[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Outside in the hot Miami air, a fire pit burns in the middle of the night, sending plumes of smoke into the sky. Encamped around it are the Manson Family, complete with Eli Forever’s followers, watching on.] [On the floor next to the pit, a woman kneels, a dirty white bloodied hood over her head, her hands and feet bound, wrapped in bloodied bandages.] [Eli Forever and his brother Judah stand in shock, watching as David Manson approaches with a rod in his hand.] [Berengar and Spero stand just behind them.]

“Proof of life,” [Manson yells, pacing back and forward, tapping his rod on the ground.] “That’s what you needed, ain’t it?”

[Manson fiercely smacks the rod across her back, a vile scream ripping from her gagged mouth.] [Eli steps forward but Judah pulls him back.] [Manson’s men and women chuckle.]

“Is that enough for you two heroes?” [He asks, looking at Berengar and Spero.] “Do I have your attention now?”

[Spero nods.] “You do, but hurt her again and we’ll have an issue.”

[David laughs, only to snap straight out of it and into intensity.]

“Oh, this isn’t for her.”

[He turns his attention to the crowd.]

“Amongst us are traitors!” [He bellows.] “Traitors who followed Eli Forever into the dark of night and conspired against us!”

[Manson shakes his head.]

“And that just can’t be, can it?”

[He nods.] [Suddenly, two members of the Manson Family grab a man from behind Eli Forever and drag him forward. One of them punches him in the face, dropping him to his knees. Manson walks over, looming over him, the fire pit crackling in the background.]

“I warned you, didn’t I? I warned you that if you didn’t follow me, I’d kill this fucking bitch!”

[He turns to look back at Magdalene, but sneers.]

“And since I can’t do that right now, it looks like you’ll have to send a message for me.”

[David smiles, nodding once more.] [His two men drag the follower, kicking and screaming towards the flames. He begs for Eli’s help, reaching out for him, crying, screaming, bellowing for his leader to step forward and save him.] [But Judah has his arm tightly clasped.]

“Think about the consequences, brother.”

[Spero and Berengar rush forward but find themselves stuck between a blockade of men, women and children.] [The Manson Family toss the man into the fire pit, watching him writhe and scream in agony. Manson uses his rod, pushing it down on the mans back until he stops squirming in the flames.]

“You people owe a loyalty to me and only to me,” [Manson says, pointing at the rest of Forever’s followers.] “And if I find you’ve conspired with the outcast, I will purge you in the fire like your brother.”

[He laughs.]

“Welcome to the horror show.”



[It’s a big singles match for Tomasso Vitale as he’s set to square off with Nate Washington!] [The bell sounds as these two lock up. Vitale hooks on a side headlock, but Nate just lifts him up and drops him back on his head! Vitale clutches at his head before Nate covers him. One…KICKOUT! It’s going to take more than that to put down Vitale. Nate yanks him to his feet before slowing things down. He locks in a side headlock of his own before slamming Vitale to the mat. Vitale manages to use his momentum to push Nate back onto his shoulders for a count! One…TWO… Nate kicks out, but he keeps the headlock applied.] [Finally, Tomasso begins getting his legs underneath him as he makes his way to his feet. Elbow shot to the gut of Nate! A second! A third gets some separation. Tomasso runs towards the ropes, but Nate yanks him to the mat by his hair! Nate mounts him and begins raining down shots, but Vitale is covering himself. Nate goes for a headbutt, but Vitale punches him as he comes down! Nate staggers back clutching at his nose which is now split wide open as blood is spewing from the wound! Vitale rises to his feet with a sneer on his face seeing the blood flowing.] [Vitale begins chopping Nate wildly before grabbing his head and nailing a leaping forearm that sends Washington back into the ropes. Vitale nails a clothesline sending him over onto the apron. Vitale climbs out onto the apron with him before sweeping his legs out from underneath him! Nate is laid out across the apron. Vitale climbs up. DIVING ELBOW ONTO NATE ON THE APRON! Vitale pushes Nate into the ring before lifting him up into a powerbomb lung blower! HEAVY CLIP! Tomasso covers! One…TWO…THREE!] [Tomasso Vitale rises to his feet as the referee holds his hand up. Blood covers his hands as he looks down at it with a bit of a grimace before celebrating.]


[Days Ago] [In Danvers’… Medical office? Perhaps. If that is the name for it, it was surely designed by a warp mind.] [On Isaac Danvers’ operating table, strapped at the wrists and ankles, lays Redmond Quinn.] [Hovering over him is Isaac Danvers and King Arthur.]


[Arthur reaches to the side table of surgical instruments, retrieves the small blade, and hands it to Danvers.] [Quinn looks up at The Plague Doctor. Dehydrated, he speaks only a word.]


[Isaac replies.] “HUSH! I need to concentrate.”

[Danvers chuckles as he places the sharp end of the scalpel just beneath the Quinn’s sternum and cuts him down the middle of his stomach.] [Quinn SCREAMS in agony! He can’t believe it! They are truly going to dissect him. And there is nothing he can do.] [BANG! BANG! BANG!] [Gunshots blast the lock on the door open, and ten black men, dressed all in black, flood into the room.] [All of them armed.] [Five guns pointed at Danvers. Five more pointed at Arthur.]

“How dare you SAVAGES interrupt my procedure!?” [Danvers snarls. Arthur realizes they are in a prone position and backs away from the table. Danvers starts to do the same.]

“Don’t. Fucking. Move.”

[Luther Creed steps into the room. He looks around before pointing his own gun at Danvers.]

“Place looks like a Stephen King novel.”

[Danvers cocks an eyebrow.] “Who the HELL is Stephen King!?”

[Creed ignores him.] “Sew the man up and get him off this table. He’ll be coming with us.”

“And if I don’t comply?” [Danvers asks.] [Creed, whose hearing is slowly returning to form, strains to hear the question. He answers.]

“There’ll be so many bullet holes in your cranium, you won’t have enough brain matter left to find out what lies beneath my brother at Chain Reaction.”

[Danvers smiles gently.]”What are you proposing?”

[Again, Luther has to strain to hear him.]

“I’m not proposing. I’m demanding. You will sew this man up. He will be leaving with us. And at Chain Reaction, he and I will show you exactly what lies beneath.”

[The guns move in on Arthur and Danvers, each of their hammers pulled back and ready to fire.]

“ALRIGHT!” [Danvers screams, a mixture of disappointment and intrigue on his visage.] “Alright, I’ll close the opening.”

[Danvers grabs his stitching materials from his bevy of surgical tools.] [After a short time, Quinn is sewed up. Some of the men help him to his feet and help him leave the room.] [Creed looks around.] [He points to the rest of the men.] “Dissect them.”

[Eight men begin stomping and beating Arthur and Danvers right there in the middle of the room. Boots, punches, body slams, and piledrivers galore. Danvers and Arthur aren’t much for fighting back. They see clearly that the tables have turned as they are left beaten and bloody on the ground.] [The Revolution leave the room. Arthur and Danvers lay on the ground, bleeding.] [Danver’s blood coated teeth reveal an entertained smile.] [Cut.]


[Tonight we will see a battle between the ruthless Vengeance and the deranged Jigsaw!] [The bell sounds as these two lock up in the center of the ring! Vengeance applies a side headlock to Jigsaw before slamming him down to the mat. Jigsaw reaches up and takes the eyes of Vengeance before getting back to his feet. Vengeance clutches at his eyes before opening them to see a size twelve boot slamming into his face! He’s blasted backwards into the ropes before Jigsaw rushes at him with a running clothesline! Both of them tumble over the top rope and slam down into the mat outside of the ring! Jigsaw is first to his feet with a grin.] [However, Vengeance rams him backwards into the barricade! Vengeance rips his vest from his chest exposing the skin before lighting into him with three LOUD chops! Jigsaw’s skin changes to a bright red! Vengeance doesn’t relent as he nails him with three more! The red begins to darken! SHOTGUN BLAST! Jigsaw begins to slump, but Vengeance doesn’t allow him to fall. He grabs him by his mask and rolls him into the ring. The man in black slides in after him and grabs him by the mask before slamming his face into the mat.] [Vengeance slowly picks up Jigsaw before slinging him into the corner. The man in black sticks him in the gut with four stiff jabs before he takes a few steps back. Vengeance rushes him with a big boot, but Jigsaw falls down to avoid the contact! Jigsaw scrambles to the top turnbuckle and leaps off for a swinging neckbreaker! Vengeance manages to hold onto the top rope to prevent himself from falling with him! The man in black begins motioning for the end as Jigsaw staggers to his feet towards him. 10-7! The claymore kick shatters the mask of Jigsaw as it flies off his face! Vengeance covers him. One…TWO…THREE!] [Vengeance extends his streak here tonight after getting a victory over Jigsaw!]


[A place of light. Endless and expansive. No beings are present in this place, yet we hear His voice. Their voices. Angels? Demons? Something else entirely? His voice, Yahweh, speaks as if addressing them.]

“The human mind is fickle. With the right kind of pressure, any man can be driven to the brink of madness. Paranoia, distrust… These are emotions you are capable of creating in them. Do your worst.”

[The voices start once more, muttering until Yahweh’s voice pierces through again.]

“But you will not touch them physically. Not till their trials are over. Should they tear each other apart, that is up to them. But even at the brink of madness, faith does not waver. There is nothing you can do to make them denounce me.”

[The light begins to cloud, shapes begin to form and Yahweh’s voice begins to fade as a new scene slowly forms.]

“I have asked them to congregate here. Let us see how your bidding fares.”

[Bruce Van Chan enters a room, wooden floors with a lush rug. A sitting room of sorts. He does not sit. He looks bedraggled, out of sorts. Soon, Luther Creed and D’Von Chambers both enter. Each looking equally as crazed as Van Chan.]

“Have you seen them?”

[Bruce’s voice is hoarse, stretched thin and desperate. It is the word ‘seen’ that causes a reaction in Chambers.]

“Every time I close my eyes, I see them. Bloodied, torn to shreds. I cannot unsee them. Do you see them too?”

[Bruce shakes is head wildly, rabidly.]

“No, no, no, no… I’ve lost them. They’re everything and I’ve lost it.”

[Creed cuts in.]

“What are you talking about. Bruce… D’Von. What is happening?”

[Bruce grabs Creed by the scruff of his collar. Though Creed’s hearing is all but back to normal, he still shouts at him.]

“My family. They’ve been stolen. The only memories I have of them, my pictures… It’s all gone. I know them but I can’t see them any more. WHERE ARE THEY?!”

[Chambers steps in.]

“I have the opposite problem. I see too much. My congregation, the blood…”

[His voice trails off. Creed then utters his confession.]

“I’ve had something stolen too. My following. My cause. They’ve walked away from me. You know what’s worse? I know why… I know who.”

[Both BVC and Chambers listen on, wild looks of madmen in their eyes.]

“The one who is not here. Gameboy. He stole their loyalty. He who died and rose. He who we called brother.”

“He’s to blame for it all. My family, your congregation and your following…”

[All three men look like their minds have been pushed to the limits, clutching at straws and conspiracies. But a conspiracy that threatens to tear them apart needs not be based on logic in the minds of madmen. They nod at each other and Chambers speaks.]

“We know what must be done.”



[In a shady alleyway, somewhere dark and unsuspecting, Edward Newton lurks in the shadows, waiting patiently.] [And its only a matter of time before David Manson arrives, alone.]

“I didn’t think you’d come,” [Newton says in surprise.] “But I’m glad you made the journey. I’m afraid that you’re out of your depth, Mr. Manson.”

[David laughs, folding his arms.]

“Like you, I believed Eli Forever to be questionable. I thought I could turn his precious family against him but it all proved to be a rouse.”

“I have his mother,” [Manson replies.] “I don’t fear him.”

“Oh, but you should. I assume that greed is your motivation for Chain Reaction?” [He asks, somewhat irritating David.] “Should you lose to me, it grants you another opportunity. Should you win, you could get Eli over the line and retain.”

[The Nightmare smirks.]

“However, to achieve this, I suppose you’ve made an agreement with Spero and Berengar that offers poor Magdalene protection? This is where Eli Forever thrives, Mr. Manson. This is where the Heir Eternal will strike.”

[David disagrees.] “I have his congregation, his gaggle of meek and mortified followers. He won’t risk their hides, Newton. You’re just trying to sow discord before our match and I won’t see to it.”

“Eli doesn’t care about his followers. He’s the Red River Jack, to, well… your David Manson.”

[That pisses The Nightmare off. He steps forward, grabbing Newton by the throat and slamming him backwards against the wall.]

“You’d better watch what you say to me, boy.”

[Edward grimaces.]

“You’ll see it to be true, Mr. Manson. You’ll see that with Magdalene protected, you won’t be able to trust Eli Forever.”

[They look at each other.] [And Manson releases him, abruptly walking off.]

“I’m not deceiving you,” [Newton shouts after.] “You must watch your back.”

[The Riddler turns away with a smile.] [Cut.]


[What was once unity for the team of Yahweh has led to tension between Gameboy and D’von. Will they be able to push that to the side and focus on the VHS championship or will Spero use those emotions to retain his gold? Will Redwing capitalize on the turmoil for his chance at gold? We find out next!] [DING! DING! The tension instantly rears its ugly head and D’von and Gameboy instantly start throwing vicious rights at each other! Redwing capitalizes and hits a double dropkick to send both men out of the ring! As Redwing is getting back up, Spero runs and uses Redwing’s back as a launch pad! He dives over the ropes and hits a twisting crossbody on Gameboy and Chambers! Spero does not stop there and starts stomping on D’von! Baseball slide from Redwing hits a prone Spero! It sends him to the guardrails! Redwing follows after Spero and starts bashing his head into the rail!] [D’von and Gameboy are getting up. They nod in sad acceptance knowing they have to work with each other if they want gold around their waists! LEVEL ONE! Superkick to the back of Redwing’s head! D’von clutches Spero by the throat! CHOKESLAM INTO THE GUARD RAIL! Gameboy shoves Redwing into the ring and yells “D’von… get the tables!” D’von shakes his head but shrugs and pulls a table out! They set up the table and are waiting for Redwing to get up! D’von gets behind Gameboy! What are they going for! D’von shrugs! GERMAN SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE! Gameboy wasn’t ready for that cheat code! D’von covers! One…Two…Redwing dives into the cover breaking it up!] [Redwing starts to drop knees on both men! He pulls up Gameboy and grips his head tight! He’s running towards the corner! KILLING JOKE! Running bulldog into the middle turnbuckle! He covers! One…Two…LAST BEACON! Spero hits the corkscrew shooting star press out of nowhere to break the pin! He makes a cover on Redwing now! One…Two…running back splash by D’von to end that pinfall! Spero is crushed by that splash and D’von lifts him up! PASTORAL PLUNGE! He hits the crucifix powerbomb! Everyone else is down and D’von knows this is his chance! He covers! One…Two…Three!] [D’von did it! Despite his issues with Gameboy, he outlasted everyone to be yout NEW VHS CHAMPION!]


[Vengeance seems to be in a bit of a hurry.] [He has his bag over his shoulder as he’s walking with purpose. However, it’s now that he’s cutoff by one man standing in the middle of the hallway of The Taproom.]

“Hey you. I’ve got some questions for you.”

[The man standing at the end of the hallway blocking Vengeance’s path is none other than Tomasso Vitale who has a smirk on his face as he slowly brings a hand into the breast pocket of his jacket.] [Vengeance quickly drops his bag and reaches towards a weapon holstered on his waist.] [Vitale freezes and raises his other hand.]

“Whoa there big guy! It’s not what you think.”

[Vitale slowly pulls his hand out as he has an envelope in his hands, the same one from last week. Vengeance doesn’t relax an inch as his hand is twitching on his holstered weapon. Vitale takes a step forward as Vengeance’s hand moves over his weapon.]

“Hey man, look… no tricks!” [Vitale holds up his hands with only the envelope in them.] “I just want to ask a few questions and get some answers from the culprit himself.”

[Vengeance’s head turns a bit before pointing a thumb behind him.]

“And who are the tails, Tomasso? Some friends of yours looking to find themselves in a body bag?”

[Vitale looks where he’s pointing as Tony The Muscle and another gentleman are trying to look incognito at the end of the hall.]

“You’re a dangerous man, V. It wouldn’t be wise of me to come alone. I’ve seen how you treat everyone who’s part of the family.”

[With that, Vitale slides the envelope to Vengeance. V slowly lifts it up and opens the envelope before nodding at the pictures and throwing them aside. He lifts up his bag and continues walking without a word as he passes Vitale who pivots, angrily.]

“What? Where do you think you’re going? I said I have questions for you, and I’ll be damned if you brush me off. You slaughter my friends, and you don’t even have the balls to talk to me.”

[In a flash, Vengeance whirls around and grabs Vitale by his jacket collar with a fierce expression upon his face as his eyes study Vitale.]

“Like the pigs you are, I will mark you all alive if it means finding out the truth.”

[Vengeance pushes a piece of paper into the hand of Vitale as the sound of footsteps echoes as the two associates of Vitale charge down the hallway.]

“Your friend Franky already squealed, but he won’t be the last, kid.”

[Vengeance pushes Vitale back into his pursuers as he disappears around a corner. The other man catches Vitale as Tony gives chase only to round the corner and see no one is there.] [He slowly walks back as Vitale begins unfolding the wad of paper in his hands. His eyes scan from left to right as they slowly widen as he quickly fumbles his phone out of his pocket and makes a quick call.]

“Hey, hey ‘Zo! Look, I need you to get The Boss! It’s important, okay?!”

[Vitale grits his teeth as his cheeks flush.]

“Franky talked, ‘Zo.”



[It’s a battle for the OSW Tag Team Championships here tonight with The Outcasts defending against Isaac Danvers and King Arthur, The Revolution, and Eli Forever and David Manson!] [The bell sounds as chaos unleashes in the ring! Luther Creed and David Manson begin shuffling into the corner with vicious shots back and forth. King Arthur and Heath Solman move into the corner where they are trading shots! Redmond Quinn big boots Eli Forever as he staggers back into Rain who nails him with a leaping clothesline! Redmond’s hand reaches down to his stitches on his abdomen. Isaac Danvers pushes Quinn into Rain who nails an enzuigiri! Creed nails Manson with a big right hand before nailing Manson with a sleeper slam! SILENCE EQUALS VIOLENCE! Creed goes for a cover, but Danvers kicks him with a punt kick to stop the pinfall.] [Creed is brought to his feet by Danvers who whips him towards Arthur! KING’S CROSSING! The knee strike flattens Creed as Arthur falls into a cover! ONE…TWO… Heath Solman and Rain break it up! Arthur rises to his knees with a grimace across his face. THE ATONEMENT! The springboard knee nails Arthur who is blasted out of the ring! Quinn nails an axe handle to the back of Danvers, but he takes a step back clutching at his stomach. Danvers turns to him, but he’s jumped from behind by The Outcasts! Solman grabs Danvers in a full nelson. Rain’s mouth begins to fill with black mist!] [ACID RAIN RIGHT INTO THE EYES OF SOLMAN! Danvers managed to slip out of the grasp as Solman catches it right in the eyes! Rain leans over apologetically before Danvers grabs his head and begins applying vicious pressure! LOBOTOMY! But Manson comes back to life with a huge running neckbreaker! WELCOME TO MANSON STREET! David gets to his feet before catching a low kick. Quinn yanks him up before staggering back clutching at his midsection! Creed rushes into the ring, but Manson sidesteps him as The Revolution crashes into themselves! Forever nails Arthur with his book as the referee is distracted by the carnage! BY THE BOOK! Rain nails a running dropkick that sends Manson out of the ring right into Forever! Solman staggers forward and falls on Danvers as Rain pills on top of him for the pin! One…TWO…THREE!] [The Outcasts have done it here tonight as they’ve snuck out with another win! They leave the ring quickly with their gold.]


[Continued.] [Brightness.] [As we open in a park, fixated on a bench, the world around it looks almost picturesque. There’s something perfect about it. The lighting is bright and powerful, the bushes and trees are softly moving with a soft breeze and the birds are chirping happily.] [We’ve been here before.] [The Bench.]

“And what does come next?”

[That question lingers in the air.]

“When the world was close to being over, I had to make a difficult decision,” [The Chief admits.] “I could sit idly on my hands like the rest of the Gods and allow it, or I could act.”

[He stands.]

“The Tap Room is a sacred building designed to house the ultimate battles between good and evil across generations. It was designed to be the last bastion of hope for all life on earth.”

[The Chief shakes his head, turning to face the empty bench.]

“But more importantly, it was designed to stop something greater than us.”

[He lowers his head.]

“Something more powerful.”

[A slight pause as The Chief closes his eyes.]

“We thought we could beat it. We devised the Tap Room to save humanity, to protect it, but to also protect ourselves. Whilst we ruled in our paradises, we couldn’t be touched. The same cannot be said for down there.”

[He opens his eyes and takes a breath.]

“The Gods are desperate to ascend back to their paradises, in safety, and to do this they need the belief of humanity. They need people to believe in them as much if not more than they believe in me. Only then can they escape what’s coming.”

[It’s been so long since the person spoke, we’re surprised to hear his voice.]

“You sacrificed the Gods for humanity?”

[The Chief walks back over to the bench and carefully takes a seat.]

“I did.”

“And in return, you granted yourself salvation from their fate?”

“I did.”

[There’s another pause.]

“Why should I help you, Yahweh?” [They respond.] “What makes you think I of all people would try to save humanity once more?”

[The Chief turns.]

“Because all along, you were designed for that purpose.”



[The impressive newcomer, Gallows Lynch, takes on the benchmark of OSW, Edward Newton in what amounts to a great test for both men.] [The bell rings and Newton locks up with Lynch in the middle of the ring. Newton quickly takes the advantage and drops Lynch with a snap suplex. Lynch hits the mat, bounces up to his feet and walks right into another snap suplex! Newton reaches his feet, but quickly finds he stepped into a lasso. Lynch YANKS the rope and Newton hits the ground, his legs tied up completely. Gallows stands to his feet and drags Newton across the ring to the corner. He strings the rope around the top turnbuckle and places Newton in a tree of woe style position!] [Gallows takes off to the other side of the ring. He charges and does a SLIDING DROPKICK straight to Newton’s face! Newton slumps down to the mat. Lynch lifts Newton up! THE TRAP DOOR! Newton’s neck bounces off the rope and he hits the ground! Lynch has all the momentum as he lifts Newton up again! SINGLE ARM DDT REVERSAL FROM NEWTON! Newton removes the rope from around his neck and locks in THE RIDDLE BOX!] [Newton cranks Lynch’s legs back and keeps his version of the Boston Crab locked in while Lynch screams out in agony. Clawing towards the ropes, Lynch inches closer and closer to a legal rope break… Only he’s not reaching for the ring ropes, he’s reaching for his rope! The talented Gallows tosses the lasso up above and behind him, and somehow gets it around Newton’s neck! He yanks it and Newton is ripped down to the ground, breaking the hold. Lynch stands, delivers a few stomps to the champion, and then lifts the Riddler to his feet. THE HANGMAN’S FRACTURE– NO!! NEWTON WITH THE SMALL PACKAGE PIN REVERSAL!! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Gallows Lynch put up his best effort but once again, it’s a story nearly as old as OSW itself. Edward Newton picks up a well-earned victory against Lynch, a man on a meteoric rise in this company.]


[Backstage, Heath Solman meanders down a hallway. He seems to have a purpose for once, making sure that he stays in the light.] [Until the light goes out.] [In darkness, the sound of cloth rustling echoes, followed by some familiar sounds.] [SLAM!] [CRUNCH!] [The light suddenly comes back on somehow, and we see Heath Solman up against the wall, with Redwing on top of him. The Caped Crusader has an elbow to his throat, and rage in his eyes.]

“Where is it?” [Redwing growls.] [Solman is confused, seemingly not knowing what the hell Redwing is talking about.] [POW! ANOTHER VICIOUS SHOT FROM REDWING!] [The Red Knight throws Solman to the ground, and puts a knee into his back.]

“Jigsaw’s been silent. He seems to have forgotten about his game, and I know why.”

[Solman tries to croak out something, but Redwing digs the knee in further.]

“It was all a diversion. He wanted my suit. He’s trying to taunt me, to take my identity away. His little games are going to catch up to him this time. But it won’t work.”

[Redwing turns Solman over, lifting him up by his shirt.]

“Where is Jigsaw?”

[Solman doesn’t try to fight.]

“I don’t…”

“WHERE IS HE?” [Redwing roars.] [Solman shakes his head, as much as he can.]

“I told you. I don’t know where Jigsaw is. We haven’t heard from him in a week. I thought you took him.”

[Redwing throws Solman down to the ground, his head bouncing off the concrete.]

“You’re lying.” [The Caped Crusader growls.] “More games.”

[Redwing stalks back into the shadows as Solman leans up against the wall, his bell having been rung by that one.] [Where the hell is Jigsaw?]


[Gameboy is alone, Nintendo Switch in hand, unwinding. All of a sudden, three figures burst into the room, hurling accusations in his direction. Chambers, Van Chan and Creed.]

“YOU! You are yo blame for everything. Give me back my family!”

“… My congregation!”

… My following!”

[Gameboy is understandably flummoxed. His teammates speak no sense, yet seem bent on maiming him.]

“Err, guys. Take the gamer rage down a notch and explain what’s happening.”

“You know what we’re talking about!”

[Creed gets right up into Gameboy’s face. But it is Gameboy who backs down.]

“You’re all mad. This is not you. Don’t you see?”

[Chambers takes offense to the phrasing.]

“All I can do is see, I can’t help them.”

[Gameboy’s voice lowers, starting to diffuse the anger in the air.]

“They want us to be pushed to our mental limits. Yahweh’s trials of faith. But our bond must be strong as steel. Not broken with loose lips and careless unfounded words. Search your hearts, gentlemen, in the hearts of those who believe… We find faith.”

[Chambers backs down, closing his eyes as tears fall down his cheeks.]

” Only by His grace am I here. Only by your sides will I remain.”

[Van Chan pats him on the shoulder.]

“A trial, losing what we could not stand to lose. What do we stand to lose should we fail? We cannot… By faith we must stand.”

“Strong as steel.”

[Creed’s voice sees all four men stand stoic ally together. Differences and madness cast aside. Then, it is Yahweh’s voice that greets them from on high.]

“I knew you had faith. Even faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. I never lost my faith in any of you, and you not in me. You must stay strong, for the gods that seek to dethrone me will stop at nothing. You need each other. For these trials were the easy part. The hardest test comes in the form of war. I hope you’re ready for it, my children.”



[It’s a battle for the Double Feature Championship here tonight!] [The bell sounds as these two giants collide in the center of the ring for a test of strength! They push back and forth for a few moments before Troy tires of the game. Troy’s leg wraps around Nightstick’s as he shifts his weight to knock Nightstick back onto his back! Nightstick still holds onto the hands of Troy though! He yanks Troy down right into the toe of his boot as Troy releases the hold and staggers back clutching at his throat! ‘Stick pulls himself to his feet before drilling his massive size fourteen boot right into the nose of Troy as he slams to the ground.] [Nightstick begins stomping away on him as if he were a growing fire that needed to be put out. Stick grabs him by his hair and drives him back into the mat by route of his fist! Nightstick grabs up Troy who simply smirks before nailing a headbutt! Nightstick staggers back clutching his nose! He’s not bleeding, but he does catch a Superman punch right to the jaw! He falls to the mat as Troy covers him! ONE…TWO…NO! Nightstick kicks out after VALKYRIE! Troy lifts up Nightstick by his arm before locking in a Full Nelson on the large Lawman. HEL’S EMBRACE!] [Nightstick is beginning to fade here. But a surge of life! Nightstick isn’t done yet! He rises to his feet before bringing his arms to nearly break the hold! However, Troy breaks it first before delivering a stiff right hand to the back of Nightstick’s head! He rushes towards Nightstick who simply redirects his momentum into a spinning side slam! ODE TO BOSSMAN! He covers! One…TWO…KICKOUT! Nightstick takes a few steps back and begins rotating his arm. Troy slowly rises to his feet as Nightstick charges! HARD JUSTICE! But Troy ducks it! VALKYRIE! Nightstick is wobbly… HAMMER OF THE GODS! Troy covers! One…TWO…THREE!] [Troy Solveig rises to his feet as he raises his hands into the air in triumph over his adversary, Nightstick. He holds the title up high over his head.]


[The troops have been assembled.] [Gallows Lynch.] [King Arthur and Isaac Danvers.] [And Rain, reluctantly sitting in the corner.]

“Thank you for joining me.” [Lynch begins.] “We have one week until the heralding of our Chain Reaction victory. But in that week, there is much to be done.”

[Arthur interrupts.]

“Thou still seek an alliance?” [He snorts.] “Thou wish us to fly thy banner, cloak ourselves in similar armaments?”

[Lynch offers a slight bow of his head, continuing his odd show of respect to King Arthur.]

“We can fly whatever banner you wish, my liege. And I wouldn’t suggest any of us change our clothes.” [He looks at Rain.] “Though some of us might smell a little better if we did.”

[Rain stands to his feet, but Danvers cuts in.]

“Your stench, Mister Lynch, is one of falsehood. You want us put together by you, so that you can break us apart once we’ve defeated our foes. I’ve smelled many rats in all my years, but you try to cover it with the perfume of Shezmu.”

[Lynch sneers at Danvers, much as one would to a begging man on the side of the road. Sheer disgust.]

“Go back to Anubis then, Danvers. Tell the god you serve that you lost Chain Reaction, all because you couldn’t let your lovesick mind allow for someone else to stand next to the King.”

[Arthur cuts back in.]

“Enough!” [He begins.] “Gallows Lynch, thou wilt not spread discord here. Our servitude to Anubis indicates our allegiance to this war. But take thee poison elsewhere.”

[Lynch shakes his head, a common expression these days, and walks off. Arthur and Danvers look on as Rain shrugs and walks off.] [He never got a word in during this parlay.]


[Four men with ego’s a mile wide, only two remain but of the Cloaked Conundrum and The Rock God, who will emerge victorious as the Leader of Elysium Fields?] [The usually theatrical Zane cutting a focused figure tonight as he impatiently eyes down Mysterion, the villain getting patted down by the referee for weapons but Zane can’t wait, rushing forward, intending to slam the referee into Mysterion but only manages to drive the poor official into the turnbuckle as Mysterion manages to slip underneath, leaping up] [BEFORE SPIKING ZANE INTO THE MAT WITH A POISON-RANA!] [Mysterion quickly covers, the referee groggily turning around into a cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [ZANE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! MYSTERION DAMN NEAR STOLE THE VICTORY THERE!] [Zane scrambles up to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights before a hard knee to the jaw rocks him hard, Mysterion leaping into the air before Monkey Flipping Zane into the corner. Zane barely hits the steel before Mysterion follows up with a hard running shoulder to the gut but an attempt at a bulldog is thrown off. Mysterion lands on his feet, just ducking under a roundhouse kick] [ENZIGURI! The Villain nearly cracks Zander’s skull open from the force as Mysterion leaps up, HURRICA…] [POWERBOMB! The ring shakes from the force as Zane stays down for the cover, still out of it from the blow to the back of his head] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…MYSTERION GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Both men slowly get to their feet, Zane ducking under a wild right before drilling Mysterion in the midsection with a back thrust kick, nearly caving his chest in with a huge chop and capping it off with a thunderous Roundhouse that sends Mysterion stumbling back into the corner before collapsing in a seated position. Zane sizes him up for a moment before rushing forward] [AND MAKING MYSTERION RIDE THE LIGHTNING! Zander slams his pelvis over and over into the Cloaked Conundrum’s face, Mysterion looking damn near out of it but Zane doesn’t pull him out of the corner instead heading over to the other side of the ring, climbing up to the top rope as he sizes up Mysterion for a moment

[WORLD TOUR…CANCELLED! Mysterion moved out of the way at the last moment, forcing Zane to dropkick the steel buckle. Zane staggers out of the corner into a kick to the gut as Mysterion lifts him up before planting him into the mat with a Small Package Driver! Mysterion doesn’t cover, backing up a moment] [STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Mysterion stays down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [ZANE JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Mysterion calls for the end, pulling the hurting Zander to his feet as he looks an arm around his neck before leaping into the air] [GLOBAL..DDT! Zander reversed that in mid-air, spiking Mysterion into the mat with a sickening DDT. Zane pulls Mysterion into the corner, quickly springboarding up before coming crashing down] [WITH SMOKE ON THE WATER! Zane lands hard on his knee from that Corkscrew Moonsault, stopping him from making the cover for a moment, allowing Mysterion to roll outside the ring to catch his breath] [Zane urges Mysterion to get into the ring but the Villain’s slowly pulling himself up by the guard-rail, taking his sweet time as Zane gets frustrated, backing up as he sizes up Mysterion. Zane rushes forward, leaping over the ropes right as Mysterion grabs something from a fan] [STAGE D…WHISKEY BOTTLE RIGHT TO THE GODDAMN HEAD! Mysterion suckered in Zane there as shards of glass and alcohol go everywhere, Mysterion pulling up the limp Zane before rolling him into the ring and trying for a cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…FOOT ON THE ROPES!] [Zane just saves this match out of pure instinct as Mysterion just shakes his head, rushing to the ropes, leaping up high before coming crashing down] [WITH THE MASTER PLAN! The Imploding 450 hits flush as Mysterion hooks both legs for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…ZANE KICKS OUT! HOW THE HELL DID HE KICK OUT?!] [Mysterion is pissed, furious at the referee for seemingly counting slow. The Cloaked Conundrum swallows his rage, backing up as Zane slowly staggers to his feet, rushing to the ropes before springboarding off] [THE PUNCH OF DOOM…MISSES IT’S MARK AS ZANE SPLITS UNDERNEATH! A picture perfect side splits saves Zane from the end as he rises up behind a confused Mysterion] [MIC DROP! THE NECKBREAKER STUNNER HITS OUT OF NOWHERE AS ZANE COLLAPSES UPON MYSTERION!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Zander Zane does it! The Cloaked Conundrum came inches away but the unorthadox abilities of the Rock God powered him through as he now leads Elysium Fields into battle come Chain Reaction]


[After that incredible battle, a leader for this dysfunctional team has been decided.] [Zander Zane will lead them into battle next week.] [Static.] [The arena is suddenly plunged into darkness.] [The footage glitches, hisses and pops before returning to full brightness. When it does, Rain, Isaac Danvers, Gallows Lynch and King Arthur stand inside the ring, surrounding their fellow Elysium Field compatriots.] [Only, it doesn’t feel like they’re on the same team.] [Suddenly, they strike. Zane and Mysterion are barely able to respond before all four men attack them. Rain and Lynch go after Mysterion, Gallows holding him as Rain punches away. Danvers and Arthur meanwhile assault Zane in the same manner.] [Lynch puts a rope around Mysterion’s throat and tosses him over the top rope, hanging him violently as Rain watches on with a wry smile.] [Here comes Nightstick!] [Nightstick makes a b-line for the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and swinging his baton at the head of Gallows, dropping him immediately. Mysterion hits the floor, clutching at his throat as he’s finally able to breath. Rain storms across the ring, diving into a SPEAR!] [Just then…] [THE CURE!] [Danvers drives his elbow into the skull of Zander Zane, taking him out! Both he and Arthur turn their attention to Nightstick, stomping away at him. This is carnage.] [FINALLY, IT’S TROY SOLVEIG.] [The Viking storms down the ramp with his hammer, but stops at the bottom.] [He watches as Danvers, Rain and King Arthur take apart Nightstick.] [What’s he going to do?] [That decision is quickly made for him because Eli Forever and David Manson attack from behind with steel chairs! THE MANSON FAMILY ARE SWARMING THE RING!] [Solveig barely knows what’s hit him before members of the family drag him aside, putting a beating on him the likes of which he’s never seen.] [Forever pulls Rain away from Nightstick.] [ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE!] [WELCOME TO MANSON STREET TO KING ARTHUR!] [THE MANSON FAMILY DRAG DANVERS OUT OF THE RING, ATTACKING HIM!] [There’s absolute carnage everywhere!] [And the last two men standing are Eli Forever and David Manson.] [Just then, Forever grabs Manson – HALLELUJAHBOMB!!] [OH MY GOD! ELI FOREVER JUST DRILLED DAVID MANSON! WHAT THE FUCK IS HE THINKING!?] [Forever gets back to his feet, intense, infuriated and raw. He grimaces, looking down at Manson as he squirms. There’s broken bodies everywhere. The Manson Family members who once belonged to Forever stand, unsure of whether to take action.] [What will this mean for his poor mother?] [Can anyone trust anyone?] [Cut.]