[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom corner.] [A single flame licks up against the camera, as pitch black invades the space behind it. We can’t see anything but the fire as VHS opens here tonight. Soon, a figure rises within it, a figure that we can’t quite make out.] [His voice is deep, crackling and terrifying.]

“Lucifer set me forth to deliver those who sin unto him.”

[With his head bowed, we see nothing but the flame. Whispers slowly fill the silence around us. ‘He wants you,’ they say, ‘You’re his,’ they beckon.]

“There are many sinners in the world. There are those who lust, those who’re gluttonous, greedy, treacherous, violent and wrathful. There are those in limbo and those who’re frauds and heretics.”

[A disturbing laugh amongst the whispers adds to the tension.]

“And there is a circle in hell for each and every kind. My name is not important, my duty to Lucifer is.”

[The flames rise at the mention of his Lord’s name.]

“Next week at Tape Over, I bring hell to you on Earth. I bring the damnation of the apocalypse and become the four horsemen of your demise. There’s a special place in hell for all of you and on Monday, I will claim his souls, in his name.”

[The camera pans backward as the fire engulfs the entire frame, dying down to show that whoever was once stood there, wherever that shadowy figure was, had gone.] [His voice remains.]

“And you will dance with the demon.”

[Cut.] [The camera fades into what appears to be an interrogation room. Ash sits at a table, his hands cuffed and his nose a bit bloodied. He looks visibly beaten up as well. The sound of an opening door causes Ash to look up, the camera panning to show Chase Hero in the door way. He hands a small roll of bills to the officer who seemed to have lead him there. Chase smirks.]

“So, heroes are allowed in here, right?”

[The officer smirks and pockets the cash] “Of course, Mr. Hero. He’s all yours. You wouldn’t… abuse the situation, right?” [The cop chuckles a bit before letting Chase walk in, closing the door behind him.] [Chase leans down to Ash, a shit eating grin on his face.] “So, was destroying my property worth it, Ash?”

[Ash chuckles.] “Of course. I mean, you decided to be the villain here. So why wouldn’t I wreck that ‘fortress of solitude’ of yours? I saw the signed poster of yourself hung up in your bedroom by the way.”

[BACKHAND! Chase sneers as Ash, the Chosen One’s mouth dripping a bit of blood] “Don’t you think you’re better than me, Ash. I have you locked up. I’ll push charges. I’ll ruin what’s left of that worthless ‘life’ of yours. And the police, and even the public will side with me. They don’t care about trash like you.” [Chase leans down face to face with Ash, getting ever closer as he does.] [Ash spits in Chase’s face!] “Fuck you.” [RIGHT HAND! Ash falls from his chair to the floor, Chase composes himself, wiping his face off before moving behind the table, placing his boot onto Ash’s head and pushing down.]

“You don’t learn, Ash. You never do. And this? This is why your friends died isn’t it? Why Matthew Cories is gone for good. Because you don’t learn. And soon enough, Ash, you’ll realize that. You aren’t a hero, you’re the reason they’re dead or gone. You’re a fucking villain.”

[Chase stomps onto Ash’s head, forcing a scream of pain from him before walking away to the door. He opens it and two officers walk in, going to Ash and lifting him from the ground. Chase turns to the officers.]

“When I leave let him go. He has a match to attend to. The payment is with the chief.”

[The officers nod, Chase leaving the room as the camera fades out.] [A battle between two newcomers to VHS pitting Stephanie Rose against Christian York. You only get one chance to make a good impression and these two know that very well.] [The size and strength advantage of Christian York is on full display from the onset of the collar and elbow tie up. Christian delivers a hip toss to Stephanie Rose tossing her half way across the ring. Christian stalks in non-chalant. Stephanie uses her speed to roll out of the way and charges in at Christian and manages a flying head-scissors take down! Christian York is stunned!] [Stephanie again using her quickness ascends to the top rope and looks to keep the momentum alive. She takes flight from the top rope with a cross body block once again dropping Christian. She holds on for the pin..One!! Christian kicked out at ONE! Stephanie looks a little perturbed on how to continue the attack. She charges in once more and is met with Stars & Stripes! The sit-out spinebuster connects!] [Christian prehaps a bit off his game plan by the fast offense of Stephanie Rose quickly presses the advantage. Christian lifts Stephanie into position and nails a snap powerbomb! Christian down for the cover One….Two….NO!! Stephanie gets the left shoulder up!! Christian bends down to lift Stephanie up but get’s caught in a small package!! One…Two….Three…NO!!! Christian powers out!] [Christian breaks free of the hold and does a back roll to land on his feet and bounces off the ropes charging in CRIME PAYS!! Stephanie Rose goes down hard! Christian signals it’s time for something else and lifts Stephanie up by her hair, THE EXTERMINATION!! NO!! Stephanie Rose ducks under and his Christian in by the neck! Off the middle rope she goes FULL BLOOM!! Stephanie changes her body positioning and locks in the Petal To The Metal!! Christian York is forced to tap out!!] [Stephanie Rose with a huge debut victory showing she can go toe to toe with someone larger in stature than she is! Stephanie rolls out of the ring to celebrate as an irate Christian York kicks the bottom rope.] [We cut to a shot of Shane McGovern, storming through the halls backstage.]

“Where is he!?!” [Shane shouts; assumedly of Tyler Brooks whereabouts.] “Where the hell is he!?!”

[Shane continues through the halls when suddenly, from around a corner, the Savior appears; seemingly unware of Shane’s presence. Shane stops dead in his tracks, a slight smirk on his face.] [Tyler glances up from his phone and, upon taking notice of Shane, also stops dead in his tracks.]

“What am I doing?” [Brooks smiles wide as he feigns confusion.] “I didn’t want to go this way…” [He points towards McGovern.] “… I wanted to go that way.” [He points a thumb behind him.] [As Tyler takes off around the corner he’d just appeared from, Shane McGovern gives chase. The camera jostles back and forth in pursuit, turning the corner just in time to catch Shane jumping Tyler from behind and tackling him to the ground, face first onto the concrete!] [Shane reigns down blows to the back of Tyler’s head, over and over and over again.]

“You call yourself straight edge, Tyler!?!” [Shane shouts as he continues to pummel the Savior.] “Look at this!” [Shane reaches into his pocket and pulls out an unlabeled bottle of pills.] “You see this!” [McGovern grabs Tyler by the hair and pulls his head back off the ground, shoving the bottle of pills in his face.] “You, a so called straight edger, drove me to being no better than a common drug addict! Buying illegal contraband on the side of road! You see!?! Like A God damned Drug Addict!!”

[Shane lifts Tyler’s head further off the floor and… it’s not Tyler Brooks! Horror washes across Shane’s face as he realizes! BOOM! Brooks runs in from behind and takes Shane out with a chair shot to the skull!]

“I didn’t make you anything, Shane!” [Brooks shouts as he circles McGovern’s limp body; a smile trying it’s damndest to break through the serious look on Tyler’s face.] “You’ve always been a drug addict! Don’t you get it!?! You’re dealer may have operated out of a fancy looking office and wore a white coat, but he’s still peddling you the same garbage, Shane!”

[McGovern begins to stir, only slightly, but Tyler isn’t going to have it… BOOM! He drives the steel chair across Shane’s back.]

“Take the night off, doper.” [The smile finally wins, breaking through to the surface.] “Maybe by morning you’ll realized I didn’t make you anything… and only you can make things right.” [Brooks begins to back away, slowly.] “Or this could just continue…” [Tyler motions towards limp Shane.] “…until eventually, you get X’ed out!”

[Tyler hold his hands up in the form of an X as he backs off around the corner. His trick worked, Shane thought he had Tyler but he didn’t, and now he’s been pushed over the edge. Where, do we go from here…] [We have a hard hitting contest tonight as the Monster Pig takes on One Eyed Captain Jack. Who can maintain their momentum heading into Tapeover and who will falter days before the biggest event in VHS history?] [The bell rings as Jack rushes forward, trying for a clothesline but Pig ducks under, grabbing Jack from behind and snapping him over his shoulder with a neckbreaker. Jack stumbles to his feet right into a huge right hand from the Monster that sends him staggering back into the corner. Pig rushes forward, crushing Jack with a knee to the chest that almost caves it in before rolling back as he sets up for the kill. MARCH OF THE PIGS…HITS STEEL! Jack just managed to roll away as Pig slams shoulder first into the unforgiving turnbuckle. The monster staggers back out right into a massive spinning lariat that sends Pig crashing to the canvas] [Jack pulls Pig to his feet, delivering a pair of forearms to the hurt shoulder that make Pig wince in pain before Jack bends the injured shoulder behind Pig’s back and and drives him to the mat with a modified russian legsweep. Pig holds his arm in pain before he’s pushed down to the canvas, Jack covering for the pin. ONE…TWO…Pig just gets the shoulder up. Jack pulls Pig up to his feet again, but Pig pushes him away, staggering him back with a massive haymaker before rushing forward, nearly taking Jack’s head off with a massive clothesline.] [Pig shakes the pain out of his shoulder, pulling Jack to his feet as he tries for a chokeslam. He barely gets Jack halfway up before his shoulder gives out, dropping Jack who responds with a stiff headbutt before lifting up the monster, SCALLYWAG! Pig gets driven into the mat as Jack gets up to his feet, calling for the end. He pulls Pig to his feet, wrapping one arm around his neck but Pig manages to slip out of Jack’s hold, rolling back, THE GREAT DESTROYER OUTTA NOWHERE! Both men collapse to the canvas as Pig drops down on Jack, the referee counting. ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The crowd cheer as the quickly becoming fan favorite Pig gets his hand raised in victory. He shakes his injured arm out, before rolling out of the ring and heading to the back, celebrating a hard fought victory as he goes] [After that awesome debut victory here tonight, Stephanie Rose bounds down the halls like an excited puppy. She’s waving at anyone who looks in her direction, with a smile that simply can’t be replaced.] [She soon bumps into the towering frame of a pissed off Christian York. He holds his neck, looking frustrated.]

“Little girl, don’t for one second think you made me tap out.” [He growls at her.]

“I’m sorry Mister, but you kinda did,” [she replies too honestly, showing some naivety.] “You know… tap out.” [Rose remarks with a sincere tone.] [He arches his back in frustration, leaning in.]

“It was beginners luck. Look at me, look at the fine specimen I am and then look at you. The referee may have thought I was tapping but I wasn’t.”

[She shrugs.] “From where I was, it sure looked like you tapped out if you ask me, Christian. I’m no expert but..”

[Christian suddenly strikes with the full force of his anger, grabbing her and slamming her backwards against the wall. Her head bounces back, going limp in his hands. He holds her there, his large grip around her throat, tightening with every passing second.]

“Tell me I tapped again, little girl. Go on, tell me!”

[She struggles to breathe, her eyes welling with fear.]

“Next week at Tape Over, let’s see if your beginners luck continues, huh? I want a rematch and this time, there’s no Submissions, no pinfalls and no Disqualifications. If you want to beat me then you’re going to have to knock me out.”

[Rose can barely nod in agreement as Christian releases her, watching as she falls to the ground, catching her breath. He backs away, grabbing his neck one more time before walking off down the hall.] [The Christian Savior will go one on one with The VHS Champion, The Shark up next!] [The bell sounds as the two tie up in the center of the ring. Shark, utilizing his viciousness, forces Christian back to the ropes. The two disconnect but Shark lights up his chest with two vicious chops. The crowd ‘Woooooos’ in unity with them which forces Shark to stop. He looks out at the audience before going for a third! He stops mid-chop and smiles before backing away with his hands high. The crowd boos him for teasing them with a chop before Christian chops him right to the face!] [The Shark’s fins fly to his face before Christian hits the ropes and nails a discus elbow smash! Christian waits for him to get up before whipping him into the corner before charging him for a stinger splash! Shark staggers out of the corner as Christian climbs to the top rope. Shark turns around and frankensteiner from the top rope! Shark hits the mat hard before scurrying across to the rope. Christian helps The Shark to his feet, but The Shark bites his hand before wrapping his arm around Christian’s head before spiking him into the mat. Shark goes for the cover. One…Two…Kickout!] [The Shark yanks Christian up to his feet, but Christian yanks him forward by his outfit, snapping Shark’s head into the turnbuckle. The referee comes to check on him, but The Shark lashes out wildly. The referee hits the mat hard as The Shark gets to his feet and… CRACK! The sound of a belt slams across the FACE of The Shark! He howls out in pain as Christian is giving him a Bible Belt Bashing! The Shark charges Christian with a spear sending the belt sliding away. Christian tries to go for the belt, but The Shark hits the ropes for… SUSHI KICK! The Shark climbs to the top rope and… SHARK DIVE! One…Two…THREE!] [The Shark smiles as he rises from his fallen foe before grabbing up Christian and throwing him out of the ring with force. The referee goes out to check on him as Shark leers downwards at him.] [Returning from commercials, the ring is occupied by the quintessential portrait of a 50s-era nuclear family. Dad wears a short-sleeved buttoned shirt with slacks and oiled hair, pipe in hand; Mom sports curled hair and a flowery dress with full skirt; little Billy and Susie are mirror images of their parents, the whole thing resembling a look through the family photo album.] [They all smile warmly and wave at the crowd, who for some reason boo them…] [A blue mohawk pops into frame and circles the family, who look at it with polite interest. That explains it. The rest of the VHS Champion, The Shark, surfaces – sniffing the air eagerly. The fans boo louder as he climbs the ropes and eyes them all up with his teeth bared. He rejoins the family and raises a mic to his bloody lips.]

“Blood is thicker than water. Those were my parting words to you last week, Piglet. You’d better believe there isn’t a deep enough body of water in this world to stop me from inflicting even more pain on you and watching you bleed like a stuck pig.” [He spits the last few words out through gritted fangs.] “I’ve swam to the depths of your history and dredged up your foster family, just as promised. Tonight, we’re having a family reunion!”

[This is supposed to be Pig’s foster family? The Maneater cackles as cheesy music plays and balloons fall from the low arena ceiling. Dad tussles Billy’s hair and Susie emulates her Mom, smiling and fluttering her eyelashes in the spotlight. Shark stands next to Dad.]

“So, Pops, how well did Pig fit in at home?”

[Dad chews his pipe as he mulls it over.] “Pig definitely didn’t take to his new surroundings very quickly. There were several difficulties. For example, being a feral child, we had to housetrain Pig alongside our dog, Lucky.” [The fans boo this farcical claim. This is all a show just to tear Pig down!] “He was used to just answering nature’s call at the drop of a hat – even before he was abandoned in that hog pen.”

[Mom leans in.] “It’s surprising to see our little Pig entered sports. Robert—” [She looks up at Dad affectionately as they link arms.] “—Always encouraged him to play outside with Billy and the other boys but he was a runt, too weak to join in the roughhousing. Of course, he lost to you at Rebellion, Shark.”

[“Booo!” The Shark nods and pats his belt, smiling maliciously. He kneels down next to Billy.]

“Little Piggy wasn’t one for sport, eh? Tell me, Billy, how did he do in school?”

[Billy mulls it over just like his father.] “He was slower than everyone else. Miss. Plemons said he was still slow even for a moron. She had to make different lesson plans just for him.”

[“BOOO!” Shark snickers with glee as he butts in.] “Did you know he still can’t talk?”

“Really?” [Susie squeaks.] “Mom made me invite him to my stuffed animal tea parties because not talking meant he had no real friends.”

[Robert literally pipes up.] “I wouldn’t approve if it were Billy, of course. Poor Pig just had nothing going for him. I figured he might be better off raised as a girl.”

[The live audience grill Dad for that. He smiles and waves at them obliviously.]

“His best friend was Mr. Pork Chop, a banker.” [Says Susie.]

“Yes, we had to get rid of Mr. Pork Chop, didn’t we?” [Robert asks his daughter who nods sadly.] “He and Pig became too close of friends.”

[Shark hops and down, clutching his sides in laughter—] [The pounding drums of Nine Inch Nail’s March of the Pigs make the crowd explode. “YEEAAAHH!” The Monster Pig has had enough of this circus act as he runs to the ring! The “foster” family look at Shark uncertainly but he pats them on their backs reassuringly – melting behind them all the same.] [Pig slides under the ropes and marches into the middle of the ring, the family cowering before him, Shark now outside. Dad looks to break the ice as he removes his pipe and opens his arms for a hug, yelling “good to see you, son!”. Pig looks to the crowd on each side. “BOOOOOO!” Dad gulps…] [MARCH OF THE PIGS to Robert! His family scream as the headbutt-spear drops him, a balloon popping under him. Mom ushers the children outside but not before Pig spins her round – MARCH OF THE PIGS! Mom hits the mat as Billy and Susie flee the scene.] [Much to Pig’s and the crowd’s surprise, The Shark slides back in! After months of cat-and-mouse mindgames with Pig—eating a beatdown, too—Shark wants to end this just as much as his challenger! They lock eyes as the bloodthirsty crowd boil over.] [THEY FIGHT! “YEEAAAHHH!” Both these animals rip chunks out of each other, teeth and claws gnashing and swiping as the melee tears around the ring. Elbows, headbutts, eye-gouging; fury and hatred spilling out as security and referees rush down the ramp! They storm the ring and hold both competitors back, stopping them from tearing each others’ heads off!] [Something has to give at Tapeover! Will Shark keep his spot atop the food chain, or is there a new king of the jungle in Pig!?] [With a mug of mead in his hand, Viktor North sits backstage. He sits in full dress for war, but shows no ill signs. This is truly a man in his element. The Skull Splitter lets excess mead run down his beard as his lips curve into a smile.] [His dank stone chamber has a visitor.]

“Must you drink such filth.” [Faith says, smugly looking down on Viktor. Christian looms behind her, a cocky smile on his face.] “It is not wise to hinder the soul.”

[North haughtily laughs as he steps to his feet, taking another drink for emphasis.]

“This drink, my lady, loosens the soul from the restrictions our mind places on it.” [North says, showing once again a depth beyond warrior.]

“It’s useless to argue with this one, jigglepuff.” [Christian interjects.] “Let’s just give him the good news.”

[Viktor grins down at Faith, suddenly interested.]

“Betamax must have heard about our issues. He has decided that you will face my snuggle bunny at Tape Over.”

[While thoughts of crowns dance in his head, this still intrigues the Skull Splitter.]

“I’m sorry for your bunny.” [North takes another drink.] “Rabbit stew will be on the menu for Tape Over. It’s been too long since I have tasted rabbit flesh.”

[Both Christian and Faith turn their noses up at that one.]

“A match will not solve our issue though, will it?” [Faith asks, suddenly sly.] “Your false gods and your sin must be punished by the light of God.”

[North sits back down, uninterested.]

“My gods will answer any challenge. Tell me how they will defeat your puny god.”

[Not the answer they were expecting, Faith and Christian seem a bit put off. They recover quickly and Christian takes over.]

“Just as the old prophets, we will call to the sky to burn a sacrifice on an altar. The righteous fury of the Lord will descend to show our way to victory.”

[North nods in response, a smile on his face.]

“Fury is a gift, and the only sacrifice I desire is your body broken upon my hand. Your reckoning will come at Tape Over, and no amount of Faith will save you.”

“We will see.” [Faith replies, coolly.] [The couple walks away to leave North in silent contemplation. There is much at work for the Skull Splitter these days.] [The next round of the Reel King tournament is about to get underway with the Straight Edge Messiah taking on The Chosen One. Who’s going all the way to the finals of the inaugural Reel King tournament?] [Both men circle each other with just enough distance to land a glancing strike. Brook’s lands a couple of kicks the outer thighs of Ash, who retaliates with a few punches of his own. Having had enough, Ash charges in with a double leg takedown and starts raining thunderous blows down on Tyler Brooks. Brooks squirms and positions his arm to protect his body and face from the calculated strikes of The Chosen One.] [Tyler Brooks finally gains the upper hand of the struggle and traps Ash Williams left arm in a kimura. Ash struggles in pain to reach his foot to the bottom rope. Tyler Brooks quickly get’s to his feet and charges in with Step-Up Enziguri rocking Ash into the corner. Tyler Brooks charges in nails a Muay Thai Leaping Knee in the corner! Ash falls to the canvas and Brooks follows up with a Blockbuster!! Brooks on top for the pin, One….Two….Three……NO!!!! Ash kicks out with force!!

[Brooks lifts Ash by the hair and has him in position for a suplex, but Ash spins out. Ash nails a few more hard strikes stunning Brooks. Ash charges in, Boomfinity Rush!! Tyler Brooks drops to one knee! Ash hits the ropes, Pucker Up!! Ash turned Tyler Brooks inside out!! Ash down for the cover, One…Two…NO!! Kickout by Brooks! Ash gets to his feet and backs into the corner, Ash charges, BOOMSTICK!!] [Ash down for the cover, One…Two…NO!! Kickout by Brooks! Ash gets to his feet and backs into the corner, Ash charges, BOOMSTICK!!] NOOOO!!! Tyler Brooks ducks under! Pele Kick!! Tyler Brooks off the ropes with a full head of steam, Eye Of The Savior! Ash Williams is barley able to stand! YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY!! The leaping roundhouse kick has knocked Ash Williams flat. Tyler Brooks covers, One….Two…..Three!! Tyler Brooks wins!] [Tyler Brooks scores an impressive victory over Ash Williams and secures his spot in the finals of Reel King against either Chase Hero or Viktor North!]


[A man comes flying into picture before slamming into a wall. The dirty, old pirate doesn’t budge as Captain Jack comes into picture. Two of his crew come into view beside him, looking equally irritated as their captain rushes forward to plant another boot into the side of the downed pirate.]

“Argghh. The scent of that yeller-bellied coward stinks up my entire vessel. Where are you, Teach?”

“Ahoy, matey.”

[A door opens at the end of the hall showing Blackbeard grinning with his disgusting grin peering through his dampened beard.]

“Do ye know who ye be trifflin’ with?”

[The larger pirate nods to his men who begin to pan out through the hall as the available room begins lessening by the second. Captain Jack follows suit as his men begin to flow in as well.]

“Aye, Jack. I do know who I be trifflin’ with. You wanted Tapeover to be a Last Pirate Standin’ match, but aye… Aye don’t think you’ll be standin’ come time for the show!”

[Edward Teach raises his sword into the air as his men bellow out before charging! Steel clashes against steel as the pirates begin fighting for another huge brawl! Teach sends a slash towards Jack who parries this before slicing for his belly! Teach is able to sidestep it before engaging in a back-and-forth battle! Jack begins to get the better hand, but Blackbeard delivers a solid right hand before throwing him through a set of doors! Jack hits the ground outside of the arena. A street lamp shines light upon the ground where Jack lay but the rest of the outside is cloaked in darkness. Jack manages to get to his knees while being bathed in the light.]

“Teach! Ye yellow-bellied-”

[A right hand catches him across the mouth as blood begins to trickle from his lips.]

“Bastard Jack. If ye call me yellow one more… time…”

[Captain Jack composes himself with a smile as blood coats his teeth and facial hair. He spits a wad of blood into the face of Teach before shouting.]


[A swing of the sword by Blackbeard goes right where Jack’s head would have been, but Jack ducks. It’s then that Jack staggers to his feet before a familiar parrot comes flying into picture and lands upon Captain’s Jack shoulder with something in its mouth. Jack opens his hand as a pair of brass knuckles are shown faintly. Blackbeard turns around and charges with his blade held high! Jack dodges around him before nailing him with a brass knuckled fist to the jaw!] [Blackbeard staggers back before Jack connects with two more strikes until Edward Teach hits the ground, unmoving while Captain Jack stands over him. A few of his men enter into view before a few of Blackbeard’s begin to drag him away. Captain Jack watches them leave before crossing his arms.]

“I toldja boys. He’s jus’ a yellow scallywag. At Tapeover, I will rid our seas of his filth, once and fer all.”

“Squaaawk, yellow scallywag!”

[The Reel King Tournament continues as we have the second semi-final match between Chase Hero and Viktor North. Will the self proclaimed only hero in OSW advance to the finals or is the Skull Splitter inches away from true glory?] [The bell sounds as North rushes forward, only for Chase to hold the ropes, not wanting to get into a striking contest with the hard hitting viking. North backs up, right as Chase lets go of the ropes, running forward right into a massive elbow from North that puts him on his ass. Chase gets up right into a flurry of lefts and rights from Viktor as he backs Chase into the corner. A hard elbow to the temple stuns the Savior before Viktor backs up, running forward as he crushes Chase with a massive Yakuza Kick. North climbs up to the top rope, but whatever he was trying is thwarted as Chase rolls out of the ring, trying to get some breathing room] [North rolls out after Chase, ducking under a wild right as he drives Chase back first into the side of the ring. Hero calls out in pain, staggering back before a hard right hook leaves him slumped down next to the steel post. North backs up, ROUNDHOUSE KICK…HITS STEEL! Chase just moves out of the way as North kicks the steel full force, the Skull Splitter backing away, holding his leg in pain as Chase rushes forward, dropkicking the bad leg from behind. North goes down in pain as Chase delivers a few swift kicks to the bad leg before rolling back in the ring] [Hero chuckles, telling the referee to begin the count. ONE…Viktor slowly begins stirring…TWO…North gets up to one knee…THREE…North is nearly on a vertical base…FOUR…North is on his feet..FIVE…North rushes in, breaking the count but his right leg is in a bad way, as he limps around right into another dropkick to the knee joint, crashing to the ground in pain. Chase doesn’t cover, instead dropping down as he locks in a vicious half-crab variation. North screams in pain as he tries to fight up but Chase hooks back, pulling back on the bad wheel with all his strength] [The referee asks North if he wants to quit, the viking refusing as Chase wrenches back on the hold. North starts rising to his feet, powering himself up with his upper body before Chase begins elbowing the back of the bad knee, dropping North back to the canvas in a heap. North begins crawling to the ropes, Chase pulling back with all his strength but North is nearly there. Chase breaks the hold, leaping up as he drops all his weight down on the bad knee before locking in the crab again, rearing back high as he lifts North half off the mat, wrapping the leg almost around his shoulder. North is in massive pain, almost about to tap out but he leaps for the ropes, just grabbing them as he forces a break] [Chase lets go of the hold but the damage is done as North can barely stand from the pain. A cocky smile appear on the face of Hero as he delivers a mocking slap across the face of the kneeling North, begging him to fight back. Hero tries for another slap as North blocks it, delivering a massive right hand that sends Chase staggering back. Chase rushes forward into another right as North gets to his feet slowly, delivering a massive rolling elbow that puts Chase on his ass.] [North gets to his feet, limping from the bad wheel as he pulls Chase to his feet, drilling him into the mat with a Michinoku Driver but it damages his knee as he delivers it. North calls for the end, running forward but he falls to the mat in pain before he takes a few steps forward. A cocky smile comes over Chase as he slowly walks forward, going to pull North to his feet but finds himself rolled up tight in a small package out of nowhere. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [‘Skull Splitter’ plays throughout the Schoolyard as North rolls out of the ring, barely standing as he raises his hand in victory. Chase is in the ring, visibly pissed as North limps up the stairs, the fans celebrating his victory and advancement into the finals of Reel King] [We cut to a shot of the rear of the Schoolyard arena, outside the somewhat neglected back entrance. Here, we find the Rewind Champion – Jon Davenport. His face is flushed with rage, stomping around in a wild fit. With him are a handful of security guards that seem to be at his disposal. They approach a collection of makeshift homeless shelters, a group of homeless men are warming their hands near a fire-drum. One guard approaches the men.]

“By orders of Mr Davenport and the Old School Wrestling executives – you cannot stay here. This is private property and you are trespassing.”

[As they are instructed, the security guards begin to bag up the assorted collection of personal items. This, the homeless men protest, but the mass of security guards that hold them back make their protests futile. In all of the chaos, Davenport approaches one of the men. He holds a small box, the size of a shoebox. With box in hand, he grabs one of the hobos by the scruff of his dirty neck.]

“Where is he?!” [Davenport practically spits the words into his face] “You must have seen the bastard.”

[The homeless man looks clueless and a little afraid.]


“The Hobo… You worthless bum.”

[The homeless man looks more than a little confused by the statement.]

“The Hobo? Me?”

[Davenport shakes his head in frustration at the stupidity. Davenport lets the man go and holds the box up to his face with both hands.]

“One of my hounds has been missing for days. Then, earlier tonight, I get this package sent to my locker room.”

[He opens the box. Inside… A dog’s tail, bloodied from where it had been cut from the dog. A hound’s tail. A bloodied note that is scrawled upon with large letters.

‘You took everything I held dear away from me… You made it personal.’] [Davenport eyeballs the homeless man with murder in his eyes.]

“So… Where is he? He’s a dead man.”

[The man simply shrugs. He has no idea who Davenport is talking about. This does not please Davenport, who grabs him by the scruff of his neck and slams him head first into a concrete wall. Leaving the security guard to clean up the mess, Davenport storms off into the night. One final warning yelled from his mouth.]

“He’s a dead man!”

[VHS comes to a close with Jon Davenport looking extremely sinister.] [Could this be our new King?]