Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

In the pitch black of space, up above in the stars, we look down on the Earth. Little white orbs are spread across the land, separated and lonely.

We zoom in quickly on one, travelling fast through the clouds until we reach a tiny cabin in the middle of the woods.

Inside, a young woman sits cuddled in the arms of her muscular partner, their bodies glistening against the heat of a fire.

Suddenly, we zip away across the ground, travelling hundreds of miles in seconds to a small warehouse in a bustling district. Trucks pull in and out by great number, dropping off deliveries.

One such driver sits in a queue, a green trucking cap on his head, awaiting his turn.

From there we shoot up, only to plummet back down to a school. Inside a classroom, stood before a white board is an elderly man, chalking his wisdom up as the class listen intently.

The door suddenly flies open.

A piercing white light beaming across the room in an instant.


Terrifying screams.

Back inside the cabin, the man lies bloodied on the floor, his throat cut as he gargles and chokes for air.

His partner, wide eyed, pleads for her life.

“No, please, don’t do this,” she begs.

A white flash takes us back to the truck as her screams reverberate.

The Trucker is forcefully pulled out of his truck and slammed into the ground. He tries to crawl away, but something pursues him.

“We aren’t Gods here,” the trucker coughs. “We’re just trying to live amongst them.”

Suddenly, a white light envelops the screen, fading to black.



In the pitch black of night, four large red eyes can be seen prowling from a distance. They belong to the dogs of Nocturne, who shuffle in front of him, sniffing the ground.

They’re looking for a scent.

“Find him for me, boys,” Nocturne growls, likewise searching the darkness.

Suddenly, Odin appears.

And the dogs, they begin snarling.

Odin grimaces, stepping forward with his chest puffed out, bravely confronting the animals. He clicks his fingers and much to the dismay of Nocturne, the dogs stop snarling and sit immediately.

“We need to talk,” Odin growls with authority. “This ridiculous hunt of Solveig must stop. There are more important matters at hand.”

Nocturne laughs.

“It wasn’t ridiculous when you sent him to murder me,” The Demon retorts with a smile, stepping forward to confront Odin. “And to me, there is nothing more important than revenge.”

Odin nods. “What of Yahweh?” That confuses Nocturne, but he continues. “Your God abandoned you again, did he not?”

“What do you want, Odin?”

There’s a slight pause.

“Yahweh is sending his puppet The Scarecrow to murder the fallen Gods. He has to be stopped.”

Nocturne shrugs. “That’s not my war. My war is on those who betrayed and murdered me. My war is with you and your dog, Solveig.”

Suddenly, a blade pierces violently through the chest of Nocturne, shocking Odin who stumbles backwards.

It’s Troy Solveig and the Angel Blade.

“No!!” Odin bellows. “What have you done!?”

The Demon falls to the floor, clutching his chest as Solveig walks forward, callously ripping it from his back.

“I finished it, Allfather,” Solveig says with a breathy growl. “I put this animal down.”


The sound of laughter echoes loudly and deep throughout the night’s sky. It belongs to Nocturne, who sits up on the floor, hysterical.

“Silly dog,” The Demon hisses. “I’m not an angel, I’m a demon.”

He stands up, ready to fight – only Odin clicks his fingers, transporting both he and Solveig away.

Nocturne shakes his head. “Daddy is going to be so mad, Solveig,” he says with a chuckle. “So, so mad.”



It’s a triple threat match as three very different enemies square off as David Manson takes on Redwing and Gameboy!

The bell sounds as Gameboy immediately drills David Manson with a huge superkick! LEVEL ONE! The Nightmare staggers back from the impact and falls between the top and middle rope to the floor outside. Gameboy turns and gives a little smirk to Redwing. The two lock up in a test of strength before Redwing begins to get the upper hand. Gameboy instead nails a leg sweep after disengaging from the test. Gameboy quickly hits the ropes, but he’s nailed from behind with a huge punch to his behind! David Manson climbs into the ring and dropkicks Gameboy towards Redwing.

Leaping knee strike catches Gameboy right on the temple as he slams down into the mat. David Manson quickly seizes the opportunity by nailing a boot to the midsection of Redwing. He hits the ropes and nails a running neckbreaker! WELCOME TO MANSON STREET! David Manson yanks Redwing onto his back and pins his shoulders down! ONE…TWO…BROKEN UP! Gameboy drills a dropkick into the face of David Manson to break up the pin attempt. Player One grabs Manson up to his feet before unleashing a barrage of strikes. GB quickly leaps to the top rope, but Manson leaps up right after him before nailing him with a… HEADBUTT! Gameboy falls out of the ringpost onto the floor!

David Manson grins down at the crumpled body of Gameboy before he’s yanked backwards by Redwing into a backbreaker! Redwing yanks David to his feet before kicking him in the midsection. Ripchord knee! GODWATCH! Redwing covers David! One…TWO…Manson rakes the eyes of Redwing as he kicks out! Redwing staggers back clutching at his eyes as David leaps to his feet. He yanks on the mask of Redwing before driving a knee up into his chin! He follows that up with a double underhoo…. NO! Redwing reverses out of it and rolls up Manson! ONE…TWO…Gameboy is crawling back in!…THREE!

Gameboy was just too late as Redwing steals a victory right from underneath his nose!


Earlier this week.


A key slides into the front door of a home.

Nightstick’s home.

The door swings open and Nightstick and his wife step in, giggling and buzzed from a fun night out together.

“I fucking love you,” Nightstick says, and kisses his wife.

She smiles sweetly. Her cheeks flush as she clumsily reaches for the lightswitch and flips the light on.

There, in the living room, stands Odin.

The laughter stops.

Odin and Nightstick lock eyes.

“Go upstairs,” says Nightstick. “Now.”

She hesitates for the briefest moment, but quickly moves for the stairs and runs up them.

She runs into the bedroom and closes the door.

“So this is it, then?” Nightstick asks. “You’ve come to kill me for my betrayal.”

Odin shakes his head. “No.”

Nightstick doesn’t bother hiding his relief. He follows a long exhale by sitting down on the couch.

“Then why have you come?”

After a pause, Odin turns to Nightstick.

“How sure are you that you’ve chosen the right side?” Odin asks.

Nightstick shrugs. “My gut tells me it was the right thing to do.”

“Often a reliable tool,” Odin admits. “Though a gut, no matter how trustworthy, is hardly infallible.”

Nightstick lifts an eyebrow. “You want me to jump ship once more?”

“It’s too late for that,” Odin replies. “Sides have already been chosen. But you seem so sure of yours. So sure that you stabbed my own son in the back.”

Nightstick does not reply.

“But what kind of God kills other gods? Yahweh made sure that nearly all of us are dead. Had Zeus, myself, and Troy been there? There would be no E.F. left.”

Nightstick rubs his face with his hands. That’s quite a bombshell to drop in a man’s living room. “What makes you think Yahweh killed the others?”

“We have been picked off left and right,” Odin says, shaking his head. “Nothing has harmed a hair on Yahweh’s head. Nothing has tried.”

Odin sits down next to Nightstick and looks him in the eye. “Doesn’t it strike your gut as strange that the deaths of all these gods has coincided with the return of Scarecrow?”

Nightstick is taken back. “That is quite an accusation.”

“Yet it is the only logical possibility as far as I can see,” Odin replies. “And I can see quite far.”

Odin looks at Nightstick straight in his eyes. “I’m not asking you to change sides. I’m asking you to do something much easier. I’m asking you to investigate a crime scene.”

Nightstick raises his eyebrows. “Me?”

Odin nods. “I know that, despite all the flaws in your humanity, in your heart of hearts you are a good man. An honest man. You looked me in the eyes just now and made no excuses for your betrayal.”

Odin stands up. “Nightstick, you are unlike most men. You are nothing if not radically honest. I know that, despite the side you have chosen, you will be forthright in the results of your investigation.”

Nightstick bites his bottom lip and nods.

“Will you do this? Not for me, Nightstick. For Justice. Because the gods who died last week deserve nothing at all if not Justice.”

Nightstick nods again. “Yeah,” he says. “Yeah, I’ll investigate it.”

Odin offers a quite human gesture, extending his hand. “Shake on it?”

Nightstick takes Odin’s hand in his and shakes it.

“I’ll do it.”

“I know you will,” Odin says as he heads for the front door. “You’re a man of your word.”



We cut to find Redmond Quinn standing by, ready for action. Only, there is a look in his eyes that has been growing over recent weeks. A look that has only compounded after his dealings with Isaac Danvers. Desperation.

He paces back and forth, muttering to himself under his breath like a man one snide comment away from snapping.

“Got to find a way… Got to…”

He stops, running his hands through his hair. As he does so, desperation turns to anger and he lets out a growl of frustration.

“How could I be so blind? To do everything he wanted without question. Hook, line and sinker. He strung me along and left me no closer than when I began.”

Quinn slams his open palm into his own forehead.

“Stupid! Played, played, played, played…” His voice trails off.

Soon, the anger subsides once more and the desperation returns.

“Got to find a way… I need answers.”

With that, Redmond Quinn pushes on towards the entranceway to the ring as his music begins to play.


What is a teacher’s worst enemy? A trickster of course and Redmond Quinn has his chance to defeat one tonight! However, it is a man who doesn’t need tricks to destroy anyone in his way! Tonight, it is Redmond Quinn versus Troy Solveig! Will Troy be put in detention or will class be dismissed for good? We find out next!

DING! DING! Redmond and Troy lock up! Redmond grabs the wrist and turns it into a hammerlock! Troy hits a back elbow to Redmond’s face! That massive elbow forces Quinn to release the hold! Troy follows up with a massive clothesline! He turns Redmond inside out! Troy gets on top of Redmond and starts delivering massive hammer fists! Blow after blow! Redmond is getting wrecked, but he catches the arm! He locks in a kimura! He has it locked tight but Troy starts to stand up! Redmond keeps the hold locked in but Troy is up to his feet! He grabs Redmond’s leg with his free arm and he hits a spinebuster!

Both men are down! That took a lot of strength out of Troy but he’s back up and he roars waiting for Quinn to get up! VALKYRIE! He hits the superman punch! He tells Quinn to get back up! Another Superman punch…no! Quinn catches the arm and he drags Troy to the mat! He grabs both arms now and flips over Troy’s back! FINAL ASSIGNMENT! He has the cattle mutilation locked in and it looks like Troy is going to tap! No! He uses his immense power to get to his feet again and Redmond is upside down now on his back! Troy smirks and falls backward! STRAIGHT TO HEL! That modified face buster crushed Redmond under Troy and Troy covers! One… Two…Three! That’s it! No! Redmond’s foot is on the rope! The match goes on!

Troy pulls Redmond up to his feet but Redmond hits a desperate spinning knee out of nowhere! He follows with a German suplex! IT’S ANY MEANS NECESSARY! He hits Creed’s old finisher and covers! One…Two…Thr…No! Troy pushes him off him! Redmond lands on his feet and hits a low dropkick to a prone Solveig! He goes to the top rope! He waits for Troy to get up! Diving crossbody! No! Troy catches him and turns it into a stalling suplex! He marches around and jumps! HAMMER OF THE GODS! Troy hits the jackhammer suplex and covers! One…Two…Three!

Troy has done it! Redmond put up a great fight but Troy pulls it out!


Khalil Longfellow’s Study.

Everything is ashes.

The fire department told Longfellow it was the strangest thing. There was no source to the fire. It was contained entirely to his study. The rest of his home went unmarked by the flames.

Khalil Longfellow, on his knees and covered in the soot and ash residue of once-infinite knowledge, weeps.

He weeps so uncontrollably and so powerfully that anyone can see, here sits a man who has lost everything that matters to him.

He pounds the floor with his fist, ash picking up and spreading through the air each time he does so.

Just as he hits the floor one final time, a figure appears in front of him.

Monty Straight.

“It’s a shame,” Monty says. “Things could’ve been different.”

Khalil’s head snaps up and stares holes through Monty’s eyes.

“No,” Khalil replies through a visibly angry sound. “It’s no shame at all Monty. I feel no embarrassment, for I still possess an embarrassment of riches.”

Monty looks around at the burned room. “Do you?”

Khalil taps his head. “In here. I possess so much knowledge, so much history, so much art. You’ve robbed nothing from me, Straight. You’ve robbed me from the world.”

“I didn’t rob Khalil Longfellow from the world,” Monty says, before pointing at Khalil Longfellow. “Khalil Longfellow robbed Khalil Longfellow from the world. I gave you a choice, and you chose the life of your body at the expense of your soul. No one will read your art. No one will experience anything you have to offer.”

Monty sneers. “Your soul will rot from it.”

Khalil’s angry frown turns to a little smirk. He stands to his feet. “It is just like you to gloat, Straight, you absolute glutton for gratification. At Shattered Dreams, you controlled everything. And I was burned for it. Now? I see that you are truly fire.”

Straight’s eye twinkles.

Khalil continues, “But Frost put it best, did he not?
“‘Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.’”
Monty lifts an eyebrow, “So I take it you have quite poetically designated myself as fire, and yourself as ice?”

Khalil grins, and nods. “Yeah. And this Hell you’ve conjured? It will freeze over.”

Monty turns his head and looks out the window. It’s raining.

“No. It won’t.”

Monty turns back to look at Longfellow, who huffs and puffs like a wolf, clinching his fists.

Straight smiles politely. “Ice, am I right? It always melts.”

Then he gestures around the ash-covered room.

“Ashes, on the other hand…”

Khalil screams and lunges at Monty!



The Insurgent looks ready to do anything to win as he is set to take on the ever poetic Khalil Longfellow

Jessie Martin rushes forward, bursting out of the gate with a flurry of elbows that force Khalil back into the ropes! He lands a harsh headbutt flush with Khalil’s face before whipping him across the ring and catches him on the return with a powerslam! Longfellow is already looking beaten down as Martin looms over him! He tries to fight to his feet but Martin keeps him down with a knee to the head! He peels him up from behind and goes for a headbutt- SPINNING LARIAT! LONGFELLOW NEARLY TOOK JESSIE’S HEAD OFF! The Insurgent slams right into the mat!

Martin is on the ground and Longfellow lands a massive boot to the chest before hitting the ropes and coming back with a leaping elbow drop that makes Martin clutch his chest in pain! The Poet forces Martin to his feet and drops him with a massive chokeslam in the center of the ring! He grabs for Jessie’s foot AND CATCHES A BOOT TO THE FACE FOR HIS TROUBLES! Longfellow stumbles back and Jessie rolls to his feet, rushing forward and HITTING A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER! Martin mounts on top of Longfellow and lays into him with a massive headbutt!

Longfellow is dazed and confused as Jessie Martin leans in with another headbutt! And another! He slams Khalil’s head right into the mat before he rises to his with Longfellow still in hand. He pulls him close and suplexes him harshly into the mat! Longfellow is fighting to get control and as Martin goes to whip him KHALIL DROPS HIM WITH A NECKBREAKER! The ring practically shakes as Longfellow drops all of their weight flush into the mat! With Martin down Longfellow moves to the top rope! HE LEAPS! FLIP THE PAGE- MARTIN ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! BREACH OF THE PEACE! SUPERKICK! Longfellow is out as Martin covers! One! Two! Three!

Martin picks up a big win in his debut match over Khalil Longfellow!


Somewhere backstage, we find Eli Forever standing opposite David Manson. Several of the Nightmare Family mill around, as well as Jonah Forever. This appears to be an ongoing discussion.

“I’m tired of your bullshit.” Manson exclaims.

The Heir Eternal is squared up, but he almost rolls his eyes.


“The sparrow’s still goddamn alive, bubba. These cunts are going to be rebuilding the Hill for years after what he did. You and your pissant brother look no worse for wear.”

The Nightmare gets right up in front of Eli.

“And I know you’re plotting against me.”

Judah and Eli lock eyes for a moment, which Manson definitely notices as a toothy grin crosses his face.

“So I’m done pussyfooting around. You try to play with knifes, you find they have a sharp fucking edge.”

He steps back, and makes sure Judah has his attention.

“Your mommy? I’m ready to feel her blood between my fingers while I skullfuck her corpse.”

Manson points at them both. Judah seems to quiver, but Eli shows no response.

“If I don’t win Pandemonium, and fuck, maybe even if I do, I’m gonna indulge myself. I may even give you what’s left of her to bury up on that hill.”

The Nightmare walks towards the door, but stops next to one of the followers.

“Gloves are off, Eli. I’m not fucking around anymore.”


The followers drops dead without a second look from Manson, who barks at another follower.

“Where the fuck is my knife?”

Manson vanishes, leaving Eli and Judah alone.

“Brother, what are we going to do?” Judah asks.

Eli pulls the aforementioned knife out of his coat, looking it over.

“We know what we have to do.” He responds. “It’s just a matter of knowing when to do it.”

The Heir Eternal quickly puts the knife up as someone new enters the room.

Rose Forever.

She has a grin on her face as she covertly pulls out a small device, almost like a cell phone. It has a small red dot blinking with a set of GPS coordinates.

“We’ve found her.”

Eli grins.

It’s a trios match tonight as The Scarecrow, Berengar, and King Arthur are squaring off against the equally-unusual pairing of Mysterion, Zander Zane, and Tomasso Vitale!

The bell sounds as Scarecrow starts off the match with Mysterion. Zander Zane says something from the apron forcing Mysterion to turn around as the two begin bickering. HAYMAKER! The shot catches Mysterion right on the side of his head as he staggers to the center. HAYMAKER! Mysterion falls to the mat before scurrying towards his corner. TAG! Tomasso Vitale steps into the ring, but even he seems a bit hesitant to step into the ring with The Hayman. But after a moment of hesitation, he rushes forward and begins throwing punches into the midsection of The Monster backing him up just a little bit.

TAG! In comes King Arthur as The Scarecrow glares at him from stopping him. Arthur throws Vitale back, but Tomasso strikes back with a stiff uppercut! Arthur nails a knee strike to the midsection followed by a hip toss! King Arthur wraps up the legs of Vitale and begins trying to apply the kneebar. Vitale realizes what is happening and begins scurrying away from him. He gets to his corner and reaches up a hand. TAG! In comes Zander Zane who begins gyrating his hips upon entering the ring. Arthur tries to go for the legs, but Zane just hip thrusts him back!

Zander Zane lifts up King Arthur before spiking him right back into the mat with a kneeling DDT! He rolls to his feet motioning for Arthur to do the same, but Arthur rolls to his corner and tags in… BERENGAR! The Knight of the Void enters the ring like a house of fire! A huge lariat rocks Zane followed by a second and a third! Zane staggers back to his feet before he’s whipped into the ropes for… THE VANQUISHER! Pop-up powerbomb! He covers, but it’s broken up by Vitale! CHAOS UNFOLDS! Vitale is nailed by KING’S CROSSING! King Arthur is grabbed around the throat before he’s slammed into the mat! BYE BYE BIRDIE! The Scarecrow just hurt his own partner! The Hayman is blasted by a running dropkick from Mysterion! Berengar looks a little confused, but he’s rolled up by Zane from behind! ONE…TWO…THREE!

Zander Zane scoots out of the ring hurriedly as Berengar is irate! Mysterion looks at Berengar with a grin as Vitale is holding his forehead from that knee strike.


Fresh off of his trios match, Zander Zane makes his way backstage soaking with sweat as a beautiful women hands him a towel. He wipes his face down before twirling the towel up and playfully swatting the young woman on the backstage. She giggles playfully as she makes her way down the hall.

However, a clearing of a throat catches his attention.

The Rock God stops in place and turns to see a squat gentleman with glasses and mild balding. Zander instantly recognizes him as his smile fades for a moment before making the return.

“Alfie! What are you doing here, amigo?”

The man pushes his glasses up on his nose before opening a portfolio and handing a piece of paper to Zander. We only get a quick glance at the red-covered paper as Zane’s face turns down in concern.

“As you can see, your expenses are vastly outweighing your income. In fact, I’ve already collected your checks for the month, and you’re still in the red.”

“So what you’re saying is…”

“You’re broke, Zander. And if you want to continue this high-cost lifestyle, then you’ve got to find a way to come up with some more revenue.”

“Anddd, that’s where I come in, Zandy.”

A voice comes from behind Zander Zane as Tomasso Vitale smiles at him. He’s wiping himself off with a towel, but his hair is impeccable. He walks up to stand beside ‘Alfie.’

“Alfred here tells me that you want to start your own label, and that you unfortunately spent a lot of money on a new party bus? Well if you’re strapped for cash, allow me to help you out.”

Tomasso Vitale reaches into his pocket before handing over a card. Zane looks at the card and up at Vitale suspiciously.

“Just give it a look over and let me know what you think. I’ve recently come into money, and I’m looking to spread my ventures out. Even into you, Zandy.”

Vitale gives him a smirk before passing him and making his way down the hallway.

As Zane’s eyes follow and watch Vitale, another pair of eyes watch him as well. The masked face of Mysterion looks on, curiously.



At the home of Shadowforce…

Spero sits uncharacteristically alone in the dark, contemplating his next move. Intrepid has asked him to leave Earth and unite in a search for those with Guardian rings.

His solitary moment though is shortly interrupted when the door carefully opens and Gameboy walks in.

“You’ve been alone a good while,” Gameboy says whilst taking a seat next to him. “What’s the matter?”

Spero turns to him, his head tilted.

“I understand what Intrepid is going through but I’ve seen the outcome,” Spero says lowering his head. “I know what the end of the story is.”

Gameboy nods. “And? What is it?”

“It’s death, it’s carnage, it’s obliteration. It doesn’t matter what we do or how many Guardians we find, we’ll all die along with his planet.”

Suddenly, Gameboy grabs Spero by the throat, running him hard into the wall. The Last Hope is absolutely stunned as his friend lays into him with right hands.

He tries to escape but The Gamer is relentless.

Only, it isn’t him.

“I…” he mutters… “Can’t stop…”

The crashing and banging alerts Intrepid who storms into the room just in time. He uses his powers to orb Gameboy, who continues to swing at it as it engulfs him.

Spero falls to the floor, clutching his helmet.

Finally, Gameboy stops fighting.

“I need your help,” he breathlessly says as Spero gets back to his feet. “I need to find who’s doing this to me before it’s too late.”

Spero and Intrepid look at each other.

There’s so much on the line.

There’s a planet to save and a friend in need.

What do they do?

Intrepid turns to Spero. “We have to help him.”



Monty Straight looks to continue his impressive early form here in OSW, but will have his work cut out against the formidable Nocturne; chaperoned – as always – by his loyal companions!

Nocturne makes an immediate beeline for Monty, backing him up towards the ropes. As Straight approaches them the hell hounds jump up at the apron, snarling angrily at the Rewind Champion. Monty turns on a sixpence to face them, visibly alarmed. He backs away, but in doing so pedals straight into the path of Nocturne who floors him with a REVERSE DDT! Straight’s neck snaps against the canvas! Nocturne pulls Monty back up by his hair and kicks him in the gut, before bouncing against the ropes and connecting with a HIGH KNEE TO THE FACE that sends Monty reeling!

A smile fills Nocturne’s gaunt face as he admires his own handiwork. Straight rolls around the ring in an attempt to try and shake off the impact of that last manoeuvre, but Nocturne is back on his case quickly; mounting and grabbing another handful of Monty’s hair and connecting with some big RIGHT HANDS! The audience wince with every sickening blow that Nocturne delivers! In a desperate attempt to restore the balance Monty reaches up with both hands… EYE RAKE to the blackened eyes of Nocturne! Nocturne cries out in pain and rolls off his adversary clutching at his face!

It’s now or never for The Straight Shooter who lies in wait for his opponent to return to his feet. Straight hooks his leg through his opponent’s and falls back. The RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Monty rolls his opponent over on his front and locks it in! The CROSSFACE! Nocturne is having to endure The Deal Maker’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS here tonight! Nocturne’s about to tap! But NO! The hell hounds are back up on the apron and Monty is forced to release the hold! He gets to his feet and tries to kick them away with his foot. ROLL UP! 1… 2…. 3!

It’s over! Nocturne has stolen one here tonight!


Earlier this week.

In the underground compound of the gods…

…where the bodies of the gods lay, hollowed out, dead.

Nightstick, squatting over the hollowed out body of Anubis, lifts some hay off of his body and places it into a clean, clear bag.

But suddenly, something catches the cop’s eye.

He reaches down and retrieves a hair off of Anubis’ body.

A human hair.

After examining it for a moment, Nightstick retrieves another evidence bag and places the hair inside of it, sealing it up.


Scarecrow appears.

Nightstick quickly stands to his feet.

“How did you get in here?” The Hayman asks.

Nightstick lifts an eyebrow. “Could ask you the same thing.”

Scarecrow starts pacing around the dead bodies of the gods. He does not regard them with his eyes, yet walks around them comfortably.

Almost as though he’s familiar with the smell of dead divinity.

Almost as though he likes it.

“You have no business being here,” Scarecrow says.

Nightstick stands his ground. “I told Odin I would look into the deaths of these gods. Between the two of us, I’m the only one with any business here.”

Nightstick steps towards Scarecrow, cutting off his path.

They meet eye to eye.

Face to face.

Scarecrow speaks first. “You are meddling in affairs far beyond your power.”

“You are meddling in my crime scene,” Nightstick says.

After a moment of tense silence, Scarecrow asks, “Whose side are you on?”

“In this case,” Nightstick answers. “My loyalty belongs most to the truth.”

“If that’s true,” Scarecrow retorts. “Then stop this investigation. Your eyes will never see the full picture. Not until you’ve already ruined it.”

“Ruined what?” Nightstick asks. “The Lord’s work?”

Scarecrow snarls. “Stay out of divine affairs, Nightstick. I won’t ask you again.”




Tonight, we have a rare occurrence as it’s a two on one match for the tag team titles! Rain has to defend it all on his own as he faces Intrepid and Spero! Will he defeat the odds or will he have to relinquish those titles he has held so tightly? We find out next!

DING! DING! Spero starts out the match for his team and he charges at Rain! He floors him with a dropkick! He tags in Intrepid! Intrepid starts stomping all over Rain! F.E.A.R. ITSELF! Intrepid stomps on Rain’s face, ears, arms, and ribs! Intrepid goes into the corner! He’s powering up using the ring! He charges after Rain going for a spear! ACID RAIN! Rain spits the black mist into the eyes of Intrepid! He locks in the headlock! Rain is going for brother mine! Intrepid shoves him off and dives into a corner to tag in Spero!

Wrong corner! A blinded Intrepid goes to the wrong corner! Rain gets behind Intrepid and pulls him up! Forward Russian legsweep into the turnbuckle! Intrepid is rocked by that shot! Rain pulls him up again! He clenches in the headlock again! BROTHER MINE! He hits the headlock driver and covers! One…Two…Thr…No! Springboard splash by Spero breaks up the pinfall! Spero drags Intrepid to their corner and tags himself in! Spero tries to pull up Rain! No! Rain counters with a small package! One…two…Thr..Kick out by Spero! Both men pop up and throw punches at each other!

Rain gets the better of the exchange and he throws a kick! Spero catches it! Enzuigiri by Rain! No! Spero ducks it and Rain falls flat on his face! Spero waits for Rain to get back up! WILL’S LIGHT! He hits the springboard roundhouse kick! He goes to the top rope! LAST BEACON! No! Rain rolls out of the way and Spero hits the mat hard! Spero gets up but Rain grabs him by the head hard! BROTHER MINE! He covers! One…Two… Thr…No! FINAL FRONTIER! Intrepid hits the moonsault! Intrepid gets on the top rope and tells Spero to pull Rain up! Spero gets Rain up! Rain shoves Spero into Intrepid and knocks him off the top rope! Rain clamps on the headlock! BROTHER MINE! He hits it again and covers! One…Two…Three!

He did it! Despite the odds, Rain has kept the tag team championships! Good fight by Spero and Intrepid but Rain pulls it off!


Boxes are strewn everywhere in an underground bunker. It’s barely lit, the only illumination provided by several computer screens. This is where we find Redwing, staring at pictures of all he has lost.

“Darkwish knows too much about me. I’ve had to find a new headquarters. My Shadowforce allies helped locate this abandoned bunker, make it my base of operations. I asked they not interfere in what I must do next.”

As his old life scrolls on one monitor, the other is fixed on the image of Darkwish emerging from the mask of Jigsaw at Shattered Dreams.

“Jigsaw is dead, broken out of jail only to be murdered and burned alive by Darkwish, using technology I gave him.”

A large dog sniffs at one of the boxes, a stray that Redwing could not let stay out in the elements.

“So now Titus and I are tracking the so-called Terror of the Night. He certainly dominates my dreams. He didn’t lie to me, he did exactly as he said he would do.”

The screen changes to show a radar map, a red dot moving along it.

“This is my fault. Some men are born to kill, all they need is to be given the tools to do so. That’s just what I did.”

A long sigh escapes his lips.

“But I know what I must do. I could not change him, but I owe it to the man that he was before I entered his life to try to save him.”

The dot stops moving. Darkwish is in the Tap Room. But Redwing shakes his head.

“Not tonight.”

He sets his device to record.

“But soon.”

Another sigh.

“I have to try.”



The new OSW World Champion is in action next; his first match since conquering the incomparable Edward Newton at Shattered Dreams. Can Eli Forever stake a claim for his World title credentials here tonight by overcoming The Law?

The bell sounds and Nightstick wastes no time getting into the thick of it, running Eli into the turnbuckle and scoring the mid-section with a flurry of quick RIGHTS AND LEFTS! He follows that up with a big EUROPEAN UPPERCUT that almost sends Forever over the top rope! Eli can’t escape the corner barrage and is in trouble early on here. The Cop backs away, taking aim. Surely he’s not going to try this!? He darts towards Eli and extends his arm… HARD JUSTICCCCCCCCCC- NO! Eli drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring just in the nick of time!

Nightstick stops himself before he collides with the corner. He looks over the ropes and shakes his head. The Heir Eternal takes advantage, grabbing onto his ankles and yanking at them, dropping The Cop to his back. He pulls him out of the ring and – head-bowed – RUSHES HIM INTO THE RINGPOST! A large clank reverberates around the Tap Room and Nightstick grimaces in agony. He stumbles forward, but straight into the path of Forever who wraps his arms tightly around him… BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Nightsticks back strikes the cold, hard arena floor! Is there any way back here for the World Champion!?

The referee warns Eli to resume action in the ring or be disqualified and Eli duly obliges, grabbing Stick by his collar and rolling him under the bottom rope. He ascends the apron and waits patiently for The Law to get back to his feet. Nightstick lumbers towards him and the two exchange a collar and elbow tie up over the ropes. Eli attempts a Verticle Suplex to the outside, but Nightstick counters it by locking his foot on the bottom rope. HARD JUSTICE! OH MY GOD NIGHSTICK JUST CLOTHESLINED ELI OFF THE APRON INTO THE SECURITY RAILINGS BELOW! Eli is out COLD and the referee makes the 10-count!

Nightstick picks up his first win as the OSW World Champion here tonight in dramatic circumstances!


We find ourselves back in the Gorilla Position as Rain waits for his second match of the night. Without warning, he is blindsided and shoved against a wall. In the haste, we cannot see who the assailant is, but when the dust settles it is none other than Redmond Quinn standing over him. That desperate look in his eyes now staring daggers at the downed Ghostwalker.

“I need your help…”

Quinn’s voice is every bit as desperate as the look in his eyes. He pulls Rain to his feet and backs him into the wall again, closing the gap between them to stand face to face.

“… I’m not getting played again.”

Rain does not look afraid. He pushes his desperate assailant off him and brushes himself down.

“Funny way of asking for help. Your mother not teach you any manners?”

Quinn looks a little torn. He takes a breath, slowing himself.

“Apologies. But you are the only person who can give me the answers I need. I cannot take no for an answer.”

“And what is the question you need answering?”

Redmond’s eyes turn to anger once more, the type of anger that burns inside. He narrows his gaze.

“Who the fuck killed Luther Creed?”

Rain inhales, the question is not exactly a surprise, but there is something in Quinn’s voice in posing that particular question that unsettles even Rain. He steps across the room, away from the walls and keeping a watchful eye on the desperate teacher.

“Redmond… I’m not sure you understand how this works. I’m not a damned phone book. What you’re asking requires a direct connection to Luther. A connection that I haven’t got.”

Quinn remains undeterred. Sticking to his guns and his word, he doesn’t take no for an answer.

“Well, get one then. Find a way. Get me Creed and I’ll get my answers.”

This time, it is Rain who stands toe to toe, not willing to back down an inch.

“And if I don’t feel like being your messenger boy?”

Redmond Quinn smiles. Not a pleasant smile but the wild smile of an unpredictable man.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Redmond Quinn pushes past Rain, leaving the Ghostwalker to ponder the predicament he now finds himself in.



In a dirty rotten dingy looking castle, King Arthur sits on a throne made of bone. He looks towards a table in front of him – one that houses the very sword that made the legend of King Arthur; Excalibur.

He slowly rises, walking towards the weapon with his hand out stretched. His veiny grey skin runs across the blade, slowly turning his hand human as he does.

“I know not of thou power,” he says, taking his hand away. “Only what it makes one feel.”

Arthur grabs Excalibur from the table, wielding it above his head and swinging it down powerfully. It morphs his form almost immediately.

He’s human once more.

“Maester Frey,” he says in softer tones. “Thou must find a way to maketh such a transformation permeant.”

An elderly man draped in a robe now stands behind him, nodding.

“I will, sire. I have the best mages in the Kingdom ready to work on your behalf. They’ll find a way to tether this weapon to you at all times.”

Arthur carefully passes him the sword, once again returning to his Lich form.

“Good. For the morrow a new journey must begin. Berengar cometh wielding Vigilkeeper with an aim to destroy thy King.”

Just then, a Raven carrying a scroll appears at the window. Maester Frey – bemused, approaches with caution, taking it from its claws.

“It’s from Berenger, m ’lord,” Frey says unravelling it. “He requests an audience with the King. He says there is much to discuss.”

Arthur snatches the scroll, angrily tossing it into the roaring fire before them.

“Set the meeting and contact the mages at once. Thou must act quickly.”



A man the world once thought was dead takes on a man who walks alongside them. Our main event: Darkwish versus Rain!

The bell rings! Darkwish and Rain immediately charge at one another! Clothesline from Rain! But Darkwish ducks it! Jumping enziguiri straight to the Ghost Walker’s cranium from the Terror of the Night! Rain falls to his back, and right away Darkwish starts laying the boots into Rain’s torso! Stomp, stomp, stomp! But Rain catches Darkwish’s fourth boot and cradles it into his arm as he stands to his feet!

A SECOND ENZIGUIRI FROM DARKWISH– NO! Rain ducks underneath it!

ELBOW DROP into the small of Darkwish’s back!

Darkwish arches upward and screams out in pain! Rain wastes no time! He grabs Darkwish and helps him reach his feet, only to throw him over the top ropes to the outside of the ring! Darkwish hits the floor hard! Rain runs to the other side of the ring and bounces off the ropes! He runs, CLEARS THE TOP ROPE…




Darkwish lifts Rain to his feet by his hair and rolls him into the ring! The Terror of the Night follows close behind! He makes the cover, hooks the leg!




Darkwish stands to his feet and gets in the referee’s face!

“Count faster!” Darkwish screams, but Rain sneaks up from behind.


Rain takes control and locks Darkwish in a calf crusher! Darkwish screams out, reaching desperately for the ropes! Fortunately for him, the ropes are close, and Darkwish is able to grab the bottom one after a few seconds of struggle! The Ghost Walker releases the hold and stands to his feet.





THR– NO!!! Darkwish kicks out in the nick of fucking time!

Rain lifts Darkwish to his feet! German suplex!! NO!! DARKWISH FLIPS OUT OF IT AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!










Both men reach their feet at the same time.

The two begin trading punches! Darkwing with the left! Rain with the right! Darkwing with the left! Rain with the right! Left, right, left, right, left, left, left, right, right, right!

Darkwish with a quick drop toe hold! Rain hits the ground! Guillotine leg drop by Darkwish! Darkwish reaches his feet again!








Darkwish can SMELL the victory!

He lifts Rain to his feet once more and whips him into the turnbuckles!!!

Darkwish charges across the ring!!










The Ghost Walker picks up a win over Darkwish in a hardfought but well-earned victory!


Troy Solveig stands in the middle of a darkened room, with nothing but a solitary light for company. Stood in front of him, Odin paces back and forth, angrily mumbling to himself as he does.

Zeus, meanwhile, sits in the corner.

“Do you know what you’ve done?” Odin asks Solveig as he paces. “You’ve made gaining him as an ally an impossibility.”

Solveig scoffs. “He would never join us. All he cares about is vengeance.”

Odin steps forward, slamming a forearm into the face of Solveig – a forearm so powerful that it knocks him backwards across the room, sliding into wooden furniture as he tumbles away.

“Don’t be such an insolent child!” The Allfather angrily screams.

Zeus stands up, pushing Odin backwards and telling him to calm down.

Troy stands, opening his hand.

Volsúngr flies to it.

“Don’t be stupid,” Zeus warns him as Odin turns around to see the weapon in hand. “Remember whose company you reside in, boy.”

Solveig grimaces. “I’ve done everything you’ve asked. He could’ve killed me last week had I not tricked him with a mirage. Don’t you see? It’s either him or me. He won’t stop until I’m dead.”

“Then so be it,” Odin growls. “At Pandemonium, you will submit him or submit to him.”

Troy steps forward, just as Odin attempts to open the door.

Only it doesn’t budge.

He turns to face Solveig with a look of surprise.

Just as smoke begins to fil the cabin.

Flames begin licking up at the windows outside, eating away at the wooden structure. Creaking beneath their feet and overhead can be heard as smoke makes visibility almost impossible.

Out of nothing, a fire rages.

And outside, stood with a gas can and matches, smiling from ear to ear is none other than Nocturne.

Demonic warding written in blood across the structure.

Forcing them to remain inside.

To burn alive.