[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom corner.] [Suddenly we’re thrust into the backstage where Betamax is strutting down the hall with the Hardcore Championship over his shoulder whilst ‘Staying Alive’ plays in the background. Nodding his head and singing along to the music, he looks a damn sight proud of himself.] [Just then, his cell phone rings and he reluctantly answers.]

“Hello Mr. Flint!” [He says with a big grin.] “No sir, I haven’t seen your Hardcore Championship,” [Betamax lies whilst eyeballing the belt on his shoulder sideways.] “Are you sure that was me? You’ve another guy running around there with a red mask, don’t ya? He’s not as cool as I am, but at your age, I can see the confusion.”


“Lose it? No way! I know exactly where the VHS Championship is as we speak. That was just entertainment, boss. Look, I’ll level with ya – I have the Hardcore title,” [That seemed like a topic worth switching to.] “But I also have an idea. Monday Night Showcase has the World, All-Star, United States and Tag Team Championships. VHS could use the gold!”

[He listens, the phone held away from his ear. The reluctant words of ‘go on’ are softly spoken.]

“Next week, two of our six semi-finalists will face off for the VHS Championship to crown our inaugural Champion. That’s going to be off the fuckin’ chain, but what could be better than one title on the line? How about two! The Hardcore Championship is an outdated prospect, big cheese. No-one really cares about it and let’s be honest, it hasn’t been relevant since that bloody marvellous Nigel Royal held it. A right dashing chap is that one.”

[Betamax pauses, being told to get to the point.]

“Sure, sure. Look, I’m suggesting we take the Hardcore Championship and call it The R∃WIND Championship. Let’s make that shit exclusive to VHS and every time it is defended, have it defended in an Old School Match type. Next week when the VHS Championship is on the line, let’s put everyone else in an Old School over the top rope Battle Royal for this bad boy.”

[He nods, real proud of himself as Flint responds. Clearly he’s been given the go ahead because Betamax, he can’t contain his excitement.]

“You got it, hoss!”


“No, I’m serious, the VHS Championship is fine. Would I lie to you?”

[The scene comes to a close as Betamax storms off down the corridor, continuing to try and convince Errol Flint that he hasn’t lost VHS’ flagship Championship.] [The backstage is alive with commotion as VHS is live. Chase Hero walks down the halls, a look of pride on his face, or maybe ego, as he all but makes the staff part for him. As one could expect from him, he’s wearing sunglasses indoors.]

“Hero coming through, no asking for autographs, those will cost you.”

[As he pushes through the few employees, he looks to the camera following him and flashes a cocky smile to it before walking forward, bumping into someone and backing up.] [That someone being a very disappointed Ash Williams. The Chosen One shakes his head as Hero pulls his glasses down to look at Ash.]

“Is there a reason you’re in my way? Or do you just want another boot to the face?”

[Ash raises an eyebrow as he looks Chase up and down.]

“Well, I was hoping to talk some sense into a former friend, but it looks like I’m just walking into the mother of all ugly.”

[Hero scoffs] “Former friend? We both just wanted gold. And apparently my coat tails weren’t strong enough to lug a has-been through the whole match.”

“You call me a has-been, but I seem to recall taking a few hits and still going. If anything, your ego is forcing you to forget that.”

[Chase pushes Ash back]

“I’m not forgetting anything. The only thing I want to forget, is the wannabe hero that you are. So get moving, gramps.”

[BOOMSTICK! Ash doesn’t take the insults laying down as he nails Hero in the face. The Chosen one shakes his head and walks away.] [The camera pans down to Chase Hero, the enraged younger star sitting up, his glasses broken from the punch. He climbs to his feet as the show cuts to commercial.] [Backstage, a weaselly sweaty little man in a blue suit stands in front of a VHS logo backdrop. He raises a microphone to his mouth.]

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Max Mann, and I am the only interviewer you can trust. Standing to my left at this time is none other than Jon Davenport!”

[Sure enough, Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog enters the shot, chewing as always. “BOOOOO!”]

“Mr. Davenport, last week you were humiliated when that no-good ghetto thug, Andre Aquarius, defiled your boots. I see you’re wearing brand-new ones tonight.”

[Jon grimaces as he looks down at his glistening new boots.]

“That’s right, Max. I hate these boots. You know what they say on the soles?”

“No, sir.”

“Made in Mexico.” [Jon shudders.] “I had to buy damn flippy-flyer luchador boots because o’ you disrespectin’ me, Andre.”

[Max shakes his head in sympathy.] “Mr. Davenport, what do you say to the ridiculous claims that you used derogatory and or racial slurs against Andre beforehand?”

[Jon scoffs.] “I ain’t no racist, Max. Matter of fact, my great-great-grandaddy fought for your people, Andre. Fair enough, he fought ta keep ya, but look what freedom did for ya’ll: you’re having to protest just to not get shot. You boys had a good deal but ya got greedy.”

Spit – ding!

“That’s another thing: he goes round calling himself ya boy, but I can’t call him it? That’s what’s racist, Max. This whole damn country has gone mad.”

[Max nods emphatically, his nose looking browner by the second.] “Exactly right! This country needs more men like you; men who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is! If you see Andre Aquarius tonight, Mr. Davenport, what will you tell him?”

[Jon lifts a large pail into frame and swishes its contents around.] “I’m gonna tell him just how bad tobacco is for ya.” [He grins, looking every bit the bloodhound he’s named for.] [Captain “One-eyed” Jack and the monstrous Pig square off in a brutal Hardcore match at the second edition of the VHS Era.] [The bell rings and Captain Jack charges Pig… but Pig plants Jack to the mat with a HUGE BIG BOOT!! MY GOD!! Pig pulls Jack to his feet and raises him over his head… JESUS!! PRESS SLAM TO THE OUTSIDE!!! Pig just press slammed Captain Jack from the ring to the floor!!! Pig steps over the top rope to the floor, stalking Captain Jack who has barely crawled to the barricade. Jack leans over the barricade into the crowd. Pig CHARGES for Jack… CCCRRRAAAACCCKKKKK!!!! Captain Jack NAILS Pig with a chair shot to the shoulder!!!!] [Pig staggers back clutching his shoulder!! Captain Jack SWINGS!! CCCRRRRRAAAAACCCKKKKK!!! Chair to the skull and Pig is on his back!! Jack climbs the steel steps… he jumps… ELBOW DROP ON THE OUTSIDE!!! This VHS crowd is loving it!! Jack pulls the steel steps apart and lifts them in the air. He turns toward Pig… THE GREAT DESTROYER!!! MY GOD!!! Pig superkicks the stairs into the face of Captain Jack!!! He could be Captain “No-eyed” Jack after that. Jack crumbles to the floor as Pig shakes the cobwebs loose and surveys the carnage.] [Pig shoves Captain Jack into the ring and slides in himself. Pig pulls Jack up and hooks his arms before hoisting him into the air!! He has him in the crucifix position… THE DAY THE WORLD WE-… WAIT!! Jack grabs Pig’s head and pulls him down for a DDT!! HOLY SHIT!! Jack hooks the leg, one……… two…………… Pig kicks out!!! Jack stands and backs himself into the corner. Pig rises and Jack charges, taking Pig down with a massive LARIAT!! Jack goes to the outside and grabs a kendo stick!! He gets back in the ring and Pig goes for another BOOT, but Captain Jack ducks… Jack swings!!! OH MY GOD. Pig catches the kendo stick with his bare hands. Captain Jack is struggling but he can’t break free… Pig pulls the stick away and swings it as it splinters over Captain Jack’s head!!! Pig pulls Jack to his feet… THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY!!! One……… two…………… three!!!!] [Pig with an absolutely vicious win tonight at VHS!! Captain Jack looks sea sick as he wobbles his way backstage.] [Pig gets back to his feet after that match and stumbles to the ropes with the fans firmly behind him. They appreciate this new change in ‘The Animal’.] [Suddenly though, The Shark leaps the barricade and rolls into the ring with a steel chair. He swings violently, catching Pig clean across the head and taking him to the canvas.]


[The Shark stomps away at him, dropping to his knees shortly after to bite at the wound on his forehead. As blood begins dripping from it, Shark licks his lips and looks up to the rafters.] [Slowly what looks like a small cage is lowered to the ring. It’s completely made of mesh, with a water bottle attached to the outside. Shark waits for it to be lowered and then opens it.] [He isn’t going to do that, is he?] [The Predator grabs Pig and throws him straight into the cage, slamming it shut and locking it from the outside with a padlock. He watches as the cage is slowly raised, Pig awaking to find himself locked up once again.] [He squeals and shakes the mesh, pushing his face against it, scratching and clawing to try and escape. The Shark meanwhile looks up from below, licking his lips.]

“This little piggy went all the way home!” [Shark shouts from beneath, laughing manically as the scene comes to a close with Pig trapped in a cage.] [The fans boo but there’s nothing they can do.

[‘The Animal’ is caged, at least for now.] [TWHACK!] [The crack VHS camera crew race through the labyrinth of concrete hallways to enter a locker room. The sight we see is a reminder of last week. Nyx has been laid out by Viktor North!]

“Have you learned nothing, fool!” [North spits as he stomps down on Nyx, who is crawling towards the wall.] “Perhaps you did not receive the wisdom of Odin after all.”

[North grabs at the face of Nyx, trying to wrench his black glasses off him.]

“Odin’s eyes were the color of hard frost, the color of a bright winter’s day. The color of home. The type of pale blue that put even the strongest man into awe at their sight.”

[The glasses go flying to the side as North tries to turn over the still-crawling Nyx, who has reached the wall.]

“I must see if you have those eyes, if Mimir gave you the same wisdom.” [Nyx tries to sit up against the wall as North attempts to pry his closed eyes open.] “Did you drink of those waters!?”

[CLICK] [Darkness overtakes the small room as Nyx’s roving hand has found the light switch. The sounds of struggle increase, yet this time the grunts of pain are from Viktor North.]

“I drank of the oceans of this world, Viktor. Try to use that wisdom you so desire.” [North is obviously not prepared to fight in the dark, and Nyx has taken full advantage.] “You would learn to put aside brute strength. You would learn to sing.”

[North growls out a challenge of some kind, but Nyx snorts.]

“If you wish to enter the arena of combat against me, just say so.” [The door opens, allowing in light. Nyx stands over North.] “Collect yourself first.”

[The door closes and the only sound is the panting of Viktor North as he is now alone.]

“A gift should be repaid with a like one.”

[His muttering of that phrase moves us away from the Skull Splitter.] [We cut backstage to find Keg standing by; the stark concrete walls of the hallway his backdrop.]

“Tonight, the Keg takes on Those Empties, guy! And when I say ‘takes on’, I mean beats to a’ bloody pulp… and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.”

[The Drunk One smiles wide before taking a swig off his beer.]

“Hey 90’s Guys…” [Swig.] “…spoiler alert! Michael Jackson OD’s, we get a black president and Pluto isn’t a planet.” [BELCH!] “Oh yeah… September 11th.”

[Keg laughs inappropriately.]

“But that’s all the past, fella’s, just like the two of you. And Keg…” [Keg suddenly looks confused.] “…Keg is the…” [His confusion turns to anger.] “…Keg is… what in the hell do you think you’re doing!?!”

[The camera pans back to find the Hobo stood across from Keg staring him right in the eyes.]

“You really think you should be drinking right now?” [Asks the Hobo inquisitively.] [Keg looks flabbergasted.]

“Excuse me!?!”

“You have a match coming up, man. I don’t think it’s a good idea to…”

[Keg cuts the Hobo short.]

“Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something here, ya’ bum!?!”

“I was informed that you were told it wasn’t a good idea to drink before your matches.”

“I’ve been told a lot of things…” [Swig… swig… chug…] “…I do what I want. Wait! Are you the reason I got heat from management!?!”

“You’re responsible for that, Keg. Everyone saw the state you were in last week during your match. I mean, it’s no wonder you lost.”

[Keg steps in on Hobo; teeth grit.]

“You know, you’re really starting to piss me off! So if you want to see what’s going to happen to you if you don’t back the hell off… well, just watch what I do to Those 90’s Guys tonight.”

[Keg glares at Hobo and Hobo glares back… the tension between these two is reaching a near fever pitch. Keg eventually turns and makes for the ring because that match is next!] [Unlikely tag partners of Matthew Cories and Ash Williams after their colossal break-up and feud. The two men seem to be questioning of each other in the ring as Andre sneaks in through the crowd! #PEPEKICK TO THE UNAWARE CORIES!] [The referee looks confused but signals for the bell to begin as Andre covers Cories quickly. One…Two…No! Cories kicks out but Andre pulls him to his feet and throws him backwards into his own corner! Ash and Cories look at each other in confusion before tagging out. Andre Aquarius beckons for him to bring it on. The two circle around the ring before Andre turns around and tags in Keg! Keg looks surprised and spews a few choice words at his own partner before entering the ring. Keg and Ash quickly lock up before Keg hits two European uppercuts entitled THE DOUBLE SHOT!] [Ash staggers backwards before firing back with a discuss elbow strike before following it up with two stiff jabs to the ribs. Keg covers up quickly but Ash grabs his arm and goes for an Irish whip, but Keg pulls him closer for a KEGBUTT! Ash is groggy but Keg whips him into the corner before following closely for a KEGSPLASH! Ash falls to the mat as Keg takes a step back. KEGSTAND! Keg goes for a pinfall! One…Two…Th-NO! Ash gets a shoulder up. Keg quickly pulls Ash to his feet before walking him to his corner, kicks him in the gut, and then tags out to his partner Andre.] [Andre enters the ring, but Ash rolls underneath and leaps forward knocking the official down in the process! Andre goes over to grab Ash by the leg as Ash gets to his feet. Dragonscrew kick to the face! Ash reaches out to his partner and… IN COMES CORIES! That 90’s Guy is like a house of fire! Leg sweep to Andre followed up by a bicycle kick as Andre comes up. Andre slowly gets up as Cories is sizing him up. SUPERKICK followed by SWANTON BOMB! KAPOWSKI! DROPKICK TO KEG but Cories lifts up Andre quickly before hooking both arms. “LIFE’S TOUGH!” The crowd responds with “GET A HELMET!” Andre is spiked into the mat as Cories hooks both legs! One…Two…Three!] [Cories and Ash smile widely as they begin to celebrate their win! That’s when two men pull Cories out of the ring by his feet! Ash climbs the turnbuckle and doesn’t realize what is happening but Cories is dragged out of the ring and beaten up by two pirates who begin to tie him up! Ash finally turns around but Cories is already halfway up the ramp and being dragged out!] [Following that hellacious tag team match against the former Champions, Andre Aquarius takes his sweet time heading back up the aisle – KEG having already disappeared behind the curtain. He slaps himself on the chest, sweat flying off.]

“Who’s ya boy!? BLACKAMURA – sealieve that! Here’s the secret ingredient, bruh – PRINCE LIGHTSKIN eats lightnin’ and craps THUNDAAAH!”

[He turns to head to the back—GEORGIA CRAWFISH! Jon Davenport emerges, slapping his patented iron claw on Andre, his bear-like paw squeezing his skull like a zit! Andre screams in agony, his knees buckling under the debilitating submission. “BOOOO!” Jon forces him down onto the concrete floor… MUD FLOP! A dad-bod powered splash finishes him off. A fired-up Davenport stands over him and jabs a finger in his face.]

“You disrespected me, boy! Nobody disrespects Jon Davenport!”

[The grizzled veteran stomps off to the back, leaving a referee to check on Aquarius… only to come back out clutching his pail! Oh no… he frightens the referee away and stands over Andre once more.]

“Take it from me, son, don’t start bad habits.”


[HE EMPTIES A WEEK’S WORTH OF TOBACCO SPIT INTO ANDRE’S FACE! The crowd groan and gag as Andre rolls around in the brown sludge. Jon laughs to himself and walks to the back, having exacted some measure of revenge for last week.] [The winner of this match enters the finals for the VHS Championship! Three men, two losers, one epic opportunity!] [The bell sounds but The Shark is like a bullet! He charges Viktor North into the corner with a running knee strike! He smells blood in the water as he lunges onto him with a flurry of punches and kicks! The Hobo grabs him by the Mohawk and whips him back! The Shark rolls back to his feet with rage in his eyes. The Hobo begins throwing wild punches to which The Shark deflects. He headbutts The Hobo before throwing wrapping around his waist for a German suplex! Both men are down as The Shark glows in his moment.] [He turns back around and NORTH IS ON HIM! The STO takes The Shark to the mat. Viktor grabs his head and nails him with a headbutt! He goes for a second but The Hobo lunges onto North and wraps his arms around his neck in some sort of choke. North looks confused before slinging him into the ropes. North charges him for a clothesline, but The Hobo catches him to flip him over the ropes! The Hobo looks out at him before turning around as The Shark gets to his feet with a grin.] [PUNCHES! The Hobo begins pounding The Shark with vicious rights and lefts as The Shark falls to the floor with The Hobo on top of him with ferocity in his eyes! He hooks a leg and goes for the pinfall after The Shark isn’t moving. One…Two…NORTH BREAKS IT UP! The Skull Splitter hits the ropes and bounces back for… GUNGNIR! The leaping wrapped arm spear knocks The Hobo to his ass before he rolls out of the ring. The Shark gets to his feet albeit a little groggy. North goes for his other signature, but The Shark bites him right on the ass! THE SHARK BITE! North falls to his knees as The Shark hits the ropes… THE SUSHI KICK! The Shark smiles at Viktor as he pins him down very slowly. One…Two…Three!] [The Shark smiles as he gets to his feet. The Hobo gets to his feet on the outside as he realizes his chance at the VHS Championship (and the prize money aka food money) just went up in flames. The Shark moves into the finals of the VHS Championship tournament!] [The office of Betamax backstage isn’t so much an office as it is a table set up in a corridor with a red cup, a bunch of red pens and a red coloured steel chair. He slaps his feet up on the table and leans back, arms behind his head, fingers interlocked.] [Stood opposite him; Nyx, The Hobo – who’s just made it backstage from his match and Andre Aquarius shuffle uncomfortably.]

“Last week on the pilot edition of VHS, the VHS Championship was stolen. Now there isn’t a great big suspect pool since we have a roster the size of Bruce Van Chan’s penis in centimetres.”

[He stands up, only to pace around them.]

“I’ve been playing Poirot to try and figure this thing out. Who would have the most to gain by stealing the VHS Championship? I’ve narrowed my suspect list down to you three. We have to look at three things, motive, means and opportunity.”

[Nyx looks rather uncomfortable, whilst Hobo just stands there and Andre appears offended.]

“First things first, you, black guy. Isn’t theft kinda what you people do? You have the means, the motivation and quite frankly, if it came down to a race, who’s catching you? Come to think of it, it was dark and you wouldn’t need a balaclava to lose me in the pitch black, would you? As long you didn’t smile, I wouldn’t even know you were there.”

[Andre looks astonished and just as he’s about to retort, Betamax moves onto The Hobo.]

“And you! You definitely have the motive, don’t you? You’re a bum and that kind of gold goes for some serious coin on the streets. Did you sell my VHS Championship for some heroin? Did you?” [Betamax leans in.] “No, I don’t think you did. You haven’t bathed in weeks and I’d recognize that stench running past me upwind.”

[The Hobo just shrugs and walks off, leaving Nyx there alone, Andre having wandered off in disgust.]

“That leaves me with you, doesn’t it? Now some say you’re blind.”

[Nyx interrupts] “I am blind.”

“Right, yeah, of course you are,” [Betamax says making funny faces and giving him the ‘ogga booga’. Yet Nyx doesn’t even flinch.] “Hmm. Nothing, eh? What if I was to do this!”

[Betamax suddenly reaches inside his pocket and pulls out a bouncy ball, throwing it at his face. The ball bounces off, leaving Nyx almost growling with anger.]

“Hmph. Alright. So maybe I’ve got the wrong guy, eh? I’m sorry about the, uh, ball thing. I just had to be sure it wasn’t you who stole my VHS Championship. I should have known a blind guy wouldn’t catch me off guard, steal something of mine and run off into the night. This isn’t the movies!”

[Betamax turns to walk away with Nyx produces his wallet. He opens it up, steals a crisp couple of notes from inside it and throws it on the desk.]

“Yeah, that’d be totally unrealistic.”

[Nyx walks off into the halls, just as Betamax realizes that his wallet sits on the table in front of him. He frantically grabs at it, checking to see that his notes are gone.]

“That son of a bitch!”

[The zoomed in face of Matthew Cories is shown as frantic is traced across his furrowed brow. The camera continues to expand to show him with with ropes tying his hands in front of him as he stands on a plank held out from atop of the building of Old School Wrestling. He gulps as he looks down at the pool of water far below him. Standing at the beginning of the plank is an assortment of pirates all yelling for his head and demanding that he jump.]

“What do you people want from me?”

“Argh, they want you to shove off, matey.”

[SQUAWK] “Shove off, matey!” [Polly squawks from Captain Jack’s shoulder at the end of the plank as he enters the picture before placing a boot on the end of the plank.]

“Shove off?! You mean JUMP!?”

“Aye matey. It’s time for you to join Davey Jones’ Locker, landlubber.”

“I can barely understand you. Just speak plainly for once Blackbeard!”

“It’s Captain Jack! And it’s time for you to WALK THE PLANK!”

[The nearest pirates lift up the plank as Matthew Cories begins screaming out, unable to grab anything due to his hands being tied. He falls the couple of stories before…] [KAPLUSHHH!] [The gang of pirates cheer on in unison before raising their tankards to enjoy their drinks. Captain Jack looks down at Cories desperately trying to swim without the use of his hands. He shakes his head as he strokes Polly on the neck.]

“Aye, that’s what ye get for trespassin’ on my vessel. VHS is MY ship now.”

[Static.] [VHS tape lines fill the screen.] [Then we cut to a dark room. The static continues as the camera rises to see a hooded man repositioning it up high.] [His voice is disguised and make to sound distorted and deeper.]

“Are you looking for something, Betamax?”

[The person walks away from the camera and reaches into a black duffel bag, pulling out the VHS Championship. He holds it in the air, tilting his head.]

“Since the inception of VHS, I saw what people didn’t see. The truth behind the lies. The deception. They called it a second brand but I see it for what it is; a revolution.”

[They stop and pause for a moment, giving the title a once over.]

“You see, a revolution can’t be had without this, can it? This is the missing piece to your puzzle and I have taken it. VHS wants to leave Monday Night Showcase behind and become something in of itself. It wants to thrive at our expense. I can’t let that happen.”

[He pushes the title back into the duffel bag and zips it up.]

“If you want your belt back in time for the title match next week, you can find me this Monday on Monday Night Showcase – the superior brand in Old School Wrestling.”

[Static.] [It’s finally time for the Main Event! One of these three wrestlers will head to the finals of the VHS Championship Tournament next week!] [The bell sounds and Nyx is immediately set upon by Davenport – who only a few weeks ago at Ring of Dreams warned him that he’d be seeing him soon. Big right hands are blocked instinctively by the impressive Nyx, who throws out a kick to catch Davenport upside the head. Hero though charges, clobbering the Liberated with a Double Axe Handle that takes him to the canvas. Chase, along with an enraged Davenport, pull him back to his feet and back him into the ropes. They send him barrelling across the ring, a double Clothesline attempt waiting him on the return.] [The fans don’t like it but the double team is good business. Davenport rolls him straight back to his feet and floats him over with a Snap Suplex. “You shouldn’t be in the ring with me, boy!” he yells as he sits up. Hero though, quick to turn on his once partner catches him with a sweeping kick across the head, knocking him back to the canvas. Chase grabs Davenport immediately and tosses him over the top rope, pointing back to Nyx and smirking. He stomps over and goes to grab him, only Nyx swivels his hips and catches him with a big kick!] [Hero stumbles backwards as The Liberated gets up. Chase turns at him and runs, Clothesline – NO! Nyx somehow ducks underneath it and NECKBREAKER! He rolls into the cover… One… Two… Three! No! Davenport pulls him off from the outside! The Big Huntin’ Dog throws him into the barricade and slides back into the ring, looking a damn sight proud of himself and steps onto the bottom rope. MUD FLOP TO CHASE HERO! NO! HE ROLLS AWAY! Jon hits the canvas and pounces up holding his chest, just in time for Hero to lunge at him with a SUPERKICK RIGHT UNDER THE JAW! TALK TO THE BOOT!] [He has to cover now and does, hooking the leg! ONE…. TWO… THREE! NO!! THE LIBERATED BREAKS UP THE NEAR FALL! Nyx’ ability to compete without his sight is truly awe inspiring. He grabs Hero as he gets back to his feet, into the Headlock! HEADLOCK DRIVER! NO! CHASE PUSHES HIM OFF INTO THE ROPES! He comes hurtling back and ducks a Clothesline, leaping into JON DAVENPORT WITH A CROSSBODY! DAVENPORT CATCHES HIM AND SWINGS HIM INTO AN ONCOMING HERO FEET FIRST BEFORE TURNING THAT INTO A GINORMOUS POWERSLAM!! JON COVERS… ONE…… TWO….. THREE! NO!! KICK OUT!] [There’s so much on the line here tonight and The Old Timer thought he had punched his ticket to the final! He gets back up and signals for the end, only OVER THE BARRICADE AND ONTO THE RING APRON IS ANDRE AQUARIUS! Jon swings at him with a Clothesline but Andre drops off the apron. He turns around to see Chase Hero… BURNING HAMMER!! HERO’S DUTY! Chase tries to cover, but Nyx grabs him into a Headlock, drags him up and HEADLOCK DRIVER! OATH OF NYX!! THE LIBERATED COVERS…. ONE…… TWO….. THREE! HE’S GOING TO THE FINALS!] [The fans erupt as the final count is slapped against the canvas. Nyx is going to the finals of the VHS Championship tournament. The referee raises his arm into the air, the audience going wild in celebration.] [Nyx slowly gets back to his feet, his entire body aching after that impressive Semi-Final Match.] [But then the lights go out.] [That doesn’t mean anything to our hero, only when they return, sat on a wooden throne in the middle of the ring is a sight so terrifying, even the fans have wide eyes.] [Jones The Terrible.] [The scarred and defiant Jones stands up and grabs a surprised Nyx, throwing him by the scruff of his shirt across the ring and through the wooden throne, snapping the top off as it topples over.] [Chase Hero stumbles back to his feet and is quickly in the wrong place at the wrong time as Jones THUNDERS HIM WITH A LARIAT! Holy shit! Chase turned inside out and upside down, thumping on the canvas with blood spewing from his mouth. He may have internal damage!] [This absolute savage is unbelievable. He rips at the ring posts, tearing off the pads and snapping the buckles. Nyx attacks from behind, bravely, but unwisely, as Jones turns around and cleans his clock with a vicious headbutt. He stumbles backwards and is almost helpless as Jones grabs the loose ring rope and begins strangling him with it.] [The crowd are on their feet in awe, their mouths gaping in absolute shock and terror.] [He finally releases Nyx and lifts his throne back off the canvas. The Emperor slams it down across the broken body of Nyx and takes a seat atop the bodies of his enemies.] [Jesus Christ.] [What has just been unleashed on VHS?]