Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Flash Forward


The sound of breathless panting can be heard amongst the backdrop of a night sky. Someone is running as quickly as they can, fearing for their lives. As their feet slap against the concrete, interrupted only by their breathless exhales, Nocturne waltzes into the frame.

His pitch black eyes staring into the distance, his lips curled up into a devious and evil smile.

“Sic ‘im boys,” he growls, pointing forward.

By his feet, two large black hellhounds kneel, saliva pooling from their snarling mouths. At his command, they start running.

We then turn our attention to the person sprinting; Troy Solveig.

Looking back over his shoulder in fear, he storms through the night, trying to escape his hunters. The hellhounds give eager chase, smelling the terror as it runs in the opposite direction.

Nocturne meanwhile slowly follows behind.

“They’ll chase you into hell itself, Solveig.”

He chuckles callously.

“There’s no escaping my hounds.”

Solveig runs towards a pier, making a b-line across the wooden planks before diving into the water, making a ginormous splash upon impact. The hounds stop at the edge of the gangway, looking into the water with vile howls as Nocturne approaches.

He pats them on the head, thanking them.

“Good boys.”

Looking out into the water, he watches as Troy surfaces a short distance away, spitting out water. His heavy armour weighs him down but with impeccable strength, he stays afloat.

“Remove those beasts from the battlefield,” The Viking says, trying not to take in more water. “And fight me with honour.”

“Honour? You hunted me,” The Demon hisses back. “And now the hunter has become the hunted. You turned me into this wretched vile soul, Troy. You did that. Now, why don’t you come on out of there? My boys need feeding.”

The Viking grimaces, having had enough of the games. “Very well.”

He swims towards the pier edge, reaching up to pull himself out of the water. Now stood behind Nocturne, dripping wet, he opens his arms wide.

“Dinner is served.”

The dogs run at him, leaping into the air.



Recorded Earlier

In the middle of an abandoned warehouse, Intrepid and Spero stand, having escaped from the clutches of Eli Forever and David Manson. Spero, understandably, is extremely confused.

Intrepid has some explaining to do.

“I’m the Guardian of the Green ring,” Intrepid starts. “And Ganthet sent me on a mission to locate you.”

After a deep breath, he continues. “The universe is in a dire situation. Those that destroyed your world will soon be coming for mine.”

“There’s no stopping them,” Spero interrupts. “I watched as The Last Guardians were torn apart. Walker gave me his ring, that’s why I’m here. You having that,” he says pointing to the green ring. “Well, that’s impossible.”

Suddenly, a voice interrupts them.

It belongs to Gameboy, who stands next to Berengar.

“Another coincidence?” He asks as he approaches Spero. “That’s two in the same night. You turn up here uninvited, just as my systems get hacked and you just so happen to have a ring that’s impossible for you to obtain?”

The Shadowforce members look at each other. Something doesn’t make sense.

“You don’t have to believe me,” Intrepid says, his eyes focused only on Spero. “But I’m not responsible for the hacking and my arrival here isn’t to upset the balance of your universe. Johnson was the holder of the Green Ring and he was my father. The ring found its way to me.”

Gameboy grimaces, unimpressed. “A likely story.”

“Spero, I’m not here for your friends’ accusations. I’m here for you,” he says stepping towards him. “Because I need you to save my planet.”

Spero, Gameboy and Berengar step aside for a moment, having a private confab.

“I don’t trust him,” Gameboy immediately pipes up.

“I’m not sure what to think, Spero,” Berengar chimes in. “But if we allow him to get close to us, there’s no telling what damage could be done if he’s lying.”

Spero puts his hands on his hips.

“There’s no way he could get that ring unless he’s telling the truth,” The Last Hope says. “But I can’t leave Earth, my mission isn’t complete. I have to trust him.”

“You might have to, but I don’t,” Gameboy says, angrily storming off.

Spero, disappointed, turns back to Intrepid.

“Let me tell you about The Shadowforce.”



The debut of OSW’s newest poet, Khalil Longfellow, happens now, against OSW’s blue hope, Spero!

The bell rings and Spero launches himself onto the middle rope, springboards off of it and lands an enziguiri straight into the side of Longfellow’s head! Welcome to OSW, Khalil! Khalil drops to the ground, STANDING MOONSAULT from Spero! Spero makes the pin attempt, hooking the leg, but Longfellow kicks out at two! Spero helps Khalil to his feet, and whips him into the ropes! Moonsault dropkick from Spero! But Khalil avoids it and Spero lands on his hands and knees! PUNT KICK FROM LONGFELLOW! Longfellow makes the cover! But Spero kicks out at two himself!

This time, the Wandering Poet helps Spero to his feet. But Spero pulls up and performs a Pele Kick that sends Longfellow tumbling over the top rope and spilling to the floor. Spero, never one to avoid high risk, times up perfectly when Khalil reaches his feet. Spero runs, jumps to the top turnbuckle, and flies! A CORKSCREW PLAUNCHA WIPES OUT THE RESTORER!!! Spero and Longfellow both lay on the ground breathing heavily. Eventually, Spero finds his feet and helps Longfellow into the ring, rolling him beneath the bottom rope.

Spero jumps onto the apron, measures up Longfellow as he reaches his feet, SPRINGBOARD ROUNDHOUSE– NO! LONGFELLOW CATCHES HIM! MICHINOKU DRIVER!!! The Wandering Poet stands up and whips Spero into the corner. Longfellow moves in. He starts delivering ELBOW AFTER ELBOW AFTER FUCKING ELBOW TO SPERO’S FACE!!! WRITTEN IN BLOOD!!! SPERO’S NOSE IS BUSTED OPEN!!! Spero stumbles out of the corner and falls to the ground. Longfellow jumps to the top rope!! FLIP THE PAGE!!! Longfellow is on a roll! The Restorer picks Spero up over his shoulders! SAMOAN DROP!! STANDING PHOENIX SPLASH!!! POETIC JUSTICE!!! Khalil Longfellow with his finisher!!! He makes the cover!! One… Two… THREE!!!

The Wandering Poet wanders into a big time debut victory over Spero!


Continued from Over the Limit…

“Unfortunately for you, it’s too late. Sorry, kid.”

Oceanus, the god of the River, sits in a rocking chair, his eyes locked on Eli Forever.

Who is shadowed by a man with a knife against his throat.

David Manson.

“Miss me?” The Nightmare crows in Forever’s ear. “You thought you were the only one who knew about this place, didn’t you? Ain’t that the story of your shit life? Always thinking you’re better than everybody else.”

Forever takes a deep breath, trying to make space between his neck and the knife.

“Why the knife, Manson? You know you’re not going to kill me. You need me to keep this little Family of yours together.”

Manson laughs, releasing Forever and shrugging.

“I knew you was a smart man, Eli.” He runs his fingers over the knife’s edge. “But you ain’t going to kill me either, are you? Not till you get your bitch back, anyway.”

It’s a tense standoff between the two men as Oceanus merely rolls his eyes.

“That’s what I have tried to tell you since the beginning, Eli. When gods go to war, those that serve them suffer. Did you ever truly let go, ascend to a place higher than those around you?”

The Nightmare snorts his response before Eli can say anything. Oceanus turns his gaze upon Manson.

“And you,” Oceanus taunts. “You fancy yourself the heir to the Red River, but you don’t know shit about it. You prickle at the mention of Jack, but when I look into your soul, I know as well as you do that there may yet be a day when you must face the truth. That being that you can’t cut all the strings holding you back. There will always be that one that lingers, twitching every time you step too far out of bounds.”

Manson turns from a smirking Eli to glare at the god.


“Be gone from this place.” Oceanus interrupts.


With a loud roar, water floods the cabin, grabbing both Eli and Manson within its grasp, taking them far from this place.

And the god that made them.


An alley in downtown Miami.

A couple stumbles out of the side door of a bar, making out with each other as they drunkenly pass by Nightstick, who leans against the wall.

Down the alleyway, a homeless person is slouched against the same wall.

Footsteps approach from the opposite end of the alley, where a man in street clothes approaches Nighstick.

Nightstick turns his head and nods.

“Officer,” Nightstick grins.

The man returns the nod and the greeting. “Officer.”

They shake hands and then hug.

“Great job at Over The Limit,” he says. “Given what he was doing to you. Ya know. It was a pleasure to help out.”

“Well, I’m hoping it will be a pleasure to help me out again,” replies Nightstick.

The man lifts an eyebrow, “What do you need, sir?”

“I need a file.”

“What file?” Asks the officer.

Nightstick sighs. “What do you know about Paige Van Chan?”

The officer is surprised to hear that name. “Case went cold not longer after her and her kids turned up missing.”

“I need everything the department has on it,” Nightstick says.


“Because,” Nightstick says. “If I can prove he had something to do with it, he has to forfeit the title. Can’t defend from behind bars.”

The Officer stands quiet for a moment, before asking, “What makes you think he had anything to do with it?”

“The Tap Room is full of whispers,” Nightstick says. “It would take a detective to figure out which are truths and which are lies.”

After a moment, the officer nods. “I’ll get you the file. Hers, and the kids.”

Nightstick holds out a hand with a wad of cash in it. The officer shakes his hand, takes the cash, and strolls down the alley.

He steps by the homeless man, out of the alley, and turns right down the street.

But the homeless man heard everything.

He stands to his feet and turns down that same street, but to the left.

As he walks down the side of the street, a wig falls to the ground.

Then a dirty overcoat.

His hand slides into his breast pocket. He withdraws a cleansing wipe, and tears open the packaging with his grit teeth. He wipes the dirt from his face.

The streetlights and car headlights reflect in the lenses of his eyeglasses.

Edward Newton.

And he heard everything.


A man of justice and a man named Vengeance take on a man of seemingly unlimited power in triple threat action tonight!

The bell rings and Vengeance immediately sets to taking advantage of his height and weight difference by charging across the ring and dropping Redwing with a huge big boot! He nails Straight with a huge lariat!! Vengeance picks Straight up by his hair and tosses him into the turnbuckle! Vengeance charges straight and runs into Monty’s lifted boot. Vengeance turns and stumbles away, walking right into RETURN TO ARKHAM!! THE DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT from Redwing! Redwing stands and catches a running European uppercut from The Straight Shooter!

Monty immediately stands to his feet and locks in a camel clutch on Vengeance! Vengeance uses his power to immediately start shifting his body towards the ropes. He doesn’t have to get all the way there, however, as Monty Straight gets absolutely LEVELED by a Yakuza Kick from Redwing! Redwing turns and finds Vengeance who GRABS Redwing by the throat! CHOKE SLAM!!! Vengeance makes the cover!! But it’s broken up by Monty Straight with a boot to the small of his back! Monty is immediately grabbed by Redwing and rolled up into a small package!! ONE… TWO… STRAIGHT KICKS OUT!

All three men reach their feet at roughly the same time. They circle each other, no one wanting to make the wrong move. Suddenly, Monty Straight shoots in and traps Redwing. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! REDWING SKIDS ACROSS THE RING! Straight sweeps the legs out fron under Vengeance. He quickly tries to lock in his version of the sharpshooter, but Vengeance shoves him away with his legs! Vengeance reaches his feet! DOWN AND OUT TO MONTY STRAIGHT!!! But Redwing runs up from behind!! THE KILLING JOKE TO VENGEANCE!! REDWING MAKES THE COVER!!! But Monty Straight pulls him away!! STRAIGHT SHOOTING BY MONTY!!! REDWING IMMEDIATELY TAPS!!!

Monty Straight grabs a massive win in his debut against two formidable opponents, showing that he is a force to be reckoned with!


Recorded Previously.

Tomasso Vitale has seen better days.

At Over the Limit, he may have secured a victory over Vengeance, but his eyes are sunken in his head as he walks down the street. His hand moves up to scratch his chest before stopping himself after one quick itch. He reaches into his pockets and pulls out a pack of smokes, but his hands are trembling.

He’s been marked.

Everyone else who has been marked has been killed.

What if he’s next?

Vitale quickly puts the smokes away as his fingers fiddle too long with the lighter. He takes a deep breath as he stops in the middle of a sidewalk. People rush past him as New York City never sleeps. The sound of sirens doesn’t even catch his attention. He continues walking as if completely encapsulated by his thoughts. It’s not until he reaches a group of people that he snaps out of his concentration. Tommy halts with his eyes wide in shock and his mouth opened in fear.

The diner.

The headquarters for La Cosa Nostra.

It’s up in flames.

The entire building is crumbling as a fire is consuming it entirely!

Vitale quickly tries to break through the crowd, but he’s stopped by a police officer at the barricade.

“Officer! You gotta let me in there! My friends could be in there!”

“It’s not safe, sir! This building could come down at any minute! We were the first responders, but the NYFD is on their way!”

“No! I gotta get in there! I gotta save my friends!”


Another explosion erupts from the building as the diner’s roof begins to cave in as the building tumbles inwards on itself. Vitale’s eyes sink down as he begins breathing heavily. The officer in front of him takes off his hat as he stares back at the wreckage.

La Cosa Nostra’s headquarters is no more.



It’s time for the fatal-4-way match as it’s The Heir Eternal stepping into the ring with Tomasso Vitale, Redmond Quinn, and Berengar!

The bell sounds as these four men circle around, unsure of where to start. Berengar attacks Eli Forever with a huge kick that Forever simply side steps out of the way of. Forever nails a backstabber! Redmond Quinn offers a hand to Vitale who looks down at it before shaking it. Only to pull Quinn into a side headlock! Vitale takes Quinn to the mat with that move before pounding on his head for a few moments with stiff jabs! Vitale rolls to his feet as Quinn fights out. The Tutor rolls to his feet in a huff only for Forever to nail him with a book to the dome!

BY THE BOOK! Eli Forever turns only to see Vitale standing over him as he’d fallen to his knees. Big boot right to the side of his head! Forever stumbles backwards, but he tries to right himself on his knees. Vitale leaps onto him, wrapping his arm around his neck from behind! The dragon sleeper is locked in! SLEEP WITH FISH! Forever is in a lot of pain here as he’s reaching out desperately! However, it’s Quinn who saves him and the match with a roundhouse kick to the dome of Vitale!

Vitale slumps off as Quinn grabs him up and puts him in a pumphandle maneuver! CLASS DIS-NO! SPEAR FROM BERENGAR! The Knight of the Void speared both men in the middle of move sending them down into the mat with a thud! Berengar appears to go after Quinn before seeing Forever get to his feet. Instead, he rushes towards Forever and yanks him to his feet. He sends Forever into the ropes, before catching the rebound. THE VANQ-NO! Quinn low kicked Berengar right as the move was to happen to prevent it as both men crash to the mat. Berengar looks enraged, but he catches a roundhouse that slumps him! Vitale staggers to his feet as Quinn catches him for… CLASS DISMISSED! The pumphandle flatliner connects this time as he rolls him over! ONE…TWO…THREE!

Redmond Quinn gets a big victory here tonight over some very game competition who are licking their wounds on the sides of the ring.


Eli and Judah Forever walk down a hallway backstage.

“I don’t like your plan, brother.” Judah states, seemingly at the tail end of a long conversation.

“Unfortunately,” Eli responds, “I don’t believe we have a choice anymore. I had a talk with an old friend, and he was right ab…”

“Forever!” An approaching David Manson roars.

The Forever brothers go silent, squaring up in the face of the angry Nightmare. Eli allows a smirk.

“Looks like our watery transport gave you a much needed bath.”

“Fuck you.” Manson responds, in no mood for barbs. “That piece of shit’s gonna pay for that, but he did make me think a little.”

“Ready to give me back what is mine?” Eli asks, knowing the answer.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Manson taunts. “But the bitch is mine.”

The Nightmare looks over at Judah with a grin before turning back to Eli.

“The sparrow got to fly away, didn’t he? You were supposed to gut him, but you didn’t.”

Eli opens his mouth to protest, a little off guard at the change in topic.

“I don’t give a fuck if that green cunt showed up. I wanted him dead, and you didn’t get the job done.”

The Heir Eternal shrugs.

“I’ll go handle it right now. You’re not the only one who’s been thinking.”

A grin from Manson.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” He points at Judah. “Your brother’s the one who is going to pay for your sins, this time.”

Eli positions himself between the two.

“I dare you.” Forever whispers.

“I ain’t going to fucking do it,” Manson cackles.

“You are.”

Eli is taken aback and Manson gleefully seeps menace.

“At Shattered Dreams, you’re going to fight your brother. No funny shit either, I want to see blood and mayhem.”

Manson turns to walk away.

“I’ll handle Spero.”

The Nightmare fades from view as Eli and Judah look at one another with determination in their eyes. But they’re so focused on what just happened that they don’t notice a blue glow fading out from just out of their sight.


The Boiler Room

We find Rain amidst the clattering pipes and hissing boilers, eyes closed in some sort of strange meditation. He seems calm, still. It’s almost impossible to see the small adjustment he makes, leaning back just slightly.

But just enough.

A sword comes out from the shadows, stopping just inches from Rain’s neck. He looks into the shadows as the assailant moves out, determination in his eyes.


“Ah. The Hero of the Void so wonderfully graces us with his presence today! Tell me, what brings you down here among the betrodden of the world?”

The sword doesn’t waver, and neither does the gaze from Berengar.

“You do. Did you think your involvement with Arthur and Danvers would not go unnoticed? That a simple man aligning himself with monsters would not become a focus?”

Rain chuckles, standing up from where he’s been sitting. As the hero keeps Vigilkeeper to the Seer’s throat, Rain speaks towards him.

“There’s no need to worry about any of this. I don’t know what they’re doing, and to be frank with you-”

He reaches out to Vigilkeeper, in an attempt to push it away from his throat. As he touches it however, he shoots back as if electrocuted by it. Surprised to see a violent reaction, Berengar lowers the sword and reaches out to Rain. As he does, Rain violently holds his hands to his ears and shouts loudly.

“Their screams! How can you not hear their screams?”

Unsure of what to truly do, Berengar retreats, leaving Rain to regain his senses on his own. The question remains though.

What happened to Rain?


It’s the debut match for Intrepid as he’s stepping up against The Nightmare David Manson!

The bell sounds as David Manson steps up to Intrepid and begins circling around him as Intrepid just stares straight ahead. The Nightmare kicks Intrepid in the midsection, but Intrepid catches the kick! The Fearless Explorer whips David Manson around before hitting a lightning quick jawbreaker! Manson recoils holding his jaw before brandishing a bloody smile. He rushes towards Intrepid with a clothesline, but Intrepid ducks underneath! He springs off the second rope, but Manson connects with a huge forearm that slaps him out of the air! David quickly grabs him up before hooking the arms of Intrepid…

THE HORRO-NO! Intrepid has done his research as he slips out of the hold quickly and rolls to the ropes. Manson quickly charges after him and takes himself and Intrepid over the top rope with a hellacious clothesline! MANSON CLOTHESLINE! They both find themselves on the floor before Manson lifts him up. He rolls Intrepid into the ring, but keeps his head hanging over the apron. Manson steps up onto the apron and rushes towards Intrepid before dropping an elbow! Intrepid rolls out of the way though! Manson hits the floor before quickly sliding into the ring. HURRICANRANA! Manson is sent right into the second turnbuckle as his head slams into it!

The Reporter rolls to his feet as David Manson staggers out of the corner clutching his face. Intrepid kicks David Manson in the gut before sending The Nightmare into the ropes! Intrepid’s hand begins to glow as it stretches over his body! THE GREEN SPEAR OF COURAGE! David Manson is slammed right into mat with a hellacious thud! Intrepid covers! One…TWO…KICKOUT! Intrepid pulls Manson to his feet, but Manson nails two huge haymakers to the side of the head. Manson whips Intrepid into the ropes where he springs off the second rope! SHOOTING STAR! Springboard knee nails him right on the chin! Intrepid leaps up to the top rope! He powers up with green energy and leaps off with an axe handle! THE GREEN LIGHT! Manson is laid out as Intrepid covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!

Intrepid rises to his feet as his ring powers up with green energy!


Somewhere else.

Redwing stands alone, his shadow stretching behind him along the beach, his darkness blotting out the setting sun. In his hands, he holds a small box, ornately carved with an otherworldly design.

“I’m sorry.” He finally says, conflict oozing out of his being.

“Once again, I stand before you with no excuses. Once again, I was too arrogant. Once again, I was helpless as Jigsaw freely took a life.”

He takes a deep breath, letting it flow out of him with an almost labored exhalation.

“But this time, you’re left alone to pick up the pieces. This time, you were the victim.”

Stepping towards the beach, the Caped Crusader opens the box.

“I told you that being a hero means going forward despite loss. Jigsaw is still out there, and he won’t stop. But I promise you, my friend…”


“…my brother, that I won’t stop. I swore to bring justice to Jigsaw’s door, but the thing I never realized was that justice didn’t have to be painless. For any of us. Because losing your family, your friends, and people that you love begins to turn a man into someone that he never wanted to be. It’s time for the game to end, and I will not forget all I’ve lost. So for you, Jason… Darkwish, I promise to wring every bit of justice out of Jigsaw that I possibly can. And for my family, I promise to still be the man I was before this burden was placed upon me.”

The Red Knight turns the open box out just as a breeze comes along. The ashes of Darkwish pour out to be caught up in the wind, to spread out among the hopeful ocean.

Leaving Redwing alone once more.


The Hayman proved once and for all his immortality at Over the Limit but he finds himself in no mans land tonight. Can he rely on an Odin warrior or will Scarecrow find himself up against odds even he cannot overcome?

The bell sounds as Mysterion and Zane start out…or so it seems as the Cloaked Conundrum quickly shakes his head, turning and slapping Scarecrow on the back for a tag. Crow stares a hole right through Mysterion who just motions to the ring with a smirk. The Hayman enters the ring right into a flurry of lefts and rights from Zane. The blows barely affect Crow as he retaliates with a Big Boot that Zane manages to duck under, rushing to the ropes before slingshotting off with a big Lariat that puts the Hayman down to one knee. Zane leaps up high, DDT! Zane spikes Scarecrow into the mat as he quickly scrambles onto him for the cover.

ON…HUGE KICKOUT! Scarecrow launches Zane off him before even the one count, Zane rolling to his feet as he rushes right into a huge HAYMAKER! Zane is nearly knocked out cold from that huge right as he flies back into his corner, King Arthur quickly tagging himself in. Arthur rushes forward, landing a stiff dropkick to the ribs of the Hayman that staggers him back before a massive knee to the jaw rocks Scarecrow.

Arthur rolls back, KINGS CROSSING! Could that knock Crow out once more? Arthur goes to drop down for the cover but thinks against it. Backing up, he slowly waits for Scarecrow to rise to his feet before running forward once more. KING’S….BYE BYE BIRDIE! Crow rises to his feet but before he can cover, he feels a slap on the back of his shoulder. Mysterion tags himself as he quickly covers Arthur. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Cloaked Conundrum quickly rolls out of the ring, a shit eating grin plastered on his face as he celebrates his victory without having lifted a finger to earn it but he may well have made a huge mistake earning the ire of the Scarecrow.


Nightstick warms up in gorilla, stretching his limbs before his upcoming bout.

“What makes you think a file exists, Master Nightstick?”


Nightstick rolls his eyes and continues warming up.

“I asked you a question, Officer.”

Nightstick turns his head to Newton. An enraged smile blazes a trail across his face.

“Fuck you,” Nightstick replies.

Newton’s eyes narrow. “Uncalled for, Master Nightstick.”

“Uncalled for? Hmm. That’s interesting. Over the course of a month, you’ve had me beaten mercilessly. You’ve had me paralyzed at your convenience. You’ve had me teaming with the very men who oppose OUR GOD, just so you can retain your title.”

Nightstick steps into Newton’s personal space, nose to nose with The Riddler.

“And if Zander Fucking Zane wasn’t so important to E.F., The Trickster would never have forced open that emergency exit, and I’d be dead and buried. All of that seems rather uncalled for. Except of course for the fact that you called for it.”

Newton’s nostrils flare.

Nightstick continues, “And if that happened, I wonder, would my body be laying wherever you put Paige Van Chan and her children’s bodies, ‘Master’ Newton?”

Newton grins. “Cute. You’re real cute. But I didn’t kill anyone, Nightstick. You say The Tap Room whispers, then surely you’ve heard whispers of entities far darker than myself, harming people I would never harm.”

“That’s the problem Newton,” Nightstick replies. “I know you well enough now to know that you’d kill for that title belt. No one is safe from the OSW World Champion. You have made that abundantly clear. You? You’re a moral monster. You’re as dark as they come. And if there is a file? It’s a matter of time before I put your ass behind bars for life.”

Newton inhales sharply, and closes the few inches of distance between their faces left.

“There is no file. And even if there was one, Miami PD would never be able to prove anything.”

Nightstick smiles. “Miami PD doesn’t have to prove anything, Newton.”

Blues Saraceno hits the Tap Room speakers, signaling that it is time for Nightstick to make his way to the ring.

“I have to prove it,” Nightstick says. He makes his way towards the entrance ramp.

“And I will.”


Gameboy might be the ultimate underdog but with his tech compromised by an unknown hacker, will he be at full strength against the Law or will the number one contender continue his winning ways?

The bell sounds as Gameboy extends out a hand to Nightstick, who looks down at it for a moment before returning the gesture. As soon as the handshake is let go, Nightstick explodes forward with a huge Uppercut that Gameboy ducks under, drilling The Law with a stiff jawbreaker in return. Nightstick staggers back as Gameboy peppers him with a series of Button Mashing right hands, frustrating The Law more with each blow before Player One leaps up with an Enziguri. Nightstick catches the leg before delivering a snap headbutt that nearly knocks Gameboy out cold.

Gameboy is out on his feet as Nightstick punishes him with lefts and rights before lifting him up high into the air, 911! A brutal Powerbomb nearly plows Gameboy through the mat as Nightstick rolls through for the cover, ONE…TWO…Gameboy just gets the shoulder up! Nightstick pulls Gameboy up, rocking him with a big Uppercut before throwing him into the ropes as he spins him around, ODE TO…DDT! Gameboy manages to reverse the Side Slam at the last moment but both men are down and out.

Nightstick manages to get up to his feet first as he tries to pull Player One to his feet, KIP UP MAX POWAH! The Flash Kick stuns Nightstick as Gameboy rushes to the ropes, SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA! Nightstick crashes to the mat as Gameboy backs up, THE RESET…HITS MAT! Nightstick rolled out of the way and VANISHES! WHAT THE FUCK? NIGHTSTICK HAS LITERALLY DISAPPEARED! Gameboy stumbles to his feet right into a little HARD JUSTICE! The massive Lariat obliterates Gameboy out of no-where! Wait a minute? NIGHTSTICK HAS ENTERED INVISIBILITY MODE! HE REAPPEARS! Nightstick drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! GAMEBOY GOT HACKED AGAIN!

Nightstick continues his winning ways here tonight, Gameboy gave him a hard fight but every man faces justice in the end – with a little help from a cheat code, at least.


Two nights ago.

Khalil Longfellow’s study.

Bookshelves line the room, floor to ceiling with texts from all the eras of published writing, spanning all of the fictions and non-fictions, painstakingly organized.

A luxurious antique chair from centuries before sits near a crackling fireplace. The fire illuminates enough of the room to provide light for Longfellow, who occupies that chair, busily studying a set of maps.

Suddenly, the fire dies down, the room darkening.

Khalil looks at the fire, a tad surprised. He reaches over to a nearby end table and turns on a lamp.

When he does so, Monty Straight stands before him.

“Hi there, friend.”

Khalil drops the maps to the redwood floor and stands to his feet.

Longfellow asks, “Are you a thief, or an intruder of the more heinous kind?”

“Neither,” says Straight, a perfect smile spreading across his friendly face. “I’m an intruder of the most kindly kind.”

A twinkle in Straight’s eye.

“You see,” Straight points to the end table where the lamp sits. “I have brought you a prize.”

Khalil looks down at the end table, and there sits a very old manuscript from ages ago.

His intrigue cannot be denied. He sits down in his chair and immediately sets to studying the manuscript.

“This is…” Khalil snaps is head up towards Straight. “Is this authentic?”

Monty sticks his hand out. “Khalil Longfellow, correct?”

Khalil is absolutely flabberghasted. He shakes Monty’s hand. “Yes. And you are?”

“Monty Straight. And that, my friend, is exactly how I shoot it. I am nothing, Khalil, if not authentic.”

Khalil looks back down at the manuscript. “This appears to be Shakespeare’s Cardenio… If this is real… You have the only copy in the world.”

Monty shakes his head. “You have the only copy in the world. I imagine it will make a fine edition to your new Library of Alexandria.”

Khalil hesitates. “What do you know of my ambitions, Mr. Straight?”

“The same way I know of Shakespeare’s Cardenio. The same way I am able to bring it to you, pal. My reach is limitless. I know all of your desires.”

The fire behind Straight suddenly picks back up with a great burst, as though gasoline had been dumped on it.

Khalil looks at Straight. “You sound like a crossroads demon.”

“Far from it,” Straight admits. “But I know them all by name. I’m not here for your soul. I just want you to come on my game show.”

“Game show?”

“The Show That Never Ends,” Straight says, that smile back on his face. “Come down and be a contestant, friend. Come, and let me grant you all of your wishes. Imagine what you could obtain on my show, given what I have brought you.”

Khalil lifts an eyebrow at Monty.

“I will need to have this manuscript authenticated. But if it is as you say, Mr. Straight, I may make an appearance yet.”

That twinkle in Monty’s eye suddenly takes an insidious turn.

“Good,” he says. “Let’s make a deal.”



On the surface, a person may look like they are doing well. They may seem healthy and functioning, but it is not until we look closer that we can begin to see their hurt. It is in this state that we find Redmond Quinn this evening. It is not until we see the whites of his bloodshot eyes, that we see the hollow depth and distance in his soul. He sits, a box of matches in his hands, slowly striking the matches off one by one and letting them fall to the concrete floor. One by one, they burn out.

“Ever wonder, why me?” He strikes another match and lets it burn out in his fingers as he laments to nobody in particular. “How to make sense of all of this shit?”

The match burns right down to his fingertips but he doesn’t flinch.

“Dennis Hale was the sole survivor of the SS Daniel J. Morell freighter that sank on November 29th, 1966.” The teacher pauses, mentally checking his facts before continuing. “When they found him, frozen mostly to death, he asked but one question… Why am I alive?”

Strike another match.

“Why me?”

His eyes flicker and some semblance of life returns as he watches the flame.

“Hale found purpose in that question… Eventually. What purpose is there in finding your friend hanging from the rafters, after everything you’ve been through? Another match struck and fallen. And yet, here I am…”

Quinn stands, tossing the matches aside.

“I’d do anything to get you back, Luther. Any damned thing. And I will get to the bottom of things, I promise you that brother…”

A twinkle befalls his bedraggled eyes, amidst the pain and the grief.

“I know just the place to start looking.”

He crushes the ashes of the burnt out matches under his foot, before uttering two final words.

“Isaac Danvers.”



It’s a battle between The Trickster and The Ghostwalker on the first show past Over The Limit!

The bell sounds and Troy Solveig BLASTS Rain with a huge running clothesline! The Ghostwalker slams down into the mat before rolling back up to his feet only for Troy to smash him with yet another power arm across his throat! Rain staggers back to his feet, but Troy thrust kicks him back into the corner. Solveig takes a few steps back before bellowing and rushing forward for a third clothesline! Rain manages to slip between the ropes as he charges allowing the momentum to carry Troy into the corner! Rain kicks him right in the head from the apron as Troy staggers backwards from the impact.

Rain climbs up to the top rope and prepares to leap! But his jaw goes slack as his eyes seem to be focused on something other-worldly! He snaps back to existence just in time to get buffeted by a springboard Superman punch! VALKYRIE! The shot blasts Rain out of the ring and onto the hard floor outside of the ring. The Trickster quickly slides outside and grabs Rain by his hair before rolling him into the ring. Troy goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…THREE! No! Rain got his foot on the bottom rope.

Troy yanks Rain to his feet, kicks him in the midsection, and hooks his arm for a suplex. He lifts him up into the air, but Rain slips out and spits right into the face of Troy! ACID RAIN! Troy is clawing at his eyes in pain, but Rain nails him with a huge enzuigiri! The shot stuns Troy, but he doesn’t fall. Troy throws a blind punch that misses! Rain grabs his arm and pulls him into a crossface, but Troy is too powerful! He yanks Rain to the mat with one arm before finally cleaning the haze from his eyes! NORTHERN LIGHTS! The suplex of the same name connects as Rain seems caught off guard by it! Troy yanks Rain to his feet before… THE HAMMER OF THE GODS! The Jackhammer connects as Troy covers him. ONE…TWO…THREE!

Odin’s chosen warrior has yet again proven his merit by defeating a very difficult foe in Rain here tonight!



Mysterion returns to his lair, waiting as the complex locking door unwinds itself and swings open. But instead of the familiar sights of monitors and schemes to thwart out heroes, he finds it completly different. Changed in a way he never thought he would see it.

Absolutely trashed.

The smell of a cheap beer, something oddly familiar to him, wafts around the piles of trash. His cases are broken into, shattered glass and broken machine parts scattered in halos. His large monitor for his massive computer was broke, his chair thrown into it. And in the center of all this?

The King of Rock himself, Zander Zane.

“Sorry about the mess mate. Brought a few friends to throw a celebratory party, and the lure of beer beat out waiting for you.”

Seething with rage, Mysterion begins to yell at his once partner.

“What in the fucking shit did you think? How the fuck did you even find this place?”

Zander Zane chuckles, approaching Mysterion and coming face to face with him. He can smell the stench of the beer reeking off of him, only raising the anger of the masked villain.

“You’d be surprised who talks when dollars fly out. Now, what I thought? You destroyed my bus. Custom leather seating from the finest Zebu cattle, the wood interlay from trees that you can’t even fucking find. You didn’t blow up some two bit kid’s beat up car, you destroyed a piece of art. My piece of art. So fair’s fair. You destroy my place? I fuck up yours.”

Zander turns, walking past Mysterion who’s stuck into place, fuming with rage. As he leaves, he turns back briefly and speaks before shutting the door behind him.

“Welcome to the Zander Zane Experience kid. It ain’t for the weak of heart.”


76-0. Over two years of pure dominance and one man looks to end it all with a single elbow. The Plague Doctor’s fortunes have been up and down since his return but one victory could put Isaac Danvers in the history books.

The bell sounds as Danvers rushes forward, taking Newton by surprise with a flurry of vicious lefts and rights trying to overwhelm the Riddler early on as a massive headbutt stuns Newton before he finds himself lifted into the air and nearly driven through the mat with a stiff spinebuster. Newton staggers to his feet right into a massive Lariat. Newton just ducks under, grabbing Danvers by behind before lifting him up and over into the RKO! Danvers isn’t down long but the stunner knocks him for a loop as Newton rolls him up into a small package.

ONE…TWO…Danvers kicks out! Newton tries to pull Danvers up to his feet but Danvers powers him away before drilling Newton with a massive spear to the midsection that sends him flying into the corner. Newton crashes into the steel, barely able to pull himself up before he’s nearly decapitated by a massive Lariat. Newton staggers out as Danvers grabs him by the throat, hoisting him up high with the BLACK DEATH.

Danvers begins crushing the air out of Newton’s lungs with the illegal choke as the referee tries to get Danvers to break the hold. Danvers pushes the ref away for a moment, allowing Newton to kick off the ropes and drives the Plague Doctor down to the mat with a bulldog. Danvers stumbles up to his feet, RIDDLE ME NOT! The Bullhammer Elbow leaves Danvers out on his feet as he’s pulled into Newton’s arm, NEVERMIND! The Implant DDT strikes true as Newton floats over for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Riddler does it again, putting down one of the few men he hasn’t faced before as the record now stands at 77-0


In the tomb of which he rose, King Arthur meekly walks into frame, his dead eyes lingering upon the pit of his sarcophagus. He approaches it carefully, peering into the depths below. Above him is an anchor, accompanied by a large chain that travels deep into the aforementioned hole.

“Bring it to me,” Arthur growls.

The sound of the winch rumbles as the chains pull through it, each link catching with a clunk as it does.

It’s his sarcophagus.

It now hangs before him, a sword driven through the top.

He places a hand upon it, rubbing some of the dirt away.

“Wherefore hath thou risen?” He muses. “Thou must acheth for my presence once more.”

Arthur smiles, his crooked jagged teeth on display.

“Today thou rise, for the morrow thou returneth to rest.”

Slowly creeping his hand towards the sword piercing the sarcophagus, he wrenches it out and pulls it quickly away. The lid immediately falls to the ground, hitting the dirt with a hard concrete crumble.

Inside, the body of Knightwatch rots beneath his dirt stained white clothing. As maggots feast upon his carcass, Arthur reaches inside, removing a scroll.

Old, dirty, and much worn, his smile couldn’t be greater despite the condition.

“From whence it came, shall it finally be restored.”


Arthur turns in a panic to see The Scarecrow looming behind him. He stumbles backwards, immediately hiding the scroll behind his back.

“One’s memory fades with the decay of time – even for something as gargantuan as me.”

The King grimaces, almost snarling.

“It wasn’t until we fought in battle that I remembered our history.”

They stare at each other for a brief moment, neither saying a word.

“I know what you are now Arthur,” The Scarecrow comments with a sneer. “I know what you’re capable of. I recall the legend.”

He steps closer to The Scarecrow, almost surprisingly fearless.

“I’m capable of sending thou back from whence thou came, but like thou stated, art memories doth fail us. It would seem that I too recall the legend.”


And The Scarecrow is gone.



Three months ago, The Bishop held the desecrated corpse of an angel in his arms and now that once angel stands across from him inside the squared circle. Is Nocturne the friend Chambers once knew or has the Abyss swallowed his soul permanently?

The bell sounds as Chambers reaches out his hand, trembling begging for Nocturne to return his gesture of friendship, a gesture Nocturne responds with a massive slap to the face. Chamber’s can barely register the slap before Nocturne is on him with vicious strikes, the smaller man brutalising him with lefts and rights before a massive kick to the midsection sends Chambers staggering over the ropes. D’Von tries to get his bearings as Nocturne rushes to the ropes, bouncing off for more momentum.


Chambers crashes into the barrier neck first as Nocturne quickly gets to his feet, drilling Chambers with kick after kick to his face, driving him back into the steel over and over. Nocturne pulls D’Von up by the hair, throwing him carelessly into the ring, Chambers just managing to duck under the bottom rope before he hit it throat first. Nocturne rolls into the ring as Chambers is up on his feet. D’Von throws a right that sends Nocturne back a few feet but can’t seem to bring himself to continue fighting back. Nocturne urges him forward as Chambers shakes his head, rushing forward with a Lariat that Nocturne catches, spinning around Chambers back

LEVIATHAN’S COIL! Nocturne locks in a standing Abdominal Stretch, raining down elbow after elbow to the unprotected ribs forcing Chambers to collapse to the canvas.

Nocturne stretches Chamber’s out on the mat, making the Bishop scream in pain before flipping out of the Abdominal Stretch into a sick looking armbar. Nocturne has Chamber’s arm pulled back behind his head, stretching the joints and muscle to breaking point as it looks like Chambers may tap out, Nocturne lets go.

Nocturne waits for Chambers to rise to his feet, drilling him with a savage series of kicks and strikes, a brutal knee possibly breaking Chamber’s nose as blood spurts out onto the canvas before he lets loose with a pair of rapid fire strikes to the throat, gripping the injured windpipe with a claw like grip

AND SENDING HIM TO THE CANVAS WITH THE WRATH OF KERBEROS! Nocturne doesn’t continue his attack, backing up as he urges Chambers up, the Bishop still refusing to fight his friend as fury begins to swell in the Abyssal Savior. He lifts Chambers up with one foot under his chin, backing up.

DARKNESS….D’VON CATCHES THE FOOT! Chambers rises to his feet before drilling Nocturne inside out with a massive Lariat. Nocturne staggers up into a flurry of lefts and rights from the Bishop before he’s lifted up high, PASTOR’S PLUNGE! The Crucifix Powerbomb hits flush as Chambers turns, shaking his head

Not knowing that Nocturne has popped up to his feet right behind him.

Chambers turns around, STOMP OF THE BEHEMOTH! Nocturne just drove both feet into Chamber’s skull and the Bishop may well be out of it. Nocturne isn’t done, backing up, DARKNESS FALLS! Nocturne doesn’t let the Superkick fell Chambers, spinning him around before leaping up.


That Lungblower had extra venom in it as Nocturne turns the done Chambers over, hooking the leg for the cover.








Nocturne isn’t done as he’s shaking in visible anger, he climbs up to the top rope as Chambers slowly staggers to his feet, leaping off

BEFORE DRIVING HIS THUMBS INTO CHAMBERS EYES WITH THE ABYSSAL MASK! Nocturne shakes Chambers head as he drives his nails into the Bishops eyes, who quickly screams his submission, the referee calling for the bell

Nocturne keeps hold of the Abyssal Mask for a few moments, the referee trying to pull him off as he finally lets go. The Abyss has seemingly destroyed the good man Nocturne once was, and in it’s place, a vengeful demon who just destroyed his once closest ally like he was nothing. God help those who cross the Abyssal Savior’s path in the future.


With that absolute squash match over, Nocturne stands over the mercilessly beaten D’von Chambers with a wry smile on his face. He playfully kicks him in the head, rolling his boot over the skull of his former friend.

Remember, they were brothers in arms.

They fought alongside one another.

D’von Chambers fought to save his life.

Nocturne squats beside him.

“Where’s your God, now?” He asks, to boo’s from the crowd. “Where is he, Chambers?”

He sarcastically looks around.

“Looks like he’s not showing up. That’s because Yahweh is a piece of shit and so are the men and women who blindly follow him. You pretended to be my friend, just like he pretended to be our saviour.”

The Demon stands up shaking his head, looking towards the entrance with a telling glance.

“With friends like you, who needs enemies?”

Turning his back to face the ramp, he whistles.

Just then, two hounds step onto the ramp. They’ve pitch black fur with red eyes and they’re snarling viciously. Their sharpened teeth are soon on display as they carefully meander to the ring, surrounding it.

Nocturne walks over to Chambers body and looks down at him.

“Sic ‘im boys!”

With one massive kick, he pushes D’von towards the ropes. The hounds snatch up, paws onto the ring apron, grabbing him by the legs and dragging him to the outside.

That’s when it begins.

They start ripping into him, clawing violently at his chest, gnawing at his limbs, terrorizing him in the most painful and bloodied way possible.

Chambers screams are loud at first.

Slowly becoming more muffled.

As the blood begins to pour, the silence is overwhelming, only interrupted by the sounds of the dogs chomping down on the soggy limps and body of D’von Chambers.

Nocturne smiles, watching as his former friend is devoured before his eyes.