Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Hidden away from the Tap Room, The Chief sits in a wooden chair with his eyes closed, resting. He’s secured in a location far away from the war, Odin far out of sight, but never truly far away.


The Scarecrow arrives bearing gifts. In each hand is an OSW Championship; the VHS and Rewind titles, gathered from Khalil Longfellow and Gameboy.

“We’re almost there,” The Chief is pleased, greeting The Scarecrow with a sincere smile. “But Zander Zane, Rain and Nightstick might prove more difficult.”

The Hayman nods. “I have plans for Zane. Nightstick won’t be a problem and I’ll defeat Rain at Ring of Dreams for the final key. However, I encountered an issue.”

“What’s that?” Yahweh asks, standing.

“People don’t trust you, Chief,” The Scarecrow carefully admits. “They’re not sure what side of this war is the right side.”

The Chief looks disappointed, bowing his head shamefully. He turns his back, walking away with his hands on his hips. The Hayman stands behind him, awaiting a response.

“I feared it would come to this,” he bemoans. With his back still turned to The Scarecrow, he already has his solution. “I have to earn back their faith in a way that only a God could.”

That piques the interest of The Monster, who tilts his head.

“I’m going to bring them back,” The Chief announces, turning to face his creation. “As many of them as I can.”

“What do you mean?” He asks.

“I’m not as powerful as I once was but if they don’t believe me, I won’t defeat Odin. A lot of people have died in the Tap Room and I’m going to bring as many of them as I can back from the dead, then heal in time for Ring of Dreams.”

The Scarecrow puts his hands on his hips.

“That’s a questionable decision. If Odin or Rain happen upon you, you’ll be too weak to fight.”

“So be it,” The Chief says. “So be it.”



Nights ago.

When Gameboy sleeps, his mind doesn’t dream like most of us.

No. He travels into a world absolutely alien to everyone.

He enters the world of data.

Traveling across vast information highways, Gameboy’s mind becomes part of a grid.

The past few weeks has been a struggle for him. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically, he has been stunted by the likes of the villain who controls him.

And so he has traveled to the entity that has made all of it possible.

At the very center of the grid, stands CPU.

The being that made his existence as Player One possible.

CPU looks like a giant spire, a monument, from which the entirety of the grid branches out from.

“I need help,” Gameboy says.

CPU stands where it has always stood, silent.

“I do not know who else, or what else, to turn to. I am intricately and intimately connected to you. You are my father, my brother. And yet, you have abandoned me.”

No words from CPU.

“Please,” Gameboy says. “If you know something I can do, some course of action I can take, to stop Mysterion from taking control of me… I need to know it. He is destroying me. And I don’t think I can take much more–”

“Player One,” CPU finally responds, a million robotic voices saying the same thing, all at once.

“The answer to your question,” CPU continues. “Is right in front of you.”



Tonight, past and present collide as two performers leave their respective stages and step on to the only one that matters. Will Alistair Huxley amaze us all once again or will Zander Zane drown him out? We find out next!

DING DING! Zander charges after Huxley hitting him with right after right driving him into the corner! He’s not stopping! Knife-edge chop after knife-edge chop! Woo! Huxley’s chest is starting to get covered in welts! Zander backs up and is charging after Huxley with a corner clothesline…No! Alistair gets his feet up and Zander jumps right into them face-first! Alistair climbs to the top rope! He screams, ASS PUNCH!!!! He jumps going for it…Hip thrust right to the hand! This time the ass punches back and Alistair is clutching his hand! Zane sees an opening and turns Huxley inside out with a running dropkick!

Zane drags Alistair to the ropes! He grabs Alistair’s wrist and starts hitting his opponent’s fingers on the ropes like strings on a guitar! MUSIC LESSONS! Sadly this won’t put callouses on your fingers, just a chance at broken fingers! Huxley is screaming but he grabs the ropes with Zane’s last strum! The ref counts and Zane is forced to let go. The lesson is over but the beating is not and Zane starts stomping on the hand! Alistair is screaming in agony and Zane drags him to sit him in the corner! Zane goes to the other side of the ring!

Zane climbs the top rope! He’s going for the coast to coast! WORLD TOUR! No! Huxley intercept him with a midair spear! THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED! Crash landing cancels the World Tour! Huxley has flipped the momentum and he pulls Zane back to his feet! Hard slap followed by a backstabber! WHIP CRACK! Huxley hits the whip crack and covers! One…Two… kick out by Zane! Huxley pulls him up again and locks in a sleeper! Zane looks like he’s about to fade away and Alistair lifts him up for the sleeper suplex! No! Zane flips out of it and hits a neckbreaker stunner out of nowhere! MIC DROP!

What a win over a very game Alistair Huxley in his return match! Huxley might be the ringmaster but this stage is Zander’s tonight!


After Khalil Longfellow was tricked into destroying his own soul, after he stabbed Monty Straight in the neck, he thought he had finally taken the upper hand.

But he was never so wrong in his entire life.

Because the demons never stop coming for a man who has no soul.

Three Nights Ago.

A dark forest.

Khalil Longfellow sprints through the woods like he was shot out of a cannon, panicked and turning behind him every now then to see horrors that perhaps only Crowley knows the name of.

They swarm towards Longfellow like a small army.

He doesn’t know where he is running.

Frankly, he doesn’t care.

All he knows is he is running away.

But the demons swarm, like a great hive of wasps.

Longfellow charges through a clearing and into an open field.

He trips.

Longfellow groans and grabs his rib cage.

The demons catch up to him.

But rather than swarm over him and take him to the bowels of Hell, they encircle him.

Longfellow looks up.

And there stands his nemesis.

Monty Straight.

“Hey, pal.” Monty says with a twinkle in his eye.

Longfellow shakes his head, coughs, and rolls over onto his back.

He almost wishes those demons had just taken him.



A mighty storm. The kind with fierce winds and driving rain. Troy Solveig stands stoically, unfaltering in the conditions as the sky itself darkens before him. Yet this is no ordinary storm. Localised in a central location, an epicentre. Not a place, but a being. With eyes as dark as the clouds, Nocturne stares right back at the Warrior.

Before them, a pit. A hole, black as night and seeming to lead to the core of the Earth itself. Nocturne stands in front of the pit, as a horde of hellhounds crawl out of the pit to stand at his side.

His voice comes not in human form but as demonic, almost a whisper but booming like thunder and as dark as the sky.

“You fool.” Nocturne hisses, keeping his eyes trained on Solvieg. “Enough trickery. It is written in the air, all you are doing is delaying your fate.”

Solveig does not respond. Nocturne’s anger comes in the form of a crack of thunder.

“You know that I will stop at nothing to see you fall to the depth of Hell itself, to experience everything you put me through. That is your fate.”

Solvieg raises his hammer, his eyes unblinking and his lips unmoving. As he does so, the Trickster multiplies. Ten, a hundred, a thousand times… Nocturne stands with a horde of hounds, Solveig with an army of himself, with no way of telling now which is the original Loki.

The horde of Solveigs speaks as one.

“You do not determine my fate.”

With his words, the heavens open up. Light penetrates the darkness. Figures float down in beams of light, landing to surround the battle. Nocturne looks around wearily at the sight but none of the Solveigs falter at all, expecting the unepected interruption.

“Valkyries. They watch, determining the resting place of those who fall in battle. They determine my fate. You have been telling me all along that I cannot slay what is already slain. But your plan is fatally flawed.”

Light emits from a hundred Valkyries, swallowing up Nocturne’s darkness like lighthouses in the night. A thousand Troy Solveig voices continue their speech.

“For even if you slay me, you will not determine my fate. It is not hell that awaits me, but Valhalla. And they will not be swayed by your pathetic opinion, demon.”

With that, the battle commences. The hounds charge at the army of Loki who are ready to receive them. And Nocturne… He disappears in a black cloud, letting the battle fight on without him.


It’s a battle between The Shadow Force and a force composed of evil, twisted forces!

This match was supposed to be an eight-man tag team match, but David Manson and Redwing are nowhere to be seen! The Shadow Force seems to be waiting on their partner, but Darkwish steps into the ring and pushes Berengar! The bell sounds as these two men lock up quickly in the center of the ring. Berengar, using his larger size, shoves Darkwish back into his corner. Darkwish rises to his feet, but Eli Forever slaps him on the shoulder to tag himself in. He rushes towards Berengar with a huge kick to the gut followed by a second, a third, a fourth and followed by three chops! THE SEVEN SINS! Berengar staggers back into his corner from the impact of the shots where Gameboy tags in!

Player One leaps into the fray by quickly dotting the chin of Eli Forever with a superkick! LEVEL ONE! Eli Forever staggers into the ropes where Game-O rushes him with a huge dropkick! Eli dodges out of the way as Gameboy slams into the ropes and crashes to the mat below. Eli reaches over to King Arthur. TAG! The Lich King steps into the ring before nailing Gameboy quickly with a running knee strike! KING’S CROSSING!

The shot connects, but the ring completely fills with bodies as they sense the ending could be at hand! Arthur is blasted by a running hurricanrana from Spero! Berengar nails Eli Forever with a running big boot! But Darkwish climbs to the top rope! Double crossbody takes out Berengar and Spero at one time! He rolls to his feet just as they do. Superkick to Spero! Superkick to Berengar knocks them out of the ring! Slowly, Player One rises to his feet. DARK- LEVEL ONE! Gameboy knocks Darkwish for a loop as he runs toward the downed King Arthur! THE RESET! The running shooting star press connects as he covers! One…TWO…THREEE!

The Shadow Force has done it here tonight as their combined strength was too much for the villains to overcome!


Sat in a tiny little room, the fourteen year old boy from last week is accompanied by Redmond Quinn. They’re somewhere else now, presumably safe and sound. The kid has a hot chocolate between his hands, sipping meekly away it.

“So, why did Luther confide in you?”

The boy shrugs. “He said he saw something in me, something old. I never really knew what that meant to be honest.”

Quinn smiles. “I have an idea. What did he tell you?”

“He told me that he was getting closer to the truth and that he was in danger,” the boy repeats, stopping for another sip of his drink. “But that he couldn’t tell you or Nightstick because he wasn’t sure how deep it went.”

That piques the interest of The Teacher.

“Was he afraid that one of us might kill him?” Quinn asks honestly.

The boy shakes his head vehemently.

“No way Redmond,” he says with passion. “He loved you and he trusted Nightstick. He just thought that you two might be compromised.”

Redmond stands up, his hands on his hips.

“I wish he would’ve told me what was going on. I could’ve helped,” he laments. “I need your help Theo,” Quinn admits. “I need to know everything. Whatever Luther wanted hidden from me, I need to know it.”

“If I tell you that, you might end up like Luther Creed.”

The Teacher shrugs. “Then so be it.”



Elsewhere, also sat in a tiny room, Nightstick and Detective Franklin sit behind a large metal desk, sorting through paperwork.

They’re hunting for clues in the case of Redmond Quinn, just as Redmond himself is trying to find answers.

“This letter is addressed to a kid called Theo,” Nightstick points out. “Have we located him yet, old timer?”

Franklin shakes his head. “He’s the missing puzzle piece, isn’t he?”

“I’d say. He can link everything together. We need to find him and he’ll lead us to a prosecution on Quinn.”

The old cop, Franklin, is very downtrodden, tired and weathered. He’s roughly sixty, and shows his age. Being a black cop on the force has been difficult for him, having taken a long toll on his body. Nightstick stands up, checking on him with a hand to the shoulder.

“Are you okay, old timer?” Nightstick enquires. “You don’t seem yourself. I was surprised to get your call for help.”

Franklin nods. “I’m fine, kiddo. I’m sorry to smack you in the middle of this shit, it’s just I need someone who knows Quinn like Creed did.”

Nightstick takes a seat.

“Let’s go through the evidence, shall we?”

He turns over a page.

“Creed left all his property and financial investments to Quinn.”

Franklin continues.

“He can’t be accounted for at the time of the murder.”

Nightstick is up next.

“These letters from Theo say that Luther couldn’t be sure that neither I nor Quinn weren’t compromised.”

Franklin stands up. “And finally, there’s this,” he says, handing a document over to the Champion.

“DNA?” Nightstick asks with a shock. “We have fucking DNA?”

That comes as a surprise to him.

“Not exactly,” Franklin remarks. “That’s a specialist report. It says the hair fibre found on Creed’s body belongs to an African-American male.”


“Why didn’t you test him?”

Nightstick’s mouth widens.

“You had him arrested too early, kid. We were still building a case file.”

They share a look.

“Don’t worry Franklin, I’ll get what we need.”



It’s teacher vs creature as Redmond Quinn faces off against The Scarecrow in a massive clash of styles!

Scarecrow goes on the attack from the opening bell, unloading on The Tutor with heavy lefts and rights before sending Quinn into the corner. The Hayman continues his assault by stomping the daylights out of Quinn right in the gut, looking to make a statement at the expense of the teacher. Scarecrow lifts Quinn up to the top turnbuckle with ease, but any further action is stopped as Quinn takes a hold of Scarecrow’s head, driving The Hayman into the canvas with a tornado DDT! Quinn hopes for the best as he goes for the cover: ONE! T—NO!

The Scarecrow kicks out with authority! Quinn looks to make a dent in The Hayman’s plans as he unleashes a flurry of kicks that end with a back spin kick…but the offense only leaves Scarecrow down on one knee! Quinn goes for a European uppercut, followed by another and yet another, but Scarecrow seems unfazed as he gets back on his feet. Quinn runs against the ropes, hoping for just enough momentum to topple Scarecrow as he goes for a roundhouse kick…but Scarecrow catches The Tutor with a big spinebuster! Quinn is down hard as Scarecrow goes for the cover: ONE! TWO!! TH—KICKOUT!

Scarecrow is taken aback by the determination of The Tutor, who hits some hard punches and kicks before The Hayman goes back on the attack, sending Quinn into the corner. The momentum actually drives Quinn right back into the range of The Hayman, who goes for a Haymaker…but Quinn dodges it, hitting a roundhouse kick that connects! Scarecrow is rattled as Quinn picks up the pace, hitting a series of European uppercuts before leaping over—DETENTION! Quinn drives The Hayman into the canvas with that Sunset Flip Powerbomb as he goes for the cover one more time: ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

The Tutor has done it tonight, teaching The Hayman a lesson he won’t soon forget!


Mysterion storms through the backstage area. He ignores everyone he walks by because they don’t matter.

He storms into a locker room. Gameboy smiles confidently, hands on his hips.

“What the fuck?!” Mysterion shouts.

“Let me guess,” Gameboy says. “You’re here because I’m no longer under your control.”

Mysterion gets in Gameboy’s face.

“Of course I am. Every time I try and hack into the CPU, it says someone is interfering.”

“Yeah,” Gameboy says. “Someone else ripped off your idea. I have multiple hackers now. Thanks a lot, by the way.”

“Who!?!” Screams Mysterion.

“Zane,” Gameboy says simply.

Mysterion pauses for a minute, he looks Gameboy right in his eye.

“You’re lying. We both know that Zander isn’t smart enough to hack anything.”

Gameboy shrugs. “I don’t know. He must be getting help from someone else.”

Mysterion storms out of the room.

Suddenly, Zander Zane hears a knock at his dressing room door.

“Who is it?” Zane asks.

“It’s me!” Mysterion screams from outside the door.

Zane sighs and puts his dick back in his underwear before he opens the door.

“What do you want?” Zane asks as he opens it.


A boxing glove on a spring nails Zander in the face. He hits the ground like Mike Tyson caught him in the jaw.

Mysterion drops the boxing glove prop. He pulls some zip ties out of his pocket.


Mysterion hits the ground.

Gameboy is revealed when Mysterion falls, holding the steel chair he knocked the villain out with.

Player One stands over the fallen Mysterion and Zander Zane.



We find Intrepid tearing apart a control room, furniture and computers scattered about. In the midst of it all, once again, we find Intrepid. But instead of a familiar composure, he is frantic in his actions.

“Where the hell is it? It has to be here somewhere.”

“Looking for this?”

Intrepid whips around to the main monitor, finding a grainy image of Spero staring down at him. In his hand sits a strange box like item, with a blue, pulsing glow.


“Find me outside on the catwalk.”

And then the footage loops, replaying the message over and over. A recording, a bait left out for the mouse to take. And yet Intrepid quickly rushes out, hunting after whatever the box that Spero was holding.

It takes him mere minutes, finding the masked hero waiting for him on one of the connecting rails to the launch pad, looming above him. Quickly climbing a ladder, he met face with his old ally once more.

“Spero, please. I need that transmuter.”

“And I need my ring. Pass it over.”

Intrepid reaches into his pocket, about to fish out something, and then stops.

“Spero, I can’t. The fate-”

“Spero’s gone. When you took that ring, you stole the hope that was there. All that’s left is me. Jordan. The once friend you had and betrayed. And you know what?”

“He’s done negotiating.”

And with a lunge, he shoots forward, towards Intrepid, arms outstretched!

Shooting Star! Spero takes the running knee to the face, crashing down into the metal grating with a solid thwack. As he gets up, he sees Intrepid escaping below back into the base, a faint green glow trailing behind him.

And the transmuter is gone.

Spero, no Jordan nearly growls in anger.

“You think you can escape like this? I know where you’re headed, and it will be our last confrontation.”

“Area 51”


Poetry promises to be in violent motion as Khalil Longfellow takes on a contemporary of sorts in Edgar Nevermore!

Longfellow makes good use of his hybrid style from the jump, getting the upper hand with an excellent show of offense before hitting Nevermore with a dropkick that sends him reeling toward the corner. Longfellow runs to the opposite corner, turning back around to nail Nevermore right in the noggin with a Yakuza Kick! Nevermore is down as Longfellow climbs the turnbuckle, a smirk on his face as he launches himself onto Nevermore—FLIP THE PAGE! A beautiful backflip off the top rope into a foot stomp sends a clear message as Longfellow goes for the cover: ONE! TWO!! NO!!!

Nevermore kicks out, much to the chagrin of the Wandering Poet who locks in a rear naked choke in the hopes of keeping his contemporary down for good. Nevermore looks to be fading, but eventually finds himself slowly getting back to his feet…only for the Restorer to drop him face first into the canvas! Longfellow picks Nevermore up, lifting him toward the turnbuckle for the lawn dart…but Nevermore gets out, pushing Longfellow toward the turnbuckle instead! The momentum brings Longfellow back toward Nevermore, who hits a textbook German suplex and bridges it into a pinning combination: ONE! TW—NO!! Kickout by Khalil!

Nevermore realizes he’s going to need to do more to put the Restorer away, unleashing a flurry of offense before driving Longfellow’s head down with a DDT. Nevermore follows this up with a rear naked choke of his own…but as the ref goes to check on Longfellow, he manages to get Nevermore onto his shoulders to break the hold! On his feet, Longfellow goes for a lariat—POETRY IN MOTION! Nevermore just nailed Longfellow with a deadly combo of that elbow to the head and vertical suplex sideslam, the Restorer out cold as Nevermore goes for the cover: ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Edgar Nevermore picks up a win over the Wandering Poet, and a big smirk on Nevermore’s face reveals his satisfaction as the ref raises his arm in victory!



The crack of wood splintering and falling to the ground is followed by a bellow of anguish. The image of Berengar is not like we’ve seen before. His eyes are bloodshot and his fists are bloodied. The small, quiet locker room is emptied except for himself as he takes a seat pulling at his hair in frustration.

His ship’s power source.

His strongest weapon.

The remnants of the souls of Halcyon.

Gone in an instant.

The Knight of the Void is missing his sword as he slams his back against a locker and slides down to a seat, defeated.

The dimly lit room’s source of light shakes as a sound terrifying enough to strike fear into normal men reverberates through the room.


Berengar slowly raises his head as his eyes find themselves upon the darkened figure across the room.

“Go from this place. We have no quarrel. Leave me to my failure.”

His head begins to lower, but The Hayman crosses the room at alarming speed grabbing Berengar to his feet by his hair.


The Knight staggers across the room shaking his head before lunging forward with a right hand of his own.

The Scarecrow dodges out of the way before shoving Berengar back into the lockers by sheer strength.

“There’s no time for your self-pity. Can you not sense the end? The war is coming to a close, and we must put an end to The Arthurian Legend.”

Berengar glares at The Scarecrow before hanging his head.

“I failed you. I cannot defeat him and his behemoth. Without Vigilkeeper, I simply do not have the strength. The darkness cast by his shadow only grows by the moment.”

The Knight of the Void falls back into his sitting spot with his eyes buried once more.

The Scarecrow looks at him for a moment before turning back towards the darkness of the corner of the room.

“Even the darkest places can be illuminated if the fire burns strong enough. Your flame is not extinguished, Berengar. It burns in you, and it shall grow stronger.”

The familiar words bring the prince’s head up to stare, but the dark figure across the room has vanished as quickly as he entered.

Berengar’s mouth slowly turns up into a grin as a single tear falls down his cheek.



White light.

A house.

A simple house in the ‘burbs. A normal neighborhood. A family sedan parked in front.

Inside the house, we find a normal scene. A father is sat on his favorite recliner, reading the newspaper. In the floor in front of him, his son is playing with action figures.

It’s all normal, except the father is Bill Kirby. The son is Jason.

Jason is dead.

For all intents and purposes, Bill is too.

“Dad!” Jason calls. “Look at this!”

Jason smashes his Batman action figure up against one of the Red Hood. It does nothing, and the Red Hood smashes Batman. Jason picks up his repainted Robin figure and smashes the Red Hood back.

“Redwing to the rescue!” He calls out, recalling that the Redwing name came Jason’s desire to be Batman’s sidekick.

Bill’s face contorts a little as he seems to be waking from a long sleep.

“Jason?” He whispers, falling to his knees beside his son. “How?”

He wraps his son in an embrace, confusing the kid who just wanted to play.

“What is going on?” Kirby mutters.

He stands to his feet, looking at the house around him. A house that was burned to the ground not too long ago by what he thought to be Jigsaw.

But it wasn’t Jigsaw.

The front door swings open, and Dr. Sarah Kirby walks in and takes off her white coat to hang it on the hanger.

But Bill is there first, wrapping her in his arms, tears freely flowing down his face.

“Bill?” She asks. “What’s going on?”

Bill steps back, Jason and Sarah before him. He shakes his head, as if trying to knock the kinks out.

“I thought you were dead.”

His family laughs at that.

“You’d never let anything happen to us, Dad.” Jason says.

“You’ll always protect us.” Sarah adds.

Tears turn to anger in Bill Kirby’s eyes as he falls to his knees. He grabs at his head as his wife and son stand above him, repeating the same words.

“You’ll always protect us.”

“You’d never let anything happen to us, Dad.”

Kirby opens his mouth, but no sounds erupts as he wordlessly screams inside of a home that no longer exists in front of his family that has passed on.

White light.

Redwing opens his eyes.

He’s been laid on a metal slab, in some unknown location. His eyes are full with emotion as he sits up. Darkwish drugged him, brought him here. He holds up a small vial that’s been left next to him.

“A hallucinogenic.” The Red Knight mutters, anger taking his voice.

He crushes the vial with a flex of his fist, throwing the remains across the room.

As Redwing storms out of the room, his mind is focused on just one thing.



It’s a battle between justice and injustice here tonight as Nightstick must battle against Nocturne!

The bell sounds as these two lock up in the center of the ring. Nightstick bashes Nocturne with a huge right hand followed by a huge shot to the gut! The Abyssal Savior falls over only for Nightstick to drive an elbow down into the back of his head. Nocturne falls to the mat before Nightstick drives his boot right into the ribs! Nocturne rolls from the impact beneath the bottom rope and to the floor below. The Law moves towards the ropes before reaching over and grabbing a handful of Nocturne’s hair! He pulls Nocturne up onto the apron.

Jawbreaker from Nocturne! Nightstick moves back for a second before charging back for a clothesline! Nocturne sidesteps this on the apron and nails a superkick! DARKNESS FALLS! Nightstick falls to the mat as Nocturne quickly leaps up to the top rope. The Abyssal Savior leaps from the top rope with his two feet aimed for the head of The Cop! STOMP OF THE BEHE-NO! Nightstick rolls out of the way as Nocturne rolls through. He quickly gets to his feet and nails Nocturne with a huge spinning side slam! ODE TO BOSSMAN! Nightstick quickly covers! One…TWO…KICKOUT by Nocturne!

The Law grabs Nocturne up to his feet before nailing him with a bullhammer shot before turning around to nail a second one! SMITH AND WESSON! Nocturne is blasted by the impact right into the corner. Nightstick rushes towards Nocturne who slinks out of the way! Nocturne leaps out onto the ring apron to dodge the blow. He climbs up to the top rope as Nightstick staggers back towards the center of the ring. Nocturne looks down at his prey for a moment before leaping off and grabbing the shoulders of Nightstick! INTO THE ABYSS! The diving lungblower nails Nightstick as he’s blasted into the air from the impact! Nocturne covers! One…TWO…THREE!

The Abyssal Savior manages to pick up a huge victory over the OSW World Champion!


“What do you mean he’s gone?”

The vein on the forehead of Tomasso Vitale is pulsing as his foot taps on the floor incessantly. Standing before him are two men in their suits with an expression telling us that they’d rather be anywhere else.

“I just saw him have a match with that circus freak, and now he’s up and vanished?” Vitale points a finger at one of his men. “If you want to go home before the sun rises, you better find him, and he better be in tip-top shape.”

The two men shuffle off as Vitale reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette from the box. He reaches in deeper for something else before seeming puzzled for a moment. He begins patting himself down.


“Looking for this?”

Tomasso turns before a man in all black, a full beard, and slicked back hair holding out a hand with a lighter in it.

The New Mobster grins as he takes the lighter.


The former rival of Vitale smirks as he looks Vitale over.

“You seem to be profiting well from our transgressions.”

Tomasso Vitale shrugs as he lights up and takes a long drag before blowing the smoke aside.

“Ahhh… well you carved quite a hole in La Cosa Nostra. Ironically, it was a ‘Tomasso Vitale’ sized hole, and I was the only fitting piece.”

Vitale grins as he drops some of the ash from his cig.

“Of course, we’re rebranded, renamed, and going straight. That’s why I called you here. I need a favor.”

Vengeance folds his arms as he studies Vitale.

“You see, I just signed a new talent to a contract with me. Only he’s a little more than a client. He’s practically family with our most recent dealings.”

Vitale takes another drag.

“And I need him taken care of.”

“Are you kidding me?”

Vengeance turns away and begins walking away.

Vitale doesn’t pursue as he takes another drag from his cigarette before smiling as the smoke escapes.

“You owe me, V!”

Vengeance stops.

“You’re only a free man because I ALLOWED it, V.”

Vengeance turns around and heads straight for Tomasso Vitale before lifting him up by his collar.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t you remember our last meeting? Where you got your ‘vengeance’ on La Cosa Nostra? You didn’t exactly do a great job of cleaning up as you left a huge mess for me to clean up. A mess that, had I not cleaned up, would have lead directly to your ass being stuck in a prison for life. Evidence that I still have.”

Vengeance releases him as he grits his teeth. Vitale brushes his jacket off before putting a finger into the chest of V.

“Until you kill Zander Zane, you’re MINE, Jake Jones.”



Several Days Ago…




A stream of water starts flowing.

The water is hitting a dead body, it’s face fully stripped from it’s body. The man who did it is taking a piss on the corpse.

David Manson.

Charred beard and all, the Nightmare was pulled from the wreckage of the Forever fortress, and he and his followers have set up base at what’s left of his old cabin in the swamp. As he targets the mouth of the corpse, his stream begins to taper off as he notices something in the distance.

Out of the bog, a form is beginning to come together.

“What the fuck?” Manson mutters, his piss stopped.

The form continues to grow until Manson realizes it’s getting bigger because it’s approaching at a rapid pace.

A blur flies through the air to tackle Manson to the ground.

Eli Forever.

“Can’t man take a p…” Manson tries to cry out, but Eli grabs his head and forces it into the swamp water, holding it under for a few moments.

The Heir Eternal rips Manson’s head from the water, staring down at him with hate in his eyes. Manson starts to open his mouth, but stops as he realizes Forever has a knife at his throat.

“Do you know what this is?” Forever asks, his tone sinister. “This is the butter knife that my mother used to kill herself. Because of you.”

Forever grins and rips the blade to the left!

Manson cries out in pain.

But no blood comes out.

The Heir Eternal holds up the knife, smiling at the skin and hair it tore away from Manson’s neck.

“Do you know how hard she had to work, how much she had to saw, to slice her throat?” Eli queries. “Because that’s how hard I’m going to work to kill you, David.”

Forever stands up, but Manson is quickly rushed and hauled to his feet by two of Eli’s congregation. Behind them, more and more pour out of the swamp to rush Manson’s followers.

“They ain’t all here, bubba.” Manson taunts. “They’ll come for me, and I’ll kill every fucking one of you.”

Eli snorts, nodding to an approaching Judah.

“Bring it all down.”

Eli Forever begins to walk away, his followers hauling a cursing Manson, as the congregation butchers the unsuspecting Nightmare acolytes. A fire begins to roar in the cabin as revenge is exacted for what happened to Eternity on the Hill.

What the hell is Forever going to do to Manson?


A long forgotten pioneer tag team returns to OSW fractured and broken, as they fight their final battle not as allies but enemies. Can Neville look past his feelings and rise up once more or will Darkwish put down the nerd king once and for all?

The bell sounds as Neville looks hesitant to engage with Cayci, shying away from multiple attempts to lockup before shrugging and offering Cayci a hug. Cayci looks suspicious for a moment before looking like she’s going to move in to reciprocate…MASSIVE FOREARM! Cayci nails an unsuspecting Neville with a huge shot to the jaw that staggers him back, Spires sending him back into the ropes with forearm after forearm before throwing him across the ring. Sheldon bounces off the ropes right into a big swinging neckbreaker. Neville staggers to his feet into a big leaping knee strike, leaving the nerd king out on his feet as Cayci rushes to the ropes, springboarding off.

CURTAIN CALL! Cayci spikes Neville into the mat with the Tornado DDT as she drops down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Neville just gets the shoulder up! Neville slowly staggers up to his feet right into a massive European Uppercut before Cayci tries to lift him up into the air but Neville slips out, slamming a turning Cayci to the mat with a Bodyslam. Neville stumbles back a few paces before rushing forward, LEGDROP..WRESTLEMANIA! Neville drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Cayci kicks out!

Neville lifts Cayci up to her feet, driving her back down to the mat with a Suplex before climbing up to the middle rope and diving off, MIDDLE ROPE SPLASH! Neville hits all of that as he backs up, waiting for Cayci to get to her feet before running forward with a thunderous NKO! The running Nerd Knock Out neckbreaker drives Cayci into the canvas as she’s completely out, Neville quickly hooking the leg for the ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Neville Sheldon picks up the victory here tonight the woman he loves out cold on the mat, the poor Nerd King doesn’t look like a winner here tonight.


Dangling upside down from the rafters, the blood has long began rushing to the head of Zander Zane. He looks exhausted, having struggled valiantly to try and escape.


That’s when The Scarecrow appears.

“Looks like you’re in quite the predicament,” he says with a smile, surveying the situation.

“Cut me down from here, Crow,” Zane demands.

The Hayman chuckles.

“I will, but your freedom will come at a price. I need something from you, Zander. I need your allegiances to shift.”

Zane rolls his eyes. “Allegiances? I don’t have any allegiances. Elysium Fields offered me glory and used me as a puppet. I don’t care about their war. I have my own.”

“Then you won’t mind if I take your Double Feature Championship, will you?” The Scarecrow asks. “You’ll remain Champion, but I’ll have the title.”

Zane hardly has a choice. “I don’t think Vitale will like it, but fine, fucking have it; cut me down and I’ll take you to it.”

The Scarecrow cuts him down carefully, helping him to a stand. Zane stumbles, taking a seat for a moment as the blood rushes back through his body.

“I didn’t expect you to be so compliant,” The Scarecrow notes.

“Everybody wants what I have. I could fight you to retain it, but I have other battles in mind. You need to remember though, ‘Crow, you’re piggy in the middle of something much fucking bigger. That isn’t going to end well for you.”

“I’m well aware, now let’s get this title.”




Before another word could be spoken, we arrive in the middle of the ring, watching as Brent Kersh chokes the life out of Rain.

The Ghostwalker having brought them here.

“I’m gonna kill you old man,” Rain growls. “And when I do, The Scarecrow will know exactly why he can’t stop me.”

Kersh releases him, stepping away. “The Scarecrow won’t care about me, kiddo. I’m old news. But if you think I’m going to back down from a fight, then you don’t know The Enforcer.”

That makes Rain smile.

“I know that your cost your son his life,” The Ghostwalker says with a sinister grin. “I know that The Scarecrow almost took yours, too. I know that your loving family was nearly broken by his creator, Mother, and that you walked away from all of this like a fucking coward.”

That immediately piques the interest of Kersh.

“What did you just call me?”

Rain laughs. “A fucking coward. When the Gods went to war, you walked away. When all of these people and Old School Wrestling needed you, you walked away. Brent Kersh isn’t known as a man of legacy,” Rain continues. “He’s known as a fucking coward.”

Those final words were all Brent Kersh needed to hear.

And he’s heard enough.

The bell sounds and the fight Rain so desperately wants has begun.


On his quest to kill that which cannot die, the Ghostwalker has travelled further off the path then he realises as he’s barreled right into who many believes embodies the heart and soul of OSW. Will Rain be able to do the impossible or has he made a fatal mistake coming at the Enforcer?

The bell sounds as Rain rushes at the Enforcer, laying into the larger man with fast lefts and rights, ducking and weaving under heavy but slow strikes from Kersh before a leaping enziguri to the jaw that stuns the Enforcer before a quick single arm bulldog sends Kersh face planting into the mat. Kersh staggers to his feet, Rain ducking under a Lariat attempt before leaping off the second rope with a Snap DDT. Rain quickly hooks the outside leg for the cover.






Rain drills a rising Kersh with a stiff kick to the face before uncharacteristically climbing up to the top rope. He slowly waits for Kersh to get to his feet before diving off


All the wind is knocked out of Rain as he stumbles on his feet right into the Enforcer’s clutches who spins him in mid-air







Kersh pulls Rain up to his feet, trying for a Suplex but the Ghostwalker manages to slip out, landing behind Kersh before planting him face first with a Forward Russian Legsweep. Rain pulls Kersh up off the mat, throwing him into the corner before meeting him with a huge running clothesline that leaves the Enforcer out on his feet. Rain pulls Kersh up, turning him upside down in the Tree of Woe before backing up

BASEMENT DROP….KERSH PULLS HIMSELF UP! Rain can’t stop his momentum in time as he baseball slides right into the bottom turnbuckle post. Kersh slips down the other side onto the apron as he looks at the prone Rain, dropping down himself as he grabs at Rain’s legs


Rain is screaming in pain, his muscles, his tendons, his very bones themselves are tearing and breaking from the Figure Four as Kersh manages to balance himself while arcing back the pressure. The pain becoming too much, Rain looks like he’s about to tap out, when he grabs the ropes themselves


Kersh may have given himself a slight concussion there, the back of his head slamming against the concrete floor but Rain’s limping heavily, the Lonestar has done its toll as the Enforcer shakes out the cobwebs before rolling into the ring. Rain tries for a clothesline that Kersh ducks


Rain goes down in pain as Kersh quickly locks in the Lone Star all over again! Rain is in damn near unbearable pain, Kersh putting all his weight and power into the Figure Four as the Ghostwalker tries to scramble to the ropes, finally managing to grab a hold of them but this is anything goes, rope breaks don’t mean a damn here and the additional leverage Rain is giving Kersh just increases the pain radiating through him at the moment. Rain grits his teeth, sitting up with the rest of his strength

ACID RAIN! Kersh gets a facefull of that black sludge, causing him to loosen the hold enough for Rain to slip out as he falls to the floor below. Kersh stumbles to his feet, trying to wipe away the mist as he slowly regains his vision, noticing Rain slumped against the ring apron. Kersh reaches over the ropes, trying to pull Rain into the ring

STEEL CHAIR TO THE FACE! Rain just brained Kersh with a massive chair shot out of nowhere.

Rain damn near trips into the ring as he quickly pulls Kersh up to his feet before planting him into the mat with a massive BROTHER MINE! The Enforcer looks out cold as Rain turns him over for the pin







Rain can’t believe it as he pulls the limp Enforcer up to his feet











The Enforcer has had enough as he looks to finally finish off the Ghostwalker. Picking up the fallen steel chair, he advances on the fallen Rain who suddenly sits up

ACID RAIN! Kersh takes the mist full force once more, the steel chair still in his hands but not for long


His right knee winces from the shot but the Ghostwalker isn’t done as he pulls Kersh up to his feet, hoisting him behind his back, surely he can’t, not this.


That took everything else out of Rain but Kersh is out as Rain drops an arm over the unconcious Enforcer






The Ghostwalker did it, drawing the living legend in Brent Kersh out of retirement before putting him down with one final loss as Rain desecrated the legend of the Enforcer here tonight.


Rain rises back to his feet, grinning as he looks down at Brent Kersh. The Enforcer, as tough as old boots, uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. He stumbles into the corner, waving The Ghostwalker forward.

“Come on,” he demands. “You haven’t finished me yet, you son of a bitch.”

Rain scoffs. “You’re a valiant little cockroach, aren’t you?”

That makes the Enforcer smile.

“I can see why my foe found it so difficult to dispatch you,” Rain admits, slowly edging closer to Kersh, who’s ready to fight. “But there’s a difference between us, Brent.”

He grabs Brent by the head, pulling him close and whispering something in his ear.

The Enforcer, having heard it, turns pale – as white as a ghost, all colour drained from his face.

The Ghostwalker steps back slightly, a devilish grin on his face.

“How this happens is up to you, old man. You can die on your feet like a man, or on your knees like a coward.”

Brent puffs out his chest and steps forward, closing his eyes.

“Very well.”

Rain grabs him by the throat, squeezing. The Enforcer doesn’t struggle, simply shaking and choking as The Ghostwalker strangles the life from him with one hand.

When he stops, Brent Kersh falls, slumping to the canvas.

Rain looks down at him with a smile.

The fans in shock.

Pure silence.

Then he’s gone.

Brent Kersh’s prone body lies in the middle of the ring of a company he helped build with his own two hands.

Fans hop the barrier, rushing to his aid.

But there’s nothing they can do.


The Scarecrow arrives, terrifying everyone in the ring. They scatter like rats, running away as he walks over to The Enforcer, his face full of rage.


He scoops him from the canvas, vanishing.