SOMEWHERE ELSE[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Eternity NIGHTMARE on the Hill.] [David Manson sits behind a large desk, his dirty muddy boots slapped atop it. He’s holding court. Stood in front of him, reluctantly, is Eli Forever, Judah and Rose. The Heir Eternal folds his arms, his face a picture of brewing rage as flakes of mud peel from the boots of his new ‘father’.]

“Chain Reaction is just around the corner and this battle of the ‘so called’ Gods is taking centre stage,” [Manson muses.] “I for one, know that whatever our differences, we can agree that not one of their feeble Gods are as powerful or commanding as us.”

[Forever doesn’t disagree. He just stares at him.]

“So, let’s turn Chain Reaction into a nightmare, shall we?”

[Again, silence.]

“Whilst these warriors are battling for their pathetic Gods, we’ll assemble a team that refuse to believe in them. That’s where you come in, Gentlemen,” [he points to Eli and Judah.] “Because I have a list and there’s two names on it; two names I wish for you to gather and place before me.”

[Manson reaches into his muddy boot and pulls out a dirty crumpled piece of paper, tossing it at Forever. Eli barely catches it, unravelling it to reveal the names. He peers over his glasses in disbelief, shaking his head.]

“This isn’t possible,” [The Heir announces with disgust.] “These two men will never join your ranks, Manson.”

[David, infuriated at the candour, swings his legs off the table and in one quick motion, stands and grabs Eli by the throat, slamming him face first onto the desk. Judah and Rose attempt to stand, but one look from The Nightmare and they remember their Mother, sitting back down.]

“They will,” [he hisses, his rage paramount. He leans in close, almost able to whisper, but he doesn’t.] “Because if they don’t, I’ll hold your mother responsible. You’ll be finding and piecing together that bitch for all eternity.”

[Manson slowly releases Forever, who snatches himself clear of The Nightmare.]

“We’ll retrieve them.”

[David smiles.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, “Th Lion” Koji Kobashi debuts against one of the true heroes of OSW, Gameboy!] [The bell rings and immediately The Lion moves in on Gameboy and goes to work with a series of rapid palm strikes to the face and chest! Lightning quick, he drives Gameboy into the corner! Kobashi lays a hard knife edged chop into Gameboy’s chest! Another! Another! Another! Kobashi sends a vicious knee right into Gamboy’s gut, leveling Player 1 as he slumps down into the corner! Kobashi quickly moves across the ring to the other set of turnbuckles! He RUNS! A KNEE STRAIGHT TO GAMEBOY’S FACE! Gameboy, with his lights out, rolls out of the ring to safety.] [The crowd roars for the newcomer as Gameboy slowly rises to his feet outside the ring. Kobashi takes off, he bounces off the ropes, returns, SUICIDE DIVE– NO!! GAMEBOY DIVES OUT OF THE WAY AND KOBASHI HITS THE GROUND HARD! Gameboy seizes the opportunity. He starts delivering a series of hard boots to the Lion, who remains helpless. Player 1 lifts Koji to his feet and rolls him into the ring. He leaps onto the apron. Kobashi stands up just in time for a SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA FROM GAMEBOY!! THE LEGS ARE HOOKED! ONE! TWO! Kobashi kicks out just in time!] [Both men arrive to their feet swiftly, and both men attempt a dropkick! They stand up and they both attempt a dropkick again! Damn it! They reach their feet again, and both feign the dropkick! A smile exchanged between both of them, Gameboy attempts a clothesline! KOJI DUCKS AND LOCKS GAMEBOY UP! KOJI-PLEX! GOOD GOD! Koji lifts Gameboy to his feet and whips him into the ropes! THE LION’S LARIOT! NO! GAMEBOY DUCKS IT! LEVEL ONE FROM GAMEBOY! THE SUPERKICK! HE MAKES THE COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Gameboy picks up the victory against a very game Koji Kobashi tonight in what was a hard fought victory!]


[Previously Recorded.] [A night in New York City, New York.] [The roaring streets of The Big Apple are filled with the sounds of motorized vehicles, music, and general conversation. As the focus comes from above, a young man is shown running down an alleyway. He turns to look over his shoulder and slips on a wet newspaper before sprawling out across the ground.] [His breaths are labored as he rolls onto his back and begins to scoot away.]

“No, please… stop! Please! I’ve got kids… I’m…”

[He voices trails off as three figures step into picture and approach him. A pair of hands reach down and lift the young man up and slam him into the wall of the alley. He’s lifted half a foot as the muscle brings a fist back to clobber him.]

“That’s enough, Tony.”

[The muscle drops his hand and shoves the runner into the wall as the source of the voice steps up into frame.]

“You say you’ve got kids, Franky?” [The dapper Tommaso Vitale steps up and lights a cigarette. He crouches down to put himself only a foot away from ‘Franky.’] [Franky nods.]

“Then why would you be so stupid as to hold out on La Cosa Nostra?” [Tommaso takes a long drag on his cigarette before blowing the smoke in Franky’s face.]

“I… I can’t keep this up, Tommy! I can’t keep… living like this.”

[Tommaso nods at this before speaking softly to where only they can hear.]

“I’m going to give you a day’s start, Franky. Get your belongings, get your family, and get out of this city. If I ever see around these parts again, you’ll find yourself swimming with the fishes, understand?”

[Franky slowly begins pulling himself up and takes off the down the alleyway. Tony and the other person move to follow, but Tommaso holds up his hand.]

“Let him go, boys. We’ll give him a headstart.”

[Tony walks up and looks down at Tommaso with uncertainty.]

“Boss ain’t gonna like this, Tommy.”

[Franky keeps running as the goons disappear from view. He keeps running through alleys before he finds himself tripping once again, but this time it wasn’t a newspaper.] [Bolas.] [Franky begins pulling on the cords before he sees two large boots stepping up in front of him. He slowly begins looking up as his eyes begin to grow wide.]

“Frank Gotti. You’re going to tell me everything that I need to know about La Cosa Nostra. And you’re going to tell me now.”

[Franky gulps as a huge fist collides with his temple as his vision fades to black.] [Cut.]


[The Real-life Superhero, Redwing, takes on one half of the Revolution, Redmond Quinn in what promises to be an intriguing match up!] [The bell sounds and the two men collide in the center of the ring, locking up. Both men fight for leverage, with Redwing taking an immediate upper hand! He transitions Quinn into a front headlock! FRONT HEADLOCK DDT FROM REDWING RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE! Redwing makes a quick cover! ONE! TWO! Quinn kicks out! It’s going to take more than that to finish off the professor. Redwing lifts Quinn to his feet and whips him into the ropes! Quinn bounces off and returns with a BACK SPIN KICK that damn near RIPS REDWING’S HEAD OFF!] [Quinn quickly reaches his feet, and delivers a few stomps to Redwing’s midsection. Redwing manages to reach his feet. Quinn with the roundhouse kick! NO! Redwing dodges and kicks Quinn in the back of the leg. Quinn drops to one knee! BIG TIME YAKUZA KICK FROM REDWING! Quinn drops to the ground like a bag of bricks! And immediately Redwing sits on Quinn’s back and locks in a camel clutch!] [But suddenly, a wolf HOWLS over the speakers…] [And what’s this? King Arthur and Isaac Danvers, both of whom hold shovels in their hands, walk down towards the ring. Redwing lifts an eyebrow as he watches Danvers move to one side of the ring, and Arthur the other, flanking the two combatants in the ring.] [Quinn, perhaps taking advantage of the distraction, sends a fist straight into Redwing’s jaw, breaking the hold! Quinn climbs to his feet just as Redwing reaches his. REDWING WITH THE AXE KICK! BUT QUINN DUCKS! He grabs Quinn from behind! GERMAN SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE! ONE! TWO! REDWING KICKS OUT! Redwing immediately stands up, somewhat dazed. Quinn runs at Redwing! Lariat! But Redwing ducks beneath it! Kick to the gut by the Watchful Protector! He lifts Quinn high into the air! But Quinn wriggles free! He lands safely to the ground! He catches Redwing! CLASS DISMISSED! QUINN MAKES THE COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Quinn has his arm raised in victory, but suddenly just notices that he is flanked on both ends by Anubis’ chosen servants. Redwing rolls out of the ring and heads up the entrance ramp. Quinn remains in the ring, concern on his face…]


[King Arthur and Isaac Danvers, shovels over both of their shoulders, climb onto the ring apron and move in on Quinn! Quinn is helpless as they begin beating him relentlessly with their shovels! What the FUCK is going on!? The crowd boos with vehement disapproval as Quinn drops to the mat, being pounded by the nonstop strikes from Danvers and Arthur’s shovels.] [Danvers laughs maniacally as Arthur smiles approvingly.] “Redmond.” [Danvers states.] “You may have these drunken baboons in the audience fooled, you may have your students fooled, you might have yourself fooled, and you might even have YAHWEH fooled.”

[Arthur drops his shovel, scoops Quinn up off the mat and locks him up with a full nelson, exposing his midsection to Danvers. Danvers smiles wide.] “But my liege and I? We are hardly fools, Redmond. We know that there’s something dark and twisted inside you.” [Danvers shoves the broad end of his shovel into Quinn’s midsection. Arthur releases the full nelson and Quinn drops to his knees.] [Danvers drops his shovel and withdraws from his breast what appears to be an ancient, ceremonial embalming tools. With a wicked smile ever present on his face, he continues.] “And we’ve come to expose it to the entire world, and most importantly, to your silly, little God.”

[Isaac moves towards Quinn.] “So come, Redmond. Let us reveal what’s hidden underneath that dense layer of sheep’s clothing.”

[Suddenly and with great fury, Luther Creed CHARGES THE RING! He slides under the bottom rope and gets to work! A big right hand to Danvers! Another! Danvers drops the embalming tools to the mat as he staggers back! Creed delivers another big right to Arthur! Another! Another! Another! He works Arthur into the corner, and begins stomping Arthur’s gut with precision and extreme intentions!] [But DANVERS comes back and nails Luther in the small of his back with an elbow. Luther staggers away! KING’S CROSSING from Arthur to Creed! Creed hits the mat.] [Quinn and Creed lay in the center of the ring, but Creed starts making his way to his feet. He refuses to give up! Refuses to back down! God damn it this is what the Revolution is all about! No surrender!] [This time, it is Arthur who speaks to Creed.] “Doth thou not realize whose side thy have truly chosen?”

[Creed, finally reaching his feet, replies.] “We have chosen the side of Good.”

[Creed finds himself flanked by Arthur and Danvers, who have picked up their shovels once more. Arthur shakes his head.] “Good? Hardly. Why can’t thou see the truth?”

[Arthur and Danvers rear their shovels back for impact.]

“Young Luther. Heaven hath made a cesspool of us all.”

[BANG! CON-CHAIR-TO WITH THE SHOVELS TO EACH SIDE OF CREED’S HEAD!] [Satisfied with the damaged heap they’ve reduced the Revolution to, Danvers and Arthur throw the shovels down and exit the ring. They head up the entrance ramp and into the backstage area, passing by Rain, who was observing their imposed destruction from afar. He tosses a nod at them as they pass.] [Cut.]


[The war between the old gods and the new sparks up again tonight as Anubis’s chosen wage war against the followers of Yahweh] [The bell sounds as Chambers and Arthur start off for their respective teams, Arthur rushing forward with a clothesline that Chambers ducks under before a huge headbutt rocks Arthur and he finds himself crashing to the mat from a ringshaking Body Slam. Arthur staggers to his feet as he’s thrown into the ropes, Danvers blind tagging him as he bounces off right into a massive clothesline. Chambers drops down for the cover on the illegal man as Danvers rushes forward, KNEE DROP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!] [Chambers staggers to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights from Danvers as a massive knee to the jaw rocks the Bishop before he’s driven into the mat with a stiff Spinebuster. Danvers rolls down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Chambers just gets the shoulder up! Danvers throws Chambers into the corner, nearly decapitating him with a massive clothesline before tagging in Arthur. Danvers lifts Chambers high in the air, Arthur drilling Chambers with a stiff kick to the back of the head before he’s spiked into the mat with a massive Brainbuster. Arthur drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THR…VAN CHAN BREAKS IT UP!] [The referee forces Bruce back into the corner as Arthur backs up, looking for the killing blow. Chambers slowly stirs to his feet as Arthur rushes forward, KING’S…CHAMBERS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Arthur turns around, PSALM 32! Chambers plants Arthur into the mat before leaping forward and tagging in Van Chan. Bruce rushes in like a house on fire, laying into a rising Arthur with a trio of kicks to the gut before sending him crashing to the mat with a spinning neckbreaker. Bruce knocks Danvers off the apron before rushing to the top rope, SHOT THROUGH THE…KNEES! Bruce stumbles to his feet as Danvers rolls into the ring, KING’S CURE! BVC gets nailed with the combination Knee and Elbow strike as Arthur covers. ONE…TWO…DANVERS HOLDS CHAMBER’S BACK…THREE!!!] [The destructive duo chosen by Anubis show their might here tonight, Yahweh’s followers tried their best but one mistake is all it took to lead them to defeat]


[It’s another dark night.] [Sat in front of large computer monitors, Redwing seems determined.]

“I thought I had put the Jigsaw issue to bed, but justice never sleeps.”

[Behind Redwing, we see various gadgets being worked on, including a bare black suit in the background. It seems the Red Knight never sleeps either.]

“But after speaking with Gameboy and Bruce Van Chan, I realize now that vengeance blinded me from my duty. It’s not enough to extract a toll of pain, it’s my duty to see that he is judged by authorities. The Vindicators will return, but Jigsaw must be brought in as well.”

[Several map snippets litter the monitors, each one with a large red X on them.]

“Since Exodus, he’s went underground. Tailing his allies has only yielded scents that have gone cold. Yet each time I get a whiff, he pops up some place else. Is this another one of his games?”

[Running some sort of algorithm, Redwing types some commands into his console before sitting back to wait.]

“The only thing I can do right now is take all of these appearances and see if there is some pattern I can’t see. Maybe there’s something I’m missing, some angle I haven’t considered.”

[The monitor begins to flash red, and the console beeps as Redwing leans forward.]

“I knew it! There is a pattern.”

[The Caped Crusader waits as the console takes all of the locations, bringing the triangulated location onto the screen. The image that pops up on his screen takes Redwing’s breath away.] [The Kirby household.]

“He wouldn’t dare.”

[On the side of the house, behind several trash cans, the satellite imagery zooms in to show familiar text spray painted.] [DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME?]

“The time for games is over.”



[It’s a fatal-4-way match here with Luther Creed taking on Zander Zane, Mysterion, and Berengar!] [The bell sounds as these four men look around at one another. Then Mysterion just snaps as he runs towards Berengar and nails him with a running dropkick! Luther Creed turns his head towards Mysterion before Zander Zane catches him with a roundhouse kick! Mysterion rushes towards Berengar in the corner before loading him up with some kicks to the midsection followed by a springboard knee to the chin of The Void Knight! Mysterion rolls back after the shot and catches a kick to the midsection followed by a DDT from Zander Zane! Zane rolls into a cover! One…TWO…Luther breaks it up.] [Luther Creed grabs Zander and whips him into the ropes. Zane catches himself there, but Creed nails him with a clothesline sending him over to the floor. Creed sneers down at Zane before turning around to have Mysterion just thrown at him! Both men hit the mat as it was Berengar who just launched Mysterion like a dart! Berengar quickly grabs Mysterion up by his mask before lifting him even further up with a huge spinebuster! Mysterion hits the mat hard clutching at his back as Creed rushes towards Berengar with a huge clothesline that floors him!] [Creed grabs Berengar up by his hair before lifting up Berengar into a Death Valley Driver! However, Berengar hammers down on Creed and slips out! Berengar locks on a headlock as he comes down! DESTINY’S MAW! Creed quickly begins moving towards the ropes, but Berengar pulls him back. LEAPFROG INTO A CLOTHESLINE TAKES BOTH MEN DOWN! Zander Zane re-enters the match in a huge way! He’s about to go for a cover, but Mysterion rolls him up, hooking his legs in a roll-up! ONE…TWO… Creed breaks it up! Creed nails Mysterion with a spinning knee strike before following that up with a huge german suplex! BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! ONE…TWO…THREEE!] [Luther Creed managed to get the win here tonight by taking advantage of Mysterion! He grins as he climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate.]


[Nightstick, Zander Zane and Mysterion sit inside a room backstage, maintaining eye contact with each other as Troy Solveig enters, closing the door firmly behind him. He stands before them, gauging the room.]

“You’ve been gathered here today because at Chain Reaction, we unite.”


“Our respective Gods have decided that we must band together and win the inaugural match. To do this, we need to be singing from the same hymn sheet.”

[Nightstick scoffs.] “I don’t follow animals like you, Solveig.”

[That changes the tone.]

“I fight for law and order as the sword of Themis. I don’t take orders from a murderer like you.”

[Zane laughs rapturously.]

“Wait a minute, didn’t you kill Wolfgang? The only person in this room who hasn’t brutally murdered someone is me.”

“You just brutally murder music instead,” [Mysterion chimes.] “Right?”

[All four men now stand at odds, each ready to rip each other’s face off. Troy, meanwhile, has a better idea.]

“My people settle squabbles over Leadership in battle,” [he announces.] “And we’ll do the same. Over the next few weeks, we’ll fight in matches to decide who leads our team at Chain Reaction.”

[Zane gets in the face of Solveig.]

“That’s fine, and since you’re clearly the self-proclaimed man to beat, I want you.”

[Solveig grins.] “It appears we have an arrangement then. Next week, I’ll battle Zander Zane and Nightstick, you’ll battle Mysterion. The winner of both battles will fight the week after to decide who is our leader.”

[Nightstick shares a glance at Mysterion, who’s arm glows with the power of Ahriman. He grimaces.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, we have a match between two teammates at Chain Reaction! Gallows Lynch is taking on Rain! Will it be a downpour or will Gallows leave Rain hanging? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Rain and Lynch tie up! Headbutt by Lynch! Rain is dazed but Lynch holds on! Another headbutt by Lynch! Rain is rocked again! Lynch twists Rain around! HANGMAN’S NECKBREAKER! Lynch starts tying his rope around Rain’s neck! Lynch pulls Rain up and tosses him over the rope! HANGING MAN! He’s hanging him over the ropes! Rain is holding onto Gallows’ rope! He pulls his neck out of the hold! Rain falls to the floor but he holds on to the rope! Rain tugs the rope hard! He sends Gallows face and neck first into the ropes!] [Gallows is clutching his neck in pain! Rain jumps to the ropes! SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! Rain mounts on top of Lynch and sends some vicious rights to the face of Gallows! He grabs the discarded rope pf Lynch! Whip! He whips Lynch hard! Whip! Another hard whip by Rain! Whi..Lynch catches the rope! Rain drops it to charge Lynch! Lynch quickly wraps the rope around his hand! Multiple punches by Rain but Lynch drops him hard with a rope tied fist! He hoists Rain up on his shoulders! Trap door…No! Rain slips out the back! Enzuigiri to the back of the head!] [Rain yells at Lynch to get up! Gallows pulls himself up! ACID RAIN! Rain spits the black mist into Lynch’s eyes! He locks Lynch’s head! Brother Mine…No! Lynch charges Rain into the ropes! They fall to the floor! Gallows gets up and first and suplexes Rain onto the apron! Gallows climbs up on the apron and starts stomping away on Rain! Rain catches the foot and shoves Lynch off him! Rain pulls himself up and charges at Lynch! Lynch is shoved hard into the ring pole and bounces back in a daze! BROTHER MINE! Headlock driver into the apron! Rain shoves Lynch into the ring and covers! One…Two…Three!] [What a win over Lynch for Rain! Both men show why they are great for their team!]


[A cemetery, in the middle of the day. An open casket lies waiting. Inside lies the body of the fallen angel, Shadow, lifeless. Though a collection of people seem to be paying their respects as customary at a wake. Soon the crowd has dispersed, leaving only four men standing together. D’Von Chambers, Bruce Van Chan, Luther Creed and Gameboy. Narry a word is shared between them, until Chambers breaks the silence. His voice, heavy with sorrow and loss.]

“Bretheren. Now, more than ever, we must band ‘gether. For one of Yahweh’s mighty warriors has fallen and the cross now falls upon our backs. It is a burden we must gladly bear, and a burden we must share. Shadow’s sacrifice will not have been in vain.”

[The three men who are hanging on the Bishop’s every word nod in approval, yet the sense of despair and loss is evident. Chambers pats his compadres on the backs, one by one.]

“The fields are ripeth unto harvest, but lo’ the labourers are few. We present a willing spirit and seeketh the guidance of Yahweh to direct our paths.”

[As he speaks, a light shines from above. Glowing golden and piercing the cover of clouds. It shines through the canopy of trees that surround the grave-site. A voice, familiar now, booms from above.]

“These are my children, who I am well pleased with. Your faith has brought you this far, but you must be prepared for the war that is ahead. You will be tested, you will face adversity. Apart, you will falter and fall, even at the first hurdle. But together, you will overcome. For trials await you, trials of faith. Faith in each other… And faith in me.”

[As quickly as the voice had come, it falls silent. The light disappears and leaves the four men looking at each other. It is Bruce Van Chan that speaks to break the reverent silence.]

“You’re right. Now more than ever, we need each other. I have a feeling it is not going to be a smooth road.”



[It’s a two out of three falls match here as The Streak is on the line as it’s Edward Newton going up against the VHS Champion Spero in a Champion vs. Champion match!] [The bell sounds as these two circle around the ring. Newton reaches out towards the center with a handshake. Spero seems hesitant, but he does take the hand of Riddler who shakes it… before pulling Spero towards him in a side headlock! He swivels his hips to drop Spero into a headlock takedown, but Spero quickly wraps his legs around the head of Newton to break him off. Newton rolls out of the hold before Spero lunges at him with a huge springboard roundhouse! Newton ducks the blow, grabs the legs of Spero and rolls him up! ONE…TWO…] [THREEE! Just like that, Newton picks up the first fall! Spero rolls to his feet as his hands move up to his mask. This just became even harder for him. Newton puts out another hand to which Spero just looks at. He turns away as Newton just grins, playing the mind games. Spero and Newton tie up again, but Spero brings his knees up into the midsection of Newton before hitting a jawbreaker! Spero pops up and wraps his feet around the head of Newton before bringing him back into an inverted Frankensteiner! ETERNAL SPRING! Spero covers!] [ONE…TWO…FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! Spero thought he was going to even up the odds there! He lifts up Newton who tries to roll him up! Spero stops that and kicks Newton right in the side of his head! The Blue Lantern climbs up to the top rope and points at Edward Newton before leaping off for a corkscrew shooting star press! THE LAST BEACON! Spero grabs a leg as the referee slides into a cover! One…TWO…THRE-NO! Newton manages to barely kick out! Spero is grabbing at his mask in frustration as he yanks Newton to his feet. Newton kicks Spero in the shin before hooking the head and driving Spero into the mat with a DDT! NEVERMIND! Newton covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Edward Newton wins this one with the first two falls as he manages to pull himself to his feet with a grin. He grabs his World Championship and holds it tight as he strokes his chin.]


[Rain is walking down a dark hallways, one leading back to his refuge of the boiler room.]

“Rain!” [A voice calls.] [The Misfit turns around to see none other than Gallows Lynch, the man he faced off with earlier in a match.]

“What do you want?” [Rain says, an eyebrow raised with mistrust.] [The Hangman’s lip curls up as he studies his future partner.]

“You and I must align our interests, Rain.” [He begins.] “Chain Reaction depends on it. The gods have chosen their warriors, now it’s up to men of death such as ourselves to bring their goals to fruition.”

[Rain uncharacteristically pushes Gallows back to a wall.]

“Men of death?” [He spits.] “I haven’t killed, unlike you with your games. I commune with the dead, not increase their number. I can hardly believe Shiva would have…”

[Lynch chuckles, unafraid of the Impairer of Worlds.]

“Shiva? I’m afraid not, Rain.” [The Hangman sneers.] “No, I have laid my allegiance with Shezmu.”

“The Lord of Blood.” [Rain quickly retorts.]

“None other.” [Just as quick a reply from Gallows.] “You and your misfits can fall on your wretched knees before Shiva, but all of our gods serve the greater good of Elysium Fields. I know you’ve had your eye on our partners. They are also men of death. Perhaps you should embrace our partnership instead of fearing it.”

[Rain merely shakes his head.]

“I don’t trust you, Hangman. Not one bit.”

[With that, Rain turns and walks away from Gallows to head towards the boiler room.] [Gallows Lynch, now aligned with Shezmu, merely looks on with a smile.]


[It’s LINK ROT! Two teams are attached by a chain to their partners! The first team to get the pinfall or submission picks up the win!] [These four men are in the ring as Nightstick and Troy look at each other hesitantly. Eli Forever and David Manson look at one another with disdain. The bell sounds as these four men collide in the center of the ring. Manson and Nightstick are exchanging heavy blows as are Eli Forever with Troy Solveig! David Manson headbutts Nightstick before grabbing his chain and wraps it around the throat of Nightstick! This yanks Eli Forever off guard who looks back at Manson in anger. VALKYRIE! The Superman punch rocks Forever before Troy hooks his waist and lifts him up.] [NORTHERN LIGHTS! Troy holds it on for a pin! ONE…TWO… Manson breaks it up! He had to releases his hold on Nightstick, but he breaks up the pinfall attempt. He turns back around as Nightstick rushes towards him and shoulders him right into the corner! The chains are taught as Troy and Eli are pulled a little bit towards the corner as a result. Troy seems to dislike this as he taps on the shoulder of Nightstick to exchange words. Forever sees his opportunity here as he springs off the ropes near Manson for a springboard knee strike! THE ATONEMENT!] [Troy Solveig is knocked backwards as the momentum sends him over the top rope! Troy is dangling by his arm as Nightstick is yanked back towards the ropes. He reaches down and tries to relax the chain a bit, but Troy is still hanging a bit! Forever and Manson grab a leg of Nightstick and send him over the top rope and down onto his tag team partner! Manson and Forever carefully climb to the outside of the ring and roll Nightstick into the ring as well as Troy. Manson wraps some of the chain around his fist as does Forever. They nod at each other before hitting DUAL CHAIN PUNCHES! Nightstick and Troy hit the mat like a ton of bricks! Forever covers Nightstick as Manson pushes down on him! One…TWO…THREE!] [In LINK ROT, it’s the unlikely pairing of David Manson and Eli Forever that manage to pull out a victory! The two rise to their feet and move within an inch of one another with a look of disdain.]


[Brightness.] [As we open in a park, fixated on a bench, the world around it looks almost picturesque. There’s something perfect about it. The lighting is bright and powerful, the bushes and trees are softly moving with a soft breeze and the birds are chirping happily.] [The Chief then appears, taking a seat on the bench.]

“Thank you for meeting with me,” [he says, talking to himself. There’s nothing next to him.] “I’m sure you’re surprised by the invitation.”

“I was,” [a crisp voice responds.] “And I thank you for this cloak of invisibility. I don’t think my presence here would be welcomed.”

[He nods.]

“I can see that. I need your help. Chain Reaction is just around the corner and with the death of Shadow, our team for the battle has lost its key warrior.”

[There’s a pause.] “Resurrect him?”

“I cannot,” [The Chief solemnly says.] “Troy Solveig has his grace. Angels aren’t born in heaven, they’re made. Each one is bonded with grace compatible to them. It’s a limited source of power and whilst Shadow is here, in heaven, he’s now human and unable to be resurrected as an Angel.”

“And Bruce Van Chan?”

[The Chief shakes his head.] “Trying his best, but unable to carry the weight of the banner. I don’t want the enemy to know it, but we’re close to losing this war. We won’t win at Chain Reaction and should Elysium Fields be successful, I don’t think I can save The Tap Room from what comes next.”

[That piques the interest of the person he’s speaking to.]

“And what does come next?”

[The Chief looks forwards, sternly silent.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, one of these 15 men will be granted an opportunity at the OSW World Championship at Chain Reaction.] [All they have to do is survive.] [The bell sounds and the match is quickly underway. We immediately spot that Redwing, Berengar and Gameboy have somewhat aligned, backing off into a portion of the ring, defending each other from certain on rushers.] [It isn’t long before Arthur and Danvers take note of this and decide to attack in unison. Danvers drops Gameboy with a fierce right hand as The King tosses Berengar aside with a Fall Away Slam.] [Redwing pulls a weapon, firing a rope around Arthur, only Danvers grabs him, tossing him over the top rope and onto the ring apron, HANGING ON fire the weapon! Arthur stumbles towards the ropes, almost pulled through with him – only Gallows Lynch runs him over the top rope too!] [Redwing has been eliminated!] [But King Arthur hangs on, standing wrapped in the heroes’ rope on the apron. Gallows storms at him with a foot, only Arthur side steps and Danvers comes in from behind, CLOTHESLINING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!] [Gallows Lynch has been eliminated!] [Isaac helps his partner back into the ring, taking the rope from him. Both men turn around to see Berengar and Gameboy running at them with Clotheslines! Elsewhere, Mysterion is pummelling on Rain in the corner, reigniting their feud from only a couple of months ago. He hits him as hard as he can, the power of Ahriman flowing through him!] [He raises his fist, glowing with fury.] [Could Rain be next?] [He leaps!] [Nightstick catches him! Nightstick stops him murdering Rain and DUMPS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Well, how about that for LEADERSHIP?] [Mysterion has been eliminated!] [Back to the action between The Vindicators and The Anubis Warriors, and Berengar is Double Suplexed to the canvas with a thud. Gameboy goes up top, leaping into action, only Arthur shoves Danvers out of the way and takes the Crossbody!] [Gameboy rolls through, finding Zander Zane who BIG BOOTS him over the top rope!] [Gameboy has been eliminated!] [Nightstick quickly takes his opportunity to prove a point, grabbing Zane and running him over the top rope too, only Zander blocks it with a foot, elbowing backwards. The Cop stumbles, being lifted up and BUNDLED OVER THE TOP ROPE!] [Nightstick has been eliminated!] [Has Zander Zane just proved himself worthy of leading their team?] [Luther Creed and Redmond Quinn meanwhile have turned their attention to the Anubis Warriors and they’re now squaring off in the middle of the ring. Creed tosses Arthur into the ropes, ducking under a Clothesline on the return, allowing Quinn to Baseball Slide between both of their legs to join his partner for a Double Clothesline of their own.] [Danvers doesn’t like that, charging towards Quinn and Spearing him to the ground. He gets up to find Creed, who tosses him OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO THE RING APRON! HE HANGS ON FOR DEAR LIFE! Arthur quickly gets up, trying to save him, only The Revolution RUN AT HIM, KNOCKING THEM BOTH OUT!] [King Arthur has been eliminated.] [Isaac Danvers has been eliminated.] [There’s eight left in the match. Rain is back to his feet, brawling with D’von Chambers after his close escape. Eli Forever and David Manson meanwhile have vanished to the outside, seemingly uninvolved in the bout.] [Redmond Quinn and Luther Creed quickly slide to the outside under the bottom rope to confront them and before you know it, there’s a brawl ringside.] [Back in the ring and Berengar is dumped over the top rope by Rain. He lands on the apron though and blocks a right hand that could knock him off. D’von Chambers storms at him, but catches a knee through the middle rope.] [Berengar headbutts Rain and pulls Chambers on the apron with him. They start slugging it out, battling back and forth. Right hands, left hands, right hands, left hands. Zander Zane meanwhile gets up from resting in the corner to see their exchange, running across the ring with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!] [Berengar has been eliminated!] [D’von Chambers has been eliminated!] [The crowd boo Zane who raises his arms in the air, soaking in the applause.] [That’s until RAIN dumps him over the top rope too!] [Zander Zane has been eliminated!] [Eli Forever and David Manson are meanwhile tossed back into the ring and we’re down to the final five. One of these five men will be going to Chain Reaction versus Edward Newton for the OSW Championship!] [The Revolution accompany them back inside, being bamboozled by stomps as they enter under the bottom rope. Rain slinks off to the corner, wisely staying out of the way.] [Creed tosses Manson into the ropes, nailing him with a knee.] [Forever drops Quinn with a DDT!] [Manson pushes Luther away, ducking a Clothesline!] [WELCOME TO MANSON STREET!] [NECKBREAKER!] [Manson pops up, joining Forever in the middle of the ring. He directs traffic, telling Eli to grab Quinn whilst he grabs Creed. They begin bundling them over the top rope. Creed hits the apron first, then Quinn.] [MANSON THOUGH GRABS ELI FROM BEHIND!] [HE DUMPS HIM OVER THE TOP! WHAT THE FUCK?] [Eli Forever has been eliminated!] [The Nightmare laughs! He turns his attention to The Revolution, running at Creed and BOOTING HIM OFF THE RING APRON!] [Luther Creed has been eliminated!] [Manson turns his attention to Quinn but finds himself hung up on the top rope. He stumbles backwards, but RAIN OUT NO-WHERE WITH A DROPKICK, SENDING MANSON INTO QUINN AND ELIMINATING HIM!] [Redmond Quinn has been eliminated!] [We’re down to the final two. It’s Rain versus David Manson and the winner will face Edward Newton at Chain Reaction.] [They both stand opposite each other, staring each other down.] [Here comes that moment. That BIG fight end of match moment!] [WAIT, THERE’S FOREVER!] [ELI ATTACKS RAIN FROM BEHIND WITH A STEEL CHAIR ACROSS THE BACK OF THE HEAD!] [The Outcast stumbles forwards into Manson who runs him over the top rope!] [DAVID MANSON IS GOING TO CHAIN REACTION TO FACE EDWARD NEWTON!] [THAT CHEATING SON OF A BITCH!]


[Static.] [Many Hours Later.] [We’re in the darkness of a Miami Night, following a group of men as they traverse the bushes, carefully meandering towards an unknown location, using the cover of darkness to their advantage.] [They approach a glowing hue in the distance, hovering lightly above the ground. As the vast numbers of men exit the bushes to stand before the light, it becomes clear exactly what it is.] [Sleipnir.] [The doors suddenly open and a ramp lowers to the ground. Berengar and Spero exit together, their eyes fixated on those surrounding them.] [Until Eli Forever steps forward.]

“What do you want?” [Berengar sternly says, one hand on his sword.]

“I need your help,” [Eli retorts.] “For aren’t you the lighthouse of good in the sea of evil?”

“You’re evil, Forever. I should vanquish you where you stand.”

[There’s a silence.]

“You could and I wouldn’t blame you, but you’re supposed to be heroes, are you not? Men of honor and valour. David Manson has sent me to capture you and force you into an alliance with him at Chain Reaction.”

[Spero folds his arms.] “And you’ve brought an army for that purpose?” [He says, noting the surrounding forces.]

“No,” [The Heir shakes his head.] “I brought them to ask for your help. These men can vouch for my predicament. Manson has my mother captive, cutting pieces off her like carving a Sunday Roast. If I don’t return with you, he’ll kill her.”

[Berengar and Spero look at each other.]

“Please, just come and meet with him; help me save my mother and together, we may even win Chain Reaction.”

[The remaining Vidicators appear to be in agreement.]

“Why does he even want to win it? Doesn’t he have a date booked with Newton?”

[Eli shrugs.] “I don’t know. He keeps his cards close to his chest. I need your help, what do you say?”

“We’ll come and meet with Manson,” [Berengar agrees.] “And we’ll help you try to save your mother.”

[Spero interrupts.]

“But if you turn on us, we’ll have no mercy for you, Forever.”

[The Two heroes continue their walk down the ramp towards Eli and his men, as we pan backwards to somewhere behind the scene.] [Redwing and Gameboy sit, watching through binoculars.] [Cut.]