[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [In the brisk cold outside The Tap Room, Troy Solveig slowly makes his way towards the building when the sound of screeching tyres immediately breaks his concentration. He turns quickly to see a car speeding towards him.] [He has no-where to go.] [The vehicle mows straight through him, The Viking tumbling over the hood, cracking the windshield and falling down the other side with a ginormous and horrendous thud.] [The car immediately slams on the breaks, coming to a halt.] [The car door opens and slams behind the person exiting.] [Shadow.] [‘The Fallen Angel’ approaches with a menacing look in his eyes, but Troy Solveig is far from out of it. The tough son of a bitch slowly pulls himself to his feet, falling down to his knees as he does. Spewing blood, he falls forward onto the trunk, leaning against it to catch his breath.] [Shadow grins evilly.] [Then he strikes.] [A flurry of right hands bounce off the head of Solveig, who can barely stand after being run over. He pushes Shadow away, lunging forward with a Headbutt that rocks The Angel to his knees as he returns for more punishment.] [Clutching at his ribs, Troy stumbles away in complete and utter shock at what’s just happened. He’s trying to survive, now.] [He falls through the doors of The Tap Room, staring back at Shadow who grimaces at him.] [His eyes glowing white.] [What the hell has gotten into him?] [Cut.]


[Happy cuts a determined figure tonight in his corner of the ring. He looks to put away the debuting Percy Prettybody, who on the contrary just looks rather smug!] [Happy looks to start things off on the front foot, charging at Percy with his shoulder down. He runs right into his opponent, bouncing straight off him and tumbling back like he was a brick wall. Prettybody point his finger and laughs at Happy, looking around at the fans inside the Tap Room for their approval, which they fail to advocate. This pisses Prettybody off something rotten, and he ascends the middle turnbuckle, taunting the audience.] [Happy quickly moves over to where Prettybody stands, legs apart, and motions his arm in an upward thrust… LOW BLOW! Percy grabs his balls and pulls a face like he’s sucking on a hot chip! He drops onto his feet with a thud, turning around and walking straight into a DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN! Happy keeps a hold of Prettybody’s tree trunk-like legs, looking round for a reaction from the crowd, which they deliver. He slowly drops onto his back, catapulting Percy up and sending him flying across the ring, FACE FIRST INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!] [Happy uses his agility to kip up and the fans just can’t seem to get enough of it. Percy, meanwhile, clutches his face with both hands as he turns, completely blindsided. In a desperate attempt to restore some parity, he runs forwards with his head bowed hoping to score with a cannonball, but Happy simply steps aside, forcing Prettybody’s own head into the MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE! Still – he stands – but as he stumbles back from the impact of that blow, Happy rolls him up, grabbing his tights for extra leverage! ONE… TWO…… THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!] [It’s over! A debut to forget for Percy Prettybody, who was the victim of his own stupidity tonight!]


[Eternity on the Hill.] [Riddle on the Hill.] [Stone walls stretch to the sky as Eli Forever stands at the gate to what used to be his home. His sanctuary.] [No longer.] [Something unsettling shines in the eyes of Forever as the gates slowly part to welcome him to this barren place that used to be full of life. Eli walks down the streets that he paved, his eyes taking in every empty home and path. His clothes are slightly unkempt, and he walks with a tilt to his head as he enters the oratory where he once inspired so many people to greater heights.] [SLAM!] [The door slams shut behind Eli as he comes face to face with the man he came to meet.]

“Welcome, Mr. Forever, I have been expecting you.”

[Edward Newton.] [Sat in Eli’s very own chair, the Riddler seems amused as Forever walks down the empty aisle, barren pews dwarfing him as he does so.]

“I’m so glad you came to meet me. I had thought you would come here before your personal chambers, so I arranged to have your chair brought here. I thought it would lend to a discussion about our upcoming match.”

[Eli ignores Newton, his tilting even more, his grimy stained sunglasses honing in on the World Champion.]

“You.” [Eli mutters.] [Newton raises an eyebrow as Eli continues.]

“You’re the real Riddle on the Hill here, aren’t you? No one’s been able to solve you. You’re always one step ahead.”

[Forever slumps down into the first pew, staring up at Newton.]

“So go ahead Riddler, say whatever it is you’ve come to say, and lets be done with it. To the bitter end we go.”

[Newton allows a slight frown at Forever’s condition.]

“You know, Eli, when I spoke to your brother, he told me you might end up like this after everything.”

[A twitch from Forever at the mention of his brother.]

“But I thought more of you. What will your poor mother do when she sees you like this?”

[CRASH!] [ELI LEAPS ONTO NEWTON, KNOCKING THE CHAIR OVER!] [Eli Forever has snapped!] [Cut.]


[We return from the Hill and come face to face with Rain backstage. He seems occupied with one particular wall, running his hand along the concrete as he walks slowly.]

“These walls have such stories to tell. Stories that were once lost, but don’t you worry.”

[He turns, as if speaking to somebody who is not there. Or are they?]

“I can tell their story. As I can tell yours.”

[His hand returns to the wall. He runs it along but soon stops as he reaches an obstruction blocking his path.]

“I see you have freed yourself from my trap. Still picking cobwebs out of your hair?”

[Mysterion. He blocks the path of Rain, who seems none too pleased to have his thoughts interrupted. But this frustration soon turns to flat out anger as Mysterion reaches out and snips off a lock of Rain’s hair out of nowhere. He pulls free the cut clump of hair, holding it between his two hands to examine the length before Rain’s face.]

“It was getting in the way of your face, I thought I’d help you out.”

[Rain draws a deep breath, trying not to take the bait.]

“I don’t remember asking for your assistance. It would be wise not to overstep your mark.”

[Mysterion smiles, now bringing the scissors he had used to bring the piece of hair up to Rain’s neck.]

“And it would be wise for you to listen to your own advice. Know your place… Or you may be meeting your ‘people’ sooner than later.”

[Rain swallows. But his eyes flicker slightly as if listening to a voice, unheard by others. His voice stammers slightly with the blades digging into his throat a little.]

“Caleb isn’t impressed with you. He says he’s ashamed of what you have become… When you showed so much promise.”

[Mysterion cracks once more at the sound of the name, hurling the scissors in blind rage. They hit a patch of drywall, embedding themselves into the wall.]


[He grabs Rain by the throat, squeezing with one hand while waving the strand of Rain’s own hair in the face of the Outcast.]

“Your lies end now. You leave my family alone or I will bring you to your knees. Piece by piece. Mark my words… HE is not your business any more.”

[Rain pushes Mysterion away, standing tall and surprisingly stoically given the threats.]

“He made himself my business. He found me. The truth will be told…”

[Rain doesn’t have time to finish his sentence. Mysterion grabs Rain by the hair and slams his head into the concrete wall. Pulling free another clump of hair in the process. Rain is out cold, but Mysterion stands over him.]

“Piece by piece, you lying bastard. Get the message, or the next piece comes with blood and a pound of flesh.”

[He lets the strands of hair fall through his fingers over Rain, holding onto the original lock of hair he had cut earlier. This he clasps into his fist as he turns dramatically and leaves Rain groaning on the concrete.] [Cut.]


[It’s the debut of Charlie Pryce, and how will he compare against Redwing?] [The bell sounds as these two circle around the ring looking each other over. Redwing’s eyes are darting all over Stickyfinger as he analyzes him. Pryce just smirks at him as he circles around. Redwing goes for a tie-up, but Pryce just ducks underneath before taking out the legs of Redwing with a chop block! Redwing gets back up, but there is a pair of hands wrapped around his waist for a German suplex! Redwing rolls back onto his feet after the blow as Pryce is standing there with him. Pryce rushes towards the ropes before springing off! Redwing dodges the elbow strike before nailing an axe kick followed directly by an elbow smash!] [The Caped Crusader grabs Charlie up and whips him into the ropes. Pryce catches himself at the ropes as Redwing charges towards him. Charlie catches him with a kick that sends himself over the top rope onto the apron. Pryce quickly springboards from the top rope with an elbow that Redwing catches right on the chin! Redwing is knocked prone as Pryce rolls him over and covers him! One…TWO…KICKOUT! Redwing gets to his feet as Pryce hooks his head for some sort of DDT, but Pryce is pushed away! But Redwing hooks his arm and turns him around quickly into a clothesline! GODWATCH!] [Redwing covers! One…TWO…THREE! NO! Pryce got his shoulder up at the very last second. The Red Knight lifts up Stickyfinger before whipping him into the ropes. He rebounds before leaping into the air and wrapping up the head of Redwing into a DDT! But the legs of Pryce are wrapped around Redwing as he turns the DDT into a sleeper hold! MOONSHINE! The drink seems to be a higher percentage than Redwing is used to as he’s reaching out for the ropes hesitantly! He grabs the bottom rope! The referee breaks up the hold. Pryce wastes no time as he springs from the top rope, hits a backflip, and drives the heel of his foot onto the back of Redwing’s head! THE IRISH GRIN! Pryce covers! One…TWO…THREEE!] [A huge win for the debuting Stickyfinger! He manages to get a victory over The Red Knight in his debut!]


[Hate, The Nihilist, has been missing for two weeks.] [No one has reported his whereabouts since the night David Manson droves his face into the glass-covered mat.] [But his presence would soon be felt.] [The sound of screams echo through the hall as a flood of people are rushing as fast as they can away something. A quick look down the hall reveals that there is a bearded man with foul, crooked teeth grinning as he’s walking. Laying behind him is a path of blood and battered bodies.]

“Where are you, David?!”

[One of the bodies begins to crawl away with blood smeared across his face. Hate looks down at him and almost cooes at him before pulling a blade and driving it into the top of his hand.] [The man screams as Hate snickers at him.]

“I know your thirst for blood is unquenchable, David. If you wanted this nothingness of life to be ended so quickly, why didn’t you just ask?”

[A woman looks up at Hate with tears in her eyes as she’s stumbled before him. Hate reaches down and strokes her cheek softly, revealing that his hand has glass taped to the top of his wrapped hand.]

“I would’ve done it for you, David. I would’ve shown you how little this life is worth. All you had to do was ASK!”

[Hate grabs a handful of the girl’s hair and lifts her to her feet. She squirms, fighting for her life before Hate brings his hand up to his own face.] [HATE SLICES HIS OWN FOREHEAD!] [He headbutts the woman as his blood is now spilling onto her face just as much as down his own. Two more headbutts before he releases her body as she slumps to the floor.]

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it David?! You wanted blood! Come to me, David! COME TO ME! And I will end it all.”

[Hate looks down at the woman before kicking her aside.]

“Just for you, David.”

[Hate begins just moving the bodies around with glee as he looks at what his pure hatred has wrought.] [But the camera pans out as a pair of eyes are shown peering through a nearby open door.] [Two voices are head, speaking in unison.]

“He will want to hear this.”

[The door slowly closes as the two voices speak once more.]

“He will want blood.”



[Tonight, the Great Bandito is debuting! His hope is high but no one can compete with the amount of hope Spero has! He will have to earn a win in his first match with more than heart tonight! Will he be victorious in his debut or will Spero prove hope is for heroes? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Spero is hot out of the gates! Running dropkick! That kick sends Bandito into the corner! Spero charges with a running European uppercut! No! Bandito gets his knees up! That stuns Spero! Bandito hops to the second rope! Shining wizard to the back of the head! Bandito covers! One…Two…Kick out by Spero! Bandito climbs to the top rope! KNIFE TO THE HEART! No! Spero rolls out of the ray! Bandito rolls through! Spero surprise him with ETERNAL SPRING! Pop-up inverted Frankensteiner! Bandito is planted and Spero covers! One…Two…Bandito kicks out!] [Spero pulls him up! He whips Bandito into the ropes! Bandito bounces off! Clothesline by Spero! No! Bandito ducks it! He bounces off the ropes again! SHORTCHANGED! He hits the sling blade neckbreaker! He covers! One…Two…Spero gets the shoulder up! Bandito grabs the hand! He gets a hold of Spero’s fingers! He bends the arm and presses it against the mat! Bandito jumps! Stomp to the elbow! Spero clutches his arm and writhes in pain! Bandito holds his thumb up and yells “it’s over!” He is trying to jam his thumb in Spero’s throat! Spero is fighting it! He’s holding Bandito’s wrist! He upkicks Bandito in the face!] [Both men are down! They are both using each other to get up! They’re back on their feet! A right from Spero! A right from Bandito! Bandito whips Spero into the corner! Spero backflips off the ropes! Bandito goes for a superkick! No! Spero catches the leg! He turns it into an ankle lock but Bandito immediately rolls through! Spero rolls under the ropes and pulls himself up to the apron! Bandito goes for a running elbow but Spero counters with a round kick and Bandito falls hard! He climbs to the top rope! He jumps! LAST BEACON! He hits the corkscrew shooting star press and stays on top for the cover! One…Two…Three!] [Great showing by a debuting Bandito but Spero pulls out the win in a great match!]


[The Entrance of the Templar Temple] [Knightwatch walks through the halls of OSW, taking the route to the temple entrance beneath the stage of OSW. As he approaches though, something seems off. The area seems to be darker. Quieter. Stiller. Confused, Knightwatch calls out.]

“Brothers? Are you there?”

[Only silence answers him. Concerned, he continues forward. As he gets closer, the hallway does not brighten with the torchlight that lit the entrance before. It sits in darkness. As he steps forward, his foot splashes into a puddle of something. He reaches for a torch, calling out again.]

“Brothers, sisters, where are you? Brother Marcus? Sister Maria?”

[Lighting the torch, what greets him isn’t the warm scene of Templars walking back and forth.] [Instead, he is greeted with carnage.] [Lying around in piles of bodies and pools of blood are the Templars that could not escape. Sliced, bashed, drained of life.}

[Knightwatch chokes a gasp back, realizing he had stood in the blood of those that he had once trusted and cared for. He looks for the answer, seeing it in front of him.] [Carved into the door of the Temple is a crown, in the shape of Arthur’s. Painted below it is a simple message, one striking into the soul of Knightwatch.] [ALL ALONE] [Pain is replaced with fury, as he cries out the room around him with a scream of rage.]



[The Cloaked Conundrum takes on the The Avenging Angel in a battle of agility!] [The bell sounds and the combatants spring into action, hurling themselves into a dueling flurry of kicks and punches. Shadow gains the advantage with a kick to Mysterion’s shin, sending the supervillain to one knee. Suddenly Shadow is bouncing off the ropes and running toward the downed Mysterion…but in a flash The Cloaked Conundrum leaps to his feet, spins around, and catches Shadow in a vicious bulldog! Mysterion is up quickly and picks Shadow up for a rapid-fire small package driver! Shadow hits the mat with a THUMP. Mysterion gets to his feet and puffs his chest out, standing over Shadow!] [Mysterion pulls Shadow to his feet… but there is still vengeance within the angel! Shadow fires off an array of martial arts strikes, landing kicks and punches to Mysterion’s midsection. Shadow continues gaining momentum … Mysterion is looking dazed … with a quick step away, Shadow NAILS the ANGEL BEAT superkick directly to Mysterion’s chin! Mysterion just BARELY manages to stay on his feet… until Shadow topples him with a right hand! The Avenging Angel quickly heads outside the ropes, balancing on the apron…he leaps to the top rope and propels himself off of it, launching into FROM THE HEAVENS…] [But in the blink of an eye The Cloaked Conundrum rolls out of the way and Shadow collides with the mat violently! Mysterion is up on his feet! Triumphantly he drags Shadow up and positions him in the corner before backing up and somersaulting forward to deliver a HANGSPRING ELBOW! Shadow is dazed but somehow still upright. Mysterion watches from the middle of the ring as Shadow staggers forward. He waits for the right moment and… PROPELS HIMSELF off the TOP ROPE to deliver the PUNCH OF DOOM!! Shadow is DOWN! Mysterion goes for the cover… 1… 2.. 3!] [The Cloaked Conundrum soars to victory!]


[Deep within the halls of the Tap Room, we find Jamal and Bruce on what appears to be a search for something…or someone. We soon get our answer, as they knock on a door and out steps Heath Solman, looking none too pleased to see Nate Washington’s associates harassing him.]

“What do you want?”

[Jamal is the first to speak up.]

“Boss man wanted us to deliver a message. Says he’s been gearing up for one more fight with you, wants to settle things at Red Snow.”

[Solman just scoffs at this, shaking his head.]

“And he didn’t have the guts to tell this to me himself?”

“Look man, he wants to kill you…but he wants to save that moment for Red Snow. He knows the history of that event, especially inside the walls of this place…and he wants to stain the walls of the Tap Room red with your blood.”

[Heath is taken aback by the thought of a businessman like Nate wanting to straight up murder him.]

“That seems rather unlike your boss, doesn’t it? What would make him seek bloody murder as a resolution?”

[Bruce is the one to speak up now, just a twinge of fear in his voice.]

“Power will do that to you, man. The boss has been acting more and more irrational lately, and I think…”

[Jamal interrupts, pushing Bruce aside as he looks at Solman.]

“We’ve got our orders, man. You need to get ready for the storm that’s coming, because the boss is gonna go all out on you come Red Snow. He’s gonna give you everything he’s got, and he won’t relent till he sees you breathe your last breath. He’ll help ya solve your little immortality problem, ya dig?”

[Before Heath can respond, Jamal motions to Bruce and the two men walk off…leaving the Eternal Witness to wonder if his fate is truly sealed.] [Cut.]


[The Tap Room Parking Lot] [Percy Prettybody, in an expensive three-piece suit, stands near a brand new, black Bugatti Chiron, yelling at a group of women who walk by him.] “Hey Ladies! You ever sucked a rich man’s cock inside a 2 million dollar car before?”

[One of the women scoff.] “Fuck off you fat creep!”

[Prettybody is unphased.] “Some women would appreciate the fact that Prettybody is better than everybody,” [Prettybody sneers.] “But I guess you’re too daft to appreciate a cultured man.”

[Suddenly, Prettybody is bumped hard by a man’s shoulder from behind.]

“What the hell?”

[Prettybody turns around.]

“Sorry lad.”

[Charlie Pryce.] [Prettybody eyes Charlie, who holds up his hands as a sign of non-aggression. Charlie dusts Prettybody off and fixes his jacket.]

“My fault, mate. My fault. Of course, you’re fairly rotund and hard to get around. But I should’ve watched where I was going.”

[Prettybody tries to object, but before he does so, Pryce shoves Prettybody.] [Percy stumbles back and falls over The Great Bandito, who was perched behind his legs on all fours. Percy hits his head on the pavement hard. The Great Bandito leaps to his feet.]

“Jump in!” [The Great Bandito shouts, a set of keys to a 2 million dollar car in his hand. He unlocks the vehicle and jumps in the passenger side while Charlie Pryce slides across the hood and jumps in the passenger seat.] [They drive off as Percy reaches his feet,] “You’re both going to pay for this! I will have every cop in this city after you!”

[The Great Bandito speeds down the road, laughing with Charlie.]

“What an easy mark! We made a great team,” [says Charlie.]

“We did. I don’t normally work with others, but this was a score I had to have.”

“I believe you. There’s all kinds of partners who can’t be trusted. Too many double-crossers.”

[The Great Bandito nods sagely,] “You’re right.”

“Unfortunately,” [Charlie says.] “This time is no different.”

[Before The Great Bandito can respond, he hears that fateful sound.] [Click.] [And the barrel of a pistol is placed against Bandito’s temple.]

“Cheer up love,” Charlie says. “It’s only business.”



[The Rock God looks to silence the momentum of Rain, but can the Impairer of Worlds put a damper on THE Zander Zane’s plans?] [As the bell rings, Zane goes on the attack early with some hard lefts and rights to Rain, driving him to the corner where he stomps Rain in the midsection over and over again, a big grin on his face the whole time as he taunts the Misfit. Zane lays in a knife edge chop for good measure before hitting a swinging neckbreaker that drives Rain hard into the canvas! Zane picks Rain back up, whipping him into the corner again—RIDE THE LIGHTNING! Zane nails Rain with that Bronco Buster, leaving the Impairer of Worlds feeling, well, impaired!] [Zane just chuckles as he gets Rain back to his feet, hitting a back thrust kick followed by a knife edge chop…but Rain blocks the roundhouse kick, hitting a short-arm shoulder block that sends the Rock God reeling! Rain spots his opportunity, laying into Zane with a flurry of lefts and rights followed by some hard kicks. Zane blocks the last of these, but Rain just drills him with an enziguri! Hoping that will do it, Rain goes for the cover. ONE…TW—NO! It’ll take more than that to keep THE Zander Zane down!] [Rain is clearly frustrated by this, and it seems the frustration is causing him to zone out as Zane gets back to his feet. Zane is confused by Rain’s behavior at first, but takes advantage of it by leaping off the top rope into a slingshot lariat! Zane climbs to the top rope again, keeping an eye on Rain before jumping off—SMOKE ON THE WATER! Zane got all of that Starship Pain on the Impairer of Worlds, but just to be sure he’s done Zane stands Rain up—MIC DROP! RAIN’S HEAD BOUNCES OFF THE CANVAS AFTER THAT NECKBREAKER STUNNER! Zane grins again as he goes for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Zander Zane picks up an impressive victory over Rain tonight, something that the Rock God will no doubt brag about all night if given the chance!]


[In the locker room, a weary Brent Kersh is sat on a bench. In street clothes, he fumbles with a small phone, pressing some keys. But we cannot hear this.] [All we hear is Isaac Danvers.]

“The subject, Brent Kersh, is trying to contact his family. With the threat of a murderous Jon Davenport, the subject sent his relations away to an undisclosed location. Even he cannot contact them.”

[Kersh stares down at the phone, unable to reach anyone.]

“This strange thing called love seems to turn the human mind into a long tapestry, woven by love struck hands. The stronger the love grows, the more it is tested. And each test stretches the fabric of the tapestry. While it always returns to its original shape, it is nonetheless weakened by each test.”

[The Enforcer reaches into his bag and draws out a picture of his family. His fingers run across it while he bows his head.]

“The deceased Jon Davenport seems to have tested that same stress point to the point of collapse. The only way to return the tapestry to its original shape is to cure it with love. But the focus of Brent Kersh’s love is out of reach. It is beyond his sight and touch.”

[Brent zips up the duffel bag he brought with him before standing to his feet.]

“The subject has become sick and damaged. No further observations are necessary. Next contact with the subject will be to present not only my findings…”

[Kersh slowly walks out of the locker room.]

“…but the cure.”



[Troy Solveig is looking worse for wear after the incident earlier tonight. He clutches his ribs in pain and Luther Creed immediately sets his sight on them.] [The bell rings and Luther wastes no time in rushing towards the weakened Troy, hitting a massive knee to the ribs! Troy yells in pain as Luther whips him across the ring AND SLAMS A FRONT DROPKICK INTO THE CHEST OF SOLVEIG! The shot hits like a shotgun blast and sends Troy sprawling into a heap on the ground! Luther walks forwards and rains down boot after boot onto the downed Vindicator, only stopping to turn away, looking as if he’s going to the turnbuckle! TROY GRABS HIS ANKLE! Luther turns around, the Viking on a knee and refusing to let go of the rebel!] [Luther shakes his head as he swings downwards- Troy catches the blow! He reaches up AND PULLS LUTHER INTO MASSIVE HEADBUTT! Creed holds his nose in shock as Troy rises up from the ground with a powerful uppercut that throws him off of his feet! Volsungr is looking weary but still tries to keep the assault going as he grabs Creed and forces him to his feet! NORTHERN LIGHTS! NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! Solveig flings himself and Creed hard to the ground! The ring shakes from the impact and Solveigh lets go at the end, grabbing his back in pain!] [Solveig is fighting to get to his feet, using the ropes to hoist himself up as Luther Creed rises to his feet after the huge suplex. Just as Troy gets to a knee CREED LANDS A MASSIVE BOOT TO HIS LOWER BACK! Solveig nearly collapses but Creed hauls him up into a Dragon Sleeper! He wrenches back but even in his weakened state Troy locks his arms AND FLINGS FORWARD WITH A POWERSLAM! Solveig is on his last legs it seems as he peels Creed up from the ground and whips him to the ropes! VALKYRIE- SILENCE EQUALS VIOLENCE! SLEEPER SLAM BY LUTHER! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [Luther Creed has done it! He capitalized on Troy’s injuries and walks away from this with the win!]


“You know I didn’t do that to you, Spero! I saved innocents when Novan ran rampant, I helped you take down Vanguard as best I could! I would never turn on you, you guys are my family.”

[The words echo off the walls of the Tap Room, the camera panning over a floor, slowly panning up to reveal Gameboy and Spero. The Hopeful one has his ring out, Gameboy restricted by cuffs and chains created by Spero’s ring. The hero looks at his friend. We cannot see his face, but we can feel the uncertainty. He sighs, walking Gameboy down the hallway.]

“I wish I could believe you, Gameboy. And I know I can’t even remember my attacker. But Redwing thinks it’s you, he’s trustworthy. But you willingly allowed yourself to be monitored. I don’t want it to be true, but maybe we have to be smart about this.”

[Gameboy lets his head down, walking compliantly by Spero’s side.]

“I understand.”

“Good. I’m handing you off to Berengar, he’ll be watching you until his match at which point Redwing will take over.”

[The duo head down the hall in silence, the tension palpable… until the sound of banging and swearing is heard through the air.]

“Damn it. Damn It! DAMN IT!”

[As they walk closer the yelling grows louder. The voice of Berengar breaking the silence completely. Spero takes off, Gameboy running alongside him, both men arrive at a room on the far side of the Tap Room, inside holding a jail cell no doubt meant for Gameboy. But behind the bars… was Berengar. The Void Knight is bruised up ever so slightly from what seems to have been a blow to the face. He is all but foaming at the mouth as he slams his hands into the cell door, angrily trying to force it open.]

“Berengar! Calm down! Let me help you!”

[Berengar stops for a moment as Spero looks for the key, losing focus, his constructs falling from Gameboy. But the accused Vindicator does not run.]

“How did this happen?”

“How did this happen? I was attacked by some coward! He battered me with a blow to the head and sent me into this cage. As soon as I stood to see who had done it he was fucking gone! Now stop questioning and find that key!”

[Gameboy stands awkwardly in the room, Spero, looking around to no avail.]

“The culprit may have taken it with him, Berengar. We could brute force the cell door off. But that may take time for me to do. Redwing made sure it could hold Gameboy should he try to… escape.”

[Berengar’s eyes are practically glowing red as he slams into the door once more, rearing back.]

“I don’t have time! I have a match! GOD DAMN IT!”

[SLAM!] [With a mighty blow from Berengar the cell door breaks open, the Void Knight stepping out, angrily eying the room.]

“Spero, keep eyes on Gameboy. I’m going to look for this bastard.”

[Before either Vindicator can stop him, he’s gone, angrily marching down the hallway.]


[Both Redmond Quinn and Isaac Danvers look around at the steel structure that has come surrounded them. Both men test the cage, yanking at the links of the structure. Neither men show a hint of concern as they then lock eyes across the ring.] [The Teacher quickly scoops up Danvers and drives him spine first into the cage, rattling the structure. Knowing how devious the Plague Doctor to be, Quinn rains a series of punches down on on the masked face. Danvers covers up in time and quickly pushes Quinn back. Before Quinn can recognize what happened he gets met with a stiff lariat that nearly takes his head off. Quinn lays dazed on the apron as he tries to understand what just happened. Danvers lifts Quinn to his feet before being met with an equally stiff European Uppercut! Quinn quickly follows up with DETENTION! The sunset flip powerbomb throws Isaac Danvers to the mat with a horrendous thud! 1… 2…] [Danvers just barely gets his shoulder up! Quinn can’t quite believe it but he is not going to let the advantage go as he kicks Danvers in the head as he formulates his next plan of attack. But the kick misses as the Ghoulish Doctor is back on his feet in a flash. Isaac kicks Redmond in the gut Spartan style, slamming the Teacher into the cage. Isaac slams his body into Quinn’s pinning him against the cage, causing Quinn to slump to the mat. Danvers places his boot to the back of Quinn’s neck, forcing him face first into the cage, grinding skin and steel together. Satisfied with the damage, Danvers deadlifts Quinn into a brutal gut-wrench powerbomb. Isaac slithers up Quinn’s body, reaching his hands around the neck of the Revolutionary Teacher with BLACK DEATH! Strangling the life out of Quinn!] [As the life slowly ebbs out of the eyes of the Teacher, the Plague Doctor releases the hold, wanting to make his prey suffer just a little more. Isaac stands to his feet, dragging Quinn with him. The near lifeless carcass of Redmond struggles to stay on his feet. Isaac places the Teacher’s head against the cage before quickly delivering The Cure! The elbow to the temple forces Quinn’s body to finally give in and collapse to the mat. Isaac makes his way up the cage, keeping his eyes locked on Quinn as he descends the outside as if studying Quinn further.] [Danvers hits the floor, picking up the victory tonight.]


[THWACK!] [EDWARD NEWTON FLIES THROUGH THE BROKEN GATE OF THE HILL!] [The fight from earlier is still in progress, and there has been no change in advantage. Eli Forever looks like a mad man as he emerges from the shattered gates into his former fortress, having thrown Edward Newton through them. The Riddler, looking dazed and confused, holds up his hands.]


[SMACK!] [Newton falls back as Forever is unrelenting in his assault on the World Champion. He mounts him to lay in a few more strikes before standing up and looking down off the hill.]

“You took everything from me,” [Forever mutters.] “Now it’s my turn.”

[With a harsh kick, Forever sends Newton rolling down part of the hill. Edward tries to follow through to get away, but Eli leaps down on top of him, elbowing Newton in the soft parts of his body. Newton tries to push off, but his feet dip into water.] [The River.] [Forever backs away as Newton comes to a knee at the edge of the flowing water. With a grin, the Heir Eternal charges his nemesis.] [SPLASH! BOTH MEN GO FLYING INTO THE FREEZING WATER!] [Eli breaks surface first, grabbing Newton up by the collar and laying in a punch. He dunks Newton under the water again before pulling him up to yell in his face.]

“You think you’re so clever!? I’m going to do what I did to the last man who took everything from me!”

[With a knee to Newton’s face, Eli holds him under the water. He uses all of his leverage, holding the struggling Riddler under the water.] [Newton squirms, his hands reaching upward.] [Until he struggles no longer.] [The deranged Eli Forever releases the body of Edward Newton, and slowly walks out of the water, never looking back as he heads back up the Hill.] [The body of Edward Newton floats to the surface, and slowly bobs down the flowing body of water.] [Until a hand reaches down to pull him out.] [Cut.]


[Berengar will have to prove himself as a fighting champion here tonight as he’s right back in a title match only one week after winning the VHS Championship!] [The challenger, Gameboy, rubs his hands together before stepping towards the center of the ring and extending a hand. Berengar slowly takes it, but he doesn’t take his eyes away from his Vindicated brethren. Gameboy shakes it quickly before they start circling around. Gameboy feints running at Berengar who moves to block only to realize Player One is smirking at him. Berengar raises a hand for a test of strength to which Gameboy engages him warmly. Berengar pulls him in once he’s interlocked his hand before drilling him into the mat with a spinebuster! GB’s eyes go wide as Berengar covers!] [ONE…TWO…TH-KICKOUT! Gameboy seemed dazed by that shot as his eyes are glossy. Berengar pulls him to his feet by his arm, but Gameboy nails a jawbreaker! Gameboy rolls up The Void Knight! One…TWO…KICKOUT! Berengar gets to his feet and rushes towards Gameboy who catches his arm before hitting an arm drag! Berengar gets right back up as Gameboy goes for another! But Berengar stops him! Gameboy looks back with a gulp! Short-arm clothesline floors Gameboy. Berengar hits the ropes as Gameboy staggers back to his feet. SPEAR! Gameboy is hit so hard that his feet leave the mat before he’s drilled into the mat!] [Berengar covers! One…Two…TH-KICKOUT! Gameboy is getting rocked hard by these high-impact moves! Berengar quickly wraps his arm around the throat of Gameboy and applies the Sleeper hold! DESTINY’S MAW! Gameboy manages to worm his way towards the ropes and hook them with his feet! The referee gives Berengar the count down to which he releases on four. Berengar beckons for Gameboy to get up. Player One is groggy though… MAX POWAH! The flash kick catches Berengar right on the chin as he slumps to the mat. Gameboy almost looks shocked as he runs towards the ropes… THE RESET! The running, leaping shooting star press connects as he hooks both legs! One…TWO…THREE!] [We have a new champion in Gameboy! Player One grabs the title and quickly straps it around his waist! He climbs to the turnbuckle with a grin on his face as he’s found his first power-up!]


[Grave side.] [Stood at the grave of Jacob, Happy’s brother, The Gentlemen Club stand suited in unison, paying their respects. Happy kneels to put flowers down, but his face tells a picture of anguish and confusion. He looks back at Nevermore, who has his best pretend sad face on display.]

“Something doesn’t feel right.”

[Edgar frowns.] “It never does, old chum. Your brother decided to take on the law and unfortunately, in this fire first ask questions later society, it ended terribly.”

[Happy sighs.]

“Why would he do that? He knew that he had to go back. He escaped when he shouldn’t have to see me and I told him to go back.”

“Why suddenly the interest?” [Nevermore questions.] “What’s happened to make you so curious, dear Prince?”

[Happy looks out into the distance, seeing Nana stood just outside the cemetery. He quickly looks back at Edgar, who hasn’t spotted her.]

“Nothing,” [he rebuffs.] “I’m just grieving.”

[Edgar walks over and wraps an arm around him, pulling him close. There’s a brief silence for a moment, before The Poet carefully ushers him away and towards the exit.] [As he walks away, Edgar turns back to face Mammon with an awkward shake of the head.] [This is clearly going to be a problem.] [Cut.]


[Another.] [Another attack has taken place upon a member of the Vindicators. Laying in a battered heap on the floor of one of the Tap Room’s many locker rooms is… Troy Solveig. This man has been hit by a car, been in a brutal contest with Luther Creed, and now, he’s been bruised and pummeled beyond belief. A mangled steel chair covered in what is presumably his blood lays beside him.] [And yet, he’s still concious.] [Footsteps thunder towards his location, the camera fixed on his head, the Viking’s eyes barely open as he tries to force himself up, the pain on his ribs and back making the seemingly unbreakable Troy wince in agony.]

“You came back for more? You fool.”

[Troy FLINGS HIMSELF AROUND WITH A MIGHTY HAYMAKER!] [The blow careens across the face of Redwing! The Vindicator is thrown off of his feet, nearly sent sprawling. He rubs his face, glaring up at Troy.]

“What are you doing!? I was hot on his trail, I had the assailant! As soon as I heard the attack I made my way over as fast as I could!”

[Troy looks down at Redwing in a daze, collapsing to a knee, barely propping himself up after the night he’s been through.]

“I am sorry, Redwing. I thought they were coming back to finish the job. I was attacked from behind, I couldn’t even react before he beat me into near unconciousness.”

[Redwing’s expression loses a bit of the edge as he stands up, offering a hand to Troy who reluctantly accepts it, Redwing shouldering him.]

“Where is Gameboy, were you not supposed to be keeping watch?”

“Plans changed, he was allowed to walk free. Berengar was attacked earlier tonight while Spero had Gameboy in his care.”

[Troy shakes his head.]

“Things aren’t making sense, Redwing. We must gather the others, there is much to discuss.”

[As Redwing helps his ally out of the room we slowly fade to black, a feeling of uncertainty in the air.]


[The second of three title matches tonight is about to get underway! Will the Lich King, Arthur, pass the test by dethroning the newly crowned Rewind Champion, David Manson? We’re about to find out!] [The bell sounds and both men waste no time at all, meeting in the centre of the ring and exchanging a flurry of simultaneous rights and lefts. Arthur is the first to yield with Manson striking a succession of big right hands, damn near knocking the broken crown from the Immortal One’s head! Manson continues the beat down, whipping his opponent into the ropes and connecting with a HUGE CROSSBODY BLOCK! He hooks the leg and the referee counts the fall to a TWO, before the Arthur kicks out.] [A few moments pass and both men get to their feet. Manson looks to put Arthur back down with a YAKUZA KICK, but the move is swiftly telegraphed, Arthur sweeping the leg and sending the Champion crashing onto his back! Intelligent LEG SWEEP there from the challenger, who now has David Manson right where he wants him… He locks in MORDERD’S DEMISE! THE GUILLOTINE CHOKE!] [Manson slithers across the ring with Arthur’s arms sealed firmly around his throat! Can he…? Will he…? YES! The referee breaks up the hold, Manson somehow managing to grab the bottom rope before having the air to his lungs cut off! Arthur reluctantly releases the hold before standing to argue in the face of the referee. This buys David Manson some crucial seconds to shake off the affects of that chokehold. WELCOME TO MANSON STREET! THE HORRORSHOW NAILS THE NECKBREAKER WHILST ARTHUR’S BACK WAS TURNED! 1… 2… THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!] [He’s done it! Manson slides under the ropes having successfully retained, whilst King Arthur is left clutching his neck, wondering what might have been!]


[We cut to ringside with Nightstick already in the ring in anxious anticipation of the Main Event.] [The sound of “Blue on Black” by Five Finger Death Punch blares throughout the Tap Room, as Wild Karrde has already made his presence known and is on his way to ring.] [Once inside the squared circle Karrde gives a confident glare in the direction of his opponent and then…] [The guitar line of “For Those About To Rock” by AC/DC begins and the Tap Room darkens to blackout. A scattering of lights continue to flash around. Dry ice fills the entranceway.] [After a suspended pause, we hear Zander Zane’s voice. A single spot illuminates on the stage…] [But nobody is there.] [Suddenly, the music stops and the lights adjust and on the big screen of the Tap Room is the grinning face of Zander Zane.]

“What’s up” [Zanes smirks.] “if any of you don’t know… I’m Zander fucking Zane!”

[The crowd pops, some trying to repeat the words in unison with The Rock God. Meanwhile, Karrde and Nightstick look around in confusion.]

“I apologize for the slight interruption” [Zane sympathizes.] “Actually… I don’t! Because I needed your undivided attention!”

[Zane’s mannerism becomes a bit more serious.]

“I’m talking to you Mr. Karrde! Now I understand you’ve been looking for something for the past several weeks. Something you seemed to have lost.”

[The indirect mention of the Invasion Briefcase gets the attention of The Gambler.]

“Well man… instead of disrespecting THE Zander Zane and his fans, maybe you should have paid a little more attention. And if you had you would have noticed that The Rock God has more than one reason people like to hang out with him!”

[With that, Zane holds up…] [THE INVASION BRIEFCASE!!] [What the hell?!? Zander Zane has the case?!?] [Wild Karrde is beside himself in the ring. He wants to leave, but he knows he has to stay.]

“That’s right Mr. Magician” [Zane chuckles.] “Maybe now you’ll be more willing to join the party?”

[Zane gives off a deep laugh as the screen cuts to black, leaving Wild Karrde irate only seconds before his match with Nightstick is set to begin.]


[Wild Karrde is fuming after that video from Zander Zane, will he be able to focus after what he just heard from Zane? We’ll find out next as the double feature championship is on the line!] [DING! DING! Karrde is pissed and charges after Nightstick! Vicious rights to the face of Nightstick! He’s backed into the corner and Karrde is not letting up! Nightstick is getting livid himself and clutches Karrde by the throat! Nightstick is delivering headbutt after headbutt while Karrde is trying to break free! Karrde stomps on the foot! Jumping knee by Karrde! Nightstick is stunned! Karrde is charging with a clothesline! Nightstick ducks down and tosses him over the top rope! Karrde lands hard and Nightstick follows him outside! He grabs Karrde! 911! Powerbomb to the apron and Karrde is writhing in pain!] [Nightstick throws him back in the ring and places his boot on Karrde! What a cocky cover! One…Two…Karrde gets the shoulder up! Nightstick starts stomping rapidly on Karrde! He pulls Karrde up but Karrde with the eye rake! Nightstick is blinded and jumping enzuigiri by Karrde! Karrde grabs Nightstick’s legs and locks in the DOUBLE DOWN! What a tight liontamer! Nightstick is roaring in pain! Nightstick is trying to fight out of it! Karrde lifts the knee for a second to drop it to the back of Nightstick’s skull! Karrde is lifting the knee again but Nightstick uses that moment to power out of it! He flips Karrde over with his legs!] [Both men are up but Nightstick is limping after that tight hold! Dropkick to the knee by Karrde! Nightstick is clutching his leg in pain and Karrde is going to town stomping on the knee! Will Nightstick’s leg be the same? Karrde jumps high in the air for an elbow drop to the knee! Nightstick rolls out of the way! Karrde’s elbow hits the mat hard and both men are down! Nightstick pulls himself up first!He sees an opportunity! SMITH AND WESSON! He hits the two bullhammer elbows and falls into a cover! One…Two…Karrde gets the shoulder up!}

[Nightstick marches to the corner! He is rolling his arm! He has something in mind! He’s just waiting for Karrde to get up! Karrde pulls himself up! Nightstick charges! HARD JUSTICE! No! Karrde ducks the clothesline from hell, easy move to dodge when Nightstick isn’t at his fastest! Karrde bounces off the ropes! TWO OF A KIND! His version of the Smith and Wesson bullhammer elbows! He smirks and covers! One…Two…Nightstick kicks out! Karrde pulls him up! He kicks him in the gut! JACKPOT! No! Nightstick catches the stunner attempt! He reverses it into a German suplex! Karrde rolls out of the ring!] [Nightstick is going for a baseball slide! No! Karrde pulls the apron! Nightstick gets caught! Karrde with hard right after hard right! He follows with a big boot and Nightstick falls to the ground! Karrde is waiting for Nightstick to pull himself up! He gets to a knee! DRAWING DEAD! Axe kick by Karrde! He pulls Nightstick up and rolls him into the ring! He slides in and covers! One…Two…Kick out by Nightstick! Karrde yanks Nightstick up! EVENING THE ODDS! Karrde hits a powerbomb of his own and covers again! One…Two… Nightstick gets the shoulder up!] [Karrde is livid! He kneels on top of Nightstick and rains down some vicious elbows! He’s yelling at him to get up! Nightstick pulls himself up! JACKPOT! No! Nightstick shoves him off into the ropes! They both bounce off the ropes! HARD JUSTICE! No! Wild Karrde ducks it again! He bounces off the ropes! SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! No! Nightstick catches it! Fallaway slam! Karrde lands hard and is writhing in pain! Nightstick is rolling his arm again! He has been wanting to hit this the whole match! Karrde is slowly getting up! Nightstick charges! HARD JUSTICE! That clothesline from hell just turned Wild Karrde inside out! Nightstick covers! One…Two…Three!] [What a win for Nightstick as he retains the double feature title! Karrde doesn’t even care that he loss! He has already rolled out of the ring and is in hot pursuit of Zander Zane!]


[Later.] [It’s the middle of the night in a quiet suburb as we join Nightstick and his wife, cuddled up on the sofa, the light from the television flickering in the darkened room. It’s unusual to see Nightstick in his civilian clothes or with his family, but their home is peaceful and loving.] [Until the door flies open, glass shattering upon impact.] [Nightstick jumps to his feet immediately but he’s swarmed by four masked men who rush into the house wearing military style clothing. One of them swings a right at him, knocking him upside the head and to the floor as the other two grab his screaming wife.]

“Don’t you fucking touch her!”

[He screams as two of the men pull him back to his feet and begin laying into him.] [The beating continues as his wife is slapped to the ground with a backhand, hitting her head on the glass coffee table as she falls to the floor.] [Nightstick looks back as fists reign down on his face, crunching against his eyes, nose and mouth, spurting blood as the brutal hands connect.] [Finally, he hits the floor.] [He starts crawling towards his wife, only a knee is driven into his back, forcing him to lay there prone.] [One of the men grabs his wife and rips at her trousers, pulling them off.]

“DON’T!” [Nightstick screams.] [He stops, looking back at him. The man releases the unconscious wife and pulls Nightstick back to his knees. He looks him over, tilting his head.]

“This time, I’m gonna stop,” [the man says calmly.] “But if I have to come back here again, there won’t be any stopping us, you understand? We’ll run a train on your wife as you watch, pig.”

[Nightstick gulps.]

“Redmond Quinn and Luther Creed, they send their regards. The Revolution want you to know that if you fuck with them, have them arrested, or look in their direction ever again, they’ll fucking end everything you love.”

[The cop lowers his head, kneeling, his enemies towering above him.]

“You won’t get another warning,” [he sneers.] “And your wife? She won’t get another chance to keep her dignity. Back off, pig.”

[Before Nightstick can respond, he’s clobbered upside the head with some kind of pipe, knocking him unconscious. The men survey the carnage and back away, leaving both he and his wife out cold on the floor of their home.] [Cut.]