[Undisclosed location.] [It’s dark, quiet and out of the way. Somewhere in the middle of no-where, Shadow and D’von Chambers stand over Volsungr. We’re in the middle of an abandoned building and this appears to be where they’re storing the hammer of Troy Solveig.]

“Will your warding spell work? [Chambers asks, surveying the location. He looks unconvinced.] “Will he be unable to find it?”

[Shadow nods.]

“Rest assured that for as long as we wish to keep it hidden, so it shall be.”

“If he derives his power from Volsungr, brother Shadow, we should be able to stop his rise to glory before it even begins. If he can’t get his grubby mitts on this, there’s no way he can stop us.”

[Chambers, looking prouder, begins to strut about.]

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future, amen!”

[Shadow interrupts.]

“Don’t sing our praises yet, D’von. Troy Solveig will stop at nothing to retrieve his precious hammer and whilst Odin is here on Earth, his power doesn’t only belong to this weapon. You saw that last week.”

[The Preacher sighs.]

“Then what do we have to do to finish this?”

[The Fallen Angel runs a hand through his hair, his eyes glowing white.]

“There’s no haste in our mission; it’ll be a lengthy and tiresome war. First, we must weaken him at Exodus. By the time Ring of Dreams comes around, I will have Troy Solveig exactly where I need him, but not a moment before.”

[Chambers frowns.] “And me?”

“Your horse has yet to truly run in this race, my faithful servant of God. You will serve the Lord in many ways between now and then, but your scope is grander than Troy Solveig. At Exodus, you will hand your vengeance down upon him. I will take care of the rest.”

[Shadow walks away, leaving D’von alone with Volsungr. He reaches down, places a hand upon the handle and tries to lift it up.] [He fails.] [Cut.]


[The Eternal Witness takes on The Rock God, who will come out ahead here tonight?] [Out the gate Zander Zane is on Solman with a flurry of blows in an attempt to get an early advantage on the immortal! Thrust kick, knife-edge chop, roundhouse kick! Zander Zane’s favorite combo has Solman reeling into the ropes and Zane flies forward with a massive clothesline- SOLMAN CATCHES HIM! HE SLAMS ZANE TO THE GROUND WITH A HUGE SPINEBUSTER! Sex in Leather Pants may need a back brace after that! Solman stomps on Zander’s chest, leaving more than a few foot-shaped bruises before peeling him off of the mat and flinging him to the ropes- LEAPING DDT BY ZANE!] [Solman’s head makes a sickening thud as it hits the mat! Blood pours from a wound in his head as Zane plays to the crowd, applauding himself as Solman rises behind him AND HIS WOUND HEALS BEFORE OUR VERY EYES! Zane looks on in wonder for a moment before throwing out a wild roundhouse to try and drop Solman! No! Heath catches the leg and pulls him in close for a leg-trap suplex! Zane is reeling and Solman gets to his feet, ready to stomp another mudhole WHEN ZANE SWEEPS HIS LEGS OUT! Zander kips up to his feet and punctuates this with an elbow drop to the skull!] [Zane lays it on thick with a barrage of elbow drops to the skull of Solman that are able to force a cry of pain out of the witness! Zander grabs Heath’s hair and forces him to his feet, whipping him across the ring and catching him with a harsh elbow! He goes for another whip- BUT SOLMAN REVERSES WITH A WHIP OF HIS OWN! Zane comes flying back into a hellacious headbutt that grounds him! Solman calls for the end as he lifts Zane high into the air- MIC DROP! ZANE REVERSES INTO A NECKBREAKER STUNNER! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [The Rock God comes out ahead here tonight with a well-deserved win over Heath Solman!]


[Miami Dade Police.] [Inside a large police department, a young white woman approaches an officer at a desk, looking worse for wear. Her blouse is ripped, there’s blood on her face and knuckles, and she has tears in her eyes.] [The officer looks at her, immediately walking around the desk.]

“I need to report an assault.”

[Three hours later, we cut to a vehicle outside the police department in which Wolfgang sits behind the steering wheel, one arm in a cast. The woman from earlier walks down the steps towards the car with a blanket wrapped around her, getting inside.]

“Did you file the report?” [Wolfgang asks, pulling the vehicle away.]

“I did. I told them exactly what you asked me to, Wolf.”

[He smiles.] “And that was?”

“I told them I was sexually assaulted inside The Tap Room and I gave them a description of the man who did it. I refused to be DNA tested, so all they have is my statement.”

[She lowers her head in shame.]

“You did well, Mia. I hope you told a compelling story.”

“I did, I promise. I told them he was a cop, dressed in their uniform; I told them that he had a brown goatee and buzzcut. I said that I somehow got backstage, got lost and he offered to help me. Then I described what he did to me.”

[Another wry smile creeps across the sadistic face of Wolfgang.] [He nods downwards at the centre console.]

“Your payment is in there.”

[She opens the console and takes a bag of what looks like cocaine from within it. He pulls over and she eagerly gets out, dropping the blanket as she walks away.] [Wolfgang meanwhile chuckles to himself, another game afoot.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle of a two King’s tonight, as the Kingpin takes on 2018’s Ring King!] [We’re underway in this one as Nate Washington and Edgar Nevermore lock horns in the centre of the ring. Nevermore is the first to gain the advantage, breaking the hold and illegally raking the eyes of his adversary, temporarily blinding him. The referee gives Edgar a warning but he ignores it, hitting the ropes and using the momentum to connect with a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE, which sends Washington sprawling backwards, bouncing back off the ropes. Nevermore hoists the Kingpin up and spins him around into a huge SPINEBUSTER! Spine on the pine by the Poetic One! The Oxford man covers. ONE… TWO… THRRRRR-SHOULDER UP!] [Nate shrugs that one off just in the nick of time whilst Nevermore stands, twisting his moustache back into place. He grabs Nate by the collar and hoists him back up, but Nate begins a FLURRY OF SHOTS to the mid-section that gradually wear the Poet down! Edgar releases Nate’s collar and is met with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT which busts his nose wide open! Nevermore puts his hand to his nose and looks at the blood in horror, as Nate runs him INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Edgar Nevermore arches his back in clear discomfort, but Nate continues the assault, sending his shoulder once, twice, THREE TIMES into the GUT of his opponent!] [Edgar is barely standing now; the wind completely knocked out of him. Nate is rampant tonight, and wisely doesn’t give Nevermore a moment to catch his breath. He gets him into position, locking his arms around Edgar’s midriff and hurls him up… POWERBOMMMMMM- THE OXFORD COMMA! THE OXFORD FUCKING COMMA! Edgar Nevermore reversed that Powerbomb mid-air and Nate Washington is out cold! He rolls onto the Kingpin and the referee drops to the mat. ONEEEEE… TWOOOOO… THREEEEEEEEEE!] [The match is over, but how in God’s name did he do that?!]


[The Boiler Room.] [Sitting in silence, we find none other than The Outcasts. Rain and Solman seem to be sitting silent contemplation, perhaps thinking of their continuing issue with The Revolution. Jigsaw is toying with a small device, letting it move between his fingers, his thumb dancing over a button. All is calm among them.] [Until it no longer is.] [A flame burns in the middle of their room, seemingly untouched by any surroundings. The Outcasts stand to their feet, confusion in the eyes of Solman.] [Out of the fire rises a woman. Clad in tiger skin and a snake collar, her hair is tied in the knot of the ascetic, adorned with the moon and trident. On her brow, her third eye is open. A second pair of arms rise out of her torso, giving her a total of four.]

“Greetings.” [The woman states, her voice as smooth as silk.] “I am…”

“Shiva.” [Rain cuts her off.] [Shiva smiles at Rain.]

“Yes, I am Shiva, protector of those on the fringes of society, of everything chaotic, and dangerous, the unexpected and un-explainable. God of the humble, outcasts, and criminals. I have come before you to ask for your devotion. As Outcasts, you are all that I lend my guidance and protection. Join me, and you will be forever in my favor.”

[Solman and Jigsaw look at one another, neither having much of an answer. But not Rain.]

“We’ll join you. You can count on the Outcasts. When you call, we will answer.”

[The god smiles and nods at Rain before vanishing back into her fire. Solman and Jigsaw look to Rain, who merely nods.]

“Trust me.”



[Edward Newton is set to defend his Streak here tonight against one of OSW’s newest talents in The Great Bandito!] [The bell sounds as Bandito walks up to Newton and looks him up and down. Newton smirks before raising a hand for a test of strength. Bandito reaches up before attempting to poke Newton in the eyes! Luckily, Newton knows these tactics and brushes his hand away. Newton stomps on the toe of Bandito before nailing an elbow to the back of Bandito’s head when he bends over. Bandito rolls out of the ring holding the back of his head. Newton grins and beckons Bandito to join him in the ring. Bandito rolls back into the ring while smashing something on the mat.] [SMOKE! For a few moments the vision in the ring is hindered by a smoke pellet. The vision comes back as Newton is on the mat holding his head as Bandito is prepping for something. Newton staggers to his feet before being nailed by a slingblade neckbreaker! SHORTCHANGED! Newton hits the mat like a ton of bricks as Bandito hooks his legs! One…TWO…TH-KICKOUT! Newton’s going to need much more than that to put him down! Bandito gets a handful of hair before pulling the World Champion to his feet. Bandito whips him into the corner. He climbs to the top rope and begins walking the tight rope towards him!] [But Newton rushes at him and takes out his legs! Bandito falls onto the top rope, abdomen-first, before slinging back into the ring. Newton grabs the legs of Bandito and turns him over onto his belly with his legs pulled up in a Boston crab. Bandito reaches out for the ropes and begins the crawl. Newton tries to pull him back, but Bandito turns him over and kicks him away! Bandito rolls to his feet, springs off the second rope, hooks the head of Newton, and drives his head into the mat with a tornado DDT! The Great Bandito climbs to the top rope and leaps off towards Newton! KNIFE TO THE HE- BUT NEWTON DODGES! Bandito staggers after missing the moonstomp before turning right into a kick to the shin followed by… NEVERMIND! The leaping DDT spikes his head into the mat. Newton covers! One…TWO…THREE!] [Like so many opponents before, The Great Bandito couldn’t quite pull off the biggest heist of his career by stealing this victory! Edward Newton celebrates with a grin on his face.]


[Writing.] [The sound of lead imprinting itself upon paper is heard in a frantic pace. It keeps this rhythm for a few moments before it stops altogether.]


[The sound of paper being balled up and thrown aside is heard. The paper ball comes into picture before the thrower does.] [The Poet seems agitated. Surrounding him are a plethora of balled up pieces of paper with a notebook that seems verging on the status of depletion. His eyes are bloodshot as he glares down at that notebook with his pencil trembling in his hand from frustration. His pencil reaches the paper as he presses down.] [SNAP!] [The lead breaks clean from the wood as his trembling begins working itself over his whole body.]

“AGHHHH! What is wrong with me?!”

[Edgar Nevermore throws the pencil across the room as well as the nearly empty notebook before burying his head in his hands.]

“Nothing is wrong with you, Edgar.”

[Edgar’s head slowly rises as his eyes fixate on the smiling face of Bruce Van Chan.]

“You are a perfect example of God’s creation. There are no imperfections in his eyes. For that, he has sent me to reason with you.”

“Oh, is that the reason, old chap?” [Nevermore sneers.]

“Yes. God has seen the turmoil placed upon you, and he wishes to grant you an eternity of love and peace with him in paradise.”

[Nevermore sits up straight, adjusts his tie, and looks Bruce up and down.]

“’God’ told you this, right?” [Bruce nods.] “He sent you as a missionary to me, did he?”

[Bruce’s brow furrows for a moment before his smile returns.]

“God is offering you everything just for fealty. He’s offering you forgiveness for all of the sins that you’ve committed.”

[Nevermore raises a hand to stop him.]

“And what sins have I committed, old chap?”

[Bruce’s lips press together before his eyes notice the balls of paper on the floor.]

“Having trouble collecting your thoughts, Edgar?”

[Nevermore looks down at the papers and seems to age ten years as his body acknowledges the frustration.]

“You could say that.”

[Bruce reaches out and touches Edgar’s shoulder to which Nevermore’s body grows tense as his eyes rest on that hand.]

“God can help with that. Allow him to fill your heart and soul with the words from the heavens. With his help, everyone will know the name of Edgar Nevermore, and the holy words that you have printed in his honor.”

[Bruce reaches down and picks up the notebook and hands it to Edgar who seems legitimately perplexed.]

“Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by pomp and circumstance, Edgar. Trust in Him, and he’ll set your soul free.”

[With these parting words, a brief smile, and a pat on the shoulder, Bruce Van Chan leaves the room with Edgar looking down at his notebook opened to a page with the title of a poem showing.]

“Fear No More.”



[Just outside the boiler room, Jigsaw steps out into the hallways of the Tap Room. Before he’s even taken a step, a shadow rams into him at full speed.] [Redwing.]

“Where are they!?” [The Caped Crusader bellows, his forearm going into Jigsaw’s throat.] [Jigsaw responds with a stiff kick to the groin of Redwing, knocking the Detective back a step. The masked man backhands Redwing as he advances with glee.]

“The game is afoot now, Redwing.” [Jigsaw taunts.]

“You shouldn’t have used your personal tablet, Jigsaw. I figured out it was you instantly.” [Redwing angrily responds.] “The game is over!”

[Redwing rushes in, but stops when Jigsaw quickly holds up a metal cylinder in his hand.]

“I don’t think so, Red Knight.” [The sociopath growls.] “You were the last piece of the puzzle, and you’ve walked right into my trap.”

[With the upper hand established, Jigsaw holds up his object, some kind of switch.]

“If you don’t play, then I’ll kill them all right here.” [Jigsaw says, referring to the ten hostages he took last week.] [Redwing holds back, seeking more information.]

“What’s the game, then?” [The Detective queries.] [Jigsaw chuckles.]

“The only game that matters. A choice: Life or Death.”

“They’re innocent people!” [Redwing cries out.]

“No one is innocent.” [Jigsaw quickly retorts.] “But this game isn’t a death sentence. They can all survive.”

[Redwing tilts his head, waiting on the catch. Jigsaw happily obliges.]

“But they’ll need someone to guide them. They’re stumbling, terrified in the darkness, nothing to light their way. But if only someone had access to security cameras that pierced the darkness, that could tell them how to escape the dangerous game they’ve been placed in.”

[Without even a response, Redwing takes off running at full speed down the hallway, while Jigsaw lets out a satisfied laugh.] [Will Redwing be able to save these people?]


[A wounded villain is when he’s at his most dangerous, as the cloaked conundrum will find out tonight. Can Mysterion finish off what Nightstick started or will Wolfgang’s rage overpower him?] [The bell sounds as Wolfgang rushes forward, nearly decapitating Mysterion with a huge Big Boot. Mysterion staggers to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights before a huge uppercut sends him stumbling into the corner. Mysterion barely hits the corner before Wolfgang bounces him off the steel with a huge clothesline, the Superior wincing for a moment from his heavily taped arm before pulling the groggy Cloaked Conundrum out of the corner, BLITZKRIEG! A huge Powerbomb sends Mysterion into the canvas but Wolfgang clearly hurt his arm completing the move. He finally rolls down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…MYSTERION GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Wolfgang goes to pull Mysterion to his feet but the Villain slips out, grabbing Wolfgang’s bad arm and slamming it down over the top rope! Wolfgang staggers away in pain as Mysterion jumps over to the apron, springboarding off the top rope with a pair of double knees to the injured arm! Wolfgang goes down in pain as Mysterion drops for the cover, ONE…TWO…Wolfgang just gets the shoulder up! Mysterion rolls to his feet, sizing up the slowly rising Wolfgang for the kill] [Wolfgang rises, favoring his arm as Mysterion rushes forward, PUNCH OF…NO! Wolfgang ducks under and as Mysterion turns, delivers a stiff 1488 that sends the villain flying! Mysterion slowly rises right into a big running knee to the side of the head as Wolfgang lifts him up high, ONE ARMED…MYSTERION SLIPS OUT, TILT-A-WHIRL ARMBREAKER! Wolfgang goes down screaming in pain as Mysterion quickly scrambles up to the top rope, MASTER PLAN ON THE INJURED ARM! Wolfgang’s in a bad way as Mysterion drops down, not for a cover but to lock in a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Wolfgang screams in pain but his arm is damn near rebroken as he’s forced to tap out!] [Mysterion picks up a huge victory, taking advantage of Wolfgang’s injury to decimate his opponent here tonight]


[Crackle.] [Hiss.] [The sound of a radio searching for a station can be heard, before a voice shares some surprising news.]

“Major news coming out of the rock world this week; Zander Zane, former lead singer of The Zander Zone has released a new album – his first non-Greatest Hits album in over a decade and it has already gone platinum.”

[Three Days later.] [Our scene cuts to Zander Zane, sat on a large leather couch in front of numerous cameras at a Television Studio here in Miami. He’s about to be interviewed in relation to his surprising new album and the incredible success it has garnered in such a short period of time.]

“Good morning, welcome to the Tom Davies show. I’m sat here with Zander Zane who earlier this week released his first album in ten years, ‘The Flower of The Soul’ and incredibly, it has just this morning gone platinum. Zander, this was a shock album release to say the least; are you buoyed by its success? I mean, no-one knew you were releasing an album, did they?”

[Zander smiles.] “It wasn’t something I was working on. I just found myself inspired to make new music and did it. This new album is an extension of my soul. You see Tom, the soul is a flower brought to bloom by music and every song on this album will speak to the soul of the listener and cause it to bloom.”

“Inspired by Xochipilli?” [A voice suddenly interrupts.] “Is that it, Zander?”

[The lights suddenly shut off abruptly. When they return, Zander Zane is gone and Tom Davies looks on in shock, unsure of what to say next.] [He quickly regains composure.]

“Well, that was a brief appearance by Zander Zane. We’d like to thank him for coming on. Another PR stunt by the crazy Rockstar, it seems.” [Tom reports.] “Who knows! The Flower of the Soul is out in stores now! We’ll be back after this commercial break.”



[The former happiest man on the planet looks forward to his first single’s victim but it may well be his last. Can Jigsaw battle past the Hangman itself or is this game he has started a fatal one?] [The bell sounds as Jigsaw rushes forward with a ferocity, pummeling Lynch with heavy lefts and rights before a big neckbreaker drives Gallows into the mat. Lynch staggers to his feet into a big knee to the jaw before Biel Tossing him into the corner. Lynch slowly rises to his feet, just dodging out of the way of an onrushing Jigsaw as he wraps his noose around Jigsaw’s waist before pulling him into a Back Suplex. Jigsaw staggers to his feet right into a knee to the jaw before the noose is twisted around his throat and Gallows snaps him down into a modified neckbreaker. Jigsaw hits the mat hard as Lynch drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Jigsaw just gets the shoulder up! Lynch pulls Jigsaw to his feet, lifting him up over his shoulder before running forward with THE TRAP DOOR! Jigsaw stumbles away from the ropes, holding his throat but just ducks under a clothesline attempt as he grabs Lynch from behind before dropping him on his knee with a lightning fast backbreaker. Jigsaw catches his breath for a moment before pulling Lynch up by his throat, BROKEN…NO! Lynch manages to just slip out, landing a hard kick to the face of Jigsaw that sends him staggering back] [Lynch quickly lasso’s the noose around Jigsaw’s throat once more, whipping him to the rope before pulling him back into The Short Drop! Jigsaw staggers back, BIG BOOT! Jigsaw surprised Lynch with the Boot out of nowhere as he quickly pulls Lynch up to his feet before nearly driving him through the mat with a pulverising BROKEN PIECES CHOKEBREAKER! Jigsaw calls for the end as he pulls Lynch up to his feet, RIP…LYNCH SPINS HIM AWAY WITH THE NOOSE, DRIVING A KNEE INTO JIGSAW’S JAW! Jigsaw is stunned as Lynch lifts him up high before driving him into the canvas with The Hangman’s Fracture! Lynch quickly covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Hangman picks up another strong victory, weathering the power strong from Jigsaw as his trusty noose proves to be his secret weapon here in OSW]


[The Tap Room, Earlier] [We find Redmond Quinn and Luther Creed sitting in the Tap Room before the night’s events, tensely watching everything going around, his mind racing. Next to him, feet propped up on a chair and enjoying a breather is Creed. It doesn’t take long for him to notice Quinn’s attitude.]

“You alright man? Something’s eating at you.”

[Redmond blinks, derailed from his train of thought and looks at his teammate. He shrugs, trying to brush it off.]

“I’m fine. Just thinking about last week.”

“With those Outcasts? Gotta say, thought you told them off just fine last week.”

[Redmond sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. He takes a minute to collect his words, before speaking.]

“Being angry is easy for you Creed. For me, it’s a chore. It takes time for me to even get mad. And yet, I lashed out when I shouldn’t have.”

[Redmond stands

“I want to trust these Outsiders. I see people lost on the outskirts, looking for any kind of support. There’s some really dangerous people they could’ve gone to, and could still go to. So on that side, I’m almost flattered that they came to us.”

[He looks out over the Tap Room, with only the backstage crew and security getting things prepared for the evening’s events.]

“But something just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s after trying with Wolfgang. Maybe it’s the things that Rain says, or that something just feels off with that Solman guy. But there’s this hesitation that I don’t like. Something rubbing me the wrong way.”

[Luther gets up, putting a hand on his shoulder of his team mate. He stares out across the stage, a smile on his face.]

“I get ya man. You’ve been through hell and back, but you stick to your morals. And that’s something to be appreciated. Me? I know where I’ve come from, I know who I am. But sometimes you have to consider your options.”

[He turns to his partner, flashing a smile and exuding that confidence we know so well. ]

“We’ll give them a shot at Exodus. Let them earn a chance to help with the Revolution, or crash and burn with the system.”


[The Real Freaking Angel is back here in OSW as a hero once more but his first test starts with the Lich King himself. Will Brucey be victorious in his first match in over a year or will King Arthur prove to be too much for the old fan favourite?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, exchanging lefts and rights that the stronger Arthur manages to get the better of. A big headbutt staggers Bruce but a clothesline attempt is ducked under before a spinning heel kick sends Arthur staggering into the corner. BVC sizes Arthur up for a moment before running forward with an almighty Stinger Splash! Arthur staggers out into a Fisherman’s Suplex as Bruce bridges back for the pin. ONE…TWO…Arthur kicks out! Bruce pulls Arthur to his feet, peppering him with kicks to the midsection but as he goes for a Roundhouse, Arthur ducks under, grabbing Bruce under the knee] [BEFORE SNAPPING BACK WITH A KNEE BREAK! Bruce cries out in pain as Arthur hones in on the injured knee, nailing kick after kick down before dropping down and locking in GUINEVERE’S GRACE! Van Chan screams in pain as Arthur pulls back on the hold with all his strength, damaging the knee as much as he can. Bruce powers through the pain, lunging at the ropes as he forces the break but the damage may have been done as Bruce is barely able to stand, struggling to his feet right into a thunderous headbutt that leaves him out on his feet] [A stiff kick to the injured leg drops Bruce to one knee as Arthur backs up, KINGS…BRUCE DUCKS UNDER! Arthur turns around as Van Chan leaps up, GOOD NIGHT! Arthur looks out but Bruce isn’t done as he slowly hobbles to the turnbuckles, climbing up slowly as the crowd roars, SHOT THROUGH THE..HITS KNEES! Bruce stumbles to his feet, holding his gut, KING’S CROSSING! The running knee hits flush as Bruce collapses to the mat, Arthur hooking the leg for the cover. ONE..TWO…THREE!!] [The Lich King picks up a huge victory here tonight, spoiling the Bruce Van Chan return party with a vicious attack and a brutal knee to the face]


“Bring me Bandito!”

[Nate Washington’s voice cuts through a scene of utter commotion as several of his lackeys are engaged in a cluster of a struggle with members of the Guild. It is Big Bruce and TJ Laws who drag The Great Bandito through the crowd and drop him to the Kingpin’s knees while the brawl continues on in the background. He has a sack over his head which is abruptly ripped off. Bandito blinks as the light invades his eyes, before Nate backhands him across the cheek.]

“Where the fuck is it?”

[Bandito shows resolve in his eyes and does not back down in the slightest, despite Big Bruce holding him in a Full Nelson.]

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

[Bandito says the well-rehearsed line with a flash of a grin and a wink. This only serves to anger Washington further. He presses his face right up to the Rogue’s.]

“Do you like your fingers? You feel like keeping them? Give me the fucking ring or an accident may happen.”

[Bandito smiles once more, not intimidated by the stern talk.]

“You’ll have to catch me first.”

[Washington puzzles at the comment, seeing as how his men as physically holding Bandito right in front of him.]

“You underestimate me, boy. Do you not see where you are? Here, in front of me as clear as day. Don’t think you’re going to weasel your way out of my clutches. Not when you have my ring.”

[Bandito falls silent. He closes his eyes and remains very still within Big Bruce’s clutches. The henchmen both grin for a moment until a familiar voice wipes the smiles off their faces.]

“Are you sure?”

[The Great Bandito steps forward from within the wild brawl, not seeming to care about the carnage occurring around him.]

“Not everything is as it seems. Do you think that your little cronies could really capture a master bandit quite to easily?”

[JJ Laws takes offense to the comment but Washington calls him off with a wave of his hand.]

“No. You only see what I wanted you to see.”

[The Kingpin rips off the mask from the ‘Bandito’ in front of him. Clearly, they have the wrong man. WATCH YA MOUTH OUT OF FRUSTRATION DROPS THE BANDITO!]

“Give me the damned ring!”

[Washington shouts at the real Bandito. Only, The Rogue flashes a wink and drops a flask on the ground. Black smoke pours out of the flask as it shatters on the concrete. The Great Bandito waves as the smoke engulfs him. Then, he is gone.]

“You fucking idiots brought me the wrong man!”



[Troy Solveig stands in the middle of a dark room, lit up by the magical presence of Odin. He’s searching the Earth, using his powers to try and locate Volsungr. The bright light before us finally dissipates, leaving us with the two Vikings.]

“They’ve warded it,” [Odin remarks with disgust.] “I can’t find it and without warding, there’s nothing on this planet I cannot find.”

[Solveig growls.] “Curse them,” [he bellows.] “I know why they’ve hidden it, father. Shadow somehow had the power to wield Volsungr. They wish me to march into battle a weakened warrior.”

“Sacrilege!” [Odin retorts, equally as angry.] “Only you should be able to wield that hammer, son. It’s bound by your very being to you and you alone. If he wishes to retain it, it’s to make you weaker.”

“He stopped me from using it,” [Troy shamefully admits.] “With one hand of his it felt heavy in mine.”

[That shocks Odin.]

“Then dear boy, you aren’t dealing with any ordinary fallen angel. I’m afraid that this situation has grown larger than we expected. I was led to believe that Shadow was simply an angel that fell from grace. That can’t be true.”

[Troy doesn’t understand.] “Then what is he?”

“He’s just as powerful as you,” [Odin responds, stroking his beard.] “He wields the same power you do. This changes the game ahead drastically, son.”

“I’m ready for the war, father.”

[Odin nods.] “I’m certain that you are but to win this war, you’ll need your bag of tricks.”

[Solveig smiles.]

“You wish for me to enact the spirit of Loki from within? You know that I only do so under your command.”

“You must.”



[The plague doctor against Dr. Mario himself tonight as Isaac Danvers takes on the man with many lives, Gameboy!] [The bell rings and Danvers and Gameboy lock up in the center of the ring. Danvers transitions Gameboy into a side headlock! Gameboy backs himself and Danvers into the ropes, and shoves Danvers away. Danvers runs and bounces off the ropes across from Gameboy, and Gameboy with the HURRICANRANA– NO! A SUDDEN POWERBOMB REVERSAL FROM DANVERS! Danvers makes the cover! One… Two… KICKOUT by Gameboy! Danvers smiles as he drags Gameboy to his feet, and slaps him right across his chest! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Gameboy is whipped across the ropes and dropped with a big time sidewalk slam!] [Gameboy wisely rolls out of the ring and to the floor. Danvers paces the ring for only a moment before stepping outside the ring as well. Danvers lifts Gameboy to his feet, but Gameboy dropkicks Danvers right in his knee cap! Danvers falls to one knee! HURRICANRANA DDT!!! DANVERS’ HEAD SLAMS AGAINST THE FLOOR! Gameboy mounts the fallen doctor and hits him with the BUTTON MASHER! POW POW POW! AGAIN! POW POW POW!! Gameboy, feeling the momentum course through him, hops onto the ring apron and leaps to the top turnbuckle. HE LEAPS! FROGSPLASH!!!] […AND MISSES! Danvers rolls out of the way and Gameboy bounces off the ground like a god damn basketball! Danvers quickly moves to his feet and rolls Gameboy into the ring! Danvers rolls in and immediately starts choking the life out of Gameboy! Gameboy is struggling, but slowly losing oxygen! His struggle becomes less and less vigorous, when Danvers suddenly moves to his feet and drags Gameboy to his! THE CURE!!! A VICIOUS ELBOW!!! Danvers makes the cover! One… Two… THREE!!!] [The Plague Doctor picks up a much needed and much earned victory tonight over the always game, Gameboy.]


[It’s been some time after Mysterion’s match against Wolfgang, but the Cloaked Conundrum is now laser-focused on one goal: retrieving his ray gun from Charlie Pryce. Mysterion has been scouring the city to no avail. As he retreats to his lair, the lights dim until they shut completely off…and in the darkness, a figure can be faintly made out. Mysterion squints his eyes to see better, but quickly grows angry at the unknown.]

“Who are you, and why are you in my lair!?”

[This draws a deep, hearty chuckle from the figure as it steps closer, its size becoming more prominent.]

“Don’t you recognize evil when you see it, Mysterion? Or are you not as familiar with the concept as you like to let on?”

[This just infuriates the Cloaked Conundrum.]

“How dare you! I won’t be insulted by some—”

[Suddenly a wind whips through the room, the lights flickering back on to reveal a much more imposing figure boasting large horns upon its head. The sight seems to make Mysterion tremble ever so slightly, a visual cue the figure picks up on immediately with a wicked grin on its face.]

“That’s much better. I am Ahriman, the embodiment of the evil you so desperately desire. There is a war coming, and I need someone with as much of a grasp on chaos and destruction as the Cloaked Conundrum to make these lowly humans recognize my greatness…and in doing this, your greatness will be known the world over.”

[Before Mysterion can respond to this offer, the lights cut out again as another gust of wind fills the room…and just as quickly, the lights return with no trace of the god that has revealed itself except for one final message…]

“I’ll give you some time to think it over, but consider this a much more rewarding goal than some silly ray gun.”

[This leaves Mysterion confused, and eventually somewhat annoyed at the reminder of his current situation.] [Cut.]


[Three giant monitors.] [Each displays security footage, all being pulled from a small tablet. Ten were kidnapped. One of them is being held in the arms of some of the others, looking much worse for wear. The others are all holding on to those around them, trying to move in the darkness. They cannot see their way out.] [But Redwing can, his hands on the keyboard like the driver of an ambulance, desperately trying to save a life.]

“Can you hear me?”

[The kidnapped people look up to the camera, searching for the voice.]

“I’m not the one who put you here.” [Redwing states.] “But I’m going to get you out.”

[The woman holding the injured man cries up to the camera.]

“My brother’s hurt.”

[Redwing’s eyes dart around, seeing that the group is locked in a death maze. Various blades and other implements of destruction frame the only safe way out. The injured man seems to have run into some of them.]

“Listen, get in a line. All of you to your feet. We’ll do this one at a time. Can he walk?”

[Wordlessly, the injured male gets to his feet with the assistance of the others. He goes to the front of the line, his walk stilted.]

“Walk forward two paces.” [Redwing instructs.] “To the left three. Forward four. Right two. Forward to the door.”

[One by one, each of the hostages follows the instructions of Redwing, walking out of the door. As the last breaks the threshold, Redwing lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. But his countenance changes instantly as Jigsaw walks into the room.]

“Very good, Watchful Protector.” [Jigsaw chuckles.] “All of them will live for now. Next week…”

“They won the game, Jigsaw.” [Redwing cuts in, his voice stern.] “Let them go.”

[The only response is laughter from Jigsaw, his pixelated form shaking with laughter.]

“Did you really think the game was for them?” [Jigsaw taunts.] “I had to see who you were. In one week, come to where you found this tablet, and the choice will be yours.”

[Redwing’s fist clenches as the feed cuts to static.] [What does Jigsaw have planned for Redwing?]


[It’s a battle between a man from heaven and a man who can speak to the other side! Who will come out on top in this exchange?!] [The bell sounds as Shadow and Rain circle around the ring. Shadow hits the ropes and comes at Rain with a running clothesline that Rain dodges. Shadow continues his momentum towards the ropes before springing off the second rope. Rain whirls around to be caught by a springboard roundhouse kick! Rain is disoriented as Shadow hooks his hands around the waist of Rain to hit a German suplex with a bridging pin! One…TWO…KICKOUT! Shadow rolls to his feet as does Rain. Shadow hits the ropes, but Rain catches him there with a leaping clothesline that sends both of them over the top rope and to the floor!] [Rain gets to his feet just as Shadow does. He charges The Angel with a leaping leg lariat that floors him. Seeing both men go over the top rope, the referee begins his count! Rain rolls through and looks at Shadow with intensity before getting a far-away look in his eyes as he stares, open-mouthed, at an audience member on the front row. The face of that member looks visibly uncomfortable. Before anything else happens, Rain snaps back to reality, but he catches a superkick right on the chin! ANGEL BEAT! Rain slumps backwards as the referee has reached a count of four!] [The Impairer of Worlds begins to pull himself to his feet just as Shadow rams him back into the barricade! Shadow tries to go back into the ring, but Rain grabs him by the hair and yanks him back! Shadow hits a Pele kick that staggers Rain. Shadow rolls back to his feet before he’s tackled to the floor by a running spear! Both men hit the ground with a thud as the referee raises his hand for EIGHT! They both rise to their feet. ACID RAIN! The black mist fills the eyes of Shadow before Rain hits a double-arm DDT! BROTHER MINE! Rain rolls to his feet and slides into the ring just as the referee counts ten!] [The bell sounds as Rain has managed to win this contest by countout! Shadow is still trying to claw the mist from his eyes on the outside.]


[Spero sits in a back room of the Tap Room, tapping his foot seemingly impatiently as he waits to be joined. The door to his room opens up to reveal Berengar, the Void Knight taking a seat in one of the empty chairs. A minute passes of painful silence before the door creaks open once more, Gameboy entering the room, a scowl on his face. Spero leaps from his seat and places his hands on Gameboy’s shoulders.]

“Gameboy! I’m so glad you’re alive! I was so devastated when I saw you die I couldn’t even think straight, please tell me you’re-”

[Gameboy throws Spero’s arms off of his shoulders, pushing the Hopeful Hero back and looking him up and down.]

“You definitely didn’t seem devastated when you let Solveig bring his hammer down on my head, did you? Didn’t use your ring to stop him, didn’t try to revive me like Berengar. You let me die.”

[Berengar stands up, going to intervene, Gameboy only rebutting his advance with a stiff arm.]

“Stay out of this, Berengar. This is between me and my so-called best friend. What happened, Spero? You used that ring countless times, you even used it in that match and the one time you needed it most you couldn’t bring yourself to use it? You could’ve saved me, why didn’t you?”

[Spero looks on at Gameboy, head drooping as he bawls his fists.]

“I was scared, Gameboy. I’m sorry I didn’t save you, I know I could of saved you. But I didn’t, and I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it.”

[Berengar finally steps between the two men, holding both away at arm’s length.]

“Stop with this bickering. This is no time for arguments, we have greater issues at hand with Solveig and this war of Gods. This is important but we don’t have time for it.”

[Gameboy shoves the arm off of his chest and shakes his head.]

“You died, Berengar. He saved you, the only one to save me was myself. So before you try and speak any wisdom, just think that you also could be saying the same thing. Could of.”

[The Gamer leaves the room, the other two men stewing in the deafening silence he left behind.]


[The Revolution are here to make a statement, but Eli Forever and David Manson can barely stand next to one another. Will unity prevail tonight?] [Redmond Quinn is first for his team and Manson shoves Forever out of the ring to rush in. Quinn tries to lock up with David but the Nightmare hits a cheap right hook that staggers him! He picks Quinn up and throws him into a turnbuckle before running a knee into his gut and throwing him to the ground! Quinn tries to shake the cobwebs off while Manson maliciously picks him up. KICK TO THE GUT BY QUINN! DETENTION! SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Manson isn’t looking happy as Quinn leaps up with an elbow drop to the chest!] [Quinn gets to his feet and goes to grab Manson… THUMB TO THE EYE! Quinn is blinded momentarily and Manson runs him straight into the turnbuckle. He goes to try and choke him out but Forever tags himself in! The two cult leaders bicker, giving Quinn time to crawl away and tag in Creed. The Voice of the Voiceless grabs Manson AND LIFTS HIM UP INTO THE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! The stunned Manson rolls to the outside and Forever rushes in to lock up with Creed! The impressive Forever gets the upper hand and hip tosses Creed!] [Forever grabs a headlock in on the grounded Creed and holds it in tight! The Voice of the Voiceless struggles for a moment before kneeing Forever in the back of the head! The Heir Eternal is forced to let go and roll to his feet, giving Creed time to get up and clothesline… DESPERATION DOUBLE-LEGGED DROPKICK BY ELI FOREVER! The blow sends Creed right into a turnbuckle and Eli follows up with a massive shoulder thrust that rocks him! Luther stumbles out of the corner and Forever picks him up! ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE BY ELI! The Heir Eternal drops down into the cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Despite their ongoing issues, Manson and Forever were able to work together enough to pick up the victory tonight!]


[A Graveyard] [King Arthur lays on the ground, wrapped from chest to ankles in chains.] [Seveal buzzards pick and tear at his body.] [Arthur stirs, prodded awake by the pecking of their beaks. His eyes widen as he realizes his predicament. He shakes and fights to free himself, but he is unable to break the chains that have him trapped.]

“Danvers!” [screams Arthur.] “Thou shalt free me at once, you devil!”

[A few footsteps, taking their time. A brief pause. Danvers then leans over the struggling Arthur.]


[Arthur headbutts a buzzards that pecks his face. The buzzards backs off.]

“Dare I ask thee why?” [Another headbutt. The buzzards appear to be more annoyance than anything life threatening.] [Danvers frowns.] “Buzzards are a fitting lesson for someone like you, my liege. Someone who would treat a loyal subject so callously. Oh great king, does a heart even beat behind that… rotting chest cavity of yours?”

[Arthur, trying his best to fight off the buzzards without the use of his arms and legs, groans loudly as Danvers continues.]

“By the hound! To treat me like I’m one of these buzzards, annoying you, pecking at your flesh… it hurt my feelings. You heartless bastard, you hurt my feelings!”

[Arthur surrenders.] “Danvers… Sir Isaac Danvers. I… Apologize. Thou art not at all a buzzard, my most loyal friend.”

[Isaac sighs happily. He reaches in his pocket and grabs a key. Taking a knee, he waves off a couple of buzzards as he frees Arthur from his binds.]

“It’s no matter.” [says Danvers, gleefully.] “I forgive you. We’re going to be players on the grandest of stages, my liege. You and I. Togeth–”

[Arthur’s hand reaches up and grabs Danvers by the throat. Arthur reaches his feet and starts strangling Danvers, whose eyes are wide with shock.] [Danvers chokes and grabs at Arthur’s arm as Arthur screams at him.] “Thou art no buzzard, Danvers, but neither art thee than ally! I knoweth not by what means thou hath brought me to this place, nor why thou hath believed this… bizarre act was a lecture I must learn from thee! For all thou have taught me is that thou art the viper I kneweth you to be!”

[Danvers slowly turns purple as Arthur continues strangling him.]

“And the fastest way to kill a snake such as thee… [Arthur squeezes harder. Danvers’ eyes roll back into his head.] “Is to grasp it by its neck and squeeze the very soul out of it.”

[Arthur, instead, releases Danvers, who falls to the ground and clutches his throat, gasping and choking on the night air.]

“Danvers, whence thou findeth thyself considering whether or not ye ought tempt me once more… mayhaps ye will remember this night, betwixt these graves, where we taught each other such grave lessons as these.”

[Arthur storms off into the night.] [Danvers, gasping for air, spits, and watches Arthur’s body fade into the distance.] [Isaac smiles.]


[It’s the pride of the police force stepping up against the man of the cloth here tonight! Who will stand victorious in the end?] [The bell sounds as Nightstick begins throwing punches left and right at Chambers. The slower bishop tries to cover, but The Cop is relentless here. Nightstick catches Chambers with a kick to the midsection before grabbing his arm and whipping him into the corner. Nightstick rushes at him with a clothesline, but Chambers lowers his head to catch him. Chambers whips him around into the corner and begins drilling his own body shots into The Law! D’Von Chambers grabs Nightstick around the waist and lifts him up before turning around and spinebusting him into the mat! Chambers kicks him before climbing to the top rope.] [Chambers turns around and begins motioning for a big time leg drop! But Nightstick rolls to his feet and leaps to the second turnbuckle. Nightstick headbutts Chambers before hooking the arm of Chambers and leaping back for a superplex! Both men are down for a few seconds before Nightstick gets to his feet. Chambers staggers to his feet before Nightstick liiiiiiiiifts him up for a spinning side slam! ODE TO BOSSMAN! That seemed to have taken a lot of the energy out of Nighstick. He covers weakly as he hooks a leg. ONE…TWO…TH-KICKOUT!] [The Law rises to his feet before slapping his arm in preparation for something big. Chambers staggers to his feet before Nightstick nearly decapitates him with a clothesline! It barely misses as Chambers ducks the blow. Nightstick continues his momentum into the ropes where Chambers catches his rebound with a big boot! Chambers hits the ropes before hitting a leaping leg drop! He covers! One…Two…TH-KICKOUT! The Bishop lifts up Nightstick who nails him with an uppercut! Chambers staggers backwards as Nightstick kicks him in the gut. HARD JUSTICE! The clothesline connects this time as Chambers slumps to the mat. He covers! One…Two….THREEE!] [Stick picks up a big victory here tonight over The Bishop!]


[The black smoke from Bandito’s flask fades away in the soft breeze. He finds himself no longer in the Tap Room but in a strange location. He glances around him to gather his bearings. A great tree stands before him in a clearing of lush green. In this location, all the colours seem brighter, deeper and richer. The tree that stands before him has an aura about it that draws the eye. The Great Bandito finds himself moving towards it.]

“That tree. I feel, if only I could touch it that it would bring me…”

“Good fortune?”

[A voice finishes his sentence. In the brightness of the sunshine that shines through the branches of the mighty tree, he cannot see where the voice has come from. With his hand still outstrecthed towards the tree, he stops in his tracks. He hears the voice again.]

“I can take on many forms, Bandito. People call me by many names. I’m sure you’ve heard of me.”

[A figure steps out from within the trunk of the tree itself, through a passageway that has until now been completely camouflaged. She is beautiful enough to stop even Bandito’s words in their tracks. Flowing blonde hair falls down her back like a waterfall of liquid gold, cascading down over a long red dress that has a thigh high slit up the side. Long enough to show her shapely leg as she walks towards him. Her beauty is enough to distract Bandito from the fact that she wears a blindfold. She walks over ot him, touching Bandito on the shoulder with a slender finger.]

“My name is Fortuna. This is the Wishing Tree, and it can indeed bring you good fortune. Fortune that can bring about your wildest fantasies. What is it that you desire most, Bandito?”

[Without another word, she pulls back her finger. On it now sits the signet ring of Nate Washington. The sight snaps Bandito out of his daydream.]


[She tuts at him, almost playfully.]

“Fortune it seems favours you as much as your skill. But surely your sights can be set on prizes that are a little bigger than a measely ring… What is it you desire most?”

[Bandito opens his mouth to speak, but no voice can be found. Fortuna smiles, tossing the ring back at him.]

“Return the ring to Nate Washington. For I require the services of both of you. Not you alone.”

[She turns and walks back towards the tree. Bandito retorts a rebuttal at her back.]

“I already have my Guild. I’m not alone. Why him?”

[But he receives no answer. Fortuna has disappeared. Fortuna has spoken. Bandito must humble himself and obey if he wants to see where this particular rabbit hole goes.] [Cut.]


[Eternity on the Hill.] [Sat around a desk, Eli Forever is holding court. Judah and Rose sit on either side of him. The seat across from Eli is empty.] [Reserved for the missing Magdalene.]

“Even if we could find where Manson is keeping her, he’s too much of a loose cannon to smoke him out.” [Judah cautions.] [Eli nods.]

“Our usual methods won’t work with this one. His followers are utterly devoted. He’s utterly insane. Mind games won’t win this war.”

[The three siblings all bow their heads for a moment.]

“Then what will?” [Rose asks, quietly.] [Before an answer can be spoken, the door pushes open. A timid young man enters carrying a box. Eli stands to his feet, annoyed.]

“I said no interruptions.” [He chides.]

“I know.” [The scared intruder says.] “But this box was left outside the gate, and it’s addressed to you.”

[He steps forward and places the box on the table. It’s been crudely closed and has a blood stain upon it. Rose, Eli, and Judah look down at it, all on their feet now.]

“Manson.” [Eli sneers.] [Rose reaches forward to open the box, but Judah is the one that reaches inside to its contents.] [Hair. Ripped from the root, with blood upon the end.] [Magdalene’s hair.] [Eli draws out a small piece of paper, with Manson’s chicken scratch on it.]

“Don’t turn your mother into a martyr for your cause. Embrace the Nightmare.” [The Heir Eternal reads.] “Or you’ll get the rest of her in another box.”

[Eli simply nods, crumpling the letter in his hand. His siblings look to him for answers, but he has only one.]

“No mind games.” [Eli whispers.]

“Only blood.”



[It’s the main event, and it’s a gauntlet! Troy Solveig will have to go through three different opponents tonight if he expects to win!] [The bell sounds as Troy Solveig is in the ring ready to go against his first opponent in Berengar! The two brutes tie up in the center of the ring. Troy pushes Berengar back as he rolls up to his feet. Troy rushes at him and hits a running STO! Solveig grabs Berengar by his hair and lifts him up. Berengar drives a fist up in an uppercut to stun Solveig before hooking his head and driving him into the mat with a DDT! The Knight of the Void rolls back to his feet and beckons for Troy to join him.] [Troy staggers to his feet as Berengar moves towards him and drives two quick jabs into the ribs of Troy! Solveig responds with two heavy hands of his own to the face of Berengar! Loki turns around and springs from the second rope before nailing Berengar in the face with a hellacious Superman punch!] [VALKYRIE!] [Berengar hits the mat as Troy goes for the pin, knowing that he needs to reserve his strength!] [One…] [TWO…] [THR-KICKOUT!] [The Knight is pulled back to his feet by his hair as Troy hooks the head of Berengar. He lifts him up in a jackhammer position, but The Void Knight slips out! Neckbreaker from Berengar as both men are down.] [A few seconds pass before Berengar gets to his feet. He grabs the hair of Troy to lift him up to his feet. He whips Troy into the ropes and catches him with a pop-up…] [VALKYRIE!] [Solveig just flattened Berengar with a huge Superman punch once again as the nose of Berengar is dripping with blood from the shot! Yet he’s still standing! Berengar throws a wild punch as he’s out on his feet! Troy dodges the blow with a grin before drilling Berengar with a third VALKYRIE! Berengar slumps to the mat as Troy covers him!] [One…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [Troy Solveig has bested Berengar here tonight, but his night is long from over as Redwing steps into the ring.] [Redwing charges quickly trying to get the early advantage, but Troy sidesteps his clothesline attempt. Troy nails a clothesline of his own that sends Redwing over the top rope and to the floor. Troy steps out onto the apron, but Redwing catches his leg and trips him up! Troy slips and falls backfirst onto the apron clutching at his ribs. Redwing sees this and quickly begins drilling punches onto the rib-section of Troy as he’s laying on the apron. Troy pushes him away, but Redwing leaps up onto the apron. He drops an elbow right onto the ribs of Troy who grunts in pain.] [Redwing pushes Troy back into the ring before joining him there. Redwing pulls Troy to his knees before hitting the ropes. He nails an axe kick followed by an elbow smash to Volsungr. Redwing lifts up Troy and hooks the arms of Solveig. But Solveig lifts him up and drops him over his back! Troy rolls to his feet just as Redwing does. Troy hooks the waist of Redwing before hitting a Northern Lights suplex!] [NORTHERN LIGHTS!] [Troy holds it on for a pin!] [One…] [TWO…] [KICKOUT! Redwing isn’t finished yet. Troy yanks Redwing to his feet by his mask before wrapping his massive arms around him in a Full Nelson!] [HEL’S EMBRACE!] [Redwing is squirming away from Troy, but the embrace is tightly applied! Redwing manages to get to the ropes and kick off! He falls back on top of Troy as his shoulders are pinned!

[ONE…] [TWO…] [TH-KICKOUT! Troy has to release the hold in order to kick out. Redwing rolls to his feet and catches Troy with a big kick to the side of his head. He hooks the head of Volsungr for his finish before running towards the corner. Troy pushes him right into the corner! He slams into it before turning back into Troy who kicks him in the gut…

[HAMMER OF THE GODS!] [The jackhammer connects as he pins Redwing.] [One…] [TWO…] [THREEE!] [Troy Solveig slowly gets to his feet clutching at his ribs, but he has one more trial to take as Spero rises into the ring.] [Spero just shakes his head at Troy before running towards him and nailing a dropkick sending Volsungr into the corner forcefully. The Blue Lantern rushes towards him and begins nailing kicks to the midsection until Troy falls into the bottom corner. Spero hits the ropes and runs full-force at Troy nailing him with a cannonball splash in the bottom corner. Spero rolls back and up to his feet before grabbing Troy out of the corner. Troy throws a big right hand that rocks the mask of Spero, but Spero hits a knee strike right to the targeted ribs as Troy cries out in pain.] [Troy throws another hellacious right hand that catches Spero once again. He grabs Spero and sends him into the corner. He rams Spero there with a huge shoulder charge. He grabs Spero, turns him upside down, and ties him to the three of woe!


Spero reaches up and tries to untangle his legs, but Troy is too quick! Troy springs from the first to the second rope before dropping a huge Superman punch to the face of Spero who slumps down and falls from the tree! Troy grabs him by his arm and yanks him to the center of the ring. He covers!

[One…] [TWO… ] [TH-KICKOUT!] [Troy yanks Spero to his feet, but Spero nails three quick jabs to the ribs as Troy backs away. Spero rushes at Troy who catches him by his throat! He lifts him up above his head, but Spero slips out and nails a leaping crossbody from the second rope! Both men go down, but so does the referee who was a casualty! Spero grabs Troy, but Solveig kicks him right in the balls! Berengar is back up on the apron with his nose still bleeding as the referee begins to stir with a steel chair in hand! Troy is yelling at Berengar to get down, but Berengar is arguing his case. He throws the steel chair to Spero who catches it.] [VALKYRIE!] [The Superman punch knocks the chair into the face of Spero! Spero slumps to the mat. Troy lifts up Spero and….] [HAMMER OF THE GODS ON THE CHAIR!] [Troy pushes the chair out of the ring as the referee comes back to consciousness! Troy covers!] [One…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [Troy Solveig has DONE IT here tonight as he’s managed to outlast and outsmart The Vindicators in this gauntlet match as Berengar can’t believe what he’s done.]


[The next time we see Zander Zane, he’s tied to a wooden chair in the middle of a dark and dingy basement. He has a large piece of tape over his mouth and looming over him stands the OSW World Champion; Edward Newton.]

“That’s a neat trick,” [Newton muses.] “Buying prayers through the sound of music. Every song speaks to the soul of the listener, does it? I bet it does.”

[Newton rips the tape of Zane’s mouth, allowing him to speak.]

“Xochipilli’s fingerprints are all over my album, Edward; there’s nothing you can do to stop it. We’ve mass produced copy after copy and he’s ensured the world has gobbled them up. Their prayers will belong to him!”

[The Riddler violently slaps him.] “You traitorous cockroach.”

[Zander laughs.]

“If I knew you could be bought and sold so easily, I’d have placed a bid myself.”

[The Rockstar rolls his eyes.] “We’re all pawns in this chess game, kid. Don’t pretend you’re here because you want to be. We both know that someone is pulling your strings too. My question is; what are they offering you?”

[Newton shakes his head, turning away.]

“I think you misunderstand our positions; it is I who asks the questions.”

[Zane scoffs. He looks up at Edward with disdain in his eyes.]

“Now Mr. Zane, you may have manipulated society with help of your God but I will undo your dastardly work in this regard.”

[The Rocker’s eyebrows raise.] “Impossible.”

“You want the world to believe that your soul is a flower in bloom so that they pray to your precious little God. But at Exodus, when I add you to the list of those I’ve defeated, your followers will see your words for the lies they are.”

[Newton leans in slightly, getting in his face.]

“Why don’t you just kill me now?” [Zane prompts.]

“So that your legend may live on forever?” [Newton scoffs in reply.] “No, Mr. Zane. Your legend will die a gruesome death at Exodus in the ring with me, but you’ll live to see another day and burn in hell when it’s over.”

[The World Champion undoes the ties on the back of Zane’s chair, walking away into the darkness of the room behind him as the Rocker checks on his wrists, a grimace on his face.] [Cut.]