in my casino. I’ve wiped your slate clean and as promised, here’s another ten grand for your troubles. If you need somewhere to spend it, you know where I’m located.”

[He turns to walk away, tossing the cash onto the desk, only for The Doctor to speak and halt him.]

“I’m serious Karrde, there’s something severely wrong with him.”

[The Gambler turns with a snarl.] “You’re right,” [he retorts.] “He took something that doesn’t belong to him and he has to give it back. Don’t worry Doctor, you only injected him with truth serum.”

“Why on earth did you have me do that?”

[A pause.]

“Why else?” [He mockingly responds.] “The truth.”



[It’s time for the main event, and will The Knight of the Void be able to pierce the seemingly impenetrable flesh of The Streak with his Vigilkeeper?] [The bell sounds as Edward Newton steps towards the center of the ring and extends a hand with a smile on his face. Berengar looks down at his hand with a questioning glance before shaking his head at the offer.] [Newton frowns before insisting that The Knight take his hand. Berengar sighs before taking it. Newton takes his hand in both of his and shakes it earnestly. Then he kicks Berengar in the shin before raking the eyes of Berengar! The Knight staggers backwards as Newton leaps up and wraps the head of Berengar for his finish!] [NEVERMIND!] [But Berengar hooks the top rope as Newton slams down to the mat by himself. He quickly rolls to his feet as Berengar looks at him with his temper rising quickly! Newton puts up his hands as if to make peace with him, but Berengar just charges him! The clothesline knocks Newton inside out as Berengar almost takes his head off! The Knight of the Void quickly lifts up Newton and sends him over the ropes. Newton catches himself there on the apron before falling any further. However, Berengar hits the ropes and…] [SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES!] [Berengar knocks both himself and Newton to the hard floor on the outside of the ring with that suicidal charge! He quickly gets to his feet and lets out a roar of frustration. Berengar lifts up Newton, walks over to the apron, and begins smashing his face into the mat time… after time… after time. By the fifth shot, Newton has fallen to his knees. Berengar rolls him into the ring.] [The Knight rolls into the ring, but Newton catches him with a kick from the prone position! Berengar staggers to his feet as Newton rolls him up!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [TH-KICKOUT!] [Berengar barely got his shoulder up there, but Newton doesn’t allow much time for reprieve as he kicks him square in the ribs. He gets to his knees before Newton hooks his arm and hits a quick snap suplex slamming him back down into the mat with a thud. Newton gets back to his feet and begins unlacing his boot as he feigns tending to his hurt ankle.] [The Knight of the Void gets to his feet before charging Newton with a running knee strike. Newton was too busy fiddling with his boot to see the shot coming. Berengar sees the unlaced boot and quickly grabs the boot to yank it off his foot. With the shoe in hand, the referee snatches the boot away and moves to the ropes to clear it from the ring.] [LOW BLOW!] [Berengar was distracted by the referee who was distracted by clearing the foreign objectified boot from the ring. Newton quickly rolls him up as the referee turns around to see the roll-up in question!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREENOKICKOUT!] [Berengar managed to just get a shoulder up! Newton seems a little impressed by that before he wraps up the legs of Berengar and rolls him over into a Liontamer! THE RIDD-NO! Berengar manages to roll through it and grab the legs of Newton before pulling him down into a pin!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [TH-KICKOUT!] [Newton just saw his Streak flash before his eyes! Berengar drills him with a kneelift before locking in a vicious headlock!] [DESTINY’S MAW!] [Edward Newton is slammed down onto the mat by the hold as he’s struggling for breath! Berengar has the hold applied and is draining the life from the face of Newton. His face begins to turn red from the struggle, but Berengar’s hold is firm! Newton fades! The referee begins raising his hand!] [It falls once! Two more times and that’s it!] [Twice! If it falls one more time, the Streak is over!] [Three! NO! Newton still has fight left in him! He manages to grab the leg of Berengar and roll them both towards the ropes where he grabs!] [The referee begins his count, and Berengar just releases him with a huff. He gets to his feet, and Berengar begins motioning for the end. Edward Newton is clutching his throat in pain as he turns into Berengar.] [POP-UP POWERBOMB!] [THE VANQUISHER!] [Edward Newton is planted firmly into the mat as Berengar pins him down!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [THE STREAK IS OVER!] [NO! Newton’s foot was on the bottom rope!] [Berengar can’t believe it! He leaps to his feet and begins pacing. He’s got to do something else here! He’s panicking! Newton staggers to his feet. Berengar kicks him right in the gut before his eyes go wide with a dawning moment. He whips Newton into the corner. He nails a running clothesline there before eyeing the top rope. He climbs up the ropes, pulling Newton along with him. He gets to the top and pulls Newton between his legs, carefully. He lifts up Newton into the POWERBOMB POSITION!] [THE VANQU-NO! Newton hits a SUPERHURRICANRANA!] [Berengar SLAMS into the mat before the impact carries him through to his feet in a daze! Newton climbs to the second rope and leaps off!] [NEVERMIND!] [The leaping spike DDT PLANTS Berengar into the mat before he covers him!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO….] […] [THREEE!] [Berengar came close, but Edward Newton’s Streak continues on! He was victorious in a huge fashion here over Berengar in the main event!]


[What a fucking match!] [Edward Newton and Berengar barely have a moment to themselves here before an unexpected visitor enters the ring.] [Eli Forever.] [The fatigued Riddler doesn’t even get to stand to his feet, as Forever goes right after him. The Heir Eternal grabs him by the tie, wrenching him in to punch him in the face.] [But his arm is grabbed!] [Harper.] [Eli wrenches his arm free, but gets up in his sister’s face.]

“Don’t make me do this.” [Eli roars in her face.] [Harper points to her cheek.]

“You’re be no better than our father! DO IT!”

[Eli’s rage intensifies, but the Heir Eternal lowers his raised fist. His conflict is on full display as Harper shakes her head.]

“I have no room in my life for yet another weak man trying to manipulate me.”

[SLAP!] [Harper spins Forever around with the force of her slap.] [NEVERMIND FROM NEWTON! THE WORLD CHAMPION SPIKES FOREVER!] [The Riddler doesn’t get back up, instead he rolls Forever over. Harper walks over and places her foot directly on his chest. Newton makes the count.] [One.] [Two.] [Three.] [If that happens at Frostbite, then Harper will be the #1 Contender to the World Championship!] [Newton stands up, and lets Harper embrace him. The Riddler looks down at Forever with a sneer.]

“Mr. Forever, you’ve got to learn that in OSW, all men and women are in my orbit. Everyone wants to fight it, but the only one that’s embraced it is the only one who is fit to challenge for my World Championship. Because she showed no hesitation in doing what she needed.”

[Harper leans over her fallen brother, kissing his forehead.]

“See you at Frostbite, brother.”

[She stands up, and her and Newton share a kiss over the fallen body of Eli Forever.] [If Forever won’t fight his sister, how is he going to get to Newton?] [Cut.]