[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [In the middle of darkness, D’von Chambers carefully navigates his way through a darkened alley towards the beacon of light that awaits him at the end – Shadow. Slowly he approaches, checking behind him for followers.]

“Why the cloak and dagger meeting, brother?” [Chambers says, again, checking behind him.] “What was so urgent?”

[Shadow looks extremely stern, his face almost frowning.]

“I’ve received important word from God. He wants us to remove the warding from Volsungr and return it to Troy Solveig.”

[Chambers looks shocked.] “What? No!”

“It isn’t a request,” [Shadow says, turning to walk away. Chambers grabs him by the arm, refusing to let him leave.] “We do as we’re commanded to by the Lord. If he wishes the hammer returned to Solveig, then that’s what we’ll do, and I’ll hear nothing more of it.”

“Are you going to follow those orders blindly Shadow? God isn’t here with us, on this planet, fighting this war. If we don’t retain possession of that hammer, Troy will use it to defeat us at Exodus.”

[The Fallen Angel whips his arm away from D’von grasp.]

“You will follow his orders. I will follow his orders,” [he says monotonously.] “And you’ll remember just who we’re fighting for D’von. If God wants Solveig to have Volsungr back, then we’ll find another way to defeat him.”

[Shadow once again turns to walk away and once more, D’von Chambers tries to stop him.] [This time, Shadow reacts with a right hand, dropping him to the floor.] [Before Chambers can react, Shadow is reaching down, pulling him back up by the shirt to hit him again.]

“You won’t disobey me, do you understand?”

[Another right.] [And Chambers is knocked unconscious.] [The Fallen Angel drops him, straightening himself out before walking away.] [Cut.]


[The age old question of street smart versus intelligence will be answered here tonight. Gallows Lynch versus Nate Washington bringing us all the answers.] [Gallows Lynch holds one hand behind his back and stretches the other out in a show of sportsmanship, offering the handshake before they square off. Washington contemplates for a few seconds before accepting the handshake BUT simultaneously throws a big knee to the midsection of Lynch. Wanting to capitalize he finds himself unable to do so as during the “handshake” Gallows had seemingly produced his noose from behind his back and tied Nate’s hands together. BOTH men had no intention of sportsmanship on their mind, but in actual fact sinister deeds.] [Gallows tends to his midsection, the referee frees an irate Kingpin. Seeing red Nate homes in on his opponent, throws a closed fist punch which connects with Lynch’s jaw, another offloads and another each one seemingly with more ferocity than the last. Gallows finds himself dazed, confused and backed into a corner. A REAL ONE – Running boot to the corner – Washington using nothing but blows thus far evident by Gallows in a heap in the corner. Not content… WATCH YA MOUTH, Nate crashing into the slumped Gallows with a running knee to the chin. Turning his back on Lynch to seek adulation from those who are usually in his corner… Washington finds himself unable to take steps… GALLOWS SOMEHOW WRAPPED THE NOOSE AROUND HIS ANKLES.] [Nate Washington is vulnerable. That vulnerability increases tenfold, suddenly feels he’s being closed in on, light on oxygen, gasping for breath like a bout of anxiety. Clutching at his chest and neck, glancing down he sees it… the noose. Using the noose asvictory a lifting device Gallows picks Nate up, Washington’s feet up off the ground. Higher and higher until he’s above Gallows head… THE TRAP DOOR!! ALREADY SHORT OF OXYGEN, THE KINGPIN’S THROAT SMASHES OFF THE TOP ROPE!! WASHINGTON LANDS ON HIS FEET, DOUBLED OVER! FORTUNE NOT ON HIS SIDE TODAY! THE HANGMAN’S FRACTURE! PILEDRIVER! Lynch pins Nate’s lifeless body… One… Two… THREE!] [Lynch’s arm is raised in victory, the noose clutched tightly clutched tightly and hanging down.]


[Edward Newton sits backstage in the locker room, his tie removed and placed neatly on the bench beside him and his top button opened. He rests his head against the lockers behind him, taking a deep breath.] [Just then, he hears music.] [Unfamiliar music. Music that he hasn’t played.] [His eyes search the room, but he finds nothing. Standing up, he begins to walk towards the sound, trying to understand just where it’s emanating from.]

“Your God’s lie to you, taking petals from your soul, destroying your flower until you’re old.”

[Newton doesn’t understand it; he can’t find the source of what’s clearly Zander Zane’s voice.]

“You’re blinded by false prophets,” [the song continues.] “Blinded by lies, open your eyes.”

[Suddenly, The World Champion bellows in pain, falling to the floor.]

“Blinded, blinded, blinded.”

[Another scream.]

“Can’t you see?”

[The song finally ends abruptly, leaving poor Edward Newton writhing in agony on his knees on the floor.] [He opens his eyes.] [Scrambles for his glasses.]

“What’s happening to me!?” [He panics.] “What’s going on!?”

[He fumbles for the bench, pulling himself to his feet, his arms spread out in front of him.]

“I’m… blind.”

[He stutters and stammers.]

“I… I c-can’t see.”

[Newton screams.] [Cut.]



[The sound of the question bounces off the walls of the Tap Room, breaking the silence that deafened the backstage. We follow the sounds of the voices, slowly coming to rest in a locker room, Spero and Gameboy standing in the middle, the Gamer sneering ever so slightly as he speaks to his former partner.]

“Why, Spero? I don’t know if I have to explain to you what the problem was. You’ve never died, have you? I have, and it’s terrifying. Everything seems to stop existing before that bright light hits. Do you understand how it feels to see that light, knowing that no one you called friend raised a finger to try and help you?”

[Spero is breathing through his teeth as he stares at Gameboy, fighting with a combination of guilt and anger as he collects his words, finally speaking.]

“I don’t get it, how can you be mad at us? At me? I did what I could, we were all helpless to stop it. You have powers, we were all terrified for our lives! You can’t stand there and accuse me over what I can and cannot do, what I did and didn’t do!”

[Gameboy sneers once more, not even replying as he exits the room, Spero going to follow him when a hand reaches from the shadows and stops him. The culprit? Berengar. Spero looks at him, partially surprised.]

“How long have you been there?”

“Long enough to hear what I needed to hear, Spero. But, I believe I know what has become of Gameboy.”

[Spero looks at him, pausing and taking a breath to calm himself.]

“What has become of him?”

[Berengar takes a seat on the bench and looks at his ally.]

“What is dead, should stay dead, Spero. Coming back to life, be it through others powers or your own, is disorienting. When I was revived by your ring, I was not the same as I had been, I was angry and needed vengeance on something which I had no control over.”

“And now Gameboy’s going through the same?”

[Berengar nods.]

“I can only assume. He’s looking for a fight, and now, all we can do is try and talk sense into him. Focus on what we can do, not what we cannot or could not do.”

[Spero takes a moment to absorb the words as Berengar spoke, the Void Knight rising to his feet and going to leave.]

“Think on it, Spero. He’s volatile, choose your actions wisely.”

[Spero is silent, slowly nodding his head as we fade out.]


[The Great Bandito stands toe to toe in the ring with a man of a different kind of greatness in Zander Zane here tonight.] [The bell rings and Zander Zane locks up with Bandito. The two struggle for position when Bandito transitions Zane into a side headlock. Bandito wrenches on Zander Zane’s neck, before Zane backs into the ropes and uses them to launch Bandito away! Bandito bounces off the ropes! Zane leapfrogs! Bandito bounces off the other side, BIG TIME CLOTHESLINE from Zane! Bandito hits the mat hard as Zane drops an elbow onto Bandito’s chest. Zane gets back up to his feet, another elbow!] [As Zane gets back to his feet, he’s tapped on the shoulder. What the FUCK!? IT’S THE GREAT BANDITO! Zane’s eyes widen as he looks at The Great Bandito standing before him, down to the Great Bandito laying on the mat at his feet. Zane shrugs and throws a punch at the second Bandito! The second Bandito goes sprawling backwards as he is met with more punches from the Rock God. Zane clothesline’s the second Bandito over the top rope! The Great Bandito ROLLS UP ZANE WITH A SCHOOLBOY PIN!! ONE! TWO! THR–HOLY SHIT!!! BANDITO NEARLY STEALS ONE WITH A BODY DOUBLE!] [Zander reaches his feet just as Bandito does, but the sly Bandito kicks Zander right in the crotch! A series of martial arts kick from the King of Thieves to the King of Rock and Roll’s torso! Left! Right! Left! Right! A ROUNDHOUSE ACROSS ZANDER’S HEAD! Zander drops like a sack of taters, and Bandito makes the cover! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT! Zane is still in it! Bandito lifts Zane to his feet, and Zane pulls a flask from his groin area! He hits Bandito with the flask! Zane twists off the lid and takes a big swig! HANGOVER SUNDAY! MIC DROP!!! ZANE MAKES THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [Zander FUCKING Zane picks up a big time victory despite Bandito reaching deep into his bag of tricks!]


[Nightstick walks through the backstage area towards the exit, a duffel bag over his shoulder. Before he can open the door, two officers’ step inside, stopping him in his tracks. He stops for a moment, before trying to continue past them, only they refuse to move out of the way.]

“Can I help you officers?”

[The first one aggressively grabs him, attempting to slam him against the wall. Nightstick instinctively shoves him away, backing off in surprise at the grapple.] [The other reaches for his weapon, drawing down on him.]

“You’re under arrest!” [He bellows.] “Get down on the ground! GET DOWN NOW!”

[Nightstick immediately and slowly throws his hands into the air, dropping carefully to his knees as the cop he threw off approaches from behind, dragging his arms down into handcuffs.] [The first keeps his weapon pointed at him.]

“What did I do?” [Nightstick demands to know.] “Why am I being arrested?”

“You’re being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault,” [The Officer behind him replies, dragging him back to his feet with his hands now cuffed behind his back.] “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. Do you understand?”

[Shell-shocked, Nightstick barely mumbles a response.]

“Get this piece of shit out of here,” [suddenly and abruptly yells a voice.] [It’s Wolfgang – who came to gloat, no doubt.] [Nightstick looks towards him, enraged.]


[The Officers forcibly march him outside the building, dragging him away as he tries to turn and face Wolfgang, who appears now as one of the many passersby.]

“Are you scared yet, cop?”



[David Manson skulks around backstage, his few followers surrounding him. He has a twisted smile on his face as he seems to be meandering around the labyrinth of hallways.] [THWACK!] [One follower down!] [THWACK!] [Another!] [A swarm of Eli Forever’s Martyrs flood the hallway, pinning Manson’s bloody followers to the wall, and even holding the smiling Manson up against a wall himself. Out of the swarm walks Eli Forever himself, barely contained rage bubbling to the surface.]

“You’re late.” [Manson greets.] “Man walks around in the open, he expects a warm welcome.”

[The mocking of Manson brings a forearm to his throat, courtesy of Eli.]

“Where is my mother?”

[Manson spits in his face.]

“It don’t matter now, does it?” [He taunts.] “You already made your mind up. You ain’t even heard what I want.”

[Eli lets the spittle linger, his anger unsated.]

“You want what they all want.” [He gestures all around.] “You seek to fracture the Forever Family and take them as your own.”

[Before Manson can retort, Forever continues.]

“You’ve always been about the bandwagon, haven’t you? You followed Jack around like a puppy until he didn’t want to play with you anymore. Now you’re looking to the Riddler for inspiration, but all you’ll find there is defeat. Maybe one day you’ll be your own man.”

[The two men glower at each other for a moment before Manson breaks the silence.]

“I’m fuckin’ hurt, Creed.” [He taunts.] “I don’t want the Forever Family fractured. I want all of ya…”

[Forever raises an eyebrow.]

“…on your fucking knees.”

[Eli gets back up in Manson’s face.]

“That’ll never happen.” [He begins.] “Bring my mother to Exodus. Or I will find her myself. And your followers won’t be the only bleeding men around here.”

[Forever releases Manson, and backs away. As he leaves, his Martyrs follow suit, leaving Manson and his people alone.] [The Nightmare is smiling.] [Is this what he wanted?]


[The odds are not in Newton’s favor! The undefeated OSW Champion is blinded going into this match against Prettybody!] [The match is on and Newton clings to his corner for dear life! He doesn’t want to step out into the warzone so Prettybody brings the battle to him with a flying stinger splash to the cornered Newton! The Riddler stumbles out and Prettybody hits a harsh clothesline that sits him right back in the corner! Newton can only hold up his arms to defend himself as Percy rains down with a hailstorm of blows! He forces Newton out of the corner and whips him to the ropes! LEAPING AXEHANDLE BY PERCY! The Riddler’s head bounces off of the mat!] [Prettybody goes for a quick cover! One! Two!- KICKOUT! Newton kicks out at the last moment and Prettybody forces him to his feet! Newton angrily circles around, throwing jabs at any movement when PRETTYBODY GETS HIM FROM BEHIND WITH A BACK SUPLEX! Newton slams across the mat and is looking worse for wear as he fights to his feet! Prettybody headbutts Edward before hitting the ropes and coming back for a SPINEBUSTER- NO! Newton slams his forearm across Percy’s back multiple times! Prettybody drops the champion and Newton lashes out with an eye rake! Newton holds onto the ropes and gets his footing!] [The Riddler tries to go for a massive clothesline but misses fully! Percy smirks as he plants a boot to the midsection of Newton! PILEDRIVER BY PRETTYBODY! EDWARD NEWTON HAS BEEN BUSTED OPEN! Percy leaps into a pin! One! Two! Three-NO! ZANDER ZANE IS AT RINGSIDE! HE JUST PULLED THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING! The referee lands on the ground and Zane leaps onto the apron with his guitar in hand! Percy goes to push him off BUT CATCHES THE GUITAR TO THE SKULL! HE GOES DOWN! Zane pulls Newton on top of Percy and rolls the referee in to count the pin! One! Two! three!] [Zane has saved Newton here tonight!? Prettybody is down and out as the referee calls for the bell!]


[After that awkward match, Edward Newton has no idea where he is inside that ring. He kneels there, blinded, unable to see a God damn thing.] [Meanwhile, Zander Zane lords over him, smiling.]

“The power of music is fuckin’ amazing, isn’t it?” [He chuckles.] “Just imagine what I can do if just one song can blind you Edward?”

[Newton reaches out, but Zane moves away.]

“Imagine what it could do for your streak at Exodus.”

[That infuriates the Champion who reaches out for him, failing miserably.] [Zander laughs, toying with him.]

“I’m going to beat you at Exodus Newton and when I’m done, you’re gonna lose everything! There’s no streak, no title, no God that can save you from Zander Zane!”

[Suddenly and without warning, Edward pops up to his feet, swinging with a right hand that somehow clocks Zane upside the head. The Rockstar stumbles backwards, Edward lunging forward only to miss with another shot – Zander ducking under.] [That’s when Zane strikes.] [MIC DROP!] [Neckbreaker Stunner!] [The blinded World Champion has no idea what’s hit him! Zane pops back to his feet, snatching the World Championship off the canvas and raising it into the air.]

“Welcome to the Zander Zane Experience, Champ.”

[He laughs.]

“You should really buy a copy of my album and submit to Xochipilli. By the time this war ends, you’ll have no choice anyway.”

[Zane stands there with the World Championship in the air, grinning.] [How can Newton stop him?] [Cut.]


[Edgar Nevermore sits impatiently.] [In his hand is the notebook given to him by Bruce Van Chan opened to the expression ‘Fear No More’.]

“What could it mean?” [wonders Edgar as he looks at the words.] “Did he know about Apollo or not?”

“What is it you speak of under your breath, Edgar?”

[The voice of Bruce Van Chan snaps Edgar Nevermore back to his current situation. He looks up to see Bruce Van Chan with a pleasant smile upon his face as his eyes rest upon the book. Bruce walks over to Edgar.]

“You seemed awfully perplexed by what you’re looking at. May I see what it is you’ve written?”

[Edgar’s brow raises in curiosity as he shows the book to Bruce. The Real Freakin’ Deal looks the page over and over before looking at Edgar.]

“I don’t understand, Edgar. Why were you so staring so intently at a blank page?”

[Edgar quickly pulls the book back to himself where the same three words are printed plainly across the top of the page. Yet Bruce claims to not see it.]

“It’s like I said last week, old chap. I’m just having trouble collecting my thoughts.”

[Bruce looks at him carefully before flashing another warming smile. He reaches into a bag that he carries with him and pulls out something.]

“Well I came here to let you know that I’ve been praying for you. God has assured me that you will be celebrated and rewarded for joining us on the side of good.”

“Good is a matter of perspective, wouldn’t you say?” [Edgar quips as Bruce doesn’t take the bait.]

“It wasn’t Apollo who saved the world on Judgement Day, Edgar.”

[Edgar Nevermore stares at Bruce whose smile doesn’t change… eerily.]

“I leave you with this, Edgar.” [Bruce reveals the cross within his hand and hands it over to Edgar.] “Just take a knee and swear your fealty to Him, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.”

[Edgar sets the cross beside him.]

“Oh, Edgar? Even if you’re still feeling conflicted, just think about Nigel Royal. Think about the sacrifice he made and where he would be now.”

[Bruce leaves out of the room leaving Edgar’s mustache twitching in agitation. He looks beside him at the cross and sees another item seemingly appeared out of thin air.] [A lyre.] [A symbol of Apollo.] [Edgar Nevermore has a tough decision to make, what will he decide?!]


[Two smart and unpredictable competitors stand across from one another. Neither looks fazed by the other.] [Edgar Nevermore challenges Gameboy to a test of strength, of course Game-O accepts the challenge. Nevermore quickly puts the height advantage to use, gradually bending Gameboy to the mat, but Gameboy despite a weight and height deficit, defies logic and begins to power back. In one swift motion, accompanied by a leg swipe, Nevermore forcefully throws Gameboy to the ring canvass, releasing their gamely tie-up in the process. Gameboy’s knee looks to land awkwardly, a point not lost on Edgar Nevermore. Tossing aside his usual demeanor, Nevermore stomps away on what he sees as a potential weak point of his opponent. Dropping down himself, Edgar wastes no time in locking in a knee-lock, pulling on the socket like his life depends on it.] [Gameboy grasps the ropes, luckily already closely within reach. Nevermore releases the hold instantly. Throwing himself off the ropes he returns in Usain Bolt like speed with a huge knee-drop, right to the weak area of Gameboy. Not satisfied with the impact, Nevermore climbs the closest turnbuckle. Leaps off and connects with another knee drop to the leg of Gameboy. Now happy, having seemingly rendered Gameboy redundant, Edgar Nevermore surveys his work. He likes what he sees and showcase his accomplishment for all the Tap Room to see. Having decimated Gameboy’s knee, you’d be forgiven for believing a large part of his arsenal has been taken away via Nevermore’s tactics.] [Ready to continue his relentless assault, he turns back to face his opponent… MAX POWAH! HE WASN’T EXPECTING THIS! Gameboy kipped-up, FLASH KICK… MISSES!! NEVERMORE HAD THE WITS ABOUT HIM TO DODGE! Gameboy lands on his feet and tries an automatic overhead kick. NEVERMORE CATCHES HIM MID-AIR. ELBOW TO THE TEMPLE!! WE KNOW WHAT THAT SIGNALS! POETRY IN MOTION! Vertical suplex sideslam! It lands flush. Gameboy found his power-up, but Nevermore looks like he’s called game over. Nevermore places his hand on Gameboy’s chest. One… Two… THREE.] [From start to finish Edgar Nevermore was looking for the smart way to win. Gameboy looked to have Leveled up, but Edgar had other ideas.]


[Rain sits in quiet meditation, eyes closed as the Boiler Room hisses and spits. His teammate, Heath, sits across from him. He is not as easily calmed, tensely tapping a foot.]

“Are you sure about this Rain? With everything’s that happened lately, I don’t

[Rain doesn’t open his eyes for a brief moment, looking at Heath briefly before returning to meditation.]

“Do not worry my friend. Everything will sort itself out. All we need to do is have a little faith.”

[The tapping foot turns into a cross face as he stares at his meditating partner. ]

“You’re going to have to excuse me, but I’m not exactly one to just trust blind faith. It won’t let me die now, will it?”

“He’s right. Faith only can take you so far.”

[From the shadows steps Luther Creed, donned in his iconic getup. Redmond stands behind him, barely visible in the dim lighting. Heath nearly leaps up in surprise, fists curling in Rain opens his eyes, turning towards the newly arrived duo.]

“Ah, there you are. Mike said you’d be here sooner or later.”

[Redmond looks to Luther, who remains

“My past is history, my fuel to the future. If you’re trying to dig something up by bringing Mike up, it’s not gonna fly.”

[This aggression doesn’t seem to faze Rain in the slightest. He gives a smile then, friendly only on the surface.]

“Then what brings you here to our humble abode?”

“You wanted to be allies right? Try and buddy up? You have to earn that. ”

[Redmond steps forward, speaking with a more controlled confidence than before.]

“Take us on at Exodus. Men to men. No outside help, if you catch my drift.”

[With that, the two vanish back into the shadows, leaving a perplexed Heath Solman and an oddly calm Rain left in the wake of their coming.]


[Nate Washington sits behind a lavish desk. In front of him stand a selection of his cronies.]

“We need to have the element of surprise. If that Bandito so much as smells us coming…”

[He clicks his fingers as if to illustrate a point.]

“Like a rat up a drain pipe. So, where do we stand?”

[Several of the men begin to stammer their replies, but their voices soon trail off when the presence of a beautiful woman distracts their attention. There’s just something about her. Perhaps it’s the blindfold she wears.]

“The fuck? Y’all finding it that hard to focus? Are you lost snowflake?”

“Fortune favors the bold, they say.”

[Her voice is as smooth as silk, as stunning as her figure in her red dress.]

“But they also say luck is blind. It begs the question… Are you feeling lucky Nate Washington?”

[Washington waves his hand and his cronies leave him, exiting the room without word. Washington smiles, laying on his best charm.]

“Just who exactly are you? You seem to know so much about getting lucky.”

[The woman speaks again, her expression difficult to read.]

“Two of your most trusted men appear back at your side without warning, having laid claim to your rival. Seems like your fortunes are changing, doesn’t it?”

” I still don’t got my ring back. So you tell me my luck has changed. I don’t believe you.”

[She tilts her head slightly to the side.]

“It’s all a matter of… Perspective. Come forth Bandito.”

[At her word, The Great Bandito skulks into the room, a little like a child being brought to the principal’s office. Washington straightens up like a bolt.]

“You gotta lotta nerve son. This bitch working for you?”

[She smiles at the retort, shaking her head.]

“It’s more like, how do you say it in your business… An initiation?”

[The Great Bandito reaches into his jacket pocket and retrieves the ring. He holds it out for Nate to see.]

“This is what you’re so obsessed about getting back that you don’t see what’s happening in front of you. Here…”

[Bandito motions to toss the ring at Nate, but with his sleight of hand, palms the ring instead and all Nate catches is air. He smiles as he slips it back into his pocket.]

“Next week. If you can get your head out of your ass, I’ll give you your ring back and we can see if our good fortunes are rewarded.”

[But it is the lady who speaks, standing up. She holds up the very ring Bandito had put safely away. Bandito pats his pockets down in surprise and horror that somebody had gotten one over on him.]

“Next week, at Exodus, if you want fortune to smile on you then I had better see you two on the same page. If I do, then I, Fortuna, may take off this blindfold. Imagine what you could do with the good fortune of luck no longer being blind. What would you do if you knew that fortune itself was on your side?”

[She tosses the ring back to Bandito, not to Washington.]

“And it will start with you returning this ring. That is your task, not mine.”

[With that, Fortuna disappears and both men are left to mull over her words.] [Cut.]


[Two of OSW’s most vilified step inside the ring tonight but will the Superior emerge victorious or will he be but another victim in Manson’s Horror Show?] [The bell rings as both men rush forward, absolutely laying into one another with stiff lefts and rights before a hard uppercut staggers Manson back. A flurry of knees send Manson back into the corner before a big Belly to Belly sends him flying across the ring. Manson slowly rises to his feet, 148..NO! Manson just ducks under the Spartan Kick, drilling Wolfgang with an elbow to the back of the head before rushing to the ropes and bouncing off with WELCOME TO MANSON STREET! The big running neckbreaker sends Wolfgang crashing to the canvas as Manson drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Wolfgang just gets the shoulder up! A big knee to the jaw stuns Wolfgang as he gets to his feet, Manson rushing to the ropes once more, CROSSBODY..1488! Wolfgang kicked Manson in mid-air, sending him flying into the corner. The buckles shake from impact as Wolfgang pulls Manson out, spinning him around before dropping him on his head with a Snap German. The Superior bridges back for a cover of his own, ONE…TWO…Manson gets the shoulder up!] [Wolfgang pulls Manson up, trying for the Blitzkreig Powerbomb but Manson manages to slip out, drilling his thumb into Wolfgang’s right eye as he slips down before hooking a lighting fast DDT that spikes the Superior into the canvas. Wolfgang is dazed on the mat as the Nightmare pulls him to his feet, underhooking him between his legs for before forward with a monsterous HORROR SHOW! Wolfgang is done as Manson hooks both legs for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Nightmare claims another victim as the Superior becomes just another man who couldn’t survive the Horror Show]


[Miles from the Tap Room, we find ourselves in the middle of a bustling downtown Miami where crowds flock to the various eateries and other businesses in the area. Amongst them is a man on a mission, a man in search of his property as Mysterion shoves his way through the insanity to reach his destination, Soya e Pomodoro. The live band’s jazz is in stark contrast of the anger building inside the Masked Conundrum as he scans the interior of the restaurant, looking for one man in particular…]

“Where the hell is Charlie Pryce!?”

[Muttering under his breath, Mysterion looks to a device on his wrist in the hopes of finding a signal…and sure enough, a red blinking dot indicates that his target is close by. He follows the signal, making his way toward the source…a man sitting at the bar, enjoying a sip of a fine beverage. Mysterion turns the man around, astonished to find that it is not Charlie Pryce…no, it is a mere civilian, shocked to be interrupted by someone of Mysterion’s presence. A card laying conspicuously on the counter beside the man grabs Mysterion’s attention, and he picks the card up to read it.]

“Cheer up love, I’m only contributing to the importance of gun control in this country. I told you I’d drop it off somewhere safe, didn’t I? Only one place left to look, but are you willing to mess around with the law to grab it? CP”

[Mysterion crumples up the card, tossing it at the man sitting in front of him before turning away to leave. Moments after the Masked Conundrum has made his exit, the man he hassled grins with a glint of red in his eyes before turning back to his drink, humming to himself as he takes another sip.] [Cut.]


[It’s a big-time trios match tonight as it’s The Outcasts going up against The Revolution and Redwing!] [The bell sounds as it’s Jigsaw and Redwing going to start this one off. TAG! Rain tags himself in as Redwing looks a bit disgruntled by not being able to get his hands on Jigsaw. Rain steps into the ring and moves towards Redwing quickly. He nails a shoulderblock, but Redwing rolls through the hold as he pulls the arm of Rain into an armbar! Rain is trying to get out, but Redwing is pounding him with vicious blows. Jigsaw slides into the ring and drops an elbow down onto the chest of Redwing and begins battering him with vicious blows of his own. Rain rolls out of the ring making Jigsaw the legal man.] [Jigsaw drags Redwing to his corner and rams him there. Jigsaw reaches out and tags in Solman. Solman comes in and lifts up Redwing with an electric chair. Jigsaw leaps from the top rope to come down with a neckbreaker in conjunction with Solman falling! 9.8 CHANGER! Solman covers! ONE… Luther Creed breaks it up quickly fearing the end. Creed kicks Redwing out of the ring, making himself the legal man. Creed nails Solman with a big uppercut followed by a big boot that only staggers Solman. Creed whips Solman into his own corner and tags out.] [Redmond Quinn comes in and drills some body shots into Solman before pulling him out of the corner. Mr. Quinn nails a roundhouse kick followed by a dropkick that sends Solman into the ropes. Solman rebounds with a push kick sending Quinn reeling backwards! Solman struggles towards his corner, but Redwing leaps into the ring! As does Creed and the rest of the Outcasts! Redwing attacks Solman, but he’s blasted by a short-arm lariat! RIPCORD! Jigsaw catches a knee strike followed by a German suplex! BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! ACID RAIN INTO BOTH REDMOND QUINN AND LUTHER CREED’S EYES! Solman nails a dropkick to Creed into the corner before grabbing Quinn. He drops him right on his head with a brainbuster! PERMANENT SOLUTION! Solman covers! One…TWO…THREE!] [The Outcasts prove their unity here tonight as they win a huge match with this victory!]


[Slam.] [As the sound of steel screeching to a halt captures our attention, we open inside a small county prison cell where Nightstick, stripped down to white t-shirt and blue trousers, is being held alone.] [For his own safety.] [He paces back and forth, furious that Wolfgang has somehow managed to manipulate the system he trusted and place him in this position.] [Suddenly, he catches something out of the corner of his eye.] [A young woman stands on the opposite side of the bars, dressed in a long white gown. Her right arm is raised, a set of perfect golden scales hanging from within her right hand. In her left, a sword stands, pointed tip on the floor]

“The scales of justice may appear to have failed you,” [she says, lowering her scales carefully to the floor.] “But I’m here to show you that they haven’t forsaken you.”

[Nightstick frowns.]

“My name is Themis,” [she says softly.] “And I’m the lady of good counsel; the personification of divine order, fairness and law.”

“Then why am I here?” [Nightstick gruffly responds] “I’ve upheld the law. I may not have always followed the rules but I only broke them to protect the people who needed it. Wolfgang lied to get me here. He abused the system that swore to protect me.”

[She clutches the bars, shaking her head.]

“He did but I’ve seen your future and it doesn’t reside within these constraints. I’m not here to debate Wolfgang.”

[His eyebrow raises.] “Then what do you need from me?”

“With my sword, I cut fact from fiction, Nightstick; but I can only do this if you swear fealty to me. There is a war on the horizon and we must assemble soldiers to battle for our existence. You’re an officer of law, one who swore to uphold the divine sanctity of order.”

[He nods.]

“I am order.” [She says confidently.] “I am the scales of justice.”

[Nightstick takes a deep breath.]

“And I need you to be my sword.”

[Themis points her sword through the bars, willing Nightstick to touch it.] [Will he?] [Cut.]


[It’s a tag team match as it’s two members of what’s left of The Vindicators against the feuding Isaac Danvers and King Arthur!] [The bell sounds as it’s King Arthur starting off against Berengar. These two men of nobility circle around the ring before they lock up in the center of the ring. King Arthur is shoved back by Berengar who rushes him directly with a huge lariat! The King hits the ground before bouncing up to his feet as Berengar hits the ropes once again. He comes back with his shoulder lowered! Arthur catches him with a kick that straightens up Berengar. King Arthur lunges on Berengar and locks in a guillotine choke! MORDRED’S DEMISE! Berengar is reaching towards the ropes, but he’s right in the middle of the ring!] [Spero rushes in and nails a superkick right into the head of King Arthur who releases his hold! Isaac Danvers comes into the ring and rushes after Spero who dodges his clothesline attempt. Spero hits a superkick into Danvers which sends him staggering backwards into King Arthur. Arthur pushes Danvers as the two turn around and come face-to-face. For a moment, it seems as though they’re going to come to blows in the middle of this match! Danvers whips around and nails Spero with a big boot that sends him through the ropes. Arthur turns back to Berengar who lifts him up and into the mat with a huge spinebuster!] [Berengar turns around as Danvers grabs him by his throat and begins just strangling the life out of Berengar! The referee begins to count Danvers to five! If the referee reaches five, then they are disqualified! Danvers releases the hold and gets back into his corner, but the damage has been done. Arthur rolls over into a pin. One…Two…THRE-NO! Berengar kicks out and rushes towards his corner. He lunges! BUT DANVERS PULLS SPERO OFF THE APRON! Berengar gets to his feet, glaring down at Spero and Danvers. He turns around and catches a knee right on the chin! KINGS CROSSING! Arthur covers! One…Two…THREE!] [Danvers steps into the ring as these two mythical figures just stare off, not even acknowledging that they’ve won the match.]


[As Berengar and Spero exit the ring and head towards backstage, King Arthur leans against the ropes, facing the entrance, resting.] [In the center of the ring stands Isaac Danvers. An obsidian chain, with ornate, golden dog collars attached to each end of it manifests in his hands.] [Danvers quickly places one of the dog collars around his neck, and snaps it into place. With the other collar in his hands, he sneaks up behind Arthur.] [Arthur turns around and grabs Danvers by the throat!] […just as Danvers snaps the collar around Arthur’s neck.] [King Arthur lets Danvers go and clutches at the collar. He fights to pull it off, but it won’t budge. He tries to unfasten it, but the collar is as smooth as a ring around one’s finger. Rage fills his eyes as they narrow towards Danvers.]

“What hast thou done?”

[Danvers gulps.] “You gave me no choice, my liege.”

[SMACK! King Arthur drives his fist into Danvers’ face!] “Remove this leash from my neck, Danvers.”

[Danvers closes his eyes and exhales. A wicked smile slowly blazes a trail across his face. He opens his eyes and snarls.]


[Arthur sends his fist into Danvers’ stomach, and Danvers doubles over and falls to his knees. He steps as far away from Danvers as the dog collar will allow. He charges Danvers…] [KING’S CROSSING!]

“Take it off!” [Arthur screams as Danvers drops to the mat like a sack of bricks. Arthur punches Danvers in the jaw with a hard right. Again! Again!] “Take it off, Isaac.”

[Danvers cackles.] “I would never!”

[Arthur roars. He slides out of the ring and YANKS the chain that attaches him to Danvers, causing Danvers to slide across the mat and land in a heap to the outside.] [Arthur grabs Danvers and drags him over to the steel stairs.] “Remove it, Danvers. Remove it, or may God help you.”

[Danvers groggily stares up at Arthur. His smile, as wry as ever, never leaves his face.] “When has God ever helped anyone?”

[CLANK! The Lich King slams Danvers face into the steel steps!] [Again!] [Again!] [Again!] [Over, and over, and over, Danvers’ face collides with the steel steps. And in the middle of it all, with blood flying from every orifice on his face…] [Isaac Danvers starts laughing.] [In fact, his laughter increases with each and every collision.] [Again! Again! Again!] [Finally, over his own laughter Isaac screams out.] “I can’t!”

“Thou can!” [Arthur replies, slamming Isaac’s face into the steps one last time.] “Thou will!”

“No.” [Danvers says, who falls onto his back, smiling ear to ear as blood coats his face like fresh paint.] “I really can’t, my liege.”

[Arthur, speechless, looks down at the Plague Doctor, who shakes his head.] “I’ve been trying to tell you that we are in this together.” [Danvers spits some blood from his mouth.] “I’ve been trying to tell you that you and I are attached together for what is to come.”

[Arthur growls, grabbing at his crown in frustration.] “Nonsense pours from thine own mouth just as thine own blood does.”

[Danvers shakes his head once more.] “My liege. My sweet, stubborn old liege. You simply cannot understand everything at play. But don’t worry, Lord. No, don’t you worry. I’m a good dog, and I will be by your side as we see this through.”

[Utterly vexed, Arthur roars bitterly and kicks the steel stairs, now smeared with Danvers’ blood.] [Danvers continues.] “You and I, my liege. You and I will have a dog collar match at Exodus. And after I’ve shown you just how good of a dog I am, you will find out everything.”

“Why wait?” Arthur asks. “Tell me now, if it is truly of any concern, or curseth thine wicked mouth!”

[Danvers grins a bloody smile and sticks his tongue out, panting.] “I’m a dog, my liege. I bark. I howl. I don’t tell.”

[Arthur groans.] [Danvers chuckles.] [Cut.]


[The night is still dark.] [Just as several weeks ago, Redwing zip lines between buildings, entering through a hole he cut into the window previously. The abandoned office building looks the same, graffiti untouched, abandoned construction equipment littered around. The Caped Crusader walks to the center of the room, and begins to look around.]


[Redwing whirls around to see that Jigsaw now stands before him, having walked out of the shadowy part of the building.]

“I’m here for those innocent people you’ve held hostage for three weeks.” [Redwing states, heading for Jigsaw.] [But just as last week, Jigsaw holds up his cylinder, halting Redwing.]

“You’ll get your chance, hero. But before you play my game, you need to know the rules.”

[The overhead lights suddenly come on.] [Behind Jigsaw are the ten hostages. On one side there are nine of them, huddled and restrained. On the other side is the injured man from last week, his abrasions barely treated. Redwing eyes them all, realization dawning.]

“You want me to choose?” [He states.]

“I told you this was about choosing life or death.” [Jigsaw taunts.] “On one side, you have nine lives. So much potential there. The masses. Each one balancing out the other, making the world go around by holding up others in their weakness with their strength. But any of them could be a future murderer, couldn’t they? On the other side is one man. He made a choice, and pays for it. He already suffers for his sins, and will likely die even if you save him? What will you choose? Life for the one? Or life for many?”

[Redwing can’t even respond before Jigsaw finally presses the button on his device.]


[WHOOSH!] [Fire erupts throughout the building, encircling both the man and the group. Dashing forward, Redwing penetrates the flame.] [Cut.]


[The Cloaked Conundrum faces off against The Heir Eternal in a battle between two terrific talents!] [The bell rings and Mysterion charges at Eli Forever! He leaps! Hurricanrana! NO! Holy Eli, a god damn POWERBOMB REVERSAL! Is it over already? Eli makes the cover! One… Two… Mysterion kicks out! Eli stands to his feet and drags Mysterion to his. Inverted DDT! Again Eli makes the cover! One… Two… And again Mysterion kicks out. Frustrated, Eli reaches his feet and lays boot after boot to Mysterion’s torso! Stomping a mudhole in the villain, Eli chases Mysterion with those boot stomps until the Caped Conundrum rolls underneath the bottom rope and falls to the outside!] [Eli quickly gives chase, stepping through the middle ropes and onto the apron. SENTON BOMB FROM THE APRON! BUT MYSTERION ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Eli’s back SMACKS against the ground! Mysterion slowly reaches his feet. He gives a few boots to Forever’s midsection, a little payback! Mysterion climbs onto the apron as Forever starts to reach his feet. Mysterion runs, and LEAPS! CONUNDRUM DDT! An inverted tornado DDT that absolutely levels the Heir Eternal! Mysterion grabs the much heavier Forever and lifts him to his feet, drags him to the ring apron and rolls him back into the ring.] [Mysterion climbs back onto the apron and to the top turnbuckle! Mysterion soars into the sky! MASTER PLAN!!! NO!!! MYSTERION LANDS ON ELI’S LIFTED KNEES! Eli quickly takes advantage and lifts Mysterion up over his shoulders! Torture Rack! HALLELUJAHBOMB! But Eli doesn’t make the cover! He lifts Mysterion back over his shoulders. Eli looks out at the audience! JESUS GOD! A SECOND HALLELUJAHBOMB! ELI MAKES THE COVER… ONE! TWO! THREE!!!] [Eli Forever stands to his feet and has his arm raised, a big time victory over Mysterion!]


[The breathless running of a heavily overweight man is how we open, watching as D’von Chambers rushes into the abandoned warehouse that houses Volsungr. As he storms through the door, he catches Shadow standing over the hammer.] [At full speed he nails the Fallen Angel with a powerful Spear, driving him to the floor with a crunch.] [Shadow rolls away holding his gut, looking back at Chambers in shock and disappointment.]

“I can’t let you do it,” [D’von argues.] “Some orders have to be disobeyed. You shouldn’t have been banished from heaven but on orders, someone did that. How did you feel? We can’t do this Shadow!”

[The Fallen Angel rises, unsure of what to say, looking heavily perplexed.]

“What do you mean?” [he begs the question.] “Orders shan’t be disobeyed. We do as God commands, I thought you understood this?”

[Chambers gets back to his feet.]

“Within reason,” [he retorts breathlessly.] “Within reason, Shadow. Some things aren’t worth losing and this is one of them. I won’t let you do it. I won’t.”

[The Preacher storms forward!]


[It’s the main event, and two of God’s chosen warriors are at each other’s throats!] [D’Von Chambers rushes at Shadow and tackles him to the floor of this abandoned warehouse! He’s grabbing him by his jacket and holding him in place. Shadow headbutts Chambers and pushes him off of him. Shadow looks at the hammer and back at Chambers.] [The Bishop follows his gaze before kicking Shadow in the gut and whipping him into the wall of the warehouse! Shadow clutches at his back before Chambers grabs a nearby wooden chair and flings it at Shadow. He grabs a second chair and a third and continually just flings them at Shadow as if to pin him down.] [Shadow rises to his feet beneath the wooden barricade with a scowl on his face. He leaps onto two of the chairs’ seats before springing off the chairs with enough air to get above Chambers and drop two boots to the top of his head!] [AVENGED!] [Chambers slams down to the dirty floor clutching at his head as Shadow is breathing heavily. He turns towards Chambers who begins getting back to his feet in a huff. Chambers rushes at Shadow who sidesteps his charge and kicks his legs out from underneath him. The weight of Chambers travels forward as he hits the deck once more. Shadow is using the difference in size to his advantage here.] [Shadow goes over and grabs the arm of Chambers. He twists it behind his back and grimaces at him. Chambers rears back and catches Shadow with a big elbow with the other arm at the sacrifice of his left. Shadow staggers back as Chambers pulls himself to his feet. Shadow rushes at him and goes for a dropkick!] [Chambers catches one of his legs!] [Shadow slams down onto the floor with a thud before Chambers lifts him up again by that leg and slams him down once more. Chambers grabs him up again and repeats the process! Chambers pulls the leg of Shadow behind him in a single-leg Boston crab! Shadow is reaching, but there’s no ropes for reprieve in this abandoned warehouse! Shadow continues reaching out and manages to get a hand on something…] [CRACK!] [A wooden board breaks in half over the back of Chambers who releases his hold and falls forward. Shadow pulls his leg out from underneath Chambers and begins looking around the room. Chambers slowly gets to his feet feeling the back of his head which now shows some blood trickling down from where the board may have connected. He turns around and catches a running somersault inverted DDT!] [OVER YOUR SHOULDER!] [Chambers hits the ground hard, but he’s still stirring. Shadow continues to breath hard as he’s seemingly trying to figure out what comes next. Shadow waits and beckons for Chambers to get to his feet. Shadow grabs a nearby table leaning against the wall and sets it up. He walks back to Chambers to help him towards the table. He tries to lay Chambers across the table, but The Bishop straightens up.] [HEADBUTT!] [Shadow is rocked before Chambers lifts him up and runs towards the table!] [PSALM 32 THROUGH THE TABLE!] [Chambers grins down at the devastation before Shadow begins to murmur! Chambers grabs him by his arm and begins dragging him around the warehouse. He spots Volsungr sitting in the center of the room and he looks down at Shadow as if an idea is forming. He lifts up Shadow and grins down at the hammer.] [THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE DOWN ONTO THE HAMMER!] [Shadow’s back slams down on the hammer with a sickening thud as he slumps off the hammer and ceases moving.] [D’Von Chambers drops to his knees, looking down at Shadow with a twinge of guilt growing.]


[As both men lay brutalized on the concrete floor, suffering after that fierce street fight throughout this warehouse, a figure appears in the darkness.] [A figure shrouded in pitch black.] [As their eyes adjust, the silhouette becomes apparent.] [It’s Troy Solveig!] [The Viking approaches, reaching out a hand – to which Volsungr flies, meeting his grasp greedily.]

“It’s good to see you again D’von,” [Solveig arrogantly bellows, rapturously laughing as he does.] “And I want to thank you for leading me here.”

“It was you?” [Chambers says through gritted teeth.] “You son of a bitch!”

[Troy stands proudly, a white smile on his face.]

“I needed to find what you stole from me and what better way than to pretend to be your ally? Look at the carnage I’ve caused; you’ve beaten ten shades of black and blue out of each other.”

[D’von and Shadow get back to their feet, realizing they’ve been duped.] [They both rush towards Solveig. The Viking swings his hammer fierce and fast, catching Shadow so hard in the ribs that he flies across the room, slamming into a concrete pillar. Chambers meanwhile makes contact with a right hand, slamming Troy backwards.] [Troy though doesn’t hesitate, using his hammer to sweep the legs of Chambers and take him to the floor.] [He stands over him, hammer in hand.]

“Do you know how many people I’ve killed with Volsungr?” [Solveig growls.] “Hel, do you know how many people I’ve killed?”

[Chambers struggles as Solveig slams his boot down on his chest, keeping him on the floor.]

“And do you how many in recent weeks have returned from the dead?”

[D’von shakes his head.]

“How many lives do you think you have?”

[The Preacher gulps.] [Solveig raises the hammer.]

“Let’s find out.”



[Continued.] [In an abandoned warehouse, Redwing rushes into a raging inferno. He has made his choice.] [The many.] [He begins cutting bonds, helping them try to free themselves. He hands out small Redblades to several. and they begin to help get the others free. Once everyone is to their feet, Redwing, throws another Redblade, this time at the window.] [CRACK!] [The nearest window shatters, letting smoke filter out. It keeps it from their lungs, and also alerts the public to what is happening.] [Leading them through the fire, Redwing gets them to a safe area of the open floor, one of the few untouched by the flames. Jigsaw begins to clap for him, but Redwing isn’t done!]

“I choose to save them all!” [Redwing roars as he rushes past Jigsaw.] [Back in the flames, the Caped Crusader rushes in to find the injured man unconscious. He throws him over his shoulder, and rushes out of the fire.] [The triumphant Red Knight stands in open air, the last hostage over his shoulder as Jigsaw looks on.]

“I’ve won your game, Jigsaw.” [Redwing yells.] “Heroes do what it takes to save everyone.”

[Jigsaw laughs in response.]

“That’s your problem, Redwing.” [He taunts.] “You’re too much of a hero. I told you one of the many would be a murderer!”

[Redwing looks towards the confused group of nine as sirens fill the air. He looks back at Jigsaw, who has turned to run.] [Meanwhile, one of the hostages looks down to see his stomach glowing.] [BANG! THE MAN BLOWS UP! HE TAKES OUT ALL NINE, KNOCKS REDWING DOWN AND ALMOST IMPLODES THE BUILDING!] [The building now practically rubble, Redwing rolls over to check on the man he did save. He checks his pulse as police and firemen enter the scene.] [Alive.] [Fire still raging, Redwing pulls the man out of the fire into the open floor that still exists. He gingerly hands over the unconscious form of this man to the first EMT he sees, before he makes his retreat.] [Defeated.] [Nine people have died.] [Jigsaw is nowhere to be seen, having evaded the justice that seemed so sure.] [But he won’t evade Redwing at Exodus.] [Cut.]